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File: cbf89db2afef8cc⋯.png (102.22 KB, 1036x733, 1036:733, ClipboardImage.png)


Thread for discussions of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. Disproving common western myths about North Korea.

Archive of first ~500 posts:


Subsequent archives:


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File: 7606a751d58a66a⋯.webm (3.24 MB, 640x480, 4:3, September 1974- Syrian Pr….webm)

File: ffb894813db29f2⋯.jpeg (352.8 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, hafez kim.jpeg)





1.) "Korea Today" is their offical international magazine, they send it out to anybody who orders it, check out their online book store.

2.) That critique of Juche is a bit outdated, it focuses merely on the construction of socialism in Korea, it complains that landowners got compensated for their expropriation, but seriously, who gives a fuck? The DPRK didn't have a famine in that time and constant improvement of living standards and private property was abolished. Also, remember how bunkerman's country collapsed due to a fucking worker's strike.

Those people should read "Modern Korea" by Kim Byong Sik, it shows that Kimilsungism followed a very orthodox ML line.



Do any of you kimchis have pdfs on Kim's thought and Juche?

I'd be nice to corroborate the quotes appearing on https://espressostalinist.com/2011/11/01/bill-bland-the-workers-party-of-korea-and-revisionism/


File: d8dcf8e7eb80c96⋯.png (330.56 KB, 484x355, 484:355, dick.png)


>"Korea Today" is their offical international magazine, they send it out to anybody who orders it, check out their online book store.

Read the second link. Those nazi weirdos actually did have some ties to the DPRK government. One of them was invited there on a trip.

>it complains that landowners got compensated for their expropriation, but seriously, who gives a fuck?

I don't really care much about that as long as the "let's be nice to the capitalists" attitude isn't a cover for outright fascist style class collaboration, where socialism means authoritarianism + a form of state ownership that preserves the worker-capitalist relation.

What really fucking rubs me the wrong way about Juche is the focus on the great leader (and to some extent the nationalism). Most ML states had retarded cults of personality around their leaders, but juche makes it a very explicit part of the ideology. It's almost like some führerprinzip kinda shit.

<The party’s line and policies, strategy and tactics, are put forward by the leader… The leader is the supreme controller of the party, and the party’s leadership is precisely his leadership. Remaining unwaveringly loyal to the leader … is a natural communist obligation

<The leader … plays the decisive role in shaping the destiny of the popular masses… Loyalty to the leader is the highest expression of the party, working-class and people-oriented spirit.

<The revolutionary struggle is conducted under the guidance of the leader and in accordance with his ideas and will… The more we are faithful to the leader’s ideology and will, … the more worthy a life … we shall enjoy.

<The basic criterion for deciding whether one is a member of the masses of the people or not is not one’s social and class origin, but one’s ideas. … Anyone who loves the country, the people and the nation … is qualified to be a member of the masses of the people.

<In socialist society, the transformation of man, his ideological remoulding, becomes a more important and primary task than that of creating the material and economic condtions of socialism



>Read the second link. Those nazi weirdos actually did have some ties to the DPRK government. One of them was invited there on a trip.

I know, and AFAIK the DPRK severed relations after they started posting white supremacist shit on their website. I remember reading that they've sent them a letter telling them to stop that, and then did so after this group continue to do that. Posing with a "Korea Today" magazine says nothing though.

>I don't really care much about that as long as the "let's be nice to the capitalists" attitude isn't a cover for outright fascist style class collaboration, where socialism means authoritarianism + a form of state ownership that preserves the worker-capitalist relation.

Then please point out where the DPRK left capitalists in power, I'm not talking about the nascent markets in the contemporary DPRK but the building of socialism under Kim Il Sung, which what the expressostalinist article and similar critiques of Juche focus at, this type of critcism seems to be extremly dishonest quote mining, it's a fucking stretch to say that they are class collaborationist, please point out a single private owner of MoP in Korea. Read the book I've posted. The DPRK didn't do things differently than the USSR and other socialist states, in some cases even enhanced it, like a 100% labor tax on agricultural cooperatives and the Daen Work System, both established under Kim Il Sung.

It's especially funny that this critique would come from Hoxhaists idealize Albania to a ridiculous degree, what about Hoxha's name showing up in fucking math textbooks praising him as the great teacher of the people, is that not a personailty cult? Fascist style class collaboration and explicit social conservatism is a problem, which the DPRK doesn't have, there is nationalism and a personality cult, but neither of it changes the material base of North Korean society.


File: 5da930a5ff214fa⋯.jpg (179.99 KB, 807x533, 807:533, g7ful.jpg)

File: 8feb1bda440956b⋯.jpg (264.49 KB, 804x533, 804:533, fjkzcfj.jpg)

File: 6989d5c61b88608⋯.jpg (187.88 KB, 805x533, 805:533, ukdtkz.jpg)

File: bc264427996fffd⋯.jpg (168.16 KB, 803x533, 803:533, tdrjzsdj67.jpg)

Probably the biggest seafood restaurant of the world just opened in the DPRK.


File: d3616aaeab582ec⋯.jpg (227.53 KB, 801x533, 801:533, dzed56zt.jpg)

File: bb01a74de9084e9⋯.jpg (207.43 KB, 800x533, 800:533, uktdktfj.jpg)








>nice seafood is capitalist

You are one of these people who bought all the memes about socialism = breadlines and thought that's the only way socialism could look like. How dare they to build nice stuff.




Oh and also let me that the space the fish have in that pool is ten times better and nicer than the space in a western seafood restaurant, if you ever went there.



>socialism is when you don't have food and everything is a commie block

look mom i'm retarded

also polite sage since i don't contribute


File: ec92c76f6bcfbc4⋯.jpg (117.75 KB, 286x750, 143:375, 1429765780294.jpg)




Show me pictures of workers filling this establishment and not just rich generals, chinese corporate bosses, and SK bourgeois exploiting NK's cheap labor, and I'll retract my statement, you pseudo-leftist class traitors.


File: bfb7b24bfcbd85f⋯.jpg (117.78 KB, 900x546, 150:91, DWXH25yVAAA4On5.jpg)

File: 777b8f4f3d46877⋯.png (1.41 MB, 894x663, 298:221, 2wzuwjs.png)

File: 5eabe4c1e131cdd⋯.jpg (163.17 KB, 900x585, 20:13, DWXILbpVoAA6PnS.jpg)

File: be54e17ce19d18b⋯.jpg (110.43 KB, 900x575, 36:23, DWXHUEjVoAApdTO.jpg)

File: 38bc6ace2cc11f2⋯.jpg (164.36 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, 3Sp2f95.jpg)


Just been opened, but here are pics from other locations



Ah yes these unrelated contextless images really prove your point. Just look at all the socialism.



>the space the fish have in that pool is ten times better and nicer than the space in a western seafood restaurant

I give you that it's a big pool. But there are quite a lot of fish in there.


You can't even back up your claim with anything.




There's nothing beyond what a worker needs that the state should supply to anyone. Exotic seafood and lavish neon lightning is not what a worker needs, so too shall a beaurocrat not need. If a beaurocrat wants some shellfish he can go fishing. Must be a lot of water fearing beaurocrats in DPRK.



>Socialism, fellow comrades, is when everybody wears a burlap sack and eats only gravel.



Sounds like what a beaurocrat desperate to keep his hold on the workers would say by intentionally diminishing worker's needs to make it seem commically inadequate for everyone. Absolutely fallacious.

Burlap sack does not provide adequate protection against nature's elements, be it cold or hot. Gravel isn't even a food, doesn't provide any nutrients and will malnourish a worker.

If you want to prove your point you should argue why a worker needs lavish seafood and neon lightning. Actually not even considering the worker, you still fail to argue for the presence of those elements in a socialist state.



>why seafood

Because it is tasty.

>why neon light

Because it looks good.



>I give you that it's a big pool. But there are quite a lot of fish in there.

I know but have you ever been to a live seafood restaurant? They usually cram so much fish in there that the entire tank is black with dead fish on the ground.



Dude you are more bureaucratic than them by telling workers they don't need seafood.

The DPRK is truly an interesting tree for left-wing anti-communists to rub against. When something is shit there, it's a hellhole, when they build nice stuff is supposedly also bad because workers don't need lavish stuff.



File: 6c42e25d694e4c4⋯.png (576.68 KB, 853x535, 853:535, 7da49c7598a112b085988fc1e7….png)

File: 992292b765fc34e⋯.png (834.75 KB, 956x598, 478:299, 992292b765fc34e82fb7ba5974….png)

Livestream of Kim meeting Trump:



File: 740d99d5553a58a⋯.png (476.61 KB, 812x566, 406:283, 1.png)

File: e067cd586656f19⋯.png (62.27 KB, 742x122, 371:61, 2.png)




Does anyone have a good link for the full video made by the DPRK about the summit?


File: 2e47e1ae9414c2c⋯.png (226.96 KB, 503x244, 503:244, trump.png)


File: 61760d434bd54bf⋯.jpg (364.41 KB, 1080x1505, 216:301, Screenshot_20180616-173257….jpg)



Bernie shills need to get the fuck off this board. The guy deserves to be executed.



Something we all can agree about!


File: f8b87671bb30086⋯.jpg (89.4 KB, 569x802, 569:802, MV5BNTMwZTVhZjMtZTM4ZS00Nj….jpg)


>He's a tough guy

For you


File: a68e62144d0bba9⋯.jpg (58.34 KB, 592x950, 296:475, gusano.jpg)

File: 83e78683ed6153a⋯.jpg (131.03 KB, 1390x767, 1390:767, rodong sinmun australia af….jpg)

File: 53a29a35f747ffd⋯.jpg (44.54 KB, 1080x572, 270:143, poisonous mushroom.jpg)


File: 85cdd8774cb411e⋯.gif (458.18 KB, 256x256, 1:1, 85cdd8774cb411e0d7b636289f….gif)


>As a result of North Korean government policy millions of people there have died from starvation

<Floods are government actions

<Foreign sanctions against fertilizer precursors are "government policies"



>Foreign sanctions against fertilizer precursors are "government policies"

You could make a case for this I guess, since the sanctions come from the DPRK's policies of refusing to let international porky rape their country.



Yeah this is fucking embarrassing.


Dank. They sure have a strange way of creating a story narrative in what is a non-fiction docu. It watched very much like a "Kim's adventure in the big city" type story, especially with the framing of the trip between the departure and arrival at the airport.




She looks really pretty………

Can I hand her the conquest of bread or maybe something else and eat pancake with her……..?



Although you are a brainlet, I would like to hear this thread's opinions on the video you posted.



We need to support the sanctions against the North Korean food supply's imperialism.


File: b7f2ac9d0e14581⋯.jpg (126.52 KB, 1293x1129, 1293:1129, bbc on dprk.jpg)



The comments are a bleak reminder of who really has a false impression of the other. Westerners project their lack of knowledge of what the DPRK is like on the people of the DPRK.



>rifleing squad

i wish one shot this furry tbh


You like the DPRK? but shuffles deck hm rolls dice french people are executed for speaking manderin with a nigerian accent


To no one's surprise, sanctions are to continue regardless of what the DPRK does in regards to their nuclear program

>White House is continuing national emergency on North Korea, saying it poses "an unusual & extraordinary threat to the national security, foreign policy & economy of the United States."

>Extends sanctions for another year regardless of denuclearization process




r u ok



China, Russia, and even ROK are just going to stop enforcing them.


File: 63f16415e788158⋯.png (1.74 MB, 1920x2160, 8:9, 63f16415e7881582020c20b09c….png)


File: 48e6dbdfe1d7500⋯.webm (3.95 MB, 854x470, 427:235, Reunification Rainbow.webm)


How LGBT-friendly is the DPRK? I really want to go, but I happen to be trans - will that be a problem? Wikipedia says so, but obviously that doesn’t mean much. Any trans comrades been?



You mean if you would have any problem as tourist? of course not (maybe living there you would experience some rejection as apparently Koreans in general are conservatibve , same in ROK)

But Homosexuality as well as Trsexuality are not banned in th DPRK, and you would have no problem with the state .

Some info I've found

"North Korea claims that all citizens are treated equally regardless of sexual orientation"

"North Korean depictions of love and marriage remain heterosexist however, the North Korean government has liberalized its views on marriage and love as private matters between consenting adults,No laws criminalized this in the constitution and or police arresting people for doing this"


File: 2f80bca09ce81b6⋯.jpg (113.35 KB, 1080x568, 135:71, IMG_20180628_121909.jpg)

Make memes for Kim


File: 4a6c5cc682f9df0⋯.jpg (321.65 KB, 900x560, 45:28, 20180614-pt13045-3.jpg)

File: cfe19268230383d⋯.jpg (200.14 KB, 900x620, 45:31, 20180614-pt13045-4.jpg)

File: 1163dadb62662db⋯.jpg (244.76 KB, 900x546, 150:91, 20180614-pt13045-5.jpg)

Architectural drafts from the Academy of Architecture.


File: eb8ace35dd6a231⋯.jpg (155.78 KB, 900x578, 450:289, 20170114-pt5-2.jpg)

File: 057528016e29795⋯.jpg (137.63 KB, 900x644, 225:161, 20170114-pt5-6.jpg)

File: 269239ae2332446⋯.jpg (153.25 KB, 900x514, 450:257, 20170114-pt6-1.jpg)

File: 8ead24b71f50fbf⋯.jpg (167.38 KB, 900x513, 100:57, 20170114-pt6-5.jpg)

Worker's communal housing next to a factory. It features bedrooms, dining hall, dining room for birthday party, gym and entertainment hall, swimming pool and other facilities.



What's up with the two beds? Does the whole family sleep in one room?




>anyone have thoughts on the death of Kim Jong Nam in Malaysia?




That's reasonable.


File: 4b2eb6bf446dc2c⋯.png (1008.98 KB, 1063x1388, 1063:1388, “k” pop in dprk.png)


File: 5954042a6a1173e⋯.jpg (21.12 KB, 640x413, 640:413, disgust-o-nose-wrinkling-u….jpg)


Ten Principles for the Establishment of a Monolithic Ideological System (Chosŏn'gŭl: 당의 유일사상체계확립의 10대 원칙; also known as the "Ten Principles of the One-Ideology System") are a set of ten principles and 65 clauses which establishes standards for governance and guides the behaviors of the people of North Korea.

The Ten Principles must be memorized by every citizen, and they ensure absolute loyalty and obedience to Kim Il-sung, Kim Jong-il, and Kim Jong-un. The Principles are integral to the political and daily lives of the people and are to be exercised through daily self-criticism sessions, in their work, school, etc. and forms the foundation of the country's pervasive cult of personality.

1. We must give our all in the struggle to unify the entire society with the revolutionary ideology of the Great Leader Kim Il-sung.

2. We must honor the Great Leader comrade Kim Il-sung with all our loyalty.

3. We must make absolute the authority of the Great Leader comrade Kim Il-sung.

4. We must make the Great Leader comrade Kim Il-sung's revolutionary ideology our faith and make his instructions our creed.

5. We must adhere strictly to the principle of unconditional obedience in carrying out the Great Leader comrade Kim Il-sung's instructions.

6. We must strengthen the entire party's ideology and willpower and revolutionary unity, centering on the Great Leader comrade Kim Il-sung.

7. We must learn from the Great Leader comrade Kim Il-sung and adopt the communist look, revolutionary work methods and people-oriented work style.

8. We must value the political life we were given by the Great Leader comrade Kim Il-sung, and loyally repay his great political trust and thoughtfulness with heightened political awareness and skill.

9. We must establish strong organizational regulations so that the entire party, nation and military move as one under the one and only leadership of the Great Leader comrade Kim Il-sung.

10.We must pass down the great achievement of the revolution by the Great Leader comrade Kim Il-sung from generation to generation, inheriting and completing it to the end.


Is this shit real or is wikipedia making shit up? This is a level of leader worship that the USSR under Stalin or China under Mao couldn't even come close to. I think cults of personality and unquestioned subordination and loyalty to those in power is inherently right-wing and authoritarian.




I dont like the DPRK but this stinks of made up bullshit



You can find all works about Juche on North Korean websites. This supposed document is not to be found there, the only source is the NKHR, an anti-North Korean, South Korean NGO. Think about it: If it truly was their great guiding principle, it would have been in their consitution or in other offically published texts. It's especially weird since other North Korean texts are easily traceable to North Korean publications.

So I do think it's bullshit. Link me to the North Korean text that says that.



He was going to meet some CIA agents IIRC, if anything the fact that he was killed shows nepotism isn't strong in the DPRK.



Yeah why don't you zoom out so we can see a bit more people?

This is called cherry picking buddy.



File: 416ff2ae64a2da2⋯.jpg (54.96 KB, 950x534, 475:267, dprk ambassador to syria.jpg)

File: 6e3a52fa4944172⋯.png (105.34 KB, 1080x416, 135:52, rodong sinmun 05 06 107.png)


Dr. Assad, I'm DPRK.



Loving that completely natural, non-botted comment section full of real human beings.


File: e90433dcde304e2⋯.jpeg (54.44 KB, 636x382, 318:191, dresnok.jpeg)


>After Bumbea's death, Dresnok married his third wife, the daughter of a North Korean woman and a Togolese diplomat. They had a son, Tony, in 2001.

>Both the younger James and older Ted Dresnok are now married and have children of their own in North Korea.

<liberals claim DPRK doesn't allow Koreans to marry non-Koreans in order to maintain purity of the Korean race



This still raises the question of why they even kidnapped Bumbea in the first place instead of just getting Dresnok a local wife.



