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File: 0efcd3085799bf2⋯.jpg (36.54 KB, 925x500, 37:20, 6527.jpg)


New Breadtuber? what do you thing of this channel? are they /ourguys/?


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File: 77cd1925e067ada⋯.png (31.08 KB, 675x540, 5:4, 5bc7378bkit67548ghn6.png)


Brilliant more left-liberal LARPing and attention whoring. When will people actually start organizing unions and co-ops instead of doing these idiotic stunts that don't actually harm the system?



we don't have infographs and simple images like /pol/ that shows the basics of organizing and do co ops



We also need to spread easy-to-understand propaganda.



dsa have done it good with this one


it's not perfect, but at least doesn't last 2 hours


File: e24817fedc7e54b⋯.jpg (32.12 KB, 590x443, 590:443, 268456_1986647120-enormous….jpg)


File: 21ef06ff54fd823⋯.jpg (57.1 KB, 832x904, 104:113, eeda75f33ac4c6fa16b6d46a68….jpg)


Colombia FARC: Committed to Peace, Santrich No-Show at Court

FARC political party of Colombia says it is committed to the nation’s peace accords after its Congressman Jesus Santrich fails to show at Supreme Court.


Chilean union bureaucracy pleads with teachers to end five-week strike

The Colegio de Profesores (CdP—Teachers’ Association) in Chile led by the pseudo-left coalition Broad Front is openly calling on the 80,000 public school teachers that have continued a national strike since June 3 to end their walkout and accept an offer that effectively dismisses their demands.


‘Stop sucking up to racist EU govts’: Corbyn blasts May during feud on anti-Semitism & Islamophobia

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn told Theresa May to stop dishing out “lectures” and “sucking up” to racist European governments, after the Tory PM accused him of ignoring anti-Semitism within his party during a febrile PMQs.


Three Labour peers quit over handling of antisemitism cases

Three Labour peers have resigned over the party’s handling of antisemitism complaints, with the former general secretary David Triesman arguing the party was “plainly institutionally antisemitic”.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Telesur is good, but isn't WSWS trots?



all the others are good

rt and reuters will both give more prominence to facts that suit their respective agendas, but generally they don't straight up make shit up or entirely omit relevant facts

haaretz should be taken with a grain of salt but its still good enough





telesur is only good if you have decided which sides are good and bad and only want to hear the good news about the good side and the bad news about the bad side to reinforce your beliefs

its entertainment for people who think politics is entertainment, not news




WSWS are Trots but they can control their power levels usually unless they're talking about Stalin and the USSR.



>if I don't get my facts from people agree with me on every matter, they must be false since my views are right

File: ae6c38982e0f9ff⋯.jpeg (10.33 KB, 181x279, 181:279, images.jpeg)


Two questions here from a person heavily sympathetic to leftism but who hasn't read much in the way of theory (I'm working on it but I have a large backlog):

Is Socialism in One Country true Socialism according to Marxist orthodoxy? What are those who subscribe to either position called? It is my understanding that Trots disagree, but what would you call someone who agrees? What's the most common position today?

The same question as above but for Juche. I've read various opinion pieces that state that the DPRK is essentially a fascist/natsoc state. Obviously not everyone agrees with that. Could someone lay out the arguments either way? What could cause a disagreement that fundamental? Does the DPRK have private property or not? If it doesn't, surely it's socialist regardless of it's strict ethnonationalism, right? There's no reason I can see an ethnostate couldn't utilise a socialist mode of production. However, if it does have private property, how is it not just fascist?

Thanks in advance for any replies.

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>Is Socialism in One Country true Socialism according to Marxist orthodoxy?

If you want to know what Marx & Engels said on the subject read this:


>What are those who subscribe to either position called?

Non-"SIOC" orgs usually put the word "International" in their name. This is true for Trots, leftcoms, old-style socialists, etc. Parties that support SIOC are almost always Marxist-Leninists or adhere to an offshoot of that ideology. While it would be correct to refer to most Marxist tendencies as "internationalist", it wouldn't be correct to call MLs "nationalist" since they aren't strictly speaking in favor of nationalism per se, only the possibility that isolated nations can successfully break away from capitalism until an international revolution succeeds.

>What's the most common position today?

I have no idea.



