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File: 54af9133b13d8bf⋯.jpg (52.1 KB, 605x591, 605:591, image.jpg)


So how about the troubles part 2, lads? Whether you be a Provo or like the Official IRA, Ireland needs a true socialist republic. Someone on here said that Turkey will be the first worker's state in the 21st century, but what if we did that in Ireland?

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Changed 'Trump Maga!' into 'I pump again'

say thank you



thank you


File: 3b40ddf3e502feb⋯.png (532.71 KB, 500x500, 1:1, cold_pockets.png)


Burger here and I had no idea why ireland was separated until a few weeks ago. Question: why can't unionists just fuck off back to England if they want to be british so bad? Seems like a lot of trouble for little benefit.



For the same reason the Boer people in South Africa don’t want to leave or the Turks in Cyprus, they’ve been there for a very long time, and they consider that land to be their land, a stubborn child will intentionally do things that don’t benefit themselves just to spite you, and while they might have a better time in Britain they instead prefer to spite the Irish, most of the younger generation don’t care anymore, and just live there because it’s their home, and they know nothing else, the Irish population is rising anyway, and soon the place will be reunited, any that want to leave will do it by then, and the rest will just accept it.



>why can't unionists just fuck off back to England if they want to be british so bad? Seems like a lot of trouble for little benefit.

Why don't white yanks fuck off back to England and leave the country back to Mexico and the red Indians?

Ulster prods have been in Ireland for longer than Yanks have been in the US.

File: 5235a6e55794b0b⋯.png (517.98 KB, 753x800, 753:800, 825dca1c4577b0b6b22b0da0c4….png)



How long until Ukraine is reabsorbed by Russia?


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Tbh that means he has a good understanding of Ukraine's position of the world: something fundamental to fixing it.



The comments on that article are fun


File: 8da31a520b90737⋯.png (90.18 KB, 500x747, 500:747, a381e60c8fb69cea39d9358f1d….png)

Goddamn is Ukraine a waste of space. And some idiot spitting on Zelinski while Poroshenko the US slave was the other option.

Fuck Ukraine.



I can't think of any positive thing about Ukraine. Like none, at all.

A country with sea access, natural resources, industrial capabilities and lots of potential tourist sites has long fallen behind Belarus in GDP per capita.



Are there any groups in Ukraine that call for a reversal of the completely insane '90s privatizations, in which random ass people took over 90% of the country's wealth?

File: c5f36da8ae0a49a⋯.png (325 B, 275x183, 275:183, Donetsk.png)

File: 7d280150806bcd5⋯.png (1.78 KB, 1280x853, 1280:853, Lugansk.png)


What do you think of the 'People's Republics' in Ukraine? Are they any good? And what about the foreigners who volunteer to fight for them: are they just delusional or are they actually doing good?

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I sympathize with this statement in popular fronts case. He even supported the 2012 coup in Venezuela for some odd reason.



Everyone hates you Bordiga.




>isn't donbass supported by Russian long range artillery at least?

It's dominated by Russia, that's my point. Can a tiny leftist state survive on the doorstep of a great bourgeois power?


File: c41ae792914cf5f⋯.png (19 KB, 500x590, 50:59, dqlbzun2hzn21.png)


>He even supported the 2012 coup in Venezuela for some odd reason.

Lenin did nothing wrong regarding kronstadt and mahkno tbh



I want to know if his claims that fsb kidnaps people disobeying the 10 pm cerfew and the large prostitution ring that comes out at night in donbass are true or not though.

File: 13d2652b881a52d⋯.jpg (87.73 KB, 638x479, 638:479, international-investment-i….jpg)


Are international investments into socialist country good or bad? Please no hardcore communism, situation is like Russia, which has some socialism from USSR left.

Also my first post here. Hello from Russian Federation.

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>pros and cons of international corporations building factories in foreign countries from socialist point of view

well capitalism has to progress for the material conditions to be right for socialism



Do you know why they blocked 8ch? That site is so minor, I'm actually surprised they'd go to such lengths.



anti semetism is allowed


Debt investments may be acceptable because they can be paid off. I'd still question why you'd need to do it.