The abduction is alleged and it doesn't make any sense tbh


File: 9f0bf398908a91b⋯.jpeg (758.13 KB, 2292x1557, 764:519, guryong seoul.jpeg)

File: 9189933eb7cda70⋯.jpg (22.76 KB, 486x309, 162:103, 18056759_399468403758283_7….jpg)


File: 3fa8e1c474da2f2⋯.jpg (100.31 KB, 1280x899, 1280:899, 33575171_579727762399012_5….jpg)

File: d1e211a2fc6deb9⋯.png (643.96 KB, 581x811, 581:811, 33962376_581385292233259_4….png)

FM spokesman on DPRK-US high-level talks

>The DPRK side had expected the US side would come with a constructive proposal, which would be conducive to building confidence, in keeping with the spirit of the summit meeting and talks, and thought of doing something commensurate with that.

>However, US side’s attitude and stand at the first high-level talks on July 6 and 7 were so regrettable.

>The DPRK side, during the talks, put forward the constructive proposals to seek a balanced implementation of all the provisions of the joint statement, out of its invariable willingness to faithfully implement the spirit and agreed points of the summit meeting and talks.

>It proposed discussing the matters of taking wide-ranging actions simultaneously such as realizing multilateral exchanges for improved relations, making public a declaration on the end of war on the occasion of the 65th anniversary of the conclusion of the Korean Armistice Agreement first in the efforts to build a peace mechanism on the Korean peninsula, dismantling the high-thrust engine test site to make a physical verification of the suspension of ICBM manufacture as part of the measure for denuclearization and making an earliest start of the working-level negotiations for recovering POW/MIA remains.

>The US side, however, came out with only unilateral and gangster-like demand for denuclearization, just talking about CVID, declaration and verification contrary to the spirit of the Singapore summit meeting and talks.

>The US side, without mentioning the issue of establishing a peace regime on the Korean peninsula which is essential for preventing the aggravation of situation and a war, took the attitude of even backtracking on the already agreed issue of declaring the end of war while attaching certain conditions and making certain excuses.

>As for the issue of announcing the declaration of the end of war as early as possible, it is the first process of defusing tension and establishing a lasting peace mechanism on the Korean peninsula and, at the same time, the primary factor in building confidence between the DPRK and the US. This issue is also stipulated in the Panmunjom Declaration adopted between the north and south of Korea as a historic task of terminating the state of war that has persisted on the Korean peninsula for nearly 70 years, and President Trump was more enthusiastic about the issue at the DPRK-US summit talks.

>The matters the US side insisted on at the talks are the stumbling block which the previous administrations had clung to, thereby disrupting dialogue processes, stoking distrust and increasing the danger of war.

>The US side, during the talks, overplayed as a big concession the temporary cancellation of one or two joint military exercises. But the suspension of such one action as military rehearsal is a highly reversible step which can be resumed at any moment anytime as all of its military forces remain intact in their positions without scrapping even a rifle. It is incomparable with the irreversible step the DPRK took to explode and scrap its nuclear test site.

>The results of the talks cannot but be termed a thing of extremely serious concern.

>We had thought that the US side would come with a constructive proposal in conformity with the spirit of the DPRK-US summit meeting and talks, but our expectation and hope were so naive as to be called foolish.

>Outdated ways can never create new things, and following the trite ever-failing stereotype will only result in another failure.

>The first DPRK-US high-level talks brought us in a dangerous situation where we may be shaken in our once unshakable will for denuclearization, rather than consolidating confidence between the two countries.

>In the last few months, we took well-intentioned measures as much as possible first, while watching the US with the maximum patience.

>But, the US seems to have misunderstood our goodwill and patience.

>It is fundamentally mistaken as much as to think that the DPRK would accept, out of patience, even the demands reflecting its gangster-like mentality.

>But if the US is so anxious that it tries to force upon us the old ways claimed by the previous administrations, this will be of no help to the solution of issues..




File: ffb0ddea181f80a⋯.jpg (520.48 KB, 1600x1600, 1:1, 20766669511_a3dbde7088_o.jpg)

File: d60baddd20ed112⋯.jpg (336.59 KB, 1836x1220, 459:305, 22866945104_1c124a485c_o_r….jpg)

File: 17926b2e081f610⋯.jpg (431.42 KB, 1744x1250, 872:625, 24576770776_854541a2d0_o_r….jpg)

File: 01f67ecd81b46d0⋯.jpg (255.46 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, 1166932.jpg)

Bumping with some images of the life in DPRK, taken from various sources.



pretty much as expected then

no real changes are forthcoming from the US end but US attention is already diverted away from the DPRK and focused on China and Iran


What has North Korea actually done since the Panmunjom Declaration? I just assumed they've been doing the same things as usual.


bumping to inform summerfags and reddit liberals


File: d7d7e12d2a3313e⋯.jpg (77.87 KB, 351x344, 351:344, oh no porky.jpg)





Aircraft win wars, karate kicks do not. Any country that can control it's airspace can prevent invasion.

This much is backed by history. It's why Nazi Germany spent so much money on the Luftwaffe, which spearheaded the Nazi advances across the Maginot Line into France and across Poland into Russia before shredding London. The only thing that defeated the Axis was the Allies building bigger, faster and more fuel efficient bombers to destroy Axis industrial capacity within cities like Dresden and Hiroshima. Postwar, it is why both the US and USSR blew incredible amounts of money developing bombers then missiles, because that is how wars are fought and territory lost or gained.

Feats of endurance and physical strength do not help. Why do you think America's primary concern about North Korea isn't even their nukes, but their missile program? Because the missile can fly and hit America directly.



>Aircraft win wars,

Not asymmetric wars, nor wars where China sends a hypersonic cruise missile into all your airbases, fuck off brainlet.



Aircraft wins wars against the militaries of the bourgeois states. Our war should be against the whole bourgeois superstructure. For that mass strike is the number one method to starve the military-industrial complex of its fuel. Any punitive measures will incite further rebellion against it.

For that our weapon is dual power and expropriation of productive capabilities and using it for benefit of all working class and to starve the bourgeoisie at the same time. Or use other methods to severe the social relation of private property, probably by means that minimize loss of human life and ensure that private property stays in the dustbin of history.

While the korean nation must organize in the fashion of nation-states, the western world has a luxury of not having to follow the nation-state organization pattern.

Feats of endurance and physical strength helped a long time ago when the Zulu were fighting against English imperial forces and the native american indians were fighting against colonizers. The superior level of human spirit of the primitive communism put the lowly civilized scum produced by the capitalist system to shame. After all Engels himself admits the accounts of great character of the people living in primitive communism.

Cruise missiles are supposed to hit the mansions of the top 1%. Atomic weapons only cause harm to working classes. The nations that stockpiles them the most sends a clear message, it declared war on world's poorest 90%. A genocide of the poor.

Just as someone already said, the parasites already started the class war.

tl;dr: violent revolt of the masses and their struggle is what wins the class war, nation states of whatever colour do not win the class war, they are at best a temporary relief from the suffering of capitalism



Hypersonic missiles can be deployed from aircraft, as can lasers. Both have been widely studied by the USAF for this reason. It's why the YAL-1 and X-51 exist. Any weapon created can be miniaturized and put onto an aircraft, thereby making it mobile and more difficult to hit, increasing it's effectiveness. This is why Kim is building missiles in the first place, because they are mobile and makes it easier to build smaller missiles that can fit on aircraft.


>tl;dr: violent revolt of the masses and their struggle is what wins the class war, nation states of whatever colour do not win the class war, they are at best a temporary relief from the suffering of capitalism

Cool, the masses cannot organize if they cannot control their airspace. Why do you think most larger American PDs have anti-drone guns now? They don't want to have bombs flown into them as ISIS has proven as a practically feasible strategy. The strongest, most disciplined and intelligent solider cannot win a fight against an attack helicopter. Which is exactly why air forces are necessary to win any armed conflict.


File: e7fa516fb910eb9⋯.webm (3.27 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, ypg rpg.webm)


>The strongest, most disciplined and intelligent solider cannot win a fight against an attack helicopter.


File: 15d0d8ae2588432⋯.jpeg (66.57 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, kim jong il kim il sung 2.jpeg)



The solider isn't winning that fight, the piece of technology he puts on his shoulder and fires is. Just look at how the Taliban got raped by Communism until America gave them Stinger missiles. Were they any different after they got missiles? Not really, except that they could control their airspace (from soviet helicopters and older soviet aircraft, at least). It is why Assad bought an S-300 from Russia, because it can shoot down older Israeli jets (which is why Israel was the first to take the F-35 into combat).



>The solider isn't winning that fight, the piece of technology he puts on his shoulder and fires is.

So a solider isn't winning unless he kills his enemy with his bare hands, huh



why are we always doing this? rationalizing a totalitarian tyrant because they have socialist in their title? this miscreant of a nation is obviously does not represent true socialism. he's already grovling at the feet of the imperialist ready to sell out at the first offer guarenteeing his freedom.



read the archives retard



you fuck off, shill. defending generational slave labor concentration camps to enrich capitalistic overlords. you fuck off.




20 million years gulag


File: dda45b7727ed892⋯.jpg (88.18 KB, 1296x640, 81:40, schrodingers hairstyle.jpg)

File: 148dcefd270f2e9⋯.jpg (67.87 KB, 825x454, 825:454, 36612684_401705526981632_7….jpg)

File: 60384d37dfa2cc3⋯.png (783.47 KB, 1080x677, 1080:677, sk media.png)


<generational concentration camps

>actually believing this blatant propaganda

There is also another bullshit claim that all prisoners found to be pregnant get killed along with the baby.


File: f9161161b94517f⋯.jpg (1.16 MB, 1242x1754, 621:877, NKworkdschedule.jpg)


I feel like I need to post the daily schedule of a NK "labor camp" again. The horrors!


File: 93616f18eb4dcb7⋯.png (312.1 KB, 635x479, 635:479, I have no idea what you're….png)


>cultural rest



listen to nice classical music and DPRK songs while relaxing


File: ccdfab3df517cc6⋯.png (776.51 KB, 960x720, 4:3, Moranbong Band - Tell, Fir….png)



문화시간 literally means Culture Time.

So anything ranging from books, movies, music, paintings to learning the language.




>tfw ywn live in a DPRK prison



Christian church service in DPRK


File: d81ef3c1c11314d⋯.jpg (49.36 KB, 676x450, 338:225, 03-north-korea-bus-stops.a….jpg)

DPRK bus stops have beautiful art instead of ads.


Of course natgeo portrays this as "bizarre" and totalitarian.


The DPRK Is simply not ready for the transition to socialism yet

It's best chance is the creation of a social Market economy similar to China or Cuba



Shut the fuck up you fucking dengist


File: 61c7a0f92c5b6c2⋯.jpg (470.12 KB, 1024x686, 512:343, 6859323922_515d4f319e_b.jpg)


I'm taking a totalitarian bus stop over this shit any day



that's a nice fucking bus stop. Why would they even mention it if they wanna shit on NK?



The DPRK has a certain "exotic vibe" to it for the MSM. They still know nothing about the country, and it fits too well in stereotypical Asian clishes about tyranny, extremist formalism and exaggaration. The DPRK is presented as an exotic "hermit kingdom", where everybody wants to gawk at impressions from it, so bad impressions as well as architectural delights are presented simultaniously as proof of their "insanity" and "alien culture".

It's a different version of the old phenomenon where you are apparently so poor that people eat grass but you also stage an entire metropolis with actors and empty buildings for 15 tourists. To present suppossed "forbidden pictures" from the country have turned into a business model, you can see ads about "25 INSANE pictures from North Korea!!" on streaming websites, etc.



that's a really nice fucking bust stop.

>DPRK bus stops have beautiful art instead of ads.



File: ec97ab24cb6a27e⋯.jpg (311.58 KB, 900x635, 180:127, 5a423e1c85600a72d30aa9ba.jpg)

File: cebb3007fc97ee2⋯.jpg (184.44 KB, 1200x656, 75:41, 71RCg6HmaXL.jpg)

File: 4eaf95e9d7a2a16⋯.jpg (184.04 KB, 962x705, 962:705, 800834359_orig.jpg)

File: 2bf08d9ea79391f⋯.jpg (97.13 KB, 881x354, 881:354, busst6.jpg)

File: 2350628ab5e8645⋯.jpg (61.42 KB, 736x552, 4:3, d6d672c84d0a06ec07a53db760….jpg)



>bizarre and totalitarian

because this here is a bad thing



Good art is always totalitarian. Ask any serious artist



>Good art is always totalitarian

what does this mean


File: 033d799a72b4475⋯.jpg (94.76 KB, 818x600, 409:300, 464e9e948a7dbd740b540e95e4….jpg)


actually, this here is true art


File: 23ad389f95e745e⋯.jpg (135.07 KB, 960x525, 64:35, windsor_homelessness.jpg)

and it's so much more functional

bless capitalist freedom


File: 2c901fbd14f29fe⋯.jpg (60.74 KB, 500x333, 500:333, 2c901fbd14f29fefff2d52e529….jpg)


It means that good art never compromises or tolerates detractors.



If a 100% state planning model has worked so well for the DPRK as You believe it has then tell me why it is almost entirely economically and politically reliant on the PRC To support it?

Why not just compare the standard of living of the DPRK to other East Asian socialist states such as Laos Vietnam and china?



The DPRK is one of the most self-reliant countries on earth.


File: 39455014a6ece0a⋯.jpg (48.72 KB, 645x729, 215:243, 39455014a6ece0a75ec7cc8fad….jpg)


>it is almost entirely economically and politically reliant on the PRC


File: 985e0a1d6bf6bcb⋯.webm (10.6 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 2016 DPRK mourns Fidel Ca….webm)


File: ca61e547e4b579a⋯.jpg (69.2 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 37719035_625389734499481_7….jpg)

>Documentary depicting everyday life of the working class in the DPRK, including soldiers, water park workers, students, teachers, football coaches, painters, textile workers and farmers




Very interesting video. It shows the DPRK in a pretty negative light, but it lets the people talk for themselves. It shows the unique situation the country is in, and the unusual mix of some forms of material prosperity, and a nearly post-oil economy. Some observations:

- This video makes it very clear that there is a state religion. There's no way around it, they do have a religion formed around the state and the leader. IMO it's probably no worse than a normal religion, or the consumerist religions that are prominent in ROK (idol groups, etc), or the way that CEOs are revered (muh Steve Jobs), or muh Founding Fathers, but it must impede freethinking. I did get pretty tired of all the great leader songs and talk halfway through. If it helps preserve socialism and keep America off the peninsula, maybe it's justified, but it could also cause a lot of culture shock when Korea is reunified.

- The teachers are seriously top notch, they are clearly rigorously trained in how to educate children. In terms of teaching method, every teacher in that video is world-class. The random people who got interviewed were also very well-informed on various scientific trivia and practical engineering.

- Huge emphasis on ecology in the DPRK. Geothermal heating, solar panels, utmost waste reuse (the dung pit for methane, used to heat, cook, and generate electricity, the compost pile for fertilizer…), communal living. The countryside is totally pristine. The DPRK is showing us how to live in the future in this regard.

- Everything is really clean and well-maintained, and decorated. Even the communal house, which was quite small, and had meager utilities, looked very nice inside. I doubt any other country is this way, even in Cuba the rural houses are quite worn-down and have old paint. I guess the DPRK has way better resources for building.

- Traditional social roles. Granma is the boss of the house. Women cook. etc.

- Military is huge in DPRK. The military really does serve the people, it seems like half of the work of the military is construction and farming. They obviously can't afford to have a million soldiers sit around in bases instead of working. The soldiers seem to work quite strenuously at these tasks, and then when they get out of the military or graduate to more of a desk job, they get to enjoy the benefits of the socialist system. I think the military could be a good replacement for migratory farmers and other forms of migratory work in socialism.

- Half the people she interviewed seemed kind of glum and stressed out.

30 mins left



- factory lady says that the DPRK exports to the US and Canada through China, kek. This is probably true, maybe some of the "Made in China" clothes you own are actually from the DPRK.

- the factory workers dance for exercise in between shifts. Dancing is a huge part of the system in the DPRK, it shows the focus on culture, health/fitness, and organization. I think the majority of people in most countries can barely dance, in the DPRK it's the opposite. I also don't think there are many other places on earth where part of work is dancing.

- factory girl on the beach was pretty chubby. "Muh starving Koreans!"

- Lots of stuff for free, including food and housing

Overall it's a good documentary, it's encouraging because it shows how successful the Korean people's struggle is and how decent the lives there are, but also pretty depressing because it shows how much the country is still struggling, and how the country has developed a very strict ideology to support the struggle. I think a similar documentary of the ROK would be like a mirror image of this one, where everyone is overworked instead of relaxed, brainwashed in capitalism instead of Juche Socialism, and swimming in an abundance of consumer products instead of living a simple and efficient existence. It's clear why the DPRK isn't going to dissolve any time soon: everyone knows that the enemy is the cause of their shortages, they have a respectable and healthy lifestyle to defend, and they have a pretty fanatic belief in the state. However, when Korea reunifies I think the belief system will have a lot of challenges, and it could cause Perestroika-style problems. I also think they could have probably developed an equally strong belief system that gave more credit to the workers instead of the leader.




I might add that this depends on the accuracy of the editing and translation.


File: 9bc1739403e894a⋯.jpg (248.65 KB, 1920x1260, 32:21, celebrate_victory_day.jpg)

Tomorrow is the 65th anniversary of the fight against imperialism. Be sure to celebrate accordingly and honor the courage of those who fought against imperialism.



