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File: 70e98cbe3019034⋯.jpg (50.57 KB, 435x601, 435:601, 8e56abeb2364f34b83fe52852e….jpg)


What's your opinion on the concept of a party whip? Is it right to instruct or force people to vote against their conscience, and is it right to place this power in the hands of a biased party who will use the whip at their own discretion?



By party in this instance I don't mean political party fyi


Conscience. Politicians talk about it like some wonderful and noble goal they pursue against all odds because it is the right thing in the big picture, even though in the short term and for themselves individually it's a sacrifice. That's the rhetoric. Practically speaking, conscience means freedom to do whatever. You promise one thing, you do something else. That's my impression at least. If following one's conscience is so great, shouldn't we all cheer when people say they do that? But as a low-rank worker, I'm never asked to follow my conscience. Clean these toilets, you know the schedule! But almost nobody used them since last time and I'm just thinking about all those chemicals and the environment… I just want to follow my conscience which tells me I should smoke some weed instead 😇 You are a genius and hero!! Said no boss ever.

Following your conscience – if you are selected by lot, you can do that. If you are elected, there are people who expect something from you and who voted for you based on that expectation. There are different electoral systems. In systems where the usual politician sticks to a specific party for years and the party they are in makes a huge contribution to getting elected, why shouldn't there be a party whip? The real question is how to ensure that such a mechanism isn't in the hands of somebody who constantly contradicts positions held by the vast majority of ordinary party members.

File: 01bd070f139fa2a⋯.jpg (21.39 KB, 312x449, 312:449, JP0-Fiber0.jpg)


There can be no question that we have a corrupt government. We have the greatest disparity between classes that has ever existed. Statistically we are long past revolution time. Protest are ignored by both the government and public. The only actions that get any attention are based upon violence. They are then used to take more rights away from the people.

Large organization gain their power thru the use of Command, Control, & Communication (C3). In any modern war plan the key is to disable your opponent's Communications. Thus I would think that people would attack our communications. It is safe and will maximize the damage to large organizations. (A small group of people could destroy the economy.)

Now destroying communications lines is extremely simple. The comm lines run on utility poles or underground. Of course if you have an appropriate cutter it is easy to cut the overhead cables. It is even easier to cut them when they come down the utility poles. This is done for many reasons. i.e.., crossing roads, cell towers, business complexes, etc. At these points a person can destroy them with things as simple as a hacksaw or cordless drill. (I would think that people would do it just to collect bitcoins from the utilities not just to make political statements.) Even the underground cables have to come up to the surface in order to repeat the signals. Usually going into a small building. Here the cables are accessible.

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Worker of the world seize the means of production !

No wait on second thought lets snip some wires.


Wait until peak dissatisfaction. Stockpile food, water, supplies and shit and when we get WW3+Recession, this will be good praxis. For the moment, no.



If you're scared, you can use balloons. The UK launched almost 100,000 balloons towards Germany during WW2, many trailed a long wire to short circuit power lines.




>socialism is when you wreck stuff



Sounds like a good idea, no more internet lossage when storms come.



Storms affect wireless. Underground is the best and standard here.

File: 2ffa4bcb92ac8c6⋯.png (74.62 KB, 400x450, 8:9, allorg.png)


"anarchist think tank and media center" claims Cockshott is a reactionary


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how will i get sex under socialism



>I never read cockshott and have no idea what I'm talking about




>Dumbfuck new converts from /pol/ seem to have this idea in their head that the Paul Cockshott support was unironic.

No, Cockshott is the new Marx and every writing of his contains value.


By dating people.



Why would they do that under socialism if they don't do it under capitalism?



This is precisely where the argument goes into incel stuff.

File: 9b3e6a40705ea2a⋯.png (142.87 KB, 734x427, 734:427, 2019-07-13-134228_1366x768….png)


here we have it, another right wing channel getting popular, i was watching something totally different and the youtube recommendation shows me this kind of shit, where do they get the money? how it's possible that this kind of shit goes out of control?

this is the related video


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Stop being a burger


File: ca1749b41d68828⋯.jpg (217.06 KB, 800x800, 1:1, fe3def2193c130d85b1e71abab….jpg)


>anyone who dislikes censorship is a burger

2/10; apply yourself



>hey guys it's another right-wing youtube channel getting popular

>you've probably never heard of it before, so let me link it

Lol fuck off


File: e92486d9b0c2506⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.2 MB, 1428x2000, 357:500, e92486d9b0c25060088e2ebf10….jpg)


>why are people talking about things I don't like?

