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File: a46710a2ed37ffd⋯.jpg (62.28 KB, 775x514, 775:514, IMG_20180205_092109.jpg)


monitoring the market, trends, fluctuations

original post:

How can a lefty exploit this to their advantage? Is it too soon to try? DOW down about 1000 points since Thursday.


Post last edited at


File: bd11af6db79e4c0⋯.png (343.35 KB, 1235x681, 1235:681, 1539206988550.png)


where can I find pic related? link plz




>Japan is fascist

pretty much, the guys who held power in the 30s and 40s, it's their children and grandchildren who run the country now with American blessing


bloomberg live:

>fundamentals are good

>"slowed down growth"

>no recession until 2020

>remember to buy the dip




DOW futures approaching -300



How true is this tho?

Very interested because here is Spain this is very true. But this is due the transision to "democracy" was lead by mostly the people that ran fascist Spain. The biggest right wing party here was actually started by ex falangist,this is is why Spain is the shit hole it is now. Compare this situation to Portugal transision: it was due to a popular bloodless movement, the old heads of power didn't have almost anything to do with it;interestengly enough in their constitution(Portugal) socialism is defined as the end goal of their country. And this is why Portugal is the most is the least class cucked country in Europe along with a very strong left wing presence.

But what about Japan? Werent the old heads of state wiped out after all the war crimes they committed?



>How true is this tho?

very, same deal with south korea too. Same guys who ran economy of occupied korea and their children are the power players today there



>Werent the old heads of state wiped out after all the war crimes they committed?

sorry forgot to address this

not really no, some were but it was mostly symbolic, the power structure remained the same post war

It's why Japan remains for all practical purposes a single party state



>But what about Japan? Werent the old heads of state wiped out after all the war crimes they committed?

Their post-war 'restoration of democracy' was managed by a fiercely anti-communist american military occupation so obviously not. The leftist who tried to raise their heads after the war were outlawed all over again and the same Showa criminals in the bureaucracy and political class which ran Japan before while the american administration courted the same zaibatsu the fascists did. You can tell by how a single party has almost uninterruptedly ruled the country unopposed since the end of the occupation.



This just appeared in my YouTube recommendations, quite a fitting theme for the biggest crisis since 1929.


File: 358b21d5a08f4ce⋯.png (703.5 KB, 1131x685, 1131:685, japon.png)



Abe's Defense Minister was literally buddies with the Japanese Not Socialist Party guy.


File: 9218432a8548796⋯.jpg (97.27 KB, 500x483, 500:483, 19649..jpg)



File: d7dea234257a68a⋯.jpg (10.8 KB, 124x142, 62:71, 316e511ad854ac5b52bf15777f….jpg)

Bloomberg live: the drop is actually a sign of a stronger economy.


File: 3c90c4ca9041588⋯.jpg (3.7 KB, 150x113, 150:113, 24572254.jpg)


Bloomberg live: "Healthy destruction!"


I guess Trump is making some big new China announcement as well right now


>Trump: Chinese lived too well for too long


File: cbd452ddfb10514⋯.jpg (9.58 KB, 480x360, 4:3, cbd452ddfb105149ab21209b69….jpg)


Bloomberg live: "There's so much FOMO – Fear of Missing Out – out there!"



File: 4e14f682a1f788d⋯.jpg (133.46 KB, 536x593, 536:593, KiCixN3.jpg)



File: c5145a72f871f94⋯.jpg (279.95 KB, 1080x1848, 45:77, Screenshot_20181011-093047….jpg)



File: f14447f683737cc⋯.jpg (274.85 KB, 1080x1848, 45:77, Screenshot_20181011-093619….jpg)



File: 65e4a2b6970687d⋯.jpg (277.83 KB, 1080x1848, 45:77, Screenshot_20181011-094156….jpg)



File: ba4f733a722d817⋯.png (126.55 KB, 782x753, 782:753, Screenshot_2018-10-11 Why ….png)


File: 2ec46e693642671⋯.png (29.45 KB, 631x458, 631:458, Capture.PNG)


File: 73fba0bc6bfe2a9⋯.jpg (280.38 KB, 1080x1848, 45:77, Screenshot_20181011-095910….jpg)



I'm pretty sure today we will not see real red, today's a day of buying and we will se some green, from 0,35% to 1,5%. Tomorrow could be real red, tho, a black friday.




Dip buyers or the assholes that hyped up a crash looking to make a quick buck

They've already pumped the bubble since trump took office, it'll only make it louder when it pops


File: d1762620d254ce8⋯.png (23.69 KB, 859x338, 859:338, Screenshot_2018-10-11 CBOE….png)




PPT - Plunge Protection Team






File: ae83f4f3a6e8113⋯.png (25.09 KB, 850x292, 425:146, Screenshot_2018-10-11 Dow ….png)

back to red


Friends, this is what we in the Technical Analysis business call a triangle formation. Meaning, it's about to drop like a rock.


The february drop started with a 666 point drop on a friday followed by a 1000 point drop on the monday after and another 1000 by the end of that week. Yesterday's drop was 830 points which is a bit more but just like the 666-point drop on 2 Feb, yesterday's drop landed us on ~25,500 points which may be a coincidence but someone did mention the possibility of a ceiling on the stock market but i don't know if that's possible.


File: 4bed5c97fbc2528⋯.jpg (284.16 KB, 1080x1848, 45:77, Screenshot_20181011-104604….jpg)

Back to .5%





File: 0bfb467f9e26542⋯.jpg (288.16 KB, 1080x1848, 45:77, Screenshot_20181011-105459….jpg)

Back to .68%


File: fb9cb144f4bdd82⋯.png (26.46 KB, 854x294, 61:21, Screenshot_2018-10-11 Dow ….png)





Honestly I didn't think it was high enough to trigger a triangle formation, but I'll be damned.


File: 05658db40744970⋯.jpg (291.38 KB, 1080x1848, 45:77, Screenshot_20181011-111206….jpg)



File: 6ba3a60b5fda790⋯.jpg (284.8 KB, 1080x1848, 45:77, Screenshot_20181011-111304….jpg)

File: f1545c87588a592⋯.jpg (70.37 KB, 792x468, 22:13, 6b698672adab342cab7806e468….jpg)



File: 0d46742f5e24aa0⋯.png (26.1 KB, 846x300, 141:50, Screenshot_2018-10-11 Dow ….png)



Next stop: -500


>Thread theme




File: 18532b9cddbdc05⋯.png (45.66 KB, 1183x564, 1183:564, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 329c59eddb0513a⋯.png (196.8 KB, 733x561, 733:561, ClipboardImage.png)


File: f8966037e31f47a⋯.png (47.05 KB, 582x240, 97:40, 1.png)

Meanwhile in Europe


You guys think the spookening is gonna be this month?



this will be 3pm zone in US



nothing is 'spooky' about the contradictions of capitalism



what kind of woo-woo finance are you studying?


File: 94f2e49daa9b5f7⋯.png (1.64 MB, 1236x1030, 6:5, 18dbe201e65c003f320ff91faf….png)







File: 817338583db4893⋯.gif (1.08 MB, 350x182, 25:13, mr pork's wild ride.gif)


Back in February i was betting on November, who knows, any day might be the day when there's a sudden 10% drop for all we know. I'm just going to enjoy Mr. Porky's wild ride


File: 4dfdb33bd961c98⋯.jpg (287.52 KB, 1080x1848, 45:77, Screenshot_20181011-113818….jpg)

Dow update



based on the picture that looks like a symmetrical triangle


File: 0862bddf83845d9⋯.jpg (8.72 KB, 205x246, 5:6, in the green.jpg)


Just a correction. We're in the green boys!




Not only this is just a correction but we're heading to a 40000 Dow Jones! P-please b-b-buy the dip guys!



Back down to -107



I mean.. before 2008 the DOW was at 13000 and since the crash that followed it arrived at double that. Given that porkies are basically incapable of conceiving of the end of the ride its a pretty reasonable expectation from their point of view that there will be another big dip and then the bull market will take them up to 40000


File: 42254f9f2eac25a⋯.png (303.94 KB, 576x566, 288:283, 0a8846441ac31d61c03247d5c1….png)


B-b-buy the dip prole

Please buy it


can we shoot for -300


File: ecc8bdffa923897⋯.jpg (293.78 KB, 1080x1848, 45:77, Screenshot_20181011-130314….jpg)

File: 4a4f2f81f55d84b⋯.jpg (156.24 KB, 300x256, 75:64, 4a4f2f81f55d84b356df7ae6e2….jpg)




back down to -200 now


File: 07684d2fd355fff⋯.jpg (297.3 KB, 1080x1848, 45:77, Screenshot_20181011-131038….jpg)



File: a9ecbd25c2901f6⋯.png (415.66 KB, 576x566, 288:283, porky in green.png)

Going back up! Nothing to worry about here.


File: 8ee355d8d81aa57⋯.png (855.39 KB, 782x828, 17:18, Screenshot_2018-10-11 Dow ….png)

File: 772d615a5a3333e⋯.png (5.39 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, d20f477b2b29280.png)


Okay proles, it's not a crash, it's not a crisis, it's a "large panic event" in a "movement of the market to enter into a recovering and booming economy".

Get moving to work, except you don't, all of you are fired… I MEAN, you are being "moved into vacation time for an indeterminate amount of time", yea, that's right, prole, you must not fear.

you stu… "mentally complacent" proles.


File: 898c95c0db1223c⋯.gif (81.92 KB, 448x422, 224:211, tenor.gif)

File: a5785ec2dac1bf0⋯.png (3.43 KB, 173x46, 173:46, 1.png)


File: 3694542fc1bfc96⋯.jpg (307.56 KB, 1080x1848, 45:77, Screenshot_20181011-135349….jpg)

File: aaa3ecde093ac29⋯.jpg (41.68 KB, 512x522, 256:261, aaa3ecde093ac29fbecd7b9508….jpg)



File: ae774e734260f30⋯.png (26.66 KB, 845x301, 845:301, Screenshot_2018-10-11 CBOE….png)


File: bce7b3df8748561⋯.png (29.43 KB, 852x300, 71:25, Screenshot_2018-10-11 Dow ….png)

back at -1%


File: 5a725d8cd6b3608⋯.png (36.37 KB, 844x303, 844:303, Screenshot_2018-10-11 Dow ….png)

We're at -1,30%


File: e7e8c53517db8ac⋯.png (210.61 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, pepe shocked.png)





-351 now



Holy fuck, it just went to -398 in the time it took me to type that




Hot damn, this is going to get interesting.


