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File: 1a0957492a261d4⋯.jpg (23.34 KB, 640x360, 16:9, DcqLbVmXkAAOGv5.jpg)



> A Carroll County sheriff's deputy shot a groundhog that was holding up traffic Monday morning.

> Video of the incident posted on Facebook shows traffic stopped in both directions on Liberty Road in Eldersburg. The Sheriff's Office said the deputy tried to guide the groundhog off the road. The groundhog then went toward the deputy, who shot the animal.

Source: http://www.wbaltv.com/article/deputy-shoots-groundhog-blocking-traffic-in-carroll-county/20266898



>if ATF agents (or any police) search your house and your animal is not locked in a kennel or on a leash their default action is to shoot it.

>thinking that having them on a leash will save them



Pigs always be keepin' a groundhog brother down. They be slayin' our niggas in the streets man



File: 6aa18b45ee08620⋯.jpg (67.91 KB, 565x370, 113:74, Southern_Chivalry.jpg)

Come visit us in texas yankee




I hope you're not trying to justify this. because "getting into the logic of the profit motive" is like getting in the mind of a king claiming divine right. I can follow the logic but the premise is retarded.



I've been bluff charged by a ground hog. They won't actually attack once they get close. If he hadn't repeatedly backed up from the animal it would have fucked off.

I rate 0/10,



That's nice, it astounds me what huge cucks cops are. I've even thinking, and I think corruption/abuse of position or power (whatever you want to call it) should be a capital offense or a crime near the level of rape. Imagine if next time some fucktard decided to be corrupt he was literally executed. Guarantee it would work.


Should have put it in the zoo.


File: 7005eda553a6959⋯.png (300.06 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 1302575993404.png)

Sure is liberal in here.


File: 3221c320e35b636⋯.webm (7.98 MB, 480x360, 4:3, out.webm)

here's the vidyo








pig kills hog



>a groundhog that was holding up traffic Monday morning.

and someone just didn't drive over it?


Cops are dumbfucks to begin with, and then they're only trained to respond with violence. With guns especially, they're trained to the point that drawing and shooting is a reflex that isn't even under the control of their pea-sized forebrain.



>cop is a fucking skittish coward

>groundhog picks up on obvious fear

>approaches the cop

>cop literally has no idea how to respond to a small furry animal than to shoot in "self-defense" even after it starts running away from him



>fat american woman's world falls apart when some random animal is killed

evry tim



What a dumbass cop. The animal almost crossed the road.



Now you understand why cops are so dangerous: not hatred, but fear. They've been taught to FEAR that literally everyone is packing a gun & waiting to pop a cop, even though their job is one of the safest in the land.


File: 52d1bbb03847e40⋯.jpg (44.22 KB, 730x780, 73:78, 070.jpg)


I know everyone is making a fuss about this because its a cop, and there are some legitimate criticisms in this thread of cops, but its literally just a groundhog. They're rodents that breed like rabbits and your dog will probably kill more then you will ever have to. If it really bothers you, someone could claim it and skin it so there is no waste, though there really isn't that much to use. What really bothers me is that people who get shot or beaten get less coverage then this.



lmaooo i wanna see the facebook comments for this.

it will b funny to see the animal rights fags whining about the dead groundhog


File: 7b6f67975f79a93⋯.png (237.42 KB, 530x531, 530:531, scp-1991 has questions (2).png)


That's not the point, we get that the groundhog isn't that important, BUT, the over-reaction by the cop is just begging for critisism. It's an animals that would have been easier to quite literally kick off the road than shoot.

Also isn't it ironic that when they shoot people they say that the body is easier to hit than the leg (or the butt) and yet a ground hog is like 1/3 the size of your leg.

Also also, why waste ammo on a land-beaver?


The article is 'blocked in my world-region' so does anyone know why the cop was there - someone surely didn't call the cop for this did they? Why did he have to 'engage the target'?



Ay, this


Jesus Christ, burgers.

I'm dead serious, how the fuck do you sleep at night knowing that your police force is so imprinted on violence and using lethal force for literally anything?

Basically shooting is their only solution for anything, even a goddamn oversized rat coming their way. And this on top the rest of the shit that is beyond fucked in your sorry excuse for a country, how the fuck are most of you not even planning to pack your stuff and leave?


I was driving through a small town in Texas the other day, stopped at a light, when a county sheriff pulled into the intersection and got out to halt traffic to let an 18-wheeler transporting an oversized mobile home through.

