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File: 06143d665c03601⋯.jpg (94.54 KB, 1000x541, 1000:541, Bashar Al-Assad.jpg)


Is Assad gonna live through this conflict? How much involvement will there be from other countries? Who's gonna win? How is this gonna end? Is /ourcomrade/ Kimmy next? I'm scared /leftypol/.


File: 696f580c20e37ff⋯.jpg (47.39 KB, 890x668, 445:334, saddam_hussein01.jpg)

File: a0306f7c660e943⋯.jpg (45.56 KB, 460x287, 460:287, gaddafi-3_1780857c.jpg)



Yes, this will cause a wave of anti-imperialism across the west: a righteous fire is about to engulf Europe and North America.


I hope so. I'm unironically cheering for him now, you need to be a fucking idiot to still fall for the "oh but he's a dictator! crap at this point


File: 32f72c9682953b7⋯.png (270.68 KB, 568x594, 284:297, 7ab1a828c627c9782602d033d9….png)


Not supporting Assad is literally just supporting the hostile takeover of Islamic fundamentalism or even worse, U.S. imperialism.


Perhaps. Depends if Israel actually invades Syria and if Russia is willing to enforce their own no-fly zone.



He is a dictator, just like Kim in North Korea. This doesn't justify a sequel to Team America World Police, though.


Assad is the man. Or so they say.

As long as he helps me with murdering Trump, Sargon and any right wing anglo, it is all good.


Is Russia actually getting involved??



I hope so. If WW3 doesn't actually happen, this could mean horrible news for our numbers.


America has effectively lost it's proxy war in Syria, they're just going to harass Assad more unless the current US military leadership gets purged for one in favor of nuclear war. He'll probably survive



So no full on war?


File: 6f4941b9349e95f⋯.jpg (64.69 KB, 891x536, 891:536, assadliberal.jpg)



No, if Mattis is to be believed (take it as you will), then it's a one time thing for show on some abandoned research facilities


Down with the USA! Down with Assad! Up with the workers!


File: b83203538f8cecb⋯.jpg (41.95 KB, 454x458, 227:229, trot.jpg)


t. delusional islamist rebel supporting Trot

kill yourself


File: 067562cb93faa00⋯.jpg (10.28 KB, 225x224, 225:224, assad action.jpg)









>choosing sides in geopolitics

Wow I love this capitalist because other capitalists are against him



this but unironically


File: 1fb96fc22877961⋯.jpg (49 KB, 854x570, 427:285, 1230xijinping01.jpg)


are you one of those trying to suggest that every authoritarian regime which didn't abolish commodity form is literally fascism?



Is government sponsoring terrorist groups, or using it's own police force to destroy worker movements and unions?



I hope this was a frivolous statement



Except hamas and hezbollah aren't terrorists



What about Russian imperialism keeping him in power? Shouldn't we protest that too?



I much prefer Russian imperialism to American imperialism.




Russians have been way less hostile to Muslims and leftists than Americans.


>deliberately kill unarmed civilians

Oy vey muh poor isreali settlers



>organizations which deliberately kill unarmed civilians

we are not talking about NATO



Which in turn are allied to the PFLP and Lebanese Communist Party. Also there are two Syrian communist parties which are completely legal and have seats in parliament.





Am i on leftpol?



it's leaking with high-quality discussion they keep talking about



no, /leftpol/ is full of liberals. I am a Marxist, not a liberal, which is why I fully support Russian oligarchical capitalism and plutocracy



>we shouldn't support the Haitian revolution because Toussaint Louverture wasn't a Marxist-Leninist

kys yourself



It really doesn't, given that the country who has the power and the means to remove dictators also supports several of them, so that clearly isn't the principle behind their selection of targets. And that this country also finances forces hostile to enemy regimes when they're democratic, which has lead to tons of coups in the past.

So maybe the fact he's a dictator is besides the question and not even worth bringing up, you fucking retard.



>As for the "class struggle", it takes us back not just to the "Middle Ages" but to the international conflicts of the ancient republics: Athens, Sparta, Rome. All those conflicts were class struggles. Since the dissolution of primitive communities, the struggle between different classes of which every society was composed was always the great driving force of historical progress.


