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File: 9f1278c26b1c069⋯.jpg (10.9 KB, 162x266, 81:133, download (1).jpg)


Hey /leftypol/, a few weeks ago I got expelled from school for plagiarizing the Finnish Bolshevik. After that I had money from my part time job, but I got fired after the police arrested me for posting an IRA webm to my youtube, on bail now, but financials have been tight, I started living with a comrade, and at her suggestion I started attending the reading group she's a part of.

Today the socialist reading group has said next week's book will be Orwell's Animal Farm, to commemorate the anniversary of it's publishing. I'm dumbfounded. How can I get the organizers to realize the stupidity of this book, and if not change tracts, atleast how Orwell was a traitor to Marxism?


Ugh… at least they could have chosen The Road to Wigan Pier or something along those lines (but only the first half)…



Whatever will our goofy hero do next? Tune in next time, same time, same station.


I'd say this was a shitpost but then I remembered you've made other threads talking about your life kek

Orwell wasn't really a traitor to Marxism he just liked ⛏️rotsky more when the Leon-Josepth split happened and the book itself is basically just his hate fanfiction about Stalin more then Anti-Communism or anything else



it's like a CYOA where /leftypol/ keeps destroying OP's life.


>Got Arrested for posting IRA stuff

Where do you live anon?



This tbh, Road to Wigan pier still holds up.



UK. don't worry, my counsel says to expect the charges dismissed.



First you are my God.

Second, I didn't know you got fucked over two times I'm really sorry.

Third, "the horse gave himself to the revolution. Will you?" It's the only thing you need to say. If anything else comes up just say anti stalin=anti communist.

You can come live in my place if something bad happens next time


Animal Farm still explicitly shows how better and freer the animals without a ruling class. It's just that right wingers always jump straight to the Stalinism part



I really want to believe all of those posts were you. Stay strong comrade.


Join a revolutionary freedom fighting group near you.

Join PLFP.



Not today CIA



Nice attempt at obscurity department of homeland security


I hope this is some sort of continuous troll or art experiment, because jesus christ OP, why are you so intent on fucking yourself over? Just go and read the shitty book and maybe learn something.

Get some friends, maybe they'll help you get a job and work through your life, or get better friends or listen to people trying to help you. Or go to a therapist, you might be on a slow path to schizophrenia.


If this saga doesn't end with OP being HIV positive living in a box in Bangalore after he gets kicked out of the naxalites, I'll be disappointed.


I wish we could get a real update from plagarizer anon instead of this 3/10 larp



This. Orwell was a Trot and a reformist but not an anti-communist, he pretty clearly tries to show that the revolution itself was a good thing and that socialism offers greater freedom than capitalism.


say "Trots get out" at increasingly greater volume until they agree with you and your host respects you intellectually.


I convinced some kids that it's about good communism in danger of revisionism so i bet you can do the same. I almost had a fistfight with my liberal teacher because of that.



>Get some friends

>tfw I'm a communist but I'm anti-social and hate people



you sound like a faggot and the real movement would probably be better off if you never associated with us again.



You sound like a cunt needlessly driving away a comrade who's going through a tough time in their lives



Find your local org and go to a meeting. You'll find comrades who will talk to you and it's good social practice.


File: 6c7176b43575b42⋯.png (1.07 MB, 1252x898, 626:449, Shaltear.png)


>misanthropy is incompatible with communism


>Hey /leftypol/, a few weeks ago I got expelled from school for plagiarizing the Finnish Bolshevik




Man you should be here more often



>NVKD officer finds op in the gulag

Happy to see you accepted all the charges and admit that finish Bolshevik worked with Muke to betray the revolution

But we have something to tell you, come to the back

>no one heard from the op again



Comunnism is all about being friends with everyone, isn't it?


Did they outright expell you because of plagarizing one work?



m8 while i feel for you, your life is a fucking sitcom come to life lmao

anyway, actually read animal farm and youll learn its pretty pro socialism - its just anti-ussr and authoritarianism.



No he got expelled for using the same SOURCES as FinBol which clearly makes Zero fucking sense and only happened because he asked his teacher about it beforehand


File: 8524f150429151a⋯.jpg (915.83 KB, 1907x1009, 1907:1009, 27a5ecf7f5531ae46d6930f3d6….jpg)



>This is what anarcho-liberals believe.




Communism requires misanthropy. That's why it's the only system that works.




You're a filthy utopian.



yeh, if the story was to be believed, he both dumbly fucked up and was overpunished. It was actually pretty funny if you can abstract from the shit situation this guy put himself in. I admire his dedication to communist ideals, but he really isn't too smart about it.



he's not having a tough time, he's just an asshole. He doesn't feel bad about being anti-social, and he doesn't want to change.


what the fuck are you doing seriously???? First you cite sources like an idiot, and now you post shit to youtube that gets you arrested holy shit man. keep an eye out on what to say and post, seriously what is it with you??



btw you should rather convince your comrades to organize in a party instead of hosting a own reading circle lead by people without proper marxist knowledge


File: da380a4e53afb53⋯.png (172.07 KB, 328x392, 41:49, communism gone.png)

>After that I had money from my part time job, but I got fired after the police arrested me for posting an IRA webm to my youtube

Shit I wonder whatever happened to you. As someone that also posts leftist shit on youtube this also concerns me but then again I don't live in the UK where the speech laws are much more draconian.

At least your charges might be dismissed. If you didn't advocate for any dumb shit and just posted a stupid video you'll have a good chance at beating the charge.

Can you elaborate on how the cops arrested you? Did they bust in your door or did they just pick you up off the street?

Stay strong comrade. This is the class struggle


top 10 /leftypol/ shitposts



why are ☭TANKIE☭s allowed to posted stupid shit?


OP please start writing a blog your life is incredible.

Also while orwell might not have been the best he was still a leftist at heart and his critiques of authoritarian socialism are worth a read.



I'd read it.


File: fee8284b2e7c220⋯.jpg (16.96 KB, 500x344, 125:86, smoke1.jpg)


Please start a YouTube channel or something. You are a living meme, a god among men,



OP, you absolutely MUST hit on your comrade, make her your gf, and use her seniority to convince them to stop being radlibs.


Under communism we will make a movie about this tragic hero.



we can agree that anyone who considers himself as a leftist should be shot on the spot

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