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File: 7fc7ce32475634d⋯.jpg (81.08 KB, 680x680, 1:1, not more fucking hot pocke….jpg)


Direct all hotpocket related inquiries here.

mod action log:



Post last edited at



File: df9a8006d6d010a⋯.jpg (58.52 KB, 269x474, 269:474, df9a8006d6d010aa2ffd3119ba….jpg)


I think it is unjust to ban people without setting out a clear rule. You should not be banned for something you can't know isn't allowed.

That said I would petition we proscribe all pornographic content. Make a clear announcement, then start deleting and giving short warning bans. Only give longer bans to disruptive actors.


File: d7e724dcb849b60⋯.jpg (15.99 KB, 398x398, 1:1, 1515171899110.jpg)


Look if you start using your mod powers based on popular opinion rather than the actual rules, we're gonna get a bunch of schitzos abusing that real fast. inb4 "democracy>objective rules"


I'd say probably just go for blocking the hard porn, softcore and general nsfw tongue-in-cheek replies are pretty normal and tolerable.


File: bd8cddf7b08a858⋯.jpg (61.62 KB, 468x437, 468:437, bd8cddf7b08a858ff3954aa47d….jpg)


Standard "I know it when I see it" test, also to apply to written erp, seems reasonable.


File: f315dd8c99935c5⋯.gif (1.23 MB, 500x220, 25:11, tumblr_o0jg22HPbt1uldecto1….gif)


important part there being "reasonable", common sense should be an important part for interpreting stuff, otherwise ya you should be able to generally judge if something's appropriate or not. I thought that was already the rule of thumb.


File: e2fb719678386b3⋯.gif (1.95 MB, 383x204, 383:204, palpable disdain.gif)


It's not so much the obscenity as such that is the problem, but rather the posting of obscenity for its own sake. Which in isolation is not an issue either, but right now trash seems so inundated with porn and socialites, that it does not even effectively functions as a "general waste" thread. It's too impenetrable for outsiders to be of any value.

Hence the proposal, because it seems to upset some people. Personally I don't really care much either way, and am just as happy to ignore trash except to ban the goreposter.


File: 476b4ca32f9cb1c⋯.jpg (100.28 KB, 523x600, 523:600, haitian-revolution.jpg)


I don't really know why we care about what other people think of the board or any of the threads, and that the trash thread's entire reason was to be an impenetrable dark pit of despair where ye shall enter at thou's own risk. Maybe a bit less dick spamming though. Otherwise it's kinda fine. And gore poster's a new phenomena that's only come about in the past week and generally isn't that much different than any other /pol/ fag in function.

Just got the thought that we might be playing into their hands by turning on each other like this, and all they had to do was some low effort shitposting smh.


File: c58e0a41ff6b734⋯.jpg (12.35 KB, 520x245, 104:49, Peter-Hitchens-Why-I-Chang….jpg)


>that the trash thread's entire reason was to be an impenetrable dark pit of despair where ye shall enter at thou's own risk

No. It is literally just the trash. Despair will flourish anywhere it does not need its own thread.


Why was >>2727545 bumplocked an op banned?


File: 6beaeef647cf9e4⋯.png (58.76 KB, 200x205, 40:41, 758.png)


Ok, seems to be pretty much to be full of trash, and the fact that people are complaining about its contents appears to be a sign that it is indeed holding all the volatile stuff in there. Maybe we should just make the warning sign a bit bigger that it's not the staff's fault if you get covered in trash when you go dumpster diving.



NYPA, advertising.


File: 011fb2dbfe211a5⋯.jpg (60.75 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 44365-1x1-galerie_gross.jpg)


Honestly it needn't even be the task of the Vols. If the People bully the clique enough, it will break apart on its own. I'm not gonna bother banning anyone for the moment.


File: 1b10a3e60ab8777⋯.jpg (21.56 KB, 300x250, 6:5, 1b10a3e60ab8777e8ce668be15….jpg)


this seems to be the sensible route. Thank you for keeping your hands dry with the situation btw, I feel like staff wading into the shitfest will only make it worse, it's best if you guys keep your heads during all of this and continue to make good decisions rather than get heated over individual and petty issues. I know you guys have a lot more shit to deal with and stuff like this doesn't help.

Sorry for the trouble on behalf of the trash thread,


File: 257622fe15ea492⋯.png (338.07 KB, 1680x1489, 1680:1489, IMG_0012.PNG)

>permanently ban me without warning for a frolicsome 5~ post critique of Mao and for lauding "Big Ding-Ding" Deng's massively successful reforms

>"I'm not going to ban anyone anymore"

I didn't ask to be a martyr but neither did the other great men who'd taken up that mantle-I guess my job here is done! How about one more for the road?




you're free to promote capitalism on boards like /pol/, /liberty/, /fascist/, /polk/, /3rdpol/, /natsoc/, /monarchy/ and many others. this board isn't for that.



Please don't send the 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧capitalists🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 to /fascist/ or /natsoc/. Thanks.



>please don't send capitalists to my capitalist board



Neither Fascism nor Nationalsocialism are capitalist.




Why did you ban him?



The idea that ns and fascism are not capitalist is some of the most insidious propaganda out there.


Why was >>2728355 bumplocked and op banned?



Because that thread was painful to read. And if you don't understand why you should be banned as well.



wasn't the one that banned him but they had no post history and were advertising.




what's wrong with comrades advertising? Have to start somewhere




what's wrong with comrades advertising? Have to start somewhere


Why was the sex worker thread anchored. These radlibs need to defend the privileged income tax exempt status prostitutes are enjoying.



it's the seasonal "what's /pol/ up to these days" thread



This THOT hunting thing started with an incel name "Wu". And please explain why sex workers shouldn't pay income taxes when literally every other prole does and it pays for the welfare state?

Hookers the secretly the vanguard party or something?



If you want to make a thread on sex workers or tax evasion generally, go ahead. But this whole thot hunting business is a silly polyp meme that you can discuss ad nauseam in /leftytrash/ if you feel the need.



Uncoupling the current THOT hunting meme,and sex workers paying taxes would completely diffuse it's potency. Which is what I suspect you want.

The current THOT Hunting thread already has a lot of effort posts from Crockshot anons and myself. Thanks for nothing.



There are some good posts in it… Fuck it, why not. The board doesn't have much else going on anyway.



t-t-thank you


File: fdcc64fbaf5e33f⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 29.94 KB, 400x471, 400:471, 546.jpg)

Reason for deleting the now reattached pic of >>2729121


Also: are you guys fucking crazy? This is a chan, for crying out loud.


File: 633cf9f2c211444⋯.jpg (378.1 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_20181126-084829.jpg)

Hello and why was this thread deleted ;;__;;

The news seems rather relevant, and ironic since it is about censorship..


Look a dore! https://youtu.be/eqBzFbGuPf8

"Regardless of where you’re at on the political spectrum, if you oppose the status quo then opposing internet censorship of any political speech is now a matter of simple self defense."




>alex jones

also nypa


Be nice if one of you could do something about the schizo-poster who does nothing but call Cockshott a technocrat and accuse people of being trolls. As we proved in the Productive Labour thread even when someone points out that he's factually wrong he will simply evade the point and continue misleading people. He claims to be a "Marxist-Leninist" but then says things that directly contradict Marx's writings.

He's at it again:


Old shit:


I'm pretty sure that when I was a vol I gave him a short ban for derailing the Cockshott thread with his insanity, but since then no one has been willing to actually do anything.



just beat him with arguments if you care so much


File: fc65153c1afc51f⋯.png (405.84 KB, 2324x1489, 2324:1489, Chinese Reaganomics 2.0.png)


First off, the implication that socialism as an idea is so fragile it needs to be protected from under ten posts worth of alternative theories based on the dubious pretext that "this is a leftism board" should, perhaps ironically, be a proverbial red flag shouldn't? What kind of counter-revolutionary would suggest that socialism was so fundamentally weak that it couldn't hypothetically stand up to scrutiny from a single, banterful contrarian?

Besides, I'm not "promoting capitalism", heaven forbid! Why, I'm merely critiquing Maoism through a comparison between Maoist and Dengist China which is, I believe, well within the scope of discussion on this board-let alone grounds to permanently ban somebody.

We should be able to talk about the enduring legacy of Deng Xiaoping such as that which was captured in this New York Times article by research fellow of the Modern Asia Research Center at the University of Geneva, Zhang Weiwei in 1984…

Dengist China After Deng? Not Certain But Likely

Stalinism crumbled after the dictator's death; Maoism did not outlive Mao. Will Dengism survive Deng? Let's simply assume that ideas which have transformed China so much in so short a time will have a bearing on the country's future.


Mr. Deng's hybrid doctrine has largely shaped the course of China's successful economic reform. In a matter of 15 years, the economy has nearly quadrupled and living standards have tripled.


…without fear of undue persecution.

Mr. Board Volunteer, 'tear down this wall that you'd figuratively erected (heh) between this board and the aging Linksys® modem/router at my parents' house a few days ago.




If GDP and the length of time a system lasts is your definition of "success", then you're kind of missing the point of leftism. The southern colonies/states were an economic powerhouse with their export of cotton, sugar cane and tobacco under a system of slavery which lasted well over 200 years until the end of the civil war.



Luckily we aren't talking exclusively about GDP then, m'comrade.

A modern business can spend upwards of 20-30% of their gross profits on payroll (50% in the restaurant business is not uncommon)-that is "labor"-slavery on the other hand pretty much only benefited the slavers which, at its demographic height, represented the top 2% of the population of southern whites exclusively. Its effect on the living standards of the white working class is overblown-and in fact the Slave states had a much worse overall economy than Free states did.

