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File: 2f91c5b5271e700⋯.jpg (14.56 KB, 468x312, 3:2, temer-brics.jpg)


The current interim president, who replaced Dilma, will probably be impeached. Footage of him promising he'd buy an ousted politician's silence has just leaked and it's creating a shitstorm.


I have no idea what happens now. The person who should assume the presidency is already in jail. The guy who took his post is under investigation. Actually, I'm just checking wikipedia and most people in the current line of sucession are under investigation.


Brazil thread? Brazil thread. What is going on there? You guys are just south of my country but I know almost nothing beyond Dilma being impeached for some scandal.


File: 129655954eb0f7b⋯.jpg (182.99 KB, 517x768, 517:768, 1486423740187.jpg)


>The current interim president, who replaced Dilma, will probably be impeached.

The brazilian goverment doesn't care about corruption, they only impeached Dilma because she was too left for their taste

Temer is more likely to be reelect now


Even if it looks kind of impossible now, I have a feeling Bolsonaro will win.



>What is going on there? You guys are just south of my country but I know almost nothing beyond Dilma being impeached for some scandal.

She wasn't even seriously accused of being involved in corruption. The "official" reason they gave for impeachment was some budget-related nonsense that no one cares about and Temer has repeated. The "widely understood" reason was the economic crisis. The "deeper" reason is the desire of the brazilian elites to remove the Worker's Party from power and a desperate attempt from the political class to stop the police operation that is managing the political scandal you've mentioned.



I'm starting to wonder if there will be elections to win at all.



In case of impeachment, there should be indirect elections within days and then normal elections in 2018. And 2018 is shaping up for a Bolsonaro win, the signs are all there.



what a fucking mess of a country



So Brazil is going to start the neoliberal experiment in 2018…be ready for a raise in violent crime after a couple of years then.



Embrace the accelerationism … heh … :(



> is going to start

No, it's already here.


File: 8770fa846f9c049⋯.jpg (97.59 KB, 500x333, 500:333, 477477474.jpg)

Really makes you go hmm…



fuckin hell Ronaldo…i used to watch him score the sexiest goals ever when i was a kid and he was at Barcelona.

Now look at him..looks like a simple mided citizen. How the hell did he allowed himself to become like that?



>Now look at him..looks like a simple mided citizen.

He is. Being good at sports doesn't mean you're smart.


What exactly happens if he is removed from power, through?New elections?


>believing Bolsonaro has any chance to win whatsoever

his supporters are kids, none of them can vote


"— Se for você a pegar em mãos, vou eu mesmo entregar. Mas, se você mandar alguém de sua confiança, mando alguém da minha confiança — propôs Joesley.

— Tem que ser um que a gente mata ele antes de fazer delação. Vai ser o Fred com um cara seu. Vamos combinar o Fred com um cara seu porque ele sai de lá e vai no cara. E você vai me dar uma ajuda do caralho — respondeu Aécio."

how fucked is he?


So much for Brazil turning back to the right and the pink tide slowing down.



Onde eu escuto isso?



I do believe he has a big chance, but I guess we can only comment as the chain of events unfolds…





Long story short:Every politician is pure human garbage and they deserve everything coming for them including the """""""""""workers""""""" party who is pretty much saying that every Brazilian has black blood in them but says that the "white elite" controls the country

basically idpol


I wish I wasn't as tired as I am today so I could follow this story all night long, this is some juicy house of cards shit


Sometimes, I wonder what would've been of me Brasil had the second amendment like the US does








I thought that's just how race works in brazil though? No one drop rule, if you have enough white ancestry you're white



>going to start the neoliberal experiment

Brazil is a neoliberal playground since 1994.







The next election can have a big percentual of null and blank votes because of the scandals, a candidate can be elected with 25% of total votes, everything is possible.










Yeah. A lot of people were gloating this would be what would have him ousted but with the support of this shitty congress and the shitty media he could definitely hold on until 2018 lmfao


File: cf95322a87a73f0⋯.png (226.78 KB, 585x352, 585:352, ClipboardImage.png)



File: 8ac61354ad9bc18⋯.mp4 (1.75 MB, 480x360, 4:3, KR0EXzBNFbSM34Qx.mp4)






Rodrigo Maia will probably become the new president of Brazil until the end of 2018




He didn't resign after all, he says he will wait for the investigation


File: 4c9dc13fa7b4b39⋯.jpg (99.54 KB, 288x288, 1:1, death is certain.jpg)

So a recap to gringos joining now.

The fed operations so far have nabbed then-president Dilma, former president Lula, current president Temer, then-head of Representatives Cunha, then-head of Senate Calheiros, at least 7 ministers IIRC and God only knows how many more top-level politicos, including the 3 biggest precandidates of PT's adversary, PSDB. Just last month they started to investigate 8 ministers (dunno if includes some of the 7 previous, 3 governors, 24 senators and 39 deputies.

