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File: 9e783bd7a2ead15⋯.jpg (97.63 KB, 735x551, 735:551, ambulance.jpg)


How can China be considered "communist" let alone "socialist" when it doesn't even have universal healthcare? Even Cuba and the Balkans have universal healthcare.


File: 987de4d64db6c65⋯.png (275.27 KB, 708x477, 236:159, 8deb3d7d2b08f85298bfc1b138….png)

Let me explain





This but unironically


>Even Cuba and the Balkans

Cuba unironically has the best healthcare system in the world.



This but unironically






Unruhe isn't a Dengist and doesn't think modern China is socialist



>implying the workers control the MoP in China

I guess the workers just chose to have such horrific working conditions that they needed to put suicide nets outside the windows, right? Face it fampai, modern China is an imperialist, capitalist hellstate and it fucking baffles me that all they have to do is wave a red flag and the ☭TANKIE☭s will slobber over their dicks



It is communist in Maoist sense, the People's (populist/capitalist) democratic (within the majority interest) dictatorship (in Marxist sense)

The USSR itself only got complete social coverage by 1950s too.



People don't call China "communist" as in having achieved communism. That would be absurd.

We call China communist because it is ruled by communists.



He defends a lot of non-Socialist nations only because they're allied with the DPRK or because they hate the US.



Also he had a guy from RT on once who said Assad's Syria and China are socialist.




Not sure if this satisfies /leftypol/'s standards of UHC


>China : yes yes



>some articles i've found:

> wikipedia

Also since they have a lot of people, technically they should have a lot of doctors. There is such things as per capita, you know.



wikipedia itself is an article with a collation of sources, you can check them yourself to determin validity



File: 05416ab6e1ef711⋯.png (147.63 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 1489852519082.png)

Also /leftypol/ should keep in mind apparently cuba's healthcare system is in trouble if the government relaxes and the embargo is lifted: this could easily result in cuban healthcare professionals moving to the US for higher pay and benefits than what they get in cuba.


China is improving their Healthcare system in Five year plans an for the end of 2018 they want 70% to be covered with Grade a health insurences and 2021 Everyone. 95% are already covered with basic health care and their advancing.

So China has Universal Healthcare and Free healthcare.


File: f6c439f00aa13a6⋯.jpg (63.96 KB, 559x451, 559:451, Sponge12.jpg)


>health insurences


Soc-Dem gang does NOT approve


>healthcare is socialist

burger logic


File: dbf53c8bd8e769b⋯.gif (428.26 KB, 200x183, 200:183, rangers eh.gif)


Because large portions of the "left" don't give a shit about communism but want to jerk off to anti-US imperialism.


For a split second I thought that was Newt Gingrich.


Would Mao have approved of most of the world's products being produced by Chinese sweatshops covered in suicide nets?


File: 9aa089fbc64d6bb⋯.jpg (3.41 MB, 2692x1576, 673:394, Deng_Xiaoping_billboard_01.jpg)


Irrelevant. Communism should be advanced by the people, not by great persons



The communist party doesn't though, and even if it did, a small political party does not constitute society, its just a small political party.



>China is ruled by communists

WTF I hate communists now!


File: 566db2a50a67886⋯.png (423.12 KB, 500x340, 25:17, 566db2a50a67886c7521780877….png)


>trot defending china



>Healthy China 2020

Just wait, you impatient western nigger. Things take time and effort to accomplish.



This is entirely consistent with orthodox Trotskyism.

Trotsky himself was one of the most ardent defenders of the USSR you could find.



We have universal healthcare and it means that everyone has health insurence paid by the state/community.



China and the USSR are completely different in economic organization.




both of these but ironically


In China it's possible to visit a doctor and walk out with antibiotics, cough syrup and cough drops for $5 though, even the worst jobs pay at least that much a day. The same thing in America might cost you 5 days pay at minimum wage.



Only superficially.

