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File: e49796e0ee997f7⋯.jpg (14.31 KB, 304x410, 152:205, europhic bush.jpg)

File: 6c6de5a000a90e9⋯.jpg (59.43 KB, 736x552, 4:3, mfw.jpg)

File: 21080ca8c083c19⋯.jpg (568.54 KB, 3000x2253, 1000:751, bannon.jpg)

File: 8514a9265d717cc⋯.gif (2.88 MB, 640x360, 16:9, ameriga.gif)


Mandatory containment for: discussing your dogshit election campaigns and candidates.

Voluntary containment: discussing burger-specific things nobody cares about.

Allowed outside this thread: real political developments pertaining to the USA (IE, laws being passed, strikes, wars, etc)

original OP:

The last thread died, long live the new thread.

Midterms rapidly approaching gomrades. With impeachment proceedings likely on the horizon, the next congress will surely be a historic one.

What do you all think will happen? Let's discuss the spectacle of bourgeois liberal democracy in the era of Gronald Grumph.



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Mr. U is indeed clueless.



I would have circled Venezuela, Nicaragua and Cuba personally. Then maybe wrote a note explaining that AOC is the mortal enemy of communism.


File: a83f859fc35dc9e⋯.png (113.03 KB, 1142x724, 571:362, Screen Shot 2019-03-07 at ….png)

File: 1868b38afe482a7⋯.png (79.44 KB, 1142x662, 571:331, Screen Shot 2019-03-07 at ….png)

>Yang supports nuclear energy

Fuck it I’m #YANGGANG




Yang is completely unelectable in America tho




/leftytrash/ has been discussing yang and that thread cycles quickly so have an archive link comrade





Stopped reading right the fuck there. Ideology overload was incoming fuck that, fuck you.



Who cares what this board’s den of fetishists and depressed homosexuals thinks?


Repost from the trash thread with some changes:

According to Marxian econ, Yangbux would just lower the price of labor power. Not by the full $1k if, according to Yang's scheme, a lot of people just have the option to trade some benefits for the $1k. But basically (leaving aside Alaska https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alaska_Permanent_Fund#Permanent_Fund_Dividend , which is unique as the oil dividend comes from a commodity that outlies the labor value correlation):

1. take $1k from profits a worker generates

2. give it to the worker

3. next cycle, wages + Yangbux = if ( wages - 1k > min_wage) { wages - 1k + 1k } else { min_wage + 1k }

So, pretty nice if you are on, below, or near minimum wage. Pretty irrelevant if you're not. Of course, in reality, workers will not accept a sudden $1k pay deduction. So this effect would more likely take place at a slower pace through lowered hiring salaries, lowered promotion salaries, etc.

Also, of course, it appeals to NEETs. A lot of NEETs aren't actually on any social support system. Just their parents. This scheme would probably be a plain benefit to them, though it would not fix their miserable lives and put them to healthy work like communism would. However, it is basically irrelevant to anyone already receiving $1k or more from social security, food stamps, etc.

INTERESTINGLY, the difference between the federal minimum wage and Bernie's $15 an hour is $7.75. Over a month, this amounts to $1240. Meaning for many workers, a minimum wage increase would be better. Many state min wages are over the federal minimum wage, but are still low (most below $10) making a $15 fed min wage still equal to or better than Yangbux.

I don't know how rent figures into it. I haven't read Ricardo and Capital Vol 3 yet. I don't think landlords could just suddenly raise rent by $1k, not only for market reasons, but also because many or even most tenants will not get a benefit from the $1k.

It would not cause inflation because as Yang points out, it is based on a tax and not printing money. So in spite of how retarded he is, he managed to be less retarded than AOC and co.

Yang's other statements make him come across as a fascist (we need muh strong border to protect our $1k… ignoring the fact that the $1k comes from worker surplus anyway, meaning immigrant workers don't impact it at all), he is a porky, and he's a /pol/ meme meaning there's something clearly wrong with him.



are you the wrecker /pol/ pot (marijuana weed dude) poster or the okay /pol/ pot (marijuana weed dude)?


File: 8842497a0f1cb46⋯.jpg (32.08 KB, 680x309, 680:309, 8bb.jpg)

Yang will be a perfect candidate for us accelerationists .



>Yang elected

>tries to pass basic sucdem reforms

>cucked by Congress and the courts

>class consciousness rises


File: dc0230463f28d89⋯.png (478.14 KB, 680x693, 680:693, aef.png)



>Tier 3 – Advanced and automatic weaponry

>Maintain current restrictions and definitions (National Firearms Act of 1934)

>Ban high-capacity magazines

>Require submission of fingerprints and DNA to the FBI

>Submit to a gun locker inspection to ensure it can house the weapons

>Undergo yearly refresher trainings on the use of these firearms.

>Prohibit the manufacture and sale of bump stocks, suppressors, incendiary/exploding ammunition, and (yes, this is currently legal) grenade launcher attachments.

>Encourage gun manufacturers to implement designs that prevent interchanging parts that alter the functionality of the firearm.

There is quite literally nothing in a civilian setting that an automatic weapon can do better then a semi-automatic one besides "shoot fast". Most fully automatic firearms are banned anyway already and have been since 1986 and even before that were extremly heavily regulated. This whole thing reads like one big meme by someone who knows literally nothing about guns or which guns are actually involved in most shootings (in regards to homicide committed strictly with just firearms, its "passed around" handguns).

Jesus Christ, he even says in his goals and principles "common sense" and Balance of Public Needs with "Private Rights". Fuck, I was interested for a second with the nuclear thing only for him to be outed for being nothing more then a silicon valley democrat.



I'll admit though, after seeing the Yang Gang threads on /pol/, Yang might be the proper amount of entryism needed to breakthrough the rights grip on /pol/. He was literally made for internet entryism.



reggaton has been defeated


Who is this Yang person and what are his ideas? Is he a traditional social democrat?



>Submit to a gun locker inspection to ensure it can house the weapons

LOL, I’m supposed to invite the feds into my



File: e14d676025b3553⋯.jpg (6.5 KB, 230x219, 230:219, Cavity-Search.jpg)

File: c955237311fabc8⋯.jpg (85.66 KB, 1202x298, 601:149, IllegalFirearms.jpg)


>LOL, I’m supposed to invite the feds into my home?

You're supposed to invite them into your anus. You could be keeping contraband in there.


Yeah full on retard. It sucks when the liberals are so retarded they make you agree with the people who are wrong on everything. The elephant in the room which the liberals won't touch is (2nd pic related) which even politifact had to give a mostly true to. It's already been established through real life example that you try to marginally restrict possession of firearms by law in this country, and people will still find a way to break that law and get their gun.

>Require submission of fingerprints and DNA to the FBI

What the fuck is this going to do? Most people murderers already have been arrested before so the government already has their prints and DNA on file?

>Undergo yearly refresher trainings on the use of these firearms.

Only ~600 people die from accidental gun deaths per year while ~40,000 people die from traffic fatalities per year, yet no one is proposing measures like this for driving.

>bump stocks,

For only one crime a bump stock has been used in? Also Trump did it. The fuck is Yang going to do? Double ban it?

> suppressors

That number is an increase of nearly 400,000 registered silencers since the same time last year, when ATF records indicated there were 902,805 silencers in the country.

The ATF confirmed that silencers are rarely used in crimes despite their explosion in popularity. The agency has only recommended prosecutions for 44 silencer-related crimes per year over the past decade. That means roughly .003 percent of silencers are used in crimes each year. Of those 44 crimes per year, only 6 involved defendants with prior felony convictions.

