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File: 8531560a189e840⋯.jpg (77.54 KB, 726x636, 121:106, 3ff31ca.jpg)


post all your totally undeserved bans/screenshots of mod abuse here, and stop clogging up the rest of the catalog.



I know how to ban evade, I just don't see the point in continuing to post on /leftypol/ with BO's spergouts.


For the most part they already know about this board, the objective is to remove the reason for why they're staying which is the trash thread.




Well I was hoping we could bait them into getting banned so they come here for the same reason we did


File: a1a1e83863a8f9b⋯.png (1.76 MB, 706x653, 706:653, cowardly ban edit.png)

Where did I go wrong?



You made he mistake in assuming BO is rational.


He thinks muh trots are behind this, nigga has gone off the deepend.


File: 436445bf1963098⋯.png (117.93 KB, 1467x328, 1467:328, in the mind of bo.png)




he is loosing it.



It was supposed to be something more



Fine, keep using this neonazi hut were we're at risk



He lost it a long time ago fam.



>It was supposed to be something more

Whatever it was supposed to be and whatever it was doesn't exist anymore. We can cry over the graveyard of our failure like the left has been doing for decades or we can move on and build a new community.

>Fine, keep using this neonazi hut were we're at risk

We're going to be at risk anywhere we go, this is the cheapest and easiest option for us at the moment. If you've got an easy to use site you can pull out your ass I'd be happy to use that but the closest things we have, 0chan and bunkerchan, aren't good.


Bo just banned somebody for disagreeing with him and the ban reason said 'cry about it'

There is no hope left


Oh well, it hurts so much but seems there is no other way, the question now is how can we help it to grow

Getchan is good enough for me, I've spoken with the admin and I trust him plus he's better than bunkerchan's admin at listening to people



I got unbanned. Good thing leftypol still has a lot of great vols.

Just goes to show how fragile BO is when it comes to disagreeing with him.



Don't worry comrade. The internet needs a non-sectarian politically incorrect leftist forum, that need doesn't just disappear because /leftypol/ went to shit. We're growing right now, we just need to keep growing, make sure people who leave /leftypol/ come here, and then we can eventually grow back to where we were.


Jim isn't a neonazi, he's just a porky and all he cares about is users and ad revenue. He's not going to delete the board or leak our IPs or anything else like that.


We can't migrate to getchan, it's just not going to happen. People absolutely refused when the board was actually intact and the BO was telling them to, they're not going to migrate now after a schism.



>Oh well, it hurts so much but seems there is no other way

All fighting hurts anon. Sometimes you just have to roll with the punches.

>the question now is how can we help it to grow

>Getchan is good enough for me, I've spoken with the admin and I trust him plus he's better than bunkerchan's admin at listening to people

Start posting here or on favorable boards and reduce or stop posting on /leftypol/. I'm dismissive of Getchan but I see no reason why we shouldn't post on multiple boards. The main thing is to slow down /leftypol/ and create good discussion here and on other boards, else people will stay on /leftypol/ or fuck off chans forever.


BO is trying to project his own criticism onto leftpol. How pathetic can you be?


>Look at /leftpol/, why does that board keep dwindling? /leftypol/ was able to survive for months with only 100-200 IPs. As far as I can tell, the people I keep banning don't even value their own contributions enough to keep posting on a different board. Their contribution is in the negative.



>How pathetic can you be?

It's someone who thinks banning negative opinions about Iran is helping prevent enslavement and genocide. So pretty high I guess.


Well, BO has just declared that the Iranian theocracy is "objectively progressive" and that they'll happily ban anyone who disagrees

Any hope I had that leftypol might recover has been snuffed out


File: 3cc3ebb54229367⋯.png (140.09 KB, 449x401, 449:401, laughing leftist girls.png)


It's almost like the BO thinks that two boards about the same topic can do as well as each other, which they have to know is retarded.

People aren't gonna come here because there's already a board for leftists. One of us has got to go.


Lo and behold, when someone provides evidence of the BO's ulterior motives and hypocrisy, he suddenly stops posting.



iirc that picture was airbrushed to hide his smallpox scars



>Don't worry comrade. The internet needs a non-sectarian politically incorrect leftist forum, that need doesn't just disappear because /leftypol/ went to shit. We're growing right now, we just need to keep growing, make sure people who leave /leftypol/ come here, and then we can eventually grow back to where we were.

But how can we bring that people back here?

>Jim isn't a neonazi, he's just a porky

There is no difference, something bad will happen at any time.

>We can't migrate to getchan, it's just not going to happen. People absolutely refused when the board was actually intact and the BO was telling them to, they're not going to migrate now after a schism.

Well shit


It will take a long time to rebuild what we had and right now is a critical moment for politics


I must admit to being somewhat astonished that the BO and co seem to think countering imperialist narratives with evidence is "naive". If Lenin were anything like the BO "patiently explain" to the working class would have become autistically screech at them. I know the BO supposedly has this plan to make the board a nexus of ML discussion but this hardly seems like the way to promote informative discourse.



I can't believe this still needs to be said, but here goes:

The BO doesn't know what they are doing. He isn't moderator/admin material. He has neither the personality nor temperament for it.

In fact, his choices are so anathema to good community management, you could do the exact opposite of him and be pretty decent community manager. For example:

- Reply to questions made by users;

- Explain your position and administrative decisions;

- Clearly state policy and update the rules so they are up-to-date;

- Periodically make posts stating you are still active and what has been keeping you occupied during busier periods;

- Do not personally attack users, regardless of how frustrating or ignorant they may act;

- Acknowledge and engage with representatives of or popular figures in the community.

Just to name a few.



> I know the BO supposedly has this plan to make the board a nexus of ML discussion

That's the most ludicrous thing about this whole debacle.

Why would you do this?



I truly believe that the tranny hormone medication drove the BO insane


File: 4f9780c932dbb8d⋯.png (36.32 KB, 386x411, 386:411, IMG_1561.PNG)

I'm not even these people but at least 6 posts were removed critical of /leftypol/ BO and two people got 4 week bans because of it.



Yeah, and?

I'm not surprised.


File: 5411c5f79e27bdb⋯.png (1.77 MB, 716x646, 358:323, another pointless ban.png)


Second unjustified ban in one day. BO is completely loosing it.



he is severely mentally ill, when he finally kills himself hoochie will take over the board and we can all come back


File: a849deae4ece3f2⋯.png (39.27 KB, 336x81, 112:27, this thread.png)


>unspecified reason


File: 20638e5ca7a73e5⋯.png (164 KB, 1294x288, 647:144, BO Iran ban.png)


Here is another one I found. BO really has a thing for Iran.



BO likes Iran because they force gay men to become trannies.



>Don't Attempt to cloak reactionary politics in left-wing rhetoric




It is quite baffling, especially when /marx/ exists exactly for that. Where the moderation has a far more graceful touch at that. Presumably he wants the board to function like an actual political organization, with a party line and all that. Which on an anonymous, open imageboard is…moronic.



Ah, tankies, reaching new levels of larping previously unknown to mankind.



He's a newfag, nothing less


File: d65629ac8e99bac⋯.png (18.04 KB, 1507x212, 1507:212, reddit is free boys.png)

>tfw even r/socialism has less hotpockets than /leftypol/ and you can actually express different opinions without bans for wrongthink



File: 40f1f33daa0a31b⋯.png (113.84 KB, 713x653, 713:653, 20170102 Leftypol ban.png)

probably deserved and not at all unexpected ban directly in response to BO


File: 2159757b8e2ff0b⋯.jpg (84.04 KB, 550x724, 275:362, stalin&loli.jpg)

well guise I'm officially done with leftypol after that shitshow in moderation thread

don't know why it took me so long, it just kinda reached boiling point for me with BO pointing at pol meme magic as an example of successful propaganda work done on an imageboard

this board needs more non leftypol drama related content, ideally I'd like to see all leftypol related shit in some containment thread like this whine thread



I think I’m in the same boat. Tell me, did you manage to stick around until the body odour started defending Rouhani’s neoliberal policies?


File: 1a4d400ca9155bf⋯.png (45.4 KB, 1346x367, 1346:367, BO anti-bolshevism.PNG)

File: b63fd4c6f9b66bb⋯.png (220.97 KB, 1186x1414, 593:707, BO butthurt.PNG)

Bolshevism is no longer welcome on /leftypol/ its seems.

The BO's anti-imperialist crusade continues


File: 117463cb2e655ae⋯.jpg (31.65 KB, 504x344, 63:43, 1476307333370.jpg)

I wish I could argue with BO but all this drama has left me drained and now I'm just sad



how long until the official line is to support ISIS against NATO imperialism?


>individual gets a ton of power

>climbs 6 gorrillion miles up their own asshole

what general lessons about power and authority can we extract from how the BO is acting



It's kinda like this one SCP I read about, that specifically targets people in positions of power and makes them ridiculously paranoid and shit, generally convincing them to use drastic measures to prevent some kind of apocalypse. It's like that, but instead of world leaders, it's the Board Owner, and all the SCP does here is make you act like a fucking idiot rather than a fucking idiot who could also kill us all.



>what general lessons about power and authority can we extract from how the BO is acting

That Bakunin was right again.



Nice try you western-chauvinist-anarkid-fascist-liberal-kruschevite-revisionist-trotskyite-wrecker, everybody knows that ISIS is backed by HISrael and AmeriKKKa, even though the only evidence of this is some western weapons ending up in their hands. This is definite proof even though we already know the US was supplying multiple militias in Syria and that arms flow easily between them! Just ignore the fact that the US was also fighting ISIS directly as well as backing groups fighting them, its all 1938592776271 D chess!



same its not worth the effort anymore. at this point all I want to do is subvert them and strengthen this board



Also BO told me that I can't unban more people

I'm sorry everyone



BO is taking the /pol/ approach thinking that the US created and funded ISIS (in some ways true) and did the same for Al-Qaeda. Honestly was surprised he didn't start screaming about the Capitalists next.



There was a thread about "how would you feel when /leftypol/ dies and /pol/ takes over the board" but hoochie deleted it and I feel incomplete thinking about it



>But how can we bring that people back here?

Constantly shill for /leftpol/. People came to /leftypol/ for /leftypol/, not censorship, the only thing keeping them around is the network effect, and we can counter that by being active here and not over there.

>There is no difference, something bad will happen at any time.

I don't think there's any evidence to believe that. In his eyes a user is a user, and there's been no previous discrimination against boards for ideological reasons.

>Well shit

We can keep a constant reminder of it around for it to be a bunker, so at least if we do go down permanently, we know where to regroup.


Don't apologize, this isn't as bad as you think. We just have to make sure /leftypol dies so that no one feels tempted to stay. We can recover from this, we still fill a need on the internet. Also, unbanning people was probably counterproductive since it makes people think like it's no big deal.



this stupid fuck literally thinks these countries need support for continuing to stand against burgerland, regardless of what they are

BO needs to eat a bullet, fast



the board would be worse


Does anybody have the image of the volunteer explaining BO's plans?



Welcome to leftpol then


It's weird how I've become more of an anarchist overtime. Completely clear that people in general cannot handle any kind of fucking authority without going insane from it. I just can't comprehend how it's so hard to just take it easy. Online community after online community has this problem with fucking mods going on power trips and destroying any good that was there. Like all you need to do is delete spam and illegal content. ITS SO FUCKING EASY



>you're not allowed to criticize states that murder kids for being gay

This makes me actually angry.



> I just can't comprehend how it's so hard to just take it easy.

Power/authority is literally addictive. Using it gives you a dopamine high. And positions of power attract people who are already addicted or who seek to abuse that power. So positions of petty power (like being a mod) are most attractive to wannabe petty tyrants because that's about the only place those people would be given any kind of power.