The fact that the USSR was able to transition from the NEP to a fully planned economy shows that it was always a workers state. Likewise, the PRC could theoretically make that same transformation, though they probably won’t.

Either way, the evidence that China is still a workers state is overwhelming.



well then show it please, cause as far as i know it's a bunch of oligarcs close to xi that own everything. doesn't sound like a worker state to me.



The USA's health care system is like a closed shop. Doctors in Germany earn half as much, if it was an open market German doctors would move to the USA.



Look at the amount of publicly owned assets in China, it's massive, way higher percentage than any capitalist country



Publicly owned assets do not itself make a socialist state. Just because the state owns the means of production does not inherently mean workers do. As it pertains to China this is where the growth of theirs stock markets heavily indicates a turn away from worker ownership and a turn towards private ownership.



This is something a lot of Americans don't realize about their own healthcare system. The huge influence of doctor's professional organizations in the ACGME means they are able to tightly control the level of competition faced by American doctors in ways doctors in other nations cannot. The ACGME is able to do this in two ways, less importantly this body can set the number of places open in medical school, but more crucially they control the number of medical residencies available in the US. This is of such importance because the US, unlike many other countries, REQUIRES licensed doctors complete a US residency in order to practice. So even if the embargo is lifted (unlikely now with this administration), Cuban doctors are not necessarily going to be able to flock to the US and start making bank like American doctors. So given the power to control the level of competition they face US doctors do exactly what you'd expect, they limit it in their own self-interest so they can pull in better compensation than doctors in any other developed country. It's not as though Americans are receiving the highest level of care for that money either, we just have it beaten into our heads that doctors deserve that much money, never mind the physician's cartel keeping prices high. Of course though when auto workers or fast food employees try to organize themselves to push their wages higher, they're just ungrateful union thugs.



>This is of such importance because the US, unlike many other countries, REQUIRES licensed doctors complete a US residency in order to practice.

This is because being a doctor is considered a trade like being a civil engineer that also requires an apprenticeship and a sponsor. This is exactly how construction consulting firms can exist: civil engineers are able to cockblock any sort of project from home additions to road embankments through the power of their signature on a blueprint (which cannot be legally changed without a civil engineer signing it off once it comes off the special printer and sent to the contractor).

It's straight up a management/peons issue. Civil engineers have white collars and direct foremen who direct workers, only getting their hands dirty as absolutely necessary. Doctors do the same thing, they'll let residents handle their busywork who let nurses do the day-to-day work. For as shit as this dynamic is there is at least a ladder from the bottom to the top, whereas in other professions like IT workers are usually led by MBAs who don't have a clue about what they're designing. Which also applies to chain franchises, regional managers and vice presidents at those companies didn't need to get vetted through a hands-on skill program they just walked in from some other business into fast food.



American professionals (doctors, lawyers, etc) are major recipients of all kinds of protectionism. The best thing for the country would be for widespread liberalization of all professions honestly.



>The fact that the USSR was able to transition from the NEP to a fully planned economy shows that it was always a workers state.

And what does it mean if China went the other way?



'socialism is when the state does stuff and the more stuff it does the more socialist it is'



well it ended up lagging behind in terms of consumer tech post ww2 if that's what your asking about

I don't think china is about to attempt what the USSR did given it ended in collapse



I'm from Ireland and we do not have UHC. You need to pay to visit a GP and most people need to pay for medical treatments.



They used to, I'm pretty sure after opening up to small private businesses there's more and more homeless sick people though



get out spartacist nobody believes the PRC is genuinely a "deformed workers state."



THIS so much. It's rarely pointed out. One of the few people who have written about this is Dean Baker. He proposes that to weaken the doctors' lobby the government should strike deals with Mexico and Canada for all procedures where these countries have a track record being on par in quality with the US. If it's cheaper sending a guy over there, getting the procedure done, and get him back, then let's do it.



All of these but in a post-ironic way .



Which video is this from?

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