File: 04b10a9fcaa323c⋯.png (783.96 KB, 1230x1229, 1230:1229, support_for_al_assad.png)


>saving the thumbnail



Countries don't exist in a vacuum, retard



The west is the dominant imperialist faction, which is why they must be opposed, they'll be supported when they're no longer the dominant aggressor in the whole world.



Reading is gay



t. leftypol


If an actual war broke out, they'd go after him to install "Democracy™". They did it to Gadaffi, if the US goes into one of these places, they're going to kill the leader.


How the fuck can you defend Assad with all the medical neutrality violations he has made over the years?



Because the alternatives suck worse.



Shut the fuck up



>Actually supporting le Arab Dengism man

This is why the left is a joke

Just oppose American interventionism you idealist dumbasses



Well, would it matter if we did? It was 200 years ago.



Yeah, because the right to recieve medical attention in warzones is an imperialist invention and shouldn't be protected.


File: 39455014a6ece0a⋯.jpg (48.72 KB, 645x729, 215:243, 39455014a6ece0a75ec7cc8fad….jpg)






tell me right now without googling anything, whats imperialist about russia's relationship with syria?

protip: foreign military assistance =/= imperialism



plus russia just isn't that powerful. i'm not scared of russia at all really. maybe i should be? but idk, i truly think they would get taken the fuck out in a large scale conflict. it's china i'd be a bit more on edge about tbh. but russia alone is small potatoes to me. putin is an infantile little bastard and just is an embarassment to his former USSR countrymen



Screen cap this post tbh, I called it first.



Who is going to protect it? Say that the SAA nicely obeyed all the laws of war. It is established fact that none of the terrorists opposing them did, so where is the benefit? Do you think NATO would suddenly line up behind the SAA and stop funding the terrorists because they saw how neatly the SAA obeyed international law? Of course not! It's a vicious civil war to the death, with no help coming from the outside. Humanitarian laws are by and large only obeyed only as long as it does not interfere with the prospect of victory.



Their army may have known better days but they still have nukes tho…



pakistan has nukes, are they imperialists?


>supporting Assad

So leftypol has become a RT/Russia propaganda board. Nice.

I hope Kurds get their own country. Remember over a dozen US military bases in Syria? Yeah, Assad doesn't like them.



such a low effort…



Wow. Are you that delusional? Next thing you'll say Assad is a good guy who didn't do anything wrong except provide heaven on Earth for his people.

Forgot my flag. I often forget this board is full of ☭TANKIE☭s who will die clinging to their beliefs never having experienced the things they want. While us anarchists are lucky because we are able to form non-hierarchical relationships and exercise a gift economy. For ☭TANKIE☭s to experience what they want they need the whole world to be ☭TANKIE☭.

Also, the Americans on this board are plagued by the same false dichotomies and black/white thinking as the liberals and conservatives. Just because I don't support Assad, doesn't mean I support American imperalism. The ideal for me would be for Russia and USA to annihilate each other.


It'd probably take a miracle. The US clearly wants war. Whoever happens to be secretary of state at the time is gonna have a "we came we saw he died" moment and the liberals will cheer as Syria collapses, refugees flee, and islamism grows stronger. ISIS was getting beat, so the us needs to make more enemies to fight otherwise how are they going to justify buying yet more weapons from the contractors? Unless they're stopped the US MIC will go to war with everyone until the world is nothing but "barbarians" whom they can fight like whack a mole until capitalism collapses.



> Just because I don't support Assad, doesn't mean I support American imperalism

Dude I've been here since the boards inception, there are posters who under any circumstance will allow that simple thought to pass through their head. They're just going to ignore you and continue shitposting.


File: baa2b947022685c⋯.png (69.68 KB, 289x272, 17:16, kimlaugh.png)




File: 052299d9a8455ad⋯.jpg (142.71 KB, 1024x730, 512:365, BookchinVsAssad.jpg)


File: 802f3d54ac35968⋯.png (39.4 KB, 630x504, 5:4, 1513124678889.png)

>Russian imperialism

>Chinese Imperialism

>Countries that aren't extracting resources from colonies

>Countries that haven't committed illegal wars on other nations across the world

>Implying there'd be any countries left to "colonize" in the first place, considering NATO/US has claim to all of them already.

