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File: 1439438504463.jpg (27.89 KB, 300x209, 300:209, hot-pockets-300x209.jpg)


This is a thread for giving feedback and complaints about moderation actions.

Because there are so many new Volunteers right now, we are bound to hit a few bumps in the next week or so. If you see a thread deleted or moderated in a way that you think is unfair, please post ITT, preferably with evidence or a detailed description of it. This won't guarantee a reversal, but it will help bring it to my attention. Volunteers who turn out to be repeat offenders and refuse to learn will have their accounts removed. You can also monitor our actions here:



As well, Volunteers who can't decide what to do about something should post ITT to get feedback before acting.

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Please obliterate this abomination of a thread. It's just a /pol/ circle-jerk, shitposting pretending to be liberals, etc.


Please ban the repeat offenders in this thread, as well. We don't need newbies seeing this shit, thinking it's how /leftypol/ is.

File: 1454368310550.jpg (12.22 KB, 349x238, 349:238, 1422430347342.jpg)


Hello and welcome to /leftypol/. Please check the board tags for related boards. These are our groups:





/leftypol/'s magazine:


Other leftist chans/backups:




>How can you call yourselves leftist politically incorrect?

/leftypol/ posters are allowed to voice opinions that offend liberals, SJWs, and so on. All sects of leftism are allowed to post on /leftypol/, leading to plenty of fighting and shitflinging between leftists, which other forums would tend to ban. However, this was only a minor consideration in the naming of /leftypol/. Since the concept is simply a leftist version of /pol/, the entire name of /pol/ was retained.

>I'm not a leftist can I post here?

/leftypol/ welcomes debate from non-leftists. Non-leftists frequently come here to ask questions and raise topics for debate. Board moderation here is more focused on maintaining a good board index, so non-leftists have to be on better behavior as OP than they do as participants in someone else's thread. If you aren't b8ing or shitposting, your thread is likely to stay up.

>Are you liberals? Are you SJWs? Do you like Obama? Are you all Zionists???

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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don't mind me just seeing where those sweet quints landed

File: aa49e297fc19a1a⋯.jpg (17.71 KB, 240x240, 1:1, tmp_30504-COq6sy0r63445419….jpg)




Edit: Newfriends, if you wish to view the rest of this or any thread and post in a particular thread, click reply to the right of that thread. DO NOT post from the first page, otherwise you will be creating a new thread, which you may if you believe your topic warrants a new thread. To view the guide on how to post, and the answer to many other possible questions, simply scroll to the top of the page and click on the question mark icon. This will direct you to the site's FAQ page. Please keep all questions on how to operate the board interface to the FAQ thread, which you may find below.

FAQ thread: https://sys.8ch.net/mod.php?/leftypol/res/518058.html

This is the CELEBRATION thread. As such, you may come to be welcomed and to CELEBRATE your arrival with us in this thread.


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>who doesn't believe in graphical continuity until it relates to supply demand curves

>who also believe that all empirical evidence is useless because it was just an economic theory lmao

Literally the worst economic "school"

File: 964beb693b3706d⋯.png (9.87 KB, 676x181, 676:181, leftypol.PNG)



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>all the post editing and damage control

kek, eat shit /b/



Haha that post is me. I used to lurk /b/ quite a bit but I stopped going when it got flooded with 4chan refugees, but it looks like it's got better now. I go in every now and then for a bit of bants and to make jokes and sometimes point out they're doing something stupid, or in this case, not.


Imagine damage control when we will take second place.


earlier today one of their volunteers wrote "/leftypol/ will never take over /b/"

i wonder if he's trying to overdose now


File: c6ae5d318af7cfc⋯.png (58.58 KB, 909x255, 303:85, Capture.PNG)


unable to recognize and process sarcasm or irony, are we?

File: 77e0abda3437edd⋯.png (610.99 KB, 1004x644, 251:161, weenie.png)


New OC Thread? Old one is dying

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listening now, will report back



up the mic levels dude… not a tone, but it needs upped




I see your comments all the time when I watch zizek videos. Weird to see you use leftypol.

File: 6a42374aee4ff6d⋯.png (126.53 KB, 863x674, 863:674, 062816carney-Elephant.png)


This kills the third worldist.


Do you need autism to read this?



