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File: ee8836a11b1e1cc⋯.jpg (4.13 MB, 4663x5600, 4663:5600, serveimage(40).jpg)


I'm visiting Riga at the moment. There's a lot of anti-Soviet propaganda. In the national library and all over the place.

In the national library it's as if Latvian history ended in 1918 and picked up again in 1991. They call it a 'Soviet occupation' despite them being a full-fledged Soviet Socialist Republic. They even called the censorship of their books and literature 'intellectual genocide'. I thought that cheapens the word genocide.

At a construction site, one of the signs blocking the view of the site had something about never forget 'the oppression of the Soviet and German National Soycialism, 1941-1991'. To me, that's making it seem like the Nazis and the Soviets were exactly the same.

I look around Riga and outside of the revived old city core, it's all dilapidated buildings, crumbling infrastructure, poverty, etc. They built a massive 11-12 story library that is basically empty space inside, filled why Latvian nationalist propaganda.

I did read about the 'Bolshevik invasion' of 1918.

Can someone tell me more about the Soviet and pre-Soviet history of the Baltics? Admittedly, I am ignorant of it and I have never looked it up.

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Other than what other posters said

Access to warm water port, and control of strategic area.


File: 372f86a9ba8e0f8⋯.jpg (12.02 KB, 280x280, 1:1, bird in boots.jpg)

The prosperity of the Baltic states was built up during Soviet times, they were the most prosperous of the union, better than Ukraine and western Russia, way better than the central Asian states. I suppose that for nationalists this brings a certain feeling of inadequacy - their wealth is built upon the interconnectivity with an entity much larger than themselves. It's like trying to be a hardcore Luxembourg nationalist when you're just an appendage to Germany. Imagine being a generic reactionary nationalist politician (so not the common worker who identifies with nationalism) in a former socialist country and the sheer shame you must feel. Public works, infrastructure, education, healthcare etc. made great by the Soviets and now things are just stagnating despite all the EU bucks. The Americans have bases on your soil. There's beggars on the streets, something unthinkable 30 years ago. The Riga Metro was never built. People keep leaving the country!

Nationalists are a disgrace to their country and its people, they have no commitment to any larger historical project. Just being good puppets for oligarchy and imperialism.



>People keep leaving the country!

I think that's by design – a kind of engineers emigration done via cutting the civil service and pushing people out, which not only cuts spending but also solves unemployment. Win win!



Shit like this makes me so depressed. What could've been, my friends…



Good take comrade. If these nationalists truly cared about their country's people, they would have expanded on the social services the Soviets bestowed upon them in the past. Instead of that, they throw a tantrum like a toddler, toss everything aside, and create their own bastardized version of these benefits (bonus points if this was done for some faux-national revitalization purpose). Empty promises of a better and more open economy and all in the name of growth. If that doesn't work, they throw their hands up when things don't go their way only to blame it on everyone but themselves.

Immigrants, Soviets, communists, and finally jews.

Nationalists are enemies of the working class.

File: 99933e7c14b69dc⋯.jpg (168.23 KB, 1024x731, 1024:731, FsBQQp1.jpg)


Among Americans, there is a lot of arrogant individuals who arrogantly believe that America is the most powerful country and the Americans the most privileged nation in the world. Therefore, these Americans disdain to other countries and nations, and sometimes openly rude and mocked their national culture, traditions and shrines. However, there are some countries whose leaders are not afraid of American threats and always ready to give a fitting rebuff to American arrogance. One of the such state leaders is the Supreme Leader of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea Kim Jong-un, that is always ready to take retaliation for arrogant Americans that they have paid for many times for disdainful attitude towards North Korea and got what they deserved; and at the same time to provide them a lesson to teach them to respect the North Korean national values! _-


File: dc82b3efe6fbab3⋯.png (16.09 KB, 500x500, 1:1, jis.png)


mfw, Kim Jong-Un posts in /leftypol/



>MFW Kim Jung un wants to turn ancaps into lolis

File: f98fd09e8a7b9a9⋯.jpeg (182.84 KB, 1200x920, 30:23, 6DE80A8C-6ACB-4F93-A673-4….jpeg)


What the fuck was this guy’s ideology? I was arguing with a Catholic the other day about socialism and he kept citing Jim Jones as Christianity being perverted by socialism. Was the guy really a Christcom or was he just a Bernie-tier retard who called everything he do communism?