Nice documentary. Shows that everything is not rainbows and sunshine, but rather life is pretty normal, relaxed. Laid back.

The mannerism of the painter was rather amusing, something one would expect from south korean really.


In south they are of course aware of the reality of their lives, being overworked, unemployment, competitive practice in education, class system of various spoons. Then they have generations that give up things like home ownership, marriage, or even interpersonal relationship and become like hikikomoris. They know that it sucks. But are being kept from analyzing the situation and politically struggling for a more dignified positions by being slandered with having pro-north opinions. The DPRK is really demonized and you can see many normal people not question the official propaganda.


File: d201ee83b3abcf2⋯.jpg (131.66 KB, 823x1162, 823:1162, 37770442_409854426191393_3….jpg)







File: 634bc36a4827032⋯.jpg (113.69 KB, 650x434, 325:217, ab5a3354-6d80-4179-9410-75….jpg)

Kim Jong Un pays tribute to martyrs of Chinese People's Volunteers

>Top leader of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) Kim Jong Un paid tribute to martyrs of the Chinese People's Volunteers on the occasion of the 65th anniversary of the armistice of the 1950-53 Korean War, the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) reported on Friday.

>Kim visited the Martyrs Cemetery of the Chinese People's Volunteers in Hoechang County, South Phyongan Province in central DPRK, said KCNA.

>He said with deep emotion that during the last Fatherland Liberation War, the party, government and people of China dispatched their fine sons and daughters to the Korean front without hesitation despite many difficulties in the early period of building a country to help the Korean people in their cause of justice at the cost of blood and made an immortal contribution to the victory in the war, according to KCNA.

>"The blood of the Chinese comrades permeated the mountains and streams, trees and plants on this land and the soul of the Korean revolutionaries settled on the vast land of China," he was quoted as saying.

>Kim said the DPRK-China relations are developing into "special and durable friendly relations unprecedented in history," according to the report.

>The relations were forged in firm militant friendship and genuine trust deepened at the cost of blood and life, not merely for the reason that the two countries are geographically close to each other, Kim said.

>It is the due responsibility, moral sense of obligation and noble mission of the Korean people to add eternal luster to the exploits performed by the service personnel of the Chinese People's Volunteers who found themselves on the Korean front and displayed matchless bravery and self-sacrificing spirit, Kim underlined.



File: 654490ee8d768b9⋯.png (110.01 KB, 807x868, 807:868, 613bdba21928c6aee5b101c37f….png)

how do people like this sleep at night



What's really stunning about these people isn't that they have a negative opinion about the DPRK, but that their beliefs about it are completely self-contradictory. DPRK is somehow extremely, extremely poor, but still has endless money and resources to spend on building entire cities that are fake, with actors who play fake citizens, only to impress the couple hundred tourists that visit each year. These people are incomprehensibly stupid.


File: 150eaedbc2da003⋯.jpg (18.69 KB, 400x300, 4:3, leader-vladimir-head-lenin.jpg)


The Chinese volunteers of Korea are heroes and show proletarian internationalism taken to the end


File: 2968dfb1c1e4c34⋯.jpg (75.16 KB, 964x1037, 964:1037, 37761466_625522387819549_7….jpg)

File: 8f1b8284b358606⋯.jpg (126.86 KB, 960x1545, 64:103, 37720921_625524881152633_6….jpg)


File: 2b2893f3ac4b73e⋯.jpg (18.65 KB, 450x450, 1:1, bam 2.jpg)


File: 8d458a2e2507a2a⋯.jpg (100.02 KB, 675x465, 45:31, MM00269727.jpg)

File: 16e4fd999f8b1b8⋯.jpg (135.69 KB, 801x533, 801:533, 1267547.jpg)

File: aa4b0f3109ac2dc⋯.jpg (120.1 KB, 805x533, 805:533, 1267555.jpg)

File: 4475ddaef6008ce⋯.jpg (109.75 KB, 805x533, 805:533, 1267548.jpg)

File: 436bf7dcb720e4d⋯.jpg (82.8 KB, 805x533, 805:533, 1267552.jpg)

Comrade Kim Jong Un saw the new prototype of tram and a trolleybus. As for the trolleybus, the chassis seems to be of local production. The tram however seems to be a rebuild of existing CKD Tatra KT8D5 imported from Czechoslovakia.


File: 7226305709d3fae⋯.png (168.43 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, moranbong.png)



DPRK has much better music than Occupied Korea




>concert celebrating their nuclear and rocket capabilities

this is so badass it puts a smile on my face

i love the DPRK so much


File: fb58ca21af50fb5⋯.webm (13.13 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Hymn_of_Advancing_Sociali….webm)


Songdowon Children's Camp video, pretty impressive



File: e68ec7dd7296f9e⋯.jpg (167.9 KB, 900x397, 900:397, 20180731-pt13397-1.jpg)

File: cf5c48ccef2826f⋯.jpg (135.02 KB, 900x463, 900:463, 20180731-pt13397-3.jpg)

File: 3d7d73693cd174c⋯.jpg (218.26 KB, 900x616, 225:154, 20180731-pt13397-12.jpg)

File: 3af39dded7626f2⋯.jpg (183.78 KB, 900x604, 225:151, 20180731-pt13397-29.jpg)

File: cfa124b9d7b4e90⋯.jpg (91.3 KB, 900x407, 900:407, 20180731-pt13397-31.jpg)

Also, biggest seafood restaurant in the world opened. More pics here:



File: 1aeff9489b13454⋯.jpg (399.66 KB, 2007x2600, 2007:2600, njasch mjasch krim nasch.jpg)


Is it all-MILF band? ‘cause they look somewhat MILF-ish. And I didn't say I dislike that. Who wouldn't prefer these juicy NK MILF-idols over some skinny Southern slut?



>Who wouldn't prefer these juicy NK MILF-idols over some skinny Southern slut?

South Korean women are fucking insanely hot tho


File: cd113f6f4e83bcc⋯.jpg (60.85 KB, 690x759, 10:11, TOVARISCH I AM DISAPPOINT.jpg)





30-50% of south korean women have at least one plastic surgery between the ages of 19 and 27. They're basically plastic humans, and that is anything BUT hot.



>30-50% of south korean women have at least one plastic surgery between the ages of 19 and 27.

Wow, really? That's crazy.






my god… they're sending children to the camps!

looks fun




Actual south korean here. Not true. That statistic is highly inflated. Even Idols are less plastic and make up than you think


File: 8d425489550001d⋯.png (1.62 MB, 1080x1836, 10:17, kim jong il on marx engels….png)



File: 7b320553e9d91a0⋯.png (130.94 KB, 478x360, 239:180, Snímek z DPRK movie - Our ….png)

File: e29008b1d221dab⋯.png (210.89 KB, 478x360, 239:180, Snímek z DPRK movie - Our ….png)


Just a question, if you are an actual south korean, how much offensive is to insult the kimchi?


File: 5f3866839a844dd⋯.png (900.83 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Snímek z Moranbong Band - ….png)

File: 6742d42daee691e⋯.png (466.93 KB, 960x720, 4:3, Snímek z Moranbong Band - ….png)

File: a31b050c6f26713⋯.png (719.93 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Snímek z Moranbong Band - ….png)

File: aac19d046f0ac78⋯.png (673.57 KB, 960x720, 4:3, Snímek z Moranbong Band - ….png)

File: ff018d3b9041fb7⋯.png (405.3 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Snímek z Moranbong Band - ….png)


Also another question, is it illegal to listen to North Korean music in South Korea? Plenty of Moranbong band concerts are on youtube.


File: e61ff6f40119cab⋯.pdf (96.22 KB, respecting the forerunners….pdf)



File: d7a529195f0033a⋯.jpg (59.82 KB, 235x352, 235:352, North_Korea's_Samjiyon_Orc….jpg)


Their lead singer is a member of the Central Committee of the Worker's Party of Korea



>the Rajin-Sonbong Economic Special Zone, was established in 1992 by the North Korean government near Rason to promote economic growth through foreign investment

>It is similar to the Special Economic Zones set up by the People's Republic of China and elsewhere to pilot market economics in a designated controlled area.





How can you survive as a small country without connection to the rest of the world? Of course they need to attract some foreign investment to not be stuck in the 80s, and the difference to the PRC is that in China, you don't have to go to a SEZ to start a business. You can start a capitalist business in China everywhere. The only difference is that in the SEZ it's even easier.



The post was more to mock people who pretend that the DPRK is still some complete planned model USSR / DDR style state

I have nothing wrong with a controlled social Market economy as long as it is in the benifit of the society

This was more for people who hate on Cuba for having Cabbies and sheit



If someone from ISIS controlled territory went to the US, entered a forbidden area and tried to steal a US flag or something, they'd be in gitmo being forced to listen to Justin beiber music for 72 hours straight away.



I hate it myself

Don't fucking do it irl boy


It's not. You get some nasty stares tho. Much less dangerous than spouting shit about kimchi


File: f8a580b2fcf4dd4⋯.jpg (92.57 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 39286420_10155801703082333….jpg)


Is N. Korea the only nation that actually succeeded in abandoning capitalism and move beyond? No pollution, no advertising, practically self sufficient, a cybernetic superpower feared even by the USA …

N. Korea plox


NK Crashing all western banks or economy with no survivors when?



File: 9192068814c1f71⋯.mp4 (1.5 MB, 400x226, 200:113, fidel castro dprk.mp4)

File: 3d0fed4aca52c79⋯.jpg (27.25 KB, 527x356, 527:356, 17523489_10155093074767777….jpg)


File: ba024814c7ca7a6⋯.png (896.42 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, third road.png)


File: 1f20a05b9b7afe7⋯.jpg (428.5 KB, 766x1024, 383:512, corn 17.jpg)

I have softened my stance on the DRPK a lot over time and I'm very pro-DPRK for an anarchist, but there really is one thing that keeps me wondering.

What's with the gerontocrat gang surrounding kim in most photos? Whenever he's inspecting some factory there's an army of oldheads who look like korean war veterans (and they might just be)



I suppose that is the old guard, just like the USSR



There are a lot of gerontocrats but Kim has introduced a lot of fresh blood. The old guard was definitely more powerful under Kim Jong Il. Anyway, I do not see something "gerontocratic" in the policies of the DPRK, they embrace new technology, etc.





>calling women sluts and judging them on their looks



File: 5f34666a1e7693f⋯.webm (7.98 MB, 720x480, 3:2, Defecting to South Korea ….webm)




So are they getting into Blockchain (Which has amazing potential) or are they just interested in bitcoin.



God I wish I had been born here.




This is a toxic mindset



Is this guy forreal? Come on, that must be satire.



>stop finding females attractive



File: 5e3cc5cd14b5709⋯.png (134.72 KB, 500x616, 125:154, guys-like-girls-who-guys-l….png)

File: 9e0b0499f2bcdd5⋯.jpg (43.63 KB, 660x385, 12:7, mig-21.jpg)

File: 5e3a259bb96d054⋯.jpg (104.6 KB, 950x634, 475:317, dprk10.jpg)

File: f51681db8d5be16⋯.jpg (67.19 KB, 950x631, 950:631, 02ae4961876d439dafb35bcd66….jpg)

File: 1bd4106c6649187⋯.jpg (257.97 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, 31220981415_b810e1f0cb_h.jpg)



Self-assured, confident and proud women are really attractive, and in fact it is their mindset that translates to their body-language what makes them the most attractive.

Lack of advertisement has obviously also an effect. No propaganda that makes women feel bad about themselves, no need for artificial body positivity movements, because nobody is exposed with the heaps of negativity from the consumerist driven advertisement and consumer culture.

Only socialism is able to emancipate women and make women and men equals. Despite all the claims and demands of liberal feminism in the west, all it achieved was emancipation of western women at the cost of exploitation and subjugation of immigrant and third world women.


File: 38b888569d38355⋯.png (2.27 MB, 2560x1440, 16:9, 1536265319601.png)

/Thinkpad General/


File: b547329a36e4595⋯.jpg (175.51 KB, 800x2000, 2:5, e9am6h0yaawz(2).jpg)


File: 014e329a63bd267⋯.jpg (141.54 KB, 900x641, 900:641, 137455150_15364808307141n.jpg)

File: 1f0f953ba3bd34d⋯.jpg (101.26 KB, 763x509, 763:509, bp_nk_090918_20.jpg)

File: 4c7d9568be78abb⋯.jpg (59.32 KB, 763x509, 763:509, bp_nk_090918_24.jpg)

File: 0cb397267dd1659⋯.jpg (78.34 KB, 763x509, 763:509, bp_nk_090918_25.jpg)

File: 40f23f87ce129e5⋯.jpg (16.93 KB, 899x563, 899:563, 137455150_15364797764491n.jpg)

70th anniversary of DPRK founding marked in Pyongyang



>DPRK is now older tbhan USSR


File: 1b2d63a42bea73f⋯.webm (12.49 MB, 512x288, 16:9, 북한 미녀기타수 연주.webm)



I gotta admit, reading the anon who took a trip to North Korea I wouldn't mind visiting myself. I'm pretty sad I couldn't have been born in the 60s to visit the Soviet Union or DDR. Cuba and China are still available, of course, though China has obviously experienced major shifts that probably make it feel not much different than being in the west. I would like to visit Cuba, but unless I'm mistaken I'd have to go through Canada since I think we still block travel in the US.

The only downside which really makes me not want to go is that I don't want to bother with being questioned and watched, especially under the current administration.



What is this? I like the guitarist, its a very basic thing shes playing but heavily nuanced, it kept me interested as a guitarist of 25 years.



I'd be down with getting an album from them.


File: 45ab9c7acd2fcf5⋯.webm (15.59 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Pochonbo Electronic Ensem….webm)


It's an instrumental version of this song


I want to know, what is the source for the belief that America invaded Korea? Is this representative of the North Korean citizens’ belief that America invaded the north in 1950, or is it a bending of their belief that America coming into Korea in 1945 was an invasion?

I’m curious because I don’t know who is telling the lie. It’s incontrovertible, as far as I understand, that NK invaded the south in 1950. But Korea was also never split to them, the split was artificial and the South government was considered illegitimate. So I could imagine the constantly repeated “the north believes America invaded them (which is false)” actually IS true in that the DPRK insists the Americans didn’t allow the Koreans to self determine through the PRK. But if they teach that America invaded in 1950, it’s false.


File: ce50efb9ca0ed79⋯.png (192.49 KB, 1188x864, 11:8, Peoples_Republic_of_Korea.png)


The americans had the People's government in south replaced by the people who collaborated with Japanese. They were hard pressed to find a leader who would not be tainted with the collaboration with the Japanese and they found Rhee Seung Man, who then acted as a dictator after the Korean War.

The following dictator Park Chung Hee was an actual officer in Imperial Japanese Army.


Before the start, there were popular uprisings against the US instated former japanese collaborator govenrment.



The broad idea about a anti-communist policy is illustrated with the following event.


Yeah your post summarizes it well. Americans suppressing the PRK and instating the government of japanese collaborators is the real reason for the start of Korean war. Which direction whose tanks are actually rolling is merely a consequence.

The Yeosu-Suncheon rebellion gives a good perspective on the function of the South Korean government, its policies and its actions. Then followed by dictators Park Chung Hee and Chun Doo Hwan.



I’m going to pick up the Bruce Cummings book on the origins of the war for greater perspective, but this sounds about in line with what I read. But I’m still not totally certain because I guess I want to know the DPRK’s own words on the matter. Ever since starting the archived threads I’ve been curious to what degree I read lies about North Korea. Usually I feel really neutral about historical things like this, so I’m more inclined to make concessions in a discussion so as not to make whoever I’m talking too feel like they’re speaking with an ideologue since historical events can be a matter of hard facts with fuzzy context.

So in that spirit, after watching a quick NYT doc about NK disputes with Trump, and after hearing him make the claim “NK claims America invaded them (we didn’t)” I wanted to figure out what that claim means. After all, he didn’t mention that popular political movements were suppressed in the south. He didn’t mention that there were multiple peaceful protests by the communists against unfair elections, who then got shot by the police. He didn’t mention those incidents could turn into slaughter by right wing militias. He didn’t mention that A SINGLE DAY after the war started, the south initiated its wholesale slaughter of up to 100s of thousands of people deemed communists. That all seems like a glaring oversight to make the North appear like looneytunes aggressors. But to be as charitable as I can, they didn’t cite anything and the regime is fervently warlike against the Americans. I have no idea if there is a published work in DPRK that claimed the Americans invaded in 1950, or if their war museums have a plaque somewhere that says that, and if that’s the case I’d want to know so I can be aware of the false propaganda that DPRK does actually spread. After all, as much as I sympathize with the people of the DPRK just trying to live their lives, they do seem to live under a quasi-religious leader cult which may or may not be a continuation of traditional Korean beliefs and culture. I don’t think they’re all dumb or deluded, but it seems like the ones living in Pyongyang are more likely to have a stronger religious fervor for the Leader and would probably seem “extreme” or “unhinged” if asked about their thoughts on America or the Korean War. Ironically (given how our demographics split here in America) it seems as though the rural people and those in smaller cities/towns don’t care as much.



