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File: bebb2ac6d5539d2⋯.png (46.9 KB, 331x184, 331:184, ClipboardImage.png)


post recent documentaries and films you've seen lately that were good. doesn't have to be 'left' or 'anti-capitalist' (altho thats always appreciated). i'm just bored and need some media to consume other than the dore.




I'd also give /film/ but something tells me it's too far right.



The Death of Stalin is probably the funniest comedy I've seen in years, thought it's pretty anti-Stalin/Stalin's USSR so hopefully you're not a ☭TANKIE☭. The Act of Killing is also pretty great but just about everyone who's on this board has seen it lol


File: 84df544eeacf9c5⋯.jpg (36.87 KB, 315x451, 315:451, la-dolce-vita1.jpg)


If you have time why not watch the greatest movie ever made?



Damn, what a bad taste



>/film/ might be too far right

>recommends /tv/

It's full of Jew baiting/race baiting



I'm in no way an expert when it comes to horror, that said saying that a movie like It Follows is the best horror you have ever seen means you didn't saw many.

Rosemary baby's is probably my favorite.

Alien, Picknick at hanging rock, texas chainsaw massacre are also viable candidates for me.


I've watched Annihilation recently, and thought it was stupid. I don't really care that much about logical mistakes, as long as they allow for a good plot, but the ending was just ridiculously unsatisfying, the characters made out of wood.

The only good scene was the bear attack and I guess parts of the surreal flora and fauna.


File: 6407bee4a83d73f⋯.jpg (18.91 KB, 214x317, 214:317, BansheeChapterFilmPoster.jpg)

If you want to see a good horror movie.



You wot? Alien is the best sci-fi/horror movie ever made, It's because of james cameron that is a meme.

Texas and rosemary baby are both better than it follows because they both aged really well. The gritty and realistic visuals of texas have yet to be surpassed or even achived by any other movie.

Rosemary shits easily on every other horror ever made just for how realistic can be even if it has supernatural motifs in it


If you've never seen it, you absolutely have to see A Cloclwork Orange by Kubrick. It's s a fucking masterpiece and manages to be simple, deep and stylish at the same time.

Also, if you like absurd cinema and want to laugh at the bourguoise a little bit there is The Discrete Charm of the Bourgoisie by Buñuel.

If you want to laugh like an idiot all the time at everything, everything by Monty Python is fine (i suggest Life of Brian or The Meaning of Life).

If you want an action film which is not stupid, there is Fight Club.

If you like cyberpunkz, there is Ghost in the Shell (it's anime but it's good, if you have a prejudice against the media).

I think i put enough films. Probably you don't know a lot of cinema if you're asking for stuff to watch (i have a to-watch list of kilometres), so if that's right avoid The Discrete Charm of the Bourgueoisie because it's a little bit difficult if you're not used to that kind of stuff.



>Fight Club

Ok, I'm coming off as an elitist piece of shit in this thread. But no. That movie is shit. Unironically the worst Fincher ever made, yes alien 3 was better.

Like the book, the movie, doesn't work that well when you know the twist. Also it just tries too hard, edgy bullshit.

If you never saw kubrick don't start with clockwork



lol this must by copypasta



I can't argue with that. Fear is subjective, but how well made is a movie is not.

Hannibal? I guess the silence of the lambs is worthy (I wouldn't call it a horror tho) but the sequels all suck hard. The show is better than all the sequels.


>OP asks for films

<gets recommended Fight Club, Hannibal, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Alien, Ghost in the Shell and Monthy Python

Holy shit reddit


Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri was great, near the end I thought they were gonna do the cheap corrupt cop redemption thing but they didn't.



>Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Alien

They are both great horrors, the others are reddit as fuck tho and I agree with you



Not true. Quality is not subjective.

Hannibal is an incompetently made movie, silence of the lambs is a great competently made movie



Fight Club is not supposed to be an "intellectual" film. It's well made, it's breath-taking and reflects the partial moment of knowledge of their own alienation people grasped during the end of the '90s. If OP doesn't want to watch Tarkovsky but only wants to follow an interesting story without watching absolute shit Figt Club seems to me a pretty good choice.

Also, why A Clockwork Orange shouldn't be someone's first Kubrick's film? It's more enjoyable and not so complex as 2001 space odyssey but at the same time is one of his best films. I cannot think of a better film to start watching Kubrick, maybe Full Metal Jacket but it's a little step lower in quality imho.


your mom is copypasta


i don't understand, OP is asking for films without specifying anything, it's obvious that i reccomend pretty famous stuff. Explain me why should i reccomend some indipendent snuff movie from khazakistan to someone who asked something so generic.



Yeah, they both suck. I'm a cinephile and I can't stand opinions of people on the internet.

