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File: 6c29035df1e0d7f⋯.png (67.19 KB, 1920x1280, 3:2, 1snqqhqck2ey.png)



anarcho-thread for anarchist commentary on recent happenings in world, and general anarchist thread.

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and neither is Max Stirner



>On what basis is anarchism just going to "happen?"

You're asking that on /leftypol/ where everyone seems to think the revolution is around the corner



The PAVN (NVA is misleading) utilized the same guerrilla tactics as the VC, or National Liberation Front as they called themselves. The Tet Offensive, while a catastrophic failure for the VC tactically, was a strategic victory which broke the stalemate and made the Americans realize that the war was economically unsustainable, and that no amount of "putting the guerillas on the ropes" would reasonably stop them. By then, the USA had lost almost a trillion dollars (adjusting for inflation) and half of the vehicles deployed in the war.

The PAVN had a rather restricted role, leaving most combat to the Viet Cong, until after the war started to become conventional.


Foco and the IRA are really bad examples. Foco failed everywhere in which the government was not so thoroughly corrupt and hated that it could operate and thus the guerrillas could build support without a mass movement, and the IRA's switch to a cellular model without adequate central command resulted in them relying on scattered terror tactics with decreasing relevance to the war as a whole.



Stirners still cool imo



What? For you rules = need of a state?

File: 5261b6be584f0a5⋯.jpg (77.21 KB, 900x467, 900:467, if_modern_anarchists_fough….jpg)


Internal power dynamics among socialists

What do I need to read in order to understand this?

I've just seen an discussion online where a man and a woman were discussing some point of marxism/socialism and then suddenly the woman basically accused the guy of mansplaining ("steaming in" to correct a woman were her words) and then a dogpile began where another person said that the guy should be paying for the educational labour of the woman, then another person telling them to "shut the fuck up".

I just don't get it. what causes socialists (or people that claim to be) to be so toxic and mean to each other? Is there a social/psychogical explanation? Has there been much written about this?

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You haven't explained any mechanisms. You've merely stated that it's illegal therefore fewer people do it. In fact, the number of pedophiles doesn't change since you've passed a law. What has changed is the availability of product they will consume. That has become riskier to make, driving the price people are willing to sell it for up. Once that price reaches a certain point, desperate people who wouldn't otherwise produce child pornography start producing it merely because of the amount of money to be made doing so. Remember that the consumers haven't changed here, but now people produce it who otherwise wouldn't because of money to be made doing so. The actual exchange value og CP is driven up by the creation of the black market. This is an unavoidable consequence of prohibition in a market economy. Unlike opiates, where you can create new demand, CP has a relatively stable demand because the number of pedophiles should remain relatively stable within any population. The only thing that would drive up demand is creating artificial scarcity of the product they consume, which is exactly what happens during prohibition.


Show that the consumption, distribution, and production has increased. The only thing that has changed is that the market is now being taxed and production has shifted to America from imports. Legalization did not increase demand by any significant degree. One thing that did happen is that legalization of cannabis corresponded to a decrease in demand for opiates, or at least a decrease in observed opiate related hospitalizations and deaths, which is a good thing.

Again, you need to demonstrate, with facts, that prohibition has decreased the production and distribution of CP. Otherwise we have no reason to believe this is so, and in fact we can believe the opposite. Do you also believe that prohibiting prostitution reduces prostitution rates?




Claiming ownership of your corpse is not just absentee ownership but an eve more ridiculous version than private property because you're not just absent from the property but from existence. Being worried about how a corpse is treated is just spiritualism.



>Show that the consumption, distribution, and production has increased

Look it up yourself dipshit, it's openly available information. Every state in the US that legalized has seen a corresponding growth in the marketplace. It turns out that when you can't be arrested for smoking weed, more people do it! Crazy, I know.



What is this false dilemma between 'getting defensive' and admitting guilt? Just calmly reject their bullshit and then carry on with the point you were trying to make.



You can't look up data that doesn't exist. How are you measuring pre-legalization black market cannabis usage? It's by definition clandestine.

