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File: 176d0d2fc55695b⋯.png (26.87 KB, 359x327, 359:327, dan.png)


ITT: movies, anime, music, feels, e-celebs, internet drama, fetishes, shitposting, etc.

This is a voluntary thread that users can choose to post in, if… I forgot the rest of whatever the old OP was. Honestly, I just wanted to bring this old thread back.


File: 2fcac498f5d7190⋯.jpg (232.19 KB, 1595x2048, 1595:2048, IMG_20180810_200821.jpg)

File: 32d084a08c72238⋯.jpg (253.61 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, IMG_20180810_200823.jpg)

File: 3d165d3676e8da2⋯.jpg (76.87 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, IMG_20180810_201111.jpg)

File: 2b052344adb5096⋯.jpg (56.05 KB, 654x1024, 327:512, IMG_20180810_201106.jpg)


I once had a crush on a transgirl for a month not knowing she used to be a dude



You got bad eyesight m8, his facial structure is too obvious.



They're cute tbh :3


>Banner ad

>Who is Qanon? Let's take the redpill and see how far the Rabbit hole goes…

Is this fucking peak boomer?



>Literally getting TRAPPED.Com



Pray this is as bad as it gets, anon.



That is definitely some HOW ARE YOU DOING FELLOW TEENS shit


File: fd001c405a4a0a4⋯.jpg (678.59 KB, 2560x1707, 2560:1707, muh girl.jpg)


Shoulda asked her out. What your eyes don't see your heart can't feel.

I know it's easy for me to say it, because I'm bi, but you should still try. If she was your thing to the point you had a month long crush, take the risk.

Most trans girls don't want to have the sight of their own dick, you are at practically zero risk of even see it.


Pretty much. It's glorious to see how deep disillusioned trumpoids are still willing to go for daddy.




>Likes Nixon

Is this some SocDem Gang Ironic meme i dont get



very cute



>Most trans girls don't want to have the sight of their own dick

What? how do they fug then :DDD?



>Why i joined a Defunct NeoCon Party that is now unrecognizable from the Tories because they already completed the single issue they Ran on




1. was a real human being. despite being corrupt, paranoid, etc, it all comes across as a character trait and even to some extent justified I may or may not believe Kennedy cheated.

2. was economically to the left of all of his successors, although he kind of blew the chance to establish something better after breton woods exploded

so undoubtedly despite all the horrible things he did he's not on the same kind of full power HAET list you put someone like Tony Blair, someone who wasn't an evil man but a ''normal' lizard, someone with almost no redeeming features except the lingering possibility that so long as he retains corporeal form he may wind up behind bars.

perhaps: "Nixon wasn't good, but he was a good character"?







File: 885d222fab5d3e3⋯.jpg (19.34 KB, 454x453, 454:453, 12963500_479686768896379_2….jpg)

<I need a car! Cars are FREEDOM!

<In communism, you don't have personal achievement! It'll be very depressing if we don't recognize individual achievements!

Getting sick of hearing this shit spouted by Ameriburgers. Talk about false consciousness.



I do still want a car under communism and I want to be able to drive it hard in the twisties too because that's fun, but that second thing is retarded.



I mean im not necessarily mad about it. Plus she probably lives miles away fron anyway.



You had a crush on someone you don't even personally know?

Geesh, and I thought I was dumb.





File: f7afb775b851405⋯.jpg (36.22 KB, 538x445, 538:445, AKG1rmCeIUW7qprr8NhB8PuwJD….jpg)

>Suscribe to the bashing of capitalism

>Brand yourself as an anarcho-communist

>Read no theory

>Suscribe to weird nonfunctional sex theory and idpol over class homogeneity

>Bitch, moan, throw tantrums

>Activism limits to twitter hissifits and street brawls

How do we get rid of liberals



>socialism is when you ride the bus and go to jail



Literally just walk, bike, take the tram/bus, or if you have to, carpool. It's a lot more efficient that way; you get to save more oil, the air is cleaner, and you aren't making all these big-ass mines all over the place to get resources to fuel all these machines.



Not that enlisting in an imperialist army is a solution, but Palestine isn't what I'd call a success case. And while Vietnam is, I'd rather the revolutionary or people's army be well-trained enough so they and the populace won't have to die by the millions accross decades. Fighting an asymmetrical guerrilla war sucks shit, even by bellic standards.


Well they have a long tradition of using striking workers for target practice.


Lest we forget, the snake oil he peddles actually does contain soil.


I confess I stayed away from this Qanon shit. I just googled it, and the very first sentence in the first "#QAnon conspiracy theory explained" article I click is "The Russia investigation is a sham." Well then.



Stasi and straight into furnaces.



Car ownership is environmentally irresponsible, and shits up city traffic. So off-roads only.



This. When I go biking out all I see are these neurotic carfags that hate everything and everyone, they have the worst attitudes. They're loud, dangerous, and if it's rained recently they splash water all over you – no such problems at all with pedestrians or bicyclers.



I don't want it for transportation, I specifically want it for fun. It's fine if it's outside of the city, as long as I can die by slamming into a tree at 70 miles an hour sideways I'm good.


File: bfe52509c5469b6⋯.png (197.54 KB, 1190x838, 595:419, 1483580358574.png)


I'm sure we can arrange for bumper cars for adults with big racing tracks type of deal.



Ehh, you're basically describing banger racing and that's not really my thing. The important part here is that a lot of people see cars as a thing that need to go in their totality and I think that's a little bit of a hard pill to swallow for people like me who absolutely love the things.

I get that it along with recreational gun ownership are seen as outdated and reactionary amongst a lot of people nowadays but they can have value and work well in a communist society once they are uncoupled from the bourgeois aspects of the hobbies.



We're all for proving entertainment and fun, even for suicidal adrenaline junkies.

We're just all about the urban, and cars are getting fucking banned in cities, though.


File: 7f19015d456b5d5⋯.png (320.17 KB, 451x373, 451:373, Screenshot (136).png)

Wake me up



Oh yeah 100%, urban planning would be infinitely easier were the road car not a thing. That's pretty much a given.

Now the old mountain roads that are no longer necessary thanks to renewed funding for trains and other forms of mass transit…


I feel bad for the socialist leader that has to explain to Americans why commodities and cheap trinkets and toys aren't a priority over things such as infrastructure.



If you want to roleplay Fury Road and shout "Witness!" a lot, we won't stop you.



Bless you, friend.


File: 558192775ac9457⋯.jpg (230.95 KB, 1401x1024, 1401:1024, China National Highway 110….jpg)


We need to destroy the current concept of the car. It's a Molochian engine of waste and violence, yet we can't even bring up the subject of an alternative, as if continuous, worldwide consecration of oil and blood in the flames of wreckages is the thing that keeps the universe from ending. Incapable of uttering this sacrificial rite, all of us simply don the profane vestments of its engines, and leave chance to decide which lambs will be sacrificed and which ones will live one more day, to further toil and gain and spend and consume another, bigger metallic altar onto which to deliver our bodies.



> If I prefer fat girls am I a "plump seeker"?

I believe the term is "chubby chaser"



To be a bit serious hear: the only way to get rid of them is to radicalize the situation. The more radicalized it is, the more people choose a side, and the moment bullets start flying, there will be no liberals because whomever stays in the middle of a street gets run over by a tank.


What I wouldn't give to knnow who's behind this. I wouldn't be surrprised if it turned out to be weev yet again.



Usually, the reason people are uncomfortable with 'chasers' is an implied disingenuous aspect to it. You referenced chubby chasers - one of the more common things you'll hear about liking fatter women is 'well they'll do anything man, they're wild' which is not a very respectful way to desire another human being. Likewise, it's entirely possible to desire a relationship with a trans person because a lack of confidence may lead to them 'trying harder' in the relationship if you will, and a lot of people would consider that an unhealthy way for a relationship to work but if you're specifically looking for that then you're unlikely to correct that issue.

I've been in a relationship with a trans woman so don't take this as me saying no cis person can even be in a relationship with a trans person for the right reasons, just keep in mind that if you're specifically saying 'I want this' people are going to ask why you want it.

Also this doesn't cover the other, larger aspect which is that many trans people want to be treated as the gender they're trying to pass as and if you're attracted to them not passing then that's a core problem with your relationship that may be hard to solve.


File: 7e93841f25b6091⋯.jpg (43.25 KB, 640x480, 4:3, this song makes sense, you….jpg)


The "chaser"/"t-lover" stigma is really dumb. If I prefer fat girls am I a "plump seeker"? If I prefer small girls am I a "tall grass searcher"? People have preferences, and preferring a trans girl has more to it than the "ooh, she has a dick, I feel so dirty" schtick normally associated with it, like skin feel, voice, face features, proportions, personality traits, etc.

T-lover is a liberal appropriation of transphobia that gets the facade of progressiveness , by aiming the bigotry to the "chaser" instead of the girl, while ultimately being reactionary to its core, joining conservatives on a disgust of trans-straight relationships. It's no different than "honky".

Think about the contexts the term is usually applied. Have noticed that in 99% of cases people could just use the word "misogynist" instead? If one cat-calls a girl while she's working he's a misogynist, but if he does the same with a trans girl, all of the sudden he's a chaser.

==It's almost like the term is used to separate the experience of trans girls from that of cis girls in struggles that both have or something==.

"Traps are gay" and "chasers" are two sides of the same coin: a straight men should only date a trans girl if he doesn't know, and even then, he shouldn't enjoy it.


Sorry anon, had to edit it.

But yeah, everything I've said about trans chasers also applies to "chubby chasers". It's all just a way to exclude a given undesired portion of the female population by accusing the men instead of the women.



Ive got Half a Mind that its a Literal PsyOP by some Alphabet soup agency or NeoCon think tank

It (Q) Calls for Regime Change in Iran the DPRK and Syria Regularly


Why is it that leftists support the rights of monopolistic megacorporations to work in tandem to deplatform some loon that the establishment media doesn't like?



Socdems are opportunists and don't care about buddying up with giant corporations because they know when it comes time to censor the left hard it'll only hit the commies and not them.



It'll hit anyone who doesn't sing the tune of the political and media establishment.


File: 72e30d6f7c7824b⋯.jpeg (11.52 KB, 255x203, 255:203, stiber IRL.jpeg)


>Usually, the reason people are uncomfortable with 'chasers' is an implied disingenuous aspect to it. You referenced chubby chasers - one of the more common things you'll hear about liking fatter women is 'well they'll do anything man, they're wild'

Here's the thing tho: if it really is about an abusive/unhealthy relation, why is the man called a "chubby chaser"? Surely, "creep" would perfectly describe it. If it is all about exploiting a vulnerable person, he wouldn't 'just' be a "chubby chaser", he'd also be chasing poor, homeless, uneducated, addicted, traumatized, underage and mentally handicapped women.

>just keep in mind that if you're specifically saying 'I want this' people are going to ask why you want it.

But even I don't know it. That's just not how it works.

>Also this doesn't cover the other, larger aspect which is that many trans people want to be treated as the gender they're trying to pass as and if you're attracted to them not passing then that's a core problem with your relationship that may be hard to solve.

Again, internalized transphobia with the facade of progressiveness. "Passing" is pure bullshit, and it is unhealthy for both cis women, by reinforcing societal roles and stereotypes of femininity, and for trans women, by making them want to achieve beauty goals that are only achievable through a lot of pain and money; it's no wonder many of them are emotional wrecks doing sex work.

Cis women don't look in the mirror concerned if the men they are attracted to will be convinced that they are women, they are concerned if they'll find them attractive. It shouldn't be any different with trans girls.

No one finds genders sexy, they find people sexy.



>If I prefer fat girls am I a "plump seeker"?

we call them chubby chasers

(i don't know who we is, i've never said the phrase aloud in my life.)


you don't have to support it to reverse the arguments they were using when it was your guy (or more normally, some guy who isn't a cunt who talks about old radios or something) getting censored.

these are the dickheads who will justify censorship on private property grounds at all times except when they think they can blame the left for that censorship. ideally by repeating their own logic back to them they'll realise it was fucking stupid, but failing that it's an easy strategy to bait them into giving you (you)s because you're literally just repeating their arguments, they did all the legwork.


socdems don't need to care because the only people still publishing socdem ideas are australian post keynesian bloggers. even communists get token publication space where someone wants to be cute and seek a radical outsider opinion. nobody has time for the boring truths of aggregate demand.


we (in this case "we" are the left) are already being hit or being ignored. we therefore have nothing to fear from others being hit. sit back and watch.

but in the alternative analysis, this is just another short term spectacle. nobody will be talking about alex jones losing his channel 2 months from now, we'll have moved onto the next thing. the life cycle of spectacular events is declining faster than that of the nazis from 1941 to 1943



Dunno, the American government is too fragmented for an alphabet soup agency to just brownnose a president like that. They would rather keep their usual skullduggery in foreign lands separate from internal affairs. Don't shit where you eat and all that. Besides, this has been really low budget, for all we know it might be a single person with above-average writing skills. The potential suspects list is quite literally "half the entire world".



>"Passing" is pure bullshit, and it is unhealthy for both cis women, by reinforcing societal roles and stereotypes of femininity, and for trans women, by making them want to achieve beauty goals that are only achievable through a lot of pain and money; it's no wonder many of them are emotional wrecks doing sex work.

I agree 100% with that, but that is at least the current place where trans discussion is at and so if that's what the person you're interested in is going for it has to be something you respect.

Luckily some of that seems to be going by the wayside, a lot of my friends aren't interested in passing and instead want to find the right identity for themselves that lets them express how they feel, but that's still not going to be everybody and you shouldn't be surprised when the mainstream discussion on trans issues isn't all the way there yet.



I don't give a shit where the discussion is at, I'm concerned with me and the girls I'm dating.

Making trans girls feel good under the sheets and present them to your family with a plate of lasagna, that's true revolutionary praxis.



>No one finds genders sexy

They can find genders a sex unsexy tho. I find the male form to be downright heinous. There's only aesthetic merit to ottermode, and even then there's no sex appeal.


Hi, welcome to /leftypol/. Liberals aren't leftists, but rather Porky's left hand.

Some people have been saying for a while now that their constant appeals for censorship will bite them in the ass someday, but they never listen. In no small part, that's because they're largely apparatchiks anyway and will never deviate from the mainstream range of acceptable ideas.


>the girls I'm dating.



I'm not sure why communists nowadays are totally fine with sexual deviancy derived from mental illness. What you are dating is not a girl, it's a fucking man who thinks he's a girl and you are gay.



I'm gay and I like man ass so I'm good either way bruh



Alot of the pro corporate censorship stuff is coming for literal socialists, progressives, and even reddit AnComs.




Based and redpilled tbh.



That's totally fine dude, I just have a problem with people trying to guilt trip me into pretending like sex is irrelevant and that gender can be whatever you want it to be. I doesn't make any sense.



Hey, if you're not comfortable with certain types of people that's fine, you don't need to go on a grand quest to make people feel bad for being those types of people though.


Tell me there's an active leftypol discord please


File: 16f15d37a38633f⋯.jpg (23.5 KB, 525x559, 525:559, 096 - Saaxj72.jpg)


Yup, you can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram.


File: b91d2e497da0bb2⋯.gif (4.18 MB, 353x260, 353:260, youre so spooked right now.gif)



Well the grand quest is coming from them trying to force everyone to use their newspeak when it comes to pronouns. And if me saying that I don't think that a trans person is the sex or gender they claim to be and that makes them feel bad then tough shit.



Yeah, like I said, liberals. I know, it seems like a cop-out, but hear me out. Historically, a lot of people claiming themselves to be socialists ended up fighting against it because they were actually too moderate, all the way back to the Russian Revolution.

The word "socialism" has been completely diluted, in no small part because the Overton window in America is so far to the right that people think anyone who supports UHC must have socialist leanings, and liberals embraced the epithet. Reddit is a particularly good example, where you have supposed ancoms and MLs behaving like idpol-addled SJWs, and autoban you fur using "fatphobic slurs" or some shit.

There's also that Ocasio-Cortez lady. Sure, she's way to the left in the American spectrum, but in her victory speech she thanked just about every identity group and organization under the sun before mentioning actual class entities. Not a good sign. Hell, even Elon Musk claimed to be a socialist.


I'm pretty over this "hey, leftists, you should totally rush to the defense of right wing pundits to defend the free speech they pretend to care about to give pretext to their talking points even though they haven't nor will they ever reciprocate." concern trolling or whatever you want to call it. first the "gas the jews" dog guy, then the twitter purge, then the gun tutorial youtube thing (which turned out to be nothing) and now Alex Jones. It's almost the exact same statement with the same answers every time. meanwhile pretty much every socialist news outlet has a banner talking about how they're being blocked on google.



It's a pretty simple fact actually.

Benis? = Man

Vagine? = Woman

Benis+Vagine? = Intersex

Some chemical imbalance in your brain doesn't change any of that.



I'm confused as to why you're a leftist when the concept of doing something completely effortless to make people's lives slightly more manageable is too much effort for you.


File: 27dce8e80821253⋯.jpg (144.68 KB, 1080x1145, 216:229, c1d427b09ea04dad31a75944cf….jpg)

Finally finished dowloading books.

