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File: c528eac4c84c641⋯.jpg (39.24 KB, 640x384, 5:3, 1 86m 54kg.jpg)


I wanted to show you guys a thread in Spanish in a Venezuela-only board with people talking about their current food situation.


Google translate: https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=es&tl=en&js=y&prev=_t&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.hispachan.org%2Fve%2Fres%2F913195.html&edit-text=

The situation is fucked up enough that a lot of people can't talk about their current economic/food situation without it sounding like they're asking foreigners for money, so here's a thread in a board that only Venezuelans can post in.

Pic related, some guy that is 1.86m (6'1") tall and weighs 54kg (119lb)


Should probably ask Burgerland to stop hoarding your food, tbh.



ignore them, they're all reactionaries to the bone.


Hispachan /ve/ is probably the most cancerous board in that whole site, even if as whole it is shit.

Even then, this country is fucked up too bad to recover for a long time. I hope everyday that the entire leadership of the PSUV gets executed by firing squads.



If the opposition takes over, you'll be wishing for the PSUV back, bad as they are.

Why is there no left opposition?


File: e89555705dd3236⋯.jpg (53.73 KB, 540x472, 135:118, 1470146667942-leftypol.jpg)


There is a left, but it is pretty much impotent against the populist government dressed in red. It embarrasses me to admit that I don't keep up with the news here, but the left, whatever of it remains in the PSUV, is shunned by the party leadership or ignored.

The political situation in this country is pathetic. You're either a liberal supporting the opposition, or a social democrat supporting oficialism. Such polarization renders and actual left opposition very hard to do, because if you're in any way associated with the government even if only by name, you are demonized. Same thing happens with both sides actually.

This country is fucked either way. The left is going to be powerless for several years and the country sold even quicker to American companies, which the government does already even as it tries to hold up their defense against American imperialism.

Fucking sad.




The board is shit, but saying that won't make them fat or anything.



Venezuela has one round elections only, and so the opposition had to develop into a grand-coalition to make sure they take down the PSUV.

The last time they had an allegedly socdem Lulista promissing "less revolutionary" and gradualistic "socialism", this time around with the opposition vindicated they'll definitely send the most neoliberal of neoliberals, I'm sure.


Venezuela is a net exporter of food. Hmmm… I think I may have found the problem.



they have been since the 60s. Before they found oil they used to have a solid agricultural base and exports.

Before Chavez most land was essentially owned by gentry and lots is still not properly used.



post-truth bullshit



>Almost any economist, be it a leftist modern monetary theorist, a more centrist liberal or a hard-line right-wing Austrian, would spot trouble if presented with the scenario that began to grow in Venezuela after the foreign sector reforms of 2003: high inflation combined with a fixed exchange rate. Things get a bit technical here, but they can be understood in practical terms.

>What happens is that, for anyone who holds part of the increasing amount of local currency (in this case, Venezuela’s bolívares), everything else in the economy is getting nominally more expensive except the foreign bills that the Central Bank holds and sells at a fixed price. So buying that foreign currency (or any imported product) becomes the best business of the land, more so with every day that passes.

>That leads to two dire consequences. First, local production becomes unsustainable, as it can’t compete with increasingly cheap foreign imports. Next, the Central Bank runs out of foreign currency reserves, after giving them away at what in real, inflation-adjusted terms is an increasingly cheap price. That means that importing becomes less and less viable too, as the country has nothing to pay for it.



Venezuela is a net IMporter of food. Since the 70s or so.