>I can't read basic line charts

there's a reason people call this board economically illiterate

>inb4 hurr durr shitposting as if learning to refute your opponent's arguments legitimately is a bad thing

File: 2ebcd5336eb9615⋯.jpg (128.11 KB, 820x742, 410:371, 1484645741497.jpg)


Anyone else starting to think /pol/ is on to something?

I mean I think both we and the far right agree on one thing: bourgeois liberals are into some sick shit. You don't knowingly uphold a system like this without sacrificing more than a few sacred cows.

Over the past few years, MASSIVE institutional pedophilia has been uncovered, be it Jimmy Saville, The dozens of pedos in the Thatcher regime (no surprise there), and all the pedos in Hollywood, as revealed in An Open Secret AKA the scathing documentary that nobody watched.

Now there's this, and our /pol/tard friends have some decent evidence to back themselves up. Are we going to just ignore this over partisan lines?

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I miss cool Marxhead, I've seen this one be wrong about fucking Marx.



Isn't it past your bedtime?



>Or maybe it was corpses.

necrophilia is basically decriminalized anywhere which has laws concerning dead organic material and food

the only taboo left is pedophilia

the way I saw it connected on /pol/ is in the past in the 60's and 70's for instance oligarchs would use blackmail to ensure trade deals were upheld

if two companies owned by these two guys make a deal but it could be catastrophic to one of them if the other backstabbed them they'd use mutual blackmail as a form of insurance against reneging on a deal

in the 60's and 70's this could take the form of homosexual sex tapes

like we both have gay sex with a rent boy, film it, we both have a copy and if one of us breaks their promise we release the film to the press and career and public image destroyed

that wont work anymore the world is quite liberal towards homosexuality these days

its not career destroying

but pedos?

theres nothing more efficient as blackmail insurance than raping and murdering and 8 yo girl, filming it and holding onto the evidence in case of betrayal



>because they have been doing that for decades through legitimate avenues

That's not even a counter though. That's just further evidence to suggest money laundering!





wouldnt a fucking legal firm or insurance firm or literally anything fucking else be a better way of laundering money than a pizza restaurant?

who's gonna believe someone bought a $65,000 pizza when theres a dominos down the road who'll do it for a fiver

unless this pizzas main topping is pure heroin and its served to me on top of a fucking naked 8 yo whore then im not paying fucking $65,000 for it

File: ff762e6eed949d1⋯.jpg (14.49 KB, 600x384, 25:16, ENOUGH.jpg)



Most socdems are barely leftist, they're hovering around center and most socdem parties nowadays are just a tad right-of-centre

>they're counter-revolutionary

>they'd rather collaborate with fascists than communists

>their welfare states get hijacked and burned down everytime by conservatives and liberals (look at how the tories are underfunding the NHS so they have an excuse to privatize)

>they propose bandaids on a cancer patient

>they're not anti-capitalist

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None of the historical socialist states have been friendly to the environment. Cuba? Huge deforestation issues. Eastern Bloc? Still recovering from the environmental degradation of the the big five year plans. Central Asia? One of the most polluted regions on Earth due to numerous soviet era crisises, whole lakes filled with radioactive waste and unswimmable or fishable because russians were dumping the excess from their "quality engineered" nuclear stations into the watersheds. North Korea? As deforested as Cuba, now, and reliant on coal for power.

"Friendliness to the environment" is a sideshow compared to "GDP growth". Now, this is true for capitalists too and most capitalist countries are about as bad now (though ecotourism helps), but I find it laughable to suggest socialism as a solution to the environmental crisis we are facing.



Sadly they didn't have the technological expertise to avoid ecological harm that capitalism would have afforded them.



I'm not in anyway fine with the popular front, and most communists even at the time thought it was a terrible idea.



No they're not at all. Fuck off faggot

File: 8b837323245b712⋯.jpg (1.46 MB, 3840x2160, 16:9, 1474800155239.jpg)





Leftypol survey to see majority of ideologies because some autists think liberals and socdems shouldnt be on a LEFT leaning board

File: a401e46cec1a09e⋯.jpg (961.31 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, GALGUN_PRESENTOR_notrating….jpg)

File: 3d800cea51199e4⋯.jpg (264.47 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 9blkO5T.jpg)

File: 914d078b2bb3cb9⋯.png (914.74 KB, 642x364, 321:182, vlcsnap-2016-01-20-12h02m0….png)

File: ad62a1ff85fd9a3⋯.jpg (177.83 KB, 675x927, 75:103, f7b.jpg)


We can all agree that Japan is the most sexist country in the world.

