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Tags: leftism (CLICK HERE FOR MORE LEFTIST 8CHAN BOARDS), politics, activism, news

File: 1439438504463.jpg (27.89 KB, 300x209, 300:209, hot-pockets-300x209.jpg)


This is a thread for giving feedback and complaints about moderation actions.

Because there are so many new Volunteers right now, we are bound to hit a few bumps in the next week or so. If you see a thread deleted or moderated in a way that you think is unfair, please post ITT, preferably with evidence or a detailed description of it. This won't guarantee a reversal, but it will help bring it to my attention. Volunteers who turn out to be repeat offenders and refuse to learn will have their accounts removed. You can also monitor our actions here:



As well, Volunteers who can't decide what to do about something should post ITT to get feedback before acting.

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I just banned and deleted a bunch of posts by checkers

If you guys were in the mod chat more often I will be able to worn you and go to bed with a clean mind

File: bf5b660f14b09b7⋯.gif (36.97 KB, 672x372, 56:31, communist-party-672x372.gif)


Official /leftypol/ reading list

In this thread, various members of the community have listed recommended literature regarding leftism, i.e. economics, political theory, philosophy and other subjects related to leftism. Some recommendations are for starters, or for those in advanced literature.

/Leftypol/ has many ideologies, Marxist, Anarchist, Left-com, etc. so there is a variety of different literature with different viewpoints.

Reading literature is recommended, as it helps you understand leftism better and is much better than reading Wikipedia synopses.

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Several people read Mein Kampf here. There was a thread about it about a week ago.

File: 1454368310550.jpg (12.22 KB, 349x238, 349:238, 1422430347342.jpg)


Hello and welcome to /leftypol/. Please check the board tags for related boards. These are our groups:





/leftypol/'s magazine:


Other leftist chans/backups:




>How can you call yourselves leftist politically incorrect?

/leftypol/ posters are allowed to voice opinions that offend liberals, SJWs, and so on. All sects of leftism are allowed to post on /leftypol/, leading to plenty of fighting and shitflinging between leftists, which other forums would tend to ban. However, this was only a minor consideration in the naming of /leftypol/. Since the concept is simply a leftist version of /pol/, the entire name of /pol/ was retained.

>I'm not a leftist can I post here?

/leftypol/ welcomes debate from non-leftists. Non-leftists frequently come here to ask questions and raise topics for debate. Board moderation here is more focused on maintaining a good board index, so non-leftists have to be on better behavior as OP than they do as participants in someone else's thread. If you aren't b8ing or shitposting, your thread is likely to stay up.

>Are you liberals? Are you SJWs? Do you like Obama? Are you all Zionists???

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>Fucking this. Five other boards I browse regularly get discord spam. There's always faggots trying to leech users off of imageboards and into discords. I want to talk ON THE IMAGEBOARD not on some gay chat.

Indeed. I wish 8chan board owners had morale and banned shills, especially NSA shills.

File: da70edce4cd29cc⋯.png (393.73 KB, 389x524, 389:524, hhaefafdhed.png)


How can we fight against all the "SJWs", "Liberals", etc trash that have hijacked TRUE LEFTISM?

I don't want to be called an "alt-right" faggot.

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It isn't just Carbon Dioxide we have to worry about. It also is the extinction level event amounts of methane under Siberian sea ice that good ol' carbon dioxide, and misc greenhouse gas is melting away; enough methane gas that can accelerate global warming from what is currently projected, to the span of emissions from the mid 19th century to 2017. In a matter of a decade.

The more ice melts, the more gas bubbles to the surface, the more it accelerates the process, the more we're fucked.

Not mentioning the countless other ways we're fucked that link together like a nightmare daisy chain.


File: 80cfc422986663f⋯.jpg (40.53 KB, 580x360, 29:18, hghopejiod.jpg)





So of course, the best way to combat this is to do nothing and cower in fear at the impending nihilistic hell waiting on our doorstep. Gotcha


File: 14865e9c8bcfe13⋯.webm (2.77 MB, 398x266, 199:133, boiling point.webm)



Trot posts


File: 4edcb8f40f236b8⋯.jpg (897.74 KB, 2800x1574, 1400:787, maxresdefault.jpg)


We know that the right wing loves conspiracy theories but are there any leftists that believe in the ruling elite, the Illuminati, or shape shifting reptilians?

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socialists thinking every porky is a masochist war plunderer and profiteer


most leftists have a more realistic view on conspiracies:


i.e. we believe in them based on evidence and rational thinking.