Can BO just ban these cunts?



I know people will rebut with China and Africa but the situation there is fundamentally different to what the US is doing in the middle east and what europe had done to Africa in the past. It is just not comparable.



"States" used to partition and weaken the countries to the benefit of NATO. Chechnya was just NATO's attempt to encroach ever closer to russia.



They are all provinces, some more restive than others.



They were conquered by the emperors before the gommies took over, and the gommies kept the territories, das all



>the people of this region don't have the critical mass to demand sovereignty and self determination

None of these provinces ever had a democratic movement for autonomy, only armed gangs (Chechnya), a former feudal despot trying to reassert authority (Tibet), and in the case of Taiwan a government in exile that essentially displace the indigenous people of Formosa. Just because a few local elites and criminals call for autonomy, does not make it a sustained movement for self-determination.



>What is Taiwan

The last remnant of Nationalist China, which still claims Mainland China including Tibet along with all of Mongolia and some areas of other countries as part of its territory.



>The gomies sadly cannot keep them

and leave the territory in control of western imperialists? pretty sentiments anon




Tibet and Chechnya were both made into autonomous regions by the gommies



Right because they wont be used as pawns by western imperialists, get your head off your ass and see the last 70 years of history fam



And i live in a country colonized by the gringos who have every fucking single advantage in the world stage, taking them down even an inch of a peg is a great victory for the world



It wont change shit in my country but that dosent mean others will benefit from it. If chile would nationalize their mines it still wouldnt change shit but that dosent mean it wont be a good thing for them



Better to have squabbling empires than a monolithic one


File: fdfdab4db024cc9⋯.png (405.26 KB, 581x543, 581:543, hassanjuref.png)



File: 15958566eecb33a⋯.jpg (13.9 KB, 206x255, 206:255, 1419186419866.jpg)

Assad is a dictator and the FSA are ISIS under a different name.

it's shit vs shit.



at least Ba'ath has free health care



I may have cancer but at least I don't have syphillis


File: 37648d527f7357e⋯.jpg (76.56 KB, 274x366, 137:183, 37648d527f7357e09b2a93bf4e….jpg)


temporarily aligning with National Bourgeoisie of a country under imperialist threat indirectly helps socialist struggle. Try to see the bigger picture.


File: 9b1054d250e9be7⋯.png (336.56 KB, 600x399, 200:133, ideology.png)


Ok, so we cheer for Assad while he kicks the rebels out, say he succeeds in doing so. Then what? he goes back to ruling Syria within an Iron fist, the Kurds get maybe an autonomy deal.

In what way is this conductive to socialism? or is anti imperialism the end goal, in which case I think it's you that's being myopic.



How so?




Autistic Islamist rebels vs. Russia


Autistic feudalist rebels vs. China


Now I know you're baiting, surely you don't support Taiwanese nationalism?



>The ideal for me would be for Russia and USA to annihilate each other.

So you want things to escalate massively, ergo you support trump.



>this is an argument to /leftpol/acks



Assad's government stands in the way of the US/Israeli/Saudi axis. Even if Syria is secured its still a battleground in the wider Middle Eastern conflict. The American and Saudi governments are pretty unpopular and if a future war goes badly for them it could be an opportunity for the left.


File: 4e85af29b59a292⋯.jpg (16.67 KB, 220x317, 220:317, 220px-Sun-Soong_wedding_ph….jpg)



>not supporting the left-KMT against the revisionist mainland and Taiwan seperatists




Not to mention the sooner the war ends is for the better because the right won't be able to use the rapefugee meme which they've been surfing on.



slightly unrelated, but are you referring to Donetsk and Lungansk



I am going to reverse that question for you. If we are against Assad and the rebels (any faction) succeed, then what? You've only empowered the US stranglehold on the region, and they're going to export their anti-communist "security" apparatus all over the region. How is this conductive to socialism?