Why did the BO leave after the Iran discussion in the moderation thread?



I completely agree; this board needs a culture of it's own that isn't tied to leftypol which I don't think would be too hard considering leftypol is dying.

Firstly, any thread one would want to make should be posted to leftpol rather than leftypol no matter how tempting to it may be to seek a larger audience in the latter. Doesn't matter if it's shitposting or serious posting just so long as it drains leftypol of content. Still browse and talk on both sites just don't post content onto leftypol.

Secondly; if one has OC of memes or a concept; post it exclusively to leftpol. Porkie, google bookchin, nazbol gang and Stirner has done wonders for raising leftypol's profile.

Lastly, as you said; keep leftypol whining to this thread only.



Haha it was me that created that thread.

Eventually got permabanned for posting this article:


And how leftists should deal with the obviously severely mentally ill like RedKahina who try and take over leftist spaces and use leftist ideology to project their own mental health issues without coming off as just bullying someone who has psychosis, Bipolar, schizophrenia or whatever.


File: 068ef2b3aafd21a⋯.jpg (305.11 KB, 1000x636, 250:159, soviet salute.jpg)


You thank you Anon, you did a great job.




>This dipshit.



Don't forget to get your /leftpol/ red.




See, the thing is that I can understand the desire to prevent the current Iranian or NK regimes being replaced with US puppets that will undoubtedly inflict all kinds of misery on their people, but the idiotic thing is the xe is letting it turn into opposition to regime change wholesale. We’re revolutionaries here are we not? Regime change is our fucking MO, and so supporting reactionary and anti-communist regimes outside of the context of their direct conflict with US and western backed forces is retarded. Our goal as leftists is to find ways to expel both foreign imperialists as well as local porkies, not roll over like a bunch of cowards and shill for the people that send us to the wall. In cases like Iran our first thought should be “How can this advance our movement? How can we use this situation to bring us closer to socialism?” Now if we examine the unrest and find that the opposition is dominated by imperialist forces, then instead of just shilling for reactionaries we should begin working to drive them out, and entrench ourselves as the dominant opposition, so that even if this round of unrest fails the next wave will see us in a much stronger position, so we can overthrow both the local reactionaries and the imperialist puppets.

Leftypol BO is a coward and class collaborator.


File: 88ce53ee1fdebea⋯.png (52.91 KB, 717x547, 717:547, misgender ban.png)

File: a01758859de906a⋯.png (66.32 KB, 712x629, 712:629, tankie ban.png)


Four bans in 2 days? I feel like I'm on the way to setting a world record.

Admittedly these bans are nowhere near as ridiculous as the ones BO gave me yesterday.



>the idiotic thing is the xe is letting it turn into opposition to regime change wholesale

When have real socialist revolutions ever called themselves "regime change"?



>we are revolutionaries are we not

"Anti imperialists" and stalincucks are not revolutionaries, they are old style reactionaries that want something more closer to how Louis XIV imagined a state



Who cares what they call themselves? It’s what they are. A socialist revolution means the sweeping away of the old regime and the installation of the worker’s regime.



Are you evading or are you getting unbanned?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


> I can understand the desire to prevent the current Iranian or NK regimes being replaced with US puppets

Nobody should even be arguing against this (and most people aren't). It's just the BO shooting blind.

Reported for imperialism.



Has anyone called themselves regime change? That we can not oppose a government that has banned communist parties, let alone wish to overthrow it, is such infantile anti-imperialism I wonder if tankies are braindead.


File: 47e1f8eec487cb0⋯.jpg (39.09 KB, 500x500, 1:1, verniy.jpg)

Fuck it, I'm out.

Where did it all go so wrong, comrades?



I'm getting unbanned because other vols realise how stupid the ban reasons are.



I got banned and unbanned twice in the past couple of days, but it seems like my most recent one is actually sticking.





>got unbanned 4 times yesterday alone

get on my level.


I honestly hope none of you are actually posting on /leftypol/ normally anymore. Genuine discussion is practically impossible there and posting there only serves to hinder the migration. If there's an interesting topic there, recreate the thread here.


You're wasting your time m8. You can't reason with these people, they didn't approach their position through reason and reason can't bring them out of it. They genuinely think Iran, a state that murders communist, is progressive because it engages in a certain sphere of geopolitics. Their position is just vulgar, feels-based anti-americanism, they're not real socialists anymore than the chuckefucks at /r/socialism are.



>being opposed to a reactionary theocracy that banned communist parties is treasonous

Hot take for a hot pocket.


I haven't posted regularly on /leftypol/ for a while now, the thread quality went down the drain since BO's april spergout.



I shitpost and report good threads, does that count?



tbh I don't know if that would cause people to migrate or just leave the site. Reporting "imperialism" posts might be good praxis tho.

Also you forgot your flag.



I swear I don't normally do this.



Abusing the report function can and will get you banned.



It's not abuse if I report imperialism.




Good luck then.


File: 3169724d69f9edb⋯.png (164.71 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, A0B1B417-90B4-46A3-B14D-B0….png)

Just got it with my latest ban for pic related lads. This shit is pathological, you can literally make a post advocating temporary support for the Iranians while building a revolutionary leftist movement that will eventually seize power. BO literally thinks that we should just sit on our hands and let the Iranians kill us.



Undoubtedly. Those don't just disappear into thin air only to reappear at a later age.


File: aeb878050105485⋯.png (79.93 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot from 2018-01-03….png)


I only plan on posting on /leftypol/ to argue with BO to expose his idiocy and to shill /leftpol/ from now on.

Clearly BO can't be reasoned with. I think she might actually have a personality disorder. Makes sense. I've always suspected that people with the desire to become internet moderators aren't the most mentally-well bunch


File: 5f23e74049f3fb3⋯.png (73.16 KB, 536x728, 67:91, cycletext.png)

File: 00355108809e6d9⋯.png (18.89 KB, 421x406, 421:406, lifecycle1.png)


it's in this thread comr8:






oldfag here.

let me repost something from the >>>/1917/ board:

I first joined online communities about 15 years ago. If you weren't around to see the internet in those days then you missed one hell of a time. And, I'm sad to say, you probably won't see anything like it for a long time. Back then the narrative wasn't controlled. In fact, there wasn't a narrative at all. The internet was a complete free-for-all shitshow. What happened? Part of it was the inevitable life cycle of communities and the other part was a cultural shift. I'll come back to this in a moment.

Today it's almost impossible to go anywhere on the internet without entering a hugbox. Even communities that were formed to escape censorship eventually Chad into circle-jerks in which only acceptable opinions are allowed. Is this beginning to sound familiar?

Let me talk for a second about what it was like 15 years ago. The internet as a whole was like a vast untamed continent. The internet was an escape from the conformity of real life. Outside the internet the range of acceptable opinions was very small because those were the only opinions around. But then the internet happened. Anyone with a dial-up connection could create a page on a free webhosting site and post whatever content they wished no matter how unpopular or offensive. People created flash games in which you clubbed seals. Why? Because we were free. And fuck anyone who didn't like it.

After a while a few big online communities established themselves. These communities formed around a mutually shared interest. This could be almost anything. A video game, a political ideology, a tv show, whatever. Later, the community grew based on user-generated content and discussion. Think about that for a second. The real value in these communities was created from the bottom-up. This fact becomes important when we realize why they inevitably fall apart. I'll get to that in a bit.

So, we had these communities forming and growing. And the internet was becoming more popular, which meant this vast untamed continent was now being populated by the same conformist people that existed outside the internet. Eventually a clique forms within the community. And this clique wants to get rid of the trolls and shitposters so we can go back to the good old days of just talking about X. Then the mods within the community, having purged the "trolls", quietly decides to purge anyone who disagrees with them as well. Disagreements cause arguments and arguments distract us from X.

By this point a group of moderators is now fully in charge of the community and the entire dynamic has been changed. The community now goes top-down instead of bottom-up. But even after the mods have taken over it's not always obvious what is happening. The userbase is still booming, new content is still being created, and on the surface everything looks good.

Meanwhile, the point of no return has already been reached. It may take some time, but eventually the creation of new content slows down and the userbase declines. Eventually the community is only visited by the small control clique, and having no discussion to control, the clique itself eventually disbands leaving only an empty platform with no users. All over the net you can find communities that once had hundreds, sometimes thousands, of active users. Today most of these communities are ghost towns.

Now, during the process of decline there is usually an "oh, shit" moment in which the userbase realizes things are beyond repair. This leads to an exodus. The irony is, most communities formed during an exodus will seek to create a safe space for their own persecuted group rather than create a new truly free community. For this reason, most attempts to organize an exodus from a community will fail to establish a new thriving community precisely because they lack the essential freedom required to attract new users.



great reference tho


File: 14f279e7173ce4b⋯.png (17.98 KB, 195x258, 65:86, orangenigger.png)



1. the new transparency in the board log is a good thing. ( see https://sys.8ch.net/log.php?page=1&board=leftpol )

2. if BO and mods want to build leftpol as a community the focus needs to be on a) creating original content and b) stimulating discussion.

good luck lads.


File: 9ce5c01b88fc862⋯.jpg (184.99 KB, 921x843, 307:281, 1459820515953.jpg)


what a tragedy


Okay, fuck this, can we make a requirement that people who get into leadership in leftist orgs and community be required to take a fucking mental health check?

What the fuck is it with every leftist community leadership position being overrun by Bipolar, paranoid delusional conspiratard Tankies?

EVERY FUCKING COMMUNITY. Revleft, /r/socialism, /r/communism, /r/latestagecapitalism, leftypol.

I'm sick of our communities cohesion being at the whim of fucking people who can't keep their shit together because they're fucking self medicating their Bipolar with weed or some shit.



Why would a perfectly normal person want to moderate a shitty forum? Moreover, how are normal people immune to ideology, ego, etc?



The problem is, people who are bipolar have wild emotional and mental swings from extreme hyperactivity and empathy (like they are on MDMA) to extreme paranoia, anger, depression etc.

This is why on so many leftist communities you have this wildly erratic moderation, where suddenly mods (or leaders in RL orgs) will just start banning the shit out of anybody that disagrees with them, burning bridges, engaging in bizarre conspiratorial nonsense (According to leftypol's BO, we're CIA shills remember for supporting… Socialists). Because they forgot to take their fucking meds or haven't even been medicated so they're wildly swinging between different emotional and mental states projecting their own mental health issues onto the community.

I've been surrounded by the Bipolar all my life from friends to family and I can tell you, a lot of the left have severe mental health issues that they are infact just projecting onto others and their communities and having Bipolar people in positions of leadership is not good because forget to take that Seroquel one night and suddenly half your community gets banned the next day.



The irony is that /leftypol/ BO would be hanged if he was living in Iran.



Well trannies have it relatively well there but he'd still get killed for being a commie.



wtf, it's gone. Is this the power of dynamic IP? I didn't even need a proxy or nothing. It just unbanned me.




Vols have been unbanning people for weeks (and rightly so). Apparently they recently got a memo to stop doing so, but hey more power to 'em for sticking to what they believe in.



I'm not in the log though.



I believe it removes your entry from the banlog upon unbanning. Can't check right now for you, sorry.



Is Che genuinely a girl(male)? I honestly thought this was just a meme like "Muke is a paki" or "Rebel is fat", especially since those three were often seen together.



No one knows, what we can be almost certain about is that BO is a retarded tankie who hates transphobia and climate change deniers. It's likely a burger dude who had a mental breakdown and maybe fucks or is friends with a tranny. Though BO's identity is irrelevant, this issue is that he's a retarded tankie not that he maybe sucked a fat guy's cock or does hrt.



