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File: 7b1394c116ddf21⋯.jpg (91.85 KB, 800x500, 8:5, wave-racer-cry-e1391553013….jpg)


serious question, what do you guys think of cuckoldry? why are certain groups (/pol/) so obsessed with it? is there something in capitalism that constantly pushes people to be overtly protective of their partner's sexual activities? does monogamy have any logical stances?

pic unrelated, hes a p dope electronic producer



>does monogamy have any logical stances?

Lots of animals are monogamous so I'd say it goes beyond economic reasons (family unit, etc.)


>Does monogamy have any logical stances?

It's difficult to focus on your kids if you have 10 wives to take care of, and by the way, most of them are going to be expecting you to have children with them, which assuming none of them have twins or triplets, that's 10 fucking kids to take care of. You might be able to make the argument of 2 or 3 wives, but I could easily see shit going down with your wives arguing with each other and splits in the relationship forming. The divorce rate of monagamous relationships is bad enough, I could only imagine if you added more people into the mix.

I think we would have figured out by now if the monogamous model was a social construct (which in the most technical sense it is, but not in the sense of being an oppressive model).


>why are certain groups (/pol/) so obsessed with it?

Self-absorbed kissless virgins finally found the one kind of person with a sadder sex life than theirs.


File: ce50a4ddd1611df⋯.jpg (222.49 KB, 638x706, 319:353, cuck.jpg)

It's a subconscious manifestation of their powerlessness and impotency within capitalism.



but why would it be sad if they enjoy it? it might be sad in our perspective when we're looking at the cuckolds, but in their perspective its enjoyable. isnt it a spook to be ashamed or angry at someone screwing your partner?


i think marx was using that as an analogy rather than an actual statement saying its a manifestation of them acting against their own interest.



I don't think it's a real quote anyway. The "subconscious manifestation" theory is my own, although I'm sure others have had the same idea.



ive tried the whole open thing, you both just get jealous anyway then either break up or decide to be exclusive, if you want to fuck other people fuck other people. I outright have no idea why you would want to watch and get turned on by it though



>but why would it be sad if they enjoy it? it might be sad in our perspective when we're looking at the cuckolds, but in their perspective its enjoyable. isnt it a spook to be ashamed or angry at someone screwing your partner?

Think of it from the perspective of someone for whom race is the fundamental basis of their beliefs. They think they are entitled to all white pussy, and thus interracial relations are cuckolding them.



fuck whoever you want to lad. you aren't going to hell for not being a clingy bitch.

just don't reproduce



>just don't reproduce

but anti-natalism is dumb


File: 9243c98f48454ec⋯.jpg (30.73 KB, 547x718, 547:718, emma-goldman-hope.jpg)

>is there something in capitalism that constantly pushes people to be overtly protective of their partner's sexual activities?

Marriage is primarily an economic pact, so capitalism does play a role. Read Emma Goldman.


File: 9aee9e02436535c⋯.jpg (38.44 KB, 600x699, 200:233, 871e64ff990eeaf2ac87dd23ff….jpg)

>why are certain groups (/pol/) so obsessed with it?

Because freud was right



/leftypols/ official policy:

All white men must be cuckolded and their white wives must bare 1 colored child for every 1 white child they have. (they want 2 white kids they must have two colored)

Monogamy is oppression and so is the family. Both must be abolished and outlawed under penalty of death (except for interracial marriages). The new family unit is the state, and the new parents are the state.


File: fc114e8094028c0⋯.jpg (127.77 KB, 900x900, 1:1, 1492715562176.jpg)


>yfw /pol/ spreads this as proof that /leftypol/ is a bunch of libcucks


It's just the combination of the worst thing that could happen to a white supremacist and patriarch



no, we have white children, we just sell them to the jews for drugs



You have to go back.

What happens in the privacy of the bedroom has no bearing on politics.