File: e30a2692ed3996c⋯.png (33.02 KB, 855x303, 285:101, Screenshot_2018-10-11 Dow ….png)


-1.64% now





It'll probably stop at 420… hehehe get it?



File: a2355abaeb5a485⋯.png (33.3 KB, 854x308, 61:22, Screenshot_2018-10-11 Dow ….png)





This is a cry for help.


File: d476dad5e33c333⋯.png (33.11 KB, 848x296, 106:37, Screenshot_2018-10-11 Dow ….png)



Yikes. it's at -500 now


File: a939187b0135876⋯.png (33.54 KB, 858x302, 429:151, Screenshot_2018-10-11 Dow ….png)




File: 558861e74ceb36e⋯.png (178.87 KB, 468x282, 78:47, 1.png)



-2% NOW

3 P . M Z O N E


File: ff103f2d96f293c⋯.png (33.29 KB, 848x300, 212:75, Screenshot_2018-10-11 Dow ….png)


File: 706ed6c21db72bf⋯.png (111.57 KB, 438x288, 73:48, DowDropping.png)



File: 01709eb854cdc61⋯.png (31.78 KB, 629x394, 629:394, Capture.PNG)


Holy ==shit==


File: 574289c61d3749a⋯.gif (207.9 KB, 200x200, 1:1, 83184629.gif)



I thought the 3PM meme was a joke but holy shit it's real


File: 2295f28b4620cdd⋯.png (29.44 KB, 628x390, 314:195, Capture.PNG)

Holy fucking shit.


File: d6449b52ee9b151⋯.png (32.72 KB, 854x300, 427:150, Screenshot_2018-10-11 Dow ….png)

File: 02413c3352ddae3⋯.png (912.14 KB, 567x823, 567:823, 02413c3352ddae3029df9e8d2c….png)



WE'RE AT 24.000 NOW.



File: 31262ed09a5a6d2⋯.gif (882.69 KB, 300x200, 3:2, YOU FOOLS YOU'VE MESSED WI….gif)




Okay but why 3pm? I thought it was a meme.



>socialist FED ruins the free market episode 34

>economy crashes

>people hungry

>bread lines

yeah, communism truly won


File: 19d44709bee63dc⋯.png (452.55 KB, 546x543, 182:181, blood eye porky.png)


Invisible fist of the market


File: 7438a6a346ce3a9⋯.png (13.79 KB, 500x500, 1:1, gommunism.png)



I'm actually starting to believe this might be for real, hold on to your butts folks



>inb4 15 replies



Where did Marx write about central banks?


File: 30f777d083146a9⋯.jpg (53.69 KB, 991x902, 991:902, Laughing-Meme-02.jpg)





File: 22c8d273a23920c⋯.mp4 (2.08 MB, 406x720, 203:360, the_wailing_of_the_damned.mp4)



File: 11c3ca559a79f19⋯.jpg (47.32 KB, 594x777, 198:259, paul.jpg)




ty anon you made my day



Ofcourse theyll blame the fucking fed.

Even though theyre LOWERING inflation.


File: 5181328e1ebd195⋯.jpg (61.32 KB, 600x774, 100:129, C8GPLd0XkAE2XOZ.jpg)

File: 4b4d9d86e8e28dc⋯.jpg (16.69 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 1496603334338.jpg)


Calm down, you trumptard. Take your medicines for your schizophrenia and do your homework and stop posting on obscure forums on the internet, Jimmy.


File: a0e75777f245379⋯.jpg (313.92 KB, 1080x1848, 45:77, Screenshot_20181011-145226….jpg)

Holy fuck


File: ff92ddfda16a2d1⋯.png (26.53 KB, 848x293, 848:293, Screenshot_2018-10-11 CBOE….png)

Vix is now skyrocketing again.


File: 075cd2cc2439d09⋯.png (35.39 KB, 646x420, 323:210, ClipboardImage.png)




File: c8e847cc3e0f0ca⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1009.27 KB, 2300x6400, 23:64, nnnnnngggh.png)




Oh shit, intended for



File: a1201e915f0de1d⋯.jpg (192.87 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, 170920165949-xi-jinping-te….jpg)




good thing, boys. looks like it was just a correction. things are gonna settle down now


File: 64fc40d03c58b14⋯.png (32.88 KB, 857x301, 857:301, Screenshot_2018-10-11 Dow ….png)



File: 785976f8bb20354⋯.png (36.38 KB, 969x280, 969:280, ClipboardImage.png)

Is it happening again lads?


File: 6b4cff50fdeea54⋯.png (67.31 KB, 204x241, 204:241, 1.png)



File: d2a2df4ea99ff61⋯.png (25.97 KB, 848x304, 53:19, Screenshot_2018-10-11 CBOE….png)



File: a1ae5c36122af3d⋯.jpg (314.75 KB, 1080x1848, 45:77, Screenshot_20181011-150029….jpg)



File: a3098fa0ad298d9⋯.jpeg (174.17 KB, 1024x640, 8:5, 360E50B0-AF4C-40E3-84DB-E….jpeg)

Is this the end? There is literally nothing they can do to stop the collapse now. They have already used everything they could in minimizing the damage of 2008. If things crash now, it will all be over for real.


File: bc28b316c3e4ba5⋯.jpg (68.99 KB, 300x374, 150:187, Anxiety.jpg)

So how many points of those 25k are just air?


File: a2dd712a5b39d24⋯.png (27.01 KB, 853x300, 853:300, Screenshot_2018-10-11 CBOE….png)



File: bc4e167ea91c262⋯.png (307.79 KB, 1135x676, 1135:676, 1.png)


File: 798ec85a5aefc34⋯.png (6.34 KB, 420x339, 140:113, back up.png)

Heading back up. Just a correction.





File: b02f533c84bfada⋯.png (173.78 KB, 324x318, 54:53, distorky.png)


Don't be so sure, even if this were the big one or a prelude to it porky probably still has a few tricks up his sleeve, neoliberalism might be running its course but imperialism, wars and fascism are still on the table and with a disorganised working class we can't be sure that a crisis will be taken advantage of before porky stabilizes and reconsolidates his position and accustoms the us to the 'New Normal™'.


>just jumped from -550 to -490 in a second

expect big buybacks, boyos


File: 46181d601cc0b4e⋯.png (34 KB, 844x308, 211:77, Screenshot_2018-10-11 Dow ….png)

File: 5dc4ddc9e5bddb8⋯.jpg (85.34 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, tAVlk8L.jpg)


File: 010c0b2da6fc4c3⋯.png (9.13 KB, 281x180, 281:180, images.png)

File: 4df4f7d87e31a9a⋯.png (1.85 KB, 50x46, 25:23, 1.png)


File: 09b198e89083fc1⋯.png (116.69 KB, 600x590, 60:59, hi.png)

Just a correction confirmed


File: 5ce8e0dc2c7f612⋯.png (78.25 KB, 782x597, 782:597, Screenshot_2018-10-11 Dow ….png)


File: 7c01e967f0de3c8⋯.png (10.99 KB, 910x35, 26:1, 1.png)

26 minutes left


go back down RIGHT NOW you little shit


File: ecc70ff1d0840f6⋯.jpg (150.81 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, smilingpig_1_2048x@2x.jpg)




File: a0fe7944a948a89⋯.png (52.9 KB, 950x422, 475:211, 1.png)


>starts freefalling again

>marketwatch goes 504


File: 8b8dac67eb2d07a⋯.png (3.39 KB, 116x120, 29:30, pathetic.PNG)



File: b0ad9c8da7afc37⋯.png (234.86 KB, 600x765, 40:51, 4568.png)

Mass scale panic over. Now we're on our way to the 40,000 DOW Jones!


File: 7e1005635db58a0⋯.png (1001.05 KB, 782x748, 23:22, Screenshot_2018-10-11 5 th….png)





>First off, remember to breathe.

Thanks for the advice Porky


File: 2e5f4810037d4ed⋯.jpg (22.64 KB, 474x518, 237:259, 1324.jpg)




File: 762ce5b48f1a8d6⋯.png (34.85 KB, 851x305, 851:305, Screenshot_2018-10-11 Dow ….png)






Finished at -546






File: 42254f9f2eac25a⋯.png (303.94 KB, 576x566, 288:283, 22.png)


>final score




-2% GANG



File: 2852ca4a2f4bc32⋯.jpg (463.64 KB, 1100x605, 20:11, crash.jpg)

Honestly it just looks to me like none of what's happening right now is the big crash and the thread has just degenerated into a generic /pol/-tier happening thread where every single dip is THE one that ends capitalism. Atleast you got a good excuse to spam reaction images.



>Trump blames Federal Reserve for market plunge as Wall Street turmoil continues

>President Trump said he was "disappointed" in Fed Chairman Powell but did not intend to fire him.


File: 655cb2c87a1b662⋯.png (35.49 KB, 849x302, 849:302, Screenshot_2018-10-11 Dow ….png)

File: ad2d9ec08518332⋯.png (69.21 KB, 782x523, 782:523, Screenshot_2018-10-11 Stoc….png)

File: e1e187aa0df39b9⋯.png (68.11 KB, 782x470, 391:235, Screenshot_2018-10-11 Dow ….png)



I don't think there will be a big crash. Insomuch as it is a torrent of mini-crashes that will bleed out the market, rather than crushing it's skull completely. The feds will force the stock market to stop trading and buy back all that they can for the sake of the stock market as Reagan wrote down into laws back in the 80's.


File: bcf613b62892394⋯.png (38.15 KB, 851x301, 851:301, Screenshot_2018-10-11 Dow ….png)



File: fb1720cc16ef587⋯.png (7.34 KB, 582x30, 97:5, 1.png)

>correction territory



File: 0eaa78c42f11953⋯.gif (378.64 KB, 264x257, 264:257, 0eaa78c42f1195323dc4ca9f3f….gif)


>two "corrections" in a year

Fucking hell, shouldn't that tell these people something



<There's nothing to steal here.


File: 1d9b5799c177e56⋯.png (50.43 KB, 813x340, 813:340, 1.png)

Go back to bed, America. Your government is in control again. Here. Here's American Gladiators.