Currently, with Dilma out of the picture, the opposition is trying to dance around with the feds in order to have Lula arrested as soon as possible. It was such a coincidence that the media whaled on Dilma and Lula for months before last year's elections, gave it a rest immediately after PT predictably got buttraped, then resumed the attack this year when PSDB and the turncoat PMDB began to finally be targeted by the feds. It was funny, the media was attacking Lula every day as usual, then one day there's a huge revelation against all the PSDB bigwigs; the media talks about it for 2 or 3 days… then its back to attacking Lula. Funny that.

I was genuinely shocked yesterday, when the biggest TV channel issued a live emergency transmission to say Temer and one of PSDB's precandidates had been caught red-handed. I can only guess the media reported on it because it couldn't possibly avoid it. To ignore it would completely blow its cover.

So then, we're in an uncomfortable position. Like in many other Latin countries, politics in Brazil is about personalities, not politics, and just about all such personalities are involved in at least one serious federal investigation. This wouldn't be a problem – fuck, I would gladly gulag the entirety of 8 out of the 10 biggest parties – but this is opening the way to conservative blowhards and mouth-foaming rightists. Apparently there's already 3 confirmed conservatives candidates for the next presidential election, a record (if you don't count all the "professional centrists" that dominated Brazilian politics so far conservatives, but I digress). We can only hope one of the small, still honest left parties will rise up to the challenge.

So, to recap: just about the entirety of the current generation of national-level politicians are on the feds' sights, and there doesn't seem to be much new blood to replace it. We have to pray that petty-fash cretins don't take advantage. Death is certain.


When is Wyllys becoming president?


File: 8fcf09bff52dd7c⋯.png (929.9 KB, 850x950, 17:19, 9e813190e1489bf5892496e2a0….png)

So, Dilma was already impeached, but there's still the possibility of impeaching the whole ticket i.e. Dilma and Temer. The possibility of starting this process is up to the Supreme Court. The rub? The current Chief Justice just happens to be a personal friend of Temer's.



Oh to go back to those innocent days when I thought democracy could improve things.



Wyllys/Bolsonaro 2018





File: 13294ee945e37bc⋯.jpg (168.89 KB, 871x917, 871:917, democracymistake.jpg)


I'm honestly surprised, the media seems to actually be throwing punches at Temer and Aécio. I didn't expect that. The cynic in me thinks they're paving the way to "redeem" Serra or Alckmin as viable candidates despite having been caught as well. In fact, if Temer gets impeached, the indirect election just might put one of them in power. Hmmm… I have the feeling Porky has picked Alckmin as their next bet.


Not all is lost. The founder of a small left party, PSOL, who has a reputation for honesty, stands a decent chance now. There's also a another charismatic left figure, a fag called Jean Wyllys, but he's too young and obviously would be fighting an uphill battle.


PT's betrayal really was something else. I mean I didn't expect them to nationalize the economy or whatever, and I knew that their image of incorruptible would shatter eventually, but they really went above ave and beyond. They became the exact thing they used to fight. Like Orwell said, it's no longer possible to distinguish the pigs from the people.



>ever being right


It befits Bolsonaro to be on the bottom.


File: 411c250fb9136ec⋯.png (82.13 KB, 840x459, 280:153, ClipboardImage.png)

Wingers now want to cut the middle man e put the neoliberal enforcer in power



> PSOL, who has a reputation for honesty, stands a decent chance now

Nope, they are the narodinks of our time.

>There's also a another charismatic left figure, a fag called Jean Wyllys, but he's too young and obviously would be fighting an uphill battle.

Do you realy think Wyllys have some chance to win? Even Boulos have more chance than him.

>impliyng PSOL candidate will not be Genro again



PSOL is idpol neoliberal trash


File: ced2655c81fa12b⋯.png (145.02 KB, 279x300, 93:100, bolsonaro12.png)


>Nope, they are the narodinks of our time.

Maybe, but now the usual power players are (and hopefully will remain) tainted. There's a… not a power vacuum, but rather a personality vacuum. If they started cultivating Helena's image right now, they would have a good chance. Like I said, politics here revolve around personalities, not ideologies.

>Do you realy think Wyllys have some chance to win? Even Boulos have more chance than him.

Nah, not for a while, he needs to grow some grey hair, literally and metaphorically. But he has a lot of potential to be a viable personality in the future.

>>impliyng PSOL candidate will not be Genro again


Oh wait, I just googled it and it looks like she already tapped out: http://archive.is/ggnp7

>Chico Alencar

Literally who?

Where the fuck is Helena? Her name is already planted on people's minds, and the big topic nowadays is honesty and anti-corruption, she would have a chance. But I just googled for her name because she seems to have vanished, and it turns out she left PSOL for fucking Rede Sustentabilidade in 2015 and retired the following year. Welp.

We're going to elect a man so boorish, ignorant and bigoted that he makes Trump look like Lenin. Brazil is so utterly and completely boned.



Have you seen this?


Why does he shout so much?



Its his uber-macho personality


File: 0f182ff27de2868⋯.png (47.78 KB, 145x176, 145:176, 18601382_1325647144221734_….png)


Wyllys is going to ban being hetero



That interview was brutal, the fat journalist must be scarred for life




Yeah, pure macho posturing. Maybe he did one of these seminars about public speaking and presence and one of the lessons was to always be the loudest voice in the conversation or some dumb shit like that. This sounds exactly the sort of thing politicians and CEOs go through, doesn't it?