Under no circumstances should foreign equity investments be allowed. The whole point of socialism is social ownership of the means of production. If we allow foreigners to own it, then it's no better than domestic capitalists owning it.



Loans from the IMF turned the entirety of Romania into one giant gilded age company town, where the entire economy was geared towards exploiting the people to pay of international lenders. International investment is poison for socialism when not coming from another socialist nation.

File: 94288856b57ac87⋯.gif (15.12 KB, 344x273, 344:273, testosterone_344_273_23983.gif)


Do you think that trans feminization is a consequence of late capitalism. Considering our lives in heavily industrialized society has declined our testosterone rates drastically, wouldn't it be that trans people are a byproduct of capitalism

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Not that I've studied it or anything but I think the trend in OP's pic can be explained by obesity.



Wow I didn't know obesity could lower testosterone




Well now you know it. You're now less ignorant than yesterday but still more than tomorrow hopefully.

It makes me laugh to see American conservative complain about the ebil librul stopping men from being men when the culprits was their beloved burgers all along!


Who even cares? Embrace the soy, faggot.


File: 1c7c9eb42605a12⋯.png (2.12 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, marxist video games list.png)


Okay okay I might have just made this thread to shill my latest video, but still there wasn't one in the catalog.


Discuss videogames shit and how to convert the current Bethesda hate into class consciousness.

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could you tel me a bit about Everquest?



Setting up for P1999:

Register forum account on https://www.project1999.com

Create loginserver account https://www.project1999.com/account/?CreateLS


Run your EQGame shortcut.

Click Options – a new window should popup.

Select all character models, select all engine settings, for best graphics. Finish.

Exit game, open eqclient.ini.

Set WindowedWidth= and WindowedHeight= to preferred values. (ex: 1024,768)

Set Gamma=5 (otherwise the game may brighten desktop colors while running).

Save the ini file.

Download latest Project 1999 Files from website and extract into your EQ directory to patch and replace.

You may now log in to Project 1999: Blue (PvE).



Beginner tips:

>Remember to turn on music volume and environment sounds in in-game options

>Add a button for Autorun/walk in Keys options such as "J" [as Alternate]

>Open doors with left-click, interact with NPCs with right-click (and "H" to query a selected NPC for any available quests)

>Click F9 to switch between different camera modes, scroll wheel to zoom in/out

>Two common ways for player movement: J + arrow keys and J + holding right-click

>You have to sit (type "/sit") before camp/logout.

>Choose your race + class wisely, read the class pages in the wiki listed in https://wiki.project1999.com/Players:Newbie

>See more commands here: https://wiki.project1999.com/Commands



>Won't be betrayed by you in the end

Then you got played by Jack.



*Won't betray you in the end

Goddamn it

File: cbf89db2afef8cc⋯.png (102.22 KB, 1036x733, 1036:733, ClipboardImage.png)


Thread for discussions of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. Disproving common western myths about North Korea.

Archive of first ~500 posts:


Subsequent archives:


Related archives:


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Post last edited at



>Guardian URL mentions south korea

what the fuck



They probably assumed they were south koreans, then changed the headline afterwards.



If he was so against chauvinism, why is North Korea so chauvinistic today?


File: 8f7678bedbd7137⋯.png (50.94 KB, 1037x266, 1037:266, dresnok wife and children.png)

File: e90433dcde304e2⋯.jpeg (54.44 KB, 636x382, 318:191, dresnok.jpeg)


It isn't really. The nationalism in the DPRK is as he described it. It is similar to the socialist patriotism of other socialist states and in no way promotes racial or ethnic supremacism.

Anti-DPRK propaganda is filled with tales of them supposedly "banning race mix!ng", however there is no proof of this and there are several counter examples.

There's also a book titled The Cleanest Race which claims that the DPRK is secretly Korean supremacist and is hiding this from the rest of the world. But the author has to resort to mistranslating the word for "nation" as "race" and retarded speculation about the supposed hidden meaning of propaganda posters to come to this conclusion.