File: c3500933e20f475⋯.jpeg (62.01 KB, 768x512, 3:2, 8007A9E2-A97C-43B3-B993-4….jpeg)


These people are fucking experts at rejecting reality. Remember that until 2008, these people thought that recessions were a thing of the past, that would NEVER EVER happen again. And even after 2008, they still believe that the Great Recession was just a 1 in 1 million unlucky chance. They will never acknowledge the problems inherent to the system, and will keep pretending that everything is fine even as it all burns down.


File: cfc85082d711ae5⋯.jpg (303.08 KB, 875x949, 875:949, 1539026714764.jpg)

So what do you think lads, signs of an imminent crash or a couple of bad days at the stock market?


File: 47ce451c2f56264⋯.png (54.9 KB, 820x362, 410:181, 1.png)

File: 4844260a8a84176⋯.gif (493.16 KB, 500x190, 50:19, JV30aOo.gif)





This entire year has been "a couple of bad days" it's going to break eventually.



"A couple of bad days?" Nigga, you real? In 2 days we erased 8 months' "growth". What we achieved in between is blowing up a gigantic buyback bubble. In February we were sitting on an atomic bomb. Now we are sitting on a Tsar bomba.




Thanks for the heads up. I'm a dummy concerning these things.


File: 563b7fc8275d3bd⋯.webm (8.77 MB, 888x500, 222:125, 489673.webm)


>Then why are all of you here?!

How about we dub this scene leftypol?


File: c58a2f2b972e13d⋯.png (45.17 KB, 920x454, 460:227, Screenshot_2018-10-11 Toky….png)

File: b248f3bee0d5f71⋯.jpg (74.05 KB, 770x694, 385:347, 1f1d1906c4cabf1c7c374f318d….jpg)




File: e49e33df576f767⋯.png (68.99 KB, 180x328, 45:82, Screenshot_2018-10-11 biz….png)

File: 515adf78f1f1a76⋯.png (19.81 KB, 180x236, 45:59, Screenshot_2018-10-11 biz….png)

File: 7c43a011bda09cf⋯.png (62.48 KB, 180x200, 9:10, Screenshot_2018-10-11 biz….png)

File: 5e35655df1bb33c⋯.png (17.72 KB, 180x225, 4:5, Screenshot_2018-10-11 biz….png)

File: d753cf950371724⋯.png (33.03 KB, 180x138, 30:23, Screenshot_2018-10-11 biz….png)

>Meanwhile, at /biz/


File: 86196dbce5ecf14⋯.jpg (24.26 KB, 320x280, 8:7, 1438290157352.jpg)


File: d7d09bc8571feb0⋯.png (42.9 KB, 201x227, 201:227, 4.png)

File: 26a95ffc8aaee9b⋯.png (87.25 KB, 200x421, 200:421, 3.png)

File: 5db6a3c97e9d3a4⋯.png (69.39 KB, 198x422, 99:211, 2.png)

File: 1c4e6c6af6fc793⋯.png (175.52 KB, 653x416, 653:416, 1.png)


File: 429d4056ed951b4⋯.jpg (463.54 KB, 1100x605, 20:11, 1539290300698.jpg)


found on /biz/.

I've noticed a higtened commie presence in there. Good fun.



Commie threads on /biz/ is a mix between awful and good shit. It's very strange how /biz/ is becoming the most left-wing board on halfchan.



>the most left-wing board on halfchan

that's /int/ but not every threads and you can't predict which threads are going to be good



They've spent enough time gambling to realize that the house (almost) always wins and its not the "jooz" so they are mostly immune to /pol/tards. Most of them are really just your average "wagie" wanting to earn a MILLION DORRAS™ fast so he can stop mopping McDonalds floors under an abusive boss.



I imagine getting scammed out of your money enough times would help you realize the system is rigged.



I can only speak god's true language, English.


That sounds about right. /a/ and /v/ are the most reactionary boards though. For reasons I don't really understand.



15k at least



>/a/ and /v/ are the most reactionary boards though. For reasons I don't really understand.

Are you kidding? It's so obvious. They are children playing games and watching cartoons. They have no IRL experience.



>IRL experience.

definitely how someone with a lot of "IRL experience" talks



I watched /a/ go from my favorite hangout to complete shit and I'm not entirely sure either. Even the quality of anime and manga discussion nosedived so I'm guessing an influx of new people played a part. It probably doesn't help that most /a/nons were pretty pathetic people.



/a/ turned into a place that mocked shows like SOA, but then came towards liking something as stupidly edgy as Goblin Slayer. Which beneath it's edge is a generic fantasy story.


File: 40bca50719f9263⋯.jpg (30.77 KB, 500x281, 500:281, 1538332646362.jpg)


>/a/ is reactionary

Come to the threads for the yuri/all-girls shows. Last season's show, Revue Starlight had a bunch of leftists posting there. There was mentioning and referencing of zizek and Stirner.



>I watched /a/ go from my favorite hangout to complete shit and I'm not entirely sure either.

It's so fucking obvious. People grew up. They stopped playing games, they stopped watching cartoons. You two are idiots who were left behind and watched the new generation of literal children take over your board.


File: 7e86bcc3d01205f⋯.jpg (123.63 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 813554313543.jpg)



Double Decker threads should also be alright because of pic related and because it's gay



We literally exited the bull trap, and the next month will be on average down.



>We literally exited the bull trap

You've got a single non-bourgeois source to back that up?



The fact that 4 out of 10 biggest point drops in history have occurred this year already.


File: 9cebe7e82be292b⋯.png (146.17 KB, 1148x321, 1148:321, itshappening.png)


It's happening


God damn. Imagine if all of these gamblers chugged their money instead into communist parties. Each and every one of them wants to win at lotto individually instead of collectively liberating themselves.


File: dad825f1c889e69⋯.png (58.3 KB, 195x376, 195:376, 1.png)


4got pic



i imagine 95% of these are roleplayers tho



I left the board years ago though. Also, it's weird you think people stopped watching cartoons. People my age(late 20s) won't stop talking about the latest anime they saw on Netflix or whatever. I'm guessing most people left because 4chan in general went to shit. Most of the older /a/nons I talk to are on discord and irc.


File: 84f85851bb1ff6b⋯.png (93.88 KB, 866x900, 433:450, 1529111317968.png)


>Capitalism created easy times. Easy times created communists. Communists, like the ones in this thread, will create hard times. You will all miss having life on easy mode.


File: 172516b3c861b22⋯.png (10 KB, 1531x131, 1531:131, Screenshot_2018-10-11 biz….png)

Holy fuck.

We got a multi-dimensional brain here.




The light novels were fairly enjoyable. It's a lot better that SAO, but I wouldn't exactly call it good. I'm guessing you think it is edgy because the first episode touched on the whole goblin rape thing? It really isn't that edgy.



>big daddy karl




Chapo is crap 1%ers out


File: 8c60e3d50402999⋯.png (50.33 KB, 517x166, 517:166, 1.png)

Did they stop banning people for mentioning 8ch?


File: 4165898bdbcc6bc⋯.png (86.56 KB, 1889x579, 1889:579, Screenshot_2018-10-12 biz….png)


AAAAnd it died


File: 0c3c01ad104a348⋯.png (1.37 MB, 1839x9576, 613:3192, Screenshot_2018-10-12 biz….png)


here's the full screencap for the future.




It seems like the mods don't value free speech much don't they? Then again /biz/relies are more likely to appreciate the more gangster, psychotic side of capitalism.


>Another thread pruned

>Economics board doesn't allow discussion of alternative economics

I bet the communists did this.



There was some drama in the other thread about Disraeli. The fuck was that about?


So comparing our current situation to 2008, were there any prominent marxists or leftists who predicted that a big crash was gonna happen back then?


File: 9095bb34643d9be⋯.png (102.29 KB, 358x501, 358:501, 1.png)



Some idiot found a minor point to hang on to so he could ignore everything.



>the working class didn't get poorer but wealthier under capitalism

Marx literally predicted this in Wage Labor & Capital



>pull the market out of its tailspin

Or break off a wing.



Someone post the Marx Pepe pls, the thread was deleted


File: 6500ed0671d7afc⋯.png (393.41 KB, 1000x940, 50:47, 1527217222413.png)



I know of Michael Roberts, who is a Marxist economist. There's also Steve Keen, who is a post/neo/whatever-Keynesian, who you could call a leftist, but he does not employ Marxian theory.


File: 2759c8d6f9320d3⋯.jpg (5.6 KB, 233x217, 233:217, 1344290461115.jpg)



David Harvey might have, I know he was one of the first marxist economists to properly deconstruct it.


File: e93b60bbf267d58⋯.png (397.11 KB, 1000x940, 50:47, marx pepe.png)


Nice pic lemme clean the transparency a bit for you tho



I'm reading through Michael Roberts' blog now, thanks. If anyone is interested I'm also reading stuff by Fred Moseley, a marxist economist. Don't know if anyone's mentioned him before.


I already knew about David Harvey but i don't know if he made any predictions regarding a crash.



good praxis


Japan opens in 16 minutes.


Nikkei down near 4%


File: 11d5503b5cb4490⋯.mp4 (1.07 MB, 330x360, 11:12, 11d5503b5cb4490e8f8c200d4a….mp4)

>Japan loses more than 900 points in less than 15 minutes


File: 812960e35b3b43c⋯.png (63.49 KB, 750x999, 250:333, BA9AD6B8-EBCF-4FC3-9EE0-98….png)


You weren’t bullshitting…


File: 7e559ecd3097575⋯.png (13.5 KB, 650x535, 130:107, ClipboardImage.png)

File: e0241e7a69b6f88⋯.png (105.48 KB, 956x1242, 478:621, 70d9eda0ac911bcc4ae5f3ceab….png)


looks legit


File: 35aa44bc3b5b606⋯.gif (94.94 KB, 315x572, 315:572, pants off.gif)



lel it keeps oscillating around these points


Cool. The markets were way overvalued and mostly fraudulent anyway. I doubt this is going to hurt the average Joe, but you will see big corps and banks screaming for bailouts if this continues for another week or so.