Finally I can come out without facing prejudice!



Helena was been purge from PSOL because she was against the legalization of abortion, and PSOL is now the most idpol party that we have in Brazil.



Well, what else do we have? PT requires no comments, PDT lost its edge even before Brizola croaked, PSB is reformist at best but usually just center-left junk and PCdoB is PT's pet. The only ones to the left of PSOL are PCB, PSTU and PCO, neither of which stand a chance.

I just checked Wikipedo and there's at least 4 leftist parties still trying to be recognized, one of which is honest-to-god Hoxhaist. Also one so small it isn't even listed there but has its own page, PCLCP. You'll agree with me that the odds of them being recognized and producing a popular candidate until next year is zero.

PSOL is not our best shot so much as our least worst shot.



>PSOL is not our best shot so much as our least worst shot.

First, im just explain why heloisa helena is not on PSOL anymore and a left front is our least worst shot, but i dont see that happen.



>maybe its time for the ==BILHÃO== guy

Well, if lula get jailed…

> He doesn't appeal the lower class and midia will censure him on idpol grounds and shill for Doria at same time.



File: a2acbe43afdfd14⋯.jpeg (38.58 KB, 300x490, 30:49, 8cyeq4m04l_jegjeav38_file.jpeg)

maybe its time for the BILHÃO guy


I don't know about Bolsolixo. He doesn't appeal the lower class and midia will censure him on idpol grounds and shill for Doria at same time


File: 2e6e35b26393fa9⋯.jpg (46.15 KB, 600x632, 75:79, keksimus.jpg)


this shit is hilarious



>midia will censure him on idpol grounds and shill for Doria at same time.

You saw how well that worked for Hillary.

Also, for whatever it's worth, I have a feeling the media has decided to shill for Alckmin this time.


Old Porkies are so desperate to get him arrested it's ridiculous. If he does make it to the elections, he's still a strong contender.



> If he does make it to the elections

He won't make to the elections, even if he's acquired. Porky will kill him before they allow him in office again


File: 209a9da765d7cfb⋯.jpg (33.6 KB, 422x500, 211:250, 18527626_784952131667003_5….jpg)


>being this revisionist



Seriously, there's a Hoxhaist party.


Em que página do cancro você achou esse meme?



PCR is lit

"Memes Sectários Radicais" on prokybook


Just imagine what would happen if PSOL dont turn in a idpol piece of shit:

>heloisa helena and randolf rodriguez stay in PSOL

>REDE had never been created, intead Marina Silva go to PSOL

>The left front that we have in 2006, would repeat itself

>main opposition force

>would lead the protests in 2013 and maybe 2015

>now would be the main political force of the country

This is the future that you chose, and PT, which was already neoliberal, is more and more idpol:


When lula die, expected PT turn into a more neoliberal version of PSOL and sink in the irrelevance.


File: 3db202d4d4a00c7⋯.png (93.86 KB, 592x690, 296:345, ClipboardImage.png)

They bugged the extreme right wing supreme court justice


File: 8260fc145c66c13⋯.jpg (327.33 KB, 2048x1467, 2048:1467, 18449714_1511042712281405_….jpg)


Judge Moro will lead the revolution with Luciana by his side


File: cf70b3bc9c112a8⋯.jpg (140.16 KB, 718x960, 359:480, 1495109913470.jpg)


And they dont stop coming,

Aécio cita Alexandre de Moraes para impedir avanço da Lava-Jato:


Temer e Aécio agiam juntos para impedir avanço da Lava Jato, diz Janot



The two biggest groups that organized the protests against Dilma now are dragging their feet about Temer.


Does the term "Brazil is the land of the ready-made joke" work in English?


Didn't they catch Dilma because she called Lula right when he was bugged?

>Gilmar is involved with both Aécio and Temer

Can't say I'm surprised, he's thoroughly rotten. I remember Satiagraha. If all the fed purges are serious about cleaning the government, Gilmar must fall.


What's with the PSTU (PZTU?) Carebears? Also is it from "Memes Sectários Radicais"?

I also have a weird feeling about Moro. I think he will yet have a scandal of is own in the coming decades, a big one.



PSTU follows the theory of Nahuel Moreno they support right wing policies and imperialism.

The meme is from "Ursinho do morenismo"


What do you guys think of Brigadas Populares?



I see Morenismo is one of the million ofshoots of Trotskyism, which is worrying enough. But I can't find much about the actual ideology. Summary, please?

And from what I can see, these charges of PSTU being rightwing boil down to them supporting Dilma's impeachment and Lula's arrest, is that right? It's not something I can hold against them, frankly.


I have purposely stayed away from newspapers, magazines, TV etc. for years now, so with that said, I never heard of them until now. >implying porky media will ever give them publicity

Seems like an interesting idea, creating some pseudo-soviet things. But ultimately I think it's quijotesque. These types of organizations should appear on their own, during a period of crisis. This is a bit… inorganic. And I confess I don't see what they actually do.