And so we've looped back to the same statement that started all of this.


Freedom Toons is literally on the oil baron paycheck. He does these cringy educational videos for the libertarian FEE that are honestly painful to watch. I don't mind reading or watching neolib theory, but god damn the way he presents it is so annoying.

>the way the character that's supposed to be a caricature of leftists talks

Made me understand why my dad hated all the weird cartoons I watched as a kid..


Adam Smith is somebody so many people get wrong. Uninformed right wingers like to parade him as the capitalist prophet but his theory

influenced all economists in general, left and right wing.

You could probably find an Adam Smith quote to justify anything.

File: c5e025cc07d11f2⋯.jpg (7.48 KB, 270x348, 45:58, gramsci.jpg)


>La crisi consiste appunto nel fatto che il vecchio muore e il nuovo non può nascere: in questo interregno si verificano i fenomeni morbosi più svariati.

Quest'uomo era un genio e un profeta.

Intanto, un ben noto ruffiano, procuratore di mignotte (sia femmine che maschi) d'alto bordo, ha annunciato di voler acquistare la testata de "l'Unità". Al tempo stesso, per un miserabile scazzo di natura corporativa, la "professione" giornalistica italiana organizza flesc' mobbese per le strade. Cosa di cui non si sarebbe reso conto nessuno se gli oziosi telegiornali che ci fanno sorbire tutti i giorni non avessero dato ampio spazio alla cosa. Ovviamente ben più importante dei massacri a Gaza e nello Yemen.

Più fenomeni morbosi di così!

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If you think about it Southern Italy and Sicily would make good ground for Protracted People's War



Unfortunately all the revolutionary potential of the Sicily got stomped out by mafia, who was literally born to kill uppity peasants.



It's pretty bad but I imagine if you told sicilian peasants that you and your friends were going to drag the local boss out of his car and blow his head off on the pavement they probably wouldn't mind. That's how the Naxalites win over peasants at the edge who are gonna kill themselves.


File: 5dedad6c790122c⋯.jpg (36.32 KB, 360x480, 3:4, portella-della-ginestra1.jpg)


Sicily had it pretty bad. Right after unification it was backward, poor, controlled by landlords and barons who had no problem in switching loyalty to another king just to retain their privileges. When peasants started getting uppity they employed ruffians that later became known as mafia. But the sicilian proletariat didn't give up and created the Fasci Siciliani, a socialist organization of workers who got suppressed by the army. After 1950 mafia just got stronger and became an unofficial ally of Democrazia Cristiana, the ruling party. They said that mafia didn't exist and it was invented by the communists! Italy started fighting mafia SERIOUSLY only during the 90s.

We're never gonna get rid of them if we don't get the rid of our parasitic bourgs.


File: 63e11b59088d555⋯.png (26.82 KB, 705x313, 705:313, Screenshot_2019-07-15 Sequ….png)

Hanno sequestrato un altro arsenale in mano a fascisti…

File: 833bb846c09e7b1⋯.jpg (2.15 MB, 1118x1600, 559:800, aa252d1b733adcb506b974305f….jpg)

File: 215fee1d0b10113⋯.jpg (1.49 MB, 1928x2896, 241:362, 1560908178585.jpg)


Alright comrades , its time to get /fit/. We have a duty to uplift the working classes of the world, but first we must train our minds and bodies.

Are you a fatty?

To lose fat, eat < 10 * (your bodyweight in lbs) / day.

So if your fat ass is at 240 pounds, eat less than 2400 kcal/day.

Are you a skelly?

To gain weight, eat > 16 * (your bodyweight) kcal / day.

That means if you're 100 lbs, you should eat more than 1600 kcal/day.

Look I know reading about economics, praxis and theory are important or whatever, but seriously guys, how do you expect to overthrow the bourgeoisie if you can't even lift weights bro? So get off your ass, stop reading books for two hours and go to your local gym, so you can achieve the full Leftist Aesthetic.

Also feel free to post the peak leftist aesthetic

see link for more info



*Let the ruling classes tremble at a communist revolution. The proletarians have nothing to lose but their chains. They have a world to win. Workingmen of all countries, unite! ~ Karl Marx*

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File: 9ce114355eda05c⋯.jpg (116.35 KB, 1200x671, 1200:671, gymcels.jpg)


sure bro, just remember to take your protein shakes


is that cgi?



