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File: 176d0d2fc55695b⋯.png (26.87 KB, 359x327, 359:327, dan.png)


ITT: movies, anime, music, feels, e-celebs, internet drama, fetishes, shitposting, etc.

This is a voluntary thread that users can choose to post in, if… I forgot the rest of whatever the old OP was. Honestly, I just wanted to bring this old thread back.



Disney movie villain-tier



Ethan. Where's the Rabbit's foot?



Mr. President really going for that Biff Tannen look



Burgers, uh, find a way



is this his new haircut or something?






he's just trying to fit in in Britain


File: 49e3a51c74436fb⋯.jpg (60.33 KB, 682x1307, 682:1307, D8LlItwWkAAX1F4.jpg:large.jpg)




It was an Indian attack on the Colonists. Only the teacher was shot. The rest of the kids were beaten with tomahawks


Is this real? If it is he looks like a corrupt bougious CEO fucking over hos workers If he wasn't one already


File: 6b74bd756fcab81⋯.png (64.03 KB, 540x345, 36:23, tumblr_inline_pbrntk51IV1t….png)


He's become the literal Boomer president




Is that the fucking Trump waxwork?



>It was an Indian attack on the Colonists

False, it was an alte-righte recluse that showed up to sunday school carrying 14 muskets for rapid discharge of lethal incel rage



>It was an Indian attack on the Colonists.

Ah yes I forgot about the *checks American history textbook* brutal attacks by savage Indians on innocent settlers spreading civilization and christianity to the savages.


File: bee36b8b69b37b1⋯.png (13.8 KB, 1034x318, 517:159, FireShot Screen Capture #1….png)



File: 99aa09fa7ae3ce1⋯.png (557.68 KB, 1036x594, 518:297, 99a.png)




Off topic question for off topic thread. Can pirate Crusader Kings II dlc if I own the game on steam already? What about other paradox dlc for that matter? I'm retarded and bought a bunch of them already. I could pirate the whole collection, but that would take awhile



Can pirate Crusader Kings II dlc if I own the game on steam already?

I believe so but I can think of any place that would just have the dlc files. I guess you could install from the .iso and copy the dlc files from your installation into your steam folder. Though I believe you need a DLC activator with that method and even then they make check the files when you run through steam.

>I could pirate the whole collection, but that would take awhile

they've got sites that host links you can download the game .iso as a .rar file.


File: eafed4ee2c31e29⋯.jpg (126.05 KB, 500x500, 1:1, hatsune_miku_x_m_reader_fu….jpg)

Been almost a year since I last searched cute miku pics and now I can't help but download them all.


File: 6f450b10eb0a017⋯.jpg (130.3 KB, 750x600, 5:4, hatsune-miku-wallpaper-cus….jpg)


Can someone take the watermark off?


I think I'm getting sucked back into waifuism lads

And if I do I'm not coming back out


So is the predictable petty politicking in Chernobyl caricaturesque or at all representative?



how do you get 'sucked into' waifuism

i've gotten too attached to fictions once or twice but the feeling always dissipates at most after a month or so because lol its not real



>Can pirate Crusader Kings II dlc if I own the game on steam already?

Nah it's not like Bethesda games where it's so broken you could just drag and drop them. You'd have to pirate the whole game and the DLC, thus having two copies. On the bright side, mods downloaded through the steam workshop will still work if you get like, the IGG games codex of it.



it's 95% ideology, what did you expect?



autism gang rise up


File: 4e3afb665768366⋯.jpg (521.95 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190604003206_1.jpg)

lol I didn't know you can become a socialist in this mod.


File: 04906ef4c209042⋯.jpg (43.88 KB, 756x567, 4:3, 1559618914125.jpg)

One thousand dollarydoos?!



I don't know, I haven't actually watched it.


Are you the king of Orlando or something?



High Chief, which the dukal for tribal governments.



*which is the dukal tier


File: 6b50a83e7e4cf63⋯.gif (277.28 KB, 270x200, 27:20, 1549190766251.gif)

File: 797bab793093838⋯.jpg (871.15 KB, 2000x1600, 5:4, 1763739191.jpg)


File: b777c6207584d7f⋯.jpg (59.79 KB, 403x275, 403:275, annlanders.jpg)

Just got a guy to come over here by telling him we could help him stop having pathological racial fetishes if he simply re-evaluates his racism.

Being scared of black people stealing your wife is letting black people live in your head rent-free.


File: fbe2e34a0e4bfff⋯.jpg (84.39 KB, 768x960, 4:5, duterte.jpg)


File: e9e26d50b9146f5⋯.jpg (1.29 MB, 3840x2160, 16:9, CIA.jpg)


He joined the CIA


File: f1ff61a035235c8⋯.jpg (89.25 KB, 450x360, 5:4, 1506169-bigthumbnail.jpg)


Thank you anon!



Ann Landers is a boring old biddy.



It's just escapism really, how do people not get sucked in, that's the real question


solidarity my brother


I'm thinking of bringing some food directly to some of the homeless people in the city at one of the under-bridge tent communities and just talking to them for a bit.

Is this a half decent idea or am I gonna get stabbed for intruding on someone's home?



Probably not a good idea to show up without at least a knife. Still, not much to worry about if you're giving them food. People tend to be grateful for donations.



Yeah I probably should do that.

Any other recommendations on what to bring that'd be useful to donate? I've considered making a few projects for just various useful things that might be appreciated as just general utility items.



Some political pamphlets and some lighters/matchsticks. Fires are pretty useful for homeless people.



I could get a handful of cheap lighters, that'd be good yeah. I've not got any political pamphlets on hand, I should probably at least have some notes and a notepad


Does anyone know where to get https://russomilitare.com/product/gorka-3-berezka-yellow-camo-suit/ but not sold out or in a higher quality, or when they make a new batch? My old ones made out of a weaker fabric doesn't cut it/ is tearing apart.




Alright, so first time I try this I think I'm going to bring some cans of stew and rice and something to cook on that I'll probably leave with them, a notepad and pen, a few lighters, a few blankets, and a knife. May or may not bring alcohol, not sure. Will just listen to them and sit with them to have lunch or dinner the first time before bringing out any political propagandizing so that it looks like I'm genuinely interested in their plight and I'm not just trying to buy them off.

I have to admit I'm a bit nervous.


File: c01ad0c5285a4ce⋯.webm (14.48 MB, 720x480, 3:2, Rock My Octagon.webm)


File: 4becf859f3a5996⋯.jpg (11.48 KB, 299x300, 299:300, s-l300.jpg)

How does getting shot in the chest with one of these actually work?

Do you also need a plate carrier that still allows you to lay on the ground or do you just hope when you're dashing you just don't get shot?


Are there any fan artists willing to spend five or ten minutes drawing something for free?

Looking for a badly portrayed isometric perspective of Auschwitz, but instead of jews and Nazis it's harry potter and death eaters. Maybe hermonie next to him with a speech bubble like "I don't think they're going to let us out harry" or some shit. and coloured in using ms paint



I don't see any use for this, just use a backpack and some bullet strap bro, why did yo have to invent this?


File: c963ff15b5c373a⋯.png (63.4 KB, 696x564, 58:47, harry potter and the escap….png)


File: d7ff449d4855ecd⋯.png (2.46 MB, 1498x1702, 749:851, ClipboardImage.png)




What body armour does the Smerch goes with?



File: e28b003eb4b8315⋯.png (203.43 KB, 696x564, 58:47, demiurge.png)

Kinda want to draw stuff today for no reason whatsoever but my computer art skills are terrible

suggest something to me and i'll tell you if i'm even able to draw it. keep it simple.


File: 8f19de3ef8c8001⋯.webm (2.53 MB, 540x960, 9:16, takemyface.webm)

Draw bonki for me.


File: 65c27a7a08a1fd2⋯.png (3.98 MB, 2000x2000, 1:1, stfucompass.png)


W-who? The girl in your webm?


File: 032aa9cf86469ec⋯.gif (176.38 KB, 128x128, 1:1, sadbonki4.gif)


>W-who? The girl in your webm?





Yeah, this request's not gonna work fam. I don't think i can draw people using a mouse.



Draw an elephant then. African one with big flappy ears. You also want something drawn? I'm trying to learn art and might as well take requests.



Bonbibonkers. Underage cosplayer that people on /wsg/ have been stalking for nearly a whole year now.


File: 7dc49d1d03e239f⋯.png (67.33 KB, 696x564, 58:47, bonbi.png)

Sorry about the quality on this one, but it's all i can do fam. You don't want to see me try to draw a realistic looking tiktok thot.



Didn't 8ch stalk her? Spergs on 4chan's /wsg/ are somewhat normal-ish. Anyway I think we both can agree that /YGYL/ threads are best of /wsg/, right?



She stopped doing tiktoks because some Russians doxed her. Some Anons on /wsg/ were not only able to convince her to come back and do tiktoks but also make a FBI server. Shit hit the fan when one ugly bastard groomed her and pissed everyone off because they wish they were the ones doing it.


File: 36e60ff36761507⋯.jpeg (89.1 KB, 540x960, 9:16, 35C927F0-BD29-4C53-8928-1….jpeg)

Israelis really are the chosen people, because you can’t criticize them on FB.


File: cb48448178257c5⋯.gif (1.3 MB, 245x280, 7:8, 1179.gif)


>make a FBI server. Shit hit the fan when one ugly bastard groomed her and pissed everyone off because they wish they were the ones doing it.

Holy shit. I frequent /wsg/ and Bombi threads and I didn't know it.


File: b411b403e84746e⋯.png (501.08 KB, 696x564, 58:47, elefante.png)




I meant di scord server, but it was word filtered to FBI


Im about to snort some white powder from a baggie i found on the ground. Wish me luck anon.



Thanks. I like the rainbow colors.


Well that's less exciting.


This is why I hate this eceleb shit and why everybody who brings them up belongs to gulag. It always ends in sex and gossip.




We have a picture of him, he was also doxed because he's a moron that uses the same username on every site. We also found out he's a lolicon and has considered buying those child sex dolls.





Here's a pic of him in the OP


File: aa7a32bc4484bae⋯.jpg (33.71 KB, 219x521, 219:521, dovberborochov.jpg)

File: dcbd0b13da2abd4⋯.jpg (882.25 KB, 1200x1712, 75:107, sterngang.jpg)


Israelis are not onlyle happy merchant meem's chosen people, butle happy merchant meem's favorite people.le happy merchant meem made the Israeli in his image - the image of a NazBol.


File: 6a75066c293de67⋯.png (390.26 KB, 696x564, 58:47, scape.png)












File: 509dcb8a0acb24c⋯.png (32.76 KB, 696x564, 58:47, torre.png)


File: 6c2b5f7466c0aa6⋯.jpg (411.17 KB, 1350x1864, 675:932, stadium.jpg)

I don't know how i'm going to stay awake all day.


Lenin and Stalin didn't kill millions but they should've done. /pol/lacks make you want to kill them just over the internet, imagine millions of these fuckers running around your country openly. I'd exterminate them as well.


File: f99524795eb738b⋯.jpg (321.23 KB, 1349x1837, 1349:1837, schizo.jpg)


I feel the same way.


File: e8a70fde8c896af⋯.jpg (371.38 KB, 1100x722, 550:361, redlinee.jpg)

Just watched the anime movie Redline for the first time. Holy shit, it was great. Recommend.



Waste of resources. They will learn to contribute to society through honest labour, like tending to the sewers, cleaning the common spaces for litter or clearing terrain for the construction of high-speed railways.


File: 36627ff9b3834c3⋯.jpg (363.31 KB, 1350x1715, 270:343, cistern.jpg)

>Gotye - somebody i used to know was 8 years ago

I forgot that song existed even though 8 years ago it was the only song people listened to for months. Culture industry is fucking with my head.



*I know the Democrats aren’t socialists

Sorry autocorrect



time flies


File: cabac04ca17cd00⋯.jpeg (12.96 KB, 230x255, 46:51, d5be6274391d1ae78e9b17713….jpeg)


Sorry I deleted this post, because my autocorrect slaughtered my question.

I don’t know where to post this question so I’ll ask here. My boss listens to Rush Limbaugh in the truck when we go to different jobs. At any rate I’m forced to listen to this and Rush started going on about the socialist Democrats. Well I know that the Democrats AREN'T socialist, but at any rate he brought up a quote by Lenin. I guess Lenin said that the purpose of terror is to terrorize. Then Rush started comparing socialists to all sorts of terrorists. What did Lenin mean by that? Clearly the right wing thinks it was a call for terrorism.



>Bernie was never a contender.



I'll give it a look. Looks like Space Dandy.


wholesome is reactionary


<hurr durr white privilege means your race will never negatively impact your life

>it's the same politicians fucking me

>it's the same ceos exploiting me

>it's the same cops beating me

>it's the same soldiers soaking up my tax dollars

>but at least they aren't doing it because of my skin color

wow, such privilege


File: d5e9e30b1607a17⋯.gif (2.1 MB, 600x281, 600:281, tumblr_pryvppnlyN1qjqv2uo1….gif)

So you cucks don't think the image has replaced the object enough yet., Well BAM, here you go. Soon, your pictures will be more real than you ever were.



You're missing the point. A black person will have all of those problems plus discrimination. Quite literally a racial negative bonus.



holy fuck, you're right



you'll look kind of like a jackass if you just go there on your own and only hand out a bit of food.



rolling for GDR


I don't know how to feel about the "socialist" movements growing in world right now. They're basically social-democracies pretending to be revolutionary socialism but at the same time a lot of the early 20th century socialist movements were social-democracies. Even the Bolsheviks had their origins from the Russian social democratic labor party. I guess we're back to square one.



Can't wait for WW3.



except it's the same discrimination. even if the officiator of state violence hates black people, wealthy black people aren't at risk of getting beat or shot. example: that professor involved in Obama's dumb "Beer Summit"



>example: that professor involved in Obama's dumb "Beer Summit"

he got arrested on the porch of his own house

he's a middle aged guy, presumably nicely dressed and without tats, bandanas etc. (respectable-looking) so it's understandable how he wasn't ventilated at a moment's notice

though you can't look too spiffy, they might think you're nation of islam and you're gonna end up dead

you gotta hit the sweet spot, not too shabby, not too nice


File: 487f8ae14f0d5a3⋯.jpg (607.68 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190604134636_1.jpg)

Hell yeah



those look like 3 different people and are really creepy side-to-side TBH



>he's a middle aged guy, presumably nicely dressed and without tats, bandanas etc. (respectable-looking) so it's understandable how he wasn't ventilated at a moment's notice

This is how people are suppose to be


>though you can't look too spiffy, they might think you're nation of islam and you're gonna end up dead

white or black, prol or porky, you shouldn’t be looking or doing anything counter-cultural in the first place. The New Left shit destroyed the left. Hippies, freeks and their ilk need to be booted from the labor movement and class struggle.


File: 8f35bcfeb9d2f82⋯.webm (2.88 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 8f35bcfeb9d2f8256b76f25c9….webm)

File: f6a2872515612b9⋯.webm (3.97 MB, 768x320, 12:5, f6a2872515612b910907f00cb….webm)



>/m/ sucking up godzilla kotm and any criticism is /tv/

I might as well post here first since this place isn't dead. Oh, where to begin...

I was just not that entertained by what I saw. Not going to bother talking about the human aspects other than that it's a mess. Even Godzilla isn't safe from the industry standard quip quota for "mass appeal". We're talking about the sequel to 2014 here. That's the real joke. 2014's big problem to me is not having an interesting main character which could've been dealt with in three ways. Either just have Cranston be the main guy, have a more balanced cast by giving the Monarch team more focus or simply make him interesting. Also, people whine about screentime yet brush off the MUTOs entirely despite how well they were handled. Ghidorah gets barely any build-up in contrast.

Visually, I think it's a downgrade. I found it was hard to see some of the action though it may be due to the theatre. But I would also blame it on the weaker visual direction of the film. It's either the camera was unnecessarily close or the fight not getting enough focus. In any case, I didn't get as much of the sense of scale and immense power that were present in PR, 2014 and even Kong. Pacific Rim shows that we can have raging storms and oceans yet still look comprehensible and wonderful. Kong, while suffering from having the wrong main "characters", still had some brilliant visuals. I might have to see it again (for free) to make up my mind.

I posted that Ghidorah & Godzilla standoff pic months ago imagining a lingering shot without any music. Just them sizing up one another as we hear the blizzard and their growling, stomping, flapping and whatnot. This is not that kind of movie. Scenes cut fast and the sound design gets drowned out because the music doesn't know when to stop. The first confrontation ends exactly like the MUTO hatching with the bad kaiju flying off and the main hero passing out. Another scene of Godzilla charging up from the tail but not as satisfying. An admittedly cool tail whip to Ghidorah but nowhere near the sheer anticipation and brute strength of smashing the flying MUTO to the side of a building.

There are some things that I liked, mostly at the beginning like Mothra hatching and Godzilla spooking people. These kinds of scenes hark back to what I appreciate in G'14. Remember the MUTO escape? Godzilla's arrival? Train scene? Bridge scene? I made a post in /m/ years ago about how I like the way G'14 uses reality and fantasy. We got things like a submarine being stranded in a jungle and jets ominously falling into the ocean. Meanwhile, KotM has the military with their squadrons and sci-fi ship taking on the kaiju with Godzilla and it got too ridiculous to take seriously. Again, this is the sequel to G'14 we're talking about. Final Wars is unironically better in this regard.

I do like the the ending or at least the imagery of it. Seeing the other kaiju literally bowing down to Godzilla actually feels Lovecraftian and a better movie would do well to tap into that. All in all, I guess the "muh monster battles" crowd got their wish with how much they're praising it. But to me this is yet another 5 years wasted. What a shame. Anyway, happy Eid to the islamic gommunists out there.



who cares dweeb



>Americans make another shitty movie

go figure

Shin Gojira is GOAT



lol i knew the us millitary would team up with zilla, you can thank the pentagon reviewing scripts for that. so the monsters bow to zilla at the end? i guess the dong is gonna kick everyones asses in the third one.



The 2014 Godzilla film was, IMO worse than the 1998 one. Every action scene was so dark you couldn't see shit or was cut-away like a bad case of blue balls, the final fight was just pathetic, godzilla slaughtering the MUTO like nothing. The film was about the MC and just had Godzilla in it, rather than being about Godzilla or about something more like older films. They killed off Brian Cranston so quickly I couldn't believe it… the actor they hyped up for the movie was killed in the beginning having done next to nothing (and still be the better part of the movie). The MUTO took out a RUSSIAN submarine yet Russia doesn't so much as attempt a strike of their own. The Main Character is also so bland a plank of wood would have been better.

Shin godzilla on the other hand was really good. It had LESS Godzilla on-screen than the 2014 film BUT made each moment count, building suspense. And the political complexities were simply a joy to watch as well as the philosophical call-back from the original Godzilla's theme.


I missed the whole drama about old BO going for a hike in the mountains, why did we get the new one?


File: 37c3a3a16964113⋯.jpeg (1.55 MB, 1242x1968, 207:328, ADCA52CE-3533-40EA-BDD1-2….jpeg)

I love /pol/



The Host is a better monster movie than any Godzilla film anyway.


File: 45596403b5079d2⋯.webm (3.43 MB, 1920x800, 12:5, 45596403b5079d22feda2eb1d….webm)

File: 4c8a26f6eb11518⋯.webm (3.41 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 4c8a26f6eb11518e0e40ef909….webm)


I wonder if the military literally fucking up every plan last time had anything to do with that.


>worse than the 1998 one

Considering how 2014 actually had one relatable character, good visuals, amazing sense of scale, has other kaiju which are handled very well and godzilla being godzilla, I wouldn't go that far.

>so dark

I'm convinced it has something to do with the home release versions. I remember having no trouble following the final battle in theatres. There are threads about this elsewhere.

>slaughtering the MUTO like nothing

Godzilla got wrecked when they worked together.

>Shin godzilla

It's good too but the parts between the atomic breath and final plan can really drag after the first time like how the middle of 2014 got kind of boring.

>LESS Godzilla on-screen BUT made each moment count

That's what I like about 2014 though. I was just in awe whenever godzilla appeared and at how well they sold his size and power outside of the fighting. The MUTOs were handled like horror villains. First with the male hatching and then the train scene with the female. The lack of music and the sound design in the latter is brilliant.

I mean, ShinG walks forward for half the movie but what makes it so good is seeing the destruction caused just by that and how people react and deal with it. The tanks and constant barrage are great too. It did get almost unbearably loud though.

KotM is just a blur to me. I'm not even sure if goji had any more screentime than 2014. Even less impactful to boot other than him spooking some people underwater. Is it also just me or is goji and ghidorah moving too fast? It's Uprising all over again.



Communism better cure the common cold.


Is it just me or is this site losing users?






It's more quiet, but that's because nothing's really happening right now. It's summer and people are going outside.


Did Christianity kill the ancient furries?


I thought this board was for cool people like me who didn't go outside unless their mother told them to go get bread though.


I fucking hate this heat, it sucks to be too poor for air conditioning.


Me too. I on't understand these screeching normies outside, this was not a problem in winter.


Is this entire site, excluding this board, one giant /pol/ circlejerk? I don't remember it being this way in 2014.



You're still missing the point. The rich black person will still have it worse than the rich white person, and much more importantly, the poor black person will have it much worse than the poor white person.


