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File: 24efeec253e1787⋯.png (714.66 KB, 1000x1400, 5:7, 24efeec253e17876e245e098b9….png)



Remind me, why do people take this guy seriously?


He was one of the first youtubers to make videos on anarchism after Chomskyan, mr1001nights, and buddhagem stopped.


Does this guy even make videos that relate to things besides defending idpol? What a fucking joke.



>those names

Am I the only one around here old enough to remember NapalmTube before he went full potato?



the other guys you mention stopped, Mr1001nights turned into some sort of weird mens rights / pickup artist / evolutionary psychology zombie





This rando youtuber BTFO of anarchopacs IDPOL videos



I don't really have a problem with idpol, but it bothers me that its the only thing he makes vids on rather than economics



because he doesn't give a fuck. There are socialists, and liberals who like being socialists because it's edgy.

AnarchoPac is "edgy"



He should make more anarchist history or theory videos, since those are actually good.



naw i think hes a socialist just one who got spooked by idpol in universituy



Why does this board have such a hard-on for Chibber?



Because he's good.



He btfo molymeme in a way none of the other meme-lords could



he does. fucking look for them before screeching "MUH IDPOL"



The only way to be non-idpol is to hate trannies and brown people passionately and meme about nazbols, obviously


>everything must be 100% rational no feeling allowed

we /liberty/ now

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