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Tags: leftism (CLICK HERE FOR MORE LEFTIST 8CHAN BOARDS), politics, activism, news

File: 176d0d2fc55695b⋯.png (26.87 KB, 359x327, 359:327, dan.png)


ITT: movies, anime, music, feels, e-celebs, internet drama, fetishes, shitposting, etc.

This is a voluntary thread that users can choose to post in, if… I forgot the rest of whatever the old OP was. Honestly, I just wanted to bring this old thread back.


File: 1833f0e7303fc2f⋯.jpg (23.16 KB, 286x336, 143:168, 1503294914196.jpg)


Pretty good but I prefer this one.


That's why I stopped reading or watching news or reading any leftist periodicals. I couldn't deal with it.


Marquez vivió! Marquez vive! Marquez vivirá!


You just found Catwoman.


>Newgrounds alumni turned gaming into a rage-based spectacle.

>Remember, before 2005 we used to mock people who would break their keyboards in anger since then.


Nothing a camp of re-education through labor can't cure.


File: 6c835a37da9303e⋯.png (105.46 KB, 283x302, 283:302, 1504697559365.png)


I usually suck at a beer can for a couple of hours before switching to another, but today decided to get pissed as fast as I could, finished a litre in about an hour, and yeah.


File: 73a807831acb0cc⋯.png (274.01 KB, 1019x660, 1019:660, 000a64884024098f8e589eba04….png)


Here you go.


>Creation of culture does not come in a planned form. It will regulated and subsidized, but it will be mostly independent.

That's what the Russians were promised too, and look how it turned out.


Better keep the ones who didn't paywall on the secret police watchlist, just to be sure.


underrated post



That's fascinating, but WHY are you Typing like A RETARD?


File: 069e2f4e11e50eb⋯.jpg (91.01 KB, 610x479, 610:479, 610x.jpg)



I love making fun of Amerifats and the triggered reactions to the Amerimutt meme have been hilarious but what still rubs me wrong in a way (inb4 >muh idpol) is how it implies non-whites are mongrels.


...damn, get well soon then. I'm a lightweight as well can't even handle more than 4 beers in a night out



> is the fact that I want this book too mean I'm buying into consumerism?

< doesn't even consider piracy

Yanks truly are mentally diseased.


Which of the built in ads for 8chan do you personally hate the most?

Also for built-in, I'm referring to ones that the site will always display even with Adblock. Personally for me it's the Asian sex toy one because tits



They show up for me when I'm using adnauseum at home but I installed ublock at work because adnauseum was killing the pc and they don't show up here.



> get well soon

I'll be like new by the morning. Happened to me once before.

> can't even handle more than 4 beers in a night out

That's one more than me.

Heh, used to be a hardcore drunkard before making a resolution last year to drink responsibly, now I can't get my dosages right, as I'm used to pouring litres into myself, but my gut can barely handle a mug that's not stretched out into half an hour. Ah, well, at least I'm not burning nearly as much money on that now.


File: 2372c423be78f70⋯.jpg (407.91 KB, 799x1118, 799:1118, __komichi_aya_kin_iro_mosa….jpg)


I miss the good old days as a kid beating games by meticulously following gamefaqs walkthroughs

LPs are basically friend simulators for gamers that don't have a commute anyway


lmao nice



No seriously, if you have math skillz there are enough jobs in the social democrat utopia that require people who can add.


all the hot girls will get socdem retraining in nuru massage




Don't bully the quebecois


I always just thought it made fun of white nationalist racial ideology


The whyte geenocyde one

The hentai ones remind me of the good old days at 4/jp/ with the j-list ads



> i'd balk at seeing someone killed (unlike teenage "i will kill you personally" edge), but if you simplify it to pushing a button to make someone undesriable disappear, it becomes not merely palatable but highly desirable. just don't look behind the curtain

< that's how the constitutional majority actually thinks


File: 580ecb0f0501d92⋯.jpg (43.35 KB, 350x266, 25:19, Kinmozas40.jpg)

Damn the new volume of the Kiniro Mosaic manga goes into content past where season 2 of the anime ends. Honestly overjoyed that Honoka gets a way bigger role, she and Karen are probably the best KinMozas

So Bat'ko made a video about the /leftypol/-/leftpol/ split. You get three guesses as to which side he comes down on tfw socdem community straddler master race :^>


Should I go tell him about how /leftpol/ is already infested with literal autists who will never shut up about age of consent and lolicon/shotacon?



Fuck off.


File: de636e19c6c18a2⋯.png (269.25 KB, 327x468, 109:156, Ayaya9.png)


File: 0e75277b5af81cd⋯.jpg (848.23 KB, 1920x1680, 8:7, 0e75277b5af81cde5e814e079a….jpg)


I wish this whole drama had never ever happened. Big up to Bat'ko.


>Ah, well, at least I'm not burning nearly as much money on that now.

Always look on the bright side of life innit.


>I always just thought it made fun of white nationalist racial ideology

In what way? I guess it's mocking by pointing out how Americans are never really pure white (spooky). I mean, looking at whenever Amerifat /pol/yps have exposed themselves in public they mostly turn out to be non-whites. But the meme itself is still that the more non-white you get the more mongrelization occurs…[autism intensifies]


File: df7957a6de1c3c3⋯.png (80.28 KB, 260x187, 260:187, Kamisama3.png)


On its face the meme is ridiculous. Even the worst americans aren't that orc-like. It's just poking fun at the fact that most white nationalists are american and that most of them have a retarded understanding of what racial purity actually is. Lothrop Stoddard is turning in his grave

>I wish this whole drama had never ever happened




...I just got a good one

>Because that's what Cultural Marxism is. The clue is in the name. That's why I can't help myself but laugh at the cucks on here who cry about muh /pol/ when "/pol/" weren't the ones who made sports, or any other form of entertainment, political in the first place. Maybe if the faggots who cry about it directed that butthurt towards those to blame then things would change. But they won't because they're cuck faggots and you can't prove me wrong. I guarantee right now that the people I'm talking about would immediately be super nationalist if it was in vogue, because they're goys and that's what goys do, whatever is popular at the time. I would argue they're even lower than them desu senpai completely unironically baka.


Heh, I guess you are right about all that. Well, except maybe

>Even the worst americans aren't that orc-like



Anyone know how long till chan culture creates a new generation for newfag. I joined right after GG (no relation to GG for me joining) and technically that makes me a newfag.

This is just personal ramblings because I got no sleep last night so meh.



I joined in 2008 and I am still considered a newfag.


File: f937716da461db2⋯.png (2.87 MB, 2400x1125, 32:15, __alice_cartelet_inokuma_y….png)

Break time is over, back to learning how to be nice to people at 35 000 ft



Trust me, as a Canadian I know we have the actual c.h.u.d.s


File: c94dd7d317ea659⋯.jpg (87.86 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, mpv-shot0039.jpg)

Why is Ayaya best kinmoza?


I just witnessed 7 RCMP threaten and then kick 3 homless guys out of a Tim Hortons into -14 degree weather. All because they were 'upsetting staff and customer's'.

ACAB tbh.



>archive.is link doesn't go to youareanidiot.org or some shit

missed opportunity tbh


I feel like I'm on the verge of a mental fucking break down sometimes when I get exhausted and overworked. And it's one of those times but I'm stuck at work so I can't do anything about it, plus dickhead of a boss won't let me leave.


File: d84c4da43e5d005⋯.png (200.97 KB, 339x302, 339:302, Ayaya2.png)

Getting sent home early because the private contractor that runs our training module is shitting the bed


bad take imo


RCMP are uniquely awful, though the OPP come close


Start collecting evidence and a logbook of workplace health and safety violations, a log of all your hours worked including shift schedules (say you need them to "check against your taxes") and if possible any evidence that your employer is also breaking labour laws

Once you have a fat dossier of violations you have leverage against him if he fires you for slacking. At that point just do the bare minimum at work and don't kill yourself trying to be a good employee


File: 16299261d531f8c⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 121.96 KB, 1168x888, 146:111, 942384.jpg)



File: bd8e6d21949e574⋯.jpg (937.32 KB, 989x5094, 989:5094, bd8e6d21949e57442faa2d2d16….jpg)


I prefer this one, it has an extra-/pol/yp-infuriating punchline.


Working at the finance commissariat. Unless there is a global revolution this will be needed at least for external trade.


File: 50a671873356b00⋯.gif (7.49 KB, 412x216, 103:54, us-1912a.gif)

Alright so I need some help understanding something about Ameritards

They seem to have no idea how the fuck flags work

I remember stuff about Trump saying that people should be arrested for disrespecting the flag or burning it, meanwhile he says this at a podium with the 48 star flag behind him, and one of the few things that I know about the US is that the flag has to be burned if A) it touched the ground or B) it's an outdated/wrong flag

Here's the part that confuses me the most. almost every flag I see, whether on TV, in a movie, news, internet, or simply at the nearby US consulate or the US border, they all use the god damn 48 star flag. isn't that kind of disrespectful? not acknowledging Alaska or Hawaii? I mean I'm a Canuck and I know the difference between the 50 star and 48 star flag, and yet 90% of the US can't tell the difference. This shouldn't surprise me since they do use the battle of Hampton roads battle standard as the flag of the CSA(which is NOT the stars and bars) so americans don't know shit about flags even their own apparently.

but here's the thing. Since most of the flags in the US are old flags that are wrong, and old flags are actually supposed to be burned under the law, isn't it more than likely that if you burn a US flag it's not just perfectly legal but you're obligation in regards to the law? I'm loving this right now.

But how come americans don't know anything about their own flag and the proper respect for it? How come they say that TEH SANDMONKIES are disrespecting the stars spangled banner while they do it more than anyone else?

Do any americans on here actually know that you use the wrong flag? are even you ignorant or is there some special case for the 48 stars or something? Please fill me in on any social norms or knick knacks the US might have since I know almost nothing about this.


File: a49433e393e3afe⋯.jpg (60.85 KB, 797x496, 797:496, 21948cff2898f3e59b48f711d8….jpg)


>But how come americans don't know anything about their own flag and the proper respect for it?

How 'bout you shout your mouth you damn commie! Critical thinking is for Eurocucks!



Just deleted my meme collection lads.



and nothing of value was lost

sometimes I find an old meme collection of mine, and it's always fucking cringe, you have to purge with regularity



Damn, my condolences.


File: 14d8cf47fa253b8⋯.jpg (84.06 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault (18).jpg)



There's no laws or anything in the flag code about flying old flags being bad. If you have your vet grandpa's flag from the 40s, why wouldn't you keep flying it?


File: 299c60b364ec26e⋯.jpg (83.96 KB, 905x942, 905:942, eaf82854b7588d1849de4c07bb….jpg)


>Tfw finding garbage memes from your /pol/yp days on your computer


File: 0e7e5cef07d6504⋯.png (923.88 KB, 750x763, 750:763, 45.png)


File: 40269569145b86e⋯.jpg (167.73 KB, 1485x1080, 11:8, Ben Garrison cartoons.jpg)

lol this was in my recommended


Should've named it "The Human Experience"

I think this was what made it recommended to me. Pretty cool performance, but way too short, imo.






I (a Brit) had a teacher who went to teach in the States and found herself in a classroom on a hot day with the window open. The wind was blowing the flag in her face so she swatted it out of the way and it came undone (I'm guessing it was partially wrapped around the pole) and the ends fell to the floor. Upon seeing this horrific crime against the American people the class actually gasped in unison and had to explain to the British teacher about how such a thing was very taboo and should never happen etc.

Burgers are weird people with a weird culture.


>watching a film

>thatchers voice

Fucking terrifying that. Horror films could learn something.



Although I don't know much about american customs I know that old flags are supposed to be or at least used to be highly offensive. A personal story of mine is when some US delegation was coming my CO had to dig up a US flag and the only one we had was a 49 star one, when the americans saw it they hurriedly told us to take it down and told us how about how that was technically an insult cause it's forgetting states or something other. I thought this was just a marine thing for a while until I found this in a random article I was reading:

>"The modern debate over the ‘correct’ use of the flag in clothing started

in the 1960s. One incident concerning flags and clothing occurred because

of the admission of Alaska and Hawaii into the Union, rendering

48- and 49-star flags obsolete. Instead of disposing of the old flags in the

correct way, by burning, many of these flags were bundled up and sold to

other countries, to be used in clothing or as rags"

So even though it's just a fucking flag they really like burning them if it's not completely right in every way

link for the article




Arin is the biggest e-celeb sellout ever. His entire life is a big fat joke now. Also he sucks at analyzing video games and needs to go back go animation.


File: 5f8cfb411dfbd9f⋯.jpg (89.04 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, strongest men on earth.jpg)


now delete your thot folder



You just posted three thots though.


Got the shits lads. Gonna blame it on capitalism tbqh.




delete yourself tbh.



Why are you mad at me for pointing out how many thots were in the picture you posted


File: c5e45706a92a8ff⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 75.35 KB, 700x440, 35:22, YOUUUUU.jpg)


you forgot to count one: yourself



I was not in the picture of three thots you posted here


I am not one of these three thots. They are independent of me.


File: 80cc698a640a34a⋯.jpg (138.01 KB, 900x1050, 6:7, __komichi_aya_kin_iro_mosa….jpg)


What if I have the spirit of a thot but the mind of a prude?