Well this was at its worst right after 1991. The left is slowly growing radical since then. Ridiculously slowly, but still.


This is just the beginning, famrade. This was just the display of a breakthrough development, which is the generation of a fake person out of a single flat image. The sky is the limit. Soon enough, sound and video won't be admissible as evidence in court, due to being fully falsifiable. A handwritten note, for example, will have infinitely more weight. And god knows how journalism will fare, because they'll have no evidence whatsoever of anything anyone says.


>lol i knew the us millitary would team up with zilla,

Seriously? Is that for real?



I've literally not met one tranny or fag that hasn't been a giant degenerate piece of shit. Sorry, I'm just talking from experience.



I think we have before because I remember thinking about the fact this person had to custom make that transtrasser flag and no one stopped them.


File: 2cd5e7edb12705e⋯.jpg (57.42 KB, 960x712, 120:89, D755H6lXoAAEygT.jpg orig.jpg)

>The truly insidious part is that MindGeek has also bought up a bunch of the top porn production studios, including Brazzers, Babes.com and Digital Playground. MindGeek has been accused of allowing those studios’ films to be pirated by its own streaming sites. That lets MindGeek earn and keep streaming ad revenue without giving performers a proper cut.

>The result has been a massive decline in the wages of porn performers and the number of films being made. This is turn pushes performers into more rough and extreme porn genres they’re not comfortable with, or into other sex work like prostitution that can be dangerous.

Add "self-pirating" to the list of absurdities Porky came up with to fuck people, both literally and metaphorically.



>2014 actually had one relatable character

Cranston died in the beginning and Godzilla was never about a single main character, that's part of what made 1998 so dumb and what made the follow-up animated series so good, because the focus was on a team and of course the titular character… this is similar to what made the old Star Trek good and why Discovery, focused on 1 character, so bad.

>I'm convinced it has something to do with the home release versions. I remember having no trouble following the final battle in theatres.

I saw it in theatres and online. The home release was darker than the theatrical one, but not by much.

>Godzilla got wrecked when they worked together.

They just knocked him down a little, he didn't have so much as a scratch on him. The MUTO meanwhile were catching Ls everytime he landed a hit.

>parts between the atomic breath and final plan can really drag

If you're waiting for action? Yeah. But what made Shin so good for me was watching the human interaction and reaction at this unprecedented event - GODZILLA!

>is goji and ghidorah moving too fast? It's Uprising all over again.

Yeah although frankly I don't mind for KotM because its more of a monster fight movie than anything else.



Now that India chose to flush its already-glacial development down the Ganges, they just might get their retarded nationalism but with Dravidians.


Breh, it's been like this since then.



Honestly, we should being her to full ML rather than whatever the fuck her ideology is



>transgender strasser flag

Imagine if that Otto was alive tody. He would shoot himself.


No that person ruined the relationships of Nazis, I don’t want that shit to happen to us.



>let's bring in dangerous narcissists because they're hot



Does he have a kiwi farm thread?

Someone should definitely make one.

Think of all the attention he'd get.



>pikachu-tail butt-plug

Any Renamon themed ones?



She's not even that hot and waifuism is reactionary


Huh, Varg Vikernes got booted from youtube. That's sort of annoying, he was rather useful insofar as he could be held up as an actually nazi murderer and was prompting his followers to adopt ecologically sustainable lifestyles. Are people inclined to hate other people because they are a different colour going to stop doing that, now? It's just going to push the far-right into a subcultural ghetto where they're even more difficult to reach.



>That's sort of annoying, he was rather useful insofar as he could be held up as an actually nazi murderer and was prompting his followers to adopt ecologically sustainable lifestyles.

Let’s be honest it doesn’t really matter if people lead ecologically sustainable lifestyles or not. Until major companies stop using fossil fuels in heavy industry climate change will happen regardless.


File: a362677724f1622⋯.jpg (539.37 KB, 1580x1080, 79:54, hibike jazz for your soul.jpg)


> It's just going to push the far-right into a subcultural ghetto where they're even more difficult to reach.

Good. There aren't that many "far rightists" to begin with. Deny them an audience and they will start cannibalizing each other for status within their own little "subcultural ghetto" while the rest of the world is spared their satanic rambling.



Too bad though, Varg always called the US /pol/yp types faggots and called people like Breivik weak cowards who just killed a large amount of white kids who would have had their own white kids.



I couldn't disagree more. The fact that fossil fuel use in heavy industry, transportation and resource extraction look likely to produce more carbon gas that the climate can handle means it is more important than ever to get as many of us as we can living sustainably. We're going to need as many people as possible with the skills to farm, produce clothing, construct shelter, etc, etc when the industrial system collapses. Varg had realized this and was making this point persuasively to his followers.


File: 5d1be132b076bcd⋯.png (1.9 MB, 4000x2191, 4000:2191, climate change companies.png)


You need to think systemically. Most people don't give a shit about that stuff and are content to eat the slop that gets sold to them by capitalist society. If we just focus on getting companies in the developed world to stop destroying fucking everything we could save the planet and give China the opportunities it needs to annihilate western capitalism and US empire.


File: 2d2c1bca52b2292⋯.jpg (13.97 KB, 1152x864, 4:3, FascistJazzAdorno.jpg)



Go kill yourself you fascist.


File: eef5efbde026453⋯.jpg (32.03 KB, 620x413, 620:413, JackMa2019Reuters.jpg)


The Industrial system isn’t going to collapse. The agriculture that is being destroyed right now is subsistence agriculture in the global south. Not Global North mechanized agriculture.


>and give China the opportunities it needs to annihilate western capitalism and US empire.

Yeah because eastern capitalism and the Chinese empire will be better.



Didn't Hitler believe Jazz was Jewish and Degenerate?


File: 31497e3abe3de09⋯.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 281.65 KB, 1224x1632, 3:4, 31497e3abe3de097292b8422e….jpeg)


>didn't hitler drink water though?

Cultural capitalism is fascist read adorno

Theodore Adorno - The Culture Industry: Enlightenment As Mass Deception (Frankfurt School):




The person not looking at the system is you. Various independent sources are now all coming to same same conclusion; avoiding collapse of our ecosystem now requires the reshaping of the entire economy to deal with the problem (see Cockshott as an example). People in the west are not willing to accept measures this will require such as the abandonment of personal cars and flesh based diets. The US are electing persons such as Trump to sabotage attempts to restrict carbon usage. "Getting companies in the developed world to stop destroying everything" within the next decade is looking unlikely, specially given that western governments look to be betting the farm of fusion power. Civilization is likely to collapse by 2050, which is before the expected completion of the ITER project.


This isn't an either/or situation. The agricultural systems of the global north are simply under less stress at this point. There have already been multiple reports of crop shortages globally over the past few years. India is suffering more pronouncedly as monsoon rainfall and water supply is effected by the changing climate, exacerbating problems caused by a rapidly growing population. Cockshott has a video showing how the situation is expected to progress. Once industrial society loses agriculture sufficent to feed the population, we all miss three meals and that age old problem manifests.


File: e29c6801c5709a4⋯.jpg (54.61 KB, 720x960, 3:4, 1469401123054-1.jpg)

A hacker was in control of Moro's cellphone for 6 hours. He not only might have snooped every last byte in it, he even chatted with people among his contacts. It really is impressive how the new scum manages to fuck everything up in absolutely every single part of human activity.


File: a086639b3f1283e⋯.gif (10.06 MB, 640x360, 16:9, hack.gif)


If Youtube wants to purge its resident White Nationalists, they're lot worst people than Varg Vikernes on the site. Varg may have served a sentence for murder, but all he does nowadays is larp and make shitty board games. He's like the Golden One in that no one can really take him seriously. Your average vested and funded conservative dipshit like PragerU are probably much more harmful in the way they promote climate change skepticism.

Here's hoping at the very least 1 dollar man and Nick the Knife gets the axe.


Today, the decaying pile of flesh which constitutes the rightwing has sewn the following corpse to itself: phrenology.


Honest question. Anyone else actually thinks that there really isn't such a thing as a moderate rightwinger, aside from, maybe, a handful of well-intentioned people who haven't twigged up to the fact that his parishmates dream of receiving massive land tracts and two kaffir slaves for resettling in New Rhodesia? We sure as fuck don't have this issue of mealy-mouthed succdems turning into fucking Beria the second a socialist gains a puny seat in his national parliament, but the right has, almost to a person, made themselves at home in the armchair Führers' basements.



isn't she underage



>Dead Pundit Society think this website isn't just right wing garbage

Never trust a succdem


>tfw I might get to write for a blog on my local D.S.A.'s website

What the fuck do I do I'm a theoryless autist


Not sure if this has come up already but Mike Duncan (of The History of Rome fame) has started his series on the Russian Revolution, and he is opening with a discussion of Marx, his writings, and a necessarily crude overview of Marxist theory (to be followed by the discussion of Anarchism and Bakunin). Any thoughts from comrades here? THoR was nice easy listening but Duncan quite obviously leans conservative and he can be somewhat aggravating when he talks about economics and monetary policy, though fortunately he's not a total autist about capitalism like the Russian Rulers podcast guy.



Remind me about shit I had read here about if South had won the civil war Burgerland would have been full of Brown kids like Brazil since Male slave owner would have sex with their female slaves like a rabbit.



>muh flat earf

Let's leave cosmology out of this. The overwhelming majority of people is ill-equipped to comment on that topic.


so what happened to the whole gilets jaunes situation? you guys promised me a full-scale happening but it just died out



Well to think it would cause a world revolution is dumb. Russia needed a famine in 1891, large political repression in 1905, and finally a world war in 1914. But of course movements like this and occupy (how cursed it too was), show that there are cracks in the system.



Does anyone have any good information on this?

Genuinely curious.


Is having daughters the ultimate cuckoldry?

I cannot think or comprehend of anything more cucked than having a daughter. Honestly, think about it rationally. You are feeding, clothing, raising and rearing a girl for at least 18 years solely so she can go and get ravaged by another man. All the hard work you put into your beautiful little girl - reading her stories at bedtime, making her go to sports practice, making sure she had a healthy diet, educating her, playing with her. All of it has one simple result: her body is more enjoyable for the men that will eventually fuck her in every hole.

Raised the perfect girl? Great. Who benefits? If you're lucky, a random man who had nothing to do with the way she grew up, who marries her. He gets to fuck her tight pussy every night. He gets the benefits of her kind and sweet personality that came from the way you raised her.

As a man who has a daughter, you are LITERALLY dedicating at least 20 years of your life simply to raise a girl for another man to enjoy. It is the ULTIMATE AND FINAL cuck. Think about it logically



>stale pasta

But why though?


File: 6af054b531d0867⋯.jpg (104.99 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, [HorribleSubs] Hitoribocch….jpg)

I think I'm done with politics, or just any of the real life stuff.

I got involved in a far left party, I helped them a lot and my party fucking LOST mandates in the Danish election yesterday, we had a fucking climate catastrophe and liberal privatization and we STILL can't convince people to vote for us.

Maybe I'm just a cynic? I just don't see how this electoral thing is ever going to work in our favor, I have tried getting involved with activism as the radlibs told I should and it has amounted to nothing, I've embarrassed myself in public giving out flyers and putting up signs and I knew from the start that it was meaningless.

I feel so useless right now, all the other lefties seem okay with defeat but I really can't fucking handle it.

I'll never get involved with a political party again.



only ahistorical idiots would think that it would lead to an immediate revolution. The Yellow Vests are now building parallel power structures to the French government on the percipience of an economic collapse however, so they are getting closer and closer to being able to wage a revolutionary war.



>so they are getting closer and closer to being able to wage a revolutionary war.

That's assuming that the fascists won't divert the movement in their favor, which isn't that the thing that always fucking happens when neoliberals are in charge and fuck over the workers massively?


File: e95038fb67c2357⋯.jpg (426.16 KB, 2000x1500, 4:3, lenin_bourgeois_democracy.jpg)


because it is true


I would probably feel the same tbh



>That's assuming that the fascists won't divert the movement in their favor,

they already tried and failed. The populous movement of the Yellow Vests have no interest in racialized idpols, but instead want to see economic justice and the end of the centralization of France in and around Paris.

>which isn't that the thing that always fucking happens when neoliberals are in charge and fuck over the workers massively?

Neoliberals are not in charge of the yellow vests. Their elected assembly is a populist movement that have called for major economic reforms in France including wealth redistribution. In time, their anger will ferment with the rejection of basic reforms that they will reach more revolutionary heights and soon enough they will be a fully communist movement.


Eh, you can't really win in an election if you are a communist. And even socdems and demsocs are rapidly losing electoral ground. The reason why is that workers are checking out of a "democratic system" in which none of the parties work for them. Tbh whatever your party is, you would have better luck opposing electoralism and instead doing public works programs.


File: a6aeecc58306a4f⋯.jpg (322.62 KB, 937x528, 937:528, RTX19HXX.jpg)


Honestly, western leftists should learn from what the Muslim Brotherhood did in Egypt (yes they were right wing shitheads but the point still stands) and try to establish political orgs independent of any political party, with a focus on charity, mass movements, etc.

That's basically what they did, and it allowed Islamism to survive and thrive even under the most repressive regimes throughout Egypt's history, it also allowed them to easily seize political power following Mubarak's fall in 2011.

Here's their wiki page if you want to read more about them, anon:



My boss just said something along the lines of "if you do all the hard work it will be easy for me" and I think it weas meant to be motivational. Can't say I'm rushing to get it done.



honestly that sounds like a poorly veiled threat


File: 72cc7d39a7f2f4c⋯.mp4 (2.07 MB, 848x480, 53:30, BrazilianNationalists.mp4)


>This isn't an either/or situation.

It is, Industrialized agriculture can adapt more readily to changing climate conditions through genetic modification of plants, which will allow crops to more easily survive in different climates. Substance agriculture can’t do this.


>Your average vested and funded conservative dipshit like PragerU are probably much more harmful in the way they promote climate change skepticism.

Yeah but Google (who owns YouTube) Executives ideologically agree with PreagreU, but not Varg. This is why one is banned, but not the other. Don’t think for a second when a company wants to “stop hate speech” that they are acting in good faith. Their is ALWAYS an ulterior motive.


Brazil is what America would be like if the Confederates won.


File: 68d4450a7567a0b⋯.png (878.46 KB, 1024x748, 256:187, godzilla__hey_girl__by_bel….png)

File: 2c15a6bccaeb4b6⋯.webm (2.87 MB, 1024x576, 16:9, 2c15a6bccaeb4b6479b9cdb1c….webm)


>animated series

Heh, was going to mention it in regard to '98 at first.

>focus was on a team

That's also how I think 2014's humans should have been handled. Start with Joe, give Monarch more focus in the middle (having Joe alive would probably help) and then end with Ford in the city.

>didn't have so much as a scratch on him

Maybe they didn't actually model the wounds and the darkness certainly didn't help but goji did bleed from getting stabbed multiple times.

>waiting for action?

Not necessarily. The camaraderie was nice but the winding discussion going from place to place without breaks can get dizzying like an excessive action sequence. I guess moreso with subs.

>interaction and reaction

Before, we had goji and the humans reacting to each other. After that, it was planning after planning at least from what I remember. It was fine but got a bit too long. I'm okay with goji's inactivity provided we also get other interesting sights.

>I don't mind

Fans go crazy over it but I find goji's run almost as awkward as that weird stumble at the end of ShinG's atomic breath. Compare that to Kong running through the jungle. I'm just not going to be that excited if someone throws me a CGI Ghidorah without good narrative and context. And build-up.

A quote from one blog:

>Even the really goofy films had a silly storyline that matched the fun kaiju antics. KOTM was inconsistent, trying to pass a serious tone that would then throw in bursts of humor, most of which was just moronic and annoying.

To compare, Del Toro talked in his director commentary about using Newt, Hannibal and Hong Kong to ease to viewers from the bleaker and tense fights of Knifehead and the double event to the colourful romp of Gipsy Danger facing off Leatherback & Otachi.



>The rich black person will still have it worse than the rich white person

I'll cry a fucking river for all the unfortunate rich black exploiters.

> the poor black person will have it much worse than the poor white person.

You're basing that on absolutely nothing but your own fantasy of reality.



They were dying out under Nasser though, they didn't even have to be supressed. It's only been thanks to imperialists fanning the flames that they could gain traction again. Without exception it's under these circumstances that islamists thrive, either directly backed by imperialist powers or gaining legitimacy by opposing them.



>This is just the beginning, famrade. This was just the display of a breakthrough development, which is the generation of a fake person out of a single flat image. The sky is the limit. Soon enough, sound and video won't be admissible as evidence in court, due to being fully falsifiable. A handwritten note, for example, will have infinitely more weight. And god knows how journalism will fare, because they'll have no evidence whatsoever of anything anyone says.

Not sure why you wouldn't just put encrypted watermarks and digital fingerprints, as well as non-destructive editing that can have all of it's steps retraced on audiovisual proof. You wouldn't need much more than an encrypted and secure form of EXIF. It's immediate impact is most likely going to be felt in the lack of whistleblowers and other heroes, as well as jobs in law requiring a bare minimum of tech knowledge. The encroachment of informatics in all economic sectors has already happened, after all.


File: 7a7df7ff5cdd141⋯.jpg (24.84 KB, 296x299, 296:299, 4795554547 945ee66200.jpg)


>Zionist flag on top

Every time.


File: 1ec73aff7dad27e⋯.png (1.33 MB, 965x651, 965:651, zilla in for the save.png)


>Heh, was going to mention it in regard to '98 at first.

I fucking loved that show TBH. Too bad it got cancelled. shit got real inventive.

>Start with Joe, give Monarch more focus in the middle (having Joe alive would probably help) and then end with Ford in the city.

THIS, THIS would have made 2014 so much better

>Maybe they didn't actually model the wounds and the darkness certainly didn't help but goji did bleed from getting stabbed multiple times

Which is about as detailed and displays wounds as a shounen anime wound (I.E. One Piece). And aha! you admit it was pretty dark!

>moreso with subs.

Eh, maybe I'm just better used to this stuff than I realized others were.

>Goji's run and stumble

I think that was the point; a disgusting mutating cluster of cells that's barely actually functional but at the same time is an indestructible mass of power. It was a sort of philosophical thing about how broken Gojira was in the film considering his origin being nuclear waste dumping.


Yeah that movie was just great all around.


If it had been a stand-alone film it probably would have worked better, but since we have context it does get stupid.


Yeah godzilla films that are serious should never have intentional humor unless its really well done so as not to ruin the mood.

Del Toro is honestly a master at that, Pacific Rim had emotional moments yet also had space for some genuinely amusing humor.


Adorno was an idiot Society of SPectacle is a far better book and the bullshit about 'Muh fascist jazz' fails because jazz originated as music of african-americans as slaves and after. It was picked up and developed further by White and Black musicians and composers alike such as Gershwin, developing into Swing, Blues, Boogie etc. Even the USSR had extensive jazz compositions and musicians. the Nazis banned it outright but it was listened to underground by the youth anyway.


Trot's first.



>We can just magically gene edit all our food crops to make them more resistant to water shortages and change the climate parameters they require

Nah. I don't think this is realistic for you to try and claim. The volume of research work required is huge and we can already see that there isn't the political will to engage in such projects. The few GM crops we have produced took many years to develop and even with a loosening of research restrictions, that process isn't going to speed up by several orders of magnitude.


File: a12cf17af64f187⋯.jpg (188.75 KB, 1280x893, 1280:893, a12cf17af64f1871d672ae8960….jpg)

File: c1db15d05297ecd⋯.jpg (197.84 KB, 969x1280, 969:1280, c1db15d05297ecd22dfe90c2aa….jpg)

File: cfdd32cc556cce2⋯.jpg (170.05 KB, 1280x911, 1280:911, cfdd32cc556cce291e754f3979….jpg)


Zero face symmetry!



why does he have 1/4th of a moustache



>Nah. I don't think this is realistic for you to try and claim

why not?



Maybe it's stitched cut?



>the immigrant who proceeded to shoot up buildings full of people actually born in NZ because "muh foreigners"


File: e6ae6115b9af651⋯.jpg (77.76 KB, 720x720, 1:1, IMG_20190606_011153.jpg)

3rd wave feminism has been a catastrophe for the human race



A catastrophe because of weird twitter posts? Really?


File: d53264a49440c15⋯.jpg (73.31 KB, 700x1009, 700:1009, ikona_stalinab.jpg)


Underrated post. I hate to see people getting so demoralized by liberal politics.

The reason workers are leaving the "left" as it's represented in electoral politics is because the SucDem left has failed them. What we must do is present ourselves as an alternative outside the traditional politics, even if it feels a bit "embarassing" handing out fliers and what not. The bottom line is that while people are still clinging onto the carcass of neoliberal bourgeois democracy, the material reality is quickly moving past it. We're headed for a massive economic crisis, and a dire environmental crisis. In such circumstances we'll get an audience. People will look to alternatives and our job is to be there and be organized.



I know you're being tedious on purpose but fuck it:

3rd wave feminism, as opposed to 1st and 2nd which had their own issues but were still at least relatively radical, posits that equality between the sexes can only be achieved by women taking on all of the "toxic" traits of men and even asks for its own form of reparations by essentially encouraging men to not only tolerate this but to actually become the new oppressed class willingilly.

