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File: ac05aa0de1d2cf3⋯.jpg (82.06 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, Jeremy-Corbyn-on-the-bus.jpg)


we had a thread on the show chernobyl already. now, the new season of stranger things has soviet scientists as the main enemy.

soviets shot puppies in chernobyl and in stranger things it starts off with a shot of the soviet flag and a soviet scientist soldier guy choking the shit out of somebody. lmao

porky is getting so scared of socialism slowly returning that they are resorting to 80s rambo-tier propaganda to scare the zoomers off into supporting neoliberlaism.

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File: ea0aa68b09df5aa⋯.jpeg (69.38 KB, 600x836, 150:209, 0E5C5AE6-0587-4E15-ABEE-F….jpeg)


Fuck this shit. I’m done with this now.

Let’s start a collective communist entertainment production group. We can generate our own music, television shows, books, comics and movies. Write up some guidelines on how to participate, and setup a method to distribute. I’m not even sure what that would look like, because the internet and modern technology dramatically expands upon the capabilities of the older communist artist collectives. I mean thinking about it, Orson Welles would have been unambigiously excited to have a 20 pound celeron processor powered 2002 pc laptop with a shitty webcam and Windows Movie Maker to have filmed and edited Citizen Kane with. Then he would have shit his pants to have the WWW at 1995 level to promote it with. I don’t know what it would look like at all, but the benefit would be collaborative and distributive. Someone does music, a few people do voice acting, someone does animation, another does art, someone does whatever… Then they help each other. Either way we need to counter this corporate entertainment shit show of anti-leftist propaganda. The right wing also produce and sponsor a ton of indie and collective entertainment. Fuck em all! Stalin did nothing wrong.



That’s good, but I’m surprise we don’t have a wiki where we debunk all this shit yet? It could be like rational wiki, but for the left and not fedora skeptics



> how in 2019, the communist party in russia illegalized homosexuality


>communist party in russia



File: d7712405282f949⋯.png (129.33 KB, 1200x1344, 25:28, 1200px-КПРФ_Logo.svg.png)


It's fiction.

Even then, what are you saying? That there's no communist party in Russia? There's no Russian Communist Party?




nice trips

> in 2019, the communist party in russia illegalized homosexuality

LOL what?

File: 13ac27647aeae64⋯.jpg (88.36 KB, 900x600, 3:2, aborigine-genocide-james-c….jpg)


I've had the misfortune of living in Canada, Australia, and the United States, and I have to ask: why are new world leftists so obsessed with importing European politics/filtering everything through the lens of WWII?

You'd think the genocidal legacy of English colonialism/capitalism would provide enough grisly source material to establish a counter-narrative, without having to conjure visions of nazis under our beds, yet the spectre of comic book fascism occupies an outsize portion of left wing consciousness. This histrionic obsession with the most cartoonish manifestation of right wing ideology does enough to alienate normal white people, who don't witness brownshirts goosestepping through their suburbs, let alone black people, who get fucked over by landlords and the police–not nazis.


>why are new world leftists so obsessed with importing European politics/filtering everything through the lens of WWII?

Because there are actual Neo-Nazi's running around killing people which affect these nations personally and their liberal society's. WW2 wasn't even a hundred years ago there's many veterans who fought fascism today or people who grew up under war conditions or countries ravaged by War and Neo-Fascists who would of been shot at are running around empowered or feel empowered by the current state of politics, I mean it's pretty easy to draw a TRUMP IS LITERALLY HITLER picture when he's locking children in places they don't even get toothbrushes and proper medical care where guards rape their mothers and the idea of the "subhuman" Hispanic who both takes all your jobs and doesn't work at all is growing. Trump is no doubt a turn of Liberalism towards it's Fascistic tendencies and this should be exposed and no doubt Trump has woken up people who have realized how did someone like him get into power.

Also Leftists are already aware of the horrors of colonialism it's just there's no redcoats walking around Africa now it's Neo-colonial warlords and debt enslavement which are already apart of Capitalism where as Fascism we can draw a direct correlation to the deteriorating conditions in the United States and the growth of the far right and this will continue and as such must be fought tooth and nail with a united front if need be.