Unlike slavery the Dengist privatization reforms have, after a few tough years of gradualism, increased the standard of living experienced by the average urban Chinese citizen considerably in all ways, not just GDP, and that's what Real Socialism® is all about, nigga. Dengism has trickled it down and turned an overpopulated toilet into the second largest economy on the planet in spite of the difficulties of housing and employing nearly one and a half billion people.



why don't you do your fucking job? seriously?




learn to properly link a post, newfag



you mean the dozen posts in this thread you fatass piece of shit? fuck you



>I've been found out!


This thread had a shitty justification for anchoring:



The OP clearly took more effort than many threads that stay up, it isn't another fucking Nazbol thread, and it doesn't break any rules. Joke threads have been allowed here forever! Unsage my thread please!



still waiting for an answer for this



There isn't exactly a planned consensus around much more than our reactions to /pol/ and occasionally major outpouring of intellectual dishonesty. If someone deleted it, and then re-attached it - nobody but that mod could tell you, with any number of reasons or error.





File: a61ebc75b75fc63⋯.jpg (674.35 KB, 800x3000, 4:15, too much theory.jpg)


From my perspective, off-site communities related to imageboards tend to get flooded with people too autistic to function on the actual main board. Pic related, Bunkerchan was once flooded by the worst tripfags here, after the board's users told them to fuck off, plus their cancerous followers..



now i feel bad for being one of the fags crying about them and telling them to fuck off

they weren't so bad



>they weren't so bad

They really were, though. The only thing they contributed was laughing as they embarrassed themselves. Plus, Reddit Obesity has since become a neo nazi. Not exactly reasonable, well read individuals.



yeah, but, like… karenposter is very likable and cute

and i suppose yui was somewhat tolerable too

not that i'm agreeing with anything they said but besides that it was kinda nice back then, even though i hated it

normal anons were just as bad and even worse

welp, too late anyway



>they weren't so bad

I agree, you are a much worse replacement.







why libya is anchored?


Can we adopt more lenient policy on poor quality threads? Ignorant questions often lead to discussion and an overal engaged community. It's fun to shit on uninformed /pol/yps.



I can get behind this. A lot of serious discussion throughout the old days of the board had been spurred on from arguments in shitpost threads. Likewise, a lot of early members were raiders and shitposters turned over when they realised that /leftypol/ was not comparable to /r/socialism and co, and put class foremost. That, and it's just fun to poke retards with a stick and see how they react.


can we remove the bump limit on France?



That's retarded. It's not like /pol/shit where they used to come on every day going "MUH JEWS MUH DUHGENWACY", and wordfilters would genuinely piss them off and cause them to embarrass themselves, it's just unfunny filtering. If you see a Tumblrnigger, YOU should be making them sperg out, not the wordfilter.



sure, let's also wordfilter anything transgender related to mock /pol/acks that are shitting up the place constantly bitching about it pretending that they're not promoting idpol



First good idea you ever had.



i've always said that this idpol shit has no place here, and it's your type who constantly brings it up, but ok.


File: 134b283e2182b1d⋯.jpg (141.42 KB, 1024x681, 1024:681, 1543918477908.jpg)

Assad is a fascist and /leftypol/ supports Russian imperialism in the Middle East.




Lol the liberal imploded.


why were threads like Rand Paul and the "Marx was wrong thread" anchored?



>why were threads like Rand Paul and the "Marx was wrong thread" anchored?

You answered your own question.




Moderation should be less strict across the line. Frequently banning anyone other than spammers, self identified fascists and agent provocateurs kills the board in the long run.





*it objectively has killed the board in the long run



so all right wing threads should just be anchored and banned now?

this board used to only exist to prevent anti-leftist flooding and spamming, not eliminate any dissent or doubt in Marxism. what happened to that /leftypol/? or are we all just content that this board loses more numbers every single month?



The board is actually experiencing modest growth. Whatever it is that we vols are doing it is working.



you sure what you're seeing isn't just a random uptick?



File: b80f7a9a33f40c9⋯.jpeg (120.33 KB, 960x720, 4:3, 3rd volunteer assault bat….jpeg)

File: dcd814494ab81a4⋯.jpeg (94.01 KB, 917x516, 917:516, Syrian Resistance.jpeg)

File: 7c290e91c2b0a38⋯.jpeg (122.06 KB, 1600x1091, 1600:1091, assad chavez.jpeg)

File: efc1ae3192cd600⋯.jpg (43.06 KB, 600x400, 3:2, 0629-OASSAD-Cuba-Syria-Bas….jpg)

File: 3b4eb71cdd259a5⋯.png (882.14 KB, 1080x754, 540:377, fidel castro on syria.png)


hasta la vista


What is with the uptick in /pol/cuck shitposting lately? Have they gone rabid? Or does it have to deal with halfchan splitting up a while back?



/pol/'s collective schizophrenia gets worse by the day because Trump is just like any other president and fascism hasn't become more palatable among the general population. Thus they drop the whole alt-right optics shit for just sperging out.


I love this board because it brings me closer to spiritual enlightenment by incremental *ticks* of being cruel and hating communist-marxist pussybois. I enjoyed bullying and beating the shit out of you faggots in high-school and I shall continue this path until all leftist pussies are "crucified in the old way." That means a Pikeman shoves his weapon up your asshole, up through your guts, and out your lying fucking Jewish cocksucking mouths. Time to die faggot kafir.


A pussy like yourself wouldn't understand that in a decent society you would be executed for faggot Marxist garbage. May Mohammad (pbuh) and Jesus Christ lose their patience with you scum and come back to Earth to deliver Divine Wrath upon you. Allah will send you to hell to be with your masters in Moloch's stomach.




we used to have no problem banning /pol/ larp anfem posters, why can't we ban them when they use a different flag? >>2743666



I've met all you right wing chuds, If your body fat percentage was any higher than your I.Q. you'd spawn a black hole from approaching infinity on the X axis.



it's a joke post, I can tell from the posting history

jokes allowed


File: b85255bb2ed0ed5⋯.jpg (65.06 KB, 576x434, 288:217, i must yikes.jpg)


Post hog LMAO


bad thread that needs anchoring >>2745215


File: b391f985841f864⋯.gif (898.5 KB, 487x560, 487:560, 1521557644917.gif)

You board traitors

Democratize the means of shitposting


The France cyclical needs a mod to clean up the baboon poster. He's derailing and shitting up the entire thread


Can the spammers just be given 6 month bans since they’re clearly using VPNs which productive posters sometimes use



permabans are 3 months site-wide for this very reason


Replace the porky flag with Macron


de-anchor this thread:




r/socialism being shit is too self-evident to merit a thread.



sometimes the newfags need to be educated on the difference between us and the liberals.



why the fucking anchor?

the discussion was great, informative and relevant.


File: 1d19493d7d0573c⋯.jpg (153.55 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, WIN_20181210_19_23_45_Pro.jpg)

Why did you bumplock my post?



We're not a means for supporting your youtube channel; post yourself in the leftytrash or QTDDTOT if you must, but we're not having a normal thread about a youtube channel and advice on it


Why was the guy that posted the Bookmeme books list banned in the other thread?



Because "democratic confederalism" and "social ecology" and "dialectic naturalism" have absolutely nothing to do with Marxism-Leninism, A.K.A. leftism. This is /LEFTypol/ not /kurdpol/. Furthermore, why do you think the US has a DemCon region as a puppet? Cause it's an imperialist ideology. Now stop your wrongthink or you'll be gulag'd as well.




Can i get a not dumb reply?



i gave a reply in the thread.



ugh fine


Who is the dude who keeps posting all those shitty bait threads and what are they butthurt over? I doubt it's more than one person tbh



i've dealt with it.



Can someone lock the OC thread for like, today or so? the retarded Ukrainian nationalist is using a VPN to evade his bans and shit-posts cherrypicked arguments about how the Holodomor was real and shit.



Just wordfilter Holodomor -> so-called Holodomor (didn't happen)



still looking for evidence that holodomor happened


Please cancel the wordfilter for jacobin. For News Anon.





Doesn't keep that retard from shitting up the OC thread. If we lock it for a few days or so, they'll leave and we can go back to content posting.


Could you stop banning /pol/yps like the one in the O.C. thread in the instances where their "input" creates rigorous responses, like just now? The excellent and well sourced arguments in the O.C. threads provided by comrade anon are top tier material for red-pilling newfags.

I understand the banning of trolls when they're just spamming new bait threads, but some times their idiocy can trigger a glorious response well worth the cost.



It doesn't matter, the /pol/yp evades the ban regardless.


>>2757218 (me)




2 requests, just out of slight concern. I don't neccessarily think that these people are trying to slide or wreck but in conjunction with the flood of bait threads the other day it seems a little coincidental.

Firstly, could you keep an eye on this namefag vegan character who has attempted to derail multiple threads, I doubt they're harmful but it's possible they're going to become a problem in future. Also, could you confirm whether >>2757320 this poster is baiting, if they're related to either of the aforementioned posters, or whether they're genuinely some Intersectional idiot?




>>2757424 (me)

I just woke up and the thread I linked mysteriously has both vegans and radfems trolling in it, methinks something is afoot.



Having analyzed that posters trash posting, I've acertained that they probably came here from 2chan after someone form /leftypol/ went there.



>How the fuck unions can harm career of a simple worker (in this case a fucking cashier)?

Unions are a neat little method of class suppression. You ever look at the lifestyles and struggles of union "leaders" and compare them with those they are allegedly supposed.

I'm sure that cashier's union leadership would be living in homes with many empty bedrooms, hidden bank accounts, and special deals with industrialists and rent seekers. Like any union ever has.



>it's another "ameritard projects its country's completely degenerate mental state on the entire world and history" episode





Actually the Holodomor did happen. The Holocaust did happen. Stalins purges and the Gulags did happen. Maos Mass famines did happen. Pol Pot did kill almost half of his own population. If you are a nat soc you deny the holocaust , if you are a communist you deny everything else…… Massive documented and physical evidence for every single incident listed here….. >>2756237 Not Socialists and Communists were there own peoples worst enemies. Complete and utter Jokes.