File: 65c42171154106f⋯.jpg (78.98 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, i see you.jpg)


hmmm, maybe you're right, we have to analyze this image to arrive at the truth



File: f8fa045af2b801c⋯.jpg (77.23 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, eye of the thot.jpg)



what's this?


File: 6ececde5eda44d6⋯.mp4 (1.63 MB, 640x360, 16:9, yeh boi.mp4)


luv u babe



>Do any americans on here actually know that you use the wrong flag? are even you ignorant or is there some special case for the 48 stars or something? Please fill me in on any social norms or knick knacks the US might have since I know almost nothing about this.

People use the old flag because they don’t want to buy a new one.



it's been 50 god damn years, most americans weren't born then yet.

Also wasn't the 1960s the "good times" as repubtards claim? How they could they not afford a flag if it was soooo good back then



also wouldn't a flag not last that long? with all the ones they got flying they'd have to actively manufacture the wrong 48 or 49 star flag




i need to stop cranking the hog twice a day, but then might go to 2 times/week.


File: cbf73c5e2edc859⋯.webm (3.69 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 1515972313743.webm)


File: c544fdf9fe5bbdf⋯.jpg (61.8 KB, 1088x720, 68:45, 26938192_1552807784772390_….jpg)

conservatives are ignorant and stupid because they know that robots will impress their wiafu body pillows more than they will



why is this so depressing


slowly coming to the realization that Winston Churchill was the mid 20th-century equivalent of Ben Shapiro and all the recordings of his witty one-liners were basically "feminists gets rekt" youtube compilations before the internet was a thing.



hey, even Churchill deserves more respect than that



what's this, VR second life?



If you think what Aziz Ansari did was rape, and not just him being awkward and autistic, then you're insane. This #metoo shit started as a legitimate campaign to out rapists and abusers like Weinstein, but now a combination of American Puritanism and women who are obsessed with an overdetermined view of womanhood as victimhood have launched an absolute sex panic.



VR chat, it's free on steam and made for VR sets such as the HTC Vive. with the hand pieces you can control the hands and stuff, but it's just an avatar chat.

works on normal desktop and keyboard with mouse too.



unstoppable at what

being a bionic penis?



unstoppable penetration



to quote kanye west: no one man should have all that power



that is why robots are no mere mortals


File: e15483c9c553508⋯.jpg (99.66 KB, 612x612, 1:1, e8761e933dfd9880ed900c5025….jpg)

Anyone mind doing a jpegging of this quick image I edited. Or better yet just getting me something new. I'm sure some of you have seen the original version of this so :/


File: 94141926391e894⋯.png (188.74 KB, 303x345, 101:115, Ayaya1.png)

>Someone bumps the /pol/ larp thread

>Leave to go on a walk

>come back a couple of hours later

>decide to check and see if anything is happening


>check 8/pol/

>they are fighting each other over a URL

I souldn't be surprised and I'm not, just amused at this point


g8d bless hooch


Fun fact: The 49 star flag was official for a couple of months in 1959 (IIRC) Millions upon millions were made under the assumption that they would be collectible one day. People bought them and stored them away like beanie babies.


>tfw after a long break from leftypol I return to check out some comfy threads and maybe get some news.

>every thread convo I open is either derailed immediately or full of fascists false flagging.


File: 98e00b854441de6⋯.png (156.29 KB, 283x294, 283:294, Kamisama9.png)


I'm sorry you missed the ascension of Chairman DeVito.


File: 3f23ae4ba26891e⋯.png (28.91 KB, 379x98, 379:98, ClipboardImage.png)

To the continued surprise of exactly nobody, I give you PragerU arguing Israel is morally in the right



Inb4 they condemn Venezuela for executing a literal terrorist


File: bf232182e04cdee⋯.png (174.46 KB, 572x571, 572:571, yourfingersmychoice.png)

I spent four hours trying to elegantly false flag on /pol/ until I got bored and posted with my trip

I spent half an hour spamming pic related at twitter alt-right randos

Not surprised that the latter was more cathartic

(oh I have a twitter now, follow me until the aut-right gestapo bans me)



solid post

now take a look at this rocketship (_)_)==========D~~ 9/11 was a hologram



i wish eric/k would update more :<



Same, he's hilarious. Great shitposting, always.


File: af698a183572594⋯.png (366.87 KB, 568x454, 284:227, 1513642047548.png)

>tfw no Eric Andre season 5 yet




> making a whole video out of that one image which they didn't even make themselves

It's funny how they praise capitalist virtues while being bottom feeders. Why do they even bother with trying to appear moral when they're this fucking transparent?


File: ceb71554338f890⋯.png (175.5 KB, 1090x1411, 1090:1411, 151352679324618.png)

final version, if anyone wants to use it go for it


he has to be australian


File: 84790b56cb44cb3⋯.jpg (136.93 KB, 1024x750, 512:375, twitter_cartoon_ben_garris….jpg)

>tfw no big and strong anthropomorphized twitter bird bf to choke me from behind during sex

Ben Garrison is my new favorite fetish artist



>be insufferable troll

>get banned

Why is this so triggering to these people?


File: 87297f1e16a78e6⋯.jpg (40.36 KB, 736x553, 736:553, mudds externally.jpg)

>natural nature changes

>human nature doesn't



Because for some reason faggots have come to identify "free speech" with "being as massive a faggot as possible and act like everyone else is wrong for not wanting to deal with me."

Just like the retards here that shit durians whenever they get banned for shitposting.



>(oh I have a twitter now, follow me until the aut-right gestapo bans me)

link? I can't find you for some reason…maybe they already got to you! :O



File: cb36db3c9d9a026⋯.png (110.6 KB, 426x287, 426:287, cb3.png)

I only use gab and the chans since twitter banned everyone I used to follow

how is it going?



I also made a tumblr in case that counts for anything



social media is garbage why do you think we're spamming it with joke hentai of a shitty political cartoon


File: 3397ec61ce4e414⋯.png (66.99 KB, 385x367, 385:367, 2EVxWd7.png)


>social media is garbage why do you think we're spamming it with joke hentai of a shitty political cartoon

People make lewd anime shitposting ironically?

Is half of my gab feed


File: c58b193de8cd03c⋯.jpg (175.87 KB, 1109x1280, 1109:1280, __kujou_karen_kin_iro_mosa….jpg)


eh i checked out gab and the interface is weird, not conducive to lewd anime posting at all



>muh free market companies being strangled not real capitalism it's corporatism!!!

>How dare a company ban those it dosn't like, my freedom of speech is under threat from these companies and my youtube/patreon money is drying up


File: bbfdd02d42799a2⋯.png (87.54 KB, 296x250, 148:125, 1516131678233.png)

A: Draw more lewd art

B: Work on that /pol/leftypol/liberty/ VN

C: Sleep

Which one leftypol?


I'm thinking should I/we just use the #mybordersmychoice tag to share actual hentai? I have a small gyaru collection I could dump on twitter and see what will get me banned or promoted


File: ce57b782bd3da46⋯.jpg (6.89 KB, 300x168, 25:14, beddy-by time.jpg)


anon needs his sleep so he can have more strength to draw tomorrow


File: 55036d90f38e937⋯.gif (445.16 KB, 500x281, 500:281, beddy by time1.gif)



supposed to be gif


File: 6bc228a64d70003⋯.jpg (167.47 KB, 434x542, 217:271, cry kann3432.jpg)


File: 923dacf1d0d6499⋯.gif (989.74 KB, 498x266, 249:133, damn.gif)


File: 7f3483aee1ca7c4⋯.jpg (64.14 KB, 721x401, 721:401, compliblog_07.jpg)



It can't be helped

I'll draw and work on the vn

Sleep is for non workaholics


I wanna off myself but then porky will win. Should I join a leftist orginisation to try and get a gf?



if you're incapable of social interaction than joining a political organisation out of pure autism wont do you any good




I grabbed that pic off /pol/, they believe that wholeheartedly.


The pattern is easier to draw and count than the 50 stars one, I guess.


All those memes lost… like tears in rain…


Great, as if being compared to other humans didn't make me insecure and anxious enough.

Next thing you know, male and female sexbots will be so perfect they will only have sex with each other, mark my words.


Funniest thing I've seen in a while.


In some older thread, we commented how SJWs and the like are ironically glorifying these things as they bring "martyrdom" of a sort, to the point some f them lie about it. Someone posted a perfect quote from an an actual feminist to the tune of "we have to make a proverbial shelter for these vulnerable victims and people at risk but first we need the fucking whiny bougie shitheads occupying the building to leave".


>doing a jpegging

A what now?


I confess I don't remember a time when every one of our threads wasn't infested with false-flaggers and skinwalkers. /leftypol/ has always been a tiny free territory smushed between fascist Kekistan and the neutral-pronoun republic of Baizuo.


The best place on 8chan is /leftytrash/


File: e143bb502c348bd⋯.png (66.59 KB, 201x233, 201:233, hot bird tweet.png)


Finally, a good opportunity to post my old-ass crop.


Twitter has been very partial about their bans, especially in this purge. They have always been chummy with the socjus crowd.

RIP in F Brote, your laugh was too contagious for this gay Earth.


Eichenwald was outed as being an admin of some CP site, by the by.


>If you think what Aziz Ansari did was rape, and not just him being awkward and autistic, then you're insane.

Man, now that you mention it, I recall some other celeb or e-celeb being shamed too, a year or two before #metoo, and I recall he was just being unbelievably autistic, it actually was cringeworthy. Wish I could remember his name.




I had never heard this word before today but I have twice in like an hour now. I'm assuming it's that effect thing but still surprises me.





File: 4ea95d34b0e6eb0⋯.png (2.3 MB, 1440x900, 8:5, Screen Shot 2018-01-17 at ….png)

What should I do next?


File: 5efd3775553ad68⋯.gif (467.2 KB, 500x281, 500:281, ruskies drivin.gif)


Take out the kraut.


File: 223dcca1ff7f684⋯.jpg (52.1 KB, 870x864, 145:144, durruti hades.jpg)


File: 1ae8ee0ea8fb527⋯.gif (1.32 MB, 200x190, 20:19, 1ae8ee0ea8fb52730f5eecec45….gif)


Get better at the game and don't put your entire army on one border.



>don't put your entire army on one border.

I haven't, you dullard. There are 40 divisions over in the East.



Nah Ansari is an insufferable little manlet so I think he deserves it.



Of course he deserves it, I'm just saying what he did wasn't rape, objectively speaking.



>not saving Republican Spain

git gud


File: f05ce72b86e8658⋯.jpg (12.21 KB, 323x323, 1:1, confused-black-guy-with-qu….jpg)


>Saving Rep Spain

>With 5 Divisions



Micromanage it to shit that's how I win any civil war.



>5 tank divisions with Zhukov isn't enough

Listen up, scrub. First you strike deep in the back of Andalusia, then you secure Extremadura. Concentrate forces, encircle fuckers. Then you go save Catalonia and take Aragon, then you mop up the rest.




>Putting this much thought into it

I just win my wars through sheer mass of men tbqh. I'll invade Nationalist Spain anyway at some point, so who cares?



Only women think Ansari did anything wrong.



>This #metoo shit started as a legitimate campaign to out rapists and abusers like Weinstein

I seriously doubt it.





File: 6f687139ca1d94a⋯.jpeg (72.1 KB, 680x440, 17:11, kanye-west-aziz-ansari-ki….jpeg)


So is Kanye



It's what happens when all you consume is vapid pop culture and can only relate to the world through the flickering images on your screen.


The internet is just 30 million sweaty men accusing you of doing a "scotman's fallacy" if you tell them feminists arent responsible for finding them girlfriends and aren't the root of all evil.



Modern Feminists are kinda cunts though.



We need cunts.



>Why does a ban make people so scared to post again?

Because they're faggots that think a ban means they're getting bullied for their ultra special opinions and it's YOUR fault if you're triggered etc instead of just being obnoxious faggots on an imageboard.



Why? So we can have

>more women CEOs?



Not those cunts. The other ones.



Arin is a lazy fuck that stiffed the guy that made his digital animations for him.

Game grumps is and always has been shit.



Some asians are really allergic to alcohol and can't drink alcohol very much or at all. Similarly with milk and dairy-based products.


Anyone remember that Microsoft twitter bot which tried to learn how to talk like a normal human then I turned into a /pol/tard. Anyone have ideas as to the reasoning behind that? Was it just raids on the bot or did it search all of Twitter and somehow it managed to concentrate efforts on Fash-Twitter. If it searched all of Twitter wouldn't it have become pacifist Cynical nazbol.

I know this is stupidly old news but I seriously wonder how that fucking happened.


File: 1dee3f9193f77c1⋯.png (674.78 KB, 718x585, 718:585, Alice11.png)

Lunchtime karen

It's my life goal to get Adam Friedland to wear a shirt with anime America getting fingered


Why are there so many aspiring chads (and actual chads, gross) on /leftypol/? Does physical labour make you wanna swirlie nerds


>All those memes lost… like tears in rain…

pic related


>Eichenwald was outed as being an admin of some CP site, by the by.