I mean even here. There are try hard contrarians, straight up idiots and faux elitist.

My reccomendations for horrors stand as rosemary's baby, alien, texas chainsaw massacre and picknick at hanging rock. This said I'm pretty ignorant when it comes to horror. I also reccomended la dolce vita.


There is such thing as competence, don't give this post modern outlook at everything



Depends on what you are interested in. When it comes to more modern, entertaining productions I've liked those ones for example:

- They Look Like People (2015)

- Contracted (2013)

- Bug (2006)

- Ich seh ich seh (2014)

- Coherence (2013)

- The VVitch (2015)

- My Little Eye (2002)


>this thread


Anyway OP, watch the following:

>Woman in the Dunes

>Death by Hanging

>Eros + Massacre

>Branded to Kill

Probably the best representatives of the Japanese New Wave, and all but the last one are definitely leftykino.



You faggot still didn't explain what's wrong with la dolce vita, Rosemary's baby, texas chainsaw and Picknick at hanging rock



Also tokyo drifter if you want to go Japanese new wave



I don't care about those


This too (though Branded to Kill is Suzuki's masterpiece imo)



It's a different tank poster, you chucklefuck



>I don't care about those

In the sense that you don't care because they are popular and they are fight club tier in your book? Because that's pretty much as stupid as an opinion can get

>Branded to Kill is Suzuki's masterpiece



Sorry m8



I don't care as in I'm not objecting to their presence in this thread



Sorry then.

Btw you guys know if there is something similar to topsters2 for movies?



I wish but I don't think so (I'd probably have seen it on /tv/ if there were)



Absolute meme tier kys


Pretty much



>Absolute meme tier kys

Sure thing bud.

Explain me again how the fuck are they meme tier tho and give me some good horrors movies



/tv/ has a surprising fuck ton of Nazbols.



I already recommended you a bunch





I saw your list and already know a bunch of them. I've to see someone explain how texas chainsaw, rosemary's baby and picknick at hanging rock are bad movies or are meme tier.

I could understand alien, because yes it's a cult movie ecc. (which doesn't make it half bad in my book, but I can understand).

That's said uncalled for contrarianism is just fucking retarded. I mean if he's not a try hard he could fucking explain.


In terms of lefty films I haven’t seen many… I liked La Chinoise a lot, I enjoyed Trumbo. If you want my favourite lefty film of all time though, it’s I Am Twenty, you can watch it on YouTube. It’s basically a very realistic depiction of what it was like to be 20 years old in the Soviet Union in the 60’s, sort of existential and incredibly fascinating. An anon recommended it to me a year ago and I’m super grateful.



No, now this is a meme tier opinion.



>Totally slaughters Hannibal as a character

>Juliane Moore miscasted as Clarice

>Instead of the subtle horror of silence of the lambs we get pulp tier shit

>just plain fucking boring useless movie that had no reason to be made when the book exist


I enjoyed beyond the black rainbow



>the big bang breaking morty park



/tv/ is just capeshit and Star Wars now



Quiet Place was actually a pretty good movie


File: 5a3b6b69c9df4e8⋯.png (603.49 KB, 857x449, 857:449, 5a3b6b69c9df4e8ae967bc4002….png)

File: a739c7e44e5eaf2⋯.jpg (197.52 KB, 968x579, 968:579, a739c7e44e5eaf206b7ce246ee….jpg)

Oh goody, a film thread. For the anon who asked,

>Why would someone that thinks about the movies they watch enjoy BvS?



Just some of the many reasons. It's unironically the Pacific Rim of the capeshit genre. I came in expecting an absolute trainwreck. Instead, I got a movie with solid writing, solid acting (that doesn't rely on overwritten dialogue designed for brain-dead audiences and actors actually spend quite a bit without talking which is fucking revitalising), great cinematography and a fantastic soundtrack. I'm not even familiar with historical art and comic book heroes barely had a presence in my childhood so I had zero emotional attachment and all the easter eggs in those videos just flew over my head until I started "researching". I already enjoy it just from the surface elements.

A lot can and has been said about BvS beyond useless trivia from it's plot structure to it's themes and characters. So much thought and inspiration put into it that it almost seems pointless given the subject matter and how it's been handled lately. The backlash it got is depressing and telling. All people want out of the genre is a momentary "life-affirming" "good vs. evil" spectacle that doesn't even begin to put to question the state of the world. To be fair, the sensiblities presented in BvS is neither as outrageous as Nolan's TDK trilogy (thankfully) nor is it really leftist. However, it's infinitely more human compared to the ones I've seen recently and represents a step in the right direction. A serious take on the genre by people who know what they're doing. It's capekino as far as I'm concerned.


