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File: a24c51b76285243⋯.jpg (65.97 KB, 864x400, 54:25, Milo1-864x400_c.jpg)

File: cdae8328cf758e5⋯.jpg (67.97 KB, 1143x682, 1143:682, Slobodan-Milosevic-e-peric….jpg)

File: 86b6096d6736cbc⋯.jpg (19.28 KB, 227x300, 227:300, 227px-Slobodan_Milosevic_D….jpg)


In the whole fuck fest that was the fall of yugoslavia, was he /ourguy/?

Maybe opportunist, but what did he do wrong?

Give me the definitive pill on this guy please. He has a frendly face and america disliked him, I can't bring myself to hate him.


File: 9a0a160d7e3cff5⋯.pdf (2.42 MB, Michael Parenti-To Kill a ….pdf)

yeah he was good

Michael Parenti - To Kill a Nation


He was literally a fucking investment banker: the guy was a fucking porky.


Milosevic according to the ICTY mightn't have been responsible for genocide in Bosnia but he was a murderer nevertheless, he even had his own mentor assassinated in 2000. I can't think of one reason why he wasn't a porky. I'll give him this though, he was right to stand his ground opposing NATO, Kosovo is Serbian and no amount of historic revisionism will change that.


fascist brazil vs united kingdom.txt


I agree he was ourguy. He was played by all sides, and the different sides were all controlled by the American elite. War brings money and Yugoslavia had a secret weapons programm which was a threat to the capitashit world. They would’ve all ended. Don’t think of the Yugoslavia as weak because of the small landsize or population. We were actually very very rich and everybody got a big house and car. Why? I mean our economy couldn’t support it. Just think about it why both sides of the Cold War supported us with money. They were scared of our secret weapon and super soldier programm. Just look at the average height of the Balkans. Do you see soemthing? Oh right. Just a coincidence, please buy the new IPhone.


File: 595756d3814a086⋯.jpg (34.19 KB, 496x600, 62:75, 1512792188617.jpg)


The man is a literal war criminal. The entire yugoslav war was a genocide shitfest from all involved parties, but his death toll is abnormal. Getting bombarded by NATO doesn't make you anti-imperialist by default, please don't defend war criminals




>war criminal.


>The entire yugoslav war was a genocide shitfest


Fucking kill yourself CIA





File: cbb45d9d938840f⋯.png (603.41 KB, 1080x1010, 108:101, lenin anti imperialism.png)

File: 44d5676f830727e⋯.jpg (543.24 KB, 1367x1776, 1367:1776, stalin anti imperialism.jpg)

File: c41ba532c572968⋯.png (1.12 MB, 1400x2060, 70:103, trotsky anti imperialism.png)



Not a trot, but the guy did have some good theory. The Brazil quote is quite relevant to the Yugoslavia situation. Milosevic was a miserable nationalist porky and not /ourguy/ at all but Yugoslavia deserved thoughts and prayers critical support in the struggle against NATO.



of course it was fucked up. Serbia owned everything and all of a sudden they couldn't even hold power over Montenegro kek



>Supporting Imperialism





What's the reason of speaking spanish now?




Name one thing he did wrong



read >>2610861



He was bombed by murrica. Which means he must have been doing something right.



t. croat


File: 0c675c9ea3e8da8⋯.jpeg (76.74 KB, 621x422, 621:422, croat leader ss.jpeg)

File: a235228999d4e78⋯.jpeg (59.92 KB, 700x700, 1:1, bosniak leader ss.jpeg)

File: 389af525477a27f⋯.png (576.84 KB, 794x596, 397:298, 389af525477a27fd74eff650c1….png)




File: 55226b0408134ef⋯.jpeg (38.49 KB, 318x499, 318:499, croat leader ss-1.jpeg)


Wrong image


I was born in 1993 in rump Yugoslavia so I can't say I know all but I picked up something while I researched some stuff about 90's.

From my shitty opinion:

Milosevic wanted to be new Tito like figure.

But he couldn't sustain Tito's Yugoslavia, only thing he could do to gain power is to use Serbian nationalism for his goals.

FR Yugoslavia was new country formed in 1992, from remaining two states in Yugoslavia: Serbia and Montenegro.