In an internal memo leaked to the Washington Post last week, ATF Associate Deputy Director Ronald Turk argued that silencers should be deregulated due to the low rate at which they are used in crimes. Currently silencers are regulated by the restrictive National Firearms Act, which also regulates machine guns.


I'm not even a fundamental believer in firearm ownership, (Marx's "Under no pretext should arms and ammunition be surrendered; any attempt to disarm the workers must be frustrated, by force if necessary" not withstanding.) But I don't believe in half measures. Either America would need to do a nation wide sweep on all firearms and go full prohibition.


So from what I understand…if Yang gets elected Federal Buildings are gonna be blown up because being a neoliberal giving out welfare checks to keep Capitalism going is Communism.




Surprisingly enough, there are a good amount of anons on /pol/ who are actually receptive to Yang simply due to the free $1,000. Like, free money into hand no strings attached was all it took.



File: cfffa512bfce2af⋯.png (41.07 KB, 1321x147, 1321:147, ClipboardImage.png)


lmao look at this faggot boomer writing war and peace



Finally, you can literally buy votes.



i dont like to reading but if the memes are anything to go by that yang guy is pretty cool



Seriously you will be disappointed in either Trump or Sanders or whatever all their policies will be shit they wont change anything and you will still get woke clownwolrd imperialism and gradual reduction in living standards. You will get the same with Yang but with a 1000$


Yang is a Ron Paul-like guru who isn't going to become president so it doesn't really matter.


I feel like this Yang dude is riding a wave of imageboard shill funds. I never even heard of this guy until like two days ago when he was suddenly everywhere on the political boards. I’ve yet to hear his name mentioned anywhere in the news or see anything about him ANYWHERE else




He was on Joe Rogan weeks ago its watched by like 20 million people.

Also implying that fucking Flormpf was electable. Implying anyone like Bernie with no charisma and vague ass promises. Most people will vote for free shit


File: 6d8f690911bf8a6⋯.jpg (72.95 KB, 906x619, 906:619, 1552058401584-1351603619.jpg)

Burger politics is getting hilarious


Coordinated protrump proisrael raid occuring on 4/pol/ btw

Estimate around 400-500 participants




Joe Rogan decides who gets on his program. I don't see how that is proof of popularity.



>Some random guy named Yang on The Joelolbert Rogan has enough Charisma to destroy the 2 party system paradigm in U.S.A.

Wed lad.. This is a joke right?



>protrump isn't inherently proisrael

There has been a pro Israel raid on 4/pol/ of about 5000 participants since 2015.. I mean pro Trump. Well same thing, bunch of evangelicals trying to immanetize the revelations eschaton.


File: 4c9e1a773c740fb⋯.png (634.57 KB, 720x952, 90:119, Screenshot_20190308-172539.png)


>1000 whole entire dollars

WOW! That's like a years pay for most right wing prole theoretician!

American leftist prole theoreticians tend to be well educated PhD and Master graduates in a higher pay bracket who are keenly more aware of capitalist exploitation. Right wing theoreticians tend to have an education in Fox News, Church indoctrination or childhood abuse from their patriarchy obsessed fathers who are overcompensating for repressed homosexuality (refer to the film American Beauty). They aren't worried about billionaire plutocrats and genocidal multinational corporations cucking them at all, but white babies being aborted and going to hell before being saved turns them into shrieking autistics.



1000 a month retard


So Yang's gonna do what, snap his fingers and give everyone a thousand bucks? The way this is being sold is he'll do it because he understands "math" and "tech." Again, it's guru politics. Not interested. Get back to me when you have an actual movement going.


File: 36887b0e8e6446d⋯.jpg (269.65 KB, 800x800, 1:1, yangd.jpg)


porkies have never been this cool!





File: 408e982e101a479⋯.jpg (74.69 KB, 719x904, 719:904, D1K_75eWoAAznxm.jpg:large.jpg)


File: 0a69a1638b6a501⋯.jpg (64.95 KB, 1200x737, 1200:737, meghan-mccain.jpg)

Meghan McCain Tears Up After Heated Anti-Semitism Debate: Ilhan Omar’s Comments Are ‘Very Scary’



Hey americhodes, reel your countrymen in when they make a thread that belongs here, thanks.


File: f8b0b788e2eb7a7⋯.jpg (140.09 KB, 489x421, 489:421, 1552082817880-10143728.jpg)


That's normal background noise

This coordinated raid is amusing

[pic related] keeps getting deleted off 4/pol/


File: 2c85e813870a1d3⋯.gif (392.02 KB, 480x270, 16:9, 1510234964_shelooksbetterw….gif)


> shilling against the free money

What the FUCK man? Please support this. Please I honestly give no fuck do whatever the fuck you want take the fucking guns open the borders I give no fuck just give me the fucking cheque



The fear of the boomer death cult is palpable





File: c0ea9ce6f6a05dc⋯.png (906.41 KB, 600x604, 150:151, blessedarethemeek.png)




In a perfect world Americans wouldn't fall for a 2 party system, and would vote 3rd party. But not for some 3rd party porky entrepreneur named Yang, but rather voting to subvert capitalist bourgeoisie democracy and installing a modern working class Lenin who isn't a porky entrepreneur. Someone willing to destroy the free press, arm the proletariat and throw porky entrepreneurs in the gulag.

We don't live in that world. People like Andrew Yang could do real good for their cause running for senate where they actually legislate, but instead they do the whole I ran for President before thing. All Andrew Yang is likely to accomplish is siphoning votes off Backstabbin' Bernie or whoever Democrats run while helping the world enjoy 4 more years of Trump and America to ensure an arch conservative 50 year reign on SCOTUS and federal judgeships. Maybe it will create a revolutionary environment in the U.S., but knowing America it'll just end up leading to legalizing more CIA torture and extreme rendition of random innocent saps, poisoning your environment where ever you live, changing America's constitution to be permanently right wing as fuck and screwing over the working class. Meanwhile we'll end up blaming our misery on Venezuela or Russia. I'm sure that as we speak /pol/, in their infinite wisdom, are planning a nice little astroturfing campaign for Yang to help their Christian defender of the white race Donald Trump win so they can immanentize the Christian eschaton and summon Jesus to save the pure of heart white evangelicals and crush the philistine ms-13s.

Hopefully, actual leftists come up with an actual game plan to organize using actual leftist leaders to stop this made for T.V. movie about a capitalist apocalypse.


File: 06bdf7e492c2f53⋯.jpg (140.46 KB, 980x551, 980:551, 5c82dbeafc7e93aa2e8b4646.jpg)

File: 9b1b9ca6990fecb⋯.jpg (169.88 KB, 1348x846, 674:423, D1Ir0X-WkAA963I.jpg)





File: 33b99244e86a174⋯.jpg (109.99 KB, 750x742, 375:371, shut-the-fuck-5ba00e.jpg)



See >>2833384

also unanchor that thread BV



welp that's sad i guess she can't run for shit actually



I doubt it. She's to progressive for the US and all the accusations of anti semitism will definitely keep her down.



She'll get the full Corbyn.


>Omar winning a presidential

>Yang winning a presidential

America is the heart of global imperialist capitalism. Do people actually believe that anything left of Biden is going to win a national election in America? Maybe, if porky is truly terrified they will let Bernie win and live for 4 years.