All the problems of Venezuela are structural problems. The government is retarded, the opposition is retarded. Killing Maduro and a dozen other guys wouldn't change a fucking thing. The government is economically illiterate, and the same is true of the opposition. You are not talking politics when you talk about supporting or opposing a person, it's celebrity bullshit. It is pointless to support a person, you need to have goals and support these goals. And support people only inasmuch they work on these goals. And never lose sight of the goals. Here, have some actual goals that make sense:

1. Exchange rate policy. Read this comment from S E V E N years ago that was posted under that useless article:


2. A tax shouldn't be the kind people can easily hide away from and it shouldn't be a burden on productive activity:


3. Electoral system is shit. Any of these would be an improvement: A) Bring back term limits. B) A parliament chamber filled by population lottery (it's not that your population is wise, it's that your politicians are SHIT). You don't need to write laws, this chamber would be just a simple safety mechanism, the decision just being to either block a proposed change by the regular parliament or letting it pass. C) For single-winner elections, you should use a different method, and the method should be easy for the voters, so either Approval voting (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Approval_voting) or Co-operative voting (see pdf in first post in >>>/freedu/914 thread).

4. And now the most horrifying thing: Become an advocate of vegetarianism, or something like 90 % vegetarian who only eats meat on special occasions. I will get called names for that, but that's actually the most trivial and banal thing. I understand this position is very unpopular. But it's true that this sort of food requires less energy and space, sorry but that's a dull scientific fact.



Co-operative voting is not easy for the voters, stick with Approval voting fam.



Approval voting is easier to explain, but more work to count. A reform that reduces the two-party tendency in single-winner elections will likely lead to an increase of third-party candidates running. Which leads to the question: How many people are going to be even roughly familiar with all the candidates? Should a reform target enthusiasts or normal people? It's not far-fetched to expect that the candidates are familiar with each other, which is something Co-operative voting makes use of. You vote for one candidate, and maybe that candidate doesn't win, but the vote still counts as support for all the candidates who approve your candidate while also being approved by him.




making him fat is not good either



Guy you're quoting says he eats a lot but it's depression the thing that doesn't allow him to gain weight.

A bunch of anons that are likely to have a over the median income, complaining that protest are stressing them. I don't mean to say that Venezuela is great, but this is feels>reels liberalism.

And there's nothing on hispachan that disallows foreign people to comment in other boards. Stop being such a faggot.


This anon is mostly right. Structural problems in Latin America are just too big, and foreign governments fanning the flames with stupid shit like the linked thread is no help.

I do believe Chavez had the right in the right place, Latin America has seen regimes coming and going, but Chavismo actually helped the most needed (and to burst the first world bubble, most needed are actually a thing in Venezuela, not some faggots complaining about stress because protestors). Sure, their reforms were insufficient and mostly shortsighted, but fuck, I hate all the shit Venezuela gets and worse shitholes don't even get the half of it.



>Guy you're quoting says he eats a lot but it's depression the thing that doesn't allow him to gain weight.

>A bunch of anons that are likely to have a over the median income, complaining that protest are stressing them. I don't mean to say that Venezuela is great, but this is feels>reels liberalism.

Where did you get this from? That thread's OP says that he'll eat more "when he has money again", and that his main diet is cassava and beans.

>And there's nothing on hispachan that disallows foreign people to comment in other boards. Stop being such a faggot.

Yeah, sure. Just try to do it and tell me what happens.

Even if it was allowed, they would have different flags.



Oh, the guy that OP quoted.

There's an insanely high chance that he doesn't eat as much as he thinks he does.



You can not post in regional boards if your IP is not in that country. They probably ban proxies as well.



The thing is, only rich people can afford internet in Venezuela.

Also the food situation is a copy from Chile during Allende, where shop keeper hid food to cause what is pretty much Venezuela now. Back then, people actually intruded into the warehouses of the stores just to find, that everything is available just fine, the store keeper just didn't put these on their shelves.

The comparisons between Venezuela and Chile are staggering. It reeks of CIA involvement. I hope this time they won't get away with this.


File: d1573c595128513⋯.png (314.31 KB, 490x369, 490:369, rancho con directv.png)


>The thing is, only rich people can afford internet in Venezuela.

Literally everyone can afford internet, the price has been frozen for fucking ages. You're talking about the country that has shittons of pic related.

