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File: a71e700fbf3a09e⋯.png (212.75 KB, 502x511, 502:511, Screen Shot 2019-04-16 at ….png)


What a sound economic ideology right wing libertarian capitalism is. How will we ever recover?

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Kering which is property of the Pinault Family has avoided paying, since 2002 both in Italy and France, 2.5 billions € of tax through tax avoidance schemes. So those 100.000.000€, that the Pinault family promised, aren't even 5% of that amount.

source: https://twitter.com/Brevesdepresse/status/1118261584671985664




As Engels noted, "the only service that can still be rendered to God today is to make atheism a compulsory dogma and to surpass Bismarck's anticlerical Kulturkampf laws by prohibiting religion in general."

Religion was not banned in the USSR. Churches, mosques, synagogues, etc. existed, as did clergy and the publication of religious texts.

The struggle against religion is waged chiefly via debate. In the first two decades of the USSR anti-religious propaganda and even violence came about due to the fact that the Orthodox Church and most clergy of the other faiths were linked to Tsarism and local exploiting classes, and had resisted both soviet power and collectivization.

When churches were closed or torn down, this was supposed to be done with the consent of the local population. Yaroslavsky, head of the USSR's atheist organization in the 1920s-30s, criticized violations of this tenet.

As the CPSU pointed out, under socialism a new generation of clergy came into being that supported the socialist state even if they themselves were not Marxists. Both this clergy and ordinary believers were to be treated respectfully.

>Do most communists see the erasure of religion as an objective these days anymore?

Yes, but obviously a long-term one, not something that can be accomplished via decrees.

So to answer your question:

>How would communism realistically abolish religion?

By removing the material conditions that give rise to it and educating people. For example, "the real danger facing the churches in the GDR today is no longer a direct confrontation with the state. . . Numerous parishes have Post too long. Click here to view the full text.



Wrong, under communism the Notre Dumb would have been something useful like a school or hospital or housing.




Pinault is one of the richest men in France and owns the largest private art collection of the country. The super wealthy who paid for Notre Dame actually don't pay their taxes and are despised by the french population.

Source : frenchman.



Under communism the renovation crew wouldn't have been cutting back staff and equipment to save money and it wouldn't have burned down to begin with.

File: 13d71243af56045⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 42.23 KB, 720x512, 45:32, 2839f8c985be019c8fbee1bb64….jpg)


I still have not received an answer to my very important question. In your particular strain of not-real-communism, how will the distribution of commiecats be organized? I expect to be provided a share of commiecats proportional to my needs.

(>chronic masturbation makes your soft brain unable to spoiler images)
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thank you. thank you a lot


File: a87b4e45f0b2640⋯.jpg (1.06 MB, 1800x1267, 1800:1267, f7eb12ecc81aec1ea06f0b815d….jpg)





One is objectively better than the other


File: 6c8f7b7553a5a7f⋯.jpg (150.87 KB, 1855x2500, 371:500, aa81a6989c8c58b1d20bd8e983….jpg)


>liking tall girls

I'm sorry for your mistaken opinion. Shortstack women are best women.




File: 0913bccfae42100⋯.png (247.39 KB, 1350x849, 450:283, 9eee2c0dce4b5df73798047656….png)


>I'm sorry for your mistaken opinion. Shortstack women are best women.

Barely a shortstack at that, look at those hips. Better woman are taller woman.


Not true


File: aa81a6989c8c58b⋯.png (1.74 MB, 1855x2500, 371:500, aa81a6989c8c58b1d20bd8e983….png)


>look at those hips. Better women are taller women

Not seeing it m8

>not true

True again.

File: 09bc485da3b8719⋯.jpg (43.84 KB, 591x591, 1:1, 25dea83.jpg)


Hello, I've been lurking here for a few days. I use to come from a more conservative background and more and more I have been leaning towards the left over the years. I'm not sure on anything past libretarian. But basically what's the normal beliefs here, I know there might be ideology issues due to anar, society, and comm.

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File: 77a93dd399777a0⋯.jpg (16.14 KB, 346x300, 173:150, 77a93dd399777a0a94e278a9c8….jpg)

We joke but ï thunk there is just ancoms and mls now.