Took me an entire day to find the propper ones.


the progressive party line on gender and sex seems incoherent

>gender is a spook and we should deconstruct it

>but gender is also important because there are gendered differences in the brain, and some people are born into the wrong body

>men and women are the same, more women in tech!

am I being a silly reductionist, or have liberal progressives really not examined their own stance with any rigor



Learning a bunch of retarded pronouns and remembering which one applies to whom is not effortless.

I have less of a problem calling someone who believes they are the opposite gender in the manner they prefer but gender neutral pronouns are cancerous bullshit.



It's a bit of lack of self-examination, but also you misunderstanding a lot of it.

Deconstructing gender is a longterm goal that will likely not happen under capitalism, so in the meantime doing some white lie shit about trans people and sexuality and so on is necessary to get the results desired (ie avoiding people being murdered for being different). The thing liberals will never, ever mention is that, yes, societal pressures are likely responsible for a good part of gender and sexual identity issues but they can't push that stance because the instant you do, conservatives will hear 'you can cure the gay' and things get really nasty.

As for the last bit, generally equal capabilities between men and women means that you should expect generally equal distribution in fields where they are capable of the same results which is admirable but a bit utopian tbqh m80



you just used gender neutral pronouns in telling me about how cancerous it is


File: eaf82854b7588d1⋯.jpg (83.96 KB, 905x942, 905:942, spooked.jpg)


<And the proportions of the skull let us know that clearly, the black man is a natural born slave.

If instead of using a poor grasp of science to support your spooks you actually looked into it, you'd see that professionals recognize gender dysphoria as a medical condition and that the cure is transition.


I dunno, I thought it was fairly clear: gender is a social construct, but none of the less have tangible effects on our daily lives and are, at least partially, based on instinct.

>men and women are the same, more women in tech!

Nevermind, you are in fact a silly reductionist.


Yeah, "they" is something that only the most avid Rick and Morty fan can wrap their heads around.


File: e46f2352b26f9bf⋯.jpg (248.17 KB, 1372x1952, 343:488, 1533817938483.jpg)


There are differences on race, gender, age, etc.

The thing is that some clusters and groups perform better than others on average, but is better to judge by an individual basis. However there are people that think in a collectivist way who think can cast judgement by what you are rather than what you do.

This is the "compassionate" side of that cabal, with low expectations from one gender and high from other and try to erase pull down and rise the other to the same level trough wathever works. No need to be conscistent.

Of curse all of that is stupid but they don't know that.



The same censorship policy being used against the right can and will be applied to the far-left. You don't have to defend them but it's in your self-interest not to want mega-corporations to have the kind of power to mass deplatform anyone they don't like on behalf on the political and media establishment.



'They' is a plural pronoun. Using it to refer to a single person is some newspeak bullshit and i'll have none of it.



You just used it as a singular pronoun. You used it to describe a singular, theoretical person you may talk to in the future who you don't know the gender of. In the same sense, you likely use it when someone talks about someone that you cannot instantly recognize by name if they're a boy or a girl - guess what, that's singular too! You already use it in all the contexts you need to! All you need to do is when someone says 'I prefer they' just think to yourself 'oh I don't know if I should use he or she so I'll use they'. That way you can keep your retarded ideology and still not seem like an asshole to the rest of the world!



>cure is transition

The cure should be something that cures the chemical imbalance in the brain that causes the person to believe they are something they are objectively not. Enabling their delusion by giving them hormones and mutilating their genitals is hardly a "cure" and this is seen in post-op suicide rates.



Alright fair enough but I'm still not on board with the Xir/Xim nonsense.



Sure, you don't have to be on board with that because that's primarily 14 year old tumblrites who you will never interact with in the regular world. Thank you for at least giving things some consideration dawg.



>I dunno, I thought it was fairly clear: gender is a social construct, but none of the less have tangible effects on our daily lives and are, at least partially, based on instinct.

I think this is precisely where there is a bit of sleight goes on.

>'gender' refers to the social and cultural differences between men and women

is vastly different from:

>'gender' refers to social differences between men and women (which are of course caused by culture and spooks)

How can you post Stirner when we can clearly see that our behavior is affected by for example, sex hormones. The empirical case that there is some sexual dimorphism of the brain could not be more clear.




> can and will be applied to the far-left.

the point of my post is that it has. they're mutually exclusive things it not like "allowing"

the right to be censored created the conditions to censor the left. it would happen regardless.

>but it's in your self-interest not to want

meaning what? if you said allow I would ask how anyone could possibly stop these institutions that have a virtual monopoly on Internet traffic, but you said "want" as If not making a performance out of complaining about something you can't change happening to someone you don't like is why you can't change it. or that you can only express true dissatisfaction with corporate censorship by complaining about it happening to the right instead of socialists, as part of some performance for their benefit.


File: 3ed9a66614685d1⋯.png (2.63 KB, 500x400, 5:4, ball.png)


>Third Strike

1v1 me in fightcade vsav and you'll see what a real fighting game looks like




no need to sage leftytrash it's all equally shit posts



they've always had that power, that's the misconception at the heart of this.



Saying that you disapprove of censorship on principle isn't rushing to the defense of conservatives. Allowing Alex Jones or whoever to spout their BS isn't necessarily a defense of them when whatever process that is allowing them to speak is also allowing you to speak.



Well maybe they shouldn't have that power. The question then for me is how to reign them in and I don't have a clear answer to that yet.


nuclear take


File: a2894e77bb314ee⋯.jpg (146.39 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, DkS0zQjVsAABcLp.jpg:large.jpg)


image fucked up somehow


File: 75135149007dcd8⋯.png (617.05 KB, 2000x2000, 1:1, 999065321.png)

We need one of these that doesn't include war, too many /pol/tards see this and go "that's not Capitalism!"



no we just need to organize by category



Imperialism is not capitalism so this infograph won't work. Imperialism will still exist even if the entire world is communist because resource scarcity will still exist and humans are not perfect animals that will share everything perfectly, especially not between different nations.



sexual dimorphism and neurological explanations aren't enough to reduce fairly complex, historically contingent matters of identity and culture down to biology. also read althusser or something idk


if you castrate someone then suddenly he's no longer a man? what if he has erectile dysfunction? are nursery homes secretly transcult recruitment centers?


i'm just trying to use the sage as if it was bright coloring on a poison frog



He's genetically a man and was born with a dick. Him losing it or having it no longer functional doesn't magically make him a female or something else.



>Saying that you disapprove of censorship on principle isn't rushing to the defense of conservatives

and coincidentally expressing that opinion in the context of alex jones is what? Pretending for a moment that any of these people wouldn't censor leftists upon gaining serious influence (or right now through assorted methods like the mass flagging of videos) or that leftist aren't being censored right now, what would any socialist stand to gain by complaining about alex jones getting his channel shut down that they wouldn't achieve by just complaining about socialist being censored? Besides that why should any of these assorted corporations care? they're under absolutely no obligation to capitulate to either parties since: 1.) they aren't moral or "principled" actors and gain nothing by being seen as giving a platform to racists (or anyone perceived as racist or really anything advertisers don't like) 2.) can effectively dictate discourse at their leisure and gain nothing from ceding any power to anyone. how would that work practically? if enough people complain someone's going to draft up some legislation that places protect speech laws on internet services or anything to limit corporate power at all?


File: e0c2d42a5dca139⋯.jpg (105.6 KB, 500x495, 100:99, large (0).jpg)




Everything is capitalism, so every dead is capitalism, so communism will grant us eternal life.

This quasi-religious conceptualization of "capitalism" as a wrathful spirit/god among is a highly interesting development. We need more research on it, maybe Peterson is on to something after all with his theory of archetypes.


Life is intrinsically cannibalistic, something marxists state over and over again but are never willing to accept. Their fantasy of communism blinds them to that what they believe in more than anyone.


>if you castrate someone then suddenly he's no longer a man? what if he has erectile dysfunction? are nursery homes secretly transcult recruitment centers?

What makes a man, a man, can never be a condition that is to be added and retracted. If being a man, means having a penis, than the penis would be the man, same goes for hormones, chromosomes or any other reducible factor. This however does not lead to the SJW conclusion, for if there is no man and no woman, other than self-identification, there would be no meaning to that identification and hence no such thing as transgenders either.


File: 2bc49e2a618d6aa⋯.jpg (256.15 KB, 461x621, 461:621, Lenine,_Imperialisme_stade….jpg)


How about you read a book and explain to them why it's a result of capitalism. Also there's an updated version on the OC thread with an accurate total.


shut the fuck up liberal



What makes something, something, instead of something else?



Everything is capitalism when it's convenient for you. When it's not, it's not real capitalism.



literally socialism


File: cd599736d3169e0⋯.jpg (19.49 KB, 322x322, 1:1, fOKoyv9J_400x400.jpg)

How is everyone tonight?


File: f2b4759284af0f6⋯.png (79.84 KB, 645x729, 215:243, booklet.png)



Your mom. Read a book.



the underlying justification would be a "first they came for X and i did not speak out…" situation.

but here's the fun thing: then as now, the socialists are the first to go.

so we're in a situation as follows:

First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—

Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—

Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—

Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me, the internet racist—and all the socialists rushed to my aid because they object to censorship on principle and i was so humbled by this that i waited a whole 15 minutes before making a video denying they ever came for the jews.





I've seen the argument several times now that trans women don't need to try and look like girls to be considered women- and if gender roles/norms are a social construct is this not a paradox?



>the bible is true, read the bible





What happened anon?



>then as now, the socialists are the first to go

Then why doesn't internet inc ban socialists? Why don't they crack down on socialist speech?



Socialist publishers are suppressed all the time in America


File: f1990d478ae52ad⋯.jpg (178.14 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, sqjgx1do0wix.jpg)


Use the internets

Just save enough for the winter


File: 79e3048c9bce493⋯.jpg (67.18 KB, 850x400, 17:8, capitalism originates in t….jpg)


So, it's facts when it's convenient and fiction when it's not. Classic.



That's the central contradiction of SJW'ism; that you are whatever you feel like and that whatever you feel like is due to oppression. This is why they never are and never will be satisfied, why the more they get what they want, the more hysterical they get. It's ideological anorexia (it's no coincidence many feminists are former anorexics)



My dreams are still dead


File: f322d683dd73233⋯.webm (5.54 MB, 854x480, 427:240, wew.webm)


File: ce286723afdd514⋯.jpg (350.6 KB, 990x774, 55:43, WWS.jpg)


great question



>social justice warrior-ism



Even if true, that doesn't answer my question. Why does internet inc take greater offense to Alex Jones, than to socialists openly advocating for the liquidation of the very people that run internet inc? Shouldn't it be precisely the other way around according to socialist theory?



Remove your flag NOW.


File: db12628b5c24c4b⋯.png (350.29 KB, 780x523, 780:523, youmu_the_smart_way.png)


Just work hard on them anon

What do you dream about?


File: dfa7df7473d6e50⋯.gif (937.77 KB, 640x360, 16:9, 638c6ef4b313db50a0efd7d813….gif)



how do we quantify this apparently greater offence

>according to socialist theory?

ah yes marx's famous treatise on the youtube comment section, my favourite part of the manifesto.


>Gavin "Owning the Libs epic Style by getting my wife to leave me" McGuiness just got kicked of Twatter

Based Capitalists with smiley face sticker on top



To be happy

To be human

To create

I don't even know any more


File: 605e1ad74c197ce⋯.png (221.82 KB, 600x564, 50:47, 605.png)



>Why does internet inc take greater offense to Alex Jones

I don't know by what metric you can measure offense since both are being censored, but in a hypothetical where socialist weren't being censored the obvious answer would be that Alex Jones has enough influence to be considered a hindrance to ad revenue when compared to the less popular socialist pundits.


File: 4f558821067ff32⋯.png (12.32 KB, 543x591, 181:197, cd48157baa6d8f44b7bf45a3e8….png)


here fam


File: 176fc5c65c1107b⋯.jpg (42.31 KB, 509x500, 509:500, 229eyt.jpg)


I suggest you to regulate yourself if you are failing at having a human schedule for your body.

Aka sleep 6-8 hours, 3 foods a day, no excess in sugar or fats or wathever, workout regularly at least 1 hour a day, etc.

A healthy lifestyle helps a lot to your stem and mood.




You said it yourself

Your love gives you the spagetti and she probably noticed it tbh

People have a kind of spider sense for things related to crushes and love or wathever



should I text her? I'd be happy to just form a close friendship with her, even if it doesn't grow into something more. She's a lefty, likes the same vidya and music as me and I'm sure we have more in common. Her speaking to me today was so out of nowhere but I don't want to jump to conclusions that she wants to be friends or anything.



I'd say you're somewhat correct, Alex Jones triggers the super-ego in a way that a maoist arguing for a new revolutionary terror simply does not. This isn't a question of scale, as many smaller channels are also being banned for hate speech. Corporations and business in general are contrary to marxist belief, followers to ideology, completely beholden to the outrage machine.

Xir the journalist is triggered after seeing a video, xir writes about it, fellow xir's write about the triggeredness of xir, others respond, this reponse is seen as proof of widespread p.roblematicness, wikipedia cites the xir's that cite xir and so it becomes fact. Case in point; the labour antisemitism witch hunt.


You have everything lose in a game that you don't even know the rules of. Of course you are terrified.


File: c46df7b90fe0af1⋯.jpg (281.45 KB, 1200x1800, 2:3, __roll_rockman_and_rockman….jpg)


Talk if you just want to be friends

If you want something beyond that you either need some courage + "game" or be good looking (which is achievable to most males trough workout)

Either way if I was you I would just try to be friends (since that's the way I got my romantic partners before anyway) and be coolio and stuff and if you want to try to become something more you could workout and/or try to learn to act chad-ish to attract her (once you are comfortable around her).

Most importantly, just be yourself. As meme of an answer it sounds, anything that feels like you are forcing or is not of your nature will come out as that. So make sure to just enjoy wathever the flow of the conversations and the relationship may be.



>You are avoiding the question

I promise I'm not. In fact I was pretty direct.

>Why isn't internet inc actively banning socialists and socialist speech?

You clearly see that they are being censored, but in a different way (unless you'd like to explain who it's not censorship?). so the question is why use different methods? The banning of Alex Jones benefits from it's performative nature it's a clear message to the user base and more importantly he moneyed interests involved: that's it safe for the brands to be associated with their services.


File: 0dbd36414d68e14⋯.jpg (37.98 KB, 592x442, 296:221, duck_pic.jpg)


I see no problem.

Sure, talk to her.

Any excuse to do so is fine.

Even being bored.

I sometimes repeat this meme I stole and dm them this pic with the text "unsolicited duck pic" and they think it's funny.

Idk, I just know most people I try to engage in a chat online have no problem doing so. We usually keep talking back and forth a few mins even if it's the first time I talked to them.

My suggestion is to be part of her circle of friends online. Like to be around her social media and spontaneously talk to her.



>You clearly see that they are being censored, but in a different way (unless you'd like to explain who it's not censorship?). so the question is why use different methods?

A site being backtracked by google's algorithms is by all means incomparable to an outright blanket ban like we see here.

>The banning of Alex Jones benefits from it's performative nature it's a clear message to the user base and more importantly he moneyed interests involved: that's it safe for the brands to be associated with their services.

Quite right, marxism is safe for the corporations, Alex Jones is not.




Just fucking text mate



>A site being backtracked by google's algorithms is by all means incomparable to an outright blanket ban like we see here.

then end result is less eyes on the "content". they're functionally identical. Besides that there's a difference in character between Alex Jones and some random internet socialist. it's pretty easy to justify banning Alex Jones. They're might not be some major socialist insurrection but it it's not so low that you could cook up a reasonable lie that people would believe that would justify the out right banning socialist and just admitting it's ideological and/or due to ads won't help either. so quietly starving them of ad revenue is the most sensible choice



>then end result is less eyes on the "content". they're functionally identical.

They're not, much like a book burning isn't identical to a book not being placed in the prime spot of a library.

>Besides that there's a difference in character between Alex Jones and some random internet socialist. it's pretty easy to justify banning Alex Jones. They're might not be some major socialist insurrection but it it's not so low that you could cook up a reasonable lie that people would believe that would justify the out right banning socialist and just admitting it's ideological and/or due to ads won't help either. so quietly starving them of ad revenue is the most sensible choice

But they're capitalist corporations in a capitalist society, which supposedly uses people like Alex Jones to drive people away from the true path of socialism according to socialists.



>the prime spot of a library

a bad a analogy since books are organized by subject and thus has no prime spot. besides that if you can't find a book in the place it's supposed to be most people would assume it's not their. Though I guess in this analogy they couldn't find it in a directory before they looked

>But they're capitalist corporations in a capitalist society, which supposedly uses people like Alex Jones to drive people away from the true path of socialism according to socialists.

what are you even saying? that social media services should keep him around as some kind of buttress against socialism despite the fact they they gain from ditching him, there's hundreds of thousands like him that serve the same purpose (they're a re clearly still conservatives on social media), and they are all ready managing socialism as it is? Actually let's say that is the purpose that he serves the question still remains: why keep him specifically? you could just as easily maintain a "garden" of conservative/centrist pundits that you make a show of pruning if they get a little to gnarly with their rhetoric and have your cake both ways. you could foster pro-capitalist or at least anti-communist sentiment and benefit from the good will of silencing the least desirable pundits.