*felix biederman voice* HOLY shiiiiit for real?

not surprised tbh


delete it and play a better game


I'm glad I don't know who the fuck any celebrity is





File: 0fb84cd35e165c0⋯.png (149.69 KB, 586x567, 586:567, mbmc joke 1.png)

File: d65f897658622ab⋯.png (145.07 KB, 601x672, 601:672, mbmc joke 2.png)

One benefits of spamming /pol/yps on twitter with interracial (?) hentai is that most of them just block you outright

Someone rate this morning's one-liners. I think I'm getting better at comedy but I need someone to disabuse me of that notion


nah /pol/yps raided the bot and fucked with the AI (either intentionally or by accident)


Nah JFK was Posadist. Bay of Pigs was to avenge Che's suppression of the Cuban section


File: 9974883e9a27b91⋯.jpg (62.75 KB, 624x480, 13:10, homer10.jpg)

>tfw I just got into a discussion about communisn on 4/sp/ and I'm terribly bad at arguing


File: 1a7e34b350bb6f4⋯.png (254.03 KB, 533x483, 533:483, adam friedland old shirt.png)

I spent my lunch hour pretending to be the chinese sex slave adam fucked on the cum town reddit, I feel both intensely gratified and also really dirty


File: 2cd0efc8571e2aa⋯.jpg (47.88 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, bd0.jpg)


I tried to stay awake by eating and fell asleep on my sandwich

Also gday


File: b3541292c1e655b⋯.jpg (42.56 KB, 1266x672, 211:112, yuyu.jpg)


So I've been giving into escapism again, not necessarily to completely retreat from life, but actually as a way of releasing after trying to accomplish adult things that I've neglected for the last several years like applying to jobs and trying to get /fit/ etc. Anime has been probably the most potent source for this escapism that isn't drug-related so I decided to throw myself into a long show, but I would like a few short, simple shows to supplement it.

Can everyone please list their favorite cute girls doing cute things or comedy anime that are under 20 episodes? The last one I watched was Yuyushiki and I really enjoyed it >inb4 some bullshit about how I shouldn't give into escapism because its bourgeois



Grinding for what you want is the best escapism anon

Is there anything you want to accomplish?



Hoi4 is a great game you loser



Sorry I don't take advice from AnCaps



Would you from a F*nnish?




Stop being a loser fgt



File: bbbc865bfa4ca64⋯.gif (775.77 KB, 514x667, 514:667, 1492749730272.gif)


u know u want to be coolio and fit and productive and that



i literally said that i was doing that though you illiterate fuck i was just asking for something to watch whenever i was done with my tasks for the day jesus christ


File: 282d7c4af220a56⋯.jpg (664.92 KB, 1245x1080, 83:72, 1484048226195.jpg)


File: d9c14f95f6bf26a⋯.jpg (146.12 KB, 724x1024, 181:256, 2-43-724x1024.jpg)


play with a higher difficulty setting


You can save both Republican Spain and Nationalist China using volunteer forces with only minimal effort. Also give them some guns in lend lease, or they run out early in the war.



What the fuck did I just find accidentally?

I think the person speaking is Hiroyuki (owner of 4chan)

I can't tell what the video is about though other than something communism-related, anyone understand Japanese?



title is literally

[Hiroyuki] The reality that the number of japanese communists is increasing: Has Japan become communist?

i'm not high level enough to translate the vid though



>Has Japan become communist?

whoops, it means more like

>Is Japan becoming communist?

or something along those lines



File: 4504215a2250350⋯.jpg (174.44 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, IMG_2405.JPG)


>play with a higher difficulty setting

Higher than Veteran?


File: f246596b6ba79ef⋯.png (256.47 KB, 463x376, 463:376, f246596b6ba79ef8261a5961c3….png)

If u have a twitter plz consider stabbing yourself with the dullest object you have till you die from either the concussion force giving you a heart failure or bleeding slowly to death for over 10 years of stabbing yourself





File: cf50b29b712c07e⋯.jpg (195.04 KB, 960x540, 16:9, 1386431254069.jpg)


Why is he so based, lads?







Historical or free for all?



Counterargument: no


File: 07cc6991c020e84⋯.png (94.25 KB, 687x629, 687:629, wait a minute I recognize ….png)


>that Microsoft twitter bot which tried to learn how to talk like a normal human then I turned into a /pol/tard


File: 5dce097624c64ec⋯.png (148.7 KB, 494x522, 247:261, d.png)

/leftypol/ BTFO



Franco is autistic af, the nationalists don't produce any artillery so they can't even pierce your shitty 1936 tanks. Killing thousands of spanish nazis with less than 200 tanks is the most orgasmic thing to do with the USSR. Just try it once, you'll be addicted



I miss her :{



free market of ideas man still can't come up with any new points. If you didn't consider commiting suicide today, I highly recommend you watch this video


File: d6ec5469dce9722⋯.jpg (66.2 KB, 856x1308, 214:327, 24254651_1713852131969326_….jpg)


could you please make the resolution lower? the quality's a bit too high


File: bdf9b4f27af58fe⋯.png (124.48 KB, 494x522, 247:261, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 6676734579aa6d9⋯.jpg (55.92 KB, 680x678, 340:339, DOd1yFFV4AAT0hT.jpg)


>*felix biederman voice* HOLY shiiiiit for real?

>not surprised tbh

Pic related.


Tay was programmed to "learn" based on the conversations it had, so with some prodding you could make it spout any belief.


[desire to know more intensifies]



I have built in autocorrect in my computer so chans are cancer because I don't notice the sniper edits till after the post.

Worst part is, I can't disable it so sometimes I have to keep writing words about 5 times till it stops "correcting" it



much better


File: 8cf9b7d0b7ef5b2⋯.png (775.44 KB, 494x522, 247:261, bdf9b4f27af58feac2026fcd23….png)


how ready for woke shit?


File: 002697049bcece5⋯.png (721.42 KB, 697x557, 697:557, 22140824_1907997809230363_….png)


who* fug


i wont take a no for answer nig start stabbing now plz.



fug off


File: f6431f648d10f3b⋯.webm (2.51 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Koukaku no Pandora.webm)


This season is full of cute girls doing cute things.

Yuru camp, Mitsuboshi colors, Hakumei to Mikochi and Slow start are my personal best.

If you want something that isn't seasonal go watch Koukaku no Pandora, Etotama or Zettai Bouei Leviathan, they are good but kinda obscure, even back when they were airing.

Koukaku is written by Masamune Shirow and has a truckload of GITS references.


File: f565bca6fe602b2⋯.jpg (547.03 KB, 3072x2048, 3:2, 5jHWBWa.jpg)

File: 1a7cb6edb63161d⋯.jpg (72.19 KB, 862x451, 862:451, poum44.jpg)

Nobody mention to Sargon that Orwell was actually a socialist-anarchist and that animal farm and 1984 were criticizing the authoritarian side of communism not the political alignment of it

Also don't mention to that fat fuck that Orwell wrote books other than 1984 and Animal Farm




I'm 100% sure 1984 has nothing to do with communism. People who say it's about communism have probably never read the book.

Like seriously, "upper class segregated from illiterate proles". That's the most uncommunist thing I can think of.

Also the shit with the television shit, and the whole "obliteration of the self" thing leads me to believe Orwell was critising the rising consumerist culture.




I'd also like to add that Animal farm had a pretty clear message. People who say it's anti socialist haven't read it.

And Orwell himself said these books were supportive of socialism. The people who think he was a rabid anti communist are just ignorant, and you shouldn't care about their opinions at all.



I've always read into it that way as well.



>smug face


<responsible namefag

>grotesque face


<pathologically contrarian leftcom


File: 0906e5d53e6ec02⋯.png (42.79 KB, 209x241, 209:241, ClipboardImage.png)






Isn't he still employed by big name msm publications


File: 8ca4db7ff7d1dcc⋯.jpg (46.04 KB, 540x540, 1:1, wew.jpg)


use a spoon it is the best tool to stab yerself twittercucc











It was clearly written with the USSR in mind.



not entirely true.

Orwell was super socialist/anarchist, but he was also heavily opposed to the Soviet Union.

Winston in 1984 is a member of "the party" (something very soviet-esque) but he's sick and tired of living a lifestyle where he's constantly kept in check by the inner party. In 1984, the Proles are actually freer than the Party members, something that was very true for the Soviet Union as well (and very untrue for the Fascist states, where proles were much more oppressed and controlled). When he tries to join the resistance, his dissident is spotted and the inner party pretty much tortures him.

iirc at some point in the book Winston realizes that the revolution can only be achieved if the proles become class conscious, and can't be done by members of the Party, I think this is also a criticism of the Soviet Union as well as its dissidents such as Trotsky.


File: 9b774b9779f0d4f⋯.jpg (74.8 KB, 500x651, 500:651, 401.jpg)



<not CapCom


>Orwell was critising the rising consumerist culture.

I think it was just an attack on totalitarianism, especially Stalin's brand. The similarities with late stage capitalism are either an unhappy coincidence or a sign that capitalism will develop a brand new strain of totalitarianism. I'd bet on the latter. I mean, America has been remarkably successful at being a "democratic police State", something that I used to think couldn't even exist.


Yup. He already caught himself in a bind a decade ago in a very dodgy "journalistic investigation" about CP turned into a police investigation. IIRC he escaped a one-way tour through the prison-industrial complex thanks to a blatantly false interpretation of a law supposed to protect investigative journalism. Anyone with sense already saw the red flags back then, and last year it turned out he wasn't just posing as a user or such, he was a fucking admin. But it was Wikileaks who outed him so the media mafia doesn't give a fuck.


You know, pick the right churnalist and they just might. I mean, after the golden shower fiasco, it's clear that they have zero standards by now. Maybe it''s work better if you get more than one hourno to "break the story" at the same date across various outlets.


That Black Mirror episode "Metalhead" is essentially about life in AnCapistan tbqh



>nobel prize economics




File: 6b374036f62d207⋯.png (1.54 MB, 1202x1080, 601:540, MacArthur korean war.png)


MacArthur was Posadist.



Nah it's about life in a post-Yugo state or any state that has landmines in it from a conflict.


File: 795c5fafa85a078⋯.jpg (42.77 KB, 681x1024, 681:1024, 1516161763831.jpg)

me on the left


File: 5de1ffd573b5962⋯.jpg (19.1 KB, 340x227, 340:227, sad.jpg)


me on the left without the swastika and unironically turbomanlet instead of making myself small


File: 6b84b38804a48aa⋯.jpg (102.96 KB, 1080x806, 540:403, I GOT THE FEVER.jpg)


>me in charge of left and right


File: fc20e3ea6f27d29⋯.jpg (79.54 KB, 681x1024, 681:1024, 1516161763831.jpg)


psh think again boi


File: 5eb8b37cff7a0ff⋯.png (697.54 KB, 600x640, 15:16, KEPT EVERYTHING INSIDE OF ….png)

>tfw batoto closes tomorrow


File: 1a7ce1c3f01f981⋯.png (1.76 MB, 1921x1080, 1921:1080, wallpaper.png)


File: 2a5931238e61d7f⋯.png (51.19 KB, 324x338, 162:169, IMG_1690.PNG)

What's the leftist version of this meme? It shits on ancaps but for the life of me I can't find it. It's something of along the lines of "when you call yourself an Anarchist but have no idea what the term means" or something like that.


Whom else here high on some of that good ass wanting cute really gay boyfriend oh god i need dis


File: 07c01733c67c4d0⋯.png (356.6 KB, 640x562, 320:281, 872.png)

File: 01f551f61d91a20⋯.png (53.01 KB, 616x608, 77:76, ancap trap.png)


Here's two I have



I'm high af off that wanting a nice, cute gf but having no idea how to socialize with my peers after 4 years of self-imposed social isolation and 10 years of depression



How can someone like that be a self-professed "anarcho-capitalist" and objectivist.


File: 5f22ef030b1160a⋯.png (248.55 KB, 600x650, 12:13, ClipboardImage.png)


Best one I got


Has anyone noticed that there are several channels on youtube with "philosophy" or "truth" in their seemingly non-partisan names that largely post Peterson videos? Who's behind this fuckery? Examples:

Bite Sized Philosophy


Essential Truth





Thanks. Will save and put on Booru later.



File: b4a20447fdcdec5⋯.jpg (152.41 KB, 1024x767, 1024:767, 0bfc3e26c621c21520d1755572….jpg)

Canadians are not people


Out of the two nbiggest names in science fiction of the 1890's, Jules Verne/H.G. Wells

I think people seriously overlook how prescient Wells was in predicting how the future would end up. At least in terms of warfare.


File: 1c5d50ae0a651d6⋯.jpg (34.21 KB, 851x604, 851:604, DTkqUrJVoAIe73z.jpg large.jpg)


This image has been making the rounds too.


File: b24913e6b137722⋯.jpg (97.33 KB, 690x356, 345:178, 1516224505965.jpg)

what's he thinking right now?



Only the top minds of the entire world could ever truly understand that man's complex thoughts.


File: 88a5cedec132ddf⋯.png (258.48 KB, 1035x472, 1035:472, spirit circle the heck wa….png)


gonna take a shot in the dark and assume Branco has no idea what the hammer and sickle is supposed to symbolize



Who wouldn't want to pork a pig?



Look closely. Look real close at the image. One of those things is not like the others


File: 266d678d69c6e4d⋯.png (1021.41 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, steamed hams jrpg.png)

my aurora borealis joke got deleted with the tax cut thread :(


File: b3fd66e946077ef⋯.webm (863.26 KB, 1066x600, 533:300, nope3534534.webm)

>mfw I am just about to form an interpersonal connection with someone (doubly true if that connection is of a romantic nature)

Shit I may actually need to see a therapist.