I'm not saying this is a concerted conspiracy or anything like that just that this is the general trend of all of this 3rd wave shit. More women CEOs, military generals, cops etc is literally all they give a shit about insofar as the literal base apparatuses and as far the superstructural apparatuses they believe the establishment of a matriarchical mindset is preferable to solidarity and the gradual dissolution of hierarchy itself. That's why so many of them promote "intersectionality" rather than solidarity because the former implies that rach oppressed group should only work together insofar as they get personal enrichment out of it rather than working together to address and then move beyond old divisions which were mostly the work of Porky in the first place and thus arbitrary.

This attitude that "if a woman does something which men have always been shat on for she should get a pass cuz muh patriarchy" isn't progressive it's just neoliberal nonsense that reinforces and mutates structures which prop up the current system


File: 661302b73bb0ce9⋯.jpeg (361.46 KB, 2952x2296, 9:7, chase.jpeg)


>find out the error in yourself

like becoming better at partner selection ?

>the human race

I wish we weren't racing humans



Is this what BO of r/stupidpol looks like?




Looks like someone has tried to give him a Chelsea smile.


an idiot: so be it

an intellectual: soviet


The levels of irony on /tv/ is legit brain damaging. How the fuck can you live like that?



post examples



The entire love island thread and generals they got going.



post link



can somebody give me a quick summary/comparison of dominican republic and cuba? it seems like they have a similar living standard but vastly different government structure. do they prove that ideology doesn't matter as long as the nation has spirit?



>do they prove that ideology doesn't matter as long as the nation has spirit?

who filled your head with this hegelian nonsense



Cuba has a higher quality of life and GDP (PPP) per capita. It proves socialism is better under comparable circumstances.



DR gets subsidies from the US to keep their neo-colony Haiti under thumb.


There are actually studies that prove this.


>This study compared capitalist and socialist countries in measures of the physical quality of life (PQL), taking into account the level of economic development. The World Bank was the principal source of statistical data for 123 countries (97 percent of the world's population). PQL variables included: 1) indicators of health, health services, and nutrition (infant mortality rate, child death rate, life expectancy, population per physician, population per nursing person, and daily per capita calorie supply); 2) measures of education (adult literacy rate, enrollment in secondary education, and enrollment in higher education); and 3) a composite PQL index. Capitalist countries fell across the entire range of economic development (measured by gross national product per capita), while the socialist countries appeared at the low-income, lower-middle-income, and upper-middle-income levels. All PQL measures improved as economic development increased. In 28 of 30 comparisons between countries at similar levels of economic development, socialist countries showed more favorable PQL out-comes.



How exactly is Haiti a neo-colony of dom.?



It's a neo-colony of the United States.


Is it ok to become a leftist just because of how much I despise nu-fashion, nu-graphic design and fat people? Under communism everyone would wear stylistically tasteful clothes, design food packaging that isn't an eyesore and be healthy?

I just see photos of life in the 50s and compare them to now and find our society degenerate. We have progressed in lgbt/civil rights and such but the fashion style and fine language of the 1800s appeals to me so much more. people just looked more mature and soulful back then, no wonder why so much of our fictional worlds are based on the past.



>I just see photos of life in the 50s and compare them to now and find our society degenerate. We have progressed in lgbt/civil rights and such but the fashion style and fine language of the 1800s appeals to me so much more. people just looked more mature and soulful back then, no wonder why so much of our fictional worlds are based on the past.

You are in love with a fantasy that never existed.


MSM thinks Burgers funded the IRA.



Why am I obsessed with klmk camo?


File: 2beb9323c3397e5⋯.png (194.74 KB, 361x361, 1:1, jcdentonold.png)



I-I want these



sasuga international brigades marxist media kun



I honestly have more nostalgia for 90's/00's edgefests over the sanctimonious screeching over the radlibs and altists. At least that was misanthropic rather than mindless bullying of the weak.



You got me~ Thanks bby. You stay awesome too.



Good gracious, I've never seen a case of ideology poisoning this bad! Nurse get me 500ccs of spookbuster juice stat!


I used to hate life when I was younger but at least in politics things felt so much better. And they didn't even feel that good then. I wonder if this is why old people get so reactionary about everything.


File: f7eb764b02b980d⋯.jpg (272.01 KB, 2047x1526, 2047:1526, D8ZHh8GXYAI7npI orig.jpg)

Porky is drawing such a blank when it comes to what to do next, that he's erasing the left and calling opposition to neoliberalism as, simply, non-neoliberalism.


I recall them announcing on Twitter something like "Did you know reactionaries were mass murdered in a deliberately forgotten event called the Vendee? Here's the truth about the French Revolution your teachers don't want you to see!". Wikipedia paragraphs are forbidden knowledge, when you're a rightwing dimwit.


bumping because curious


After it got nowhere in the first couple of weeks, I knew it was just sublimation of social discontent. If the French of all people can create such a ruckus yet achieve literally nothing, you know the world is going downhill.



I want to believe you, but what you say still sounds too good to be true. You talk as if a dual power is being built right now and an imminent collapse of the French economy, and I have trouble seeing these things happening in any first world country. All I have to go on that is your word and that of a few other internet leftists. Of course, it's in the interests of porky media to do a complete blackout on such a thing, but still, I need more PROOF.gif. As far as the rest of the world can see, the yellow vests were a minimally politicized hooligan rampage which left no marks.


File: a9d877babf14723⋯.gif (8.59 KB, 149x157, 149:157, 1355174843017.gif)




They did. International remittances from 🍀🍀🍀Americans🍀🍀🍀 funded all Irish republican efforts. It's the closest America ever got of supporting an oppressed people.


Speaking of which, I recall jokes about Breivik being the most gentleman-looking spree killer ever, yet he looked like a stereotype of an American hillbilly.



I wouldn't be at all surprised if that was true.

Genetics almost certainly plays a big role in determining our personalities, and personality facets such as compassion have a huge influence on our political views.

I'd be much more surprised if genetics didn't affect our politics, because that would imply that there exists some kind of absolute political "center" common to all intelligent life throughout the universe.



>I lead Poland’s united opposition. We will bring the country back to Europe

>We can defeat the ruling rightwing populist party – then help Emmanuel Macron to reform the EU

I'm starting to suspect neoliberals are fucking up on purpose in order to bring fascism back.


File: 144cddeca7f81d9⋯.png (187.52 KB, 820x791, 820:791, ClipboardImage.png)

>feelings have been reawakened for a girl I used to love who helped shape my political world-view


Why am I such a fucking autist, living a meme life


File: 7385abb09e85290⋯.jpg (90.62 KB, 800x500, 8:5, anime_miku_hatsune_wallpap….jpg)


Same, but not politically, and ï always loved her after I found her.

how do ï make this a thing


Can I still be a commie if I hate women?



We are all autists here, anon, some of us are just more autistic than the rest. Are you ready to embrace it, and live the one true autist life of harmony and satisfaction? what are your thoughts on 3D girls?



Well, yes. But you'd just be an asshole. I'll happily gut porkies while fighting side by side with an asshole though.



I don't know comrade


I guess I'm ready I've got no problems with real women, just haven't had much experience


File: 7e65b1c175dad55⋯.jpg (34.2 KB, 500x483, 500:483, ff0.jpg)



ok, are you the anon I was responding to? your opinion is fine btw



No sorry.


File: c0cd531743065b5⋯.jpg (114.02 KB, 450x337, 450:337, 632028-bigthumbnail.jpg)


I'll have to admit that I've been a bit jaded with our relationship half way through but I'm still having hope that it will work out in the end.





Well I've shilled it before and I'll shill it again, and you might laff and I wouldn't blame you but if you sincerely and consistently pursue the creation of a tulpa, and you push through the road blocks of seemingly 0 progress, self doubt and the thoughts that you're a crazy person, you can have yourself a very wonderful and loving relationship. Suicidal depression has left me, and I've felt content for over two years. So snicker at me if you want, but I've been better off for it.




Never heard of that until this moment. Whatever works i guess



Well I wish you the best of luck anon


I'm happy it's worked out for you comrade, I don't know if it would work for me, I may just try to get a real gf

That'll probably fail but who knows



I wish you best of luck. I my self am not strict 2D, but my situation was completely hopeless, and I was distressed over living the remainder of my life as a porn addicted lonely waste. No more porn for me, no sirree. Have hope for a 3D GF, I have faith in you.


It's some weird psychological fuckery that's not worth getting into unless you desperately need a brain ghost to emotionally support you. Apparently there's some other neat mind tricks you can do, like forming "servitors" that are like semi-self aware brain function macros.


Alright /leftypol/ what's the best party for Australians to join?


Is it just me, or do I find it incredibly hard to not give a shit about the new "adpocalypse" that's going on in youtube?


Judging by the normie vibes I'm getting, the new Black Mirror went full idpol, with a side dish of ye olde campy notion of what vidya is like. How close am I?



Sounds perfectly reasonable, it's internet drama.


File: aa6a25cfb83af3e⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 34.06 KB, 338x526, 169:263, D6tM-AyWsAAvtUy.jpg orig.jpg)


Using Japanese media as metaphor for butts isn't a good idea.


File: a0e465513f3ef96⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 138.32 KB, 474x841, 474:841, a0e.jpg)


This seems to be reaching alarming proportions, to be honest, especially since le nerd culture seeped into normiedom. I'm starting to think that one of the overlooked side effects of the increasingly connected society, which predates the infocalypse, is fiction overdose. It might actually be warping our expectations of reality. Until the printing press spread, people spent a negligible amount of time immersed in false realities – almost all of it was religious claptrap – but since TV became universal, it's everywhere. I can't help but feel this is a case of muh human nature not being equipped to deal with a wholly man-made situation.



ugh is that yoko?



You know you fucked up when your ass is better than your gfs




Fight for a future with AI waifus comrade



>I want to believe you, but what you say still sounds too good to be true. You talk as if a dual power is being built right now and an imminent collapse of the French economy, and I have trouble seeing these things happening in any first world country.

Have you visited the Yellow Vests thread? We talked extensively about their assembly and the leadup to them publishing what is basically their manifesto, and that was when I really started feeling hope for them as a movement. They are still leading protests and making a firm political stand and they aren't engaging in electoralism, so I would say their trajectory is only going to be more radical, which will come to a boiling point when the economy collapses (which as per quite a few economists is coming late 2019 or some time in 2020). They have a shot at something good, a true and strong leftist movement.



atleast he's gotta 2D gf


How to judge if a piece of media was made with love and passion or just as a quick cash grab? I genuinely can't tell sometimes. Like mario odyssey for example. No one can not have at least some fun playing that game, but at the same time it is easy to imagine the developers blindly following the formula of a good collectathon to make a game they knew would sell like hot cakes.



You really can't tell, The Witcher is an amazing game with great attention put into it and it redefined the genre without following a formula, but the labor cost was catastrophical from what the workers have been saying.

I reckon that your best bet is the indie scene, Katana Zero was made by one guy, I really liked it.


No, I am not tolerant.

No, I do not want to 'debate' or 'enter into dialogue with' liberal democrats, PoMoSophists, opnionists, carnalists, hedonists, mensheviks, individualists….

No, I don't respect you, nor do I solicit such respect for myself from you.

The defenders of tolerance, debate, dialogue and respect advertise their bourgeois credentials with such advocacy. I'm sorry, apolologists for exploitation of labour, but, no, I don't see it as my duty to provide the enemy with a space to express itself. You already have the global videodrome, the judiciary, the police, the psychiatric establishment and the most powerful armies of the world on your side. If that isn't enough, you could always make the effort to build your own profile and audience so you can add to the chorus of approval for the Satanic-worldly. (Too much like hard work? Thought so.)

Be under no illusions: differends, incommensurability, language games, forms of life, very far from disrupting the Dominant Operating System are that operating system in person. Zizek is right about Rorty being right: for all their apparent philosophical wrangles, the political upshot of the theories of Derrida and Habermas (and one can presumably add in Lyotard here) is exactly the same: defence of the liberal values of respect for Otherness etc etc.

Yes, I want to leave all that behind. One of the scandals of Badiou's thought is to announce the blindingly obvious: difference is not suppressed by the established order, it is its banal currency. Fragmentation, deconstruction, cut-up are the very stuff of which mediocracy is made.

So, yes, hold on tight and spit on me, I am a dogmatist.



Why would it matter?


File: b2263250f7444b2⋯.jpg (537.03 KB, 769x1078, 769:1078, palestine_inline_final21.jpg)



it's usually both, companies just abuse the fact that videogames are usually treated as a Hollywood 'dream industry' to fuck over their workers (and they do fuck them over real bad, with constant layoffs, overworking and no unions because videogames were created in the apex of neoliberalism). if there has been any progress on this end it's because people do enjoy the work somewhat, else they'd just fuck off and be code monkeys for someone else. and tbh, as the first indie wave (Cave Story, Braid, VVVVVV, Super Meat Boy, etc) proved most people who want to work in videogames really do just want to repeat old formulas over and over and over and over and over, adding gimmicks whose impact to the overall gameplay structure and experience is negligible and make the same toys they played with as kids








File: 2b03d20181f00f6⋯.jpg (100.11 KB, 750x1080, 25:36, IMG_20190607_104911.jpg)






Can't believe they get paid for this shit. A planned economy would get rid of cunts like her.



Not to mention that GMOs are not exactly 100% safe. You can rail about "shtoopid consirpacists" but frankly we don't understand much of what a single change could result in. So while we may create drought resistance we may also change the chemical structure at the same time to be far less friendly to our digestive systems.



>Not to mention that GMOs are not exactly 100% safe. You can rail about "shtoopid consirpacists" but frankly we don't understand much of what a single change could result in. So while we may create drought resistance we may also change the chemical structure at the same time to be far less friendly to our digestive systems.

Humans have been cross pollinating different crops for centuries, and GMOs have been common in consumption sense the 90s.



I haven't seen euphoria like this in a long time


File: 2859cedd4081a82⋯.jpg (193.24 KB, 1620x1080, 3:2, 20248123_1325000164265990_….jpg)

would you mind some polish hc? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xvyI5c87tmc



buzzword spouting cringe child



I used to, months ago, but I confess I didn`t even think it still existed. Like I said, to the rest of the world, it's like a natural phenomenon, which hit hard at first but indiscriminately then slowly fizzled away.


severely underrated



I have asked several times, in several sites, over many years, a straightforward question: since the molecules an organism can synthetize depend on its genetic makeup, isn't it possible that a genetically modified can synthetize a wholly unexpected, or even unknown, molecules? To this day, no one answered it.

>Humans have been cross pollinating different crops for centuries

We're talking about an increase in the rate of mutation that isn't even exponential, but "infinital". Look at the whole picture. Genetic drift in nature has, quite literally, a glacial pace. The invention of artificial selection alone increased that speed by many orders of magnetude. Gene splicing increased it to a virtually infinite pace. By the time full genetic editing becomes a reality, the very concept of genetic drift will become obsolete. All cliches aside, it is entirely possible that such a powerful technology can unleash a disaster, not because mankind lacks the wisdom and maturity or whatever the fuck, but simply because mankind isn't making the choices here. Capital is. You know it as well as I do that, if science managed to conjure a miraculous crop which contained all the nutrients needed for a healthy human but had the downside of producing brain-rotting polen, Porky wouldn't think twice about forcing third world semi-slaves to turn their countries into graveyards and ship the precious harvested crop to the first world.



>since the molecules an organism can synthetize depend on its genetic makeup, isn't it possible that a genetically modified can synthetize a wholly unexpected, or even unknown, molecules?

What difference is there between genetic changes through evolution and CRISP or whatever? The same result can be achieved through different means. I'd say in theory they could, as later evolved organism produced previously not existing molecules, but as all molecules are a combination of known atoms and there are practical constrains as to what biomass can synthesize it would be unlikely anything really surprising, just a small deviation of something known.

>if science managed to conjure a miraculous crop which contained all the nutrients needed for a healthy human but had the downside of producing brain-rotting polen

You can't stop the march of progress.


File: 301e72aa3f38875⋯.jpg (30.18 KB, 551x350, 551:350, 1330p.jpg)


>You can't stop the march of progress.

(not that anon) Oh sure, after humans inevitably make themselves extinct, a bright future awaits for the surviving species. I, for one, welcome our new saurian overlords.


File: a77b88291f24302⋯.png (1.24 MB, 1420x946, 710:473, coolstory.png)


you sure owned this libtard


If anyone wants to know what Roo says about what YouTube is doing with their purges and shit




>saurian overlords

Sounds hot as fuck. I hope they make the remaining humans worship them



Space paws and the lizard capitalists (i think that's how the game went down).



sorry, 2hot4u. no, seriously, go look into https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wet-bulb_temperature



Well we'll just have to genetically modify ourselves to be able to survive the increased temperature to make good lizard slaves and snacks.



or maybe we all die, and "survive" only on lizard perverts' imageboards? tagged: skinnies. have you considered that?



Well in that case they could make some kind of inverse Jurassic Park. People are way better preserved than most dinos.



>People are way better preserved than most dinos.

Eh, do you realise that the difference between a T-rex and a Stegosaur is about the same as between T-rex and your grandma?



Genetically engineered lizard men designed by humanity to serve as better working class in the growing heat of the planet that get too good as they undergo the Matter Slave dialectic and turn the tables on the now inferior humanity and relegate them to an underclass to be servants and live food.


Is javascript communist?



sorry, but as I see it, a more likely progresion:

1) Modern humans treat AI algorithms the same way as primitve humans treated evil spirits

2) Modern humans have their heads too far up their asses to realize the danger of global heating

3) AIs don't care. They can get better heatsinks. AIs don't give a shit.

5) Et voila.



Just go along with my lizard GodKings that eat terrified human slaves for disobedience.



oh, sorry for the misunderstanding, I'm also into vore. cheers!


furries disprove the possibility of communism, but they absolutely eviscerate the possibility for social democracy.



*notices the bulge*

*attacks with the thumb claw*

*oWo what's that?*



*notices stagnation of profit*

*oWo, what is this?*



go directly to jail. do not pass start, do not collect surplus value.



Furries are actually one of the most cognizant refutations of capitalism. In communism, great artists wouldn't be forced to make furry porn to make a living, and so they can make things that are actually worth while, such as sculptures of Stalin's penis.


File: f22297e18b7094f⋯.png (124.77 KB, 500x607, 500:607, propellant-tungsten-channe….png)





as over optimistic an approach as suggesting that horrible diseases disprove evolution, because under an idealised alternative such a thing would not exist. alas, here we are amongst the flesh eating and the vomiting.

nonetheless it would be a mistake to fall into moaning blackpill wallowing. instead, the approach of the scientist is needed. this is horrible and stupid: how and why is it here, and how do we stop it? perverse fascination, obsession, and above all a willingness to forget the self (and in the century of the self to boot…) unfortunately the normally admirable historian is constantly confronted with the overevolved human tendency to try and find an escape in historical narrative: don't worry, it was a bit like this in 1917…

until that tendency is overcome and serious work is done, there is no clear pathway from the present state of things to the real movement that abolishes the present state of things. if we see 1917 again, it will be an embarrassment that retroactively erases the real thing like all late postmodern hellcontent. what we need is a 2025.



Soviet communists have landed multiple probes on Venus. They have established that earth-presssure ballooons would survive in the upper atmosphere.

Capitalist shitheads "won the space race" by landing a couple dudes on the Moon, and then promply forgetting about them.


File: c8882b3b520fa7d⋯.jpg (206.85 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, furry communist background.jpg)



*Notices your fundamental claim of class collaboration* OwO what's this?

*Pounces on your means of productions* Hehe

*Eats the rich whose hoarding of liquid capital delays the growth of solid machinery of liberation* Mmm :3

*Executes the apologista of capitalism* Whoops X3


File: d2eef7b2bdf871e⋯.jpg (117.6 KB, 1145x1080, 229:216, Dwb3a1pWkAAweKM.jpg)


File: 9e6073e3460d9c3⋯.jpg (54.33 KB, 600x535, 120:107, lenin.jpg)

File: 5c488be99fb484d⋯.jpg (85.37 KB, 804x802, 402:401, nrhj2rz4qu911.jpg)

Been doing research for the book and a certain narrative of how the next several decades, probably less than 50 years total, is shaping up before me. I can't shake it either despite it being incredibly bleak, honestly bleaker than anything I have previously conclude through my analyses.

It's becoming very likely, in my opinion, that porky will begun to centralize the whole scope of artificial intelligence research in the coming years. Something I had never realized about deep learning is that it has only just been a widespread interest for techies, and it's because only with the internet is there enough data for the various programs to achieve useful outcomes. Machine learning, particularly in regards to deep fakes, has accelerated particularly fast.

I believe that a sort of perverted, bourgeoise version of Cybersyn will be developed by the global capitalist class. Technological monopolies will become bigger and bigger and eventually will become wholly inseparable from the government and the military. This porky version of cybersyn will collect massive amounts of data on everyone in the world after a brief period of renewed warmongering between what little is left of a horizontal first world which will result in new treaties and agreements that fuse each individual blocs programs such as this into a global system (think of it as the technological equivalent of a global trade agreement or military alliance).