The word filter can use regex, can't it? They could just use


assuming case-sensitivity, instead of the URL.

While I'm at it, please allow EPUB files to be uploaded since we share so many books here.

Also please turn on Latex, we want to sex the dialectics up.


In case this wasn't a ing shitpost. Yes, there was a famine in the early 30s in the USSR, resulting from a series of cascading problems. Yes, failure to heed to, and act on, early signs happened. But Holodomor is a loaded term, specifically used in order to claim the famine was started on purpose and that it was targeted at Ukrainians specifically, both of which are categorically false. No one – well almost no one – denies that there was a humanitarian disaster at that time and place, but the Holodomor narrative is a fiction.


now that the US is pulling out of Syria and r.ojava is about to be btfoed by Turkey (a NATO member) is it kosher to shill for them?

Can the word filter be removed?


File: 951ba7e5a91364e⋯.png (448.28 KB, 540x519, 180:173, 951ba7e5a91364e77c3a6c0483….png)


> if you are a communist you deny everything else……

>Killing kulaks, land lords and petty bourgeoisie

You're wrong. All those were completely based.



The Khmer Rouge killed perhaps 100,000 during the Pol Pot government. Around 1 million other people died due to famine, the Vietnamese invasion, and other causes.



>Actually the Holodomor did happen

Kulak sabotage and drought/civil war conditions caused it, even then if it was purposely done it was a classicide and not a genocide like Ukrainian fascists claim

> Stalins purges and the Gulags did happen

Absolutely massively overblown, even at it's height during the invasion by the Nazi's the death rate was 25% and outside of war was far far lower try 5-10%. The vast majority of inmates survived and returned home unlike Nazi camps or French colonial prisons with a death rate of 75% which only ended in 1953

>Maos Mass famines did happen.

Any dearth numbers are going to be highly inaccurate ranging from 5 million to something like 40 million. Highly inaccurate numbers, even then Chinese industrialization has saved hundreds of millions of Chinese and lifted literally a billion + people out of poverty.

> Pol Pot did kill almost half of his own population

Not communist


Can R0java finally be unfiltered again? They’ve mostly irrelevant now to everyone




Coming out of a civil war, combined with massive drought isn’t exactly the best combo you know

>Stalin Purges

Where mostly internal, and nobody denies them. I blame Stalin’s paranoia about everyone being Trots as a reason this happened though


Again, nobody denies them. However it should be accounted that many people eventually were released from them.

>Mao’s Famines

China was infamous for its semi-frequent famines. The famine further was intensified by the fact people were outright lying about reaching their monthly quota making officials believe they could make a higher quota since “everything is fine and good”

>Pol Pot

He whored out for just about everyone. First to the Soviets, then China, then the USA. He was a looney without an ideology except maybe Anarcho-Primitivism



Wrong about Pol Pot. By the time the Chinese persuaded the KR to accept help from the CIA, he was no longer the leader. It wasn't his call. I don't know where you got the idea that he was aligned with the Soviets at any point, since he became the party secretary after the Sino-Soviet split and then consistently took the pro-Chinese position of other Asian communists. He was clearly a communist and he didn't become the secretary of the Communist party for no reason. Even if he made extreme and idealistic decisions once he was Prime Minister, there's no basis for denying this.


File: 066c9aa0aa644ae⋯.png (424.46 KB, 1133x717, 1133:717, pol pot.png)


>Around 1 million other people died due to famine, the Vietnamese invasion, and other causes.

leave pol-pottery boi



He did "love the monarchy." He fought against it. The very first accusation is a lie. No point in reading the rest.



File: 0985d23a626ce5f⋯.png (799.4 KB, 1080x823, 1080:823, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 68a1c01f8c73117⋯.png (399.49 KB, 842x642, 421:321, ClipboardImage.png)


>The rest is a lie

Typical thirdworldist


nazi poster is back in the OC thread again



He's persistent I give him that

Is it the same autistic serb that started this shitting with libertarian autism?


File: 37acd77b7f0d48d⋯.jpg (171.98 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 1541285309241.jpg)

and now there is an autistic boomer who insists /leftypol/ supports r*java



Yeah, he allowed Sihanouk and his family to support the Khmer Rouge after they were overthrown by US backed ultra-reactionaries. The cadres who later headed the Vietnamese collaborator regime were fine with it at the time because it was the pragmatic thing to do.



I don't know if it's a Serb, but he's posting the exact same wehraboo rubbish. He's just jumping form topic to topic every time he gets BTFOed



I think it's because some far-left anarchists posted something about having Trump's troops idea.



File: 9454ff2c173cfc4⋯.png (387.71 KB, 1454x993, 1454:993, Alt Rightists.png)


But seriously, imagine how assblasted you have to be to create dozens of proxies to get around constant bans every 20 minutes just to post misinformed /pol/-posts for THREE DAYS!



>far-left anarchists

Pretty sure they are spooks but ok.



Well when it started a few days ago he responded in Serbian

Slav neo nazis are a fucking parody



I think that having lost paradise they are now deluding themselves into thinking it wasn't real/killed 23141512515 trizillion people.

The fox and the bitter grapes.


I think the contrapoints thread is back on track, can you please un anchor. As things get worse opportunists are going to get more aggressive and subversive, it’s best to get used to it now.



cp is not a socialist, and ecelebs should go in leftytrash anyhow



You say this but you know full well anything not blog related gets buried there.



trash belongs in trash. It was not even funposting


>Contrapoints thread anchored

>Unruhe thread still ongoing

what did you mean by this mods


File: 98faa2df7b8565e⋯.jpg (83.04 KB, 518x960, 259:480, 36870013_658257511186771_3….jpg)


>deleted the capitalist innovation thread

But why?


File: 0e13f622dac0459⋯.png (4.61 KB, 629x28, 629:28, ClipboardImage.png)

>it's the OP

Absolute madman.



kek. I thought the mods were just butthurt about dogs something


Justification for deleting the entire thread of >>2380778 ?

It was literally the best thing on the board right now with pure critique of consumerism and spectacle-faggotry.



mods didn’t delete it, they just 1 day banned the dogfag and he happened to be OP so the whole thread got deleted



meant for >>2762187


>throwing the baby out with the bathwater

Great praxis, brainlets.


File: 62b2260350fc79a⋯.png (123.11 KB, 548x619, 548:619, 1.png)


OP here. That vol is an idiot.



I apologize for jumping the gun in responding to reports, didn't take the time to properly look into it.


Why do we have /leftytrash/? It doesn't fit in the with atmosphere of the board, and would better be thrown off to /leftyb/, which could be linked on here somewhere. Turn the /leftytrash/ thread into a general posts that don't deserve their own thread kind of discussion.



File: 4a2e0c94796ae98⋯.mp4 (522.13 KB, 360x640, 9:16, 4a2e0c94796ae981c4627f913c….mp4)

Hi hi, sorry for being a bother again, but it seems that we're having trouble with the mod in the /trash/ thread again with banning regular posters without breaking the rules simply for personal preference. While I see that this is only a 6 hour ban, I thought that we had settled it last time but it appears that there might be a misunderstanding, also I'd like to note that it's been actual discussion for the past few weeks and not much of the ERPing or porn which has seem to fallen out of favour recently. Again, sorry for the inconvenience, I might just be paranoid at something that might actually just be a joke or something and this is definitely not one of the more pressing issues the mod team should be dealing with.



Yugo to the rescue of his waifu no doubt. Fuck off, if he wants to whine and talk trash to the vol he can take a little time out. This isn't a bourgeois rule of law board.


File: 76bd162e29b0bfd⋯.jpg (67.08 KB, 640x439, 640:439, hide bait.jpg)

File: 810e289ae454e54⋯.jpg (137.25 KB, 611x459, 611:459, filter tripcode.jpg)


> a general posts that don't deserve their own thread kind of discussion

already exists, look on catalog.


Understandable considering the /pol/ raid from last week.


Neck yourself, you over-sensitive strawmanning pussy. See pics related on how not to be a butthurt moron.



>filter "Anonymous" by name

>only tripfags remain

This is the worst suggestion ever.


yeah no its yugo

now everyone please keep drama out of the mod thread in the future



There's a thread for questions but not general discussion. Quite a ways different: for example, if I have a minor news story, it's not a question. Again, /leftytrash/ should just become a miscellaneous thread.


Please ban Stalin stash, he's derailing all talk of Dr. Bones in a thread specifically made for e drama.



It's cool, my man.


File: 9fa41b5440b246e⋯.jpg (18.23 KB, 960x893, 960:893, MGYfKnV.jpg)

Banning people who accuse others of class reductionism: clean idpol filter or overreaction?




bump, please respond



The Syrian government has not yet announced any kind of deal. You are being premature.



what does the Syrian government have to do with this?

the anti-r*java orthodoxy enforced here was contingent on the fact that they receiving american support, and acted as beachhead for American forces

all American troops are now leaving Syria, so it seems like this anti-r*java mod autism could be reevaluated?


if you see posts about some dude saying shit about how "capitalism is won i'm gonna kms it's all over just give up guys" or an all-caps sperger talking about killing ☭TANKIE☭s and whitey, pay no mind. they're falseflaggers spamming the board.



Class-reductionism can be an actual thing. Purging the entire board of wrongthink against /leftypol/‘s board-sponsored ideology is just going to alienate more users


Thanks for mentioning that /pol/yp bumping bunch of threads in report, comrade


Whats with all of the stickies?



some /pol/yp is sliding something by bumping shit threads with fuckton of IPs so I stickied some threads which should not die yet



Righto, good call suspected of something similar.


Whenever they try to fuck up our board, I find solace in the fact that their board is just 1000 paranoid nazis relentlessly accusing each other of being Jewish over the smallest disagreement, and that's how it ALWAYS is. No wonder they get jelly



Phew, thought a vol had gone rogue.