File: 1a213d2a3da4828⋯.png (147.32 KB, 673x347, 673:347, mbmc larp 1.png)

File: 7ef16384f18848c⋯.png (494.54 KB, 1588x1295, 1588:1295, mbmc larp 1 and a half.png)

File: 19c8e766e556371⋯.png (777.63 KB, 1300x994, 650:497, mbmc larp 2.png)

File: bce99512f880486⋯.png (79.06 KB, 1147x271, 1147:271, mbmc larp 3.png)

File: 670401f38459011⋯.png (184.45 KB, 830x779, 830:779, mbmc larp 4.png)

I stayed up way too late doing this, but unlike the past few nights I don't regret documenting such an obvious /pol/ false flag in the wild

Whatcha doin' /pol/…?



I don't get it, how did they add 2 and 2 together. It could have been someone copying the post, someone who read the post, someone who just coincidentally used different language

Even if that was him, what exactly are they winning by pointing it out

This shit is stupid



I don't get this either. Is the suggestion that Justin Miller is not a real person but is a sockpuppet for some /pol/ person attempting to stir up publicity for their larp and rally the other /pol/tards around hey look we're triggering the snowflakes? That's the kind of tactic they'd use but it looks like a real profile. What is the last picture supposed to prove?


File: a4eb2ee896d9b69⋯.jpg (208.39 KB, 883x429, 883:429, hwd.jpg)


market forces. Peterson by himself is popular enough that you stand to gain by posting footage of him, but he also is entrenched in or associated with other internet "trends ('critiquing' social justices warriors/feminism/leftism and traditionalist reaction to modernity) that are popular with a chunk of the user base.

As for the names of the channels, I'd chalk that up to branding like we see in rational skepticism i.e framing my opinions as rational so people who I don't like and disagree with me are irrational. Or giving an intellectual veneer to my hangups to make me feel superior.


Fucking hell I got myself food poisoning


so last night i was dreaming that a qt white girl came to my house, she pretended to be visiting, but when i went away from the room and came back she was in lingerie, she started kissing me and shit, but then i was like "wait don't you have a boyfriend" and she answered "yeah i have, but he gave me permission to be with people of your race", and then i continued kissing her but then i remembered i was in my moms house, and said to her "well i'm not going to fuck here am i" and then i woke up, guys is /pol/ infiltrating my dreams?, how do i clense myself?, so armchair psycologist of /leftypol/ pls tell me what does it mean



just don't mix red pill with ecstasy next time


File: 82e81c2be63bfa0⋯.png (3.07 MB, 1791x800, 1791:800, ynabw0f7l85z.png)

does anyone have this wallpaper at a normal resolution, also give me some more vaporwave wallpapers


File: 931560b6a51f0c5⋯.jpg (355.93 KB, 945x1529, 945:1529, 61.jpg)


you are ashamed of your attraction to white women because they run counter to the feminine ideal as embodied by your mother thus the "mom's house" setting stopping you from doing the deed. Also you feel inadequate and need to have your masculinity reaffirmed by other men (the boy friend giving permission and thus declaring you his sexual superior). Also you need to floss more.



tell me your resolution and I'll resize it or try to at least


File: 0d7a3f71c82255c⋯.png (2.48 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 82e81c2be63bfa08258bc25f74….png)



Just did 1080


Someone just got an IP and removal ban since 5 replies just vanished here, one in the Naziposter thread, and 2 threads on their own vanished



thx mate this is great!


File: 34dbf94aa5f623b⋯.png (70.63 KB, 203x172, 203:172, IMG_1709.PNG)

Is this the ideal Transhumanist body?



read Cockshott



you should really make a separate thread about this.



>muh choices

>muh consumer

even though i can envision solutions, you personally get a centrally planned smack around the head.


File: 7918d89d4d2a10f⋯.png (773.26 KB, 739x514, 739:514, Kinmozas12.png)

subway lunch karen


Check the ban list, someone is repeatedly ban evading and reposting their shit.


>someone who just coincidentally used different language

Some /pol/yp was raiding the larp thread last night and using basically the same arguments with identical phrasing. Entire sentences were copied. Both the raid posts and the facebook post happened within a couple of hours of each other. Would have posted the raid posts as well if they weren't deleted

>Even if that was him, what exactly are they winning by pointing it out

I pissed him off by laughing at him after he went to complain about getting banned and he started following me around /leftpol/ trying to frame me as a /pol/ agent of some dumb shit. So I did that up to fuck with him. No other reason really

>This shit is stupid

It is. Gomenasai (;´・Д・)


>Is the suggestion that Justin Miller is not a real person but is a sockpuppet for some /pol/ person attempting to stir up publicity for their larp and rally the other /pol/tards around hey look we're triggering the snowflakes? That's the kind of tactic they'd use but it looks like a real profile. What is the last picture supposed to prove?

If it was a real profile that wasn't immediately deleted after it was used then it would show up in searches of Justin Millers in Chicago, IL. I screencapped the entirety of the results and the (likely) sockpuppet account doesn't show up in them. This is also combined with the identical phrasing and the fact that the facebook post uses an image originally posted to /leftypol/ and which hasn't been posted anywhere else according to a google image search


reposting because i like the thought:

What's with the number of people who've apparently never seen their father/grandfather make anything in their lives? The kind of people who think "If the shops don't sell shelves, I can't have a shelf" rather than "literally any spare plank of wood and some nails can make a shelf"

You'd think given the individualist focus of the modern world, such basic self-reliance, ingenuity, etc, would be something celebrate and elevated to an artform - but you don't see it. Even where you do see people who make things, it's wrapped up in the market mechanism as some "bespoke" "artisan" crap, rather than a shelf, which you make, because it's easy

And that leads me to my reply to >>2360816 as well, since I wandered into the topic replying in the main thread on this silly question. No government control is necessary for people to just make shit themselves with surplus resources. (And even with central planning, there can easily be surplus wood.) Making your own electronics is a little harder (though for analogue stuff and even simple digital chips, by no means impossible.), but you could occupy yourselves for countless hours just whitling at wood to make a little figure, a little figure that no shop can provide you with. But no, there's even a strange modern pathology that things you make yourself aren't real things at all. You can make a beautiful shelf, but it's not a real shelf, is it? (I dare say, it's not a real commodity, and so is rejected on that basis.) It's not neat and homogenised like this gloss-covered Ikea pseudoplastic thing, which has been produced, which cost money, and is therefore inherently of higher social value.

There's a sliding scale with it, isn't there? Say you make a toy with your own hands, one of a kind, even if it's of good quality? $0. Something a factory produces as a limited run of 10? Rare! Good! $18501! Something a Chinese factory produces in a run of a million? $1, and of vastly inferior quality to what you made yourself - but a real product, and thereby much more likely to be desired by the child you made it for, provided that child has been fully introduced to modern industrial society.

Late capitalism is fucking weird.


File: 6639a6025e6507a⋯.png (304.18 KB, 683x384, 683:384, hunterxhunter.png)


>tfw can't go two days without drinking

>tfw gaining all my weight back

>tfw have been unemployed and had no luck in job searching for so long that my father literally said to me "Maybe it just wasn't meant for you to have a job"

>tfw 22 year old virgin

>tfw high school dropout

>tfw look like absolute shit

>tfw haven't read a book in months, attention span has shortened exponentially, can barely make myself read the news thread

>tfw no matter how hard I try things just seem more and more pointless

There's no point to living. Even if we got communism life is pointless and someone like me would probably suffer equally because I'm just a waste of a man. I'm the byproduct of good humans perpetuating themselves, I'm like the meat that falls on the floor during the production of good cuts of beef that gets made into a vienna sausage. Why the fuck did I have to be the kid out of my parents litter who did absolutely nothing with his life why couldn't I have just died in birth


File: 0ec47cd8d4c0d20⋯.png (170 KB, 500x641, 500:641, c418e432a0b75394b195bd8d32….png)

Can I have state assigned Frens under cumminism?


File: 2fdbf3cbd34d6ae⋯.jpg (95.35 KB, 800x1066, 400:533, __alice_cartelet_and_oomiy….jpg)



lmao I'm the guy telling him to fuck off back to /pol/



Honestly why not? I've got it alright for the moment, being NEET. When my dad dies or gets sick of taking care of me I can just be homeless, it's easier than its ever been. Why not just give up whenever trying just seems to make everything worse?


File: 46b7888cf76f742⋯.pdf (6.76 MB, The Unique and Its Propert….pdf)

File: 3666a378d3ccb32⋯.jpg (48 KB, 542x441, 542:441, adorno thumbs up.jpg)


take some adhd pills and read

and succumb to true nihilism


File: 849e0c454d04325⋯.gif (144.27 KB, 354x369, 118:123, 1372176884372.gif)


I'll be your friend, anon <3


>tfw those are my thoughts as well

26 y/o khv here though. I can't make it any better but just have this gif and know that we're all in this together and you can always talk here.


File: 045150cc01b6472⋯.png (598.26 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Yuuko_excuses3_ep3.png)



You don't really miss much if you are a Virgin

Sex is kind of a chore

Cuddles are God tier tho and probably will live up to your expectations tho


File: 58690557430abee⋯.jpg (8.69 KB, 229x200, 229:200, d70128a0d1d6dec7d67287bf73….jpg)

My cute chinese gf left me a week ago and Im fucking depressed. She was born and raised in rural china and studied there before moving here. I am heartbroken, she was so sweet and beautiful. She was the only person I could openly talk about communism to, lol. She really loved Mao, quoted him all the time, told me she was part of the Young Pioneers and that her relatives were party members. Her parents were pretty reactionary though - her father forbade her to marry me because I wasn't Han Chinese, which was one of the reasons she called it off after 2 years. Oh well, life goes on…

> tfw u will probably never find a ☭TANKIE☭ GF again


File: 586e9fb35179e09⋯.jpg (37.08 KB, 450x499, 450:499, deng.jpg)


>You don't really miss much if you are a Virgin

Yeah dude that's why people act like I've never seen the Mona Lisa when they find out that I've never had sex, cuz it's just a mundane activity like shitting or pissing.


File: 6ddf0aa7f00181f⋯.jpg (190.33 KB, 794x1124, 397:562, my father died.jpg)


>getting offended by other people being surprised at you

get a grip



>will never find a ☭TANKIE☭ gf again

You know that's not always a bad thing right, I date a liberal and we're perfectly fine. I'm not gonna try to really push them into anything (they live in a place where politics don't matter at that point). I've been happily dating them for about 3-4 years and hey everything is amazing! :D


File: 34ac935bf2d3802⋯.jpg (77.6 KB, 561x785, 561:785, Only way to workout _f2c00….jpg)


4 real

Sex is just a over complicated way of masturbating

The only position I would say it's worth the effort is deepthroating

The Cuddles and falling sleep in a bed after is what makes sex good imo



>cuz it's just a mundane activity like shitting or pissing

It is, and that's exactly why people are so weirded out by people who never do it.



Last I checked you could turn off search visibility on facebook, but tracking the picture is somewhat convincing. Carry on then.



It might be overrated, I guess what I really want more is actually a girl that loves me.


…I have never told anyone I'm a virgin. I'm pretty sure all of my friends know anyway.



> Even if we got communism life is pointless and someone like me would probably suffer equally because I'm just a waste of a man.

I'm not entirely like you, but I am an outcast and a fuckup. I would be miserable in a communist society. I support communism for people who are not like me and to make sure people like me don't exist in the future.


Sex with someone you don't care too much about is like jacking off, except you feel good about yourself for the next few days instead of feeling worse. Of course, you just go back to feeling like shit anyway, so you're really just postponing the inevitable.


>…I have never told anyone I'm a virgin. I'm pretty sure all of my friends know anyway.

They do lol


File: e48d30c856cb31d⋯.png (65.83 KB, 326x317, 326:317, 5a5ff4ad94431.png)

Hourly reminder that Can*dians are not people



>Sex is just a over complicated way of masturbating

You don't get off of the body warmth and the weight of another human being? That's probably, the only real reason it's good, any orgasm comes second.


File: 2f9cdc51f39cdf7⋯.gif (830.97 KB, 245x245, 1:1, guido.gif)


>They do lol

I-I don't care


File: a5599eae55a5f56⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 618.03 KB, 1280x1852, 320:463, 17 (1).jpg)


Yeah, thats why I said deepthroating was good shit fam

I also like cowboy rinding and that but the problem is that my dick feels like came crawling back from a WW1

trench after I'm done


File: d018d3938002b2d⋯.jpg (5.62 KB, 284x178, 142:89, download.jpg)


*Laughs in Charter of Rights and Freedoms*


File: d8648c3fe35bff0⋯.jpg (127.75 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1512323532317.jpg)


Just wait

the day of the rake will come



I'm just saying if its such a worthless activity then who gives a shit if anybody does it? That anon was acting like it was something that people actually would rather not do, so why do they act offended whenever they find out I never have?


Then I guess I'm too worthless to even experience one of the most mundane things ever and people are justified in judging me for it


File: 65f7a1cfa2f658e⋯.jpg (76.08 KB, 736x552, 4:3, c96246f63cafff0e6490617002….jpg)


And pornography is protected as a right under my constitution, meanwhile your hentai is soon to be behind a paywall


File: 9a768340708e008⋯.gif (2.75 MB, 245x263, 245:263, 1424746493020.gif)

It's so hard.



I'd let her batter me domestically, if you know what I mean...