File: 5c918f6f0b197e0⋯.jpg (263.22 KB, 1222x916, 611:458, watch out leftists.jpg)


it's just shitposting, famrade

Look at the flag


File: 4427c484bf42a9e⋯.webm (5.93 MB, 640x480, 4:3, Sarkozy - interbreeding.webm)




File: be0a0c0fc64db47⋯.png (207.41 KB, 548x496, 137:124, cuckfish.png)

/pol/ is obsessed with interracial cuckoldry because it provides them with a sort of catharsis by forcing the two groups that they hate the most (women and black men) to take on the role of subjects in a sexual fantasy. It effectively dehumanizes them and deprives them of agency, something which the /pol/tard strongly desires to do in real life.

Also this >>1593675


File: 59c64127acabc23⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 241.71 KB, 960x1280, 3:4, 26 - tOkpr8N.jpg)

File: 1056559bf767e6f⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 657.29 KB, 2448x3264, 3:4, 35 - ay7jIhJ.jpg)

File: fcac57b74042f3b⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 314.23 KB, 1276x1653, 44:57, 19 - fVXeBBj.jpg)

File: 866c29750763ebb⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 849.75 KB, 2429x2875, 2429:2875, 10 - v8BofIk.jpg)

you have 60 seconds to explain why sex is such a sensitive topic without admitting you are corrupted by religion


There's nothing wrong with it. For example, Stirner was a cuckhold and Karl Marx cucked his wife with his maid and then blamed it on Engels for extra cucking. There is literally nothing wrong with cuckholdry. Anyone who says otherwise is a spook.



stirner isnt real



What about Hess, though?

Monogamy is a spook.


File: be480be4edf5719⋯.jpg (96.56 KB, 1000x667, 1000:667, 1472090425600.jpg)



>the two groups that they hate the most (women

/pol/ does not hate women. You probably think that way because of the different duties of men and women. You may believe the female duty inferior, but it is not. Nurturing the next generation is of utmost importance for a society. Failure results in a fuckup who will be a drain, whereas success means for the next many decades another wo/man will work their best for their people.


File: 3bafa7cc234e378⋯.jpg (85.51 KB, 640x640, 1:1, how the REAL right critici….jpg)


>implying /pol/ is actual fascism

m8 even Nazis and hitlerites will call you a fag for that


None of these overly-broad hypotheses explain why 1) /pol/tards specifically are obsessed with the erotic aspect of cuckoldry above and beyond the rest of the Right, who were largely neutral on the concept before /pol/ack meme-autism and 2) why the fetish has gained so much traction in the age and milieu of the internet specifically.

My hypothesis is that the cuckolding fetish in general is a consequence of the bastly increased availability of internet pornography, and the concurrent (but not necessarily correlated) rise of NEET basement-dwelling internet autists.

The way I see it, the process is this: the pre-/pol/ack has a fairly deprived social life, substituting anime and internet for real social interaction. This is a self-reinforcing cycle of social deprivation, since nobody likes people who like anime. The burgeoning /pol/tard compulsively masturbates to internet pornography as a symptom of this social isolation. This compulsive behaviour leads to the adoption of the 'death grip' masturbation technique and a reduction in overall penile sensitivity. This reduction in sensitivity has negative effects on what little sex life the /pol/ack retains, since all of the sensations associated with vaginal, oral, and anal intercourse are all more subtle than those generated by vigorous masturbation. I exclude handies here because why the fuck would you bother getting a woman to do an amateur version of a job that you've spent years practicing and perfecting?

Anyway, the lack of effective erotic sensation during intercourse leads to all sorts of sexual dysfunction like impotence and premature ejaculation. This sexual dysfuntion has a large negative psychological effect on the /pol/ack.