It is a meme. Long ago before he went insane Che replied ":^)" to someone calling him a girl and people started calling him a her after that. Then that picture of that asian tranny started circulating with people saying it was him without an evidence, so then the meme became that he was a tranny. It's possible he is a girl but there's not evidence he's a tranny.


I don't think Che ever banned anyone for transphobia. You're probably think of that actual trans mod long ago.



>I don't think Che ever banned anyone for transphobia.

I was referring to his /marx/ post about wanting to know if /marx/ allowed transphobia. Given who historically seems to hate trannies the most on /leftypol/, he'd rout half of the MLs on /leftypol/ if he enforced such a rule. Context >>>/marx/6663



I'm a newfag. What happened to r/socialism?



A popular artist who was running a webcomic series inspired by /leftypol/ - http://politicalideologycatgirls.com/ - and also posted entries on r/socialism was banned and (essentially) told that what she made was misogynist and she was a misogynist by proxy and therefore had to go.

Don't have the cap, but I sure someone does.


File: 528c984f07fb8ec⋯.mp4 (7.67 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Year of the Linux Desktop ….mp4)


>/tech/ie recommends distro named after zulu word for humanity

>black tripfag makes a gorilla joke at him

>other poster makes a nigger joke at black tripfag

Even if it really was a /pol/ack, that post was hardly banworthy.


File: 19bf8a48d8d584a⋯.jpg (117.73 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, seizon_senryaku.jpg)




I have been dumping screenshots of BO's statements and bans here:


polite sage.


Every time i come back i get banned for something, first time it was deserved but last time it was dumb, called out a guy for saying faggot and turns out im the one who gets banned. What a shitshow.



Do we really want to get nitpicky about what language people use? I mean, this is an imageboard, it's part of the culture

In the older days of 4chan no one meant anything by faggot and nigger, and that's part of the charm. How are we going to continue to convert /pol/yps if we keep language policing? They'll think we're the SJWs they already assume we are



>called out a guy for saying faggot

holy fuck you enormous nigger, this is an imageboard. If you want to be the liberal tone police, you ought to leave, you faggot.


There used to be lengthy discussions and polemics on /leftypol/. Posts have gotten shorter now, replies have become dismissals like read a book, threads have become focused on click bait newsarticles ,e-celeb drama and meme wars, mods have become paranoiac petty tyrants. This is precisely how /pol/ died; a board becomes successful, low-effort posters who couldn't be bothered with the slow process of building it up flock to it, mods are replaced by the cretins who have the stamina and dedication to circlejerk for hours a day for a glimpse of power and importance.



The one /leftypol/ ban I've agreed with in months.







For your thread:





File: c0b457c667202e3⋯.jpg (6.46 KB, 220x229, 220:229, images.jpg)

>hooker anfem got banned for revisionism and thread deleted

Hotpockets just get shittier by the day.



Am unb& now. The mods don't like it when you attack their sacred cows, but they're not totally unreasonable when they realize that they were wrong.



What did Hooker anfem talk about?



I pointed out that 48% of boomers, 51% of gen x, and 43% of Americans in general own stocks, effectively making them no longer technically wage-slaves. Certain people did not like this.



Well there's a few mods who have been unbanning people against BO and the tankies wishes, but as it stands now discussion on /leftypol/ is difficult and you'd be better off making a thread here. Seems like something interesting to talk about, more interesting than the shit that makes up the first 36 OPs in the catalogue at least.



You can own stocks and still be a wage slave. Depends on how much stock you have and most people don't have that much.


File: 9d9bba9976fd997⋯.jpg (132.27 KB, 766x1024, 383:512, 796834445477584896.jpg)

Is it honestly that bad guise?




She's technically correct, owning stock means you own the MoP, albeit an extremely tiny amount in most cases that still requires wage labor of some sort. This is mostly an issue of not updating terminology for 21st century capitalism which has obfuscated class with various legal constructs and economic schemes like stock.


File: 0709ed89a2031d0⋯.jpg (70.56 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault2.jpg)








i invoke the ancient right of all working anons





Stop shilling your videos here you lolbert retard.


File: 55ec88f8d714e39⋯.jpg (123.27 KB, 652x869, 652:869, tmp_25326-e0d84e6f39e15aab….jpg)

>people are getting six month bans now



Blame hoochiemod but at least he has gotten softer with the spans


lol the board owner just banned someone else for evasion thinking they were me.

I guess tactical questions can no longer be broached by any party.



A three month ban for saying that there were former Tsarist soldiers in the Red Army. "unspecified reason" for ban and all of my comments related or not were wiped off the board. Lmfao


File: 7c138e1b47f7c6f⋯.jpg (56.79 KB, 450x304, 225:152, 7c138e1b47f7c6ff894ec416f1….jpg)


there is a group of us reporting random posts to simply confuse mods and accelerate the implosion of the board.

You're welcome.



unironically good praxis. I doubt my ban was random though given that it was an imperialism thing and that clearly either BO or a vol was having a shitfit over it.



How can you tell it's Hoochie when the usernames on the leftypol log are hidden?


File: 9c78b3db9586ada⋯.jpg (117.52 KB, 702x539, 702:539, banned.JPG)

File: a99b36165df5fb2⋯.jpg (20.53 KB, 930x76, 465:38, phill greaves.JPG)

Phil Greaves is now on the /leftypol/ modding team


File: c773b8fc299ab82⋯.png (35.96 KB, 1295x114, 1295:114, Soviet soldier ban.png)

File: d09014c15dec7b2⋯.png (15.88 KB, 1295x111, 35:3, Soviet soldier ban 2.png)


>unspecified reason

This is just getting silly.



Agreed, BO or whoever else should at least have the balls to have banned me for "imperialism" but they can't even muster that


I was banned for making a thread critical of autistic tendencies on the right (official reason was “/r9k/ shitposting”, real reason is BO = buttmad autist)


You guys are just jealous of BO's unparalleled debate skills. Look just how unchallenged his arguments are




>It's illegal for active duty officers to go against the USA

get banned for pointing out how this is completely irrelevant to their ideological positions



I got banned for a post a made a week ago and BO used that as an excuse to delete my posts from that thread.

You can't make this shit up.




Yeah it's a dumb argument anyway. DSA/ISO/SAlt veteran members are among the most active in anti-imperialism work and express regret all the time, and are definitely not primarily active duty serviceman jerking off the army or whatever weak ass strawman BO is forcing. Apparently working to pull soldiers home and saying the mentally ill ones should maybe be given treatment is peak fash



Just some proof to back up what I said here is the picture of my ban from BO for a random and harmless shitpost that isn't actually against the rules I had made last week on a low activity thread. The ban was also made without a 'user banned' label.

On the DSA thread I made a post with the pictures from >>11471 explaining to people that BO was banning and deleting posts from that thread which pointed out there were revolutionaries in the Russian Army in order to censor people.

Here is a post of someone replying to my comment;


This is some Kafkaesque Stalin level of airbrushing. I suppose BO is getting scared that people will start seeing their bullshit and is covering their path through censorship.


I agree; without former servicemen the Bolsheviks would have been a footnote in history books.




Y'all are lumpen-prole petite-bourgeoisie kulaks. The true revolutionary gains all the military knowledge they need from inflating their self-image of an immaculate insurgent (and thousands of hours of defending Russia against imperialist filth like yourself; ask me about the #ArabSpring wars, I dare you). Physical training and martial arts are Trotskyist psyops, carefully engineered and propagated by revisionists such as you, to distract the true communists from the real fight: petty internet squabbles that betray a fundamental misunderstanding of Marx's writing stemming from a deeply narcissistic obsession with radical politics as a means of protecting a brittle ego by coating it under numerous layers of aggressively contrarian personae and so affording a comfortable distance from the other which prevents the subject from being hurt as they are never in the position where their claims can be challenged in manner that would harm the sense of self.

Read Marx lmao. Reported for anti-revolutionary propaganda.



This is a great bit, I'm stealing this shit



👍 good luck. Remember to separate ML's proper from "twitter tankies".



We must now rewrite the history of 1917 or else imperialists the win. Christ what an embarrassment. One wonders what Lenin would have made of this moralistic garbage if he heard it out of the mouths and pens of Bolsheviks when he stepped off the train in Petrograd.


File: adf57451670a7a4⋯.jpg (23.81 KB, 400x386, 200:193, kek pepe.jpg)


Holy Christ.


File: fe877b3fe56a2a5⋯.png (140.98 KB, 519x424, 519:424, 1480178578366.png)

>Innocent joke threads are getting anchored

I don't know what vol is behind that but it hurts.


>banned for two months for saying US soldiers should kill their masters

peak BO


File: 358a6f16e386d7f⋯.png (65.05 KB, 812x549, 812:549, reports.png)

they used to laugh at nazbol gang

they aren't laughing anymore.


Does BO understand that if the government was going to infliltrate DSA they would send undercover Feds or cops and not open, active duty soldiers?


File: 6d14a15be32a2e7⋯.jpg (55.36 KB, 500x338, 250:169, 334433be4cec740dd223698a45….jpg)


Nazbol gang! Nazbol gang! Nazbol gang!



No because BO is a retard


Saying that twitter attention whore "leftists" get the bullet gets your post deleted



The BO is a 'twitter tankie' in every way except for rampantly posting on twitter (then again he might be Molly Klein jr. for all we know).



Like, twitter is not a legitimate discussion medium. It's not built for that - it's built to share short quips and generate a rush from the answers you get. It's a website dedicated to a trolling technique.

Anybody who uses twitter as a discussion outlet for philosophy or politics isn't likely interested in them at all - theyre a fucking attention whore and they wont stop being one when it comes down to political action. They need a fucking spotlight on them - which is great, only because they'll be well lit targets - they get shot. Period.



It's not the medium they use, it's their temperament and form. They could be writing letters and they would be just as insufferable. The /leftypol/ BO proves this neatly.



The medium they use is incredibly important, as it's what rewards them most for the insufferable non-discussion they generate




I also don't believe they would be as insufferable in writing because it would lack reward. Responding to such nonsense would take too much effort and they would end up ignored.

Typing a fast insult to a 240 character vague post though? Ez



You're giving BO too much credit. BO doesn't think there's anything in DSA worth infiltrating anyway since any electoral strategy is instantly lib/fash. So in BO's mind, the US military is sending spies to infiltrate a branch of the Democratic party and this is something to throw a tantrum about for some reason.


File: b9c9bd7289a83a3⋯.png (158.42 KB, 468x461, 468:461, tankiewarfare.png)


They wouldn't be writing in the first place because all they do is shit fling and they either lack the talent or capability to do anything else. I mean if you peel back the insults and accusations all you have is a weak-willed plea to support capitalist states that happen to be against the US because of an idealistic view that if burger imperialism stops no other actor will attempt imperialism. That they do not even think of revolution while imperialism exists and would go as far as to disavow "actually existing socialist revolutionaries" that threaten capitalist states shows how retarded they are, and how they would even be against the revolution that spawned their ideology. They belong on twitter and their cesspits, and should be contained there less they spill out and fuck up communist forums.



Not to mention poorly argued. ("A failed revolution would be worse", really? So people should just sit around and wait to die? Left-identarians have more effective praxis.)


File: b549d37e0df634a⋯.png (154.79 KB, 1122x631, 1122:631, Screenshot (3).png)

Well boys, it finally happened. All because I was glad 500 Yezidi women were freed by the SDF from ISIS enslavement. Just let that sink in. We're at the point were they'll uniroically be supporting the Islamic State in their "anti-imperialist struggle"


File: 4351aa92907f0da⋯.png (18.66 KB, 468x268, 117:67, report.png)

mods = GODS

keep submitting reports, comrades!