>tfw no thicc brown homicidal gf


File: 69ca228a42d9671⋯.jpg (403.81 KB, 1000x857, 1000:857, IMG_1712.JPG)

Anyone got subtle shit I can use on a place which strives itself to be the next 4chan but fails miserably.



you're not worthless as a man just because you haven't sticked your pingas inside a vaginas

i mean kant and newton died without ever doing it

just get something else to do and dedicate yourself to, it's not like not getting any impedes you from being a functioning human ever again



Maybe you intrinisically aren't worth any less than anyone else but people think you are. And it's a cycle. When someone finds out you're a virgin, they automatically think less of you and take you less seriously. I could become the leader of some revolutionary militia and the moment someone found out I had never had sex my authority would be undermined. Its just how people are now, I've directly experienced it first hand. If you've never had sex and/or a job people automatically look down on you, and if you've never had either people legitimately think you have a form of mental retardation. So you start thinking maybe they're right and becoming more reclusive which leads to less opportunities which leads to more shame and embarassment and so on and so forth


File: 11a57afd7b8c588⋯.mp4 (3.57 MB, 960x720, 4:3, In My Talons, I Shape Clay….mp4)

Hey, I could use some sources on on cybernetic socialism and decentralized economic coordination.

I've been planning to write my thesis as a condensed package about the general theory of the subject as a tool for greater economic efficiency and stability in order to callously spread the idea, the dream and vision, of an potential alternate future among ICT-scholars while simultaneously avoiding direct mention of obvious left-wing talking-points and ideals when possible, as such might cause a ideological counter-reaction. I need numbers and technobabble to convince 'em, but nearly anything scientific goes.

I've got Cockshott queued up, but I could use more names —printed on soft- and hardbacks, no matter which— to back me up when presenting this concept.

Any and all aid will be gladly accepted, insect.


Anyone got that thing from Richard Spencer that "centralism is a good gateway drug" or what not.


File: e74b5e2918ece82⋯.jpg (51.69 KB, 271x450, 271:450, 414999.jpg)


I would suggest the original "The day the earth stood still", the system that's hinted at is one where personal freedom was given up to the superior robots since nukes are too powerful for indulgent humans to use. However that's a film and also closer to transhuminism. The book its based off of "Farewell to the master" would be better, especially with how the robot is in charge but is too good(morally) to kill anyone despite humans attempting to kill him

Arthur C Clarke's "Childhood's end" is also an idealistic techo-egalitarian society, where aliens show up and do nothing more than tell humans to stop fighting. They do literally nothing else for 50 years and because humans stop fighting they enter an age of extreme artistic creation, all jobs are available and whether or not you get your job is based not on qualification but on need, and if you don't like your job resources are so common spread that people build their own technocratic societies. There's more to it with how without war we lose creativity and humanity stagnates and it's all part of a scheme to blunt humanity's cruelty to ready them for psychic uplifting and yadda yadda yadda. The world's interesting though, since it errs on Transhumanism since it explicitly states that all industry has been automated and jobs only exist because people get bored easily, there's no pay or anything

Or any Isaac Asimov novel. They're all post-scarcity societies where individual input becomes irrelevant.


File: f8d881cf2d365fd⋯.mp4 (941.29 KB, 480x360, 4:3, really makes me smile.mp4)

just found an my little pony villain song and thought it'd be a funny match with some Stalin music video to it


used to do shit like that with windows movie maker when it was pre-installed, actually easy to use and kinda functional



now i forgot to ask the question i was actually going for:

anyone got more "fitting" music that can be easily re-interpreted?



then put penis inside vagine or quit beating yourself up for being a virgin

noone cares unless you make a big deal out of it, i mean you could always lie



>unemployed lumpen projecting working conditions of his mode of production in a retarded comic strip

good boy points were transfered to your mom, you can request a blowjob from your sister if you save up 10 more



>then put penis inside vagine or quit beating yourself up for being a virgin

As someone who is both an adult virgin and suffers from depression, I feel pretty confident in saying that giving advice like this is pretty much the equivalent of telling a depressed person "haha dude just like, stop being sad bro ahaha just like go on a walk and stuff :D" It's really not that simple or easy and it's really hard if not impossible for someone who isn't an adult virgin to understand it.


File: 2841e6ae882d42f⋯.jpg (10.97 KB, 384x384, 1:1, 2434d09eb1f55cb403d27245a8….jpg)


bait is bait



whatever, have it your way


File: 2e2ceba8a0c8396⋯.jpg (259.96 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, a2178943790_10 (1).jpg)


Don't mind me, just posting tunes


File: d5f48575d59b5a5⋯.jpg (70.1 KB, 826x1169, 118:167, FB_IMG_1515942597557.jpg)


I mind you anon



Those are some thicc bitches



this, thanks. <3



A truly thicc bitchii wouldn't have a thigh gap like that


File: 009f2f38cc703a6⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 2.29 MB, 2560x2600, 64:65, 1516249776820.png)

You know it's been many years, I thought I was immune but I finally have to admit it. As soon as I saw pic related…

/pol/ triggered me.

I'm literally shaking right now.

This is not ok. This is NOT normal. #resistance


File: 7f7cd539fd9696c⋯.png (160.33 KB, 1235x1235, 1:1, sketch-1516314421032.png)

If America wasn't so classcucked, then the New California secessionist movement would probably be led by Maoists


File: 0cecfc73bc609fd⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 126.17 KB, 1191x670, 1191:670, skullgirls_art_gallery___s….jpg)


you want some women with thigh gaps, pal?



Don't make too much of other people's opinions in the abstract. Just be discreet - if you don't broadcast things that weird people out, they will not be weirded out.


File: f2919152e3e4aea⋯.png (148.77 KB, 293x336, 293:336, ClipboardImage.png)


>My Liberal friend said that the Californian secessionist movement was started by Russia to divide the country.

>When I asked for evidence she said that "well there were these people who were for it who had Russia listed as a location on Twitter."

Holy shit. How could someone believe this?



I specifically did not ask for this


For god's sakes for the 3rd time this week the one social media I use has a notification glitch. I swear it's more broken than 8chan




…tbh I kinda want a toned down version of this.


File: a5627630018c76d⋯.gif (Spoiler Image, 972.2 KB, 213x255, 71:85, woman looks at you in a pa….gif)



someone is going to jack off to this very gif tonight


File: 24519fc418137ef⋯.png (275.14 KB, 618x1304, 309:652, redneckrevoltdwaynedixon[2….png)

File: 6eb4d0410f0780b⋯.png (262.08 KB, 622x918, 311:459, redneckrevoltdwaynedixon[3….png)

/pol/ is attempting to take down Redneck Revolt for anyone who cares:




>going to



That second one looks like it was made in Microsoft paint.



>run them out of town

>their kind aren't wanted around here

Funny how they appeal to their supposed allies using crude southern stereotypes.



>explains what anthropology is

grim but i guess understandable

>explains what a vegan is



File: fd7923ecc441bfa⋯.png (932.6 KB, 1032x774, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)


>involved in a car accident that ended a young protester's life

Whoa hold on

Are they saying that somehow these guys caused the death of that protester that got ran over? They're literally trying to blame the thing they're responsible for on someone else

Also I like how they said "involved in a car accident" and not admitting that the "young man" was either the driver or person run over, which basically means that no this "young man" was not involved in anyway whatsoever in that hit-and-run

unless seeing it on TV or something counts


File: de6ff8488111cac⋯.jpg (57.46 KB, 896x669, 896:669, 720.jpg)

Hey its 2018 and I still dont understand this meme

I want my money back



Yeah but why though? It's not going to do anything and how the fuck do you "run someone out of town" in the year 2018. Does /pol/ think the south still works like cowboy films?



I think you mean was. That colour of pink is the default one in paint. It's also incredibly stupid looking.


These fuckers need to iron their flags. Also the one of the right has to be one of the ugliest flags going.



>you don't get it yet because the Popular American Liberation Army led by Comrade Jeb! has not yet risen.

Dumb nigger.



This deserves its own thread


File: fc097f54c89057e⋯.gif (39.82 KB, 350x263, 350:263, 1475929300738.gif)


Your words cannot hurt me



>Does /pol/ think the south still works like cowboy films

No, they think we're still in the 60s and that every other week we hang them dumb niggers from a tree and praise our flag, god bless murica with our white ethnostate and the confederacy, yada yada yada



lmao some faggot named fucking Dwayne is whiter than 90% of /pol/fags



>autistic polyps still pushing the nazis dindu nothing in Charlottesville conspiracy

how do they not realize what a terrible idea that is. Even from a white nationalist standpoint defending the Charlottesville killer is terrible optics and will only help turn liberals against the right



>Just be discreet - if you don't broadcast things that weird people out, they will not be weirded out.

I don't but eventually it comes up and I don't feel like lying. Like when I'm hanging out with my friends eventually sex and sexual misadventures etc come up alot and I either say nothing or just admit I'm a virgin.

To be fair it hasn't happened in a long time just because pretty much everyone I still talk to already knows but it's still mortifying and like I was saying earlier I can tell they see me as less of an adult for it.


anyone know how easy it is to steal from vending machines? it seems like they have no security, and they ought to hold a fair amount of money. all you need is a tubular lockpick.



Usually they're by security cameras in my instance.



Adult virgins aren't equivalent to children; they're subhuman. Children have consensual sex, even prepubescent children..To go through your horniest years untouched and unloved is a sign that you are fundamentally flawed. You're missing some social skill that is necessary for one to be considered a person. An adult who's never had sex is like an adult who's never eaten lunch with a friend. Sex is something that JUST HAPPENS if you're well socialized, even if you're ugly or awkward.


File: 75519301a0891a0⋯.jpg (62.12 KB, 800x571, 800:571, eraserhead.jpg)


>Adult virgins aren't equivalent to children; they're subhuman. Children have consensual sex, even prepubescent children..To go through your horniest years untouched and unloved is a sign that you are fundamentally flawed. You're missing some social skill that is necessary for one to be considered a person. An adult who's never had sex is like an adult who's never eaten lunch with a friend. Sex is something that JUST HAPPENS if you're well socialized, even if you're ugly or awkward.

I agree with most of this but I'd say that adult virgins can still be "functional" and still be missing whatever missing link it is that makes sex happen between other people. Like, I have a lot of friends IRL and a somewhat normal social life, I've even had gfs and gotten blowjobs, but full sex just never materialized. One of the most mortifying things about people finding out I'm still a virgin, in fact, is how surprised they are. I get a lot of "NO WAY!" and shit. If anything its even worse than if i was a total loser because the distinction between how people talked to me before and how they talk to me after is even more blatantly in my face



Wow I didn't know me and my sister are both subhuman and have no ability to interact with people. We don't even have trouble making friends. Please don't lump everyone in with /r9k/ because I haven't smashed my genitals against someone else. The whole of human existance isn't about just sex.


i gotta stop going to /pol/ man. having discourse with reactionaries is too fucking much


File: 4fbd6ed181fce0c⋯.jpg (232.82 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 4fbd6ed181fce0c5de1e5122fe….jpg)

Can anybody post for me that 2smart wojak meme that says "when you call both sides bad and don't explain why"



>Children have consensual sex

Say that again




>making a strawman of real people so that you can justify your own self-hatred

sad tbh.


File: 712b01a86bf3c75⋯.jpg (131.75 KB, 736x823, 736:823, DT2vpGBXkAAi95H.jpg)

Gore Vidal and Chad White photographed by Steven Klein for L’Uomo Vogue (2006)



Well, you know now. Socialization is a crucial part of being a person. Sex is a crucial part of socialization.


This is an utterly uncontroversial statement, especially since my usage of "prepubescent children" implies that I'm using children broadly to include teenagers. The idea that prepubescent children do sexual shit with each other is also uncontroversial. You'd be hard pressed to argue that NONE of that behavior is consensual.


>No ur a virgin lol

Are you a Houthi rocket cuz ur way off target xD



>Sex is a crucial part of socialization

Why tho?


File: 712a6e87e448d18⋯.png (145.11 KB, 1114x315, 1114:315, ClipboardImage.png)



No you quite clearly said that it was


>Sex is a crucial part of socialization

Not like it's a biological urge or anything so that we do nothing more than simply spread our genes and the orgasm is just a carrot on a stick. Also even though I discuss the fall of Rome with my gf in bed I don't think many other people socialize with sex



>No you quite clearly said that it was

I said "Children have consensual sex, even prepubescent children." Why would I include "even prepubescent children" unless I intended "children" unqualified to be a broader category? I get that you want to be an adult, but teenagers are still children. I included "consensual" to exclude pedophilia. Learn to read, faggot.

>Muh biology I totally have a gf btw

This isn't /r/samharris, pussy.


File: 7c81c4f119fee7a⋯.jpg (60.33 KB, 603x768, 201:256, 202fb0da889e4f27878c60e82c….jpg)



Thanks comrade


File: 09c92caa38c4c21⋯.jpg (189.54 KB, 491x459, 491:459, 20180118_194324.jpg)

>tfw turned down in two job interviews in one day


File: 72a1ace279828ec⋯.png (236.36 KB, 936x536, 117:67, ClipboardImage.png)


That's a nice ad hominem, if you're gonna do that at least don't make it incorrect



that's some nice feminist ideology you got going there bucko, mind if I correct you there on that


I see you haven't been on this board long, since have these posts are on gfs, lack of, missing gfs, bfs, anime gfs, and other sexual/social failings/success that help contribute to understanding of the human condition

so uh before you uh act like an idiot uh please find some actual substance uh instead of saying uncontroversial and not understanding the meaning of the word uh




File: 0386089900d7ac6⋯.png (89.25 KB, 481x681, 481:681, __komichi_aya_kin_iro_mosa….png)


friend if someone saw fit to hire my sad sack ass there's a HR manager out there willing to hire you


File: 6d3ddde31171670⋯.png (677.51 KB, 1680x1050, 8:5, kaboom.png)

Batman the animated series has the most beautiful animated explosions in just about every episode. It's fucking sweet.


