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File: 147ea281f3c8308⋯.png (26.99 KB, 359x327, 359:327, 3fad7ffb3905e2f040800c87cc….png)


e-celebs, internet drama, feels, fetishes, and so on

EDIT: This is a voluntary containment thread for stuff that is barely related to politics/philosophy/etc. Users are encouraged to self-police e-celeb drama by using sage and linking to this thread, but "board culture" threads aren't banned.


File: 2e47bed222d1fc5⋯.jpg (136.3 KB, 1065x505, 213:101, IMG_6357.JPG)



File: 64ffb52729e2e3f⋯.jpg (377.29 KB, 720x893, 720:893, 346jht.jpg)

File: b16024f0b082869⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 577.26 KB, 1132x1280, 283:320, 1488907539158.jpg)

File: c10d7899c11db51⋯.jpg (128.48 KB, 720x697, 720:697, 1493944808681.jpg)

File: c06a06932d28caa⋯.jpg (221.09 KB, 648x1080, 3:5, 1485741987922.jpg)


black girls are best


it begins



That's interesing, but wouldn't it boil down to "the world just entered a medieval order instead of being that way for 10000 years"?


What about that John Money guy? Did he start that mess?


There's an awfully high chance that the judge for this case will throw it out on grounds of "she was asking for it".


Charnel House is one of the best leftist sites and really deserves to be mentioned more in /leftypol/. Also here's a dedicated thread for that SJW lunatic: >>1679333



oh shit, when was the last time anyone has ever been put up for impeachment? I know that no president has yet to be impeached but who was the last president they tried to impeach? Nixon?


File: 74457fa4929d698⋯.jpg (24.98 KB, 400x319, 400:319, clinton-impeached.jpg)


Uh… Bill Clinton was impeached in 1998. How old are you, anon? Lmao.


File: e80cd80c9f57c9a⋯.webm (7.98 MB, 480x360, 4:3, Communist auto worker exp….webm)


wtf I love Israel now.

Seriously though anon, this is thoroughly retarded. If you stopped obsessing about Jews, you could possibly be a decent lefty. While you continue to be racist & focus on them, the elite are just laughing at you. No one accepts antisemitism anymore, especially in the mainstream. Except maybe Spencer & his ilk, which are rightfully mocked.

While we're distracted by nonsense, the elite continue to rape & pillage the world. Racism is a tool of the bourgeoisie, the ruling class, to keep us apart. You call it D&C, no?


File: 62d53dd86d3f644⋯.jpg (37.04 KB, 500x290, 50:29, 1329622334189.jpg)

How can anyone be from Australia?



Are you 12?




I just found this as well


>Presidents Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton were impeached by the U.S. House of Representatives, but acquitted by the Senate. Richard Nixon resigned before he could be impeached.

Lmao, Nixon hopped on that helicopter & flew away before they could do it, but it came close.



Can you archive this next time? I don't like giving these MSM fucks clicks. I'll archive it for now.



you faggots need to stop shilling on /lit/, no one is going to buy into your dogshit ideology, and it stopped being funny watching you losers get btfo'd repeatedly.



I kinda with he wasn't mostly on the grounds that Pence will do worse shit and get away with it…


File: 136308c279c622a⋯.gif (879.47 KB, 229x188, 229:188, how about no.gif)


File: 0a9a6753b87aaae⋯.jpg (26.04 KB, 950x476, 475:238, egoist master race max sti….jpg)


>muh soil




>a physical asset is a spook

this is your brain on BadNietzsche


File: 92506c3e6a446a4⋯.jpeg (46.17 KB, 640x427, 640:427, snek opposite.jpeg)


>calls leftism dogshit ideology

>literally snek poster

People who read will inevitably go left.


File: 28b233bc2baf61c⋯.mp4 (274.03 KB, 360x360, 1:1, How bout.mp4)


File: bd278d8a9a6d5bb⋯.jpg (27.61 KB, 386x460, 193:230, 1397319929159.jpg)




enjoy reading your dusty tomes of autism that can be refuted with a few sentences of logic.


File: 37b370328ab71ea⋯.mp4 (6.03 MB, 284x160, 71:40, 1456291881656kapitalism_10….mp4)

File: a1143b2ed0f58c8⋯.pdf (94.8 KB, The Scientific Status of t….pdf)


Enjoy holding up a system that is literally falling apart and wondering why that is.


File: 5369d8ee1f3bb75⋯.jpg (61.81 KB, 600x1191, 200:397, (you).jpg)



>enjoy your reading


File: 8177a9e502cfe14⋯.png (296.93 KB, 692x776, 173:194, 4c19ce15fe829b5875c9f6012c….png)


>commies are illiterate

>commies read tomes of literature

Lolberts can't even be consistent in a single post.


File: a3ec7826417f4f0⋯.jpg (114.49 KB, 862x1024, 431:512, 1494988569404.jpg)


>hurr things are falling apart even though they really aren't, but its all because of *autistic marxist screeching*

as opposed to the successful socialist utopias that exist today.

Anyways, I'm done with you cucks.


File: 7f2cb5eb1fdf666⋯.png (23.37 KB, 694x578, 347:289, max stirner property babie….png)


>not realizing you can be spooked by soil

There's a reason we make fun of ancaps whining about "muh property"


File: a1332aa94aaee2c⋯.png (62.83 KB, 157x173, 157:173, kitty approval.png)


What a truly inisghtful critique, anon.

Btw, even your memes are rusty. Come join us here, we will help improve you in many ways :^)



my "i" key is broken ;~;

I have to use onscreen keyboard & it sucks.


File: 0e566605828098f⋯.jpg (22.95 KB, 550x262, 275:131, 1441667174525.jpg)

File: 8c2bc79368440d5⋯.jpg (1.43 MB, 3112x3461, 3112:3461, enjpying capitalism yet.jpg)


Not an argument.



>/pol/yp calls people cucks and runs away

Everytime, like clockwork.



ryan goslin is a jew in this movie /pol/ btfo



obvious false-flag. Actual legitimate rights know how to post on this board and will legitimately post arguments. They're stupid arguments, but still arguments, nonetheless.





File: 5cf834827730a12⋯.jpg (77.37 KB, 498x666, 83:111, spook master Max Stirner.jpg)


>claims to be able to refute us with a few sentences


>calls us cucks and runs away instead

like pottery



You may be giving them too much credit, anon. That's about what I would expect from a snek poster.


File: b3e9d5548f8dff6⋯.jpg (43.32 KB, 300x436, 75:109, 51y6lwoqj5L.jpg)

What would we get if we used this polymerization card on Erdogan, Assad, and Duerte?


File: 8c0e785652a2737⋯.jpg (24.5 KB, 508x193, 508:193, bergherg.JPG)

File: 4335a988194c2a9⋯.jpeg (43.58 KB, 616x478, 308:239, merrikat-xavier-on-why-it….jpeg)


Alright then, in the dedicated thread, I came to the conclusion that Merrikat is an elaborate troll. I think the question is whether its by the MTW ex-goons who are promoting Settlers, or as another poster pointed out, some alt-right faggot who saw an opportunity to start shit. I'd say it's the latter, as the goal seems to be to ridicule the left.



this sounds like the setup to a bad trump joke


Discord was a mistake. But I have been saying that from the start.




Dat sampling bias



Come on EU do it. You're farting around against Assad when there's a much better target right next door.


File: a6995b5caadeace⋯.png (42.1 KB, 619x434, 619:434, 8fec907bf729c02037178321de….png)


Good, maybe now faggots will stop shilling for whatever discord and just post here as anons.


File: 4b42dfc17baf449⋯.jpg (68.26 KB, 750x750, 1:1, 1495047011408.jpg)

communism is finished


File: c8907ef8a500c95⋯.jpg (815.14 KB, 2765x1308, 2765:1308, nazis-were-socialist.jpg)

File: 4da062db664cb52⋯.png (2.11 MB, 1500x2000, 3:4, nazis-were-socialist2.png)


>there were no bosses under the Third Reich

What did he mean by this?


pol pot had the right idea on how to deal with classcucks



No. I just want to play a game where we create the worst far-right dictator possible using the attributes of other far-right dictators


File: 601af2474616ede⋯.gif (2.98 MB, 500x500, 1:1, popcorn.gif)


>look at all these people doing things that make me feel icky inside

who cares





>Far right


Am I paranoid, or do youtubers work advertising into their videos subtly?

I mean, I know they do it "subtly" but I've noticed more borderline cases.

I'm not sure if it's something they're remunerated for, or just social forces at work, but I can't help but get suspicious when I find a video and the guy is like

"Well today, we're going to be talking about Pirates! For the Amiga. I found this game when I was at a thrift store, so I got home and the first thing I did was back up the floppy disk using Leninsoft's Disk-collectiviser, now a few people have told me I really should be using Stalinsoft's Kulak remover, but that really seems more oriented to repairing discs and removing malware than creating backups. Anyway DC's a great program, you can download it for free. Anyway, the next thing I had to do was actually buy an Amiga…"

I'm not sure if I'm just getting paranoid about nerds rambling about software or if Leninsoft really would be so underhanded in expanding their user-base.



Getting creative I see


Wew, even nomads have "soil". Regardless Jews were only "nomads" once for 40 years. Jews have more soil than "Americans". Also lol @ the anti-relativity woo, it always gets me how afraid Notsucks are of living in a world where nobody definitively knows anything, I don't know why it scares them so much.


There's no way he isn't also getting impeached, why do you think Agnew resigned?


Do it then. I'd like to see you try.


Cuba's much better off than Puerto Rico. Rojava's much better off than Syria. Zapatista-controlled Chiapas is much better off than Mexican Chiapas. Socialism has helped tons of third world countries like Nicaragua. You're comparing apples to oranges and you know you are.

We're the bulls, you stupid classcuck.





Depends entirely on how often they do it, advertising plans usually cover more than one video and involve links in the descriptions and stuff



I recommend programs/products to people in passing conversation all the time. If I had an audience I would definitely do it if something made some aspect of my life more convenient/less painful.


File: 325a18a84e24b5c⋯.jpg (92.06 KB, 1080x1349, 1080:1349, 15623651_615294428659013_4….jpg)

File: 1ef185e3cc988ad⋯.jpg (287.16 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, 18299899_1510731898946666_….jpg)

File: beb53f79e9350b2⋯.jpg (77.48 KB, 640x640, 1:1, tumblr_ntwshb5C9L1r98nzso1….jpg)

File: 60ecd924242b6f5⋯.png (363.85 KB, 388x609, 388:609, tumblr_nqp5eo9TaM1tum6zbo1….png)

File: 17a9d5ddacd898c⋯.jpg (128.64 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, 17818207_1137768399668585_….jpg)



File: 3978b0211772dad⋯.jpg (246.48 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 18382533_258805697928324_7….jpg)

File: b3a2257a3df069b⋯.jpg (212.19 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, 18013100_463070427369591_4….jpg)

File: c48d461f48f7695⋯.jpg (57.34 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 12523763_830969863695770_1….jpg)

File: 77e31beb2aa9a04⋯.jpg (59.58 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, tumblr_ny6iowyABf1sm5xzoo1….jpg)

File: 1e3175e554c836b⋯.jpg (774.42 KB, 1237x1920, 1237:1920, tumblr_nwucu1XTLJ1rhjw0do1….jpg)




File: 152fba1840e5f02⋯.jpg (18.13 KB, 333x338, 333:338, 1467992483105.jpg)


That blonde in the second pic is glorious.



File: 292840410980453⋯.jpg (78.29 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 13113922_963458783774766_1….jpg)

File: b1ef1dfa1b7043c⋯.jpg (153.21 KB, 1080x1257, 360:419, 13260995_1914843542075650_….jpg)

File: 1705888b3a37fb3⋯.jpg (145.74 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 13285258_1051684791585290_….jpg)

File: ea9e98e7c767094⋯.jpg (171.46 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 16230888_611309329058608_5….jpg)

File: e74851632a3d84a⋯.jpg (224.18 KB, 1080x1349, 1080:1349, 16908143_1137152296393392_….jpg)


Her name is Amanda Elise Lee


Happy Fapping!


File: 2df8ebedd36b184⋯.png (39.26 KB, 957x751, 957:751, comfy commie.png)


Doing god's work, anon.


File: 1b9a46d2a78dfd6⋯.pdf (1.46 MB, (Perspectives of Critical ….pdf)


That is what I've been doing for years since first reading a book that clearly mentioned the distinction (I think it was this one: Heidegger, Zizek and Revolution by Tere Vaden, decent book by the way so postin' it).

It sometimes works ok in my experience.

However, there's a group of people who are almost incapable of considering objective violence violence. In such a case, good examples to present them are international cases of objective violence: trade embargoes that deprive people of food/meds/other necessities and cause death, the sad case of the "banana republics", etc. People are often more willing to accept those examples than some national inequality. But those examples bring them closer to the real realisation, etc.