My pro-ISIS anti-imperialism post was removed though. Guess it was too on the nose


anti-imperialism without connections to the communists in the region under fire is simply an assistance to another imperialist actor, one hoping to take the place the USA had.

anti-imperialism in connection with the communists and proletariat of the nation under fire is just socialist action and makes calling it "anti-imperialism" redundant

anyone who uses "anti-imperialism" as a means for anything must be observed as an imperial agent for another imperialist nation



Yeah, but what are we to expect from those whose activity rarely extends beyond tweeting?



What about anti imperialist action of diminishing the power of your own country?


File: 0f5016b5cc9f06a⋯.png (261.7 KB, 305x341, 305:341, 0f5016b5cc9f06a929eb4b52c2….png)

if you want to trigger Body Odour go shitpost on the climate change cyclical. Because nothing says great discussion like the opposing side's opinions being verboten. Xir just gave me a month long ban for it.



That was hoochie, seems hoochie is responsible for that thread since he's banning so much people there


File: 6a92324f643e722⋯.jpg (163.79 KB, 1000x661, 1000:661, 068e64aa2d228026a5fc8fa719….jpg)


Thread is shrillcen-tier, it's OP sperging jaypeg diarrhea and francis dec walls 'o text






>in this case mostly greentext to bump the thread when it gets slid off the frontpage, and banning everybody else who posts there.

slowly but surely /leftypol/ has turned into lefty/pol/



Was this on the Rojava thread?



Yup. Never been warned but a lot of my posts have been deleted recently. I guess liberating women was the last straw


File: 258dd6d98259e1c⋯.png (583.16 KB, 600x448, 75:56, qtnbird.png)


>I guess liberating women was the last straw

Middle Eastern women are imperialists.


File: 443e90ccaf93006⋯.jpeg (99.05 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, A2F65AD1-3FEA-488C-9772-2….jpeg)

Has anybody seen the dumpster fire that is the ME thread? Stacheposters are calling people liberals even though they are the ones shilling for neoliberalism and setting themselves over brown people doing social democracy.

That’s the shit that burns me the most. The Kurds aren’t sufficiently socialist apparently even though they have functional DotP and worker control of the economy, but these retards cream their pants over Ghadaffi and Hafez Al Assad because they had free healthcare or housing subsidies. Then these retards have the audacity to go around and talk like they are experts on Marxism. The worst part is that the BO is too much of a cowardly little shit to defend xer positions and bans anybody who actually believes in class struggle. If I could find that irl I’d bludgeon xer with a pillow case full of hardcover copies of Capital.



File: 41328361cbb4052⋯.jpg (142.73 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, primespecimen.jpg)


>Stacheposters are calling people liberals even though they are the ones shilling for neoliberalism and setting themselves over brown people doing social democracy.

What else were you expecting from modern tankies? Anarchists were right again.



What pisses me off most about it is that these fuckers will come away thinking they’re brilliant wizards of dialectics because anybody who disagrees with them gets banned. I’m glad that place is bleeding users like crazy, it’s just a shame they aren’t all coming here.



>I’m glad that place is bleeding users like crazy, it’s just a shame they aren’t all coming here.

The way to fix that is to post your OPs here and to post in interesting threads. /leftypol/'s discussions had gone down the drain a while ago, but activity and interesting discussion is the only way to get niggas to post here.


File: 665524e255066e6⋯.png (220.97 KB, 500x427, 500:427, in-dude-me-im-a-stalinist-….png)

This is Leftypol now unironically.

This should be the lesson of leftists now

>Stalinists and Tankies are cancer and should be kept away from power much as humanly possible.

>Severely mentally ill should not be given positions of power in organisations.

>Snowflakes who think the entire world is out to get them should not be given positions of power.

>Idpollers should not be given positions of power.


The annoying shit is that the US wasn't even involved in the Iranian protests. It was legitimately a worker revolt due to corruption, inequality and anti-right wing economic policies, but because the BO and other dumbass tankies can't view anything beyond their retarded childish anti-US sentiment, they literally backed a far-right wing theocratic, communist killing regime.

If this was a US backed revolt, why did the media barely report on it? Why did not not last for long when repressed? why were all the Iranian Western aligned urban neoliberals silent? Why was there no colour prefix? Where was the constant National Endowment for Democracy shilling? Why aren't opposition leaders getting glowing articles in the NYT every day?

Oh wait, because it was a spontaneous revolt from largely rural, poor workers and left wingers.


File: f44904b83c05195⋯.png (64.83 KB, 500x514, 250:257, Stalin.png)


We already knew that when /leftypol/ was made. The issue is with the power structure inherent in most online forums, where management is unaccountable and can do whatever the fuck they like regardless of how the userbase feels. Right now there would be nothing stopping apo, the /leftpol/ BO, from doing the same shit as body odor if he had a meltdown and became retarded. Thankfully he doesn't seem like that and /leftpol/ is already better than /leftypol/ with open mod logs and the removal of that attention hungry games shit, but there simply isn't a mechanism to coup a shit mod team and the only response is to leave or enjoy being a cuck.



Late as fuck because I don't really use the site anymore, but moderators and board owners cannot tell who reports what. Only abuse of the global report function can be detected and results in bans (I've very lightly abused it for reporting bugs/imminent crashes and got away with it before).

When BO first sperged out about imperialism I reported hundreds of posts for made up forms of imperialism, and one of the mods had no options left other than to clear the report list and make a post to "whoever is reporting everyone for imperialism" in the mod thread telling me to go fuck myself. I reported him for report imperialism.


File: e59bb6f48cbf405⋯.jpg (157.33 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, yanis.jpg)


>When BO first sperged out about imperialism I reported hundreds of posts for made up forms of imperialism, and one of the mods had no options left other than to clear the report list and make a post to "whoever is reporting everyone for imperialism" in the mod thread telling me to go fuck myself. I reported him for report imperialism.

Roast them hotpockets anon.


File: f1a747e67cae298⋯.jpg (45.15 KB, 460x733, 460:733, f1a747e67cae298e34f89e9007….jpg)









>they’ve reached the point where you can’t even speak positively about Rojava in its own dedicated thread

My gott…



All of my posts in that thread have been deleted. I posted about it it seems most people don't give a fuck anymore.


File: 4d52972b2216205⋯.jpg (25.23 KB, 233x108, 233:108, but my shitposts.jpg)


Double checked and it's correct (that's the entirety of a report vols can see).



brb going to report everyone for ban evasion



Whenever I do this I find you can get the most amusing results by reporting someone in a moderation thread talking about their ban, preferably just after they've been banned and made their post, with the same mod still online. If the mod takes the bait then it snowballs into enormous amounts of petty bullshit very quickly.


File: 544490129c10e7b⋯.png (4.14 KB, 565x20, 113:4, ClipboardImage.png)


And yes, I did attempt this just over an hour ago in the leftypol mod thread.


File: f71090b22c784aa⋯.png (166.42 KB, 480x800, 3:5, wp_ss_20180113_0002.png)

File: ef4b96103754675⋯.png (85.81 KB, 480x800, 3:5, wp_ss_20180113_0003.png)

They should add loss of reading comprehension to the long list of side effects to come from guzzling fistfuls of estrogen pills. BO's being a ban-happy bitch again…(Racist comment posted by /pol/flake + the reply I got banned for)



Seems like that was hoochie


I want to remind every one here that only BO and Hoochie are okay with the new policies, the old mods don't like them.


File: db21e1b13c42e5f⋯.png (49.76 KB, 511x334, 511:334, reported.png)



hilarious. that post has now been deleted, and i assume the poster was banned.


this is what you get for continuing to post on /leftypol/



Maybe it's something in the water because in my experience loss of reading comprehension is far too widespread to be limited just to those who take oestrogen pills.




They deleted all of their posts. It was the turbo-tankie tripfag.


hey guys

I know one of you is reporting random posts on /leftypol/ as us imperialism

Please stop, you will acomplish nothing and us vols already have a hard time with real stuff


File: 4b05f9409d56a91⋯.png (76.14 KB, 756x687, 252:229, dismissed.png)

i'm not responsible for pic related, but wow.


what is your motivation for continuing to be there? i'm really curious.



Isn’t there anything you guys can do about it? Can’t you mass unban people? At the very least you should quit in protest.


File: e0ff2a0b664d24f⋯.png (405.99 KB, 427x603, 427:603, unamused japanese.png)



If you'd look at the posts, you would see that every one of them advocated for American hegemony within the Middle East sphere. They all deserve to be banned.



Why are you concern?


Yes but Bo told me to not unban people

Quitting in protest will only leave /leftypol/ to hoochie and BO and get everyone banned


File: b8c6161d5a8e52d⋯.jpg (251.13 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, perfectsystem.jpg)


>leave /leftypol/ to hoochie and BO and get everyone banned




Mine didn't, fuck off.


File: e77dbb8756ea776⋯.jpg (58.39 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 26066705_940402862788978_1….jpg)


Just let it burn fam



Comrade, stop trying to bucket water out of the Titanic. You should leave, as well as the rest of the sane vols, and let /leftypol/ sink quickly so that people will get into the lifeboats.



Which one was yours?



reported for us imperialism


File: 0646ba2595e83d5⋯.png (111.12 KB, 232x236, 58:59, tmp_23214-0646ba2595e83d5b….png)


>someone I reported actually got banned


File: 0c7e0fdb8affc69⋯.jpeg (85.59 KB, 640x780, 32:39, BA990788-FD14-4425-B9C2-A….jpeg)


>Quitting in protest will only leave /leftypol/ to hoochie and BO and get everyone banned

All the more reason to do it. If they drive people away and destroy their own board they will either come here or go somewhere else. Even with the latter option we get the satisfaction of watching those two retards shriek alone in their torture chamber.



How many Volunteers are left on that board?



>tfw want to accelerate the board's collapse by reporting posts I know the BO would see as imperialism

>tfw can't because it just feels too shitty

It's like falseflagging as a cop and shooting into the crowd, it might work to get them riled up but I'm still shooting into a crowd of innocent people.






That will be self defeating and a huge blow for leftism on the internet,

Your best chance is to passively promote /leftpol/ and let one overtake the other.


I'm not going to say precise numbers but a bake's dozen in total, less than a half of that has been active in recent days and a half of that half are responsible for most mod activity.



This, the ability to ban people who disagree gives people a nasty combination of incompetence and belligiarance, and when these hothouse flowers go out into a situation where they can't bring or use their banhammers and inevitably wilt in the face of actual arguments and/or reality, it'll just give the media more "leftist" strawmen and jobbers. It's funny how Body Odour wants to turn a fast-growing, fun shitposting board that was sometimes good for political discussion that wasn't soley composed of autistic screeching, into a political movement and the way xir propose to do that is to ban shitposting and like half the userbase by calling their discussions shitposting.


underrated post



very nice, anon.


do eeet


>muh burgers

take your estrogen pills


Yeah, I hate to say but atp it seems like the most humane option would probably be to take it off life support.


File: fedd063e452a970⋯.jpg (55.95 KB, 531x531, 1:1, marx.jpg)


admit it - the only reason you won't give up your position on leftypol is because you enjoy being a hotpocket.



The huge blow has already been dealt, /leftypol/ already really fucking sucks and is overmoderated shit. You said yourself you can't even unban people at this point, so all that you can do is help them moderate. You're not even allowed to bucket water out anymore, all you can do is sweep the floors.



