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File: 7ab7a806ee8a0e0⋯.png (2.12 MB, 1020x1444, 255:361, ClipboardImage.png)


Undercover author finds Amazon warehouse workers in UK 'peed in bottles' over fears of being punished for taking a break

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos may be the world's richest person, with a net worth of about $112 billion (£78 billion), but at least some of those working on his warehouse floors are apparently so desperate to keep their jobs that they don't even take time to use a restroom.


Japan Scandals Drag Abe's Support Down Toward Danger Zone

Shinzo Abe’s approval rating fell again amid allegations of cronyism and government cover-ups, placing new pressure on the Japanese prime minister to stage yet another comeback or risk losing his grip over the ruling party.


Emmanuel Macron said he was the brains behind Trump's airstrike on Syria — and convinced him to commit for the long term

French President Emmanuel Macron said that he was the mastermind behind Donald Trump's airstrike on Syria, and has persuaded him to station troops in the country for the long term.


Canada's Trudeau Defends Controversial Pipeline Project

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau defended Sunday his government's backing of a controversial pipeline project, the Kinder Morgan Canada Ltd oil pipeline, claiming the world could not afford to choose between the environment and the economy.


RPT-Canada's Trudeau faces election risk after firm's pipeline surprise

Canada’s government got just 24 hours notice that it would be thrust into a political and economic crisis by an ultimatum from a pipeline operator, government sources said, leaving Prime Minister Justin Trudeau scrambling for options in a dispute that could damage his re-election chances.


Theresa May prepares for 'emergency' debate on Syria as Labour suggests strikes were illegal

Theresa May has put her MPs on alert for a crunch debate on the UK's involvement in Syrian air strikes after the Labour party questioned the legality of the strikes against President Assad's regime.


Pro-Western Leader Wins Race for Presidency in Montenegro

Milo Djukanovic, who defied Russia to take his Balkan state into NATO, won Sunday’s presidential election on a pledge to stay on course for European Union membership.


Even From Prison, Lula Leads in Polls

Despite being in prison, Lula keeps leading in Brazil’s presidential polls with 31 percent.


Trump to Ask Court for First Look at Documents Seized From Cohen

A federal judge will consider Donald Trump’s extraordinary request that she block his own Justice Department from viewing evidence about his private lawyer seized last week in an FBI raid.


#JusticeforAsifa: Thousands Protest Demanding Justice for Raped, Killed Muslim Girl in India

The news of the rape of Asifa Bano has sparked nationwide protests, as thousands of people took to streets to denounce the heinous act.


Starbucks apologises amid backlash over arrest of black men

Coffee chain Starbucks has apologised after two black men were arrested while waiting for a friend at one of their shops in the US city of Philadelphia.


Facebook expels alt-right figurehead

Richard Spencer's page on the social network was removed on Friday along with two other pages he controlled: that of his National Policy Institute think tank, and one promoting his AltRight.com news analysis website.


Colorado Teachers Next to Strike

Colorado teachers will strike tomorrow against unfair wages and to protect their retirement benefits, reforms being debated in a state House committee today.




>Trump to Ask Court for First Look at Documents Seized From Cohen

If Trump's lawyers were serious about this request, they would've filed a motion. This is just pathetic intimidation.



A Debate on Migration

Among the clearest signs of capitalism’s obsoleteness, at least from the standpoint of humanity, is the growing dislocation of people caused by its crisis, by the poverty, the wars and the hopelessness it creates.


Stochastic historical materialism


Who Polices the Immigration Police?


Trump Moves to Gut the Post Office

His war on Amazon expands to include the right-wing’s campaign to abolish America’s oldest—and still successful—public service.


Oklahoma’s Revolution Didn’t End with Teacher Strikes—It’s Going Much Further

Oklahomans are sick and tired of politics as usual—the good ’ol boy system, they say, must end.


The Curious Case of the F-35

Hilarious examples of the F-35 program's ongoing difficulties, and imperialism vs. militarism as an appropriate frame.


Why Americans’ Hatred of Taxes Is Fake News

Newspapers consistently underplay wide public support for higher taxes on businesses and the wealthy.


UC workers are fighting for respect




Bless you newsanon for posting op/eds about immigration regularly



>Despite being in prison, Lula keeps leading in Brazil’s presidential polls with 31 percent.

just what

>RPT-Canada's Trudeau faces election risk after firm's pipeline surprise

great they'll just elect some trump-tier shit neocon as well. This changes nothing.