Democratic Socialists need to focus on the Senate anyways. That's where the real action happens.

Communists need to organize more OWS protests and leftist militias.



Omar is ten times better than AOC yet the latter gets all of the praise. Sad. This take balls, especially right after the backlash for her anti-Zionist / Israel lobby remarks.



>America is the heart of global imperialist capitalism. Do people actually believe that anything left of Biden is going to win a national election in America?

Attlee managed it just fine when the UK was the heart of global imperialist capitalism.



The Attlee revolution went well… I mean years later they elected full blown communists like Margaret Thatcher. Not to mention that was before porky finely honed it's internet propaganda techniques and developed a right wing news system that would wipe it's ass with Der Angriff.



The point i was making that you seem to be dodging is that capitalism/imperialism doesn't care if someone on the left gets a turn. The rest of the world shows this.



>Using Maggie as an example

Yeah tbh nothing happened in those four decades that lead to the end of the FUCKING BRITISH EMPIRE or anything.



She can't run you dolt: she was born in Somalia.



Ted was from Canada and ran for President



He was a natural born citizen, Omar is not.






Attlee carpet bombed Malaya with Agent Orange, sent warships to Iran when they nationalised their oil, oversaw the ethnic cleansing of 400,000 Palestinians, partitioned India resulting in millions of deaths & waged war on Korea with the US.


File: e81f0ce21066e17⋯.png (100.4 KB, 390x323, 390:323, D0wBw4-X4AEFx2q.png:large.png)

File: 408e982e101a479⋯.jpg (74.69 KB, 719x904, 719:904, D1K_75eWoAAznxm.jpg:large.jpg)



True left doesn't exist in America, she's still ok and preferable



>End of the British Empire

Britain just slowly absorbed into America after the Yalta conference. It's a vassal who has right wing Theresa May running the show and then Jeremy Corbyn who get's cock blocked at every turn. American plutocrats dedicated to protecting international capital practically dictate Britain's elections. They'll throw lefties a bone once in awhile to keep them placid. Capitalism is captilism. If you leave the door open to capitalism just an inch it will eventually burst through like the Kool Aid man. America elected for the New Deal and 70% tax rates on the wealthy in the 1940s, and now look at them.. They got mass shooters killing people because people make fun of their retarded President. A President who is basically the best thing that's ever happened for American feudalism and post scarcity climate change death cults despite his intellectual disability.



Yes. We know. That he was an acceptable leader for an imperialist country whilst being part of the left was entirely the point… Do try to keep up.



>True left doesn't exist in America, Hillary's still ok and preferable to DRUMPH




didn't said hillary, Omar hates Israel at least



Now I'm a bit disappointed. Even despite this she's still based as far as of US government officials go



If you're with Omar, you're with Hillary. Just embrace your inner donkey.

>Omar hates Israel at least

>Says Israel has a right to exist

some hatred



Why do you do this shit? Would you try to seek out the "most progressive" member of the NSDAP and talk about how based they are? Actually… I think you would.



>Everyone that prefers Trump doesn't win in 2020 wants Hillary to run again

I don't want Trump to win again. He's too popular with the proles, but a shill for billionaires and Israel. Not to mention an arch neocon in practice. I would prefer someone who didn't command undying loyalty from the proles needed for revolutionary change.




>V- v- vote Dem guise, we really need it!



>Progressive Democrats are LIDDERULEE NAZIS

Anyone drawing attention the plight of Palestinians and the Israel lobby is good in my book. Doesn't mean I'd vote for them or believe they have the power to accomplish shit within the bourgeois state






>If you want to see something besides Trump 2020 you're with Hillary

Get a grip. People can root for that Trump to lose to a black hijab wearing Muslim DemSoc woman. It would be lovely to watch the AIPAC lobbyists astroturfing boomers in /pol/ lose their shit.



lmao just do nothing even though one is markedly LESS crypto-fash than the other



>Anyone who doesn't want Trump to win in 2020 is secretly a liberal who wants you to vote for Hillary

Not what I'm saying. You're just framing it that way. I'm saying I don't want Trump to win in 2020. He is too popular and stifles socialist potential with the proles the are needed. That's not a suggestion to vote DemSoc or anyone for that matter. Do what though wilt.



>Do what though wilt









lmao, the ☭TANKIE☭s said this would happen. Libs went through their "socialist" phase after Trump got elected and they're already lining up to vote Dem once again. You are shitsucking liberals.



Nigger if there was a radical candidate i would shill the fuck out of him, we must be realistic, again, who do you propose? and i wasn't a fucking liberal before coming here, i was an enlightened centrist who didn't give a shit about politics.



> I'm saying I don't want Trump to win in 2020.

It depends on who the Democrat is, don't you think? Look at what Trump has actually done:

1. Fucked up NAFTA

2. Pulled America out of the TPP

3. Pissed off Mexico so much they elected AMLO

4. Failed to overthrow Maduro

5. Let DPRK get more nukes

6. Get the EU to turn on Saudi Arabia

7. Lost to China in the trade war

8. Gave up on Syria

9. Piss off libs so much that they turned socialist

10. Tarnish the Presidential office's reputation irreparably

11. Get an alcoholic nominated to the Supreme Court

12. Shut down the government


There's no doubt that Trump is more brutal than the average Democrat, but he's so retarded that he can't actually implement his brutality effectively.


File: bf85ec78f7f2f47⋯.jpg (34.42 KB, 750x437, 750:437, Idiocracy_c75-0-640-330_s8….jpg)

The best possible outcome of an American election would be an incompetent hardcore right wing muslim black woman running for the Republican party, and right wing democrats. That would be the breeding ground for communism… Not wanting an incompetent billionaire who has proven his neoconservative credentials and command of a cult like loyalty from white working class proles (we need those proles) a man that has fundamentally altered the political makeup of the Republican Congress into incompetent screeching autistics who are projecting a reality so skewed they might as well be playing Dungeons and Dragons… not wanting a guy who suddenly has childhood prole friends getting heated trying to explain how raking forests to prevent fires and that it was cold today so climate change is fake… Not wanting that guy to be President is a pretty natural position for a leftist.

So if he gets pwned by some DemSoc who is less imperialistic, and can stymie the inevitable evolution of the American boomer war-machine death cult with sophisticated nuclear abilities for just a few years then that's cool with me.

Is a DemSoc presidential win what I suggest communists spend their energy in activism over the next 2 years fighting for… No. I suggest organizing unions, protests, community projects, communist networks and instilling class conciousness amongst people.



He has his up sides but is unpopular with all the wrong people, and commands loyalty with the people we need. We need the militia types and white working class and not the pc cosmopolitans if we're to have any hope. The people embracing socialism right now are offputting.. People worrying about transgender and sex worker rights is not what serious socialist movement needs.



Trump's mostly popular with middle class workers retirees, and small business owners. The actual working class doesn't really give a shit about politics.



Every childhood white working class prole friend I have who grew up in rural areas is absolutely obsessed with him. Almost every militia is obsessed with him. Without militia and rural white working class support a communist America is impossible.



>we must be realistic

Realistically speaking, you should not fucking support these bloodthirsty fascists and imperialists.