>You'd think the genocidal legacy of English colonialism/capitalism would provide enough grisly source material to establish a counter-narrative, without having to conjure visions of nazis under our beds

A huge chunk of the bourgeoisie in these countries actually supported the Nazis, and all three of those you mentioned (Canada, Aus, USA) were flooded with "refugee" Nazi officials and scientists brought in by the CIA and their other intel organizations. To this very day, top politicians, officials, and porkies in these countries have close ties with Nazis. For example, the Bushes, Chrystia Freeland, Ford, Disney, IBM, etc. etc. It would be wrong to ignore this.

What you're missing is the CONTINUITY involved here. The Nazis were not some kind of unique European/German politics. Hitler was given millions of dollars by US businessmen. He took inspiration from the USA (colonization and slavery) for his "Lebensraum" genocidal colonization plans. Then when his war machine ran out of steam, the USA took over and re-organized it as NATO. Nazism was a major manifestation of the general praxis of the vanguard of the world bourgeoisie.

As well, as >>2938161 points out, it is hard to ignore the various "new world" reactionary groups that are declaring allegiance to Nazism.

Read a book.



>black people, who get fucked over by landlords and the police–not nazis

those people are nazis though

File: bc406bd1d91ec78⋯.png (78.35 KB, 376x388, 94:97, bc406bd1d91ec.png)


A problem I see is a lot of Leftist groups still have the baggage of the Cold War in which Russia/China are good while USA and etc are evil.

This I see happening with how a lot of times the only possible source for news is from Russia/Iran/Venezuela but this thinking is Reactionary.

How do we work to deal with this.

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Cuba, Nicaragua, and Venezuela are all varrying degrees of market socialist


Not supporting Russia and Iran is anti-communist.



*refusing to work alongside russia and iran is anticommunist.

Nor Russia nor Iran are socialist countries, and in the long run they are both certainly our enemies, but we should be willing to work alongside them insofar as we share goals. Don't get your materialism mixed with your idealism, young comrade.


File: 5973fe611e9c571⋯.jpg (217.57 KB, 1080x572, 270:143, Dudbeicnwozb392.jpg)


Supporting a religious fundamentalist state and an anti communist president is communism now



Bruh, he is a tankie what did you expect? Of course you're fed up with this bullshit. I literally look at that post and gave up on humanity already. Also wasn't there a study on leftist groups that showed that tankies had the lowest average Autism Levels out of all of them?

File: 4d016c4e8b39a2e⋯.jpg (29.5 KB, 634x423, 634:423, Rape.jpg)


Will rape exist in a communist society?

Incest will be allowed in a state less society?


sex will be abolished in communism


In communism, we will all take turns fucking your mother, so no-one will feel the need to rape.


I'll make sure it does.

File: b4c6be8980325fe⋯.jpg (21.72 KB, 345x190, 69:38, th5UT131YA.jpg)


I was always left in economics. So of course Socialism and Communism seem good for me. The problem is, that I hate the degeneracy, that the modern left is today (LGBT…, Extrem Feminism, …)

Can I still be a Socialist? And if so, how can I ignore these problems?

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File: 1207f73dbfdfc7c⋯.png (818.17 KB, 800x550, 16:11, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 303b713490a27bf⋯.jpg (61.68 KB, 444x563, 444:563, dead inside.jpg)


>ywn have cute socialist bf hold you in his huge proletarian arms


File: fa50e7621c768d1⋯.jpg (119.03 KB, 800x450, 16:9, D7CwDmkUEAEyvfC.jpg)

I'm in a similiar boat to OP

In my case i'm a self respecting white man who has no problem living together with any other races so long as they have a problem with me. The problem is i'm in the US and there's resentment no matter where you turn to whether that be whites to blacks blacks to whites mexicans to whites etc.

At the same time i'm aware their grievances are very understandable and warranted (in most cases). I want a multicultural society to run well but I think the human nature of the masses just doesnt permit it. We can't all just shed the past and move on together. The lack of social cohesion will always be a detriment.