Literally none of them did. People are being banned for advocating class struggle of the Iranian proletariat. Most posters appear to recognize the danger the US poses to Iran. The difference is that they refuse to be cowed into accepting the dominance of a reactionary regime at the expense of Iran’s workers.



ML's have made a very interesting position of making it abundantly clear they want to be the main retards on both leftypol and leftpol. It used to vary greatly from black flags and AnNils to ancaps and Nazis, but ML's at one point seemingly thought "Enough is enough, the retard crown is mine" and have held it for a record duration ever since.

All you are doing is slow bleeding the remaining userbase of leftypol off the site completely, as you're stemming the flow of a possible exodus and fucking up the speed this board can be growing, making all the posters who are only interested in faster boards leave immediately. So far this genius strat has cost between 500 and 700 users. Granted at this point I'm semi-convinced ML's posting here are BO when they've taken their valium so you may be doing it entirely deliberately.


File: 6d7d4a6adb4be51⋯.jpg (773.02 KB, 1700x3740, 5:11, d8bb393bf5106fa3296f0ef5aa….jpg)


You can't expect people in positions of power to voluntarily give up their privileges.



>That will be self defeating and a huge blow for leftism on the internet,

/leftypol/'s slow collapse is much worse, better to let it fall quickly and let /leftpol/ absorb some refugees than hang on life support and drive posters away altogether.


File: 9e17f9e580913f4⋯.jpg (288.64 KB, 461x346, 461:346, patrick stewart for the so….jpg)


They all deserved it and I hope they die in a gulag!



Abandon all pretenses of moralism. If you can't report innocent anons, then how will you ever be a revolutionary?


File: 350a22f6e266879⋯.png (38.38 KB, 597x489, 199:163, apes.png)

File: dd417f7a591f07f⋯.png (95.02 KB, 552x760, 69:95, rip.png)

baboon poster confirmed accelerationist.



I wish I was here for the rise of baboon poster, I see him every now and then and his simple posts make me laugh.




Off course


I can unban people if they ask nicely


Collapse is a thing reconstruction is another, helping /leftpol/ grow is more important

That is why you should be promoting it harder


File: 7b52016af93a019⋯.png (134.31 KB, 1817x231, 1817:231, leftypol hikki mod.png)

>anchor fun threads

>anchor threads that are not explicitly about theory or politics (but might be tangentially related to them)

Damn no wonder /leftypol/ is dying.



The guy you're responding to is one of the good MLs. He's been trying to get a migration going for a month and has been trying to use his mod powers over there to prevent BO from completely fucking everything up. pls don't bully him.


Baboonposter is unironically funny. I think he's just doing this as a joke to piss off the mods.



>Seems like that was hoochie

this woman is so fucking retarded god damn



>That will be self defeating and a huge blow for leftism on the internet,

no it isnt

there's nothing quite as annoying as people on the fucking internet overvaluing the role their discussion plays within leftism

like when people equate discussing something happening on the other side of the world in a positive light with "support"

it's not support, you're not doing anything


File: d9c77c10cfadffb⋯.jpg (56.95 KB, 554x452, 277:226, hoochie.jpg)


I've felt this rant bubbling inside me for a while now to be honest but it's never been worth a thread.

The idea of discussion as support is the most liberal idealist bullshit I've ever seen. You are not a wooden beam in the house of DemCon or M-L or whatever fucking leftist school of thought you follow - you're a nobody on the internet. Liberals go day in, day out discussing shit, minority rights and feel good charity etc etc - and never ever having a material impact on the world. I've seen people say stupid shit like "counterpropaganda is a form of support!" when really we're a niche without any external impact on the world and we're supposed to be fucking materialists.

Your never ending discussions have done fuck all, ever, and you're not helping any movements abroad with them. I hope anyone honestly taking this fucking keyboard warrior stance seriously gets hit by a fucking mack truck. Fuck you, shut the fuck up.



Hoochie literally thinks prostitution will still be a thing in a world where material needs are provided for and capital has been abolished. No, that's just sex.

And if you fail to see sex as a mutual gain in pleasure you either don't get laid or you're shit in bed. Sex isn't an exchange to anyone with a healthy understanding of it.



get your nut or get lost tbh


File: 41af376edbe581d⋯.png (10.52 KB, 428x121, 428:121, ClipboardImage.png)


It's the way he tells them.



>Sex isn't an exchange to anyone with a healthy understanding of it.

Well if you're lucky there's some fluid exchange. Jokes aside Hoochie is a retard, and I say this as someone who supports sex workers to the best of my limited ability.


File: 26e411931cd15f9⋯.jpeg (90.44 KB, 740x1184, 5:8, received_1946163699034590.jpeg)




He's a true Charles Dickens


File: 9efe2d482afafcf⋯.png (1.74 KB, 365x33, 365:33, ClipboardImage.png)

This is only on thread creation at the moment, I can't wait to see it on replies.



I'll mirror this sentiment.


I'd like to hear suggestions. Keep in mind we have even less power and influence than volunteers. We can't advertise in thread as that would be offtopic spam. We can't reference /leftpol/ too often in general, as that would be grating at best. Not to mention that, even when being careful, the BO can flip the kill switch at any moment and taboo /leftpol/ anyway.

I suppose getting content creators to switch would be promising. Paps and Marxist Media already left in favour of /leftpol/, but Bat'ko seems insistent on avoiding it and Rachel is otherwise occupied. There's Pierre and anyone else I might have missed, but I have no idea what they are up to or if they're interested.

Of course a small thing posters can do to help is contribute to this thread (and in particular this post): >>10241 . Get some OC production going (also a reminder that this thread exists >>12 ). Don't forget to add /leftpol/ to your creations and make it clearly visible.



Yes you can advertise the board, BO is more than okay with people he doesn't like leaving for /leftpol/, only hochie has a problem with that

Take your time to do it before Bo changes his mind.



>only hochie has a problem with that

fun fact: at one time hoochie was banned from /leftypol/ for being a disruptive shitposter who never posted anything productive. now she's a mod.

why, why, WHY does anyone continue to post there?



It's funny that she was a massive shitposter and probably the worst offending leftist on there and now she's on a crusade to stop shitposting. I imagine she's just trolling because she doesn't give a shit, and probably thinks BO is a fucking retard for giving her mod powers.



She's just upholding the family tradition of being a collaborator.



And she was really terrible. I didn’t even get the vibe she was anti-capitalist, I always saw her jump on some sexist racist slight by an anon a, derail the whole thread and drew the attention of everyone in the thread to herself for hours on end.



Like >>12086 said, BO doesn't care and actively encourages people who don't like it to leave. Whenever there's a thread with a lot of bans tell people to come here. Maybe make the odd thread every now and then reminding people this place exists.


It says something good about this place that she was banned in the first thread she posted in.

and I was the one who reported her :^)


BO obviously made a deal with her for her to stop tripfagging and being disruptive in exchange for being mod, probably because he needed some loyal mods. Unfortunately for him she's still really stupid and posts retarded shit with the modtag. IIRC, he has warned her twice to not post certain things with the tag. It's almost comedic: he's insane but he knows she's a huge shitposter.



> why, why, WHY does anyone continue to post there?

NewsAnon 2.0, tbh



Agreed. Discussion is discussion, it might change people's opinions occasionally but the concept that provoking discussion somehow helps alone and in and of itself is a plague most of the alternative-y groups on both the left and right got from the liberals.


>body odour makes leftpol taboo

that would probably help, to be the site so taboo it's the board that triggers the board that triggers the site that triggers the internet/shrillery


File: 50c7f17aaceaad6⋯.png (48.3 KB, 628x552, 157:138, unknown-1.png)

you can tell they didn't even bother to read my post. mods are too brainlet to understand the difference between genetic and social evolution.


File: e4876dcd35180e8⋯.png (191.27 KB, 875x650, 35:26, leftypolstate.PNG)

>criticizing USSR is now reactionary



/leftypol/ BO is a tankie man what did you expect?




You both misunderstood what I wrote. I did not mean that any mention of /leftpol/ is banworthy, but that bringing it up in threads where it does not belong and particularly doing so frequently, would constitute offtopic spam. This is regardless of content, but does form a problem.

>Whenever there's a thread with a lot of bans tell people to come here.

I support this.

The BO is also flippant and becomes irate at the drop of a hat. Be ready for him to change his stance just as quickly.



Not just in a thread with a lot of bans but anchored threads or threads with deleted posts, there we can find an audience


File: 5433f90e2b07965⋯.png (44.59 KB, 634x415, 634:415, 5433f90e2b07965a40fb141bd6….png)

Got banned and had all my posts deleted for calling Chelsea Manning a "he" even though the content of my post was not an attack on him and was merely pointing out that he used a lot of emojis in his twitter feed.

>Why didn't you just refer to him as she shitlord

Because that's not what I view him as and that'll never change. Good fucking job though, /leftypol/ is like 90% of the way there to r/socialism, all that's left is to start banning people for using the word "stupid" or "nigger".

You know I used to think pic related wasn't actually BO but all his sperging out is beginning to convince me otherwise.



There's never been any evidence that that is BO. He's likely just been brainwashed by tankietwitter, which would explain the imperialism shit and the transphobia concern.



can you at least justify your transphobia?



I know of two good reasons

1) It angers BO

2) It angers the reddit and twitter tankies they've brought over




Gender = sex. Inb4 your humanities course told you differently idgaf. This is how people have understood it for years, how most people except for a select few understand it today, and how it was defined as synonyms in the dictionary until very recently. Sex is biological reality. There are 2 main sexes, male and female. You are born as one or the other. It's literally that simple.

Even with sex reassignment surgery and hormone therapy, you are still what you were born as according to biology. It's why trans ftm can still get pregnant and trans mtf can't.

Inb4 hermaphrodites yes ok fine that's another category. But trans people are not hermaphrodites. They are suffering from gender dysphoria, a disorder which they feel conflicted over what they were born as. If someone is schizophrenic, we do not say to them: yes the voices in your head are correct, there are literally demons who watch you 24/7 and one is standing right by me now. Yet for trans people, we say: yes your mental state is perfectly fine and the voice in your head is correct, you are actually another sex. It's an astonishing double standard. And this is the hill lefties want to die on. Yeah, no thanks. All this is just an attempt to placate disturbed individuals for fear that they will commit suicide.



human hermaphrodites don't exist. if you have this level of knowledge on sex, you probably don't have any authority on the matter. forget scientific knowledge, your dictionary definition fallacy doesn't even work a priori



Yes they do, except they're called intersex now. They USED to be called hermaphrodites. Good job attacking one thing that was barely relevant and claiming victory, you really showed everyone.



See this is why nobody posts here.


Can you niggas shut up about trannies and the age of consent so we can keep this thread about the shit state of /leftypol/?



Who do you think posts here? People who aren't banned for posting about the age of consent and trannies?



>Who do you think posts here?

People banned for "imperialism" or sick of threads where half the posts get deleted.



>attacking one thing

read it again,



fuck me, just go back to watching Sargon videos on youtube if this is what you unironically think.



Sucks to be you, I suppose.



I hate to discuss idpol-y stuff, but whatevs.

Gender is identity and behavior, some of which is culturally defined, and thus fundamentally different from genetic sex.

No one would seriously claim that wearing skirts is genetically preprogrammed for example, yet that is precisely what "sex=gender" would entail.

This is a semantics debate at best anyway. Using the proper pronouns is just plain good manners in these days.



>your chromosomes + junk is the same as the social behavioural expectations assigned to you based on those factors

Saying that gender = sex is like saying that blonde = dumb. Is blonde hair a biological reality? Obviously, but it’s different than the behavioural expectations we assign to that feature. Sex is a biological reality, how we expect somebody to act or dress based on that reality is entirely cultural. Those expectations are what people refer to when they say gender.



