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File: a91a80a21744363⋯.jpg (21.94 KB, 704x704, 1:1, 16265872_1242768959145611_….jpg)


I've come to the conclusion that bourgs who were born into wealth tend to be much less reactionary than the "rags to riches" types. There is a good amount of them that feel guilt about their easy upbringing and sympathy towards those who were born without shit and continue to live like shit. A "self made" bourg is much more likely to view the poor with disdain and have a shitty bootstraps view of the world.

Anyone else notice this?

This is another reason why Oprah would be an atrocious choice for Dem candidate because she exemplifies this false American Dream success story.





>There is a good amount of them that feel guilt about their easy upbringing

And there is also good amount of self made bourgeois supporting socdem policies. What the hell is your point?


File: 151a30dfa65288d⋯.jpg (79.38 KB, 600x404, 150:101, 1515797262246.jpg)

i'd say that those born into wealth are much more detached from the real world. They basically live in ivory tower. On the other hand, rags to riches are often more aggressive and unscrupulous in their approach. They constantly keep kicking and biting because they know very well what awaits them at the bottom if they somehow fuck up and go back to being proles. This is the typical mindset of a petty bourg, an obsessive fear of being relegated to the proletariat.



On a related note Petite bourgeois are even more reactionary than the rags-to-riches types from what I've noticed than normal. Seriously these people will spit on you and will fight tooth and nail against any type of pay raise and would rather be the only one who works at a store than give into whatever union exists in his store of 4-16 proles.



[citation needed]


I'm not sure there's necessarily that strong of a correlation there. There's loads of people who don't necessarily fit the stereotypes you're working with. I feel like the whole "rags to riches conservative" stereotype is a story tank.ies tell themselves so they don't have to reevaluate their, frankly infantile, notion of the kind of violence a revolutionary program would require (and similarly what kind of violence would be superfluous/excessive).



> notion of the kind of violence a revolutionary program would require

Pick up a history book sometime. Every successful revolution has involved an enormous amount of violence and history shows that conservative pushback is extremely violent, even more so then the violence of revolution.






I never said violence would be completely unnecessary, brainlet. My point was that much of the violence that tank.ies advocate for is actually counterproductive and unnecessary, especially in a world where any kind of armed revolution needs to take the form of an insurgency. Honestly building dual power is every bit as important as violent resistance, and it's something tank.ies often neglect in favor of their infantile murder fantasies.


That's pretty much my case. I was born into an unusually cushed lifestyle but grew up around people who were both less fortunate than me and much wealthier. I ended up being a commie from as long as I can remember having political ideas.

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