I honestly thought the board team was being retarded again. Thanks fam



>Class-reductionism can be an actual thing.

Maybe. But I have yet to see it being used in an honest way, and not just as a bludgeon to defend keeping on blabbering idpol.




still looking for a response about r0java

presumably volunteers have read my question and are refraining from answer it because they know it's a touchy subject for the BO

how often does the BO check this thread?



lol who cares



the party line regarding r*java was deemed important enough to split the board over.

it seems like this major turn of events would warrant an updating of policy



It was deemed important enough by the splitters. They could have always chosen to stay and just not autistically bring up r*java all the time. They could have come back any time by keeping to that one rule. The current developments put it all back in its proper place: it's just a local political initiative with no relevance to the outside world.


There's a /pol/ack idiot spamming in the Italian thread, can we have a moderator to clean up the mess?

He's the one using reddit spacing and XD.



>It was deemed important enough by the splitters.

imo 'splitter' is misapplied in this context. /leftypol/ isn't a democratic centralist party.


The board has had a great downspiral in moderating. I've been perma banned multiple times for no good reason.

>Point out the undeniable well resourced fact Bashar al-Assad is a Neoliberal not a Socialist

>Perma banned

>Point out some imperialist actions have worse effect than other imperialist actions

>Perma banned

>Make a joke about how prostitutes should form an anti-Zionist group to troll /pol/

>Perma banned



Sounds to me like you've had a great downspiral in posting.



got a 7 day for denying North Korea is socialist. this guy >>2770678 literally got banned for making fun of rightists

it’s so annoying. first Revleft and now this place. there’s no place for talking about socialism anymore. porky won.



R.ojava is a Russian imperialist puppet now. Time to remove the wordfilter.


Since the main issue of supporting Northern Syria (The US occupation) has been resolved and the ..YPG…-SAA are now allied can openly cheering for a Turkish invasion of Syria be discouraged?

Also can the filters go?


squeal piggies, squeal about muh worldfilters


File: 01310aa49155763⋯.jpg (55.43 KB, 500x375, 4:3, 01310aa49155763ad3b36edbbc….jpg)

I can't help but hate how super fucking unneccessarily overmoderated we are right now. Mods can't sit their hyperactive asses down for one moment without having to play reddit frontpage with the catalog, stickying and anchoring threads as if they're upvotes and downvotes. Not surprised some just fuck off for good because of everything being constantly overturned and evaluated like the board exists just for the mods' personal entertainment. Nothing I've ever read in leftist ideology would justify this kind of completely pointless micromanagement, someone please explain to me what would motivate this shit to keep happening



The board is overmoderated only because it is under constant siege.

Besides, let us go over all the "quality threads" you apparently don't think should be anchored on the first four pages: one thread whining about anchoring, one horoscope thread, one OP =/= 75 characters, one kirk memes thread, on HP lovecraft thread, and one thread about anti-Soviet eugenicist smears.

What a terrible loss!


Mods should lay off spamming the anchor button tbh


File: 3a9df0e39e234dd⋯.png (6.48 KB, 381x67, 381:67, ClipboardImage.png)


They must be stopped


I'm unhappy with the state of our moderation. I know that we're constantly under siege but I still don't like it.


File: 1d97f1df4ebe13d⋯.png (4.76 KB, 485x16, 485:16, ClipboardImage.png)

>we are under SIEGE (by James Mason)




I don’t know why you expect BO to change anything for the better


Can you please allow Tor posting. Last weeks outage was rumored to be the police getting a time-stamped copy of 8 Chan's entire database. Which is why it was up in read only mode during the outage.


The fuck is going on with the bans in Dresden thread?


Has anyone else noticed this hammer & sickle flag poster over the past few weeks who is obviously a /pol/yp? Just want to make sure I'm not going crazy




Except they ban people who are to blame or not it's just spamming the ban button, half the time the actual shit-posters (such as the soviet military hardware thread) are left untouched while others are banned because they replied.


Why is https://8ch.net/leftypol/res/2774988.html#2774988

anchored? It's someone's genuine question and does require an answer of some sort for discussion purposes. Just saying it existed makes us come off as conceited smart asses



Though you, yourself, provided enough of an answer as is worth the thread - I've un-anchored, so you may feel free to bump the thread and see what discussion might be further produced


So why exactly does some mod hate's Sandista's and Nicaragua?

Sandinista National Liberation Front was supported by USSR and Cuba against western backed contras and Daniel Ortega studied in USSR. What's wrong with having at least some faith in them? Daniel Ortega did improved healthcare and started literacy campaigns.



probably is the same sionista mod



The Democrat Cops of America is…

Testing for wordfilters



Ah, okay DS.A is filtered







Syria > R*java


why are compass threads archored



The political compass is retarded


File: 75d3a5f0e4eefcf⋯.jpg (80.12 KB, 1000x879, 1000:879, Image board.jpg)


On behalf of almost all anarkiddes, i apologize for this shit opinion.

Russia may be capitalist, and will almost immediately certainly abandon Assad once circumstances make it unnecessary for them, to cooperate with anti imperialist but we should support them for now, dingbat.


Proposition to vols: whenever anchoring a thread edit OP and write a short rationale for the action. The last few months so many threads get anchored that one gets the impression that the perpetrators of truly bad threads are oblivious to the reasons.



I'd like to state my interest in doing something like this, as a general rule


Holy shit, delete the two race realism thread you absolute reactionaries.



This bigoted retardation is why the right doesn't take us seriously. Genetic differences between races are real and their implications should be discussed, even if the people who made the threads are /pol/ shills or their claims are exaggerated to be deliberately provocative.

Don't get sidetracked by the race stuff, but acknowledge their points, counter with your own and let it be (mostly) contained to those threads (which it already is). The relationship between race, crime and Autism Level doesn't negate the fact that you're advocating for a better system, or that everyone regardless of race can benefit from socialist programs.



>even if the people who made the threads are /pol/ shills or their claims are exaggerated to be deliberately provocative

nah. if the thread is deliberate garbage it should be deleted. otherwise it gives the impression that you can just show up and pollute the board with """"""""realism"""""""" horseshit and get away with it. /pol/ sure as fuck doesn't let anybody get away with posting shit they disagree with.

keep intellectually honest threads, when they happen. don't keep garbage.


Please filter “thousand year reich” and “1000 year reich” into “12 year reich”



I never got a yes or no on Tor posting. If you don't allow Tor posting because /pol/ would abuse it you can always block it for a day or so then turn it back on.


Would it be possible to make a China general and delete the endless amounts of threads repeating the same things over and over.


How long is the stock market thread gonna be up? The joke has gone too far



Forgot your flag


Why's this thread bump locked?

>-feel free to flame, shitpost, and be sectarian if you are a leftist (just keep it somewhat within reason)




Trying to keep the tripartite assblast of ☭TANKIE☭s vs Anarkiddies vs Trots to an absolute minimum. I've un-anchored so that you can bump, but the thread is schizo-tier



it's a parody of "Sailing the Seas Depends on the Helmsman" dumbass



Ah, forgive me then, I hadn't noticed that obvious reference that was peppered in there, guess I'll just have to review my cultural revolution songs! Alright guy, no need to get upset


Oh, and thanks, whoever unbanned me. Real heroes don't wear capes ;)

I appreciate it, anonmod-kun.


Can you repeatedly ban that autistic teenage spurdo who is utterly incapable of not replying multiple times in a row and sperging out every thirty minutes?


File: 2b6fef94ec7dd06⋯.png (17.2 KB, 735x136, 735:136, ClipboardImage.png)

Admins are cucks as usual


I know I am not the only one to complain about this, ackhshually I think the comment op (mutualism fr bro?) came here too, but this is still bs



>crypto-ancap shilling imperialism gets b&

nothing of value was lost



>An-Com flag



File: e9a4615c9fe099e⋯.jpg (51.25 KB, 745x623, 745:623, 1547020074870.jpg)

Why do the mods hate contrapoints? All threads about her get anchored but Chapo, Unruhe, Molyneaux, Laura Zoomer, aut-right celebrities etc. are allowed.



She’s a lib, and we have an e celebs thread that you can talk about he in. She doesn’t need her own thread.


Ban anyone who talks about Gabbard.



We should allow it for a while so people can get informed.



I think we should at least bump lock and give short bans for any thread promoting a Democrat candidate. I just want to prevent a repeat of the frenzied Bernie delusions that took /leftypol/ over in the last election.




>not critically supporting fully automated hindu neocon dudeweedism




t. anti-china shill


File: 6d186fc71f4850b⋯.png (96.3 KB, 342x444, 57:74, we have this thread every ….png)

Doing a quick pilot of new moderation style where I actually let people know why their garbage threads were anchored because I'm always banning repeat offenders (I've talked about this before but there's a handful of retards who insist on churning out shitty thread after thread).

And if you don't pick up that your threads are shit I'll just ban you as usual.


Why the ban for >>2790491?



just read the post one above yours and BOs >>2785465

this stuff is being spammed and belongs in the US general


Filter “Gabbard” to something


Just because it irked me a bit, if you're going to lock a low-effort thread like >>2790632, just delete it outright. Leaving it locked just leaves an unrespondable thread floating around filled shitposts which were done out of its low-effort that can never be clarified. Locking is usually done for long threads in which a few posters, schizos, or shitposters are continuing the thread far past its conclusion or answer even after bans are given.


File: 1b3c8f92f7580a6⋯.jpg (55.36 KB, 632x558, 316:279, saint stalin.jpg)


What thread, kind anon?


File: bbea499b0425be6⋯.png (143.85 KB, 565x541, 565:541, f45c648a6c8476350a6c637851….png)


Why was >>2792614 banned?



