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File: 3b8cf11c1963e26⋯.jpg (186.87 KB, 830x830, 1:1, drhd.jpg)


The best movie ever!


Really? Your going to say Fight Club is the best movie ever?



>>79872 What the name of the vid.?



That is the film Strike by Sergei Eisenstein.



Yes, also a good movie. But Fight Club is ideal to let Normies understand Communism in modern Society!



>Fight Club is ideal to let Normies understand Communism in modern Society!

holy shit never post here again


File: 11a505a51805b60⋯.jpg (170.62 KB, 599x890, 599:890, stby.jpg)

*blocks your path*



Sweet, I wrote a paper on Strike in second year of Uni.



Fuck your fat mother, you stupid cocksucker! If you dont know what communism means than shut the fuck up… you definitely think it's about getting more money… it's about forming yourself into a new human being. Kill yourself!



It's not on Pirate Bay – ==what do?==






Sneak into a theater or wait for the bootleg man to get his shit together.



This. I didn't know anything about Boots Riley beforehand and went in expecting a pretty good comedy and maybe some subtle socialist themes based of the trailer, instead I got a Brecht tier BTFOing of capitalism, 11/10


I watched Boyz N The Hood last week, really powerful flick.



That sax solo, oof.


File: f41358419144627⋯.png (64.69 KB, 625x626, 625:626, bait.png)







How the fuck is this and Won't You Be Neighbor still not online yet while Teen Titans Go! The Movie is?





File: 954c83f75433590⋯.jpg (36.03 KB, 634x506, 317:253, breivik.jpg)

It's a really good movie that – despite its reputation among edgy tryhards – cleverly portrays the radicalization process which turns alienated, lonely men into terrorists and extremists of various sorts.

The narrator has a split personality in the movie, which is an extreme representation, but that kind of basic psychological "doubling" is a common theme among these guys. Tyler Durden is an idealized image of who the narrator wants to be, and you'll typically see mass shooters and terrorists engaged in the same kind of behavior; often through posing with guns in front of a camera (a common trope). It's like they're constructing this alter-ego which lives alongside the "normal" (albeit broken) ego, and the alter-ego eventually devours the original, shattered personality.

This is also why witnesses report mass shooters acting in a very calm and deliberate way. The new personality is dedicated to carrying out an apocalyptic "mission" so they feel really good about themselves and what they're doing. For the first time in their lives they feel like they have a purpose and they carry it out with ruthless, terrifying efficiency – although the actual results tend to be pathetic little murder sprees ending in their own death.


File: 78e1cb8e1c697d1⋯.jpeg (188.96 KB, 930x1377, 310:459, Office Space.jpeg)

Level up.



Good post


>muh edgy gen-x pol-pot

go back to wokebook



Damn, you described me a little bit there.




>movie thread

>not wokeback mountain



Partially, I see it that way, but to call a single one, who kills hundreds or even more of his enemies pathetic, is in my opinion nonsense! Most of those who believe in a radical ideology or religion never end up having anything to do with it, so I find such a single mass murderer who is even willing to sacrifice his life, much stronger than all the wannabes!



I think it's pathetic. Breivik shot down teenagers for sport. Or like the guy who walked into movie theater and started shooting the crowd with a shotgun. The shooter is basically conscripting other people against their will into his own apocalyptic fantasy while having no real effect on the world.



No. Breivik shot teenagers because he saw them from his ideological point of view, as his enemies. And the effect was that they all disappeared from the world!

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