It's regular animation but interpolated



You need to have a specific amount of calories. Like I said in the OP to gain weight you need to have 16* you bodyweight in kcal a day.

It explains it all perfectly in this fitness guide http://liamrosen.com/fitness.html#part3

and yes, lifting weights will help


File: 48b1e10ccef4d59⋯.jpg (80.34 KB, 736x1019, 736:1019, 6ef6a5859532383efa6f2eeacb….jpg)




Why? the other redundant off topic thread was already at the top of the catalogue.

File: 47c8d126e95bb36⋯.jpeg (38.5 KB, 320x395, 64:79, 3E7ADB60-523E-48A3-9193-1….jpeg)


Honestly, I can’t see what use anarkids have beyond being buffers/human shields between communists and fascists. Their theory is mostly nonsensical horseshit that begs the question, why don’t we dismantle our ability to defend our movement the second we think we’ve won? They’re even more obsessed with the past than tankies are; while tankies are obsessed with states and movements that were actually successful, anarchists obsess over failures because they’ve never actually succeeded. A part of me thinks they despise tankies because whilst no anarchist movement in history defeated their national bourgeois and/or counterrevolution, tankies can point to the most powerful countries of the last century that did.

Not to mention anarkids are useful idiots for fashies and porkies, they happily and uncritically believe every single lie Nazi drummed up against the USSR, like the Holodomor myth, and “muh Stalin stole the bread from every Ukrainians mouth and personally signed the death warrant for everyone to die in the USSR”, they’ll act as tho the Spanish Anarchists had a right to take Soviet weaponry, refuse to work with them, and then start shooting them; anarchists genuinely believe they can murder communists and if communists defend themselves by shooting back we’re in the wrong. Anarchists are easily manipulated by fascists and liberals, it’s sad, and it’s because anarchism is ultimately liberal, it focuses on individual liberty rather than collective liberation from bourgeois rule.

What use are they, if any? Are they only useful to fascists? If so what does that make them?

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>Think of the selfish fucks who expect to be coddled by society while performing no labor that got sent to a work camp to learn how to view their labor as a collective experience



File: 62c936b9c3e4412⋯.jpg (1.77 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, 1561476520053.jpg)


why'd you reply to a post from an entirely different thread?



>why'd you reply to a post from an entirely different thread?

imagine believing at all


>What the fuck usefulness do anarchists even have?

Being above the age of 18.

t, guy who was an ML at 15


communism cannot exist without an extremely robust enforcement mechanism. that means a state with a very well funded military.

File: 39b8d1221e38883⋯.png (128.17 KB, 873x585, 97:65, fashtube.png)


>Do you remember that time when a "breadtuber" who claimed they used to be a fascist but is now an anarchist said that chattel slavery is less oppressive than wage labour? Well they've now come out as a "national anarchist" aka fascist. . .

this is what being an anarkiddie and not reading theory breeds…

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I'm waiting for Eugenics-kun to publish his equivalent of Capital



Wow, it's a jagoff who can only greentext and not contribute a single real argument.

The "working class" has been at its each others' throats throughout the history of capitalism, which is why Marx got so butthurt when the lower classes supported Napoleon III and other such comical figures and had to invent the "lumpenproletariat" so he can say "oh, it's the working class, but not THOSE people, you're the good kind" to potential recruits… not that Marx ever really bothered trying to recruit from the actual "working class", because he concluded that it would be a waste of time for his goals (which was totally right, for what he was going for, and what Lenin was going for).

Revolutions aren't waged by the low, they are always waged by a middle class when the opportunity arises to seize power from a ruling system, and usually it involves elements of the old ruling system seeing the writing on the wall and making alliances with the middle class to attack other upper class oligarchs. If the low have any aspirations in revolution, it is the hopes that they can get in a new middle class, or at least get some sort of deal where they get to continue living, or at their highest level of accomplishment, they simply have at last the freedom to ignore their lords and burn all symbols of their domination (but this is always a brief victory, even the most committed of anarchists want to rein in such a state of affairs because it would be uncontrollable and wouldn't allow a new world-system to develop). Usually, though, for the low revolutions are a tragic event that they somehow survive, and go along with because they have no other options. Only the very desperate of the lower class have any interest in the socialist camp or the "left" (allegiance to the political right in any meaningful sense is always from people who have at least a decent stake in the ruling order, the lower class members of the political right are either single-issue partisans who see the right as furthering a narrow cause, or thorough degenerates like the fascists whose ideology is such that they can only be regarded as a base animal rather than someone thinking in any coherent sense).

