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File: e00868e03fa6dd1⋯.jpg (53.02 KB, 904x960, 113:120, umf1i3f8b6631.jpg)


With right wing death squads a la Vichy Milice, Weimar Freikorps and American Militia running around, what is the answer?

To be completely frank, until the Freikorps problem is addressed, all left politics beyond raising consciousness is LARPing. Leftist street rabble and ANTIFA are a scrawny bunch compared to them. How do we address this problem?

I am off the opinion that mass armament us the only way. Every man woman and child should be armed and taught basic theory. The Freikorps of our times have to be diluted, outnumbered into oblivion. Think of East Germany.



File: e46d4170dc95739⋯.jpg (106.5 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, clown vs. mime.jpg)

File: 124745c377c0a8d⋯.jpg (106.86 KB, 620x831, 620:831, fat pig.jpg)

Freikorps were only an issue because Weimar Germany was a Somalia-tier failed state where LEOs had lost the state monopoly on violent force, leaving a power vacuum in which political parties could devolve into private militias.

Modern day neofash, like their antifa counterparts, are just rival troupes of street circus, even the very few non-LARPers like Aryan Nation are just generic petty criminals with a thin splash of political pretention, moreover all groups are lousy with LEO moles/informants.

Since any effective political ambition they have is also a challenge to the establishment, law enforcement is more than happy to suppress them for us, and leave us free to concentrate our own resources on our own socialist projects aside from, perhaps, rooting out fashie infiltration among LEOs, particularly by increasing tensions between national and local LEOs.



American militias are libertarian not fascist. A decentralized people's militia is a better option. A state where the military/police class and the civilans become one and the same


Also lol @ leftists defending the capitalist cops.


I thought killing cops was based and redpilled



I don't see a problem there, let them fight against the Government



they're chimping out over a climate change bill lmao they're fighting for the corporations against a somewhat ethical government bill


>When you're so anti-authoritarian you use authoritarian measures to force the citizens of Oregon to use free market cap and trade economics to destroy the local economy



I couldn't give less of a shit about America much less Oregon, but aren't Cancervatives claiming that the bill, much like the French one had a bunch of other secret actions tied to it that would have been against public interests? Did you read the bill or are did you just watch a video on the subject?



It is.


File: 0f06e0fc0b7f637⋯.jpg (96.56 KB, 919x517, 919:517, cults-waco-1e4c9bbf-4bd0-4….jpg)

File: e55496d4e68e55a⋯.jpg (145.3 KB, 1170x760, 117:76, AERIAL_WEAVER_SURVEILLANCE….jpg)




This sort of thing tends to have a happy ending for everyone involved. Right-wingers end up in the ground where they belong, government ends up embarrassed.

No need for us to care or get involved beyond egging on the popo


Imagine being such a hystericist that you think a handful of crackpot militia types out in the boonies represent a 'Freikorps movement' in America. I thought this panicky bullshit died out in 2017 after the alt-right collapsed into a pile of pocket spaghetti.

Freaking out over the entirely marginal militia movement is useless, unless you're part of an equally marginal ANTIFA sect that seeks to validate its own existence. This kind of shit only leads to deference to the bourgeois state, and takes the light away from actual violence committed by police forces and imperialist militaries around the world.


>>145878 (OP)

>LEOs had lost the state monopoly on violent force

They don't have a monopoly anywhere. The people are free to rise up any time, plus act to defend from others or the LEOs themselves. If you're a ZOG Occupied Government Occupied Government bot gtfo



Oh I think I'm starting to understand the dynamic between commies and the right wing.

Wh40k really simplifies it, the right wing is the imperium of man, while you fags are just minions of chaos and followers of demons. Very well, you are no better than xenos, and you shall all be purged just the same.

May the Emporer of mankind have mercy on your feeble souls.