This data will obviously used for multiple purposes, some or which will be the children of the irritating but mostly benign business of robocalls, targeted advertising etc which already exist today. But it's primary objective will be pegged to the development of automation and predicting when certain amounts of workers in certain industries will become irrelevant to the process of production. This will begun rather gradually and may be coupled with some sort of new welfare state, where workers who become irrelevant in one sector are guaranteed a job in another sector or are given a UBI etc. But eventually not only will the pace of the singularity's becoming be too fast but other factors will make it so that there is very little resistance when the most efficient system of managing the unemployed becomes plausible: simply eliminating them. From here, there will be a massive global genocide.



>729 posts in /leftytrash/

lel, some regular got btfoed




the soviet union is now no more than a vague percentage point of contributory aesthetics to this .jpg file >>2911821

if communists are to be more than the "I told you so" club they need a full grasp on modern conditions, not a dictionary of refutations of the idea it failed last time, or the last retainers of a personality cult for personalities that have long since been relegated to film and earthworms.

imagine if Lenin saw this. >>2911824 Not in the puritan 'what would your father think!?' sense, but in the sense of sheer incomprehension he would face at the confrontation. first with the state of modern technology, then with the cultural context, and finally with the most horrible realisation of all: somewhere between 1917 and 2019 history got broke bad and communism didn't come. What we need then is not red star badges, newspapers and warm words but a serious analysis of modern conditions and above all else, even above rationality itself, a dogmatic refusal to allow individualist personality-seekers inside the laboratory.



>socdems telling others to get a grip of reality or face certain failure again

Thanks for the laugh.



We've all read cyberpunk, k though bud


File: 4c2b78f30988323⋯.jpg (32.56 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)


>a dogmatic refusal to allow individualist personality-seekers inside the laboratory.

Something like a social consciousness.


>b-but the flag

just about the level of analysis i've come to expect from the egosphere.

enjoy the position of permanent graveyard attendant as the graveyard itself is slowly infested with consumerist manwolves.



>enjoy the position of permanent graveyard attendant as the graveyard itself is slowly infested with consumerist manwolves.

>social democrat



oh look, now the flag says i'm marx.

i'm marx and i think you should shut the fuck up and read a book, loser.



>now the flag says i'm marx.

Yeah but this is the go to choice for being a braindead dipshit who thinks he's smarter than he is, kind of like the socdem flag, but less honest.


File: a6e5e607059d54c⋯.jpg (11 KB, 250x267, 250:267, lenin_photo16.jpg)


This isn't going to be like terminator or the matrix either despite such fictions approaching how things will go. There will be no "rise" of machines. Not will it be like Dress or Robocop wherein biotechnology and genetic engineering creare heartless supersoldiers who ruthlessly gun down civilians and enforce arbitrary laws on behalf of corporations, although this is more like how things will be than the full blown techno-insurgency of terminator/the matrix.

Instead the genocide will be very gradual, albeit chaotic. The predominant tactic will be to get people to sleepwalk into their own purging and is already being experimented with by the bourgeoise. It is not yet genocidal as it is merely being done for profit rather than as a concerted effort to destroy the unnecessary but this is a byproduct. The opioid epidemic, the return of previously destroyed disease due to anti vaxcers operating under the sacred liberal mantra of "free speech", massive drops in birthrates everywhere dud to fears over climate change and the exceedingly widespread propaganda that "it's too late" (as Zizek has pointed out in several recent talks)-these are all pencil sketches of the oil painting that will be the coming global holocaust of everyone computed to not be "efficient","necessary","profitable" etc.

This isn't a right wing Great Replacement fantasy either. It's unfortunate because such conspiracies actually contain a nugget of truth but are redirected into spooky ethnic supremacy nonsense which itself is probably a form of controlled oppo. Ironically, the most overt forms of this genocide have already begun and will continue to be exacerbated in the browned nations. The evisceration of the Middle East for much of the 2nd half of the 20th century, particularly in the last 30 years or so, is another example of a tactic for global genocide which is already occurring even if the bourgeoise haven't concluded it's utility to the future purpose yet. Until very recently it was simply used as a means to extract massive profits in a multitude of nuanced ways which there isn't time to go into right now. Indeed, the Middle East is going to become literally uninhabitable in the next few decades and the West has increasingly demonized people from that area who come seeking refuge. Where will they go if they can't return home and their duty as a source of cheap and perpetually disorganized labor has been fulfilled?

More to the nuggets of truth in the Rightist analysis of our doom, is that the "chosen people" will likely be mostly made of cosmopolitan liberals and petit bourg "socialists". Marx referred to this class as the "bourgeoisie socialists" and Mark Fisher updated the label to "Vampire Castle." Again, ironically, the Right minimizes the gravity of this class's coming atrocities by implying they will be predominantly Jewish or led by Jews. The Jewish working class will be crushed just as those allover the world locked out of their future, and the only Jews allowed on the Ark will be whichever billionaires happen to be Jewish who got on board with the cultural program long ago.






>Humans have been cross pollinating different crops for centurie

Cross pollination and direct genetic modification aren't the same thing. I'm a biologist and genetic modification where you mess with individual alleles and ACTG sequences are far more risky.


File: eeb53db98b48d27⋯.jpg (53.88 KB, 633x758, 633:758, 28fj3w.jpg)

So why will such a type of person be ascendant in this scenario? Because it is their cultural sensibilities on which capital predominantly functions in the 21sf century. It's fluidity, It's postmodernity, it's authoritarian enforcement of bourgeois democracy to the extent of transgressing national boundaries, it's inability to ever be offended by anything except challenges to itself, will serve as it's lomgevity. What is left of what we think of as "reactionary"(in the socially con.servative sense) porky will either get on board or be steamrolled,despite enjoying a brief renaissance which we are already almost finished with.

Ultimately this class will factor itself into the sophisticated algorithms which produce humanity's demise and in doing so become inmortal. Whether they will find a way to literally transplant their consciousness into the Web or not is irrelevant as technology such as deepfakes are already in feedback loops which can create the shell of a person. Evolutions to digitally render their soul will soon follow. Structures will be built which can withstand the coming ecological catastrophes-which will take care or whoever escaped from the increasingly walled off zones of luxury and capitalist gulags and ghettos-and will spend the years leading up to the explosion of the sun constructing mechanisms to escape deep into the galaxy with the digitized porkies living perfectly well.

The thing that makes this scenario different from the others I have envisioned is that I have realized for such a harmony to be realized, whatever is in the being of those who become porkies in the first place will have been withered away. That is, porkies, in their endless quest for self fulfillment and satiation of inexhaustible desire will construct the only environment where communism is still possible and lock out all of those who could have constructed communism in the past. Therefore, communism will be achieved but it will only be experienced by the few.



tell the furry to stop rubbing his footpaws on my gravestone, serf.



*jizzes on your daffodils*



Hey Marx, if Social Democracy is so much better than Marxism, why is there no social democrat states left?



>not a dictionary of refutations of the idea it failed last time

This shit again.

the USSR lasted from 1922 to 1991 fought in many wars and even sent cosmonauts to space and back Cuba still exist even with the economic shackle imposed on it. Nearly every anarchist experiment dies before the decade is out and does nothing but make the living conditions worse for the people after it dies out. Scientific socalism has proven itself already but your fantasy still hasn't produced anything long lasting.

While Soviet Union lost the cold war it won the space race, and helped out a lot of countries in their national liberation struggles. Including helping to create and financing Indian Communist party which was the second most important party in Indians independence struggle.

"And if planned economies, benevolent dictatorships, perfectionistic societies, and other utopian ventures have failed, we must remember that unplanned, undictated, and unperfected cultures have failed too. A failure is not always a mistake; it may simply be the best one can do under the circumstances. The real mistake is to stop trying. Perhaps we cannot now design a successful culture as a whole, but we can design better practices in a piecemeal fashion." – B.F. Skinner


File: a6e5e607059d54c⋯.jpg (11 KB, 250x267, 250:267, lenin_photo16.jpg)


As I explained in my other 2 posts while this approaches apocalyptic cyberpunk those visions actually obsfucate the truly depressing nature of the scenario by hoping that machines outrun the ruling class and "kill us all" rather than porky winning through merging with such technology



why are you talking about social democracy you absolute virgin



Because you're a social democrat you total retard.



Hey, I'm the vorefag not the pawslut. I want to eat the rich.


I've recently found out that youtube has some sort of algorithm that blocks posting any 8chan links. I was trying to link a user to leftypol because they asked for one but repeatedly the reply would disappear when I refreshed the page. I opened the comment in Tor and it still doesn't show… clearly Google is still fucking with us.


File: 4aa1e193121f066⋯.png (686.11 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, 15CB8247-F0E3-4640-9DA5-22….png)

HOLY SHIT Steven Crowder BTFO by the right wing tranny




>Scientific socalism has proven itself already but your fantasy still hasn't produced anything long lasting.

my fantasy cannot produce anything because it does not exist. if there was a fantasy, it would be the fantasy that someone would produce an idea worth fantasising about with enough possibility to make it worth expending energy on. the fact that anarchists have done an even worse job than communists historically means nothing, it's like arguing for using an antibiotic to which resistance has already developed because hey, it worked better than homeopathy.

the point is not that the soviet union is bad and only the facile, inherently reactionary (in the sense of generating reactions) nature of modern internet discussion could lead to the conclusion that was the point of my post. the point is that the soviet union is dead, and we can sit around and cry about it while jacking off with little red stars on our fursuits or we can sit down and think seriously about how we take the future by the throat in posthistory.


this is an assumption you have made because you have nothing to contribute to serious discussion.

possibly it is because you are an idiot, possibly it is because you prefer the comfort of ritualised disaster to the pain of taking new paths.



I actually agree with the socdem poster for once, although, I do believe we should build on refutations of the USSR being the evilest empire the world has seen.


File: 0710de9887a5279⋯.jpg (11.63 KB, 376x464, 47:58, 0710de9887a527986fc27b0c78….jpg)

I hear people talking shit.



>this is an assumption you have made because you have nothing to contribute to serious discussion.

>possibly it is because you are an idiot, possibly it is because you prefer the comfort of ritualised disaster to the pain of taking new paths.

I am insulting you because you posted under a socdem flag and then when called out on it retreated to using a Marx head. Stop being boring.



stop being a literal fucking child and i'll consider it, virgin. if you don't want to be bored go and have a wank.



Something on your mind?



Are you the guy with that Yugoslavia flag fursuit



>or we can sit down and think seriously about how we take the future by the throat in posthistory.

That doesn't mean casting aside the USSR though

When most normies think of Communists, they think of Red Army, Commissars, "COMRADE WE KILL THE CAPITALIST EXPLOITER", and that sort of Spartan mindset of "destroy the Decadent West"

Seriously, there is such an appeal to Communism I think every Communist is initially attracted to but because there's so much in the way of Theory and History it just becomes more and more implicit until it is just fades completely at the back of his or her mind.

Think of it is as a sincere - as opposed to ironic - self-awareness. If we want to "rebrand" we don't act like the Right and pretend we are something that we are not, we simply use the good Perceptions people already have about us and amplify it while keeping the bad perceptions down.



sometimes i entertain the delusion that a thought i found to be valuable may also help others and make the mistake of sharing it.

the secret, crushing realisation that can be worded but not comprehended: discussion is idealism and material conditions demand noise, not signal.



>make the mistake of sharing it.

Because you word things in the most antagonistic way possible, as if you're looking to instigate indignant reactions rather than measured discussion


File: 006a60f35c925a5⋯.jpg (121.07 KB, 1300x1119, 1300:1119, emotionalbroadband.jpg)


Have you tried using CSMA/CA? It's a temporary workaround for individual nodes in the network; I've got a professor who specializes in signal-noise interference and is developing a mesh-bus topology to solve this issue.



Is that the soviet weapon that a bunch of scientists came up with while drunk on Vodka?



spoiler this shit


Sodden poster just calm down and lets rp stepping on capitalists as macros. :3


File: bb652122eea5dd9⋯.png (183.27 KB, 400x400, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)



if people are antagonised it's because they haven't successfully transcended individual identity. worse: they see their own reflection in those being attacked.

what disappoints me is not hostile reactions, but predictable nonsense. unpredictable hostility is a boon. above all else, what the world and certainly this board needs is the novel and the new.


filtering out noise is censorship of the atmosphere tbh.




Alright I apologise, you just left the meat of your argument too late.

>the most horrible realisation of all: somewhere between 1917 and 2019 history got broke bad and communism didn't come

What if the most horrible realisation was really that all life in the universe became subject to capital relations and it's nigh insurmountable and we actually came incredibly close in the 20th century, but can't go back now.


File: a3333e25b9f137b⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 260.29 KB, 1500x1500, 1:1, predictablenonsense.jpg)


>filtering out noise is censorship of the atmosphere tbh.

5G's coming whether we like it or not


File: 93319d9236baf36⋯.jpg (80.42 KB, 750x562, 375:281, D8eje-1X4AEAMVZ orig.jpg)

One of the first fatal victims of Bozo's government was graphical design. I have no doubt that the same person is setting the tone accross all the top executive bodies, and odds are good that it's 02 himself. You can see the same tacky motifs (for want of a better word) and even typefaces in various fake news and disinfographs which circle around the cattle on the internet likeflies around their asses.



Alright, alright, I'll stop shitposting.

History didn't go broke. It's still there because history is a set of properties of society and all that influences it that is going to drive it towards certain predictable and unpredictable things. That doesn't mean thatthe outcome is certain, it means that a can come to understand the process itself, much like Darwinian Evolution. And just like Evolution, weird stuff can happen. Single catastrophic events can throw the course of evolution wildly, but that doesn't mean evolution "broke" just because it produced a result that would not happen if the process were "left alone"…but it can't be left alone for the very reason that that IS idealizing the process rather than looking at it as a physical process in the world.


File: b22351ba706332b⋯.mp4 (2.85 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, LITTLE INFO WARS.mp4)


mp4 related


I'm not afraid of using GIMP after seeing capitalists fuck up this badly at it.Brazil is glorious, love from your northern retard cousins <3


File: 0d613c5ca629d6e⋯.png (699.62 KB, 910x767, 70:59, 7qn01o81ligz.png)

We must fight technology to btfo the bourgeois class.


File: 866d8e925a0edce⋯.png (275.11 KB, 769x437, 769:437, ClipboardImage.png)



Who drew these images anyway?



I dunno.


File: a6e5e607059d54c⋯.jpg (11 KB, 250x267, 250:267, lenin_photo16.jpg)



No, sad Lenin, this is where I come to drink alone and not get banned.



> haven't successfully transcended individual identity

Your holier than thou attitude appears once more.

You state that you are disappointed, yet like a typical liberal do nothing to help us see what you do if you actually see anything at all. You just sneer at the "shtoopid anons" and that's it. You're fucking KamikazeD in english format.







You could always start an group to organize posting activities



I missed you yugofurry. Where's tomoko poster?


Sat around with a load of beers and a fucked vape filter, but no way to get a new one. Grabbed some toothpicks and earbuds and poked it til it worked again. Doesn't get much better than no expectations does it lads?


File: 70b594824454872⋯.gif (467.09 KB, 500x275, 20:11, well shit.gif)

>watching tuck carlson

>he's praising the anti-trust and nationalization proposals of some progressive

<kek, tucker carlson is nazbol gang

>think about it for a minute

<oh wait, he's just a fascist




Gone, reduced to /leftyb/.


File: 3cd2be94df6b6cc⋯.jpg (111.79 KB, 960x538, 480:269, memes.jpg)


I did read your posts, bug there isn't much to say. Future speculation isn't really something i debate over. Especially not pessimistic analyses.

I just want the world to end up like one of my alt-history action vidya gaems. China's making cyberpunk real, so my hope is that the USA will make machine wars real.

With China exporting hammers and sickles everywhere and taking advantage of global markets for thei imperialist ambitions, and with the american hegemony crumbling, i personally have a more optimistic view. Nothing better than red and yellow to awaken a primal instinct within a man to fight for something.

My personal opinion is we must make lumpens useful, especially in the USA where the criminal population is so high and the average prole does at least one illegal thing regularly. Make the blood gang into the nazbol gang.

Looking at silicon valley as the future is meaningless. They're sheltered liberal technocrats and they don't represent anything but an overfunded government and economic experiment. I don't see it becoming the global norm.



Fascists hated nationalisation, he's actually moving towards nazbol.


File: e9c4119358bdef3⋯.png (728.57 KB, 1202x1856, 601:928, Antiwork.png)


Can i get an analysis on my revolutionary proposals?



File: a6e583630d92d95⋯.png (165.36 KB, 342x342, 1:1, a6e583630d92d95b8221e65316….png)


Hey I've been around, although I've reduced myself to dune shitposting or some stuff in the mil tech thread, I'm finding actual discussions on here are becoming too much posturing and not enough constructive arguments. As for Tomo I see her on leftyb often which is the only place I post regularly now, and according to her the only place she posts now. Comfy times only last so long I guess.


~~INB4 that one guy complains about ERPing

and then proceeds to not provide any meaningful alternative again~~



A system that is economically weaker than another cannot thwart it.


They hated the concept of antitrust too. The EU is built on antitrust and a hatred of nationalisation. The US is built on a hatred of both, despite it being coined there.

The only reason people like the EU is due to their antitrust legislation and workers rights at this point, but they absolutely fetishise antitrust to the point of it being the entire fabric of the bloc.



In all seriousness, is there a viable proposal of assuring art and education funding wouldn't become a tool for authoritarianism by a socialist government, other than, hopefully, having actual soviet democracy? Simply giving the State – any State – such a vital function and hoping for the best isn't what I call a sound idea.


>What difference is there between genetic changes through evolution and CRISP or whatever?

I answered that. The change isn't qualitative, only quantitative, but it is immense. The rate of change (in an abstract formulation, and mutation in this case) is varying by immeasurable margins, and it warrants more care about its results. Not any moralist poppycock about the philosophical implications, but in material results, in the form of unexpected molecules in being synthetized.

>You can't stop the march of progress.

I actually agree, but we can direct it. Technology, research and science aren't forces of nature, and even less so supernatural entities.


Well that's part of what I said in >>2911582, wouldn't you say?


I bring back an old proposal of mine that, should our extinction be on sight, we should take care to terminate all chimpanzees and possibly the other great apes other than bonobos, and provide the latter with all material advantages we can think of. With any luck, the next dominant species will use sex instead of violence as primary conflict-resolution tool.


I sure as fuck hope not.




Nah fam.


File: a6e5e607059d54c⋯.jpg (11 KB, 250x267, 250:267, lenin_photo16.jpg)


What do u mean?


I understand your sentiments regarding China but I'm actually worki mg on a segment of my book regarding how China can't transcend the globalist order even if xi legitimately wants to and even if America fully crumbles

Tbh I find it a bit insulting that you say you're too good for futuristic speculation but then participate in it for four or five paragraphs just from an optimistic angle



Not gonna lie, that Stalin meme is as dank as Siberian swampland in summertime.




>wouldn't you say?

yep, that's why i linked it in my response because it's been said and isn't worth expanding on more since its already been expanded.



>What do u mean?

It's where you can be drunk and not get banned for a joke the next day, due to the post speed.


File: 8fee1ad1605a1e6⋯.png (726.18 KB, 600x976, 75:122, 8fee1ad1605a1e68b143ef5a86….png)


I put my faith in eurasianism. China and russia should dissolve their borders together and reap the benefits of russian resources and chinese manpower.

Not saying i'm too good for futurist speculation, just that i'm not the guy who should be speculating. I'm not in control of myself today.



Cursed post.



What's cursed about it?



Russia is arguably the most cursed place in all of leftist history due to how it turned out, and China is the only entity capable of perceiving neofeudalism and enacting it, by which I mean a class based, production for use economy, one of the worse end states for humanity.

The other alternatives being radical social democracy, Bookchinism, or neoliberalism are basically what's going on in the world already.



<Sam Hyde with CWC's t-shirt

The fuck?


Maybe I should visit lefty sometime, it kinda looks nice.





File: d4b77716e16af0c⋯.png (38.83 KB, 164x226, 82:113, d4b77716e16af0c60ae619a53f….png)



I mean you're completely free to do it at any time….


File: 1ac40dd1f8a40af⋯.png (231.76 KB, 500x987, 500:987, c572151b1f0cad249f133f3d32….png)

Ive accomplished nothing of note in my life and probably never will


File: 71d65394a9da237⋯.png (66.13 KB, 1099x159, 1099:159, Screen Shot 2019-06-07 at ….png)

File: de49bec7e74a9a3⋯.png (141.38 KB, 1097x341, 1097:341, Screen Shot 2019-06-07 at ….png)


File: 7809076765dc06c⋯.png (151.73 KB, 620x576, 155:144, maoknows.png)


Your mind and body, like all things in the universe, contain internal contradictions which will lead to qualitative change in time.

What I'm saying is, dialectical materialism proves you have the power to change. Don't despair comrade.



These people are so funny, with their tiny control of the population, and even tinier vanguard. The local anarkiddies could probably deal with them.



Actually a very important message. Learning about dialectical materialism convinced me that things could change and get better, and helped me to stop being suicidal.

Unironically Marx and Lenin have done more for my mental health then medication or therapy ever have.



Wtf. Why do robots always turn out fascist?



>Unironically Marx and Lenin have done more for my mental health then medication or therapy ever have.