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File: 7eba44e9b280b53⋯.png (68.16 KB, 520x348, 130:87, life under feminist oppres….png)


And this is horrible how?



>slave morality

There's that word again. Also I completely deffend Jeff Goldblum regardless of his bougie nature. I can't hate him.

Slave Morality is a term used by pretentious twats who don't even understand the context used by the pretentious twats they're quoting. You could be using slave morality yourself, slave morality is such a thing that exists beyond not listening to traditional moral values, indeed it could be ascribing to them that makes one beyond slave morality or it may not.

All of it can be bogged down with questions of motives.

Anyways, read for understanding more.



>slave morality

NEETcheee made me a strong uberman who isn't tied down by "JOOOISH MORALITY"

> evolutionary psychology







>Friendly reminder roasties wish to totally enslave men and they are not your comrades.

Yeah we meet every day at Hot Topic to talk about feminism, exchange twitter, and talk about how best to make fun of men, buy invader zim merch, we're just like that, and you're important to all of us we have to focus on you and not actually things that actually matter

Women are subhuman and totally not me. I don't do anything that embarrassing ever, women do. All women are children, I'm a big boy who lives with mum.



>If you are not objects then what are you?

well now I know you're trolling

File: 2141f3a6b01608e⋯.jpg (14.48 KB, 480x360, 4:3, 0.jpg)

File: 2d13f5c25e622e2⋯.jpg (142.97 KB, 696x1200, 29:50, Cwai6J5UkAAZXgC.jpg)

File: 3f6b5bd6fb41301⋯.png (140.55 KB, 500x409, 500:409, c-communist-catgirls-38505….png)

File: 2d590bf4c649030⋯.jpg (7.19 KB, 184x184, 1:1, 44611a5af09c5c2a244fe0e2a8….jpg)

File: 77f07c3ab024956⋯.jpg (13.41 KB, 236x236, 1:1, ed6d7492997f7ca7d4478454ef….jpg)


I'm not a religious or superstitious person, but the more I've researched the connection between Pepe the Frog, and Trump's victory… I've come to believe in Meme Magick.

I believe the problem is that the leftist internet doesn't have a strong enough expressed will. We need a sigil of our very own, to unite leftists and dismantle unjust capitalist heirarchies.

I propose the use of Cats, Catgirls, and Cat-Memes to Unite Us. In the Early History of the IWW, workers took a starving cat as their mascot, and when the cat regained healthy they thrived. The controversy surrounding catgirls on reddit is a bad omen, and we must counter by spreading the symbol of socialist and anarchist cats worldwide, in all sorts of rare and valuable memes.

What say you, lefties?

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We use meme science



It was merely a jest thou joyless ruffian



>being overweight is now sizeist

when will the idpol meme end?



I know, I'm just saying because it seems everyone has this notion that kek was just something /pol/ came up with and "used meme magic" with it, since it was the name of some frog god or some crap which must be pepe.

I know I'm taking this seriously it's just, too fucking good



It's from the original starcraft

File: 5c91ecd91e577ed⋯.png (72.21 KB, 365x373, 365:373, leftypol user.png)


So the whole /r/socialism just goes to show how important staying away from idpol is, right?

As in, we can't be content with people that are self-described idpolers or unironically sjw to infiltrate the board just as much as we can't allow /pol/tards to. A red flag is when an anon goes "yeah, I disagree with /leftypol/ on the concept of 'idpol' and I think it's quite excellent but I post here anyway…". How is that different than "Yeah, I believe in race realism but I post here anyway…"?



Identity political is kanker but in this case it's not the true problem but just an excuse for the mods to exert power.

The real issue is Trotskyism is a fundamentally despotic and brain dead ideology that, when given power, will always lead to any potential subversives being purged from their ranks.

If it wasn't identity politics they'd just find another angle to get rid of their opposition


Open your eyes white people are fighting a war of extinction in our very own homelands.

Why does everyone align with idpol except for spoiled white suburban teenagers?



>we can't be content with people that are self-described idpolers or unironically sjw to infiltrate the board

What do you suggest doing about it?