Drag him Phil



It Makes me Genuinely sad to Remember Uncle Ho never lived to see the Final fall of Saigon and his idea of a Federal Republique of Indochina Come to pass...

Ignore the flag


>Erdo in Reaction to US sanctions against Turkey

>"We dont need Dollars weve got Allah!"


Inb4 IslamoNazBolGang



>"Hey MR SAA man i know im Literally just some motherfucker who walked in off the street and im from one of the countries fucking you over right now but i love Assad and the Eyranians and Kim Jong Un so can i join you"

Hey fun getting SAVAK tier Interrogated for being a MI6 agent


File: 004330fe3b5bcae⋯.jpg (82.13 KB, 500x249, 500:249, giant-titties-giant-tittie….jpg)



File: e471d78a9fa185b⋯.jpg (60.5 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1533328883961.jpg)





>The bible is true because I read it in the bible. And the bible is a book, which gives it a +5 rationality stat.

You're doing a lot of mental gymnastics to avoid reading a book for once in your life.



I think you're pointing out Chomsky, who makes coherent arguments and points out things like how the US supported and still supports the vast majority of dictatorships in the world. What, "communist dictators" are you talking about exactly?

>while an actor that jokes about someone being akin to a monkey is made an unperson to the point of being retro-actively purged.

So basically what you're saying is this actor dindu nuffin and shouldn't face the repercussions of his actions?



>Professors who support socialism are Media Darlings

I wish that was true /pol/


File: 56cba0fb5d2f72a⋯.jpg (147.12 KB, 900x1315, 180:263, Bommer.jpg)


<just change the brain juices or something!

It shouldn't take a high Autism Level to guess that you're probably not the first person today to have that thought and that doctors around the world are doing an extremely expensive and complex medical procedure for shits and giggles.

Also I'm calling bullshit on the post-op suicide rate.


I've never seen that being used outside tumblr.


I post Stirner because I love to make fun of him. It's my second favorite thing after making fun of Rick and Morty.


>what a real fighting game looks like

You fucking heretic!


1)destroy Google throught physical and virtual means

2)setup a socialist internet service where all people get a X share of data.

Getting rid of one big platform and therefore its recommendation system would go a long way to halt reactionary discourse.


Sometimes I forget how retarded vegans can get.




Crazy to see your juicy mexican ass.

Also there is a mutualist flag now drawfen, why are you still using the radioactive garbage symbol?


If they are social constructs then how is this a paradox? If it's nothing but social construct then surely you could extend whatever label into anyone.


>pic related


You can at the very least be sure that she 'wants' to talk to you, which goes a long way into making her you girlfriend.


>The Unfunny Boomer news hour on American politics called "Planet America" which airs on our Public broadcaster (Australian Broadcasting corp) is now literally name dropping 4c / 4/pol/ / Qanon and is showing 4/pol/ "Q" posts as epic jokes lol XD

Holy fuck kill me now

Please Xi just send the fucking PLA in and end it pls

Fucking christ





>she 'wants' to talk

that was supposed to be italic 8chan! Why you do this?


>Channel thats basically Aut-Right Alex Jones and also has a bunch of Ecology and cooking shit on it


>Some Pregnant woman showing how to cook Liver and making sure to really show off shes pregnant n



<"Good your Pregnant more gorgeous WHITE CHILDREN!!"


<"Your a Aryan goddess and i Hope you have Many More wonderful Aryan Children

I know its a Personal attack and not an attack on their ideas but seriously does anyone else get a "iffy" vibe from people who post shit like this?

Why do all these people seem to have weird Natal Obsessions / Fetish's?



I think the bestresponse is to dick them over using their own standards. "They're corporations exercising their right to do what they want with their private property, breh? You don't like it? You some crypto-commie or sumthin?" I know, these same corporations will eventually do are already doing the same against the left, but that was absolutely inevitable. What wasn't inevitable was them holding reactionaries to the same standards. The fact that Porky is not giving them a free pass for once is a surprising improvement of affairs.

But I'll have to disagree on the dog salute guy. It's a whole other ballgame when it's the State doing this shit, especially so when it's something so minor. I mean, how in God's name can the British courts honestly say that a dog trick promotes anti-semitism? There isn't a single person on this gay Earth with the proper number of chromossomes who would move an inch towards the right by viewing that dog video. It's a terrible pecedent if I ever saw one.


Where did you search? Book piracy doesn't have many places to search.


He probably doesn't mean simply transexuals, but attentionsexuals.


Gender has already been thoroughly deconstructed. It's a postmodern (yes, seriously) spook created by a disgraced doctor. What you're referring towards is "sex".


Fuck Poland tbh.


File: 12169cd8279775b⋯.png (807.67 KB, 1280x719, 1280:719, fack.png)

Spent the night haunted by the memory that two months ago my girlfriend started dating another guy one day after she went back to her city. Thinking that while I was making plans of sharing a flat with her so she could stay in the city she was already talking to the other dude.

The fact their relationship barely lasted two weeks is not even a consolation. And I keep feeling bad for giving her the cold shoulder after that, but how the fuck can I be her friend after what she did.

This is the fucking worse.


It's the impregnation fetish alongside pregnant fetish and Nazi masturbation fantasy obsession. White supremacists are fucking weird. I remember an old T_D thread where a guy showed a photo of him using an ugly pair of Trump socks at his wedding, and the comment section was flooded with "saving the future of the white race" and "one Aryan princess for our Aryan hero".


File: 1a62a5b151c28af⋯.jpg (576.22 KB, 1966x1489, 1966:1489, Marvel_Boy.v02_003.Imbie.0….jpg)

File: 2bfe0e307b8673d⋯.jpg (287.74 KB, 976x1500, 244:375, Marvel_Boy.v02_003.Imbie.0….jpg)

File: 31a9752531a602a⋯.jpg (249.11 KB, 974x1500, 487:750, Marvel_Boy.v02_003.Imbie.0….jpg)


>This quasi-religious conceptualization of "capitalism" as a wrathful spirit/god among is a highly interesting development. We need more research on it



Yeah theyve got quite a few more vids Ranting about Wyatt kids or whatever


Theyve also got a odd amount of Vids shilling for Flemish Sepratism which seems contradictory to the whole "No more Brother wars" shit they go on about

These people are basically Varg if he had a good production but the Trade off was he was less REDpilled



There was some altist video on YT going "first they came for conservatives…"


It means she's glad to see you and it's okay to contact her. You have fretted all this time for nothing while you could have talked to her. The ball is on your court now, don't waste the oportunity.


>I suggest you to regulate yourself if you are failing at having a human schedule for your body.


>Aka sleep 6-8 hours, 3 foods a day, no excess in sugar or fats or wathever, workout regularly at least 1 hour a day, etc.


>A healthy lifestyle helps a lot to your stem and mood.

That's nice and all, but there's a glaring ommission of why. You stated the maintenance, not a purpose.


He'll change the lira's name to allah and every muslim in the world will want to buy big bloody handfuls, making it the strongest currency in the world.


File: c9020583cd789f2⋯.png (69.99 KB, 214x232, 107:116, 102 - Ir5t2lR.png)

>Wake up

>97 new replies

>Go through thread and see most of it is people arguing about trannies again


File: fec4db192d92843⋯.png (8.53 MB, 2870x1975, 574:395, ClipboardImage.png)


tfw you hit the communal touge with your comrades



It's almost as if the mods didn't sperg out and deleted the discussions every time people would read the threads and learn something, and not having the same points being discussed over and over again.



In a few months HUEland will have a presidential election, and it's a shitshow what with the main candidate, a pseudo-leftist ex-president, having been pre-couped thanks to a suspiciously fast-tracked trial, yet still having a chance of participating. His absence wouldn't be so bad if not for the fact the entire rest of the roster being even worse. So after subverting the farcical democracy that he bandies about as the sole legitimating factor of his rule, what does Porky do? Why, he declares fake news to be the biggest threat to free elections. The section of the Judiciary branch in charge of overseeing solely electoral cases has openly said it prepared itself to fight "fake news" – in English just like that – as the number one issue for this election. And to tell you the truth, I half-expect Russian hackers to be brought up after it's over.



Well i alwas heard HueLand was the America of the global south…


File: fbaf5bcda46d276⋯.jpg (101.87 KB, 640x427, 640:427, festa confederada.jpg)


An anon here in leftypol said it best: Brazil is what the USA woulda been if the confederates had won.



That really was one of the most on-point allegories I ever read.



Through some luck I've found the original thread: https://8ch.net/leftypol/res/2535472.html#2543706

Also there's a guy saying Brazil is what Russia woulda been without the october revolution, which is equally valid for me.



>tfw communism with JDM characteristics

I would like to own a car under communism even though I don't even have one now. I can't justify it for just "fun" considering how much they cost and the fact I don't need one.


File: e69a662adff9103⋯.png (1.65 MB, 1468x992, 367:248, what brazil is.png)


…now in print form.


>Chomsky is generally well respected by people all over the spectrum but Socialists disavow him because he isn't a ☭TANKIE☭

>same with Sanders, Cortez, etc

let's face it, we're never going to fucking win if we keep up like this. I admit the latter aren't socialists but my God how are we helping the world by actively lashing out against them?


File: 181f6bd76e4cf13⋯.jpg (133.64 KB, 500x393, 500:393, No_brakes.jpg)


>how are we helping the world by actively lashing out against them

There's nothing wrong with going against them.

The problem is we have nothing of our own.

We gommies need to step up our game.



is the road to socialism in America not through Socdems, demsoc and so on? How do you expect to get the American population to accept socialism if they can't even wrap their heads around welfare states.


File: 4e5a26fc4d194b1⋯.png (433.08 KB, 600x562, 300:281, 0ce.png)




File: 3d3469450001fc5⋯.jpg (36.5 KB, 649x618, 649:618, 1494278072684.jpg)



Because it will help you feel a lot better.

I'm fact it may even solve your existencial crisis.

I tend to reflect a lot while working out and it will help you think a hell of a lot better, not to mention the boost your happiness will get.

I know that sounds cliche and an answer too obvious but I assure you it does work.

Ask anyone in here >>>/leftpol/8369


File: f1eeb6835a1b143⋯.jpg (73.33 KB, 336x339, 112:113, f1eeb6835a1b14374cc0ee37ba….jpg)





I've tried to hate you Anon, but I can't fake it anymore. You're cute, you're cute as shit.


File: cfd69a6cffae11d⋯.png (1.1 MB, 960x960, 1:1, thefuzzisloss.png)


Eh, I'm not agreeing with that statement until he shows us that spicy ass he's been teasing us with since may.


File: a2a196e9f124236⋯.jpg (34.2 KB, 608x477, 608:477, 1w33or.jpg)

>be Hitler

>fancy yourself a revolutionary whose goal is to overthrow the current state of things

>hate monarchists, you even diss reactionaries along with the Rot-Front in your anthem, you just can't purge them because that would alienate your sponsors

>same shit with Christianity, but you do attempt to replace the weak and indolent jew-worship with a new age belief in ancient aryans

>invent an esoteric racial theory where white slavs are below blacks

>have a bunch of occult, new age ideas about the environment, animals, vegetarianism etc, you'd probably be a Wiccan if you lived in the 21th century

>draft up plans to level historical European cities including Berlin itself and replace them with new architecture in your image

>80 years later you are worshiped by kids on the internet who love monarchy, christianity, "western culture and tradition", and think poles and russians are epic based

I hope Hell exists and Hitler is forced to read /pol/ 24/7 while being sodomized with a pitchfork



N-no u

You are all pretty adorable as well Anon


File: c23fcb83fe2c15e⋯.jpg (119.73 KB, 1154x1009, 1154:1009, cryingstalinaww.JPG)


File: ec2bc22a7596308⋯.jpg (4.65 KB, 157x195, 157:195, guh.jpg)


what if i don't wanna be happy tho

in all seriousness i don't get why people say working out and eating well are magic cures for depression or whatever. i tried going to the gym for about 6 months and sure, it felt good to lift and get some gainz, but when going back home i was the same old dumb angsty childish piece of shit as always. your adorable self-help antics are appreciated but not retained.

and no, i don't want to talk on discord (i wouldn't even be able to, coherently)



Brazilian reactionaries are really a species of their own because of the sheer variety of strains of regressive "ideas" to which they have been exposed and incorporated. Mixed-race reaction, as it were. Instead of gulags, they should be put in preservations. Completely isolated from the outside world and with high-perched observatories at the margins so anthropologists can study them, of course.


File: 45f740c2d017dd9⋯.gif (1.54 MB, 500x283, 500:283, wut.gif)


>video starts

<seems like some basic WN propaganda video

>get a good look at her face

<pic related


>It's the impregnation fetish alongside pregnant fetish and Nazi masturbation fantasy obsession. White supremacists are fucking weird

which is funny for them to care about making women into broodmothers since they froth at the mouth calling brown people r types whilst claiming they (whites) are K types.

I wonder if I can report the video for being fetish content?


File: 7e6fc4a79729159⋯.jpg (134.82 KB, 1400x1050, 4:3, maria_sekiutsu_tarou_girl_….jpg)


Moving away from the place you are used to live actually had helped a lot of my friends.

They seem to associate that place with being misserable and once they move out and have a healty life-style they don't suffer as much.

Only when they come back to their home town where they were all sad they flip a switch back to being misserable.

My advice is to go back to that routine and then just explore your town and go to bars, or watch movies, etc.

What I do most of the day to feel and be productive is to go out to the park and read. I stay there for like 3 hours reading and learning other langs then I go do martial arts for other 3, when I come back I effectively feel like I've been productive and not stationary like an sloth that want's to cut his wrists.

Being static and sit all day in a computer will render you not only usseless but it will depress your body.

If you feel like you are aim-less, your objective could just be to bend into the positive aspects of social preassure, aka get gains to get girls, read to not be called a brainlet and win petty internet arguments, etc etc

Or your new objective could be to discover yourself and what you want and read a lot of self help books and walk around searching for stuff you like or interests you around the town.

Ultimately it all depends on you. When you feel the motivation to try and fix your life. You have to realize and want it by yourself.



Not that anything listens to me – nor that I should be listened to – but as far as my knowledge goes, when in such a state of so few in numbers and marginalized by the mainstream, the course would boil down to "street presence". The average person will never see us on TV or newspapers, so we have to be in his workplace and around town. I hesitate to use the word "publicity" due to the connotation with marketing that it now has, but it's about being viewed by the public eye and to be recognized. Let people know we exist and, here's the key, let them know the left doesn't boil down to Stalin and his estranged successors. At the very minimum, besides offering alternatives other than the old party-State/nationalized economy combo, we have to put away the hammer and sickle and other old aesthetics and symbols. They're too memetically loaded, even at it's most basic; the sickle represents a class that is bound to cease to exist in a matter of decades, and the hammer stands for one that is mostly confined to Asian sweatshop nations, whereas in the West, everything from the lower-middle calss downwards has been melded into a debased precariat. More than ever, the left should concern itself not just with the plight of the worker, but the human condition in general, because reactionaries and capital are growing increasingly inhumane.


Historically, half-measures have not only not led towards socialism, but away from it. The reason is actually simple: the left demands a better world that can and should exist by now, but the owners of the world deliver just enough to get most of the people to stop squealing, like they always did. Demanding a bare minimum is pointless because that's all they have ever yielded, long before the left has existed; moderation is not just self-defeating, but wholly redundant. The only solution is to stop demanding and instead take everything.


File: 5f1d979bbb3944c⋯.jpg (76.25 KB, 768x768, 1:1, 0810b0cb69cb49ab83c0e35e20….jpg)


Fugg, I really think that if Stalin could be able to see the state of the world right now he would probably kill himself of depression

The man was convinced that Communism was going to rapidly expand during his last years of life after WW2, you just have to read his later texts, even on his last speech you can see this

And we fucking failed, he probably expected a Communist world by 2020 and not this crap we live right now



>The only solution is to stop demanding and instead take everything.

okay, but how do you propose that happens in America? You can talk about revolution all you want, it's a pipe dream.



He would probably be amazed at the lengths Burgerland went to so communism wouldn't spread.



>More than ever, the left should concern itself not just with the plight of the worker, but the human condition in general, because reactionaries and capital are growing increasingly inhumane.

This. With the exception of the poor areas of the third world, most of the damaged caused by capitalism is spiritual. Estranged neighbors, dysfunctional families, depression and lack of hope is far more familiar to most people than authority abuse and hunger.


I mean, he was part of the problem. A democratic, decentralized soviet union coulda lasted far longer.


