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Welcome to /leftymu/

This board is intended as a comfy place where leftists can share and discuss music. It doesn't need to be music with an explicitly left-wing message or from socialist countries. You're free to post any music you like or want to have a discussion about from a leftist perspective. Shitposting is welcomed; however, spamming the board and spreading liberal or /pol/tier ideology will get you banned. All posts should be music-related or metaposts.

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Post your favorite album(s) ITT

pic related

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Why do you still listen to Jazz anon?

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Thread for sharing progressive rock, jazz fusion, experimental etc.

>Vuoti a Rendere - Baciati dall'Inganno


>Bubu - Resplandor EP


>ELP - Tarkus


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ITT: fire albums and songs from the socialist countries

Siekiera - Jest Bezpiecznie https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D8kpDuy8Lqo

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You wanna know something interesting? Folk music in Russian is народная музыка, lit. Music of the People.

Anyways have some Dick Gaughan:


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Anarcho-Punk Thread

Starting with a thematically relevant album: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QS0H-k8sOLk

t. actually a marxist

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This thread is to share Hardcore Punk, however other -core genres are allowed.

Pic related, been listening to this guys lately they are super good and have a good message. Lots of people even say that the vocalist reminds them of Zach de la rocha, but I dont really see the similarities.

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You know the drill.

Metal Anarchy:


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Soviet Union Anthem

Awesome Soviet Union Anthem from 1938.