>and i wasn't a fucking liberal before coming here, i was an enlightened centrist

a liberal



> Trump did this

I fucking doubt it he's too retarded to achieve any of those results he is extremely cowardly and narcisstic and wanted a more hardcore policy of bombing Syria and assassinating Assad he wanted to use force to intimidate North Korea and push them to the brink of war and every single time he was reigned in by the more pragmatic neo-cons and generals like Mattis who had to explain to him that he had a small brain. I'm sure he wants to invade Venezuela to look bad-ass and like a big boy to impress his deranged hooting swine followers but the pragmatically evil John Bolton's and Ellitot Abrams' of the world are the ones pulling him back from it. All of the shit you listed is a general result of the entire system starting to fuck up and make more and more mistakes that begin to pile on.



You'll never win over the militias unless you go full Asserite. They're literally blood and soil fascists dude.

You're better off building new leftists militias with groups like the Socialist Rifle Association



>I fucking doubt it he's too retarded to achieve any of those results

No, that's my point. He achieved these results BECAUSE he's retarded. He's a brutal and evil leader, but he's so fucking stupid that he can't actually do any of the brutal and evil things he wants to do.



We need rural white support for the militias regardless. That is a requirement. With no rural white support the militia is as toothless as a slug.



The US itself has become imperially overstretched with fucking incompetent morons running shit in the entire bureaucracy bent on backstabbing one another and getting ahead Trumpdid accelerate this to an extent however shit is already too fucked up. In actuality Trump is basically a retard just like Bush ws only the US was in a much stronger position under Bush and they went wild on the Middle East and fucked everything up they can't afford to fuck even more shit up they don't have the resources the political capital or the trust of their allies. Trump himself very much would like to be seen as the big boy bad ass respected leader of a superpower and get the likes of Xi and Putin to respect and fear him but in reality he's a clown who get's owned by North Korea. It's gonna be fucking kino next year when the Norks resume testing and start lobbing missiles into the pacific during Trump's re-election campaign



SRA is a cop org. All the right wing militias are cop orgs too, the difference being that the cops are on their side.



>They're literally blood and soil fascists

I suspect that's by design to prevent an American Che Guevara. The CIA probably had a hand in shaping American militia ideologies. Other country's rural militias tend to be left wing unless they're CIA funded right wing paramilitaries.


I worry that Duginism is America's only viable pathway to communism.



read engels you twits

americunts ain't the vc



>read X

>doesn’t provide which work

These meme needs to end



>americunts ain't the vc

shudup!! the more that die the better!


judging by chan/2's /pol/ I somehow assumed this board was going to be pure Yang


>So Yang's gonna do what, snap his fingers and give everyone a thousand bucks?

have you tried reading his website?



that meme accounts for half of the "discourse" on this site



>I somehow assumed this board was going to be pure Yang

The day /leftypol/ starts shilling for a UBI goon who wants to provide America with a “humane capitalism” is the day I leave 8chan forever



>all it takes to make NK 'tards leave.

doo it burgerfriends. do it.



>have you tried reading his website?

lmao no you nerd



>americunts ain't the vc

No America is actually the villains of the story, and it's urban class cosmopolitans have been proven to provide absolutely worthless resistance to America distributing public funds to private interests, borrowing against their future to give massive subsidies to create low paying jobs, robbing Americans of their retirement funds to stimulate bourgeoisie profits and an arrogantly hostile foreign policy mission dedicated to protecting global international capitalist interests that has been known to kidnap foreign citizens with impunity and extreme rendition and transfer to be sodomized and tortured for years without habeas corpus at CIA black sitea the Salt Pits. The urbanites are the best at creating tiki bars to club at, organizing super smash bros competitions and have successfully brought non binary transgenders into pc culture.


File: 8f98aebe17e8731⋯.jpeg (521.9 KB, 2000x2440, 50:61, 1EB3977D-C112-4539-BCE8-2….jpeg)


Even if I leave, the immortal Juche idea will remain. It’s already spreading without my repeated Juche posting.



I second that motion. I have nothing to offer to someone who believes in fairytales like "humane capitalism".



I warned you guys about urbanites but as usual no one listened.




a bunch of autistic teenagers that probably use discord are exactly the kind of people NKorea needs!! I'd watch this spectacle.



Not to mention that UBI is quite literally throwing crumbs to “superfluous” (in the mind of the capitalist) workers, creating a passive consumer base. The wealth disparity will continue to grow and grow. If any sort of UBI or negative income tax scheme did ever get pasted I bet it wouldn’t take long before Malthusian porkies start crawling out of the woodwork and yelling about “idlers” and “overpopulation”. Leftists should fight UBI at all costs, it’s the most abject dependence on capital possible




it's still good advice. if you read like the top 5 Engels books you'll probably realize what he was talking about and learn a bunch of other important stuff too.



The urbanites are literally cheering the FBI on to stop Trump, and the CIA to stick it to Putin. Let's do a comparison…

RURAL ACTIVISTS: 100 Tea Party activists successfully changed the makeup of American conservative politics which has led to a Trump presidency and cult like Glenn Beck clones. Dismantled Obamacare, filled the SCOTUS, gerrymandered gauranteed majorities, created forced sequestration, gotten Joe Arapio pardoned, filled the federal courts, destroyed a popular vote in Michigan referendum for higher minimum wage while making any future referendums impossible through restrictions… The list goes on. They fucked shit up like Bosses.

URBAN ACTIVISTS: Millions of urbanites have successfullyormalized nonbinary transgender identities, and gotten AOC/Omar elected who haven't passed any legislation and make great spooks for the right wing.

Rural support is more important than urbsn support in America, despite traditional ML wisdom. Change my mind.



Read Mao On Practice

Practice > Theory



>billionaire backed astroturf accomplishes more than actual grassroots activism




That is a good argument


Yang getting Trumptards to think even slightly outside the box is a good thing, for now. It's a small chink of light.



Anyone who doesn't think Trump was a forced meme is deluding themselves.

Most of these idiots are



Agreed, even if they're just doing it to subvert DemSocs they learn something.


/pol/ usually:


/pol/ now:


Daily reminder that /pol/ has no beliefs except for what is most ridiculous and meme-worthy


File: fdbfa8562ffc433⋯.png (539.86 KB, 717x880, 717:880, Screenshot_20190309-011108.png)


Israeli political social media intelligence firms have worked with Rupert Murdoch to force the Trump meme in every corner of the internet. These Mossad motherfuckers have actually astroturfed to expand White Supremacist groups all to get a shill to legitimize a Jerusalem embassy, fuck Iran, rubberstamp snipers killing babies and defend their war crimes in the U.N. It's absolutely disgusting how badly they duped /pol/ and evaded public scrutiny.




Between AIPAC and PsyGroup they are working hard to force meme their creatures of choice, and any criticism of it is met with a masssive media campaign of antisemitic accusations.



More about UBI: the big privatization threat

UBI advocates are saying they can just DISMANTLE WELFARE, healthcare, social security, etc. and just move all the money to UBI. This means PRIVATIZATION of those services. EVEN IF the workers received the full value going to those services in the switch, they would quickly get leached dry by the privatized services that are more expensive due to being less centralized and subject to fewer standards/restrictions (more rent seeking).

Yang says the same thing, but that it's a "choice" to move from the existing support structures to UBI.