File: c27be44ef9c2481⋯.jpeg (22.23 KB, 621x702, 23:26, 7489DCC8-AA44-45A5-BF43-A….jpeg)


And the brainlet award goes to…



>I doubt this is going to hurt the average Joe

yeah because the people who really suffer when the DOW crashes are the rich shareholders and nobody else



A couple bad days at the stock market is nothing new. And the stock market benefits the banks and corps for the most part. Investors always get the shorter half of the stick. Always. Its a rigged casino game. They'll let a few win big, the rest lose money.

NOW…… if the stock market were to completely crash, I mean crash as into ~ -50% ranges….. THEN they'd be screaming bloody murder (I mean the fat cats would). That might lead to a massive bailout like what happened back in 2008, which would effect the taxpayers.



Note: right now we are nowhere near this….. if it continues for another full week or two, then yah very possible!



excuse me kinda unrelated but you do work at J. P. Morgan?



No shit. When the markets get very ugly and volatile, the volatility index always goes up. What this will do is cause ETFs to sell like mad as gold/silver goes up a bit and then comes crashing back down. A trick of the marketeers if you will because the markets want gold/silver down as long as they have fiat currency fully operational (it has been this way for many many years now).


The Federal Reserve knew DAMN WELL what they were doing when raising interest rates while our debt was continuing to spiral out of control. Just like Trump (and all the politicians) know damn well our economic policies and budgets are insolvent too. So plenty of blame to go around. You can't keep raising interest rates when you are the ones creating all the debt to prop up yourselves (thats exactly what the Fed does). Its like saying "I'm going to create a loan, loan it to myself, and then I'll charge myself huge interests on that loan, a loan I can't pay back in the first place!" Thats the rut America has been in since 2008 ever since the Fed created Quantitative Easing policies.



No, however I used to know a stock market investor, his name was Geno. Won't mention last names. He's dead now (overdosed). He taught me the gist about how markets work.



>He's dead now (overdosed).

Not surprised



Who is this?



A few bad days is one thing but this has been an entire bad year. Last time we had something as bad as this was 2008.



2008 was just a correction.



1929 was just a correction



Not yet. I'm not shilling the markets by any means, never been a gambler myself. We saw a dip like this early this year if you recall. It looked like it was going to crash, sure. It didn't. Not every time stocks go way down means its a crash. Time will tell at this point. Its a possibility if it keeps going down down down for a few more days.

-4% to -5% is nothing when the markets have been peaking +20% over the last year. Its going to take a week of crashing for that to wipe out all those gains over the last year.

Another thing to remember, and this one is from Geno: "investors LOVE volatility!" They love the markets going up, down, up, down! Why? Easy: "buy low, sell high, repeat."



>buy low, sell high

Your buddy got it wrong, you're supposed to buy high and sell low.



The exact same thing happened in 2008. It had a few bad days at the begining of the year and then went stagnant untill fall when the dips started. We're seeing the same pattern right now.



Thats true, and the great depression was corrected.


2008 was not corrected. We bailed out the insolvent banks via taxpayer money and THEN created Quantitative Easing to continue those bailouts (essentially created endless fraudulent loans to the banks who the dished out loans to boost the economy: all based on smoke and mirror accounting or legalized fraud).



Thats the dumbest thing I have ever heard. Thats like saying "I'm going to buy something thats worth $10 and sell it for $5" … you lose money that way. You have to do the exact opposite to make profits.



The great depression was corrected through war spending and destruction of capital.

That wont happen again because all major powers have nukes making war mutually assured destruction.

Also the fed stopped QE.



Fair. It still could be possible we see a massive market collapse, I'm not saying we won't, I'm just saying don't hold your breath just yet. -5% is bad for temporary profits sure, but it has to get plenty worse to see a massive collapse happen. Then, it would be up to Congress and Trump if they decided to bailout the banks again. We'll likely save that discussion for another day though.



>That wont happen again because all major powers have nukes making war mutually assured destruction

Well we are still engaged in wars right now, many in covert places. Currently we have military assets ready for some massive tensions around Venezuela right now. So we'll see.

>Also the fed stopped QE

So says the Fed, the problem is the Fed lies. A lot. They're still doing QE, in fact, they have no choice to. Our economy would have collapsed long ago without it and we'd be in a financial RESET transition by now (a massive default).



It’s worth noting that Malthusians predicted that any attempt by the working class to improve its lot would only lead to more misery. Wages couldn’t rise in the long run according to this strain of classical bourgeois economy.


File: 8d5e26844a895c3⋯.png (44.19 KB, 582x235, 582:235, 2.png)

File: 198c7c82b26f4c3⋯.png (40.25 KB, 581x233, 581:233, 1.png)

That's it. I had it! Which one of you fuckers greened all over my crisis?!


Wow, this thread is 5 months old, congrats.

It's really proof that the crisis is always near, yet so far.


File: 0e31c759e661a59⋯.png (26.08 KB, 961x278, 961:278, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 3026742c201ee09⋯.png (25.92 KB, 947x279, 947:279, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 18b861befe27efb⋯.png (27.15 KB, 957x290, 33:10, ClipboardImage.png)


It's nothing and no where close to recovering what it lost yesterday, the Asian and European markets can hover around zero in their own time all they want as long as they plunge with the NYSE.



WoW looking back at it like that…..

It really looks like we're in the freaking happening but I don't think so


File: 1e873c819e50ffb⋯.png (36.68 KB, 442x235, 442:235, 1.png)

File: cc17340546bdb8d⋯.jpg (409.76 KB, 1500x1099, 1500:1099, 23.jpg)

DAX, what are you doing?



Yes Vater?


File: ce8d8b88ade55c8⋯.png (34.86 KB, 398x233, 398:233, 1.png)

File: ea3b405281f6944⋯.jpeg (5.44 KB, 275x183, 275:183, 1243.jpeg)



File: bb1d02f619c18f3⋯.jpeg (5.12 KB, 275x183, 275:183, images.jpeg)

File: dcbb34b6cf44044⋯.png (36.62 KB, 415x232, 415:232, 1.png)



File: 92982f82c82f019⋯.png (26.54 KB, 456x166, 228:83, 2.png)

File: 6af1c3ca5e4877c⋯.png (94.28 KB, 292x308, 73:77, 1.png)



File: 3abc247d077e17d⋯.png (2.04 MB, 2135x8124, 2135:8124, Screenshot_2018-10-12 Here….png)


File: 915a1df627f8ad4⋯.png (325.81 KB, 478x440, 239:220, 14941944.png)



File: 7c7da7fec180aa9⋯.jpg (98.88 KB, 630x630, 1:1, 2610674_1.jpg)



File: 3918ec9afd3637d⋯.png (30.1 KB, 853x312, 853:312, Screenshot_2018-10-12 E-Mi….png)


The futures are green, tho.


File: 5889b02a219130e⋯.png (24.77 KB, 850x301, 850:301, Screenshot_2018-10-12 Dow ….png)



File: b17d9328b28e94c⋯.png (942.38 KB, 782x705, 782:705, Screenshot_2018-10-12 3 be….png)

okay prole, maybe we're in a bear market, but that ISN'T that bad as it's sounds! there are some benefits of being in one!



Calling it now. Dead cat bounce.


PPT: Engaged

Commies: BTFO


File: 4a938ceab61299e⋯.png (47.83 KB, 1188x422, 594:211, 320e3f386976157eab4fcfc4bc….png)


Omae wa mou, shinderou


>market drops 5 days in a row

>worst one day drop in months

>macro highly unstable

>buy one day put on tech stock expecting another 4% dip

>dead cat bounce

This is what I get for not just watching it crumble comrades


File: d6ce17cb428c18e⋯.jpg (200.87 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_20181012-122641….jpg)


I wouldn't call this a bounce


all of Europe ended in red


File: f8eb6d15cdabe40⋯.png (30.19 KB, 856x298, 428:149, Screenshot_2018-10-12 Dow ….png)





File: 3fe59a22aa62ac7⋯.webm (3.05 MB, 540x360, 3:2, IT KEEPS HAPPENING.webm)


File: 51f37c8e34e40b0⋯.png (30.89 KB, 852x299, 852:299, Screenshot_2018-10-12 E-Mi….png)

File: 706e021b4384c37⋯.png (30.33 KB, 857x303, 857:303, Screenshot_2018-10-12 Dow ….png)

>first pic: futures of the DOW.

>second pic: right now at the DOW.




PPG pumping it hard.


File: e5d304c3db849a3⋯.png (31.09 KB, 851x303, 851:303, Screenshot_2018-10-12 E-Mi….png)

File: 06fef4d38071c80⋯.png (30.48 KB, 849x304, 849:304, Screenshot_2018-10-12 Dow ….png)

>first pic: futures.

>Second pic: right now.



Is this it, is PPG finally powerless and only to make minor blips.


File: fb7c53418cbdfa5⋯.png (30.08 KB, 852x300, 71:25, Screenshot_2018-10-12 Dow ….png)

File: b8b82e0bf6aaf23⋯.png (1.03 KB, 49x71, 49:71, Screenshot_2018-10-12 Dow ….png)




I thought the point of the market was to spend money? Surely if you have more money at the end you haven't spent enough yet?





File: 7512d5d322e4cb7⋯.png (31.72 KB, 859x309, 859:309, Screenshot_2018-10-12 Dow ….png)

Common get into red.




We living in the future we always dreamed of!


File: 6dace3b07ff5dcc⋯.png (32.84 KB, 861x307, 861:307, Screenshot_2018-10-12 Dow ….png)

File: 68524f769f9f564⋯.png (27.64 KB, 855x308, 855:308, Screenshot_2018-10-12 CBOE….png)


Vix is also in red, tho, let's hope it skyrockets, because if it isn't then Dow will go up again.


This is what's really happening in the Dow : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-5OeVSiisLU



Black Monday?


Any chance of another recession happening in the near future or is it just more /leftypol/ wishful thinking?



More like Black Tuesday



The point of the market is to spend and then MAKE money via profits. Thats why you buy low and sell high.

Think of it as this, I buy a collection of books bidding for $200…….. now there is still a demand for those books…… so while I do is I wait until someone offers me $300 for the collection, and then I sell. I just made $100 profit!


File: 51248c3ae29432a⋯.png (35.21 KB, 851x295, 851:295, Screenshot_2018-10-12 Dow ….png)

>The market is gonna crash!!! it's 1929 all over again!

What do you have to say to this definitive prove of the contrary, you stupid proles?!

The bank always wins, commie!