We know US arms al-Qaida and other terrorists, we knew they armed ISIS even before the thing with the arms dealer happened who got his charges dropped when he threatened to reveal details on hillary and cia involvement.

/pol/, on the other hand, knows hillary armed ISIS because she is a woman and a democrat.


>ruling elite

this is a prerequiste to believe in to be a leftist

>the Illuminati

humans always form clubs, even the homeless have gangs

>shape shifting reptilians




Its posts like this that make critics of /pol/ so confounding.

Is he being disengenious? Is he exaggerating for effect? Has he ever been to /pol/? What did he mean by this?


Well we believe there is a ruling class acting in their self interest to fuck us all over, and there a lot of conspiracies and conspiracy theories that come from that.

Tbh though I feel like most lefties actually play it way too safe with what conspiracies they believe, whereas a lot of right wingers take it way too far. The former is a lot better obviously, just we could be a little more open to radical conspiracy theories. I mean the ruling class will literally do anything to stop us, and some seemingly absurd conspiracy theories have be proven true.

File: 1daaa44f37d0fd7⋯.png (231.98 KB, 599x653, 599:653, the narc must fear the mar….png)


Why did Marx offhandedly call people niggers in his letters?

>The Jewish nigger Lassalle who, I’m glad to say, is leaving at the end of this week, has happily lost another 5,000 talers in an ill-judged speculation. The chap would sooner throw money down the drain than lend it to a ‘friend’, even though his interest and capital were guaranteed.

>It is now quite plain to me — as the shape of his head and the way his hair grows also testify — that he is descended from the negroes who accompanied Moses’ flight from Egypt (unless his mother or paternal grandmother interbred with a nigger). Now, this blend of Jewishness and Germanness, on the one hand, and basic negroid stock, on the other, must inevitably give rise to a peculiar product. The fellow’s importunity is also nigger-like.

>One of our nigger’s great discoveries — which, however, he only confides to his ‘closest friends’ — is that the Pelasgians were of Semitic descent. The main evidence: in the Book of Maccabbees, the Jews send emissaries to solicit the help of Greece on grounds of kinship. Furthermore, an Etruscan inscription has been found in Perugia, and this was simultaneously deciphered by Hofrat Stucker in Berlin and an Italian, and both independently converted the Etruscan into the Hebrew alphabet.


This is basically the verbose-ridden equivalent of a /leftypol/ post; using nigger as a generic insult for anyone (Lassalle wasn't black) while not actually being racist/discriminatory when talking seriously about race or other identity categories (recall Jewish Question, letters to Lincoln, What is a Negro Slave?, etc.).

Was Marx the original shitposter?

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>Fucking revisionist.


>saying naughty words is racism

you must have accidentally responded to the wrong post because what you said makes no sense.



I call people retards all the time and no one tries shit, llittle downies won't do shit


>called people niggers in his letters

>kept it out of his polemics and more serious writings

don't see the problem, considering everyone here's called someone a nigger at some point. besides,

>jew calling someone a jewish nigger

definitely shitposting


He was ironically shitposting.



>But back then there was scientific evidence that supported racism which only got disproved in recent decades so i wouldn't hold it too badly against him.

I mean, liberals had to explain inequality in their FREE AND EQUAL tm societies somehow

File: cd7d1ace310d2d7⋯.gif (1018.22 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 134513.gif)


Nationalism always leads to poverty, starvation, and mass genocide.

Communism is a scientific system and is inevitable.

Prove me wrong.

You can't

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>Liru's VR game will never be completed

>You will never virtually fondle her soft brown sugar tits



It's been available for a while, actually. There just aren't that many different scenes.



My bad, I didn't realize you were talking about the VR game.


Nationalism is defined as political independence of a nation.


File: ed84385b242f19a⋯.jpg (251.69 KB, 1494x719, 1494:719, 2376523857293857.jpg)


The necessary step to create WWI

File: dcfe1eb404d1695⋯.gif (975.19 KB, 500x270, 50:27, dcfe1eb404d1695b76fefd4e6d….gif)


What did you see today when you put on your spectacle?

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File: 5c3e51b37e99329⋯.jpg (73.78 KB, 640x640, 1:1, hhhearafd.jpg)

I saw that (leftists) were merely just brainwashed shills trying to demonize what a real leftist is and nobody is doing anything to fix it.

How come if I hate zionists that I'm automatically labeled as an "alt-right" faggot???