File: 278216ae1b8666b⋯.jpg (146.89 KB, 1200x799, 1200:799, NPA soldier.jpg)


So we know that in 2017 the NPA had a surge of recruitment from about 3,700 troops to around 5,000 during the ceasefire a few years ago, what are they up to now? Have decades of protracted people's war bore any fruit whatsoever?

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It's urbanization yes, but there's also the issue of proxy warfare. That's how imperialism works these days: instead of full-scale ground invasions imperialists just buy off local residents and get them to do their bidding. How does People's War work in that scenario?



>Their main problem is that third world urbanization is making Maoist praxis obsolete.

Are you talking in regards to people’s war and the idea of establishing bases in liberated areas and surrounding the cities from the countryside?



How can cities sustain themselves without the countryside?



Why the fuck would you think that?! They are vanilla MLM. Just watch the documentary on redfish

>inb4 hurr Russian propaganda


waifu material

File: c90428e0d59a4fe⋯.png (144.58 KB, 1000x540, 50:27, autorally.png)


"The World Socialist Web Site Autoworker Newsletter has received many statements of support in the last few days for the Saturday, February 9 demonstration in Detroit called by the Autoworker Newsletter and the Steering Committee of the Coalition of Rank-and-File Committees. The demonstration is aimed at mobilizing opposition to the plans by General Motors to close five plants in the US and Canada, including major assembly plants in Detroit, Michigan, Lordstown, Ohio and Oshawa, Ontario, and the elimination of the jobs of more than 14,000 production and salaried workers.

The United Auto Workers (UAW) and the Unifor union in Canada have opposed any industrial action to fight the plant closings and mass layoffs. Instead, the unions have ramped up their anti-Mexican nationalism in an effort to prevent a unified struggle between autoworkers in the US and Canada and their brothers in Mexico who have been waging a determined battle against poverty wages paid by multinational auto parts producers in Matamoros.

The demonstration is fighting for the formation of rank-and-file factory and workplace committees, independently of the UAW and Unifor, to unite autoworkers in the US, Canada and Mexico, along with other sections of the working class to fight the attack on jobs by GM and other global automakers.

The urgency of the demonstration is underscored by the start of the jobs massacre today with 4,250 engineers, IT workers, marketing employees and other salaried workers being marched out of the GM Tech Center in Warren, Michigan and other locations. “I will be trembling at my desk, just waiting for HR or my director to say: ‘I’m sorry sir, it’s time for you to leave,’” one global marketing worker wrote on the web blog thelayoff.com last night.

The job cuts come in advance of the company’s 2018 report due out Wednesday that is expected to show a decline in profits from the $11.9 billion the company made in 2017. The aim is to reassure Wall Street investors that the company is stepping up attacks on its workforce in order to drive up its earnings in 2019."

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

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File: 14ae05d0ad2a0dd⋯.jpeg (491.09 KB, 2048x2048, 1:1, DyCIYLGW0AEo-qj.jpeg)

Stop being LARPing sectarian faggots, and work on getting these fucks on it already.

Last post with this shit



We are already in the simulations



SEP abides by democratic centralism. There are disputes but they are discussed within the party meetings and worked out. Thats why the votes are unanimous.


Sri Lankan tea plantation workers committee supports call for February 9 demonstration in Detroit!

In 2018, tea plantation workers in Sri Lanka launched a powerful strike against tea operators in a rebellion against the pro-management trade union. They launched a rank-and-file action committee, the Abbotsleigh Estate Workers Action Committee, to organize, direct and broaden their struggle. The committee sent the following statement urging workers in the US and Canada to attend the demonstration planned for February 9 at 2 pm at GM headquarters in Detroit against job closures and concessions.

* * *

We, the Abbotsleigh Estate Workers Action Committee in Sri Lanka, would like to bring our warm greetings to the demonstration in front of General Motors headquarters in Detroit on February 9, called by the World Socialist Web Site Autoworker Newsletter and the Steering Committee of the Coalition of Rank-and-File Committees, against plant closings by General Motors.

We are aware that GM is planning to shut five factories in the US and Canada and eliminate nearly 15,000 hourly and salaried workers. We understand that this is a part of a global restructuring of the auto industry, driven by big business for super profits, which will escalate the divide between the haves and the have-nots.

The situation faced by the plantation workers and other sections of the working class here in Sri Lanka is also the result of similar policies of the profit hungry big business trans-national companies and bankers.