That sentence alone is enough to show that you know jack shit about Venezuela.



>I read some news about Venezuela two years ago but I'm going to pretend I am still up with the situation

>I maintain the idiotic allegation that only the rich can do X thing

Better to stay silent than make a fool out of yourself. Next you'll be accusing any Venezuelan who speaks English of being a CIA shill.


File: 3810dc67c32b93c⋯.png (30.97 KB, 523x301, 523:301, cantv prices.png)


CANTV Aba internet prices. Most people in Venezuela have CANTV internet, and CANTV is owned by the government.

One month of 2/0.5 internet (288 Bs.) costs less than one egg (367 Bs.).


File: d0c0a4728e7b0a9⋯.jpg (50.4 KB, 345x503, 345:503, FILE1726.JPG)



>Also the food situation is a copy from Chile during Allende, where shop keeper hid food to cause what is pretty much Venezuela now.

Nobody is doing that, because if they do that people will just get imported food from Colombia or Brazil instead. There's food everywhere, but it's expensive.



what do you mean?



>one thread is evidence

>Venezuela is socialist

>haha people are starving so I'm right

eat shit tbh



dude im 5'10 and weigh 111 lbs. It's my metabolism, have always been like that.

idk what you tried to make up with that at the end lmao

anyway yeah venezuela is state capitalism, it's one of those bullshit dictatorships. never expect anything good from a dictator.




but in all honesty i recommend you to emmigrate fuck venezuela


File: 3b8ecc5004c14ad⋯.jpg (197.41 KB, 720x400, 9:5, cooney.jpg)

found this pic, i think it proves that all Americans are starving



>that face

>with those arms

That looks like a pretty fucked up distribution of weight.







Can we ensure anyone except these posters get food?


There's so much intellectual dishonesty on the left over this whole Venezuela debacle

reddit [dot] com/r/socialism/comments/6b7bv1/venezuela_megathread/dhojr72/

i'd like to see a thorough post mortem from someone who isn't a moron

the solution isn't just calling madrudo a capitalist and washing our hands of the whole situation



For attention?



>the solution isn't just calling madrudo a capitalist and washing our hands of the whole situation

we haven't? only anarkids and leftcoms did but the smarter ones have been doing that since before chavez died.

The fact is he's still operating under a capitalist economy, just like Allende did, or syriza did, that comes with great downsides where radical action is concerned, which doesn't mean those enacting policy on capitalists countries shouldn't be criticised, both those doing it from the right and from the left, but they should be criticised in comparisson to other capitalist politicians.



File: 8ea942b9a1c0c59⋯.png (16.32 KB, 455x335, 91:67, oil.png)


Even the shittiest ruler would have done better than the ones before Chavez in Venezuela.


File: de6af6109d4da81⋯.png (291.63 KB, 493x544, 29:32, ClipboardImage.png)


>first world socialists hating on citizens of not real socialist countries for having the audacity to disagree with them who obviously knows more about leftism

and im laffin



calm down nicolas you're still better than the us



There are actual socialists organizations in Venezuela opposed to Maduro, but you are the type of faggot who prefers to spout idiotic facebook memes instead bebcause they collide with your worldview. Hang yourself, maricón.


File: afd0b0c28bd809a⋯.jpg (25.82 KB, 500x346, 250:173, f7cc6454b3a840e85a42b341ef….jpg)


You first lol


File: b71a8c229046b1f⋯.png (3.5 KB, 135x123, 45:41, dull surprise.png)


>network that was funded and supported by Chavez posts stories painting the opposition negatively

Well color me surprised.



People just ignore the other side's people in protests, nobody cares about those "infiltrators".

It's likely that he stole someone's phone (he could be a well known criminal, or maybe he wasn't and someone convinced enough people that he stole a phone) and people felt the need to engulf him in flames. It happens pretty often.



/r/socialism is always shit.



is this bitch even real? looks like some very scary horror movie spook



She has serious anorexia, and her mom is obese.

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