I've been going to /pol/ since I was like 15 (22 now) and have always been on the right but the past year i've become disillusioned with it all. Every politician on the right believes in some weird form of libertarianism and aren't actually conserving shit.

I'm very much on the left when it comes to economics and have always been.

I find myself in a weird state of limbo where I don't really fit in anywhere. I look to the right and I see mindless /pol/tard hate FUG NIGGERSXDDand grifters and I look to the left and I see a movement thats been co-opted by faggots/trannies that have never read the actual literature and call themselves anarcho-marxist-leninist-maoist-rojavabijibiji… you get what i'm spitballing here.

I realize idpol goes both ways but if you don't fight back against obtuse public degeneracy it will just spread.

Maybe I spend too much time reading twitter but seeing half the comment section of anything left leaning being a bunch of trannies and sexual deviants who proudly display themselves as such just turns me off to the idea.

Even back in my days of literal NutSac I didn't give a damn about LGBT stuff. I took the boomer approach of "heh heh i dont care what they do as long as it's in private." but over the past couple years it's gotten real bad with all the IM GAY IM GAY TRANS RIGHTS TRANS RIGHTS PROTECTPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 91b70628838d422⋯.png (41.22 KB, 500x514, 250:257, 91b70628838d4220558bfcd3fd….png)


>Even back in my days of literal NutSac I didn't give a damn about LGBT stuff. I took the boomer approach of "heh heh i dont care what they do as long as it's in private." but over the past couple years it's gotten real bad with all the IM GAY IM GAY TRANS RIGHTS TRANS RIGHTS PROTECT TRANSCHILDREN LOOK AT MY PRONOUNS IN MY BIO IM AN ALLY DRAG QUEEN READING TO KIDS ISNT A BIG DEAL BIGOT.

Those radlibs are at most reformists, they don't advocate for the abolishment of capitalism.

BTW I also don't really understand far-left trans people. They do realize that 'gender' is a product of the material conditions that help to reproduce capitalism right?



The existence of trans people doesn't enforce that concept but instead goes against it by suggesting these identities are changeable/mutable.

>BTW I also don't really understand far-left trans people. They do realize that 'gender' is a product of the material conditions that help to reproduce capitalism right?

Do you, presumably a straight cis man understand that? What are you going to do to fight that reality? I don't understand cis people. They do realize that 'gender' is a product of the material conditions that help to reproduce capitalism right?


Shift your framework away from avoiding 'degeneracy' and preserving the order and realize the order is what got us in this mess in the first place. Leftism is not just about class struggle and workers rights but also about an erosion of hierarchies and destabilization of the status quo. One can not exist without the other. The systems of control (i.e. gender. race, borders, etc.) all work together to oppress the working class.

Also stop trying to belong/fit in somewhere. Just be lol.

File: 73ff30d9c26ca17⋯.png (22.8 KB, 630x464, 315:232, Image_2_20190206_TWP.png)

File: 4ef32ff687ac514⋯.png (28.61 KB, 630x579, 210:193, Image_3_20190206_TWP.png)



File: 3d4d7c265b47f97⋯.png (412.67 KB, 576x566, 288:283, 3d4d7c265b47f974b3f5a2c966….png)

The way I understand how this works is that it begins with the blowup of the banks in 2007-2008 because they were heavily leveraged in mortgage-backed securities that turned out to be worthless. This threatened to collapse the banks and plunge capitalism worldwide into another Great Depression. The world's central banks (Fed, ECB, Bank of Japan, etc.) opted to save the banks by cutting interest rates and injecting trillions of dollars of essentially free money into the banks to prop them up.

Banks then take that money and spend it on things that banks like, like asset speculation, so we see housing prices soar once again as real estate is one of the top destinations for debt financing. Corporations also take out loans from these banks, which are flush with liquidity, and are spending it on share buybacks to boost their stock prices, which makes them more valuable. The way this works is that corporations buy back their own shares which increases the amount of the company – as a percentage – held by the remaining investors.