As plantation workers in Sri Lanka, we are confronted with brutal policies carried out by employers, with the full backing of their government in power. During the recent wave of strikes by plantation workers here, we had to intervene against the trade unions, which were collaborating with the employers and the government, to bring an international political perspective to the workers’ movement. We have realized, through our own experience, that this requires an independent organization like the Steering Committee of the Coalition of Rank-and-File Committees to be organized on an international level, cutting across national-state boundaries.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


How many members has the US SEP? I can't find any information about this.



>revolutions just get magically financed themselves

File: 2171269d82906e5⋯.jpg (111.14 KB, 797x440, 797:440, 18-23331.jpg)


Anybody else flabbergasted by the fact that so many communists opposed the Soviet invasion of Hungary to put down the "revolution" of 1956?

How clueless about foreign influence and regime change were people back then?

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Yeah but were they the majority of the insurrection though?



Not even close. Read the UN report, Kopasci’s account, Fryer’s account. Everybody knows that the CIA had been attempting to instigate uprisings in Eastern Europe. Indeed RFE likely played a role in provoking unrest, but at the same time the uprising in Hungary was genuinely popular, dominated by workers, and overall made no demands that were contrary to socialism. The fact that the CIA may have had some success in sending contras into Hungary after the uprising began doesn’t mean that it was entirely their doing, or that they were in control of the rebels. The Soviet Union itself recognized that the uprising had begun as a genuine act of protest addressing legitimate grievances. The only thing any of this proves is that the US opportunistically tried to take advantage of the situation.


>Numerous published accounts have indicated the existence of secret U.S.-trained émigré groups in the 1950s identified under such rubrics as Red Sox/Red Cap or the Volunteer Freedom Corps. But it has never been officially confirmed whether any groups of this kind played a part in Hungary in 1956. From the Clandestine Service Histories, it seems clear they did not. Although the new documents confirm that small psychological warfare and paramilitary units came into being in the early 1950s, (including the Hungarian National Council headed by Bela Varga), and occasional reconnaissance missions took place at that time, the prospects for penetrating into Hungary deteriorated by 1953 when stepped up controls by Hungarian security forces and "the meager talent available" among potential agents made cross-border operations essentially untenable.

>Thus, far from revealing the deployment of any organized contingents that may have existed, the new documents imply that something much more spur-of-the-moment took place: on October 31, "Headquarters seconded a scheme which had shortly before come out of [deleted] and which proposed that certain defectors [deleted] who had volunteered to go back into Hungary be allowed to go."



My view on on Hungary is complicated

Rakosi was obviously unpopular and had failed to prevent the material conditions of revolt forming (Thus why he was promptly blamed for it and removed from office)

I don't believe the rumours of Nagy being a counter-revolutionary as Kadar who was clearly not was a supporter of him until the tipping point of the invasion and Hungary leaving the WP

That being said I do still believe that it would have likely have resulted in a Counter-Revolution (Im not denying that socialist states existed / exist independent of Soviet power but in this scenario I believe it may have been an inevitability)



I don’t see how that could have happened with the bulk of revolutionaries being hostile to reaction, and having Nagy’s government on their side. The counterrevolutionaries never had any real power. The Soviet Union intervened mainly to save face and avoid looking weak to NATO. Khrushchev says as much in the Malin Notes.

File: 9904934428f165b⋯.png (264.4 KB, 477x827, 477:827, syndicalist_cat.png)


Varoufakis roasts Tusk over ‘Brexiteer hell’, says there’s one for eurozone creators too

The “special place in hell” that EU Council President Donald Tusk says is reserved for Brexiteers is not that different to the one for those who devised the EU monetary union, ex-Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis believes.


UK, Norway, Iceland agree on citizens' rights if no-deal Brexit

Britain and the so-called EEA EFTA countries, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway, have reached an agreement on citizens’ rights should Britain leave the EU without a withdrawal agreement, Iceland’s government said on Friday.


Rome's war of words with President Macron may prove self-defeating

Diplomatic etiquette would normally classify the recall of an ambassador for “consultations” as a middle-order symbol of displeasure. During the cold war, the summoning, or withdrawal, of an ambassador was mundane. More recently, Hungary pulled its ambassador from the Netherlands in 2017, in response to criticism by the outgoing Dutch ambassador in Hungary.