Here's the problem: say half of the people on existing social support switch over. That will cripple the social support systems, making more people want to switch, until it's totally privatized. So from a plain value standpoint, the UBI is borderline irrelevant. A $15 min wage would be better for employed workers, but not as nice for unemployed. But from a broader understanding of the state and privatization, UBI is very bad. The only people it looks even slightly good for are failsons.


thread got bumplocked


Elizabeth Warren is going to break up big tech companies





Ok. I practiced by looking up militias to join, and it turned out they were all run by cops. This informed my theory that I am better off reading theory and learning useful stuff (secondhand experiences, which Mao says are good) than I am joining a militia. I also joined the opportunist organizations and realized, through the results of their practice, that they are a trap to prevent people from becoming communist and waste their time (also run by cops). Therefore, my practice is to get good skills, money, and knowledge so I can be a more useful person to the worker's movement when there are better revolutionary conditions.



They're just Ben Garrisoning him though. They put on their ideology glasses and now they are memeing him as some kind of white supremacist who only wants to give money to white people. As well, if they change ideology so fast, then their underlying diseased thinking has not been addressed, as they are simply being unserious and delusional.



Okay, that's fair. I just meant in general for agrarian style activism versus urban as opposed to traditional ML wisdom which prioritizes the city prole activities.


Has a good argument about why it seems in practice that rural activism is more effective. Basically, it's astroturfed billionaire funded.

I could be wrong, and this was not me intending to say don't do theory. Theory is essential, and there is a lot to study. Practice is just more important so that theory can be actualized. It breaks my heart that there isn't a strong leftist militia in either rural or urban environments.


File: b0f180d2b89605b⋯.gif (323.51 KB, 208x240, 13:15, b0f180d2b89605bb75896ba5ab….gif)

I don't believe in humane capitalism, but after careful thought the Yang 2020 meme is making me kek. It's making me kek a lot. I dare say it's in the same tier as WOFL Dude with much more staying potential.


File: 17544995bb2572c⋯.png (51.65 KB, 592x283, 592:283, D1MvZblW0AA_Jj8.png:large.png)

Black Spies of America at it again



I absolutely guarantee that Twitter is run by a bunch of rich kids.




It's a blue checkmark.



>let's go for the ironic anarcho anime catgirl trap deconstruction slut cuck demographic




By who lmao

Do these retards think that Eastern Europe is communist?


Yang getting elected on his >Muh thousand dollar's would pretty much complete the US's transition to some "Most Serene Republic" Venetian bullshit where you literally just buy votes / the election with however much money you have



>Okay, that's fair. I just meant in general for agrarian style activism versus urban as opposed to traditional ML wisdom which prioritizes the city prole activities.

The reason ML's prioritize the city is because rural proles own property: houses, cars, tools, ect. They're petty bourgeois. You can try to make an arbitrary distinction between "personal property" and "private property", but in practice the very act of owning property of ANY KIND leads to reactionary politics. This is especially true in first-world nations, where rural communities are subsidized and property values are greatly inflated. Urban proles, on the other hand, are actually propertiless: they rent their home, they don't own cars, and they don't own tools. How do you overcome this?



That's the best I've heard that explained. American politics is starting to make more sense. I (thought I?) read somewhere that the reasoning had to do with proximity to the means of production and the population density of proletariat (non land owning sense). I didn't think of the inverse! That rural folk tend to own land, are pretty damn bourgeoisie and have a vested interest against socialism. I had some suspicions as to why rural folk would support communism if so many owned tiny plots of land, but then I looked at Mao and saw his success. So how were Fidel and Che so successful as rural guerrillas? I mean Batista was incompetent, but was definitely a defender of the bourgeoisie. I guess why would you seperate the Vietnam, China and Cuba as different conditions? They may be considered 3rd world, but there must be a better explanation as to why their agrarians were supportive of communism.



>They're literally blood and soil fascists dude.

Someone has spent to much time on 8/k/ most of the Othkeepers and three percenters are civic nationalists.


>SRA is a cop org.



>muh urbanites

80% of America is Urban, and leftists have to work with what we got, not what we want.


UBI won’t solve capitalism. But it won’t reduce revolutionary poetical or make capitalism worse. All it’ll do is make my life a bit easier.


Yang hasn’t advocated for privatization. He’s advocated replacing some welfare with UBI, which would lead to more cash in the hands of people and removal of the strings attached to the money that Clinton’s right-wing reformed welfare has.


File: 5a2478012ed93d0⋯.mp4 (8.48 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, YangAntiMarket.mp4)



Former /pol/ here. I'm done with Zion Don, and Andrew Yang is my new best friend! I want 1000 dollars!



It's pretty epic how you stormnigs are so willing to sell out on all your "blood and soil" and hand the US over to the Chinese for a fucking plate of tendies



>Zion Don

i assume this is trump, how long did he had this nickname?


File: 5280de2ee6aeb8f⋯.jpg (35 KB, 680x487, 680:487, ac6.jpg)

File: 3b29ca350031923⋯.jpg (84.24 KB, 474x641, 474:641, nangbangyanggang.jpg)


based /pol/ack




so he is basically saying that cappies will stop hiring humans because ai is better and they will monopolize and keep everything to themselves and basically leave food to rot in warehouses while people die of hunger because of muh marget and basig egonomigs.

Or cappies would completely abandon the food industry because it is not profitable and will see a big de-urbanization movement were most of the people move back to countrysides and work as pre-industrial-revolution style farmers except with the advantages of modern knowledge. maybe form independent communes??

maybe i am just reaching too far


File: 865beb36da08a1e⋯.jpg (162.07 KB, 1112x482, 556:241, virginreformist.jpg)




Fuck off, Yang-shilling Trot, you’re in every thread




These guys are like the Jacob Wohls of the left w/ the grift. "I overheard in an Eastern Europe coffeeshop that the BSA were right to condemn Stalin."


I'm not an expert on any of those countries obviously (at all) but it's my understanding in both Cuba and Vietnam's case, rural peasants often worked in near-feudal-like conditions for large landholders. The largest land owner in South Vietnam was the Catholic Church, which a lot of people don't remember, while the majority of the population was Buddhist (and sympathetic to the communists). Priests even had their own private militias and would sack Buddhist villages.


Yang sounds like a vulgar/pseudo Marxist here. Interesting.



>Yang sounds like a vulgar/pseudo Marxist here. Interesting.

He understands that capitalism can’t continue, but he’s so high on ideology that he can’t comprehend how life can exist without it. Which is why he support’s UBI.


>Trump labels Ann Coulter "Crazy wack job" over immigration policy criticism

I love how he has betrayed literally everyone who voted for him but the cognitive dissonance still just refuses to kick in


File: ed6e346556f7b6e⋯.png (93.73 KB, 634x520, 317:260, YangAnti-Imperalist.png)



Any Marxist would recognize this tweet as a naked apology for expansionism at a glance. If any only country made "mistakes" on the scale of ruining tens of millions of lives it would be seen as totally unforgivable and warranting regime change.



That's pretty lukewarm compared to some of the tougher stuff sanders has been saying about foreign policy recently. Who the fuck even is this yang guy?



since he got his face imprinted on a shekel


File: 96d4b3c422f9c13⋯.jpeg (537.2 KB, 4096x4096, 1:1, received_352736085339754.jpeg)


Yang Gang Confirmed!


File: 68227afad8d46f5⋯.jpg (49.37 KB, 682x366, 341:183, 1552179246996.jpg)


do you think we can get Yang to talk about reducing working hours


File: b18cc8fbdc775a1⋯.png (414.75 KB, 1743x1062, 581:354, conspiracies.png)


Yes, we could.

We should also introduce him to Cockshott and CyberSocialism.

