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File: 8b76824018ab020⋯.png (354.19 KB, 826x826, 1:1, cahsrassassin.png)

File: 1311cbe9998f3da⋯.jpg (36.43 KB, 355x230, 71:46, ICE-T.jpg)

File: 4dbe644857388e5⋯.png (134.02 KB, 753x365, 753:365, Screenshot from 2019-02-14….png)


I know everyone outside of the US is laughing at us for our trains. Its incredible how hard people in the US have gone to bat to take down a pretty modest high speed rail plan in California.

All of the news around it is about how expensive it is and how its over budget blah blah. No mention of how almost all infrastructure projects go over budget or what the alternative is to moving people around. US should have HSR in the east, mid west, south and west. Holy Fuck we're so backwards.

General HSR/train discussion thread xoxo

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File: 3daffc89bec20bc⋯.jpg (1.36 MB, 1250x1838, 625:919, 120937347581.jpg)



these pics make me rage every time



>This happens constantly. I’d say 5-10% of the time there is a dangerous obstruction in the middle of a freeway. Like a piece of debris, literally mattresses and wooden chairs that have fallen off of trucks. A month ago I literally saw an overloaded 18 wheeler drop a massive spool of some kind of wire about 3 cars ahead of me.

Reminder that dumping shit in the middle of major roads and highways is revolutionary praxis.



>we aren't fixing roads

Good. All roads should be converted to gravel.


File: 669b20db3cafac5⋯.pdf (2.7 MB, TheGeographyOfNowherePDF.pdf)

Mandatory reading



On coke: becoming a socialist because you just really like trains

File: c0a20f1f835f2df⋯.png (1.24 MB, 849x1200, 283:400, d6a7307959fd401ba868f37b38….png)


Venezuela: Nicolas Maduro invites Trump envoy Elliot Abrams for talks

A month into Venezuela‘s high-stakes political crisis, Nicolas Maduro has revealed his government held secret talks with the Trump administration and predicted he would survive an unprecedented global campaign to force his resignation.


Ankara says only Turkish forces should be in Syria safe zone: Anadolu

Only Turkish forces should deploy in the planned safe zone in northeast Syria, Turkey’s Defence Minister Hulusi Akar was quoted by state-owned Anadolu news agency as saying on Friday. It says the safe zone should be cleared of the U.S.-backed Syrian Kurdish one big US military base in Syria militia which Ankara considers a terrorist group.


US military aircraft to deliver more aid to Venezuela border

The Trump administration is sending another large shipment of humanitarian aid to the Venezuelan border in Colombia, for the first time using U.S. military aircraft as it increases pressure on Nicolas Maduro to give up power, according to a State Department email sent to Congress.


Climate strike: Schoolchildren protest over climate change

upils from around the UK went "on strike" on Friday as partPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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They're really going for the darker and edgier approach.






>by building a support network filled with job listings, personal recommendations, and messages for those in need of new opportunities.

I wonder when these epic gamers will discover the solidarity strike?



>Haiti: Prelude to a Revolution

Canada is just gonna invade it again.

File: b450a5c3cc9fae2⋯.jpg (68.08 KB, 894x894, 1:1, kirino_juche_by_comradepep….jpg)


What do you guys think of the Alt-Right further co-opting the identity of artistic mediums like anime? As the media is used an alt right context, this is an entry point for the fans of said media to join the alt right. Left wingers need to be found in media-discussion spheres. A lot of people's first exposure to communism is through Zizek's analysis of They Live. If you communicate to the people through what they already love, that what they love has something to say about communism we can get that audience.



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File: 188e552b32fcc0e⋯.jpg (1.31 MB, 1541x1294, 1541:1294, rwby___weiss_schnee_by_bea….jpg)

What do you all think about Vic Mignogna and the sexual harassment allegations?

The #KickVic and #IStandWithVic is pretty funny to watch on Twitter.