I've seen documentaries where the DPRK officials got super pissed at the camera crew for sitting near a statue. Also a bunch of people were cured of eye problems by doctors brought into DPRK but they all had to praise glory to the dear leader when they were healed and not the doctors… I am familiar with a lot of the antiDPRK propaganda but I think its undoubtedly chauvinistic.

File: e45deb0a28c28a4⋯.jpg (137.94 KB, 768x978, 128:163, e45deb0a28c28a4e6cc2c3bdbc….jpg)

File: 4eb5344f7fafe64⋯.jpg (60.33 KB, 562x381, 562:381, Iron Felix.jpg)

File: 977267c4c35e305⋯.jpg (98.78 KB, 2048x1397, 2048:1397, 01727.jpg)

File: 64b78a9c8a4e681⋯.jpg (526 KB, 2048x2627, 2048:2627, 06247.jpg)


Thread for discussing and posting everything related to the intelligence and security agencies of socialist countries/unions.

As a side note, edgy "secret police" memes are an untapped wellspring that we should be doing more of.

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The funny thing about Putin is a anti communist in his country, but a communist ally with international politics.



>why did the russian goverment under putin admit that it hapend and that it was coverd up for many years

Because they're anti-communists and it fits their agenda. The Katyn 'cover up' was a fake created during the gorbachev era as one of his excuses to demonize the soviets indirectly by "admitting crimes" and thus help the process of the perestroika to dismantle the USSR.



Either way, those officers were reactionaries.

>Millions of Poles were killed in German death camps throughout the war, and with considerably less sustained outcry from the London government.

>Indeed, only that very month the Germans were annihilating some 50000 Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto rebellion, and far less was heard from London on this matter.

>Katyn was an infinitely more sensitive issue because the men killed there, as Polish underground leader Tadeusz Bor-Komorowski described them, 'had been the elite of the Polish nation . . .,' that is to say, the friends and family of the exiles in London.

>Whoever destroyed the officers at Katyn had taken a step towards implementing a social revolution in Poland

>, and on the basis of class solidarity, the London Poles felt one officer was worth many Jews or peasants.

- Gabriel Kolko, The Politics of War: The World and United States Foreign Policy, 1943–1945. (1968) p. 105.


File: d0c2f90865a7e7a⋯.png (744.18 KB, 1178x1080, 589:540, poland.png)


Katyn should've been worse


File: 091ef4e4cec89a1⋯.jpg (756.09 KB, 2002x1602, 1001:801, MMDTHLI_EC010_H.jpg)


Full Spectrum media (tv,film,games,sports,politics,porn most of the internet ) is the greatest weapon wileded by porky. All that gay economic hocus pocus shit is not why Capitalism doesn't fail it's because the plebs are subjected to bread and circuses the likes of which Rome wouldn't even dream of imagining. Mass Full Spectrum media is a 20th Century invention. How many people were watching mass media in 1848? In 1871? 1914? Literally Zero. No Roman pleb ever felt the thrill of mass murdering millions of pixelated characters while spectating a gladiatorial match from afar. How much time are you involved in the mass media complex usually it's most of your free time And it's almost impossible to drop out of it and disengage.

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>Yes, some nigger that made a watered down version of a much better analysis of the left socially



I like K-POP, am I a brainwashed bootlicker?


File: b5f4a7d6c7dfbb4⋯.jpg (77.99 KB, 1124x628, 281:157, Djn4Ri6XoAEeZlF.jpg large.jpg)

The Industrial Revolution and its consequences havebeen a disaster for the human race. They have greatlyincreased the life-expectancy of those of us who live in“advanced” countries, but they have destabilized society,have made life unfulfilling, have subjected human beingsto indignities, have led to widespread psychological suffe-ring (in the Third World to physical suffering as well) andhave inflicted severe damage on the natural world. Thecontinued development of technology will worsen the si-tuation. It will certainly subject human being to greater in-dignities and inflict greater damage on the natural world,it will probably lead to greater social disruption and psy-chological suffering, and it may lead to increased physicalsuffering even in “advanced” countries.



yeah its a bit scary

its more than just bread and circuses its clearly a new evolution

you reading Simulacra and Simulation and Society of the Spectacle?