Five year plan linear programming:


Chilean Cyber-Socialism attempt (dismantled by Penishit)


Business economics


Material Balance Planning:


Soviet Russian "Internet" built to help run the economy, lost funding:


All gleaned from Wikipedia. This is super accessible shit.


Yang simply doesn't have the perception being charismatic unlike Trump, who is able to fool idiots into thinking he is charming when he's actually not.

So basically /pol/ will always be Trump loyalists.



Andrew Yang is going to give 1000 dollars. That's more charming than a useless fucking wall. I mean the wall is for his donors to make money off of tax dollars, and that's all it will do. 1000 dollars for white people will dramatically improve white people's quality of life.


yang is accidentally a crypto marxist


File: f8c8c79ecd5c52c⋯.jpg (32.94 KB, 540x720, 3:4, wew lad.jpg)


>we got pm's from kulaks thanking us about tweeting that Stalin gulag'd their families seven times t. CIA


File: 3d0192af0675abe⋯.png (44.54 KB, 519x497, 519:497, ClipboardImage.png)

us election betting odds

who /all in/ yang here?



i want to tell y'all niggas who said there was no way biden would be popular enough to be front runner, suck my nuts

On a more serious note, Sanders is trailing pretty close. I think he actually has a decent chance if we don't consider DNC backstabbery and psyops in the picture.



Joe "Where the lil kids hidin'?" Biden


File: 1fd6bef63b55b65⋯.png (237.26 KB, 603x931, 603:931, 1fd6bef63b55b65160322ab6ff….png)

Memes aside, everyone realizes this is just a porky con-job, right?



Joe "Grab some Flab" Biden. Joe "Kids Skids" Biden. Joe "It's hebephilia, not pedophilia" Biden. Joe "Defile a Child" Biden.


File: 84ee571983afabd⋯.jpg (53.98 KB, 500x773, 500:773, 4pt500.jpg)


>Yang is anti-fascism and anti capitalism or socialism


File: e3172e44d3dfcbb⋯.png (170.13 KB, 586x644, 293:322, 02240634554867d50ce3494fbb….png)


He bought into the radical centrist meme




kill me now please.


File: 8dbad4c1db6871e⋯.jpg (83.94 KB, 466x700, 233:350, ffe085333b1bfecbfdb925531b….jpg)


Eurasianism is centrist, it merely levitates over the political compass, all while suspended by the will of the arcane NazBol gods


File: c5fbdbbc6c70bbb⋯.jpg (409.92 KB, 2048x1916, 512:479, DwrfOCGX4AAna6a.jpg)

How about a Yang/Gabbard ticket?


Bernard ZOG Occupied Governmentners has stayed quiet on the Venezuelan sanctions while Yang has spoken out against the sanctions and supports Venezuela's "self-determination."




yang seems weirdly based on a lot of things, like he was just a random guy /pol/ picked from nowhere and he turned out to be quite unique, still a capitalist with a happy face tho.



That's not even his twitter.



Mind you all those "based" bits about him could potentially disappear in an instant upon being elected. If he became President there will be a thousand voices whispering in his ear every day about how invading Venezuela is necessary for our survival/national interests or whatever. It would be the easiest thing in the world to cave in to the pressure and reverse his positions.

I'm starting to think he might be slightly less harmful than Sanders now though. But it's hard to objectively assess the situation because I think Sanders is just annoying as hell, personally.


File: 64139714ec4339d⋯.jpg (65.05 KB, 411x600, 137:200, Poster_No_Eat_The_Rich.jpg)


>The goal should be free and fair elections-


He's shit.



Compared to Bernie?



In general.



He retweeted it



If he isn't a complete moron he'd purge the place of warmongers and psychopaths, and get people who won't fuck his agenda up.





He's an ""entrepreneur"".

He won't be purging anyone.


even though yang is a filthy succdem reformist, we should unironically support the yang gang because it is non-bourgoise people voting for their own naked economic self interest

Yang will give millions a taste of class politics, and they could perhaps be radicalized after he gets BTFOed by the corporate media and DNC



I doubt he has any popularity outside of 4/pol/



same shit he'll just call it "restructuring"


File: 6563bdf8667a75f⋯.mp4 (6.74 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 6CqxC7c-QZp_uoCt.mp4)


This is my thinking tbh.



I don't think someone who worked with Obama is going to restructure much other than the curtains



>Yang will give millions a taste of class politics

No he won't.

His point about UBI is that it should go to everyone regardless of whether they are rich or not.

If he was actually pushing class politics, it would target the poor specifically.



he's polling at like 1% in a very deep field, but I think he could possibly blow up and get huge after the debates

He will likely be the only non-establishment candidate on the DNC debate stage

He is running a Trumpian campaign (get tons of free media exposure, have a whacky, populist platform that you repeat endlessly)


File: dcbce0a630d532b⋯.mp4 (9.79 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Sy6xBC-n6XzwFIoz.mp4)


Not everyone has zero learning curve.



the fuck?



It isn't like he's ashamed of it.

He brings it up all the time like it's a point of pride.

I'm sure that makes old guard dems very happy.



He can't do what Trump did, because he's not offensive. To actually have a Trump-style campaign you need to really piss people off so they dogpile on you.


File: ccf24a759ab47c0⋯.mp4 (10.25 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, aItI6d86_kM36x6P.mp4)


If you want to win you have to play the game.



but he's going to pay for the tax by yeeting the wealthy


perhaps rabid populism will be enough

by the time they were dog piling trump it was already too late



He's more useful for getting people talking about the ideas he's espousing than actually ever implementing them.

UBI is a good starting point for talking about social distribution of wealth and why capitalism would ruin it.



The game of what?

Biggest ruling class pigeon.

I doubt he'd even touch Elliot Abrams.

No, chances are you'd get more Zuckerber/Musk tier silicon valley technocrat liberals who also worked with Obama to some extent.



They were dog piling Trump the moment he declared he was running for President. He entered the race a famous person, and then just became more and more famous as the media targeted him almost exclusively while ignoring the rest of the field (because they were boring).

But Yang doesn't have that. No one really hates him, in fact most people don't even know who he is. He's not really interesting or entertaining or funny the way Trump is, and he doesn't seem like he wants to piss people off.

He's a dud.



>yeeting the wealthy

It's not even skin off their nose.

You had Bill Gates proposing the same thing.


There's a reason this is being pushed by capitalist, and it's because they realize it actually protects them as a class in the long run, while framing them as benevolent. His whole point is to "heal the divide" and other liberal nonsense.

I guarantee if Yang is elected, class consciousness will take a nose dive.



> I-I dont want the free money! It lowers class conciousness!

Ok then I suppose you wont be shilling or supporting any other shitty socdem candidate with their shitty class conciousness lowering government gib initiative.



fucking yang gang is here to stay isn't it



>shitty class conciousness lowering

Yeah, key words here.

Anyone who is purely class collaborationist should automatically get the ax, versus someone who wants people to keep in mind that capitalism is the root cause of the problems in the first place.



>It's not even skin off their nose.

>I guarantee if Yang is elected, class consciousness will take a nose dive

you misunderstand

the reason to meme jihad for yang is not for the gibs

it is so that millions of people will bear witness to the dictatorship of capital not allowing them to have gibs, even as capitalism melts down before their very eyes


File: c82c0c1a8684df1⋯.jpg (22.6 KB, 640x360, 16:9, D1a40t1W0AAARkf.jpg)

Trump calls for cutting National Science Foundation funding by $1 billion

>President Trump on Monday called for cutting spending at the National Science Foundation (NSF), the government's top funder of nonmedical research, by about $1 billion.