The rumors about Vic being a piece of shit have been going around forever and they're most likely true, but I don't really care enough if he ever lands another job or not.




It's kinda depressing because while he isn't a good voice actor, he's had roles where he really fits, like Junpei. But it's okay, because there is no ethical consumption under capitalism.



It was a Russian and Japanese collaboration so no surprise there.


>tfw communism will be created by anime weeaboos

File: 480dbb0f6d174fd⋯.png (541.09 KB, 415x562, 415:562, 87.png)


OC Thread 3.0

I suppose we should establish a new thread dedicated to /leftypol/ original content.

Feel free to post original content you've made, or OC someone else recently made which you would like to share.

Or, collaborate on improving content within this thread.

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Wait, really?




Oh yeah, Antgirl. Antgirl would probably be a friend of Luika even though Antgirl is a proud fascist, since I don't think ants bother wasps at all I don't think.

Luika would probably be a communist in all honesty.



I also drew antgirl with one pen and some markers as well.



Iike this meme.



Yeah, he got raped by Nazi clowns and that's why he be like that.

File: c20e87356f6b272⋯.jpg (207.91 KB, 636x1000, 159:250, Nymph young girl.jpg)


What are some topics in sociology, economics, philosophy, anthropology, psychology, or history you think leftists should explore more often, and why?

What would make a good topic of exploration if, say, you were writing a graduate thesis from a leftist perspective in the humanities or social sciences?

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>the Ottoman Empire wasn't a REAL empire because it wasn't western and empires are ONLY a western thing

People actually say this?



I'd break your jaw if I knew who you were, kid. You don't know anything. Slice open your wrist and put it into very hot water and bleed out, cunt.



Is this a meme?



Two memes one modern; one ancient.




Apparently there was an school of historians in the soviet union founded by V.V. Struve that looked at ancient Mesopotamia but that isn't in english as far as I know. There is also Reinhard Bernbeck

For Greece there is De Croix (already mentioned) & Jean-Pierre Vernant who's more of an structuralist bent.

I think part of the problem is that studying ancient history is extremely specialized & often requires learning dead languages that an handful of other poeple know. Nobody has the time for that except for the intelligentsia stratum. I would love to be an expert in ancient Mesopotamia but I would have to learn Akkadian & Sumerian for that to happen. Sadly Marxists are an extreme minority in the classical antiquity scholarship.

File: 25966857e656691⋯.jpg (119.32 KB, 980x490, 2:1, sl-foundations-bookad490.jpg)


Sri Lanka: SEP and Abbotsleigh workers’ committee organise picket to oppose witch hunt in plantations

>The Socialist Equality Party (SEP) and the Abbotsleigh Estate Workers Action Committee have organised a joint picket near the central bus stand in Hatton town in central hills district on February 17 to oppose the witch-hunt of plantation worker activists.

>On December 13, amid the struggle of plantation workers for higher wages, the management of Annfield Estate at Dickoya suspended S. Balasubramaniyam, a worker and the Ceylon Workers Congress (CWC) branch leader at the St. Leys division of that estate.

>The management accused Balasubramaniyam and three other workers, Pathmanathan, Subramaniyam and Krishnan, of blocking the gate to the estate factory and preventing the transport of tea leaves inside. Pathmanathan is the local leader of the CWC branch at the Stamford division of the Annfield estate.

>The management also formally complained to the police against these workers and three CWC officials, Arulnayahi, Clera and Sivasami, saying they were also present when the incident took place.

After taking statements from these individuals, the police said that charges would be filed against them in the courts.

>In an inquiry by an assistant labour commissioner into a complaint against the company’s suspension of Balasubramaniyam, the estate manager accused him of causing a loss of 700,000 rupees (nearly $US4,000) by blocking transportation of the tea leaves.

Balasubramaniyam and the other activists have rejected the accusations made by management.

>Such threats, intimidation and witch-hunting were widespread in the plantations during the estate workers struggle for better wages.