2 sexes infinite behaviours that are actually unrelated to the sexes unless you my friend believe in the existence of immaterial entities


File: d9ee29aebf0478b⋯.jpg (145.09 KB, 350x353, 350:353, bitch.jpg)


gender, sex, genitalia, etc. you can play with the words however you want honestly they're concepts, they don't matter but in the context people are telling you about gender, the message aka what matters: means the norms, attitudes, clothing, toys, essence, etc around that gender. If a cake boy wants to adopt the female gender I couldn't give less of a fuck tbh. Or in turn if a tomboy girl wants to adopt the "manly" shit I couldn't give less of a fuck. If an individual is enjoying life more due to that holy shit then it's fucking good, more power to you, be more yourself, be authentic with your personality & character.

If these individuals are homies & want to be treated as that gender I don't lose anything being respectful to them that way. Biology, nature, the cosmos isn't complaining, you are. You're the only problem fam.

And this also means you if you want to be an asshole to those individuals & disrespect them go ahead but if you get knocked the fuck out for being a shithead then at least know why. It's that easy.




>immaterial entities

<biology ain't real

Gender behavior is defined by sex biology and sexual hormones.


Transgenders are simply born with the opposite sex brain.

Deal with it.



As >>12602 points out, gender may be distinct from sex, but it is inseperably connected to it. The radio story he linked to also demonstrates how gender roles emerge spontaneously from biology, and specifically demonstrates the idea that men are drawn to fields that deal with inanimate things, while women are drawn to fields that deal with living things, all because of innate neurological and hormonal dimorphism.


File: f2022a1e2eec945⋯.gif (741.61 KB, 200x189, 200:189, 1451363404736.gif)

Hoochiemod is running wild again, now she's permabanning people just for simple shitposting



pics or it didn't happen



>my genetic predisposition prevents me to act as I want! Everyone should act as their genetic predisposition says! If you don't do it you are horting my feelings and you are wrong, stop doing what I don't like!

Spooked cuck


Has anyone gotten banned for making too much fun of Erdogan yet?

Has BO accepted this literal fascist yet for telling off the USA



your junk doesnt determine your every behaviour



no they're not that far gone, all my t*rkroach posts were fine.



I wonder how long until that happens

who wants to take bets


File: dd3c2cceede17cc⋯.png (29.77 KB, 702x714, 117:119, Untitled.png)

Hoochie or BO being stupid?

also lmao guess the NK flag isnt going to get me leniency any more




BO, as always when the ban is for 'imperialism'

man i fucking love imperialism, I don't even want to go back on /leftypol/, here I can express my eternal adoration for imperialism freely

/leftpol/ has colonised my heart, one could say



BO literally seems to think "imperialism" means "not praising anyone the USA doesn't like".




Should we demand BO define imperialism



he will tell you "not praising anyone the USA doesn't like" because he thinks only cia shills would want a change of regime.



it's even stupider than that. BO has banned people for simply pointing out that Iran's regime is anti-worker.

no one on leftypol advocated for regime change.



8chan doesn't have permanent (or even long term) bans. They expire after a couple of months.



That's good but still doesn't make hoochie any less incompetent




Her incompetence being on full display with permabanning ever at all

what is dynamic ip



Hoochie doesn't know what the rangeban function is and will create massive amounts of individual bans for the baboon poster, its so sad to see.



>rangeban function

Hopefully she fucks up and bans all of burgerland, ending their pseudo-leftist menace forever



>and bans all of burgerland

no pls no


File: 8db6c416aac1c26⋯.jpg (26.51 KB, 430x317, 430:317, 8db6c416aac1c26672cadbd350….jpg)




File: 3142ee5ac8caea4⋯.jpg (33.08 KB, 154x229, 154:229, DO4Ap_tVQAESNpL.jpg)


I know what the rangeban function is you silly little weasel. I just don't use it because the guy uses a fucking vpn. It wouldn't matter.


File: 338d8b5a16c1493⋯.mp4 (595.6 KB, 564x360, 47:30, b4b879b8d9c916266fb3795eb8….mp4)

>this entire thread



I'm not really. I ban for seven days. 14 days. 31 days. 91 days. And 184 days.


File: b68352a240059f6⋯.png (94.11 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, RIP.png)



A Hoochie ban, no surprise



>I know what the rangeban function is you silly little weasel. I just don't use it because the guy uses a fucking vpn. It wouldn't matter.

lmao you ARE technologically illiterate



Gtfo liberal



I avoid range banning most of the time because of the consequences to other posters it may provide. Besides clicking on one post just to ban it individually really isn't that hard at all. I do it all the time.

I mean look at this thread, half of you are bitching about how effective I am at banning you.




Don't talk to him, that's what he wants



You can't unban anyone.



True my bad. Tho tbh also the epitome of how total shitposting, tripfaggot bullshit, and attention whoring can get you a mod position on leftypol. Bonus points for contributing absolutely nothing to leftist discourse on the board beyond petty veiled idpol. So sometimes I can’t help but feed the troll cuz it’s pretty assuming



my fucking sides, this is exactly what posting on /leftypol/ is like now



Hoochie are you tankie or libertarian socialist? whats your political stance just to know wassup. I mean I won't ever return to /leftypol/ but whatever it's good to be aware of these things.



the Range Ban button only hits 26 IPs these days.





Do no talk to him



pseudo science tbh. ppl are drawn to whatever the fuck they want. generalizing to your extent makes you look retarded because there are always exceptions to your pseud rules, and it's not like it's even rare, it's so common that you're proven wrong almost daily lmao.



Don't tell the children what to do…



Dog wtf, there is literally no rational argument against what you wrote her

Leftypol has became dogma incarnate. Literal religious zombies with no critical thinking skills. This has to be a /r/soc coup to divide the “brocialist” left man, I can think of no other way. Which means it’s really the feds cuz let’s be real


File: 820def87a17496f⋯.gif (888.72 KB, 500x269, 500:269, mist.gif)


hoochie's twitter.


Hoochie needs to stop scoffing those hotpockets before her cankles swell more.



where are the proofs



no for real I don't think you're bad at all I just dislike /leftypol/'s BO I just want to know your political alignment it's simple shit really.


File: 153e053475dd81b⋯.jpeg (693 KB, 2048x2048, 1:1, DQJJ5sqVoAATSB0.jpg:large.jpeg)


Obviously not.

Hoochie is fat, and was a Medschool freshman less than 2 years ago



If so this is all the answer I need. She is pretty normal tbh. She is not a tankie.

The socially retarded /leftypol/ BO on the otherhand…



she isn't fat I remember seeing a picture like 5 months ago in /leftypol/. She is thin, brown skinned asian. But that shit doesn't matter to me. I just wanted to know her political stance but she doesn't seems like an authoritarian bitch to me.

So why care tbh. Good night.



It's true. All me.



100% I'm not fat. Thank you.



>It's true. All me.

>sex doesn't have to be inherently degrading much as some would like to preserve its edge

It's not you.


File: 820def87a17496f⋯.gif (888.72 KB, 500x269, 500:269, 820def87a17496f320ebbdad49….gif)


File: 158bbf0edfced7d⋯.jpg (21.51 KB, 500x504, 125:126, tumblr_omttcvj2mA1us6ps2o3….jpg)



After the failed invasion of Afrin. Then you'll get a ban for disrespecting the Sultan


Hoochie, shit or get off the pot. Don't come in getting pally with us when you're slow demising the board. Just kill the shitpit and we can go back to normality.


File: a48ca348282a942⋯.png (7.73 KB, 440x51, 440:51, ClipboardImage.png)


Yeah just what I thought Hoochie, you'll come in here tonguing our assholes but still want to enable your mentally ill powerdaddy.

Mentioning /leftpol/ will get your post deleted. Hoochie continues the family tradition of collaborating but is too egotistical to let people shit on her without her posting 2015 memes in response.



Only on leftypol? Oh man that board really isn’t Cointelpro.



She’s fat, she got drunk and posted a picture of herself with white jeans on. Asian women are nortorious for have flat buns and the woman in the picture was a solid 30 lbs overweight, and her butt blended right into her thighs.

Hoochie deletes all my posts showing Chapo is crypto fash instead of banning me because a lot of tankies hold that’s belief as well and she’s afraid of upsetting them but still wants to censor me criticizing Chapo because she’s a fan.

I wouldn’t care normally about anyone’s appearance but it’s pretty clear as a fat minority that is abrasive and pretty much acts antithetical to how people expect an Asians woman To act and look she’s deeply insecure and isn’t getting the validation she no doubt sees her peers getting on social media so she come see here for it.

Hoochie just lose some weight and get a boob job and all that’s validation will come pourimg and And you can leave this place.


File: f5e7dc6443f9321⋯.jpg (98.85 KB, 1170x668, 585:334, eye roll.jpg)


>crypto fash

Where the fuck did these babies come from and why have they become so prevalent?


What about that term burns you’re bacon?



File: 2d7459c85499c56⋯.jpg (12.14 KB, 400x300, 4:3, tumblr_omttcvj2mA1us6ps2o1….jpg)



It was pretty much never used for a long time on leftypol and stinks of reddit influence, since it's such an easy and ill defined catch all you can shit on something without having much to back it up and not be questioned because it poisons the well for anyone that wants to defend it. Being cryptofash can range from anything to "being mean on the internet" to "cloaks their fascism in vanilla language to draw people in". It's bullshit.




File: 5ef454f6bcbadf0⋯.jpg (167.31 KB, 647x1000, 647:1000, DTn43Y_WAAESuSU.jpg large.jpg)



>t was pretty much never used for a long time on leftypol and stinks of reddit influence, since it's such an easy and ill defined catch all you can shit on something without having much to back it up and not be questioned because it poisons the well for anyone that wants to defend it. Being cryptofash can range from anything to "being mean on the internet" to "cloaks their fascism in vanilla language to draw people in". It's bullshit.

Your point is well taken, in the case of Chapo cry



>reposting because I messed up first post.

>It was pretty much never used for a long time on leftypol and stinks of reddit influence, since it's such an easy and ill defined catch all you can shit on something without having much to back it up and not be questioned because it poisons the well for anyone that wants to defend it. Being cryptofash can range from anything to "being mean on the internet" to "cloaks their fascism in vanilla language to draw people in". It's bullshit.

Your point is well taken, in the case of Chapo it’s warranted.

They “ironically” play with fascist spirits

>Chapo as in El Chapo Guzman

>Their audience calls themselves grey Wolves, a t*rkish facist Force.

>A butt ton of other examples

They are constantly probing “ironically” the level of violent rhetoric they can get away with, they actually got their asses in a sling because they mocked Billy Cosby’s alleged rape victims.

And they’re obviously trying to create this dehumanized /pol/ Jewish “other “ with their hysterical rhetoric about incels and idpolers.

They name their show after a man who has killed and raped countless mexican proles “El Chapo Guzman” but incels and idpolers are what’s beyond the pale for them!



Can’t ban me here! Looks like you’re gonna have to do some of that old thinking that’s all the rage right now.



>letting any of this bother you

Yeah, you're obviously a redditor that is looking for reasons to be offended, the typical cancerous American leftist. You're an incredibly sheltered person that has never witnessed anything more trying than a bit of debt in his life, because the majority of people who have seen shit fly off the rails would absolutely not care about any of this petty crap.

Not that Chapo aren't a sheltered bunch, but the obsession over inconsequential details rather than actual real world problems speaks volumes, and makes it apparent how terrible it is that Americans speak English and not Mexican.



What video is the banned poster talking about?