File: 72862a4da509e70⋯.gif (4.56 MB, 480x270, 16:9, society of the spectacle.gif)


I was doing some research in to IT work

I kept finding people who had these "inspiring stories"

They were all silicon valley tier entrepreneurs I wanted to give the bullet


File: 94d2614609142fc⋯.jpg (134.02 KB, 801x534, 3:2, journalists antifa bin.jpg)



Call them racist for supporting an apartheid state.

File: 3bda42461c8e4bf⋯.png (285.99 KB, 594x597, 198:199, 5cbddf91ec89cfc86f9ec2b6ab….png)


How can I become a philosopher?

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We have more than enough idiotic internet philosophers. We need more people of action.


1. Take a basic economics class

2. Read Ayn Rand

2.5 Make sure not to read anything else.

3. Make a youtube account.

4. Talk about the free market.

5. Only talk about AnCap tier beliefs, because, that is what the free market wants. I mean what your subscribers want.

6. Call yourself a philosopher.

7. Call yourself the saviour of philosophy.

8. Get destroyed by Chomsky

Congratulations you are now the greatest philosopher of the 21. century.



I call her a "philosopher" because it's the most efficient way to describe what she actually did.

Of course nothing she wrote was interesting or novel, and nothing she wrote hadn't been refuted before a thousand times over, but as far as her occupation is concerned, she was a philosopher. Just a fourth-rate one.

"Philosopher" isn't some honorific or badge of achievement, mang


>Get destroyed by Chomsky

I can't imagine a more humiliating fate tbh



That guide is horrible. Please stop linking it. If someone wants to get into philosophy read A New History of Western Philosophy by Anthony Kenny.



>That guide is horrible. Please stop linking it.


Not the guy that posted it, but I don't see any egregious problems with it, really/

File: 82acdfb52e27d3d⋯.jpg (77.27 KB, 903x678, 301:226, eJwFwVEOgyAMANC7cABaoCj1Ak….jpg)


Greetings comrades!

I have some questions about the relationship between the economic structure and the so-called ideological superstructure.

From what I have understood from Marx's theory, economics determines ideology. But how could capitalism have given birth to Christian notions such as the trinity, soul / body dualism etc? The same goes for all the rest, in what way is capitalism responsible for Jesus (as tempted as he has existed), the apostles and all the mythology that encompasses Christianity? Especially since Christianity dates from before capitalism!

Roman antiquity has known both polytheism and monotheism (first with the cult of Sol Invictus and then Jesus), so this means from a Marxist point of view that their mode of production to give birth to two Types of religions? How is that possible?

Also, has this theory been verified for other cultures? How is the Asian mode of production responsible for Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism and Confucianism?

My philosophy teacher, told me that it is because religions are founded according to the desire of the strong who founded the religions to better control "the people". I agree that in a sufficiently advanced stage of society the powerful and the possessors of the means of production use religion to this end.

But in primitiv societies does not the chief himself believe in the religion which he or the whole community has produced? Besides, are mythologies and religions not means for men to explain the world in the absence of more scientific knowledge? Have there been comparative studies to study the differences between religions before the private ownership of the means of production and afterwards? And would not it be even the ideological structure that would determine the economic superstructure?

I do not know if I was very clear, I may not have well understood what Marx meant. But I think in absolute you can see where I'm coming from.

(Btw, sorry for my english)



>But how could capitalism have given birth to Christian notions such as the trinity, soul / body dualism etc

Re-think about your history, Christianism was essentially the main superstructure during feudal times, not capitalist times.

There is Weber theory that on the contrary, notions appearing with protestantism encouraged capital accumulation. But are thoses new ideas already the resut of a starting change in production, i'm not knowledgeable enough about that.

And theories about economies are mainly centered on the European model of development, probably because thanks to it, Europeans largely spread their influence on the planet like no other civilization before.

Also the base/superstructure relationship is dialectical, and isn't spared by the contradicton within society. Differences in status and economic power can lead to ideological differences, that can lead to different behavior and changes to economy and so on.

I don't know if i answered your question sufficiently.

File: 517afe806946504⋯.jpg (41.34 KB, 426x599, 426:599, 426px-Pieter_Jelles_Troels….jpg)

File: 6f117b002cac0ed⋯.png (583.14 KB, 600x800, 3:4, 5IAzGEFcLy_med.png)


Nieuwe nederdraad: getattoeerde meisjes en Troelstra editie

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>Enige hoop voor een niet-ultraneoliberale regering?





Waarom is Nederlandse politiek zo hoorngedragen? In Duitsland en Frankrijk zijn er op zijn minst radicale sociaaldemocraten. Hier hebben we de eerste Tumblrpartij en fucking Baudet.