File: 182b007e875f807⋯.jpg (21.71 KB, 568x504, 71:63, quote by morrissey.jpg)


I'm afraid we're talking about different mentalities here. Just like medicine can have different effects in different people, so different attitudes can work for some but not for others. I suffer from depression, and nowadays I do all these basic things you mentioned, and while my mood certainly improved, my will to live hasn't. I have always wanted to experience the Buddhist motto of living in the moment, focusing on the journey instead of the objective, but I just can't do it. I have never been able to live without a goal, and now that I have no attainable goals, well. Living for the sake of living doesn't seem difficult or impossible, but downright heinous. If this was a world worth living in, living in itself would be a boon, but why would anyone want to keep on living in this one unless they had a goal? It's literally to suffer for nothing, and whether it's my depression that makes it so or it's objective fact, it doesn't matter. The only worthy goal in this world is to turn it into one worth living in… except such a thing is impossible at present. I don't mean just creating a better world right now is impossible, but even doing anything at all to help us reach that better world is currently impossible. So it's not just an issue of having no goal, but the impossibility of having one.

yeah I know this is teen-angsty as fuck, but it's clear I'm past the point of caring about that


File: c6143e3deacfe36⋯.jpg (692.51 KB, 1200x869, 1200:869, c61.jpg)


Well yeah, a revolution now is a pipe dream. It is a matter of the moment. You can't start a true revolution, only the people can, what you can do is help them reach that vital conclusion, that human society is not fated by the gods to be this valley of tears, but at the same time it will only be humane if we make it so. And it requires both removing the monsters from power and prevent people from becoming new monsters. There's this inevitable time gap between now and the revolution assuming it ever happens. You can help it decrease it, but it's a huge workload and results and guaranteed. I wrote my humble idea on what to do at this stage we're on, but I don't have the wherewithal, personality nor practical knowledge to start such an effort.


File: 47c8952373480b3⋯.jpg (49.9 KB, 960x960, 1:1, c0364c20ad6e45a190609658b0….jpg)


I'm not quite sure about the decentralized part, I think given the conditions decentralization is what kinda killed the USSR in a way.

As for the democratic part I totally agree and Stalin in a way saw it, but tried to change it when he had already lost in the political arena.

So yeah he should have pusehd more and before for it undoubtely I think this was one of his biggest mistakes, maybe that way what happened later could have been avoided.



> democratic, decentralized soviet union coulda lasted far longer.

wouldn't have even survived the civil war






Khrushcev undertook decentralization reforms and it only contributed to the USSR's demise by reducing 5-year plans to helpful suggestions. Decentralization is nice as a concept but requires specific material conditions that just haven't been met under Stalin.



Also good luck democratically deciding that people need collectivization. Sometimes the best things for people are the ones they'll hate to do themselves, or would think are wrong otherwise because they're just plain unknowledgeable.


File: f332fa3aeb9bb1b⋯.png (601.73 KB, 1197x696, 399:232, amazon data science3.png)

Honestly am I the only person who despises the "decentralization" meme? It has absolutely no basis in reality and only gets pushed by leftists in the west who don't want to appear authoritarian.







I can't dispute that, but I must ask, then how do we decide that people need collectivization? Or in general, how do we establish before the fact which of these "things" are unpleasant but for the better, and which are just plain unpleasant?



>gets pushed by leftists in the west who don't want to appear authoritarian.

Because it's completely pointless for a Western leftist to stress that they are not a neo-Soviet. Right.



Decentralization is key for survival. The US always easily crushed and corrupted soreign military powers, like Iraq and Korea. But when you have decentralized groups, all of the sudden the world's biggest power can't hold it's own against ak-47's and sandals.

Obviously the material conditions weren't there at the time, but that coulda, and shoulda, been fixed. There's no good reason why the industry had to be confined to mostly the west of Russian and Ukraine. There's no good reason to leave vast amounts of territory, like Siberia, deserted.

Also about the democratic part: the way people act when receiving orders is very different from the way they when they decided of their own volition. There's a reason why most countries on earth dropped conscription in favor of voluntary assignment, and it wasn't because of human rights.


File: cdb18cc03241fc4⋯.jpg (188.9 KB, 1200x811, 1200:811, DV9KSoHW0AAKjaC.jpg)

am i wrong if i think the socialist doesn't actually look bad here, just passionate but otherwise normal, while i've an inherent distrust for the liberal because he looks too well kept.



Collectivization was supported by millions of peasants, stop believing that Stalin and his evil cadres decided it for themselves



The leader would just think about it, hopefully rightly. In the case of collectivization, a few million dying is a tradeoff for many millions more living much longer lives because imaginably, people with adequate food with live longer. The way this is supposed to go is one or a few leaders in a row establish this sort of self-awareness in the people and then dissolve the state so that they may decide on their own affairs, because having such a high level of authority is a volatile thing.



Hey I agree with what you say. I don't think living in the moment is some magical answer anyway. I was happy when I had a job, my own place, and good friends. Then a year or maybe more ago I lost it all at once. Losing my job meant losing my place and losing my friends when I couldn't talk to them anymore and they all moved on with their lives. Ended up with nothing and no one, turned to drugs out of despair, trying to fix myself. Made it worse. Now there's nothing to look forward to. The only person I talk to anymore is my exbestfriend thats been straight with me how she's never going to care about the way she used to.

My mind is pretty much ruined. I can study, I have studied a lot. Just to pass the time even. And I learned but it doesn't help with anything at the end of the day. I say ruined because I seem to have ADHD or something that prevents me from starting and completing even simple tasks. I was diagnosed bipolar at some point. I have breakdowns where I can't stop crying pretty much daily. If I do find work its difficult to hide somewhere if it comes on at a bad time.

I came here to here ask about the best ways to kill myself. I'm not even emotional about it, it's simply that i'm done with life. I saw the story today about the guy who killed himself after a joyride in the plane and it seemed like he was okay with it. I'm too old to join the military or i'd do that. I'd be ok with donating myself in that way to something, even if I hate the military I just don't have anything left to do here. I've been trying to get 'back on my feet'. make new friends, start my life over again. nothing takes. I'm just finished and want a good way out.


File: efc421006fa0215⋯.jpg (51.49 KB, 600x733, 600:733, 8b70fc74ffeac5a0ec3232647d….jpg)



The Bolsheviks and Stalin would have sent you to gulag for being and undemocratic brainlet, and strawmanning the Communist ideals and movement this was

Read Lenin and Stalin before saying this kind of stupid bulshit


>come back to 4chan thread half an hour after reporting someone for making a stupid spergpost about muh Commies muh SJWs in a thread where it's irrelevant (sadly had to specify reason as "off topic" because "politics outside of /pol/" isn't there


Oh yes, I could get used to this VERY quickly indeed. VERY quickly.



been reporting race bait threads on /tv/ and being pleasantly surprised. maybe it could be bearable again.



is /tv/ still pedo zone



>The leader would just think about it

That just transfers the problem tho. If millions of people are at the mercy of one or a handful of supposed experts, well then we're back at current capitalism and its technocratic veneer.

It's an age-old problem: how to pick the best leader possible, or at least make sure he'll be decent? There's no method, plain and simple, so election and allotment are the best compromises we have. Sure, the populace might stall on approving an unpleasant but important policy, but I'd say it's a worthy trade-off against the risk of investing so much power in few hands.


I think his point isn't that it wasn't supported by millions, but rather that it had to be forced onto millions, which was obviously tricky no matter who was in charge. Yes, I know, kulaks and reactionaries were fagging things up, but I don't think there's a single soul who can honestly say the collectivization was conducted, let's say, optimally.


>tfw can't tell if this girl doesn't want to talk or if she's just boring



yes, i think hoping for that to go away is too demanding for the impossible



Supported, but not initiated. On their own it's not very believable they would have done such a thing, nor been able to suppress the revolts with as much ease.



Democracy is the ideal, yes, but it is only after all the pressing issues are dealt with. It is for this reason that Russia does not have a democracy but rather an autocracy throughout its history, because it needed a leader that would be able to respond quickly to enemies that could almost fly across its flat plains. Centralized power is provisional, though, because there's a lot of volatility in that position. They wouldn't necessarily carry with them the veneer of capitalistic exploitation, again, so hopefully there is a leader that takes care of things before establishing democracy. Holding on to power is unstable, and having full democracy is unstable as well.


File: 61a9a4f39c97b31⋯.jpg (103.93 KB, 960x960, 1:1, t3_8t32dh.jpg)

File: 34449a3d1b4b817⋯.jpg (109.52 KB, 640x689, 640:689, t3_8tp86f.jpg)

File: 2ca16192de1e51d⋯.jpg (28.17 KB, 750x744, 125:124, iilkzg58fac11.jpg)

File: c5dbce740fa1b59⋯.png (123.21 KB, 322x467, 322:467, xdvOdA-htZupQWLQj5AAwo1BZh….png)


that pic, wew



Try to find out what are her interests and talk about one of them. If she still doesn't engage, time to walk away.



Already tried that. I think she's just boring… She's cute though.


File: 7ca30ea7ff7880a⋯.png (288.55 KB, 491x491, 1:1, 879rty7e.png)




I guess if I'm the only one making conversation I should stop talking.


File: af239d035a2bc04⋯.jpg (94.1 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, tumblr_pd9bhm78DL1xofy75o1….jpg)


on a whim i decided to try taking two painkillers and it made me want to stop killing myself. feeling emotionally numb which is ok considering what i was thinking about a half hour ago. Is this how people get addicted to opiates?



Because I'm not authoritarian.


reading 90s game magazines is like taking a speedball of neoliberalism and reaction while drunk on nostalgia and listening to vaporwave.

(but in a way that's nowhere near as cool as that and can't distract from the fact you're skimreading decades old advertising for products you wouldn't even pirate.)


File: 42385451c26cfdb⋯.jpg (33.97 KB, 543x618, 181:206, image (26).jpg)


Sounds like you still have some life in you.

I can't help you in a personal way but there seems to be enough wanting to live juice.

The most I can help with is to recommend you to visit penny pincher forums and communities, to save money and you can easily move around and enjoy life: https://www.reddit.com/r/Frugal/

I'm here in case you wanna vent Anon.


File: 2323c7231674396⋯.jpg (27.65 KB, 354x498, 59:83, 26993386_212990959274547_8….jpg)



Dude, that sucks something fierce. To lose everything at the same time. I wish I could direct you somewhere, but modern society has no institution for this particular problem. The closest I can imagine is one of those religious charities who help the so-called excluded (dunno if that's a term in English). You're probably not particularly religious, but I doubt that would keep them from helping someone in need.

Other than that, well, you haven't mentioned relatives. Do you have none? Or maybe it's this modern, atomized deal where not even family will support each other? I really hate to say that, because if it weren't for my family, I don't know if I'd still be here. Altho, I did intend to experiment with drugs as antidepressants, there have been a lot of mainstream articles these days about ketamine and LSD microdosing. Speaking of which, you said you tried that? Which drugs and doses? Why did it go wrong? It really breaks my heart to see someone in this condition, it's something I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy, so I'm curious as to why it didn't work for you. I'm guessing you fell to temptation and used them recreatively?

Painkillers supposedly don't have antidepressant effects. I'm guessing that the simple fact that you were feeling pleasure was enough to dampen suicidal ideation. Anhedonia might be the central component of depression, since the absence of pleasant experiences makes life a drudgery.



>Is this how people get addicted to opiates?

yes, be careful man


peak Capitalism is when English is your second language and you search a word to make sure it's the right one and instead of getting the definition you get a Microsoft program


File: 44a18f8dbe1b35c⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 120.5 KB, 700x500, 7:5, u91eTyr.jpg)

>tfw browsing the booru and finding a cap of your post



Feel like it has to be Excel. I suppose there is a few though, Access would be my second guess.



<the IBM Stellar Sphere, the Microsoft Galaxy, Planet Starbucks



ding ding ding


Pointing out Orwell was a socialist is a guilty pleasure of mine



I once changed my handle in Warband: Napoleonic Wars to "Orwell_Was_A_Socialist". Had the predicted effect of triggering massive deranged rants in chat, especially from this one NAZPRIM GANG type.

What exactly is it about historical games that attracts /pol/yps and stormweenies in such massive quantities anyway?



Has been discussed in this thread before: in games you sent out mass-produced units to achieve a goal with well-defined good guys and bad guys, rewarding aggression and domination. It's moreso that /pol/yps are born from this, rather than pre-made neo-Nazis being attracted to this after the fact. Although, their taste may become increasingly historical to mutually reinforce their beliefs.


File: 5f3bec73ddcf714⋯.png (70.78 KB, 1584x864, 11:6, 997540.png)

what the fuck is wrong with America



being a settler colony with no real history would be my guess.

like canada, australia and new zealand turned out basically alright and i'm willing to bet it's because they can track their history back more than a thousand years using the UK as a proxy. America told the UK to fuck off, but in doing so made the late 1700s their year zero.

at the same time maybe that's america's special advantage for the future, as we're all strangled to death by history americans and americans alone will be at liberty to enjoy the land of the permanent present.



I was just thinking today: where liberals have "I fucking love science!", /pol/ types and sympathizers have "I fucking love history and philosophy!". Of course, it is completely unnecessary to have actually studied either history or philosophy. Their knowledge usually ends at crusader memes, "USSR had no food" memes and playing Kaiserreich. It's just virtue signaling about how you "respect your history" or some shit.



Good feel. I’ve been there a few times


File: 2ec1c98b0a6bb69⋯.png (187.3 KB, 327x316, 327:316, 2ec.png)

>On August 7th, 2018, the West Hollywood City Council unanimously voted to officially seek the removal Donald Trump's star from the Hollywood Walk of Fame. However, the Walk of Fame is not controlled by the city council of West Hollywood and would therefore be a decision for the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, who has never removed a star.

Hahahaha so West Hollywood's sidewalks are public property, yet private responsibility. In other words, the public doesn't own its own property. MY WEWS ARE MOVING ON THEIR OWN


File: 9e99e5107b5c703⋯.png (362.37 KB, 945x310, 189:62, Screenshot_20180411-110537….png)


File: cf1c5efa76b2643⋯.jpg (478.38 KB, 798x798, 1:1, 1493535726753.jpg)


>what the fuck is wrong with America

An America, give or take.


did the GDR really execute people trying to escape East Germany? I really have a hard time believing such a thing.



Yes… if they were extremely dangerous people like Nazi war criminals or child killers. This is the part usually left out.



that's incredibly hard to digest for most people, though. You expect people to believe that despite there being documents ordering to kill traitors and every historian ever validating those claims?



Orwell was one of the worst types of socialists, a petty booj traitor with no actual principles i.e. an anarchist.


Dear lord please send blessings to Xi Jinping and the communist party. As you have sent them to lead China and the whole world into a new era.Please send prayers to Xi Jinping as he does the work of the lord.




Oh I obviously disagree with Orwell on most things, but it's still amusing when a nazi references 1984 and you tell them Orwell literally fought for an organization called the "Workers' Party of Marxist Unification" and they short-circuit


File: c69709bc308855c⋯.jpg (238.52 KB, 800x792, 100:99, 1KNJIZv.jpg)


May their efforts in imperialization ever be so fruitful.


File: a2f7b4d9cdcc06f⋯.png (132.49 KB, 279x276, 93:92, ClipboardImage.png)


I'm pretty sure everyone is adorable to you if they give you enough (You)s to put off your loneliness for a day

(You)s for the (You) God, Replies for the Reply throne.


the feeling of reporting posts for 'racism outside of /b/' is the social democratic alternative to the orgasm.


Was there something I was suppose to take away from Serial Experiments Lain? I watched it a while ago but now I can't remember for shit what it was about. Is it 2deep4me?


File: 58350c600691911⋯.png (60.01 KB, 350x264, 175:132, FireShot Screen Capture #6….png)


I don't come here often though



I haven't met a sizeable amount of people who have a coherent understanding about it; it seems more than just "Kids spend too much time on the computer" though. I just watched it a couple days ago myself, and I hardly followed. Didn't get the significance of the super drug that made things feel slow, or how Lain got her computers, or who the computer god dude was, or what the Knights of the Eastern Calculus exactly did. Seems that part was more so for story then themes though, you just have to infer a lot accurately to understand.


can't tell if /leftypol/ was actually reasonably influential on the internet as a whole circa 2016 or if it was just disproportionately influential to me.


File: f80286fba3d2d3b⋯.jpg (13.18 KB, 150x162, 25:27, i love you FUCK.jpg)

I thought back on the Evangelion chat we had a few days ago and it occured me how much it fit the hedgehog's dilemma. So I google and what do you know, that's the name of an episode.


>Surprisingly, it's a lot like a female version of /r9k/ but less incel-ly and not quite like Tumblr.

I think about things like this sometimes in terms of, for the lack of a better term, optimization. To start with an example nearer to us, we're all well aware of how much capitalism wastes, stunts and even destroys human potential, both by people being unable to afford the time and money to discover, let alone pursue, their skills and passions, as well as by forcing people into jobs the system demands yet no one wants. Communist countries had a bizarre situation I expounded on a few times. They immensely elevated every citizen's human potential with great education and safety from want, only to then have to cut them down if their actions went against the reigning dogma. Faced with this contradiction, people affected in this way had little choice but to turn their potential towards destroying the system.

Now let's transfer this immaterial concept of matching people with activities for which they would be a great match to interpersonal relations. I think it's common sense that the affinity between two given people could be boiled down to at least one spectrum ranging from biliary hatred to transcendental love. Yes, it's simplistic and human relations have a million such spectra, but this is just for the sake of argument. Basic logic states that if you have a significant other right now, there is a legion of other people in your city with whom you would be better matched. Also if you're a miserable foreveralone tfwngf, there are a presumably smaller legion of single people of your favored persuasion with whom you could be spending time with right now, to the joy of both parties. Yet you and your perfect match are languishing, both alone and miserable. The "total amount of happiness" in the world is lower than it could be simply because you two haven't met. As with my previous example, all that potential for human fulfillment is being wasted.