Also: the terminology makes plenty of sense.

>Subjective implies the person being referred is being the target of an action,

No, it implies that there's a clear subject performing the violence and usually a clear victim as well.

But yea it isn't the best terminology for explaining to non-philosophically inclined people, just speak about direct/indirect violence.





simple and clear



This one's good but indirect could be described better, like saying it's "embedded in the system" or even "hidden" or "disguised."



lmao the cringe of alt-right…



pretty sure that tweet was aimed at me lel



>they will not replace us

is that a challenge?



>is that a challenge?


come get them



>fake boobs

Why ruin a stunning body with silicon?


File: 2dd8134f6dfaacc⋯.png (601.33 KB, 960x727, 960:727, f511b509752b97aee70b6caebd….png)

>NAZBOL shitposting is now a bannable offence.

Press F to pay respects to the best meme of 2017.



Insecurity. Capitalism has created a sense of insecurity among women, they feel that they can only do certain things and date the strongest, most masculine men, even if they don't want that. Because of this they subject themselves to breast and ass implants, facelifts, and other horrible body modifications. It's all ideology.



>quoting a Muslim talking about Muslim law gets your fired

ayy lmao



>No, it implies that there's a clear subject performing the violence and usually a clear victim as well.

I understand Zizek's logic behind the naming, but I always thought that the word "subject" implied passivity, not activity, and thus it sounds more like it refers to who's suffering violence, not committing it. And the point of the distinction Zizek makes is on the perpetrator of violence, not the victim.

Like in "the subject of a study" or "the Queen's subject", passivity seems clear. Is this implication just me?





We suggested some here:





Well, I automatically think of what "subject" is in a grammatical sense.

Like: Peter punched a nazi. "Peter" is the subject of that sentence. And also the perpetrator of subjective violence.


File: 9ccfb55dd9f7f89⋯.jpg (32.14 KB, 456x315, 152:105, 1464371855786.jpg)


Oooooh I see your point now. I think it's the fault of a difference in language here, I hardly think of English in a grammatical sense because it's not my native tongue. Sorry.

But anyway, as for a different terminology, people seem to like direct and indirect. I was thinking of diffuse violence, since we can't see a clear perpetrator, but the antonym would be something like condensed. Doesn't sound well.



He could've worded the tweet a bit clearer, but that's retarded to fire him. It's factual. It's Portland, Oregon though, so that explains a lot. Rampant with idpol liberals. There are idiots from the other side in the comment section as well.

Thanks for archiving, too.


File: fbbd4b3403610ff⋯.png (471.65 KB, 902x826, 451:413, HonoraryanLibertarian.png)



Does cointel subvert the far right as well?



That guy is 100% real. He was featured on this talk:



File: 59de7bb29c80a61⋯.jpg (39.23 KB, 467x488, 467:488, usa law agencies bungle in….jpg)


You betcha.



Of course they do. A finger in every pie.



Also, bless your heart, anon. You gave the snek poster the benefit of the doubt, now this one. You'll see soon enough that there are legitimately a bunch of retards out here. Although it is good to also recognize cointel & its reach. Being suspicious is a good thing in this world.



I just fail to see how someone could have such little self-awareness.


>tfw no freegan gf to forage and eat garbage with



Ikr? It happens. Hell, /pol/ isn't white, so there's a great example.

Do you watch The Drunken Peasants podcast? The "troll or not a troll" is a good segment sometimes. Most times you can tell a troll when it's too easy. But sometimes there are legitimate retards shown.



Of course they do, more so than the far left even. This is why /pol/ makes me laugh with their whole "how to spot a shill" little infographs and "we're smarter than the FBI" meme. It is so far over their heads it's unreal.



File: 6f5afc932df5353⋯.jpg (200.98 KB, 952x613, 952:613, Jojo-Pose.jpg)

I've finally come to a stage in my life where I'm legitimately sad that anime isn't real.

I was watching JoJo just now and I realized how much it sucks that IRL everyone isn't a ripped Adonis that settles all their problems by having extremely stylized and honourable fist fights.

There can truly not be a benevolent god. If there was he wouldn't have put us in this 3D prison when the proof is right there that he could have done better.


oh shit i'm sorry



Isn't Jojo's Bizarre Adventure just the gay version of Fist of the North Star?


File: 4f857bebba08cf5⋯.jpg (113.06 KB, 466x667, 466:667, Mechanus - Howard Scott's ….jpg)

File: 45e869f752ca20f⋯.jpg (256.25 KB, 1200x1534, 600:767, Hiding in Howard Scott's W….jpg)

File: ff50200861a18e8⋯.jpg (328.67 KB, 1014x787, 1014:787, krigslive_x___von_kaltdorf….jpg)

File: 4ad136c4e2bdd5f⋯.jpg (240.04 KB, 1018x768, 509:384, Edge_of_Night_02.jpg)

File: d1f2957aaf0078e⋯.jpg (38.8 KB, 500x800, 5:8, 176432e238aa8d1c395dcb140b….jpg)




Anyone willing to just get together through something like Mumble and just play Pathfinder campaigns (unfortunately, Pathfinder is the only thing other than 5e DnD that I really know how to play/have access to its rules)? In case some of you are interested but don't know: Pathfinder is a modification of DnD 3e/3.5e, giving it the nickname "DnD 3.75e".


This may help to give rundowns on the vanilla universe made for the game, but to be honest they're better off being things that give inspiration for your own original settings should you decide to be a DM for a campaign


This contains all you need to know about Pathfinder's rules. In case you're new, just click on "Character Creation Outline" and it will lead you step-by-step on making your character


This site allows you to create character sheets for a variety of RPG games (DnD, Call of Cthulhu, etc.). Since they're digital character sheets, they have the added perk of filling in most information once you fill out all attribute scores (Str, Int, etc.)


This site actually allows you to play RPGs with other people. However, it's one of those "pay-for-more-variety" websites in regards to tokens and terrain, so you'll just have to suck your autism up and use your imagination with somewhat shitty tokens and the built-in grid-mat

And lastly: any other anons got some tabletop RPG stories to tell?



I'd have a lovely discussion with her and discuss how she is being exploited by capitalism and that socialism could help make sense of the world around her. Then...

I'd violently fuck her brains out.


File: 3dade1c6d079277⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 195.95 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, cute pink dickie.jpg)


Yeah and that's why it's so good.


Does anyone have the pictures of that girl cosplaying CCCP-tan, please?


>there are redditors and polyps falseflagging as liberals thinking their leftists right now

This has been happening allot lately.


File: 023650d32ae71c6⋯.jpg (173.45 KB, 826x1348, 413:674, secure.jpg)

File: e18f9be93346ca8⋯.jpg (863.83 KB, 2467x1749, 2467:1749, MW_BoS.jpg)


Bless you.

But my 'wet dream' would look significant different.

Even in a fantasy setting.



I once gm'd a 3.5 game where I shit out a scenario on the fly and had to fudge rolls or the group would've died several times over. We were really fuckin high too and this guy was sleeping like dracula throughout the game. Everyone liked it though so it was ok I guess.

I'd be down for some PF or GURPS if I ever get the time.


You'd fuck stolen food?


>tfw Sargon looks out a window sadly while singing





this regularly happens to me although not really with anime

reminded of that /v/ screencap that drives home the point that fiction isn't to represent life, but to escape it.


I've never played tabletop but I've always been interested; I'd be Down Like A Clown, but I feel like I'd need at least SOME gear and I'm broke


sometimes i wonder if my reclusive behaviour is ideologically questionable, the natural extension of commodifying everything.

but then nearly everyone communicates via commodities and consumption choices anyway, so joining them in doing so would not only be unfulfilling but also deeply ideologically questionable.

it's a lingering problem. in the collective i want to help people, on the individual level i'm usually apathetic-but-positive. (i.e. i feel mostly empty communicating with you, possibly slightly happy because that's what happens when you haven't spoken to anyone outside your family in days, but intuitively go through the motions of being friendly anyway.) but on the abstract level (which crops up a lot on imageboards and more broadly on named sites where certain posters are basically palpable archetypes.) i really don't like people very much at all. even in terms of communicating consumption choices - if that was an enjoyable activity - i would pour scorn on all their choices as indicative not only of lingering social ideology but of generalized shit taste. if anything imageboards serve to disillusion faster, because generally you think you're around a group of similar people - but then someone will say something and it will really cut through to your soul because of that mistake, like when you make some offhand comment and get a full rant about how Hayek was right about everything - where did this come from? I thought we were broadly agreeable… the answer is that this was an illusion.

I had friends once, wish I could remember the mechanism - other than naivete - that kept things going. More academically than anything else. The predicament itself is secondary to the question: why?


File: 9fec05be117bdc1⋯.png (10.54 KB, 1183x78, 91:6, 1.png)




File: 980fa932525721e⋯.jpg (104.46 KB, 800x479, 800:479, Leftypol.jpg)


>someone actually spouting pragerU



Rebel's deleted her other twitter:



File: 184d1cfdff28a51⋯.png (146.09 KB, 736x688, 46:43, Banned!_-_2017-05-18_11.42….png)

I for one am glad for no longer being at the mercy of fickle hotpockets in cuckchan.


File: 30118ff91ac78f1⋯.jpg (13.67 KB, 338x242, 169:121, time to worry.jpg)

>t_d announcing they're moving to Voat

>a day after Voat said "we're about to RIP in F"

>t_d ends up on 8chan


File: f3591e8dfdb8d53⋯.jpg (325.82 KB, 1776x1184, 3:2, defendersofliberty.jpg)


/pol/'s been here a while fam.



they just changed the name


>This account's Tweets are protected.



So much for the pro speech Right.




People actually buy into Rebel's bullshit?


Why does that guy t retweet shit from hoteps?



So hiroyuki might be taking money from nationalist groups to delete posts and ban people?

This was only predicted the second anyone from 4chan knew anything about him.


File: aaa1ff52289ed0e⋯.jpg (221.69 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1463364606754.jpg)


>4chan hotpockets are openly acknowledging the existence of the board from a rival site

shiet nigga


File: 09b99b6ae3aba88⋯.jpg (255.71 KB, 1600x1118, 800:559, George_Lincoln_Rockwell_na….jpg)


because black supremacists and fascists have always been buddy buddy



You mean t_d ends up on 4chan, and 4/pol/ ends up on 8chan.


Is that a ban from 4chan /v/?



We are winning, they know it. Trump was a blessing.


File: 5290647faa1269f⋯.jpg (79.51 KB, 700x700, 1:1, 1491097877444.jpg)


I have experience DMing PF and other games but I'm not sure if i want a group with /leftypol/los



I was already following tho ;)







Does someone have that pic?



modern sexuality is so alienating. yeah you might be free to indulge in any contrived fetish you want without being 'shamed', but it all feels so soulless and empty. I've noticed many fetishes just seem like a way of running away from actual sincere emotional engagement


Some people from r/t_d are planning a voat exodus:


Their voat subvoat(?):






The problem with modern sexuality, is that it's filled to the brim with feminist and trans idpol



yeah, idpol is also very alienating to me too, although I guess I'm more sympathetic to trans people as i've met at least a couple who are unironically ok.



i don't even get it, half the fun of a lot of fetishes is the shame.

if public nudity was normal and accepted because dude it's just nature lmao, you've basically just ruined the exposure fetish for a bunch of people. if it's not embarrassing, what's the point?

then again i probably have the most alienated sexuality of all so whatever. (strictly speaking coming closest to Autochorissexual, which sounds tumblr as fuck but has descriptive value even if i'd never use it outside an imageboard.) real sex having little to no appeal, but the general idea and the tided-up version in pornography being attractive.


the political implications of sexuality is a horrifying minefield that all of humanity really ought to either fly over or tunnel under but never enter.



(most) trans irl > (most) trans online


File: 8c4cc3242c314a5⋯.jpg (69.77 KB, 430x288, 215:144, 4547828.jpg)

File: fb6141b1648b56a⋯.jpg (67.19 KB, 430x288, 215:144, 4547799.jpg)



That's from 8/v/.


Here you go, with bonus variant. OC donut steal. I've been getting a lot of mileage out of the first one. /pol/yps' constant use of ready-made fallacies made me realize that parallel.



I'm not even saying i'm against sex. I'm a permavirgin autismolord, but i fully support people having sex with whoever they want.



oh, i wasn't saying that sexuality is bad or anything, just that reading into those implications is a route to disaster.

(i.e. "well your fetish actually means you see women as objects doesn't it?")



most fetishes involve a certain amount of objectification, though, as they depend on stereotyped roles based on mass media pornography and stuff






well yeah, but then you can have people extrapolate that in wildly inappropriate ways outside a sexual context.

or worse, debate those ways on an anonymous imageboard. like the constant transgender threads, only worse!