File: a2c405069878326⋯.webm (2.51 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 1458232306623.webm)


File: d5a87be4ad1608a⋯.png (955.78 KB, 727x1024, 727:1024, zuck.png)

I'm afraid


File: d00d3ea9b2f4d38⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 32.24 KB, 266x190, 7:5, IMG_1720.JPG)

What's a Posadists favorite song?


File: bbd53fbe683a174⋯.gif (1.9 MB, 496x497, 496:497, d2037948ba1079360f6f1f4142….gif)

I got fever

Can someone come to my home and do my work and nurse me?



>not taking this opportunity to draw Alunya in a nurse outfit

Step up fam.



File: a9b15fa80baddc9⋯.png (168.44 KB, 364x413, 52:59, 1496698881204.png)

got flu but instead of comfy sleeping i get to stay up all night finishing an essay

if I'm not dead by tomorrow night I'll need something comfy to watch, what's good


File: bd43067ba9bcb64⋯.jpg (227.04 KB, 1725x971, 1725:971, 7C8.jpg)


Let's die of work while we should be resting Anon.

A suicide pact and we hide our bodies from Logan Paul.






File: c5fd98fc3d6303a⋯.png (155.12 KB, 680x164, 170:41, ClipboardImage.png)

The latest in /pol/'s attempts to make random stuff racist

How long do you give it until a news outlet takes it seriously and fulfills the master plan of these autistic fucks?



File: 828ca19a0e2812b⋯.png (371.16 KB, 832x868, 208:217, face rage blur3423.png)

Why are the women in LA so much better than Seattle? Seriously why the fuck am I stuck living in a sausage fest?


File: ffb65f85d7ec5e9⋯.gif (1.57 MB, 500x281, 500:281, Karasuma3.gif)


warmer outside

always summer

therefore women go outside more and move around more and get hot tans

seattle women stay inside and stay pasty as FUCK and get flabby because of shit pacific northwest weather


we'll find out real soon I guess


File: 0f26d30e1edd158⋯.png (330.4 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

Just finished Devilman Crybaby and I wasn't ready…

<Episodes 1-8

>wow I love this anime.

>great aesthetic, nice soundtrack

>It's so refreshing to have an anime where the main character isn't a timid bitch

<Episodes 9-10

>i need an adult

I'm gonna go lay down. I think it's time I watched Kemono Friends or something…



This is mostly true, but at the same time I can't wait to move out of LA. Alaska is the only place for me.


File: c3d638ee20999cc⋯.png (47.07 KB, 194x151, 194:151, devilman crybaby ryo.png)


I love watching people be exposed to devilman for the first time.


File: 2e1bd847d14f681⋯.jpg (42.22 KB, 500x334, 250:167, 2e1.jpg)

>tfw your first world problems stack and now feels like third world problems


I just came back from visiting relatives in the bay area and this place is so damn cool; There's just so much to do, I could meet up with online friends and talk to people (I went to a co-op cafe in Berkeley to discuss with anarcho communists while smoking weed, good shit), you can get around walking around and using public transport and the weather is so much better.

I have comfortable life in my boring Texas town as I don't really struggle or lack any real material needs, but it's just such a reverse culture shock to come back; There's nothing to do except drinking, everyone here supports Trump because they fear the coastal cultural Marxist that want to implement Islamig gommunism and kill all the white people, and the weather is absolute shit in the summer.

Should I move? California is like another country, like actually first world, but I would have to live in a shoebox with my cousin and moderate my living standards (sleep in the couch, shared bathroom, minifridge). Is California just a trap?



>bay area

No don't move there. Don't encourage porky.



So lets say they do convince people that isopods are some form of hate symbol, what then? It doesn't get them any closer to what they believe in unless their end goal is triggering the libs over isopods.


File: fe3970562287c73⋯.gif (70.33 KB, 591x605, 591:605, 1431491964534.gif)

I'm in need of attention but I have no friends and my qtpie is asleep

What should I do leftypol?



You should be reading theory



California is pretty nice, there's a reason 1/7 burgers live here. Bay area is ridiculously expensive but max comfy if you can afford it.


If I get dubs you'll make a friend tonight.


File: e27ea49fff3207f⋯.mp4 (8.19 MB, 352x288, 11:9, We will all go together wh….mp4)

File: 2b6141fb9aa337f⋯.mp4 (7.67 MB, 640x360, 16:9, So long Mom.mp4)


File: 073fac57e54069e⋯.jpg (38.4 KB, 744x610, 372:305, C9Aqvr3WsAEwKDv.jpg)


But I'm not in the mood of that


My only other friend just woke up

Your singles were strong enough


File: b71034a4361dea7⋯.png (462.61 KB, 950x759, 950:759, 1469778544588.png)



I am tired of being ordered to stay positive.


Good morning


You should listen to tunes and chat with /leftypol/ innit


>unless their end goal is triggering the libs

That's /pol/reddit for you



Their end goal is always to trigger liberals

They're not the brightest bunch so what more do you expect?


File: d4b77716e16af0c⋯.png (38.83 KB, 164x226, 82:113, commie vroom.png)



vroom vroom


Something I've always wanted to do was write and sing a love song, and I wrote it but I feel it's a mockery of myself with parts of it.



…share if have?


File: d3fbcacbe0593cb⋯.mp4 (7.26 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Steamed Communism.mp4)






this is bad OC and you should feel bad for trying



i didn't make it, i just found it and convereted it to mp4.

if i'd made it, i'd have put the monorail episode (yes the whole thing) to the red flag on a loop.


watching sargon get slaughtered by mister metokur is reasonably enjoyable.

(although that i'm spending 20 minutes on this is rather shameful.)

"you think you're going to change the world, you're fucking youtubers!" (paraphrased) - Jim


File: 2158bcc3f44f26b⋯.png (218.24 KB, 780x1620, 13:27, peterson meme.png)

>post pic related on 4/tv/

>9 replies

…why is it always so fucking easy


File: 03cb2b63d47d8dd⋯.png (85.65 KB, 665x618, 665:618, man actually spends money ….png)

>tfw no Laotian gf to chastise you for buying useless virtual shit


Something that I've always wondered is how Frankfurt went from "x ruins culture" to "weaponize the trannies to get communism"



It makes sense once you account for right-wingers habitually not reading.


File: a915147c7108586⋯.png (17.26 KB, 557x267, 557:267, hmm.png)


File: de857074237b37b⋯.png (44.79 KB, 1114x440, 557:220, reddit.png)


guess where I found this



link? I remember hearing that interaction somewhere recently but can't remember which channel


holy fuck


"Cop Kills 16 Year-Old Inside Courthouse"



https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7bbxrkbiRhA was the version i watched

i couldn't find the full version and to be honest not even Jim's unreasonably listenable voice could make me burn an hour on eceleb drama



Agreed. Jim's lack of even basic knowledge of political philosophy and basic terminology is cringey, though it's telling that even so he manages to beat up Carlgon over his use of the moronic "libralist" self description.



You know that could be said for any of us right? How are we going to change the world? Were just some irrelevant Mongolian throat singing board? How are workers going to change they're just a powerless group of people, they aren't anybody important. It's pretty easy for anybody to fall into this sort of nihilism.


File: b40b3361262d368⋯.jpg (18.68 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault (0).jpg)

Gday lefties



File: 43930c58ae28bcb⋯.jpg (55.72 KB, 441x700, 63:100, 1322357844428.jpg)



>Jim's unreasonably listenable voice

ikr? good way to describe it


G'day you unreasonably cutie pie anon


File: 44358de87f6628d⋯.png (17.86 KB, 94x93, 94:93, 1344177706904.png)





>songs that satirize/condemn WW3 and nukes

What is this? Liberal hour?




This picture is too cute :3 I miss my cat


File: c1fc80fa5acca4a⋯.mp4 (2.44 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Sy8iMaWqG9gZTImj.mp4)

>Trump gives speech on curtailing abortion rights this morning

>"Right now, in a number of states, the laws allow a baby to be born from his or her mother’s womb in the 9th month. It is wrong, it has to change."

Is he fucking retarded? Did he mistake "born" for "torn"? What the fuck is he trying to say here? I am truly fucking perplexed. I'm genuinely convinced he has fucking dementia, I'm sorry if you think this is liberal theatrics for saying that, but holy fucking shit

This is like, Bushism level.

What the fuck did he mean by this



This picture is too cute :3 I miss my cat


top lel


File: e252f7adf96bb2c⋯.jpg (42.16 KB, 512x288, 16:9, unnamed-1.jpg)



HI u as well


File: 2d4c4b916138ff3⋯.png (281 KB, 1343x755, 1343:755, nazdab.PNG)


>"Right now, in a number of states, the laws allow a baby to be born from his or her mother’s womb in the 9th month. It is wrong, it has to change."



File: b25560e5832df91⋯.jpg (100.96 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Flip Flappers - 13 (1280x7….jpg)


Papika and Cocona so kawaii!



>the girl on the left



eh given his right wing stance and general "lol internet" video thing, political ignorance is better than knowing some political stuff and still being utterly wrong.

I mean there's a bit in the video where Sargon basically goes "free speech, free markets, I'm a liberal" and Jim replies "How is that different from conservatism?", and he's basically right to do so. Academically, there's the point that Hayek was fundamentally a liberal, yes, but everyone knows what you mean when you say liberal, and in both British and US discourse it's not Hayek who comes to mind - it's the Democrats or the Lib-Dems. Jim starts from a position of less knowledge and hits the right answer, while Sargon has a kernel of (accidental?) knowledge disingenuously (or stupidly) spun as "Hayek was correct and also I am left wing but stop Jeremy Corbyn he is a MARXIST"


>You know that could be said for any of us right?

Not to anywhere near the same degree, first because YouTubing is a special kind of self-important masturbation and second because we haven't yet set up a LARP brigade (or two!) where we declare the existence of a new ideology. There's nothing wrong with being a nobody who doesn't change the world, so long as you don't embarrass yourself with an attempt that any adult could tell you will go nowhere.

>How are we going to change the world?

My personal suggestion would be to join your local Labour party. Even if you only change the type of teabags used at CLP meetings to a brand that isn't pro-Israel, you'll have achieved more than Sargon.

How we certainly aren't going to change the world is by bellowing


at an audience of 14 year olds who want to see us trigger /r/neoliberal.

>Were just some irrelevant Mongolian throat singing board?

This one is probably true tbh. We might change the world, but we're not /leftypol/, which probably won't change the world.

>It's pretty easy for anybody to fall into this sort of nihilism.

When you're 40, rotund, and using the internet an overdose of nihilism is infinitely better than a childish belief in wishing yourself to power with a simplified belief in debate and a battle of ideas.

if in doubt, "lol internet" always beats taking yourself too seriously for the complete wrong reasons.


File: d856dabe7635299⋯.jpg (579.9 KB, 870x659, 870:659, jposadas.jpg)



>In our hands is placed a power greater than their hoarded gold,

>Greater than the might of armies, magnified a thousand-fold.

>We can bring the birth a new world from the ashes of the old,

>For the union makes us strong.


File: 7787e83639f34d1⋯.webm (2.15 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1436841777470.webm)


File: 6bbd960917d7709⋯.png (29.32 KB, 424x438, 212:219, ClipboardImage.png)

what the actual fuck


File: f69a963a3748185⋯.gif (740.29 KB, 427x240, 427:240, 1461994367135.gif)



reminder that egdy amrifat liberals aren't socialists.



Fucking hell liberals are dumb. Everyone knows that white men can be oppressed, but women of any race are at least petite bourgeois by default.



this is just regular capitalism



Awful bait


File: 4c63cd83c3166ca⋯.png (1.68 MB, 2338x1655, 2338:1655, 1516398698284.png)


Posting is praxis


Goodnite, I luv you all.


might take up religion just so i can pray for god to kill people i get trapped in conversation with


File: ed5491b0265008b⋯.jpg (46.51 KB, 924x323, 924:323, DT7zrz_VQAEBzME.jpg)

File: 413a297a072f107⋯.jpg (79.37 KB, 954x282, 159:47, DT71kW1UMAA9SMG.jpg)

File: dc2f6ac95333026⋯.jpg (31.35 KB, 920x123, 920:123, DT72UYlVAAABszw.jpg)

File: def4512f53753cb⋯.jpg (77.17 KB, 944x289, 944:289, DT73EUCVoAEeWWO.jpg)

Why is Trump such a fucking beta bitch sub



File: 3969aeec3c67a00⋯.jpg (47.53 KB, 975x152, 975:152, DT74fxJUQAAovg3.jpg)

File: 338283be45ee5bf⋯.jpg (66.54 KB, 952x256, 119:32, DT752dvUQAADiol.jpg)


File: 7ede82fa3946a61⋯.jpg (25.54 KB, 465x695, 93:139, 7ede82fa3946a6169c0ab9c18b….jpg)


>"He said if he cut his hair, or changed it, he would lose his power."