So yeah, revolution is impossible, at least in whatever moPost too long. Click here to view the full text.



I doubt it's ever happening. I had the idea in my head, but who would read it? It's too late. There are only a few stragglers left who have the will to even complain about the ruling system, and they contend with a public consciousness which is aggressive towards any criticism of the status and vanity of the educated.


Are they saying that they are anti-egalitarian? or is there some sort of belief that people will peacefully be relocated and re-segregated using controversial criteria?


People can overcome fascism, but they can't just say they're not fascist and then everything is hunky dory. Those behaviors and the capitalist conditions that lead you to be fascist don't disappear overnight. If you are a former fascist, *especially* if you were an active fascist i.e a cop, in the military, part of a racist organization ect you are going to have to work harder to *prove* you've really changed and win back people's trust.

File: e55ba3ab7fbb512⋯.png (71.12 KB, 700x700, 1:1, CUP LOGO 2.png)


GREETINGS /leftypol/

The Infinity Cup is returning once again, and 8chan's boards will be fighting it out on the pitch to claim divegrass supremacy. As a board that has participated in the Cup at one point or another in its history, you are invited to the reveal stream for 2019 Summer edition of the Cup. On Saturday June 22nd, at 3 PM EDT/7 PM UTC, on cytu.be/r/8cup I'll be giving you guys an early look at the Cup's 5th edition, which will include revamped aesthetics, team stadiums and other quality of life improvements I've figured out how to do in PES 17. Hopefully this will get anons back on board with the Cup, considering it has struggled mightily since its 2nd incarnation.

So how is it going to go down? I'll be staging a couple of exhibition matches between teams using their rosters from the last Cup, and we'll shitpost our merry way through the stream. Once the stream ends, entries will be open for the Cup, and boards can start putting together/editing their rosters and kits. Entries will close in early July, the field will be determined, and the Group Draw will take place approximately a week before the Cup kicks off in August. I'm also hoping to possibly introduce managers for the Cup, although I'm still working out the details to keep this from devolving into a namefag dick measuring contest. I hope you all will tune in, and in case you aren't caught up on your board's history, I've provided some links below to get you caught up:



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losing already

fuck sake


Hey good news our team at 4chan won today's match.


bad news our team on 4chan lost today's match


A reminder, you have less than two weeks to submit your logo, 3 kits, and base roster to the 8cup thread to secure your entry into the 2019 Summer Cup.



If you want to use your old roster (link above), just say so. All you'd need to do after that is submit one more kit to use on top of the two from the prior Cup.


Heads up. You guys have less than a week to submit your entry to the Cup. Again, if you'd like to use your old roster just say so, but you guys do need to make one more kit for your squad.



File: a629b4b4e8989f3⋯.png (533.27 KB, 800x567, 800:567, a629b4b4e8989f38e4405d7033….png)


How do you deal with shitty landlords? Even worst, landlords that have a personal relationship with you?

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You can overthrow a king without killing him.



You could, but why? Peasants dont much care for intellectual sentimentalism, and former kings tend to have powerful allies eager to get them back in power



The private ownership and profiteering of a neccesary-for-life commodity such as housing is a crime to be answered for in and of itself, but yes, there is a big difference between absentee ownership and active ownership.



Nobody put this guy in charge of securing the revolution.



You can't post such cancer without comment section

File: bdbf39ac446a3ba⋯.jpg (602.04 KB, 1196x2103, 1196:2103, akko353.jpg)


Just a normal human here. I came to here to see what you guys are about. So what are you guys about? I don't know shit about communism really, so what do you want exactly? Explain why you are right and why opposition is wrong. How are you better? What is your stance on problems on Europe? What about USA?

You can ignore Akko, wouldn't let me post without a picture and i thought She would be quite fitting.

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No one believes this, and communism isn't people getting along and holding hands in a circle. Read Marx you retard.

LOL read your retardedness to understand? What a joke you guys are. and the post I was quoting was basically lala land. Classless, Stateless.. LOL Who runs it then? Who enforces laws? Are there even laws at that point if there's nobody to fear enforcing them?