'Death to America' aimed at Trump, not American nation, Iran leader says

Iranians will chant “Death to America” as long as Washington continues its hostile policies, but the slogan is directed at PresidentPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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> As a leftist opposition to capitalism we should be developing our own alternatives that can be put into operation at a moment's notice.

what is reason for the fetish for this? how do you imagine that socialists - a tiny minority - could build a parallel amazon, google, etc.? these massive corporations can't be competed against - they must be seized.



My worry is that something like Amazon can't be seized as easily as a traditional factory. There's a whole digital network behind it that will implode the moment we try to take it over. We should have a computer program ready that has the same functionality but is tailored to our needs. This doesn't mean competing with Amazon, just being able to tell the world that if Amazon doesn't suit them anymore, we're ready to take over their facilities and keep them going.



anon, who do you think works at amazon? who do you thinks writes the software, works at the warehouses, drives the delivery trucks, etc.? you are imagining some "outside force" invading the amazon hq only to find, to their amazement, that there's no button to press that claims it for the soviet government.

the workers are the ones who take control of their workplaces, with the help of the party. together, party and worker and society, democratically administrate the companies affairs.



Setting up an infrastructure like Amazon isn't easy. Those workers won't magically figure it out for us. If the revolution happens and we only THEN start organizing our economy, we lose. There's just no chance.

>you are imagining some "outside force" invading the amazon hq only to find, to their amazement, that there's no button to press that claims it for the soviet government.

No. I'm imagining Amazon's workers taking over their workplace and finding out that, outside of the larger capitalist structure of Amazon, they have no idea what they should be doing. Amazon isn't just a body of people, it's a whole network of relations between them. In fact, Amazon is primarily in the business of managing such connections (producer to consumer, etc). If capitalism is abolished that whole system will go with it, and we need to have our own system ready to immediately put there in its place. Else everything collapses.

>the workers are the ones who take control of their workplaces, with the help of the party. together, party and worker and society, democratically administrate the companies affairs.

Waving your hands and going "we'll use democracy!" doesn't cut it. Great. Let's ground our system in democracy. We still need concrete solutions though.



Because there's the possibility of the formal owners, or top management, of the enterprise going full kulak and trying to burn it to the ground

Best to have backup systems in place ready to go than risk famine

File: 0d5b01e76f8072a⋯.jpg (96.42 KB, 1010x750, 101:75, werewolffman.jpg)


Oh Lawd! Someone call an ambulance! Richard "Co-opman" Wolff savagely tears new assholes in the smug, bratty, constantly-interrupting far-right libertarian (Bold TV) and neo-conservative (The Daily Caller) internet show hosts live on Bold TV's New York studio

>Bold TV: Is Socialism Inherently Bad?


>Professor Richard Wolff, founder of Democracy at Work and author of "Understanding Marxism," joined Bold TV to discuss his new book, socialism, and Venezuela. He debated with Benny Johnson, a columnist at The Daily Caller.

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>"You need to get out more"

Perfect response.

Patience of a saint, but he could be a great rhetorician if he wasn't holding back.


File: 1460f43c63555be⋯.png (1.08 MB, 1188x1736, 297:434, AFF10924-A6E7-471B-A21F-B2….png)

We can’t keep wasting our time arguing with rightoids that run on pure ideology. It’s more important we appeal to the general masses rather than le enlightened lolbetarian





Damn Benny was shook af tbh fam



Support Israel at first

not killing enough kulaks


File: 0087bc57812f1a0⋯.jpg (219.13 KB, 800x1000, 4:5, 1547039008874.jpg)


The point of the State according to Schopenhauer:

1. Protect the people from each other

2. Protect the people from the State

Is he based and redpilled?