>In early January, an assistant manager of the Abbotsleigh estate warned the president of the workers’ action committee, P. Suntharalingam, over his activities. In front of other workers, the assistant manager told Suntharalingam: “You have made trouble in the estate by forming the committee. I will take action against you.”

These repressive acts on the part of plantation management, withPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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They're Trots, they have to rape people.




what do they apologize for exactly



Woody Allen, Roman Polanski, basically any famous actor who rapes people or fucks kids.



>Woody Allen

Didn't rape a kid, or fuck one, if you mean "kid" as in "minor."

>Roman Polanski

They're only defending the original trial verdict. They're not saying he's innocent.



Or "sentence," rather than verdict.

File: 4927355d4d84781⋯.gif (3.25 KB, 307x295, 307:295, SuperBase.gif)


Can Marxists explain this to me? The idea that a society's ideology and government is economically determined by the mode of production makes no sense to me. I can make various objections:

Pro-capitalist governments doing things against capitalist interests like regulations, taxes, bad relations with other states

The government being captured by religious extremists, military generals or democratic socialists who don't care at all for capitalists

The fact that capitalism exists in many different countries with totally different governments and social ideologies in all those different capitalist countries

The fact that many political and social institutions in capitalism predate capitalism


40 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



Could you expand on this?



Hobbes was wrong about mankind's state of nature. The social contract (in the form of productive division of labor and relative harmony) predates the state. According to Hobbes, the state would have had to predate or have emerged in tandem with the social contract. Modern anthropology has found that this theory of state formation is incorrect.

People got along fine in relatively stable and productive societies perfectly fine without states when the material conditions allowed for it.

You should read the book in the PDF. It's about this subject precisely. It's also a quick read, just a few hours.



they are not different enough to transcend capitalism, and the nature of capitalism is such that both of those states have to bend to certain realities that they can't will away. an example: no parliament or king can just unilaterally abolish markets by dictate, however much they want to do so, and force socialism from above. if someone wanted to push through and implement socialism by dictate, it doesn't work that way.

the way we do things impacts what is possible for the superstructure to be. if someone started spouting free market rhetoric in the middle ages, it wouldn't have held - feudal lords wouldn't give up their noble privileges and title to land for some grubby merchants, and as it turned out liberalization was a drawn out process that didn't happen overnight. we didn't just decide "oh hai we're doing capitalism now". rather, economists in the 18th century noted the behavior of markets and capital that was inherent in the nature of exchange, and policy prescriptions were made around this observation of the market and political economy (or critiques were made against the whole system). whether or not this political economy was formalized by economists, capitalism would have developed along similar lines.


>Muh humanist sociological studies.

Where is the real human economical progress?



>but ultimately you're bringing it down to struggles for power (like Iran and military Juntas) rather than the struggle if economic class.

They’re the same thing m8. The ruling class has power because it controls the means of production. The state forms around the interest of the ruling class as a tool of preserving their property. You should read Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s “Discourse on Inequality.”

File: 0cd852498c0cb93⋯.png (15.47 KB, 787x125, 787:125, image0.jpg.png)


Looks like halfchan's having a bit of trouble. What do you believe to be the cause of this? I honestly don't think this is all the fault of /pol/ in itself, but the lack of good memes from 4chan outside of say /biz/. However I'm kind of a fucking moron, so I want your takes on 4chan's decline. I'm sure 8chan will blame SJWs for this somehow.

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this actually became a major topic of discussion on FF


I'm not too active anymore on 4chan, can anybody explain to me what is this "Discord tranny" shit I keep seeing on there?




We have have the power of /pol/ autistically reeeeing about this so who gives a shit.



I think you're seriously underestimating how many people want their ideas attached to their personas. They want post history, they want "credibility." They want to be able to look at other peoples' post histories. They want trappings of appearances that a username gives them. Basically, they want the spectacle.