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File: 5a56c7caf15cae3⋯.png (634.02 KB, 802x706, 401:353, jim_jones.png)

I heard he was a DSA member.



>Jones’ ideology looks like some weird combination of Posadism and /Pol/ pot what the shit.

Hmm… based if you think about it. Hundreds of his followers were willing to kill themselves because they cared so much about Jim Jones' thought. Let's not be too judgemental here.



He had actually been a registered Republican in northern California, because he was in a rural area and tried to make nice with local politicians to avoid scrutiny. Then when he moved to San Francisco and Los Angeles he changed his party registration to Democrat.

But in private he attacked most bourgeois politicians as hypocrites and liars, e.g. he would attend a campaign event with Rosalynn Carter (Jimmy Carter's wife) but then later privately tell his congregation that Rosalynn wouldn't hesitate to put them into concentration camps.

As I noted earlier in this thread, Jones claimed to help out the CPUSA in the early 50s when he was in Indiana (and before he set up Peoples Temple.) Once he was in Guyana he supported the ruling People's National Congress (which had an ideology of "cooperative socialism" and was on friendly terms with Cuba and the DPRK) since it was the ruling party and provided cover for his activities. This was despite the fact that the PNC's rival was the Soviet-backed People's Progressive Party which was Marxist-Leninist and thus ostensibly closer to Jones' ideology.




Wtf - drop that krypto-colonialist BS already. Jeez…



>What the fuck was this guy’s ideology?


File: 99ac736936330f0⋯.png (2.8 MB, 2560x1440, 16:9, U8n5726.png)


South Korean public sector workers strike over irregular employment status

Tens of thousands irregular public sector workers struck in South Korea yesterday, demanding an increase in pay, an end to wage discrimination, and conversion to regular worker status. Those participating included school cafeteria and administrative staff, custodians at local government offices, and highway toll collectors.


Mexican police revolt against plans to join National Guard

Hundreds of federal police blocked highways in and around Mexico’s capital Wednesday in open revolt against plans to absorb the officers into the newly formed National Guard, a move that the police fear could upend their jobs.


UK shouldn’t be ripping off the people of Libya by spending Gaddafi’s billions – Prof. Richard Wolff

The British government wants to start spending the money earned in taxes from frozen assets of late Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi. Professor Richard Wolff insists it’s the Libyan people who should get their money back.


Tehran fumes as Britain seizes Iranian oil tanker over Syria sanctions

British Royal Marines seized a giant Iranian oil tanker in Gibraltar on Thursday for trying to take oil to Syria in violation of EU sanctions, a dramatic step that drew Tehran’s fury and could escalate its confrontation with the West.

https://ca.reuters.com/article/topNews/idCAKCN1TZ0GPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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File: 4ac62f80188580f⋯.jpg (14.69 KB, 272x339, 272:339, 2C51497C-94CF-4A96-A9E8-0D….jpg)


>the FBI hates them, lists them as a violent gang

>they've accepted support from the IWW to protest this

Yes, this pic is real. Yes, it was attached to an official IWW GDC-IWOC statement (General Defence Committee - Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee) .






Honestly there's nothing wrong with saying that social identity effects perception of class.



that's not what intersectionality is though



Why were there Libyan money in western banks in the first place?


File: 695773341e55692⋯.jpg (14.05 KB, 220x294, 110:147, F W Maitland.jpg)


What role, if any, would there be for law(s) and the legal system/judiciary as an institution (as they exist today) in a socialist society?

This is beyond issues such as racial discrimination in criminal justice and others similar.

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They would play plenty of roles, they'd maintain order, help give boundaries and a basis for socialist construction, repress counter-revolutionaries, and help guide socialist society.

Now, that's the short of it, but if you want an 800 page breakdown read this (written by the supreme prosecutor of the USSR!): https://archive.org/details/lawofthesovietst008593mbp/page/n6


File: e8962c06847e83a⋯.jpg (16.29 KB, 265x213, 265:213, commie cowboy.jpg)

Law enforcement didn't always exist like we think of it today, not even like town guards. It used to be when crime was afoot, you had a civic duty to apprehend the criminal. Same way you used to have a civic duty to form a bucket brigade in the event of a fire. If this is too anarchic for you, then I humbly suggest the wild west system of a sheriff elected by popular vote of the represented community, who deputizes people as needed.