>b-but I don't le want america to win either XD

Then how are people supposed to fight against American imperialism? Are you just waiting for DRUMPF to just conveniently fall into a nuclear war with russia button? get real.


t. butthurt american



>Minguo 107

>Still using Gregorian calendar



>Assad should be replaced

>this somehow means America gets more influence

you're being far too single minded. you're pinning all your hopes and predictions for the region on one man, consider for one second that perhaps there is another way aside from either fellating him, or replacing him with a NATO yes-man.

correct, I don't want the Americans to win, but pinning up Assad as a paragon of virtue is supremely naive.



>Russia has illegally invaded Ukraine and Georgia

Russia is defending itself against NATO's attempts to peel off border territories to station troops and missiles there. Not saying Russia isn't imperialist but NATO got a significant head start against Russia when it collapsed in the 90s, and its playing catch up. Russia's intervention in Syria is part of this counter-imperial strategy.



As long as they aren't Anarchists I support Russian leftists.



>consider for one second that perhaps there is another way aside from either fellating him, or replacing him with a NATO yes-man.

Again, how?

>pinning up Assad as a paragon of virtue is

Nobody but memers do this.




do I really have to spell it out for you. replaced with someone who will tell both groups of imperialists to fuck off.

>but russia is anti imperial

stop. just stop. This is imp vs imp, and anyone who isn't high on ideology can see it.


I'm just happy seeing Trumpist patriotards and pro-Putin psyop victims trip over each other's tongues making excuses and bickering over this. Maybe some of them will realize that supporting a hysterical orange moron and an oligarch-blowing Bond villain wasn't the best move for global security.



On a finite planet against an enemy that controls most of it. Russia doesn't have a fraction of the power to overthrow governments and extract resources like America does, it's a second rate regional power that happens to have advanced military technology capable of challenging NATO.



>do I really have to spell it out for you.

Yes. So far you've just said "well somebody should spring up from nowhere and implement socialism". This is not realisitc.

>This is imp vs imp, and anyone who isn't high on ideology can see it.

Yes it is. Multi-polarity is desirable.


At least you found a way to feel superior to everybody without doing any actual thinking.



America needs to stop fucking threatening Russia



How is Russia any better?



The disparity is the problem



>You've only empowered the US stranglehold on the region, and they're going to export their anti-communist "security" apparatus all over the region

So Syria acts as a bastion for the socialist movement in the region? Because from what I've seen, they have been just as strict with un-compliant Communists in their ranks

>inb4, muh communist party of syria supports assad!!!

The socialist party in the German empire called for "patriotic" support of the fatherland during the First world war, that just shows you their stripes as "socialists".

And also, is the fear of american empire building not already answered for just by being anti-capitalists? Why go as far as to pick sides in geopolitical conflicts, when in the end we consider all wars in the current system to be inherently unjust? Now, there is something to be said about imperialism being used as a tool to save the failing mechanisms of capital, through cheap labor in the third world, cheap resource exploitation, and new markets to sell to, but Syria seems to be more of a geopolitical struggle between regional and world powers vying for dominance, and none of these powers are particularly friendly with Communists.

All that being said, I still oppose the US's vile acts of imperialism, but not because I'm a Communist, because I'm not a horrid person who will try and excuse the US's clear aggressive policies in the region. All in all, I don't care for assad, and I don't really care about his regime, but I hate american aggression enough to say that, at least on a moral level, you can "support" him.




so instead of 1 person fucking us over, we get 2. simply terrific idea, we hope that russia fucks us over less that America.



It isn't however America is not any better either. A war between Russia and America is fucking useless, and Russia actually is the only nation willing to defend Syria and Iran from total annihilation by America

So Russia is somewhat better than America, geopolitically speaking, at the moment.



Some nations hold more sway then others

So what?



but here's the elephant in the room: how does any of this lead us to socialism.



Pretty much my attitude to this.

Yes, we should hate america on merit of them being america, but it's no real skin off my nose as a Socialist

(Unless they are doing some real, Belgian Congo tier shit)



How is letting America declare war on Iran and Syria going to bring us to fucking Socialism ?