>thought I only had one beer left

>actually have two

It's a January 20th miracle.


File: e00adf5d08d08e2⋯.png (87.11 KB, 661x606, 661:606, smoooooch lunya.png)


Brit socdem, please take the time if you're able, to respond one-on-one to more comments in this thread, when a post needs a competent rebuttal or response. You really word/explain things well & apply a healthy nuance or context when it may be lacking. I always appreciate reading your posts, so I'd love more of them. Of course only if you have the time or patience for it. I screencapped this post, since I think it may come in handy later for similar discussions. Or to use just as a reference for those times.

It's a shame you don't get enough (You)s on some of your great posts… Anyway, just your weekly reminder. :^) Please post more comments like this because they're much more useful than you might think.


File: 327764cd8aa2d99⋯.jpg (16.54 KB, 236x279, 236:279, suehiromaruo1.jpg)


Night night, anon



File: 4e7baa48d2212ad⋯.jpg (52.44 KB, 312x450, 52:75, 23421l.jpg)

is black lagoon a leftist anime?, i feel like it has a definite ideology but i can't tell, one arc is about a dissilusioned communist moving on after the revolution turns dirty, and another is about an islamic fighter together with a japanese revolutionary trying to fuck over the american goverment but failing, but the show also takes place is a fucking dump, with the rejects of society, so i really can't tell if the anime is leftist or not, what's leftypol's veredic?


File: 93a9df22aa7cf80⋯.jpg (53.87 KB, 500x375, 4:3, 1485134631796.jpg)


""Collusion" Author Can’t Say Where Collusion Is! w/ Aaron Maté"

This was really good. At least just watch the first tens minutes; worth it.

Maybe we should have a thread compiling evidence contrary to the Russia/New red scare narrative.

Another thread idea I had, after that poor guy was assassinated by a US cop recently, outside his hotel room(the deadly "simon says" game…), was to compile & document the instances of police brutality we come across. Latest example being this horrendous story >>2362160

I think if we had stickied threads for both of these issues it would be a great reference for leftists when speaking/posting on these topics. We could then use them for OC creation in the OC thread as well. Like our own infographics(except they're accurate), like BO's idea for that OC thread.

Your thoughts on this?

Once we decide the particulars, one of us will make the threads. Would be awesome to have stickied threads on specific, pertinent issues for leftists that need working on. Fine tune our arguments. These threads inevitably attract some /pol/yps, too, so that could be useful to change their minds, convert or debunk them if they spew any nonsense. I was never a /pol/ user, but I can remember coming here for the first time & y'all changed my mind. Same story for a lot of us, I'm sure.

The election sticky thread was one of my favorite & it kind of spawned this very thread, because we used it for general discussion/socializing… lol, I know

I have to sleep shortly, so if i don't reply right away that's why. brb*


File: bcaaacce4cea493⋯.jpg (45.35 KB, 500x505, 100:101, bca-1.jpg)

Hi I'm back home what did I miss


File: e3cb99f984c10bd⋯.png (518.41 KB, 736x661, 736:661, ClipboardImage.png)


just the revolution


File: 51f69832f6f8d58⋯.gif (5.07 MB, 475x253, 475:253, 51f.gif)


Woagh the commies finally took over

now is our turn to hide in the woods and form a militia

It'll have black jack and hookers and no thots allowed

And it'll have a cool name like negazapatistas or sɐʇsıʇɐdɐz



Can we please stop labeling all anime and manga that holds some type of social critique as leftist or communist? Is it impossible to simply critique society without going partisan on it?

But to answer to your question form my opinion I think it holds certain reactionary undertones since manga at least constantly seems to attack idealism of the left-wing.




>doesn't want partisanship

Sounds about right.


File: 786540730b52b81⋯.png (75.09 KB, 184x184, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


forget the black jack and hookers and just go for the thots

and fuck your organization of the armaments among the people, that's my job

I mean general secretary Dore's job

And get a better name like ThotPolize


File: 14d3b42a9d8c402⋯.jpg (288.11 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, shot0042.jpg)


Hating America doesn't make you leftist, it just makes you smart. Kill la Kill is the only truly leftist anime ever made.


File: 39269fca49dde13⋯.jpg (60.5 KB, 800x580, 40:29, 392.jpg)


If an anime critique's society it's inherently leftist, since the right could never actually critique society effectively, if an anime was right leaning or conservative in its view it would just be a load of autistic screeching.

That's the other 90% of animes btw



I can see your point. So the author is just a leftcom screeching about failure of revolution?


File: ec120ad55ce3785⋯.jpg (170.23 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1478549940417.jpg)


I don't hate murica

I don't hate any of u

How high is my lq?



yeah i also get the impression it is attacking the left idealism, but wouldn't a liberal anime attack communism more?, like for god's sake half the characters in the arcs are communist or former comunist, including a gang of afganistan veterans, a communist maid, a revolutionary japanese guy, an arab fucked over by israel, i feel like in a liberal anime all these people would be portraited as bad, and in a facist anime they would be portraited as degenerate, honestly i think it's a succdem anime tbh



If you don't hate america than there's something wrong

even capitalists hate america

there's still some unbecoming homeless person on the corner and there's no private death squad to clear him up


and if market crashes have taught me two things it's that capitalists are impatient as fuck and the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell

and I can't give you an exact number but I'm pretty sure it's below average but above the number of chromosomes of the average hillbilly


File: 1355c6eec963949⋯.jpg (254.9 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 1515887737936.jpg)



I kindly request that you, and everyone reading this, please save the links to all of these delirious things that Trump's fanboys thought he would do. Naming the jew, stop wars, abandoning the Saudis etc., on cuckchan or here, Reddit, Zuccbook or any other less visited fold of the bowels of the internet, it's all welcome.

If time allows, I'll make a collage of all their ridiculous daydreams side by side with Trump's multiple fuck-ups. Just post the links you find here and I'll eventually see them. Just please post several links at a time so it's harder to miss. Thank you.


File: b646601ac11e11d⋯.jpg (80.82 KB, 594x960, 99:160, DAYFpAaXgAAOJ24.jpg)


nah it's closer to incoherent mumbling about how human nature means that revolution will fail

unless it's anarchist cause that's never been tried before, it's always because of the state that the revolution fails.

and never ever because of human nature actually effecting individuals



File: 7c4221bfc4d98b3⋯.jpg (34.61 KB, 620x413, 620:413, laughing stalin.jpg)


hello ancap comrade!

i see you have set up a militia on one of our bunkers underground

we are mighty sorry but, may we have some of your bread and guns? we have been receiving some attacks from reactionaries down south and our troops are having a hard time with lack of resources and what not

you'll be paid for your aid to the party in due time, do not worry about that


File: 3bc9dc66dda2b6a⋯.png (122.17 KB, 656x291, 656:291, tumblr_oaa0l4QzMo1v1yudno1….png)


I-is it terminal?



Themes regarding loyalty to the family and co-operation with your enemies seem to be repeating constantly throughout the whole series.


File: 2a2c04cbd2205fe⋯.png (161.19 KB, 615x516, 205:172, lead_large.png)


speaking of Trump's pornstar escapades


<“He was like, ‘I donate to all these charities and I would never donate to any charity that helps sharks. I hope all the sharks die,’” Daniels claimed. “He was like riveted. He was like obsessed. It’s so strange, I know.”


File: c9fabe01a0dd094⋯.gif (1.29 MB, 405x280, 81:56, anigif_enhanced-buzz-11171….gif)


I'm afraid it's…..

*puts on blast goggles*



File: ec266be5c07361e⋯.gif (3.45 MB, 870x490, 87:49, dirtyglasses.gif)


U can just say please silly

Just bring them bac before 8


Of all the /leftypol/ shit to let slip out among the rest of the trainees, I'm actually surprised it was anti-anglo hate



Kappy drawfag how many cute girl gift do u have






File: a398643f9d5f441⋯.gif (53.63 KB, 800x800, 1:1, a398643f9d5f44163dfad579a4….gif)


also fellas how are yee doin today whicha readin?


Why are people on comrade lenin's dank meme stash unironically calling social conservative communists nazbols or not true communist? what the hell happen to the place ?




we could tell from the flag



am i the last armchairfag in this site?

plz no bolli



Red liberals and biased moderation.

Nice to see that they lifted that word filthier trough.




(social/economic conservativism/liberialism) is a Chicago school bullshit nigga the economic and the social are tide together and can never be cut in the middle where is your marx reading goddammit



fugg meeee forgot retarded flag


Democrat Cops of America


Democrat Cops of America


Democrat Cops of America


Democrat Cops of America





Sure, I´m not going to argue against that but creating vacuum of values without gradual social engineering seems just dangerous and proun to collapse.


File: 97a503015af5084⋯.jpg (323.16 KB, 800x557, 800:557, tumblr_inline_p2a67lHK431r….jpg)


>The similarities with late stage capitalism are either an unhappy coincidence or a sign that capitalism will develop a brand new strain of totalitarianism. I'd bet on the latter. I mean, America has been remarkably successful at being a "democratic police State", something that I used to think couldn't even exist.

Quoting myself because I just realized that Ukraine's whole Euromaidan fracas is a perfect example of fascist interests aligning with that prim-and-proper democracy-loving open-minded Harvard educated neoliberal elites. This convergence exists to much smaller degrees in most of the Eastern Bloc, but Ukraine is the one closest to bridging the gap between bourgeois democracy and fascism.


Regardless, Twitter really was a huge mistake. I can only hope that the masses of altists who got purged for ruining SJWs' sandbox band together to shit Twitter up even worse than they already were.



There's a good chance that bots are involved, or at least Pajeet cubicle farms. They're piggybacking on a fad. See also those insane Spider-man and Elsa cartoons.


>"If the shops don't sell shelves, I can't have a shelf"

Yep, that's me. My parents never cultivated any creator (as distinguished from "creative") skills or hobbies and their jobs were at banks (yeah yeah, I know), and me and my brother similarly ended up being just as passive and consumptive. Which is no doubt related to me and my mother having depression and my brother having… something.

Anyway, a decade ago, I first started to think that creator activities were something valuable, perhaps even necessary, for human mental well-being. Sure, it sounds ridiculous that something so abstract could be a human need, yet a person that goes too long without emotional contact goes bonkers, so there.

Anyway, capitalism is increasingly pushing us to be consumers and consumers only. We work in increasingly dettached service jobs, spend what spendable doing nothing but consuming products made in sweatshops on the other side of the world. I've spoken on several threads before about how capitalism is increasingly infantilizing mankind, as children are the perfect consumer, from the marketeer's point of view. This also helps explain how supposedly children's entertainment, and even food and toys, came to become synonymous with young adults nowadays. Cartoons, comics, vidya, hyped movies, junk food etc.. Which in itself also ties with Frank Furtzkul's warning of capitalism killing Western civilization. The term once was synonymous with symphonies and literature, and now it's reduced to Nicki Minaj and Star Wars.

All of this makes me ask, why would you think the modern world would promote material self-reliance? In everything else, yes you have to be a stoic classcuck who does as you're told and never ever talks about your feelings or asks for help, but materially, you must, and will, always be at the end of Porky's leash. You depend on him utterly, from your modern luxuries to your raw food. So material self-reliance is the last thing Porky would promote, as it would empower people or, at the very least, mean less dosh for him


File: 871c491a62275fa⋯.gif (1.08 MB, 400x400, 1:1, afa317c7a963b8c1a1e571568e….gif)


All of them


File: c1ee2079ee16487⋯.jpg (120.71 KB, 1034x715, 94:65, agiri.jpg)

Daily public health reminder that giving oral sex as a male to a female person leads to mouth cancer. Don't eat her out boys.



Just if she has an infection


File: 1433f80be174824⋯.jpg (9.14 KB, 266x189, 38:27, d377305840eb365f62265a5924….jpg)

>stares at ur __


File: 361f84e7eda3437⋯.jpg (121.25 KB, 640x649, 640:649, le cigar man.jpg)


oh, this? it's just a cigar


File: ee58ff9cd919f7d⋯.png (22.36 KB, 633x758, 633:758, 1422249696876.png)


>tfw its been 3 months since you got laid



Did you broke with your gf anon?



I haven`t had one since my military service, its just prostitutes and random one night stands for me these days, mostly just the later ones.



Sounds kinda lonely



I`m already used to it since its been going on for good 3 years now. Unemployment is harder thing to accept tbqh.


TONY: so one a my guys tells me AJ's taken a "red pill"

MELFI: he's on drugs?

TONY: nah *glares back tears* my fuckin kid's on youtube, tellin the whole fuckin world he can't get a date


File: 8af0a36e335721b⋯.png (50.6 KB, 457x366, 457:366, tumblr_o32u5mzCps1rpeq1jo1….png)


Idk I've been trough poverty but having no love feels worse for me

I'm very love hungry and clingy and that so I envy u a lil

Get better, at least ur not me



May I see them?




They are made of secret trotsky letters and lewd mouse drawings from popular japanese cartoonists


File: 5af86493d87283b⋯.png (12.85 KB, 587x127, 587:127, hot takes.png)

hot takes for friday nights



>keeping what you earn is not theft

>Raising min wage is theft

I should stop being surprised at this stuff, but somehow they always outdo themselves some more


File: f4d04dee62ae026⋯.gif (1.58 MB, 480x270, 16:9, laugh4323.gif)


>let's take on the establishment by acting like boomers


File: c535e1b2df20679⋯.jpg (189.18 KB, 1068x1256, 267:314, scared45345.jpg)

>tfw I own 3 bitcoin

Should I cash out now guys?