File: f8d93cb665ba5f6⋯.png (422.47 KB, 1600x1054, 800:527, HrLxA6n.png)


The core of the board is Marxist-Leninists (including a sub-species of Cockshott fags, who are probably more realists than the rest of us tbh), Dengist idiots and the few non-insufferable Anarchist that still exist. This group is supplemented by newfags like me, who really are not educated in theory but post pics of Lenin facepalming and call other people liberals to overcompensate. Welcome aboard, liberal newfag.


File: a2552df5cda85fa⋯.jpg (12.26 KB, 236x169, 236:169, big bill haywood dollar.jpg)

File: 2f4f25878fb7e34⋯.jpg (100.86 KB, 680x486, 340:243, big bill haywood mine owne….jpg)


>But basically what's the normal beliefs here




if you read the first two chapters of this book you'll get what the political ideology of leftism is about.


Why the fuck is this anchored and why the fuck are you goons



Not more welcoming. Welcome new friend, wreckers kill yourselves

File: 70bb489139fdbd9⋯.jpg (320.25 KB, 1401x788, 1401:788, gettyimages-863152126-9ea8….jpg)


No bullshit over the last couple months I've been thinking about my involvement in the alt-right movement and I want to get out. I didn't join any organizations but I was an online shitlord and at one time called myself a white nationalist.

I realized how fucked up it all was, and after the Christchurch massacre I felt sick to my stomach for a week. I also just can't stand the negativity of those people anymore and want to move on with my life.

What can I do to redeem myself? I'm considering phoning ExitUSA which is an organization for helping white supremacists but I'm not sure if its designed for online shit lords like me who don't have nazi tattoos and real world connections with white supremacy. I swear to god I'm serious 100% repentant and want to fix my ways.

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That bullshit doesn't work on us, man.



the funniest part of this shitty b8 is that most people would be totally fine with all of those things, you're just so fucked up mentally you assume everybody else is as hateful as you when it comes to adoption, trans people, the splc, etc


File: ee856d9cc23103d⋯.jpg (6.91 KB, 190x265, 38:53, download.jpg)


>Sorry the source is my memory



>our government

nice try, mossad


File: eb2b177c27a8b4b⋯.jpeg (96.91 KB, 1200x886, 600:443, gayorgy.jpeg)

Fake and gay.

File: 93631209d20aa6d⋯.jpg (74.49 KB, 350x349, 350:349, Kavlov.jpg)


Why do people say that "we just don't know how a communist society would look like", isn't this the biggest drawback of the communist movement?

Unless we have a concrete vision of what we want to achieve and how it would look like every revolution will eventually fail because people's lives can't be put to a standstill until we can figure out how to do shit and I'd we cant envision it now theres no way we can do it when Peoples lives are at stake

I think the best possible scenario is that communists start forming independent communes and start dealing with each other with mutual aid and have a no money no work society right now, no direct violence against the state but if the commune is attacked only self defence

If you think this is idealism I would like to know why and what do you think isnt an idealist way of combating capitalism and the state

Also MLs and other party socialist news not reply

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>State representatives

Uh no thanks I think I'll control them directly mr. moustache man



I mean, we have ideas about how socialism would look. There are numerous historical examples, and some ongoing socialist experiments. Communism is theoretical. The material conditions necessary for the abolition of classes, the state, and money do not exist. It is literally impossible to conceptualize, specifically, "what communism would look like."



Would anarcho-kiddies be against the way Yugo handled means of production?



>If Marx's view of history is correct

It's not whether it's correct or not, Marx never said communism is inevitable, he simply said that communism could be one possible outcome to come out of capitalism. Humanity could very well become extinct before capitalism is replaced however.



A state that exists solely to define and protect the national border while farming villages of 20-30 people are able to live without need for writing, reading, or money.

File: 1b327be0d721855⋯.jpg (92.55 KB, 1024x624, 64:39, type59_north_vietnam_army3….jpg)


Libya warlord backed by west and its Arab allies declares war on UN-backed government

The warlord hailed by the west and Arab autocrats as a potential unifier of Libya has just declared war on the country’s UN-backed interim leader, issuing a warrant for his arrest on “terrorism” charges as well as hammering the country’s capital with airstrikes.