De SP zijn 'radicale' sociaaldemocraten. Art1kel is de tumblrpartij, DENK is gewoon een turkenlobby, en niks anders. De enige radicale partij in de Nederlandse politiek is de PVV. We nauwelijks radicalisme omdat het in dit land relatief goed gaat.

File: c510cf1288c6fde⋯.jpg (8.28 KB, 225x225, 1:1, images.jpg)


Why cant we have communist thing inside democracy?

>cities have open and transparent association

>this association funds ideas, projects, researches, and so on

>skilled and able retired could help, almost as a hobby or whatever

why its not done?

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whats a porky?



the bourgeoisie







Everything is political. You can't escape it.

File: 076b653c4653f6b⋯.jpg (80.7 KB, 640x427, 640:427, melt.jpg)


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All the trees are going to burn mate. I mean new technology that people count on.



>climate change is a conspiracy


File: c7e230470ee5822⋯.png (822.55 KB, 800x800, 1:1, posadism.png)

File: 5df38c6f0773fb6⋯.png (400.91 KB, 660x495, 4:3, anprimman.png)

I love how this thread is turning people into anprim-pol pot-posadists.

It really is the only way.


Enjoy your shareholder value.



They probably could if they wanted to. I assume they generally act out of self interest in the pursuit of profit though. Most people don't want to go out in a suicidal rampage. Let's hope no billionaires decided to wipe out the species. Weird to think about. I'd never considered an overly powerful individual really aiming to destroy the species. Probably something we should watch out for even if it sounds like some kind of James Bond villain's plot.



I think a lot of people are just going to embrace extinction as a good thing. I did long ago.


If I were a billionaire I'd be pretty keen to just end it all faster tbh.

File: 1a76dc45ab888ad⋯.jpg (499.55 KB, 897x1206, 299:402, stalin.jpg)



Do these people even understand what Marx was trying to say? I felt like they were the edgy communists who liked the symbolism and that's about it. Never even read a book. Fucking cucks.

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there's no such thing as an ex leftist.



I hate that fucking phrase. In fact, as I became older and had to work, I became more socialist.



This and only this


Most of them are ex-liberals utterly repulsed by the current liberal movement. Less than 1% of the population on either side knows what we mean by leftism.


Reddit is so petty and cliquey it's disgusting

I fucking hate it



that part triggered me so hard that I'm glad we're all gonna die to global warming

File: 66f2ff295beafb4⋯.png (283.33 KB, 480x451, 480:451, absolutelyproprietary.png)


One of the key aspects of how conversations are controlled on the internet is that websites, or fractions of websites, are essentially private property. Twitter and Facebook are entirely at the mercy of their corporate masters. Forum owners control their own little feifdoms. Even on 8chan the mods have near-unlimited power, and those limits depend on Hotwheels unlimited power to enforce.

But, technology has enabled other systems to exist without private property within the confines of capitalism. Namely open source software, and free culture copyleft, which despite nominal 'ownership' is contracted out in such a way that anybody can use, modify or duplicate it.

So, how do you make a board or social media site that isn't some corporate dictatorship where the owners have complete control?


Due to how things currently work, it can't be done. First off, all sites require a server. Even if it's "in the cloud" it's on a server somewhere.

Second, I'm not sure if this is true everywhere, but ISPs where I live have 2 "packages", "consumer" and "business" packages, consumer is focused on download, while business is focused on upload. So, you're ISP has to be not so anal retentive about the content that is uploaded or you have to mask everything you do if it's not so legal.

Basically, because of how everything functions right now, there's no way it can be done, to the best of my knowledge.


File: 5320abac1b060df⋯.png (117.01 KB, 1025x927, 1025:927, gnusocial.png)

I did some searching and I found this.




I couldn't find any good documentation about how it works yet, but from what I can tell, it bypasses the server-owner owning the website by having free software which allows servers to communicate and share information with each other in a decentralized way. That way, if one server goes down, the rest can continue just fine because they share much of the same code and the data is still on other servers. Private log-in and IP information seems to be stored on the particular server you register on, but you can communicate to any other server from any server, and you can also get your own server. Or something like that, I don't know.

I'm not sure what would happen if illegal content is posted on there. Hunting down owners of individual servers could be too slippery, so maybe the feds would go after the software repository, since that seems to be a point of centralization. I'm not sure how moderation is handled either, maybe it's server-specific to block some content that other servers can see.

Anyway, the whole thing looks like a clusterfuck right now, but maybe it could grow into something really good.

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