File: 56fd6faf3387ca9⋯.png (22.45 KB, 412x221, 412:221, being a cuck is tough and ….png)


That's a funny thing about sexuality in the modern West. It's pretty much the only area of our lives where Porky allows us to have full agency, and yet it's still alienating. Fetishes, and I supposed the ironic fetishization of fetishes, certainly play a big part in it, but I feel there're more causes.

> I've noticed many fetishes just seem like a way of running away from actual sincere emotional engagement

You're absolutely correct. Fetishes are a way for people to avoid actual intimacy. That's why there's such a "wonderful rainbow of fetishes" but it feels hollow; fetishes are hollow by definition, and they hollow out relationships if overdone.


Dunno if it's right to directly blame them, but I suppose it did start with the sexual liberation.

On the other hand, how do we know sexuality pre-liberation was any better? The subject was much more taboo, and a lot of people married virgins and whatnot. For all I know, it was shit then, and it's just a different flavor of shit now.


Shame is an optional component, I would say. It can be part of, or absent from, any fetish, because the same can be said about shame in the actual intimacy that the fetish replaces.


Sexual liberation wasn't the problem. The problem was third wave feminism.



>Fetishes are a way for people to avoid actual intimacy. That's why there's such a "wonderful rainbow of fetishes" but it feels hollow; fetishes are hollow by definition, and they hollow out relationships if overdone.

That's why the cuck comic just feels so jarring, imo. the sickeningly twee tone combined with the utter psychological implausibility of it all

>On the other hand, how do we know sexuality pre-liberation was any better?

some things lost, some things gained, lots of things that could have been but weren't


sexual liberation in the West was never what it was cracked up to be, despite other, rather dystopian aspects of their society, East Germans where said to be happier with their sex lives than their Western counterparts. In the west, the blatant capitalism of the culture gets into every aspect of life, notice how the 3rd wavers are all about the market language of 'choice' et. al.




I've always wanted to find a book that would align with a little idea I've always found interesting: That a lot of the more individualist sexual liberationists and such and their language fed into the neoliberal counterattack in the 1980s.

I used to have a much more coherent way of rushing the entire line of thought out, but I've stopped my flirtation with Christian Democracy as a desperate compromise and now I can't remember any of it. (i.e. for political utility reasons, give reactionaries control of part of social policy so that I could hypothetically go about setting up a new economic orthodoxy, based on the idea that it's easier to undo reactionary social policies later while the costs of overturning social democracy a second time could be made prohibitively high if not outright nationally suicidal, at least within the framework of the imagination.)

The sort of narrow individualism we see now is probably all tied into it.



Yeah, it's annoying to say the least how that webcomic celebrates every fetish, no matter how ridiculous, as part of a spectrum of equally beautiful expressions of human sexuality.


>notice how the 3rd wavers are all about the market language of 'choice' et. al.

You mean how we now use terms like "dating marketplace"?



> I guess I'm more sympathetic to trans people as i've met at least a couple who are unironically ok.

It's a good idea not to judge people based on their lolcow representatives on the internet


File: e71b056d18b0c88⋯.jpg (66.06 KB, 300x450, 2:3, Handsom Wizard.jpg)

File: b8096386fe9e6ed⋯.png (19.78 KB, 600x600, 1:1, First Campaign Map.png)


>I'd be Down Like A Clown, but I feel like I'd need at least SOME gear and I'm broke

What gear? Since we're all a bunch of people throughout the world, the only way we could even play together is digitally, which is all provided for in the links I sent in >>1681878

Anyways here's a story of my first time playing a tabletop RPG. I think any of you /tg/ anons out there could only imagine the sheer autism created by a bunch of people realizing that they could interact and react to situations the way they wanted to would turn out. Anyways, this was some 3 years ago, so I don't remember everything unfortunately

>First game I ever play is Pathfinder

>Be a chaotic good human wizard

>First time for 1-2 other friends playing with us

>I'm dumb. The GM's dumb. Everyone is dumb and are thus lenient to any mildly stupid shit we do with our characters

>Decide that my wizard fused his beard with his pubic hair from a magic accident, and now has to wear robes with a special slit for his beard. We also make some bullshit extraneous homebrew rules like determining physical attractiveness by rolling a d20+Charisma modifier

>Roll for attractiveness

>A fucking 20 (Charisma was a basic 10 but whatever)

>Wizard is now pic related

It's only gonna get worse from here

>Journey begins with all of us in a town tavern (iirc)

>We basically ended up doing fetch quests for a wizard; first mission was to get an enchanted sword that was taken by goblin bandits who had a base in the mountains nearby the town (2nd pic related)

>Main way is fucked with goblin bandits, so we had to go through a cave hidden in a smaller goblin encampment (marked by the small square)

>Can't remember but somewhere down the line we burned down a goblin shit-house but that's not really important

>Go through secret cave

>Find a fucking torture kit

>One of my friends takes it

>Eventually make it to the main base

>Just 2 buildings: a decently large tavern-like building and a small barracks

>Go into the small building first

>Barracks was just 2 rooms: a main room with 2 dining tables surrounded by a bunch of beds. Back room was weapon racks. Some goblins were eating

>Bust down the door, either I or the fighter of our party engaged a goblin that was trying to get out of his dining chair, only to get knocked unconscious by one of us banging his head off the corner of the table

>Kill the other goblins except the unconscious one.

>Move weapon racks to main room, take table and chair to the back. Put goblin in chair

>Even though we clearly knew that the sword was in the bigger building, my wizard pretty much reenacts the interrogation scene from the Dark Knight


>All the while I'm throwing the goblin around and punching him

>Eventually throw him on the table. Decide to use circumcise him with a dagger I had. Friend who took the torture kit stopped me at the last second to tell me to us it

>Circumcise the goblin while awake and conscious. Don't stitch up the wounds but stitch the foreskin back into a tube. Put it on his finger like a ring

>Punch him until he's unconscious

>Lay him on a bed and then burn down the barracks

>Continue onwards to the other building

That's all for now, since there's a lot more to it, but hopefully you guys will be willing to share a story of a campaign. As an extra here's my first wizard's character sheet



File: 0abffe78f9b32d4⋯.jpg (73.03 KB, 873x771, 291:257, DerpKnight.jpg)

File: 3a7218b58dcaccd⋯.jpg (176.12 KB, 873x627, 291:209, CenturionAssaultSquad.jpg)

File: 3af1bb6b54312a3⋯.png (676.1 KB, 984x794, 492:397, Dreadknight and Baby.png)

File: 77e2cfee78f0fcd⋯.jpg (119.27 KB, 1194x660, 199:110, Primaris Space Marines.jpg)

Also if you're out there Muke, I don't think I ever found out if you're into either Warhammer Fantasy, 40k or both, but if you are into W40k: what do you think about the idea that we now have grimdark baby carriers, Space Marines inside Space Marines, and now SUPER ("Primaris") Space Marines?


Does anyone take breaks from here? I plan on doing so again due to general stress.


File: eb3690709ae28c5⋯.jpg (38.2 KB, 410x309, 410:309, 1_articleimage_14698.jpg)


sometimes i try and engage in escapism but i always wind up going back to my default of modern history, which brings me straight back into politics.

thinking about it again right now since it just hit me that there's no functional difference between being completely right about the state of things and ignored (it's definitely that one though.) or completely wrong and misguided. since i don't actually have political power it doesn't really matter whether or not i figure things out. because it's "mature" it holds the illusion of being any less of a waste of time than counting how many different unique NPC sprites are in each pokemon game.


File: 6252be8fe717a8f⋯.png (204.06 KB, 516x285, 172:95, 3f4782c7e7ce2449a2d28313a4….png)

https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=AIqVXDyYy78- Is fascism a form of socialism?

Why do people still take these kinds of memes seriously? So much cherry picking and forcing narratives. So much ignoring history.

Ps. does anyone have that video where the Spanish fascists admit that they were coopting the socialsts strategy, to gain popularity among the workers? Would be useful to break the ideological circle jerk in the comment section.


File: eb1ed51fdae2480⋯.jpg (54.46 KB, 484x483, 484:483, 1476915361163.jpg)

>read theory

>"take a break" after two minutes to waste it on browsing the internet until my guilt for wasting time kicks in

>start reading again

>the cycle repeats

I would've read like a fifty pages(if not more) today if it weren't for that fucking internet, how the fuck do I get some self-control?



Turn of your internet connection or go somewhere within it. Like outside. Or turn of your devices. After a few minutes, you'll be reading fluently.





why is everyone on left twitter a submissive transgirl



>Why do people still take these kinds of memes seriously? So much cherry picking and forcing narratives. So much ignoring history.

Porky disinfo. It makes perfect sense for him to conflate his 2 opponents.


File: c1c1367764cfc81⋯.jpg (48.6 KB, 300x345, 20:23, 136593557547.jpg)

So then, that thing with t_d moving to Voat was some sort of tantrum or downright sabotage. The way I've heard is, some woman who recently became head mod of the place started that mess all by herself.

Anyone got more details?



ritalin does fuck all and is harder to get than adderall



Different drugs for different people, it works for me.



But drugs are sinful!


So what's this about the catgirl girl getting doxed by /pol/?



File: 3b2db88ee48a63e⋯.jpg (65.93 KB, 750x542, 375:271, DANAUy_UQAEjhcP.jpg)

Fuck, maybe those retards from Gamergate weren't so bad…



I don't get what you mean…



Homophobia is feminist now?



What it say?



GG is full of retards but it's not like most of what they said was wrong. it's not even an accomplishment to be right when the opposition is people like Anita, though.



there is no excuse for caring about Anita Sarkeesian in 2017.


File: f2204a8a90b72e8⋯.png (152.94 KB, 683x542, 683:542, Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at ….png)





>cuck cuck cuck


>cuck cuck cuck



Turns out she was never really a feminist. Just someone who applied boring, standard critical analysis to a new medium when she found an opening. The most autistic thing about GG is that they thought she was any different from a standard movie reviewer that leans on critical analysis.




I just watched a bit of it & she actually does call out that it's homophobia, lmao. She's still a garbage person just hopping on another trend for click though. Glad to see the video doesn't have many views though. She's fading into rightful obscurity.



*pardon my repetition, dealing with food poisoning; taking dizzy meds D:



Oh so it was a clickbait video, nice.





File: 30c371402c1a8a6⋯.gif (869.72 KB, 320x240, 4:3, help me.gif)

Vox - "Democrats are falling for fake news about Russia - Why liberal conspiracy theories are flourishing in the age of Trump."


Mensch finally being called out for the nutjob she is, but this article then goes on to further push the Russia nonsense. Just thought it was funny to see her finally called out. But I'm sure it's because of damage control, only.

Some excerpts:

>The fear is that this pollutes the party itself, derailing and discrediting the legitimate investigation into Russia investigation. It also risks degrading the Democratic Party — helping elevate shameless hucksters who know nothing about policy but are willing to spread misinformation in the service of gaining power. We’ve already seen this story play out on the right, a story that ended in Trump’s election.

>“One of the failures of the Republican Party is the way they let the birther movement metastasize — and that ultimately helped Donald Trump make it to the White House,” says Brendan Nyhan, a professor at Dartmouth who studies the spread of false political beliefs. “We should worry about kind of pattern being repeated.”

>There are, of course, legitimate issues relating to Trump’s ties to Russia — I’ve written about them personally over and over again. There are even legitimate reasons to believe that Trump’s campaign worked with Russian hackers to undermine Hillary Clinton. That may or may not turn out to be true, but it is least plausible and somewhat supported by the available evidence.



Wasn't the birther movement also a gift from Hillary, or am I thinking of the secret Muslim thing



Both, actually. The Hillary camp did so in one fell swoop. They released a pic of him wearing ethnic clothes & a turban, "questioning" his American roots. Her camp released it to a cheap republican media outlet known for hit pieces.

There was a memo that surfaced from her camp detailing these discrediting strategies, on of which stated outright to "question his American roots".




So, yeah, that's a fucking incredible point to bring up actually! Thanks for pointing that out.

Here's a copy of that memo



File: beb996d34dad7ef⋯.mp4 (6.99 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Communism.mp4)



More hardcore please



Why are the kicks so weak?


File: 439f5c3e9a7e13e⋯.jpg (144.79 KB, 941x1200, 941:1200, httpsarchive.issGXFv.jpg)



I can't fucking believe I fucked up crossboard linking.


Apparently some enterprising /pol/yp found out she's an artist for Riot Games, so they no doubt proceeded to annoy her, her bf and her family on various social networks. They seem to be really triggered by the rightwing ideology catgirls. Looks like a potential avenue for future trolling.