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Schopenhauer was very reactionary and highly conservative. He was born into a family of wealthy merchants and supported the counter-revolutionary side in 1848. He was skeptical about nationalism, but that's only because he was bourgeois through and through having acquired a cosmopolitan character and financial independence from the Prussian state. From an abstract I found on a paper online:

>Schopenhauer’s response to these events is likewise well known, especially the picturesque detail of his lending his doppelten Operngucker (opera-glasses) to an Austrian officer in command of the twenty soldiers who had occupied his study (and who, in spite of the unwelcome disturbance, were hailed by him as “good friends”), so as to be better able to shoot at what our philosopher chose to call “the sovereign rabble” (“die souveräne Canaille”). A few years later, in his will, he granted a significant sum to the “fund for the relief of the Prussian soldiers who… had become disabled in their struggle for the maintenance of law and order in Germany, and of the next of kin of those who had fallen in this struggle”.

Despite this, I like many parts of Schopenhauer's philosophy, but the most based and redpilled philosopher would have to go to Spinoza.


File: 08be6fcbc9433c6⋯.png (205.39 KB, 500x667, 500:667, it-is-ce3po-you-probably-d….png)



fucking anarchists



Where's the lie?



They're not wrong. Under socialism the state would be the proletariat, the new ruling class.



I'm an anarchist? I parroted that line almost directly from The State and Revolution. It's an objective fact that the state is not a neutral entity and is a dictatorship of the most economically dominate class which, in most of the world today, happens to be the bourgeoisie. See also >>2810561

File: 4b30d6b4589c9cd⋯.jpg (124.45 KB, 967x621, 967:621, Capture1.JPG)

File: 303f8ceebd97b25⋯.jpg (121.42 KB, 980x602, 70:43, Capture2.JPG)


Browsing TPB. Constantly coming across loonies sharing nazi propaganda. Do a bit of a background check. aNd iMaGiNe mY ShOcK1. When will Politica Dextro Cornu Schizophrenia be added to the DSM.

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How many times will I read some shit along the lines of

>both sound good on paper but ultimately capitalism is best because reasons!

It’s almost as annoying as fascists who “hate capitalism” but when asked what they dislike about capitalism they screech about capitalism “reducing people to numbers” or people consuming things they don’t personally (see Cultured Thug on Youtube), all while supporting private property and not even knowing the contradictions of capitalism. To these retards know black people on TV and some government intervention = non-capitalism



Like I said, I like the early constructivist stuff.


>The absolute truth that scientific abstractions approximate is our material reality. Idealist absolute truth is the truth of some idea either in people's minds or some spirit.

To me materialism has a slightly different meaning. It isn't a faith in material reality independent of the human being, but an understanding that human beings actually interact with the world. Scientific abstractions thus only approximate material reality in a way that's concretely useful for human beings. Forgetting that returns you to idealism, since you assert that there is a way to know material reality that isn't mediated by your material existence.

>What is a "visual reality of its own?" This seems like nonsense to me.

A canvas has a concrete appearance. This is the visual reality of a painting. The task of an artist is to work this appearance. Whether he chooses herein to make a reference to an outside reality is his secondary concern. He'll likely be forced to if he wants it to be an interesting painting to look at (although purely focusing on the process of painting is also an interesting experiment), but the exact relation between this picture and outside material reality is still open. Materialism offers no imperative here to copy outside reality as closely as possible.

>This is again totally arbitrary,

My comment wasn't meant to give a universal purpose art should pursue, just one mechanism by which diverting from realistic depiction may help onlookers understand reality.

>realism has never meant and never can be a complete clone of our material reality.

Wikipedia defines realism as "generally the attempt to represent subject matter truthfully, without artificiality and avoiding artistic conventions, or implausible, exotic, and supernatural elements." By excluding the element of artificiality, it denies materialism. A materialist understanding of the world involvPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: f9abb3e515ab125⋯.png (90.8 KB, 1209x309, 403:103, 5245dc346dc490ad021fdc9cd4….png)


Centerist fence-sitters like this are just unradicalised nazbols. Mentally deffecient (nazbol) and weak willed (lite).

>nazbol-lite or just a liberal

Their kind have not adapted well to the internet see figure 1



*will not implying that they will come across pic related and think >ayo left=right yo



>To me materialism has a slightly different meaning. It isn't a faith in material reality independent of the human being, but an understanding that human beings actually interact with the world.

