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File: 85d6bffda930e4f⋯.jpg (119.79 KB, 944x598, 472:299, Union-Army.jpg)


What economic mode of production did the Old South rely on? Was it a pre-capitalist economy (archaic slave-holding or maybe feudalism), already a form of capitalism in itself or a transitional stage between the two? Moreover, what role did the expropriation of native land and the exploitation of slave labor play in the formation of American capitalism?



It depended on the state.


From what I can tell (and this is just a laymen’s observation) it would be considered a slave economy in the same sense as pre-feudal societies simply because the majority of the workforce were slaves, thus making master-slave the primary relation of production rather than serf-lord or worker-capitalist. Obviously Mississippi in 1822 looked completely different from Rome in 100 AD, but if we define a mode of production by the dominant relations of production, then they would both be categorized as slave societies.





Because it didn't work.


I think the ante-bellum south illustrates that Marx’s view of history was a bit simplistic.




I suppose it is determined by how you interpret Marx. Is his model of historical materialism how things must play out, or simply how they have played out in most societies?


Capitalist. It should go without saying that the Southern slave economy was absolutely vital to the industrialization of the West. Society where workers are forced to expand capital is capitalist society.


Proyect is a well-known pseudoleft liberal. I'd seriously recommend anyone in this thread refrain from reading this drivel.


File: 102b100980ea813⋯.jpg (9.51 KB, 144x145, 144:145, 1474857258400.jpg)

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