That's not the funny part, though. The funny part is that this sheriff was an enormous fatass wearing military fatigues. That's just how how dresses normally, apparently. He was like fat Guile from Street Fighter.



> It's an animals that would have been easier to quite literally kick off the road than shoot.

It was actually really reckless of the cop to shoot the animal and he should be disciplined for needlessly discharging his firearm.


It looks like the groundhog was just in the way and so traffic was stopped because people were waiting for it to fuck off. The Deputy rolls up, sees traffic is stopped, and then is viciously assaulted by this deadly creature. It was pure chance that the deputy's bullet managed to strike between the beast's armor-like shoulder blades, lest the monstrous animal tear him limb from limb with his mighty claws and fangs.


A lot of Americans have been indoctrinated with cop hero worship. In the public mind, cops are selfless, heroic figures that valiantly assume a job of extreme danger, forming the "thin blue line" between civilized order and depraved chaos, which threatens to swallow America (and therefore the world) up on all sides.

Nevermind that cops have killed more Americans since 9/11 than have died in all of America's overseas engagements since then, and including those killed in the twin towers themselves. Nevermind that violent crime has been on the decline for thirty years, and despite the almost total absence of any kind of "terrorist" threat, are lavished with billions of dollars in pay, benefits, military training and equipment. On average cops shoot three people a day in the US.

Younger people are increasingly aware of how fucked this all is, especially as they increasingly are fucked by the police themselves. No-knock raids, vicious, barbaric treatment of everyone they come in contact with, their apparent immunity despite the most flagrant breaking of the law, etc etc etc, is having an increasingly souring effect on public affection for police, but with all these old fucking well off cracker boomers, the cult of the cop is going to endure for a long while I think, and won't be up until the deteriorating conditions of society reveal the class character of the police force and their opposition to the working class.


File: 5e4f6ac7f8abe98⋯.png (155.7 KB, 858x175, 858:175, deputy groundhog 0.png)



Cheers pal.



File: d36e2b0a6405eb4⋯.jpg (48.13 KB, 640x460, 32:23, 1468926388297.jpg)


Commentary is gold

>ohh emm jeee this is gonna get so many likes on my insta lol look sooooo cute




Lol I didn't even watch it until that wtf


File: c63457b770b4a64⋯.png (135.83 KB, 283x300, 283:300, a593521e96c3-283x300.png)


True but it's a matter of principle. Could you kill a groundhog? Before you answer yes would not they claim just pulling out your firearm is endangering pedestrians so I ask again…could you?

Fuck the police coming straight from the underground. A nigger got it bad for me cause I'm brown.



at least he had the decency to shoot it twice



That's the joke.



>Also isn't it ironic that when they shoot people they say that the body is easier to hit than the leg (or the butt) and yet a ground hog is like 1/3 the size of your leg.

This isn't strictly about cops, but this is entirely true for a moving target. Also, when making the decision to shoot someone you always shoot to kill, otherwise mentally you put yourself in the frame of thought that you don't want to hurt the person and either a) miss them or b) don't shoot them. Anyone who's not a cop can tell you this, its why you should be aware of your situation and attempt to deescalate if firearms aren't involved yet before you escalate Funnily enough, military personnel are taught this far more then cops are. Once you decide to pull the trigger, you shoot with the mentality that you will kill who your aiming at. Its actually better this way in regards to mitigating deaths and injury as well, if you put it in your mind that your going to most likely be killing a person when you pull your gun rather then merely injuring them then you'll think things over more before you decide to commit.



look, animal rights people are gay as fuck but lmao this cop had a pavlovian response to "shoot the aggressor" even when it was a fucking *groundhog*



"Shoot your problems of the suburban world away until you discover you're the real problem to the community and you shoot yourself"

is the guiding pathos of the American Police Officer



Then get an education, and stop watching children’s cartoons, shitskin moron.



Keep chewing cock dude




If you want to understand why cops are so dumb and scared all the time watch Surviving Edged Weapons. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c4ZpyKSmgdE

It's a feature-length training video that cherrypicks the craziest situations to paint a picture that everybody is armed to the teeth and ready to murder you and your buddies, and it includes lots of reenactments of actual cases where cops got fucked up, including photos of the real events.



yeah after letting it suffer for a while first, even then it was still thrashing around



thanks anon

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