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File: 06531269d649a6c⋯.jpg (10.23 KB, 305x165, 61:33, 2018-01-12-23-45-52-.jpg)


Lmao this is a Christian AnCap rap metal band hahahahahahaha I shit you the fuck not

Not gonna lie the dudes a good rapper but he's a fucking moron most of his songs are strawman and or his ideal of The Left™ is Bernie Sanders hahaha


File: 4e259be51490bb3⋯.png (95.34 KB, 399x777, 19:37, 1505350814301.png)


>Christian AnCap rap metal



Thank you for finding this OP


I guess that nigger Sambo wants to go work massas fields again like a good pickaninny.


Did not need to know about this


I looked this up thinking it was going to be some youtube lolcow shit but they have a wikipedia page and apparently they've gotten airplay and charted and shit.


File: a85ecb329249d2a⋯.png (947.98 KB, 896x916, 224:229, face unacceptable.png)

>Christian ancap


Kelthuzzar is better ancap metal.

His music is better than Sabaton, after all.



that's a pretty low standard



ChistiAnCrap Metal.

You're welcome. There's your marketing slogan, there's your negative review from evil

commie leftists, gtfo


Out of all political ideologies, Ancapism is the most anti-Christian one imaginable.

Anton Lavey said his ideology was Ayn Rand + spirituality.

Also, the radical left needs more nu metal bands. It's the only genre capable of the raw power it takes to effectively deliver a leftist message.



>It's the only genre capable of the raw power it takes to effectively deliver a leftist message.

Naw, dude, fuck off.




Nu-metal is quite possible the worst genre of metal for such a thing. I hate the low sound quality shit like >>2353942 but I'd rather be represented by that than some Fred Durst sound-alike.


File: 56eacec0e8e26ef⋯.jpg (137.58 KB, 900x825, 12:11, kobayashi.jpg)



Extreme metal is cool but very lacking in originality and variety. I used to exclusively listen to death/black metal for 3 years. When looked at with an objective lens, nu metal is much better.


>all nu metal is fred durst

Don't be retarded. Rage Against the Machine, Deftones, early Korn/Slipknot/SOAD shit all over 99% of trve metal.



> Rage Against the Machine

Despook me on them, please. I like some of their stuff, but I'm completely clueless on, one, the band outside of what it does in music, and two, how good they are compared to other bands in the genre.



Tom Morello is a self admitted anarcho-syndicalist and IWW member.




Tom Morello is pro-Israel, fuck him. They only have a few good songs.

I know not all nu-metal is him, but he's the most humorous example.



>Extreme metal is cool but very lacking in originality and variety.

Not at all - considerably more variety than nu metal has. I mean, honestly, I had to double check that Warfare video because I don't even necessarily think of them as "extreme" metal right away - that early Motorpunk (with the exception of Venom, for some reason) sound is intuitively so much different from like Strid or even Morbid Saint or some shit.

And naw. Is RATM even a nu metal?

Even early Korn wasn't that great, and Slipknot has always sucked. Like when Slipknot was straight-up Bungle worship fronted by a fat(ter) GG Allin… that was unironically the best stuff they ever did, because their entire career has been ass.



>Tom Morello is pro-Israel, fuck him.

what the fuuuuuck where did you hear this?


File: 93d0ae37eaef166⋯.jpg (128.75 KB, 500x500, 1:1, JobforaCowboy-Ruination.jpg)


Here's the extreme metal we need representing us.





I take this back. I thought he was,did some quick searching


File: c5f590685acb1ae⋯.jpg (61.33 KB, 370x512, 185:256, 9e7c760a4cb0464ebcc4ff9da2….jpg)

I remember Craig Mabbitt doing a music video with these faggots, the guy that ruined escape the fate.



We already had a thread about this last April.




I like but I'm still gonna have to go with JFAC, sorry


File: c3e0163943acd73⋯.jpeg (206.31 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 77CFE2A9-E9FB-4B7E-A436-E….jpeg)

>Christian AnCap



File: 37b35eaa4526148⋯.gif (929.41 KB, 480x320, 3:2, panther fight.gif)


Archtypical house nigger in Malcolm X's terms. Field niggers would be cheering for the master's house to burn down, whilst the house nigger would be trying to extinguish the flames to save his pathetic little "status" as the master's favored servant who gets to wear his second hand clothes and sleep in the pretty house. Huey Newton was a field nigger who tried to burn down the house himself, this chump is a house nigger.