And /pol/ being /pol/, it's also full of "let me guess it wasn't real socialism am i rite", "wwwoooowwww she got a job in a capitalist economy so much for being a socialism" and other such cheap fallacies older than they are.


I just checked and that video is now at 20k views. embarassing.jpg

Anyway, GG was right all along, and the only reason rightwing leeches attached themselves to it is because the left poo-pooed a subject as lowly as vidya, and the "left" chose to circle the wagons around a domestic abuser with BPD, among dozens of other sociopaths.

You could have prevented this.


File: ce98b6cdf2d0f06⋯.webm (2.14 MB, 630x472, 315:236, falangism.webm)


are there actually any communities that aren't shit online?

i mean this board is fine but it's shaky whether or not i'm counting imageboards as communities for the purposes of the question. (since for example /leftypol/ is okay but wider 8ch can be unbelievably cancerous in short order. i know it's recognized individual boards have distinct cultures, but whatever.)


File: 9ecff1b446a1ffb⋯.jpg (12.19 KB, 480x358, 240:179, delete this in spanish.jpg)


>that image



fun fact it's meant to be Contrapoints.


File: 21cfbf474874814⋯.png (76.25 KB, 652x136, 163:34, 891235478135691.png)

Oh shit lads, will Kyle Kulinski finally shift left?


The comments are red as hell.


File: 04f5e5b483dd4b1⋯.jpeg (73.64 KB, 458x573, 458:573, 04f5e5b483dd4b15b171933f3….jpeg)


I've been wanting to start a forum for a couple of years now. Firstly for vidya, because between SA and NeoGAF, there's no good forum for that nowadays. If it gained traction, a subforum for politics would follow.

My goal would be something like "/v/ with less negativity" and "SA's best hits". A tall order. The intention would be to complement 8chan, not compete with it.

The main reason I haven't started it yet is, I confess, a childish fear of failure. I have no idea where to get the initial population, or rather the initial population of the type of poster I want.


Not sure if this is the right place, but does anyone know what happened to Schnitz Productions?


File: a176044ddb3ad3f⋯.png (4.78 KB, 300x300, 1:1, AM_WHAT.png)

File: 544b267e53faac4⋯.png (7.23 KB, 300x300, 1:1, AM_WHATMUTHERFUCKER.png)

File: ac1c11f8b10c01e⋯.png (154.52 KB, 801x998, 801:998, weterminatorv2web_by_rotak….png)

File: 27b57b8cc278c93⋯.jpg (135.74 KB, 571x720, 571:720, Original_angry_marines.jpg)



>That whole thread

>Aussie Miranda-poster from /v/ in cahoots with /pol/ (obvious I know but just letting that sink in)

>Our recent humiliation conga is only going to spread because the discord fags are dumbasses and attention-whoring trannies

>tfw Leftists can barely do anything resembling a counter to this shit because we'd either get dismissed, or alienate ourselves further because of the liberals' "muh Horseshoe Theory"

(Seriously. Think about it: when have you ever heard anyone saying "It's so Right it's Left"? The Horseshoe Theory is one-sided in that it only holds Leftism back!)

>tfw We're honestly pretty fucked right now

Thanks anon. You made me pissed so much that I'm getting ready to go to the gym




This applies to casual sex and promiscuity in general.


I'm not the one who made the other thread on this, but i''ll post it here.

This is probably the biggest evidence we have that Molymeme is autistic.


File: e90797e90977717⋯.png (12.96 KB, 531x317, 531:317, lolok.png)


Forgot the image



>eavesdrops on his wife while she's treating them

>has a youtube channel with hundreds of videos of himself discussing with other nobodies


>catchphrase is "not an argument"

>mocks people who donate money to his show

there was no need for any other evidence



I unironically believe he would shift far left if he read theory.



what is the context of this anyway?


File: 162e7c0695fd128⋯.png (20.67 KB, 879x295, 879:295, Capture 2.PNG)

File: 9c37247099bd208⋯.png (36.07 KB, 866x658, 433:329, Capture 3.PNG)

File: 07d6b70e722d427⋯.png (10.7 KB, 879x175, 879:175, Capture.PNG)

So /r/The_Donald, fed up with Reddit censorship, decided to move to Voat.

Even fucking Voat hates them.



Excuse me, I think you'll find I'm a dominant transgirl.



that's kinda hot



Just sit back and watch them tear eachother apart



Didn't he make an hour long video on Frozen or something?


File: d753e2835593dda⋯.png (37.14 KB, 607x637, 607:637, screen-shot-2014-07-10-at-….png)


Stefan makes hour long videos about everything



File: 4fd1eaef0dad06a⋯.png (9.55 KB, 423x70, 423:70, 91237523856239.png)









Context bonus from >>1686471

>the town has been without a mayor for a while and things have still been running smoothly

>there's still a sheriff and deputy

>Buddy once said he'd sue someone for stealing his intellectual property as part of a joke in a previous episode

>Moneybags is a foreigner

though he is a venture 'vulture' capitalist

I know this is a cartoon, but damn.



Less so if you saw me.



Like most peoples.



What the fuck is "ThePedes" supposed to be?

Do they know pédé is French for gay pedophile?



your not as bad looking as me anon trust me



Thank you anon, that was just the cherry on top of this shit show.


Probably close



Dunno, I don't think casual sex has to be any more unhealthy and alienating than relationship sex.


I've read elsewhere that this move was the idea of a woman who just became head mod, and did this as either a tantrum or sabotage, so t_d will remain in Reddit. I have no idea if any part of this is true, and honestly I'm not interested enough to look into it.


What is leftytrashes favorite burger?



Well I just checked t_d and it's set to private. wew lad

>At 8:41pm ET on 5/19/2017, Reddit Admins removed three The_Donald mods without warning. This was punishment for our refusal to comply to a special set of rules that were imposed only on this subreddit and prevented our members from fully enjoying reddit or our mods from defending users against harassment.

>We are temporarily private in a show of strength against these unfair restrictions. Check back in at 12 am ET for more info.


File: 6643d93c88b9d37⋯.jpg (62.82 KB, 701x541, 701:541, 6DbVixf.jpg)



(pic unrelated, But I do mean Anthony Fantano)



Centipede is the name of the song used in one of their "Can't stump the Trump" video, so it became an obtuse way to refer to themselves.


File: 409c4d3f1be5cc3⋯.png (148.28 KB, 557x609, 557:609, ClipboardImage.png)


>Do they know pédé is French for gay pedophile?

the universe works in mysterious ways


File: 5cc0abc0bdb61da⋯.png (859.04 KB, 627x644, 627:644, 8pol.png)


I want to go larp on 4/pol as a t_d user now


File: ab6b44d28fe8a9d⋯.jpg (63.6 KB, 500x679, 500:679, Henryrollins.jpg)


Both /pol/s are t_d though.


>reactionaries needing a safe space

Like pottery


Pic related


Discordfags need to be doxed and humiliated until they stay off discord.


File: 10bbbd89fe36955⋯.png (27.18 KB, 854x264, 427:132, a moderator of rThe_Donald.png)


>Reddit Admins removed three The_Donald mods without warning.

When the moderators of that place make comments like pic related, it shouldn't be a surprise they got removed.



Stop associating Trump supporters with gay pedophiles. That comparison is unfair to gay pedophiles.


File: 71d6e7e47122417⋯.jpg (14.9 KB, 270x282, 45:47, pepe jimmy.jpg)

Hey guys, just wanted to remind you that Fox News' ratings have tanked because the men working there couldn't control their cocks.


I'm hoping someone can call out Peterson on his nonsense.

Latest Zerobooks is pretty good though:



File: b90582f672dea24⋯.png (49.75 KB, 727x203, 727:203, ClipboardImage.png)

Why are these so-called socialists who only talk about idpol such fucking cucks?



Because they're a bunch of slime. Lots of them have committed sex crimes and are doing this shit to atone. IIRC H. Bomberguy is one of them.



What did he do?



I don't remember, that's why I put the IIRC in front of it. I don't want to make an explicit allegation. If it's true, it was one of those things where I saw it and went "Oh, another one?" and didn't think of it further.



He didn't commit any sex crimes. He was accused of not immediately believing someone who said he was raped.



I just looked it up.

Apparently what happened is one of the producers of his videos is a rapist and when a smaller youtuber they were affiliated with spoke up about it he didn't believe them and asked if they just had a faulty memory.

Naturally his reddit idpol fanbase were super pissed about this since that's the kind of behaviour he shits on in his videos so it looks like he's a persona non grata on /r/socialism and shit now.

But this all happened while he was already a successful idpol youtuber so I don't think atoning is why he loves idpol so much.



that guy is such a smug pretentious douchelord insufferable twatcunt chickenfucker i want to rip my fucking eyes out

i don't care about your political views if you're that absolutely up your own ass of a person



The best part is that he or fans who talk just like him post insecure defenses of his shitty content.



On /leftypol/ I mean.




Oh, my mistake. He just got involved in some drama about that shit.



What a cunt.



Yeah, I'd read on here that some people liked him, so I even checked him out, but wasn't at all impressed. More so confused.



I'm a true burger apparently. I read this & thought "bacon cheese burger".


I was in one of his comment sections about a month ago. There was a glorious red thread there. Some random guy came in with the usual socialist/commie fallacies, so I wrote a long comment debunking it, urging him to read further. He never replied(even though he'd made a point to reply to every red comment before that), so hopefully that commenter took my advice.


File: 2cbcc9c5eb38ff5⋯.png (227.24 KB, 566x635, 566:635, stirnerites.png)




Phil Greaves is 100% correct about the sexualisation of communist images. I bet a lot of lefty spaces are filled with predators who do not care about Marxist.

Lenin was seen as a prude but I can see why he was against "orgiastic conditions".



I want to know what these idiots are like in real life. I can't imagine them saying this to anyones face without the other person breaking down laughing.



>I don't think casual sex has to be any more unhealthy and alienating than relationship sex.

It doesn't but there's also quite a few toxic relationships where the sex is alienating and unhealthy, perhaps even destructive. I dunno, I like casual sex enough despite most bitches being vanilla, but I'd take a cool gf I could read books with and watch shitty films with over getting to at best fuck a girl while she says choke me harder daddy on the weekend.



Someone finally redpill me on Greaves. I've seen some posters hate him/his wife here & some say he's a cop, but pretty sure someone said that was a meme. First thing that popped up on him in Google was InfoWars. I am thoroughly confused.

>I bet a lot of lefty spaces are filled with predators who do not care about Marxist.

K now that's just weird. You could say that about imageboards in general, though.




>Being that mad someone took advantage of your shitty system despite hating everything it stands for

It's the equivalent of bowing your head and praying to the freemarket, in order to give thanks for all it has given you.

The right loves to check peoples workers muh privilege.


File: ed9dd6af911e3ab⋯.png (247.85 KB, 871x492, 871:492, Untitled.png)


How does one get gf?



Talk to girls and maybe find one that likes you? Getting fit helps with looks but that will only get you so far.



Is Assange even a comrade? I thought he was basically a lolbert. I disagree with hbomb here but it's weird that a good opinion of Assange is suddenly a prereq. to being a socialist.


File: a537bac12d1c09c⋯.jpg (57.69 KB, 437x356, 437:356, luke cage damn.jpg)

>r/the_donald is back


File: 114a279364d5645⋯.jpg (146.11 KB, 906x1200, 151:200, wikileaks risotto.jpg)


I don't know if Assange is socialist or communist, but I'd consider him a comrade for helping the cause with exposing government corruption, especially US.

>but it's weird that a good opinion of Assange is suddenly a prereq. to being a socialist.

Hmmm… So what's your opinion on Assange/wikileaks, then? I don't really find that so weird a position to have. Wikileaks does good work.



And as long as we're on the topic, in case anyone hasn't seen the video


"Sweden Drops Rape Investigation Against Assange"

Other govs still gunning for him, though.


File: 12f6c605d154f15⋯.jpg (26.9 KB, 300x371, 300:371, meh.jpg)


Don't worry, there will definitely be more salt to follow. They're imploding. Especially because of what's been going on with Trump atm.



>it's weird that a good opinion of Assange is suddenly a prereq. to being a socialist.

Not a good opinion of Assange, but a bad opinion of countries detaining him for political reasons is



>Hmmm… So what's your opinion on Assange/wikileaks, then?

Oh I absolutely think Assange does more good than harm in the world at the very least, and regardless of his personal politics I am grateful that someone has the courage to do what he does (though I do wish he wasn't so pandering to crowds simply on an "enemy of my enemy" basis.

With that said, I completely understand how some more naive or misinformed comrades could hold him in bad regard considering his penchant for associating himself with the "infowars" type crowd and his insistence that he is "apolitical" (usually more a refuge of the embarrassed right than an honest assertion of one's politics). If you think he's nominally on the left it could feel like a bit of a betrayal.