>The NSF provides about one-quarter of all federal research grants and covers fields such as engineering, mathematics, computer science and social sciences. It also funds the purchase of large-scale scientific equipment.


Meanwhile he's giving away hundreds of billions of dollars to Israel and Saudi Arabia, and $1.5 trillion tax benefits to Google, Walmart, Amazon, Apple, ExxonMobil et al. Is this what /pol/ wanted?



i agree, that very specific thing will happen



All /pol/ wanted was mad libs.




mad libs and a brick through the window

tons of /pol/acks supported trump because they hate the world, hate themselves, hate everyone around them, and want to die in a spectacular and interesting way.


File: 6bfabb21fc235d1⋯.png (207.6 KB, 536x800, 67:100, gs priestess face.png)


>US is cutting support for STEMshit

>Meanwhile Chinese tech and expertise is growing rapidly.



File: 8107cab0284b0f9⋯.mp4 (2.44 MB, 480x360, 4:3, 69_v5eOO2s7Z1Bqp.mp4)

I'll take a break from ragging on Yang to admit the meme shit is pretty funny.

Also ngl if zoomers are gonna be introduced into politics through memes, I'd rather they trend left and then they learn about the inadequacies of his policies that way.

I much prefer this to the MAGA kids turned fash of the last election.


File: 62eb408b7ac98de⋯.jpg (37.41 KB, 640x397, 640:397, D1bbD3NWoAEZxs0.jpg)


their memes are different league


File: 7243860cbfd1d27⋯.png (364.62 KB, 500x608, 125:152, D1byjzPU0AUr3r5.png)


Yang's UBI is going to fuck over people on food stamps and social security isn't it? So fuck 'em.



did you say fuck em



If you haven't seen how many libs have been pushing UBI, you haven't been hitting the streets enough.



fuck yang's gibs.



It's an astroturfing campaign.

I'm positive of it.



File: ab8f96179d4ef6c⋯.jpg (424.8 KB, 800x1100, 8:11, 800px-Emprunt_Russe_500_fr….jpg)

All American government debt is Dengist and neoliberal Boomer treachery that oppresses American coffers and should therefore be defaulted on.


File: efae96fce4c4036⋯.jpg (56.96 KB, 640x671, 640:671, fd2.jpg)

r8 my OC




Politics aside that is really fucked up. State funded research is always more fruitful than private research in the long run.


I didn't know exactly where to post this so here goes:

This Libertarian that I have been arguing with insists that Marx supported the federal reserve (which seems ridiculous given that it is a private bank) and that he supported income tax. I told this individual that I did not know what the fuck he was talking about and then he claimed it was in Capital. As I have only begun to read Capital, I don't know what or where this person is getting their information. Did Marx talk about income tax?



Marx supported the US in the Mexican American war

The American bourgeois were a revolutionary class until the end of reconstruction in 1876



I'm pretty sure Marx supported Income Tax during the '40s, but I don't think he supported the Fed (well, outside the concept of a central bank to begin with, I'm pretty sure that's in Engel's Principles of the Communist Party). But honestly to say that's Marxism is like to say Fascism was the shit Mussolini was writing in the '00s.


>The American bourgeois were a revolutionary class until the end of reconstruction in 1876

This is unironically the dialectical standpoint. Also it should be telling that the US Labor movement started in ernest just after reconstruction.



>Dodging the draft

Legit the only good thing the wankstain did deliberately.




Both of these responses have been greatly informative. Thank you.



if I catch you shilling for your succdem candidate during the primary who is against my free money I will catch you and beat the fuck out of you



Like legit just the Yang Gang memes are quality: probs because for the first time in a long time these autists aren't driven by some non-existent opposition but saying "fuck it gimmie shmoney". It's really refreshing.




You realize UBI offers less assistance than the patchwork of welfare programs, right? America spends a average of $18,369 per person on welfare per year, whereas under UBI it would only spend $12,000 per person. So basically, Yang wants rob the poor to pad the pockets of the middle class. And if you think I'm going to let you take my heating assistance or my medicaid so you can buy mids and video games, you have another thing coming.



Yang said he will keep all the gibs and make more



And maybe he will.

Will the next guy? Or will UBI be used as a pretext to start cutting assistance for the poor?



Even if the next guy wont you still get 48 thousand dollars




A net loss of 25 thousand dollars, if we compare the welfare system to UBI.

I'm not convinced Yang won't cut welfare, by the way. He doesn't give a shit about the poor. He just wants the middle class to have more spending money to grow the economy. If he had to cut welfare to fund UBI, do you think he'd do it? I do.



No he didn't, liar.

His site even says they would "consolidate" wellfare programs to pay for it.


File: 8de59f02de57c56⋯.png (254.19 KB, 511x512, 511:512, jf.png)

Why is alt-right youtube celebrity Jean-Francois Gariépy (who's too swarthy to be considered "Aryan" by the 1935 Nuremberg Laws) so angry about Andrew Yang?



File: 717279f7faaf584⋯.png (33.99 KB, 1197x287, 171:41, Yang is a capitalist scam ….png)


OK, resident astroturfer



Because the aut-right are worried their resident base of NEETs will leave them.


>Tfw when Schumpeter was right about capitalism and the welfare state



That sounds like an almost Marxist analysis.



Any Capitalist who's smart understands Marx instinctively in order to patchwork the system if it falters.


File: 4f3b30bc9840e2c⋯.mp4 (623.05 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Dont ask questions consume.mp4)


>Markets need to consumers to sell things to



I've actually noticed something like that, sometimes I see decidedly Marxist analysis in the pages of bourgeois economic periodicals (the ones for capitalists).


File: f5633505cc464f3⋯.png (6.93 KB, 364x128, 91:32, ne3.png)

>Trump tweeted on the Boeing crashes by talking about how planes are too complex and hard to fly nowdays



Tbh every good socialist should read The Financial Times.



I expect nothing less from the man who said the same thing about the navy and how they should return to steam powered ships or some shit


File: a018139ba871029⋯.png (544.01 KB, 787x804, 787:804, ClipboardImage.png)

>>2836450 (me)

correction. it was steam powered catapults.




It *is* steam powered though. Nuclear Power is literally the nuclear reactors making steam that pushes stuff.



I was pretty surprised myself when I looked up how nuclear power worked. It quite literally is split atoms turning water into steam which then moves a turbine which generates electricity.



Yeah, it is literally splitting atoms to make heat that boils water.


File: 84d8509c02db80a⋯.jpg (183.22 KB, 960x539, 960:539, 1552423162677.jpg)



Literally all forms of power are about turning wheels somehow apart from solar.



Interesting, I did not know that. I missed a lot of school when I was young, so I'm missing a lot of foundational building blocks like that, I simply have never studied those subjects at all. Today you teach me.



people on other forms of assistance can choose yangbucks if they want



So basically most electrical power is about moving a magnet near a coil of wire: which generates an electric current (why I don't know, I'm a linguist Jim not a damn physicist). But yeah, so almost all power (apart from solar and a specific kind of energy harnessed from radioactive decay that is used in long term space craft) relies on this. Waterwheel? Turning a wheel. Wind turbine? Turning a wheel. Coal? Heating up steam to turn a wheel. Hydropower? Letting water flow to turn a wheel. Nuclear power? Using radioactive fission to heat up steam to turn a wheel.