Anyways, the worry in bourg land is that the price reflected in the markets is just divorced from actual revenue, and the productivity hasn't really recovered and might have even fallen a bit since the recession, which means we're not producing any more on an hourly basis than we during the recession – i.e. we're still *in* a recession and most people effectively are, but you wouldn't know it looking at stock prices. If you want to know a depressing fact, suicide rates in the U.S. have gone back up to where they were right before World War II.

What breaks it? Dunno. Everyone's credit limits at the same time, maybe, or a sudden downturn in profitability. Also this ties back to what I've been saying about speculation in assets: with this modern financial system it feels for financial pundits as if capitalism had invented the solution to all its problems by just making "the number go up!" at will without causing consumer price inflation, because they use inflation-adjusted currency as the official measure of value while this official rate of inflation is kept artifically low. But in truth, as soon as that turbocharged financial economy interacts with any outside sphere of economy, it suddenly inflates that sector, makiPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: e960f2013c4da67⋯.png (57.49 KB, 920x318, 460:159, ClipboardImage.png)



File: b838acfe0120de9⋯.png (318.94 KB, 500x500, 1:1, cheeki-breeki3.png)


Thoughts on marginalism? Is it true that William S. Jevons, one of the founders of marginalisim, created it to prove the LTV and to build upon it?

What about people who claim (within reason) of Cockshott incorrectly using regression analysis in one of his works? I dont have a super high amount of confidence in Marxism considering im a hasbin liberal. I do know however that the neoclassical model cant really determine value, but it can determine price.

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I don't yet understand the statistical wizardry they used to claim that which is why I'm asking about it.


To me it seems like they're recycling banalities which can themselves be more-or-less quantified in the context of a capitalist economy and also can follow directly from Marx's political assertions about capital.



Had done that before writing the answer.


>step guide for how to test marginal productivity theory and guarantee that the theory succeeds:

>1. Find an income-accounting equation that is true by definition.

>2. Forget that you are dealing with an accounting equation.

>3. Pick a form of income (in your equation) that you want to explain.

>4. Given your choice, look at the opposite side of your accounting equation.

>5. Convince yourself that this opposite side no longer measures income. It now measure output.

>6. Regress the two sides of your accounting equation.

>7. Celebrate when you find a strong correlation.

>8. Claim you that have found evidence that productivity explains income.

>9. Never tell anyone that your results were guaranteed because they followed from an income-accounting equation. (This step is unnecessary if Step 2 is successful).



File: 1a4b5188c0a0934⋯.jpg (20.86 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault[1].jpg)


>I do know however that the neoclassical model cant really determine value, but it can determine price.


File: 8e56abeb2364f34⋯.jpg (58.19 KB, 435x601, 435:601, 8e56abeb2364f34b83fe52852e….jpg)


Chill man, I was once a lib. I'm still a basic bitch econ student though.

File: fbbe1061a60262b⋯.jpg (104.86 KB, 661x767, 661:767, IMG_20190707_125848_828.jpg)


You fuckers ready to cringe?


How the fuck do you sound this uninformed while debating a fucking SuccDem? Peter Coffin is an embarrassment, "Breadtube" is an embarrassment, petite bourg Anarchists are fucking embarrassments. Holy shit.


Peter Coffin is a mediocre nobody and this is exactly the reason why he's seeking attention.




File: 5bbd7f28c702c8a⋯.png (48.03 KB, 894x773, 894:773, mmm.png)

>that video description calling Coffin a "postmodernist Marxist"


>is called breadtube

>none of them have read kropotkin, let alone any literature

>most just talk about random children's movies and capeshit



File: d17751b9f9daabc⋯.jpg (65.97 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, canned bread.jpg)


honestly this, also the term "breadtube" just reminds me of pic related

File: b8267650ad28b54⋯.jpeg (98.83 KB, 470x595, 94:119, 20D7C53F-742B-4C23-8A48-8….jpeg)


Capitalism has led to a progressive weakening in the state’s punitive functions. This is an inducement to criminality and wreckers of all kinds getting away with all sorts of things. Soon it shall be restored.