This fundamental insecurity about their own sexual potence (justified by their real masturbation-induced impotence) manifests in their sexual fantasy life. They begin to imagine themselves excluded from genuine sexual pleasure, as if authentic erotic sensation during intercourse is the exclusive domain of women and an unknowable, virile, potent, masculine Other. Note how in the cuckold fantasy the 'bull' is characterised by a strong erection giving and receiving erotic satisfaction to and from the female party. Note also that the role of the 'cuck' is characterised by masturbation, flacidity (in the case if 'chastity'), and general sexual dysfunction ("ooh, Jamal's big dick makes me unable to even feel yours, cuck", "aw, shot your little wad already have you?", and sho on).

In this schema, the racial angle is secondary - the emergent sexual anxiety/fantasy melds very well with existing racist capitalist narratives about the savage and potent sexual threat posed by black masculinity's presence in white society.




I see your ideological castration worked out well. You have fully succumbed to the nazi propaganda machine and accepted their brainwash.



Cause I ain't getting any.

No, but really, the feelings of no romantic relationship, and I am a heterosexual man.


File: a4b989fe4b6c988⋯.jpg (27.9 KB, 320x320, 1:1, 15589887_386940914972223_4….jpg)


>since nobody likes people who like anime.

Wow. Your theory is already shit.

>'death grip' masturbation technique

"It's not psychology, it's not socioeconomics, it's masturbation techniques"

It's actually a combination of:

"Purity uber alles, sex is impure, women that enjoy sex are all sluts and I hate them cause they don't have sex with me.

Niggers are lesser men, my ideology told me so.

Leftists are my enemy. I shall then create this fantasy, where my enemy is being made into a lesser human, by lesser humans fucking his slut woman. I, ofcourse, have nothing to do with it, cause I am a pure male and true to my ideology. … it's not like I fap to that fantasy or anything.. b-baka!"

It all goes back to sexual repression in order to control. Wilhelm Reich.



>muh dootie

Have fun when the artificial womb comes around and we can alter genes to produce perfect children/clones that need no supervision.

Fucking fag.



dunno man they've been fapping pretty hard to the girl who got punched a couple days ago



>the pre-/pol/ack has a fairly deprived social life

But why do they have deprived social lives in the first place? Because of them being autistic NEETs?

>nobody likes people who like anime

Anime is okay.

I am an autistic NEET, but never became /pol/, why didn't I become a fascist?




Also, not everyone has the strength to face reality. Some just find and Ideology that gives them an excuse and a purpose and follow it blindly.



What causes A L I E N A T I O N?




Lol, I like how that video just outright treats me like an idiot by using mario sprites .

I mean, they're not wrong, but still.



You want the manga of Das Kapital?

If you're so smart and ready, go read the State and revolution or something, then.



What? I said that I'm an idiot. I just thought it was funny that the channel was pandering so low to idiots like me that they were using video games to explain Marx.



Ok, but have you read the mango of Das Kapital?



>Wow. Your theory is already shit.

Hey guy, try not letting shitty japanese cartoons be such a foundational plank of your personality that you take offense whenever someone talks shit about them on the internet.

>"It's not psychology, it's not socioeconomics, it's masturbation techniques"

It's not people's ideas, it's the material realities of their existence, in other words. Psychology is shaped by reality, and socioeconomics can only explain the overarching themes that connect the of ideas that people form. The question is about why some particular internet nazi shitposters get off to pornography with a cuckold theme.

I attempted to explain that with reference to their particular life experiences. You've simply given a bunch of broad ideological factors that act on everyone in society, and acted like this perfectly explains this one particular set of behaviours. "Sexual repression in order to control"? "Women are shit and so are blacks"? Those ideas are drilled into everyone under capitalism! How does it remotely explain the particular form it takes in the mind of the /pol/ack?


>But why do they have deprived social lives in the first place? Because of them being autistic NEETs?

That's a combination of factors, including alienation, capitalism not requiring that many workers in the current epoch, neoliberalism increasing the atomisation of the population in order to create new markets in ersatz social experiences as replacement, etc, etc. In my analysis simply I take the verifiable existence of 'tismal NEETs as a given.

>Anime is okay.