Marxism isnt only form of socialism moron

read Proudhon and Benjamin Tucker



Read Poverty of Philosophy, but first, blow all the dust off the top. Mutualism got its ass blown wide open in 1847 and never came back.



lol marxoids think this is true



>Is Socialism in One Country true Socialism according to Marxist orthodoxy?



>What are those who subscribe to either position called?

>It is my understanding that Trots disagree, but what would you call someone who agrees?

"Marxist-Leninists", we like to call them tankies here.

>What's the most common position today?

It's like asking what's the more common ideology today, so it depends where you ask, on /leftypol/ it is "Marxism-Leninism" for example.

>The same question as above but for Juche.

Juche is basically hardcore "Marxism-Leninism" with Korean characteristics.

> I've read various opinion pieces that state that the DPRK is essentially a fascist/natsoc state. Obviously not everyone agrees with that. Could someone lay out the arguments either way? What could cause a disagreement that fundamental? Does the DPRK have private property or not? If it doesn't, surely it's socialist regardless of it's strict ethnonationalism, right? There's no reason I can see an ethnostate couldn't utilise a socialist mode of production. However, if it does have private property, how is it not just fascist?

DPRK does not have private property, so it can't be fascist even if it's totalitarian it is state property.

File: 5cc3d3584ee6803⋯.jpg (8.15 KB, 474x316, 3:2, th.jpg)


I'm trying to understand more about anarchist thought and there's a few things I have trouble wrapping my mind around.

1: How does an anarchist organize for revolution?

2. How would healthcare work in anarchist society? (on the level of vaccines, public health, pharmaceuticals, etc.)

Those two stand out to me the most. Can some anarchist anons help me out?

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Question of my own: How could anarchism possibly address the imminent crisis of catastrophic climate change?



Thanks for your response. On question #2 I was referring to the lack of a centralized system so how would vaccines and pharmaceuticals be distributed on a mass scale?




You mean lifestylists?


By abolishing the present state of things and creating an economy where production is based on need. I know that's a vague answer but you have a vague question.


Why would a centralized system be necessary for that? They would be distributed the same way any other good would be, i.e. there would be people who produce the goods and other people who would see where they'd need to go. Systems that measure supply and demand don't have to be under one central, all-powerful entity.


In regards to the gilets jaunes, if I understand the situation correctly, their assemblies could form a basis for an anarchist revolution, if influenced in the right way. Essentially it's about building these power structures, be it unions, affinity groups or whatever, and making sure they're democratic and follow anarchist principles.

You either build them up or turn already existing ones into anarchist structures. Praxis is really about adapting your ideas to the situation at hand, and compromise is alright as long as it doesn't thread on basic principles.

Lifestyleists and people not organizing in such ways aren't that useful, their only contribution could be shilling. And if they do shilling wrong you end up looking like idiots who just smash stuff. But that's not organizing, so it's dumb.

Personally I'm a syndicalist. Where I'm at there's like 0 revolutionary potential, so over the net I'm shilling for any kind of anti-capitalism. The only thing to do here is build unions and wait for shit to go down.


I consider myself a Libertarian-Marxist, But I don't know how without a militant organized proletarian state I would protect myself against capitalist states that want to invade.

File: 523d1e4aa91b338⋯.png (25.69 KB, 135x135, 1:1, wikiheader.png)


Get in here.


There's no good hard left wiki. Instead of fixing this problem, we've been sitting on our ass. This site has been a viable candidate for a while now, but because the admin has previously written on it using a slightly spooked "anti-Stalinist" perspective, it has been rejected. That's stupid. We can turn it into whatever we need it to be.

Anyone even remotely knowledgeable should start writing articles. The internet needs a website like this. Write on whatever topic related to Marxism and leftism. Worker cooperatives, cybernetic economic planning, dialectical materialism, maybe even internet drama could have a place on there… Whatever works for you. At the moment I mostly want to get a place like this off the ground.

Some rough guidelines for contributing can be found on https://marxistpedia.org/wiki/Marxistpedia:Guidelines.

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File: 36d2fa6f4e50c20⋯.png (189.65 KB, 560x560, 1:1, dd81f8c621fe4826c723872dfe….png)



Nice work. I'll get back to contributing to that wiki this week.


Well I think admin may be gone, been waiting for a month and no response from him



I've been thinking of setting up another site. My main problem is knowing what to look out for in a hosting service.


Why was this article deleted:

>Yes, there is actually a wide array of manner ins which permit gamers of Harry Potter Wizards Unite to cheat

I wanted to read that. Fucking Stalinists.