Another major problem specific to "peace officers" today is that nobody knows how to de-escalate a situation. Believe it or not that used to be part of modern police training even, but it's been ignored in favor of militarization and encouraging itchy trigger fingers. De-escalation is a useful skill for any living person anyway, and conflict mediation/resolution should be part of basic education/socialization. If you're going to have people serve in a designated cop-like role, this should be a major factor in the selection at least.



I think Law Enforcement should ultimately evolve under socialism after a period of extensive political education and socio economic redistribution into a series of hyper ideological militias like the Red Guard during the cultural revolution in the People’s Republic of China.



they should literally be enlightened "peace officers" like masters of cognitive behavioral therapy who can talk people down out of anything. itd be easier to do this job "peacefully" if looming overly punishing outcomes and mandates to arrest were eliminated. you can kind of see the guilt and frustration of officers (in documentary footage, body cams, and live pd/cops style television shows) who are forced to carry out their job even when theyd like discretion to let things go. retributive justice doesnt make victims feel better really but the ideological strength of this assertion that it indeed does make families feel better motivates a huge amount of over regulation and oppressive lawmaking. its ironic really since judeo-christian values that supposedly back these laws do have new testament forgiveness and the like lingering there being used to critique it and historically christians can be tied to the rehabilitative model of prisons

the more rooty tooty shooty the cops are in modern times the worse they have it; their own psyches become strained with all the horrible shit they do for the state until they are mentally broken, psychotic tools for the state. the worse this gets, the more likely they are to fear the public, to support militarization, to foster antagonism and shoot first, de-escalate later



>Commie cowboy


File: 31b2e92a9aba2ac⋯.jpg (124.41 KB, 1029x1029, 1:1, IMG_20190620_155547.jpg)


The CPGB-ML has taken an uncompromising stance against IdPol, passing a motion where promoting IdPol becomes a reason for expulsion. Since then, "woke" Twitter communists have been dunking on this party ever since, and Phil Greaves, a member and unofficial spokesman of the CPGB-ML on Twitter, has lost thousands of followers because he decided to die on the hill of attacking transgender identity. Now BadMouse has given this a leading voice in his newest video:


What's your take on it? Is this the vampire castle?

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Sometimes i feel like a lot of trans women are just generally depressed/lonely guys who have internalized hyper-individualism, and are trying to get a 'clean slate' and convince themselves that their problems will go away with a new identity.

I bet 90% of mtf transgenders would disappear if people live&worked together and had communities like they used to.



>pls don't besmirch muh larp org

The post isn't perfect, but what it's saying is worth saving.



>If your oppression flows forth out of capitalist production, then how could anyone in any way ever conclude that you need to first liberate women/blacks/whatever, and then engage in class struggle? The oppression of women, of blacks, etc, comes forth out of capitalism, then necessarily your struggle for liberation IS the struggle as a class to destroy capitalism.

This isn't entirely correct, though. You're assuming that what measures capitalism necessitates in one historical era in order to divide the working class is what it also necessitates in other eras. Certainly, these (in their current form at least) result from capitalism, yet it results from a particular form of capitalism that is largely passing away; in other words, the ideological supports for that form is generally no longer needed by capitalists and is in fact becoming and outright hindrance. The struggle against racism and sexism are therefore not necessarily, in themselves, a struggle against capitalism, but can be merely a form of liberalism advocating against a (partially) superceded form of liberalism.

As a result, though, I would say that the formula "first engage with their struggle, and after that class struggle" isn't simply an error here but a formula for liberalism, which reveals BadMouse for what he is.



>The post isn't perfect

Stop using weasel words. The poster is lying. The party does not think that "trans/gay people are just some bourgoies conspiracy to attack the third world". For what purpose would you copy and spread that? They don't have a rule that gays can't be members. They have a position on how important that stuff is in the grand scheme of things (not much), and you can agree or disagree with that. Don't hide behind sarcasm if you have nothing to say.