>I am an autistic NEET, but never became /pol/, why didn't I become a fascist?

Hell I'm such an autist I'm basically the mayor of Assburg, USA but I didn't become an anime nazi either. All of these situations are of course highly contingent, and you can't predict every individual person's outcome based on general forces, as the other poster I responded to tries to do. Not every NEET goes fash, and not every fash is a chronic masturbator.

Even among the fashy chicken-chokers, the response to their declining sexual potency varies. Some try to recover their lost potency through nofap, or nazi occultism. Some become MGTOWs, or PUAs - hoping that quantity of intercourse will overcome declining quality. Some go deeper down the rabbit hole and increase their porn intake to keep up with the declining sensation. Some look for harder or different shit to fap to, which is why you have so many /d/egenerates and ponyfuckers on /pol/. Hell, some just plum run out of vaginas to whack it to and end up expanding their sexuality to include traps, boipussy and the 'feminine penis'.



women are inferior, read hitler you cunt.




I fap all the time and am still turned on by women.

I think the problems regarding sex are usually emotional, which I think is a sentiment held by most sex therapists.

They have unaddressed psychological trauma and are also numb to their own being.


File: 9fd07e94e1fcf77⋯.jpg (306.12 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, taxilefty.jpg)

why is /leftypol/ so obsessed with the sexuality of /pol/?

does it have something to do with cuckolding, being the object of your desire preferring another while she is supposed to want you, also applying to the fact that 99% of workers don't give a shit about marxism, effectively cucking you?


/pol/ and other sad sexists feel entitled to sex with attractive women, so the idea of someone who gets off to waving that right AND while giving their """"property""" (the woman) to another person, disgusts them. They believe that IRL ethnicities function like races in D&D, so they also feel extra entitled to "white" women in addition to women in general. So the idea of another man who they delude themselves into thinking is an orc asserting ownership over THEIR women is even more disgusting.

The huge irony here is that the way sexuality and sublimation work, this resentment towards cuckoldry, particularly the interracial kind, creates an attractive taboo that they fear theyll enjoy and end up enjoying because of that


Monogamy sucks, cuckoldry sucks too. Read Engels



>the way sexuality and sublimation work, this resentment towards cuckoldry, particularly the interracial kind, creates an attractive taboo that they fear theyll enjoy and end up enjoying because of that

so that's why feminists enjoy being raped?






This is just a bourgeois feminist meme. If all they wanted was sex they'd just hire postitutes.

What they want but can't articulate because they are autitisic is intimacy, and that includes sex yes.

Two things are happening, young men are getting shut out of the middle class so they are getting rejected by women because they're poor.

Women can sell their wage labor at almost parity with men now so don't need a husband for survival.

On top of that women continue to leverage marriage as an avenue of upward mobility. Since a dwindling number of men represent a path to significantly more money, women are rejecting most men during their prime years.

Leaving a ton of men single, combine that with white supremacy and patriarchy and you have the situation we have today



Or maybe romance isn't merely a tactic in game theory. Maybe people can actually love each other.



>Maybe people can actually love each other.

It is a transaction. At least it seems like that for the majority of people who find themselves in relationships.



I'm not an idealist, romance is only half th equation.

You telling me that poor men make terrible husbands. Or that rich men are inherently more moral and equitable to their wives. Because the latter has no trouble getting women, while the former almost universally does.

Same goes for women. Obesity is a huge sign of poverty, poor fat women can get married to save their lives



Rape, domestic violence DUIs and all violent crime are way down in all Western countries compared to the 1950s.

By almost every objective measure men are more equitable to women then they were in the past, yet the marriage rate continues to fall.

Women in the past had to get married, there was no welfare state and they'd only get a fraction of the capital for their labor as men.

Marriage has always been about surviving under capitalism for women until recently. Please inform yourself about this subject with something besides movies and tumblr



accurate of some, this is more or less the /r9k/ fodder attitude. They've had this stuff pushed on them for years now, the race baiting and hatred of women was pushed really hard since 2011



because to exist is to struggle. agnostic af fam


>leftypol aproves of cucking

Really, is anyone suprised?



