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File: d6c00053a9dcb18⋯.jpg (74.27 KB, 737x758, 737:758, smoke.jpg)


Why are ⛏️rotskyists the nicest commies? They deal with abuse left and right from /leftypol/ but never lose their temper over it.



File: 1de5887730aaa32⋯.jpg (114 KB, 500x421, 500:421, trotsky and stalin.jpg)


>praises trots

>nazi flag



Because you're being lulled into a false sense of security by a bunch of unhinged psyhopaths. Out of all the Bolsheviks ⛏️rotsky was the absolute worst piece of shit you could find.


File: 7ed531a13112104⋯.jpg (1.06 MB, 1264x1772, 316:443, goebbels_01.jpg)


>Our clandestine radio transmitter from eastern Prussia to Russia is creating an enormous sensation. It operates in ⛏️rotsky’s name, and is causing Stalin plenty of trouble.

>Now we work with three clandestine radio stations in Russia: first ⛏️rotskyist, the second separatist, third Russian-nationalists, all criticise Stalinism. They are an example of cunning and subtlety.


they usually aren't, at least to me



Was that true?




Joeseph Goebell's diary



Yes indeed, why would the good doctor ever lie?



I like how this would work.

>I'm trying to destroy the USSR and Stalin right now, they are the sworn enemies of the Third Reich

>but… I have to admit, they are right about ⛏️rotsky. Even I can't stand the fucker, I want to personally spite him somehow.

>The enemy of my enemy is my friend, so I can't attack ⛏️rotsky publicly… so I'll write this in my diary just to spite his future supporters when they read it


since living in capitalist societies and supporting Stalin are contradictory, ⛏️rotskyists only support ⛏️rotsky because they want to distance themselves from Soviet Russia but remain sufficiently "left". It's a cowardly half-measure, and straight up evil if you actually consider the ideas he spread and damage he caused.



maybe all that being tweaked out 24/7 impeached his cognitive abilities



You forgot to change your tripcode faggot


File: da78e2335e786ad⋯.jpg (94.15 KB, 601x649, 601:649, DfblcIHVAAkvCCT.jpg:large.jpg)

he got along well with your kind OP



Trotskyists are to MLs as blacks are to whites in America. Trots are used to being marginalized and persecuted by the mainstream of the Stalinist left. We are used to being oppressed, we are used to being shat on.



aww, tbh he looks kinda sad in that pic


I feel it Important to Separate ⛏️rotsky from his modern followers

He was in Practice Basically just a M-L who split with Stalin over how he believed the Planned Economy should function (To see ⛏️rotsky's Idea on Central Planning basically see the Khrushchev USSR onward) and also Over Foreign Policy (Trotsky Favoring immediate expansion of the Revolution while Stalin Preferred a defensive stance)

This Reached its flashpoint when a few supporters of ⛏️rotsky (Including his Nephew IIrc) got caught attempting to orchastrate a coup to Remove Stalin from Power as a Retaliation for ⛏️rotsky's Banishment for Factionalism

Modern Trot Groups ive seen are Literally just SocDems and RadLibs 99% of the time

I feel like they are like this because the Actual Difference between ⛏️rotsky's Theory and Generic M-L is to Little to Merit a Genuine Ideological split from M-L

So all these groups that were formed as a alternative to the Cominterm after the third International focus on other shit like RadLib and SocDem shit


Did ⛏️rotsky even exist? I have some sources that says he was just a charicature invented by Stalin to justify the purges.



Was ⛏️rotsky to Stalin what Stirner was to Engels?



trotsky /=/ ⛏️rotskyist, friendo



Trotsky wasn't even a Bolshevik until the Mensheviks got BTFO



you deserve to get shit on while blacks dont deserve to get shit on



Don't forget trots shit on each other regularly too



>trots are an oppressed nation

this is what Trots really, genuinely believe



Trots are niggers and should be gangbanged by nazis and ☭TANKIE☭s alike



Right, but why would you like about your intentions in your fucking diary




can you give me a rundown? Why does leftypol hate ⛏️rotsky?



Stalin was a bit of a retard for thinking that developing a huge bureaucracy that imposed shitty quotas on production(thereby creating competition between different factories) would actually bring down capitalism. Not to mention torturing everybody who disagreed with him like Bukharin. Lets not forget how price scissors imposed on peasants led to mass starvation. It seems like people support stalin for the same person that people support hitler. Revisionism and being edgy makes people feel special


they're just waiting for the right time to stab you in the back.


File: 2fc30b418b120b6⋯.gif (487 KB, 436x328, 109:82, 2fc30b418b120b6f2e07a4ee32….gif)


Grover Furr's a fucking joke, and you should feel like a joke for taking him seriously.


>straight up evil if you actually consider the ideas he spread and damage he caused.




What's exactly wrong with Furr?