File: df4588b619f0534⋯.jpg (113.88 KB, 1024x659, 1024:659, IMG_20181108_195527.jpg)


>In other areas, Fusion’s Massive Millennial Poll revealed a few other interesting statistics, too. When participants were asked what public figure or celebrity they’d most like to have over for dinner>, the three top choices — President Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey and Beyoncé — were all black, while two were women.

File: 20108e6ab10203b⋯.jpeg (104.62 KB, 614x384, 307:192, 8B2E0749-D7EE-47EF-AC64-2….jpeg)


On the one hand it shouldn’t matter, on the other hand they’re the spawn of Yakub and being attracted to them is mental colonization. Plus they hate black guys IRRC. Still on the other, other hand, fucking them is furthering the communist cause, and is directly a war against fascists and white supremacy. On the other other other hand I need to up my BBC game, and beyond that I renounced the white flesh long ago.

What should I do, leftypol? Should I break my solemn vow, like a monk engaging in sex, specifically homosexual sex, in the monastery? Or should I steel myself, fortify my spirit, and keep to my morals?

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wow, cool it with the anti-semitism comrade


File: f8aebc2280b2fe1⋯.jpg (15.4 KB, 474x325, 474:325, proxy.duckduckgo.com.jpg)


>I need to up my BBC game

BBC is literally a plot by hu-wite supremacists to secretly bleach us brothas

You gotta stay true to da word of Yakub, save us and deliver us from whities oh great yakub

Do nat brake your solemn vow, white pussy is overrated anyway

Praise Yakub my brother



I'm a white communist that fuck/breed a black woman but I don't make a whole thread about it.


File: 4ba05ebe2f535e2⋯.jpg (39.64 KB, 640x628, 160:157, goback.jpg)

File: c324a15fe4b6ba7⋯.jpeg (192.81 KB, 1500x1500, 1:1, goon.jpeg)






Based and ebonypilled

File: 33e2ccf94a1df63⋯.png (764.36 KB, 698x699, 698:699, Untitled.png)



>literally claims intersectionality is dialectical because class is the quality and identity is the quantity and also lenin and web dubois were intersectionalists


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It's typical of ecelebs but idiots fall for it again and again.


Guy looks like he’s on the overwatch league



no, but nobody care if you hate a trans if youre not able to discriminate him, so the problem doesnt exist in a communist society

>If a white racist want to shoot me, that's his problem, if he has the power to shoot me, thats my problem

you fucking useless faggot



yes, we fight for right of all worker, im at loss how 'supporting trans' has anything to do with that or 'progress' though



mod ban that retard that cant even argue his libtard drivel

File: a21fa9961be7e56⋯.jpg (40.56 KB, 640x360, 16:9, zap.jpg)

File: 5c41ec657067b36⋯.jpg (173.55 KB, 1280x859, 1280:859, Subcomandante_Marcos.jpg)


Greetings comrades, I was wondering your thoughts of the Zapatistas in Mexico. Also, are foreigners allowed to join their ranks? I know they've taken a defensive position against the Mexican state, but other than that there's little information on their current doings in western media.

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Red pill me on AMLO. Did he betray his socdem platform?


File: 63f17d45bc8e296⋯.jpg (27.93 KB, 480x360, 4:3, 13707774_725375707600603_8….jpg)


>Did he betray his socdem platform?

bretty much. he's been playing the "austerity game", but with a socdem mask.

there's been strong militarization of the zapatista and other autonomous socialist regions. indigenous people are getting killed/disappeared apparently, but no news outlet is really covering this (as per usual).

to OP, I wouldn't advise it and I also see no reason to do so.

ever since the dirty war, the left movement in cities has been basically null, why don't you come to a city and help radicalize and build communities? that would have a much greater impact.

our collective sometimes sends economic help to the zapatistas (or the other conglomerate, whatever it's called), and when the marychuy was campaigning for presidential elections, our collective helped organize her visit and collect signatures. so, if you want to help the zapatistas, don't larp and come help out in a city.




they may not allow you "into the ranks" but they'll certainly let you help out and treat you well. Be prepared to ACTUALLY DO WORK. if yr a suburban kid, YOU WILL DO WORK.



