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File: 1866a726e99aabf⋯.png (10.95 KB, 240x240, 1:1, Eric Cartman.png)


Have we talked about the fact that the alt-right are basically all Eric Cartman?

I feel like its so obvious I must have missed out on this being a meme at some point.

He is a fat spoiled Momma's boy who blames everything on imagined enemies , his anti semitism an obvious example of this.



good thread OP



found the alt rightist


I'm sorry, what's this from? Honestly don't know.



Not him but I'm tired of this american vs american thing. The alt right is an american only fenomen and /leftypol/ and the left in general isn't antagonism to little right movments.

It's literally human vs orcs tier



….southpark? Fuck the kids are getting young


>. The alt right is an american only fenomen

Wrong so dead wrong



Not everyone grew up poisoning their mind with American "entertainment"



still maybe the second or third biggest cartoon ever



Yes it is you fucking faggot. Show me the asian, european alt right




What fucking channel is it on? Never heard of it.




>impyling a culture born on the internet is specific to one country.

Dunno why you even bother to show up tbh fam



this is surely bait



They are so fucking small that I didn't even fucking heard of them


The concept of american white nationalist is americanism pure and simple



Genuinely have no fucking clue what South Park is. It looks like some stupid stop motion show.


Okay Google says this is on a channel called "Comedy Central" either it's not provided by my cable or it's so far away from my general viewing that it's not worth the bother



>They are so fucking small that I didn't even fucking heard of them

>If I don't know it exists, it doesn't exist.

There are many other similar groups if you actually bothered to look before smashing your sausage fingers into your keyboard.

>The concept of american white nationalist is americanism pure and simple



well fam its a comedy cartoon about a group of young American boys growing up in a small town in Colorado… dunno what else to say have a google


>ideology i don't like is JUST LIKE this unlikeable thing

Welcome to Graphic Design 101


I think you're right. They are just like Cartman.



I suppose it isn't as popular as it used to be. 15-20 years ago, you wouldn't be able to swing a stick anywhere in the english speaking world without hitting someone talking about south park. But now it's hit a level similar to the simpsons where it's still going, and yet a lot of people don't even realize, they thought it ended decades ago and have just forgotten about it. It's only relevant to people who are actively watching the channel its on, the rest is just inertia from the past, which may pass someone by who wasn't around/paying attention at the time.



I´m 23 and by the time i got to know southpark it had already peaked

am i really this old?


It's so obvious that it doesn't really bear analysis.

I mean, even in canon Eric Cartman is often used to just recite shitty (usually) right-wing arguments - so, since the show is still running, a lot of his beliefs have direct crossover with the alt. right.

But also, a lot of kids are "Eric Cartman." Like I was once a fat kid who hated everything and adopted certain stances just to hurt people, too.


And Cartman is just Archie Bunker.

Nothing new under the sun.


I mean, I’ve always thought so.

It almost feels so obvious that it’s a cheap shot, so I’ve never mentioned it



What country are you from, friend?



What's common denominator behind the creation of these characters?



I think it’s Alf Garnet, as far as television is concerned. He seems to be the archetype.



also, fun fact: Alf Garnett was played by a socialist named Warren Mitchell.



>an actor was actually a lefty the whole time

I'm shocked!

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