Mm, I meant to say that NYT documentary piece made that claim, not Trump. I don’t think he’d care for the nuances of that. I also saw a WaPo article that quoted a professor claiming the Sinchon massacre was a “fake atrocity”. When I look at Wiki for it it seems mixed on its validity though leaning towards something occurred there, and when I do a blanket search elsewhere I get Quora and Reddit posts saying it likely happened, it’s just unclear how many died and who did it. It almost sounds like the conservative position on it is that South Korea did it, at no behest of Americans. But I swear I’ve read several news articles that outright call it a lie without any further qualifications. If I was an ignorant American and I read that WaPo story, what I’d see is them quoting a professor saying it was a fake atrocity, and knowing what I do as an American about NK I’d think “oh, they fabricated evidence and built a museum there for something that never ever happened”.


Has anyone here actually read Kim Ill Sung or Kim Jong Ill's books or essays? Should I bother reading them or is it mostly just reassuring agitprop for the State/movement?



Read "With the Century" from Kim Il Sung, it is very interesting.


File: 1fabcf74b34cadb⋯.jpg (470.9 KB, 1600x1221, 1600:1221, embarassed.jpg)


Apologies for linking reddit but I just found a thread from r/korea that has one hell of a take on refugees from DPRK lying.


The thing about this thread is that it starts off rather good on the issue but quickly descends into liberal nonsense. See, the point that these redditors are making is essentially "It's undeniable that defectors from DPRK nearly always lie or embellish their experiences in the country about how horrible it is but it's not their fault because DPRK is so horrible that they are scared to never do what authorities tell them". They have absolutely no awareness of how oxymoronic this argument is. It essentially says

1) What defectors from DPRK say about the country is objectively bullshit the vast majority of the time (IE literally everything about it being an evil police-state with no freedom) but they only lie so much BECAUSE DPRK is an evil police-state with no freedom (which is the thing the defectors are lying about

2)South Korean authorities are literally just as bad as the DPRK for coercing people they know to be smooth-brained from le ebil North Korean abuse into making up a bunch of bullshit and threatening not to house them, help them find work, etc if they don't comply but they also are a better place to live than the DPRK

It's hilarious that the word doublethink is used in the first ten seconds of this thread and then the rest of the thread proceeds to be the perfect example of doublethink.


File: 18c0ece8020fdaf⋯.jpg (65.02 KB, 560x400, 7:5, 2018-09-19-1-11.jpg)

File: 095b48b07caad46⋯.jpg (99.75 KB, 560x400, 7:5, 2018-09-19-1-10.jpg)

File: 8d25ea82adee946⋯.jpg (99.03 KB, 560x400, 7:5, 2018-09-19-1-15.jpg)

File: 6d91f40b093b3f4⋯.jpg (169.64 KB, 1000x541, 1000:541, 1067814217.jpg)

File: 76e3fcd5538f982⋯.png (305.16 KB, 640x480, 4:3, saDEjZa_d.png)

North Korea and South Korea signed an agreement in defence sector as well as a joint statement following the results of the summit in Pyongyang.

>"Leaders of the South and the North have in fact announced the end of the war on the Korean Peninsula by their agreements," the spokesperson said.

>According to the joint statement by the leaders, North Korea decided to fully dismantle its rocket testing field in Tonchkhan-ni and will let international observers visit the field.

>The statement also said that North Korea was going to dismantle its nuclear reactor in Yonbyon within the framework of agreements with the United States.

>After the meeting, North Korean leader promised to visit Seoul in near future. He also said that both nations agreed to make efforts to denuclearize the peninsula. Meanwhile, South Korean president said that Seoul an Pyongyang agreed to remove threat of war on Korean Peninsula.

>The joint statement also said that the works on connection of roads and railways between the two nations would start before the year's end.

>Seoul and Pyongyang also agreed to send joint team to 2020 Olympic games as well as to submit joint bid to host 2032 games.

>The two nations agreed to cease large-scale artillery exercises and military flights near demarcation line. They also agreed to withdraw servicemen from the demilitarised zone and disarm personnel in Panmunjom truce village. Two Koreas agreed to create 80-kilometre zone free from military exercises in Yellow sea, sea of Japan.

>South Korean President Moon Jae-in is on a three-day visit in Pyongyang, which the first visit by a president of South Korea to Pyongyang in nearly 11 years, as former president Roh Moo-hyun travelled to North Korea back in October 2007.

>During South Korean President's visit it was planned that the leader would twice hold talks with Kim Jong-un and discuss further improvement of relations, denuclearization and development of dialogue between North Korea and the United States.




Holy shit this is some pretty big stuff.


File: 49c88916dfd8960⋯.jpg (641.91 KB, 1920x2160, 8:9, moon jae in speech.jpg)



I wonder what the US will do to try and stop this.

On a lighter note…

Does this mean we can expect North Korean sc2 players???



He uses a lot of communist rethoric in that speech.



Holy shit the war is basically over. I never thought I'd see the day.




Another video, this time Kim's wife also walks in and says something.




Well politically, Moon is dicking it: the opposition doesn't get above 15% in polling recently. Add to that the growing trends of pacifism in SK these moves are immensely popular.


press S to spit on american imperialism

Post last edited at



eh… he appeals to national souvereignity and peace, any half decent nationalist could do that

it's not bad though

i still don't think it's a good idea for Kim Jong Un and a delegation to go visit the south, the reasons should be obvious

i can't see this ending well, but i really wish it would…



File: 6ef5c33f3001eb9⋯.jpeg (157.96 KB, 1024x802, 512:401, 4264DC90-58B7-41BC-9D79-E….jpeg)




File: 9971f406db33ec8⋯.png (60.13 KB, 720x370, 72:37, Male_Circumcision_Prevalen….png)

File: 2cae0f34584d9e5⋯.jpg (30.31 KB, 852x480, 71:40, 1.jpg)

File: dae2f7ee9222584⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 27.75 KB, 600x347, 600:347, Circumcision-1.jpg)

What will they do about circumcision if they unify?

South Korean circumcision rate is 90% due to United States military occupation.

North Korean circumcision rate is virtually zero, save for extreme cases of phimosis where they may opt for partial circumcision.

Will Kim Jong Un become the next Gorbachev and concede his countrymen to capitalism and circumcision?



Moon is a decent guy whose pro-unification credentials are solid, his speech makes sense.



That's not a pressing matter in any way.



If the USA itself can now have mutilation rates with extremes ranging between 10 and 90% from state to state I doubt NK would have any significant change barring some weird medical policy being forced on NK.



>muh penises

Get a life, fag




>cheating children out of being able to feel sex as well as they would otherwise is not a pressing matter

i mean, it doesn't matter if you're comparing it to the issue of classism and bourgeois ideology growing more popular, but if you compare circumcision to something like female ceos it's certainly more worth talking about.



>i still don't think it's a good idea for Kim Jong Un and a delegation to go visit the south, the reasons should be obvious

>i can't see this ending well, but i really wish it would…

Kim and his entourage are not morons who gonna be blown away by Seoul's riches or whatever. Even if they are, they will realize that North Korean enterprises would not be in any way competitive, so they won't do anything hasty. This is all about peace and cooperation, which can only benefit the DPRK.


File: 4537a298a663382⋯.pdf (5.76 MB, US Imperialists Started Ko….pdf)


This book has more details on what the DPRK officially claims.


File: 1f20a05b9b7afe7⋯.jpg (428.5 KB, 766x1024, 383:512, corn 17.jpg)

bros, they're clearing mines at the border

and also putting forwards more plans to have united teams at sports events


I was going to start a separate thread to post these live streams but it's not working. Here is the DPRK TV live stream.



File: b61b1394acdbe78⋯.mp4 (10.11 MB, 320x240, 4:3, 약동하는 춤-wg7Jud_VZe0.mp4)


They got damn good dancers as well.



i'm more worried about a CIA attack on their life



>wahhh the circumcised can’t feel sex!!!

I manage fine



>nazi got snipped



File: f3130eba3cfb09e⋯.jpeg (288.91 KB, 1024x634, 512:317, mt paektu.jpeg)

File: eb7704456e2e27c⋯.pdf (578.28 KB, ON THE JUCHE IDEA.pdf)

File: 74628ed6d157df7⋯.pdf (177.43 KB, SOCIALISM IS A SCIENCE.pdf)

File: 8982e1d29bf39df⋯.pdf (105 KB, ABUSES OF SOCIALISM ARE IN….pdf)

File: b0655af27d5227d⋯.pdf (109.9 KB, RESPECTING THE FORERUNNERS.pdf)



Is that an English song? What is it?






Is it just bias or why does it seem like DPRK is the only communist country that's doing anything right these days?

And if you say Cuba, they're still economically sanctioned and developing slowly, meanwhile the DPRK is pumping out a factory per month despite the sanctions, and they have nuclear weapons too. The fuck is up with that?



The DPRK has abundant natural resources and is also connected to China.


Bless the DPRK. They are the light flame in the dark.



It's not like music from the rest of the world doesn't exist in the DPRK.




>>2669016 (me)

To elaborate Cuba is not rich in resources although it is large enough to be self-sufficient, which is why the U.S. has long sought to control it, and why blockades are not effective. Alfred Thayer Mahan, the U.S. naval officer and theorist (probably the most important military theorist the U.S. has ever produced) in the 19th century was writing that America absolutely had to control Cuba because blockading it wasn't possible. It's not Grenada or Jamaica.

Also nuclear weapons are not as difficult to make as people might think. A nuclear weapons program is about as technologically sophisticated as an oil refinery.



True,but funds are needed. If not look at the nuclear city of Jaragua


(I know, wikipedia is not the best,but the post soviet era was pretty hard for all the socialist countries)


File: 7f999aece69aace⋯.webm (2.09 MB, 352x264, 4:3, Ким Ир Сен и Энвер Ходжа ….webm)

File: f70f72f8c734ada⋯.webm (4.06 MB, 352x264, 4:3, Ким Ир Сен и Энвер Ходжа.….webm)


War-end declaration 'slippery slope' for U.S. Korea presence: U.N. Command general


>peace means no profit for the Military Industrial Complex



File: f890bfec4d0d54a⋯.jpg (122.65 KB, 550x744, 275:372, DNKF_12719_296729_14031419….jpg)

File: 6f6697ad612ba4a⋯.pdf (149.65 KB, HISTORICAL LESSON IN BUILD….pdf)

File: 5b7a0eeb357c7d2⋯.pdf (157.4 KB, PARTY BUILDING.pdf)

File: 965135471849138⋯.pdf (100.73 KB, PARTY LEADERSHIP.pdf)

File: c76ba0a966abfcb⋯.pdf (202.94 KB, ON SOME PROBLEMS OF EDUCAT….pdf)



I recommend everyone to watch this. It's about South Koreans loyal to the DPRK.


File: 17df1e29db1c918⋯.jpg (65.62 KB, 675x368, 675:368, c308548dd43518dc86969089d5….jpg)

Conversation with an ROK defector living in the DPRK:

>He said he was in KATUSA [Korean Augmentation To the United States Army] in the South: he had to do chores and run errands for American GIs. During his military service, he even had to bring a bucket of water for America GIs to wash their feet. They even forced the water they washed their feet with down his throat and made him run around all night completely naked.

>According to him, South Korea was a living hell where people couldn’t live. He went on to tell me that North Koreans should have pride in themselves for living in a sovereign country. He was immensely happy that he was now a citizen of North Korea, he said.

>“I graduated from a highly prestigious school in Seoul which is called Yonsei University,” he told me. “Have you heard of Yonsei? It is one of the top universities in South Korea. Then, I wanted to go to the Military Academy.”

>“I submitted my application and sat for exams but I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t get in. I had excellent grades and I was good at sports. I could never understand why they wouldn’t let me in.”

>“I just enlisted in the military instead of going to the military academy. When I went home one day and told my parents how disappointed I was that I couldn’t get into Military Academy. My parents told me that my uncle had been a guerilla working for the North.”

>“It turned out that the South Korean government didn’t hire people who had someone in the family that worked for the North for any good positions in society. My uncle was the reason why I could never get into Military Academy despite my impeccable grades. Ha!”

>“Then, I thought to myself that there is no place for me in the South Korean society just for something my uncle did in the past. So, when I got my chance, I moved over to the North.”

>“This is the people’s heaven.”




They believe the US invaded with the RoK in 1950. It should be noted that the RoK did initially take responsibility for starting the war and firing upon the 38th parallel.


File: fcf50ab38cec310⋯.webm (1.63 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Loyal Citizens of Pyongya….webm)

Based RED-pilled Korean owns the libs epic style.



An incredibly fitting image


>During a visit with Pope Francis at the Vatican, South Korean President Moon Jae-in shared a message from Kim Jong Un: Please come to North Korea.

>After their meeting on Thursday, the office of the South Korean president said in a statement that a formal invitation to Pyongyang from Kim would follow



File: 9d1f3db71bf868c⋯.png (307.36 KB, 515x461, 515:461, kim jong un prank.png)

a thread was made but it has to be posted here aswell


a must watch and I don't mean this in the book blurb sense, go watch the full video

it's about north korean defectors in south korea and they acknowledge the starvation in the 90s and how you could have trouble leaving the country (at the same time, they have plenty of people working abroad, mostly in china) but they debunk every other bullshit lie about the DPRK


Does anyone know what happened since the 70s? It's in that decade that the ROK overtook the DPRK in lifespan and GDP per capita and it wasn't just cause they were improving faster, the DPRK was actually heavily stagnating and making little loops on the lifespan/GDP per capita graph




why haven't they more greatly conformed production to their circumstances if they are abundant in natural resources? Their agricultural land is bad and they have less access to fertilizer than they did before the 90s. Their harvest is still inconsistent some years, though nobody is starving, but malnutrition in the rural areas exists in the expected range for a poor country.

I'd think one of their biggest issues is still lack of fuel and energy, and designing a transportation network for their circumstances to meet their supply needs. Since they seem to have more access to electricity generation than fuel, I'd figure they'd either want to focus on designing transport that runs off of their electric grid or create alternative fuels that can be made using their electricity. Not necessarily batteries, since I'm not sure if they have the right raw materials for it, but something that they could make. Unfortunately it doesn't seem like they could make a lot of ethanol, and I'm not sure how feasible it would be to make something like hydrogen powered cars.


File: 15aebea68d67bc1⋯.jpg (143.62 KB, 700x525, 4:3, seoul-homeless-subway.jpg)

Kim Ryon-hui, the North Korean defector who said she was tricked into traveling to South Korea by Seoul's spies in China, held a press conference where she reaffirmed her desire to return to the North.

Kim said she attempted suicide twice while in the South, local news service Oh My News reported. Kim said she left behind her parents, a physician husband and a daughter in Pyongyang, and that she "now has hope that she should be able to live, and return" to the North Korean capital.

The defector is a South Korean national, and last September Seoul rejected her request for repatriation to the North, citing current laws that ban defectors from leaving once they are naturalized.

None of her plans have worked, she said, and her activism is now centered on focusing attention on her cause – repatriation – and spreading awareness about "real life" in North Korea to South Koreans.

On the latter subject, Kim said South Koreans know very little about life in North Korea, and that upon her arrival in the South, she was surprised by the sight of numerous homeless people in the Seoul subways.

Kim said she had never seen homelessness in Pyongyang, because if someone is lost they are taken to their home by a helpful stranger.

"I was surprised that [homeless South Koreans] don't look for their parents or siblings," she said, stating she had lived in a socialist country for 42 years.



File: d80a19e26531e41⋯.jpeg (94.99 KB, 950x633, 950:633, panmunjom.jpeg)


File: b5d24af64e80997⋯.png (31.98 KB, 140x192, 35:48, Choi_Hong_Hi.png)


They defected to the DPRK, later decided it wasn't for them, and then lied about how they got there after defecting back to the ROK.

There were in fact some prominent ROK defectors to the DPRK in those days. Like a chemist who invented Vinalon, a former ROK Foreign Minister, and the founder of Tae Kwon Do.



>he has never seen flashdance


Live quality in DRPK was good during USSR era, Fuck the Cornman


File: bbc852fef5fbda2⋯.webm (2.42 MB, 640x480, 4:3, Song of General Kim Il Su….webm)


I think you mean the pizzaman.

Kim Il Sung did have a pro-cornman faction in the WPK purged in 1956 though.

And just as with Cuba the quality of life is way better than any capitalist country would be if placed in the same situation.




Sorry bro, I just watched some vid on youtube 2-3 days ago, The Korean in China told to some Westerner guys that they had to received food and goods from their's relative in DRPK during Mao and early Deng era since that part they live in China was really poor, but the situation was flipped after the fall of USSR.


File: 817b5bdba051cdc⋯.jpg (104.14 KB, 1078x514, 539:257, kim.jpg)


File: b6aedaad9478dd0⋯.jpg (855.85 KB, 2247x1342, 2247:1342, b6aedaad9478dd0299ea7018fc….jpg)


np kim


File: e1f1f30cb7a1891⋯.jpeg (21.87 KB, 260x194, 130:97, 30059F18-E532-4642-8183-E….jpeg)


God I’d love to watch dprk’s football league I bet it’s comfy as fuck, it’d be cool if they’d upload matches to youtube or something but that’s probably a pipe dream.


Hows the country doing as of 2018


File: fe6ef31793b7af3⋯.jpg (73.73 KB, 800x533, 800:533, oddjob.jpg)

N. Korea threatens to produce nukes again if US sanctions remain

Pyongyang may resume building up its nuclear arsenals if Washington’s economic sanctions remain in place, the reclusive state has said amid diplomatic bargaining over the future of Korean peace talks.

“If the US keeps behaving arrogant without showing any change in its stand,” North Korea may restart building up nuclear forces while also pushing for economic development, Pyongyang has said on Friday evening in a statement released by its state-run news agency.