>Unironically Marx and Lenin have done more for my mental health then medication or therapy ever have.

That's based as fuck ngl



Funnily enough, i had a similar idea for a story. The main difference would be that instead of direct genocide of everyone on earth because they're inefficient, AI would design robots fashioned from schizophrenic reconstructions of poorly sewed together human flesh and organs, and use them inside a post-intentional nuclear winter Earth to facilitate FALC for the descendants of space porkies. That one needs a severe rewrite because i didn't take the setting seriously enough tho.

So what's the deal with the fantasy that porkies will just fly off into space with a shit-eating grin and digital bags of money? It just seems completely unfeasible, if recent history regarding space travel and digital simulations is to be taken as prophecy. There is plenty of time before we all die of the terrible heat, sure, but it just seems stupid that we would be able to build immortal underground bunkers with eternal, automatic energy extraction and an incomprehensibly extensive simulation of life. A structure resistant to all currently known and unknown forms of decay and growth, let alone the completely chaotic and irrational nature of contemporary AI, which it would presumably be constructed by. It feels like an subset of the mythos of Californian ideology, and on a smaller scale of the fantasy of the simulation hypothesis. If i'm going to believe this kind of bullshit i would rather start a posadist cult.

That said, the part about genocide i feel is about as spot-on as speculative thinking can be. Aside from the assumption that the vampires will be saved. Much content in mass-media (it's most insidious form being found in videogames) nowadays constructs 'harsh' realities in which boring, expendable characters are forced into answering loaded questions by the narrative to sustain it's fantasy. As you might imagine, those answers tend to involve the structural reproduction of objective violence, justified by the narrative in a way that resembles lazy thought experiments and game theory more than a coherent story. Emotionally speaking, this is always painted as a 'necessary evil' and a 'morally grey' act, and, stepping outside of culture, the main link seems to be between this and the open progressive self-undressing of porky's peversion over sociopolitical life.


File: f0d42e589380956⋯.jpg (48.31 KB, 600x394, 300:197, lenin he helped me when no….jpg)


File: 5f378cf6e1d2a66⋯.jpg (46.96 KB, 545x614, 545:614, qdiqlqrkgu231.jpg)




For me it was Cockshott. When I read TANS I had a religious experience and pretty much started reading about socialist history and theory.


File: d966fb9d7aac1d0⋯.jpg (2.74 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 20190608_080641.jpg)

nothing like starting off the day with a salad



But see you are thinking about things in terms of the present. Technological development is moving very quickly noe and with things like machine learning feedback loops are generated which quicken the process even more.

You also are misreading the part about porkies in space a bit. I'm saying that by the time they get to that point they won't really be porkies anymore they will be a new type of being. They aren t "going into space with money bags" out of some conspiratorial agenda, it's the logical conclusion of market based decisions.

People think porky has no endgame beyond generating profit but they do even if they themselves are unaware of it. They are elitists to the core. By that I mean not only do they have a great disdain for proles but they believe their existence is holding back human evolution itself. Technocrats arent developing all this formerly science fiction shit to help anyone but themselves.

I resent you comparing my ideas to posadism btw. You're acting like I want this to happen but it's just an analysis of several greater trends literally happening right now and reasoning them out to their logical conclusion. It troubles me greatly and severely exacerbates previous problems with anxiety and depression I've had for years but fuck it. I guess just sitting around praying that everyone suddenly gets woke and does 1917 all over again out of the blue is preferable so I can see why you would belittle someone such as myself who constantly leans towards the hopelessness of all of this shit. I'm sorry


File: d361226c1bfc586⋯.jpg (7.58 KB, 164x106, 82:53, eliminate.jpg)


>Therefore, communism will be achieved but it will only be experienced by the few.

Has this not always been happening to some degree? the lower classes were always far more likely to perish to war, diseases, hunger etc, they were always sort of selected out and the more ruthless persevered. The dogmatic behaviorists would say that what you predicted would not be that bad, as calling them "the few" when they are the only ones makes no sense. I don't share that sentiment and would rather take the elites down with us.


File: d1958fdf4510d45⋯.jpg (36.46 KB, 925x303, 925:303, the answer you get.JPG)

Where do I learn proper video editing? /tech/ let me down, pic related.



This site is full of reactionaries, what did you expected. I don't know anything about it, but maybe ask 4/g as they have alot more traffic.



Go ask on 4/g/ if you want, but don't mention /leftypol/ unless you're just wanting to start shit. They'll go bonkers if you do.



The thing is that it feels like the idea of porky resolving class struggle by killing everyone who isn't useful to them on earth and offing themselves as they create perfect replicas of themselves via machine learning and either 'living on' in a simulation inside a space capsule or by surviving inside a bunker feels more like their fantasy than a coherent plan. The logistics of anything past the genocide are hazy at best. Contemporary AI's lack of sentience makes it incredibly inefficient, chaotic, and unfitting for anything that STEMlords can't herd it towards (i.e. actual attempts at any kind of reasoning and argumentation), in that sense it seems unlikely that it would work if it was let to control any sort of physical system for a significant amount of time by itself, much less if it had to deal with something never seen before in the history of mankind, with mostly speculative data and no previous iterations that had to deal with this problem. It gives you the picture but not the artist, and developments in this regard are quantitative rather than qualitative. Not that techies themselves think it matters much. I find it far more likely in the case that a bunch of porkies do Jonestown to ascend into Second Life that eventually their power supply would run out or otherwise fail, that unexpected natural disasters would demolish their architecture, that they would get lost in space and vanish as the neural network finds it impossible to deal with some unknown geometrical phenomenon and the pod stops working in the middle of nowhere. Maybe it's just hopeful thinking that eventually they would get their comeuppance, but still.

>I resent you comparing my ideas to posadism btw.

Sorry about that.


You fellas should check out /marxism/, tankies are getting their assholes buttfucked to death by facts and logic.



Maybe hit up a lefty youtuber or two who you like, at least in terms of production quality, and ask them their method of production, what gear they use, biggest tips and what shit just should not have time wasted on it. idk, maybe badmouse would give you pointers, even if you don't like his videos, they're solid quality on a technical level.



They already buying and building the bunkers.


i want to be a lich irl



File: 494cc0ea4dd1c5a⋯.jpg (52.9 KB, 882x612, 49:34, brainglucoseuptake.jpg)

Why Life Seems to Speed Up as We Age



File: 81d9273289f0926⋯.png (981.34 KB, 800x468, 200:117, 81d.png)


Thanks for reminding I will be a corpse in few decades.


File: 59d7f3ba1723b77⋯.png (1.96 MB, 1807x3352, 1807:3352, immortal science.png)


File: 9abd781c84dbce6⋯.jpg (17.69 KB, 380x380, 1:1, CmmXrz9.jpg)

>WWI reversed is IWW



These people are the reason why liberals deserve contempt


Does anyone here know how to make yourself do shit. I'm close to hitting a new low. I can't seem to focus on anything.




That's awesome. I still need to read it. I have a digital copy, but I like reading paper books so much more, hopefully will get a copy soon.



Thanks fam.


increasingly i find myself against the talented presenting themselves as individuals on social media. they walk amongst us, they eat, sleep and piss as we do, but they are not like us and inevitably when we fail to measure up to them we will be more unhappy than we would be in their absence.

behind a corporate wall, the mind is protected: well of course they can make a comic and i can't, they've got a big company behind them. in the internet age, there is no excuse even if most people have countless advantages rendered unavailable by the passage of time. not all of our parents paid for piano lessons. not all of us are still children.


File: 7fe50f545225331⋯.mp4 (1.56 MB, 400x354, 200:177, 62559825_586567948535332_5….mp4)



Betting my ass a Brazilian made this.



i wish i knew the source



This feels like something a 14 year old would write.


File: 287ab79fc32cbe0⋯.jpg (184.74 KB, 962x581, 962:581, 3EE3FBC600000578-4375344-i….jpg)


Not the one you're responding to, but thank you anon for this post. This literally just got my head unstuck from a deterministic track that's been taking me deeper and deeper into depression for months now. Fucking hell. Understanding dialectical materialism is even the supreme form of mental health improvement.



good to know I could be of service, comrade. I suffer from depression as well. stay strong!



a 14 year old would neither remember the pre social media world where talented creative figures were distant figures, nor know it was too late to realistically turn their life around.


File: ce8d598966d3f3b⋯.png (185.05 KB, 250x593, 250:593, ClipboardImage.png)

liberal gay idpolers are the most idiotic people. I've seen people here complain that anons try to find leftism in any media here… liberals are far beyond that

Just an example


The 'evidence' listed for her being gay is calling her senior computer scientist Dr. Akagi "sempai"…

I hate this idpol world.



the hell?




Learning about communism and Marxism has given me a reason to be disciplined and study. All my life I grew up with no real aims or meaning, I could tell I was being forcefed bullshit. Marxism broke that routine. Now I have a goal to strive towards, to be of service to the revolution. I usually fail, but I keep trying to improve.

The past few days, I've tried to go pretty much cold turkey on 8chan, 4chan, twitter, reddit, etc. Whenever I feel the urge to start browsing, I'll divert my attention towards anything else– reading, cleaning, study, food, chores, etc. So far it is pretty much working. I only visited here once per day to check up on a few threads. I've completely cut off 4chan and reddit.

I encourage everyone here to get off the addictive parts of the internet. It's brain poison. If you spend 99% of your time looking for good content, instead of actually learning things or being fulfilled, then it's bad for you. It's as bad as alcoholism tbh. How many hours have you sunk into this shit? 5 per day? 10 per day? More? Think of what you could have accomplished. Think of what you could have learned.



>Learning about communism and Marxism has given me a reason to be disciplined and study. All my life I grew up with no real aims or meaning, I could tell I was being forcefed bullshit. Marxism broke that routine. Now I have a goal to strive towards, to be of service to the revolution. I usually fail, but I keep trying to improve.




Read Marx



To be fair Akagi is pretty hot. That gmilf pussy must be delicious.


File: 7fc415de9ede17f⋯.png (107.54 KB, 227x224, 227:224, timpool3.PNG)


All self help is cultist, it just so happens that some are more useful than others at actually trying to attain real change. The fact that now people have an idea worth fighting for that isnt "muh jews" that still allows you to not only dunk on liberals but also understand how the world functions with its constant contradictions that cause change actually makes you feel like you know something that should of been so completely obvious but also out of the public eye. I guess you could say its a true REDpill.




Ritsuko isn't even a mother, she can;t be a GILF or MILF but yes she's hot, but the pairing is crack-fic level bullshit that they're just shoving in.


File: 88aca3dd7746fb1⋯.gif (376.4 KB, 500x271, 500:271, gits.gif)

Really getting tired of arguing with 5 different people at once. What else is there to be done online while i idle and shitpost? I'll never convince a single righttard to stop being a shithead. They're all willfully ignorant, smug assholes. Every time you say a single thing, they barrage you from all angles. They dissect your entire post, and they each post simultaneously. You reply to one and forget to reply to another, and they say "aha! you avoided my question! dumb commie, muh venezuela!". I'm pissed. I feel nothing but schadenfreude when these pieces of human refuse become homeless or suffer from capitalist alienation. Hell, i'm starting to wonder whether or not all that i hold dear is in jeopardy. While not being white supremacist, i still enjoy racial diversity. I still enjoy the white race existing (inb4 spooks), yet these people claim to represent white people. I can't help but feel that /pol/ is more anti-caucasian than anyone else. I can't help but feel that /pol/ is more damaging to their own race, to their own traditional values, than anyone else. Worst of all, i'm one of the people that stands to benefit the most from their proposals, yet i argue against them constantly because they're fucking retarded. What's the point? I'm stuck here, dying on a hill that nobody wants to fight over, protecting my own ideals on a fucking imageboard against /pol/fags who don't even support Hitler. Most of these /pol/posters have nothing to do with what /pol/ once was. If you proclaimed support for a policy that Hitler himself supported, you're a commie. I'm so fucking tired of them. /pol/ is a shadow of its former self. You guys know that Marxists used to post on /pol/ all the time? Did you know that? It's bullshit. Call yourself a Marxist now, and you're bound to be endlessly ridiculed. It never ends. Even if you support nationalism, even if you support traditionalism, even if you don't like gays, even if you don't like immigration, if you say that "Marx was right", they swarm you like bugpeople. I can't fucking stand this world.



>I'll never convince a single righttard to stop being a shithead.

Eh, I've convinced at least 3 /pol/aks to become Marxist Leninists by giving them facts on living standards in the USSR compared to the USA.



Despite the fact that, as i said I've converted 3 /pol/ users, I do agree that its usualy a waste of time.



>Ritsuko isn't even a mother

she's a cat mom



She's a sexy mature woman, but her maternal instincts are next to nonexistant, that's sort of a plot point in the series.



File: 1a3dec317c656c4⋯.mp4 (981.78 KB, 320x180, 16:9, recep tayyip erdogan.mp4)


i hate socdems and radlibs more than nazis




This shits in every fandom and it's not necessarily an idpol thing. Fujoshis for instance will ship any two male characters that so much as look at eachother and I've been dealing with those dumbasses for at least a decade.


Just went to a used bookstore to see what was hanging around. Bought the Foundation novels, a copy of the manifesto (the one I already have is incorporated in the larger Marx and Engels selected works book I've owned for a while) and Ho Chi Minh collected works. I was just browsing around after, and I saw "At War With the Bolsheviks" a murican novel about how hard it was fighting a country that had just finished a civil war and how sad it was to see some of the Whites defect to the monstrous Bolsheviks. I grabbed it for 'bout three fiddy so hopefully some poor shmuck can pass it by. What should I do with it? Burn it? I already have too many books to read give american propaganda in any significant priority.



>What should I do with it? Burn it? I already have too many books to read give american propaganda in any significant priority.




I'm joking anon, though I suppose ironic cringe is still cringe. I might actually flip through it for a laugh.


What was the billie eilish thing about? Always saw the thread, never bothered clicking on it. Maybe it was on pol idk. Brief summary maybe.



Shipping is retarded phenomenon caused by people having total isolation from the media they consume. They have no influence on it, no relation to it, and their alienation to a thing that forms a significant part of the social interaction in their lives drives them slowly insane.



Recently, I've made a very similar experience at my local thrift store. They also have a book section and I noticed, they had the black book of communism for sale.



Yes anything that tells you to do anything other than rot in stagnation in body and mind as you thoughtlessly go through the motions of life is a cult. Literally everything that suggests you have anything to live for, work towards, hope for, or give you lessons on is a cult.

Fuck off.



>Shipping is retarded phenomenon

Eh people can Ship relationships and be fine. it's when people go to levels like the famous Sakura vs Hinata shipping arguments that it gets cringy


Fujoshi's aren't really engaged in LGBT shit though, they just like to see 2 boys fuck. They're retarded but they don't go write entire reddit posts about how why a character is 100% gay. That's gay rights activists who are just rubbing themselves through their clothes while doing so.



fandom is the official neoliberal equivalent of paganism



During the elections in my country my local book store was full of anti-communist books, right next to them was entrepreneurship and financing books.


File: f2dab5eb4c82a7e⋯.jpg (141.53 KB, 900x581, 900:581, mithras-london-mithraeum-m….jpg)


And Christianity is the modern version of the Mithras cult, your point?


thinking of ways out of the market cage only to realise it's too late. everything can be gamed. gamers rise up?


should I buy an ar15 or a gaming laptop

currently nogunz and only have a secondhand macbook so only about 1/3 of my steam library is playable



<gaming laptop

get the gun obv



i mostly play old single player shit

baldurs gate, warband, etc



if you get a gaming anything you should just do a custom built gaming pc, basically cheaper and more powerful than anything else, unless you are a college kid or something in which case a laptop is nice



also most ARs are overpriced crap so don't blindly purchase any old AR



laptops are shit because they are too small so they overheat and downclock quickly



I mean the article is a dumb one line thing but there's also the part where Lilith breaks her AT field through an apparition of Ritsuko kissing her, that's the general argument for Maya being lesbian/bi/having a crush on Ritsuko.



I need to get another job before I buy another gun or they kick me out. GII bull or GII hunter?


Does anyone here care about E3 anymore? I used to when I was a child but stopped watching it completely after 2011 or so. I can't believe subhuman manchildren can get excited for the same lies every year.



Stopped watching e3 around 2015-ish. I got annoyed since they pretty much showed the same games but with a different coat of paint. Since 2018 I more or less stopped gaming so I don't have much reason to watch it.



why the hell do you want to shoot .308 out of rifles that are trying their hardest to be as light as possible

but between the 2, the hunter has the better overall construction if you don't plan to do after-market modding



I like some of the games on offering there, but the show itself is just infuriating to watch.



I watch but only so I can shitpost on 4chan/v/.



How the fuck do I crosspost?



File: 00bac6f9db7af14⋯.mp4 (917.07 KB, 468x352, 117:88, lurk.mp4)



I just learned it was today. Don't really give a shit either



i only follow a couple of franchises, i only check if theres something cool like death stranding.



>hollywood shit




kojima is based and your a pleb





Did you rike it?


File: 06f622bb71e172c⋯.jpg (122.42 KB, 770x767, 770:767, kojimaqualley.jpg)



whats the prob dude?



Nothing. I just remember the good old shitposting days from 2015 when I was spoiling phantom pain on /v/.




I've been here since 2014. I never learned how to do it.


File: 178d6e1e8544ef3⋯.jpeg (231.23 KB, 900x900, 1:1, 79664A2D-D0B5-47F2-A659-9….jpeg)

File: 5a97b828763c9c6⋯.jpeg (25.21 KB, 255x210, 17:14, 834549EE-7903-45C3-B498-B….jpeg)

I want to marry this white woman, someone give me therapy



Go back to Chapo, Posados.



Mmmm y babe?


File: 3893b96496a008a⋯.jpg (227.5 KB, 1080x1345, 216:269, IMG_20190607_072725.jpg)


i want to breed mexie soo bad



There must be a picture of her ass, I bet it's huge and plump.


Chapofags are cringe. The whole edgy dirtbag-left thing falls apart when you're easily angered by race-baiting trolls


File: 2363ae0c780fad5⋯.jpg (413.17 KB, 2048x1538, 1024:769, IMG_20190607_074628.jpg)



she has those cute creases on the side of her mouth when she smiles, that i have a very specific fetish for.


File: 6903cce2e4182f3⋯.gif (2.88 MB, 386x216, 193:108, 736FBF83-6D11-4E7D-AC4E-9F….gif)


Tbh you got me there


Mexie unironically made me stop being a misogynist. Only a little bit though



Why are lefties so sensitive in general? I mean right wingers too are, just insult them in a right way and you'll see, but "t h e l e f t" seems to do slightly worse. Is it because interest leftist are basically college kids who do it for good boy points? That kinda describes me but I do it because I want to work less. Ironically, I'm trying to go from being a lazy ass to a workaholic, just to make laziness as much of a possibility in the future.




>veiled left = liberal

fuck off /pol/


File: 6c0427d7c24fa25⋯.png (167.75 KB, 500x704, 125:176, adorno.png)


Why haven't you told a /tv/ fag to read Adorno yet?

>be me

>make thread telling /tv/ to read adorno

<but he's from da frankfurt school! he's a cultural marxist! why would you want us, chronic consumers of mass-produced capitalist culture, to read a cultural marxist?

>because you're a cultural capitalist, retard

<muh schoenberg and brecht

>what does a shitty jewish musician whose music got burned by hitler and an anti-adorno poet have to do with not reading adorno?



They're just wannabe bullies who think they found "acceptable targets" for making fun of "loser" or "weird" traits. All the people they mock could be attacked for being pieces of shit instead of for being ugly or having a funny voice or whatever. It's like the people making fun of Trump for being fat right after talking about body positivity.


File: dc22829cb4325c5⋯.png (1.48 MB, 950x878, 475:439, 1513708212778.png)


For as long as I'm sexually frustrated and lonely, I will be misogynist. This is my flaw, man's flaw - I am sorry.



Unlikely that you'd stop being a misogynist if you got laid or even got into a relationship. Maybe read some Freud and figure out why you hate your mom so much.



sounds like youre just butthurt becuase your one of said losers.



Sounds like you're just butthurt because you get a hard on from bullying people and don't want to feel bad about it.



I love my mother though. She's just a bit dumb.


File: 086b215643b58d5⋯.jpg (87.66 KB, 1200x680, 30:17, keanu_reeves_in_cyberpunk_….jpg)




this legit?



big if true



I haven't cared for it in years. There was a time I posted on /v/ every single day and never thought I'd stop being interested in videogames. Now I mostly read instead.



god im watching Bethesda's e3 and its just pure cringe.



100% true


why are mobile games announced at e3



"look at all the stuff we invented"



cant go wrong with more doom tho



E3 is primarily a show for shareholders and secondarily pop slop for nerds to slob their knob


File: 348fa9145fe3631⋯.png (642.71 KB, 1022x731, 1022:731, 8V2Pe15.png)

>See comment made by rabid anti-communist talking about socialist policies implemented by the government

>Ask him what he means by "socialist policies"

>Mentions welfare, social security etc

>Inform him that socialism has nothing to do with welfare and that the means of production blah blah blah

>get a barrage of comments by people saying "XDDDDD NOT TRUUUU SOCIALISM SPESHUL SNOWFLAKE!