File: 0443d267bd31973⋯.gif (3.89 MB, 640x360, 16:9, no no no NO NO NO NO NO.gif)

>Hoochie's posting on /leftpol/ with her trip on


Does anyone have that post of BO thinking all criticisms of Marxist Leninism/ DPRK= supporting imperialism



>>Their audience calls themselves grey Wolves, a t*rkish facist Force.

You realize that this is ironic right? They shit talk Erdogan all the time and publicly support Rojava.



didn't you know that supporting rojava, which is in armed conflict with a NATO member country, is fascist imperialism



>Yeah, you're obviously a redditor

>the typical cancerous American leftist.

More arbitrary tribalism, but I'm the one concerned with inconsequential things.

>looking for reasons to be offended

More lame "cool kids table" shaming. I said they are an example of a form of creeping fascism and outlined why.

>never witnessed anything more trying than a bit of debt in his life,

More moving the goal posts, typical high school tier weird twitter tactic. Thought this was all about capitalism and your relation to the MoP, not "street cred" and not having the prerequisite amount to speak about capitalist exploitation.

btw I'm brown in Arizona, one of the most racist states in the US and grew up working poor, I've seen plenty. And plenty of my family might as well be /pol/, being poor doesn't inform you about how capitalism functions, otherwise the GOP wouldn't be filled to the brim with poor white people constantly voting for neo-liberal policies

>because the majority of people who have seen shit fly off the rails would absolutely not care about any of this petty crap.

See the point of critically analyzing things is to prevent that. But your a brainlet who thinks feelz>realz. If things are flying off the rails for you regularly maybe you should like at some of the common factors like yourself

>Not that Chapo aren't a sheltered bunch, but the obsession over inconsequential details rather than actual real world problems speaks volumes,

Again creeping fascism isn't inconsequential, maybe try arguing how constantly banding about facsist names like El Chapo Guzman and The Grey Wolves isn't a form of creeping facism pro tip, you can't convincingly



It’s 10^194953728150281 D chess by the American imperialists Anon. Although now that Erdogan is shit talking America it won’t be long before the Grey Wolves are praised by tankies as revolutionary anti imperialists.



Have you ever listened to their show? I have yet tp hear an episode on Chapo Guzman, and any mention of Erdogan or t*rkish politics is usually with derision if they aren't straight up insulting him and his right wing lackeys. In fact they did an interview with someone who was engaged in revolutionary armed struggle against t*rkish fascists.



oh it's ironic, like /pol/ and antisemitism



Except it actually is. They interviewed PPG while he was in Syria and heap praise on Rojava constantly. I also have yet to hear them say anything good about Erdogan.



>Ms.Piggy thinks that her support will effect US foreign policy.



No Ms.Piggy thinks that the US gov is using spies to infiltrate /leftypol/ and make /leftypol/ trotskyist or some shit.


File: 8d8363c3a051403⋯.jpg (137.89 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, WesternTankie.jpg)


File: 99b66cf3cbc95de⋯.jpg (41.33 KB, 338x540, 169:270, lol13.jpg)

File: 5822c38c8a2007a⋯.jpg (49.91 KB, 328x510, 164:255, lol4.jpg)

File: 3945af4cebae459⋯.jpg (39.71 KB, 328x510, 164:255, lol3.jpg)

File: 8b1b90e3672cc4c⋯.jpg (34.64 KB, 328x510, 164:255, lol2.jpg)

File: d064d114a64642a⋯.png (1.2 MB, 631x2798, 631:2798, kike_genes.png)


>oh it's ironic, like /pol/ and antisemitism

>ironic antisemitism


They are the most worthless, mutated and weak race possible.

>but they're better than whites

A fucking tick or a tapeworm isn't better than an ox, you stupid golems.

Just because everything has its perfect parasite out there doesn't make parasites more powerful.

If Capitalists were powerful then they wouldn't need host countries and good Sassenachim to make up for their countless deficiencies.


File: b6429d881e38b8e⋯.webm (7.91 MB, 640x360, 16:9, thejewproblem.webm)



This is why you will be purged in my lifetime.

Fucking kik​eloving go​yim.



You seem upset :^)



>muh olympics

>basically whoever can cheat with drugs or import better athletes wins

>a country (that the left doesn't even like) with a population the size of new york city getting 9 medals proves your point

you sound mad, classcuck.


File: efb69ffe20f49fe⋯.jpg (102.78 KB, 1242x1211, 1242:1211, IMG_1488.jpg)


This is me! You leftists will never look this good! I am a K-selected (bet you don't know what that is, r-selected beta scum) alpha male as you can all see. Any of you dare fight me, huh?



Take your BRAIN FORCE PLUS™ to calm down, my ☘️Aryan Bruder☘️. Whenever those darned commies bother me, BRAIN FORCE PLUS™ brings me the sanctity of mind and savvy I need to crush anything cucks throw at me.

Get BRAIN FORCE PLUS™ right away; now only $29.95! (May contain soy extract.)



If Jews are a weak mutated race then how do they have the capability to secretly control the world?


File: 4e953410d774d2b⋯.jpg (310.18 KB, 1575x1302, 75:62, 35j1eqd.jpg)


>If Jews are a weak mutated race then how do they have the capability to secretly control the world?

If cordiceps fungi are weak little fungi, how can they mind control ants?

Clearly the fungus must be really advanced and cool.



At least you're trying to put every movie theatre in the world out of business by projecting harder than all of them combined.


Hahahaha, you're mad because you're not allowed to improve yourself, yourself.

>be actual white commie

>have potential of gods

>have to remain a weak, misshapen tranny, soyboy twink because otherwise the subhumans get too jealous and I can't be their ally anymore

Are you all looking forward of getting killed in the next 40 years?

You know that purging commies is a global sport, right?

Literally the entire world played it before and continues to do so.

(Why haven't you been banned yet?)



T. Lonely larping ameriburger



>nazi larper

>accuses of being "soyboys"

truly a brainlet faggot loser



>Clearly the fungus must be really advanced and cool

The fungus IS really advanced and cool. Only your subjective opinions about it state otherwise.


File: fb171ae1283a407⋯.gif (25.51 KB, 250x243, 250:243, 1446770111764.gif)


almost like Israel has a smaller population than those other three countries, and like most of their potential athletes are busy being drafted


I'm terrified :^)


>Are you all looking forward of getting killed in the next 40 years?

I'm in my 30s, if I live that long I'll have beat the spread. As in I'm pretty sure we'll both be either be purged or starve to death under the existing system long before you're ever taken seriously by anybody other than Alphabet Soup looking to meet a quota.

>You know that purging commies is a global sport, right?

>Literally the entire world played it before and continues to do so.

And your waifu Shittlegruber lost hard at it


File: 83e217e0eab7145⋯.jpg (27.17 KB, 225x286, 225:286, 7db551cffaa8015f8d48808f59….jpg)


First xir came for gorillaposter, then for baboonposter, we should try to get xir to ban more ape species.


>t. piglet


>muh burgers



>Nazi calling someone a soyboy


>The Germans are now the world’s largest soybean importers, buying most of their soybeans from Manchuria. But as early as 1933 the Germans realize that dependence on Manchurian soya, which is almost entirely brought by sea to German ports, would be dangerous in time of war and that reliance on Trans-Siberian railway consignments, even assuming Russia to be friendly, would also be precarious. For this reason as soon as Hitler comes to power the Germans take steps to develop the production of soybeans in Romania and other Balkan countries.



File: f59b01379eca7e6⋯.png (49 KB, 1124x733, 1124:733, asdfjkal.PNG)


I got banned on /leftypol/ for pointing out that somebody acted like they were from 4chan /pol/. The mods over there are uptight fags that got offended because I pointed out someone was from cuck/pol/ masquerading as a commie on /leftypol/


File: de954a00bd96166⋯.png (144.3 KB, 712x820, 178:205, Untitled.png)

Well, it has happened to me as well.

I got banned for saying:

1) refugees that make it to Europe are from middle and upper classes of Syrian society because they can afford the thousands of dollars it takes to get to Europe

2) the poor and working class Syrians can't go past Jordan and t*rkey

3) The European commissioner on European economical affairs has said that refugees provide an opportunity in the form of labour

4) Not all refugees are "good guys" and being a refugee doesn't make you a virtuous person because you experienced hardship

All of my claims were sourced from reputable sources:

>According to the European Commission, the graying of Europe is among the EU’s most serious social and economic challenges. More than one-fifth of Europeans will be 65 or older by 2025, placing great strain on social services and health care.

>Integrating young migrants could provide a much-needed demographic boost. And unlike Jordan, t*rkey, or Lebanon, Europe has far more resources to integrate them. As reported by CNBC, Pierre Moscovici, European commissioner for economic and financial affairs, has stated that the current migration and refugee crisis should not just be seen in terms of cost, but opportunity.

>“It is also a resource—a human resource,” Moscovici said. “Our countries need migration … the economic impact should not just be looked at in a negative way as populists would have it.”


>Many of the thousands of Syrians who have arrived in Germany are from the urban, middle and upper classes. The passage to Europe became a lot cheaper when Hungary and Austria effectively waved refugees through, as the price is partly based on every closed border that must be crossed in stealth, hiding in trucks or bribing officials. But it still costs around 3,000 euros, or $3,375, placing it out of reach for Syria's poorest.


>With high probability, the Syrians who have come to Europe in the past two years are from the richer part of Syrian society, previously employed outside of the agricultural sector (in services, trade, construction, health service, education etc.), well educated, economically active and accustomed to gender equality.


Then I said there are hundreds of thousands of undocumented refugees in europe. and if they're undocumented that means they cannot enter the job market or receive help from the benefits system. And these people will most likely turn to crime to support themselves, not because they're 'born criminals' but out of necessity because other options aren't available to them.

I also said immigrants have a hard time integrating because European governments segregate them into poor neighbourhoods where the only culture they experience on a daily basis is their own.

So much for discussion on /leftypol/


And here's the thread: https://8ch.net/leftypol/res/2347782.html

I was posting under the Yugo flag, you don't have it here so I chose ancom.




Oh and when I said not all refugees are good guys, I was echoing Zizek: https://qz.com/767751/marxist-philosopher-slavoj-zizek-on-europes-refugee-crisis-the-left-is-wrong-to-pity-and-romanticize-migrants/

Yeah, and I added that they should be allowed in and helped, jus that we need to be more careful how we do it. The coward mod did it anonymously, too.


We do have it.



Ah, under 'Titoist', I was looking for Yugoslavia on the list. I'm new here.






And why are you surprised?

The push for mass immigration among the left has been going on for decades. Only since Arab Spring has this been justified by appealing to the "humanitarian crisis." The negative effects of mass immigration such as the depression of wages & the creation of impoverished immigrant enclaves, the rise of ethnic tension and crime… it's all old news. You and I both understand this point because anyone with a little sense can understand the logical consequences of this mess.

I don't talk about these things because it's always been very clear that any such discussion is verboten among leftist groups. And so it goes…



Here's my crime in its entirety, didn't know 8ch.net/bans.html existed.



>why is their class conciousness more "questionable" than that of the typical westerner?

Because the ones who make it to Europe are from the middle and upper classes, the working class refugees don't go past Jordan, t*rkey, Saudi Arabia…

>Many of the thousands of Syrians who have arrived in Germany are from the urban, middle and upper classes.

###Link-Removed### (http://america.aljazeera.com/articles/2015/10/2/syrias-battered-middle-class-hopes-for-a-fresh-start-in-germany.html)

>With high probability, the Syrians who have come to Europe in the past two years are from the richer part of Syrian society, previously employed outside of the agri cultural sector (in services, trade, construction, health service, education etc.), well educated, economically active and accustomed to gender equality.