I can understand not liking Assange on a personal level but pretending that the charges against him are anything but bullshit is ridiculous


> So what's your opinion on Assange/wikileaks, then? I don't really find that so weird a position to have. Wikileaks does good work.

different anon but I fully support there leaking. Once your in a position of power your right to privacy stops being important. Especially since we're entering a digital age where espionage and data gathering is becoming so easy for governments to do in secret.


File: e353e09f54db0aa⋯.png (25.36 KB, 136x133, 136:133, Pierre Tru Dank.png)

When will he make a new video lads?



I hope soon.

I actually quite like Dank, even if I disagree with most of his positions.

I just wish he were more active.



Jesus fucking Christ, it starts with the most shameless tautology possible, and then he has the balls to say "your kind is violent and always strikes first". How many democracies were torn down by the left again?

You got any more shit on them?


As far as I can see, he's whining against bantz and memes. I tend to be wary of people who can't have a sense of humor. It's not like we're recruiting people by distributing porn magazines.


You and me both, pal. That said, eat shit sexhaver


Old tankie yells at revisionism.

As much shit our tankies get, the Twitter tankie crew is legitimately close to mental illness.


>Other govs still gunning for him, though.

Isn't that admitting that the rape farce was an excuse to nab him?


I don't think I ever saw his political position described, beyond being vaguely libertarian-ish in a good way. You don't need to be socialist to be a good person.



>they get thrown out of a Helicopter too if they continue to support the Income Tax, Minimum wage, Welfare, and nationalization of Industry

>the "genociding entire peoples" bit is fine though

ancaps/lolberts never cease to amaze



File: 45dd17e2e5a678a⋯.jpg (7.09 KB, 238x192, 119:96, 1469977479041s.jpg)

I don't understand reddit…can someone explain reddit to me?

I went to r/the_donald and there was a thread titled "Lock Her Up" with the Ben Garrison cartoon with Hillary and Lady Justice. I posted a youtube link with Trump saying the Clinton are good people from the 60 minutes interview. I got 39 upvotes.



they use upvote bots to boost their numbers, it's an open secret.



wtf is this shit? Cute hipster girl with nose ring calling refugees literal shit and ends her video with "praise kek".

73.000 subs



>I don't understand reddit…can someone explain reddit to me?

It's a cancerous shithole with recycled content and humor that makes you want to kill them or yourself. Don't go there.


>wtf is this shit?

Pandering to thirsty autrightfags for attention or money. And sceenieweeines are only cute if you've got shit taste.



That was painful to watch.



Pure cringe. She wouldn't have a single sub, if she wasn't a w-w-w-woman.



the aut-right got so triggered by Le pen losing, it's comical. Why do they even think the French care about what english speakers want? It's funny watching molyneux hire someone to subtitle his rambling multi-hour long videos about Macron in French, and reddit fags using google translate to make pepe memes.

funny the only thing these people can ever say about Macron is about his wife, I guess because he is the most unremarkable liberal imaginable.


File: d84ff9e24cdf58a⋯.png (26.52 KB, 243x242, 243:242, 1482209684528.png)

I don't want to make a /leftytg/ thread

If you were to play an rpg with other lefties will you like a run of the mill setting, a setting with class conflict at its core or a utopian socialist setting?

So on 4/tg/ I was talking about this idea I have for a utopian setting, in short it will be a FALC setting but people on /tg/ could not grasp what types of conflicts will be possible in such setting and suggested plots based on the system going wrong.


File: 90d391b6fcf52bd⋯.webm (552.5 KB, 640x360, 16:9, brown storms off.webm)


I'm not sure if it bothers me that I'll never have a vagina and get so much attention for so little effort, or if I should be glad that any work I produce will have to rest on it's own merits instead of the fact people desperately want their penis inside me.



I would want a setting that is aware of class and doesn't paint it as positive at least. Ideally I'd like a setting where there are revolutions taking place and various systems in play in different areas, like the real 20th century. Within that you could have all of what you list. It'd be nice to have a campaign that takes the party through different economic systems.

>So on 4/tg/ I was talking about this idea I have for a utopian setting, in short it will be a FALC setting but people on /tg/ could not grasp what types of conflicts will be possible in such setting and suggested plots based on the system going wrong.

Here are some off the top of my head:

>explore new lands/seas/skies/planes/spaces

>sectarian infighting


>meet a culture that is in an earlier mode of production and distrusts you

>deities are mad that mortals are no longer respecting the great chain of being (i.e. god exists and you must abolish him)

>socialist science/magic "digs too deep" and unleashes monsters, cosmic horrors, etc.

I mean if the setting is truly utopian then there is no conflict. It has to at least be "trouble in paradise."


Should I feel bad for slowly starting to like Richard Spencer?

He seems smarter than the usual aut-right buffoons and is funny. I can't help but thinking he's a cool guy to hang out with.



They are retards then, because it was obvious from the start that Macron was going to win in France.

With Trump yes, i agree with most people, that the media wasn't telling the whole story and Trump had a good chance to win, but in France, no way Le Pen was going to win.



I don't see it, but just because someone is personable doesn't mean they aren't a monster. In the American South, hospitality and politeness have been considered hugely important for a long time. Some of the (superficially) kindest people you could meet were plantation owners back in the times of slavery.



I think what's different about him is that he is a monster openly (advocating for an actual white ethno-state) instead of these insufferable "alt-light" retards like PJW or Lauren Southern who seem like utterly despicable people. He has some form of honesty to him, and also isn't a "muh free market" kind of bullshitter.

I mean yeah, he's a monster, but plays with open cards.



All their candidates after Trump lost, it's beautiful. The way things are going, even Corbyn might win and they'll shit their pants with anger.


Meanwhile, attractive and charismatic men really have it easy in all aspects. Evidence A: Castreau.


He is smarter than at least 90% of the right, but that's a really, really low bar. And I have the distinct impression that he's putting on an act and deliberately trying to co-opt leftist talking points in order to convert far-leftists.



>And I have the distinct impression that he's putting on an act and deliberately trying to co-opt leftist talking points in order to convert far-leftists

Isn't it the other way arround with his wife being an unironic NazBol?


File: 49278f9af87a7d9⋯.png (149.33 KB, 407x281, 407:281, bad.png)

File: 7a9541bae7d309a⋯.webm (3.65 MB, 854x480, 427:240, say no ot ideology.webm)



I guess I see what you mean. The problem with that is that he can use his "niceness" to his advantage. When some dipshit like PJW gets punched in the face while shouting nonsense and upsetting people, nobody gets that bothered. When Richard Spencer calmly explains why he's not a nazi and someone punches him, people think he's treated unfairly.



I feel the same for The Golden One. Yes those pictures of him are ridiculous, but i watched his videos and he seems a nice guy. Wouldn't mind to hang out with him.


File: 5395d3239a5db0f⋯.png (10.65 KB, 1337x121, 1337:121, antifa.png)




>And I have the distinct impression that he's putting on an act and deliberately trying to co-opt leftist talking points in order to convert far-leftists.

Yep. That's how fascists operate.



he's just good at looking presentable to normies. Watch the Roland Martin interview where he spergs out about how egyptians were white



>convert far-leftists.

I should clarify though, they use our talking points to mainly gain rightists, as they'll be useful for his goals.




>and is funny



"Oh, but he's funny…"

And he'll be having even more fun when he actually enforces his "Funniness".


Thunderf00t's latest video calls Sargon of Fatass a dickhead. Might be some tasty drama or at least please those of you with hateboners for Carl.



I mean.. TF is not tottal cancer!

And Carl will need to go further right to please his audience..



what if we cut a deal with the spectacle to gain power then bash it over the head with a rifle butt and throw the corpse in a canal?



It feels like Carl is becoming more controversial in the skeptic/rationalist community. Amazing Atheist has turned on Trump as well and Cult of Dusty has been saying that atheists should be more worried about Trump and the alt-right than sjws.



You can't give them an inch, because they will always bash first.



The amazing atheist still exists? damn…i would have thougth that after he used the 20k dollars his fans gave to him to build a youtube like site which never happened…and in the same time he got married and went to nice honeymoon i would have thought he lost his audience completely.


File: 1de6cc79ed4b8d1⋯.jpg (35.79 KB, 640x480, 4:3, Arcanum Donn Throgg.jpg)


>If you were to play an rpg with other lefties will you like a run of the mill setting, a setting with class conflict at its core or a utopian socialist setting?

Nigga I'd be up for anything. You could even start with a run of the mill setting, but allow slight input by participating players to make it a bit more unique

>in short it will be a FALC setting but people on /tg/ could not grasp what types of conflicts will be possible in such setting and suggested plots based on the system going wrong

There's at least 2 ways of handling this that I can think of:

-Simply make FALC a goal to achieve in the over-arching storyline

-Make the conflict somehow centered around FALC society interacting with some sort of non-FALC society like sentient demons, interdimensional tentacle balls, or just feudal aliums

To go back to your proposal of settings, I'd say making a setting with some sort of class conflict would be the best option if you really wanna put work into applying such a thing in a setting. See >>1676427 . It gets brought up quite a bit whenever there are vidya threads on here, but Arcanum is a very good example of having a story arc that handles class conflict

In case you have never played Arcanum: the setting has your essential fantasy races, but Orcs and Half-Orcs in particular face a material situation that I can only really compare to Post-Civil War blacks moving into industrial cities. One of the more glaring similarities is that Orcs and Half-Orcs live and work in segregated factories and, because of the Orcs' reputation for low intelligence, Half-Orcs get the One Drop Rule treatment. But this is where the game starts to get very low key and drop subtle hints that Half-Orcs are dumb because they're denied access to higher education

http://www.sierrahelp.com/Documents/Manuals/Arcanum_-_Manual.pdf (p139 has more info on them. Even the fucking player manual roleplays!)

And one of the more hard-hitting drops Troika put into the game was making the base, unmodified intelligence stat for Half-Orcs a 10, which is the absolute average score for all attributes and is the same base score for Humans

The game also pulled this




Cool. thunderf00t is a real scientist after all. He's done good work.


There was a bit of a schism after the murder and Carl and friends made fun of the situation on a stream.

> Amazing Atheist has turned on Trump as well and Cult of Dusty has been saying that atheists should be more worried about Trump and the alt-right than sjws.

TJ never liked Trump, he just though Clinton was worse until this week. He's wrong, btw. Clinton would be doing just as awful shit but liberals would be silent and conservatives would be bitching about nothing instead of doing shamelessly bad apologetics.



It's already happened, he's openly declared his intention to vote Tory.


I'd spotted bananaman had a video up disparaging Trump, but haven't watched it and I wonder if he can simply see which way the wind is blowing. I'm honestly unconvinced that Trump and the alt-shite are anything different from the sjw's though.



Wrong. Clinton would be far worst than Trump if she would have gone through with her no fly zone in Syria and never back down from it, now NATO would be preparing for a full scale war against Russia. The cunt is truly a psychopath.


File: d43e92a8cdbb970⋯.jpg (49.58 KB, 499x614, 499:614, ban ben.jpg)


There are fans of his here, including me. I love The Drunken Peasants podcast. I just view him as my "fav dancing monkey". He's left & makes me laugh. During the primaries, I started watching DP so I could have something to laugh about, to de-stress. Now, I wouldn't want to be room mates with him because he's disgusting, lmao. But I enjoy his content most of the time. Big DP fan, really.


>I'm honestly unconvinced that Trump and the alt-shite are anything different from the sjw's though.

Tj's definitely not alt-right, though, if that's what you're saying.



Right, I forgot about this. She would be worse not just ideologically but materially as well. It's kind of stunning how important people think America's image is that they think the drama with Trump is so bad.



>NATO would be preparing for a full scale war against Russia

this would be a good thing though

the world needs a major nuclear conflict to cleanse it of filth



but liberals would be silent and conservatives would be bitching about nothing instead of doing shamelessly bad apologetics.

This is honestly the only thing we had to gain from this sham of an election. The only reason the accelerationist argument held water. He's also burning a lot of it down, which is likely why the dems/establishment want him out so badly. He's rightfully delegitimizing the office.


>no fly zone in Syria and never back down from it, now NATO would be preparing for a full scale war against Russia. The cunt is truly a psychopath.

Though I agree about Clinton, it seems the establishment found a way to do this no matter what. NATO has been ramping up even before Trump took office & I'd say to watch for a no fly zone in the near future.


File: 42e78afff8201be⋯.png (735.71 KB, 800x800, 1:1, posadistbomb.png)



No, that's not what I'm saying. I'm remarking that the social justice crowd and the alt-right look like flip sides of the same coin and are feeding off each other, in much the same way as the "counter-jihad" and islamist tendencies have that strange codependency, despite outwardly despising each other.