Nothing. It triggers liberals



Lack of peer review


the left opposition was right

stalin brainlets were wrong

ussr didn't provide socialism, didn't provide elimination of monetary vaule form, tricked by capitalists to compete on capitalist terms, tricked into spending lunatic amounts for military that was old and rusty anyway because of coruption; didn't eliminate classes, simply shifted from capitalist elites to beraucratic elites who could execute people on a whim, destroy entire regions with wrong economic plans and other stupid mistakes; no leaders were held accountable for any mistakes, innocent scapegoats were thrown to gulag instead


Stalinist brainlets couldn't handle open discussions about what is to be done, killed anyone who tried to ask questions; Stalin was correct while ⛏️rotsky, Kamanev, Joffe, Pyatakov, Radek, Rakovsky, Zinoviev, Smilga, Preobrazhensky, Lashevich, Sosnovsky, Boguslavsky, Drobnis, Serebryakov, Alsky, Beloborodov, Muralov, Ishchenk Smirnov, Rubin, Maksakovsky, Pashinakis were all wrong; forcibly implementing the collectivization of agriculture which destroyed agricultural development for as long as the USSR lasted


Stalin was right because the question of the future development of the capitalist state into a socialist state is to be solved by killing everyone and filling the ranks with braindead idiots who never read a word of marxist theory


File: 394d2cb68e7dad2⋯.jpg (110.27 KB, 922x1386, 461:693, 12xMore.jpg)




The Trot Wizard casted: Wall of text



We all know Stalin brainlets are unable to read or write properly. The other day someone linked to stalin's writings about nations and nationality. It was on par with the average 5th grader. Clap clap.



Social Democratic method: Call you a fucking idiot while secretly loving you… or possibly thinking you're an actual fucking idiot who deserves to be thrown in the landwehr canal

Tankie Method: Call you a fucking idiot while secretly loving you… or possibly thinking you're an actual fucking idiot who deserves to be sent to the gulag

Leftcom method: Call you a fucking idiot while secretly loving you… or possibly just thinking you're an actual fucking idiot but that's alright because someone else will sort you out

Bookchinite method: Call you a fucking idiot while secretly loving you… or possibly just thinking you're an actual fucking idiot who the CIA should dispose of as quickly as possible.

Khmer Rouge method: Call you a fucking idiot which means they love you… while possibly thinking you're an intellectual who needs a little bit of the ol' electrocution and flaying to set them straight.

Technocrat method: Call you a fucking idiot while secretly loving you, well aware that love is just an inefficient chemical construct… while possibly thinking you're a fucking idiot who would be relegated to the drone caste under their totally benevolent eugenics system

Trotskyite method: Loudly declaring their love for you at first sight and quite possibly actually meaning it… or possibly thinking you're actually a fucking idiot… in the first case, that's great because you'll spend loads of time together selling newspapers and pushing motions at CLP meetings. in the second, that's great because you'll spend loads of time together selling newspapers and pushing motions at CLP meetings. Oh, so much time… So many hours, become days, become months, become years…


File: dbf5b69cf2679d1⋯.png (50.69 KB, 216x233, 216:233, very_happie.png)


but also the british 4 flag poster is good and i will hurt anyone who says otherwise.



>[insert jpeg of Alan Woods being very smug here]



>nobody was with Stalin lol X-D

>he did everything alone just by saying it has to be done so and so

>it was all forced too D-:<

there is nothing to discuss with anticommunists who have no substance to their shit and just namedrop like retards



Everyone that was with Stalin, died. Except Molotov lmao, who sucked Stalin's peepee even when he imprisoned his wife.




File: eaa426352ad638a⋯.gif (538.85 KB, 250x257, 250:257, eaa426352ad638a5aefb80dd29….gif)


I don't think anyone unironically wants to recreate stalin or his policies.

Defending him against anti-communist lies and using him for memes, yes.

Actually wanting another stalin and saying stalin's 200% innocent? I don't think so.



It seems that a lot of people on this board actually support socialism in one state and purges that were aimed at fellow communists, not capitalists or other non-communists in the USSR. It also seems to me that most people here don't give a fuck that the road towards socialism stopped with the reversal of NEP and then that was it until the collapse.


File: 4c349689c6a97b0⋯.jpg (279.99 KB, 1024x1020, 256:255, 4c349689c6a97b043bdf46bcb5….jpg)


Having said that, I recognize that stalin was mostly responding to threats against the soviet union.

Material conditions and historical context etc.

Basically, I don't think any leftist wants repression and lack of democracy if it can be avoided.


File: 3cf763ba2b5c96e⋯.jpg (405.99 KB, 440x584, 55:73, thomas-nast-1840-1902-cart….jpg)


I think the general consensus is that while Stalin may have been a bit brutal, his actions paved the way for a stronger USSR and that the opportunity given by Stalin to advance socialism was missed.



Fuck your statism and collaborating with capitalist pigs in order to strengthen your own position instead of using capitalists pigs to advance socialism



>statism and collaborating with capitalist pigs in order to strengthen your own position

When did I say I support this?



and that the opportunity given to Stalin to advance socialism was missed.*




¿por qué no ambos?



do you really trust western academics on soviet history?



there are a handful of marxist publications in western academia that he could have submitted his work to


Trots are the nicest because trots are always right.


Having a tendency is retarded and for brainlet lifestylists who want to LARP.

That being said, ⛏️rotsky was correct about some things and I think he was a good boy overall. Modern ⛏️rotskyists generally suck though like the ISO.



You sure dude? Even Verso refused to publish Losurdo's Stalin book, and Losurdo actually equivocates a lot. Furr can't be touched with a ten foot stick.

Just read his books, look at his sources (his citations and extensive quotes are far superior to many "academically acceptable" history books, which are full of vague footnotes and unexplained assertions), and decide for yourself. As Marxists we can't defer our own rational analysis to bourgeois academics.



the reason they used his name is because he was such a respected soviet politician prior to his exile



yeah that just sounds like weird revisionism to me



that's nice faggot, go suck my dick. put your big CIAnigger lips on my cock

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