File: afa43fcd44c5361⋯.png (241.19 KB, 480x360, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)





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File: 15a81122f4679b7⋯.jpg (113.7 KB, 720x912, 15:19, lib1.jpg)

File: 4dc0a563bf51a00⋯.jpg (118.32 KB, 720x847, 720:847, lib2.jpg)


While(SocialismIsProposed == True) {

System.Out.PrintIn("Socialism bad!");

System.Out.PrintIn("Socialism leads to starvation!");

System.Out.PrintIn("Muh Venezuela/Soviet Russia/DPRK!");

System.Out.PrintIn("Nazis were Socialist!");

System.Out.PrintIn("You don't even know BASIC ECONOMICS!");

BodilyPropagandaRatio++ ;

NumCapitalistTears++ ;

If (BodilyPropagandaRatio > 90){







honestly comrade that's the playbook of a few people i've talked to recently


File: 3f0239cc5cf4a9f⋯.jpg (75.95 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 1548868752299.jpg)

Remember: it works because it's upbeat, the channel presents itself as unbiased, and it's deliberately introductory.

Our equivalent of that, where StalinKawaii makes a dry "debunking western propaganda of the cold war" video with a lot of forced use of Marxist lingo that comes off as cultish to normal people, would have 2000 views. And if people trying to learn about the Cold War stumbled upon it, they'll roll right past it.



fitting it's written in Java, the language of porkies




S = {"Socialism bad!", "Socialism leads to starvation!", "Muh Venezuela/Soviet Russia/DPRK!", "Nazis were Socialist!", "You don't even know BASIC ECONOMICS!"}


MaxRatio = {x ∈ R | x > 90}

where function q is defined as:

∀strings ∈ S, Print(strings)

BodilyPropagandaRatio ∈ Z, BodilyPropagandaRatio = BodilyPropagandaRatio + 1

NumCapitalistTears ∈ Z, NumCapitalistTears = NumCapitalistTears + 1

if BodilyPropagandaRatio ∈ MaxRatio

∀strings ∈ BPR, Print(strings)

P(socialism∧¬(BodilyPropagandaRatio ∈ MaxRatio)) → q

File: 4aafd663f53190d⋯.jpg (100.46 KB, 1018x1600, 509:800, 61B5uFMz0RL.jpg)


>My heart beats anxiously for the Russians, but unfortunately I have no hope for a victory by the Leninists.

>The events in Russia are of amazing grandeur and tragedy. Lenin and his people will not of course be able to win out against the insuperable tangle of chaos, but their attempt, by itself, stands as a deed of world-historical significance

lol I guess that evil, blanquist democratic socialism is a much better organizational tool than she thought huh?

Fuck german socialism bro. After Engels died they all became SPD careerists and "theorists" who didn't really mean a word they said, and talked about real revolutionaries like they were watching them from safe distance in a zoo.

50 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



>muh freedom

>idealist spooks






Oh my god the brainlet mutual support force ITT

I extend my advice to all of you


File: 88d067603718fbc⋯.png (521.15 KB, 960x960, 1:1, 9252634B-7DCB-4E85-8DFF-79….png)


>STILL has no arguments

>calls others brainlets


File: 9e1ccb729f616e3⋯.jpg (32.46 KB, 640x480, 4:3, smug charizard.jpg)

>theorists" who didn't really mean a word they said, and talked about real revolutionaries like they were watching them from safe distance in a zoo

Sounds kinda like a certain imageboard I know.



Not him but i despise you little ass ravaged faggots who beg for daddy mods for impose the boot on anyone of dissenting opinion. Your arguments and conclusions should he sufficient to btfo him but your too much a brainlet to even try

File: 71caf1ac35b09cc⋯.jpeg (103.81 KB, 800x516, 200:129, 7FF72DEC-8855-46CE-8F9E-9….jpeg)


>CTRL + F “Hoxha”

>no Hoxha thread

Has this board gone revisionist?