I think most of you communist types are the bottom of the barrel types who want to change a system in which you are the worst players. You will never measure up to quality people. you degenerate scum


File: c6fce84abccb8df⋯.jpg (14.18 KB, 182x268, 91:134, Trigger_Warning_with_Kille….jpg)


Speaking of which, why is this even a board?

Anyways, misremembering norfag out.



>reading is retarded



>LOL read your retardedness to understand? What a joke you guys are. and the post I was quoting was basically lala land. Classless, Stateless.. LOL Who runs it then? Who enforces laws? Are there even laws at that point if there's nobody to fear enforcing them?

No state doesn't mean no organizational body or local enforcement you retard. A state is something which exists in a certain material context and is not just "when people make laws and do things". Communists also aren't for removing the state if doing so would just lead to the recreation of the state to deal with material issues either. Classes =/= heirarchy as well, and a classless society doesn't mean no one has chosen occupations or roles in said society, just that economic classes in regards to the MoP don't exist. A proper classless society is one where the proletariet succeeds in automating all necessary labour and escapes the need to even require enaging in such labour to survive. At that point the proletariet negates itself and ceases to be as such, leaving them to organize based on leisure, activity, and improvement rather then labour itself. Once that point is reached, a state is no longer required to run things as the functions it would fufill would be automated or taken care of in a communal fashion. It would literally be made obsolete.

Learn to quote and respond properly fucking newfag.



you type like a retarded faggot

File: 99cc3d07e020b02⋯.png (29.26 KB, 500x784, 125:196, marxist-leninists-vs-anarc….png)


Does anyone think that there is a possibility of an ideological unification between MLs and Anarchists? And not like the left unity meme, but an actual new ideology that unifies both ML and AnCom into one ideology. Is such a thing even possible? Has there ever been an effort in history to unify ideologies? Or do I just not understand communist theory?

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Worked great for Yugoslavia, ye?


File: 7afce9a87cf1923⋯.jpg (311.98 KB, 2352x1385, 2352:1385, lenin-and-stalin.jpg)


It's literally a proven method we don't live in 1819. the Soviet Union existed and was functionaly socialist for most of it's history.



>What theoretical solution is there to stop centralisation causing exponential consolidation of power to a few people?


the proposed solution to avoid abuse is to rotate the "power-few", by for example using statistically representative sortition democracy, to periodically get a new batch of random representatives, combined with direct democracy features. This still needs a administrative group that has to maintain discipline and repel attempts to be overthrown by sell-outs etc. But given how little attack surface this has it is orders of magnitudes easier then for example what the Soviets attempted, and hence the expected level of repression against counter revolution is extremely small. As for corruption and despotism, consider that you don't know who follows your reign because of the random selection process, so if you decide to victimize a group of people, they might follow your reign at some point in the future and would probably execute a ferocious revenge on you. And consider that the administrative group has no incentive to not produce scientifically accurate and empirically verified reports on what you did during your reign, because that is how they protect them self. This system has closely match power-responsibility-consequence ratio, while still maintaining effective higher order decision making capabilities.



Would the selection process be like jury duty? What if those selected didn't want to serve?



>Would the selection process be like jury duty? What if those selected didn't want to serve?

Not sure how Jury selection works.

What I'm describing here is a statistically representative sample of the population, so depending on the size and composition of the population it's going to be significantly more then 12 people, in most cases probably a few hundred or thousand people.

In principle you cannot opt out of this, if you get summoned. If this were on a voluntary basis, then it could be hacked by attempting to bully or trick a group of society to opt out. But realistically you do have to allow for some exemptions.

File: 5349596d1ee1b6f⋯.jpg (21.73 KB, 200x267, 200:267, votecommie.jpg)


I try to learn more about black socialist or communist movements. Anons, please enlighten me.

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*out of the black belt


Reminds me of AOC praising Peronists lol


Any more takes?


socialist yugoslavia





Pick one.



>Nation of anti-imperialism and worker's self-management

>Not socialist

Pick one bunker boy

File: a991f90a4a9673f⋯.jpg (127.39 KB, 1200x649, 1200:649, nicefuture4.jpg)

File: ddb2f594b7231e1⋯.jpg (88.63 KB, 747x1070, 747:1070, nicefuture3.jpg)

File: 807340a17ebaf34⋯.jpg (118.13 KB, 1126x710, 563:355, nicefuture2.jpg)

File: 7165d4a024c0a43⋯.jpeg (131.26 KB, 1024x427, 1024:427, nicefuture1.jpeg)


Lets have a discussion about how a nice socialist Future could look like.