It really loses all its wank value for you if people don't give a shit about it, doesn't it?


I'm not into it. It's not really my thing; guess I'm not /pol/ enough for it to be my fetish.



I'm not approving of cuckolding, it makes me think that the person has unaddressed psychological trauma that they're using sex as a way to not have to suffer through it.



/pol/ is obsessed with it because it desribes what they're are against in a weird way definded by a fetish. It is stupid but it's good enough for an insult I guess. Weird because they probably have more images and videos of cuckoldry than any person with an actual cuckold fetish.



Kek. You losers have no idea, least of all Hitler here. It's easy to see who the sex-obsessed virgins are…

The reason /pol/ is obsessed with cuckoldry is because it is allegorical: it is symbolic of the situation in western nations today. White countries continue to import nigs and other 3rd world detritus, 'raising' them at our own expense and in place of our own people. Of course sexual degenerates, miscegenation, and individual race-traitors are a problem, but those pale in comparison to cucking on a national scale and the barrage of deeply triggering and problematic propaganda by the Jew media facilitating it.



>deeply triggering and excellent propaganda by the Jew media facilitating it.

Topkek. The word filter was worth it.



I see a lot of anons claim this, but I find it highly dubious. Since when does anybody obsessively masturbate to a particular type porn because of some high-minded recognition of the tragic allegory reflected in the porn's themes?

This 'fetish as conscious political choice' schema requires /pol/acks to be the most neurotic overthinking fappers ever to walk the Earth! How does "I strongly disagree with my country's immigration policy and that is why I am never more than 10 steps away from 30 gigs of stored interracial cuck porn at any given moment" make any real sense?

I find it much more likely that the high-handed rhetoric about immigration is an ex post facto justification for a fetish developed under conditions of severe sexual dysfunction. Integrating a political interpretation into their fetish helps to soothe the insecure, limp-dick /pol/ack's mind.



What was he trying to say?



>I see a lot of anons claim this

Because it's true.

>obsessively masturbate to porn

You're projecting, friend. First of all, not everyone is you. Second of all, many have sworn off porn entirely, because we've come to realise jerking it to porn is degenerate and self-defeating. And finally, watching a black man defile one of our women is not arousing, it is rage inducing.


anti hu-white propaganda.



oh lol

snibbedi snap



I don't know if you've noticed friendo, but discussion of cuckolding and the posting of cuckold porn on this board only ever follows in the wake of the /pol/ack. You're the ones who talk about it obsessively, not us. You're the ones constantly lobbing accusations about it, not us (we all assume this is a case of 'the /pol/ack doth protest too much'). You're the ones who have collections of it saved, ready to post (just to post? we presume not) - not us.

We're just trying to get to the bottom of what is obviously a deep-seated obsession on the part of some portion of /pol/s population. I personally think the sexual dysfunction hypothesis is sound, given that the same fundamental phenomenon also explains the fact that another part of /pol/s population obviously feels that their consumption of pornographic material has reached such a crescendo that they need the support of others to reduce it. (See my follow-up post >>1594064 about the relationship between the cuckold fetish and the other weird psychosexual shit you guys get up to over there).

I see the analysis is starting to unseat you a little - your projection's getting very intense as the thread wears on. Just know that we want to see you cured of your sexual and psychological dysfunctions - we derive no pleasure from watching poor limp-dick nerds LARPing as the warmongering brutes of decades past. It is a sad thing to see.



Im not sure about the conservative mind because im not one. Im very neutral about these things and cuckoldry and other "degeneracy" doesnt give me any feelings other than slight annoyance that they focus on idpol/irrelevant shit.



>why are certain groups (/pol/) so obsessed with it?

It is a fetish antithetic to their worldview.

Letting your girlfriend have sex with someone else put you at risk of raising, so investing time and energy, a child who do not bear your DNA.