>It can be inferred from statistical data that with high probability poorer Syrian refugees, previously employed or self-employed in agriculture, often living under the national poverty line, could not have had the means for further migration to Europe and might not for some time to come. This group populates the refugee camps in t*rkey and Jordan.

###Link-Removed### (https://www.pism.pl/files/?id_plik=20798)

And here is the European Commissioner for Economic and financial affairs admitting they're letting in refugees in as labour force. While European countries have unemployment, and in some it's over 10%, this is no doubt done to maintain the large surplus of labour to keep wages/salaries down.

>According to the European Commission, the graying of Europe is among the EU’s most serious social and economic challenges. More than one-fifth of Europeans will be 65 or older by 2025, placing great strain on social services and health care.

>Integrating young migrants could provide a much-needed demographic boost. And unlike Jordan, t*rkey, or Lebanon, Europe has far more resources to integrate them. As reported by CNBC, Pierre Moscovici, European commissioner for economic and financial affairs, has stated that the current migration and refugee crisis should not just be seen in terms of cost, but opportunity.

>“It is also a resource—a human resource,” Moscovici said. “Our countries need migration … the economic impact should not just be looked at in a negative way as populists would have it.”

###Link-Removed### (http://fortune.com/2015/09/15/syria-refugees-europe/)



File: 3877c2e8b2a29cc⋯.jpg (53.88 KB, 624x351, 16:9, _85788573_028842780-1.jpg)


>I think that's a pretty plausible course of events if you think about it logically and I believe he is right. I think living together multiculturally (in a peaceful non-prejudiced way, that is) people mostly tend to become more nuanced and learn from eachother's viewpoints.

But what is happening is that these immigrants aren't getting integrated into the existing European society. They are placed in segregated neighbourhoods where the only culture that they experience is their own. And their culture is vastly different to ours, we shouldn't pretend they're exactly the same as us. Have you ever been to an Islamic country? It's a whole 'nother world.

This anon's >>2360706 answer to 'integration' is that I'm 'whining about multiculturalism'. So even they admit that no expectation should be placed on immigrants to adopt European (secular) way of life. I should not have to accept that women wear burkas just because that's their culture. Should I also accept the cutting off of hands for thieves and executions? You have to realise that for them the Quaran is both a religious book and a law-giving book. To them, law is about interpreting the Quran, their law is god-given, while in our secular countries we realise that law is man-made.

>Of course you can't know what will happen for sure, since we're talking about the future.

Seeing things like pic related breaks my heart. But why is there no talk of helping to rebuild their countries and homes? If the people leave their countries, especially the professionals, the university graduates and skilled labourers (the ones who are making it out) what future could their countries possibly have?

Again, I'm not against helping them and other anons trying to paint me as some kind of enemy to humanity is an underhanded tactic. We just need to be careful and aware that not every one of these refugees is "good" or our "friend". It is estimated hundreds of thousands of them have "illegal status", meaning they're not registered or haven't applied for asylum. Someone who is not registered cannot enter the job market or get any help from the benefits system, what kind of things do you think these people do to earn money and survive?

Here's a personal anecdote, but in the past 4-5 years when I have bought weed in the UK, Spain, Czech Republic, Denmark, Norway, or France, it has been from an immigrant. I have no problem with drugs, and I think all drugs should be legal, and I am happy these guys have found a way to earn money. I'm just saying that many unregistered immigrants have to turn to crime to survive.

(2/2) What is up with the post limits?


File: e0e895e07e18d68⋯.png (138.29 KB, 714x736, 357:368, ClipboardImage.png)

File: aa32b4cc16ae668⋯.png (525.24 KB, 1000x1413, 1000:1413, ClipboardImage.png)

>go to leftytrash

>the shitpost thread

>post shit comic for a laugh


what the actual fuck? What's wrong with the mods?




Cuban workers don't work in sweatshops, much less work at gunpoint.



hey a reasonable response!



I think you got banned because you posted with the nazi flag and used a typical saying from /pol/, not because of the comic itself.



nazi flag was left on from a previous larp sadly. I'm also addicted to (you)'s so i need to bait



Hopefully you get banned from here too then

attention whores fuck off



>Che shirt

Forcing him to do slave labour is actually quite reasonable.



>calls others attention whores

>nazbol flag



meme flag is more important than posts are obv



b-buh I thought Sweatshops were justice! they bring people out of poverty who would otherwise be in barbaric idleness!


File: 184880482e5b6fa⋯.png (21.02 KB, 816x790, 408:395, fags.png)

what in the fuck is this shit



My theory: Leftypol BO is secretly pol, created the board as a joke, which got out of hand due to the fact that people actually like left-wing politics. Now they're trying to kill it, and what better way than to act like a bunch of obnoxious tankies, which is pretty much exactly like the pol stereotype of the left.



Unfortunately I don't find that far-fetched at all. Its actually crossed my mind as well




I doubt it considering BO has been a part of a few lefty circlejerks, being on friendly terms with Space, whoever owns GETchan and such.

I have even worse hypothesis: what is BO is just plain retarded?



That's actually what I (used to) think about r/communism. They behave in a way how a right-winger thinks communists are.


Well, something useful came out of it. I used to think I could work with tankies, but now I see they're dogmatic, obnoxious and retarded.



it's fucking over lads. The revolution is finished. Censorship won.



I was by no means saying it is the most likely scenario, not by a mile. But certainly not entirely outside the realm of possibility. Wouldn't be the first time somebody faked allegiance with leftists in order to gain trust: see the FBI


File: f4fad685a91594f⋯.jpg (27.94 KB, 393x449, 393:449, f4fad685a91594fcb548ca4db4….jpg)

ITT we complain about a place that we choose to visit


File: b5afd31adf25e25⋯.jpg (64.73 KB, 451x503, 451:503, eat shit mussolini.jpg)


I just got banned for making a bunch of shitposts. This is outrageous.

Obviously I am being persecuted specially for my searing takes and biting image macros.



Wait is it actually legal for Americans to immigrate to cuba?



i'm permabanned forever for one post. I'm never going back and feel contempt for some leftists right now



Just use a vpn like I do.


>90% of the banlog is Hoochie

>Just today he made 25 bans

>6 of them permanent

The joker is wild




How do you know it's Hoochie?



it says right there, the band log as the vols see it lets you see who made the ban





File: 46a3a9fdbc522a4⋯.png (148.62 KB, 500x472, 125:118, c5cd304c0917101cd6cf29ad21….png)


haha i/k rite, it's not like we have a right to feel entitled to enjoy what we helped create, and there are so many alternatives too



drink bleach hoochie


File: 75b9e0666cfcebe⋯.png (112.44 KB, 1219x188, 1219:188, lp.png)

This picture tells you everything you need to know about current state of /leftypol/.




She's a tranny



> the band log as the vols see it lets you see who made the ban

I don't get it



I thought their unapologetic view concerning purgings didn't clue you in?

I mean they don't even pretend they are guilty, they don't even downplay it.

They say you right in the face that it was necessary and that they would do it again.




I think he means to say that the ban log (https://8ch.net/bans.html) lets you see whether the ban was made by a board owner or board volounteer.



Yeah, that I know. But how can you even tell if Hoochie is the vol that did it?



The ML flag is a /leftypol/ mod.



I know, but like I said. How do we know she was the vol that did it?



Because she defends her actions in the /leftypol/ whine thread.


File: a01758859de906a⋯.png (66.32 KB, 712x629, 712:629, BO SPERGING OUT.png)

File: ca15a5a7a70a974⋯.png (44.13 KB, 1519x167, 1519:167, BO SPERGS OUT 3.png)

File: e77be2a5c87894f⋯.png (155.46 KB, 1907x946, 1907:946, BO SPERGS OUT 4.png)

File: 7609efaf53c9e9d⋯.png (162.83 KB, 1281x441, 61:21, BO SPERGS OUT 7.png)


File: 62eb629e2390971⋯.png (79.72 KB, 1895x1340, 379:268, god bless baboon poster.png)

baboon poster, what a hero, I hope he will some day grace us with his presence here on /leftpol/

all permabans are baboon-related



fugg the screenshot failed, well there are like 20 more baboonbans on the page, you get the point



>criticising tankies on a tankie board

What did you think would happen? lol



>Having relativist opinions

What sort of liberal cointelpro capitalist logical mindfuckery is this?


File: 80852e31843f131⋯.png (167.04 KB, 735x875, 21:25, he mad.png)

Hoochie just banned me for talking shit about her precious chapo guys, this is hilarious


File: c756a3eb467554b⋯.png (104.56 KB, 1080x548, 270:137, leftcom.png)



What thread is that?



that one is deserved tho



Make them ban as many people as they can. More activity here. They don't get that leftists aren't that numerous online. Soon /leftypol/ will be packed with /pol/ falseflaggers and actual tankies, and it will be impossible to see the difference.



This. Even if it is a shitpost it's still a stupid shitpost.



well i mean it states

>We have a thread for this



>Make them ban as many people as they can. More activity here. They don't get that leftists aren't that numerous online. Soon /leftypol/ will be packed with /pol/ falseflaggers and actual tankies, and it will be impossible to see the difference.

That will only happen if the people getting banned is aware of /leftpol/


yes but banning is excessive, an anchor would had been enough



>That will only happen if the people getting banned is aware of /leftpol/


>go to leftpol

Literally says it in the ban reason.



The vol can see the mod's name in the mod log.


People already know about /leftpol/, they stick to /leftypol/ either because it has more traffic or because they agree with BO's policy.


File: afdc9de24cce87c⋯.png (43.23 KB, 619x302, 619:302, we're coming buckos.png)


>they stick to /leftypol/ either because it has more traffic

Not that much more these days.



Yikes didn't /leftypol/ used to have around 2000 active ISPs?



I don't think it was ever that high.


File: ef17394bea93e74⋯.png (74.79 KB, 1379x1077, 1379:1077, try raping me.png)


>leftpol is nearly half the size of leftypol.



i recall one day it did go over 2k, but only once. the real peak was around 1600, then we had board drama and it has dropped to less than half.



>/leftypol/ mods ban someone who actually deserved it

What planet am I on



For a while it had a lot more than here, I guess BO and Hoochie managed to fuck up again. If we managed to kill their /leftytrash/ we'd see their pph and unique IP drop by at least 10%.


File: 7837fc08afea519⋯.png (628.04 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


you wouldn't be suggesting we inghimasi the fuck out of the /leftytrash/ thread, would you?



*breathes in*






>opinions are ban worthy

back to leftypol



>you wouldn't be suggesting we inghimasi the fuck out of the /leftytrash/ thread, would you?

I think we need to build our own trash thread. I assume BO's autism has already pissed off everyone, but quite a lot stay because the /leftpol/ equivalent isn't as active.



hate to admit it but I admire baboon nutsacc's perseverance. He #persisted


why are you against age of consent laws, karen?



This guy though that Slavs were subhuman.



baboon poster is the hero /leftypol/ needs




Isn't it just some kind of bot?



Probably a guy with a script. Some of the posts are thread specific.

His tenacity is inspiring; I think I'm falling in love.



Good because you sound like a faggot anyway


stay mad niggerfaggot



> they agree with BO's policy.

Most users don't notice bo's tantrums and they don't care. They come to /leftypol/ for their specific threads and ignore all the rest of the board, because it's full of shit, and this thread is full of examples why that is.



/leftypol/ has less than half of unique ips and pph than it did at its peak, it's obvious most users noticed.



If it wasn’t for Baboonposter we’d probably have the same number of PPH.

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