Under socialism lex talionis must be reintroduced at once. If someone steals, off with their hand. If someone kicks another in anger, off with that foot. If someone spits upon a commissar, off with his lips. If he hurls abuse at the Worker’s Party or the DoTP, out with his tongue. If he rapes a women with gaze, put out his eyes. A killer will be killed, a thief of property shall lose his life as well.

Vice patrols must also patrol the streets to make sure workers are not slacking, acting reactionary or doing things counter to the will of the people. Only in this way shall the communism man be built like steel.

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If people are becoming criminals under your society, maybe you should start by criticising the society rather than cutting off people's limbs instead.


I think Foucault's concern is that institutional control has transferred to mental operations rather than the explicit physical violence of ye olde days: govern-mentality.


Yes yes in metallurgy iron is punished until it turns into steal.



It’s not the governments fault that people aren’t obeying the law, more punishment would evidently be needed



Taking out eyes for looking at people is obvious trolling, but prevention is more efficient than compensation. A thief can only steal so many times before he runs out of hands, then he steals no more.


"Society doesn't cut people's limbs for crime" is a criticism of society.


File: 5bbd7f28c702c8a⋯.png (48.03 KB, 894x773, 894:773, 1562375816673.png)

you are fascist scum and should be purged from the left

File: 7f5b75b8588f3e3⋯.jpg (15.79 KB, 315x251, 315:251, Mussolini-e1405042269468.jpg)


Help me overcome my fear of non-whites.

I'm serious. All the shit about "wh.ite genocide", "anti-white marxists", and interracial cuck shit gets me depressed to no end. I don't even hate other races, but being a long-time /pol/lack has made me instinctually afraid of non-whites. I'm tired of it.

38 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



I have watched racial dynamics play out in the neighborhood I grew up in here in Texas, which was almost entirely white when I was a kid but has changed considerably. For one, a black family moved in and the head of the household is a grandmother in her late 80s so she has seen some shit and literally worked most of her life as hired help for an old, rich white lady millionaire. She is incredibly sweet and kind and my parents have become friends with her.

Meanwhile the other white neighbor lady, who was a family friend when I was growing up, has gone full Nazi racist since black people and others started moving in. I mean scary and frightening, insane racism and talking about killing all non-whites. This woman is in her 60s. My parents cut off contact because it's vile.

Then another neighbor was robbed and beaten by a group of young black men in the neighborhood. But the victim was a young black woman. :-(


If you're "instinctually afraid" of anyone who isn't White, it's almost certainly because you've lived your whole life in a White neighborhood and your entire understanding of Blacks, Latins, Asians, is based on shitty White-made media. Get out of the house and go to places like churches, community centers, downtown cores, other places where a larger ethnic diversity can be expected. The brainwashing should melt away on its own.



Stop your boring false-flagging… it's painfully obvious you're not and never were a "/pol/ack".



this board has plenty of ex /pol/acks, myself included. people grow out of the brain rot that /pol/ is



>probabilities in an individual

which are wrong and useless at the individual level

File: 56a698d137a9d6b⋯.png (93.22 KB, 573x535, 573:535, dda.png)


I've heard that Communism would not allow fantasy games and that under Communism, everything would be state propaganda. Also, there would be no high scores or anything like that because this would promote competition rather than cooperation. When i asked about the source of this, i was given an article about arcade games in a Russian museum, and also a heaping serving of "dude just trust me i've been to the former soviet bloc".

Here's the article:


What does /leftypol/ think of this? Reminder to read Adorno when discussing anything related to cultural concerns.


38 posts and 9 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.




Yes, I also enjoy the underage sex simulators of glorious Nippon.



>>there would be no high scores

how about collective scores that add up all the points collected by the players



What's the point of that? USSR always celebrated personal achievements of its people, that line about highscores is unfiltered retardation of propaganda ridden liberal brain.