I'm acting on the good assumption that the ban came with the thought that the person was defending Israel, which was complete bullshit - I've removed the ban


File: 482d56bae8185f6⋯.png (594 B, 17x11, 17:11, Chavismo.png)

Where is the board owner? We need the Chavista/Chavismo flag more than ever now.



here ya go


Mods, could you please clean up the Venezuela thread?


Hey mods, could we get a Unidad Popular flag please? As a chilean socilaist that would be amazing.




I don't care, I know he fucked up but which socialist leader hasn't done at least one big fuck up in their life? He's still based and we need to honor him, a big part of the working class in my country still love Allende.


excuse my curiosity, just saw that the pirateflag guys 4week ban after evading it now got a 1 week ban

just wondering how long it's actually meant to be now



It's meant to 0 weeks, you triggered piece of shit. Come to Russia.



It's gone back to four weeks, and it'll be permanent if he keeps antagonizing people



As for your, could please stop being a hypocrite? this time I was minding my own business when that bitch decided to randomly tell me to take my meds. Am I supposed to ignore that and not antagonize him?



>gets banned

>evades ban

>gets banned for evading ban

>evades the ban for evading the ban

>Keeps asking why he's being banned

You got banned for ban evasion, even if somehow you were innocent before you still broke the rules again, stop wasting the mods time already and flooding the tech thread with drama, it's bad enough as is.



Fine dude, I don't want to cause trouble. I just want to report gusanos in peace.


File: 4036f98a11f30c0⋯.jpg (15.64 KB, 300x300, 1:1, FneVBNtqzwflwSy-800x450-no….jpg)


well, he keeps coming back and antagonizes, sperging out at me

is it time yet?


>gets told to take his meds

>goes on a sperg out over dozens of posts

what if you should just follow my advice for once

and you know very well that you were asking for a reply by me, and if all it takes is some little banter to go off the rails like that you should just fuck off already and calm your tits

if you can't go for 4 weeks and keep coming back going after me and even BO in your autistic rage you have issues you should work on anyway


>dismissed ban evasion report

yeah but i'm the one who has mods behind me, lmao


This thread should be about actual moderation, not your dumb containment thread drama. I've banned you both for a week, take a break and don't ever again post here or report anything related to /leftytrash/ drama.



>banning the avatarfag



>saying somewhat right-wing things with a right-wing flag gets you banned

I've been eating a perma everytime i've stepped out of /leftytrash/ and /uspg/ lately.

What's the point of non-leftist flags if you get banned while posting with them? I don't drape reactionary politics in leftist rhetoric, which iirc are what the geopolitics ban waves are ostensibly trying to deal with.

Don't you want interlocutors that aren't retarded /pol/ raiders?

and thanks for the unbans on appeal modsama



Got PTSD from the amount of sneaky cunt shitposters I guess.


File: 15fb36c94ecc17b⋯.png (35.36 KB, 248x320, 31:40, el3u8r34.PNG)


>why don't you ban someone banevading a BO ban of 4 weeks?

>"REEEEEE i will ban you both for one now!"

you are pretty damn retarded


it's pretty damn obvious that this was deliberately just kissing ass by that one mod for his loverboy where he got his tongue stuck between his asscheeks to dismiss a ban evasion report and going after me after his buttbuddy kept sperging out in here

can you be any more obviously partial?

>b-but i made his 4 week ban into a 1 week and gave you one too (arbitrarily), totally the same!


File: 7802019a6ee6505⋯.jpg (30.85 KB, 500x408, 125:102, pol pot.jpg)



You have come here on the incorrect assumption that I'm here to arbitrate your petty feud with fairness and justice. I'm here to keep the board clean, you got your ban for even daring to bring this up with me.



I've banned them too.

>getting on all the volunteer's nerves

None of us use /leftytrash/.


I wish you didn't anchor harmeless fun threads like





Would you prefer a lock or a delete?



This. Literally what is the point of this board if you can't have some fun threads?



> This. Literally what is the point of this board if you can't have some fun threads?

What's the point of having mods if this shitposter isn't banned?




File: 158a3b4c36fca0f⋯.png (412.87 KB, 770x1000, 77:100, 252.PNG)

Okay so what's up with my constant banning and unbanning. I've caught multiple retarded bans for innocuous posts which can't be construed as pro-imperialist in any way. Clearly some mods share my view that these are stupid because my appeals are always successful. Take >>2803628 as an example. I explicitly affirmed my support for Maduro and Venezuela against imperialism while offering criticism of their mistakes, and I caught a fucking permaban, only to have it lifted a few hours later. Wtf is going on?



Checks and balances, yo!



On review of a number of bans, it's painfully obvious that there was some sort of ideological misgiving between the poster and mod - which always amounts to puritanical bullshit, usually. So, being that we don't ban people for ">not liking muh thing", a lot of the bans that fall under these circumstances can be removed.



>it's painfully obvious that there was some sort of ideological misgiving between the poster and mod - which always amounts to puritanical bullshit, usually. So, being that we don't ban people for ">not liking muh thing", a lot of the bans that fall under these circumstances can be removed.

Why aren't the mods who abuse their power and ban people for difference in opinion replaced?



They work in the spirit of the rules. While tempting to resort to the fact that we're often being raided as a base reason for such vigilance, the fact remains that the moderation style has been tapered to try to interrogate and discern an underlying intent in a post. This is the majority of cases, with only a few remaining perhaps being a petty revenge-ban.

>Why aren't the mods replaced

Service at the pleasure of the BO, sort things in day-to-day affaires, but the overall course of board governance is beyond the vols.


Why do mods Permaban? Isn’t 4 weeks enough time. It’s annoying when the VPN I use get’s permabaned because some /pol/tard used it to raid two years ago.



If you see this happening, make an appeal describing the problem. The ban will probably be lifted.


Why was this thread >>2805766 bumplocked? It is correct.



> It is correct.

Or is he?

>> Here you have socialists take power

Vuvuzela meme. Bolivarians never were Socialists, they always were SocDem.

NB: not a mod, obviously.



No idea. The thread seems fine to me, it's just people critiquing one another's ideologies. Like we've done on the board basically since its foundation.


Oy can something please be done about that namefag schitzo who's been banned 3 or 4 times in the past day alone yet keeps coming back, I'm starting to see in the logs that reports for his posts are being dismissed now what's up with that?



Reports are dismissed after each respective ban, except in a few cases where an IP-delete was used. He'll continue to get purged each time he returns.



sorry I meant that after his most recent ban he posted again, his post was reported, his IP was not banned(as far as I can tell by the logs) and the report for that post was dismissed without him being banned. Maybe it's just that the mods are getting tired of him.



> Terminology errors

VUVUZELA IS SOCIALIST is not a "terminology error".



This isn't Reddit. You don't need daddy mod team to delete and suppress all inappropriate speech. That's an absolutely minor part of the thread, especially considering it's followed up immediately by indicating that the poster believes they have not made adequate steps towards socialism.


Unanchor >>2806398. Sure, it may have started as bait, but I see a potential discussion there.



It isn't bait, but the thread is so vague and contentless it may as well be in leftytrash so that there's more to the thread than just faggots blogposting.





Please don't ban & delete arguing reactionaries in >>2801922

before they get properly debunked.

They prove the very fucking point of the thread.




May have multiple posted posts

Posting weirdness

May not have gone through at all

If flood of posts please pick one with best replies and anchor others and redirect to chosen thread with >>[Post ID]

plz tnx soz

Must go, adulting to do



nvm only one seems to have gone through >>2808858

Must go, get off this piece of iron and do real making $$ shit... if multiple posts appear plz keep >>2808858


File: a9362ff494c4705⋯.png (296.87 KB, 829x594, 829:594, 1.png)

I think permabans & thread deletions are in order.


unlock this thread >>2811113, 8chan and /pol/ was founded on the gamergate


/leftypol/ has been infiltrated by pro-prostitution, pro-gamergate, pro-paul paul joseph watson, pro-right-wing child rape apologism, complacent in covering up an ACTUAL non-conspiratorial pizzagate incident involving right-wing "free speech activists"



Come again?



No way, fag.


File: 5e613d40179f6b3⋯.png (30.28 KB, 977x87, 977:87, Screen Shot 2019-02-10 at ….png)

>BO giving permabans to shit that doesn’t break board rules with unspecified reasons.

Nothing changes.




I said that Hezbollah is a reactionary militia with deep ideological, and logistical ties, to a reactionary power, so it's not unfeasible for them to turn on Assad if it suits them, and that almost got me yeeted into oblivion.

BO, we like you, just stop being autistic please fren


File: 929229e3c978b1c⋯.gif (2.96 MB, 232x218, 116:109, goodness.gif)


>BO, we like you



Shit thread clogging up the board most likely some /pol/ack raider


File: 8c195b6f09ff973⋯.png (144.44 KB, 552x190, 276:95, i'm gonna need three guns ….png)

I've been here from day 1, but this single post almost made me cry:


I wanted the vols & the BO to know.

("freudposter", "etc.")



File: 886960a66cbc682⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 718 B, 93x19, 93:19, case 1.png)

File: 3f55866b7fd50eb⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 671 B, 72x22, 36:11, case 2.png)

So why the actual fuck are the vols dismissing reports for this fag he was perma banned 2 fucking days ago and he's even using the same name

so why the fuck when he's reported for ban evasion are the reports dismissed this is obviously breaking the rules



Stop wasting vol time with /leftytrash/ shit.



He was already banned at the time of the reports, still permabanned. We dismissed it because what are we gonna do, unban him and then ban him again. Pay better attention next time.


File: dad990ed5d64980⋯.png (79.12 KB, 909x467, 909:467, Screenshot 2019-02-16 at 3….png)

Hay can a mod fix this i can't post the news.



Asking here so someone sees it, interested in whether this is some new trolling tactic or if said poster is genuine.