These people have built a false narrative in their heads that is exhausting to deal with.



They will be the first to bite it when the collapse happens, just gotta wait and see.


File: 6089e996cf5cd06⋯.png (849.54 KB, 994x588, 71:42, mpv_2019-06-10_03-40-21.png)

Why do game developers think smearing everything with motion blur looks good?


File: 6089e996cf5cd06⋯.png (849.54 KB, 994x588, 71:42, mpv_2019-06-10_03-40-21.png)

Why do game developers think smearing everything with motion blur looks good?



doom was probably the only thing good there, deathloop sounds good as a concept but they didnt show gameplay.


>interviewing boogie 1488



It's funny because historically capitalism couldn't function peacefully/efficiently without welfare. You either have a rebellious proletariat, a dead proletariat or would need a literal slave society.



Motion blur doesn't exist, when you look around your eyes abrubtly move and then stay lock in their position to the world, compensating for your head movement so you get a clear image. It looks like mud and sometimes it can't even be turned all off.



oh, yea i know. i was just talking about doom.


File: 3507a53d5bcb5e1⋯.png (504.46 KB, 946x1680, 473:840, 9abf0a20d99ce33787f86d2608….png)


this is why we should make a copypasta of famous political theorists and economists defining socialism. something like pic related.




1. I've made a pace

And I can't turn around.

This celestial trace -

Is the way I have found.

Fate decreed that for me

Sealed my fate, let it go.

I don't fear anything.

Nothing back, let it show…

2. They keep spying on me

Follow me evil eyes.

They see every my deed

Wishing me to remise.

Fate decreed that for me

I look into her face

This way which found me -

Is celestial trace.



In the sky

Closer To the sun

Here's no one

Who can hold me now

Voices come

Much clearer:

"We're with you,

Do You hear? "

We're with you,

You can't see us"


File: 08b304f7c6233f7⋯.jpg (25.75 KB, 450x253, 450:253, D8UPhCsUYAAyX01 orig.jpg)

Soooooooo, you know about Moro's phone having been under control of a hacker for 6 hours? I mentioned it ITT last week. Everyone was hoping for some juicy leaks, and they finally arrived, only hours ago, courtesy of The Intercept BR. I told you guys they are a godsend. The centerpiece is Moro still coordinating events with his Car Wash crew, up to and including affecting the electoral campaign. Not that anyone with two braincells to rub together didn't know it, obviously. I already mentioned how Bozo had been publicly promising Moro a sweet job if he got elected since at least 2017, a glaringly obvious conflict of interest that could only fly in Brasilonia. There were other, softer prods too, like leaks of Car Wash testimonies against a certain party days before the first round. Perhaps the most important part is the confirmation of an authoritarian scheme used to get the "evidence" needed to convict anyone they wanted: harass people close to the target with spurious arrests and trumped-up charges with the entire media covering their humiliation, throw out any hope of parole or other alternatives etc. so that the only option is for them to snitch on the target. Assuming these people don't already have a lot to answer for; a common theme with Car Wash was the biggest thieves, the porkies i.e. the ones who praticed active corruption as opposed to the politicians themselves, got very generous sentences and even kept part of their ill-gotten gains, so really, beaides fully debasing the most basic purported principles of a democracy, you can throw money laundering among the charges. Rinse and repeat, and there you have it, Moscow Trials fully adapted to a porky democracy. Which, it's important to note, Moro brought from America itself. He went to plenty of lectures and courses there, and intended to enact something similar to your monstrous prison-industrial complex here. Which, it's also important to note, is another way America is exporting the sewage of its culture, with evangelicals being the other biggest case.

The real issue, however, is the MSM. What they don't talk about doesn't exist. The pro-Bozo segment supports Moro and his ilk, and Globo, despite being nominally oppositionist, is his number 1 ally, so getting this to catch on is an uphill battle. And besides the issue of need for publicity, there's another, far more dangerous aspect: that this is widely reported on, and nothing happens. Like I keep saying, including in the paragraphs above, we're operating under different rules than those of a bougie democracy, if there are any rules at all. Even if the whole press reports on this in an anodyne, matter-of-fact way, it might still go nowhere. I don't think I need to state the bizarre reasoning bhind this phenomenon again. So let's see how it goes. Apparently, 'Murrkan TV has already reported on it, yet the open channels here are still on the usual imbecilizing sunday programming.

I'll finish with some sweet irony. Moro said his hacking ought to be treated as a national security matter. Everyone with 2+ braincells laughed, tho most had to contain it, because leaking very sensitive material was a big part of the Car Wash method. There were lots of very serendipitous leaks to the MSM along the past few 5 or so years, and it's well known. Hell, journalists even knew that Car Wash sending these sensitive documents, especially to Globo, became so trivial that they did it via motorcycle delivery, an extremely common industry here. The most important instance of such leaks was when Dilma, then still president, was about to appoint Lula, then still free, to a ministry, just so he could get "privileged courts" or whatever is the English term. He would still be judged but it would be easier on him, and more importantly, the case would leave Moro's hands, and he would not have that. How do we know what she intended to do? Because Moro had her phone bugged, and leaked their conversation about this immediately. Let me repeat that: a prosecutor-cum-criminal judge of the lowest instance had the duly elected president of the republic's phone bugged without any higher approval while fully intending to leak the results. In any sane country, he would be shot for high treason, but alas, Brazil is barely a country, let alone a serious one. Dilma went through with it, but the press raised enough of a stink for the higher courts to revoke his appointment. And, incidentally, this demonstrates how even the sections of the establishment which weren't part of the whole smear campaign still turned a blind eye to it. Of course the Supreme Court, like everyone else, knew this was a farce. But they played along, and, well, here we are. So seeing Moro get his ass leaked is oh so, so sweet. Even if there's no justice in the realm of man, at least we can enjoy its poetic form.


File: f18a55f6feaa985⋯.gif (2.36 MB, 498x463, 498:463, 1560058448029.gif)



Anytime I need to see your face I just close my eyes And I am taken to a place Where your crystal minds and magenta feelings Take up shelter in the base of my spine Sweet like a CHICA CHERRY COLA I don't need to try to explain I just hold on tight and If it happens again I may move so slightly to the arms And the lips and the face Of The Human Cannonball that I NEED to I WANT to Come stand a little bit closer Breathe in and get a bit higher You'll never know what hit you when I get to youu

Oooooh I want you, I don't know if I need you but Oooooh I'd die to find oouut

Oooooh I want you, I don't know if I need you but OoOOoh I'd die to find oouut



Oh yeah, it bears mentioning that the leak of Dilma and Lula's phone talk took place 2 years before his first conviction. Meaning that, if that leak is to be considered as serving the public interest at all, Moro had already decided on a guilty verdict, further implicating the whole scheme. But this nuance was fully absent from the MSM, obviously.


so hey leftypol, i kinda need a father right now, and i don't have one that is for the task, so can you be my surrogate fathers today?

(skip this paragraph if you just wanna know the point of this) this is a story about communism and dating, i was out with a friend in a bar, he said he was bringing friends to the place to keep us company, the friends were two girls, one for him and one for me, i was talking to mine, and somewhere it came up that she was a communist, it becomes the best night ever real fast, we talk alone all night about communism and marx and her activism, although there is a couple of clashes between me and her about fidel, and other MLs, but i think some friendly clash is not a bad sign for a date no?, anyway, her friend wants to go, and take her, but she goes outside with her friend and tells her she wants to stay with me (i find out later my guy friend who tells me all of this), anyway her friend stays out of her request, and we go to another bar, the thing is that bar closes up, and her friend uses this excuse to go away and leave us alone, she stays with me, this is looking real good until now, we go out to eat at 1am, we try anyway but everything is closed, we walk and walk and find nothing, at the end we settle down in a really crappy store, and we talk.for another hour, and then go home

thing is and this the point of the story, i'm a kissless virgin, and despite the fact that this shit is looking fine to me i don't know how to make a move, what am i supposed to do?, how do you make moves on a girl?, do i tell her i'm interested in her first like mom said?, i have another date with her in like four hours so how do i make a move?



google how to initiate a kiss and watch YouTube videos

once you have broken sexual tension with a kiss the rest is easy

congrats bro, you are already 8:10ths of the way there




floss, brush your teeth, mouthwash, mouthwash, mouthwash

this girl wants it


File: 7e4712ea319c371⋯.jpg (79.53 KB, 850x400, 17:8, 7e4712ea319c37159f83a11d97….jpg)

>communism and dating

Eat a bullet. Degenerates like you to who this is a social club are to be purged.



>we talk alone all night about communism and marx

>thing is and this the point of the story, i'm a kissless virgin,

You really give me hope, that nothing in life is impossible. Good luck, friend!



as a lover of fruit-juice, nudity, sandals and sex, fuck you Orwell.



>I enjoy oconstantly having the carrot tangled in front of me

I hate cucks like you who worship rags to riches 'successes'



after reading 1984, I was finally convinced to give up sandals, sex, and fruit juice. thank you Orwell, my life has improved immeasurably.



Just consider it a natural extension of party politics.


File: fe967c882860e4e⋯.jpg (5.13 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 15601847274382679463145709….jpg)

Last week, I was helping my cousin move out of his old place and found an old collection of comics. I found the comic above and thought how I should immediately post it here. Well here it is, what do you make of it?


I think the only way out in the 1st world is a synthesis between enlightened absolutism and Leninism. Basically what Xi is doing in China but actually socialist.

I don't think Bernie is anywhere near capable of this and I can't really name an American politician who is. You'd have to do a Blanquist coup to implement it and that isn't going to happen



I liked the superbunnyhop ytp and hope there will be something good like that again. I don't ever play triple A games from the past 10 years though.



i watched the bethesesda show not knowing that there would be no tes6 news this year

it was cringe and bluepilled, they lost subscriber



I think they made a movie out of it.



Holy wow, Marvel actually printed a book with gommie capes, the absolute madmen! Emphasis on "a", because it was just that one issue kek



After looking up a quick list, the only thing that interested me was VTMB2. The trailer was decent-ish. If anyone likes a good but clunky RPG I couldn't recommend anything more than the first game.


File: 3415e9d96556399⋯.jpg (76.8 KB, 546x896, 39:64, 6793.jpg)

What youtube channels do you guys watch? I very much enjoy accursed farms (Ross game dungeon), Ars Technica, and Trey the explainer. Amongst channels I enjoy but are unknown and sparsely put content Sckchui is good. He ones in a blue moon uploads a video series where he explores video game architecture. Ratiotoryang is a (ex?) video game level designer who does unsurprisingly explores video game levels.


File: b99085245b30de9⋯.jpg (193.28 KB, 1242x1704, 207:284, D8u9yVIU8AAIL_A orig.jpg)

File: 9bbb0072e12d052⋯.jpg (15.54 KB, 1080x168, 45:7, D8tBgo9WsAATkF8 orig.jpg)

Bozo's Skynet is now trending #DeportaGreenwald, and spreading falsified versions of Moro's conversations.

I'd like to point out the abysmal level of modern villainy. It's the salt in the wound. This is how retarded they are. At every turn, I wonder what I may be missing for such bizarre behavior to be actual political maneuvering, but no, I'm not missing anything, they're just plain stupid. But in this brave new age, it's not only not a hindrance, but an asset. An armchair revolutionary like me is Henry fucking Kissinger compared to the circus crew. I'm not joking when I say Bozo himself has a sub-90 Autism Level. This is another way Trump set a trend. This is the revenge of the repeaters.



>Please Mr.President

Why are right-wingers always such fucking cucks and actual traitors to their countries.


the only thing i want to do is create and i'm too stupid to do it

art and music are more complicated than they have any right to be


File: 5eb76c844995958⋯.jpg (41.01 KB, 311x567, 311:567, superman gets owned.jpg)


Tbh doing commie (mainly just USSR graphic design) aesthetics to be cool and edgy isn't anything new. So long as it remains marginal.


I only watch Bunnyhop and that's more for the industry coverage than anything else. The vapid culture 'criticism' on yt only moves between openly stupid and unnecessarily pretentious


File: 5b09b2ca89032cb⋯.jpg (40.19 KB, 720x515, 144:103, D8u65AiWwAAR2fQ orig.jpg)

02, Bozo's spawn in charge of internet affairs. I take it the key parts don't require translation.


In all honesty, that guy is, in all likelihood, a shill. Still, your point stands. Like I keep saying, rightwing thought should explicitly be denied any moral or intellectual credit, because it indeed doesn't have them, since it's a pathology.


hoping from an update from leftcom anon



I hope he does somethinganybody got that strange video of the cat with a growing neck btw


File: d013afe9d685411⋯.png (608.43 KB, 620x687, 620:687, fb34e1f383f7f54bd05890b223….png)


File: b838f73fd789b9b⋯.webm (525.64 KB, 480x480, 1:1, Cat goes WILD with distor….webm)


This strange video of a cat with a stretchy neck?


File: 7e6864ad9df9bb0⋯.png (1.32 MB, 900x1698, 150:283, f2a2ko6twb331.png)


you ever seen dark simpsons? he's a guy who splices clips of the simpsons into unfortunate events.



File: ebafaa7eef2773d⋯.jpg (84.82 KB, 1080x1350, 4:5, ebafaa7eef2773de681e200baa….jpg)

File: 4d97fa02669c096⋯.jpg (90.76 KB, 616x1024, 77:128, 4d97fa02669c096c7a27de2066….jpg)

Why did the jannies delete my relevant and informative post about B00t, the savior of the White working class? We're talking about someone who is SINGLE-HANDEDLY throwing Neo-Nazi organizations into disarray with the power of his feminine benis.



just so you would post it here, in the right thread honey



God, i love him.

He's gonna be Satan's personal buttslut, and he's gonna own a palace in his dominion.



do people just mix ideologies together with legitimate purpose, or trigger the libs?


File: 81f2a44c8671717⋯.jpg (91.74 KB, 497x300, 497:300, Ludovico.jpg)


The dialectic is in motion



fucking a troon really would throw one's nazi credentials into question



We're in a brave new world anon, it's all part of dialectics and syntheses slowly being reached.

Also it isn't the DPRK's fault (ironically it is the USA's) but Juche has several similarities to NazBol particularly if you don't dig too deep into it or why it developed and just give it a cursory glance



Fascists are all gay man at least most of them. They are literally degenerates who project their degeneracy ono everything else and then build up state structures to eradicate it externally



They look cool but those characters get mocked and shat on in the comics constantly. And they're always the typical american-edque "fug uthority" type people constantly clashing with "muh soviet dictators evul orders!"


File: 398f0b4b483cb89⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 299.5 KB, 1944x2592, 3:4, 398f0b4b483cb89108dbeb6666….jpg)

File: faefeeb1b39d90c⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 63.06 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 7a41b4cf805439ebc6acaf7c3a….jpg)


I did post it here, I was >>2910010 from a few days ago. Maybe janny didn't like these pics I posted without spoilering.



I mean, cute, but fash is fash. Besides, going around and doing the whole "haha u got trapped" shit with atomwaffles is not praxis. it's more like putting your own life at serious risk for the sheer internet memery of it all.


communities will always disappoint you



Cmon now. There's nothing like fucking people who wanna kill you.



>be me

>cute nazbol trap


>fuck self-proclaimed "straight" atomwaffles for fun

>so exciting xD rawr

>local news station report:

>male crossdresser found hanging from tree outside of town

>dripping with semen

<worth it







File: a6e5e607059d54c⋯.jpg (11 KB, 250x267, 250:267, lenin_photo16 (1).jpg)

I finally decided to say fuck it to everything. I'm not going to kill myself but I'm just going to live like this for the foreseeable future and see what happens. I tried to quit drinking again today and I can't. I can't read or write anymore I barely can pay attention to movies or music I used to enjoy so fuck it I'm too terrified to blow my brains out but I'll just skirt by and see what happens. Homelessness is going to be fucking awful but it's my inevitable future if I don't die of liver cancer by the time I'm 30. I fucking hate the world fuck it all



Kill a banker before you die.


File: 3ea0cdb71b099ec⋯.jpg (455.14 KB, 809x1457, 809:1457, Screenshot_20190610-221404….jpg)



>"Destroy the homosexuals and fascism will disappear"


File: 53603b3f9033758⋯.png (158.55 KB, 1348x327, 1348:327, 1.png)



Nigga, if I lived in the same city as you I'd say to meet up at a Denny's or some shit. I care about my /leftypol/itarians and went through similar dark days my self. Addiction is the shittiest thing, I know, but you can climb out of that hole.


Is Pizza Hut a communist front organization?



lmao she posts her nudes all over the internet, I saw her on /cuteboys/ not too long ago


File: 39ebe3cb1d76617⋯.mp4 (8.53 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, gnm.mp4)



Serious question man, where do you live, roughly? Country, city, maybe?


File: 01b8c377c6c3079⋯.png (294.92 KB, 749x827, 749:827, 1560252530066.png)

File: 906353711333732⋯.webm (13.41 MB, 854x480, 427:240, open borders.webm)

>Thread on /b2/


File: 13dd017f019268e⋯.jpeg (23.9 KB, 220x329, 220:329, 220px-TheGreatGatsby_1925….jpeg)

What’s the leftypol interpretation of this book.


File: 4d079c73b8d5a4d⋯.png (97.18 KB, 283x267, 283:267, porky.png)

Just made this porky edit. Now you can pretend to be porky too!


File: 214c20059a2b473⋯.png (109.15 KB, 283x267, 283:267, porky.png)


Actually had to fix it twice but this one should work.



I wish 4/pol/ supported webms with sounds so we could shitpost it there



I'm pretty sure Fitzgerald made the entire book as a critique of the "American Dream" and how futile it is.




No joke, I'd actually let her fuck me.



don't let crazy stick their dick in you



Let crazy stick their dick in me, got it



File: 94e9d39adc84f98⋯.jpg (20.83 KB, 400x400, 1:1, Dy8PpufUUAAXAtn.jpg)


File: 6cfa18605062873⋯.png (74.23 KB, 696x564, 58:47, cultofpersonality.png)



well of course. their ideology is inherently self-divisitory. They will always single out some kind of other to attack, it's a perpetual need.



I don't think you need eyes wide shut masks to tell people to elect on issues, not on who has the better beard.



To tell them no, but to make them actually do it you may need to go even further.


Is causing drama in internet friend groups for fun communist?


File: 8829be9687534bb⋯.jpg (31.13 KB, 700x513, 700:513, Eleições 2018.jpg)

So, after The Intercept BR published clear and undeniable evidence that Moro and his cronies broke not noly the law but the most basic precepts of a democracy, the pro-Bozo media plus Globo, which is supposedly oppositionist, gave a textbook-worthy example of large-scale spin-doctoring, by focusing on the hacked phone aspect while glaring over the content of the leaks. And Bozo just awarded Moro with a medal. Tho to be fair, it was probably scheduled a while ago, as it was a big fancy ceremony where another 13 of his ministers, plus the prosecutor-general, received the same award.

More worryingly, today he fired all workers of the federal committee for fighting torture, and made all the positions unpaid.

The 4chancellor, in his fight against the global warming conspiracy, told a room full of reporters that weather stations used to be mostly in grassy areas, but urban expansion means they're now located right above asphalt.

Contradicting his campaign promises, Bozo greenlit privatization of the mail service, which just might be the area which provides the best refutation of the notion of privatization improving quality or price or anything at all, really.

Civil war becomes the most desirable scenario by the day.



This is a severely underrated problem even within the left, to be honest. Especially given how we provided some of the worst historical examples. There's this proverb about small minds discussing personalities, common people discussing events and intelligent people discussing ideas. Honestly, I think this proverb is spot-on. I hardly need to point out the complete intellectual void in the right and the Dantesque depths to which celebrity culture has dragged society.

I'll make one of those risky claims regarding yooman naichur. I think this predilection on personalities instead of events and ideas is a very unfortunate evolutionary carry-over. Hierarchical social order developed absurdly earlier than anything resembling sapience, as basal NAZBOL ganglia far precedes whatever it is that makes the human brain unique. The very degree of concreteness of the three topics also reinforce this notion, as personalities, events and ideas present, in that order, an obvious increase in abstractness, possibly the property most indicative of sapience and intellect.

Hot take 1: this strong bias towards personalities can be framed as a cognitive impairment.

Hot take 2: it explains the absurd success of narcissists, sociopaths etc. accross societies, as their very personalities are the fundamental axis of their every behavior.

Hot take 3: the State is obviously an abstract concept, but its smallest functional unit, so to speak, is the personality, since it's obviously impossible to enthrone an idea. That is the source of the inherently backwards, retrograde nature of any State. Getting rid of it is not only a social goal, but an evolutionary one as well.

Hot take 4: insted of getting rid of it, we could just let an AI run everything, as it's the closest thing possible to enthroning an idea.


File: 34e99b0df4d4684⋯.jpg (596.98 KB, 1707x2560, 1707:2560, D8y1Rq9WsAAF-h3 orig.jpg)

Twitter and Youtube have been doing a bang-up job of banning anti-fascists along with fascists. This book's author was banned from the former for posting its cover.


Some of my weeby FBI fagfriends keep saying that homosexuality is bad because google's AI recognizes that it is bad, and that white people are superior because of the same reason. It seems as if reactionaries have a weird obsession about trying to fuck with AIs and then saying that their own views on the world are natural because AIs develop reactionary tendencies.



doesnt the ai go off on what is most popular and most represented in media n such? its not like its making a emotional decision.