“The US thinks that its oft-repeated ‘sanctions and pressure’ leads to ‘denuclearization.’ We cannot help laughing at such a foolish idea,” the North Korean statement offered.

Moreover, South Korea has considered lifting its own economic sanctions designed to force North Korea to abandon its nuclear weapons. In early October, the South Korean foreign minister Kang Kyung-wha suggested Seoul was willing to lift the restrictions as a goodwill gesture towards the North.

South Korean plans have been given a sharp rebuke from the US. “They won’t do it without our approval. They do nothing without our approval,” Trump commented on Kang’s remarks. Officials in Washington have once again vowed to maintain a “maximum pressure” effort until the North denuclearizes.




because it looks cool.


File: 3a6a92118db7812⋯.jpg (71.41 KB, 750x564, 125:94, DqzV4rhWwAE6j2B.jpg)

Bhaktapur's Dear Leader

>For Gopal Lachmashu, a 40-year-old tea shop owner next to the Dattareya temple in Bhaktapur, the Korean peninsula is not 4,000km away but just next door.

>The rest of Nepal may be in the grip of a South Korean pop culture fever, but here in Bhaktapur it is Juche Idea of North Korea’s founding leader Kim Il-Sung that is the dominant ideology.

>“DPRK’s political system is similar to Nepal’s Panchayat,” explains Lachmashu, “for less developed countries, this tight system helps development and social unity because there is discipline.”

>To outsiders Bhaktapur may look like it is in a time warp given its affinity to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), but for its fifth-time elected lawmaker, Narayan Man Bijukchhe of the communist Nepal Workers Peasants’ Party (NWPP) which has led Bhaktapur for three decades, it makes perfect sense.

>“Just as the Korean people are dominated by the American and Japanese ruling class, India is doing the same to Nepal and the Nepalis, there are similarities between Korea and Nepal,”Bijukchhe told Nepali Times.

>Bijukchhe finds nothing incongruous about North Korea’s defiance of the West and its missile and nuclear weapons policy, saying it represents the country’s ideology of Juche which itself is a consequence of geopolitics in the Korean peninsula that involves China, Japan, South Korea and the United States.

>“Kim Il-sung is one of the great teachers for Nepal together with Ho Chi Minh, Fidel Castro, Rosa Luxembourg to learn communism lessons,” explains 31-year-old NWPP member, Ramesh Suwal, “the Juche Idea is a directional ideology of our party, we read and study a lot of literature from North Korea.”

>Bhaktapur’s extraordinary respect for Kim Il-sung and the Juche Idea is based on the vision that Bijukchhe has for his town to be self-reliant, pro-people and propel development through tourism and its famous handicrafts. Many visitors find it incongruous that Bhaktapur, which translates as ‘town of devotees’, is actually devoted to a Stalinist from the Korean peninsula.

>After three decades, Bijukchhe is a leader who most here regard as a true nationalist, and a scrupulously honest man of the people. Says Lachmashu: “He is far-sighted, and more mature and astute than most other leaders in Nepal. For example as far back as 2005 after the Maoists signed the 12-point agreement in New Delhi, he had predicted that India would ultimately blockade Nepal."

>among Bijukchhe’s many admirers is German architect Götz Hagmüller who has been involved in Bhaktapur’s restoration since 1979, when the city was declared a World Heritage Site, and has settled down here. He says: “He is the only politician I know who has a vision for his historic town and for the upliftment of his people.”



File: c3b6f77023ec2d4⋯.png (19.27 KB, 323x243, 323:243, Juche gang.png)


File: d1d4454e5fee62d⋯.jpg (46.58 KB, 448x336, 4:3, 4c1709ef3ae8ab0951f228196e….jpg)


Pretty good. The economy keeps growing despite sanctions and reunification under a confederation is much closer than it was ever before.


One of the main factors behind this was the shift in focus from economic development to building up the military in response to the increasing level of threat.




Deshi Basara


File: 2fc58254291c2b1⋯.jpg (22.5 KB, 560x368, 35:23, 45318218_1922668741158545_….jpg)

Cuban leader arrives in North Korea on a state visit

>President of Cuba Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermudez has arrived in North Korea on a state visit. The plane of the Cuban leader landed at the Pyongyang Sunan International Airport, a TASS correspondent reported

The head of Cuba and his spouse were met by North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un, and his wife. The leaders and their spouses shook hands.

>The official talks of the two leaders are scheduled for November 5. The program of the visit of the Cuban guest to Pyongyang also includes a meeting with President of the Presidium of the Supreme People's Assembly of North Korea Kim Yong Nam.

>As the Cuban press reported ahead of the visit of Diaz-Canel to Pyongyang, the talks will focus on the interaction of Cuba and the DPRK in international organizations, including the UN. The two countries have a long history of friendship and close political cooperation. In particular, Cuba supports the abolition of international sanctions against the DPRK, and the unification of the North and the South into a single Korean state without foreign intervention.



File: 45015a7e0e1012a⋯.jpg (243.09 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, Dpt-07FUwAY62wZ.jpg)

File: 3d1f5a63038d3b7⋯.jpg (282.77 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, Dpt-06aWwAEm0VR.jpg)

Aerial view of an orphanage and a children's center.


File: 4771873ae9f590d⋯.jpg (120.69 KB, 808x533, 808:533, DpO9NOoUcAAw1TB.jpg)

File: b60f8c11d482bf0⋯.jpg (108.5 KB, 806x533, 62:41, DpO9NOeV4AMqp90.jpg)

File: 616006f9d02d148⋯.jpg (112.31 KB, 804x533, 804:533, DpO9NOgVAAAlCUs.jpg)

File: e7534fa0a1bab4e⋯.jpg (167.12 KB, 900x584, 225:146, DpO9NOxU0AI1eSd.jpg)

New concert hall opened less than a month ago

How do they manage to keep popping out these buildings with the sanctions?!


File: 382acba656512b4⋯.jpg (213.91 KB, 1200x760, 30:19, Do6flbFW4AEX6jI.jpg)

File: 9aba54b1d97326c⋯.jpg (102.06 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, Do2CMCCU0AA5W2n.jpg)

File: 41d699465b5f9ec⋯.jpg (201.32 KB, 1200x712, 150:89, DolwXd1UYAAF0Jc.jpg)

Notice the rooftop farming on the first picture.

DPRK fishing villages look pretty comfy.

DPRK replaced their old trams from the CSSR with modern, domestically produced ones this year.


File: befdfea1730d60e⋯.jpg (298.06 KB, 1200x720, 5:3, DoYnL-EU0AAFczD.jpg)

File: 1f2004b3e5b9e2b⋯.jpg (196.58 KB, 1200x621, 400:207, DoYnHH5UYAAPYJ-.jpg)

File: 46509ba719ea17e⋯.jpg (119.55 KB, 1200x600, 2:1, DoYmuSEVAAc4XV-.jpg)

Nature in North Korea


File: fa1d3504889eecc⋯.jpg (271.11 KB, 1200x772, 300:193, DoREmSeV4AA22X7.jpg)

File: 572e6825b71f8d0⋯.jpg (169.19 KB, 1200x658, 600:329, DoREmSVXgAAwHGN.jpg)

International football school and a farming cooperative


File: ee6c6cfa42a178c⋯.jpg (280.34 KB, 1199x737, 109:67, DoJSbTrVsAAivr-.jpg)

File: f73ff8860c4b32b⋯.jpg (335.81 KB, 1200x826, 600:413, DoJSbRWUcAAWzij.jpg)

this is how self-service works within the world's biggest seafood restautant in the DPRK



it's just formality, you'll notice similar style positioning with soldiers in the west guarding war memorials.


File: 3aea5633841f9ac⋯.jpg (474.09 KB, 1600x901, 1600:901, 1.jpg)

File: e98f3069252cc94⋯.jpg (612.44 KB, 1600x901, 1600:901, 2.jpg)

File: 624776811aa8bf1⋯.jpg (641.65 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, 3.jpg)

File: 3136417fbfa2693⋯.jpg (370.38 KB, 1600x901, 1600:901, 4.jpg)

Entering NK


File: f2417830823517d⋯.jpg (471.08 KB, 1600x901, 1600:901, 5.jpg)

File: 6284ea3947acd98⋯.jpg (462.57 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, 6.jpg)

File: 7144bde214931da⋯.jpg (312.39 KB, 1024x767, 1024:767, 7.jpg)

File: 70b54b3189c427f⋯.jpg (497.71 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, 8.jpg)


File: 05f11dd17fd126a⋯.jpg (574.76 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 9.jpg)

File: 171a0b62ebe4566⋯.jpg (381.66 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 10.jpg)

File: 8d334429e9395e7⋯.jpg (326.4 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 11.jpg)

File: 83740669f051337⋯.jpg (473.78 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 12.jpg)

File: e3198d23e8d2ed8⋯.jpg (444.47 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, 13.jpg)



File: d0a0a6bde2cbce2⋯.jpg (345.96 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, 1.jpg)

File: 9465ea541e6bf74⋯.jpg (244.26 KB, 1500x844, 375:211, 2.jpg)

File: 8ffadd286bca253⋯.jpg (314.51 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 3.jpg)

File: c9fb6a45334a253⋯.jpg (137.95 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 4.jpg)



File: 65b85730cdd3e10⋯.jpg (136.19 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 5.jpg)

File: bb7f27bf7ad0ba0⋯.jpg (354.26 KB, 1500x1125, 4:3, 6.jpg)

File: 6704cf0d3b585a6⋯.jpg (243.3 KB, 1024x769, 1024:769, 7.jpg)

File: 614dd03be391008⋯.jpg (124.93 KB, 685x802, 685:802, 8.jpg)




Nigga since when is the DPRK a cybernetic superpower???


File: a4833a4ff000341⋯.jpg (406.45 KB, 1280x721, 1280:721, 1.jpg)

File: 3c80438db6d7e72⋯.jpg (579.84 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, 2.jpg)

File: 78fa295cbf1ddda⋯.jpg (401.49 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, 3.jpg)

File: 18b9546a167efd6⋯.jpg (436.73 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, 4.jpg)



File: eb66c1c82dabcac⋯.jpg (554.59 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, 5.jpg)

File: 8790f12d1ea51f4⋯.jpg (608.97 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, 6.jpg)

File: c0b53e57b474073⋯.jpg (492.21 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 7.jpg)

File: f1cc5c1a978de20⋯.jpg (540.42 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 8.jpg)


File: 823311e26274ad0⋯.jpg (471.69 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, pfvkx6j35mrQlZsdZgb-o.jpg)

File: 22e73ae59cfee7e⋯.jpg (288.67 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, pfvkyt7pw2ld4H38llLM-o.jpg)

File: 7266658c8e32ced⋯.jpg (286.91 KB, 1280x959, 1280:959, pfvkyu7wr7LbYIPFfCxV-o.jpg)

File: 1ebfcd612be78d3⋯.jpg (308.07 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, pfvl3dki7LBHt4y8hcj-o.jpg)

Outside Pyongyang

Road from Pyongyang to Kaesŏng.


File: b0c0ad143fad525⋯.jpg (399.97 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, pfvl3eiyarlG6l8C99m-o.jpg)

File: 49b01da3d518aa8⋯.jpg (371.44 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, pfvl3ej9l422yg2M2S9-o.jpg)

File: eff25490e821ff8⋯.jpg (474.25 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, pfvl4s83j0x5fzSE3x0y-o.jpg)

File: a5e065f981b0546⋯.jpg (181.04 KB, 959x962, 959:962, pfvl972sxqiiS2ZCWPD3-o.jpg)

File: 04f886cd1f4b1ab⋯.jpg (423.36 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, pfvl64343mpWr6US2YWs-o.jpg)




The DPRK is such a beautiful country, I'd love to visit it someday.


I want to hug my nigga KJU.



thank you anon, are these from a trip you took? Any stories?



From someone from my country who went there month ago.


I have heard Maduro and Rabbit meat story, but Kim already did the same thing, but with duck instead 5 years ago, and it worked.



File: 84a0f586ecf7f5b⋯.jpg (148.95 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, gettyimages-945149578.jpg)

U.S. and South Korea Resume Military Drills Ahead of Denuclearization Talks

The U.S. and South Korea resumed combined military exercises on Monday for the first time since the trainings were suspended earlier this year. The drills, which have long been a source of irritation for North Korea, come just days before Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is set to hold high-profile nuclear talks with the pariah state.

The maritime drills, which opened Monday, will reportedly last two weeks in the southern Korean city of Pohang and will involve approximately 500 soldiers, including U.S. marines stationed in Japan, Yonhap News Agency reports.

The exercises this week could impact upcoming talks scheduled this week between Secretary Pompeo and top North Korean adviser Kim Yong Chol, the Guardian reports.

Speaking on CBS’ Face the Nation on Sunday, Pompeo said he expected to the discussions to make “real progress” and lay the groundwork for “substantial steps towards denuclearization” at a planned second Trump-Kim summit.

But North Korea has previously lashed out against the U.S.-South Korean operations, which it views as rehearsals for a potential invasion. In August, an editorial in North Korea’s Rodong Sinmun newspaper accused American negotiators of “double-dealing attitudes,” alleging the U.S. was “busy staging secret drills…while having a dialogue with a smile on its face.”




The US is so fucking two-faced about this shit. I really can't tell with Trump in office if they just think this is an effective strategy of "being tough" or if they know full well that these drills have been the cause of multiple break downs in diplomacy because the DPRK constantly asks them to stop, since the meat of nearly every offer to end missile production on their side has been a request for a non-aggression deal with the US and regional countries. Hard to even get there when there are invasion drills on the border before a "diplomatic meeting".



This gotta pop up someone blood vessel.



>new trams

fucking neat


File: 93f22add354f6db⋯.png (19.33 KB, 754x183, 754:183, 6b085c402f3791823627ad453e….png)

File: 88c0a22f81a67eb⋯.png (21.38 KB, 729x183, 243:61, ca278a443ad5b1e1aac4e85b67….png)

god do normies think they're funny or something? literally just "ROCKETMAN IS FAT LOL XD XD HE STARVES PEOPLE LMAO XDDDDD"




>muh starvation

not today CIA



Can confirm from having visited, at least in and around Pyongyang, there are other fat civilians. Also, most of the population have been/are currently involved with the military, which would make it hard to get tubby in the first place.

So yeah, not really sure it is valid criticism.


File: bd141c9e29d089e⋯.jpg (89.66 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, 20543625_445246952513761_5….jpg)




The obesity rate in the DPRK is higher than the obesity rate in the ROK.

Even the fucking CIA admits this.



File: 4cf87000cb10edd⋯.webm (12.64 MB, 640x360, 16:9, arrested for praising kim….webm)


File: f8ae7b786745ac4⋯.webm (11.71 MB, 640x360, 16:9, defector think tanks - Lo….webm)


File: 1bfee24f82c9e6c⋯.webm (14.66 MB, 640x360, 16:9, south korean attorney - L….webm)


File: 314faeb084b596b⋯.jpg (88.6 KB, 720x706, 360:353, x9fuufj4yy411.jpg)

나는 아시아 사람이된다



>That article is way less pro-NK than the quotes imply.

what were you expecting? nknews.org is based in washington and seoul


File: 51e5aa761d77f01⋯.jpg (83.64 KB, 560x400, 7:5, 2018.11.05_1_0004.jpg)

File: 05080ae308c2b31⋯.jpg (69.05 KB, 560x400, 7:5, 2018.11.05_3_0001.jpg)

File: 6a114a8d01fb4b9⋯.jpg (90.33 KB, 560x400, 7:5, 2018.11.05_5_0002.jpg)

File: 98223cd05fd52ce⋯.jpg (57.18 KB, 560x400, 7:5, 2018.11.05_5_0003.jpg)

File: d598152d7b48027⋯.png (336.34 KB, 981x802, 981:802, miguel diaz canel kumusuan….png)



File: 52eebf7ff05f4b6⋯.jpg (89.27 KB, 517x723, 517:723, kim jong il.jpg)

>We do not assert that the Koreans’ biological constitution is more developed than those of other races. Defining the superiority of a nation according to biological or ethnic characteristics is the practice of reactionary, bourgeois ethnology. Arguing that national characteristics are defined by racial characteristics, bourgeois ethnologists classify people according to skin colours, namely white people as a “higher race” and coloured people as a “lower race”. They say that only a “higher race” can create advanced civilization. The reactionary ethnological doctrine has been used by imperialists as an ideological instrument for their policy of racial discrimination and obliteration of nations. Imperialists still use the bourgeois ethnological doctrine as an instrument to justify their domination over other nations, to spread national nihilism, the idea of subservience to great powers and the idea of dependence on foreign forces among the people of colonial, dependent countries and the people of the third world, and to obstruct their national independence and independent development. Fundamentally speaking, there can be no “higher race” or “lower race”. All the races are endowed with creative intelligence and ability. The low level of civilization of nations under colonial subjugation in the past is not due to any inborn inability, but is the consequence of the imperialists’ predatory policy and their policy of keeping colonial people in ignorance. The people of the third world, who were despised by the imperialists as a “lower race”, have now become the masters of their destiny, are making brilliant successes in the creation of a new life and are steadily raising the level of their civilization. By contrast, in the United States, where the white people who claimed to be the most developed race make up the overwhelming majority of her population, illiterate people are daily growing in number and their intellectual level is gradually dropping. The fact patently proves the fallacy of the bourgeois ethnological doctrine.

>Our country has neither a large population nor a large territory, nor is it an economic power. There is no reason for us to look down upon other nations or reject them. National chauvinism is a reactionary idea of the exploiting class and the imperialists.