File: c599c19737353c2⋯.jpg (24.62 KB, 500x417, 500:417, adc46de15f5a7b3558d02582a5….jpg)


<Guadio's appointment and recognition is a literal CIA coup by an opposition that has repeatedly violated the law and sought to sabotage the elections in an attempt to delegitimize the elected PSUV government


<Is this imperialism?

Honest question BO, but are you on the spectrum?


Need a mod to rename this thread subject >>2781507 by adding "/prc/ - "

>People's Republic of China general

>/prc/ - People's Republic of China general

to make it easier to search in catalog and more consistent with the older /dprk/ thread >>2265496


File: d7d12d06ba381af⋯.jpeg (607.27 KB, 858x1214, 429:607, 366B21B4-0AAD-4FCF-AA30-6….jpeg)

You guys already deleted my two boards?

That’s not fun at all

Well kinda reactionary and triggert do ban me over a picture tho

I don't know what reactionary means

Post last edited at


File: 8c8579d5a03e13c⋯.png (23.15 KB, 243x252, 27:28, 1.png)

File: d7ae388d0064543⋯.png (6.71 KB, 184x73, 184:73, 2.png)

File: daf12ef8e58d689⋯.png (19.77 KB, 228x249, 76:83, 3.png)

Comrade janitors!

Comrade Paul Dickblast, a 67 years old man, is having troubles accessing and posting to our forum. He tried, several times. The first problem was that his UK ISP was blocking 8ch, this very site. Therefore I suggested to him to use a TOR browser. He did. Then he complained that he can not post replies, since TOR-posting is not allowed on our board.

It must be our utmost priority to bring this person to /leftypol/!

Therefore, I propose the following list to tackle this problem:

EITHER allow TOR posting again, knowing that this will require a much higher level of janitor participation (probably requiring new hiring);

OR someone from the staff must make contact with him on Facebook, explain to him in detail how he can not just access, but post on this site.

Clock's tickin', comrades.



he's an intelligent and busy person, he has no time to waste with this shithole. leave him alone.


can someone review the ban mentioned here pls?




Maybe don't call him "Penisboom" in the thread or talk to him as he's a channer, you fucking autist, if you want to make this place more accessible to Cockshott.



>let's let leftypol rot

fuck you


>imageboards are cancer, we should MONITOR our PROBLEMATIC LANGUAGE

drop that flag



I think there is a general setting (which can't be overridden by board owners) that TOR posters can't upload anything else than plain text.



I'm pretty sure you are wrong. I remember when jannies announced when TOR posting was disabled.



You are right. According to the site's FAQ, board owners can disable Tor posting; and in the changelog thread on /sudo/ there is a mention of an old image posting bug when using Tor (fixed over a year ago), so somebody venting about that before the fix is probably how I had arrived at that belief.


File: f8ad3a76e9a86c8⋯.jpg (55.82 KB, 547x353, 547:353, 0.jpg)


Torposting is temporarily enabled. Please get Cockshott to buy a VPN or something instead though.


Message to all vols

It must be our number one priority to get comrade Crotchboom to create an AMA ("ask me anything") thread on /leftypol/. This is above debate. Somebody should contact him on Facebook, explain to him in detail how this imageboard shenanigan goes on, and invite him.

There is no question about his interest in this place!

A mere appearance from comrade Penisarrow would improve not just the general quality of posts here, but would improve the moral of the community.

Vols should work on this systematically!

>everyone who disagrees with this post is a complete faggot


Post last edited at



Well can you do this without fucking it up this time? Maybe also create an extra thread about this because nobody reads this one.


Thanks to the vols for removing my totally unjustified ban. I have some questions, however.

How do you deal with the FACT that some among you are literally acting like children, using their power as a kind of ego-preserving tool? How do you justify in your own minds that some among you use modding as a tool of their personal interests? How, with good conscience, do you keep your position, knowing that your fellow vols are abusing their position?

Thanks for all the answers.

P.s. thanks to that IDIOT'S ban, the whole chain of conversation in a really important thread got fucked:





Good job! I hope that person will not get his vol privileges removed!


Pretty sure the title for this thread >>2820553 was tounge in cheek given that the title was Zionist Ongoing General rather Zionist Occupied Government. Can we have the bumplock removed? I'm pretty sure it was intended to be a general anti-Zionist thread talking about current ongoing Zionist actions.



Pretty sure you got banned by BO, buddy.


File: f1d2377e327ae65⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 2.74 KB, 310x24, 155:12, Case 4.png)

File: c91208a2ec9b219⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 2.33 KB, 305x26, 305:26, Case 3.png)

vols could you stop dismissing the fucking reports for this fag ban evading using a VPN

and this time the VPN he's using hasn't been banned yet like what >>2815571 is says was the case for the other times so stop fucking dismissing reports and not banning him when it's clearly the fucking case he's even using the exact same fucking namefag.



>ban evader complaining about ban evading


I told you already, I refuse to mediate your /leftytrash/ drama.



fuck off with muh trash drama I keep the fuck away from the avatarfags shitting themselves so I don't fucking care if the vols keep their noses clean of there too

what I'm fucking on about is this fag breaking board rules cause a ban is still a fucking ban and he posts on every thread on the front page of the board so why the fuck aren't you coming down on him for fucking perma ban evasion

>ban evader complaining about ban evading

the fuck are you on about anyone who doesn't use a VPN here is an idiot


https://8ch.net/leftypol/res/2823716.html shit thread and shit op that only wishes to shit on the board


Why was >>2827083 this anchored? Anyone can look at my posting history and see that I am 100% serious and not a troll. Surely there is no problem with threads which may be unpopular with the userbase but which should be allowed to stay around unanchored as long as the thread was made in good faith and isn’t purely shitpost / baiting.



I second this, unanchor the thread, it's fun


posting to see if im still banned (User was banned for this post)


File: e84ac2adea29337⋯.jpeg (50.1 KB, 397x554, 397:554, 74211AE8-76C6-4AD5-8AA5-7….jpeg)


File: 7aa04f452860971⋯.jpg (43.08 KB, 600x678, 100:113, 1364368204227.jpg)

>Ismail now posts on /leftypol/


Why is B.ernie Sanders a wordfilter now? This just seems like a pointless addition.


Backstabbin' Bernie

B.ernie Sanders



This. Seems unnecessary.


wordfilters are fucking retarded and never good.



They're shibboleths to make the newfags obvious liberal



Can we do something to curtail the shilling of Andrew Yang (le UBI man). It's an obvious astroturf and if this board cracked down on Gabbard and wordfiltered Bernie, a literal "humane capitalism" UBI shill should be banned from this board



I'll be leaving the current one up (since it's about conversion) but please do report any further threads and unironic Yang shilling.



Gotcha, I’ll be on the look out


So why was I banned for the eugenics thread? I assume it falls under the “don’t try to cloak reactionary politics under left-wing rhetoric” category, but I don’t consider eugenics to be a “reactionary policy” – there is zero mentions of “racial hygiene”, etc. I stand by arguments 100% and I hope you realize that your excessive anchoring and banning is what has driven the traffic of this board to halt.



What’s wrong with Yang posting. The Yang Gang is moving /pol/ away from fascism. Also isn’t social democracy pretty progressive for Burgerland?



It's welfarism without the part of social democracy that atleast seeks to build a certain degree of mass institutionalized power (with unions and parties). It's useless. Yang is just a rich guy detached from real working class organizing which makes him useless to us no matter what he promises.

/pol/ is incoherent in their ideology and whichever bourgeois politician they happen to endorse. When they were libertarian they supported grifters, when they became nazis they supported grifters, now they're nazis supporting a different flavor of grifter.



>Can we do something to curtail the shilling of Andrew Yang (le UBI man).

Tell them that they are wrong to shill him without bringing the mods or volunteers in?



It's done out of malice by /pol/tards, not out of ignorance by fellow travelers. Yangfags can use the US general, any thread shilling him nets you a ban.



Not our decision, sorry.



I got permabanned for literally mocking Kim Jong Un's private yacht.



As you should have been



if your """mocking""" was just some low effort brainlet take about how "kim jomg un isn't socialist cuz he owns things checkmate ☭TANKIE☭s" (which i wouldn't be surprised taking a look at your posting history) then you deserved to be banned tbqh famalam.



Comrade, I don't believe you deserved to be banned so just appeal next time if it happens again and if your post doesn't explicitly break any of the rules I will unban you.



>tankies uphold khomeini, mugabe, nazbol, isis, and ron paul as real socialism because i say so!

talk about strawmanning.

>boomer-tier "lazy soyboy gommies dont wanna work real jobs xd"

the fuck? this is something i'd expect to find on /pol/.


Some sperglord is spamming every thread.



Were you not here for the Iran-stanning phase of BO's purge?



yes? countries like Iran were defended because of anti-imperialism, never once have any ☭TANKIE☭s here actually claimed Iran was a socialist country (nor fucking ISIS, no one has even defended them in any case).



How does the average pheasant actually eat a hot pocket?

I just tried to consume one and it was pretty difficult while using conventional dinner silverware. Even with the grated parmesan I had placed delicately on top, the entire experience was deplorable. I actually & unironically don't understand how the average pleb calls this edible material dinner. In all actuality; I just want truth.


File: cac99cd0b20b554⋯.jpg (7.32 KB, 251x201, 251:201, jamaica chad.jpg)


The virgin hotpocket vs the chad jamaican beef patty



Thats some good pasty you makin there,

because niggers don't make, they destroy everything till they become the nigger dirt, under everyone's feet, that they also make sure to shit out everyday.


I feel this thread can still hold relevant discussion, why bumplock it? >>2842720



I'm one of the guys posting in that thread who initially argued that because it's idpol it should be bumplocked but it's pretty obvious at this point that it's not a slide thread by a Fascist and it doesn't seem to be irredeemable, in fact we could do with strengthening our line against race realist bullshit so I don't see why it needs to be bumplocked until it gets derailed by nazis?



