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File: ed03fee6c56bb20⋯.jpg (135.19 KB, 600x396, 50:33, goldengirls__are_nazbol.jpg)


let's do a book club

because why not

Some people probably have finals about now, and others aren't used to reading, so I think the first book should be entry level. It must also be avaiable in pdf, and probably not much more than 200 pages, preferable if non-fiction.

Suggest books, and then tomorrow I'll make a poll of the serious suggestions so we can do a vote.


We should have a discord room and have the mods to pin this thread.


The Crab Cannery by Takiji Kobayashi


Real proles don't read books


File: e4043c6cffe132d⋯.png (453.02 KB, 700x1000, 7:10, f66b06dd3a88ec4fa820f2cc79….png)

The Society of the Spectacle


File: a85d996534bb09e⋯.pdf (4.7 MB, Karl Marx-Wage-Labour and ….pdf)

File: 97fe308e098a683⋯.pdf (350.91 KB, Frederick Engels-Socialism….pdf)

File: 7bf3274cc324833⋯.pdf (204.64 KB, Karl Marx-Critique of the ….pdf)

1: Short introductions to Marx's most basic texts on political economy, easy and insightful

2:Establishes the divide between utopian socialism and scientific socialism, also has a short introduction to the history of capitalism and its development from feudalism.

3: Clears up some misconceptions on socialism made by the the programme of the German SDP inspired by the utopian Lassalle.

These three texts are very basic, although I think the first is most vital of all to have a leg to stand on.




fuck off circlejerker



I haven't ever used discord before, and I'm probably not going to, but there is nothing stopping discord users from having a chat-Room where they discuss the books we read here.


The last was Debt, but that died in january. I think there should be a poll or something to pick it and widely read stuff should be off.




True IRC is also an option if anyone wants to have a chat room. Also, this https://www.goodreads.com/group/show/207317-leftypol-s-books-for-the-bunker exists too and it might be useful.



This is the main reason I said that the mods should pin this because I really like this idea, but I don't want the bookclub to completely fall apart which I think will be inevitable if they don't.



I'm going to make a poll from the suggestions tomorrow, that's why I'm using the trip code.

I see the point in not picking a widely read book, but I'm not going to do any editing of the list, aside from removing pol/troll/bait suggestions.

For good or bad, the people will decide.


File: 3855d34507a5020⋯.pdf (2.2 MB, ignorant-schoolmaster.pdf)

File: b621477ac0ad018⋯.pdf (1.95 MB, Georges Politzer-Elementar….pdf)

With no more than 180 pages IIRC, these two books are good reads two.

1: on pedagogy and learning by oneself (universal method)

2: a decent base on what constitutes materialism, historical materialism, dialectical materialism in contrast with idealism, very easy to read and concise


File: 690f009ecf61944⋯.pdf (6.33 MB, Mike Davis-Planet of Slums….pdf)

I wouldn't read Marx/Engels, the people who regularly read theory have read Marx and Engles anyway, and there's tons of material about their stuff online as well, so I don't see the need to read it in a group. An exception might be vol 2/3 of Capital and a bit more dense texts like German Ideology.

Also I would go for something more contemporary, because it might facilitate discussion a bit more as it's not mindless rehashing of theory that has been discussed hundreds of times.

Also no introductory texts, it would only exclude the regular readers.

My suggestion is Planet of Slums by Mike Davis, a survey and analysis of slums and the challenges that come with it. Ive skimmed some chapters of it already and there is an interesting chapter on what he calls "Surplus humanity", basically people that are of no use in the economy and thus get their money as workers in extremely inefficient micro-businesses (e.g. "self-employed" shoeshiners). Another interesting thing is the development of the informal sector, i.e. an economy entirely outside the boundaries of regulations etc.. I think it's interesting to look at these phenomena with a leftist/Marxist perspective, and, potentially, a lot to learn.

It's 200 pages, maybe we can focus on certain chapters if needed.



I "suggest reform or revolution" by Rosa Luxemburg, or maybe State and revolution" by Lenin



Hmm, you're probably right. I think the Ignorant Schoolmaster text is not explicitly theoretical and is also inspirational to read, but texts like you suggest are worthy too.



well we read Debt and then nobody discussed it, i think a dicord is a good idea FYI keeps everyone together in one place and you don't forget about it cos everyone uses discord anyway


File: dabd6a61134e839⋯.jpg (24.95 KB, 210x237, 70:79, 1497374295202.jpg)

Weren't you guys going to read Scorpion & Felix?




Someone on /lit/ has been making posts of a reading club for Capital if you guys want to join that. Only a few people there said they were interested.



I did. It was to incomplete to be interesting. Takes maybe 20 minutes to read if you want to.