>Emmanuel Macron said he was the brains behind Trump's airstrike on Syria




>Emmanuel Macron said he was the brains behind Trump's airstrike on Syria — and convinced him to commit for the long term

>French President Emmanuel Macron said that he was the mastermind behind Donald Trump's airstrike on Syria, and has persuaded him to station troops in the country for the long term.

Macron is a fucking loser



If that's true, that means Trump got played. Again.

From the reports, Trump legitimately thought the Syria strike was going to distract from Cohen scandal.


File: c865cefd300891d⋯.png (796.64 KB, 1200x814, 600:407, ClipboardImage.png)


Here's How Lula Can Still Win

>A decision looming before Brazil’s Supreme Court could free imprisoned former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva within days and deal the harshest blow yet to the South American country’s battle against corruption, prosecutors and judges say.

>Several justices on Brazil’s top court have already made clear they want to overturn a landmark 2016 ruling that allowed defendants to be jailed if their graft convictions were upheld on a first appeal - the sole reason that Lula and several senior politicians and businessmen are currently behind bars.

>Reversing the ruling would mean not just freedom for Lula, who leads polls for October’s presidential election, but also the release of many other leading politicians and businessmen serving time for corruption.


in all seriousness, is there really not a half decent candidate Lula can throw his support behind?


File: d93032f4ce4cd0c⋯.png (136.57 KB, 616x576, 77:72, cd0a952f2e37824e2ed0acea34….png)


>Emmanuel Macron said he was the brains behind Trump's airstrike on Syria — and convinced him to commit for the long term




>if you look hispanic, you can get arrested in America and put on a backlog for months until the government decides you have proper documents

What a shithole



>Canada's Trudeau Defends Controversial Pipeline Project

Of course



>Emmanuel Macron said he was the brains behind Trump's airstrike on Syria — and convinced him to commit for the long term



>The Curious Case of the F-35

This is just gonna haunt us forever isn't It?


File: 4a8fbc50e454848⋯.png (49.3 KB, 898x409, 898:409, ClipboardImage.png)


>tfw Jvpiter invades syria


File: 8f04d96a46ee5da⋯.png (665.18 KB, 1484x1435, 212:205, ClipboardImage.png)

Poll: Democrats’ advantage in midterm election support is shrinking

>Democrats hold an advantage ahead of the midterm elections, but a Washington Post-ABC News poll shows that edge has narrowed since January, a signal to party leaders and strategists that they could be premature in anticipating a huge wave of victories in November.

>The poll finds that the gap between support for Democratic vs. Republican House candidates dropped by more than half since the beginning of the year.

Dems in the US are gearing up to choke during the midterm elections

Poll: http://archive.li/hkx8Q

Article: https://wapo.st/2H2Mdr3



It would be hilarious if they botched this - and well deserved.


File: a313622847cc457⋯.png (191.44 KB, 338x338, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


>Emmanuel Macron said he was the brains behind Trump's airstrike on Syria — and convinced him to commit for the long term



I can see them managing to come back around on this.

I hope they don't though.


After his new national security adviser gets enthusiastic applause, Trump says he might have to fire him

President Trump, who doesn’t like to be overshadowed by those who work for him, joked Monday that John Bolton, his new national security adviser, could soon be out of a job.

At an event in Hialeah, Fla., staged for Trump to tout the Republican tax cut bill passed last year, he took a moment to crow about the U.S. military strikes in Syria on Friday and pointed out that Bolton was traveling with him.

The crowd erupted in applause.

“Whoa,” Trump said, seemingly taken by surprise. “John, that’s pretty good. I didn’t expect that. I’m a little jealous.”

After a brief pause, Trump playfully asked the crowd: “Are you giving him all the credit? You know that means the end of his job, you know.”


Want Trump to fire someone? Give them more spotlight than Trump himself.



They're more interested in fending off left wing challengers than actually winning elections or accomplishing anything. I hope they choke and the party itself dies or splits in two.



>The situation in the districts where control of the House is likely to be decided is slightly more favorable for Democrats. The Cook Political Report, which produces nonpartisan analysis, lists 56 of the 435 congressional districts as competitive — 51 of them in Republican hands to just five held by Democrats.