File: 3671bc1bc3599ae⋯.png (2.44 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, mst.png)

Brazilian comrades, tell me about MST. I've heard everything from that they're Maoists to that they're liberals to that they're non-ideological. What's the truth?



>hese types of organizations should appear on their own, during a period of crisis. This is a bit… inorganic.

I agree, but i dont see that happen, people here are really disillusioned with politics and the majority dont have much time to get in politics or being part of a organization because they have to work 8 hours and get 3-4 hours in the bus.

Cyber-soviets When?


They just fight for land reform but they have some marxist influence and a close relationship with PT, if a have to classity, i can only say that MST is leftist.



>I agree, but i dont see that happen, people here are really disillusioned with politics and the majority dont have much time to get in politics or being part of a organization because they have to work 8 hours and get 3-4 hours in the bus.

I reckon that's a worldwide problem. Add in the Spectacle that gets blitzed by 24/7 on everyone, and the entire world is crawling with people alienated in multiple senses of the word. Porky wants us to cast a ballot every 4 years, maybe protest a bit in case a non-swine gets elected, and that's it.

Now that I see from that light, I guess BP's work is more valuable than I thought. It may not be organic soviets, but it's something, which is already is a lot these days.





File: 4c5c55b3b2fec8a⋯.png (390.92 KB, 600x518, 300:259, keep using that word.png)



Now keep in mind I have no first-hand experience with them, only what I read and gather from other people.

First, some history. As part of our heritage as a cash crop colony, the land has always been owned by very few people (last figure I saw was, 50% of all land was owned by 1% of the population), and suffice to say, no regime gave much of a shit about fixing that for good. Instead it just limped along, as the government seetled some families here and there. Lula's predecessor, FHC, despite being a neoliberal, was the one who accelerated the pace by using an interesting mechanism of the newest constitution: private property is a right, but it's supposed to serve its social function, and failure to do so puts it at risk of being expropriated. "Social function" is a whole other legislative can'o worms, but it's simple with regards to land: a given area has to have a minimum production, or else it's considered unproductive and may be expropriated. With this, FHC immensely raised the number of families being settled. When Lula came along, people expected he would finish the reform once and for all, but he just increased the rate of families being settled. But who knows, it's possible that he helped in other ways, because the settlements are often in the ass-end of nowhere and need a lot of infrastructure. Electricity, roads, irrigation, the works. I have no idea how effective the government and MST are in this area tho. Anyway, the reform goes on. I have no idea how far it is from being "finished", but I'll talk more about this later.

Now, to MST itself. It's the biggest but far from the only organization of landless peasants. It has always been leftist for reasons obvious, and very close to PT back when it wasn't shit. I honestly have no idea how their relation is, now that PT turned into porkies in red shirts. As far as ideology goes, there isn't much, actually. The higher-ups are smart folks who know their theory, but I think they have done a bad job educating their base. They know the basics, like private and collective property, class struggle, egalitarianism, figures like Che and such, but that's about it. This has given rise to charges that the leadership uses the peasants as pawns. I suppose there's some degree of truth to it, precisely because of the lack of education among the base, but at the same time, the leadership so far has always done right for the cause, and corruption accusations are very rare, and most of the leadership is composed of regular members who demonstrated skill and climbed up the ranks anyway. They know what it feels like to be a landless peasant.

Building settlements on expropriated land is their main activity, but they're more known for locating unproductive large properties and invading them (which isn't a crime, probably something to do with the lost social function). It's purely to put pressure on the authorities or show force, because apparently, it's possible that invaded unproductive lands can' be expropriated. They also do common walking protests for political issues related or unrelated to land policy and such, but they really show up in the media when they pull bigger stunts, like invading productive farms which are otherwise harmful (green deserts, stolen land, government offices etc.). That's usually when the media smears them the most. In one case, they destroyed an orchard owned by some multinational corp on stolen land. The media claimed they destroyed not only the orchard, but 28 tractors, the irrigation system and even the farm house – oh, and seemingly none mentioned the "stolen land" detail. To this day I don't know if this destruction happened, but I doubt it. So far, MST has been investigated by no less than 3 Congressional inquiries, and of course, they found absolutely no foul play whatsoever. Of course, all but the dimmest porkies knew they would end like that; the point is to smear MST. Having the national TV news anchor telling about how this organization is being investigated by a very very serious Congressional inquiry is an clear attack on their image, made all the more obvious because the media barely, if ever, reported that they were clean of all charges.





And speaking of Porky, you have to understand that the national powers that be have a visceral hatred of uppity proles and peasants, which is where their animosity against PT and MST comes from. The former may be porkies now to but the hatred remains, and the latter absolutely drives them apopletic, because it gets results and it didn't sell its soul. The Brazilian elites have been more or less the same milieu since the country was first settled. That's nearly 517 fucking years of unbroken class reign by big landowners, professional politicos, now-absent aristocrats and eventually shoddy excuses for captains of industry. Save for a brief leftwing government of 2.5 years in the 60s which was couped (surprise!) and for PT's reign, who became basically new porkies whose mistake was not inviting the old ones back into power, the same comprador bastards have held the cards. And here's MST settling their land, with government support no less, thanks to a decent Constitution, and preaching social subversion. It drives them mad.