>setting up another site

You should use the flag with the number in it.



Here's the text if you're really curious:

>>Yes, there is actually a wide array of manner ins which permit gamers of Harry Potter Wizards Unite to cheat: GPS spoofing as well as phony GPS resources can be used to relocate without needing to walk or ride, mods and mod food selections may be used to makes it possible for all kinds of effective hacks and also robots can be used to immediately cultivate free of charge Gold, Silver Key, go to Inns, total fortresses, degree up and cultivate the game immediately.


>>Wizards Unite Hack

>>Any kind of alteration to Wizards Unite that makes it possible for the customer to cheat, acquire excellent advantages over others, farm learn more gold, EXP, spell energy, bits ect, carry out even more damage, cast spells better is pertained to as a 'hack'. The most well-liked type of hack are mods, customized launches of the Wizards Unite game application that possess disloyalty features coded directly into the game. On each Android and iOS is feasible to download and also mount hacks for Wizards Unite with family member convenience. All one needs to perform is locate a working mod or even hack, download it, install it, uninstall the initial game, start up the modded game, link to one's account and play the game with enhanced alternatives and also texts available for usage.


>>There are a whole lot of different means to apply hacks in to mobile phone games like Harry Potter Wizards unite, however the best preferred ones are mods, mod menus, then making use of game hacking devices like moment editors and also last but not least GPS spoofing and also emulators in this specific scenario of a game that makes use of place and GPS data to position you in its own world. To locate functioning hacks for Wizards Unite, we recommend utilizing this outstanding resource to locate the latest working launches for the present model of the game.


>>The increase of game apps that use your location to position you in their globes has additionally given rise Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: b59b3bc9bb7c310⋯.jpg (27.76 KB, 1199x674, 1199:674, CR-Magazine-February-2019-….jpg)


Is there a stupid custom in America than tipping?

I once got in an argument with a friend about this.

The whole thing is a scam to offload the cost of the server's labor onto the consumer, and instead of actually paying them what they are worth, the person dining has to pick up the tab.

Why don't any of these people form a union instead shitting on people who don't tip?

Does tipping actually just fuel this vicious cycle?

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If they steal it back there is less income so it has to be increased by upping the prices -> cuck pays



>businesses have to make profit.

I have to make enough to live. But if I don't, porky doesn't care. He'll just replace me with someone else. Why should I care about porky's profit? >>2938256

>If they steal it back there is less income so it has to be increased by upping the prices -> cuck pays

Or, porky makes less profit.

Where do you think profit comes from? It's from workers labour. Who is stealing from who?



>Why don't any of these people form a union instead shitting on people who don't tip?

Because they've internalized porky's ideology of divide&conquer the proletariat. When I went to the U.S., it was funny how waiters disliked foreigners because they never tip. Yeah dude, because we actually come from a civilised country where waiters are paid a living wage and dislike this burger shit where you have to calculate 15 fucking percent extra everytime you go eat dinner so the waitress can afford vaccines for her kids.


>pro - tipping

you argue that it's the customers should decide about the income of servers

>contra - tipping

you argue that the restaurant owner/manager should decide about the income of servers

the correct answer however is that people should be payed according to labour time, besides communist food dispensaries will divert all the labour to cooking this will reduce the kitchen work-load and make it possible to make proper food you know with proper ingredients not just warming up food-immitation-goop. But You'll have to carry your plate of food to the table your self.


File: d5916cebfc9bade⋯.png (145.97 KB, 935x594, 85:54, FallingRateOfPRofit.png)


Tipping in Burgerland originated from the Great Depression when porky had to get creative to stay profitable. So he decided that it wasn’t his responsibility to pay his worker’s, but the costumers.

File: 00ea218009727ba⋯.png (821.47 KB, 2048x1222, 1024:611, game map.png)

File: 9d26331d6eaa492⋯.jpg (28.13 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 1905 1907 revolution in Ru….jpg)



>The game starts in June 1905 with all countries present. The players influence the world by adding and subtracting points from individuals, political organisations, countries, etc.The more they get, the bigger the chance that it triggers an event, giving them more territory or political power.

>Whoever has more points will be able to increase their influence in the world and acquire new territories, take over countries or trigger events, the outcome of which is also decided by the players. They will be created at the start of every turn or dynamically in the middle of a turn, if an event chain has been started. Each turn will represent six months in-game.