>Ineffectual carbon tax that affects individuals more than the global corporations that are actually fucking up the planet


File: 107d88aa15f282e⋯.png (436.17 KB, 1056x7627, 1056:7627, grimderp.png)


Reminder Emps was a fedoralord and the Imperium is a cosmic mockery of what he stood for



Between the three precentors and the Oathkeepers they have 30,000 men between them, which isn’t much, but not negligible either, also they all have guns and are pretty well trained.



oh boy, you don't even understand the friekorps system or its history.

and you don't even understand communist theory, you should be working to make everyone accept your ideology instead of dreaming about a physical conflict which you will lose. Your personal insecurities and the fantasies you have about dominating others has no place in a revolutionary struggle. you will lose unless you study and think, but if you just want to create a narrative where you are fighting for everyone instead of the reality of you being just another individual in the world, well be my guest. The workers will never be able to tell the difference.


File: 8db8069cff1a0df⋯.jpg (44.1 KB, 550x380, 55:38, but I cant swim why would ….jpg)


premature revolutions help fascists gain power. be a useful idiot, make noise not progress, alienate the workers, take a middle management position, spend your spare cash on lefty consumer products instead of working towards something, be a communist consumer!


You people are focusing on "militias" when the real problem are the mercenaries like the Pinkertons, British Mercenary Organisation, WatchGuard International, Erinys and so on. These groups will be bought by porkies with no need for state protection.



>rightwing teen makes 40k reference

wow what a scoop

you look like a fucking clown


File: 3b5e0328a2bb215⋯.png (409.27 KB, 430x690, 43:69, EA413636-7626-4C41-8160-75….png)


>leftist policies

<ability to arm yourself

You can’t get both, at least legally.

You’re also implying that current militias are not filled with FBI/BATFE agents and informants. They’ve been constantly watching these kinds of groups to ensure that they behave.



>they're chimping out over a climate change bill lmao they're fighting for the corporations against a somewhat ethical government bill

I meant regardless of the actual bill if the politicans run away with their militia and start a little skirmish with the government I'm all in

no idea if that makes sense I'm drunk



Most militia groups should just embrace socialism at this point. Free markets hurt ethnic enclaves. They need to learn this or be forced to the hard way, thru depopulation



The only way to do it is to set off a car bomb at the glownigger headquarters. Just to be sure.




Nerofag detected

>you fags are just minions of chaos

not this Jordan Peterson crap again

>and followers of demons.

like Socrates



Replying with this nerd shit to such an obvious false flag troll. This fucking board man.


OP is a government shill trying to create false consensus that American militias are a problem.



>American militias are libertarian not fascist



File: c5ca63360c49d1e⋯.png (125.71 KB, 600x811, 600:811, fuggin weebs.png)


This site, you mean. Anyway, that was more to keep leftists unfamiliar with 40k from believing that it's actually right wing propaganda.


I'm just laffin at this thread. You lefties should become comedians.



And this is the "smart" lefty board, the others are supposedly trash or compromised.



There's a helicopter waiting for you.



>American militias are libertarian not fascist

Yeah, the frontmen are right-liberals. The rank and file? Not so much. The fash haven't disappeared or converted to socialism, m8. They've gone crypto and infiltrated the "respectable" right.

t. "constitutionalist"


File: 7567f66d701bc9c⋯.jpg (50.59 KB, 736x414, 16:9, 2e3ab191257b5d419c96dd9460….jpg)


There's one waiting for you, too. 'Hope you two have lots of fun together.



The FBI shouldn't even exist



That's cool I wanna see Pol Pot's ideas attempted here



What does Pol Pot have to do with right-wing militias in burgerstan, and why are you trying to draw a connection between them?



clue us in then pls, also don't worry about the Russian nazi group that their governemt low-key supported that you omit for some totally inexplicable, purely coincidental reason, since >muh ineffectual useless antifa already burned down their HQ years ago according to dramatica and that was more-or-less the end of the movement



What the fuck is your point? Oh damn, I didn't mention every single bad guy, therefore I have a secret agenda to protect Russian nazis?

Sick reach you have there, Dhalsim.

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