>In competitive districts excluding Pennsylvania, where new boundaries were drawn this year, Democrats have an edge of 50 percent to 43 percent when voters are asked which party’s candidates they would favor if the election in their district were held today. Democrats need a net gain of 23 seats to capture the majority.

A whole lot of nothing.






File: ccc39e08f95f80e⋯.png (370.88 KB, 620x420, 31:21, president-trump-hannity-in….png)

Fox News host Sean Hannity revealed as Michael Cohen's mystery client


>Sean Hannity, the Fox News host who has been waging war on the air against special counsel Robert Mueller and is an outspoken advocate for President Donald Trump, was revealed Monday as one of only three clients that Michael Cohen, the president's personal attorney, had during 2017 and 2018.

>In a court filing earlier in the day, Cohen had sought to shield Hannity's name from becoming public. Cohen said he had three clients: Trump; Elliott Broidy, the former deputy finance chairman of the Republican National Committee, who impregnated and then paid a woman with whom he had an affair; and a third party that Cohen said did not want to be identified.

Can't wait to see the skeletons in his closet.



And he reinstalls the French Mandate of Syria.



Let’s hope Socialist Alternative wins the Burger elections despite how unlikely it is. Even though there trots there pretty cool and anti-sectarian.



If Trump fires Bolton I’d be so happy.






Of course it will. If, a big if, we survive the collapse of US empire, the F-35 will be its fucking poster child. This will make Nazi Germany's miracle weapon seeking and stupid tank motherfuckery look sensible and level headed.



>Trump to Ask Court for First Look at Documents Seized From Cohen

I'm just imagining Trump in a room with all of the documents and just grabbing as many as he can carry yelling "PRIVILEGED".



<Shinzo Abe Toward Danger Zone


Someone should do an anime version of this. I know the movie is pure USAF propaganda and it reeks of Reaganism, but fuck…

Also, do you think the guitars on the song are real or some kind of synthesised sound? I've always wondered…

Btw, thanks NewsAnon!



That's literally what he wants to do too.

Both Trump and Cohen's efforts are completely absurd. The best they could hope for is a neutral reviewer, but that won't do shit to help them.



You just know there'll be some software glitch that renders them unable to fly when they're actually needed and they'll blame it on "Russian cyberwarfare".


File: 8744a20ee6ce541⋯.jpg (53.94 KB, 400x502, 200:251, executive time.jpg)


Speak of the devil.

Judge Rejects Trump’s Request to Review Seized Cohen Materials


>A federal judge on Monday rejected an attempt by President Trump and his longtime personal lawyer, Michael D. Cohen, to block prosecutors in Manhattan from immediately reviewing a trove of materials seized in F.B.I. raids last week on Mr. Cohen’s office, home, hotel room and safe deposit box.

>But feeling her way toward a resolution of the clash involving Mr. Trump and prosecutors investigating Mr. Cohen, the judge, Kimba M. Wood, signaled that she was considering appointing a special master to assist prosecutors if and when they cull through documents seized in the raids.

Again, a special master won't help Trump or Cohen for shit. At best, it'll delay the inevitable.



On a scale of "nothing burger" and "Nixon 2.0" how fucked is Trump?



Not quite as fucked as Nixon, but this could blow up massively depending on what exactly those documents reveal

Cohen is Trump's longtime go to lawyer, and Trump has a massive record of shady deals and very embarrassing shit in his closet, Cohen has likely helped Trump get away with serious criminal activity in the past



No matter what the news cycle vomits up about how evil Trump is there needs to be a large majority in congress willing and able to impeach him. IMO he's more useful as a punching bag to blame all the failures of "American democracy" on than Pence would be, so he'll stay.




>Shayrat Airbase

Wasn't that where the US struck last time? It says the Pentagon is denying activity though. I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say it's the Israelis again



Depending on what they find, he could be very fucked

I remember initial rumors involved Trump's lawyer being involved with bank fraud



I keep hearing this but keep in mind, even though they would love this, if the charges of Cohen being involved with bank fraud are true; there's really no reason to believe Trump wouldn't be fucked up beyond recognition at that point.

I mean if it's really bank fraud and obstruction of justice and money laundering, and all that together; yeah even if they want him he's still fucked



We won't know until we get charges. However, the fact that they were able go through with the raid in the first place suggests it will not be pretty for anyone involved.