One possible contention against them is that they keep recruiting people from big cities, favelas mostly, to go fight in the countryside. This kinda of ensures the reform will never finish. On the other hand, a lot of Brazil's problems stem from cities being overpopulated thanks to rural flight decades ago, and taking some of that surplus population back to the countryside can be good for everyone involved. Other problems include opportunists who sell the plots they received for free as soon as possible, lack of mechanization means that sometimes they have to hire outsider peasants as paid farmhands (oh the irony) and probably plenty of others.

I'd say that MST and similar organizations are the only truly activist leftists in Brazil, because they don't just preach, they build. They legitimately save hundreds of thousands of people from hunger by getting them a plot of land, logistic support, a community and some education. And they have to face actual armed resistance sometimes. Some of their leaders are marked men, and throughout all of Brazil, many farms are defended by the owners' armed goons (who often also terrorize the locals), to say nothing of the occasional hired hitman and, of course, a massacre here and there. They're motherfucking heroes is what they are.

Jesus fuck, I ended up writing a thesis. Sorry.


File: 260017ce8c0a373⋯.mp4 (219.34 KB, 400x224, 25:14, 18582920_126573887909585_5….mp4)




What im saying is that they say that every Brazilian has black blood whinch is true

but they somehow blame all their problems on the ebil white man regardless of class

one time a black lady helped a group of white people living in the streets (2 kids a mother pale skin blue eyes) and the "workers" party voters said that white people can't be poor

so yeah fuck em


File: 60d52edfcdb24cd⋯.jpeg (12.61 KB, 250x187, 250:187, Rui Costa Pimenta PCO.jpeg)

Brazilian revolution when?

Also, this guy seems to be the sanest of all our left parties' leaders. He makes pretty good political analyses of what's going on in Brazilian politics.



american idpol influencing brazil


File: 56d938533f7243d⋯.jpg (33.68 KB, 354x380, 177:190, DAL85TAUMAECWg5.jpg)


He's trotskyite




No need to apologize, it was actually quite an interesting read. Sounds like MST and the other smaller organizations you mentioned are the only ones actually fighting for the Brazilian proletariat. Do you think it could eventually evolve into an actual political movement where the members are more educated in leftist theory? Don't get me wrong, they sound like a great organization, but they can only go so far by seizing land.



>this pic


Also, Trotsky have some minor flaws, but Stalin is not even better.


File: 15d3721ac49c022⋯.jpg (106.23 KB, 496x745, 496:745, Gisele_Bündchen.jpg)


>every Brazilian has black blood whinch is true

Except that's not true, especially in the south where most of the European immigrants settled you have entire "colony" cities where at the most you are going to find some few caboclos but that's it. No one with black blood to be seem anywhere.


File: 352508ec18f4300⋯.png (86.04 KB, 702x486, 13:9, xdddpt.png)


Como é que vocês acham normal terem um trilião de organizações divididas, com 4 pessoas cada, sempre em conflito entre elas?

E a última divisão da LIT-QI… nossa senhora, vocês nem merecem ser qualificados de movimento político, vocês são um culto do oportunismo


File: a0d5913edc0750b⋯.png (248.72 KB, 960x960, 1:1, a0d5913edc0750b1087730d4d6….png)


Has shitposting gone too far?


Sometimes I feel that Brazil desperately wants to be USA Junior, but emulates only its bad features and ignores the good ones.


I had the feeling that he was a cult-of-personality loving Stalin fan. But then again, I'm basing this solely on his short appearances on the compulsory election propaganda time.


They don't have direct political goals, since they're not a party after all, but I'd say that indeed they and their like are the only ones getting their hands dirty, yes. Or rather, the only ones getting their hands dirty by doing concrete, lasting change. There are plenty of others which do charity work and raise political awareness and other such things, but MST and its kin are the only ones changing the Base.

I think that it does have potential to blossom into a real mass movement – possibly the mass movement needed – if the conditions are right. I like to think of a seed as an analogy. By 1910, Bolsheviks and Mensheviks put together had fewer than 10k members, and a decade later, well, you know how to history goes.

Who knows how the MST would fare if shit hit the fan. On the one hand, they're obviously much less radical than Bolsheviks and much less educated, but much bigger and, more importantly, they're improving peoples' material conditions despite not even being in power. It's the sort of thing that would help them raise a large and loyal army should a revolution break out. Which is probably another reason Porky hates them so much, now that I think about it.


File: 299eb88a44276b5⋯.jpg (86.71 KB, 802x401, 2:1, Trajes Tipicos Alemaes Fri….JPG)


>ebil white man

The lack of social mobility for blacks is pretty palpable, did you ever visit a federal Uni before and after the quotas programs? It's like a /pol/yps nightmare. Blame it on I.Qs, blame on instituionalised racism, blame it on capitalism, it's there.

Brasil is far from being a post-racial utopia. https://pt.wikipedia.org/wiki/Democracia_racial_no_Brasil#O_mito_da_democracia_racial


>Sulista Branco



File: c4df84e3e7e637c⋯.jpg (101.78 KB, 720x480, 3:2, Strike.jpg)


I think the best way to organize people today is using the internet, in 2015 there was a strike of the thrash collectors in Rio de janeiro, they use the whatsapp to organize themselves when his own union get against the strike, and they fucking win.