In this respect, Marxist materialism is the understanding that the material reality determines consciousness, and that consciousness doesn't determine reality. So no, it's not "independent of the human being," it's precisely that the human being both depends on it, is part of it, and as a result, also determines it in turn. Some examples of the material determining consciousness include evolution leading to the existence of consciousness, consciousness itself being a material phenomenon (electrical patterns in the brain, etc), individual consciousness being heavily shaped by society aside from plain genetics, and social consciousness being determined by the mode and conditions of production. Again, please at least read Lenin on this topic:


Marx and Engels as well of course.

>A canvas has a concrete appearance. This is the visual reality of a painting. The task of an artist is to work this appearance. Whether he chooses herein to make a reference to an outside reality is his secondary concern. He'll likely be forced to if he wants it to be an interesting painting to look at (although purely focusing on the process of painting is also an interesting experiment), but the exact relation between this picture and outside material reality is still open. Materialism offers no imperative here to copy outside reality as closely as possible.

Again, this just seems like empty rhetoric, and as I've said, materialism does not necessitate "realism" or "verisimilitude" in every aspect. You talk like the paintings each contain a parallel world like Super Mario 64 or something. And this can get incredibly arbitrary, "Whether he chooses herein to make a reference to an outside reality is his secondary concern." I mean, even the most worthless canvas consisting of a single color canPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: d5dfe9b0c895aaf⋯.jpg (68.94 KB, 901x960, 901:960, Child Slaves Get the Nukes.jpg)


Leftist orgs seems to be filled with opposite extremes, on one hand we have inactive social clubs that do nothing or are very ineffective, on the other hand we have slaving cults ruled completely by one or a few people and use the guise of communism and liberation to control their members and makes them work for the party or give all their money to party as their life purpose.

Is this good dedication or just exploitation be the leadership?

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also venetian republican model placed a heavy emphasis on councils. as another anon mentioned in the robespierre thread (and an opinion i've held for a long time) the french terror was overseen by a COMMITTEE of public safety of which robespierre was just a single member. This principle didn't disappear with his execution either as the Directory that succeeded the CPS governed on the same principle and however much the Directory was derided for corruption and for falling to Napoleon it actually passed a lot of vital reforms. But, again, the Directory is understudied and underrated precisely because it had no charismatic figures (and it ended the radical revolution)



I think you're right but charismatic leaders may be a necessary evil to start a revolutionary process. Such directory/council type of structure may be good to safeguard it from the leader himself.





leadership is incredibly important. but don't delude yourself into thinking that leaders appear magically. they are the product of their epoch - they are born, trained in and schooled, by the material conditions of their lives.

we must train ourselves and each other to become leaders through education and discipline.


File: 063934eb9c190df⋯.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.8 MB, 500x368, 125:92, tumblr_ob7ml4YFnt1uuj1vto1….gif)

File: 85e7d3da04137d7⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 133.55 KB, 736x879, 736:879, 0c79268efaa5e46caa44bd1aea….jpg)

File: cff4c756855d979⋯.gif (Spoiler Image, 679.41 KB, 500x280, 25:14, tumblr_nbcr89D7FD1rnt72lo1….gif)


Sig/leftyweeb picks a leader

File: 29bf879e64cf4c4⋯.jpg (8.4 KB, 174x287, 174:287, 11800340_127306790771.jpg)


New to this place of the internet, what do people here think of bobby sands

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The IRA has nothing to do with the Republic.


File: 8dc07620c1aa4fd⋯.png (68.46 KB, 693x655, 693:655, Making Waves.PNG)

Why hello there making waves, didn't realise you lurked /leftypol/.

How very nice of you to borrow my talking points to disparage PSF in order to promote Solidarity in a thread about John Lyons.



dis gon b gud



>Through declassified British documents, we can see that Thatcher conducted talks with PIRA leadership in 1981, even though both denied it at the time. We can also see that the Thatcher Administration agreed to Three of the Five Demands.

Could you provide a source on that? I'm trying to look it up, but I get nothing.



based stickyposter

File: 1ef9f329698053b⋯.png (1.07 MB, 598x850, 299:425, nederqt.png)


Oude draad is dood, tijd voor een nieuwe.