Update: as predicted looks like investors have begun buying up some of the stocks while low and now many are starting to go back up in value again.


This is how the stock market typically works, it goes up for a while, then goes down, and then starts going back up again. Normal volatility which investors (like Geno RIP) love. Buy low, sell high, repeat. The whole purpose is to rake in some extra cash. Stocks are nothing but gambling tools to exploit and make cash. Some win….. and some lose. All part of the game!



The stock markets have been teetering since February, most of the points are hot air and adderall, even the IMF said we're headed for a great depression.



Correct. The bankers ALWAYS are the biggest winners. The investors, if lucky, get a little of the breadcrumbs.


File: 4fdf68ac9009baa⋯.png (30.25 KB, 962x277, 962:277, ClipboardImage.png)


>didn't even get close to recovering yesterday's losses




The bankers only win if you let them, their gains won't mean shit if their houses and cars get molotoved and they get dragged out to the street to get beaten


File: 1bc49424f1657d3⋯.mp4 (12.29 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, The Dark Knight Rises - Cr….mp4)



The IMF is correct but what they DID NOT tell you is key. The time. This is still all up in the air. Believe me, the central banks can pull a lot of triggers, they are the ones in charge. They'll collapse it when they can profit the most from it, as usual. Did you anons ever consider that there are billionaires who actually PROFIT from collapses? YES! You bet against what is going to collapse and then wait for the returns on investments from the opposing markets (your competitors). Soros does this very well, thats why he's so fucking rich. Many out there just like him too.



Nope. You may be able to kill a few lower or middle level investors but never the fat cats. They are surrounded by undercover armed security services. Not only that they have offshore properties and private transportation to get there too. Not to mention they know whats going down BEFORE the public is ever informed. Sorry to burst your bubble.


File: 14ecee53e78ac10⋯.jpg (174.23 KB, 1222x843, 1222:843, c5950a4a5eb4c160014fb17900….jpg)


>Many out there just like him too.

It may have been bad writing, and may be that you wanted to say something else and I didn't get it, but I'm gonna post it anyway, just in case



1 hour till market closes, good time for speculation.



If they leave, their abandoned property can get nationalized by the angry mob, they might not be fucked totally but it'll be a ball squeeze.



Well what it usually takes for massive reform is to change the government first and have them on your side. Typically riots do nothing but hurt small businesses in a local area and cause inconvenience to a lot of the community. Nothing more. The big bankers laugh at it, likely watching news reports, smoking fat cigars and sipping on $200 scotch sniffing coke with their escort.



Yeah but riots are a sign that major change is coming, take the Caracazo for instance, the leftover energy from those violent days would later lead to the election of President Chavez



Well what that took was massive awareness to elect him. And when they did, the internationalist banking cabal got their government cronies around the world to slap sanctions on Venezuela's State-run oil company…. as well as typical covert assassinations against their politicians ("economic wetwork"). You must remember the fat cats you despise are global, the run the major central banks all over the world including the IMF and BIS. They have plenty of means to destroy national economies when there is a national uprising. They are NOT loyal to any nation, not even the US. Those that work against them are always targeted viciously. Its sad, but its true.


File: a316f71a7740fca⋯.png (293.95 KB, 750x760, 75:76, 1539125650257.png)

So what do you make of today lads? The numbers started out high but took a plunge and went red around two times i think. Then when it got close to 3PM the numbers started going up fast until it got close to 300 at 4PM. That's a big gain but not enough to make up for the losses it sustained these past two days.

What do you think will happen next?


File: 895a576ff724b97⋯.png (70.03 KB, 1324x470, 662:235, Screenshot_2018-10-12 Dow ….png)


This same thing happened in february.

And it's gonna happen again in october.

We're for a ride.



Only worse, because we're past the bull trap.



OK, the other day they lost about 1/5th of their total gains over the last year or so. Today they made back a fraction of what was lost, making it a total loss of perhaps ~0.8/5th of their gains over the last year. Its like making 100 dollars and losing about 18 dollars. Your profit margin is still there despite a small amount of loss. No big deal to them. Losses were mostly effecting the investors anyway.




Even if they lost hard today like yesterday (like I stated the other day) it would still take a week to lose all their yearly profits. After that point then yes, they would begin to panic. It looks like the market will rebound a bit as the VIX is going down about 1% (which is just minor adjustment of the amount of volatility).

Remember, the stock market is VERY complex. Just because something is down doesn't mean its "bad" and just because something is up doesn't mean its "good" either. What matters is what the how much the investors keep faith in the markets. If they lose faith, then there tends to be a point of no return. I don't think investors lost too much faith, they just had a bad day and are looking to rebound and make back some losses.



>and make back some losses

I should have said *recover from some losses. You get the picture though.



>What matters is what the how much the investors keep faith in the markets. If they lose faith, then there tends to be a point of no return.

So where's Nef Anyo for this church of profit?



I get the picture and i'll keep what you said regarding the stock market in mind. Meanwhile here's Richard Wolff talking about the situation happening these past few days.




No one said it would be easy, it took the bankers a long and costly fight against the Aristocracy to win out



>it took the bankers a long and costly fight against the Aristocracy to win out

You mean the capitalists, right? And not only the bankers?


I hope Monday sucks. The longer this thing rolls the worse it's gonna be when it stops.


Which one of you traitors bought the dip?





I thought you buy shares and then you share them with other people so you don't have as much money, but you try to give them away at a lower price so you don't have to pay tax on earnings.


It isn't enough to just be looking at big stock exchanges, we need to be looking at the smaller 'developing' markets too. That's probably going to be what buckles first, some developing economy that doesn't have the unlimited supplies of capital that the developed economies do.



Argentina, Turkey, and India are already there


File: 54662b418572e51⋯.jpg (264.36 KB, 717x734, 717:734, 20181013_174841.jpg)

Marketwatch's articles are a fucking riot



They are right that the stockmarket is no longer an economic indictor. There's no reason to care about losses or gains of thousands of points. You can't even pretend it matters when every index is up +100% from two years ago because of massive tax cuts and buybacks.



plus the bailout money from 2008



It matters because stock price gains are a major way the capitalists take their profits


Do you think they'll paper over the next crash? Just pretend it's nothing big and get all the media to go along with it, cuz that's their jobs now.


>Look at how much Americans eat out

I want to eat out more.



Of course it is because it's an indicator of how much profit porky is making

If he loses profit he will cut spendings and cost of production to try to compensate all the loss from speculation so: yes it's a valid indicator


So who's betting for black Monday tomorrow

Actually don't know but how much longer can they maintain this bubble anyways (?


File: 067f904d23dc599⋯.png (126.25 KB, 180x330, 6:11, 1.png)


t. average american


File: 41d9380a0e84823⋯.png (314.62 KB, 603x411, 201:137, 1.png)


File: 9ed2101e8360a08⋯.png (12.84 KB, 517x78, 517:78, 1.png)

File: cbd452ddfb10514⋯.jpg (9.58 KB, 480x360, 4:3, cbd452ddfb105149ab21209b69….jpg)


File: 01bee042f8e74e1⋯.jpg (29.77 KB, 634x429, 634:429, khashoggi.jpg)

What's going to happen economically cuz of this nigga? I think it's hypocritical as shit that liberals have started pulling their hair out on Saudi Arabia over this dude when they've been defending Democrats who renew our weapons contracts with them for years but at the same time it's a good thing from an accelerationist sense

Thinking all this renewed tension between US and Saudis might spice things up. Here's a couple of things I read this morning:


>Saudi Arabia on Sunday threatened to retaliate against possible punitive measures a day after President Trump vowed “severe punishment” if an investigation proves that the kingdom was behind the suspected death of a prominent Saudi journalist.

>The Saudi government said that, in the event that economic sanctions or other forms of punishment were imposed on the kingdom, “it will respond with greater action,” according to an official statement, which didn’t specifically mention the U.S. or any other country.

>The statement also warned that the oil-rich kingdom “has an influential and vital role in the global economy.”

>Mr. Trump, in an interview with “60 Minutes,” said he would be “very upset and angry” if the allegations prove true, and vowed there would be consequences. But he also said he opposed sanctions against the U.S. ally because it may hurt jobs in the U.S. tied to a $100 billion arms deal with the kingdom.

>Capitol Hill has been pressuring the Trump administration to rethink its close partnership with the Saudi leadership in light of Mr. Khashoggi’s suspected killing. Bipartisan lawmakers have raised the possibility of halting arms sales and of imposing economic sanctions on the kingdom.

>Saudi stocks tumbled Sunday as investors worried about the impact on its economy from worsening relations between the kingdom and the U.S. The Riyadh-based Saudi Stock Exchange’s benchmark Tadawul All Share Index closed 3.5% lower, after falling nearly 7% at one point in the session.


>The threat caused the stock market of the world's biggest oil exporter to lose as much as $33 billion of its value on Sunday in one of the first signs of the economic pain that Riyadh could suffer over the affair.

>The Saudi equities index .TASI plunged as much as 7 percent in its biggest drop since December 2014, when oil prices were crashing. It later recovered partially to stand 5.0 percent lower shortly before the close.

What are your thoughts on how this will contribute to the coming crash if you think it will at all? Is Trump/congress going to actually do anything or is this all spectacle? Apparently, while the US government has yet to do much, a lot of businesses are already ending or putting on hold their trading deals with the Saudis



Don't forget that Trumpf is thinking about sanctions to the indians. And the problem with saudi arabia could do a petrol crisis

1979 Will Begin Again!!!1!



WWIII but Hindutva India plays the role of Nazi Germany


File: 391887fa61e6aee⋯.png (174.88 KB, 2216x932, 554:233, Screen Shot 2018-10-14 at ….png)

Friendly reminder the nikkei is open and dropping


File: d8c8ad7872df02a⋯.jpg (82.47 KB, 1179x529, 1179:529, teth.JPG)

Tether is imploding, everyone retreating into alts.


File: a0289634d45041c⋯.png (40.39 KB, 580x244, 145:61, 1.png)

File: f2297adcd4868c2⋯.png (44.88 KB, 575x233, 575:233, 2.png)

File: 2999da25f51c510⋯.png (42.47 KB, 582x237, 194:79, 3.png)

EU start, Asia ongoing, US futures.


File: dc777dbdc2cc8a8⋯.png (156.06 KB, 1080x1675, 216:335, Screenshot_2018-10-15-10-4….png)

Ok wtf is wrong with germany.