The midia here is to strong, the majority of the people, mainly in the cities, dont like so much of MST and i dont know if the army, one of the most reactionary sector of brazilian society, will support MST or any other leftist organization, like in the russian revolution.


>The lack of social mobility for blacks is pretty palpable,

The lack of social mobility itself is palpable, not only for blacks, we have some like 8% percent of blacks and big majority of "pardos" and they have the same difficulties.

Also, this narrative dont make sense in south, where the majority is "white" and in the north, where the majority is of indigenous people.

I agree the "south is white" thing is a meme, but we have a bunch of brazilian that dont have black blood, like is small colonies of poles, german in south (a minority, but they exist!) and the indian tribes in all the country, i think something like 70% of people in Brazil have some african ancestry.


Between this and Theresa May wanting to censor the internet to an insane degree /pol/ must be having a meltdown right about now



With such a deep divide between the rich and poor in Brazil how's it that socialism didn't take off with you lot like it did in Russia?


File: 0cd8ca84a75d47c⋯.gif (206.47 KB, 500x367, 500:367, tumblr_nkr6h7m3JT1uo15q5o1….gif)



The contradictions in Russia were more numerous and severeplus the influence of revisionism in Brazil:

>How was this revolution possible in Russia, why was it victorious there? It was possible in Russia for a reason that went beyond Russia: because with the unleashing of imperialist war humanity entered into an objectively revolutionary situation. Imperialism tore off the ‘peaceful’ mask of the old capitalism. The concentration of industrial monopolies, their subordination to financial monopolies, had increased the exploitation of the workers and of the colonies. Competition between the monopolies made war inevitable. But this same war, which dragged vast masses, even colonial peoples from whom troops were drawn, into limitless suffering, drove its cannon-fodder not only into massacres, but also into history. Everywhere the experience, the horrors of war, were a revelation and confirmation of a whole century’s protest against capitalist exploitation; a focusing-point, too, for hand in hand with this shattering exposure went the effective means of action. But though this effect was felt throughout the greater part of the popular masses of Europe (revolution in Germany and Hungary, mutinies and mass strikes in France and Italy, the Turin soviets), only in Russia, precisely the ‘most backward’ country in Europe, did it produce a triumphant revolution. Why this paradoxical exception? For this basic reason: in the ‘system of imperialist states’ Russia represented the weakest point. The Great War had, of course, precipitated and aggravated this weakness, but it had not by itself created it. Already, even in defeat, the 1905 Revolution had demonstrated and measured the weakness of Tsarist Russia. This weakness was the product of this special feature: the accumulation and exacerbation of all the historical contradictions then possible in a single State. Contradictions of a regime of feudal exploitation at the dawn of the twentieth century, attempting ever more ferociously amidst mounting threats to rule, with the aid of a deceitful priesthood, over an enormous mass of ‘ignorant’ peasants (circumstances which dictated a singular association of the peasants’ revolt with the workers’ revolution). Contradictions of large-scale capitalist and imperialist exploitation in the major cities and their suburbs, in the mining regions, oil-fields, etc. Contradictions of colonial exploitation and wars imposed on whole peoples. A gigantic contradiction between the stage of development of capitalist methods of production (particularly in respect to proletarian concentration: the largest factory in the world at the time was the Putilov works at Petrograd, with 40,000 workers and auxiliaries) and the medieval state of the countryside. The exacerbation of class struggles throughout the country, not only between exploiter and exploited, but even within the ruling classes themselves (the great feudal proprietors supporting autocratic, militaristic police Tsarism; the lesser nobility involved in constant conspiracy; the big bourgeoisie and the liberal bourgeoisie opposed to the Tsar; the petty bourgeoisie oscillating between conformism and anarchistic ‘leftism’).



File: 2ea3370db853341⋯.jpg (111.32 KB, 632x529, 632:529, 03115232529435.jpg)

File: 8b50be482410ef3⋯.jpg (28.3 KB, 400x257, 400:257, Bandeira_velha.jpg)


There's also the two cities founded by Confederados. One of them even has a festival about it, and the other used to have the Confederate flag on their own flag.



I think very few people, including committed leftists, knew just how bad the situation in Russia had to get before the people had enough. "Cataclysmic" seems like a good fit.

Czarism lost all its legitimacy, the economy had mostly collapsed, public services obviously suffered, which in turn contributed to banditism, factory output in general was terrible because of constant strikes in civilian and arms factories, there were problems even getting food from the countryside to cities, which would contribute to a famine in 1921/1922 because of a bad harvest, Germans and Habsburgs were advancing with little resistance, because the Imperial Army was a mess of mutinies and desertions, a lot of the subject peoples wanted autonomy or independence, and of course, the people had become highly politicized and class-conscious so there was a lot of internal tensions building up, especially since many of these people were deserting soldiers ready to battle for their ideology, and people in general were pissed off because quality of life was already shit even when things were running smoothly, and the constant imperialist wars didn't help either, the last being against with Japan, which ended in defeat.

