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File: 947de7e1ad36bff⋯.jpeg (77.52 KB, 632x537, 632:537, 9DFAA8C8-7C5B-42B1-AFE5-4….jpeg)



Now hear me out, Thats the number of people who kill themselves every year. Its the 10th leading cause of death in the United states. Most of them are disenfranchised young men with psychological problems between the ages of 20 an 30.

Now what group do we all know an love that fits the the above description? The ones with nothing to lose? INCELS!!!

Are you still with me? Good! Cuz here is the plan. We convince are fellow female comrades, to quit being stingy hypocrites, and give up the means of production. (Dat pussy) An create a state sanctioned / enforced monogamy. Where each individual is guaranteed a breeding partner under communism. This is good for the state as it creates a stable manpower pool to draw from during conflicts. But more importantly we can use this angle to appeal to the younger men who feel under great pressure to receive a mate.

>but anon why would we want a bunch of dirty incels to join anyways?

Did you miss the part where i said these where mentally unhinged individuals with nothing to lose?!?! Don’t you understand the fight club style sleeper cell capabilities you could have if you could convince even 300 people of that 40,000 to give there life for the greater good in the establishment of a communist utopia?

You wouldn’t even need to be overt in any ways. You could just guarantee them women at the establishment of a communist utopia an with enough socail engineering they would figure it out on their own. Just imagine if Elliot Rodgers rage was directed at CEOs and not women.



Thanks man I screened this. A communist who literally disregards human life, their sexuality, any form of individuality, as well as the laws of nature and instead just crushes them together into numbers to further his own agenda.

What a way to sell people on communism…unless you're from /pol/ that is.



>disregards sexuality and individuality

Sexuality and individuality are relatively new concepts created by the leisure class in the past 300 years. They are niceties of the bourgeoisie to keep people from supporting one another an instead focusing on themselves, and what feels good. Man must live for the greater good an not his own kicks, being his self centered “passions” and things like meaningless sex. In the past religion may of filled this roll. But now with the death of god its up to the state.

>laws of nature

Don’t make appeals to nature. Humans are totally capable of surpassing these “laws” otherwise a whole host of bad things would be justified if we made appeals to nature. An yet you infer I disregard life?



>unless you're from /pol/ that is.

Half the people on this board are /pol/yps that were banned from leftypol for making posts like this.



>He still keeps trying to get people to go back to his pathetic board.



Not you, please stay here.



Anyone who wants to go back to /leftypol/ already went back, I recall a thread made a while ago where most people told you to go back. There's literally no point in spamming the board for the two people who potentially might go back.



Well, I'm not here to get people to go back. I just want drifters coming here to know that this place is for the most retarded communists on the internet. And surrounding myself with retards is good for confidence.



>I just want drifters coming here to know that this place is for the most retarded communists on the internet.

There's literally no one on here who isn't coming from /leftypol/, I doubt any drifter will come along worth warning them about this place, I'm sure the 30 incel/feminists threads we have spammed here weekly will warn them by themselves to just go back to revleft.

>And surrounding myself with retards is good for confidence.

Surrounding yourself with retards can lead them to rub off on you. It's showing after all. For your sake you should really go back to /r/socialism or wherever you consider discussion to be intelligent enough for you.


off your computers

down to the countryside

critically support true korea

brought to you by gao gang



>For your sake you should really go back to /r/socialism

It's funny that you specifically avoid saying "go back to leftypol", because you know that leftypol harbours far better discussion than this board.



No I've said go back to /leftypol/ a million times to a million people.

>Because you know that /leftypol/ harbours far better discussion than this board.

I bet you're missing out on that by hanging out here, you should go back and never return here to this shithole of a board. Here I'll help:







Don't be mad fam, this is an anti-authoritarian board, there's room for everyone here.



Hey man I'm not telling you to leave, I'm just suggesting that if you don't like it there are always alternatives.



>/leftypol is better than this board

hi Body Odour, Russia and China are imperialist just like America



>screencapping an obvious shitpost




>better discussion

Only if you agree with the mods, an dislike fun, or funny things. They are to heavily moderated. So If you’re a misunderstood genius who understands the value of socially engening incel assassins like me then you realize this is the better place. But if you take yourself too seriously and refuse to have fun then this place isn’t for you. The quality of a discussion isn’t only judged by if it gets your dick hard fam.



Can you point me towards a thread on this board where fun was had?

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