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File: d638e5b09fb7d03⋯.jpg (203.63 KB, 800x1025, 32:41, CheHigh.jpg)


Opinions of this guy?

just general thoughts on this individual,whatever you like him,dislike him or not.Your views on his approach to socialism marxism,his relationship with fidel,the criticism people have of him e.t.c


Good, but glorified too much and at this point used by the establishment to make t shirts.

In a certain sense liking him has become safe, Fidel is still the best cuban in history


My favorite ML, he was truly an amazing revolutionary, hopefully the left will see another person worthy of being compared to Che.


File: be1a398dd6a64e5⋯.png (50.95 KB, 1200x799, 1200:799, Flag_of_the_MRTA.svg.png)

Guevarism the ideology has kinda failed though


File: 799a03dfb676882⋯.png (273.14 KB, 676x642, 338:321, u.sball.png)

was he really fighting portuguese soldiers in the 60s-70s colonial war or what?


File: 9e3566cf22176dc⋯.jpg (43.55 KB, 600x800, 3:4, che shirt.jpg)

Che was an absolute lad.

I will unironically publicly defend both Che and Fidel, they did almost nothing wrong.


A great man. One of my favorite M-L.


Good man in a shit continent.


But still

He led one bloody revolution

Idk no matter how I try to convince myself that the good he did far ouweighed the costs, it doesn't sit right with me. Perhaps I'm too much of a pussy



Yes you are.

What the fuck do you think revolution is?

Name a non violent revolution



Revolutions will always be bloody and violent, once you accept that, you'll find true gratitude towards Che






One of my favorite revolutionaries. For all of his faults he was committed to liberating the downtrodden and didn't put himself above the people he had authority over.




Damn, you are such a fucking sissy


Top lad.


He was right to criticize the Khruschevite USSR




Che and Fidel had their differences. Che was critical of the USSR while Cuba under Castro was very dependent on it.


File: 250014583745f4b⋯.jpg (68.03 KB, 850x400, 17:8, quote-i-have-sworn-before-….jpg)

he did praise Stalin, so he has that going for him

but besides that i'm not too thrilled

would still rank him way above small fry like hoxha or mao






Pretty awesome. His criticisms of the USSR were spot on.



Can someone school me on this. What did he do? The killings?



I like how he is normalizing communism through being printed on capitalist t-shirts. "Oh, a communist you say, like this Che guy? Not to bad I guess"



I'm pretty sure the Che was an Argentinian.



He was



He fought fascists and fought in many different revolutions around the world.



For more info here was in charge of the prison immediately after the revolution and executed like 60 people. This is what liberals talk about when portraying him as a monster, as if every state doesn't kill traitors and rebels.




As I said, I would defend both of them.

And to be fair, Che was allowed to be critical, because he did not run Cuba. Fidel could not be too critical, lest he alienate the only major ally he had.



Could be a good meme but someone should deal with that "your"


True inspiration to all revolutionaries


The fact that they pulled off a communist revolution in americas backyard is amazing in itself. During the cold war.

Like could you imagine if it had been mexico or something.

That would have driven them insane. You can bet there would be like a 80 foot wall and alligator moats there right now






he alienated them by acting like a fucking nut and wanting to nuke the united states during the missile crisis

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