We should create a poll for what to read and mods should pin the thread of the first book


File: d4736bf88631d4f⋯.jpg (132.7 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, IMG_0445.JPG)




Casual reminder that there is a discord that is having a reading group RIGHT now (we are currently reading The sociology of Marx by Henri Lefebvre)



made the poll

here it is


About twenty hours should be enough to let all time zones have their say.

So, I'll see you tomorrow.


We can talk here. I won't use discord.



I wanted to approve Rosa and Marx, but apparantly I can only approve one proposal, so I picked Rosa. The site didn't process my vote even after enabling cookies. And who is aques? Sounds like a name from rance.



I know that book, it is very good. Is this the gay ass /leftypol/ Discord that always gets shilled here? I joined that one briefly but it was led by this literal autist Snow and was full of trapfaggotry and old, unfunny memes.


File: 04790856395b547⋯.jpeg (55.43 KB, 750x526, 375:263, 25kyhqb5xl1z.jpeg)


No, TLI departed from the unofficial /leftypol/. We felt that the old server's policies were ineffective and practically made it a /pol/ shitposting haven. The intention of TLI was to have a server primarily for learning and discussion, not for shitposting.

And yeah, we don't have the same admin staff.



Ok, I'll check it out later today then.

inb4 dead server


File: aeaaa80975124f4⋯.jpg (93.02 KB, 975x548, 975:548, ranciere00.jpg)


>I wanted to approve Rosa and Marx, but apparantly I can only approve one proposal

them are the rules

>The site didn't process my vote even after enabling cookies.

weird, I haven't enabled the "cookie duplication checker". I used the one based on IP

Looks like someone, voted for Rosa. Maybe U? Change proxy and you should be able to vote for marx to.

>And who is aques? Sounds like a name from rance.

It is.



>We can talk here. I won't use discord.

/leftypol/ is completely unsuited for a task like this. Any interesting posts get lost to time and you can't engage posters after some time passed by on previous posts anymore. Discord is a meme platform but it fits this purpose very well I say.



>/leftypol/ is completely unsuited for a task like this.

still, we will try.

others are welcome to make a discord, but I'm probably not going to join it.



I am going to be reading and explaining Debord's détournements this afternoon (shooting starting at 2-4 PM EST) with a few others if you are still interested.



Can I get an invite to this?



Where can we find the materiall you shot?




go to this Discord server >>1773255




(We are reading it right now)







I'm not going to use discord :(


Just use an IRC chat or something. Don't use Discord, ever. And why are there so many tripfags in here? Mods, please ban everyone in this thread for being cancerous faggots.




Time is up, the polls are now closed. Winner by popular vote is; Guy Debord,The Society of the Spectacle.

There are a number of English translations of this book. I don't know which of the translations is the better one, but this I believe is the first one http://library.nothingness.org/articles/SI/en/pub_contents/4

translated by Perlman in 1977

here is the one by Knabb http://rebels-library.org/files/society_of_the_spectacle.pdf

and her is one by Donald


Smith http://antiworld.se/project/references/texts/The_Society%20_Of%20_The%20_Spectacle.pdf

If someone has a pdf of the Pearlman version I'd be interested.


File: b196fb3a51f1d93⋯.jpg (51.96 KB, 600x375, 8:5, maybe people will want to ….jpg)

additional resources

society of the spectacle - the movie


a list of notes on the society of the spectacle by Knabb


It would also be useful if those that intend to read the book leave a little "I do", to get an estimate of how many are going to partake in this little experiment.

The poll got only ten votes total, and four of them where for society of the spectacle, so expectations are low, but we need at least three people to call it a book club.


The French Revolution 1787-1799: From the Storming of the Bastille to Napoleon by Albert Sobeoul - a Marxist historian.



how long should we read it buy? Lets set a date


GoldenGirls was a horrific fucking show that did nothing but push lifestylism baby boomer capitalist dick sucking Florida country club culture, and was a true testament to how bad 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧television🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 really is for you.



File: 8295c472d6091b9⋯.gif (853.74 KB, 400x270, 40:27, tumblr_md9aoasQJP1rdutw3o1….gif)


Fuck you, I like it :)



I bet you don't like The Nanny either.


Hope this goes better than the goodreads group did.


I'd really like to recommend Utopia. It's not too long, and while I don't know if I'd color it as 'leftist' it definitely takes a stand against private property.



Does the 25th sound reasonable?


That makes three people, excellent, book club officially established.



The whole book by the 25th?



I just signed up on the discord also.



No? A bit longer then.

The 30th? Or maybe the 5th?

I set a short time limit because, the book is pretty short, but it's also know to be a bit difficult to read, so I agree that perhaps 8 days is to short. A longer time table also allows people who join later to catch up.



No it's perfectly okay I can read it by that



Just joined that and started the debt book. bretty good tbh.



It's a shame that it died. 56 users is pretty good.