North Korea's new nominal head of state guided Kim Jong Un from the beginning

Choe Ryong Hae was named President of the Presidium of the Supreme People’s Assembly of North Korea, state media reported on Friday, replacing Kim Yong Nam who had held the position since it was created in 1998.


‘Major international victory’: Trump cheers ICC decision not to probe US atrocities

After the International Criminal Court (ICC) declined to investigate claims of US atrocities in Afghanistan, US President Donald Trump cheered the decision but said the ICC was “illegitimate” and US and allies beyond its reach.


Sudan coup leader Awad Ibn Auf steps down

The head of Sudan's military council has stood down a day after leading a coup that toppled long-time leader Omar al-Bashir amid a wave of protests.DPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Does anyone here have some good resources on Libya? Im super interested in its history and the modern history of its downfall post Gadafi, but I don't know where to look for good resources on the subject




He was let out/escaped, then pardoned by the Benghazi government. As far as I know he's folded the Loyalist side into the LNA now, although nobody has any clue how large his forces are.



>How False Western Humanitarianism is Used to Justify Imperialism

counterpunch is IMO the most based not directly socialist news network that has credibility.


“Stalin begins to be perceived as a symbol of justice and an alternative to the current government, deemed unfair, cruel and not caring about people,”

A record 70 percent of Russians approve of Soviet leader Josef Stalin’s role in Russian history, according to a poll published by the independent Levada Center pollster on Tuesday.

Stalin’s image has been gradually rehabilitated in the 2000s from that of a bloody autocrat to an “outstanding leader.”


File: 8e17ac76f818fd7⋯.jpg (56.44 KB, 700x926, 350:463, 6c410a2da6dd5689f1ac075b53….jpg)


Can any woke ☭TANKIE☭ tell me: what was the actual extent of censorship of the press in the USSR.

Obviously the liberals bang on about how you'd be snitching on your family and friends for making jokes about Stalin and breathing wrong had you locked up but we know this is bullshit, however we aren't cultists, obviously there was some censorship so what was the actuality?


Depends on the country and what period. Generally though access to Western media was restricted (although in some cases there were huge exceptions the authorities reluctantly allowed, like most East Germans being able to pick up West German TV), government leaders couldn't be criticized or seriously scrutinized, and there were a lot of "taboo" subjects that weren't allowed to be explored in the press or by historians (e.g. in the USSR until Glasnost accounts of the Great Purges rarely went beyond "violations of socialist legality occurred which led to mass repressions"; you couldn't write a book on the subject nor on condemned individuals like Yagoda, Yezhov and Beria.)


I grew up behind the iron curtain and will tell you that after seeing my uncle taken away (though later released) for criticising the necessity of my cousins being taught Russian, I did learn that excessive self-censorship was in fact necessary.

It wasn't as bad where we were as it was in some places, though I imagine it was truly not far from the propaganda we hear.

Keep in mind that capitalism is going down a similar route, so it's my opinion that these issues simply stem from desire for absolute power more than anything else.



The only real censorship in the USSR was the following

- graphic sexual stuff

- overt political messages outright spurning communism (self-crit such as in media like krokodil political caricatures was allowed). So no pro-capitalist or remotely right-wing politics could be distributed outside small personal circles.

- depictions of pointless excessive violence

The censorship of american media was usually do to most of it going against soviet values, a lot of american rock-music have lyrics that are in essence a celebration of spurning authority.

For example Twisted Sister's We're Not Gonna Take It, which encouraged teenage rebellion against parents and played on the lack of connection between American parents and children. The USSR meanwhile placed very high value on tight-knit family relations, parents and children remain close through out life. The Soviet Government didn't want this American familial dysfunction in their society and tried to ban it, especially since there was an unfortunate little movement in post 1960s soviet teens, obsessed with the USA. In a way they're like how Weebs are for Japan; know nothing about the realities of the country and only see the bright shiny exterior from exported media, and bought into it.