Currently, Trump's inner circle sees the Cohen investigation as a greater threat to Trump's presidency than Mueller.




While the F-35 was a waste of resources, it is a pretty cool feat of engineering. During and after the revolution we will use them. They are pretty advanced, even if the resources needed to invent them is gigantic. Similar to how the Soviets used the V-2 rocket as a base to build the Soyuz engines.



They are only good for bombing civilians and enriching defense contractors. We will improve upon them once we have the state.



He’s Benghazi level fucked. And this is good. Pence would be a lot better at leading an imperialist war machine than Trump.



>They are only good for bombing civilians and enriching defense contractors.

Some of these plains can land vertically on aircraft carriers. If this technology could be used for passenger plains this could be revolutionary tech.



There's nothing revolutionary about Short takeoff vertical landing, we've had VTOL aircraft since the 70's IIRC

Its not really all that useful for passenger planes because it adds an enormous amounts of complexity and expense to the aircraft, the entire point of it is that it allows planes to take off from very short runways and land vertically without needing a runway, speeding up the rate at which you can launch aircraft and reducing the size of landing area required, great for aircraft carriers and field produced runways where space may be at a premium, but not very useful in commercial aviation as you need a long runway and large runway system anyway to manage lots of different types of aircraft using it and for safety incase a landing or takeoff goes wrong



If the dems fuck up this mud terms I'm convinced they'll be dead as a party and start splitting



I'd say he's getting dangerously close to "Saturday Night Massacre 2.0", if we're following Watergate as an example.



We're past the point where that will be effective though. Trump now has TWO major investigations to deal with. Even if he fires Rosenstein and Mueller, the Cohen case will keep going. Trump's fucked.

His staff are hoping his summit this week with Shinzo Abe (yes, that Shinzo Abe) will distract from the Cohen scandal. What a joke.


File: 98470e0e35472eb⋯.webm (4.82 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Corbyn_ May's accountable….webm)

File: e787b54a3d9d204⋯.webm (2.84 MB, 640x360, 16:9, May_ Corbyn wants Russia ….webm)


File: 15f282857a29f4d⋯.mp4 (10.26 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Theresa May answers questi….mp4)


Watch full UK parliamentary debate here: https://youtu.be/IyYZDL8Adbk?t=496



It was cool when it was Yak-141, now it's just lame and embarrassing. Literally civvies designing weapons without any idea how war is conducted.




>RT being this supportive of Corbyn

why though


File: 3706a84a2b3912e⋯.jpg (62.7 KB, 655x347, 655:347, crnagora.jpg)

>Pro-Western Leader Wins Race for Presidency in Montenegro


Milo Djukanovic has been president of Montenegro as long as Montenegro has existed. This is no news. News would be if he croaked or got replaced.


File: 2b239a2e19ecce8⋯.jpg (251.91 KB, 492x691, 492:691, 20180415_121819.jpg)

Nice Aqua



rt is infested by the russian marxist deep state.



Russia is pro-Syria. Corbyn is against the FSA. I wonder why?



Baseline rationality maybe.


File: 12e4c98f68b42a9⋯.jpg (47.14 KB, 680x453, 680:453, bolsonaro-espada-4-copy.jpg)


Not really. It's really slim pickings over here.

A few days ago, an old member of Communist Party of Brazil (a Maoist offshoot of the Brazilian Communist Party, from the Sino-Soviet split), Aldo Rebelo, officialy went over to PT. I'd bet my left hand that this is a PR move, as a nominally commie candidate would make things unnecessarily more difficult, and that party has been a remora to PT for a while anyway. So they'll keep trying to find some loophole to allow Lula to run, with Aldo being plan B. He has some public visibility, especially since many of the older (and dirtier) big names are laying low, and more importantly, he's one of the very, very few federal-level politicians with an absolutely spotless record. This is currently an even better advantage at the polls than ever, especially seeing as PSDB, PT's rival and the biggest beneficiaries of the Car Wash operation, has 3 big names for candidacy, and all 3 are being investigated by Car Wash, and 2 of them are that type of politicians that everyone knows is rotten despite the media mentioning their misdeeds only because not reporting on them would be way too obvious. And 1 of the 2 lost some internal power struggle and is getting the Lula treatment in the media. Strangely enough, the third one, that has a mostly clean reputation, has been getting air smear time lately too, despite becoming party president recently and having it all set to be their candidate.