>Reactionary racism and national chauvinism, which were used by imperialists as their ideological instrument for aggression and domination, have been categorically rejected by progressive humanity. The Japanese imperialists, who clamoured for the “mission” of “leadership” over other nations by claiming the “superiority” of the “Yamato race”, and the German fascists, who attempted world domination by advertising the “superiority” of the “Aryan race”, received the judgement of history. In spite of this, the US and other imperialists are still using racism and national chauvinism in justifying their domination and plunder of other nations.

- Kim Jong Il, 28 December 1989



Based. /pol/'s odd admiration of the DPRK is completely perverse.

Hit me with that source pls.




and redpilled





don't know where he got that from, but he says something similar in a 1997 speech

>National pride and self-confidence are formed and expressed when one understands the good qualities of one's nation. The good qualities of a nation formed socially and historically in the struggle to shape the destiny of the country and nation has no connection with racial characters, so it is not that any special nation is blessed with such traits. Every nation is blessed with its good qualities and has the aspiration and desire to preserve and highlight them. Only when a revolutionary party appreciates the fine traits of its nation and highlights them positively, can it encourage the people to have national pride and self-confidence.

- Kim Jong-il (1997), On Preserving the Juche Character and National Character of the Revolution and Construction



Those japanese that hijacked a plane and flew it to pyongyang a long time ago have been living in the DPRK since and operate a twitter feed


File: 1e9ffe9a6c15794⋯.pdf (131.76 KB, let us display korean nati….pdf)


It's from a speech where he promotes socialist patriotism.


Who makes the better cellphones? NK or SK? You decide.



redfish is fucking great, I love them. Too bad they have recently been demonized because apparently they get sponsered from the Kremlin and muh Russia and all that.


File: 728d14a791f4440⋯.png (376.56 KB, 715x567, 715:567, umaru.png)


>By contrast, in the United States, where the white people who claimed to be the most developed race make up the overwhelming majority of her population, illiterate people are daily growing in number and their intellectual level is gradually dropping. The fact patently proves the fallacy of the bourgeois ethnological doctrine.

I know kim didn't necessarily mean this as an own but god damn it's funny



is there any long series like this one but with actual english subtitles or by english speaking tourists by any chance?

that abomination of a subtitle is actually giving me autism.

and all I can find is the usual tiresome crapitalist propaganda even if by amateur tourists.


What would you guys say is the DPRK's economic system? State capitalism? Market socialism? 100% state planning? Also is there a difference between a NEP style economy and state capitalism?



>What would you guys say is the DPRK's economic system?

Mixed of planned economy and state capitalism. Basic necessities are guaranteed, but you also get a wage from your labour. How the DPRK economic plan goes forward will depend on the result of the denuclearisation / US military issue. If DPRK denuclearises enough for the US' liking and the sanctions are lifted, the DPRK will probably reform to be more market-driven and recognise private property. If not, they'll probably stick with the current public/private ratio.

>Also is there a difference between a NEP style economy and state capitalism?

NEP is a term by Lenin to describe the beginning of the USSR's state capitalism project. It's supposed to be a state-regulated mixed market.


How much do the citizens know about Cuba? They are like brother states now but I keep hearing them say in documentaries "we are the only socialistic nation".



Why would they reform for private property if they got less sanctions? Shouldn't that give them more incentive to be socialist?



When I was in the DPRK, I asked my guide about the nation's commitment to communism on an international scale. They told me that they wanted other nations to find 'their own path' to socialism and specifically named off Cuba, China and I think Vietnam and Venezuela. (It's been a while now, I can't remember exactly.)

I should have pried further into what exactly they know of the economies of some of these other 'socialist' states, in case they had false assumptions about just how they functioned. It is also possible that they were viewing those other states as being on a path that the DPRK has already completed. It's hard to say, but I suspect they are at least aware of socialism in Cuba.



>socialism can't survive the development of industry

at last I see



i bet you are a bordiga's cock worshiper faggot



It’s a necessity for rapid development, but you could theoretically achieve a slower rate of development by temporarily impoverishing yourself for exports to gain foreign currency reserves to buy foreign capital goods. Like devoting part of your industry to domestic necessities, and then another part to exporting exceptionally cheap goods, possibly below their cost by subsidizing them through your segment of critical domestic industry (housing, food, transport, medical, etc.). You’ve then generalized the exploitation of domestic labor that would occur under foreign investment to the price handed to consumers.

The problem with this is if the foreign country’s domestic producers get angry, so it would be good to target industries in which you are competing in a market that is already dependent on imports. So you’re just removing sales from a different foreign country. Then you’ll probably get less trade pushback from your customer. You slowly build up foreign currency reserves and plot your growth based on the next segment of commodities you could be competitive with another country over by undercutting them. Continue this process till you’ve industrialized to a great degree and then start charging fairer prices.



No stupid idiot, they plan to sell those resources transformed into finished products, that's also why they need partners, but milord is scared by those spooky strangers with money that would overthrow socialism, how? spelling some magic words probably. Just finish high school nigger.



When foreign capital moves in on their own terms it’s not only the case that they become an increasingly damaging point of failure for party cadres (who are human and will inevitably start forming relationships of patronage with the foreign businessmen, and if the state does purges of corrupt officials it will be looked on as totalitarianism), but those businessmen will also form associations and organizations which try to push their interests into the state and mass culture. For instance, there is that well known book on North Korea’s internal affairs, called something like “A Capitalist in North Korea”, that is a European businessman’s fairly sympathetic look at conditions in the country, but he talks proudly of how he participated in the founding of the first chamber of commerce and business school. I definitely don’t think he considered this politically subversive behavior, or at least it wasn’t his motivating intent, rather that activity and even his book’s primary intent screams to me that he just wants to improve international perception of North Korea to open the market more because he felt there was economic opportunity there for entrepreneurs and foreign business. The ideology behind the building of capitalist institutions and advocating for their interests is so second nature to people who are deeply ingrained in it from birth that they barely see it as anything but the most sensible way to expand a positive space for business relationships.



>Current year



File: 2cf0280e9d1dc7d⋯.jpg (37.34 KB, 500x493, 500:493, wack.jpg)


mfw I work 6-7 hour shifts in burgerland doing physical labor and I get one 10 minute break while north korean prisoners get a half hour break every two hours



>it’s better to be a prisoner in the DPRK an an ordinary prole in America



File: 118da97a492bffc⋯.jpg (742.69 KB, 1080x846, 60:47, korea workplace democracy.jpg)

File: 259ea441b532769⋯.jpg (188.25 KB, 414x1058, 9:23, dprk markets.jpg)



Also another post relating to markets.


Just submitted my essay on Juche to my lib professor. Here's to hoping it does good.



hope you didn't plagiarize roo



I had learn from the best somehow



What was the topic?


Lol r u kidding. Most ethnic Koreans (朝鮮族) in China are proud of their Chinese nationality. What do you mean by “they are proud of their non-Chinese Koreanness”? If anything, they do not identify themselves as North or South Korean. In fact, Chinese Koreans face severe discrimination in South Korea where they are often viewed as being financially poor, criminals or thugs and many Chinese Koreans are fervently patriotic. Also doenjang is not alcohol its a fermented bean paste used in stews and soups.

These ethnic Koreans living in China today do not have, politically, anything to do with North Korea, many of them were Koreans who illegally crossed the border into the territory of China a very long time ago during the Qing Dynasty (清朝; 1644 - 1911). At the time the ruling ethnic Manchus (滿族) sealed off what was Manchuria (滿洲) to non-ethnic Manchu immigrants (the ethnic Han majority included) unless you were a part of the Eight Banners System known as “jakun gusa” and this area of China was known as the Willow Palisade. Imperial Russia however began making advances into Chinese territory and by the years 1858 and 1860, the treaties of Beijing (北京條約) and Aigun (璦琿條約) were signed between the Russian Empire and the Qing Empire, essentially granting the Russians full sovereignty over Outer Manchuria (外滿州), or the territories of Primorsky Krai, Khabarovsk Krai, Amur Oblast and the Jewish Autonomous Oblast today in the Russian Federation. In fact, many places in these regions of Russia today still have their own Chinese names (eg Vladivostok is 海參崴, Khabarovsk is 伯力, Blagoveshchensk is 海蘭泡 and Dalnegorsk is 野豬河). This eventually led to the Qing Empire opening up Manchuria for Chinese settlement in what is known in history as 闖關東 in fear that the Russians would further advance into Chinese territory. Illegal Korean migrants who found themselves living in Russian territory thereafter were then deported to Central Asia (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan) before and during WWII by the Soviet Union, in fear that they would collaborate with the Japanese. Similarly, illegal Korean migrants in China stayed and they became full-fledged Chinese citizens.

It’d be as good as saying that there are plenty of North Koreans living in South Korea today because there were indeed North Koreans who fled to the south before and during the Korean War. Yes their hometown is in North Korea but they have never lived under the regime and they have nothing to do with the political system of North Korea. By extension you could say “the North Korea in South Korea”, “the Britain in Australia and Canada” or what have you. What a misleading title. Some Chinese Koreans could also possibly have hometowns in South Korea, so what? “The South Korea in China”?


File: 3105ce2ed460f0c⋯.jpg (76.96 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 500px-Emblem_of_Korean_Soc….jpg)

any info on the north's Social Democrats and Cheondoism parties? imo the fact that they exist at all is proof that there is some political pluralism and room for debate within the DPRK, and they have the correct understanding of religion as having a two fold nature, one of which is revolutionary



The assignment was to pick any country and write a paper on a policy related to that country, so I picked Juche.



Some guys made Korean in china doc, but Chinese speakers smell some bullshit in it.



File: b068c22d375b054⋯.webm (12.03 MB, 640x358, 320:179, 사회주의 오직 한길로 _ Through the….webm)



Have this vlogs been posted here? Pretty good stuff.



>Have this vlogs been posted here?



Does somebody here know which address I'd have to write to if I need to send a letter to the Workers Party of Korea?

Plz respond


File: 91713e3ecbcb957⋯.png (2.4 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Untitled.png)

>tfw no north korean gf



>that pic



File: 637bbd3ba847cff⋯.png (382.27 KB, 600x565, 120:113, cigarettes.png)


lmao this is fucking China. they're speaking Chinese. you MTWs really know how to mirror Nazis in intellectual honesty.




Probably to the North Korean embassy in your country. If there is none, write an E-Mail. I doubt there is a deliverer to North Korea.




I don't know how it works for US citizens, but in Europe you can use DHL to deliver stuff to North Korea. I haven't used that option myself, but DHL openly lists on their website which countries they deliver to and what terms and conditions apply, and the DPRK is on there (and Cuba as well).

That said, I think an individual sending a letter to a party is a strange idea. Would you think of sending a letter to a party where you live? If so, surely the proper point of contact is the local office, and then you might as well just visit. You don't even think of sending a letter addressing the party in your country as a national entity. And in another country? How would, for instance, a Hungarian go about sending a letter to the party of the Republicans in the US? Is there any address to write to? And what does the Hungarian expect? That whoever gets the mail will inform all the other Republicans? "Hey guys, mail!"

There are a few North-Korean media outlets that interface with the world and you can write a letter to them. If you are in a party or other group, maybe you can push the group to send a letter in the name of the group. Even if it's just a committee of 20 people or so, the chance of somebody reading attentively and discussing that with others goes up drastically when dealing with a letter from a group. And maybe you can build up a good reputation over time. Sorry for the boring answer.


Was the north's invasion justified?


File: 0b8771192a0bf8a⋯.webm (4.89 MB, 1200x674, 600:337, me.webm)


>No one posted the Webm.

I'm disappointed in you commies.


File: 9fb4a2c3b6fa92f⋯.gif (1.3 MB, 255x170, 3:2, Stalin-Clap.gif)


Mad lad



Arduous march is finally over and the Best Korea is called Best Korea for a reason.


I'm kinda worried about Kim's wife being shoehorned everywhere and more worrying is the fact they shove her in western clothes. Not a good sign.



it was a counterattack so yes



secretly implementing cybercommunism



My professor is one of those "The Soviet Union/East Germany/East Bloc/etc was totalitarian", so I'm pretty curious to see what they'll think of it. Will update when I find out.


File: 12904d584cbd397⋯.png (191.9 KB, 1187x863, 1187:863, Peoples_Republic_of_Korea(….png)

File: eeea2689d900699⋯.png (168.71 KB, 645x541, 645:541, survey korea 1946.png)

File: 980ce43a6c70b79⋯.pdf (419.26 KB, Korean War - An Unanswered….pdf)

File: 6c0ebf526a6fea9⋯.webm (1.84 MB, 480x360, 4:3, How the Korean War starte….webm)

File: 6cbf74b2acb19b3⋯.jpg (82.73 KB, 738x525, 246:175, seoul citizens welcoming k….jpg)


The counterattack was justified.

Even if it wasn't a counterattack, the destruction of the Syngman Rhee clique and the liberation of the South would still have been justified.


Meanwhile Kim Jong Un wears a Mao suit all the time.



It's easy to find organizations in friendly contacts with the WPK, a ML party or a Korean friendship organization. If you contact them, they might fast-forward something to the WPK.

This month. in two days actually, is the IMCWP in Athens where the WPK participates, together with CPs from pretty much every country that hasn't outright banned communism.




Total dumbfuck (in regards to the Korean war) here.

What actually happened? What attack was the DPRK responding to?



>What actually happened?

the buildup to the war took a long time with South Korean elements raiding across the border multiple times justifying it as stopping banditry or suppressing pro-socialist guerilla movements


File: 4210462d7b7aa4e⋯.jpg (98.51 KB, 1066x600, 533:300, rungrado_may_day_stadium26.jpg)

Today I found out North Korea has the largest stadium in the world. Pyongyang olympics when?


So I've been hearing that NK has "slave labour" by sending workers to other countries, for about $10k US/year, who put their earnings in Russian and Chinese banks, where it's withdrawn as cash and physically moved to DPRK. Any debunking of this, anything they're purposefully leaving out? I honestly don't know much about the DPRK, but I for sure know that capitalist media loves to portray it as a nation run by lunatics. I just saw this on CBC I'm a Canada fag





It’s possible, but I don’t see how this wouldn’t effectively just be a massive tax rate. After all, the workers need to live in China, Russia, wherever while working. Some amount of their wages would have to go to buying food, clothes, lodging. Whatever is required to live. The rest go back to the state. But considering that to be the case, that is kind of how foreign labor functions for North Korea in general, I think. People go work in China on visas who are not prisoners, and they send money back. Some amount of it is taxed away, the rest is used for living expenses. Compulsory prison labor is legal here, so I don’t feel like it is the worst thing they do. The real problem there is that people can be sent to jail for political bullshit, not that they are forced to work. That isn’t specific to Korea.



This seems completely absurd. The point of bourgeois nation-states is the protection of private property. I don't see how both "systems" could actually exist within one state without de facto still being two completely independent countries.


Can someone tl;dr me on why the DPRK is so much more closed towards foreigners than Cuba? For example why can't foreigners even travel autonomously? Regardless whether the notion of the DPRK being a dictatorial police state is true or not, this policy does nothing but enforce that notion.



I think it is transparently as it appears, they are afraid foreigners will spread dissent among the population, they’re afraid of espionage and they’re afraid that what is happening in the interior will be presented as foreign propaganda. Th DPRK is still not a nice place, but I think the goal of demystifying it is making clear that it is neither run by crazy people, nor are the people inside totally brainwashed ants, nor is the country itself some kind of incomprehensible hellscape. People live their lives in North Korea like people do anywhere else, in conditions just as hard, although different, as may be found in a garbage slum in India, or an undeveloped African city with sewage running in the streets, slavery and state or criminal violence. We make North Korea into a cartoon to fantasize about all of our worst nightmares and feel secure in our righteousness and correct way of life. The media sells this image not necessarily to be complicit in top down fleeing policy goals, but because this is an organic product of the media. They sell narratives that are succinct and understandable to the public, somewhat informative when that is the guiding brand principle of the outlet, but also evocative of pathos in order to grip consumers.



Top down foreign policy goals* if that wasn’t clear



I think partially this is due to Cuba being an island, which lets them passively enforce travel restrictions. DPRK has to be more active in enforcing travel restrictions.



Good post although it's unrelated to my question


How do you deal with the extreme frustration of discovering the truth about North Korea? Defending Cuba or the USSR is a titanic task as people are unironically indoctrinated to believe the most retarded lies, but North Korea is 100% a no-go even among socialists.

People don't know the truth about the korean war, about defectors, about fabricated anti-DPRK propaganda, about the south korean dictatorship, about the higher GDP per capita up to the 70s and higher lifespan up to the late 80s, about the US-enabled starvation in the 90s etc. etc.

In the end, the whole western world is brainwashed on North Korea, not the other way around.



In order for the DPRK to continue its quasi-socialist economy, it has to have elements of a police state. If they "opened up" then Western-sponsored protests and its resulting overthrow of the government are guaranteed, and the DPRK will be integrated into the ROK much like GDR was integrated into BRD, and the Kim family will be exiled to Russia, China or Cuba.



>How do you deal with the extreme frustration of discovering the truth about

>People don't know the truth about […]

Based on the kind of language you're using, I can assume that you have a personal attachment to believing it really matters what the masses think. This is a common trait of utopian socialists and idealists. A scientific socialist who follows a materialist philosophy is more likely to accept that the masses are cogs in a wheel, and that people who are "too far gone" should be viewed only as a potential obstacle (or tool of chaos) to the political aim of establishing socialism. So no, I don't have any frustration because I couldn't care less what a marijuana-smoking cheeseburger-eating MSNBC/FOX-watching anti-intellectual first-worlder in imperialist country X thinks about quasi-socialist nuclear-armed country Y.