File: ca3e2d471f09004⋯.png (220.48 KB, 1200x799, 1200:799, ca3e2d471f09004e147e1b088c….png)


File: 129d7b514b51001⋯.webm (993.81 KB, 566x480, 283:240, The tao of butthurt.webm)


Oh yes, then I fully agree. They're both sides of the reactionary coin.



Please make sure you're either in the US or in Russia when the clock hits midnight



I don't mean as in actually pretending to be leftist, but putting on an aura of respectability, of being the "reasonable radical", so to speak, in order to garner legitimacy for far right bullshit.



DP is actually really good for the left. They are making people realize en masse how pathetic dinosaur/corporate media is. Their coverage of the US election was miles ahead of the cable news programs, and they know it and say it. For all those millions of dollars that CNN, NBC, Fox, etc. had to throw around, a few stoners in a basement with basic podcast equipment did a better job breaking down the election and calling states than any of them.


File: 6b2d24108332ae1⋯.png (1.35 KB, 80x95, 16:19, 1395646916307.png)


>tfw you live near a military base, so nukes would probably kill you




Their bit on Hillary during the inauguration forever has a place in my heart. Every time I hear the Pokemon go to the polls joke, this gold from Ben pops into my head.

And yeah, they reach the same audiences as some alt-righters, so they're great for speaking some sanity to situations & calling out the bullshit coming from that side.



This is a better timestamp for the same moment


It's funnily enough right at the 1 hour mark.



Ah, thanks. :)





>girls flirt with me




So the cold war in a fantasy world or in space, that will be really good

>I mean if the setting is truly utopian then there is no conflict. It has to at least be "trouble in paradise."

Something I said on 4/tg/. in an utopia the biggest conflict will be with ourselves to reach our goals.


>-Make the conflict somehow centered around FALC society interacting with some sort of non-FALC society like sentient demons, interdimensional tentacle balls, or just feudal aliums

I don't like that because its still framed in the ideology that there is a big other menacing us, is the same shit of humans versus orcs that spooks nazis

the arcanum setting is interested but also framed on idpol ideology, races in fantasy settings are always a confirmation bias for the biological differences idpol wants to pretend are real

Overall the first thing you suggested seems to be for the best, start with something generic and then shaping it to what the players want.

I also have to get into the elder scrolls if it always pops on vidya threads.


File: 85bd32cb47d8ff1⋯.png (29.85 KB, 827x393, 827:393, thunderfoot comment sectio….png)



Holy shit, the comment section of that video is a cesspool of ignorance. I'm at a loss for words, honestly.

I know my font sucks, still haven't enabled some settings


File: e77e5362a2876ee⋯.png (530.95 KB, 1638x923, 126:71, ghost jack.png)


>Something I said on 4/tg/. in an utopia the biggest conflict will be with ourselves to reach our goals.

Depending on the system, you could have monsters that are purely psychological that represent the characters' inner conflict. Pic related.


speaking of ignorance, nothing pains me more than visiting /pdf/ or /pdfs/ and seeing the sheer amount of effort devoted to crazy-right literature.

I mean it's not even pure political bias on my part, I was glad to see a thread for Peter Hitchens' work for example, because it does really have some merit. It's the level of crazy involved. There's some massive, painful sense of missed opportunity out there. Someone's probably reading huge chunks of that shit in a total waste of time. (It's a very distinct feeling, I think because a lot of it is also obscure insanity. When I see people posting "Economics in one lesson" or some shit, I get angry instead of feeling that kind of pain of missed opportunity.)

Of course that I spend equal amounts of time on random wikipedia binges never really occurs. Funny how brain do dat.



When you have the "left" declaring that "leftism" is opposed to the sexual desires and freedoms of the masses, is this really such a surprise?



>everybody i don't like is a secret communist, the rational libertarian's guide to political discussion


File: dab4513a88e7fb5⋯.jpg (8.95 KB, 220x312, 55:78, 220px-Edvard_Munch_1933.jpg)


I'm sorry, can you kindly explain wtf you're talking about? I need sleep, but this seems completely out of left field & I'm not sure what you mean or how that's applicable to the situation, lmao.


File: 580ff668a840367⋯.png (27.81 KB, 655x509, 655:509, 1489658452200.png)

>tfw capitalism sucks





Do you know much about Jordan Peterson? He's the Professor at the Canadian university with that "Smugglypuff" person who is refusing to accede to command to use stipulated pronouns for people upon pain of firing. You'll probably want to take a look at the "Cotton Ceiling" thing the TERF's go on about endlessly as well.

There's more I could add, but for brevity this gives the distinct impression that there is an intent to cast any rejection sexual activity with "queers" (an admittedly nebulous and imprecise term, but that seems to be the point) as bigotry.


File: 3fa93d0131a8b1e⋯.jpg (49.52 KB, 600x800, 3:4, 1478277801841.jpg)

would you rather have a communist revolution or a gf?


File: e55b4b9a789ef86⋯.jpg (160.84 KB, 1890x1417, 1890:1417, e55b4b9a789ef861d9003b3aa9….jpg)


Not him but


>the "left" has ceaselessly been critical of generally benign things, and suggests, or outright demands that people temper themselves to accommodate and include by considering the million and one ways someone can be offended or interpret something incorrectly

I can't remember which episode it was specifically, but one of the earlier episodes of Chapo Trap House lambasted these types of people by the simple logic that it's impossible to temper yourself due to the sheer variety of life experiences people live through, thus reacting/interpreting something differently. It's just impossible

>Eventually some figureheads in the "left" eventually turn into moral guardians, but in a weird bizarro Liberal inverse of the stereotypical Christian prude

And from there I'm sure you can fill in the gaps as to how those people could be "opposed to the sexual desires and freedoms of the masses"

>tfw A vast amount of reaction to the "left" might solely be a reaction to a bunch of bizarro prudes telling people when and when not to, and how they should and shouldn't fuck


File: 35f93c2e166b78f⋯.jpg (645.03 KB, 1680x1050, 8:5, commie love.jpg)


Sorry, anon. If you feel like it, let us know what's going on specifically atm with you, maybe we can ease it a bit. But yes, this system is crushing us & it's really hard to maintain sanity at times.


Yeah, I remember that stuff going down, saw the video & know who he is. Really just retards going at retards, both sides of the coin & so on. I actually have faith that many of those commenters on thunder's video will wake up, look back & cringe at ever expressing such ignorance. I used to watch Glenn Beck when he first came out, after all.



So like the id monster of the forbidden planet that just touches so many of my buttons.



I'm a volcel, so guess



That should be a meme.


File: fa2b581e8507d17⋯.gif (2.24 MB, 250x141, 250:141, 1399954855049.gif)

Was Kill la Kill a communist anime?



>life fibers are fascism

>you need to adopt the tools of fascism to defeat fascism




Hey! Anon! You saved my OC!

I didnt think anyone liked it.


Carlgon's opinion on authoritarianism, from a video with Skeptic Feminist:



File: 152fba1840e5f02⋯.jpg (18.13 KB, 333x338, 333:338, 1467992483105.jpg)


:D Twas good OC indeed. I actually liked it so much that I uploaded it to imgur right after saving it from here. I hope you don't mind! I'll remove if you do. I'd post the link but my heavily used username is attached… Someone commented on it there, "quality shitpost". :) So hopefully someone also downloaded it & it further flourishes…




You should look into the Red Star comics and vidya. It's basically what ourworld would be like if it was like Final Fantasy.


You perfectly summarized a part of GG.


Some alt-lights were splooging over this video. Anyone got the stomach to watch? I confess I'm a babby and I want to be spoonfed.



Well you really are among equals here. Talk if you need to.



>modern day Socrates on trial

>people are worried about the earth getting warmer… I'm more concerned about being shipped off to a camp for having the wrong opinion.

>Mr. Peterson's vast use of the English language is nothing short of amazing. Absolutely phenomenal orator.

>Peterson is the Confucius of our times. Too bad for him we live in the Kardashian era.

I know everyone says don't look at the youtube comments but i can't help myself.



it's really cool there's an actual mass anticommunist movement, seriously, definitely something that hasn't been seen in the US since the 50s. If reactionaries are getting scared about 'communism' so scared they start organising against it, it can only mean 'communism', whatever they think it is, seems like an actual possibility looming on the horizon. Communism has entered the public imagination, and not as a farfetched fantasy scenario either. There's a huge opening for the left here.

Expect one of the major networks to pick up Sargon or other 'skeptics' in the near future. The bourgeoisie are already getting restless: many wall street finance shits and Sillicon valley tech oligarchs have been buying property in New Zealand, just in case, you know.



I kinda hope that one day, text recognition can be advanced enough that every poster in a site with user handles will have a sincerity-troll rating.



>Anyone got the stomach to watch?

Kermit the Fraud has the pull he does because he's easily memeable. That said, he's on the right side of this specific issue (his arguments are shit though). They want to make it a crime to misgender people. For fuck's sake sometimes I misgender fictional characters I have written because my memory isn't good.



>They want to make it a crime to misgender people

Is this even true? Half the time some claim like this is seriously overblown and the consequences are minuscule if they even exist.



I don't think they'll throw you in the slammer for it, but they do have hate crime laws in Canada, and the bill would make misgendering someone a hate crime. One of the lawyers who testified argued that he deals with people suing for harassment over this already.



I admit I don't know all the details of Canadian law on the matter, but if it's the same or similar consequence to, say, calling a straight dude "nancy" or a black dude "tyrone" at work incessantly as a form of harassment then it's really either not a big deal or alternatively all such laws are too extreme. I'd have to see a real and unjustifiable difference in consequence to be solidly on his side and every talk by him is just "lol i mean it's ridiculous amirite?" with no actual policy reference other than a vague "it's illegal".



They turned my gf begging thread into a nazi circle jerk



>If you were to play an rpg with other lefties will you like a run of the mill setting, a setting with class conflict at its core or a utopian socialist setting?

Anything but shit like forgotten realms. Utopian would be difficult and would probably have to center on outside conflicts, like aliens or extradimensional beasts though.


Revolution. Both would be best.


File: 3662f5d2ea2fba5⋯.png (173.09 KB, 454x475, 454:475, results.png)


Political Beliefs/Ideology: Ancom/AnSyn

What you're doing this summer: Working, class, and working on scripts

Age: 25

Dick Size: 7.5"x6"

Favorite Anime: Kill la Kill

Favorite Manga: Don't read

Weight: 175-190 depending on cutting or bulking

Height: 5'9"

Fetish: Pic related is close enough

Favorite video game: Pillars of Eternity

Favorite Alcoholic Beverage: Whiskey

How often do you drink?: On weekends but not much at once

Mental illness: Insomnia

Favorite sport: I watch MMA

What country do you live in: Burgerland

Do you smoke?: sometimes

Drugs?: sometimes, not regularly

Not a virgin but never had a long term relationship.


File: 63519e1ee213fb8⋯.jpg (383.43 KB, 640x430, 64:43, lenin_1.jpg)

Which one of you wants to buy this?


Anyone else catch the series finale of Samurai Jack? Was kinda lackluster TBH.



Who's that guy?





I was just shitposting really. I'm not actually going to kill myself.

I'm just very frustrated that everything costs money and I don't have any.



Cheer up, your death will be less prolonged and involve less suffering than ours!



>calling a straight dude "nancy" or a black dude "tyrone" at work incessantly as a form of harassment

This should honestly be dealt with through interpersonal communication, not the law. Give him a punch in the face if it gets out of hand.



>Give him a punch in the face if it gets out of hand.

That might be escalating things a little too quickly. If that's what it takes, by all means, but you work up to physical violence when lesser methods don't work.



In that case, that would go under "…or alternatively all such laws are too extreme". Under this scenario there still isn't this massive discrepancy that Peterson and his ilk seem so histrionic over, so it still doesn't justify his obsession specifically with trans/gender issues.



His getting fired over it seems justification enough for him to be upset, if only for egoistic reasons. That's what is happening after all. If I'm thrown out tomorrow for failing to get along with this or that fairly recent social taboo, I'd be pissed off too.



What a catch you are. You're gonna make someone very happy.


File: 89b14b3f6502179⋯.png (109.59 KB, 356x256, 89:64, 89b14b3f65021798d30a8c3224….png)


Lmao.. You must be really young, anon. People, especially in the south in the US who don't even know what communism is, have been calling anything they don't like "communism" for decades.

>Expect one of the major networks to pick up Sargon or other 'skeptics' in the near future.

That's thoroughly retarded. You're giving thos tards way too much credit. They cannot withstand even the slightest questioning without falling apart, which is why they avoid debate,



I say look at YT comments & combat them. Someone needs to inform these people.


What are you doing on an imageboard? I'm sure porky would love that idea.