I don't know about joining them as a member, but you can go down there and help the communities, some groups like https://junax.org.mx try to get foreigners that want to help

I'm not sure how much information they give to foreigners about their army, they've not been at war for years and the government has let them be for the most part, it's not the active warzone like Rojava is right now

File: acc6d4d7078aa43⋯.jpeg (50.94 KB, 512x512, 1:1, B8C0004D-C7FF-4D4E-A63B-0….jpeg)


Tbh I’m fucking sick of the Reddit, Breadtube, basically radlib idpol obsessed left hating on this dude. I say this as a Black MLM, but I honestly think Unruhe is pretty fuckin good, genuinely, he’s principled and doesn’t give a fuck what anyone thinks of him, whether they be a rightoid, radlib, or Breadtuber, he’s staunchly anti-idpol, but he’s by no means a racist or a sexist.

Legit, all the Breadtube left has on him is that he apparently made transphobic comments once or twice, that’s fucking it, they can’t hit him on anything else but even more idpol, can’t attack his ideas and can’t attack Third Worldism besides it hurting the feelings of First World leftists

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You'd still get people alternately demanding to specify that you accept everybody or demanding that you expel certain people.



just expel them then, they explicitely broke the rule



Race is a class and whytes cant be proletarian, only labor aristocracy. Only persyns of color like indengenous and latinx, and new afrikans can be true revolutionaries



But he's still an armchairist



Admitting that revolutionary potential in the first world is low is not armchairism, it's just fact, the third world has all the revolutionary potential, evidenced by the fact that revolutionary Marxist movements only gain traction in the third world and not the first.

File: 558f69384dde0ff⋯.png (1.44 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot_20190708-114947.png)


This youtuber is a fellow comrade, he has a farm in eeuu and he post videos of farming and that stuff. He left his city job to start a farm. Go show him some love comrades.

17 posts omitted. Click reply to view.



Elaborate on the subject please. I'm not the person you answered to, but i've been very interested in urban agriculture lately, seeing it as a viable and enviromentally friendly initiative that i could start promoting in my neighbourhood council.



>If he owns the land himself and he isn't leasing it to somebody its petty-bourgeeois.

Youre pretty bourgoies if you have employeed but unable to live losely off their surplus value.

Owning land you work on on alone isnt petty bourgoies at all. You dont participate in class relations.


I was recently watching one of his videos. Not knowing his political views, just based on what i have seen, i doubt he is.

1. Trying to build a profitable business

2. Was a marketing Exec. quit due to personal/not ideological reasons.

3. trying to raise capital through shirt sales.

I think this is just a meme shirt.


so no one's gonna link his channel or tell us his name



Aight I will show him some love using the spirit of Stalin to get the YouTube link

File: 82c977a3eed5a52⋯.jpg (145.78 KB, 1400x1400, 1:1, 20181024-150945-Backpage2.jpg)


Trying to understand end goals of political systems. Being brought up in democracy the end goal always seems to be freedom, is this true for communism and fascism as well?

78 posts and 40 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



>Physical harm or the prevention of speaking freely.

So no debate clubs with rules? No libraries with quiet signs? No teachers beings able to send students out for being unruly? No lectures or movies without interruption?

Tbh, sounds like a society more prone to violence then any of the ones mentioned in this thread.


Then how would you do it? How would you stop regulation of speech within the populace? How would do so without regulating how the officers (or whatever you would call them) respond to orders? How would you stop them from just arguing over it rather then doing the enforcing?

>Once again, you're attacking the strawman that I'm an ancap.

Not even doing that, you stated yourself the government would have to be restricted. Such a thing requires entities to do so, entities with material power at their disposal and less restrictions upon them. Entities which also require material backing to so, material backing which must be given in order for it to compete its objective which can only be obtained consistently by force upon the populace which requires a restriction of their freedom.

>Of course. The freedom I choose to restrict is the "freedom" to keep me from living my life freely.

To protect your ability to live freely requires you to restrict the freedom of the people in said society to decide whether to or not to fight against those who would restrict it. And this requires in of itself multiple other restrictions of freedom.

So welcome to Neoliberal America I guess? Is that what you want?


File: e92486d9b0c2506⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.2 MB, 1428x2000, 357:500, e92486d9b0c25060088e2ebf10….jpg)


>no debate clubs with rules

Do those rules prevent someone from making a statement? If so, then no.

>no libraries with quiet signs

Libraries are obsolete, and so is the necessity to have a centralized depository of knowledge where conduct must be regulated.