File: d147419272e98eb⋯.png (51.28 KB, 225x250, 9:10, 1456868689483.png)


File: 7d3951e84f5acc8⋯.png (38.06 KB, 520x225, 104:45, 1.png)


futures got the news



So in crypto land a dollar no longer equals a dollar. So the other coins haven't increased in value, just that the baseline currency has changed in value. Is that right?



It tells of Death and suggests you to buy gold


File: 6c5680a380d118e⋯.png (84.92 KB, 1235x571, 1235:571, Screenshot_2018-10-15 Sear….png)


I don't even know what Sears is, i do not live in burgerland, but they're capitalists fucks, so fuck them.



>I don't even know what Sears is, i do not live in burgerland, but they're capitalists fucks, so fuck them.

Kek this is the purest form of working class solidarity comrade

Unfortunately it's not really a big deal outside of that. In the USA there's this thing called the "retail apocalypse" that basically means because Amazon and other online chains have sucked dry all the retail business "physical" stores are having to close in massive numbers. It might contribute temporarily to a downturn in the economy but in the grand scheme of things it's more just an industry dying because it's been outpaced by technology



File: 3806b3a5a3ee7d6⋯.png (42.52 KB, 1236x425, 1236:425, Screenshot_2018-10-15 Dow ….png)

File: a52893e0dd2504f⋯.jpg (46.21 KB, 437x404, 437:404, 9o2oYb2.jpg)



File: dcc5f4ef4586e7d⋯.png (49.43 KB, 1242x436, 621:218, Screenshot_2018-10-15 Dow ….png)




File: 23affc77df79806⋯.png (39.07 KB, 587x243, 587:243, 1.png)

we red nao



Black Tuesday tier or bust.



black monday






Is this….. Finally it leftypol?

Is this the next crack??



No, tether is a crypto that is supposed to be backed 1:1 with the US dollar.

Whenever crypto "crashes" people don't cash out into fiat but USDT.

This panic basically caused alot of the money that was in tether to flood the rest of the market.

Several billion just flooded into the rest of the crypto market.

What happens next is anyone's guess, either tether implodes and billions more flow out or the bart market continues for the foreseeable future.


File: 7eef6dda6a29be7⋯.jpg (380.43 KB, 1194x1000, 597:500, 1527147905407.jpg)

File: 94b2a023aac5fb5⋯.jpg (416.18 KB, 1423x787, 1423:787, Finviz S&P 500.jpg)

File: 8c1b327cebc1bba⋯.png (27.57 KB, 673x550, 673:550, FTSE.png)

This isn't what I wanted.


File: 9f93828bd218753⋯.png (42.29 KB, 586x244, 293:122, 1.png)

back in red, falling freely


File: 3c49ae241eb6f48⋯.png (177.88 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_20181015-180957.png)

Someone buying this dip?



not me, bro



File: e2266d28e047dbb⋯.png (118.46 KB, 299x222, 299:222, lol.PNG)

this is funny as fuck

>US sanctioning our greaddest non-Israeli ally

>those oil fields are near dry anyway, Saudis have been importing to meet production quotas

>high oil prices would be a godsend for Venezuelan socialism anyway, that thing that's supposed to not work



US has shale oil. Very little chance we'll see $400 oil with the market power US possesses now. This isn't the 70s anymore.






Tbh, much as I'd like to think that an oil crash would fuck over the US and Saudi Arabia, I've got a bad feeling they're going to start investing in green and renewable energy to save face.



US shale production was shagged by the 2014 oil crash, which was Saudi's aim. It would take a good 3 years for it to get back up to scratch.



Sounds like a win-win.



No Green energy produces anywhere near the amount of electricity fossil fuels do, and they won't for another 400 years. If you want to save the earth, Terraforming, Nuclear, and genetically engineering plants and animals that'll survive a 6 degree warmer climate are the way to go.



Isn't fracking just a huge money sink that's barely even worth it?



it's totally worth it if your plan is to cause daily earthquakes and turn everyone's tap water into lighter fluid





shale is a huge fucking meme and reserves are massively overstated

that's before touching on the issue that it's highly unprofitable and everyone involved in it is massively in debt nor do they want prices to increase since at the prices shale is truly profitable at, people start looking at alternative sources for energy, especially since shale is already a non-conventional oil source



Oil isn't going anywhere. Even if every single vehicle on land, at sea or in the air, both civilian and military, ran on batteries.


File: 0862bddf83845d9⋯.jpg (8.72 KB, 205x246, 5:6, in the green.jpg)


>The 30-stock index rose 100 points, erasing earlier losses

Looks like it was just a correction.



well yeah, gotta have plastics



And pharmaceuticals.



If we were to invest in bioplastics we could cut the need for oil in that regard. But since it isn't possible right now I guess we'll have to keep using oil and pollute the living shit out of the earth.



We really just need to genetically engineer the bacteria to eat the plastic already


File: 80a6b29c9d74294⋯.png (45.32 KB, 575x244, 575:244, 1.png)

50 minutes 'till 3pm zone!


File: 7262fb3da27bf39⋯.png (42.32 KB, 958x336, 479:168, Screenshot_2018-10-15 Dow ….png)


In the negative now.


File: d96336da3f4cfee⋯.png (38.91 KB, 949x328, 949:328, 5day.PNG)


and look at the 5 day, the plunge protection gang is powerless


File: 3907b91cca671b6⋯.gif (466.48 KB, 1200x550, 24:11, 390.gif)



File: 169410b8920fe18⋯.png (984.47 KB, 782x856, 391:428, Screenshot_2018-10-15 Sudd….png)

File: 250bf480896b6fa⋯.png (46.35 KB, 920x486, 460:243, MW-GR781_volbur_2018101511….png)

Sudden stock-market selloffs really are happening much more often, this chart shows

More sudden volatility bursts in last 11 years than in the preceding 5 decades: Wells Fargo

>Maybe investors should be getting more accustomed to stock-market plunges akin to those that rippled though markets last week, knocking more than 830 points off the Dow Jones Industrial Average on Wednesday and leaving the blue-chip gauge and the S&P 500 with their worst declines since February.

>“If sudden market plunges out of nowhere seem to be happening more frequently than in the past, it’s not just you,” wrote Pravit Chintawongvanich, equity derivatives strategist at Wells Fargo Securities, in a Monday research note.

>Such sudden bursts of volatility have become more frequent in the past few years, he said, pointing to the chart below (second pic).

>The graphic looks at days when the ratio of 5-day to 3-month realized volatility exceeded 3. “In other words, days when there is a huge burst of volatility compared with what’s been the norm,” Chintawongvanich wrote. Since 2007, there have been six such events versus only five in the preceding 50 years. In fact, a 22-year stretch from 1964 to 1986 didn’t see a single one, he noted.

>The striking thing about almost all these events, he noted, is that market bottoms were usually within a few percentage points, producing a small drawdown on average. And in almost every instance, stocks were higher within the following

three months. But it also indicated that things got bumper, he said, with realized volatility typically higher after the event.

>Chintawongvanich took a stab at explaining why such eruptions of volatility tend to mark a bottom or at least a near-bottom. He concludes that, most likely, it’s because the downdrafts are more about liquidity — and the temporary lack thereof — than any sudden change in market fundamentals. He writes:

>If the market suddenly has a huge selloff out of nowhere, then either 1) the economic fundamentals have instantly changed from yesterday, 2) the market collectively decided stocks are much more risky than they were yesterday, or 3) more liquidity was demanded than the market could provide. It is unlikely 1) fundamentals is the case today—most would agree economic fundamentals haven’t changed from a week ago. 2) higher risk premium could possibly be the case—after all, if 10-year yields are higher, perhaps the equity risk premium should be higher, there are some worries about earnings growth, margins, trade, and so on. But the real reason is probably 3) lack of liquidity, or more specifically that selling because of 1) and 2) led to a problem with 3). At any rate, if stocks are down because more liquidity is demanded than the market can supply, they should go back up once the liquidity demand goes away. That should be true whether the liquidity is demanded by “portfolio insurance”, CTA robots, or good old fashioned human traders.

>But why are these events more frequent? Chintawongvanich said it’s possible that market structure has changed. That could come from the demand side, via increasing use of options and related products and strategies, or on the demand side from the rise of high-frequency trading and other developments.

>Regardless of the reason, investors can at least take comfort in knowing it isn’t all in their heads.



I look like triple top…



>Maybe investors should be getting more accustomed to stock-market plunges

>get used to market plunges

Jfc it really is worse than we all think isn't It?



Strong and stable™


So…… Red Tuesday maybe?


File: d32fe140e9430a4⋯.png (37.64 KB, 851x303, 851:303, Screenshot_2018-10-15 Dow ….png)

And DOW closes at the negative.

No black monday.


Last minute 50 point drop still got me hard tho c : : :::



Is that sudden point drop at the end there normal?





No, it isn't.

The norm is actually to have a massive buy at the end, from what I've seen at summer and the rest of the year.

This only happened at February.



Why are you shilling this absolutely everwhere


File: 3f52eb917a39260⋯.png (30.65 KB, 847x303, 847:303, Screenshot_2018-10-15 CBOE….png)

Vix almost went positive.



It's literally just bots.

AI will be the real bane of Capitalism and hopefully mankind

P = NP when?



File: 5b64beb83b88f57⋯.png (183.19 KB, 1080x1807, 1080:1807, Screenshot_2018-10-16-11-5….png)

File: c63711f2f85a34d⋯.png (174.15 KB, 1080x1798, 540:899, Screenshot_2018-10-16-11-5….png)

File: 0cdb11567563417⋯.png (186.92 KB, 1080x2160, 1:2, Screenshot_2018-10-16-11-5….png)

Status of the european markets right now.


File: 993027657ea7d1b⋯.png (25.17 KB, 848x300, 212:75, Screenshot_2018-10-16 Dow ….png)

Dow's started.



Why are you following the DJIA like a bunch of CNN watching cucks



Yeah it's odd this thread has been so active for so long


Looks like another stock market crash averted. They must really want Trump to look good for midterms don't they? Then again why go for half assed Republicans whenever you can have full blooded ones in office.



The crash would be blamed on a cabal of Soros and Clintonites anyway. You aren't going to get American reactionaries to turn against the Republicans with anything short of going back to its original social progressive Lincolnian politics.