File: 24faaa5d51453ed⋯.png (23.24 KB, 322x322, 1:1, 1480969274506.png)


I might've bitten, but I'm already married. The "switch" part would've been concerning to me, tbh, though. unless that just means you'd switch with the chick dem/sub style, then that's actually good Nice cock, too. Just an fyi for your future search, maybe.



Lmao, how much? I was just thinking I'd not have anywhere to put it, but I'm sure in south India, some political party would actually like that & have a place for it.


File: 85d55258956cf52⋯.webm (191.17 KB, 640x360, 16:9, Impeachment Voice Message….webm)

What do you guys think about this?




I agree. I was just thinking reading those posts, "it's not against the law to be a complete asshole". Usually those are dealt with as you said, especially in manual labor type working class jobs.

Now, if it's your boss or manager or something, I say you'd have a case, sue that fucker. We all know most of us working class people don't have the time or money to do so, though. ;~; "Upper" levels should know better than that & we all wish we weren't abused by them.



Laugh at the retard. And that's counter productive, too, because now that idiot nobody senator/house member can play the victim for the next few weeks. Well played, retard, you just helped the opposition & gave them a reason to screech more.



what the fuck is a gf begging thread


File: e59bb6f48cbf405⋯.jpg (157.33 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, yanis.jpg)


I guess where you post stats and see if any girls are interested in you.

Political Beliefs/Ideology:

What you're doing this summer:


Dick Size

Favorite Anime:

Favorite Manga:




Favorite video game:

Favorite Alcoholic Beverage

How often do you drink?

Mental illness

Favorite sport

What country do you live in

Do you smoke?



Yeah that's what switch is. Not really my thing but I'd be willing to do it for a Spartacus fetish.


Thanks I guess.


File: b937dd672a69819⋯.png (131.61 KB, 1711x374, 1711:374, burger conspiracy.png)

>american education



well you make it sound so bad. it doesn't look like begging to me.


File: f11b7ee3b1547d7⋯.jpg (58.36 KB, 490x750, 49:75, 1469031352560.jpg)



It is worse, it is selling yourself. "I offer you this, will you give yourself to me in exchange for this?" It is pure ideology.



It is what it is fam. The chances of meeting someone you know from a chan are low, let alone the chance of finding a SO through a chan.


Getting more into politics was a mistake. I got distracted by politics twice when I was having a wank earlier. First there was someone with a cop outfit on and I couldn't jerk to that 'cause I was distracted by the fact they were a class traitor, then there was fuckin rule 34 of a fast food mascot and I couldn't stop thinking about the idiot who is literally giving free advertising when I'm trying to have a wank.



cop porn is hot af tho



the revolutionary is a doomed man



For the record, I wasn't being sarcastic.


File: 19f05850fba7788⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 44.76 KB, 214x328, 107:164, mercedes.jpg)

File: eb6c41a9c012b3e⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 14.69 KB, 320x240, 4:3, mercedes border.jpg)


life is hard ;~; lmao


Mercedes Carrera has a pretty hot/funny porno where she's a border jumper who gets caught by the cops & banged well. though politically, yeah, that sucks She's got some quality lesbian porn as well; I like her style. Her fake boobs could use some work though tbh, but she makes up for it.

Spoilering just because



>tfw this happens to you whenever work is an element of the thing (being dominated by a boss or whatever) because it comes across as literal classcuckery.

cops aren't such a big deal but business makes me uneasy.



>mercedes carrera

Good ass but the fake tits kill it for me. Worth fucking so I can say I fucked an autistic lolbert though.



>can't find a job

>jacked off to hr qts humiliating me

not my proudest moments



>fake tits kill it for me

Same, pretty much. If I didn't like her style, into the trash it would go. Very glad that trend is over for the most part, or at least they're not getting them so ridiculous nowadays.


So if I end up getting this internship for a state senator, what do I do to help promote leftism?



Let us know what your current assignments are, if you get it. We can brainstorm on ways to maximize them for leftism. I think you'll get it, though. You have a good chance, with being on the deans list, the water works, etc.

Also, don't let him put it in your pooper, anon



I quit the clean water action job after three days LOL.

Apparently, this is very common for people to do with that job. Half of people end up quitting after 3-4 days cause the stress is unbearable.


So Ashii was erased from existence. At least the world that was Aku was undone.


Anyone else catch the series finale of Samurai Jack? Was kinda lackluster TBH


Shame about all those characters Jack helped.



It's a great chance to gather intel about the workings of the bourgeoisie government



You alright there, anon? lmao ;^)



Listen to


and leak his shit.



If the time paradox of changing the past erased Ashi then it also should have erased all of Jack's memories. So at least he succeeded in her not becoming a memory because she's not even that.




They're not going to let interns in on secret shit.



It's only a state senator bud


Become a source for investigative journalists and air out your state's dirty laundry.


File: 023ab582b271076⋯.jpg (17.79 KB, 276x413, 276:413, iesMb98.jpg)


I think I remember some news piece, that in Portland isn't it?


we know that feel anon


>What are you doing on an imageboard? I'm sure porky would love that idea.

I'm the avatar of the Ideas Guy joke. Got plenty of them, but no talent, skill, or more importantly, motivation to actualize them.


File: 78463d79950b648⋯.jpg (30.15 KB, 447x447, 1:1, 1458272893365.jpg)


>I'm the avatar of the Ideas Guy joke. Got plenty of them, but no talent, skill, or more importantly, motivation to actualize them.

Well if you do in the future, just use your power for good, anon.



>climate change is a conspiracy to ban hamburgers

we're reaching levels of ideology here that shouldn't even be possible


File: a09f40ea96282d5⋯.png (15.04 KB, 504x432, 7:6, spurdo burger.png)


>it only threatens food because liberals want to destroy cars and we won't be able to use the drive thru



>It's only a state senator bud

there's got to be at least one secret child sex ring you could uncover there



Yeah but it's not like the dude has access to the CIA or anything.



Honestly though, fried chicken is better, or at least chicken burgers.


File: b1d3f4a426edccd⋯.jpg (14.08 KB, 480x360, 4:3, CWCPSPFAIL.jpg)

Thought: Being an individual is painful and hard and poses the risk of people reacting to it in unexpected ways which can have high pay-offs if successful but high social costs if one fails.

Capitalism picks up on this anxiety to sell safe individualism, placing itself as the mediating fluid between isolated "individuals" who, when the sweatshop clothes are removed and the consumption choices are erased, aren't really all that different after all.

I was going somewhere with this but mostly it occurred to me with clothing and making your own clothing "quirky" or whatever, versus just store-buying pre-assembled "quirky" clothing. The latter would outpace the former even though the former is more "genuine", while both would receive equal scorn as being virtual. The best example of this has to be the autist, unaware of being "quirky" in their creative endeavours. Chris Chan's PSP case as the only genuine self expression on earth.


File: 52d731f78a36d62⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 233.03 KB, 466x581, 466:581, zAbsolute Degeneracy.png)


You are like a baby. Watch this!

Political Beliefs/Ideology: Pragmatic Leftism with AnCom/AnSyn tendencies

What you're doing this summer: Getting back into having a job again while I wait out my Navy DEP


Dick Size: Who the fuck knows

Favorite Anime: Never really watched a whole lot, but I'm trying to get into the Gundam series

Favorite Manga: Read above line, but willing to hear suggestions, I like Jitsuma's work, though

Weight:~220-225 but I try to exercise

Height:6'0" (182.9cm)

Fetish: Milfs, chubby, size difference (M/f and m/F), the rest is pic related but my sub scores are under the condition of gentle-femdom

Favorite video game: Akumajou Dracula X: Chi no Rondo or Akumajou Densetsu (inb4 weeb snob)

Favorite Alcoholic Beverage: Bols

How often do you drink? Rarely

Mental illness: I don't fucking know

Favorite sport: Dipped my toes into soccer for a year, might wanna try that again. HEMA

What country do you live in: United Burgers

Do you smoke? No

Drugs? No

I wanna see any of you normies beat me

Protip:you can


File: f7e5b2339c709d9⋯.png (49.26 KB, 444x287, 444:287, 1433094802857.png)


I think that one was a joke.



Can someone give me a link to the quiz in the pic?


File: 150b9066c8e216c⋯.jpg (157.19 KB, 1080x1349, 1080:1349, 17333931_1844716419145197_….jpg)

File: 52fce69d5401379⋯.jpg (226.66 KB, 1080x1239, 360:413, 17439045_1456121334427678_….jpg)

File: a1f210dfed897f5⋯.jpg (297.69 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, 18160659_1881218445467789_….jpg)

File: b0c09ccb3961bc4⋯.jpg (60.15 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 16464691_1269497773143142_….jpg)

File: 2e390272af6f608⋯.jpg (86.49 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, 18444084_1494295067267722_….jpg)

Here's some THICC





Political Beliefs/Ideology: market socialist/titoist

What you're doing this summer: not doing anything special

Age: 18

Dick Size: 16cm

Favorite Anime: not a weeb

Favorite Manga: not a weeb

Weight: 100kg

Height: 18cm

Fetish: anal, bdsm, femdom, enema, uniforms

Favorite video game: gta V or red dead

Favorite Alcoholic Beverage: vodka

How often do you drink?: almost every weekend, unless i really have to study or can't find a party

Mental illness: depression maybe? idk, if i have any. not diagnosed

Favorite sport: not a fan of sport, figthing can be fun to watch

What country do you live in: scandinavia

Do you smoke?: only sometimes at parties

Drugs?: im up for it

not a virgin, but tierd of hook ups


File: 862e62b3af15c0b⋯.png (172.24 KB, 679x827, 679:827, 862e62b3af15c0bc1635ff821c….png)


God willing.

In case you win a revolution and wants to create a new socialist society from scratch, just holla and I'll help you build one with unorthodox ideas, duct tape and desperation.



i've though about printing my own t shirts with post ironic OTT revolutionary rhetoric, engrish buzzword 2.0 poetry, advertising for brands that don't exist yet, anime porn, ambiguous terrorist threats, catchy pseudo corporate slogans that don't mean anything…in general I aspire to become a later day sandwich board man for the collapse of late capitalist civilisation, my very image hyping people up for said collapse. idk, maybe I sound like a total douchebag


File: 607cb5e288b3885⋯.jpg (487.64 KB, 720x958, 360:479, sasha-grey-zizek-e14766305….jpg)


Ok. Let's make this a thread then.

Political Beliefs/Ideology: Leninism Zizekism

What you're doing this summer: Working


Dick Size: 14cm (?)

Favorite Anime: Gakkou Gurashi

Favorite Manga: HotD. For the critique of Ideology

Weight:98 klg

Height: 1.78 m

Fetish: Meh. Basic stuff.

Favorite video game: C&C Red Alert 2

Favorite Alcoholic Beverage: Vodka

How often do you drink? Socialy, or to sleep.

Mental illness … social akwardness?

Favorite sport N/A

What country do you live in GR

Do you smoke? No

Drugs? Socialy. Light.


File: f4c1f3b0fb8ce80⋯.png (183.03 KB, 474x582, 79:97, bdsm results.png)


Thank god I'm not the only 30 around here

Political Beliefs/Ideology: socialist

What you're doing this summer: Same thing I do every summer, Pinky. Shitpost, maybe finally hold my marriage ceremony. Fuck you I wanna do this, too >:(

Age: 30

Dick Size: No have diyak, am grill

Favorite Anime: Only seen some famous anime classic movies

Favorite Manga: Don't read

Weight: 125lbs/57kg

Height: 5'3"

Fetish: always been a sub of sorts

Favorite video game: Not played in a while, Starcraft was my shit though

Favorite Alcoholic Beverage: Used to be LITs, white Russians

How often do you drink?: Very rarely

Mental illness: Anxiety/insomnia atm

Favorite sport: Basketball

What country do you live in: India atm, am burger

Do you smoke?: trying to quit, e-cig/light smoking

Drugs?: Opiates, weed



>am grill

yo fuckin uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh lookin for a boyfriend?



tits or gtfo

or…do u have discord

wait, u that girl living in india?


you all need to drink more



i think that would kill me


File: c43a78c3fd0da3a⋯.gif (Spoiler Image, 799.02 KB, 250x146, 125:73, boobies.gif)


Lmao, blacktext says married. But who knows, he may be open for more later ;^)


>tits or gtfo

[obligatory pic]

>or…do u have discord

I'm on both discords, but "unofficial" is too populated & autistic, tbf. I like the other less populated "leftypol" server. Username "KommieKitters"

>wait, u that girl living in india?

Yeah, das me



I don't drink because alcohol tastes disgusting to me. Is that weird?


File: ccbc3f48f84097a⋯.png (291.28 KB, 495x873, 55:97, bdsm test.png)


You don't drink it for the taste. Everyone thinks it tastes disgusting because it's a harmful substance that you're wired to find disgusting.


Is DP actually good for the left?