And here I reiterate the immateriality of this problem: our hypothetical Cyrano and Roxane are separated not for material reasons, both being free citizens in the same city of a modern Western country. What frustrates them instead is the inexistence of any relational link between them. In other words, the issue is not materialistic, but one of information. The two of them separated is materially nearly identical than the two of them together, save for a handful of molecules in their brains, re-arranged such that the second scenario makes them far happier people. Even from the initially materialistic point of view of brain chemistry, it's still an informational matter, as the material difference between the lonely sadsack brain and the brain joyful with love is a minuscule amount of atoms, to the point that this different in neurochemicals is simply a permutation of readily available atoms; in other words, information.

I'm probably just exposing some deep-seated neuroses I don't even know I have, but I utterly hate the idea of wasted potential, doubly so when it's a matter of simple, ineffable information. The conundrum of the man under capitalism being kept from realizing his potential can be theoretically solved by humanistic society that applies its material resources to serving mankind, but the literal distance between us is one that absolutely requires a metaphorical bridge of information in order to start. Meanwhile, all that improvement in life quality from getting people to meet their best matches is wasted. Potential happiness, down the drain. Nevermind the porcupine's dilemma, as it assumes all people are equal and want to get close to everyone else. Simply finding someone with whom you want to metaphorically and/or literally share warmth is the real hurdle. The anglerfish's dilemma.

Did this make sense to anyone else? Was it at least amusing?



Were you also the guy who bumped into his crush and she said "you don't have to be afraid of me"? If yes, man, I wish I had known, because I would have told you to chat in person. In the starting stages of a relationship, internat chatting doesn't cut it. Invite her to something, it doesn't need to be just the two of you, especially considering you're not even dating yet. Call her to some acctivity with your friends or somesuch.



yep that was the year leftypol exploded, the board sponsored one of wolff's lectures, it got mentioned on some popular alt right videos, the reddit catgirl drama, the american election, etc. i was browsing this board every god damn night


File: 6f3fb4e8dfb7bc0⋯.jpg (461.83 KB, 1918x978, 959:489, are le enlightened centris….jpg)

Is this what Not Socialism looks like?



It makes sense but I detect a possible undercurrent of internet ideology (which let's be fair we've all drowned in by now) in the desire for informational efficiency. If you were to create something in pure good faith to resolve this crisis, even without the profit motive, how would you end up with anything distinct from Facebook or Google? Undoubtedly the profit motive perverts this underlying good faith desire, but even without that such information aggregation is unsettling (editor's note: author is a luddite) and alters the balance of human relations in other ways, which may not be desirable for reasons that are possibly just spooks.

It may also be considered that the result that leads to the highest aggregate happiness may not actually be the "best" result depending on the criteria applied. Consider a desert island cut in half by a forest. There are coconut trees, because of course there fucking are, ancaps love their coconut trees. But those aren't relevant. Anyway, on the left side of the island there are two people - one undesirable, one desirable. On the right side, there are two people - one undesirable, one desirable. Both of them have a superstitious belief that coconuts are evil because it was a crate of coconuts that crashed the plane they were on and stranded them on this island. As it stands, the desirable and the undesirable people have to get along with one another because they're the only companionship possible. It's either 1+1 = 2, or you're on your own. Now, we could give them the information that their superstition is stupid, but in doing so we would change the social dynamics of the island - instead of two communities of co-operative individuals, we now have one larger community. In this community there exists the risk that the two desirable individuals immediately befriend one another, leaving the two undesirable ones behind. The two undesirables may be forced into one another's arms - yielding a worse relationship on their end - or they may conclude the other is so undesirable as to have being alone be preferable, especially because they have previously experienced the companionship of a desirable individual. In either case, we may well conclude the more equal and arguably fairer distribution of happiness is preferable to the higher aggregate distribution, even if it means curtailing the life potential of the most lucky (i.e. desirable) individuals.

Actually as I type this out I think I'm basically just describing progressive redistribution of social capital, with a little element of inequality being judged based on your peers rather than on absolute status and an unstated debt to "the paradox of choice"

- - - -

Although having said that you could probably detect a reactionary undercurrent in everything I just said if you looked hard enough since it involves a certain degree of resigning people to an undesirable status quo. Or perhaps just the manifestation of the fact that I'm perpetually more concerned with wasted collective potential, with no real concern with wasted individual potential.


File: 3425b321c21b11f⋯.jpg (79.32 KB, 500x277, 500:277, LOL (2).jpg)


File: 7dfbd957a9b9ed9⋯.png (128.38 KB, 290x330, 29:33, 3c2ad188b78c7ce94f21d09580….png)

Does anyone have the original screen cap of this screencap story?



Small brain

>Orwell exposed the evil plots of the damn commies

medium brain

>Orwell was actually a socialist

galaxy brain

>Orwell fabricated smears against the righteous commies



The Facebook meme pages got pretty big, the admins were retarded leftcoms though. I've met people who repost stuff from De-Classcucking and don't even know what /leftypol/ is, which is extra surreal when it's OC I posted here.




Honestly though I really just want something to do that I enjoy again



lenin was technically "jewish" by blood, and since /pol/acks think being a jew (even though he didn't know) means you're superduper evil and hate the WHITE ARYAN MAN, that means that lenin must have been spreading JEWISH VALUES despite getting rid of synagogues

/pol/ isn't very bright


How do you deal with the fact your dream partner just isn't into you? she'll find someone some day she loves and you just have to sit back and accept it. Fucking hell this is a shit feeling, never been into someone like this before.



Can you give a source on removing synagogues? Going on Wikipedia it says citation needed a lot when it talks about commies doing that.


File: 736c3018bb3d917⋯.jpg (58.46 KB, 749x847, 107:121, I NEVER LOSE.jpg)


I actually don't have one, but what I mean is he was extremely hostile towards religion, and since they dismantled Christian religious structures they would have logically dismantled Jewish ones as well.

"We demand complete disestablishment of the Church so as to be able to combat the religious fog with purely ideological and solely ideological weapons, by means of our press and by word of mouth."


I'm afraid I don't really have a source for the synagogue closings so take it with a grain of salt. I've never seen any exception for judaism in the USSR.


I still kind of feel that way about someone, but personally, I just try to devote myself to reading or something like that. I've never really had anyone care about me in that way, so I just try and deal with it. It's really shit, but hey. I guess you could try to change yourself if you wanted to. Is it your appearance or your personality that's unappealing?


File: e831b52e5484fa4⋯.png (56.98 KB, 444x432, 37:36, hahaohman06142012.png)


File: cce8e29ed581b1f⋯.png (41.33 KB, 378x103, 378:103, www.youtube.com_2018-08-12….png)




Arigato m8.


File: d11c761fdf1b23b⋯.jpg (5.15 KB, 225x225, 1:1, akfja;lsjf.jpg)

my left wrist doesnt hurt anymore after more than a month of constant pain


I had a thought about people and the way they want to do things. If you do something in a way completely different from what they want and fail, they'll say it's because you didn't do what they wanted. If you do what they want and fail, they'll say it's because you failed in the implementation. If you leave them to do something and they fail, they'll say it's because of unforeseen factors and backstabbing, or that nothing better could have been done. It's just that I've noticed a lot of leaders and people trying to justify their actions in all scenarios when clearly, it is just that they are wrong despite them being so confident in their beliefs.


File: eeda6a49fbcda09⋯.jpg (103.9 KB, 814x960, 407:480, santo daime.jpg)



I'd like to know you guys better before saying it, but at this junction I have to at least try it before it's too late: go to an ayahuasca ceremony. I don't mean drink it on your home, I mean going to a actual, serious shaman and to the ritual.

It's a huge risk, some people loose their minds for life because of bad shamans or not taking the rituals seriously, plus the legal trouble since it's not legal everywhere.

But it really did help a lot when I was down. My psychologist wasn't getting any results, she then sent me to a psychiatrist who made me take some pills that made me sleep 12 hours a day and feeling like shit the other 12 hours. One day I decided to go to a cerimony that happened in my city, felt safer because an old acquaintance liked their facebook page.

I had an incredible and painful explosion of memories and regrets, everything from scolding my grandma 3 days before she died, fights with my mother, the girl I liked and treated like shit, the friends I lost, continually failing to study, not getting a job… and it felt peaceful afterwards. I just had this general feeling of "I made mistakes, but my life is more than the mistakes I made". I've gained a sense of confidence, which paradoxically came with an increased self awareness.

It didn't solve everything over night, but it gave me the peace of mind and strength to get my shit back together. It took me a year after going to the ceremony, but now I managed to get a job, start a new college course and even get a girlfriend, which I never thought was gonna happen. Even if both the girlfriend and the job didn't last, not too shabby to a guy that spent two years sulking in the sofa, getting fat and watching lets plays.


I am not American, what organization filters to "Democratic Cops of America" and why?


Anyone got a basic ML reading list?

I'm talking absolute beginner introduction.



Democrat Cops of Americabc it's thought to be a honeypot



>what organization filters to "Democratic Cops of America"

Dee eSs Ayye



I agree, but I don't think the internet is the solution. What I've been thinking, more for strategical then spiritual reasons, that a democratic socialist government should function in such a way that people constantly go to different places to work and study(my community needs steel, so I'll work on the steel work in city A, and then I'll do some bureaucratic gigs in city B, gonna spend a few weeks on my city and then go to city C to study on german literature in their university), in such a way that one person could potentially have met every other member of the country in their life time.

I dunno, talking to people during work/school/community events seems to lead to far more stable and happy relationships than doing the same on a bar or a nightclub.


It's always fun to see "centrist" brainlets trying to deal with left memes.


I can't cope with the loneliness anymore. I'm starving for affection. I just want to care about someone and have it be reciprocal


File: 330faaf8456722e⋯.gif (985.9 KB, 500x281, 500:281, 1461073447-335af6bf0909c79….gif)



In communism we will all be cared for and loved. <3 ^_^ :3


File: 44d704cf2301360⋯.gif (279.49 KB, 500x281, 500:281, I love you.gif)


File: 7db551cffaa8015⋯.jpg (56.45 KB, 225x286, 225:286, 1388957233831.jpg)

>/r/LSC poster has to censor Lenin quote so they won't get caught by their slur filter for the word "stupid"


<Poor blacks commit crime

<Poor white in Appalachia don't




<Poor white in Appalachia don't

They don't?



except they do

source: I live in appalachia you faggot, everyone commits crime all the time



>Moonshiners don't exist


File: 99274e8dca02790⋯.gif (860.92 KB, 2406x1936, 1203:968, f26414784.gif)


There's an infographic that basically says that poor whites commit far less crime than poor blacks. Also there's this:



more like disinfographic amirite




blown the FUCK out



Completely ignoring the social bias shit, poor black people are more likely to live within city limits which inherently puts them around a larger density of police which will lead to a larger conviction rate per capita than for poor white people living in moonshineville even if both do about the same level of bad shit.


File: 04305f774d81e3c⋯.jpg (23.57 KB, 346x250, 173:125, 1522356396550.jpg)



who gives a shit?


they do, in the small towns where everyone knows/are related they let people get away with more petty shit that would land a black in jail for like 6 months at minimum

>source I live near several andy Griffith style small towns and the police are super lax



>all economy is nationalized

Can't be fascism.


Leftcoms? I thought they were MLs. The admin of the main page purged their ranks of people who wouldn't be part of his book club or something. I recall one of the victims posted about how he just wanted to post memes in peace without worrying about his reading list and pace so he started his own page.


>lenin was technically "jewish" by blood

Not by rabbinical law tho. But then again, /pol/'s definition of jewish is "not having set the nearest synagogue on fire".


Go talk to her in person man, internet chats don't advance relationships.


It's worth pointing out that, while Lenin's authority was almost supreme (within the party, debates and criticism still happened and even he faced opposition to his measures), he did not centralize all power in him like Stalin did. Destruction of temples can have been ordered by any number of intermediary authorities, not to mention mobs. Remember, the Romanovs' execution itself was ordered by the local soviets.

In any case, I'd say chances are that he would focus enmity against the Orthodox Church, being by far the biggest religion in the empire, and the "official" one of Great Russians. Thus destroying temples of minorities' religions would kind of run counter to his ideas of self-determination and of avoiding Great Russian chauvinism.



>Go talk to her in person man, internet chats don't advance relationships.

I tried to set up a lunch/hang out but she didn't seem interested. I think she's one of those people who just isn't interested in dating or new friendships or anything. She's also 4 years older than me which might weird her out. I have the self-awareness to know whether or not it's just me- I don't get the impression she doesn't like me, it's just she doesn't really care either way. She said she's going to find a new job closer to home eventually, maybe we'll talk at work some time or maybe I'll just never see her again. Shit feeling but what can I do? I tried, at least.


how do I make my way from a /leftypol/ censored virgin to a /leftpol/ enlightned chad?


File: e4c150afb214d5c⋯.jpg (28.38 KB, 640x480, 4:3, fucking mods man.jpg)


You stop reading Marx and start reading some retarded anarchist shit about how eating bacon is worst than pillaging middle eastern countries.

Seriously tho, this split is the worst thing that happened. Now we just get two different tastes of shit.

Maybe Jimmy had a point.



having 2 slow boards is fucking great.


File: 3de226da42d678b⋯.jpg (35.04 KB, 674x475, 674:475, b.jpg)



Could the general strike in France during 1968 have started something, or did it not have potential? France always did seem to be on the verge of going commie.



I mean, it kinda did. Socdems don't seem like a lot, but that sure made France a much better place to live compared to other countries.

Also it's good to have at least a country were communists can plot revolutions in another country on a busy café, it made organization for the following revolutions much easier.


File: d9ee2d1228c2cba⋯.jpg (83.04 KB, 540x613, 540:613, d9e.jpg)


>Santo Daime

HUE? Apparently, my city is host to the biggest temple of any ayahuasca religion in the world. I haven't gone there because of my family and for some reasons that'll become clear later in my post.

To anyone who is considering going, some very important things I've learned from a lot of research caveat emptor: this advice comes from a square:

- If you or your family has a history of psychosis-related disorders, especially schizophrenia, stay the fuck away from ayahuasca or any other psychedelic. Academic studies are thin on the ground, thanks to the war on drugs of course, but there is plenty of anecdotal evidence through the decades that suggest psychedelics can trigger those disorders in people that would otherwise never develop them.

- If you're taking medication, look them up for any possible interactins with DMT. Inform the people responsible as well. SSRIs, the most common antidepressants (and still nearly useless) has negative synergy with psychedelics, i.e. they weaken each others effects, but don't actually harm you. Still, if you use them, you might want to wait until a point you can have the full experience rather than a stunted one.

- Also related to depression. If you're not just chronically depressed but indeed going through an acute episode, really down on the dumps, unable to keep negative thoughts out of your head, do not take any psychedelics, especially ayahuasca. Responsible drug users know that any drug should be taken when in good set and setting i.e. mental state and physical environment. This means double for psychedelics. If you have clinical depression but have it under control at the moment, you should be fine, but using them when you're not in a good moment psychologically-wise or when you're at a place that makes you uncomfortable is asking for a bad trip. And on the usual ayahuasca dose they give, it's a really bad trip. Any serious practitioners of these religion provide for welcoming environments. Some use that pseudo-shaman shit, some have a distinct Evangelic-like bent. Either way, you have to be comfortable tripping amongst strangers, even as you might be pouring your heart out and reliving painful memories. If you're not comfortable with that, reconsider.

- Related to the previous. You'll surrounded by strangers, some tripping balls as much as you, some tripsitting, so as I said, not everyone can be emotionally open, especially in public, even more especially with a chemical aid. To add to that, ayahuasca tends to cause considerable stomach discomfort, and vomiting is common. Tripsitters should be ready to help. But more worrying than that is that it might cause a bout of diarrhea too, tho it's much more rare. Still, puking amidst strangers who probably will be doing the same isn't a problem, but shitting your pants mid-epiphany is. So know the route to the bathroom.

- Whether you're having a bad trip, or an illuminating experience but going through painful memories and emotions, don't fight it. Trying to resist these things is what fucks people up. You have to accept it and let go.


File: 7d9fcbfe3e45982⋯.png (1.22 MB, 1215x810, 3:2, tumblr_orbc1yMCWB1uphq9fo1….png)


If your cranial structure isn't like this, you're a subhuman.


It's possible it's because you asked her for a one-on-one thing. For starters, it might be better to invite her to an event with friends.



Yes, hue. I didn't even concern myself with those advice since every serious shaman or Santo Daime preacher(?) is not gonna let you do it if you present any of these problems; they have a very strict discipline, some won't even let you in if you eat meat or drink 4 days prior.

Also I had the diarrhea, luckily I managed to rush to a bathroom. On the other hand, i felt nausea and attempted to force a puke, immediately passed out. So that goes along with the "don't fight it" advice. Just let your body do it's thing.


not sure if i'm going postmodern or going anprim but either way the entire idea of progress seems increasingly of reactionary mindset (wait what) the more i dwell on it.


File: b7c7a8baaacc762⋯.jpg (166.41 KB, 600x368, 75:46, Buker Church by Paul Viril….jpg)


May I recommend you two rabbit holes then:

==Philosopher Paul Virilio== talks about how technology and accidents are inherently connected. To create the train is to also create the derailment.

He criticizes not only the waste and the accidents, but also the lack of foresight in the creation and distribution of technology, like how the TV was marketed with no regards to the impact it would have in relations.