>Unless they are doing some real, Belgian Congo tier shit




I find people like this, people like you, find it easier to post apologia for America yes



It won't, where not saying it will.

Capitalism will bring us to Socialism



What the fuck lmfao



War is nasty, but that was not the same as holding an entire nation as your own personal slaves. That would inherently prolong capitalism.



Ah, so I see you are a meme Socialist who knows nothing of Marxist theory.



>but that was not the same as holding an entire nation as your own personal slaves

I think killing millions of people and splitting nations in half or in whole, for the profit of the military industrial complex, is actually just as bad


muke: Let me kiss the missiles



Morally yes, but in terms of prolonging capitalism's decay, not as much.

Like I said before though, we oppose all of this just on merit of being anti-capitalists




>Morally yes, but in terms of prolonging capitalism's decay, not as much.

It actually does prolong it more than slavery ever will



so by your logic:

step 1: prevent amercian imperialism

step 2: become apologist for russian imperialism

step 3: ???

step 4: socialism



Competing empires means they're going to sabotage each other by any means including financing socialist insurrections.

This was clearly present in the conditions of the russian revolution, for example.


File: d40f8780808e13d⋯.jpg (9.62 KB, 281x234, 281:234, d40f8780808e13daab268edf0e….jpg)


Shut the fuck up liberal



What nation is fucking Stalinist lmao

And no, it is fucking terrible. As an American you need to admit to yourself "We never saved anyone, we don't save anyone, we have never saved anyone at all"


File: c4b1100da97e06c⋯.jpg (323.43 KB, 600x800, 3:4, stalinsalty.jpg)



>from Stalinism

wtf are you talking about



stalinism is a bit shit tbh



step 1: don't prevent american imperialism

step 2: america becomes an unopposed global hegemon worldwide

step 3: ???

step 4: anarchism



>NO, U



America has the worst fucking military industrial complex in America, and war is the only thing that can make it cum billions of dollars all over the market

It works to just destroy for profit, nothing else, nothing more

It should be stopped at all costs



nigga you don't even have a definition of stalinism, trotsky's disagreements with stalin's policies are basically "oh I would've done that but better".



>America has the worst fucking military industrial complex in America

I meant *on the planet

Freudian Slip



South Korea was a fascist dictatorship until the 80's you dumb fuck



No it didn't. It made North Korea fucking worse then it was going to be.


You saved no one, you saved no one during the cold war. There is not one man or woman or child you saved. You just killed them and said mission accomplished. You did nothing. You do nothing. You will never do anything for the positive. The world is screaming for you to leave forever



so we stop one cancer by growing another?


File: 57aaca6bc778e6e⋯.png (202.46 KB, 880x440, 2:1, ike yo bakayarou.png)



>South Korea may be known for its high-tech advances, luxury skin care products and rapid economic rise, but these days, the generation largely responsible for all that growth isn't faring so well. South Korea has the worst senior poverty rate among developed nations, and the options for seniors are slim.

>On Thursdays, churches give out 500 won coins — equivalent to about 50 cents — to individuals who line up. Throngs of Korea's seniors wait for hours to shuffle past church volunteers for small handouts and a juice box, or maybe a banana. Each week, organizers say, 300 to 500 seniors show up at each church, and the line starts hours in advance.

>"There are a lot of people who don't have anything else to do," says Han Dal-yong, who is nearing 80 and spoke with NPR outside Nam Seoul Church in southern Seoul. "What are you going to do if you're alone in the house? You might as well come out here."

>As much as many seniors need the cash, they also come for community. Loneliness can be as difficult to deal with as being poor.