It seems as if earnings reports were really, stupidly good. I wonder if Trump is actually doing good to America some fucking how. Since there is so much fucking money the companies are making, even if most of that money isn't actually going to the majority of people.



Next quarter the trade war is going to cut into tech/finance. Blackrock dropped a good bit today despite outperforming earnings due to investors being less confident. Corporate tax cuts will inflate earnings in the short term (this quarter), but increase economic stratification and accelerate the next bear market in the long term. Kim Clausing has some p good publications on corporate tax.



Oh yeah there was yet another tax cut wasn't there?



I think the original legislation was short-term and they just extended it. I don't pay too much attention as I just day/swing trade options.


File: ff70d4f1dc00509⋯.png (1.54 MB, 1000x3152, 125:394, The_Everything_Bubble.png)


I'm pretty sure this is /POL/-FALSEFLAG GANG.

>Since there is so much fucking money the companies are making

It's because there's a bubble. Everything was great in the housing department and companies were having gigantuous superavits until Jerman Brothers collapsed. Companies normally don't make this much earnings, and when that happens, you shouldn't be happy, you should be worried for why they're making so extraordinaire gains. Also:

>It seems as if earnings reports were really, stupidly good

<[Citations needed].

>I wonder if Trump is actually doing good to America some fucking how.

Impossing tariffs isn't good for America, and besides that, I don't think Trump has done anything to really change the way capitalism works in the USA (besides tariffs, but I don't know how tariffs would make a company to get better beneffits when you're literally making them pay more for the same), but mantaining and deepening (with his tax cuts) neoliberalism in the USA. But with tax cuts, pretty much what said:


>Corporate tax cuts will inflate earnings in the short term (this quarter), but increase economic stratification and accelerate the next bear market in the long term.

So it's not due to some "economic miracle" that Trump has done, as Trump hasn't done anything that another republican or democrat would have not done (aside from tariffs), as it's just plain neoliberalism. The only way that this could have happen due to Trump entirely would be if the invisible hand of the market, aka god, just liked him and made the corporations go up for him.


File: 5c920a80f31ecae⋯.png (24.07 KB, 850x298, 425:149, Screenshot_2018-10-17 Dow ….png)



File: 5590ce7a74e588d⋯.png (30.36 KB, 316x230, 158:115, 1.png)

US start


File: bb8e658d4449cba⋯.png (49.85 KB, 1161x225, 129:25, 1.png)


more buybacks


File: b424eaa39c04dd1⋯.png (20.93 KB, 855x310, 171:62, Screenshot_2018-10-17 CBOE….png)

Vix going up.



since February VIX has become synonymous with muh dix


File: 4774480d7f8440f⋯.jpg (286.46 KB, 1080x1848, 45:77, Screenshot_20181017-102006….jpg)

oh boy




File: f85deb710915b84⋯.png (20.99 KB, 624x251, 624:251, ClipboardImage.png)

Can anything interesting be said in terms of similarities between the start of the February drop and what we've seen this month?


File: ad037f29eb3ff63⋯.jpg (33.95 KB, 293x399, 293:399, 1403120896167.jpg)


>the implications


File: 89322a14b003d8b⋯.jpg (285.91 KB, 1080x1848, 45:77, Screenshot_20181017-103641….jpg)



File: 40e3135bdaf43e4⋯.jpg (7.39 KB, 249x202, 249:202, Dubchek.jpg)


Sub 25k today, check them.




Now this looks more like it chief


File: 47a7c94371d2072⋯.jpg (155.97 KB, 607x608, 607:608, 1539555035798.jpg)

get ready for 2 pm


Which part of the population gets shafted the hardest in case of a recession? I'm guessing it's a little bit different in the states since everyone there has a 401k plan from what i understood?


File: d3e6707e9ea9cfc⋯.png (44.86 KB, 579x228, 193:76, 1.png)




20 minutes 'till 3pm zone



>everyone there has a 401k plan from what i understood?

ha ha ha… i wish the world didn't get its understanding of America from hollywood and TV shows. the majority of people in the U.S. (especially young people) are poor and often lack steady employment. a good percentage of the population work shitty jobs with zero union protection or benefits of any kind.



so i checked and it's around 40% still pretty big imo



And that plans money commonly also in bubbles.



Of those 79% of Americans who get the choice to fund a 401(k), only 41% opt to participate. As such, just 32% of the total workforce is saving in a 401(k).




File: eb7b3fa44d4422b⋯.png (330.33 KB, 1080x1040, 27:26, 1529517718260.png)

>bond yield



File: 930afd90552442d⋯.png (19.54 KB, 643x484, 643:484, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 6b09250d106e74a⋯.png (18.81 KB, 648x486, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 66c329d53d19116⋯.png (19.26 KB, 648x484, 162:121, ClipboardImage.png)

File: bbd17f1cf5b87e7⋯.png (20.42 KB, 652x484, 163:121, ClipboardImage.png)

Asia is down today


File: 760bbb972b41192⋯.png (15.23 KB, 651x481, 651:481, ClipboardImage.png)

File: c97802133280420⋯.png (16.05 KB, 650x482, 325:241, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 2aca95196a3bed0⋯.png (15.18 KB, 653x481, 653:481, ClipboardImage.png)


But, Yurop is starting strong


File: 9905e7725093eef⋯.png (20.01 KB, 646x476, 19:14, ClipboardImage.png)

File: cd4adfe9858c879⋯.png (16.93 KB, 645x479, 645:479, ClipboardImage.png)

File: d09a7173019794d⋯.png (19.09 KB, 649x481, 649:481, ClipboardImage.png)



if Asia and Euro performance is anything to go by, this could be another down day for US as well.


Shouldn't this shake the Europeans stocks a little?


>How Europe's taxpayers have been swindled of €55 billion



Why, it looks like its the traders who were doing it, you think they'd be surprised by it?


File: 429d9e54560bb2b⋯.png (29.41 KB, 838x304, 419:152, Screenshot_2018-10-18 Dow ….png)

File: b747fdc7473542e⋯.jpg (48.2 KB, 550x550, 1:1, 64189.jpg)



File: 041f32882969d6a⋯.png (30.06 KB, 851x300, 851:300, Screenshot_2018-10-18 Dow ….png)



>Good earning Reports all around.

>Stock market is still barely limping by.

Capitalism makes no fucking sense


File: 2eded72ccc79b47⋯.png (27.01 KB, 852x294, 142:49, Screenshot_2018-10-18 CBOE….png)

Vix is up by 8%


Is there such a thing as black Thursday?

because oh boy


File: 2c0ac01951e72c9⋯.png (30.23 KB, 853x298, 853:298, Screenshot_2018-10-18 Dow ….png)




is there something going on today? looks like some news broke around 10am


File: be4e0b710044754⋯.png (406.68 KB, 782x828, 17:18, Screenshot_2018-10-18 My b….png)

File: 76126b926c5abe1⋯.png (13.76 KB, 570x241, 570:241, Screenshot_2018-10-18 My b….png)

My boss didn’t invite me to his daughter’s wedding—should I still buy her a gift?



File: be9c0e7f49621fb⋯.png (28.23 KB, 849x298, 849:298, Screenshot_2018-10-18 Dow ….png)



Literally 4 left in green


File: d91f0eb98e72557⋯.png (25.94 KB, 856x305, 856:305, Screenshot_2018-10-18 CBOE….png)



stocks dropping because the u.s. treasury sec pulled out of the saudi conference


File: 41c3b74eec93501⋯.jpg (292.4 KB, 1080x1848, 45:77, Screenshot_20181018-121300….jpg)



File: a0c04ad75203d08⋯.png (3.46 KB, 474x36, 79:6, Screenshot_2018-10-18 E-Mi….png)

holy shit why haven't we thought of this before? smh.


File: a7e22020405e0fc⋯.png (48.45 KB, 1205x420, 241:84, 7de26928d617c00f213b59adc9….png)




Teen Vogue is the vanguard of the revolution


File: 3ca467aa7843042⋯.png (31.3 KB, 849x297, 283:99, Screenshot_2018-10-18 Dow ….png)



File: 2a060a887086794⋯.png (33.94 KB, 1109x198, 1109:198, ClipboardImage.png)


Always exciting to see this thread on top


File: 2559ad0ba6f7376⋯.png (233.7 KB, 1460x665, 292:133, rest of the world.png)

Outside of America…



How many of those are meaningful drops though? Stuff the local plunge protection gangs can't really save


Ive been reading about the everything bubble.

They say itll be the worst crisis in history.

By the end of this year we might all be eating dirt.

But then again im no expert. Im just going by what i read.

Are you guys still celebrating?



>we might all be eating dirt

Theres some meat to be found in the stock markets.


File: 951c7b3a4bd7e48⋯.png (93.75 KB, 206x225, 206:225, continued slaughter.png)


Most of the visible ones are a multi-% drop.


File: 41f1b22d395bfb0⋯.png (32.75 KB, 854x303, 854:303, Screenshot_2018-10-18 Dow ….png)



File: 7a4b70ea79dd09a⋯.png (1.77 KB, 76x70, 38:35, spongebob.PNG)




I think it's becoming increasingly clear that the current market is a house of cards. Things are mostly stable right now, and as the other posted said, it's barely limping along.

All it needs is a big push and it goes down. Here are some big events that will occur / might occur in the next 9 months.

>Brexit negotiations begin in the spring

>Federal Reserve raises interest rates again

The Fed has promised another 1 - 2 hikes before the end of the year.

These are possible but not certain

>China / Japan refuses to buy more US bonds, of which we must now issue more to pay for the Trump tax cuts from the spring.

>Saudi Arabia cuts off oil supply in retaliation for sanctions over Yemen and Kagoshi

>Turkish Currency collapses

>China debt bubble pops

Anyone got anything else to add?



Haven't mentioned the developments in Brazil. Might add more heat to the fire before it burns up.

2019 is also the year for Canada's next elections, we can see if the Liberal World Order will take another knocking.

only upcoming European state elections which might see political uncertainty (not that anything in EU is as big as Brexit so far) are Ukraine and Poland, before the next set of votes for EU MEP's in May 2019.

Outside of that, I suppose we'll have to see if tech stays buoyant or whether increasing regulation and market saturation begins to stymie growth - we're seeing signs of it with facebook I believe.