He also talks about a "Final Accident": in a world that interconnects itself ever faster, it's inevitable that we are going to be so connected that a single accident will have eschatological consequences; think, for example, how gambling in Wall Street broke the world's economy from 2008 to 2011, or how, in the begging of this year IIRC, hacking a single Chinese server froze public and private infrastructure in China and South East Asia for an entire day.

Post development theory


Honestly, I think there's a synthesis with Marxist theory here. There's something to be said about how progress in the way we envision is a creation of capitalism, and how technology has improved tyranny more than democracy.



Is Sorry to Bother You online yet?


File: 9f65b677484e9a7⋯.png (365.15 KB, 621x846, 69:94, 9f65b677484e9a7b08282a9eac….png)

>tfw people think you're humming La Marseillaise, but it's actually La marseillaise de la Commune

>tfw people think you're whistling Die Wacht am Rhein, but it's actually L'internationale Noire

Yes, Marx said communists disdain to conceal their views and aims, but sometimes there is a certain fun in being obviously inconspicuous and inconspicuously obvious.



There was talk here a few weeks ago about how people who didn't learn a language until they were five or so remain unable to learn it for the rest of their lives. If true, this undermines the idea that we are "verbal animals" and evolved towards the hability to communicate. In other words, language is not in our nature. Rather, the creation of language was literally an accident.



It's called the critical period hypothesis. There are some evolutionary and genetic models surrounding it. Also we have areas in the brain that are specialized for language processing and motor speech (Wernicke's, Broca's, arcuate fasciculus).



Also I'm not a linguist but there are different theories of language acquisition and its development. I mostly know about Chomsky's ideas which propones an innate theory of language acquisition. Lots of evidence supports that. I also remember him saying once that language was likely developed evolutionarily not for communication but for the ability for people to form complex ideas internally and then that led to communication when wanting to express those ideas.



The long-awaited sequel to The Conquest of Bread: The Loss of Bread. Soon in meme format.


File: ae9f7a736bd223a⋯.png (1.41 MB, 1200x800, 3:2, ClipboardImage.png)

Has there ever been a good film adaptation of any of the Dune novels? The 1984 one had good effects but wasn't very accurate, and all the other ones try and stay accurate but shove shitty CGI into it. Has any mini-series or movie found that little sweetspot? I doubt any good one's going to be made in the future with the way modern sci-fi movies are going, good stories such as Dune aren't going to be very popular.



Good news anon, the guy who did the new Bladerunner is working on a Dune adaption.


File: c7d6f8cc2c5b097⋯.jpg (21.67 KB, 500x709, 500:709, Dune.jpg)


File: 86df0ffb963d854⋯.png (526.93 KB, 1199x641, 1199:641, ClipboardImage.png)


NEW bladerunner? You mean the shitty one that ruined the story of the original, had a poorly told and paced plot, forced references and cameos into actual story elements, and stuck 2010 bass drops and LED lights in it everywhere? And this is the guy who we're leaving Dune to? The guy completely ruined the whole Unicorn aspect of the original bladerunner and the metaphors for Jesus, reality, and dreams.

Also did I mention the 2010-ification of all the 80s style technopunk that made the original iconic?

Truly there is no hope….



For the sake of argument then, I'll speculate that those areas aren't specialized for it, but rather are capable of it. Human capacity for language possibly is much older than language itself; the potential was there, but it didn't actualize for whichever reasons. Consider the more intelligent animals, like chimps and crows. Laboratory tests have shown them to be able to craft basic tools with relative ease in a conducive environment. It was thought that they were incapable of doing it in the wild by themselves, but not only is that now known to be false, they're also capable of teaching others of their species how to do it. Whichever part of their brains is used to make tools obviously isn't specialized for it, yet is good enough to get the basics down. And yet, their use of tools remains very rare in the wild, despite them being perfectly capable of doing so. They are already able to make a massive evolutionary leap by making tools part of their routine, but lack Prometheus' fire to turn that potential into actuality. Their use of tools in the wild was, like our language, a fortuitous accident.


>I also remember him saying once that language was likely developed evolutionarily not for communication but for the ability for people to form complex ideas internally and then that led to communication when wanting to express those ideas.

Dunno, sounds much less likely than the other way around. I mean, a single human inventing language all by himself stretches belief. To go from a non-verbal to a verbal mind on your own seems like an impossible shift.


The new Blade Runner was written by the same guy who wrote the first, among other minor works in the univverse. The thematic shift was deliberate.



>The guy completely ruined the whole Unicorn aspect of the original bladerunner

You mean the thing that got added in after original release? Yeah I guess he ruined that


File: 777c6aefb72f2ab⋯.jpg (138.91 KB, 600x640, 15:16, 1225159750750.jpg)


do you mind if I ask what you wanted it for



I dunno I'm excited, but I'm also a normie when it comes to movies. I just want a fully realized Dune universe on the big screen.


If gender is totally subjective to an individuals feelings then what is the purpose of gender labels? Why not just stick with sex which is an objective and observable reality that isn't a figment of someones imagination?

Seems to me like gender identification is just another form of faith which everyone is forced to respect or else they face consequences.



Idk why but I feel like Dune is just a white savior Orientalist novel. I can't get into it every time I try it. I liked Lynch's movie though.


how tall is alunya again?

there was a reference sheet but I cant find it now.



Exactly, it's idpol.



I know right, Dune is pretty problematic. Quite the white supremacist story one could say.

Seriously fuck white people


If first names are totally subjective to an individuals parents feelings then what is the purpose of having names? Why not just stick with species which is an objective and observable reality that isn't a figment of someones imagination?

Seems to me like personal identification is just another form of faith which everyone is forced to respect or else they face consequences.



Put your anprim flag back on dude.


self loathing is strong tonight. Jesus christ I can't stop thinking about how ugly and disgusting looking I am lol. Shit skin, awful hair, bad teeth, skinny frail body. Fuck lol



Nobody is going to fine or fire me for calling someone a homo sapiens



That's a typical leftist look tbh fam



then why was i fired for calling my boss a fucking homo?



Because you mis-specied him you dumbass. Not everyone who is a person is a human, contrary to what some small-minded people may think.



Some people identify as dragons and half-turtle half elephant anthro creatures. Who am I to judge? Also lets make sure to legislate laws to make sure nobody dares mis-species anyone ever because thats bigoted fascistic behaviour.



to be honest if you feel the need to point it out you probably are a dick

class is the only condition that matters, trust fund kids who want to imagine themselves as normal people need to be turned into dogfood for dogs with a health warning for people who identify as dogs that consuming it may be harmful to their health.


File: f155c733623d4ee⋯.jpg (25.09 KB, 255x255, 1:1, good sex the right guy.jpg)


> The guy completely ruined the whole Unicorn aspect of the original bladerunner and the metaphors for Jesus, reality, and dreams.

<Oh, it was always my thesis theory. But I remember someone had said, “Well, isn’t it corny?” I said, “Listen, I’ll be the best fucking judge of that. I’m the director, okay?” So, and that, you learn — you know, by then I’m 44, so I’m no fucking chicken. I’m a very experienced director from commercials and The Duelists and Alien. So, I’m able to, you know, answer that with confidence at the time, and say, “You know, back off, it’s what it’s gonna be.” Harrison, he was never — I don’t remember, actually. I think Harrison was going, “Uh, I don’t know about that.” I said, “But you have to be, because Gaff, who leaves a trail of origami everywhere, will leave you a little piece of origami at the end of the movie to say, ‘I’ve been here, I left her alive, and I can’t resist letting you know what’s in your most private thoughts when you get drunk is a fucking unicorn!’” Right? So, I love Beavis and Butthead, so what should follow that is “Duh.” So now it will be revealed [in the sequel], one way or the other.


Exactly, it's tradpol!


File: 2b0ccade72bbd13⋯.jpg (79.29 KB, 640x640, 1:1, trustfund revolutionary.jpg)


Nah m8, I may be a dick but those people are objectively not dragon kin or any furry variant. The truth doesn't always spare your feelings.

>trust fund kids who want to imagine themselves as normal people need to be turned into dogfood

That's pretty ironic coming from some faggot on /leftypol/. Self-awareness is not a leftist strong point evidently.



>Why not just stick with sex which is an objective and observable reality that isn't a figment of someones imagination?

Because sex isn't "an objective and observable reality," either.

I've been trying to wrap my head around the gender/sexual politics I've been encountering on tumblr, particularly around transsexuals, if only because it seems like every leftist/"leftist" on there seems to be some kind of queer. It seems like the bulk of the queer discourse there is who is queer, what type of queer, and whether or not they're queer enough. It's really rather petty and exhausting, not the least because a lot of these online persona are heavily invested in the term and identity. It isn't at all helped by the typical response to disagreement being "fuck you, asshole" in so many words. Get caught having the wrong opinion and it's call-out city and public harassment.

What's baffling to me is that they assert that gender isn't based on biology, which is true. However, they also deny the categories of 'male' and 'female' as similarly culturally constructed, which is also true. They then go on though to assert that anyone can be 'man' or 'woman' or whatever; females shouldn't be discounted as women because they have facial hair, or this or that because of the presence or absence of traditionally corresponding genitalia, etc.

So if gender isn't based on anything physical, nor is it based on any solid qualifications for who can or can't be male or female, man or woman, then what are they transitioning to and what are they transitioning from? The way their arguments are constructed, gender is utterly incoherent, with no exclusive attributes differentiating it from one expression or another. It would seem to imply that one can't transition from one 'gender' to the next, because there's no set of criteria one could achieve that would make one a 'woman' or whatever. It's just changing from one arbitrary set of attributes to another arbitrary set of attributes.

I don't know anything about gender dysphoria, so this isn't to imply that it isn't a legitimate medical condition or that they aren't deserving of medical care, only that queer politics on the surface appear completely nonsensical if not reactionary.



>Assuming some stranger you know nothing about is a trust fund baby

Hello /pol/



I can't tell if you're being ironic or edgy.


File: 98d1d04b4fb915b⋯.jpg (95.89 KB, 1024x680, 128:85, tanksgiving.jpg)


The thing with feral children, though, is that their ability for verbal communication and intellectual activity in general was hampered not exactly because they didn't learn a language, but because they were/are completely isolated from any other being that shares the capability for the same type of verbal communication, and in cases where they technically weren't, any such activity was often punished by beatings. If you think about the means by which two people are even able to communicate feelings and ideas to each other coherently, sharing both those basic capabilities and drive to communicate is pretty much the only thing that allows it. In a lot of the feral child cases it was quite literally children abandoned then raised by animals, those children would not stop using verbal language altogether, but rather learn how to communicate using theirs, and so their mouth and toungue weren't used to pronounce words and string together sentences, but to growl and whimper like beasts. Because other animals, or the bathroom walls, don't actually have the ability to communicate complex ideas and apply them effectively, the children don't develop those capabilities, they don't need to in order to live and they're only punished for using them. What they prove is that humans don't have the english language in their gonads.


I'm more for treadpol myself.



the new blade runner was better than the original.

>Also did I mention they updated the original

yeah thats what a sequel should do, not be a remake


File: f98ca45fadb89b7⋯.jpg (113.68 KB, 630x428, 315:214, first day bashing the fash.jpg)


I can make some pretty safe assumptions. It's interesting how so many antifa and commie LARPing homos show up in great numbers at university campuses huh?


[ Close window ] [ Return ]



Why is it edgy to hate white people?



If you have a dick you are male, if you have a vagina you're a female, it's pretty simple. Obviously it's much less simple for intersex people but most trans people are not intersex.



>then what are they transitioning to and what are they transitioning from?

from category A to category B

the name analogy was shitposting but i've also just decided i actually probably believe it. what is "john"? it's completely arbitrary. It could be John Maclean the famous socialist, John F. Kennedy the overhyped bullet sponge, or John Major the more boring Tony Blair. When I change my name from James to John, I have swapped one arbitrary culture-dependent sign for another. Look at me. Look at me: I am John now.


simple and wrong


File: a9e5a55847d114a⋯.jpg (10.03 KB, 181x255, 181:255, 0864d33f1cb114cd999f84c097….jpg)



The genderless utopia will only arrive when we cut off everyone's penises off and rip out every single ovary in the planet. We can do it, comrads!



So were you being unironic? You genuinely think Dune is a white supremacist story?



It's as retarded as hating black people, or any nebulous arbitrary grouping, really.



Cutting your dick off to get a gaping wound in it's place doesn't magically change your chromosomes. Nor does taking hormones.

Using name changes as a comparison to "gender" transition (more like a failed attempt at sex transition) is totally retarded.



You're pretty retarded my dude



>Cutting your dick off to get a gaping wound in it's place doesn't magically change your chromosomes.

I thought just having a penis or vagina makes you a man or woman anon

Are you telling me that isn't true




White people are responsible for the worst atrocities imaginable though. They are an evil imperialist race.



Race isn't real you megafaggot. 'White people' don't exist.


File: 26d6efcbd580354⋯.jpg (1 MB, 1536x2560, 3:5, 455.jpg)

So I applied to trade school to enter 2 year adult progamme to study in order to become laboratory technician, and the school started about week ago, I`m already bored out of my mind regarding all this repeating theory and math, can someone share some studying tips to make my work bit more effective?



Look, I'm the guy who feels like Dune is a white savior story so it turns me off whenever I try to read it. I'm just wondering why you think it's white supremacist.

Also that's reactionary bullshit.



I simplified it obviously. Everyone is born with a dick or a vagina or both in extremely rare cases. Losing it later in life doesn't change your chromosomes.

Not sure why you have to be so disingenuous, this isn't a political debate bud.



they're clearly trolling. therre's at least three /pol/ users in any given thread.



>Losing it later in life doesn't change your chromosomes

changing your name later in life doesn't change what it originally was

stupid and irrelevant.



Hey if I see someone with typical white caucasian features that tells me that he belongs to the white oppressor race. I don't know if you're color blind but race is pretty visible even in monochrome.



Have you heard of sex-chromosome mosaicism or chromosomal intersex conditions?



Amazing, there are 14 genders: XX, XY, XXY, XXXY, XXYY, XXXYY, XXXXY, XXX, XXXX, XXXXX, XYY, XYYY, XYYYY, and X0/XY. And if you just continue to press the same button like the X X X and the Y Y Y Y you'll be sucked.


would you faggots stop feeding into the idea that socialists hate white people

you're only vindicating retarded right wingers



Not to mention there are people who have some of their cells with a certain group of sex chromosomes and other cells in their body with a different group of sex chromosomes.



There's only one guy doing that here and it's obviously a /pol/yp



Have you tried working in thirty minute chunks



File: 146ff40f16eb865⋯.jpg (106.66 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1534129981140.jpg)




Currently im usually doing 45min sessions with 5-10 min brakes. I will try cutting down the interval to 30minutes.


on a positive note my sex drive seems to have gone away completely, haven't fapped in like 3 days and have no desire to. I was in a horny slump for a while there, I feel much better now.


Watching UTR 2 live with you guys over in the cyclical thread was the most fun I’ve had here in a while tbh



Leftist solidarity is all about having fun and making friends. :)


killed a beetle for sneaking into my room and then said "that's for taxman" automatically.



Based. I was just putting Revolver, I'll put Sticky Fingers instead.



File: 39508c8f045c0d3⋯.jpg (81.17 KB, 440x440, 1:1, 39508c8f045c0d380ca59f587c….jpg)

<Communism failed because you can't replace ideology with spirituality


game idea: a jingoism simulator FPS of the america saves the day mould but instead of america you play the soviet union.

ideally 1917 or Afghanistan. Prague Spring if you want to push the limits of the genre. (probably by hiding the fact you're the USSR until the last second and speaking in much more vague terms about a crazed population risking destroying utopia.)


File: 47aaf15f76ee551⋯.png (89.92 KB, 863x269, 863:269, f41b726aee0fe1aaa8b179d0f7….png)

mm-mmmmm that's some good late capitalism®, ah… I'm Lovin' It.™


File: aba06358f508303⋯.jpeg (204.91 KB, 714x960, 119:160, 7539B42A-D443-455E-BEF7-1….jpeg)


Which /leftypol/ poster would you marry?

For me it's either this rose >>2614982 or the angry lowercase stache


File: e548ffda873ea95⋯.jpg (334.27 KB, 753x786, 251:262, 21.jpg)


Myself lmao


File: 5528fb82d969303⋯.png (407.67 KB, 480x360, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

Can we bring back Group B rallying in communism? I want to die getting hit by an Audi quatro.



ancap friend because he cute


File: 393d021852e0d8b⋯.png (293.11 KB, 457x426, 457:426, 1408395564614.png)


I won't lie, ancap drawfren is pretty adorable



the yankee-hating pirate turk


File: d4fdc1f6f8a9f05⋯.jpg (149.08 KB, 736x830, 368:415, 7a93dfa463029230da0b27bb2c….jpg)


Hell yeah.


File: d44299970045706⋯.jpg (49.79 KB, 731x530, 731:530, based chavez.jpg)


So trans girls just need to do surgery then, alright. Thanks for being so understanding.



This is the 80th time in two days I've seem this posted here, what is it?


I mean, in a way communism is a religion, and religion is in some way an ideology. Honestly, the idea that communism is a historical inevitability helps me through the morning.