File: 9fa0cc07c2bf853⋯.png (651.59 KB, 600x780, 10:13, dcqbdur-f8f11011-77dc-4952….png)


Over 200 killed, hundreds injured in series of blasts at Sri Lankan hotels & churches

A series of eight explosions rocked Catholic churches and luxury hotels in Sri Lanka as Christians began Easter Sunday celebrations, with over 200 killed and hundreds injured, media reported, citing police.


Jewish effigy hanged and burned in ‘disturbing’ Easter ritual in Poland

A Jewish effigy has been hanged and burned as part of an Easter ritual in Poland, an incident condemned as “deeply disturbing” by the Jewish community.


Ukraine election: Comedian Zelensky wins presidency by landslide

Ukrainian comedian Volodymyr Zelensky has scored a landslide victory in the country's presidential election.With nearly all ballots counted in the run-off vote, Mr Zelensky had taken more than 73% with incumbent Petro Poroshenko trailing far behind on 24%.


Homeless activists outside Notre Dame demand “a roof too”

Dozens of public housing advocates protested outside the gutted Notre Dame in Paris Monday to demand that France’s poorest be remembered after donors pledged $1 billion to rebuild the cathedral and its destroyed roof.


Germany’s IPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Yemen: The Triumph of Barbarism

President Donald Trump’s recent veto of a bipartisan resolution to force an end to American military involvement in Saudi Arabia’s war in Yemen reminds me of some words by V.S. Naipaul, the Trinidadian author. In his book “A Bend in the River,” Naipaul says, “The world is what it is; men who are nothing, who allow themselves to become nothing, have no place in it.”The war in Yemen has reached a level of barbarism as few wars in recent history. It has become a humanitarian nightmare that only a cessation of hostilities by Saudi Arabia and the provision of immediate assistance to the people in Yemen can help solve. The Trump administration, however, has chosen to continue supporting the Saudi regime.


Socialism and the defense of culture

The Chicago Symphony Orchestra (CSO) musicians, now in the seventh week of their strike, require the active support of the entire working class, in the United States and internationally. At stake is not only their own pay, health care benefits and pensions, but the fate of culture, including the CSO as a world-class orchestra.There are basic class issues involved. As CSO clarinetist John Bruce Yeh correctly stated, “It seems to be class warfare, and we will not accept that.” The musicians are up against the orchestra’s board, the Chicago Symphony Orchestra Association (CSOA), which is headed up by corporate figures, including utility company executives, investment bankers and real estate investors.The 128 years of the CSO is the record of a cultural treasure that must be preserved. The orchestra players make up an international, multiethnic body of highly trained professionals. Musicians at this level spend years preparing to audition for a chair in an orchestra such as the CSO. Those who win seats will, in most cases, devote the remainder of their artistic lives to the orchestra and its music.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.



Wtf is with point number 5? Literally like a month after the fall of Libya and suddenly 83%? Was there a mass migration or genocide of litterate people?


>dude this one autocratic despot was actually based! fuck le police XD

t. ankies



You misread it. 25 to 83% literacy rate.


Dude this one "autocratic despot" was actually based!

Actually, he wanted africa to have currency that wasn't based on the petro dollar and he wanted africa to be prosperous and that's why he was killed. Had nothing to do with oil.

I should also mention that one of libya's most oppressed minority groups, the tuareg, absolutely loved Gathafi, and even now one of the holdouts of green libyans is in tuareg areas. women had more rights under him than ever before, and housing was rightfully deemed a human right under him. He was more democratic than any other regional rulers, he had a more secular government than regular islamic theocracy, and literally made libya one of the first ever first world countries in africa. Read a history book. Better yet, read Gathafi's own book.