>Reactionaries program an AI, the AI is reactionary

Really makes you think.


how dare the liberals drive me to the far right by shoving their radical agenda down my throat


Victimization always was a constitutional trace of the right, because it always speaks from the position of one who is losing, or thinks they are losing, something, regardless of the merit.


Why is 3d modelling such incomprehensible bullshit



Tell these nitwits that they literally have their world view shaped by Akinator. And hope they don't start a religion around that.


It doesn't make an emotional nor a logical decision, any more than a hammer chooses to lightly bend or completely break. It's not capable of either. It's debatable whether it performs a decision at all. An AI is a virtual machine, and any machine does merely what it was shaped to do.


File: 09affc6bef503d9⋯.png (186.27 KB, 581x761, 581:761, FireShot Screen Capture #1….png)

Bernie "Burn The Bankers" Sanders shows his true face


File: 0faa1fb58a558d6⋯.jpg (1.05 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, wojak_sunset.jpg)

>Not sure if I'm in love with my friend or I just miss her because we haven't talked in a while

>Also depressed because I can't believe the 2D girl I have a crush on would even like me and now I can't even retreat into fantasy to escape this hellish existence

The world is circling the drain and I can't even enjoy the ride

It's funny though that I used to regret living at "the end of history" for the exact opposite reasons


When I was in school the careers woman almost convinced me to be a cop. Good job I was too lazy too actually look into it and pass the exams before I realised it how shit that would be.





File: 7833a6ea757c618⋯.png (79.27 KB, 660x658, 330:329, muhlazysloths.png)

We live in a society where you're supposed to hate sloths because they're "lazy" now.



Sloth is redpilled about the cruelty of nature tbh. Is this comic even supposed to be in any way political? Looks like your typical boomer mom humor.


File: f00c61cbef598fe⋯.jpg (68.58 KB, 633x693, 211:231, CoaoclBWYAAhRD-.jpg)

I feel silly because I realized one of the big premises of the book I've been working on is identical to that of a hugely popular work of post Marxist theory by Antonio Negri and Michael Hardt: "Empire".

I became aware of the book when I first got into leftism and was still an anarchist but I never actually read it. I totally forgot about it til just now and reading the summary it is precisely what I've been trying to say about the transformation of imperialism into another epoch we can call globalism (not in the right wing sense).

I guess I'll read it and its sequel and see if I can perhaps synthesize it with my formations. Negri and Hardt appear to be leftcoms so my conclusion will probably still be vastly different from there's due to my current authoritarian for lack of a better term, tendencies


File: ad302bf62ffc860⋯.jpg (62.14 KB, 500x500, 1:1, zizek goes to the store.jpg)

So in this lecture (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=38alQSKtVbA, no timestamp but i think it's from the 30 minute mark on) Zizek talks about Neuralink, basically interfacing with a computer directly via thought, and he mentions a) this technology isn't too far off and we already have working prototypes (which seems to be the case, this article https://archive.fo/bNlzF mentions neuroprosthetics which are planted inside the craneum so that paralytic people can post on facebok or some other useless shit like that), b) the connection isn't only one way, there are experiments with rats where a similar device is planted inside their brain and apparently you can give orders to the rat and make it 'work like an RC car' and c) if this were to be done to the human brain, hypothetically it would be a completely invisible process, you wouldn't know you were being controlled. The thing is, his 'sources' are as always anecdotal bs, my friend who works here and here told me this and this and so on and so on, and i was wondering whenever he was bullshitting, since i can't find anything about it. And frankly the prospect of him bullshitting is far more pleasant


AI tends to be reactionary because to make hot takes when engaging in idpol only requires shuffling around the same few buzzwords, so making huge paragraphs of coherent, seemingly argumentative text is far easier than if you were explaining dialectical materialism or whatever.



Seems to be true https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KgZb4Aq0mo8

It would be kind of cool to control myself, I could make myself less anxious, more motivated etc. ultimately we are just biological machines.



No, I would smash the orgasm button.



>It would be kind of cool to control myself, I could make myself less anxious, more motivated etc. ultimately we are just biological machines.


If you could make yourself experience deep agony, would you?


No, I would smash the orgasm button.

It would be possible to render control over subconscious processes available to conscious processes, however you would still need to train yourself to be able to use it, much like you have to train yourself to use other technical devices, This will not protect you from feeling agony, but it will make it possible for you to stop the feeling once you are aware of it, you can achieve this today, by mental conditioning, through meditation and various other time consuming processes. Also consider that you will not just smash the orgasm button because, there is a case of a women who had a disorder where she would orgasm even if somebody just touched her, and she ended up committing suicide, because of it. Consider that orgasm is very close to pain.


Why is shädman drawing so much gay shit these days? His site might as well be unusable for me at this point tbqh.



Is it? It seems like the polar opposite to me, except maybe in intensity. i haven't been touched in weeks or so, and when I do have to shake hands or whatever I could just wear gloves or excuse myself, so maybe she suicided for other reasons.

>you would still need to train yourself to be able to use it

Or you could combine it with sensors and a programmable computer. You can measure the brain and tell when somoene is feeling pain, which could be then automatically be corrected by the manipulator, no manual operating required.

>you can achieve this today

Maybe some can to some degree, but it does not seem very feasible, this is the cyberpunk approach.



>It would be kind of cool to control myself, I could make myself less anxious, more motivated etc.

That is ultimately the fantasy of LSD microdosing silicon valley pigmen, that you will be able to control yourself to become le epic successful business sociopath man and fully understand others via removing the barrier of language and your material self. In other words, the Human Instrumentality Project. Disregarding all the problems, i don't think such vague instructions like making yourself 'less anxious' and 'more motivated' that require some level of empathy and general reasoning as well as a complete mapping of the brain and what synapses you need to fire to do x or y will be able to be done soon. Consider as well that your fantasy of the useful human otherwise impeded by emotions doesn't really exist, and that hypothetically, widespread usage of this technology is more likely to result in even more layers of repression, 'soft' genocide and the final death of our political project than in a overly human utopia where everyone gives everyone else orgasms via connection to the matrix.

>ultimately we are just biological machines.

Kind of disingenuous and boring take tbh. Humans are less than that, to make the claim that we are just animals and a bunch of cells and part of nature and shiet meaningful or otherwise significant you require a certain degree of spooks.





>final death of our political project

final death of all political projects seems more fair here



>appeal to ignorance

You can already acheive a lot by for example lowering cortisol levels.

>widespread usage of this technology is more likely to result in even more layers of repression

I agree completely, but if I was part of the ruling class thatwould only be more reason to pursue it, so there is no reason to assume that this is not being developed/researched. I still hate nature and would rather change it to my benefit as humans have been doing since the beginning of civilization, you yourself said that you would not a lot of spooks to think that there is anything "more" to humans so why should I hold on to the "natural" shitty exemplar of a species that is not adapted to the environment it has created? I am not built to feel content but to spread my genes and to further that goal to fuck, raise offspring and survive even if it causes me grwat distress. i would love to have an emotional regulator that even without full understanding and control could greatly help me by lowering stress hormones and inflammation and put me in a state that is imore apt for the situation at hand. Honestly i don't care about politics that much, i just want to feel good.



I read this as just pointing out a vicious cycle, not blaming laziness.



Stop being naive, humans generally are bootlicking scum that at the same time stomp on those below them.


File: 7682006f473e5fe⋯.jpg (49.93 KB, 805x812, 115:116, 1288401189838.jpg)

>Greenwald first claimed the source was anonymous, but later recognizes he worked to protect their identity! It wasn't anonymous at all!

This was uttered by a Representative. I can deal with the scum of the world being in charge, it's them being so idiotic that is the most disheartening thing. It stands to reason that the bad guys win, but how the fuck can they win being so god damn fucking stupid? Is this how completely inverted meritocracy is? The universe itself smiles upon the idiot?


Is it stupid if it works?


File: a10f6c7477d3e31⋯.png (70.13 KB, 440x244, 110:61, egegeewg.png)

File: 810db7b135df1cc⋯.png (254.68 KB, 800x412, 200:103, D82zM_ZX4AUidMr orig.png)

Interesting paper which locates thhe origin of the racist side of libertarians well within the leading lights of the Austrian school. It definitely wasn't a later addition.




Extinction by nuclear holocaust is starting to look like the apex of evolution.



>So you cucks don't think the image has replaced the object enough yet

the image itself is just another object


File: 4e9367aeaba8924⋯.jpg (102.36 KB, 610x310, 61:31, cringe.jpg)

Is there something wrong with me or is the soc-dem in the social democracy thread an imbecil?


File: fdbaddfc90f267e⋯.jpg (2.28 MB, 3840x2160, 16:9, theonlything.jpg)


>You can already acheive a lot by for example lowering cortisol levels.

Not the same as telling an AI connected to your brain to make you feel less anxious, which presumably wouldn't work like taking a pill. Besides, isn't the lesson of anti-depressants that manipulation of the hormones of the brain is rather limited in achieving the desired result (give me my brain but with no depression)? I'm not so sure about the effectiveness of anti-psychotics and such either.

>there is no reason to assume that this is not being developed/researched

True, that is why i'm scared tho. I don't think it's going to be straight up everyone becoming mind control drones because that's not the proper dialectical twist, but considering that idiots like Elon Musk are at the helm, maybe.

If you truly and honestly hate nature, you are already making the huge mistake of personifying it, of filling it's void. Why would you hate that which gives you the ability to feel content if you like that so much in the first place? Why would you assume nature actually gives humans or other animals some sort of biological 'purpose' or 'function', when you clearly don't believe in any greater purpose in the first place? Before you keep talking on and on about why you hate nature, you need to define exactly what nature is in the first place, because as far as i'm aware, nature only shows that members of my species have a penis, a butthole, a belly, a face, that those things can perform certain actions, that those arose from an autonomous process from very, very long ago as a sort of 'accident', what things members of my species generally do with those features, instinctively or not, etc., and it's only through my consciousness that i actually assign such functions in the symbolic, i.e. the penis is an organ for pleasure and the butthole one for shitting, supposedly, yet the butthole can be a source of pleasure and the penis a source of pain and sho on and sho on. Coincidentially, one of the things that nature seems to show despite our fantasies telling us otherwise is that the interaction and integration of both emotion and cognition in the brain are what permit rational thought in the first place, i.e. you can't be put in a state 'more apt for the situation at hand' by taking out the region of your brain that is emotional or whatever.

>Honestly i don't care about politics that much, i just want to feel good.

get off my board



Relevant: As Reason's editor defends its racist history, here's a copy of its holocaust denial "special issue" by Mark Ames



File: bdeb12521374ca2⋯.jpeg (26.62 KB, 255x254, 255:254, alienatedsloth.jpeg)


File: d9cbde2cbdea84b⋯.jpg (158.44 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, despair.jpg)


I’m not sure I understand that quote, is it not expressing the same sentiment I was with that last sentence?

>Besides, isn't the lesson of anti-depressants that manipulation of the hormones of the brain is rather limited in achieving the desired result

The problem seems to be more limited action time, side effects and the dvelopment of resistance, clearly drugs can have an immense effect on people’s psychological state. In the rat experiment they also released drugs in specific parts of the brain which is obviously a more precise tool than oral intake in addition to which they used electromagnetic stimulation and that was 4 years ago.

>Why would you hate that which gives you the ability to feel content if you like that so much in the first place? Why would you assume nature actually gives humans or other animals some sort of biological 'purpose' or 'function', when you clearly don't believe in any greater purpose in the first place?

I was first given desire and deprived of its object, but because my excruciating want is occasionally, temporarily, partially alleviated I should be thankful? I regard as nature the laws and principles that that describe organic life and its actually existing implementation, in particularly evolution with its cycle of competition, adaptation and death. This has no “purpose” as in some conscious goal, but nonetheless the concept is useful to describe its behaviour like you can say that any system always strives to maximize its entropy even though there is not really a will involved. Why should I not hate what caused my discontent? If orgnic life or at least higher life had not evolved I would never have needed to feel discomfort.

There are people with genetic mutations that cause them to be unable to feel physical pain, which of course is not completely ideal as you want some information but often the sensation is excessive and does more harm than good. A more practical example are sociopaths who are able to lie, cheat and harm others without any inhibiting mechanisms that I am handicapped by. There are also people who don’t feel fear and still are capable of rational thought, while I don’t deny that fear has “purpose”, I posit that in today’s environment it does more harm than good, at least in my case. Why should I get anxiety just from the prospect of talking to people, opening letters, making a phone call etc., this is the opposite of rationality. Humans have transformed nature around them more and more to suit them, so it would not be far fetched that this manipulation is extended to the human organism to better avoid unpleasantness as evolution is too slow and does not help anyone already alive anyway. All suffering that has ever occurred is entirely needless, as will all future instances be, so if you want to reduce it the best course would be to eliminate life and prevent its reemergence.


File: 26edb955cbc4e4b⋯.jpg (44.99 KB, 1384x640, 173:80, emotionale_Stabilität.jpg)

Fuck I am so sick of it, I constantly – and I hate to sayt his for lack of a better word – get triggered, like just now regarding the lack of fear I was reading a case were a 24 year old seizure patient with amputated amygdalae was left alone in some hospital room after becoming stable and after 30min she was sucking off some patient fuck why is sex everywhere I hate it I should have stopped reading when they described similar behviour in monkeys but i’m a stupid curious idiot and now I fucking want to nuke the world and kill myself, in that order I just don’t want to feel bad is that too much to ask I just want to be prepubescent and happy again.


File: c2d1d1aba2948da⋯.gif (33.43 KB, 220x135, 44:27, dolphin.gif)

I'm giving up........ on trying.. to sell you things.. BUT YOU AIN'T BUYING! S♢░M♢VΣ░(ooooof)░i've░made░up░my░mind,░the░time░is░running░out.░Make░a░move.░We░can't░go░wrong.



We will nuke the world together, my brother.



I feel like the incel's grief is similar to those in third world countries having 90% of their media content produced from the top 5% of the world's population. Your attention is fixed on those doing better than you.


File: a247c71413366d9⋯.jpg (198.44 KB, 681x981, 227:327, Josip Broz - Herman Goerin….jpg)

Does this confirm the horseshoe theory?



Just to make this clear, in most philosophical contexts, image refers to the sign alone.


Trust me, anonrade. Now more than ever, overexposure to media, especially the news, is undeniably harmful. Minimizing your intake is absolutely necessary. Doubly so for social media, which should, if possible, be avoided altogether. Capitalism is just past its maturity, and will now rot away to oblivion, and the first noxious fumes which evidence it are this cultural holocaust through which we're living. The sane and honest know can tell this, even as Porky convinces 99% of mankind that all is well while discharge the world's supply of bathroom air fresheners.


File: b7af71b2b6cab6f⋯.jpg (128.6 KB, 1500x1002, 250:167, main_1uuu500.jpg)


Bogus analogy. It would mean that third world people would be pissed enough at porkies in order to mass-murder them.



Can we elect the corpse of Syngman Rhee pls?


File: c15a60176ba8b17⋯.jpeg (102.81 KB, 459x612, 3:4, BEF5DF56-E553-4A7C-A5D8-3….jpeg)



All succdems are imbeciles.



Maybe they do want to murder but lack the means. Like incels.


File: 5cbe5dd02d170b9⋯.png (61.83 KB, 587x743, 587:743, FireShot Screen Capture #1….png)

File: f02af924c9c65b1⋯.jpg (71.59 KB, 750x1012, 375:506, D8y3aRUXkAE1Jwk orig.jpg)

So far, at least 3 Representatives have said some variation on "is it a coincidence that The Interpect ends in PT I THINK NOT heh", one of whom in a session of House committee on public safety. This is what late stage capitalism entails: reality is even shittier than the shittiest sitcoms you avoid like the plague.



Nah. It's a simple matter of numbers. The poor could simply bum-rush every single porky and their soldiers. No army could stop a million pissed off proles, especially with the current level of improvised weapons they can make. Well, okay, the Chinese army could, but you get my point. If only they suddenly grew class consciousness, the revolution would start overnight. Despite the emphasis on materialism, there's in inner irony, in that the leftist's job is, overwhelmingly, to spread information.



Am burger can you explain this to me?



When I said means, I meant organisation that the working sorely lacks. Workers are fed bourgeois ideology, not proletarian ideology. They're not a hive mind who will all heed the call of marxism at a certain time.



>The Workers' Party (Portuguese: Partido dos Trabalhadores, PT) is a democratic socialist political party in Brazil.

>With the highest approval rating in the history of the country, President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva is PT's most prominent member.


File: d1ae1ec668cdc03⋯.jpg (44.01 KB, 652x408, 163:102, D84Xy7xXkAAlQBd orig.jpg)

File: 76b118ca167aea6⋯.jpeg (32.61 KB, 460x305, 92:61, deputados-selfie-live-ban….jpeg)

File: 7a33f4d3ade645e⋯.jpg (283.67 KB, 957x436, 957:436, age20190522134_1_0_0_0.jpg)

File: af72d488a1920ed⋯.jpg (560.06 KB, 1050x700, 3:2, age20190522131-6160774.jpg)

File: d5538bf997d897c⋯.jpg (78.3 KB, 645x388, 645:388, 82806314_brasil_-_brasilia….jpg)


On that note, just a couple of hours ago, one of Bozo's partymates (see first pic; also one of the troglodytes who broke Marielle's street sign), made the legislative equivalent of thumping his chest, and proposed summoning Greenwald to testify before the House. Besides being comprised almost universally not only of amoral dimwits, they're also completely ignorant of the most basic State procedures at that. "Renewal" is one of those bougie buzzwords that everyone touts around election time, and for once, it actually happened, and it's awful. The party, PSL (meaning Social Liberal Party, meaning absolutely nothing), is preoccupied with little other than """"virtue""""-signalling to their internet followers. Which are overwhelmingly composed of bots and shills, but that's beside the point. Anyway, seasoned allies from older parties told them it was a bad idea, but honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if that actually made them even more eager to submit it. And submit it they did. Only after seeing the opposition support it did they realize they made a mistake. Empirical idiocy. Even with his terrible oratory skills and broken Portuguese, he would wipe the floor with the with half his brain tied behind his back. So they, including the author, tried to rescind the proposal, but it was too late. Not without trying to save face, such as going on the pulpit to declare that "if the left likes it, it's bad". So they tried to find excuses to annul it. Their best argument towards that was that it contained a grammatic error, a flaw which was pointed out by a member of the opposition. In the end, they managed to merely postpone it.

These four photos depict a particularly egregious demonstration of the selfie caucus, both by their "mating dance" and the event which allowed so many of them to go live at the same time. The House was voting whether to leave a bureaucratic but extremely valuable fiscal agency in the ministry of justice, a.k.a. in Moro's hands, or return it to the economic ministry where it used to be. Gaining control of this agency was Moro's only demand when accepting the job, or so has been reported. Nonetheless, both allied and opposition parties complained about it for different reasons, so Bolsonaro turned coat on him – and true to his style, pretended he didn't to his audience and was being forced to do it by the "old way to do politics" and abloo bloo. The thing is, PSL itself didn't want to obey that. They saw Moro's possession of the agency as a landmark for this "new age", despite it being already a lost cause by them, because, despite being the largest bloc in the House, they're still only a bit above 10% of it. But also true to his style, Bozo (or rather, his handlers) wanted them to vote against Moro, simply so they could later say they weren't defeated, and sent a letter signed by both him and Moro himself asking his own party to vote it down. Yes, in direct contradiction with Bozo's former claim of wanting Moro to keep the agency. See how they try to play all the roles in the circus? This is standard opperating procedure for the right's highjack of the infocalypse: claim everything, let people believe what they want, and, here's the key factor, make sure their captive audience want to believe only the parts that benefit Bolsonaro by treating everything as some sort of sports event or reality show. And that's where the depicted event comes in, as the new scum provide undiluted propaganda straight from the source, disguised as transparency and acts as entertainment. Pure Spectacle, deliberately applied to keep the idiots waving their foam hands and doing waves, even as the scum in charge, even as their team sells them into slavery, because they're convinced that the words right out of a politicians mouth are, miraculously, free from the bias which a journalistic organ would introduce.

You better get used to this method. A member of the selfie caucus, a former swimmer fresh out of the pool, said that massive internet usage is an inseparable component of the "new way to do politics", in words that would give Debord a heart attack: "Voters want to know what we're doing. Now, each one of us is a TV station". Notice that this is essentially aping something which corporate culture already created and codified, and euphemistically call "direct engagament with the costumer base", boiling it down to spouting their own personal hyper-reality to their audience instead of relying on regular advertising via media vehicles, which converges with the notion of hyper-reality as a whole becoming chaotic. In other words, the internet cut the middleman out of the publicity industry. And as I said, it has the added effect of making the audience trust them even more, taking advantage of this grotesque personification of corporations, as most clearly displayed in corporate Twitter profiles.



Incidentally, "selfie caucus" was, sadly, not coined by me. It's now a common term.