I was a marijuana-smoking cheeseburger-eating MSNBC/FOX-watching anti-intellectual first-worlder in imperialist country X before I became a socialist though, changing people's minds into seeing that socialism is the way and the people defending capitalism are spreading lies about socialist states is rather important I think.

tbf I don't live in an imperialist country but it's still a bourgeois state.

and there's literally nothing wrong with marihuana.



If they believe the stuff like everybody getting Kim's haircut or that Kim had his uncle ripped apart by rabid dogs as he watched, or that everybody eats grass, it is hopeless to change their minds in one conversation. You might as well try to make a baptist an atheist. Only months - maybe years - of being exposed to more balanced information can make an individual like that change his or her mind.

If they are somewhat curious about it, like, still thinking they are a horrible country but inform themselves with more neutral sources, you might convince them to change their mind a little bit. To give a concrete example, DemSoc01 was anti-DPRK until people sent him materials about it and then he admitted that he changed his mind. Granted, he was already a socialist and is generally a person with integrity, but it is possible. However, whenever you try to talk about socialism to people, try to avoid the DPRK as a talking point unless it is specifically brought up. You are so much better off defending East Germany or Cuba.

Anyway, Unruhe made this video:


I think he is kinda wrong there in his conclusion. He underestimates the consciousness of the North Korean people. If you see their faces during the K-Pop perfomance, it is highly unlikely that they would succumb to South Korean consumerism without at least a big societal divide and potential unrest.



One thing that Jason says there about B.R. Myers is absolutely right – that while Myers is anti-DPRK his analysis is smarter than pretty much any other English language commentator out there.


>How do you deal with the extreme frustration of discovering the truth about North Korea?

I haven't really talked about the DPRK with many people, but I take a kind of benign Anthony Bourdain-style attitude about the place. If I have to press further I'll say "well look, we're under the impression that North Koreans are still living in a famine, but that was 24 years ago. It'd be like believing that New Orleans is still flooded because of Hurricane Katrina. To be sure it's a closed society, but it's gradually opening up, in a different way than China to be sure, but things have changed a lot there."

A lot of people get their ideas about North Korea from watching films of the place during the worst years in the 1990s. A lot of their impressions are also colored by sensationalist tabloid media that often just outright makes stuff up out of whole cloth.

I don't even talk about the political system because, to be honest, I don't know what to think of it either. The personality "cult" is definitely bizarre and alien to me, although from my limited understanding, North Koreans have a very different way of looking at it – not even seeing Kim Il-sung and his progeny as "leaders" so to speak


Good post.


French alphabet soup arrests KFA member:


"Sensible intel", yeah I don't buy it.



>That big-ass German documentary where they tour North Korea is also good

With the German-Korean woman who speaks the language? Fun when they showed this on German state TV (SWR) they were cutting out some positive things, it's 20min shorter in German.



I think it's okay to cut things when they are too long, but they made a specific choice in their selections, like a scene where the manager of the water park is in his control room with modern computers and stuff, they also cut out the perspective of an old lady and her view on the Korean War.

Of course, pointing out that German public TV is nothing but state media will get you downvoted into oblivion on r/de. Honestly I am surprised at this point that they even made a balanced documentary. Really got to respect that Korean girl who made this and didn't give a shit about preconceived opinions.



> although from my limited understanding, North Koreans have a very different way of looking at it – not even seeing Kim Il-sung and his progeny as "leaders" so to speak

It seems a little bit like a constitutional monarchy to me. The leader position is passed down through the kims practically hereditarily, but that position is just symbolic, their actual political power just comes from whatever their other political position is. Which is usually a very high one, but not supreme dictator. They're simultaneously a figurehead/mouthpiece, and a powerful politician in an entirely separate capacity not subject to dynastic descent and not far far above the rest of the government.

Thats the impression I got, anyways.



I would argue that the "monarchich" aspect of their system is more akin to what the Roman adoptive emperors did (98 to 180 A.C.), like choosing and grooming a successor that is necessarily bound by blood. From what I can see, there is no guarantee that the next "leader" is going to be a son or whatever. I think with Kim Jong Il, who opposed succession (https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-pacific-12304763) it was a bit of a coincidence - he was already holding important offices under Kim Il Sung and was his right hand in most matters. And then Kim Jong Il just went with it when he ordered Kim Jong Un to come back home. But it's entirely possible that the next leader is going to be someone else and receives the same sort of adoration as one of the Kims.

The North Koreans certainly don't view it as a monarchy.



that isn't necessarily bound by blood*


>watching a video of some vlogger in Pyongyang

>it shows clean streets, markets with stocked shelves, kids laughing and playing, etc.

>the guy admits he's surprised by all this.

>scroll to the comments and it's the usual cancer. "lmao you know your tour was staged don't you?"

It's all so tiresome



To be fair something I’d really like to see is how things are outside Pyongyang. It’s not uncommon in many countries for the countryside to be much poorer than the capital.



From what you can gleam, typical third world stuff. No running (warm) water, frequent power outages, run down roads and buildings… not quite Africa tier but definitely poor parts of asia tier. Which, I mean, it is.



there's this chinese guy who has this "dprk360" project, has a bunch of those videos where you can look around with your mouse

of the countryside there's just pictures though

looks just as clean

very rural, not comparable to Pyongyang but not bad at all either

i've seen way worse villages in eastern europe

pretty much >>2732499




no matter what evidence you give these people, they won't change their beliefs. anti-communists really are NPCs.


Did anybody ever post that Laibach Sound of Music video?



Could we send a letter asking the DPRK to support one big US military base in Syria like the communist governments did with revolutionary Catalonia?

(The DPRK supports the Syrian government dumbass)



File: eff8e79a0a8e244⋯.jpg (14.5 KB, 300x300, 1:1, kim-il-sung-9364759-1-402.jpg)

Many left liberals and "moderate" leftists (socdems, demsocs, etc.) make it a principle to oppose dictatorships and authoritarianism no matter if it's left or right wing. When they look at the DPRK, they don't see a poor socialist nation that's been targeted by imperialism (and taken measures to defend itself against it). They see the leader worship, the military parades, the censorship, etc. and conclude that it's an authoritarian state under the control of a privileged dictator which should be opposed (and possibly overthrown). They don't really care that it's socialist or provides healthcare and education to it's citizens or whatever. What arguments would you use to convince such a person that North Korea should be supported (besides debunking obvious lies such as everyone being forced to have the same haircut and similar propaganda)? Please no engels_authoritarianism.jpg or some argument that boils down to "dude authoritarianism is a spook lmao".

I think about this quite a lot myself. The cult of personality, the leader worship, hereditary leadership, and the inadequate democracy (yes it's probably impossible to know exactly to what degree the democratic institutions in the DPRK are legit but it's at least safe to say that their politics are fairly monolithic and opposition to KJU himself is unthinkable) are things that would absolutely disgust me if it was a right wing government. Yet I support the DPRK as it is a socialist state that built itself up after it was destroyed in the Korean war and has managed to provide a fairly good living standard to it's citizens considering the circumstances.


File: 4d4b2376dd8ed10⋯.jpg (195.91 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, DtQIRACUwAILkkE.jpg)

File: 314cb06a2ede09d⋯.jpg (202.5 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, DtQIRAEV4AAlKJ5.jpg)

Two new high rise buildings in Pyongyang



Because they see socialism as an ad-hoc ideal utopia emerging independently from it's material conditions out of which it emerges. This is what utopian socialism is, and what the opposite of scientific socialism is. Sure you can criticize aspects of the DPRK, but to completely discard as a genuine attempt of socialism is just idealism.

Their ideology falls apart if you ask them why never in the history of humanity has such an ideal emerged. They will answer "because ☭TANKIE☭s murdered them", which of course, gets them laughed out of the room.


File: 2f80bca09ce81b6⋯.jpg (113.35 KB, 1080x568, 135:71, kim jong un internet ideol….jpg)


File: 13e6158f845635a⋯.png (603.69 KB, 1024x676, 256:169, solidarity_with_comrades__….png)


It's really no worse than Raúl becoming the leader after Fidel, or Bashar becoming the leader after Hafez.



It's bad and a sign of nepotism in those cases as well.



What does it look like inside?



Tbh it wasn’t good when they did it either.



I don't know. Stop with the flat earth tier bullshit about North Koreans building empty buildings and employing 1000 actors when a single tourist is arround.


File: 6a62f8daa3cd836⋯.jpg (12.68 KB, 780x520, 3:2, yq-skbirthrate-07122018_2x….jpg)

Subsidies for the rich: South Korea seeks to raise falling birth rate

South Korea issued a raft of measures on Friday (Dec 7) to try to reverse one of the world's lowest birth rates, offering potential parents increased benefits as it faces a looming population decline.

The country's fertility rate - the number of children a woman is expected to have in her lifetime - fell to 0.95 in the third quarter, the first time it has dropped below 1 and far short of the 2.1 needed to maintain stability.

There are multiple causes, including the expense of child-rearing, long working hours, limited daycare, and career setbacks for working mothers, who bear a double burden of carrying weight of household chores.

The government has spent a whopping 136 trillion won (S$166 billion) since 2005 to try to boost the birth rate, without success.

In its latest attempt to reverse the decline, Seoul said on Friday it would expand child subsidies - of up to 300,000 won a month - to the richest 10 per cent of families, who are currently excluded.




the way the presenters talk is insufferable

It really does feel like just a bunch of propaganda crap.

I'd rather do shit like dance too if this was on TV, which I guess is ultimately a good thing.

If you can seperate the scenes out from the saccharine music and the rosy light they try to get and the swelling intonation, there are a lot of examples of it being a relatively normal place though. Lots of mundane shit. I think the last thing was showing how some pretty stone panels and polished blocks were made from quarry to showroom.

Not that state TV would convince anyone who thinks they build entire fake cities and shit, but its just interesting in an anthropological way to me I suppose.



The whole country is paid actors. Kim Jong Un is Danny Devito in yellowface and a wig. The military is just the extras from Rambo First Blood: Part Two.

The country itself outside of the capital is a mix of CGI and model railway buildings. When you look across the ROK-DPRK border at a building several miles away it's actually just a small model a meter in front of you.



Produce pictures of the interior of new buildings. Until you do that you can call me Satan and it still won't prove you right and me wrong.



File: c7d451793365fc8⋯.jpg (115.24 KB, 980x551, 980:551, 5c0eaf65dda4c854378b45f2.jpg)

The US Treasury has imposed new sanctions on three top North Korean officials, including a close aide to North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

Choe Ryong Hae, the Director of the Workers' Party of Korea, Jong Kyong Thaek, the North Korean Minister of State Security and Pak Kwang Ho, the director of the Propaganda and Agitation Department for the Worker's Party have all been added to the sanctions list.

Imposing the new sanctions, the US said they would “serve as a reminder” of North Korea’s “brutal treatment” of US citizen Otto Warmbier who was detained in the country in 2016 for attempting to steal a propaganda poster and was later allegedly tortured, dying shortly after he was returned to the US.

The Treasury department said the new sanctions were imposed on individuals “who direct departments that perpetrate the regime’s brutal state-sponsored censorship activities, human rights violations and abuses, and other abuses.”

At the G20 summit in Argentina in November, US President Donald Trump reportedly said that if North Korea fully denuclearizes, he would "make what Chairman Kim wants come true,” but decided in conjunction with South Korea President Moon Jae-in that existing sanctions against North Korea will remain in place until that happens.




There are pictures from the interior. But when I show them to you you will say that this is just one apartment and not representative, and that the people are actors, or some other shit.



>North Koreans are so poor they eat grass

>North Koreans are so rich they build empty high rises just to own the western libs epic style via the Great Pyongyang Building Ruse

fucking moron



They are all model railway buildings. Stupid shills like yourself never attempt to lean forward a few foot and pick them up because you are completely brainwashed.


File: 399d27dd9b8093a⋯.jpg (1.42 MB, 1280x1780, 64:89, parenti on anti-communist ….jpg)


It never ends



How do targeted sanctions work? Are these even real? Isn't everything in North Korea sanctioned by the US?

Also, why is Kim always surrounded by military dudes taking notes? What the fuck is he saying?


File: 1f20a05b9b7afe7⋯.jpg (428.5 KB, 766x1024, 383:512, corn 17.jpg)


first time I see bourgeois media acknowleding that SK kidnaps north koreans


2 questions.

1) Why did they remove portraits of Marx and Lenin from the main square in Pyongyang?

2) Why does Kim Jong-Un own a yacht?



1)Marx and Lenin were revisionists.

2)Because why not?



I don't know if you're joking or not.



File: 1ce39f392725980⋯.jpg (66.4 KB, 690x360, 23:12, kim-jong-un-yacht-revealed….jpg)


File: d85f1e3a7f3b170⋯.png (51.25 KB, 324x681, 108:227, 1971 jvp.png)

File: 10555117c490f60⋯.jpg (20.58 KB, 289x343, 289:343, Rohana_Wijeweera_(1943-198….jpg)



>Soviet Union and China supporting Ceylon

what? i thought Wijeweera was aligned with China? why would they oppose the insurrection?



This picture is going to get ignored. Just like the Ryugyong hotel.



>There are boats in North Korea. OMG ☭TANKIE☭s BTFOd!!1!



Wasn’t this known? Kim Il Sung had a yacht that he passed to Kim Jong Il as well.



>there are boats in the dprk

pack it you godless gommies, america won


File: c4a20af52b53a92⋯.jpg (75.09 KB, 250x270, 25:27, pho_general_15.jpg)



There were boats in Yugoslavia as well.

Titoists btfo.




>comparing DPRK and Yugoslavia

OK, now I'm laffin. If you think Kim Jong-Un is like Tito, who fought and bled against the fascists, who organised the Partisans and the Yugoslavian anti-fascist council, who ensured that universities, schools, hospitals, get built. Tito, who was a leader on the world stage, led the Non-Aligned Movement.

Kim Jong-Un is just a rich, fat kid, who got educated in Switzerland and then inherited a country from his dad after assassinating his brother and uncle.

But yeah, let's pretend Un and Broz are exactly the same.

Also, Tito's yacht was built in Yugoslavia, Kim used State money to buy a foreign-made yacht.



Thanks for this thread bros



>education is bad

>kim jong-un didn't kill fascists with his own hands so he's bad

epic post my liberal friend


File: 9eff1cc6df0f693⋯.jpg (57.51 KB, 750x858, 125:143, LOL.jpg)

File: a783d1b2dc670ca⋯.png (691.85 KB, 1080x1859, 1080:1859, envy of the developing wor….png)

File: a901cc710ce7f04⋯.jpg (179.29 KB, 900x578, 450:289, multi_photo_2017-04-20_dn2….jpg)

File: 68e84a757126dbc⋯.jpg (104.79 KB, 1000x496, 125:62, sc07.jpg)

File: fc387f789cee607⋯.png (168.26 KB, 1080x320, 27:8, kim jong un 7th congress.png)


The Jang Song Thaek faction and Kim Yong Nam supported capitalist restoration and paid the price for it.

>ensured that universities, schools, hospitals, get built

<implying that doesn't happen in DPRK



>tfw you will never be a North Korean schoolgirl

Why even live?



Why not? Whether he owns a yacht or jot is irrepevant to whether the DPRK is Socialist.



Tankie twitter in a nutshell


File: 7f7918c78741ee7⋯.png (587.13 KB, 772x832, 193:208, 1af2ed2e85a4652bc61040f209….png)

The UK got a new ambassador to the DPRK.



That "WHO document" is fake. It reads as if it were written by a high school ☭TANKIE☭.




>education is good

>I think it's good DPRK blocks outside influence

Which is it?



Not mutually exclusive, fuck off retard.


File: 650f3dd00700c4c⋯.jpg (17.31 KB, 260x273, 20:21, 1542337203044.jpg)



File: 0be32234949272a⋯.jpg (138.64 KB, 821x1024, 821:1024, 821px-Margaret_Chan_-_Worl….jpg)



Pic related: high school ☭TANKIE☭.



omegalul, based post. fuck the mods


a lot of the MSM's criticisms of the DPRK are wholly retarded but these incel ☭TANKIE☭s who obsess over romanticism hurt their own cause.


File: e9d99eeaa1af903⋯.jpg (55.52 KB, 916x872, 229:218, tomoko_kuroki_by_sjao_datb….jpg)


>a lot

all of it

>of the MSM's criticisms


yeah, no.

>of the DPRK are wholly retarded


ah, the relativizing of the bootlicker


>these incel ☭TANKIE☭s

ah, here comes a great argument and not just some bitter fag without argument trying to vent with some ad hominem poorly covering it up

>who obsess over romanticism

yes, that's what the thread is totally about

"obsessive romanticism"

totally not hurting your liberal feelings by taking your retarded hot takes apart and forcing you to be confronted with you being a useless shittalking little libshit fag

>hurt their own cause.

them delivering arguments that drive you fags into posts like yours are totally hurting themself

you on the other hand just did yourself a huge favor, i suppose?


File: 70c9bffd72f84e6⋯.png (612.62 KB, 800x1099, 800:1099, purged.png)

File: bfe1f3927cd5e5d⋯.png (930.85 KB, 1720x895, 344:179, 25 december 1995 respectin….png)


<purging traitors to the revolution is a bad thing

>based post


>inb4 I’m permanently banned

This is a serious question to all of those who would like to answer; what are your thoughts on the North Korean defectors and are there any known instances not censored instances of South Korean defectors?