File: eb2b177c27a8b4b⋯.jpeg (96.91 KB, 1200x886, 600:443, gayorgy.jpeg)

Stop being such a faggot.

File: 47eadf9bead26b0⋯.jpg (25.3 KB, 479x409, 479:409, AbusiveParent.jpg)


All parents are abusive because parenting is abusive by nature.

When it comes to the parents who neglect and beat their kids (which I have experience with) it's just a matter of degree.

All parents are abusive for the same reasons that all governments are abusive, all cooperation are abusive, all bosses are abusive, and all monarchies are abusive.

I don't understand how people can disapprove of child-adult romantic relationships but also approve of parenting.

They're both bad for much of the same reasons (children can't consent, children are vulnerable even in consensual relationships, e.t.c).

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the irony is delicious when people like JBP point to 1984 as an example of a tyrannical society when he is fighting to preserve it.



It sounds like 14-year-old edgelordism, the only treatment is to allow the subject to have 10 years to grow up in and with any degree of luck, the subject will have matured and be ready to join the adults.



good post



Americans don't mature, they're trapped in eternal adolescence, so I doubt anything will change will this child.


File: b7c248430486f02⋯.jpg (91.48 KB, 640x640, 1:1, b7c248430486f029d78c05e55d….jpg)


Am American can confirm.

File: 006c01fd7a4a605⋯.jpg (88.99 KB, 960x783, 320:261, oy there lad its all a spo….jpg)


I found this today and I found it interesting. /pol/ had nothing intelligent to say about it so I am posting here,- maybe you guys will get something out of it.

>I was asked for a brief definition of what I mean when I talk about the oikonomic nexus of race, nation, family that I’ve written about elsewhere, but also to situate an explanation of ethnonationalism within that. Posting that below for anyone who might be interested.

>So, as briefly as possible.

>There is no racism that does not involve a politics of sex and which links both of these with notions of property ownership. Without a theory and politics of sexuality and desire, there is no plausibility to tenets concerning the reproduction of the purportedly heritable property of race. Both cultural and biological concepts of race emphasize the importance of heritability, they simply disagree over the mechanism of transmission. The concept of race as a heritable property links race to class—it does so by naturalizing the (inter-generational) distribution of property and wealth, and links it moreover to the histories of coveture, paternal rights and absolute primogeniture. Hence, too, the antipathy to miscegenation, particularly where the husband is defined as not-white, and therefore also an antipathy that involves caveats, as where ‘inter-racial’ sex where wives or women generally are considered as property.

>Along these lines, ethnonationalism—as well as the post-Plessy v Ferguson ‘separate but equal’ doctrine of segregation or Apartheid—involve a strict conflation between race, nation and family. In these schema, political rights and authority are distributed on the basis of masculinity while being spatially or geographically delimited on the basis of inseparable concepts of race and sex. Every nation a patriarchal household, engaged in competition within a global system. Ethnonationalism invites men to identify as both men and white (or with a race) as the condition of rights and, by implication, to consider women—and land or territory, and on occasion other non-white men who are often explicitly feminized—as the property over which those rights are exercised by ‘nature’ or divine right, and without Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

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File: ca61e547e4b579a⋯.jpg (69.2 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, ca61e547e4b579a563e3abd06c….jpg)

Almost every successful Communist revolution resulted in a form of ethnic nationalism


Got a sneaking suspicion half the posts in this thread are from Stormweenies.





>The concept of race as a heritable property links race to class

lol what a maroon



>You've not actually understood anything said have you? I'd read the whole thing before posting such a transparent "critique"

>‘separate but equal’ doctrine of segregation or Apartheid—involve a strict conflation between race, nation and family

This is a fallacious critique as it mistakes sub-categorization with conflation or being the same in some sense, outside of rhetoric nationalists do not say that someone of the same ethnicity is the same as a family member. This is similar to saying that when we classify mammals as belonging in the same kingdom to saying that hippopotami and lions are somehow the same animal.

> Every nation a patriarchal household, engaged in competition within a global system.