You're all wrong, Iskra is the band that should represent us. They're straight up leftist.




This. Also His Hero Is Gone/Tragedy are acceptable.



Is Iskra considered to be extreme metal? I thought it was blackened crust.




Why can't these bands learn how to mix a goddamn track. I know that's "the sound" but damn



File: a72c23df5283355⋯.jpg (32.66 KB, 379x269, 379:269, 1458960253001.jpg)

I remember finding that band a long time ago when i wondered if there was a nu metal revival.

And i was all like dude…..a black an cap, what the fuck.

dude seriusly


File: cee7cddeb7df246⋯.jpg (67.24 KB, 612x612, 1:1, Chino-Moreno-01.jpg)

By the way, i have officially decided that nu metal wasnt as bad as people thought it was.

It was like 60% good and 40% bad.


>BackWordz- Self Ownership (Ft. Fronz of Attila)


The memes don't fucking stop



Name an album that does a better job at evoking pure psychopathic rage than Slipknot's debut.

I'll wait.


File: 19539be9cc68861⋯.jpg (7.08 KB, 202x250, 101:125, durst.jpg)


Elder god tier nu metal bands:

1. Deftones

2. incubus

3. slipknot

Honorable mention: faith no more

Mid tier nu metal bands

1. rage against the machine

2. system of a down

Honorable mention: that one time public enemy and anthrax did a song together

Holy shit nigger what the fuck are you doing in those jinco jeans tier ironic meme tier bands

1. Korn

2. Limp bizkit

3. linken park

4. that one papa roach song

5. crazy town



What do you think of King 810?


someone recommend me some good left wing music. no metal please



>mfw i mistook that for LORN and i was a bput to pathetically yell at you for some minutes but then i. Came back to my senses



Music is inherently left wing.



I got a massive playlist saved I can share it



Yea sounds good





Still less cringey than Kekistan/pol/the_donald shit.


I see your Christian AnCap Rap Metal and raise you Christian AnCom Celtic Punk!!



File: 47c3b254313d078⋯.jpg (6.28 KB, 214x235, 214:235, Varg.jpg)


There’s only one good metal, and that band isn’t it.




It was almost good.


File: e63b6ea6fed8913⋯.jpg (165.67 KB, 500x667, 500:667, metal fans.jpg)



fucking lmao. No band has done more harm to black metal besides Deathspell Omega. Utter shit for people who don't even like metal. DsO at least have the melodic riff in Sola Fide I which is one more good riff than Varg's ever written. The only good black metal bands are:

Pre-FSoaSE Ruins of Beverast





Pre-DotHP Sargeist

If you like any other black metal you're false and you've probably had sex too.



Unironically this. These dudes seem pleasant to talk to, hang with, and smell unlike Magakekistanipedes.


Ruins of Beverast and Inquisition are pretty similar to DsO. I agree DsO has an massively faggy fanbase, but I can't see someone liking the bands you listed disliking DsO.



>The only good black metal bands are:

every time a metalhead says this it is to shill their own pet bands no one cares about


File: c8439654c6cd8db⋯.gif (1.72 MB, 257x189, 257:189, c8439654c6cd8db2658a1b74c4….gif)


I think it is called a black butler.




Fuck off. He's a piece of shit for being an ancap, not for being a nigger.

And also, there's nothing "house nigger" about him when he perceives the state as the oppressive force.



More like being convinced by your slave owner that the stuff he is doing to him is all because of the North.



Fine, then every white person that isn't a communist is also a "house nigger"? In which case it makes no sense to single this guy out and spout racist slurs.



DsO just isn't really my thing. They have some really great moments, but I mostly like more melodic stuff.


The only band on the list that could even be called obscure is Hakuja who I'll absolutely shill because it's well written black metal. Sargeist, Inquisition and especially Immortal are all very popular. I have a hard time believing that Ruins of Beverast is significantly less popular than a big act like Urfaust.


File: c741efe3206b34a⋯.png (14.68 KB, 255x217, 255:217, 2acdffd546a07c1aadbad6801b….png)


Yeah they fucking are. Go call them all that for all I care.