This is absolutely stupid and abbhorent when your whole motto is pepetuating the bloodline.

The whole "wife's son" meme is very telling about that.


I don't think anything of it.

Sexual exclusivity has done more to hurt the relationships I've been in than help them, and only by going into open relationships do I feel free or comfortable.



Yeah, but it can only ever work if both people in the relationship are able to find other people to have sex with, otherwise it's just one person having sex with a bunch of people while one person just has to sit there and be jealous. Might as well just fucking break up at that point.

And let's fucking face it, most women have a much easier time finding people to fuck than most men do.



>but it can only ever work if both people in the relationship are able to find other people to have sex with

Each other and threeways. Honestly I don't need to have control over another persons sex life to develop a romantic emotional connection to them. No matter the ratio of who is getting laid and who isn't, what's important is I hate to not give my partner total autonomy and I hate to not receive the same respect.

I could not be with someone who expects to control my sex life and expects me to control theirs.


File: 4976c835f2e0251⋯.jpg (104.46 KB, 788x768, 197:192, 65a29495e7cebc9074e4a47e50….jpg)


>it's porn and masturbation

>muh purity of essence

All the while /pol/yp obsession with cuckoldry is startlingly simple to explain. One, they are bitter virgins that can't get any. Two, they are obsessed with their own supposed racial superiority. Three, the previous two points come into contradiction when a black bull cuckolds a white man, because the inferior black is here able to put himself above the superior white, all the while the /pol/yp himself is still not getting any. This traumatic contradiction causes them to project their nightmare onto their opponents.



So the difference between them and a normal(lol) autist neckbeard NEET like me is that I'm not bitter about being unable to get laid(I know why I can't laid, but not sure how to fix those things) and I don't think I'm better than anyone else.



Bingo. Or rather, you take this not getting laid as a thing onto itself, rather than a prism through which to view the world. It might well be that not getting laid has systemic explanations (alienation under late stage capitalism), but it does not become a stand in for wider phenomena. You confront the matter with clear-eyed sobriety, in stead of reaching for the safety blanket of racial superiority and racial subversion by alien entities.



>you take this not getting laid as a thing onto itself, rather than a prism through which to view the world

Says the one who defines his relationship to the world as one of inferiority, of being categorically cucked, of having no identity but there being something taken away from you.

I like it how /leftypol/ drops the talk of material conditions and superstructures when talking about /pol/, then beliefs escape from the machine that determines them and suddenly become personable. I like it how agency can seemingly only be granted through sexual inferiority, then a person becomes more than a cog in the capital machine, then he can be identified with in mind.


File: 14efe33b29a0b3c⋯.jpg (18.94 KB, 483x695, 483:695, 14efe33b29a0b3c3ddf3a01552….jpg)


You make no sense at all. What I described is false consciousness, simply ideological glasses people put on not to have to see the world as it is. Basic Marxist concept, not a sudden deviation from orthodoxy because we're taking the piss out of /pol/yps and their pathetic sex lives.

People have identities, vary varried ones too, but it is in the nature of capitalism to commodify these, and modify them to better suit the machine. If pointing this out counts in your mind as somehow stating that people have no identity, then that is only because you are an imbecile.


Monogamy best gamy tbh.


I don't think its specifically capitalism, but the information age and liberalism make it more apparent.

/pol/ are just virgins who blame everyone but themselves for their failings. Thats more specific to facism than capitalism.



>having no identity but there being something taken away from you.

Selling your work to eat is not an identity m8.



>/pol/ are just virgins who blame everyone but themselves for their failings.

Sometimes shitty things in your life AREN'T your fault though.



>why are certain groups (/pol/) so obsessed with it?


not even kidding




We are easily addicted to fatty foods because during the ice age we desperately needed it to survive. Capitalists have exploited this, hence why all the additives and the like in our foods.