(the forum also runs other forum games, like a simulation of Colombia in 1850 and a "New World" game set on a fictional continent called Artan where players join as indigenous peoples or colonizers, but these are unrelated to the 1905 game.)

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Ismail wouldn't make a map that shitty.



eregime is Ismail’s website retard. He’s a redditor shill revisionist and should be banned



>eregime is Ismail’s website retard.

Ismail isn't the one running the game, retard. It's someone named Kaloross.

As far as I can see Ismail has nothing to do with it. It's like saying every thread or post on /marx/ is made by Ismail.


Ismail is running the Artan game on there which is completely different and superior: http://eregime.org/index.php?showtopic=16743


File: 3393e8dc74cf5ad⋯.png (59.56 KB, 1500x740, 75:37, January 1919.png)

eRegime runs all sorts of forum games. I myself have often run simulations of the world during the Cold War. Right now I'm running the Artan game on there, not the 1905 one which is completely different.

To get an idea of my maps, here's one I made for a 1919 game I ran for a while.

I also find it amusing how in this thread a supposed "anti-revisionist" finds himself trying to defend some fascist. The perils of ultra-leftism at work, even on an imageboard.

File: 2d359f87f419aaf⋯.jpg (158.48 KB, 1080x1042, 540:521, Screenshot_20190711_003134.jpg)


Vice and other liberal media have been peddling this conspiracy that synthetic Marijuana is being manufactured in China and being sold to western countries and their allies. They even wrote an article about it. They're trying to portray chinks as the engineers behind many drug epidemics like the the ones in the UK, USA some African nations like Egypt. Is there any validity to this? Should I trust the fake news apparatus on this one anons?

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Private companies in capitalist countries make shit that sometimes the national government dislikes. How is this shit hard to understand?




The right:

>I love the free market just not when China does it


>I hate the free market but not when China does it



Weren't the opium wars the result of kind of similar actions on the part of Britain?



A number of American dynasties were built on selling opium to the Chinese


File: 11cc78d4b6b18c6⋯.jpg (35.27 KB, 256x384, 2:3, 300_keyart.jpg)



>Snyder famously did whatever he could to make the movie echo its source material, a 1998 comic from Frank Miller, as closely as possible…Miller was a comics hero, the guy who’d turned Daredevil into a noir fever dream and helped inaugurate a new era of grimly sophisticated storytelling with 1986’s The Dark Knight Returns. Once upon a time, the darkness and misanthropy of his work made him a fascinating, transformative figure. These days, every time he writes a bitterly disgusted blog post about Occupy Wall Street or whatever, it becomes increasingly obvious that the darkness isn’t a put-on. He really lives it: He really is a paranoid reactionary with an active imagination. That helped produce some great art, and it also led him to tell the nakedly fascistic story he told in 300, a story that became all the more jarring when Snyder rendered it as blockbuster entertainment.

<300 opens on a scene that literally glorifies fascism. The first thing we see is a chasm full of baby skulls, the remains of the infants who were deemed unfit….And the movie’s visualization of hard and strong is genuinely weird. The Spartans are all near-naked fitness models.

>The Persian side, on the other hand, looks like a lot more fun; the orgy pit, which we’re apparently supposed to see as some sort of appalling gender-fluid hell, looks like a more pleasant place than anywhere in Sparta. We see the emperor Xerxes as a 9-foot dandy with a seductive foghorn for a voice and a face full of jangling piercings. And the way Miller and Snyder depict them is just fascinatingly weird. A couple of early messengers are inky in their exaggerated blackness, and the Immortals, Xerxes’ regiment of elite fighters, are mutant ninjas who, when they get their masks knocked off, look like Jabba The Hutt’s palace guards. The bad guys are so othered that they don’t even seem human.

<There’s a great recent episode of the Chapo Trap House podcast in which the hosts discusPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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File: 2bed628d6be2839⋯.jpg (110.72 KB, 1112x672, 139:84, 2bed628d6be2839031521d9535….jpg)


>hate to break it to you but plato was pretty fash too he hated democracy and believed in a philosopher king (absolute monarch)

This isn't explicitly fascist you retard. Being anti-democracy or pro-monarch doesn't necessarily equal being fascist. There are certain fascists who believe in such things, but those things aren't fascist in of themselves. Otherwise nearly all previous monarchies and feudal systems would qualify as being "fascist".