File: daea375f9c92ca2⋯.jpg (62.72 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, 12640153.jpg)


>washing babies is bad because it creates dirty bath water

>i don't don't know how to through out bath water while keeping the baby





whoops accidentally copy pasted > > 2937717

File: a95c4940e19f38c⋯.jpg (43.84 KB, 750x728, 375:364, spagat.jpg)


I started writing this in another thread but it got long, and I thought other anons might find it interesting and that we could get some discussion going. I've also noticed some other greekposters over the years, so feel free to contribute if you feel my analysis is shit (it probably is).

I also think there is another critical issue which arises here, and is not just an issue in this country, but internationally as well, which I think should be discussed more in leftist circles, and that is the cooperation of the "populist" right with neoliberals, or atleast in other countries their surface level disagreements with them, and how the base of many neoliberal parties is made up of nationalists, religious nuts and such far right elements. This also goes the other way - neoliberals are always claiming they are for "freedom" etc but they seem to be constantly going hand in hand with borderline fash, something which is obvious to us as leftists, but seems to go over the wider public without much inspection.

I've been reading quite a few international news outlets' takes on the Greek election, which I feel are generally slightly biased in favour of New Democracy (right wing opposition party set to win the next elections, and most probably with enough seats in parliament (>150) to form a government on their own).

Many of these news outlets talking about a "maturing greek political conscience" or some trash in similar vein, but this is untrue, even in the liberal/bourgeois sense. Usually, these claims center on the fact that Golden Dawn is doing much worse - and they are, both on the street and in the ballot. However half their vote how now moved to a new nationalist-with-batshit-insane-characteristics party called "Greek Solution" (the leader did telemarketing and tried to sell the "letters of Christ", but we've had various other complete frauds over the last few years, including a guy who claimed he had a gorillion dollars in the bank and would save the country, so this isn't new), because of internal conflicts in Golden Dawn. GD is extremely (surpise!) corrupt, to the extent that many of the old members are actively involved in organised crime, and combined with the leadership playing favourites and having a very tight grip on the party (even tough the guy is in prison) has causedPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

29 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.




meme komma re file, stis ekloges oloi oi eakkites pshfisan syriza etsi kai alliws, afou phrane ligoteres pshfous apo ton tzhmero (nomizw ~20k?)

gia na kavlantizoun kamia gkomenitsa sta panepisthmia kaloi einai, alla genika exw gnwrisei poly ligous pou einai syneiditopoihmenoi genika/exoun anoi3ei ena vivlio sthn zwh tous kai den akolo8oun apla thn grammh tou kommatos/kapoia edgy apopsh twn filwn tous.

Ntaksei profanws yparxoun kai atoma ekei mesa pou einai kala paidia kai ligo pio panw apo ton oxlo tous


speak english nigger



I'm not Greek, but I know someone involved with KKE, and from what they tell me the gay marriage law was a skeleton of legistlation rushed out to draw attention away from austerity measures that were being implemented. If this was the case, I wouldn't have supported it either.


Just saying that word means absolutely nothing in this context unless you elaborate. LGBTQ idpol has consistantly and effectively been used as diversion and PT for the neoliberal hegemony, while in the working class movement it has only created division. So, how does working class idpol differ from radlib idpol?

>stop derailing blah blah blah

Idpol is relevant to this discussion, because almost every objection you make to KKE is connected to idpol.



First of all let me stress that I have many friends in the KKE, and that I consider them allies on most fronts.

>the gay marriage law was a skeleton of legistlation rushed out to draw attention away from austerity measures that were being implemented

SYRIZA had already (pre-election) said they would be passing such legislation. To some extent what your friend said is true, but it could apply to any legislation ever in bourgeois democracy, including women's suffrage and the abolition of slavery.

Just because we don't like SYRIZA doesn't mean gays shouldn't have equal rights and the right to marriage. This is obviously a cheap excuse for them not to support this bill, because they never support any fucking bills not proposed by them, and certainly no bills relating to "idpol" issues, which in Greece means basic rights like the recognition of hate crimes and lgbt rights/marriage.

They have this thinly veiled homophobic stance, which they don't openly admit to other leftists, because a large part of their voting base, along with people they aim to get votes from, are people who are deeply socially conservative.

I mean it's not even a year since their leader met with a bunch of fucking priests lol stop trying to defend this shit.