File: 8caa2ef3d43bb76⋯.png (617.25 KB, 667x585, 667:585, Kamisama6.png)


you forgot the part where he equated raising the minimum wage with legalizing slavery

>but somehow they always outdo themselves some more

oh yeah we'll find someone to top this guy tomorrow, like clockwork


conservatism is the new punk


dude don't come to /leftytrash/ for financial advice


File: 1ee1137510e3cc9⋯.jpg (329.63 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20180113133344_1.jpg)

Any fellas here plays whom'st plays dragon dogma online?



Does she has a dicc?


Buy your personal dragon loli and lewd her



Sell them on a black market



why are you >scared about bitcoin losing its worth? you didn't actually gamble with money you weren't prepared to write off as a loss, did you?


File: 833741519d483af⋯.png (174.13 KB, 604x377, 604:377, 6789bd5aca081074f74736f2fa….png)

>want to draw to comprehend theory better

>turning on the lights would wake up my doggo and deprive her of slep

Wat do?

Do I be eevel or her angle?



Dude are you high?



Ime sick and took 4 pills of it don't remember what and some alcohol so yeah a little

Still, drawing helps me to retain information and that but I don't want to wake up my doggo with my lights on



>Mixing medication with alcohol

You deserve whatever is coming to you.

That being said, you could try drawing with one hand and a flashlight in the other, or just try to heal before doing intelllectual work, because it's likely you won't be very efficient in your state.


File: 2cd0efc8571e2aa⋯.jpg (47.88 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, bd0.jpg)


Unproductivity is a slippery sloppery anon

Also I have no fleshlight

I'll just use the software in tablet to doodle

Thanks anyway


File: 3448e653a861fc9⋯.jpg (73 KB, 573x800, 573:800, ugbQi2p.jpg)


He just wants all funding to go to helping the gorillas so they can keep the gorilla channel running.


>launches into an unsolicited defense of Stalin's policy choices


This hurts my brain, to expose me to it.


You should have cashed out at 20.000 a piece. How much did you spend to get them?


what does "mining bitcoins" mean, how do you "mine" something with computers?

i'm too old for this shit. i can get "mining" in minecraft, that seems like a fun thing to do.

like what the fuck is even going on with this shit.



basically, it's a really complicated math equation that people have their computers run and out of that they get good boy points that they spend on weed and child porn


File: 7f3483aee1ca7c4⋯.jpg (64.14 KB, 721x401, 721:401, compliblog_07.jpg)

Reminder that you are all qts



what does that mean though? why is it essential to have the computer running and how does this make them money through fancy math? what does the computer do? are they just renting out its computing powers by allowing access?

or is this some kind of ruse by the energy corporations?



>what does that mean though? why is it essential to have the computer running and how does this make them money through fancy math?

by having random people do the equations and sometimes get the answers, they can get DECENTRALIZED CURRENCY it's all very libertarian (in the capitalist sense), some are renting out computing power to research but most are literally just completely arbitrary processing for the sake of getting fake money that has value purely through speculation.

Cryptocurrency is ridiculous, through and through.


File: 2fb51d457c619cb⋯.png (20.13 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1441866824052.png)

anyone else here have technophobic tendencies? I don't doubt that technological progress has the potential to make our lives more convenient, but it seems in practice that it just makes our lives more complex and stressful. It would be better if society used high-tech solutions more sparingly and really thought carefully about whether or not new applications of technology are necessary

and that's to say nothing of environmental/sustainability issues


File: 9adf4c813d3d172⋯.png (354.71 KB, 544x1044, 136:261, bbc that.png)


Thanks Anon.

tbh my main problem is not replying to people who reply to me when the inspiration behind a given post has passed. I reply to most posts I have thoughts on, but conversations often die after that reply since I mvoe on.


>Anyway, a decade ago, I first started to think that creator activities were something valuable, perhaps even necessary, for human mental well-being.

It's a good point, although I wonder whether creator activities are specifically special, or if creative ones can also count. Given the notoriously good mental health of artists, maybe it's the former, but sometimes I think it might be a matter of degree - maybe making good television does make you feel you've done something, and it's just the internet that eliminates that sense of achievement or value that results. Maybe it's because of how we're mentally accustomed to valuing the physical?

It's a little bit vulgar, but I think it even applies to capitalist alienation, specifically that coal miners seem to always have had greater self respect (And in some sense "enjoyed" their work) than service-sector workers. I think (beyond the greater solidarity, necessity of teamwork, your life being in their hands, etc.) it's because you can tangibly see the results of mining coal, whenever you use a coal fire. The brain doesn't seem to make the same connection for supermarket workers. I think there's a basic human instinct there. (That's not to argue we all need to go down the mines - just that we value doing tangible stuff. You can abolish work and still do stuff for a hobby.) Although I suppose a weird counterpoint is that transport-sector workers also seem quite proud of their work, where again the people who largely provide accessible food don't, even as "supermarket worker" doesn't really seem like a kids job as fast-food worker does.

>I've spoken on several threads before about how capitalism is increasingly infantilizing mankind, as children are the perfect consumer, from the marketeer's point of view.

Reminded me of >>2359476 , particularly the line "Youth culture's demands were taken on". I have to wonder whether capitalism specifically infantilizes people, or if people "don't want to grow up" and capitalists realised that taking on that demand poses no risk to them, as they realised greater sexual freedom, greater freedom of fashion and musical taste and so on all posed no threat to themselves while opening up market niches.

though a more cynical view would be that people try to cling to youth through iconography, and maybe on some subconscious level that's true, but it doesn't seem like everyone is just pretending to like things.

>All of this makes me ask, why would you think the modern world would promote material self-reliance?

I guess it's mostly following people's purported logic rather than their actual logic. i.e. Ancap individualists purport to want individualist self reliance, which some people do fall for, but their main thinking is around defending private property ownership and the excess of the decadent. When you look at it materially, it immediately makes sense why it's not popular. When you look at it culturally, in what people say, it's bizarre.

A final little note that came to me on material self reliance: The BBC made this propaganda screed in the late 1970s. I just realised the 1980s self reliance thing's most glaring mistake is to have people taking their own rubbish to the dump, again following the smaller state self-reliance logic to conclusion - but of course that didn't happen. The state was repurposed, not destroyed.


part of the mining process is doing the calculations to verify that transactions actually happened to keep the currency secure (so that "counterfeiting bitcoin" isn't possible.), and just to generally get data from A to B. Mining gets people to do this since there's a reward for it, both in transaction fees and in creating new bitcoin. (it also helps expand the money supply a bit, although not enough to stop the thing being a deflationary mess.)


File: a58dbf5f6b40afb⋯.jpg (92.96 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)

Does rich Swiss weeaboo banker deserve the bullet to?


File: 868fefd401c7481⋯.jpg (2.72 MB, 2298x2220, 383:370, 1414249111754.jpg)

Who's your party, /leftypol/?



Druid, Beastmaster, and Blue Mage, nothing could go wrong



he looks like a youtube anime reviewer so yeah he gets the bullet


File: 39e5fd908f1ffc4⋯.png (20.27 KB, 579x257, 579:257, Untitled.png)


>oh yeah we'll find someone to top this guy tomorrow, like clockwork

Surprise surprise, guess what I found shitting up my TL this morning


>This hurts my brain, to expose me to it.

I am sorry but these takes are too hot not to share


>it also helps expand the money supply a bit, although not enough to stop the thing being a deflationary mess.

I thought that (theoretically anyway) bitcoins could be divided infinitely to curb this problem?


easymodo layout: four paladins and a cleric



He might be useful to a new cheka, he could be used in humane torture sessions



Yes but only but only because of his shit tastes.


File: 82bb14783ea741b⋯.jpg (13.35 KB, 173x207, 173:207, IMG_1728.JPG)

I just found out the US government had a shut down.







File: f48bf13517df128⋯.png (665.32 KB, 700x759, 700:759, PolPot.png)


Tfw if McCarthy was never senator we’d have actually existing Pol Potism in America.



/pol/ doesn’t understand the dialectal science of Maoist, Pol Potist, Dixonism.


File: a63afb778fd737d⋯.jpg (33.3 KB, 267x235, 267:235, tumblr_static_6zng190q3ecc….jpg)


> Witches believed they were witches

Does this mean that communists under mccarthyism actually believed they were communists?

>Modern Day witch hunts

I guess 1950s is modern, relatively anyways.

What's that about racism?



Respond to them with Pol Pot memes.



File: 7bbec529c830287⋯.jpg (40.33 KB, 389x361, 389:361, 1480982412408.jpg)

Give me your comumisms

Put them in the bag



>I thought that (theoretically anyway) bitcoins could be divided infinitely to curb this problem?

There's a guy here who says that a lot but he's silly. You can divide gold down to individual atoms of gold too, and it works exactly the same. Subdivisible gold is an actual thing and it's wonderful and I'm in great debt to the Tank who showed me it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0cNwaA5sNr8

Bitcoin may be more practical to divide than gold (though even it could theoretically require a negative exponent so large that computers can't fit it in memory.) but it doesn't stop it being deflationary. Imagine that we start with 2 bitcoins = 1 tank of petrol today. Then the value of bitcoin relative to commodities increases, so we're at 1=1 tomorrow, then 0.5=1 the day after that. So that's fine, you just divide bitcoin - you pay half a bitcoin for a tank, and we can drag this down to 0.00000001BTC (the present smallest unit) = 1 tank of fuel. The "we can't divide it anymore" problem doesn't crop up to my knowledge, since more zeroes can be added if needed later. But let's say you're a taxi-driver. If you'd held the 2 bitcoins you used for fuel on the first day, you could've bought far more fuel later (I daresay more fuel than exists on earth, eventually) without doing any work - but being a taxi driver, you needed fuel today to do your job. Who wins in a scenario like this? The people with enough money to hoard and live off the benefits of goods getting cheaper day by day. Who loses? Those who can't afford to hoard money because they've got to eat, i.e. the poor.

To hold the example together at the end rather than rewriting it, consider that the Taxi driver is also constantly lowering his fares (and thus income) as they devalue relative to bitcoin, and while the food he buys is also going down in price, he's basically in a situation where money keeps flowing in-and-out of his hands, while someone else can just keep it under the bed as it appreciates relative to goods and services. Now that sounds great - give everyone 100BTC and sit back in our post work paradise. Now we just factor in the little detail of customers deferring taxi journeys to the airport today because they think they can get a cheaper holiday tomorrow, and… oh god unemployment is 50% they said it couldn't happen in the new paradigm why is everything on fire

A more serious consideration: British currency also used to be highly subdivided. A third farthing was produced up to 1913 and was worth 1⁄2880 of a £. There's no reason the treasury couldn't have gone down to 1⁄2880000 a £, but it wouldn't have solved the intermittent deflationary episodes of the 1800s. Deflation isn't a problem of eventually running into the problem of being unable to go under a penny.


File: 66f2f9e944f17fc⋯.webm (1.46 MB, 324x240, 27:20, The position where it is ….webm)


>Deflation isn't a problem of eventually running into the problem

oh dear the editor isn't going to like this one bit


File: bbc0ae105cc7ea2⋯.png (6.29 KB, 223x222, 223:222, achewood-boo.png)




Thanks man, I really appreciate the effort you go through to write these things out.


File: 35d01a8ed0d8c6e⋯.png (743.34 KB, 638x638, 1:1, 35d01a8ed0d8c6ec14169441b8….png)


>Not like it's a biological urge or anything

People really need to drop this notion. It's either used by people trying to rationalize their own neuroses regarding social contact, or by normies trivializing said neuroses they never experienced. An innate mental urge, whether conscious or subconscious, is still a biological urge.


File: 1b9fe665f323617⋯.png (4.51 KB, 108x108, 1:1, grimacing-face_1f62c.png)

I haven't had Russian vodka in years as a boycott in protest of lgbt abuses. I mention it to others when the subject is referenced.



This is Poe's law at its finest

that was sarcasm m8,

sex quite literally feels good simply to coerce us into creating children and continuing the species

So stop making it a social issue, the social part was created by jocks with girls of their own who don't understand that the body can't tell the difference between a female and your hand moving back and forth.

You fuck because it feels good.

the end.


File: 1a744b6e2302246⋯.png (660.4 KB, 633x452, 633:452, 1515783955145.png)

>go out for grocery shopping

>see this

What do?


File: c89de599fda2b13⋯.jpg (34.23 KB, 600x403, 600:403, ayy lmao.jpg)


File: f64166ec8da641e⋯.png (1.62 MB, 1919x816, 1919:816, luke vs vader.png)

Why are guys so obsessed with the whole "father vs son" trope? It's really not that interesting.



>this is what cis men Actually believe


File: 1e012dc46fa48b6⋯.png (5.49 KB, 300x250, 6:5, ClipboardImage.png)


use irony to defeat them

agree to a new holocaust and then shove them in an oven because they're mentally retarded.


File: 2dfe2c3757f6ac0⋯.webm (311.84 KB, 294x240, 49:40, dealing with fascists 101.webm)



>So stop making it a social issue, the social part was created by jocks with girls of their own who don't understand that the body can't tell the difference between a female and your hand moving back and forth

lol do incels really believe this lmao?

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