Like OP's concern is basically, "How do we deal rhetorically with an emerging set of NRX adjacent types in parts of Academia who are pretty wily and have a bunch of new strategies for pushing their bullshit, and how do we stop them being legitimized", Which I think is actually a valid topic of discussion insofar as whilst NRX is nonsense, there actually are some semi-intelligent new reactionaries who are similar to say Nouveau Droite or something and publications like Quilette are opening avenues for Left-Adjacent writers to talk about topics where there is a sort of enforced silence, and not having the ability to be involved in countering these perspectives in these conversations could work to our disadvantage. I only think it's pertinent to /leftypol/ specifically because of the fact that we're on a website that is dominated by Fascists so whilst it might be a non-issue in wider society, we're sort of the "vanguard" when it comes to directly interacting with faggots like this.




Are mods asleep? One Pol thread and one gore thread up for a while :/



My mistake, shits gone. Good job.


File: 9aa089fbc64d6bb⋯.jpg (3.41 MB, 2692x1576, 673:394, deng.jpg)

/r/equesting a Deng flag, does anyone have any idea of a picture?


File: 005e5db7545b6af⋯.jpg (23.54 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 400_F_239257351_cOsT7X0c35….jpg)


File: bce67e5f1ada3ac⋯.jpg (120.2 KB, 620x388, 155:97, yuan.jpg)


>not People's currency


File: d1a82dbdfe855f4⋯.png (38.24 KB, 416x500, 104:125, d1a82dbdfe855f472cb7349690….png)

What should we do about the ancap clogging up the thrash thread? He's gonna keep making new shitpost threads about his fetishes if he's ignored in /thrash/ but bans don't stop him since he's already self-admitted to ban-evasion. Doesn't that mean he's breaking global rules tho and global mods would get involved if informed about the situation?



No. If only it were so easy



Wow. This board is no different than the others, huh?

Why are there no Ids on this board?

Seems counterproductive.

How do you follow a conversation when you have no idea which posts are coming from the same anon?



Can we add a wordfilter for discord links?



why the fuck is this thread anchored you absolute pieces of shit. Sort your fucking shit out you should all be raped



Choke to death on trump's stale cum you stupid fuck


File: 5485724a8307739⋯.png (56.32 KB, 1920x938, 960:469, Ban.png)

Can you fucking explain this? You pathetic moron.



you got a 12-hour ban. It's a stupid ban, but come on



abos should dab-o


File: 6c007c208fe5629⋯.jpg (504.7 KB, 1080x2160, 1:2, Screenshot_20190328_174851….jpg)

File: 2e5802379ade872⋯.jpg (642.06 KB, 1080x2160, 1:2, Screenshot_20190328_174854….jpg)

Wrong IP address. This is not me :/



How is this ban-worthy?



Came in at a point when we were getting raided pretty constantly, vols banned anything appearing to extoll virtues in the shooter. Bad ban


Come on, why'd you lock the incel thread. ML's are going to grow more irrelevant if they don't start taking stances on wide social changes like this.



I was just in the middle of typing a reply too. Fuck the mods.




you fags know that just because a shitty thread on a topic gets locked there's nothing stopping you from just making another, better thread, right



the new thread is worse



Good job, faggot.







All got banned for not swallowing the feminist bullshit.



mods should be held accountable and not be allowed to hide themselves




go fuck yourself


Stop range banning VPNs holyshit. This is legit /pol/ subversion tier.


hey what rule did my thread break?





Low quality thread proposing a false dichotomy.



mods what the fuck is your problem why is this anchored? Seriously you need to all kill yourselves.

"put it in the general" this is autistic as fuck its a message board not a filing system. Some people never look in generals. Who is arbitrating which subjects get their own threads and have to go in generals?

complete BS.



It's a thread shilling a Dem.



Be more like your compatriots who are atleast conscious of how much american discourse floods this board and the internet in general. You need some self-awareness and humility.

I will keep anchoring threads of american presidential candidates.




I’m not a burger, I don’t even know who the cunt is, this is a board for left wing discussion, we can discuss any candidate regardless, we spent two years talking about trump for Christ sake



Containing american politics to the general has been policy for a few months now. Go to /leftpol/ if you don't like it.



Boards been shit for about a year or 2 now and that is you mods faggy fault



Don't be so modest



Wow ever since I walked away from this shithole, what a coincidence. You made your bed. Now lie in it.



sorry vol but i don't fully understand your post


so where are you supposed to go once you follow people's advice and read marx, and then promptly realize that no one else here has read marx


Christ, will the schizoposting ever end.


Literally /marx/



Thanks to whoever unbanned me. Some jannie got assblasted and completely misinterpreted my argument.


Why are you allowing actual literal climate change denialism in the agriculture thread to slide? One of them has outright done it directly, and others have minimized the effects of it by attempting to pivot the discussion towards Veganism when there is only 1 Vegan in the thread. Downplaying the problems of Global Warming taken to it's logical conclusion is an argument for population control in the third world, in tandem with even more brutal Imperialism. They're also just outright denying science on top of this. Fail to see how this shit isn't bannable yet people get gulag'd for much less when it comes to Imperialism.



>ban everything that makes me feel funny


File: 129e7cec6bbae6e⋯.png (120.75 KB, 785x757, 785:757, 1498494664467.png)


I'mma make you feel funny in your damn nose sweatheart



Read the rules spastic, Climate Change denialism is in violation of rule #4


File: 4480a9c36e1c89b⋯.jpg (117.39 KB, 1000x758, 500:379, 4480a9c36e1c89b50f88c5deef….jpg)

I want to make a thread requesting Sanders shitposts and webms not related to discussion, as such I don't want to shitup the election thread and slide off older posts to do so, any chance of allowing that?



Just use the OC thread to ask for memes.



Why the fuck is this thread anchored I swear to god you people are retarded. The entire reason a space like this is to convert people and radicalise the converted, somebody comes in good faith and you anchor the thread give me one fucking good reason you absolute cretins



We made the bed cos you idiots got van happy and decided to dictate the line. Fuck off. Every single one of you that upheld the one big US military base in Syria bans caused the split which ultimately lead to a huge drop in fun and quality this is an objective fact as the numbers show. Instead of having our retarded little brother and gradually making him less so we cut him off and let him go full retard.


Again, why is rule #4 not being implemented in the Agronomy thread? Poster is still repeatedly engaging in Climate Change Denialism, >>2866197

<If you are going to claim its man made the burden of proof is on you.

They have made multiple statements similar to this in the face of evidence not only explaning climate change but even basic scientific principles like Thermodynamics and yet the mods for 4 whole days have refused to do their jobs.



Banned them, as they have been banned previously, they just come back with a vpn. Its more than that, that anon is just generally reactionary and never has the decency to debate in a meaningful capacity


File: 9de1a66e8c40ca1⋯.png (775.69 KB, 4500x4334, 2250:2167, f16277120.png)


>Ban someone

>They come back

<Oh well what can I do


please make the Peterson vs Zizek thread cyclical for the weekend


Give cyclical to the Zizek vs Peterson thread, plox. Almost reached limit and its only starting now.



I legitimately thought I was going insane arguing with that poster, like everyone was just ignoring him and talking about veganism instead.


Ban all talk of trannies to deal with /pol/ falseflaggers and actual radlibs in one stroke

Look at the board and tell me I'm wrong about this



I concur, it's a very problematic issue from multiple perspectives

All I can say without being cruel is that from an evopsych perspective they are taking one for the team for all our sakes so therefore should be treated with the utmost sympathy

I mean this in the most grave sense

I would strongly suggest banning the issue from discussion entirely, there are other forums available, even on 8chan




I'm on board with this, trans discourse is shitting up the board. Any other vols wanna chip in?



Leave one, and only one containment thread. It will also make it easier for you for having to delete less threads and comments.




Lmao I was just about to come in here and mention this, I think a couple of /pol/ retards are butthurt about the Zizek Peterson debate drawing reactionaries here and noticed that Tranny stuff is a hot button issue, particularly in relation to Zizek (Also, seems like /pol/ has picked up on the fact that Zizek brings out Kahinafags, but that could also just be Kahinafags baiting themselves). It's not just Trans shit either though, there have been dozens of threads of vulgar anti-sjw nonsense over the past few days also; which is funny because it's probably the only time that the Anti-Anti-Idpol people have had a point about this board if they came here and saw that shit.


Yeah I think this is the only solution, and it will be a literal contaiment thread, because even without the reactionaries sliding on here, there are a bunch of posters that get absolutely steaming over trannies for no reason and veil it in vulgar anti-idpol stances without being able to instantiate any coherent critique of things like Intersectionality if you ask them about it. This is a really big problem imo because if the general education of this board when it comes to Idpol shit is that low then you actually can't defend the position and be able to repudiate that bullshit.




In that case, we'll just continue using >>2856439 for containment and make it official policy.



In that case I'd probably rename the thread so that it's not explicitly RadFem, which is what Gender Crit as a term is associated with, otherwise you'll still have people making Trans threads, arguing that if TERFs can have their own thread, they should get them too.

Also where do you draw the line on whether a thread is trans shit or not, and does this extend to threads about Sexual Orientation, Queer shit or like IdPol stuff or is it only if it explicitly mentions Trans in OP?





Presumably the same retards complaining that leftpol has gone full fash.

Jesus Christ how to feed the fucking fire you are really supporting a tranny can not even /pol/ itself has that.