Wonder if the death of Lizzie in the UK will affect their markets? She's got to go soon.



The massive amount of corporat debt via corporate bonds.


File: e2b0ded68999c50⋯.png (597.53 KB, 2182x1074, 1091:537, Screen Shot 2018-10-18 at ….png)

File: cc5dc7b7e08bd57⋯.jpg (41.47 KB, 624x658, 312:329, collapse.jpg)

>all that red


File: 20e18863b79fd25⋯.png (176.92 KB, 1272x1040, 159:130, Screen Shot 2018-10-18 at ….png)

File: 2aaf29322bd21fe⋯.png (14.81 KB, 544x50, 272:25, Screen Shot 2018-10-18 at ….png)

jesus fuck man


File: d6197e050bc5bfc⋯.jpg (60.62 KB, 800x449, 800:449, dailystruggg.jpg)

Nikkei just opened at -400


File: 5a032ac96c267dc⋯.png (8.23 KB, 256x256, 1:1, 1495993003295.png)

I just found out that a family member bought some mutual funds in my name years back. It's a pretty good amount of money. Should I just pull it all? Looks like shit's about to tank finally.



File: fe517f81ac762dd⋯.png (111.27 KB, 1920x522, 320:87, Screen Shot 2018-10-18 at ….png)



File: 1718712af49e0ff⋯.png (111.25 KB, 1922x544, 961:272, Screen Shot 2018-10-18 at ….png)

come on 2%



Convert dollars into bullets.



Do you guys think this will be it? I don't think low interest rates and QE were a big part of 08 (low interest rates obviously were but I don't think QE was joined up with it). So where could the bankers even head? Is there another financial trick that they could use to wiggle their way out of this short of straight fraud?



If the stock market were to collapse they'd probably get another bail out maybe.



I hope Trump would go free market on the bail out tbh. "Bails out are socialist" kind of thing.


File: 9820e2f37aac29f⋯.png (361.6 KB, 718x718, 1:1, rise up.png)



They'll get bailed out again but it won't fix the crisis long term. The bailouts barely worked the first time because they had Obama to soften the blow and even then OWS still happened. I really don't think its outside the realm of possibility that if it happens under Trump there will be mass rioting and perhaps even a general strike of sorts.

All of that aside though the real problem with doing bailouts again is that it'll immediately wreck the economy again if there's no Dodd-Frank type bullshit reforms passed which there won't be under Trump and the Republicans. The next crash will lead to way more chaos than 08 merely because of the fact that the modern Republican Party literally feels heart pain if it has to raise taxes on the rich one penny. So the crisis that does occur will be much more prolonged than 2008.

We might actually see the supermarkets empty this time kek



Yeah a billionaire is gonna be against bailouts



The thing with Trump is he actually might end up being against bailouts at least initially just to "own teh libz and RINOs" and get his base to keep supporting him even as the economy tanks. It's why he went ahead and started the Trade War even though it literally is pants on the head retarded by every metric, because he needed to do something to boost his base's support for him after capitulating on Syria



Well there is also the fact that corporations got into massive debt because of the fed's low interest rates and QE during the obama years and now they're raising interest rates making harder for corporations to get into more debt.

I think the tariffs were a good move in my opinion.

We'll see.




>Well there is also the fact that corporations got into massive debt because of the fed's low interest rates and QE during the obama years and now they're raising interest rates making harder for corporations to get into more debt

This is literally one of the contributing factors to the imminent crash tho

>I think the tariffs were a good move





File: a78c33d80a776b1⋯.png (63.22 KB, 1147x207, 1147:207, 1.png)


more buybacks


if crisis hit really hard may happens that US boomers pension saves vanish?


File: 446ab06eb240972⋯.png (198.26 KB, 1080x2160, 1:2, Screenshot_2018-10-19-15-4….png)

Dow starts today in the positive.


Not really sure I understand why stock buybacks would be a bad thing. When the recession hits, companies can sell their shares to raise capital which would mitigate the effects of the recession right? Like maybe now it has the effect of making companies seem like they're worth more than they actually are, but in the long run isn't it like not a terribly interesting thing to happen?



> companies can sell their shares to raise capital

But it difficult when anyone didnt want buy it.



>Not really sure I understand why stock buybacks would be a bad thing.

its a good thing for people who own shares, since it raises their value. it's a bad thing for everyone else, since it tends to pool money in the hands of stockholders and capitalists rather than investing it in increased production which leads to more jobs, more real goods and services, etc.

>but in the long run isn't it like not a terribly interesting thing to happen?

it's interesting because when this trend continues in the long run it means that the economy is skewed towards speculation on assets which is unsustainable in the long-term. it might also indicate that expanding production is no longer profitable, which is a very bad sign for an economy as a whole since.



the effect of buybacks is to:

1. allow stockholders to sell off their stocks before the bubble pops

2. reward remaining stockholders with increased stock prices

3. help prolong the trend of increasing stock value which attracts new investors.

but if there are no new investors (due to recession or something) then the bubble will pop.



"a very bad sign since"… investment in productive capital is what keeps the chain of economic growth moving forward.


Procter & Gamble Co. 85.77 5.53 6.89%

American Express Co. 106.38 3.54 3.44%

Walt Disney Co. 118.40 2.22 1.91%

Apple Inc. 219.92 3.90 1.81%

Pfizer Inc. 44.66 0.66 1.50%




God I can't wait for the famous "Soviet" bread lines in America, a country completely awash in guns, drugs and schizophrenia. Buckle up, because it's going to be somewhere between The Irish Troubles and Colombia's La Violencia


File: 875ed39f50bce7f⋯.jpg (26.8 KB, 260x262, 130:131, 51m2yp-y1zL._SX258_BO1,204….jpg)


> drugs

But lack of chemical education and smal Americans ability to manual/brain labor didnt allow increase manufacturing of synth drugs to really awful quantities….



It's drugs from everywhere else the country is awash in, the old cocaine routes are now everything routes


'Another bailout?' They haven't even stopped with the first one yet.



Thanks to scams like the 401(k) this is more or less a guarantee.

And as we saw with the last bailout, even pensions and other 'secure' retirements aren't safe.


What the hell is up with american gambler co ir whatever they have A fucking 8%increase wtf



Read Vallejo to get a glimpse of where we’re headed.




Could you at least give us what we have to read, at least?






Fernando Vallejo.

La virgen de los sicarios (Our Lady of the Assassins) is probably the best account of what happened to Colombia after two generations of La Violencia. Replace the Catholic Church with Pastor Jim’s Bible Believin’ Congrugashun Church, Inc. and you’ll get a pretty good picture of America’s future.


File: c0adb4a42c29d78⋯.png (34.34 KB, 850x309, 850:309, Screenshot_2018-10-19 Dow ….png)



File: 07f552e1e0e25d1⋯.jpg (63.09 KB, 576x399, 192:133, breadlines1.jpg)


I would humbly suggest volunteering at a food bank - the breadlines have unfortunately been here for quite a long time.

Pic related is great depression era breadlines. The financial collapse that is on the horizon will dwarf the great depression in about every conceivable metric.

Throw some climate chaos on top of that - the annual record breaking hurricanes and forest fires, more immigration, more wealth inequality, the increasing cost of everything, stagnant or falling wages, more and more suicides/overdoses tearing apart families and communities, that feeling of helplessness gnawing at the back of your skull as dozens of cameras and hundreds of algorithms watch, store, and analyze you day in, day out.

Orwell was right about the future. Not the 1984 future, we surpassed that in may ways a long time ago. I mean the 'boot stomping on a human face, forever' future.



>tfw no English pdf




The upcoming crash doesn't reflect a new crisis in itself, what we are seeing is what we stopped in 2008. The economy tanked because it was revealed a huge sector of production was actually just fraud and speculation fueled by free money from the fed basically. So, to fix the issue, Obama gave them unlimited free money plus several huge injections. Now their capacity to keep that going is done.

Obviously, this is reflecting itself in Real Estate and the FAANG stocks.


They were. I imagine there will be another bailout, but there is a risk that we may not be able to pay for what is needed. Because of the trump tax cuts, the US is having to increase its bond sales drastically in order to bank roll everything ( basically forking debt onto China)

If countries like China and Japan (Who buy most of our debt) collapse as well because they have their own debt problems (which they do, severely. ) there might not be a buyer and then the only way out of the problem is to print money, which is what got us into the problem in the first place through QE. Could lead to a currency crisis.

The deck is just so fucking stacked right now

>Emerging markets collapsing (Argentina, Venezuela, Turkey, India)

>China has huge debt bubble and has lost 30% of stock value this year

>Bank of Japan massively over leveraged

>EU countries highly over leveraged in debt as well, much of which is in volatile markets (Italy and Spain, who are shaky, have invested significant portions of their debt in Turkey, for example)

>Global MSCI is going down, but the US is still going up, and this is largely driven by just 5 stocks (FAANG)

>US has had almost 0 interest rates for an unprecedentedly long period

Add all this on top of the current fucking exploding political climate and you have a big mess ready to explode.

Add all of this on top of



On top of?


File: a04269edb051724⋯.jpg (12.59 KB, 272x236, 68:59, recall.jpg)


on top of what anon? ON TOP OF WHAT?



everyone’s 401(k)’s are fucked


File: 68b08619999e7e6⋯.webm (2.55 MB, 480x480, 1:1, best_day.webm)

when the crisis hits the fan I'm gonna spam the shit out of this webm


File: ec650d2de4334ad⋯.png (129.05 KB, 352x405, 352:405, 20_15-39-25.png)


ON TOP OFFFFF?????????



>Add all of this on top of…

RIP comrade.



>Add all this on top of the current fucking exploding political climate and you have a big mess ready to explode.

>Add all of this on top of




File: f747463f8b1e7b7⋯.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.26 MB, 323x252, 323:252, 1.gif)





More puffy nips pls


File: 9c26821c09c583e⋯.png (66.63 KB, 201x224, 201:224, lehappymarxist.png)


>The financial collapse that is on the horizon will dwarf the great depression in about every conceivable metric.


File: ff6a776fd5f75cc⋯.png (861.97 KB, 1000x714, 500:357, respectableuncensored.png)


>tfw anime made me asexual

i don't know if it's a blessing or a curse

it took me 4 tries to post this what the fuck



I forgot to spoiler it and it won't let me delete it, nice.

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