Drunken bump.



Lets all read Spengler's 'Decline of the West' and Baudrillard's 'Simulacra and Simulations' I think this board needs to read something different for a change. Or we could all read 'Industrial Society and Its Future'



>tfw you want to drink but you are trying to be a fitnessfag really hard and alcohol is super bad for GI-tract health




>Baudrillard's 'Simulacra and Simulations'

have been meaning to read this for a while, maybe it could be the next book.




what translation are you guise reading?


ok so have the book read by the 25th to join?


File: 1deeac9a2374b6d⋯.png (808.67 KB, 1334x750, 667:375, 42987f29d2d47aba20be19a41c….png)



muh nig



yes, that's the plan.




Which book it is now?



society of the spectacle see >>1776114 and >>1776808


File: e1e3f664810ce2f⋯.gif (972.74 KB, 500x282, 250:141, norippe_study.gif)


File: 14be475f0532169⋯.jpg (50.77 KB, 640x640, 1:1, The_spectacle_reunites_the….jpg)

daily bump.


I'm also reading Knabb.


File: c2a4aa3ee85fc6a⋯.jpg (82.25 KB, 532x960, 133:240, 17155782_763355460506451_4….jpg)

Was the time limit sufficient? Haven't finished it myself, but will probably be done tomorrow.



it's the 25th right?


Can you join the discussion if you read the book some time ago? I don't remember everything but have a pretty good grasp on situationist thought. Also will the discussion be held ITT?




That's today!


At the moment I'm reading Ecce Homo

>Why I am so Smart

>Why I am so Clever

>Why I write such Good Books

I can't tell if Nietzsche is really dumb or if I am


>Tfw too much stuff to read



Indeed it is!

So what do you guys think, enjoy your read?

I thought it was a really interesting book, and he's definitely able to articulate a description of the spectacle that reflects real attributes of our society.

But I can't say I had an easy time reading this. Tried reading it on the bus to work and it went slow. At times I felt my unfamiliarity with Hegel was really holding me back, so I'm not going to pretend I understood it all.

I think I'm going to see the movie see the movie later to day, probably should have seen it first.


File: 9e0acc56f18321c⋯.jpg (89.86 KB, 816x979, 816:979, 55121878_p0_by_tonaitoo-d9….jpg)


I really like the way Debord writes but it's hard to understand. What really bothers me is that I don't understand how could exchange-value rule over use-value.



The movie doesn't add much to the book if have already read it, since it is basically only him reciting parts of the book over movie clips.

My advice would be to read the Commentaries on the SotS, as it is a update considering the post-70s society we live in. Most notably, he posits that there is a new kind of spectacle : the integrated spectacle which combine characteristics of the concentrated and diffuse spectacles.

>The society modernized to the stage of the integrated spectacular is characterized by the combined effect of five principal features: incessant technological renewal; fusion of State and economy; generalized secrecy, forgeries without reply; a perpetual present.

Anyway, it's pretty short and easier to read than the SotS.

There are also pretty interesting brief texts to be found in the SI issues, especially "The Decline and the Fall of the spectacular commodity-economy".

If you want to watch one of his films, I would recommend you "In girum imus nocte et consumimur igni".



I just wanted to add that "The Decline and the Fall of the spectacular commodity-economy" was written before the SotS, and there he introduces his theory of the spectacle by looking at the Watts riots in LA of 1965.



Good question, I don't get it either.

He says exchange value did this by

>By mobilizing all human use value and monopolizing its fulfillment (46)

And then he says

>constant decline of use value as having always having characterized capitalist society (47)

In knab's notes it's linked to the tendency of rate of profit to fall over time.

..so I don't know.. that in a society of abundance, exchange value has become the measurement of use value instead of a result of it?



thanks, maybe I will.

adding the pdf of

Comments on the Society of the Spectacle in case anyone else wants to read it.


File: d17133b7cbcde0e⋯.pdf (938.74 KB, Comments on the Society of….pdf)


..the pdf



Let's read this for next week?



sure why not.



I think what he's trying to say that while originally exchange-value stood for use-value, gradually use-value lost its importance and now exchange value stands on its own. What I don't get is how and why did this happened? From the little Marx I know there's no exchange-value without use-value, so this is really confusing.



It's really short so maybe we could also read the marginal notes:


They are some comments by Giorgio Agamben on SotS and Comments.


File: 6d1aefd4ab761ef⋯.jpg (59.55 KB, 646x741, 34:39, b4b1f81b77f7f49e6b6f851574….jpg)




I think hes suggesting that the use value of e.g. a pair of Adidas sweatpants, is not in their use a sweatpants, but as a part of the spectacle. And since the spectacle is "pseudo-use", then exchange value becomes the dominant measurement of value.

Does that make sense?


Damn it, "Comments" is fucking scary.

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