And all of that was before the Revolution started, let alone the Civil War.

God knows Brazil never was a good place to live, but it never ever got anywhere that bad. Very few places ever did. The only other that immediately comes to my mind is the crumbling Chinese Empire and ensuing Civil War, which not coincidentally ended with the same result.

Honestly, I really, really hope the situation doesn't have to get that bad if I'm to see a new revolution in my lifetime.


I confess I'm prejudiced against relying on the internet for political organization, because I saw the farce that was Iran's "Green Revolution". Remember that one? But I reckon that a strike is a small enough operation for the internet to help. Tho I remain skeptical of its reliability in an actual revolution.

And yeah the army as it stands decidedly would be against MST. It had always been reactionary to start with, but now PT went and completely ruined the left's image, so chances to convert the soldiers anytime soon are zero.

And I agree, the local media is absolute cancer and makes Burger media look like a bastion of integrity and veracity.


/pol/ is paying attention to Brazil?


File: b4e7e61d2591f75⋯.jpg (152.05 KB, 1348x691, 1348:691, 4dbfc08473229c8b6da62f2511….jpg)


/pol/ brazilians LOOVE Temer and neoliberalism


File: f547b9775e6cc52⋯.jpg (260.39 KB, 735x465, 49:31, that post game me capitali….jpg)

jesus christ how horrifying

Tho I think the bit about social security being a scam and a pyramid scheme would be great to underline, it's the exact sort of basic bitch opinion the Brazilian far right has. It's like all of them got all their ideas from the same (very short) checklist.

I'm guessing they're doing it out of opportunity, so the reforms can fuck people over. Otherwise they would be bashing him and sucking Bolsomito's dick, I think.



Are there more blatant examples of /pol/ being useful idiots than this?



Most /pol/ Brazilian are liberturds shilling for southern separatism.



Yhea liberalism is the fashion for the right here


File: d458f598c1e2435⋯.jpg (102.25 KB, 1200x1493, 1200:1493, bolsonaro-kun.jpg)


>federal government exploits state

>surprised when state wants out



Gulag pra esses filhos da puta



I find it amusing that they shill for how awesome southern Brazil is but then i found out some cities in southern Brazil are more violent than famous places for having high violent crimes like Bogotá


Paulo kogos refuted the case against the president



File: f44fe07a1f3490a⋯.png (111.97 KB, 732x641, 732:641, ClipboardImage.png)


>implying a state that elects Sartori can be independent


File: 3c9082e019b28fd⋯.png (318.52 KB, 943x606, 943:606, Capturar.PNG)


Pay your debts, gaúcho.


File: 106437ac7c8b0b8⋯.jpg (163.85 KB, 595x842, 595:842, 1399086082447.jpg)


That's you, isn't it?



He's right y'know.

This whole thing is fishy as fuck.




Also first time I've heard someone say anuddah shoah in portuguese, noice.



white ge.nocide



He's a famous ancap from São paulo





>Sometimes I feel that Brazil desperately wants to be USA Junior, but emulates only its bad features and ignores the good ones.

Yep, the popularity of anarcho-capitalism is a perfect example of that.

Also, my fellow Brazilians, how popular is Rojava with the left in Brazil? I don't really use FB that much.



>I confess I'm prejudiced against relying on the internet for political organization, because I saw the farce that was Iran's "Green Revolution". Remember that one? But I reckon that a strike is a small enough operation for the internet to help. Tho I remain skeptical of its reliability in an actual revolution.

I agree that a revolution is something that we can rely on internet but i think this is the only way to get the workers organized today, we have to build our own tools and dont rely on something like facebook or twitter, a union with a digital direct democracy (working it is own app with is something like tor and using cpf or number of registry in the union to login) is something plausible and can be make it.

>And I agree, the local media is absolute cancer and makes Burger media look like a bastion of integrity and veracity.

And that why organize the majority is so important, without struggle, without feeling the chains, they will continue to believe in the midia.


I see some trotskyists supporting, but they support everything like the ukrainian maidan and there some brazilians fighting in Rojava, just search on porkytube.



>can be made.





Neolib think tanks like the atlas foundation and students for liberty invest heavily here


File: 0ad79c4bc9da3c0⋯.gif (1.86 MB, 200x129, 200:129, NOPE.gif)


Okay I winced through everything until the bit about the mainstream media is promoting a narrative of PSDB as the villains and Lula and Dilma as poor matyrs.


I can't judge his intelligence from what little I watched, but that doesn't matter because he's not simply misinformed and disinformed, he's literally delusional.


>This whole thing is fishy as fuck.

That's about the only thing he's right about, and that's just because of his paranoid traces.

Big media spent months ragging on Lula and Dilma as well as cannily spreading the smearing on PT as a whole, while avoiding hitting PSDB and to a lesser degree PMDB, then all of a sudden this guy no one ever heard of shows up from nowhere and royally buttfucks both Temer and Aécio, incredibly, the media starts ragging on them with the same intensity they did on Lula and Dilma. It doesn't take a genius to see that the biggest porkies in the sty have forged a backroom deal.