<built bunkers

<waged ideological struggle against over-bureaucraticization, bourgeois culture, lifestyle and superstitions in the Albanian Cultural Revolution

<hostile to delusions of “peaceful coexistence”

<paid respect to Stalin until the end

17 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


>Ran one of the most internally repressive communist parties in the world, constantly purging “revisionists”

>Handpicks a successor that he’s groomed for years who he is certain will not implement revisionist policies


>Handpicked successor implements market reforms literally the second he’s dead

When will Stalinists learn that anti-revisionism from above literally never works?


If you all feel so confident about arguing with Ismail then why don't you try?



Hello, Ismail



Ismail never uses this board.


File: 84bfc7292255916⋯.jpg (30.6 KB, 600x406, 300:203, u9k1115425611.jpg)


>purging “revisionists

mistakes were made

>Handpicked successor implements market reforms literally the second he’s dead

Eh, it's seen as problem with previous checks, and balances

>from above literally never works

It's also worth mentioning workers elect representatives, so it's still coming from below

File: 68e5aac1789b7e2⋯.jpg (10.34 KB, 228x250, 114:125, 1435184196745.jpg)


Rich Marxists

How do you feel about Marxists that earn $150k+ a year

What should they do with their wealth

7 posts omitted. Click reply to view.


If they are workers making that much (probably some kind of artist or writer) then good for them I hope they help fund unions and shit.

If they are bourgeois making that much (and are class traitors) then they fucking better use that money to fund left wing action/organization otherwise what is even the point?




I wasn't actually thinking about owning capital, but working as a doctor.



>I wasn't actually thinking about owning capital, but working as a doctor.

Okay, that sounds nice. I wish you good luck. Go get those petite-bourg superpowers and fund the revolution.


Your personal lifestyle has absolutely no bearing whatsoever on capitalism, and reducing class struggle to a question of individual morality is pure ideology. Besides that, rich and even members of the bourgeoisie people can support proletarian movements, the history of Socialism would be completely different without Engels, Parvus, Aschberg. Marxism is a system to help us historically allocate and contextualize class, not a system of ethics where "people making money = bad".

So you guys are literally parroting right-wing ideology. This may some suit some anarchist or christian socialist tendency, but don't project that on Marxism, possibly the socialist tradition that would be the most indifferent to this crap.



Nihilist nonsense. What you choose to use your human mind and body for can have an effect on your surroundings. Go tell Lenin, Che, Kim Il sung, the Gilet Jaunes, et al. that they should've instead just jerked off all day like you because according to you their actions have "absolutely no bearing whatsoever on capitalism."

File: 429af7edbb3b5c5⋯.png (440.86 KB, 540x304, 135:76, Screenshot_2019-02-10 VIDE….png)

File: 81d51fe55ea1fb5⋯.png (339.25 KB, 540x301, 540:301, Screenshot_2019-02-10 Work….png)

File: 03790b455234887⋯.png (378.82 KB, 540x354, 90:59, Screenshot_2019-02-10 Work….png)


<Workers World Party (WWP) and the Party for Socialism and Liberation (PSL) attempted to hold a protest at the intersection of East Riverside Drive and South Pleasant Valley in Southeast Austin this past Saturday. But the area is home to revolutionary forces, the enemies of revisionists. Masked militants descended on the revisionist protestors almost immediately.

<Both the WWP and PSL are nearly identical “Marcyite” revisionist organizations that trace their origin to the late American former Trotskyite and revisionist Sam Marcy who founded the WWP. Marcy’s revisionist politics defended social-imperialism and all revisionist governments.

<A reader leaked information to Incendiary from a WWP chat group in the Signal app.

<“Anytime PSL or Eno[ch] are involved, [the militants] are going to come. They smashed the mega[phone], tore up signs and were very intimidating,” a Marcyite said in the chat.