Please avoid technophobia and collapse-porn, defeatism, and dread-mongering

82 posts and 148 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: aa5988b2be7b4e9⋯.jpg (102.55 KB, 1192x670, 596:335, 05__the_rising_tide_by_the….jpg)

File: b19c3c8e62382b3⋯.jpg (76.04 KB, 1024x531, 1024:531, random_nameless_landscape_….jpg)

File: 73872a5bd7a7ec6⋯.jpg (110.81 KB, 1205x663, 1205:663, prometheus_by_antifan_real….jpg)

File: 02c9d960afb87b5⋯.jpg (105.11 KB, 938x852, 469:426, bold_visions___city_docks_….jpg)

File: f4a19a714de7c25⋯.jpg (132.63 KB, 1120x630, 16:9, reach_by_guitfiddle_d1y6j1….jpg)


File: c5adb8e30b2dc20⋯.jpg (71.6 KB, 792x1009, 792:1009, sun_maxim__maintenance_mec….jpg)

File: 90481164984bef9⋯.jpg (86.27 KB, 1024x600, 128:75, multi_purpose_mech_by_theu….jpg)

File: fcd02207ad9959b⋯.jpg (76.15 KB, 1063x752, 1063:752, contact___loader_mech_by_s….jpg)

File: fbecf0099261340⋯.jpg (117 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, future_city_too_by_robertd….jpg)

File: b6f73255c3d8fa8⋯.jpg (57.04 KB, 1024x684, 256:171, rendezvous_by_julian_faylo….jpg)


File: a3c9c6374285d0f⋯.jpg (847.31 KB, 2000x1333, 2000:1333, oneill cylinder 2.jpg)

File: 43e3022616b7bb5⋯.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1884x1479, 628:493, oneill cylinder 3.jpeg)

File: ade66eb41d83473⋯.jpg (749.21 KB, 1896x1388, 474:347, oneill cylinder 4.jpg)

File: e5e256b3c9b66f5⋯.jpg (1.57 MB, 3840x1080, 32:9, oneill cylinder.jpg)

I want our species to live long enough to colonize space. If we can build self-sustainable space colonies I think we can stop destroying Earth.


File: c0a93db86f4cce4⋯.jpg (28.24 KB, 402x720, 67:120, c0a93db86f4cce4ef4b3410730….jpg)


>rock pillar on number 4

>super-advanced scifi society saw no structural issues with building their city underneath thousands of tons of rock held up by a pillar that couldn't possibly hold any weight

>they didn't erect any pillar of their own

>they didn't reinforce the rock pillar at all

>they built a structure on the rock pillar, shifting the weight on the bottom dramatically

Come on.


File: 5c2e5ddd0efba6d⋯.jpg (37.66 KB, 649x407, 59:37, scificitieswallpapercollec….jpg)


>If we can build self-sustainable space colonies I think we can stop destroying Earth.

Space colonies are one or two centuries in the future, it's probably harder to entirely produce a habitat then to keep earth habitable, so i would hope can stop destruction before we go to the stars.


fair point (pic)

File: 0f314836dda47c4⋯.jpg (27.39 KB, 183x237, 61:79, Lux.jpg)


what do you people have against idpol? it's simply being against racism, sexism, transphobia etc which do still exist.

if we don't stand up for these groups they gp tp the right wing and liberals.

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>it didn't come from anywhere at all?

it came from observations

basic aristotelian logic

fags take/give it up the ass, therefore they're filthy

women can't work especially hard labor jobs, therefore they're useless, only good for breeding

trannies want you to respect their attack helicopter identity, so they're fucking mentally ill

society doesn't indoctrinate them to hate, if that's what you're implying

on the contrary, it indoctrinates them to accept faggotry, feminism, mutants



People hate idpol because, rather than standing against bigotry ALONGSIDE class conflict, instead it often overwhelms any sort of class-struggle, filling once socialist movements with capitalist progressives.


racism, nationalist/ethnic identities and other forms of sectarianism shaped the current world into what it is.

sexism had some influence on today's societies.

transphobia and homophobia are absolutely irrelevant not only historically but even today in every part of the world that isn't western.



be patient with him. he is a slogan regurgitator- the most common /pol/-tard profile. Very few of them can form coherent ideas not based around superficial concepts. Some people says it's racism. But believe me, it's pure stupidity.



t. pol

this merits no argument, and furthermore, you're a fucking idiot

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