Sometimes, a virus has its use for vaccination



>assad and muh medical rights in war

>but when alqaeda puts on a white helmet and sais theyre humanitarian its ok




Only because it was too close to their liberal pet project, the EU



would it matter if you killed yourself?




yeah because alqeada and warlords are better than a republic


File: 8af7262428310dd⋯.gif (704.46 KB, 480x287, 480:287, wrong.gif)



100% effort reply



Stop strawmanning you fuck



>dude I have no argument so I have to ignore proof I'm wrong as hard as possible


File: 4dba1bd91762b1d⋯.png (59.57 KB, 860x650, 86:65, 4db.png)


>1984 the country



>Russia extracts resources from ex-Soviet states in Caucasus and Central Asia

so does fucking pakistan, are they an empire now?

>Russia has illegally invaded Ukraine

you mean after the US and EU organised a coup with the help of corrupt officials and neonazis to try and ennax ukraine in the EU and NATO?


russia did literally nothing wrong except not ennaxing that shithole

georgia, with NATO political support invaded a russian republic and russia retaliated.



>The "Millennial Generation" (also known as Generation Y) generally refers to people born between the early 1980s to the early 2000s. [1] Given the immense technological development and high education standards of this period, this group is often caricatured as an entitled, optimistic generation with a huge edge over their predecessors. Considering that millennnials were born into the age of peace, rapid globalization, and smartphones, many critics have been misled into calling this generation worry-free. In reality, millennials around the world may be facing the biggest struggle seen by generations both past and present.

>An example of this contradiction to the millennial stereotype can be seen in South Korea. With a multitude of social issues like high youth unemployment, extreme poverty, and an alarmingly low birth rate, young Koreans are now calling South Korea "Hell-Joseon" (헬조선) – or as Se-Woong Koo translates: "an infernal feudal kingdom stuck in the nineteenth century." [2]

Look commies, you might not like it, but this is what peak economic prosperity looks like.



Young South Koreans are super left wing though, so that's not helping your argument. They elected Moon Jae In, accused by his opponents of being a secret Jucheist.




Why did America commit the genocide of Koreans to allow this situation to happen in the first place?

For people saying it wasn't a genocide, it very much was. It was a systematic bombing campaign that killed millions of Koreans. Not thousands, not hundreds, not ten thousands, not even a hundred thousands; millions of people were killed

If they didn't I don't think North Korea would even be as bad as it is now



There's litetally nothing wrong with no u, prove me wrong.


File: 546c9d0263e1c1a⋯.png (235.55 KB, 497x305, 497:305, 07a3c0728a83db3a01bcbe007d….png)


>"Just let America save you from Russia and hope for the best!"




It quite literally is. The Korean War wasn't so much a war but an attempted complete genocide of the North Koreans.

If they ever send you an ICBM it will be entirely your fault



You are. Take off the flag, fag




>Pinochet tier dictatorships until the 80's

>American puppets

>Highest rate of sucide in world

>High rate of alcholism


>No pensions

>Grannies literally sell their ass for a couple of dimes

>More prostitutes than any other country

>Sexual slavery is legal is the US army does it

>Americans can kill childrens and get away with it

How about you go fuck yourself?


File: 0cf2d113ee1c448⋯.png (226.66 KB, 800x479, 800:479, Untitled.png)


Hot off the presses



Right now it is, because Russia, among other nations, is the only block stopping America from invading Iran and Syria



Because you're probably a retard



we must infect the patient with malaria to treat the HIV



The difference between Russian and American Imperialism is American Imperialism has no goal besides profit for death for profit



Thank you, you're also a retard



If America is supporting something it probably isn't looking forward to the long term support of that nation, it gives up after it destroys a nation completely and """"saves the day"""""



No it can't. Not really. Russia didn't give us the Iraq and Afghanistan War, it didn't give us Vietnam, it doesn't have the most powerful military industrial complex in the world.

America is far ahead in the economy of death. It's been a head for decades

America counts its dollars while it drinks its blood and gets its feet massaged by the refugees








Oh please. "Any nation that wants its own future to decide without colonial powers must be a Soviet Puppet"

Get off the fucking board






Are you implying the rebels in eastern ukraine are not neonazis?


File: 28f49025bd07bac⋯.webm (2.25 MB, 320x240, 4:3, circus_music.webm)


>russia and the soviets are being so mean to us what did America ever do, why are they always so mean ;_;


File: d08cdccdfda99f8⋯.webm (1.57 MB, 1920x800, 12:5, You_Serious.webm)



Idealistic Liberals



Liberal :)



>Nobody here is advocating US.