File: 546d296227ff2ea⋯.jpg (126.82 KB, 1273x1280, 1273:1280, photo_2017-05-22_05-17-06.jpg)

stay woke fams


File: fb35839d0f6a704⋯.png (273.11 KB, 980x742, 70:53, 18472200_10213263845979095….png)


>Racism is le tool of le Bougie rich people

literally every rich person and corporation pushes irrelevant shiting in their commercials and finances movies that are anti family and deeply triggering and problematic, or anti black if it involves emasculating black men by forcing them into dresses



what do you mean by DP? Drunken Peasants? Double Penetration? the answer is no and yes



Yes. Hold your nose if you can't handle the taste.


I'm not drinking as much to stay fit.


The sex act?


Hard to tell sometimes anon.



Anybody who exposes the absurdity of the ruling class is good for the left, regardless of their personal beliefs. People generally don't go to clowns for political theory. Jon Stewart is an aberration.


File: 18ed8d6cc8200c7⋯.jpg (186.3 KB, 632x558, 316:279, 1453951445649.jpg)


>le anything

>caring about r a c e m i x i n g

>getting caught by wordfilters

Promptly kill yourself, anon.



marriage is irregardless. need a bf?


can we all post discord name ?



Just post images of yourself and some embarrassing shit on /pol/, it'll end up there anyways.



what? if someone is not trust worthy or you feel they are not just undfriend them. there is no need to send pics to strangers online, but becomming friend can be the start of friendship and luv :3


I was doing some random googling about an unrelated topic and I came across this


>At that event, UN Women made a call to mobilize the first 100,000 men in the campaign, a goal successfully reached in just three days. New United States President Donald Trump, actor Matt Damon, Tom Hiddleston, and New UN Secretary-General António Guterres are among some of the high-profile male champions featured on the site.

can anyone confirm that Trump really did attend HeforShe? If true this would make for some fine shitposting material. I tried looking for more info but couldn't find anything.



At minimum the article itself could cause drama. Someone with twatter should screencap it and post under the HeForShe hashtag.


File: c42aed49d3e1386⋯.jpg (237.16 KB, 598x792, 299:396, Identifying Arguments With….jpg)


File: 0129eee4500aacb⋯.jpg (130 KB, 958x598, 479:299, tmp_32749-syrians_exarchia….jpg)

File: 2a9de1332c96414⋯.jpg (202.46 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, tmp_32749-120520-062499495….jpg)

File: 59de3ec6cb46563⋯.jpg (541.29 KB, 800x533, 800:533, tmp_32749-2014-10-06-12.22….jpg)

Is there any place like Exarcheia in North America?


The police is told to eat shit, most of the business are co-ops, migrants are helped and integrated in real ways, everyone has solidarity towards leftism and antifa, and the culture here is oriented towards youth but not in the shitty yuppie way places like Germany are.

I'm so fucking tired of the south and this shit culture, and after months of reading leftist theory I find life (and the people, mostly the classcucked, spooked and uneducable people) here unbearable.

Should I just pack up my shit and squat on Berkeley? I'm open to anything really. Even liberals would be an improvement.


File: d57e2370c024be4⋯.png (178.43 KB, 414x441, 46:49, just.png)


>literally every rich person and corporation pushes irrelevant shiting in their commercials and finances movies that are anti family and deeply triggering and excellent, or anti black if it involves emasculating black men by forcing them into dresses


If a company uses these "r a c e m i x i n g" images in their advertising', it's because it's trending or appealing to the public. Corporations pander'' for money. As far as anti-family, that could be the case, present some evidence. You don't see much "anti-black" as that's not really profitable atm, but the media for example does fan the flames of these race tensions. For ratings & divide/conquer reasons.



Really fucked my formatting up there.


File: b306fac916794cd⋯.jpg (2.07 MB, 2216x3050, 1108:1525, 1494367891703.jpg)

File: 5b567d8d8702a4e⋯.jpg (137.58 KB, 673x1000, 673:1000, MV5BY2M1ZDc1ZjItNTU5OC00MG….jpg)

everyone knows about the /fa/scists and their all-black, grimly depressing entourage. but i'd like to see some labourwave/leftist fashion. post inspiration and so on.



Hooray, I'm not the only girl here.



this apply for u too m8 >>1692029




Pre-HRT tranny



p-post ass plz?


why are twitter anarchists so fucking retarded




>asking why anarchists are retarded



they're not completely wrong about communism having a bad reputation but abandoning the label just seems stupid.

It's not like porky is going to stop demonizing your politics just because you adopt a different label.



>nazbol calling anyone stupid



>It's not like porky is going to stop demonizing your politics just because you adopt a different label.

But it gives him less to work with.




The label can have descriptive value and when people say 'b-but that's communism/socialism' they'll have to by necessity educate people on exactly what those terms mean that way people can tell when they see it, doing our work for us.

Changing socialism to 'economic democratization' (does that account for all proposals of socialism or does it miss some?) or something would simultaneously reduce stigma and present an argument for socialism at the same time.

For instance: often people reply with the meme "oh but I guess that wasn't real socialism", but if you replace the term with "that wasn't really a democratization of the economy" then they effectively either need to state that the USSR or similar states were economically democratic or agree that they weren't real socialism. If their only issue is that the USSR and other states weren't economically and otherwise democratic then we've basically convinced them that the only issue they have with socialists is that they think our tactics are excellent, but we would have convinced them of our goal.

I think it's a pretty good idea to use more descriptive terms in general (why do still use the terms bourgeoisie and proletariat instead of employer class/employee class or something similar like richard wolf basically suggests is beyond me)… It isn't really even deceptive so long as you still admit you're a socialist when questioned, it's revealing previous deceptions.

The two issues I see with changing the vocabulary is that the change should not be (in reality or in perception) hidden or deceptive and that it's a-historical which might cause people to largely forget about historical socialist analysis.

Please tell me why that's stupid.



>there's a word filter on proble-matic

lol. I even tried to think of another word instead.


File: eb8b770ed013c79⋯.jpg (143.34 KB, 854x859, 854:859, 1422495336111.jpg)


>people who put their pronouns on their twitter bio



It also gives you less to work with.


File: 947e88f13e48fee⋯.jpg (32.83 KB, 600x450, 4:3, Alone_in_the_world.jpg)

> watching Finnbols 5k livestream

> his faggy friends begin discussing Veganism - one suggests forcing people to become vegetarians and acting like animals constitute as workers

> mfw


File: b6cd0b6a141e01a⋯.png (425.19 KB, 540x402, 90:67, image.png)


wrong mobile flag


File: 8c62ee6644b8521⋯.jpg (324.9 KB, 1800x1800, 1:1, alunya.jpg)


>Changing socialism to 'economic democratization' (does that account for all proposals of socialism or does it miss some?) or something would simultaneously reduce stigma and present an argument for socialism at the same time.

Omg, the entryist potential/possibility of this is great. Call it "economic democratization" at first, then they'll find out it's socialism. I find this pretty brilliant, tbh. It's not dishonest, either, because if they agree with these properties, then they agree with socialism; they'd just been inundated with propaganda so much they didn't realize.



Didn't he do a video with Zizek or something? I never really believed he was right-wing, which always made me wonder why the new right likes him so much.



the right likes Assange because Assange is against liberals like Clinton and Marcon.




The idea of lying to people to get them to believe the truth makes me uneasy, tbqhwu. It's still lying, and a coherent society is built on trust. Maybe just a tiny bit of trust, but trust nonetheless.

In particular I doubt it'd work in the long run without going down a Machiavellian path. Americans would probably start doing the pod person screech and writhe on the ground with their mouths foaming if you revealed to them that you sold them on Marxist thought.





Seems rather uneconomical in general. Radical reformist if that isn't too much of an oxymoron.


Yeah, that's my concern to… I think it'd be perfect if you could avoid any feeling of deception. That being said, I think saying you believe in a position, convincing the other side of that position and then springing the fact that your position was socialist all along (if they didn't already) really isn't that unethical. It's like the difference between feigned surrender (which is a war crime) and a feigned retreat (which is allowed under international law).

>Americans would probably start doing the pod person screech and writhe on the ground with their mouths foaming if you revealed to them that you sold them on Marxist thought.

Richard wolf uses the same technique just in an individual level… I'd imagine it wouldn't be a sense of rage, but more a sense of dizzyness and fear.

I don't see us ethically doing this as a group by any means, but as individuals I think it could be OK. At the very least I think that using the description of socialism from "dictatorship of the proletariat" (which makes people think that we're either conspiracy theorists, advocating for actual dictatorships, or advocating for bureaucratic states) to "economic democratization" would be a significant improvement.


File: 9c50128edd31fdf⋯.jpg (25.51 KB, 500x450, 10:9, no.JPG)


>It's not dishonest, either, because if they agree with these properties, then they agree with socialism; they'd just been inundated with propaganda so much they didn't realize.

>It's not dishonest, either, because if they agree with these properties, then they agree with socialism; they'd just been inundated with propaganda so much they didn't realize.

>It's not dishonest, either, because if they agree with these properties, then they agree with socialism; they'd just been inundated with propaganda so much they didn't realize.

It's not lying, it's just a better way of describing the concept to people. I for one didn't even know what socialism or communism even was until only a couple of years ago, when I was 28. I would've been SO grateeul if someone had explained it to me this way, like a decade ago.

>In particular I doubt it'd work in the long run without going down a Machiavellian path. Americans would probably start doing the pod person screech and writhe on the ground with their mouths foaming if you revealed to them that you sold them on Marxist thought.

You have to go back. You say that as if Marxist thought/explaining to them a concept they need to know is a bad thing. Btw, I'm from a redneck family & was exposed to all the misinformation & anti-communist propaganda/demonization while growing up. We need to be willing to inform others rather than turn our backs on them. As I said, I would've been eternally grateful had someone took the time to do so for me.



nice reddit image, newfag



>caring about that or memeing as an argument

Get off my board. Go back to fighting Twitter trans/tankies. I've definitely been here much longer than you, asshole.


File: 3bf665a46ebcae1⋯.png (351.79 KB, 995x496, 995:496, classconsciousness.PNG)

Existential Comics at it again: http://existentialcomics.com/comic/186


File: a3a657ad2f82180⋯.png (49.55 KB, 402x395, 402:395, PressTV- China killed, jai….png)

Who /proud disciple of Unroo/ here?


Any updates on PissPigGranddad's Twitter? Does he have an new account yet? I miss him.



File: 76a16dfe1c9baf0⋯.png (400.58 KB, 986x487, 986:487, boom.png)


bretty gud


File: 7e2aa3220ad732f⋯.png (8.2 KB, 616x606, 308:303, ebin staling.png)




File: 213631d8a3174c0⋯.jpg (322.55 KB, 680x779, 680:779, batman what.jpg)



tbqh in purely theoretical terms it doesn't seem intuitively wrong.

although it requires a year-zero, the abolition and reconstitution of social norms, to actually work, and even then for simple mechanical reasons it would probably come closer to mid-tier-to-severe assault than robbery, which even in that hypothetical society would be treating it dismissively.


Why does it seem like peoples here are less and less willing to engage with capitalists?



because they're shitheads who rarely learn and do nothing but sap your energy in constant nuh-uh ing matches?

people who approach things from the perspective "i have no idea" are much easier to save and much more interesting to be questioned by than those who say "i am a capitalist, prove me wrong", particularly in their false sense of autonomy "i have chosen to be a capitalist, i haven't just drunk from the well of ideology, i must defend my choice."

and this is all true despite being a socdem who seeks fundamental compromise with capitalism as a political end. capitalism is a poison, self-identifying capitalists the useful idiots. fire off some statistics showing our decline since the imposition of neoliberalism and go to bed before they start posting the fucking neoclassical supply-and-demand intersection.



It's less fun to debate when you already know what your opponent is going to say.

That's why people here always resort to linking books or articles. I don't think that this is a bad strategy, but I think some people need to make their own general articles for people to differ to for the purpose of specifically convincing capitalists. Kinda like those redpill infographics, except not retarded, more theoretical and not blatantly lying over half the time.


File: 1b6af2a9adaa5ad⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 40.27 KB, 448x299, 448:299, Bound.jpg)

I'm a male dom but for some reason I really like feet. Not into any femdom shit or getting stepped on, but I think cute feet is sexy and prefer sex or porn where girls are barefoot. What does this mean?


Because after the tenth muh gorgillions or what about human nature or it sounds nice on paper you realize masturbating to a woman getting tied up and fucked is a better use of time. Kind of like how race realist threads are reposting previous refutations than engaging autistic charts.



it's immensely tiring


File: 0a7630526a28d91⋯.jpg (94.73 KB, 362x288, 181:144, djnhgw2x.jpg)


>What does this mean?

You have shit taste in porn.

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