>inb4 "Are you defending fascists?"

No, but its important to clarify what something is and not just throw fascism at everything that is not democratic.



Sparta certainly wasn't imperialist by the Marxist definition of it (which requires finance capital). Nor even by most non-Marxist definitions for that matter. Sparta, though sometimes in alliances and leagues with other city-states which it tended to dominate, did not as a rule engage in expansionist conquests like, for example, Macedon under Philip and Alexander or some of the Diadochi states.


>Plato was from Athens, aka Sparta's main competitor and complete opposite.

Plato was also a known admirer of Sparta. It's obvious if you've read The Republic or Laws. This is what the other poster was referring to. As for whether he was fascist, the answer is "no, because this arrangement didn't exist."



Just to expand on the last remark, fascism is a political ideology within capitalism. The economic configuration that the ideology of fascism requires simply did not exist in Athens, so Plato was not and could not be a fascist, even if we might find certain resonances between Plato's political views and fascism currently. Detaching the material context from the ideological context simply isn't how a Marxist should evaluate the history of philosophy.



The concept of "white" and "non-white" is a burger concept, it definitely didn't apply to the Greeks in antiquity. The Greeks and the Persians weren't at each other's throats because they saw themselves as a different race. And the Mongols were hated because they were heathens, not because they were yellow.



Why reference the outro of an incredibly obscure (albeit great) comedy skit ITT?

File: b030c355c1c815a⋯.png (479.09 KB, 772x804, 193:201, 5DB9F4A7-B898-433B-8A88-6B….png)


Has anyone else had fascists sit outside of their home and beam electromagnetic waves into their brain? They come by house in a variety of manifestations all disguised to look normal, yet they are clever façades. Today I saw a fascist vehicle that looked like my neighbor’s car. The mailman also kept a device in the back of his truck I sensed. Birds sit on my porch and watch me – behind those beady eyes I know there is no life. They are robots sent by fascist scum. I was studying Marx this morning when the mailman again blasted energy waves into my room and started to forcibly fill my mind with images of Hitler and the sound of his voice booming in my ears like thunder. Even putting the black bags back over my windows could not stop their attack. How do I stop this? Every time I try to read Marx and Engels — or especially Lenin the fascists try to disrupt my theoretical inquiries. Last week a fly on my wall turned out to by a New Swabian insecto-drone. It was especially disruptive and its beams felt like a brainfreeze multiplied by a figure of six. Covering parts of my cranium with reflective tape seemed to dissuade the Last Battalion’s insect aftempts, but the equipment in the more advanced attempts made by the Us government’s Nazi department are too strong for my methods. I’ve noticed that water distorts the beams a little. Three days ago I spent four hours in the shower to avoid their reach but was forced out by my father-in-law

HOW DO I STOP THIS, these fascists are harrassing my 24/7. I was bitten by a mosquito two hours ago and now there is a bump? i s this an insecto-drone? Is there Nazi propaganda devices in my body now? Zkylon B deliverers?


we have legions of psychers blasting the astral plane with fascist though 24/7

we will win through out psychic powers alone




Do you know my potential or something? You fucking fascisfs are so afraid of me theoretically-ascending that you have no choice but to focus your energies on me and disrupt my brain-functioning with your nazi propaganda. Fuck you fascist. If it wasn’t for your beams I’d be able to trigger a revoultjon with the snap of my fingers. I know who you are and tomorrow Im gonna gulag you off this planet,


Even though this is a shitpost by a probable right-winger, there is a point about how there seem to be too many people here (right now, at least) obsessed with fascism rather than the much more dominant liberalism. I suppose this is a side-effect of Trump, but one shouldn't lose sight of liberalism as the principal target, with fascism being simply the degeneration of liberal ideology amidst its mounting contradictions and failures.

File: c87ee2ca61e4b92⋯.jpg (382.37 KB, 1079x1335, 1079:1335, Screenshot_20190703-174707….jpg)

File: 4c3b736e341b6c0⋯.jpg (123.84 KB, 1080x861, 360:287, Screenshot_20190703-174623….jpg)

File: 5442f59e6506ec4⋯.jpg (175.53 KB, 1080x1012, 270:253, Screenshot_20190703-174606….jpg)


Are all LeftTubers/BreadTubers shitlibs? Are there any good ones? It seems like they're all turning into succdems, or were all along.