There's also this surprising poll an anon posted in some other thread and my dumb self forgot to save. It seems that PT's popularity hit its lowest in 2015, but has been increasing since (tho in a wild zigzag), and is currently the most popular party by a fair margin, whereas PSDB's absolutely cratered, despite the media barely mentioning the accusations against them. If this trend holds, PSDB won't even be a contender, let alone reach the run-off election. I frankly expected one of their 3 big fish to have been annointed years ago to win this presidency by bumping Lula off, but I really didn't expect this complete inversion. My only guess is that the media laid it on too thick, and every normie that doesn't have class hatred against PT could see the blatant persecution and favoritism. Meanwhile, PSDB simply didn't have any exposure what with the circus surrounding Lula. Wew lad, as they say. The only bad news is that the second most popular party was a rent-a-party for a rightwing dungtick called Jair Bolsonaro, such a perfect convergence of ignorance, stupidity and bigotry that he makes Trump look like Lenin. Thankfully they were far behind PT and he switched parties since then kek, the poll ended at late 2017. But let me tell you, the mere possibility of him reaching power is enough to have me look into requesting an European passport by ancestry.



>Aldo Rebelo

The absolute madman

<O então deputado também apresentou o projeto que instituía o Dia Nacional do saci-pererê (PL nº 2762/2003), na data de 31 de outubro visando substituir a importação cultural do "Halloween".[12]

<Em abril de 2006, por meio do PL nº nº 4.679/2001, que ficou popularmente conhecido como o Pró-Mandioca, propunha tornar obrigatória a adição de 10% de raspa de mandioca na farinha de trigo destinada à fabricação do pão francês (ou pãozinho, pão de sal). A principal justificativa do projeto era, com tal determinação, melhorar a quantidade de nutrientes do pão e impulsionar a cadeia nacional de produção da mandioca, produto do qual o Brasil é o maior produtor mundial. O projeto enfrentou forte resistência da indústria da farinha de trigo e também dos padeiros, que em protesto passaram a exibir cartazes com fotos de Aldo Rebelo expressando a insatisfação com o projeto de lei do deputado, justamente no período de campanha eleitoral. Apesar dos obstáculos a proposta foi aprovada com algumas alterações na Câmara dos Deputados e no Senado Federal, e enviada à sanção presidencial em 19/09/2008, mas foi vetada integralmente pelo presidente Lula.

>officialy went over to PT

You sure?


>This is currently an even better advantage at the polls than ever


(see Barbosa, Marina, even the Myth himself, all generally pretty clean, In my dreams NOVO gets the vote of every non-minion Little-Chicken-Wing and PSDB goes the way of the PFL.)


Who cares? See you're own pic related.

The Left needs to make some kind of electoral primary of its own or this is might be the most impactful vote split since Fujimori's election.


so drumpff is over right? I guess the revolution really is unbeatable



>The absolute madman

Believe me, that's good by our legislators' standards.


well fug, I could swear I heard it on TV he switched to PT. My bad.

>Who cares? See you're own pic related.

Yeah I'd rather the left's candidate face him than PSDB too, he'd be much easier to beat on a one-on-one than one of those wolves in sheep's clothing of PSDB.


>(see Barbosa, Marina, even the Myth himself, all generally pretty clean, In my dreams NOVO gets the vote of every non-minion Little-Chicken-Wing and PSDB goes the way of the PFL.)

It's an advantage, not a golden ticket. It's not enough to carry a candidate, they have to have the usual "electable candidate" package, you know, all thet bullshit that bougie pseudo-democracies require; look respectable, shmooze with people on the campaign trail then never again, have the right connections etc. Once they're past that hurdle and the pre-candidate herd thins out, people really begin comparing them with themselves, and that's when a clean rap sheet is a huge plus.

Also let's face it, there's no way Bolsomito isn't making money on the side. I'd even bet that the media and PSDB (implying there's a difference) have a nice juicy Car Wash-related dirt on him just waiting for the right moment to be exposed. Whether it's actually true won't matter in the end either. Just slip some dosh to Joesley Batista and he'll testify under oath that he saw Bolsonaro personally gas the 6 gorillion.

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