There is no basis for this either, you can say that the nationalists hold patriarchy as an ideal system for themselves. When you actually talk to these people they are explicitly indifferent to the political systems outside of Europe and the Anglosphere. They just don't care if Kyrgyzstan is a matriarchy or not. And they do not see it in competition, is not immediately obvious outside of hostile religions or ideologies. The piece just does not engage in anything bu self-indulgence

File: 16e4604ce02f9c3⋯.jpg (55.7 KB, 604x604, 1:1, flenin.jpg)


It's ridiculous how little /leftypol/ actually knows about the communist left, or rather, how much it thinks it knows about it while really only having an incredibly memetic and shallow conception of it.

To start one should know where the term actually comes from, which is neither in Germany or Italy, but in Russia. The first 'communist left' was spearheaded by a fraction within the early RCP in opposition to a dominant trend of parliamentarism and politicism, key figures being Nikolai Bukharin and Alexander Bogdanov. The biggest point of tension was the Party's signing of the Brest-Livotsk treaty, which they effectively saw as a halting of the communist movement's upsurge, turning class struggle into (once again) a struggle between national capitals. That's that in short, but this text goes into the question in depth: https://libcom.org/history/1918-treaty-brest-litovsk-curbing-revolution-guy-sabatier. This 'communist left' as it calls itself was not formally opposed to Lenin. In fact, it was Leninist and fully convinced in the primary importance of the Party for the workers' movement. Another fun fact: Lenin's Imperialism, the Highest Stage of Capitalism is in fact an outline/summation of Bukharin's much more thorough Imperialism and World Economy (a text Lenin entirely approved of). Also, as per people's usually poor and selective reading skills, both texts if actually read and understood properly conflict incredibly heavily with the Stalinist twist on attitudes towards imperialism, and if actually studied I am convinced comes actually almost lines up entirely with the ultra-leftist attitude (ultra-leftism is whole other can of worms, though, and it is also both misunderstood as well as used improperly as an identifier as a consequence, so I won't go through it unless anyone insists).

In the rest of the Europe there were also 'lefts' within the communist movements and parties. A problem arises when trying to unite them under an umbrella, which will always fail because in reality they differed widely, and many weren't even anti-parliamentarist unlike the most notorious Dutch-German and Italian lefts (the left communist WSF in England was not just parliamPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

64 posts and 9 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



Wasn't the Lenin's critique of Leftcom mainly against the Councilcoms?



Also, that's interesting about Luxemburg and Liebknecht.

What do you think about calling Deleon as a Leftcom? I've seen some people do that, but to my knowledge he predates the split. I'm not sure if his later followers aligned with them or not.


File: e394e5e8625aacd⋯.png (221.08 KB, 300x300, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)




File: d3e6be57a698382⋯.jpg (49.91 KB, 900x920, 45:46, kisspng-question-mark-icon….jpg)


Are you people pro gun or anti gun?

_ __=__

\\@([__]___( )


/ /(( )



11 posts omitted. Click reply to view.


Every weapon out of the hands of the imperialists and their lackeys and in the hands of the revolutionary proletariat is another step towards communism. At the end of the day the man with the gun is the man who decides what your rights are.



we need guns to defeat rightists


File: 2a52c36445046d6⋯.jpg (16.97 KB, 255x215, 51:43, 2a52c36445046d6500d293fb2d….jpg)


Screw lenin. Hoxha says guns every household, period, screw you.



I'm liberal (on the country level) and I'm very pro-gun. Also, a lot of people are liberals.



I just realised this is leftypol, not r9k and forgot to say "nice trips"

File: ace1431614fee69⋯.png (48.32 KB, 469x304, 469:304, ClipboardImage.png)


What would you say are the dos and don't dos of leftist YouTube and podcasts? I've been thinking of making one but I don't want to become just another channel that appeals exclusively to imageboards and preaches to the choir.

I'd guess you'd have to be

>informative and interesting

>not LARPing


>not bogged down in inter-channel drama

Is it even worth my time? People say I have a "voice for radio" all the time

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Not exactly YouTube channels but these two old videos from Rathergood are nice:

Communist Christmas


Laika Rocket Dog




what was your youtube called?