Als starter een vers artikel van Comac (jongerenbeweging van de belgische PVDA) dat er goed in slaagt om de marxistische visie op de klimaatcrisis aantrekkelijk te maken voor een breed publiek: http://www.comac-studenten.org/longread_de_klimaatrevolutie_kan_de_wereld_veranderen

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>Too bad the language meas that most /leftypol/ers will brush right past it.

We would like to keep it that way.



I don't know what the fuck happened when I posted.

I meant to say was,

>"Too bad the language is foreign and which /leftypol/ anon's will brush right by it (this thread)"


de hielenlikkerij voor de kernlobby in deze draad is fantastisch



>Een kernlobby

Volgens mij is er nergens een significant commerciele industrie van kernreactoren. Die is er wel bij fossiele branstoffen en wind/water/zonne energie. Welke groep zou moeten lobbyen voor kernenergie en waarom denk je dat al deze anti-nucleare wetenschap zo prominent gepusht wordt door zowel de fossiele als groene stroomindustrie?



Was de Sovjet-Unie in handen van de "kernlobby"?

File: 1b619922a126322⋯.png (190.61 KB, 496x713, 16:23, Stalinist_cat.png)


Labour MPs who back Tory Brexit face moment of reckoning, say activists

Labour activists are to target 30 Labour MPs with warnings of “a moment of reckoning” including deselections unless they vote down any Brexit deal brought by Theresa May, organising phone banks and campaign days to pile pressure on MPs.


Brazilian president Bolsonaro has pneumonia, says he is well

Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro has pneumonia after registering a fever during a hospital stay, but a tweet on the far-right leader’s Twitter profile on Thursday said he was “well.”Bolsonaro had an operation on Jan. 28 to remove a colostomy bag that was put in place after he was stabbed while campaigning ahead of Brazil’s election last year.


Theresa May Dines with Millionaires as UK Faces Food Shortages in Case of No-Deal Brexit

The heads of Britain's largest supermarkets and the British Retail Association warned of “significant disruption to food supplies” if May cannot agree to a deal before March 29.The Labour Party has criticized British Prime Minister Theresa May for attending a party fundraiser for wealthy donors Thursday as the country hurtles towards a no-deal Brexit.


Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Fuck that David Lynch pic is hilarious.


File: 31431392942eb09⋯.jpg (66.17 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, serveimage(17).jpg)


>Billionaires who hate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's 70% tax on the superrich are adamant it will hurt the economy — but history suggests otherwise

"And I say verily onto you, do not listen to the false prophet Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, she hates the Economy and wants to see us away from its profit bossom. Nay, the 70% tax rate will anger the Economy and surely we shall feel Economy's wrath!"



Where are the left-libertarian conmen? Maybe there just isn't any money to make it worth it.



>attacking Dennis "the queen should pay her bloody council tax" Skinner



File: 8ee9382e353d125⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 393.53 KB, 735x1000, 147:200, 8ee9382e353d125cb7a3700bdc….png)


>sexiest cat

you're god damn right

File: 775d2936a1de65c⋯.jpg (138.73 KB, 960x720, 4:3, rose-2885586_960_720.jpg)


Why is social democracy so hated here when alongside unions it's the thing that actually helps the working class on a practical basis?

Why is /leftypol/ more obsessed with abolishing capital than the benefits of doing it?

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imagine having an emotional reaction to shitty twitter jokes you don't like



>Communism is a meme at this point and doesn't stand for anything.



File: e600036972c9e25⋯.jpg (45.07 KB, 508x960, 127:240, e600036972c9e250885fdfa120….jpg)



Most people here don't give a shit about the working class they just want to LARP in their USSR uniforms.


The policies which allowed social democracy to exist are always overturned upon the working class becoming pacified, and in the moment of crisis, spending policy is scaled back and austerity is implemented in order to save as much of capital as possible. Crisis, guaranteed unemployment, the problems of production for exchange (overproduction, pollution, inability to meet social need), the encroaching threat of neoliberalism, and the fact that the bourgeois continue to control all sources of information mean that social democratic reforms can only be temporary. Just look at the demands of social democrats from the late 1800s and early 1900s and compare them to see how much it has been declawed.