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That’s always been the take on idpol you revisionist retard.



Yeah, if cumtown can help deprogram MDE fags, I’m for it



Badmouse isn't an Anarchist at all


File: a63d8a3bf91d297⋯.jpg (88.25 KB, 463x469, 463:469, INI.jpg)


Yeah, the average salary for the feds is 45k. I hear ya.



You're right that the reasoning is rather sloppy. "I am this thing, and I refuse to argue that I am, since arguing is dangerous for me." Also, is someone really denying your personhood by denying the claim that one can be another gender? Unless personhood amounts to one's gender claims or one's ability to make gender claims, I wouldn't think so. And is epistemological skepticism necessarily Pyrrhonian? He equates the two, but that claim isn't demonstrated (the epistemological skepticism is even read as simply motivated by hatred). I've been slightly supportive of trans issues, but this will convince no one who isn't already convinced. This sort of reasoning makes me even more ambivalent about the support.

As an aside, I was listening to NPR recently and heard some article mentioning Contrapoints in the context of "battling online extremism." If milquetoast liberalism sees this sort of "leftism" not only as no danger at all but in fact positive and anti-extremist, why would we view Breadtube and the like as being on our side? Breadtubers seem to be only the ideological factotums of new liberal mores. Breadtube is where young people go to learn how to behave in the PMC workforce.

File: 4cc178b0737c610⋯.jpg (270.99 KB, 2140x1104, 535:276, 876757658556.jpg)


What are the coolest lefty cities?

I've lived in San Francisco, Austin, Philly, and Portland. SF was a neo-liberal hellscape. Austin is becoming SF. Portland and philly are chill, but idk. Doesn't have to be exclusive to the US and doesn't have to be a large city.

MOD Edit: Get this lifestylist shit out of here

I've been thinking about NYC, but it just seems too expensive.

Post last edited at



Pyongyang for the snow. Havana for the sun.



>any of these "lefty cities"


The only right answer



>bourgie ass cities

Move to Magnitogorsk.


File: e3dd40d4742673b⋯.jpg (119.3 KB, 800x533, 800:533, minsk_609473425.jpg)


I'm personally a fan of Minsk.

File: ac05aa0de1d2cf3⋯.jpg (82.06 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, Jeremy-Corbyn-on-the-bus.jpg)


we had a thread on the show chernobyl already. now, the new season of stranger things has soviet scientists as the main enemy.

soviets shot puppies in chernobyl and in stranger things it starts off with a shot of the soviet flag and a soviet scientist soldier guy choking the shit out of somebody. lmao

porky is getting so scared of socialism slowly returning that they are resorting to 80s rambo-tier propaganda to scare the zoomers off into supporting neoliberlaism.

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File: ea0aa68b09df5aa⋯.jpeg (69.38 KB, 600x836, 150:209, 0E5C5AE6-0587-4E15-ABEE-F….jpeg)


Fuck this shit. I’m done with this now.

Let’s start a collective communist entertainment production group. We can generate our own music, television shows, books, comics and movies. Write up some guidelines on how to participate, and setup a method to distribute. I’m not even sure what that would look like, because the internet and modern technology dramatically expands upon the capabilities of the older communist artist collectives. I mean thinking about it, Orson Welles would have been unambigiously excited to have a 20 pound celeron processor powered 2002 pc laptop with a shitty webcam and Windows Movie Maker to have filmed and edited Citizen Kane with. Then he would have shit his pants to have the WWW at 1995 level to promote it with. I don’t know what it would look like at all, but the benefit would be collaborative and distributive. Someone does music, a few people do voice acting, someone does animation, another does art, someone does whatever… Then they help each other. Either way we need to counter this corporate entertainment shit show of anti-leftist propaganda. The right wing also produce and sponsor a ton of indie and collective entertainment. Fuck em all! Stalin did nothing wrong.



That’s good, but I’m surprise we don’t have a wiki where we debunk all this shit yet? It could be like rational wiki, but for the left and not fedora skeptics



> how in 2019, the communist party in russia illegalized homosexuality


>communist party in russia



File: d7712405282f949⋯.png (129.33 KB, 1200x1344, 25:28, 1200px-КПРФ_Logo.svg.png)


It's fiction.

Even then, what are you saying? That there's no communist party in Russia? There's no Russian Communist Party?




nice trips

> in 2019, the communist party in russia illegalized homosexuality

LOL what?