File: 0045d25e37e5e2f⋯.jpg (82.21 KB, 460x460, 1:1, libya democracy.jpg)

File: b9c36fcdc02ca58⋯.jpg (82.5 KB, 747x418, 747:418, 976405470305976320 2018032….jpg)

File: deb932c503b48e4⋯.jpg (60.36 KB, 791x253, 791:253, 884636279203397632 2017071….jpg)

File: 5d0262d00286c0c⋯.jpg (138.8 KB, 960x680, 24:17, 34669130 197615697627284 4….jpg)

File: 8b4cd5f5a64e180⋯.png (1.04 MB, 1080x1079, 1080:1079, the final step.png)


Actually he gave up most of his power and was mostly just a figurehead.

File: 924ddd6b37be8ae⋯.jpg (13.67 KB, 374x374, 1:1, D8CRtMS_d.jpg)


What do you mean with 'anti-intellectualism'?

75 chars 75 chars 75 chars 75 chars 75 chars 75 chars 75 chars 75 chars


describe an example


You should've used your 75 characters. Elaborate


File: d15744f31e578b4⋯.jpg (78.8 KB, 663x663, 1:1, bulgaria stamp.jpg)

It's different from just stupidity or ignorance, it's basically rejecting intellectual pursuit out of principle.

File: ce23d615012e3e6⋯.png (323.11 KB, 590x686, 295:343, maduro-lenin.png)


Today we celebrate the 149th anniversary of Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov's birthday ITT

What did you learn from Lenin?

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>not even reading my post, just quoting cause you see an ancom flag


File: 713402ec0b162ec⋯.jpg (40.57 KB, 560x315, 16:9, what a story marx.jpg)


>comparing Maduro to Lenin

Venezuela is more capitalist than Sweden.



>what a story marx

is that supposed to be lenin face edited on his?


File: 860ee45f1b32d5f⋯.jpg (244.37 KB, 676x1024, 169:256, gettyimages-53367310-1024x….jpg)

F, and read Hoxie on trade unions


File: 9f9ae01eab7f7d7⋯.png (717.99 KB, 1024x640, 8:5, communism_______or_somethi….png)

So, no one is going to point out that Lenin and shrek share birthdays?

File: 4b9d6a32a5f3e9f⋯.jpg (21.53 KB, 494x378, 247:189, 4b9d6a32a5f3e9fe595003f38b….jpg)


What if the left appropriated dog whistles so they lose their meaning and Nazis couldn't use them anymore?

1 post omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 8b9b2389304d5f5⋯.png (554.87 KB, 537x538, 537:538, 8b9b2389304d5f5258db8b5f0a….png)


Yes that would definitely work, good idea, do it.


File: 9cbd112b774a7fd⋯.jpeg (29.15 KB, 728x546, 4:3, horseshit.jpeg)

Doesn't work, we don't have the media-power to affect this change, we'll just be promoting liberal horse-shoe/Shit theory,

If you wanted to actually erode words within capitalism you could pursue commercialisation. Organic language pattern mean that if it's used often enough in a different context, it will be remapped to the new meaning. To be fair this is extremely difficult. Practical examples are like people still saying Xeroxing for photocopying. You could try to sell a bug spray and call it super predator. Another way is going after word-roots, You could try to label tobacco smokers after latin words for black lungs ni-gerpulmo or nigrapulmo. These have low success rates, people who dedicate enormous efforts towards word coinage, have trouble doing it.

Besides we should focus such efforts to economic dimensions, why aren't we starting to call businesses: privatised bureaucracies. private property could be privatized entitlements, the rich become wealth-centralisers, wars could be murder campaigns, the free market can be the great Ponzi-sheme, money can be privatized currency. Finance can be the mafia.



Because we don't need dog whistles. The world already accepts that Socialism is less evil than nazis.



dog whistles as a concept is dumb and implies that alt right people and le epik memers on twitter are smart and know brainwashing tactics


File: 1f6118c84633b5e⋯.jpg (103.55 KB, 300x300, 1:1, what am i reading.jpg)


What are you even suggesting, using phrases like "happy merchant" but instead of meaning "jew" it means "porky"?