File: 31c329eca0808ee⋯.png (163.58 KB, 1090x1411, 1090:1411, 31c329eca0808ee950ad6aaee8….png)


>"I get my information from my 4th grade history teacher"



Liberal :)


File: 645b48440d18c2e⋯.png (1.1 MB, 1080x859, 1080:859, kadyrov laughing.png)


>autonomous republic which is practially a state within a state

>95 percent Chechen and 2 percent Russian

<colonial occupation


File: c98cfa0f8708a88⋯.png (688.74 KB, 1711x1080, 1711:1080, choson is true korea.png)


File: c2226e4e47bb17d⋯.png (507.61 KB, 1080x1040, 27:26, korean genocide 1950-1953.png)

File: 86e08e24b85a2cc⋯.png (3.37 MB, 2560x1439, 2560:1439, death to us imperialist ag….png)








John Bolton is going to be the last person to die here because he's a vampire



Chemo consists of introducing various poisons into the body.

Why do you insist on keeping the world unipolar under the thumb of America? Is it that you think the US is exceptionally progressive compared to evil oriental powers?



i'll consider answering to you when you drop the strawman


File: 3f0b4946b9405ca⋯.png (163.87 KB, 763x757, 763:757, 3f0b4946b9405caec8b99c5c71….png)



>a small immigrant community against the entire US media machine





>implying is a strawman

>crying this hard over tone

epic arguments retard, you sure didn't call anybody a putin shill itt lmoa




Are Tomahawks so fucking outdated?



>/leftpol/ troll attemp using the same bit for the zillionth time




In anticipation of Operation Downfall, the US ordered five hundred thousand purple hearts. They still haven't run out of them.



>I have no evidence to prove it was Assad in the first place so I'll just use retarded WW2 analogies

There was zero risk of a much larger country intervening against the US using the nuke as an excuse and then destroying it.



No, they're not. The most recent Tomahawk update package came out in 2015.


File: c865b48f12d6008⋯.pdf (487.24 KB, N1626975.pdf)

It has been proved that Assad did use at least three times chimical weaponry over the course of the war.

The question of why would he do it now is void of meaning, because using chemical weapons were just business at usual.

The Syrian gov made the bet that they could keep doing it because they never had any problem until now. They lost that bet because at this particular time the West wanted to chest pound after that spy poisoning incident.



And it still wouldn't matter, because even if he gassed ten thousand children, it'd be peanuts compared to what the US would turn Syria into.



Pfff, some small bore chlorine gas attacks before 2016 is all this attests to. While the 2017 and 2018 US air strikes were in response to alleged use of more advanced nerve gas that Syria already got rid of in 2016 under the auspices of Russia. Total red herring.


ftw no new world war.


File: ca88b5a7c6d6121⋯.png (516.59 KB, 640x554, 320:277, ClipboardImage.png)

>>2486333 (checked)

>tfw you won't get to be conscripted just to defect to partisan forces



>protip: foreign military assistance =/= imperialism

But it literally is.


WikiLeaks Saudi Cable: Overthrow the Syrian Regime, but Play Nice with Russia




>Syria accepting help against ISIS and western proxy armies is imperialism

>US is helping destroy a vile and murderous regime



Funny how it was the only country in the ME not to be infected with religious nuts until the gringos stuck their dicks in there



>The Assad regime supported religious nuts like Hezbollah and Hamas

t. Mossad



Doesn't mean we should support bombing them, anti-imperialism starts at home. First end domestic imperialism, then launch an anti imperialist civil foreign policy, then launch a military one once you have a large coalition.



Hezbollah and Hamas are bad people!!1!: THEY USE CHILDREN AS SHIELDS



>Hating the apartheid, racist, fascist genocidal, colonial, capitalist state of Israel is hating Jews

Weeew, who let you in from reddit?


