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File: a6a971de06e791e⋯.jpg (553.01 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, polish.jpg)


why do you support socialism when socialist and the white army hated the red army and bolsheviks.

>>my the polish socialist and white army rise from the slavic blood.



File: c1d30afd8fde738⋯.jpg (49.73 KB, 480x640, 3:4, c1d30afd8fde73870d2c4b171b….jpg)


Why do you subscribe to 19th century economic theory because of these 20th century events I don't research beyond what someone on /pol/ tells me about Adorno



Like I fucking told you the other thread socialism/communism party is an umbrella for a lot of different things.

The white army is literally the anti communist army


Everything from East Germany to Ukraine is becoming apart of the White Army Socialist Orbit.



>White Army Socialist

The white army is anti socialist you ignorant fool




It doesn't exist anymore btw


File: 5c7f2dc7b394cf4⋯.jpg (8.05 KB, 203x248, 203:248, pepe54.jpg)

File: 7e7a301a91e607b⋯.jpg (8.28 KB, 247x204, 247:204, pepe 99.jpg)

File: fcd296c72c4a366⋯.png (34.01 KB, 812x319, 28:11, Capture.PNG)

White Europe of Brotherly Nations.

>>sounds like white socialism



The bolsheviks were bad, but the white army was worse and the other, better leftists were never in a good position.



i guess you don't know about the SRs.


Bolsheviks (real opposition left)

Narodniks (controlled opposition left)

They were pro government socialists.

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