>no teachers being able to send students out for being unruly

Not only are students below the age of majority, but if "being unruly" prevents the teacher from speaking, that would be an example of "preventing people from speaking freely."

>no lectures of movies without interruption

See above.

>more prone to violence than any of the ones mentioned in this thread

Indeed, a society of free individuals will tend to be more rowdy than a society of passive, docile worker drones. I suggest you learn to deal with it.

>then how would you do it

… with laws. How does any society enforce rules?

>how would you do so without regulating how the officers respond to orders

You wouldn't, because the society is not a strawman built to your specifications.

>you stated yourself that the government would have to be restricted

So any restriction on government makes a society ancap? Once again, your extreme binary way of thinking belies some kind of mental malfunction or another.

>such a thing requires entities to do so

In a free society, we enforce these regulations through the will of the people as expressed by elections and gun ownership. I understand that the concept of elections and an armed populace is scary to a commie, but try to keep up.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.(USER WAS BANNED FOR NOT SPOILERING)


File: 98ca39886e31044⋯.png (611.87 KB, 625x1000, 5:8, b4a6d0f10e32a0ed74e649071d….png)


>If so, then no.


>Libraries are obsolete, and so is the necessity to have a centralized depository of knowledge where conduct must be regulated.

Any basis for this? If anything, "centralized depositories where conduct is regulated" are more popular then ever. Internet depositories counts in this regard, and prevention of conduct of any kind also counts.

>Not only are students below the age of majority, but if "being unruly" prevents the teacher from speaking, that would be an example of "preventing people from speaking freely."

Oh, but you said you we couldn't go around preventing people from speaking? Why should the student not be allowed to talk over the teacher? Why does the teacher get priority? Do you mean to say we should be able to restrict others to allow individuals to speak "freely and openly" without interruption?

>See above.

Movies aren't actual people talking in the moment and more of a visual recording of others that people watch. Should we enforce the speech of recordings now?

>Indeed, a society of free individuals will tend to be more rowdy than a society of passive, docile worker drones. I suggest you learn to deal with it.

Seems more like you'd have to deal with it, or more likely already deal with it. I can't really think of a communist society of "docile worker drones" off the top of my head either, unless dressing well and having personal discipline is "drone"-like behavior to you.

>… with laws. How does any society enforce rules?

With violence and a restriction of freedom through the use of a monopoly of violence.

>You wouldn't, because the society is not a strawman built to your specifications.

Then I ask again, how do you ensure unrestricted speech?

>So any restriction on government makes a society ancap? Once again, your extreme binary way of thinking belies some kind of mental malfunction or anPost too long. Click here to view the full text.



>government and populace

Thought I might clarfiy that as well



>Not my fault your ideas can't stand up to scrutiny without being protected by arbitrary rules.

Debates generally have rules set up to ensure order and progression. Otherwise, it would less a debate a more arbitrary yelling with no development. You should know this.

>Who needs libraries when you've got p2p networks? All we need is a version of Freenet that incorporates premixing with delays a la the original mixnet design and you've got the perfectly anonymous, perfectly uncensorable datastore, able to be accessed by anyone with an internet connection.

It baffles me that you needed to go through all this effort to not be quiet in a library. What did you ever do before the internet? Was your idea to lock people in sound-proof rooms instead? Or would that be a restriction too?

>Because that would be preventing the teacher from speaking. Try to keep up.

And again, why does the teacher get priority? Why isn't it the teacher preventing the student from speaking? Why shouldn't the student just be able to keep talking once he gets the chance as long as he wants?

>Yep, and it's a hell of a lot better than your Demolition Man style society of docile slaves.

Feel free to show me how your fictional 90s liberal action-movies apply to real communist societies. Are they where you get all your political knowledge from?

>…in the event that someone attempts to restrict anothers' freedom

Reality of the world

>Once again. With laws.


>You commies really don't understand the concept of a Constitution enforced by the people, do you?

If you honestly think the Constitution is enforced by the people only, I feel honestly sorry for you. The innocence is almost kind of adorable.

Note also if your definition of "the people" is the government and all its internal entitites as well, I suppose the Soviet constitution was fits the bill too in this regard.

>Proof please.