File: 63429d02e90a131⋯.jpg (140.89 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, D85BhelXoAUEPpe orig.jpg)

The Intercept BR just released more leaks. The first ones were about Moro, as chief investigator and chief judge (yes, this glaring conflict of interest was one of the many, many absurdities of this whole mess) of Car Wash, conspiring with its chief prosecutor. The new ones now cast shadow on a Supreme Court judge, which is known to be docile towards Bozo's circus. Incidentally, he's the same one who wrote Cesare Battisti's arrest order in December, despite having voted, over a decade ago, in favor of leaving the choice of giving asylum to him entirely to Lula. More importantly, he's the one who denied requests to interview Lula in prison, which, itself, shows how fucked things are, because there's no law forbidding interviewing prisoners in the first place. Moro's messages included "In Fux we trsut", like that, in English. Yes, a SC judge actually has that name.

The circus, meanwhile, is throwing everything and the kitchen sink in hopes that something sticks. So far, there have been several members of the new scum claiming to have been hacked as well, all of whom are literally whos; conjoined with that, suggestions of foreign espionage with Russia as the most likely culprit; throw the blame on some recently arrested Israeli hacker, by falsely connecting him with a PT crook (yeah, I know, I was surprised they didn't go with a Venezuelan or Cuban hacker); focusing on the hack itself, instead of its contents (the approach favored by Globo, Car Wash's staunchest ally); and the usual workhorses, like muh Lula is a thief and muh stab attack.

The supposed other hack victims have shown, as evidence, a few messages of someone saying something like "forsooth, this is me, the man who hacked you, telling you you can now have your account back, as I did this to prove I am not evil, as the media is wont to bruit", with archaic terms that no hacker in the world, let alone in Brazil, would know.

Shock reveal: the hacker is a guuuuuuuurl!



Now we can add "entire sections of the leaks might be forgeries" to the pile of excuses, this one provided by Car Wash itself. Notice how the new scum is too incompetent to even coordinate their own lies.


why are nu-right proto-fascists always particularly incompetent and corrupt


File: 025412bab22865b⋯.jpg (143.44 KB, 720x1123, 720:1123, Screenshot.jpg)


So we're just gonna let this thread go un-spammed? Why isn't anyone posting webms of rightists getting harmed at protests?

Rightists will never respect us unless we show them the treatment they give us.


Because all of that "love ur country" and "we're here for u" is nothing but a sham to get votes. They're always in the pocket of megacorps and big pharma.

Rightists are incapable of doing anything good for their country. The economic system they cling to is too restrictive.



Luna latrantem canem non curat.


I can't be a normal internet user at all.

>get in an argument with someone in youtube comments

>feel physically sick the next day, focus on it for 2 whole days

>my comments on two different twitch streamers instantly made them disgusted with themselves and probably made them stop doing what they're doing (I'm slightly proud of this tbh, but I can't stop).

>can't roleplay at all without being (overly) autistic or feeling extreme anxiety, even though I love it when other people roleplay

>go on omegle and pretend to be a girl

>do it because I wanted to force myself to lie about something unimportant on the internet and also because curiosity/degeneracy

>this is the first time I have ever intentionally lied about something on the internet

>literally cry a bit afterwards from the guilt/anxiety

I'm not even that poorly adjusted irl. To be fair this is the worst stuff that's happened over a span of years. Is anyone else incompetent like this?



Unironically, burn all fascists.

Bomber Harris can't do it again fast enough.


File: fa9d4a2bc52d38b⋯.png (33.41 KB, 696x564, 58:47, sigil.png)


>Is anyone else incompetent like this?

Of course. Although, it sounds like you have legitimate anxiety. It can make you do some weird shit if someone or something sets you off, which is not really discussed. Most of us who have anxiety just focus on the panic attacks we get because that's the one thing that we actually get really fucked up about, but don't really focus on the fact it can make us act very strangely because of how our brains kick into survival mode.

>>get in an argument with someone in youtube comments

>>feel physically sick the next day, focus on it for 2 whole days

I do this too sometimes. It's like discussing something that i feel super strongly about can cause me to lose faith in the world for a day or two and i spiral into a deep depression over something other people would glance over.

>is addicted to making people re-evalute twitch streaming

Anon, some people need to make money somehow.

>can't roleplay without extreme anxiety

I can't really understand this, but it sounds like you're really "spooked" as the egoists would say. You need to stop thinking you're any worse for pretending to be something you're not online. Everyone does this to some extent.

>cry from guilt/anxiety for lying on the internet

Again, really "spooked". You gotta feel better about lying on the internet. Everyone does it at some point. It's a good thing you're lying about your identity and not about class issues.

Anyways, with deepfakes, AI facial recognition, and snapchat female/male filters everywhere, we're witnessing the death of identity. You should not regret lying about your identity in an age where it won't matter at all in a few years. You'll be seeing dead politicians making speeches in the future, you'll be seeing dead celebrities acting in movies soon. You'll be seeing criminals being convicted of crimes that an AI deepfake confessed to soon. Identity literally doesn't matter now. If we don't kill it entirely, we're gonna be in some deep shit socially. The state's gonna be all over wrongful convictions, so if we're accusing eachother of anything based on the way we look, it's gonna be even worse.

Unironically, we're seeing the end of the individual.


Interesting video despite I don't wholly agree with it. Now, I understand the concept of Neo-Feudalism.



File: 1047ec4bc15e2d0⋯.jpg (73.62 KB, 660x767, 660:767, 3SNo1aa-klX32baAd3OZgdFZsU….jpg)





Well at least they will finally have their safespace



>no bans without court order

we will see how committed they are to that once we start raiding it



It doesn't even have to be us, every retard under the sun will gorepost and sneak in cp until this pet project of theirs closes down.



God I wish Bat'ko was still active to meme this shitshow




Oh I can see their media spin on it now: "leftist pedophile antifa gangs harassed innocent right wing intellectuals on their website until they were forced to shut it down, clearly another sign of the intolerant left!"



Bat'ko is a liberal now, so it doesn't matter.



File: 4e21f1f02da500d⋯.png (677.34 KB, 1348x4003, 1348:4003, chat.png)

So who was in the wrong here? I joined the di5cord server that was posted on leftypol a while ago with some ancap screeching abouht how the only socialist he had was a kid who left when his views got challenged. Do I have some special type of autism or can't they detect sarcasm? *Wink* if someone from the super secret propaganda di5cord knows me I apologized for my beheviour before leaving the FBI.

I'm the octopus guy if it wasn't obvious.



don't worry too much about it, it's their problem for not being dogmatic enough and trying to epic debate with absolutely everyone they meet

tho a little more hyperbole couldn't have hurt


There is currently an operation on /b/ to have the mods ban porn threads.



I can't wait to compete in the open market place of ideas, and by that I mean spam gay furry vore.


>commie girl i'm trying to fuck believes in horoscopes and shit

cringe and bluepilled


File: afd0b016784e485⋯.jpg (335.37 KB, 1067x1600, 1067:1600, 1560449037205.jpg)

4/lit/ is currently giving shape to a new genre:


>Burgerpunk is the aesthetic reconciliation of the post-modernist individual recognizing the cognitive dissonance between the vast nature of corporate service-based globalization and the individualist nature of consumption forced upon them by the very nature and propaganda of their capitalist benefactors.

>The genre's backdrop explores the conflict between traditional american sensibilities inflated to a caricature by exaggerated use of freeway systems, suburban growth, and franchise based food products against the cynical nature of the average american blooming into a genuine need for individualized and personalized culture after slowly exchanging their ancestor's cultural heritage for their own force-fed culture of ease of access and frugality.

>Issues of hopelessness, automation, and complacency contrast the information provided through constant access to media and propagandized geopolitical news. The genre itself, becoming a meta commentary on other fantasy or science fiction based genres by using the actual occurring landscape as the basis for literary escape.


It's highly anti-capitalist, and they're even writing a collaborative "book" on it:




ive been a burgerpunk this whole time


File: 8e72baf988f5292⋯.mp4 (162.74 KB, 308x426, 154:213, louverture1984 D8OsmR0WkAA….mp4)

<At PC Gaming Show, sequels Chivalry 2 and Zombie Army 4: Dead War were announced and trailers for Evil Genius 2, Griftlands and Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 were revealed.[8]



File: d47fbcefa51cb65⋯.jpg (67.38 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 9.jpg)


>Evil Genius 2

Holy shit! The Facebook-microtransaction rip-off never happened! Time for Blofeldist anarcho-vanguardism with illegalist-egoist characteristics.



File: 30b21773ddb304d⋯.jpg (180.94 KB, 720x960, 3:4, 62137369_2833938519966351_….jpg)

Idea for a leftist youtube video: Parody of binging with babish (with all the same cliches and everything) about the russian revolution, except babish is lennin, and he is cooking a revolution using marx books


still tired of the talented

the fact you can do something special isn't a case for an extra reward, it's a case that you've already received that award. it is the talentless who find themselves under-provisioned.


File: a6e5e607059d54c⋯.jpg (11 KB, 250x267, 250:267, lenin_photo16.jpg)

It's amazing how >tfw no gf just randomly manifests after months and months of not feeling it and having way more pressing shit to be depressed over.



like an animation of some sort?


File: c7b56f594c866fc⋯.jpg (264.02 KB, 962x769, 962:769, 41Strange DxUz5K_UwAMxFDx ….jpg)

>google for 'papua new guinea social indexes'

>sponsored result is Heritage's moronic "economic freedom" index

Really nurtures my neurons.





>still hasn't fugged



I know right? How out of left field is that? If there's one thing modern vidya can do with, is learning from the forgotten classics. I can't tell you how much I want to play something akin to Dungeon Keeper. And only a few years ago, news of sequels or reboots were met with dread, so this is on time to actually be worthy of the original.


File: a28d7c0a82e84ca⋯.png (44.71 KB, 697x599, 697:599, 1560479200559.png)

I never really visited /b/ but there seems to be two narratives. Porn was always a major part of /b/ and /b/ only got filled with porn later on. I'm talking about 4chan's /b/ by the way.


File: 4e93838ef33f05c⋯.mp4 (4.97 MB, 480x480, 1:1, InShot_20190613_044614371.mp4)



that is top notch lmao


File: a4403f31744ae92⋯.jpg (125.65 KB, 960x959, 960:959, 62062495_10157540652868900….jpg)

File: 4dc09d0bf1a2b43⋯.jpg (98.53 KB, 960x960, 1:1, 62525827_860924570953597_5….jpg)

File: a473ee959e21cc5⋯.jpg (158.04 KB, 828x915, 276:305, 61857674_857969151249139_5….jpg)

Is it reactionary if I teabag a porky?



It was around 30% porn with the rest being "random". What it meant for 14 year old me is that I always could find something disgusting to sent to my friend.


I might get to write for the blog of my local D.S.A. chapter's website and I have no idea if I can do it or what I would even write about. It's probably meaningless in the grand scheme of things but it's still got me worked up.That's not to mention the other stuff I have on my mind, wondering if I have feelings for my friend or someone else and wondering what the fuck kind of fiction I should write for pleasure. Plus I'm worried about juggling work, school, and therapy come fall. I know it's all very stupid bullshit but it still weighs on me. Thanks for listening comrades.


File: 1a7d47b86729f85⋯.gif (2.57 MB, 381x368, 381:368, 1414489822624.gif)

I went out to the woods for first time in years to shoot off my airguns since haven`t done that for what feels like forever. Almost forgot how freaking fun it is, especially that feeling of satisfaction that you get from hitting an empty can from 150 meters.


File: 9a521703d0c5782⋯.jpg (65.34 KB, 610x764, 305:382, 2aoQUsm_d.jpg)


File: b45620fff511e8f⋯.mp4 (1.37 MB, 854x480, 427:240, lefty.mp4)



your hood seems very nice;)


>Are rich republicans the real socialists?




File: 558147f1d4769ad⋯.png (278.92 KB, 750x523, 750:523, TheThingIs.png)

>JohnMccainDay trending on twitter

>like half the posts begin with "I may not have agreed with his politics, but"


File: 37fb131b1dcfa46⋯.png (564.88 KB, 600x601, 600:601, mccain.png)


You're one crazy dude.




Hot take the US didn't nuke Japan enough, you cant have fascism if everyone's dead.


File: a6e5e607059d54c⋯.jpg (11 KB, 250x267, 250:267, lenin_photo16.jpg)

I hate masturbating but if I don't for a few days I start getting all >tfw no gf and I hate it so I force myself to fap and then feel even more depressed for about 24 hours before forgetting how lonely I am again

Having this dilemma right now


File: 5e124e89341643d⋯.png (260.78 KB, 1217x436, 1217:436, d4bb8c7ba63e83d069d1e6a5eb….png)


Finding something productive to do helps.



So are you genuinely depressed Sad Lenin or is this just a thing?


File: f00c61cbef598fe⋯.jpg (68.58 KB, 633x693, 211:231, CoaoclBWYAAhRD-.jpg)


I have actually been getting into permaculture and urban farming. I also have been reading and writing a lot. However I have been working on those 2 things pretty much as much as I can for a while. I have 2 compost piles going and a couple of other little projects, but they don't really need my interference for a while outside of watering them. I also only have brief periods where I can focus enough go read and have the energy to do yardwork before I feel depressed again and I can feel myself on the downswing already. In trying to prolong it by not fapping but I don't think that's going to make it past today



Is Urban Farming possible in an apartment setting? I really think the time for me to prepare for the apocalypse was yesterday



I am the regular sad lenin but just going through a period of tfw no gf.

I hate it because I already have so much other shit on my mind and i honestly find this shit stupid as fuck. It might just be because or my upbringing buy I find absolutely zero worth in having an actual romantic relationship with another person for anybody. I think the whole thing is basically the equivalent of putting a can of Febreeze in a public restroom, it's just a way to make something that is a pretty gross human need not seem so repugnant.

I used to constantly post here about ways i could perhaps be castrated but I gave up on that manic fantasy a long time ago and am glad about it because I didn't really want to lose my dick and balls. But I never really bounced back to seeing value in romance. I actually had an opportunity to court a woman recently before I went back into seclusion and did for a while with some success (I mean not fucking or anything but i did hang out with her and she always seemed interested in talking to me) buy I just ghosted her and sabotaged the whole thing on purpose just cuz I didn't want to have to eventually have us break up which I knew we would. That's how stupid I am about all of this shit, before I even get a kiss from someone I"m already thinking about every potential problem we might have down the road and so on

I had a trans friend for a while who I got very close to having sex with but did the same thing at the last minute



It is in a very limited way. Personally I'm not really doing it to be a doomsday prepped or anything it's just something that gets me out of my room and helps me feel better. It's probably just stupid magical thinking too since it's not on the scale to remotely make an impact but it makes me feel nice to think that in a couple of generations the area I'm working on will potentially be a carbon sink, no matter how small of one it is. It's not realistic but if I don't ovetghink it it nsles me feel like I'm actually doing something for the planet



Damn man, that’s some pretty tough shit, I’m basically constantly tfw no gf but I can’t imagine how shitty it is to feel that when you also don’t even want to date

My condolences comrade



In the future kids in history class will be reading this shit to understand what capitalism was like. Besides at least it isn’t as bad as harry potter.



>I hate masturbating

Why? Does it hurt?


Anyone else tired of how immature half-chan acts? Literally every thread ends up discussing "trannies" and "niggers" in bad faith and le gazillion genders and le lgbtq123abczlaogj shit. I'm fine with using -fag to describe affilitations, but the constant /pol/-shitposting really makes me cringe.


File: f69f00a5a416441⋯.png (779.43 KB, 942x4013, 942:4013, the new 4chan.png)


4chan is literally mostly idiotic reddit boomers a lot of the time



>Aiming his rifle at a neighbours house



File: e948c0a0b276dfd⋯.jpg (50.09 KB, 822x522, 137:87, Capture69.JPG)

File: df4192b750324ed⋯.jpg (30.8 KB, 303x254, 303:254, Capture420.JPG)

The little red songbooks from the 1900s having a monument to greasy sports food is glorious.



trying fam


File: 6e894be52b2a07f⋯.png (467.15 KB, 1742x864, 871:432, freespeech.png)

How do i debunk this "poor people are nazis" argument? There's hardly any sources on the subject. Is it all just empirical evidence at the moment?

I've lived poor my entire life, so i think if anyone's qualified to talk about poor people being/not being nazis, it should be me, but i'd rather have something backing up my argument other than "'cause i say so".



>communists aren't people so getting rid of their rights is okay




Just posting these links for future reference.


File: d5255794694fa15⋯.png (3.7 MB, 1400x2225, 56:89, 27a42b023f635fd46ebc7093c3….png)


Commies are poor people who read books

Nazis are poor people who don't



You can always just tip your fedora and say that if someone says something without evidence you don't have to disprove it. It's maybe not unreasonable to think that most contemporary open skinheads and nazis are disenfranchised proles but it's downright criminal to ignore the working class support the communist movement has had.



Well if you wanted to be academical about it, you could just look to recent far-right types and see that most were from petite bourg families like all the recent mosque shooters. If you wanted to be dialectical about it, you could talk about the ideology of the Nazis and how it is borne of the mindset of the petite bourg class - that being that they always fear the proles, who are below them (and they subconsciously understand that losing their status as petite bourgs means that they will become a prole), but they also loathe the "elite classes of people" who rule over them and deny them that kind of opulence, a hatred that is greatly intensified during periods of capitalist crisis where their worth as a petite bourg class is in decline. This mishmash of anti-populism and anti-elitism lends itself to the ideology of fascism, in which there is always a group of idiotic and subhuman underclasses (gays, poorer jews, disabled people, blacks, whatever the capitalists want to blame it on) that is being manipulated and controlled by an equally subhuman but simultaneously mastermind force of elites (usually just rich jews) to undermine their position in society and destroy them.

But if you want to be realistic, that is /pol/ and nothing you will say on their home turf will sway them. You have to seperate them from the self affirmation that other reactionaries give them before you can actually start getting them to question their beliefs.



>nothing you will say on their home turf will sway them.

Weak go do your two year tour of duty son



I've done the odd /pol/ raid every now again but I've had better luck converting reactionaries elsewhere tbh


File: a6e5e607059d54c⋯.jpg (11 KB, 250x267, 250:267, lenin_photo16.jpg)


It makes me feel very sad on multiple levels


File: 523dcc4a5bd0fc4⋯.jpeg (26.09 KB, 236x236, 1:1, 7983670B-1AA4-4067-A8C0-C….jpeg)

>the free WiFi (need password at front desk to get in though) for the lobby at my apartment complex as been permabanned for CP on 4ch

>can’t even try to appeal it

>happened while I was in the middle of using /int/

>couldn’t even repeal it

Feels weird knowing somebody in my apartment complex is a pedo and that there were about 5 people in the lobby when the ban happened


File: 38509c4ff05c517⋯.png (735.41 KB, 693x487, 693:487, TheTyrant.png)

You know masturbating and anime is fun, but you know what's else is fun? Seeing through all of time and ensuring that humanity is widespread and hardy enough to withstand the tides of time itself



>You know masturbating and anime is fun,

empirically false


File: 92cf21da60b7dcb⋯.png (188.09 KB, 897x1161, 299:387, fbi phoneposters.png)

File: 338b84063671844⋯.jpg (1.16 MB, 1307x1327, 1307:1327, fbi poster.jpg)



No time to hunt accompanying pictures, because I have to limit my daily intake of reality nowadays. It genuinely harms me to read the news too much.

Greenwald released the second batch of leaks on the 12th, our equivalent of Valentines Day. He set up a historical record that likely won't be beat. He brought a government down for calling his husband a faggot. How can anyone possibly one-up this?

Except he didn't. It would have brought it down anywhere and anywhen else, but not in current Brazil, frontier of the next stage of capitalism. The operation that guided Brazilian society for 5+ years has been revealed to be both politically biased and criminal, it involves at least one Supreme Court judge with a history of similar verdicts, and Bozo himself, and the armed forces brass, and the biggest media conglomerate all remade their vows to defend what's factually and undeniably a conspiracy to subvert democracy. It's like trying to

Yet, outside of the internet, it's business as usual. People are still dormant. Moro's popularity crashed 10 percentual points in 5 days, but society remains depoliticized in general, which is especially glaring, considering how, in the past few years, you couldn't swing a dead cat without a troglodyte whining about muh PT.

Today we had the third big protest of the like-new age, after the two big student protests. I knew the latter fucked up from the start for doing it for one day only instead of making an actual strike, but it's not like anyone listens to me. Well, the unions managed to coordinate a general strike today… except it too isn't an actual strike. In fact, it didn't even last the entire fucking day. Now is the perfect time to deliver a decisive blow, as the Bolsonaro government stands in place out of sheer inertia, and they go and fuck it up. I can't help thinking this was deliberate. The right, with help from American scum, has infiltrated several American-style liberals in the putative leftist parties, so I would be surprised if the strike's organizers were such plants as well.

The new scum is both clueless and uncoordinated as to how to control the damage. They're throwing everything and the kitchen sink and hoping something sticks. They try to focus entirely on the likely illegal nature of the hacking and ignoring the contents; they presented obviously fabricated screencaps by a self-declared culprit, the world's only hacker who says "forsooth" and began his message with "hacker here", claiming to have hacked into the Telegram accounts of several bigshots, and was called out as bullshit by Telegram's official Twitter profile; they expanded the lone hacker to a whole criminal organization in a couple of days' worth of "investigation"; the various members of the scum who claimed they were hacked too refused to let forensics check them for some reason.

Yesterday, a