God I love the quality of this board.



You are on an image board faggot



Excellent observation!


File: 44b031201d08c69⋯.jpg (119.34 KB, 769x967, 769:967, 44b031201d08c69dcc413974da….jpg)


>Fine, then every white person that isn't a communist is also a "house nigger"?

Yeah pretty much.



Technically it would be house cracker.

The sentiment in the phrase is the main idea here, not the word choice of it



Daily reminder that Euronymous was /ourguy/ and Varg is JUST NOW getting around to admitting that he was pretty much right but haha spooks lmao xD



>Daily reminder that Euronymous was /ourguy/

No he tried to kill a man and right before he tried to do it he told all his friends. Euronymous was a retard.




>Fine, then every white person that isn't a communist is also a "house nigger"?

That would be correct.



Korn's first album is a masterpiece and you're a pleb if you disagree.

Slipknot would never exist if it wasn't for Korn. The best of their work is very blatantly Korn inspired (not that that's a bad thing).



He was just too de-spooked for his own good.



Wouldn’t Porky be the master? Still this analogy is shity.



This is ironic, right?



>psychopathic rage

Are you a fucking 12 years old? GTFO you underage faggot.



Only person here with any actual taste. Nu metal, smh.



File: 8c58d26ac7d59d1⋯.png (184.74 KB, 895x893, 895:893, 3437ef81280c63885429048291….png)


>christian weeaboos

What a dream





>in which case it makes no sense to single him out and use racial slurs.

We can all agree that a degree of stockholme syndrome is necessary for a worker to be for capitalism, I just see absolutely no reason to call this guy a house nigger.

We have a fucking CHRISTIAN ANCAP RAP METAL RETARD and all you faggots can do is call him nigger and attack his ideology based on his race. Fucking pathetic tbh.



>likes this but not JFAC



File: 860f7517d8dcd65⋯.jpg (76.2 KB, 1100x733, 1100:733, GettyImages-74306805_z16t1….jpg)


>he's a good rapper

lolno, just watch their cover of Till I Collapse, he fails horribly at it and Eminem is already mediocre at best


makes sense since jesus was an ancap



Nah Jesus was probably AnSyn more than anything


File: f1c98202ad69ed4⋯.jpg (47.51 KB, 773x441, 773:441, C__Data_Users_DefApps_AppD….jpg)

>"Hello, fellow youth demographic ages 16-24!"



This. The guy is a fucking Christian AnCap for fuck's sake, yeah he's the token black guy for faggy white virgin ancaps but that's not why he's a fucking fag


File: 17e074acbc7faa8⋯.jpg (114.14 KB, 600x597, 200:199, R-741185-1183672915_jpeg.jpg)


If you're going to edgelord, at least do it right.



>No he tried to kill a man and right before he tried to do it he told all his friends.

T. Varg

Even the guy who was with Varg that night doubts the self-defense story.


You mean MFKR?

I dunno, Spectrum of Death.


Darkness Descends. In the Sign of Evil. Whatever Papsmear released, probably.

Oh, and a bunch of non-metal stuff like above hinted at.



Deftones isn't nu-metal

"It's all on record. We told motherfuckers not to lump us in with nu metal because when those bands go down we aren't going to be with them" - Chino




>He thinks genre credentials are decided by what the band think of labels

Lol neither is Korn.



No, Korn is nu-metal. Deftones is not, sorry.



The term is peckerwood. Also, I'm calling Jigaboo Jones a nigger because he chose an ideaology that would lead him to being in chains. He enjoys being "one of the good ones".



He chose an ideology that he thinks will lead to liberation for all. He's an idiot, but clearly not trying to be put in chains. Dishonest piece of ship.



Jon Davis has actually contested that, though.

My point is that Deftones and Korn are clearly nu metal bands and band members rejecting labels is irrelevant most of the time. Later Deftones maybe not, but Adrenaline? No question.



>but Adrenaline? No question.


No tbh



>24 seconds

>downtuned percussive riff

>jump-up-da-fukk beat

>proceed to dissonant chord

>30 seconds

>quiet section with low, breathy vocals

>1 minute

>Whoah surprise it's loud again, alternate between growls and whines (copyright 1988 Mike Patton do not steal!!!1) over percussive riff


Yeah, totally not nu metal lol



Where did he say he was white?