VIDEO of the confrontation: https://incendiarynews.com/2019/02/05/video-militants-confront-workers-world-party-party-for-socialism-and-liberation/

WRITE up: https://incendiarynews.com/2019/02/04/workers-world-party-confronted-in-southeast-austin/

61 posts and 11 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: cdfde8c13c3f04a⋯.jpg (81.17 KB, 800x578, 400:289, DGIJemPWsAAqwPS.jpg)

revisionists owned



File: cdc350744108082⋯.jpg (90.33 KB, 500x394, 250:197, yb8eg1wadqg21.jpg)


>Anti Revisionism

>somehow, also being a Dengist

Truly nourishes my neurons



olive milsurp jackets are fucking sexy tbh

I have a german one from the early 90s

File: a1c0c370ae243ba⋯.png (15.71 KB, 1228x85, 1228:85, ClipboardImage.png)


BREAKING: Mitch McConnell says Trump will sign spending deal and declare a national emergency

>WASHINGTON — Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced Thursday afternoon that President Donald Trump will sign a government spending package that resulted from bipartisan negotiations over border security and also will declare a national emergency.

"I just had an opportunity to speak with President Trump and he’s prepared to sign the bill," McConnell, R-Ky., said on the Senate floor. "He will also be signing a national emergency declaration at the same time."

>After the Senate votes, the House is also expected to pass the spending package. This came after Trump said earlier in the day that he was still reviewing the bill. In the morning, Republican senators had said that they "pray" Trump signs it into law, averting another government shutdown on Friday.

>The Senate is expected to act first on the 1,159-page bill, which was released just after midnight. The House will likely vote later in the evening, ahead of the Friday night deadline to prevent another partial government shutdown. Trump has said he is not "happy" with the measure, though he has been expected to sign it. "Reviewing the funding bill with my team at the @WhiteHouse!" he tweeted Thursday afternoon, ahead of the Senate vote.

>The bill would provide $1.375 billion for 55 miles of pedestrian and levee fencing in the Rio Grande Valley, significantly less than Trump's $5.7 billion request. It also prohibits the use of a concrete wall or other Trump prototypes and specifies that only "existing technologies" for fencing and barriers can be used.



67 posts and 19 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



>it would probably delay wall construction until the next election though.

if a lawsuit actually prevents the national emergency



one of the lower court judges is likely to block it like with the muslim ban and his DACA repeal


File: 42a8702f4ff9280⋯.jpg (170.12 KB, 1242x1399, 1242:1399, 1550272977401.jpg)


File: 34d4f2d94e0a18e⋯.jpg (171.97 KB, 1280x1157, 1280:1157, a977baa8f240a0ae93b84b3cad….jpg)



Tfw no book anon believes something an caps do

File: 5e66a910a6c91c8⋯.png (1021.53 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, 38A9C5CD-ACC2-44D4-A92A-C4….png)



Haitians are revolting against their government.

>they have stormed a prison and released 80 prisoners

>they are in revolt over 2m embezzled funds

>funds came from Petrocaribe, the cheap oil deal between Venezuela and many other countries in Latin America

>Hilllary Clinton couped Honduras over Petrocaribe in 2009

25 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



Haitians are spooked as fuck about religion, race and they are surprisingly right wing. Because of that class consciousness isn't coming any time soon for them. I hope I am wrong this is my hot take as a second gen. They are however proud as fuck about the revolution and will not hesitate for another one. However, them being the poorest country in the western hemisphere means they have almost no means to defend themselves.



>However, them being the poorest country in the western hemisphere means they have almost no means to defend themselves.

Haiti can join the axis of Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, and Bolivia to defend itself, Mikhail Bakunin said beware of small states, I would add beware of coalitions of small states even more. Remember they had to coup Aristide out of power because they couldn't beat him at the ballot box. Liberation theology already has a foothold in the country, class consciousness will naturally follow assuming there isn't a third Duvalier waiting in the shadows to crush it.


absolutely fucking awful posts ITT

solidarity with the Haitian resistance



They are gonna get genocided by Burgerville and the Dominican "we are white as snow we swear" Republic.



Gee i wonder what the happens on the socialist island next to them.

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