You are

1) legitimately autistic

2) wrecker false flaggers

3) thin skinned as fuck and can’t see words on a screen without losing your shit, which brings me back to number 1) you are legitimately autistic


Can someone please delete the 14 "now is our time to act threads" and castrate whoever is spamming



Idk fam when the same thread keeps on getting posted multiple times a day and it always derails into bullshit then I don't see why a cyclical thread for discussion on it is a bad idea. If there is actually a productive thread on Trans issues that doesn't turn into a shitfest then that will presumably be up for debate. I assume you weren't here when the resident pedos attempted to slide the entire board a few years back, nor did you experience the worst of the incel posting with the socdem tripfag?


why do we have PRC and DPRK cyclical threads, but not a Cuban one

cuba is 100 times more based than either



The DPRK one got cycled because it got traction, China because we have 5 threads every day. Cuba isn't as much of a hot topic, if you make a Cuba thread that gets traction it'll get cycled.


I accidentally made a duplicate thread. Please delete >>2873620


Did something happen to the kids over at /pol/? Usually they ramp up their schizoposting here whenever something happens, more often than not something embarassing to them.



Sometimes there's something so embarrassing they just ignore it entirely, like Charollotesville.



They silenced the Peterson and Zizek debate too, probably cause the mods know it got some people interested in Marxism.



There's a Christian moderator locking all threads regarding Christianity and its role in imperialism



those are gorillaposter-tier threads



t. christcuck



>christianity dindu nuffin!


Reminder: delete these freaking threads, because we can not do otherwise:

1) https://8ch.net/leftypol/res/2878711.html

2) https://8ch.net/leftypol/res/2878709.html

3) https://8ch.net/leftypol/res/2878708.html

>muh market economy make it gut

Fuck you, and die!


File: e126dda5b7adf51⋯.png (22.7 KB, 930x551, 930:551, 0787D63F-FC56-45CD-8DD6-E1….png)

Why was I permabanned for no reason? I was trying to defend Maduro from the Naziposter. I even posted some pro-Venezuelan stuff like “Is this Bay of the Pigs but lamer”?



uhhh because i own this board it's my private property


Pet peeve, but if a thread has a reason to be locked or deleted, and has less than 10 posts in it, just delete it. Don't just leave four post threads locked and floating around clogging the catalog.


Why the fuck was the leftcom thread deleted? Jesus christ give me a fucking break





I still want an answer for this question




Still wanting an answer to this question


why is /leftypol/ a nazi shitfest these days?




Pretty sure board is being slid from somewhere


I locked some nazi threads and deleted one of the two trotksy hate threads.

There seems to be several schizo posters that urgently need to take their meds and stop shitposting about the franklin education center.

I ask my dear comrades to please use the fucking report function, and either literally copy paste this article: https://marxistpedia.org/wiki/Right-wing_Memes#Cultural_Marxism or paste links to youtube videos on the topic, or IDEALLY do not take the bait.

If only we could keep all anti-gay, anti-trans, gender critical, daily idpol thread, naziposting, anti-frankfurt school, in a general idealism containment thread.



We need schizo containment.



Can we honestly just start banning anyone and everyone trying to make analysis of "culture" no matter what side they take?



Nobody here cares



are you the same retard that insists zizek is a nazi?


what happened to the Dutch thread?


There needs to be some sort of sticky that shows newbies how to sage and what sage is now that the board's ranks are back up and Nazis are coming in and stirring shit up with crap like "race realism" threads.



Can the new BO please review this ban? I was trying to defend Maduro with this



anon there's nothing we can do unless you appeal it, our ban list only goes back 3 days.



As dumb as it sounds I am actually considering this but only if we really swell up in numbers. I'll propose it at the next vol group chat.



I appealed it 10 minutes after i got the ban but it was rejected…


File: c8992a11e2715b1⋯.jpg (1.9 MB, 2816x2112, 4:3, Pierre_Omidyar_Richard_Bra….jpg)

File: fa855f2df9939bd⋯.png (21.13 KB, 636x428, 159:107, intercept.png)


add the following wordfilters

theintercept.com = fbi.gov

The Intercept = FBI Interception Agency

it's been recently outed as an FBI asset after a THIRD whistleblower who tried to leak classified documents to the intercept









The Intercept's billionaire owner Pierre Omidyar's (who's close friends with neo-con billionaire Richard Branson who's currently pushing for regime change in Venezuela) own tweet regarding his view of whistleblowers:




Do people here even unironically post The Intercept though? It's like filtering the Epoch Times - why bother?



i know that jimmy dore constantly cites the intercept thinking it's as reputable as wikileaks


thread from somebody who doesn't know if they are ancom or stalinist anchored, thread about race realism not anchored

you are fucking the worst cunts in world.



>blogposting that should be in QTDDTOT, leftytrash or leftybrit anchored

>resources for debunking race realism not anchored

Not my fault you didn't bother to read the thread.


why was the most recent news thread locked?



This. Is there a jannie with a softspot for AOC or something?



It was locked and unlocked by the same vol in in quick succession, probably a mistake.


Yeah, I let Ben Shapiro join the vol team.


Is the vol who banned me for calling aoc a feminazi a burger that got triggered for muh based kween getting insulted?


or was it just a feminist

>You are banned! ;_;

You have been banned from /leftypol/ for the following reason:

nice filename

Your ban was filed on Tuesday 14 May, 2019 and expires 7 days from now, which is on Tuesday 21 May, 2019

Your IP address is …2uLE2FxC.

If you use a proxy or VPN service, this ban might not be intended for you because proxies share IPs between users. Unfortunately, other users of the proxy might be using it to post illegal content or spam the boards.

You were banned for the following post on /leftypol/:

Anonymous 05/13/19 (Mon) 22:53:27 No.2890428

File: 61bba3a4539dacf⋯.jpg (103.32 KB, 1024x782, 512:391, feminazi.jpg)


File: a870ae0906b55d5⋯.png (38.58 KB, 738x383, 738:383, 1.png)

>incel thread


>incel thread unlocked



can we ban all incel, anti-abortion and pro-prostitution threads?



Apparently the new administration would rather have us debate this shit than lock it, tho, it must be said, that new comrade BO is still expected to give a speech of sorts defining his/her new terms…


File: 1db9c75e1e18eb6⋯.png (291.82 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, reddit.png)

>pro-TERF, pro-abortion, anti-prostitution, anti-cincels

So that this place bacomes r/socialism 2.0? Liberals are such wreckers holy shit.


Perhaps there is hope to avert subversion for now.



It seems you aren't familiar with either place.

>pro-TERF, pro-abortion, anti-prostitution

These are standard Marxist positions and r/socialism is anti-TERF as you can see by a glance at their rules in the sidebar. Neither here nor there exists a moderation rule about having this or that position on prostitution. This place has both pro- and anti-TERF posters.


? You are not required to have a girlfriend to be allowed to post here or on reddit.







On Saturday I'll be discussing codification of rules with the jannies and some input from the community is welcome. Discord links, calls for raiding and incel threads are definitely getting the boot, I keep seeing that shit and I don't want people to get the idea this is the place for it.

Most of the discussion will probably be about what counts as imperialism apologia or propaganda and how long the ban duration should be, whether we encourage people to appeal or not etc. so I would like to hear about anything but imperialism.



Just go. Don't try to make this place a legacy if you don't want it anymore.



he's the new BO dum dum


8chan = FBI >>2891441

we need a new site for /leftypol/ that isn't hosted in a Fourteen Eyes country (USA, Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, France, Netherlands, Norway, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Sweden) or run by a pro-american patriotard conservative former-US-military-personnel like Jim Watkins



>saging a stickied thread




1. At least one full sentence ban reasons from vols. Exceptions: raid, spam, nazi shill, incel.

2. Ban appeals MUST be reviewed by another vol other than the one who made it.


Tox chat at 3 PM BST. Be there or be square. Topic will mostly be codification of rules.



If it is good to have race realism and abortion thread so people can hone their arguments against racists and prolifers, then i don't understand why you would deny Anons the chance to sharpen anti imperialism arguments against actual imperialists apologists.

If you have a particular reason to specifically deplatform imperialism among all aspects of the reaction, i'm actually curious to hear it.



what the fuck is wrong with FBI why are you such a little bitch its so fucking annoying



this is literally just a list of things that ticks off your personal autism. Ban raiders and spammers and absolutely reletenless nazis fine.

all of these other things are all a part of making a wider community.

i actually fucking hate you, you sit in a pile of shit that was made by all your own decisions and yet you sit there still making these decrees like you are in any way qualified. fuck you



It's a new BO, but the old obviously picked one with the same ideology as successor.




this is the new BO, not the old one. stop sperging out every thread.


he was not handpicked, the whole mod team made a collective decision based on how active and trustworthy they are, and how they would deal with certain issues. the new BO has been at odds many times with the old one, he is not some BO worshipper who was handed down the throne or whatever.



>chosen by a secret unelected cabal

that sure is reassuring, however he still banned someone for criticizing feminism. remember when this board was supposed to be anti-idpol?




I am going to ask him about the ban, because I don't think he's the Reddit faggot "u need to support bourgeois feminism or else ur evil WHITE MALE shill" type. Will tell you the reason in the new mod thread.



i didn't know it was a new BO. I'm sorry new BO, i don't necessarily hate you so much.

As for sperging, its in the mod threads and you have to understand, I'm not kidding when i say at one point this place may have in fact saved my life, which became a lot more fulfilling once i learned about communism and then went out to try and push for communism IRL

I saw this place for something actually revolutionary, I still firmly believe that. Propaganda is an extremely useful weapon, maybe the most useful, and as far as the internet goes most other outlets are absolutely shit tier, mainly because of the idpol thing and the whole culture around that, this place did not have that, and it was growing. The GOOD thing about it was that it was left wing space you could say pretty much anything without being labelled problematic and shunned, banned etc. That is what this board was built on, it was a more accessible part of the left for the great uncouth, which is most people. On top of that, it wasn't some muhh free speech liberal with burger characteristics ahaha i said nigger on the internet ahahah hellhole. It was just a place, that was actually good for discussing just about anything loosely related to the left, which is really everything.

That was the exact reason the board was good and successful, for no other reason. I feel really passionately that this place flourish, as more and more the internet becomes entrenched in mainstream life.




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