Explained in the Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: ac8cf25d4d98577⋯.jpg (97.08 KB, 960x706, 480:353, _be1c77e6-12d9-11e8-8db2-4….jpg)


I think we should talk strategy.

We have many "tactical" threads, discussing issues, news such as China, Cockshott/planning etc.

But we have an issue: a lack of "direction".

Look at the Alt-Right: they went from a fringe tiny movement with the exposure and public relations of a group like NAMBLA or theistic satanists, and emerged with major "thinkers" popularizing cultural-marxism in different words with Jordan Peterson, converting liberals to conservatism and conservatives to fascism. Now it would be poor analysis to imply this was due 100% to "brilliant strategy work", however it played a crucial role.

They analyzed tasks for popularizing their ideas, by hiding their true ideals and masking fascist ideas as "rational" or "natural" approaches that seemed outwardly revolutionary to our previously boring political sphere.

They demonized antifa and cherrypicked rallies to make antifa appear like skinny soy retards, making popular anti-fascism very unfashionable. They took advantage of dissatisfaction regarding 2008's crisis, 2012 Obama, the imperialist war in Syria, the refugee crisis stemming from there, and the obvious democrat-republican establishment bullshit in 2016. However they are currently dwindling, their ideas becoming less popular on 4chan due mostly to a left wing pipeline that stems from our very board. At least 50% of us are pol converts, maybe more.

The Vanguard approach

We must influence the common cultural and political sphere with our ideas. I'll outlay some ideas of my own, feel free to contribute.

Popularizing the Socialist alternative

We need to defeat the idea that Marxism is "dead" and that an alternative with actual results that aren't muh 10 billion breadline gulags, we must make popular the positive socialist record, and put an image in popular consciousness that a concrete Socialist future is possible, dispelling spooks that you won't be able to keep your macbook and you will have to work in a grubby steel mill. This also includes popularizing Cockshotts work, and making the question-provoking claim: "Socialism was not technologPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Idea: debunk the fake history at it's core.

Know these cutesy pop history channels? From really "bad" ones like AlternateHistoryHub, WhatIfAltHist, to the more fashy ones like Monsieur Z, to the more "professional" ones like The Armchair Historian? They spread anticommunist ideas in quite subtle ways. They need some debunking or at least corrections. Through this kind of media you internalise the "communism = no food = gazillions dead" meme.


File: be0a4df3400701a⋯.jpg (54.85 KB, 1080x983, 1080:983, 3b7e90c.jpg)

I think we can all agree that the United States (maybe aside from its oppressed minorities) will not stand beside the revived international worker's state, wherever it appears. Shit's fucked here guys. Every day I have this creepy ass thought, 'what must it have been like in Nazi Germany, for the average 'apolitical' citizen, before they realized they were the bad guys?' I have visions of the future where textbooks talk about this place and the slaves, segregation and the incarcerated population and how oppressed we were before being liberated. It's so easy to picture. This blue lives matter shit is getting out of hand, and I've noticed that the ONLY people with the bumper stickers and that fucking flag are thumb-looking cunts with $200,000 trucks living in mansions and shit in 'rural' areas. I'm scared as fuck every time I see police lights (which is all the damn time almost everywhere), because these assholes can and will ruin your ENTIRE LIFE basically on a whim. It is hilariously easy to arrest someone here. Public defenders stuck. Police can just lie or not have evidence or whatever, there's literally no risk to them at all if they get into a courtroom. You can maybe fight and win, but you'd be lucky to have a job to come back to and you'll have a record the rest of your fuckin life, even if they say you don't. These bastards have armored vehicles and automatic weapons. They're fucking gangs holding local governments hostage. And they are ALL (and I do mean ALL) self-characterized racists. The Republicans are somehow taking on an even uglier aspect and gerrymandering has reached kind of a fever-pitch in their favor.

Im living in a small town currently and it has never been more apparent to me who the ruling class is and what its motivations are. I can literally see these fat old white men in fresh laundered dockers polos and shades with their hideous crones to their side clutching Gucci bags. And I can see them fucking GLARE at me from across the street. And I can see them laughing with the cops. And I can see them driving around in their fucking brand new Fords that are 90% cab with two trump flags sticking obscenely off the back. And they run the goddamn grocery store, and the bar, and the gas station and they pretty much ARE the town council.