File: 90803c50d19bf2e⋯.jpeg (23.41 KB, 225x225, 1:1, stažený soubor.jpeg)



I don't know if there are any real leftists in California, but there are real Not Socialists.



Contrapoints literally points back to how capitalism is behind every left/right concern in the modern day.

File: fa623b455e300d7⋯.jpg (24.59 KB, 1048x524, 2:1, 62624643616.jpg)


I heard about this a few times in leftist circles. Basically that most of what silicon valley and other tech research things do is pretty much a scam that isn't going to show any real results (particularly things like AI). Also I heard that there are a bunch of go-fund-me tier projects that somehow get funded like the Theranos thing. So, are these claims about the high-tech industry being bullshit true or just overblown? I would like some sources on this.

52 posts and 7 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



>They can't even get AI to pack Amazon boxes

People put the stuff in boxes and get advice from the COMPUTERGOD which box to use. The advice is non-binding because it is often wrong. Packing things gets quickly complicated, even if all the objects are rectangular boxes themselves and you only want to know the most efficient arrangement when limiting yourself to using right angles, you still have a combinatorial explosion. But that doesn't explain the common wrong advice when putting two or three items into a box or even just a single one.

Barcodes have brought a drastic improvement in tracking flows, but these still treat items as identical that are merely supposed to be identical. It is annoying that information-richer 2D codes aren't the norm yet. The scanning devices used at Amazon and many other places can read them. If the packaging of an item changes, it still comes with the same barcode, so advice based on old measurement leads to confusion. There is a hodgepodge of different barcode norms and Amazon workers memorize a ranking of five different standards if several are found on an item (which happens almost always).

These are problems that you drastically reduce by coming up with standards and enforcing them. It is idiotic and autistic to even think of them as "problems of AI". They are the idiotic outcomes of an autistic society.



I completely agree with this post.

I am a bit surprised no one has mentioned Evegeny Morozov in this thread yet (he may be a little off-topic).

He coined the term "solutionism" for the pattern Silicon Valley has when it tries to "save the world" by shoving tech tools into made-up problems.






He’s a fucking idiot. He didn’t critique Silicone Valley in any meaningful sense. All he did is say it’s bad for liberal democracy. As if liberal democracy in this day and age is something worth defending.


The Internet has dramatically changed some Industries though. For example, just look at print media. Newspapers and Television stations are collapsing, and their being replaced by a bunch of small decentralized online media sources.




Capitalism and SJWs are not mutually exclusive parties. Not only can you blame them both, but in many cases they are working together.

Elizabeth Holmes is one such case. And this isn't just theorycrafting, if you go back and look at news regarding her before 2018 you will see the "muh sexism" card being used in her defense. It's a classic scam: Exploit the broken nature of capitalism like a true Porky, label anyone who criticizes you of being morally bankrupt or having some ulterior motive.

Just read some of this shit. You cannot make this up.


>hurr she's a strong independent women so she is the victim here! Sexist pigs!

>Pay no attention to growing mountains of evidence that she knowingly defrauded investors!

>Pay no attention to the fact that she exploited her workers with unrealistic pie in the sky goals and low pay!

>damage control

Idpol is used as a tool of Porky to get away with Porking the worker all the time. Thinking that it somehow needs to be one or the other, or that calling out SJWs is somehow diverting the blame from Porky, is 100% exactly what Porky wants you to think.

File: 2bac23521b9484c⋯.png (1.19 MB, 1164x656, 291:164, AntiChinaMan.png)


New video out by America Uncovered that covers tax evasion.

Make sure to brigade the comments as corporate shills are out in full force:


7 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: ace4205f33746d1⋯.png (145.34 KB, 2048x2048, 1:1, 1554563659697.png)


can i get a quick rundown on falun gong



the state is a tool of the bourgeoisie to protect their interests. laws are made to control the proletariat. i find it funny when liberals advocate for some radical legalistic position in making capitalism 'fair'.