Disregard the last part of my question, I just researched it a bit.

From the Wikipedia article on South Korean defectors:

>The propaganda value of defectors has been recognized even right after the Division of Korea in 1945. Defectors were used as tools to prove the superiority of the political system of the country of destination.

Sounds familiar…


File: 0a0d0a7148e222c⋯.png (19.41 KB, 470x269, 470:269, 4c72d9e96597d5465cba44e28a….png)


you ought to be killed for saying such things. an endearing, futile attempt at acting confident all while utilizing an intellectual ocean of blissful ignorance. explain to me how your whore of a mother wasn't repulsed enough to choke you in the motherfucking crib. It is now clear to me why a species as handicapped and infertile as you can so repetitively struggle to view anything outside of arbitrary dichotomies.



Why are China and the USSR on the same side as each other and the United Sates? Also, why are they both opposed to a communist insurrection and why is North Korea supporting it? Can someone give me a quick rundown?





There's some Cold War conflicts which are really weird. I think there was this conflict in Africa with the USSR and DDR on opposing sides.


File: e9cda985ac25f03⋯.jpeg (150.91 KB, 1200x628, 300:157, Dus3LaaXcAEx4r0.jpeg)

Man I love the DPRK as much as the next guy but this kind of stuff they write can get weird sometimes



>Implying there's a single lie



rofl, I love it.

north koreans are fucking based


File: 8982e1d29bf39df⋯.pdf (105 KB, ABUSES OF SOCIALISM ARE IN….pdf)

File: 74628ed6d157df7⋯.pdf (177.43 KB, SOCIALISM IS A SCIENCE.pdf)

File: 3560be50ea6d43e⋯.png (267.57 KB, 1200x269, 1200:269, marx engels lenin stalin k….png)

File: bc8f55013bef1e2⋯.webm (13.4 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Song of General Kim Jong ….webm)


pdfs of the immortal classical works




That's just how Asian languages are structured. Japanese also sounds bizarre translated.


File: 6a9cc7996ad126f⋯.jpg (341.94 KB, 980x551, 980:551, 221b9ef2-028f-11e9-b0d2-cf….jpg)

Can Kim Jong-un become North Korea’s Deng Xiaoping? Only if Donald Trump doesn’t get in the way

Yoon Young-kwan says the North Korean leader has shown reformist instincts, much like a certain Chinese leader from the late 1970s, but he needs security before he can move forward

Kim has already allowed Moon to address 150,000 North Koreans, decided on an unprecedented visit to Seoul, and invited Pope Francis to Pyongyang. These gestures suggest that he may want to become North Korea’s Deng Xiaoping.

Deng was able to concentrate on economic development only after diplomacy with the US had created a more favourable external environment for China. If there is even the slightest chance that Kim is serious about moving towards a normal state and a 21st-century economy, the international community must not stand in his way.


If Trump truly intends to achieve the complete, verifiable, and irreversible denuclearisation of North Korea, he needs to offer Kim a comprehensive package deal that he cannot refuse.

Such an offer, however, must ensure a “brighter future” for all of the stakeholders and their respective security interests — denuclearisation accompanied by rapid economic modernisation and market-oriented reform, which together would ensure permanent peace, stability and lasting prosperity on the Korean peninsula.

Together, in the face of debilitating economic sanctions and pressure enforced by China and Russia, nuclear deterrence and diplomatic isolation, the prospect of receiving an economic development fund from the collective stakeholder nations, infrastructural support from South Korea to transition to a market-oriented economy, the normalisation of diplomatic relations with the US and Japan, and firm security guarantees and reassurances of alliances would become evermore appealing to a country that prioritises survival above all else.



File: cccca422c887e2e⋯.jpg (99.08 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, 19nkorea-jumbo.jpg)

North Korea, Fearing K-Pop and Porn, Warns Against Smartphones’ Influence

K-pop. Cheating on exams. Even pornography.

North Korea on Tuesday warned against the disruptive influence it said smartphones could have on its isolated population, as the devices have begun to expose young people in particular to information and trends from the outside world.

In the hermetically sealed North, South Korean officials estimate that the number of mobile phones has risen to six million since 2008, when cellular phone service began as a joint venture between the Egyptian telecommunications firm Orascom and the North’s communication ministry. The country has a population of 25 million.

On Tuesday, the North’s main state-run newspaper, Rodong Sinmun, published an article listing what it called “negative repercussions” from the introduction of smartphones in schools around the world, including the use of phones during classes, cheating during exams and the circulation of pornographic material.

“This proves that mobile phones have become an avenue to instill students with unhealthy ideology,” it said. “Most educators and parents around the world believe that various corrupt and reactionary cultures spreading through mobile phones are confusing students as they shape their lives’ values.”

“More serious is the fact that erotic messages, novels and video files, as well as electronic games with violent content, are spreading unlimited through mobile phones,” the article said.

The article did not say what actions, if any, North Korea planned to take.

With smartphones proliferating, the North Korean authorities have struggled to maintain their tight control over what information the population receives, even as the country’s leader, Kim Jong-un, has helped to encourage the use of the devices, according to North Korean defectors and South Korean officials.

But Mr. Kim’s government has also recently begun blocking North Korean smartphones’ Bluetooth capabilities to prevent file sharing. It is also installing software in smartphones that makes it difficult to open outside files and enables the authorities to track what users have been watching, according to defectors and South Korean officials.

North Korea is also cracking down on the use of cellphones smuggled from China to gain access to the internet and global telephone networks.

When used near the Chinese border, such phones can connect to Chinese mobile networks. North Koreans use them to coordinate smuggling operations across the border and exchange text messages and even video files, as well as voice calls, with relatives who have fled to South Korea.




>educators and parents around the world believe that various corrupt and reactionary cultures spreading through mobile phones are confusing students as they shape their lives’ values

muh tradition!



Magnificent. Each and every member of that audience is fully equipped. They can all deconstruct what they see, they are aware of its hollow nature, they are aware of the political significance of everything occurring. They can not be swayed.


File: 62ea037c6153494⋯.png (55.99 KB, 491x585, 491:585, computer.png)


>Kim has already allowed Moon to address 150,000 North Koreans, decided on an unprecedented visit to Seoul, and invited Pope Francis to Pyongyang.

>These gestures suggest that he may want to become North Korea’s Deng Xiaoping.



phoneposters btfo

smartphones are cancer




Ah well.




why can't my country be like this



Hypothetically speaking, how hard is it to move to North Korea (language barrier aside)?


File: a5fdaa167a0a54d⋯.jpeg (78.33 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, jang song thaek removed.jpeg)


>byungjin is literally dengism :DD

Then I guess even Kim Il Sung was a Dengist.

Kim Jong Un already eliminated the Korean Deng in 2013.


At least it's not as retarded as the McDonald's meme.



>according to North Korean defectors and South Korean officials




>On Tuesday, the North’s main state-run newspaper, Rodong Sinmun, published an article listing what it called “negative repercussions” from the introduction of smartphones in schools around the world, including the use of phones during classes, cheating during exams and the circulation of pornographic material.

>“This proves that mobile phones have become an avenue to instill students with unhealthy ideology,” it said. “Most educators and parents around the world believe that various corrupt and reactionary cultures spreading through mobile phones are confusing students as they shape their lives’ values.”

North Korea: *be sane*

Rest of the World: "REEEEEEEEEEEE"


File: 725f336dbfcdd32⋯.webm (8.59 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Worker Deputy.webm)



this is the most wholesome thing i've seen all week.



>On Tuesday, the North’s main state-run newspaper, Rodong Sinmun, published an article listing what it called “negative repercussions” from the introduction of smartphones in schools around the world, including the use of phones during classes, cheating during exams and the circulation of pornographic material.

Totally correct by the way. Children and uneducated people should not be allowed near smartphones



I also agree, pornography addiction often begins at a young age.



This reminds me of the 90's in Hungary: the majority of the population were totally unprepared for the cultural shock that was coming due to the regime change. When families sat down to watch TV they actively argued with the fucking TV and one by one denounced the idiocy of the programme. As time went by, however, the culture industry has won.


>Each and every member of that audience is fully equipped.

Let us not be naive, all right? I lived through this as a kid, and now as a Marxist I can reflect on it: the very problem was that people's reaction was ultimately moral in nature and not theoretical/critical. They reacted to the shock instinctively. Nobody went beyond calling it "degeneracy" (which it was and is to this day) because the communist regime – for very good reasons of their own – didn't gave them the critical tools to be able to dissect them.


File: 10b30ecd387dfd6⋯.jpg (148.43 KB, 1024x674, 512:337, the absolute state of amer….jpg)


>according to defectors


Any good korean war docos?



Just a question, why do they kill people who try to leave the country? It doesn't do very well for their image. Same with the whole Berlin wall thing



>why do they shoot people who try to run across a military ceasefire line

The ROK does the same thing.




Still, they actively disallow people crossing the border to the north as well.


What was that doco where that dude talked to north koreans trapped in the south?



They don't.


File: dedf0592f145bc2⋯.webm (2.51 MB, 480x360, 4:3, DPR Koreans teach Finns T….webm)


Loyal Citizens of Pyongyang in Seoul:







for .webms from that documentary


They are allowed to visit other countries as long as they do it legally. There are plenty of DPRK citizens visiting China for various reasons.

Kim Ryon Hui was tricked into going to the ROK while she visited China.



The killing of fellow members of the Socialist Party for Arguing for different paths towards socialism being taken goes against Socialist-Democracy and Democratic Centralism



It doesn't when the party member tries to create his own faction and plots a coup to overthrow the government.


File: ce7918196a6349b⋯.webm (4.69 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Jingle Balls - Pochonbo.webm)



>The killing of fellow members of the Socialist Party for Arguing for different paths towards socialism

Mate, even the Wikipedia article (though this is buried and easily missed) states that there was more than just arguing:

>According to the New York Times, the final straw came from a dispute over control of North Korea's west coast fisheries. These had been partly taken from the military by Kim Jong-un in 2011, but later this decision was reversed and the fisheries were ordered returned to the military. Forces loyal to Jang defied the transfer, leading to a confrontation in late 2013, in which several North Korean soldiers loyal to Kim Jong-un were killed.


Doing stuff like that carries the death penalty in pretty much any country that has the death penalty, don't you think?


File: 64b7bc4577f370b⋯.jpg (27.45 KB, 700x394, 350:197, 39340917_303.jpg)

What do you think happened to Otto Warmbier? He had brain damage caused by oxygen deprivation but showed no signs of torture and seemed otherwise healthy. The DPRK's claim that he had botulism was not corroborated by the American doctors but was not contradicted either. So the DPRK's story is plausible but it does seem really suspicious that a healthy young guy would turn into a vegetable while in their care.



It's been speculated that he tried to kill himself



imo it's most likely that his brain damage was due to a asuicide attempt

I wrote 20 page research paper on the history of Americans imprisoned in the DPRK several months ago

suicidal thoughts and suicide attempts are fairly frequent among Americans imprisoned in the DPRK, including after they return home

>inb4 ☭TANKIE☭s to show up to shill for the DPRK narrative

their official narrative regarding Warmbier was whack AF from the beginning, they are not credible on this subject




Makes sense I guess. I suppose the DPRK wouldn't want to admit that because it would raise questions about why he became suicidal. Are conditions for American prisoners bad?



from what I understand they are not tortured, but they are coerced into making campy false confessions implicating themselves in elaborate treasonous plots

the sentences of hard labor are apparently quite hard

you can buy this guy's book to read about it




>Attack Japan

The fuck?



America is attacking the North? Lets get this shit going lads, pleasure women didn't exist my fucking ass. We are finally taking these otaku shitheads out while daddy isn't in the house.


Sounds like the rail and road ties are going forward despite American interference


File: 0cba25cdc6cc35b⋯.jpg (100.9 KB, 751x960, 751:960, 48383208_316419335637130_7….jpg)


File: 8cf51cb355a2145⋯.jpg (152.26 KB, 975x600, 13:8, winter13.jpg)

File: fd013a6ec8ea506⋯.jpg (74.51 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, C40830A4-A5AD-446E-A880-68….jpg)

새해 복 많이 받으십시오!!!


Full concert of Moranbong Band for New Year of 2013 in HD.



The British ambassador posted a couple of pictures from the crowd on twitter too. I'm to lazy to just save them and post them here right now.


File: d001b910c1dc797⋯.png (450.43 KB, 696x391, 696:391, ClipboardImage.png)

Happy New Year from Kim Jong Un

The first thirty seconds of this was kino. Kim strikes out at those who wish to divide the North and South and denounces US efforts to unilaterally impose things on the DPRK



File: 26c4d55cfdc804a⋯.jpg (45.21 KB, 613x451, 613:451, The comparison of the GDP ….jpg)

File: 7d69b42da14da3c⋯.jpg (207.31 KB, 1541x781, 1541:781, The historical GDP per cap….jpg)

File: 8192befc272e22d⋯.png (82.82 KB, 1165x397, 1165:397, Cuba GDP.png)

Why did North Korea's gdp stopped to grow in the 1970's? Why doesn't it grow anymore at all?



They'd probably be a good nation to host the WC.




Daily Juche-pill, America btfo’d as literal hell on Earth

Open Questionnaire to Human Rights Schemers Issued

>The Korea Association for Human Rights Studies on Sunday raised an open questionnaire, in which it said that this year 2018 has witnessed a great change in the world political trend and in particular, warm wind of peace swept the Korean Peninsula and the region, drawing the public attention.

>The association, on behalf of the Korean people and the conscience of mankind, made the following questions to the U.S. and its vassal forces hell-bent on turning black into white and the UN playing a role of rubber stamp for the U.S. against the international justice and impartiality:

>1. Is there any country on the earth like the DPRK where the people fully enjoy political freedom and democratic rights as masters of the society?

>2. Can you pick out any country like the DPRK that has no jobless person and vagabond?

>3. Can you imagine such social policies of the DPRK for its people as free education, free medical treatment and free provision of dwelling houses from the state?

>4. Have you ever heard about the country where all the members of society are trained to be highly civilized and creative beings under the slogan of making all the people well versed in science and technology?

>Fin-de-siecle ways of life like misanthropy, contempt, violence, pornography and corruption afflict the sound souls and bodies of people, driving them into the abyss of ignorance, in the U.S. and other Western countries. Those countries had better understand where they live in, the sunny world or the dark world and the civilized world or the barbarous world, before talking about someone's performance of "human rights".

>5. Can you pinpoint any land of human love, except the DPRK, in the world map?

>6. It is just the time for the U.S.-led hostile forces and the UN to throw away the old drum of "human rights" racket against the DPRK, isn't it?

Falsity gives in to truth and darkness to brightness.

>Nothing can cover up the brilliant reality of the DPRK where the people enjoy genuine rights at the highest level as real masters of the state and society and no one on earth can block the bright path ahead of the DPRK, no matter how rampant all sorts of lies, deceptions, tricks and plots are in the world.



File: cd7768df9669d30⋯.jpg (148.13 KB, 960x684, 80:57, chartoftheday_10380_north_….jpg)


>Why did North Korea's gdp stopped to grow in the 1970's?

Lots of answers here:


Also, in that time they started focusing on military development due to the increasing imperialist threat.


>Why doesn't it grow anymore at all?

It is in fact growing despite the sanctions.



File: 4c02a541d6ac12c⋯.png (2.31 MB, 900x1365, 60:91, patriots traitors and empi….png)

File: b11e964e3ad027e⋯.pdf (3.28 MB, Stephen Gowans - Patriots,….pdf)


File: f9e69086cd2bd61⋯.webm (4.61 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 60th anniversary of Cuban….webm)



Why do you need that anyway?



>culture war and public opinion means nothing

>resisting North Korea for any reason at all



>he doesn't know the DPRK started hiring foreigners and encouraging immigration

You won't hear about it on Facebook, that's for sure. They don't want mass immigration, or those who would seek to work against them. Mainly they're looking for young, impressionable M-Ls who they don't need to re-educate, but can put to immediate use/work with only some Juche and history of Korea classes.



The people are too polite to say anything bad or harass you, they are just gonna look you and think to themselves "capitalism, not even once"



Any update to this or did the poster win a permanent vacation to one of U.S. Military's overseas resorts?



Apparently this conditioning program has been out for a couple years. How many more months before a 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧preemptive invasion🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧?



What is DPRK gdp anyway?



God, this game really looks like shit. Everything from the gameplay, the environment, the dialogue and the story is like Call of Duty but worse. I for one am scared of the future of state department funded video games.



>President Donald Trump was unveiling a revamped U.S. missile defense strategy on Thursday that singles out North Korea as an ongoing and “extraordinary threat,” seven months after he declared the threat posed by Pyongyang had been eliminated.

>The Missile Defense Review is a sweeping examination of efforts to shield the United States from missile threats. It singles out concerns about advancing capabilities by North Korea, Iran, Russia and China.

>Acting U.S. Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan acknowledged the threat from those countries, and noted that North Korea’s missiles remain a “significant concern.”


Is the thing about North Koreans being malnourished and shorter than South Koreans true? They do look kinda malnourished to me.


File: c706dbe75d62edc⋯.png (62.71 KB, 1123x503, 1123:503, life expectancy2.png)


There was a famine after Soviet Union was betrayed, but North Korea is slowly recovering.


Is it true the North killed most of their prisoners but wanted the South to give up their (alive) North Korean prisoners during the Korean War?



I am pretty fucking sure the South killed far more prisoners and communist sympathisers. Google Bodo League Massacre

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