File: 13ac27647aeae64⋯.jpg (88.36 KB, 900x600, 3:2, aborigine-genocide-james-c….jpg)


I've had the misfortune of living in Canada, Australia, and the United States, and I have to ask: why are new world leftists so obsessed with importing European politics/filtering everything through the lens of WWII?

You'd think the genocidal legacy of English colonialism/capitalism would provide enough grisly source material to establish a counter-narrative, without having to conjure visions of nazis under our beds, yet the spectre of comic book fascism occupies an outsize portion of left wing consciousness. This histrionic obsession with the most cartoonish manifestation of right wing ideology does enough to alienate normal white people, who don't witness brownshirts goosestepping through their suburbs, let alone black people, who get fucked over by landlords and the police–not nazis.


>why are new world leftists so obsessed with importing European politics/filtering everything through the lens of WWII?

Because there are actual Neo-Nazi's running around killing people which affect these nations personally and their liberal society's. WW2 wasn't even a hundred years ago there's many veterans who fought fascism today or people who grew up under war conditions or countries ravaged by War and Neo-Fascists who would of been shot at are running around empowered or feel empowered by the current state of politics, I mean it's pretty easy to draw a TRUMP IS LITERALLY HITLER picture when he's locking children in places they don't even get toothbrushes and proper medical care where guards rape their mothers and the idea of the "subhuman" Hispanic who both takes all your jobs and doesn't work at all is growing. Trump is no doubt a turn of Liberalism towards it's Fascistic tendencies and this should be exposed and no doubt Trump has woken up people who have realized how did someone like him get into power.

Also Leftists are already aware of the horrors of colonialism it's just there's no redcoats walking around Africa now it's Neo-colonial warlords and debt enslavement which are already apart of Capitalism where as Fascism we can draw a direct correlation to the deteriorating conditions in the United States and the growth of the far right and this will continue and as such must be fought tooth and nail with a united front if need be.



>You'd think the genocidal legacy of English colonialism/capitalism would provide enough grisly source material to establish a counter-narrative, without having to conjure visions of nazis under our beds

A huge chunk of the bourgeoisie in these countries actually supported the Nazis, and all three of those you mentioned (Canada, Aus, USA) were flooded with "refugee" Nazi officials and scientists brought in by the CIA and their other intel organizations. To this very day, top politicians, officials, and porkies in these countries have close ties with Nazis. For example, the Bushes, Chrystia Freeland, Ford, Disney, IBM, etc. etc. It would be wrong to ignore this.

What you're missing is the CONTINUITY involved here. The Nazis were not some kind of unique European/German politics. Hitler was given millions of dollars by US businessmen. He took inspiration from the USA (colonization and slavery) for his "Lebensraum" genocidal colonization plans. Then when his war machine ran out of steam, the USA took over and re-organized it as NATO. Nazism was a major manifestation of the general praxis of the vanguard of the world bourgeoisie.

As well, as >>2938161 points out, it is hard to ignore the various "new world" reactionary groups that are declaring allegiance to Nazism.

Read a book.



>black people, who get fucked over by landlords and the police–not nazis

those people are nazis though

File: bc406bd1d91ec78⋯.png (78.35 KB, 376x388, 94:97, bc406bd1d91ec.png)


A problem I see is a lot of Leftist groups still have the baggage of the Cold War in which Russia/China are good while USA and etc are evil.

This I see happening with how a lot of times the only possible source for news is from Russia/Iran/Venezuela but this thinking is Reactionary.

How do we work to deal with this.

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Cuba, Nicaragua, and Venezuela are all varrying degrees of market socialist


Not supporting Russia and Iran is anti-communist.



*refusing to work alongside russia and iran is anticommunist.

Nor Russia nor Iran are socialist countries, and in the long run they are both certainly our enemies, but we should be willing to work alongside them insofar as we share goals. Don't get your materialism mixed with your idealism, young comrade.


File: 5973fe611e9c571⋯.jpg (217.57 KB, 1080x572, 270:143, Dudbeicnwozb392.jpg)


Supporting a religious fundamentalist state and an anti communist president is communism now



Bruh, he is a tankie what did you expect? Of course you're fed up with this bullshit. I literally look at that post and gave up on humanity already. Also wasn't there a study on leftist groups that showed that tankies had the lowest average Autism Levels out of all of them?

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