Weird reactionary cult that gets organ harvested by China


File: f50b649f8319992⋯.png (25.1 KB, 330x329, 330:329, Falun_Gong_Logo.svg.png)


>Major personality cult

>Don't believe in evolution

>Think heaven is segregated and that the only way mixed-race people can go there is if the cult leader personally intervenes

>Believe that ancient Chinese medicine > Western science

>Ancient kang empires existed millions of years ago in Africa

>General pseudoscience

>Publishes The Epoch Times, a newspaper whose primary function is to shit on the PRC

All according to their own interviews/speeches/etc. Cursed source but look at the references section:



Rich people see taxes as slavegeld, but they don’t dwell in a society that impoverishes them. They create their own miseries and live in fear of submission only because they have completed their own shackles first. The rich evade taxes because of failed imaginations and an inability to see their own interest in the prosperity of others. Societies are more stable and pleasant when theft is regulated via taxation and the proceeds of theft are distributed with oversight. Many of the problems in this world can be resolved by people who believe they can be resolved; many that cannot be directly resolved can be ammeliorated by a dispassionate force reallocating resources away. Government performs both functions in a comprehensible manner.

File: bb8d73c304e166c⋯.jpg (105.46 KB, 889x486, 889:486, bb8d73c304e166c7cba0be7fdb….jpg)


Preface for the Mods and anyone who has had experience with reactionary antinatalists in the past: I am a Marxist Leninist and I think the only way to rectify social ills once and for all is to end capitalism and build communism. I am aware that a nihilistic/liberal/reactionary bent has been the predominant lens through which antinatalists conjure much of their philosophy and analysis which is one reason I'm making this post and it's meant simply to be a discussion about how antinatalist might (or might not) be useful to leftists in heightening the contradictions and perhaps triggering a revolutionary scenario

Okay,,so I've become very interested in the idea of antinatalism. I assume most of you know what this is but if you don't read/skim the basics here: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antinatalism. Up til now the monopoly on discussion of antinatalism has been nihilistic and even reactionary. Most socialists I've talked to about the issue seem to assume it can only lead to reaction due to this and that it is a rightist ideology as such. However, I argue that, when distilled to its purest form it's an apolitical idea similar to atheism. Therefore I believe a Left-antinatalism or perhaps a new strain of thought utilizing antinatalism as a jumping off point can be constructed from it.

My main points are:

1) It would be very easy to ease doomer-minded liberals or apolitical proles into understanding anticapitalist ideas with antinatalist talking points. For instance, pointing out that when there is a shortage of labor due to a lack of births porky will begin to slash social programs and so on as it will put too much strain on them to care for ageing population without new workers being born. This is already being discussed in bourgeoisie media: "http://archive.is/wnwHG". Why should the working class have to suffer from yet another obliteration of protections because they refuse to bring more children into a dying world?

2) "Dying world" leads into my next point. Ecologically minded liberals could easily be radicialized by pointing out that refusing to have children iPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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>there are plenty of opportunities it's arguably never been easier

Bullshit. Maybe in absolute material terms we've never been wealthier or something (I honestly doubt it), but providing your child with everything required by modern society, while also having enough free time to take care of their emotional needs, that's never been harder. You can't do it.


I hope you've all realised that boonposter is actually a communist but has continued with this persona for fun and so that we can practice arguing with nazis online. Boonposter is a good guy, be thankful for him and his shitposting.


Good, we should be pumping as much money as we can into designer babies, cloning and artificial wombs anyway. Death to biology.


>Porky freaking out about nationalists threatening to limit immigration


Porky thinks a massive nationalist movement mobbing immigrants is awesome. Better that societies dupes target immigrants than porky with legitimate economic grievances. Porky has been using ethnonationalists to entrench the ruling class into their place at the top of the power heirarchy since time immemorial. What do you think the inquisition and German fascism was about? It wasn't about the Pope and Hitler being ideological zealots. It was porky giving them a slush fund to use their talent distracting dupes while porky used their public treasuries to increase their profits while decreasing their risks.



If you were poor? Pretty difficult. If you were rich? Historically, not very difficult at all. When Marx and Engels made reference to prostitution and marriage, they were being very literal at the time. It was common practice for "shopkeepers" to prostitute their wives to acquire side income even against their will as they were unable to leave the relationship in any capacity. Even well-off families had their wives engage in prostitution so supplement the family income.

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