File: 79ce8fcb6f8597e⋯.jpg (81.02 KB, 891x536, 891:536, DY6rRLpWAAEYzYS.jpg)






Tbf Hamas literally did write "the jews are responsable for every wrong in the world" in their 70s manifesto.



wew, lad



go be a liberal somewhere else



>Assad is antisemitic

Okay that us brainlet tier.




This has to be bait, its not the victims fault if they develop hatred against the people who have been conducting literal GENOCIDE and COLONIZATION against them for the past 80 years

Does that mean that you wouldnt support Ghandi because supporting him would be anti-anglo? Do you not think he hated the brits with a passion after all their state did to the indians? Are you really this moralist? Fuck you you goddamn disingenuous piece of shit, go back to your ivory tower and throw yourself from the roof with a rope around your neck


File: e9770b16a9c91a1⋯.jpg (1.32 MB, 5000x5000, 1:1, disgusted.jpg)


>statue of truman in greece

God, that's like a statue of Bush in Iraq



ofc it's bait, this is /leftypol/



Kek, from claiming they're not antisemitic to then going 'anti semitism is okay, it's not their fault they cannot tell between Israelis and all the jews in the world!'.

This is like some strange of liberal maternalism and polyp theory.


It was built by the Greek junta iirc, who were Pinocjet tier.



Maybe if so many jews werent supportive of israel they wouldnt be hated so much but keep your moralist bs back in berkley



how is this faggot not banned yet?



>The Assad regime provides support to Hezbollah, an organization whose leader, Hassan Nasrallah, has said that “if Jews all gather in Israel, it will save us the trouble of going after them worldwide”.

Can't handle the bantz, eh?



Holy fuck listen to yourself, you sound like a fucking polyp. That is literally the same tier as 'well if so many blacks weren't criminals I would lynch them'.




If you agree with that zionist you should be banned



t. never read lenin or kautsky



nasrallah sounds like a cool dude


File: f0fa3823aac87cf⋯.jpg (554.12 KB, 2560x3281, 2560:3281, syria.jpg)



Did you make that? Top tier!



We didn't forget about you



>So maybe the fact he's a dictator is besides the question and not even worth bringing up, you fucking retard.

The Socio-political conditions of a state are irrelevant, so long as the United States is opposed to it.

t. Marl Karx



"We need to smash the state and oppose dictators no matter how dedicated to communism they are. Anything less than destroying your comrades because of sectarianism is not true communism."

t. Karltural Marks




Ghandi did good PR by being nonviolent. The Gazans while mostly nonviolent have also attacked the Israelis. Wheter in defense or not it doesn't matter. Following the "fatalistic sheep going to the slaughter with calm demeanor" makes better PR than terrorism and counter missiles



meant to put trope after demeanor.



>You should not stand against your genociders because it will look bad to moralist first worldists that barely struggle to live



you stfu


File: 2ceaa7aa5952ef6⋯.jpg (16.44 KB, 390x300, 13:10, Praise me bitches.jpg)

Is this an /sg/ raid? Ironic sitposting? Or has left/pol/ finally seen the light?



Ghandi was controlled opposition



/leftypol/ has never been against Assad.



Is this your first time here, /pol/?


File: 8b795b2ddd2c6cb⋯.jpg (514.87 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, 2015-10-31_Berlin_DEMO_19_….jpg)

File: d1c9348e1d59ce2⋯.jpg (91.33 KB, 848x478, 424:239, antinato-kundgebung-antiim….jpg)

File: f8d3065fee48e99⋯.jpg (3.92 MB, 3648x2736, 4:3, dscn4697.jpg)

File: 8529be6adb7654c⋯.jpg (2.22 MB, 3072x2304, 4:3, img_0152.jpg)



both /leftpol/ and their originboard /pol/ hate Assad and suck trumps dick over the airstrikes

this here is an antiimperialist board



I think he’ll die of a heart attack if he dies before the end of the war tbh.


File: 8a18f06ab0e0232⋯.png (198.94 KB, 344x375, 344:375, LIBERALS_LIBERALS_LIBERALS.png)


> dedicated to communism they are.

> The Kim Clan



This board literally split because of this issue, /leftypol/ is majority pro-Assad.

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