Plan was to expand that new Yugoslavia with new territories that would be Serb republic in Bosnia and Serbian Krajina in Croatia.

But he didn't have all power, he had to make coalitions with nationalist parties like SRS led by Vojislav Seselj.

He wasn't against minorities and other nationalities like Croats and Bosniaks.

I remember I read somewhere that in some meeting there was discussion about some Muslim being government official in Budapest or something like that, but him being Muslim was problem for some who didn't want him on that position, Milosevic said something like: He is citizen of FR Yugoslavia.

Meaning that it does not matter that he is Muslim and he should be treated like citizen.

I remember that my school still had name of some communist child hero, which after fall of Milosevic got renamed to Serbian leader of 1804 uprising.

And it wasn't only case of such renaming.

There was one surviving chetnik from WW2 from around my town, who only returned to his village where he was born after Milosevic's fall.

I remember seeing another older man wearing beard and chetnik uniform also after fall of Milosevic.

Stuff like that wouldn't probably happen during his rule.

Again, don't use this as any evidence, it's just some personal observation.


Albanians were retards, they were creating troubles even when Tito was alive and especially after his death.



Also something I forgot to add.

Country's name: Federal Republic of Yugoslavia; had just socialist removed from name.

Milosevic's party was socialist party.

National flag was same flag of Tito's Yugoslavia, just with red star removed.

National anthem was Yugoslavian anthem.

Official language was still Serbo-Croatian until 1997, same language in Tito's Yugoslavia.

Everything reeked of old Yugoslavia and many nationalists didn't like it.



Only American communists seem to admire Slobo.



>Only American communists seem to admire Slobo.

Not true. Plenty in my country, that's why I asked here





File: 3cd4bd8312da5b8⋯.jpeg (22.01 KB, 417x353, 417:353, 2393F748-3530-4689-9480-3….jpeg)


>a CIA/Israeli/Saudi asset is anti-imperialist


the perennial "sloba was a nice man" thread really makes it easy to delete this lunatic board from my bookmarks



bye fuckface



t. butthurt bosniak




is there a blood-drenched nationalist monster you won't meet with open arms as long as they're sufficiently anti-USA?

can't wait for the socialist future the likes of you will be creating, socialism with genocidal characteristics




Again, what genocide are we talking about? Srebreinca isn't a genocide



Srebrenica was isolated incident.

There was no definite goal of exterminating Bosniak population, actual example of genocide is Rwandan genocide.

If Serbs wanted to exterminate Bosniak people they would not wait until 1995.


He's nationalist swine. Too bad they didn't kill him in 1987



Which country?


Milosevic was a nationalist but not a fascist, NATO would've supported him if he was a fascist




lol, literally playing wordgames to avoid the G-word

you can make as many mass graves as you want as long as it's TECHNICALLY not a genocide



<Hitler was a nationalist but not a fascist, the US would've supported him if he was a fascist



It wasn't genocide and even if it was in this case it was totally justified you islamocuck



The usa supported hitler you dumb american



You reactionaries are disgusting trash



Well this was a pretty retarded thing to say

For the Balkans to function properly again we need to stop sucking off any side in the war

That mostly includes jailing every single politician that was in power during that time (and still is), but for some reason Croats and Bosnians still stick to their guns with Croats celebrating their fascists and the anniversary when they butchered/banished Serbian civilians.

And Bosnians still claiming that the war was one sided with Evil Serbs butchering women and children.

This area of the world will never fucking change while one generation still poisons the next one.



America was the biggest influence on Hitler's worldview



No word games here.

Srebrenica was not genocide.

Serbs in Bosnia wouldn't wait for 3 years to start cleansing Bosnia of Muslims/Bosniaks.

Serb militia was in much better position to do it before 1995.

Genocide doesn't happen in one single town with several thousand casualties, there was no planned extermination of Bosniaks, only their subduing under Serbian power.

If there was such plan, Srebrenica would be just one case of many such killings.



>Islamists shoot up weddings

>1 time

>2 times

>3 times

>They get killed



File: 0084efbfe693d47⋯.png (505.96 KB, 640x405, 128:81, 36254.png)



I'm pretty sure syria got stiked lots more in these 3 years

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