I've been thinking about it these days, but I'm thinking of the Vietnam war through the eyes of a series of different natives characters. Thought I'm struggling to think which is the best approach: flipping imperialist propaganda on it's head by making it feel like a regular COD, lifting scenes and lines from 80's action movies, or make a sensible and tragic telling of the war.





There will be no collectivization of that ass!


Dude…what better to get rid of machines of inefficient individualistic transport in our glorious utopia of free buses and bikes?




>angry lowercase stache





only a right winger looks for easy answers on complex issues

it's why their ideologies are entirely based on memes and infographs

maybe you're more comfortable around your fellow brainlets on /pol/




frick off.



(You) <3



i think not

was hoping for a post-link so i can see this amazing comrade

i need a fellow angry ML to be angry with


i won't lie, 18th century America is comfy as fuck.



Is that not you ranting against third worldists in the black nationalist thread for example? The posting style is pretty distinctive and the anger always fills my loins with revolutionary zeal



As long as you're white, I suppose it was pretty good until you caught measles or some dumb shit that all 5 year olds have now a days.



how's the internet?


guess i was just trying to fool myself that there'd be someone else but it's not the first time i'm being told something like that

fuck, i really have to stop being such a fucking joke

fucking end me



The articles doesn't really elaborate on these causes, instead largely giving correlations. For example, twins may have a higher rate of transsexuality because they were born with more "feminine" bone structures or act in a way that's more "feminine" according to society, and so take on these societal beliefs. As for "male" and "female" brains – how is that defined? Does a shy male have a "female" brain, and does an aggressive female have a "male" brain, meaning that if they don't abide by gender stereotypes they are queer? And besides, a boy wanting long hair or a girl liking blue is in no way indicative of a true longing for being the other sex, because those things are (relatively new) social expectations of things oriented towards a particular sex. In fact, it used to be that pink was a boy's color and blue was a girl's color, and in many parts of the world men have their hair long, especially in past times (long wigs, for example). The desire for these things is a desire to fit in to an arbitrary social comprehension of sex, not an essential one. It is fetishism for material things, and coupled with the whole forced identification of it (MtF trannies try to act waaayy more feminine than actual females, for example). Honestly, I think that trannies are just victims of capitalism and neurotic brain patterns, whether it's from their upbringing or abuse or whatever else it may be. "Acting like a girl/boy" is an easily changeable social structure that has a basis in the whims of the people based on material conditions (men need to have short hair because long hair gets tangled in machine equipment, and men need to go to work while women stay home). As to what the basis for sex should be then, I'm not sure, but I think that a person's chromosomes and primary sexual features should be the essential basis of that, and in cases where there is an aberration there should be fixing; in the case of intersexuality it is to the sex they most resemble.

Do we even need biological sexes? What if there weren't any, would that be better? Would people be more free?



Calm down man I'm not making fun of you, I legitimately enjoy your posts



there's more to the article but if you don't read it there i guess you wont here

the claim about how trans act or how they perceive femininity or masculinity is really just that, another claim

i can give you just as worthless anecdotal evicende to the contrary with people around them getting irritated

it's plain ridiculous that this topic gets politicized

however it's funny how you "acknowledge" the complexity of gender for a while but then drop all of the context and want to tie down ones experience and expression to that of ones chromosomes if not their genitals


i'm calm, i just genuinly hate myself



I was describing the complexity of gender relations, but that doesn't necessitate that they are valuable or necessary, as are ideally property relations; complex, but in the most desirable scenario inexistent. These gender relations have a basis in materials and the crowd psychology that arises from that, however this provides only a false consciousness to one's sexual identification, whereas biological, physical structures seem to indicate the most reasonable basis for what the expectations of society have sought to fulfill, this being how one views oneself, in terms of sexuality and identity.



you confuse marxism with essentialism, so throwing words like "materialism" around and talking about "physical structures" without understanding of what superstructure even means and entails is really just painting a picture of you being a baffling bafoon


File: 8386660474a9cce⋯.png (114 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 1429695745037.png)


>baffling baboon




That's a mandrill tho.


File: 192868a25656d6d⋯.mp4 (Spoiler Image, 359.85 KB, 480x272, 30:17, mandrillmaze.mp4)


hey i know that mandrill…




You two agreed in this thread so I'm pretty sure thats an official ruling for the introduction of the World Communist Group B Rally Championship once we get there. Looking forward to it already.






Don't forget the People's Democratic Demolition Derby.



30-45 minutes sounds good, for some people anyway. Personally I'll work on something for an hour or two and then switch to something else, with a 30-40 minute break in between, depending on what it is and how quickly I become bored.


File: 58fe58d783350d0⋯.jpg (12 KB, 249x249, 1:1, 1424077721576.jpg)

>Safety googles 9,80€

>new textbooks since old ones were sold on day one, 76,40€

>box of safety gloves 10,00€

>personal lab equipment 6,90€

>used lab coat from school 28€

>bus card for commute to school 45€

At least I get to eat one free meal for 5 days a week, but this is bullshit. How the hell am I supposed to afford all this and survive till end the month with student aid of 487€?





socialism is when the state makes you pay for stuff

i also have to point out that you wrote >safety googles instead of goggles so distract from my earlier misspelling of buffoon


File: 57939548bd47a0c⋯.png (441.74 KB, 550x720, 55:72, 012 - nramwf6.png)


>Not falling for the college meme: 0€




>can't read or study

what a surprise



At least it was a two-year thing and not a 10-year+ [[[career]]] that would be automated by the time they got out, trained, certified, experienced, debt paid, etc.



Get amphetamines.


File: 02a95b60aba2e0a⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 137.92 KB, 1024x666, 512:333, guyanists.jpg)


>not living: 0€


A case study to why being a "historian" doesn't translate to being well versed in politics:


A lot of anglos are really arrogant to believe that if they're knowledgeable in one area, they must also be in others. Talk about shooting your fucking foot off.


File: b23f2fe0f071bd8⋯.gif (13.48 KB, 633x758, 633:758, 1345606456713.gif)

>tfw one of your favorite ww2 historia channels spews some incredibly hot takes




You were traumatized too, come heal with me. Perfidious anglos hurt the world.


File: 107b0ea1300f26d⋯.jpg (49.31 KB, 409x377, 409:377, Oh shit what are you doing….jpg)



Dammit, you two beat me to it

>mfw that video



Tbh he was hinting at these dumbfuck beliefs in previous videos, anyone who takes the "moral centrist" position has zero knowledge of politics.






This is incredibly disappointing from normally good channel.


I'm convinced that anyone who continually denounces stalin is a crypto-fascist.



Social democracy is the left wing of fascism.


File: 72e3bb2c6a0101c⋯.jpg (63.6 KB, 770x433, 770:433, doom eternal.jpg)

In medieval art demons were suspiciously, and by that I mean unsurprisingly, similar to Arabs, Jews and Africans. Demons had bronze skins, long beards, large noses, golden earrings, tattoos and hell was more often than not depicted as a hot and dry place.

In the last half of the 20th century satanic imagery was put on a positive light to subvert culture, well, mostly for controversy marketing. The pentagrams, naming of demons and a general sympathy for the devil was the apparent victory lap of secularism and scientific progress over superstition and bigotry.

But then I watched the Doom Eternal trailer. Amidst the carnage and the interesting new mechanics, a hologram of a woman is on the background and says the following in the most condescending way possible:

"Remember, 'Demons' can be an offensive term, refer to them as 'mortally challenged.'"

"My brothers and sisters, let's help to make our friends' transition into their new world a comfortable one."

Anyone with half a brain could guess what these lines must refer. In fact one might even say dogs would be howling in pain when hearing this.

But the part that interests me is this: Heavy metal, and Doom, a game inspired by it, are no longer subversive media. It's part of the establishment now. Most heavy metal singers are older than our fathers and the Doom franchise is 25 years old. Materially speaking, the interest of HM singers and IDsoftware is no longer to rebel, but to maintain the status quo.

The pieces of media that used to make fun of the catholic church are now doing its job. The bourgeoisie that took down the monarch order tries to maintain a very similar power structure, down to having the same enemies and representing in the same way.

The media that used to make fun of the fear of demons now is unironically scared of what they represented. Once more, middle eastern and northern Africa= hell in the minds of what should be an enlightened society.

Illuminism is dead:

Capitalism killed it.



I kinda have an idea what you're saying. So did the establishment make it so that Arabs, Jews, Africans, etc. are now favored because they promoted satanic imagery?



They knew what they were doing with those jibes, retards like Sargon hooked onto it instantly. Expect these desperate cunts to milk this "controversy" for everything it's worth.

None of these "political commentators" holding genuine beliefs, they are chasing content like an addict to crack.

I just find this especially pernicious considering the recent political climate. Like how else are you supposed to interpret that "joke"? They must realize that a very HUGE portion of society literally looks at immigrants like they're some type of evil, demonic menace who'll undo their "culture".


File: d4f04a37d39267a⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 216.64 KB, 800x420, 40:21, golden-dawn-girl.jpg)

Tfw no fascist gf


File: f435506cab795b7⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 354.75 KB, 692x498, 346:249, God_damn_nazbols.png)


File: 157e6057a3c7fa2⋯.png (206.3 KB, 474x328, 237:164, cut the bullshit.png)



I dunno, I mean, kinda?

The adoration for the devil definitely was a way to say "this shit is dumb, religion is the true evil, stop with the bigotry and resentment". So yeah, that would probably extent to the social acceptance of non-christians. After all, if you renegate christian values, why would you not make peace with their enemies?


Much like the rise of fascism at any point in history: the bourgeois and the middle class saw it coming, but they just didn't care.



>I am offended by this shock marketing and so will now talk non-stop about the product ;( ;( ;(

That's what they want.

>But the part that interests me is this: Heavy metal, and Doom, a game inspired by it, are no longer subversive media. It's part of the establishment now. Most heavy metal singers are older than our fathers and the Doom franchise is 25 years old. Materially speaking, the interest of HM singers and IDsoftware is no longer to rebel, but to maintain the status quo.

What are you even babbling about? Do you think Carmack and Romeo were Maoist guerilla back in the 90s? Doom was a big commercial success made by a company with an office and salaried employees, and it's not like that game promoted gay sex with demons, you shoot them.

>The pieces of media that used to make fun of the catholic church are now doing its job.

Yes, video games made me Christian. I want to become a Catholic priest now, but they have fierce gaming competitions and only the best of the best are taken in. Good post.



he's not even amazing on history, what did you expect



Jesus fucking christ mate, go back to school.



heavy metal was always fascist though




Well I did put historian in quote marks. I don't consider youtube nobodies to have any expertise in any subject.


File: eb54eb7db0b599c⋯.jpg (171.1 KB, 960x706, 480:353, IMG_20180813_211521.jpg)


Greek here

I dig the goth look

She looks better than the thots that vote gd only cause there russian-greek bf votes it or that bitcy seal there leader has(pic related)



Excuse me, Mr Intellectual, but you said:

<the interest of HM singers and IDsoftware is no longer to rebel

IDsoft is a company now. IDsoft was a company back then. They make games and graphic engines for games in order to make money. They made original Doom in order to make money. Money can be exchanged for goods and services. Sometimes a chainsaw is just a chainsaw. And blasting through monsters in a video game doesn't become a political act just by throwing in a bit of snark. You are just a pretentious windbag losing to basic marketing 1D chess strategy.

PS. Game looks fun so I'll probably get it.


File: 39455014a6ece0a⋯.jpg (48.72 KB, 645x729, 215:243, 39455014a6ece0a75ec7cc8fad….jpg)

<Using Marxist as an insult




>feb 27 2012

anyway, of course liberals are still using this shit as smear, and it's as old as the 1932 berlin transport strike

which in its outcome cost the NSDAP a number of votes leaving the KPD as the strongest party in the city of berlin

but who cares about history lessons when you can use another cheap excuse for being a socdem selling out the country to germany or an anarkiddy trying to instigate a revolution by taking over parliament by the "power of the people" that they clearly had, yet were overwhelmed by the "stalinists" with their protest who were surrounding the place

those "stalinists" are amazing, nobody is with them and yet they singlehandedly stopped the revolution from happening

meanwhile SYRIZA, which was the great hope of the liberals, transformed greece into a socialist paradise, proving those stupid stalinoids wrong

i could power my computer with the force of my rotating eyes rolling back and spinning at this low effort propaganda



>Sometimes a chainsaw is just a chainsaw

In Doom it's always been sadistic aestheticization of violence. It's possible to have fun gameplay that's identical to Doom without promoting sadism. Look at shooters like Splatoon, it's incredibly fun and satisfying without glorifying horrific mutilations, murder, etc. I'm saying this as someone who enjoys Doom. We've forgotten how shocking and discomforting this kind of imagery naturally is.




Part of what made Doom so popular was the decision to release its source code to allow for and encourage game mods, which are still being made today. Originally someone on the team wanted to put a stop to modding because they were 'using id's property' without permission, and iirc Romero convinced them to encourage it instead. Brutal Doom and subsequently Doom 2016 are a direct result of id opening up their tech to the community. In fact this openness and modability were integral in getting the fps genre off the ground to the point that the genre was originally styled 'doom likes' or 'doom clones.'

Now we live in a time where modding is discouraged and kept behind increasingly remote gates like steam, and it wasn't all that long ago that the attempt was made to try and monetize the modding community. id might be 'a company now and it was then,' but the people that made that company originally are all gone, and the ethos of game design and production have also fundamentally changed.

The other poster is right and you should reconsider your mistaken position.



Only 76 eurobux for text books? Here in uhmurrica your books are like ten times that


Because americans love strawmanning whenever they can, I like to laugh at them by saying "You can get shot by crossing the road in America".

This shuts down their shit about other countries, especially socialist ones, being "totalitarian". Of course they can rant on about the nuances of jay walking and yadda yadda, but they wont afford the same nuance to socialist countries. So just strawman them back.


File: 8d9945e0112ac5d⋯.jpg (238.95 KB, 980x1335, 196:267, Dkc2XplXcAEuXk9.jpg:large.jpg)





I was really hoping it would be mini-golf, that'd be a sight - Che and Fidel fucking landing sick bank shots through a windmill


File: c00525b4a7ad0e4⋯.gif (1.45 MB, 400x256, 25:16, wo6WsTF.gif)


Well, full-size golf courses with their giant lawns are quite labour intensive when compared to their administrative side of other sports, so seizing the means of ball projection sould yield significant measures of liberation in return.



File: 279421a09b630e0⋯.png (62.92 KB, 1174x629, 1174:629, 1.png)


are you implying with this image that germany wasn't invaded by brownshirt terror?



>Trot has fashy GF fantasies




actually it is surprising he's not fantasizing to be the girl in this abusive relationship



>excluding Zentrum, DNVP, DVP, BVP, DStP and others



the above statement is false. actually, based on having history spiral completely out of his control it is clear that it is really KURT VON SCHLEICHER who IS SOCDEM. Actually this post was made entirely because Von Schleicher's story is interesting and I wanted to mention it.



okay, then give me your input on the relevance of the other parties and the decisions of the SPD driving the KPD into illegality while sucking up to Hindenburg and Hitler the entire time.

here's a quote by a socdem in context to the Zentrum for you to start off with:

When the Not Socialists entered in 1932 on a ford with the Zentrum and thus won a majority in the Reichstag, Hoegner and his comrades considered it merely an "enjoyable game". It is true that the Social Democrats sensed that "a black and brown government was in the air," but they had no other idea than to "annoy our Zentrum colleagues with the song of the black-brown girl."

oh wow, i guess the socdems were really tough on those other parties



it's an enjoyable game you're playing outrage over your socdem predecessors being exposed when the argument was directed at someone implying that the Nazis had won legitimate elections

as always the socdem is so full of himself he jumps in to defend the Nazi apologism


how to find leftist friends? i feel like you guyes seem to have a similar worldview to me and i wish i could hang out with people like you irl



find a local party or other organisations, go to protests in your area and talk to people either at stands or handing out fliers, they're always eager to find new comrades



send me a friend request



File: 129ee90bc4c4c59⋯.png (556.56 KB, 600x900, 2:3, ClipboardImage.png)


>The thematic shift was deliberate

Actually only one of the two writers is the same, and he's stated that they had a different original idea for a sequel written when the original Bladerunner was released, but was forced by corporate to write a completely new one that'd be more successful in today's environment. If you want they actually released the original script for 2049 and can be found somewhere on the internet. Also just throwing out the entire context of the ending of the original kinda shows that this isn't so much a sequel as much as it just a movie "Blade Runner" slapped on for advertising purposes.


>you mean the thing that got added in after original release

Actually it was originally going to be in the theatrical release but was removed for corporate reasons. Same thing happened with the original ScarFace where they redid the entire last 30 minutes because the actual ending was too violent and dark. And also all of Citizen Kane, it actually never released originally because of political tensions, and was only released sometimes in the 1949 and that's why it didn't win an Oscar ever. So ya I consider the script piece the entire movie is based around and without doesn't make any sense an integral part of the plot and theme of the film.