Sex is of a similar vein. Our impulsive behaviour and desire to spread seed widely and prevent other men from doing so still lingers. If anythinf religion tried to subvert this through monogamy. Its good for society to stop fighting over such things. Regardless, our innate desires, while controlable, do not mesh well with modern society.

Funnily enough, extremist feminists are more accurate on this front than free love liberal feminists.



we aren't for it, per se.

We just don't want to sterilise anyone with "non-aryan sexual proclivities. That's all.




In relation to capitalism, or at least one thing of many you can relate to this, pornography is one way capitalism exploits this.

With porn, a man can have as many mates as he desires - as instinct compells.

The down side, arguably, is that you get the "rewards" of sex, without achieving the social status society is meant to expect to achieve this. While these social conditions are not appropriate in todays society, just sitting in your room masturbating is hardly a fulfilling or productive use of your time. No one benefits from your wanking addiction.

Much like no one benefits from obesity, society did once benefit from members of their tribe not dying in the cold.

This isn't inherently linked to capitalism, but capitalism makes it a lot worse than it ought to be.



Ah, false consiousness, the explanation for why the self-fullfilling prophecies of marxism can't even fullfill themselves. Why can't people see that everything is aksually capitalism? Because of capitalism being that good at disguising itself, capital is so smart that it's better at marxism than marxists are!

It's an ideological fix like the creationist notion of fossils being placed by god to test our faith.



Porn is free though.

Most people wouldn't care enough to get porn if it wasn't free and easy to get.

If you want to say it's the fault of anything, it's the internet.



>capital is so smart that it's better at marxism than marxists are!

Yep, capitalists are instinctive Marxists, no one is better at class consciousness than the capitalists.

And what better guarantee at success can you have than a divided opponent?

>There’s class warfare, all right, but it’s my class, the rich class, that’s making war, and we’re winning.

t.Warren Buffet



I think love is the reason that monogamy exists.

People that fall in love with each other only want to share their love with each other, they aren't trying to restrict or control each other, they just want feel that if the person they love wants to be intimate with anyone else that's a sign they don't really love them as much as they love them.



Oh yes, I left my crab flag on.

I am Snibeddi snap



Someone's paying for it

It's a multi-billion dollar industry



>An fem.

That's not a big amelioration.


File: e7a227be0ec2b3f⋯.jpg (25.16 KB, 600x578, 300:289, 3949739394893.jpg)


fug off roastie



>Porn is free though.

Well it's technically free but they still profit, mainly due to ads.



>does monogamy have any logical stances?

yeah, it's responsible for civilisation you nigger



>why are certain groups (/pol/) so obsessed with it?

This is why you read Lacan.



and lots of animals aren't monogamous



>/pol/ does not hate women





I puked abundantly



There's literally nothing wrong with heterosexuality.



It produced you, so there's one thing



It's gross


I personally think cuckoldry is a maligned kink that people frequently kink shame because we live in very masculine culture and the thought of being cheated on let alone encouraging your partner to see other people really is a sensitive issue to many people psychologically. I think as much as most animals are not naturally monogamous there is an element of jealousy from evolutionary psychology a constant competition to spread our genetics that is the reason many male animals will kill the young of a female that is not their own or human penis shape, see the semen displacement theory. In short whatever kink between consenting adults is fine.



>rejecting duty

You can understand yourself as an unbridled individual or you can understand yourself as a father, with a fatherly role and a fatherly aim. There's pretty good reason to do the second.


An electrician ought to do whatever an electrician ought to do. You may say, "but I choose to be an electrician", which is true, but there are parts of your identity you cannot shear off, and through excellence in social roles we make a unity of life and can move towards something objective rather than merely subjective. People are better off with a sense of self, and a useful sense of self relies on some of the spooks you make fun of. You may be a good father and a good gardener and a good mediator, but nobody has learned what it means to be a good person. Any sort of ethics relies on tradition and locality. If you make yourself an independent moral constituent you make yourself a ghost.

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