File: e24a21a437b4186⋯.jpg (104.6 KB, 572x907, 572:907, lenincat and syndicat.jpg)

File: 6a034019b226c87⋯.pdf (39.45 KB, The Failure Of 20th Centur….pdf)


Hay /leftypol/ i made this pamphlet and was hoping i could get some constructive criticism on this.


>We are on borrowed time and it is useless to fight each other when it has not made communism stronger, but weaker as a whole.

>There is some good one can glean from another comrade's ideology.

>The only way we will escape this hell world of capitalism is a hegelian dialectics approach to each other's ideology and a non-sectarian move towards understanding other comrades's ideas and them your's.

11 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



who the fuck do you plan on handing these out to?

who the fuck do you plan to gain the attention of with a title of "The Need For A Re-Embrace Of Hegelian Dialectic In Communist Thought"

Scrap the whole fucking thing and get a grasp of the people around you you absolute autistic cunt



What do you think of the alternative title "The Need For Communists To Stop Being Shits To Each Other"?



Not him but that kinda sounds good. But I agree that having a divided left is of no good to any of us.


File: 001d03d17af83f3⋯.jpg (187.72 KB, 900x601, 900:601, bulletin board.jpg)


Bulletin boards at local library, uni, or coffee shops.



>95% of people don't actually know what communism is among other things

>posting your little fedora essay about the need to re-mbrace the hegelian dialectic in communist thought to coffee shop bulletin boards

File: 354ad5223def08f⋯.jpg (2.2 MB, 1071x7332, 357:2444, Screenshot_2019-04-21 Notr….jpg)


Paris, France - Holding signs that read "What about the poor?" and chanting "Justice for all," France's yellow vest protesters, ignoring the displays of unity by the French political class in the wake of the Notre Dame fire, marched through the streets of Paris and other cities on Saturday, vowing to persevere in what they called "Ultimatum 2".

"These [protests] are very important for social justice," said Jean-Baptiste Redde at the Saturday protest on Republique Square in central Paris. "We have to help the poor, the disabled people, those who don't have roofs to live under. It's important to hold on."

Hundreds were arrested and dozens injured as violence broke out between demonstrators and police.

The French capital quickly became the epicentre of Saturday's violence, with 9,000 protesters reported in Paris alone, according to the French Ministry of the Interior, and police sealed off entire sections of the city.

While the protests started out peacefully, almost with a carnival-like atmosphere, violence erupted as thousands of demonstrators approached the Place de la Republique.

People threw rocks at police who responded with tear gas and stun grenades.


2 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.


crossposting from leftytrash

Last year, a devastating fire hit the Brazilian National Museum. Almost every damn thing was destroyed. Not only invaluable, but downright irreplaceable material was lost. Artifacts from now-extinct tribes, preserved extinct animals, a massive art collection, and the list goes on and on. The loss was incalculable, and infinitely more than Notre Dame's surprisingly few victimized pieces, not just to Brazil but to mankind. Art and culture lost forever.

The ensuing donations reached about 1.1 million HUEbux. The day after Notre Dame's fire, a Brazilian porky, the widow of a billionaire banker whose name was synonymous with an old, nationwide corruption scandal, donated 88 million.

That's third world porkies for you. They hate their own countries, plain and simple, and have a permanent chip on their shoulders for having been born where they did. They have zero interest in actually developing their nations, both materially and out of sheer spite. Recall again that only 7 capitalist countries developed during the 20th century, and none so far in this one, and of those 7, 4 neighbored communist countries.

And since he's devoid of anything that can be interpreted as a good, Bolsonaro sent his wishes to France early during the fire itself, using a ready-made catchphrase straight out of Trump's Twitter. When our national heritage went up in flames, during his campaign, he took 4 days before finally saying, and I quote: "It's already done, it already burned! What do you want me to do?"



We'll always have the pictures as well as the replicas

"historical value" is an illusion



>the displays of unity by the French political class

did a fascist write this?



>pictures are the same as the original



Comprador bourg are the most disgusting lifeform there is.

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