>yeah thats what a sequel should do, not be a remake

except it didn't do it in the right way… First of all I was referring specifically to the art style of 2049, it now has very flashy LED stuff and has dubstep incorporated into the good old techno music we all liked so much. Also it has the trope where every time a flying vehicle goes by the Inception Horn goes off with the big bass sound. Whoever the fuck started that trend needs to fucking die. Also everything is made out of cheap white plastic stuff instead of the industrial metallic substance that was in the original Blade Runner. Short story is that 2049 did to Blade Runner what Star Trek(2009) did to Star Trek and what Disney Wars did to Star Wars: Made it just 2010 sci-fi movies with an iconic title and characters slapped on for brand recognition, all the stuff that the franchise and theme is known for is replaced by 2010s stuff, like that scene with the zoom-in machine, in the original it was this VHS looking thing and a big clunky TV, but in 2049 it's just a fucking ipad with some weird slide effects. Also for a "sequel" it spends too much time on riding the fan love for the old movie, heck Deckard is only there to drive the plot forward as a McGuffin, he doesn't interact with anyone really, he doesn't develop, he's just there so that the movie can go "Hey remember Blade Runner? That happened, and here's to remind you of that." he has the depth and character of a toaster in 2049. Also the whole suspicion about him being a replicant the entire time would have made a great starting point for the movie, but it isn't even addressed at all. What kind of fucking sequel is this? It's more like a damn fan made film or homage than an actual incorperate sequel, in fact I think that's exactly what Blade Runner 2049 is: a movie to simply feed of fan love of the film rather than actually continuing the series.

I'm just going to say it now, but Blade Runner 2049 to Blade Runner is what The Last Jedi is to The Empire Strikes Back. An insult really.



>hopefully there is a leader that takes care of things before establishing democracy

That's the big issue. We can't count on this happenstance. Historically, power rarely yields. One of the big what-ifs of the left is if Lenin would make good on his promises of freedom and democracy once the country was on its feet, but alas.


File: 767d6861bc6bde9⋯.png (420.65 KB, 640x480, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)


>Dune is just a white savior Orientalist novel

The main character/people are Arabic inspired, suicide bomb frequently, deeply superstitious and call all mighty wars "Jihads"…. and it's all depicted as being better than the established medieval Europe themed Empire. How the fuck is it any way white pandering/washing?




File: aa5a04bbff6a8cb⋯.jpg (51.8 KB, 800x599, 800:599, 856e5930390893da8e20ed2571….jpg)

feelin sick not sure if it's the sudden sharp realisation of my social position in late capitalism or the fact i ate too much chocolate too quickly 10 minutes ago that did it


File: 70659ae425736ca⋯.jpg (22.52 KB, 400x315, 80:63, tree fiddy.jpg)

Comrades, I'm thinking I should go into law and become a barrister or something, because my family is poor and I need money to support them. I'm living in London btw.

Does anyone have any thoughts or advice or experience to do with this? I'm eighteen and planning to take some more A-Levels next year. I'm currently working in retail to support myself.


What's up with the "USSR le had no le food xDDD" memes anyway? Was it an epic /pol/ psyop or something? They keep popping up even in apolitical spaces and I have to struggle to contain my autism



The really long lines in old pictures and that one video of an empty grocery store that keeps getting shared:



File: addf793dd1c72b4⋯.png (424.42 KB, 704x640, 11:10, 8c8rly6pjtf11.png)


Literally just saw this shit, it's not even about the Ukrainian famine or the 80s shortages, people just starved in the USSR all of the fucking time for no reason, even during the space era



What I'm saying is that people of Germany were on board with the Nazis, that they helped them grow and that they were conniving of jewish segregation, and later genocide, and of an ultra chauvinist culture. The fact the Nazis lost 4% of votes doesn't change the fact they had 36%.

The "Germany was invaded" meme is just an excuse for old Germans to not assume any guilty for one of the most violent conflicts and the most heinous war crimes in history.


File: 0ec4992a2d49cc1⋯.jpg (399.75 KB, 571x800, 571:800, 1530243450438.jpg)


can't wait to see the Group B RX-7 finally get to run


File: f3923cdef51ce93⋯.jpg (36.17 KB, 400x268, 100:67, wish antifa was like this.jpg)


I'm gonna start law school tomorrow(in my country it's actually college, but whatevs), so I'll talk about it in a few weeks.

May fortune smile upon us!


Looks good for target practicing.



<There are people starving in the fattest nation on Earth!

>Sends a car advertisement into space

<Excuse me what the fuck?



everyone in east germany was a patriotic resister.



I can't wrap my head around how these people imagine the world works.



from that image


interesting historical factoid, but modern nutritionists no longer recommend eating tons of carbs


File: 71c09abc7861932⋯.png (476.3 KB, 640x480, 4:3, pokemon.png)


File: 42a244d85e8d8bd⋯.jpg (28.4 KB, 311x278, 311:278, 1430837912739.jpg)




File: abf2f1c309278c2⋯.jpg (121.55 KB, 800x530, 80:53, c0b911c0fadcfd111195edf319….jpg)


Well, since we're on the topic of uneasy answers…

Women's liberation arguably was capstoned by their entry en masse in the job market, as financial independence theoretically would put them on the same material footing as men. Unfortunately, it it happened less from their activism – historically, women have shied away from political activism, even that aimed at them – and more due to Porky being Porky.

Imagine America at some point in the 50s. The capitalist "golden age" is going full steam, and it was possible for a blue collar worker to sustain a stay-at-home wife and a couple of kids and still buy a house. As had been until then, save for wartime exceptions, very few women worked (inb4 housework is still work), and now being a housewife was a status symbol; it meant the family was affluent enough to need just one breadwinner. With time, however, there was a paradigm shift. Being a housewife was (rightly) seen as a stereotypical sex role, and a submissive one at that. Women seeking practical equality would have to be independent, including financially. But what caused this change? Was it organic advance of social liberalism one could expect from capitalism? Or did the ruling class create it, or at least nudged it forward?

I know it sounds a bit like conspiracy theory, but hear me out. Think you're a Porky back at the 50s. Things are going swimmingly what with this newfangled consumer society, and you don't have to worry about the taxes of a welfare State like European pinkos. Yet, as always, you think to yourself: how can I increase my profits even more? Then the obvious dawns on you, you're extracting surplus-value from only half of the population! This had to change. Convincing women to join the marketplace would both crash the price of labor through the floor and double the consumer market! So then, far from a mere conspiracy theory, there was a very simple and direct profit motive for capitalists to get women to take jobs.

But of course, they had to dress it nicely. And so they did, but with their real intention just out of sight. You see, the selling point was that women don't have the freedom to do whatever they wanted, and the solution was to be financially independent so they didn't need to rely on a husband, who might even be abusive. Put this way, women in the marketplace was a good idea, even a noble one. But behind the veil, Porky equated freedom with wage-slavery. Capitalism grows in part by inserting itself in sectors of society it didn't yet infect, and here's a perfect example of it growing, and massively at that, by subsuming sex roles into its market logic. It breaks down all barriers in its way, literally as well metaphorically, and ultimately, it aims to assimilate everything in the market logic, including sex roles, family structures, the concept of what freedom means and absolutely everything else.

On the one hand, being materially independent did indeed mean more freedom for women, since this is capitalism after all. But it also came with side effects, like decreased marriage rates in lieu of informal relationships, a great increased in divorce rates, a massive increase in the number of single mothers (which disproportionately affected poor and black people), and similar stats. To sum it up, the death of the nuclear family. Now, if you were a reactionary cretin but I repeat myself you would immediately assume co-relation equals causation, and blame women for this this social decay. Cue all those lovely memes like "roastie toastie", "cock carousel" and the new mainstay, "cuck". Partly out of their own tendency to assume his society until recently is how society always was and should be, and, let's face it, part out of sheer stupidity, they miss out on the material-economic factors that pulled capitalist society their way – and which were engendered by capitalists themselves, whom the vast majority of reactionaries view as a superior caste. In other words, capitalist society constantly revolutionizes itself to serve capital, and thus any conservative at any given time is defending a doomed cause, and they don't even know it, thus being perfect useful idiots for the system. I know this is a bit fedoratippish, but I can't help but see the Dunning-Kruger effect in action here.

So then, do I have a point here? Was women's move from the home to the place of work prodded by Porky, or was it organic, so to speak? Possibly both?



What the fuck is wrong with people? no-humans posadism when?


File: 2b735f0e7ed873e⋯.gif (66.85 KB, 730x569, 730:569, y1esjltspw2ctyanhkgp.gif)


Is worldwide Stalinist an actually desirable prospect, or do you imagine that, once capitalism is gone, the authoritarianism would be shed away?


This reminds me, the current worldwide obesity epidemic is also the fault of capitalism, and not just in the sense of shitty, overprocessed food. The famous pyramid, made on government dime in 1992, had a shitload of lobbying a.k.a. bribery behind it. It ended up emphasizing carbs too much and using fats as an escapegoat. The result was an association between "low-fat" and healthy, and a big boost to junk food and empty calories.

Oh, and the 2015 version is probably compromised too: http://time.com/4170928/dietary-guidelines-nutrition-experts/



>all the /leftypol/ blame

my god cuckchan /pol/ is afraid of you guys


File: f33ba5c7cd6465b⋯.png (669.27 KB, 1068x635, 1068:635, f333.png)


feels good to be a bogeyman


im still a volcel



Does this video indicate that the Soviet Union failed to feed its people? One person in the comments said that it was when the Soviet Union was right about to fall, so that may have been it.



nah being an idle ketofag will make you fat as fuck too

you still gotta hit the gym


File: 942e9e07fc62528⋯.jpg (488.6 KB, 900x1429, 900:1429, 5aa7c7c485600a74f34c50d1.jpg)


Old, old propaganda. America is extremely lucky in that it never faced an actual famine, so Americans tend to think it only happened in the most miserable and badly-governed countries and was a very rare event, whereas it used to be common as muck. Most of Europe too had been free from famines for a while before WW1 thanks to the armed peace and industrialization, so they too had and have no idea how common famines were.

Then add to that the early 30s famine, which I still am not entirely sure about, and the shortage problems that popped up all over the national chain of production. All the way up to the end, the USSR had relatively little processed food, meaning pretty much the only foodstuffs that could be moved around large distances were grain. For example, if one region had a shortage of, I don't know, tomatos, and some nearby region had a surplus, there was jack shit they could do, because the produce would rot before it reached its destination. So pretty much every place had to deal with temporary shortages of specific foodstuffs, but would by no means go unfed, as there were plenty of other choices. But to the sensibilities of Americans and Western Europeans, especially after 45, to go to a market and not find every product immediately available seemed pre-historic. It's true, there still could be lines for particularly popular food – you can live perfectly fine without black bread, but many people found it worth it to wait in line for it. After Gorbachev's reforms, shortages of basic foodstuffs started getting worse, and propagandists firmly latched onto that.

I don't know who or when this particular talking point about lack of food started, but the oldest evidence of it I know of are a couple of Nazi posters. One is here (a Ukrainian man showing the fancy stuff he could afford by cooperating with the Germans), the other, with a more clear message, I unfortunately can't find. It talks about German sold being shocked at the misery of these poor peasants being hidden from the world. We already know for a fact that the West gladly carried Nazi propaganda on, so yeah, this meme might have started with the Nazis. It's pretty possible that it started here, because at least until the 50s, central planning was accepted by the world at large as a perfectly viable model, only later being saddled with this meme.



So the Soviet Union had a really diverse land for growing crops, such that getting a surplus to other region was difficult because of the wide distances too? Couldn't they have use salt or ice or something? I meant how hard is it to move tomatoes 100 km and have them last at least three days? When I buy produce it lasts like a week.



>Soviet Union spans over 10,000 kilometres east to west across 11 time zones


The Wehrmacht isn't the only thing the vastness of Russia devours.



sounds erotic


File: 596d9567b74621e⋯.png (154.01 KB, 950x950, 1:1, b6fc16131f515d892f214b2d26….png)

>be me

>live in a third world country sized open sewage

>be looking for a job

>have all the companies that ever call you be american call centers

>encounter only two choices

>11 hours of work a day for a bit more than $2/h on weekdays

>9 hour of work a day for just a bit more than $2/h everyday except sundays

>all are neoliberal tier scams with examples being

>taking advantage of deregulation to sell people shitty utilities

>taking obamacare money and spoon feeding boomers everything about doctors, while using infantilizing language to couch the fact that you are fucking them

>lying to people to get them to buy AT&T

>IT for AT&T where they don't even give you a minute to rest between calls from begining to end

i think i am losing hope



Well I mean is the land really so different that you can't grow tomatoes near where you grow corn? And again, what about salt, ice, or refrigeration?



I am a trans woman, but I do not wish to transition. While I do experience dysphoria and such, it is not as bothersome to me as my other problems. Also, I don't have the money or resources to get decent treatment and surgeries anyway. If I were to start the change with what I currently have, i'd look pretty horrible and i'd most likely get hounded and harassed everyday as I do not live in a very accepting area. And while universal healthcare is a thing, I don't think it covers HRT. There's many other problems but eventually i'd like to, if I manage to adquire the resources and find a good quality surgeon, to transition properly. As it is, I don't really care to tell anyone about my feelings. I do tell my friends to use femine pronouns on me, but that's not a neccesity for me, it just makes me feel nice. I don't need

strangers on the street to consider me a woman, because I don't really look like one so it is to be expected. But I do believe I am a woman, even if I've yet to start the transition. I think that can be respected, no?


File: 5c0f4ca31b893d6⋯.gif (36.02 KB, 200x146, 100:73, multi-feels.gif)


That sounds terrible, I hope your situation gets better soon. I worked at a call centre too , before I got too sick to keep working, and it was the most depressing work for exactly the reasons you stated.



>If I were to start the change with what I currently have, i'd look pretty horrible and i'd most likely get hounded and harassed everyday as I do not live in a very accepting area. And while universal healthcare is a thing, I don't think it covers HRT.

No clue what country you're from but I'm pretty sure in most places with universal healthcare, it covers HRT and possibly other stuff as well though HRT will most likely make you sterile and I don't think any healthcare systems cover sperm banking if you choose to do that. If you're 100% certain you're trans you probably shouldn't wait too long to get on HRT since its less effective the older you are, and you could still keep living as a dude until you look the part.


File: 668687b7c7580a5⋯.png (25.85 KB, 737x487, 737:487, banned.PNG)

Tell me, was this really worth banning me for? No, I'm not /pol/. It was a genuine question phrased in a politically incorrect manner



Don't worry friendo all you had to do was put on this flag and you'd be immediately identified as a true ☭TANKIE☭ with what you said.



We are often become the target of blaming on /tv/ as I remember.


File: 8366aed1fbf98f7⋯.png (77.58 KB, 215x230, 43:46, arle yay.png)

>Sekai project is fucking dead.

Fuck yeah.

Go pirate rabi ribi if you didn't already



where you from, comrade?


File: 897d953ec30c052⋯.gif (755.79 KB, 250x203, 250:203, what....gif)


If you're not working class, then what are you?

Petit-bourg or 1%?

Do you call yourself a socialist/communist/anarchist?

If so, fuck you. A lot of working class people are smart, they've just been prevented from obtaining higher education due to their financial position. You're a dick.

But I'm surprised you got banned because this >>2616051 is sadly true around here.


File: b5266607bdbf33d⋯.png (676.99 KB, 575x767, 575:767, b5266607bdbf33de61f53159b7….png)


I'm middle class, I don't call myself anything yet. I'm just reading Marx and Stirner for now.

The post I made was in a thread about the dictatorship of the proletariat and it reminded me of how Arthur Schopenhauer had said that he "prefers to be ruled by a lion than one of [his] fellow rats". Hence the question


File: e85efbcdcfc913f⋯.png (74.26 KB, 402x562, 201:281, commie chica.png)


>I don't call myself anything yet

You're working class, you don't have to apply the word to yourself.

I'd say actual democracy would be leagues better than rotting capitalism we have currently.

Have faith in your fellow comrades.



when you say middle class are we talking lower middle class here or are we talking daddy buys me flying lessons but i still LARP as a normal human being?



Well I live in Mexico and I am 20. Not too old, but getting there. My plan is moving to the capital after collegue because they have the better LGBT scene there. Surprisingly progressive in that regard for Mexico really. But I have political aspirations as well, and I don't think i'd fare well in politics if I were openly trans. I could go and get HRT anyway and just present myself as a man. But it's really dicciffult tbh. At this point I am not sure if to choose between my career ambitions or my body and health. It's really difficult to choose just yet, I think I should give it a little while more to choose, before the time runs out.


>>2616070 (me)

Just realized you meant you don't "call" yourself anything re: socialist, etc

Point still stands, though.

Need sleep, as always.



>no bulli pls.

ur shit lol

But really I think it's to avoid the bad press associate with the USSR.


File: 2bbaef3c6792302⋯.png (44.88 KB, 712x712, 1:1, normies.png)

why do so many normies obsess over Yugoslavia as "socialism working", yet go full anti-communist when you dare talk about other socialist states? i've even seen right wingers talk about how they have respect for Tito because "he was one of the better socialist leaders" and shit. is this the power of market socialism?

repost cuz i goofed


i guess that makes sense but why Yugoslavia? they really weren't all that different from some of the other Socialist countries during the Cold War. i don't see why Yugoslavia gets this free pass among both moderates and right wingers.



In the mind of the average liberal/political normie, the USSR, China, Cuba, etc. are just one long famine caused by the Evil Megadictators Stalin, Lenin, Mao, Castro, etc. I guess with Yugoslavia it has more to do with le based Tito and less with actual socialism

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