Let's just look at the nations which had social democratic reform and see how much they've been fucked. Australia and the UK's socdem reforms are completely dismantled, Germany's are scaled back significantly, France's labour protections were destroyed in months because of abuse of a state of emergency, and even the Scandinavian states which liberals love so much are being scaled back with time and ground between right wing parties cutting them apart and liberal parties refusing to reinstate them to any meaningful degree.

File: 95d17a5cc27d9f0⋯.png (428.06 KB, 787x778, 787:778, Anarcha_Hoxhaism_cat.png)


Strike wave hits Kosovo

Kosovo has been hit by a strike wave with workers demanding better wages and conditions and opposing a new salaries law.The strikes are the beginning of a resurgence of the class struggle in the Balkans.


US test-launches Minuteman ICBM from southern California (VIDEO)

An intercontinental ballistic missile lit up the southern California sky before hurtling across the Pacific Ocean to an atoll 4,200 miles away. The test launch came at a time of rising tensions around nuclear missile treaties.Footage showed the Minuteman III Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) blasting out of its silo at Vandenberg Air Force Base, spewing fire and smoke.


Donald Tusk says there is a 'special place in hell' for Brexit campaigners

European Council President Donald Tusk has lashed out at Brexit campaigners in the United Kingdom, saying there is now a "special place in hell" for those who campaigned to leave the European Union without a plan.


Macri Would Lose If Argentines Went to Polls Now: Survey

A survey conducted by an Argentine polling agency shows that incumbent and President Mauricio Macri is set to lose to former head of state Christina Fernandez in the country’s next elections to take place in October.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Not an easy answer that. It depends on the place and the people involved, but the tensions are high since the war and things still happen, but as much as they did like 10 years ago. Like I can give you examples like

My parents told me that even way before the war lots of Serbs treated Albanians as shit.

But also that during the war, my next door neighbor which was an Albanian was killed in the market by the KLA for speaking with Serbs. Or how today Serbs in the north of Kosovo say they are more afraid of Serbian gangsters in unlicensed black jeeps than the local Albanians.

But this honestly isn't the thread I'd clog up with this shit.


Well the younger generations don't care much about that, but those born in the 90s still hold on to most of that hate. Also depends where they're from, lots of people from Serbia don't care that much about the refugees.




Dissecting the jingoistic media coverage of the Venezuela crisis

If you’ve been following Western media coverage of Venezuela’s crisis, you’ll know that a brutal dictator, whose socialist policies have ravaged the country, is clinging to power with an iron grip, as his people beg him to leave.That’s the narrative that has been plastered across headlines and op-ed pages since US President Donald Trump intervened in Venezuela’s political crisis last month to call on “illegitimate” Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro to step down, while declaring support for opposition leader Juan Guaidó, who ceremoniously declared himself the rightful president of the country.Mere minutes after Guaidó announced himself as interim president, the Trump administration, in a very obviously coordinated moment, gave him its full backing and, sure enough, minutes after that, Western media followed suit.


Capitalism’s Mob Mentality

The mafia is famous for running protection rackets. This usually consists of a mobster sauntering up to an unsuspecting resident or shopkeeper, making thinly veiled threats of violence from an ambient source, and then offering peace and security for a fee. A person is just going about their business when a powerful entity barges in, simultaneously creating a problem and selling the solution. The result is hell for ordinary people, easy money for gangsters.You know who else does this? Capitalists.Here’s an example: the pharmaceutical company Purdue started manufacturing OxyContin in 1996, claiming that it was non-addictive. For years, they knew that was a lie, but covered it up while pushing for reckless prescriptions and higher doses anyway.After millions of people did in fact become addicted to OxyContin, opening the door for many to use and become addicted to heroin, the company’s board saw an opportunity. They started talking about expanding into the addiction treatment market to become an “end-to-end pain provider.” According to ProPublica, “Purdue executives discussed how its sales force coPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: df410bb7ed666d6⋯.png (238.53 KB, 1838x1015, 1838:1015, kosovo demographics.png)

File: 4abe3d09b0d9e03⋯.png (207.92 KB, 1788x985, 1788:985, kosovo demographics pre ww….png)

So what's the plan here bros?


>European Council President Donald Tusk has lashed out at Brexit campaigners in the United Kingdom, saying there is now a "special place in hell" for those who campaigned to leave the European Union without a plan.


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