Tell me this: what's the endgame for the United States? How Post too long. Click here to view the full text.



>what's the endgame for the United States?

The endgame will probably end with green fascism. The conservatives in the US already want to go slaughter all the libs for their own idpol bullshit. I mean think of it this way, as soon as the global econ crash occurs (and it will) within the next 10 years, I can see the US going full fash. Its only a matter of time before things escalate.

>How do we end this fucking nightmare?

Teach as many people about the upcoming crash as you can, instigate, agitate, do what ever it takes to bring as many people leftward as possible.




The fash tried to distance themselves from the Nazis, since there's also an internalised disgust for them. Since it's been shown that they have the same ideas, they've been in decline.

We need a rebranding, but not necessarily taking a new name or bullshit like that. Truth is on our side. We need to inverse out this anticommie internalization.

The only distancing the left can do is through anarchism. It can be played up the victim of tankies, and once they've become Anti-capitalistic you can tankie pill them if they're bootlickers.


File: c67f9a9c1c95895⋯.png (574.58 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, lpol.png)

Made a shitty infograph for newfags, can anyone correct mistakes if any?

File: df77a16767fc6ac⋯.jpg (252.29 KB, 1403x1008, 1403:1008, df77a16767fc6acd8f4e1f9743….jpg)


Whether or not you give a shit, today was a day where the fascists took the L. Type S to spit on fascist graves

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Are you denying the facts in his post? America should earn every communists full anger every time it's mentioned.



>America should earn every communists full anger every time it's mentioned.

Yes, America, not american soldiers who were literally just 18 year old drafted into the army and sent off to fight in Europe. They were promised benefits and that they were fighting for freedom. If that is condemnable then we must condemn each and every worker who is currently alive and employed because they're not class-conscious enough to have a revolution.





Don't see where he was blaming the individual worker but w/e.



The post was referring to the attempted defense of >>2921346 and how it stated that "real communists cheer equally at American and German casualties" when those casualties were drafted US workers and their kids.

File: 1927afecd420969⋯.jpg (79.05 KB, 647x656, 647:656, 18119380_1903340253256687_….jpg)


McDonnell: Labour should 'get on with' changing its Brexit policy

Labour should 'get on with' changing its Brexit policy to support a second referendum, the shadow chancellor has told the BBC.John McDonnell said Jeremy Corbyn was "rightfully" trying to build consensus, but added the party needed to reach a position "sooner rather than later".


Greek Voters Welcome Centrist Government, Reject Leftists Amid Long Financial Crisis

Greeks elected a conservative party led by the scion of a powerful political dynasty in national elections on Sunday, a rejection of the country's left-wing government seen as being too slow in improving the economy after a long financial crisis.


Venezuela crisis: Opposition announces talks in Barbados

The Norwegian foreign ministry, which has been acting as a mediator, said the two sides would meet "to move forward in the search for a negotiated and constitutional solution".


Rare South Korean defector moves to North, like his high-ranking parents did 30 years ago

The son of a former South Korean minister, who fled to the US and later to North Korea, has followed in his late parents’ footsteps. The rare northward defector says he will devote the rest of his life to the reunification cause.

https://www.rt.com/news/463606-noPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

4 posts omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 0ceb8ffdb3e578f⋯.png (276.12 KB, 1024x656, 64:41, 0ceb8ffdb3e578f2ee78c9f889….png)

thanks news anon


newsanon i literally love you and wish only good things for you <3



Hard to tell really. In Vietnam, the trade union in effect is pretty fucking useless really. They hardly do anything because they’re always on the side of big business. The workers knows this so most never care about the union in the first place. Ins

Instead the mediator work between the workers and business owners usually goes to the local police force. Almost every single strikes that I’ve seen are non-violent.

The change of laws may led to companies forming their own shill union to control the workers or the workers being more organized. Time will tell really.



What, that they are not a guarantee of socialism?



WSWS are the only Trots who autistically think unions are necessarily bad. Hating unions is more of a leftcom position; Trots (including myself) typically maintain the orthodox Leninist position that, while the union leadership is corrupt and will resist revolutionary movement by the workers, unions are still a fundamental and crucial part of the infrastructure of the labor movement.

Also, thank you based news anon

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