File: 80f9551fa7a6dfe⋯.jpg (39.08 KB, 589x293, 589:293, 269c8e6961029a11826cc0ed9f….jpg)


>tfw been six months since I was a Nazi

>tfw everything finally clicks into place

>tfw always knew something was wrong, and was only exposed to memes and youtube so I got my answers from there

>tfw decided to read Marx to laugh at his justification for paying everyone the same wage

>tfw Das Kapital explains fucking everything i've always known deep down, but contains genuine arguments and logic

>tfw it was so much easier to have one scapegoat for everything

>tfw it was so much easier to be a screaming empty head

>tfw I've been getting ripped off my entire life

>tfw seemingly no one has any idea what Marx actually had to say

>tfw I'm not sure how to word this without sounding euphoric as fuck

How the fuck do we get more people to read Marx? That's literally all I give a fuck about at the moment, holy shit people should be required to read this shit

I don't even care if I sound like a neckbeard, I genuinely feel fucking enlightened.

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> skipping the parts you find uniteresting in any book.

There is plenty wrong with it, you aren't reading political theory as entertainment. Although to me it's worse skipping parts of a novel for some reason, do you skip parts in movies or at a play?



>Freedom of the individual over the will of the collective.

So a meme, yeah.

> Freedom for each person to pursue their destiny regardless of if it servers the system or not.


>Class doesn't matter, it's the collective that oppresses you and you are all slaves to artificial concepts which you perceive as real. The only thing that's real enough to matter is you and your true will, any political group will use your for it's own advantage so how about you use yourself to your own advantage?

It's sad that you're so hopelessly spooked.


I skipped the portions of Moby Dick where Melville starts pontificating about whale biology because it really doesn't have anything to do with the narrative.

But that's entirely different from skipping massive swathes of a multi-volume tome which make up the ideological foundation of a massive work of political and economic theory.



Yeah, I prefer the cinema edit of Brazil too. Cuts out all that dross at the end.



>Class doesn't matter


>the collective oppresses you

The emancipation of the collective precedes the emancipation of the individual. There is a dialectic between the two, they are not in opposition.

>The only thing that's real enough to matter is you and your true will, any political group will use your for it's own advantage so how about you use yourself to your own advantage?

The self does not exist in the abstract, in it exist in material reality. If you want freedom from the collective, you should go live in the woods.



Read Wage Labour and Capital, then Value Price and Profit.

File: 184934b7c4ed9f3⋯.jpg (187.61 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, Hedges-1024x1024.jpg)


O-On contact on on contact tact tact

with Abby Martin and Ben Norton


78 posts and 20 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



Nah, they openly criticize sitting governments, they just happen to side with the shittiest governments. And they're more beholden to advertisers than the government if I understand them correctly now. I mean they used to be decent wayback in the day before neoliberalization. RT was created just to be Putins mouthplace and sow the seeds of distress elsewhere


File: 6faeb92891fcec1⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 163.09 KB, 989x1280, 989:1280, PewDiePie fucking a Cheeta….jpg)


Meh, Suum cuique.



You don't understand how Russians work, they give free platforms to left wing attacks on the US. There are no right wingers on RT, the point is to have a point of attack on US foreign policy in the middle east etc.

That means it can be true for the most part, you just adjust for Russian deference in areas as self censorship, but where the fuck else are you going to get that, in America? lel



This, you can't hide from international conflict, the best option is to exploit it. Hr may not be able to criticize Putin on the show but what's the need when the entire US corporate media does it every day



cat people run

run like the wind

cat people screw

screw like the wind

even old moldy noah

didn't wanna let'em in

buh but cat people

wuh wuh wuh went

all right

I see the cat ladies workin in their boots and their coats

I saw one take down a big zebra just by biting its throat

all riiiiight

File: 738bd8f308b976a⋯.jpg (153.94 KB, 1024x681, 1024:681, tumblr_nuc9wsWhI81utqauso1….jpg)


>Be UK

>Be May

>Believe you are the great British empire

>Make a speech about how you want all the advantages of EU without giving nothing in return

How the fuck are these people even alive, dont they know how negotiations work? Are are britfags so self entitled they believe the world should bend over for them

106 posts and 40 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



Most people believe that image 100%.



Why should there be free trade without tariffs if EU holds tariffs towards every other non-member state that holds no bi-ladderal agreements with us?



>We already received the largest empire in history after beating out that manlet

>muh end of history

It aint over yet.


So when will britain initiate exit procedures?



Never apparently since they still are waiting to invoke article 50.

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