Fuck off. Nu metal isn't a catch all phrase for music that sucks.

Good nu metal exists and Deftones is a perfect example.



No, compare to Korn's work (acual nu metal) and you can tell the difference.


>Fuck off. Nu metal isn't a catch all phrase for music that sucks.

No, you. I'm not even saying nu-metal is "bad" just that Deftones doesn't fit the bill



>Ayn Rand + spirituality.

so… satanism?



Korn's Self-Titled album actually holds up pretty well and definitely avoids all the trite cliches associated with Nu-Metal; or at the very least, encapsulated them before they became so. If anything it isn't strictly Nu-Metal, it's very Funk Metal and is closer to the bands that heavily influenced the evolution of the Genre like FNM & RATM. After that first album though each successive release heavily contributed to the meme status of Nu-Metal, outside of a few decent tracks. I think Slipknots best work is mostly the tracks on S/T/Iowa that were written with the original lineup and you could easily condense the first 2 albums into an incredible Industrial/DM release.

I'd agree with the rest of your assessment but I think 2 bands that get overlooked a little are Snot because Get Some and that Live album are great Nu-Metal if you're into Hardcore and LD50 by Mudvayne because their actual playing, esp the bassist was incredibly talented and some of their songs had pretty progressive structures even if they're only known for Dig.




>Vaj Weakness

I heard (or read) a comment section rumour that he said he no longer listens to Metal cuz "it has too many Negro influences".

If this is true, congratulations. You (Varg) just spooked yourself.



You know what? That's pretty accurate.


File: c9d93b033474610⋯.png (506.51 KB, 600x673, 600:673, ClipboardImage.png)

Why can none of you children even listen to something that's too messy for metal?




I like speedcore but that's pretty shit. Is it even leftist? If you want noisy and political electronic music Divtech is the best:




I wasn't going for something necessarily political. I'll check Divtech out though.


capitalismo is incompatible with Christianity



>more nu metal bands

no thanks I had my fill of that in the late 90s. half assed barely heavy wigger music. I'll take more NazBol black metal instead



now this shit I dig



I do similar shit but it's waaaay too controversial in subject matter. surprised Bandcamp hasn't pulled my stuff. speedcore mix of Boyd Rice and Anal Cunt



I think you completely missed the point he was trying to make lad. Do you know the difference between house and field niggers?



NO one is attacking him based on his race calling someone a house Nigger is basically the same thing as calling someone a cuck.

You really don't seem to understand the origin of the phrase.


ITT: Whiteys that don't understand the term "house nigger"




Ok so he is DEFINITELY a house nigger.





Good choices

Also kinda agree with the metal elitist in his choice of bands but I like bands he thinks are hipster trash too


Rome might be the best leftist artist imo.

Y'all ready for neofolk made by an ancom where most of his albums are reflections on revolutions throughout history?

This song is from his album reflecting on the Spanish civil war and even though this track is about Spanish communists fleeing their country after the civil war I feel like it's a pretty good song about being a communist https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=SYaEpFCf56k



Yes I know the difference, and no, I did not miss the point.

Anyone who calls this person a house nigger for supporting capitalism is calling capitalism a racist system, which is just wrong.






>NO one is attacking him based on his race calling someone a house Nigger is basically the same thing as calling someone a cuck.

No it is not, you fucking idiot. House nigger is obviously only directed at, you guessed it, niggers.


File: 63e3b81064fbe0f⋯.png (381.38 KB, 462x340, 231:170, DO NOT WANT.png)



>Communists unironically think they're for the youth



Guess who owns property? It's not the youth.



>all this metal discussion

Glad im not a music nerd, i just listen to synthwave.



Black butler still flows off the tongue better though


I usually find white people that are not of the high class that support capitalism called redneck which is obviously not correct, he's a house nigger.

Rednecks are for Reds only.



>I usually find white people that are not of the high class that support capitalism called redneck which is obviously not correct, he's a house nigger.

>Rednecks are for Reds only.

I have no idea what you're trying to say.

Rednecks were originally called that because they would work in the sun all day.


For the briefest moment I thought that was MC Ride in the thumbnail.

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