>Idpol is relevant to this discussion, because almost every objection you make to KKE is connected to idpol.

No, you just chose to focus on the "idpol" issues, please read these again:



But yes, these are important issues, and I won't support a party that promotes homophobia and fascist propaganda.

Apart from the before mentioned, I also have issues with how poor they Post too long. Click here to view the full text.



>LGBTQ idpol has consistantly and effectively been used as diversion and PT for the neoliberal hegemony, while in the working class movement it has only created division.

Just to make it clear that I fully agree with you on this, but I just don't consider it a valid reason not to allow rights for lgbts.

File: a80a01ec348b51c⋯.jpeg (207.21 KB, 1242x1394, 621:697, 2345235423452345.jpeg)


I understand why China would allow foreign private capital to invest in their country, allowing it to develop their country under control of the party, but why the social credit system? Seems very unnecessary.

3 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.



cause they've become a fascist party like Mao said.


Western capitalists do it already. Lower classes get mistreated by the police, exploited by the judiciary, and shunned by human resources, who hire incompetent. sociopathic cucks.



I've been banned by CMs in video game forums, for not breaking any rules, for example.



Why not? Like, why is it even bad?



But Western capitalists are bad. Them doing something is no excuse.



Not really, it's more of an art project than the ideal facial features women want in men. It was done by some instagram artist, she photoshoped her bf's face, she wasn't trying to trick anyone into thinking that's how he looked, she has very clearly stated it's an art project all along, if it's meant to be funny or simply to make a statement of how features we find attractive normally (big chin, fine and sharp features) can be weird if taken to the extreme is unknown to me. Or maybe she was just fucking around

File: cd768326caa06ee⋯.jpg (31.03 KB, 670x503, 670:503, 1561311105871.jpg)


Hi, I used to visit infinity somewhat often before the Trump elections happened, and remember there were quite a few people here that have insights I myself wouldn't have come to with regards to the right/left wing in politics.

I'd like to know what you guys think on the issue of left wing parties supporting (mass) immigration.

(Let's not discuss this statement itself, as I'm sure it's not the case everywhere, but it is the case where I life.)

I feel like immigration is a positive for big multinationals, as it both provides cheap labor and a divide between different peoples of the lower classes. I also see this as the reason many people of said lower class voted for Trump and others like him.

I am simply unable to understand why immigration is something the left wing should strive to incorporate into their programs.

Please explain it to me, thank you.

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>migrants weren’t authoritarian shits

Are they migrating straight into your parliament?

>hard not to resent the loss of honesty that was forced onto developed nations

Forced by whom? Developed nations came up with that shit themselves.



>Forced by whom?

the bourgeoisie, the vast majority of the any population wants border control and all are against mass immigration into their country. This trend is consistent from Kenya, to Australia, to Mexico. The fact that in every single Western the popular parties refused to do extremely easy task shows you that it is being forced from up high. Here there is a big difference between the US and Mexico, the latter listens to its people, and not just a tiny fringe group who gets all their views from TV show hosts



i think you idolise the public too much



If the nation is controlled by bourg is not being forced by bourg, it's just doing its thing.



"Revolutionary left" that has solidarity with migrants isn't a significant political force anywhere in the West, so you aren't doing or significantly supporting any policies.

File: c20c29b7e7378ca⋯.png (8.13 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, 1200px-Green_and_Black_fla….png)


I'd appreciate any anons who can post reading material regarding anarcho-primitivist theory, as well as resources for how to survive in the wilderness. Wageslaving and trying to find happiness within the confines of normal society has been a bust, but I'm a complete newbie when it comes to living outdoors. I'd like to be prepared before I take a shot at it.

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You can live on just milk and meat quite comfortably. You only need some cattle and pasture for this. No bees/insects necessary.



What about scurvy?



Arent they pollinated by wind anyway?



well, some are wind-pollinated, and other insects also pollinate iirc, but bees are a pretty big deal for a lot of other plants. all plants matterexcept kudzu and dodder



potatoes should have you covered. sage for doublepost

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