File: d53c89e51ddb179⋯.jpg (43.44 KB, 597x336, 199:112, Pulgasari3.jpg)

File: 89954317021a50e⋯.jpg (364.75 KB, 2848x1472, 89:46, Pulgasari4.jpg)

File: d53c89e51ddb179⋯.jpg (43.44 KB, 597x336, 199:112, Pulgasari3.jpg)

Pulgasari is Best movie



We Are the Flesh (2016)


The Transfiguration (2016)

The Eyes of My Mother (2016)

Raw (2016)


Wild Tales (2014)

Black comedy.

The Handmaiden (2016)




Good movie.


Bug was underrated. Ich seh ich seh - fucked-up shit. The VVitch wasn't bad.

More horror:

Martyrs (the original)

Session 9


Strange Circus


Let the Right One In

The Host




I'd actually say Batman v Superman has quite a few leftist themes. I mean, a major plotpoint is that of an evil capitalist creating an uncontrollabe monster to kill an immigrant. Of course it doesn't get very deep into that stuff, because it's not what it's ultimately about, but I feel like it's the closest thing there is so an explicitly antifascist superhero movie.


Recently I thought Mother and the Hateful Eight were really good. I agree that Annihilation was whatever.



I completely agree, I've even lost count of how many times per week I have to defend this film from brainlets.

Some of these people have taken film theory classes too smfh.



I've watched Raw yesterday and I thought it was cool. It's about a vegan girl who studies veterinary medicine and slowly develops a taste for human flesh after she got fed meat.



Uh, I thought it was bad. It suffered from too many subplots, many things couldn't really be fleshed out because they were cramped in, the whole "Martha" thing was stupid as hell. Maybe it's just because I hate capeshit with a burning passion, it's dumb and reactionary as fuck.

Have you seen the new Spiderman? Villian is literally a class conscious construction worker who tries to give the technology hoarded by a billionaire to the people after he got fired from his job but that's not okay because stealing is baaaaad.


File: bc9be4452ae7657⋯.jpg (308.34 KB, 2000x2439, 2000:2439, 1511014399477.jpg)

File: 9428a7b9a9c64b1⋯.png (405.46 KB, 944x321, 944:321, 1521570780598.png)


It hurts to find people who appreciate Pacific Rim beyond the action but also entirely miss even the surface-level good that BvS has.


>too many subplots

Having been blown away after my first viewing, I was intrigued more than anything. Lex's plan is absolutely the glue. From framing Superman and indirectly kicking off Lois' investigation to feeding Bruce's anger and insecurities to anonymously sending photos of those branded by Batman to Clark and inciting him to start investigating, it's quite fascinating to see it unfold in the director's cut while having the time to connect dots. I think they all tie together well and showcases Lex as a real mastermind.

>"Martha" thing was stupid

Understandable. It's cheesy, no doubt, especially for a film with this serious of a tone. I would have personally worded it slightly differently. Have Superman say "kill HER" first and only when Batman asks what he means does he say "save Martha". Regardless, the fact that they pulled this without a hint of cynicism is amazing and another reason to love the movie.

>I hate capeshit

I don't blame you. It's only going downhill from here.


File: e3b0e94dfe9e0f5⋯.jpg (110.17 KB, 481x679, 481:679, 91Cuue1duOL._SY679_.jpg)



The Korean movie of the same name was better.

>Hateful Eight

Not bad.


File: b55d1ea4af3c78a⋯.jpg (89.16 KB, 600x800, 3:4, Films1.jpg)

File: 7cad7649af18b0a⋯.jpg (311.92 KB, 750x1000, 3:4, FilmsIn.jpg)

File: 26b65b7c6a5d0bb⋯.jpg (324.43 KB, 750x1000, 3:4, FilmsOut.jpg)

~4/10 of my collection.

Films to watch obscured: Uzumaki, Brotherhood, Children of Men

Seen before: Stalker, Das Boot, The King of Comedy. All in worse quality. GITS SAC 2nd watched a few and lost steam.

Films watched obscured: The Beach of Agnes, Blade runner (below Babylon).

The one's upright aren't worth seeking out.

Velvet- Crap prod values and acting.

Elle- Crass rape story. Acting>>>source material.

White God- Film about dogs +1. Didn't know what type of film it wanted to be

Battles without honour and humanity- Good but too hard to follow the constant betrayals.

Film I'm watching now: Punishment Park by the great blacklisted Peter Watkins. In a Dystopic USA political prisoners can choose decades in jail or race police through desert. The police really got into their roles went too far a few times when shooting. Ask me questions about any of the watched films.



Some cool shorts from Blomkamp. Not explicitly lefty, but still.

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