PMDB is complete and utter scum by nature. They're there to, in case they don't outright reach power, create a majority with whichever other party is in power, and I have zero doubts they would do it with Nazis or Stalinists if need be. But right now, their electoral outlook is dim, because the fucking first 3 people in the presidential succession line are PMDB members and guilty as sin, and more importantly, Temer was the only big personality they had at the moment. They know they're so boned they won't even think of nominating their own presidential candidate, mark my words. But they'll be there to create a majority anyway, obviously.

Meanwhile, PSDB is in a much better situation, because the damage has been more "localized". The big 3 personalities, Aécio, Serra and Alckmin, were all accused, but the media had been doing a great job at keeping them away from the limelights. That is, until Aécio was thrown to the lions.

So then, with PT and PMDB in a rouch patch, cui bono says that Serra and Alckmin are the two biggest beneficiaries of this circus as the best contenders for presidency. From what I have seen of media, I have the feeling that Alckmin will be the annointed one because his name is often omitted when they start rattling off the accuseds' names, so Serra will be on the chopping block or maybe cut a deal. Regardless, my money is on President Alckmin.

Of course, there's also the factor of rightwing vultures too, but that's completely up to fate now.

It's a sad state of affairs when the best president you can hope for is a man known for being anodyne and with unremarkable skills, from the most neoliberal party that still dares call itself social-democrat.


I'm not on social networks either, but I know there's a few Brazilians in YPG.


> a union with a digital direct democracy (working it is own app with is something like tor and using cpf or number of registry in the union to login)

I thought the same thing, I'm glad I'm not the only one. A specialized software would be a good tool to introduce direct democracy, I figured that this is exactly the way democracy will go (assuming it survives). If it were up to me, I'd abolish the legislative branch and extend its powers to every citizen. Radical, but progress implies risks.


I just looked into Atlas Foundation and I fucking knew they would be partners with Instituto Millenium! Those fuckers are so awed by anything American that they can't even be bothered to choose a name in Portuguese for their think-tank. said the gommie posting in English in a gringo site



>said the gommie posting in English in a gringo site

Is the lusophone online far-left just as fucked by neolib SJWs as the anglo one? Is there a huehue /leftypol/ equivalent out there somewhere?



Idpol is growing rly hegemonic here ty to the media


File: 00a064d1ac04b56⋯.png (41.86 KB, 1231x171, 1231:171, PMDB.png)


>They know they're so boned they won't even think of nominating their own presidential candidate, mark my words.

That was never their intention though, they'll retain their presence in congress by being corrupt fucks and then proceed to extract favours from whoever wins, that's what they've always done.

Doria getting a PMDB Vice-Prez would be pretty sexy.



Doria is very weakened by his support for the Temer Regime



Pff… nothing that the usual heavy media brainwashing cannot fix.



File: f587af54441054d⋯.png (288.77 KB, 850x400, 17:8, f587af54441054d2b03fc2f18b….png)

Three things that just occurred to me.

One, was the frequent accusation that Moro and the media were only going after PT and ignoring PSDB, which was painfully obvious. Moro said it was because PT was the one in power, benefitting from the graft, and the media said that accused people in PSDB were temporarily safe because of "premium jurisdiction" or whatever is the term in English.

The first excuse is ridiculous, seeing as Dilma had premium jurisdiction too and it did fuck-all for her. More importantly, other crooks who took plea bargains testifid that the Petrobrás graft dates since at least the FHC era, possibly even fucking Itamar Franco. Needless to say, if anyone from those years is being investigated by the feds, no one heard a word about it.


And speaking of FHC, let's talk about the only corruption scheme that rivals the Petrolão: the Privataria, which besides FHC, also involved Aécio, Alckmin and Serra, among many others no doubt. They tried to set up a congressional inquiry about it at least, but unsurprisingly, it was just plain shelved, despite having more than enough signatures. Meanwhile, Petrolão had 3 congressional enquiries, besides the big fed operation now. I'll believe there isn't a witch hunt against PT when I see an operation regarding Privataria. Remember Vale? Yeah. So here's a tally: FHC has so far been involved in, and escaped from, investigations into the two biggest corruption cases in our history. Serra and Alckmin dodged Privataria, but may still get hit by Petrolão, and Aécio dodged the first but now was thrown to the lions for Petrolão.

As for the media, as soon as Joesley shows up, the media finally start punching suspects from the other parties, even if it's just 2 of them, and both with premium jurisdiction, mind you, like Dilma. My suspicions around Moro keep rising.


Like >>1691883 said, our media (and the fucking internet, of course) are spreading idpol and socjus imbecility. Seriously, you wouldn't believe how much the media from poor countries worships America and basically copy its media wholesale. Cultural domination is an amazing thing.

We have 2 /pol/s, one on 55chan which is full of the peculiar Brazilian brand of far right idiocy; think ultraconservatives with schizotypal personality disorder. Of course there are also a few fascists and ancaps and whatnot for flavor. The other /pol/ is on BRchan, which claims to be pure gommie, probably just as a joke about 55/pol/, but it's actually open to everyone.

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