Fascinating. I appreciate the rundown. Basically different approaches to accomplish the same thing.


"Results are in! The NPC advisory poll closed today and Democrat Cops of Americam members are overwhelmingly in favor of a Backstabbin' Bernie endorsement: 76% of participants said Yes, and 24% said No. The NPC will meet March 21st for next steps. Details coming soon"



File: 8a37d3b44d7f6cf⋯.jpg (94.74 KB, 758x692, 379:346, smug45345.jpg)


>not just endorsing but also unironically canvassing for a democratic party candidate

Also word on the street is that the "next steps" involve using Democrat Cops of America funds (to the tune of ~$1 million) to purchase proprietary voter tracking software for fundraising purposes. They are going to get fucked so hard by this election, regardless of the outcome.



Every leftist ought to be ready to spam the living hell out those Biden groping picture. A Biden/Trump election is quite possibly the single worst outcome.



funny, I caught wind of this vote on twitter yesterday and the replies were surprisingly like 95% not in favor of endorsing him. not a good litmus test apparently.


File: 13f92069e3b7f66⋯.png (277.58 KB, 600x850, 12:17, ClipboardImage.png)

>They argue that the EPA encourages states to incorporate state-specific science, and that because West Virginians are heavier, their bodies can handle more pollutants, and that because they drink less water, they are less exposed to the pollutants. They have commissioned a worker to gather that state-specific information.

your daily reminder that this country is a hellscape.




that was the argument from the special interest group which was trying to kill the legislation



yeah but the west virginia DEP is still giving them the time of day despite passing it.

>The joint rule-making review committee agreed to the Manufacturers Association's request. Another legislative committee put the stricter standards back in, but last month, the Senate Judiciary Committee voted to give the Manufacturers Association until October 2019 to gather more state-specific information to present to the DEP, in hopes of altering the proposal and considering the bill during the 2021 legislative session.



Dow Chemical doesn't give a shit.



I'll ship it.


File: 685d9fbe9444fd0⋯.mp4 (12.31 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, da view.mp4)

Meghan McCain, who got into a whole career because of who she’s related to, predictably thinks there's nothing wrong with using family connections to get into college


File: e0fb073276be623⋯.jpg (62.48 KB, 640x684, 160:171, murica.jpg)

Amerilard edumacation system



>Feeling any sort of outrage at this

Of course this shit happens.


In the hypothetical scenario that the communists take over the US for some reason or another, would we replace the American National anthem?



at least you kept a shitty question on the US thread and didn't make another one, the answer is prolly, Russia changed its anthem two times, first it was the internationale and then the official USSR anthem



Yes, with Aftrica by Toto





Dixie. After we fertilize the land and soil with leftist blood.



File: c10479506224fd3⋯.png (733.42 KB, 640x714, 320:357, billyfucker.png)

File: c10479506224fd3⋯.png (733.42 KB, 640x714, 320:357, billyfucker.png)

File: c10479506224fd3⋯.png (733.42 KB, 640x714, 320:357, billyfucker.png)

File: c10479506224fd3⋯.png (733.42 KB, 640x714, 320:357, billyfucker.png)


lol dixie nigger got killed


File: 6a104cb7cdcaa2d⋯.gif (3.2 KB, 368x216, 46:27, us.gif)


The most natural anthem for the Worker's States of America I could imagine would be Solidarity Forever, as another anon pointed out. I'm personally partial to When Johnny Comes Marching Home, but that would be seen as a weird choice and wouldn't happen in reality.



Honestly all american protest songs sound boring as fuck to me, maybe some folk songs from the 60s but the rest sound flat



I think Solidarity Forever honestly could be just as good as the DDR's anthem there's just no renditions of it that are as beautiful on YT. The lyrics are actually even more explicitly socialist too.


File: c5281e1446e51ff⋯.mp4 (7.07 MB, 640x480, 4:3, Old Vet vs Cop.mp4)

File: dd9c0adbc5402bb⋯.mp4 (6.55 MB, 640x360, 16:9, The Yellow Rose Of Texas.mp4)




How does a Yankee pig squeal? Lick the soles of their boots some more you fake revolutionary fags. "The Yellow Rose of Texas" is a good one too.



How was it a shitty question? I just loathe the one that we have right now. Makes watching sportsball a fucking chore to sit through at the beginning.



>talking about changing the anthem of an imperialist country to a more socialist one means you are licking the boots of said country


File: 3ac0162321e98fd⋯.jpg (12.38 KB, 273x184, 273:184, download.jpg)


Taste in music? I'm curious.


I will grow a dick and fuck you



Keeping it the same and changing the lyrics is the biggest Chad move




P-please no…

Also not national anthem material but just posting another song that means a lot to me.




Reminder to memorize socialist songs as you might have to start singing them as the feds come to handcuff you someday, comrades.



>implying America is an Imperialist Nation

>implying Imperialism still exists

>Implying America is a true Nation-State

>implying America isn't simply Israel's lifeline and attack dog for endless proxy wars

>implying ZOG Occupied Government doesn't infiltrate and destroy all Right-Separatist and Left-Radicalist orgs

The only song fit to represent America after a true revolution would be Dixie or some variation there of because they were last ones to take up arms against the filthy corrupt Union that sold out to Israel long ago.



Can we throw League Of The South CIA out?



TIL israel existed at the time the union fucked the confederates right in the ass and then sold it to jews



See this is why I love The Red Flag: "Comes Dungeons Dark or Gallows Grim, this son shall be our parting hymn".



Not outraged, just revealing the lies of American exceptionalists (including many here on /leftypol/) who think America is #1 in everything including education.



I'd vote for "This Land Is Your Land".


File: bf086a3cd88cc2d⋯.png (2.05 MB, 1224x1741, 1224:1741, angry llama.png)


Can we throw Yang "I AM NOT A CHICOM" Gang into a furnace?


Carpetbaggers like yourself who play at leftism always have an excuse. A Confederation of Nation-States is nothing to be sad about for it is a good notion. Also, the recalcitrant Jews were vying for Israel for longer than America has been a sovereign nation. Some say, that America was founded just for the purposes of harboring, empowering, and then creating a platform of World Jewry that could lead to the "seat of power" in an ancient land. Too bad that these days…Jewry is seated in Brussels and London 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧and a few other unmentionables🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧.

You are no better than some fa/tg/uy LARPing with his timetables, figurines, and dicerolls. What revolution could you possibly provide to save America from the slavery of Consumerism lead to Late-Stage Capitalism before we run out of steam and are no longer useful to ZOG Occupied Government? If your aspirations are so noble, then what would you do for them?



holy shit that means jews made two world superpowers, it took them a lil' longer with america but they did it a little faster with jewish bolshevism in the USSR, clever niggas



>Some say, that America was founded just for the purposes of harboring, empowering, and then creating a platform of World Jewry that could lead to the "seat of power" in an ancient land

Some say the right is retarded and any time their cognitive dissonance gets too high they reach for jew boogeyman or something similar



Yang is literally a capitalist dum dum.



This tbh.



Indeed, but are you Jewish? Even if you were…would you accept such an awful thing? You have an oath to country first, then to ethnic, and then to family. None of that is balanced or fair though is it? You should have an oath to all three at once otherwise you're just a subversive that wants to destroy a Nation so that it can pick at the rotten flesh like a buzzard. Nothing should take greater precedence over one's family and ethnic…yet to make a true Nation-State work there must be sacrifices that can and will put you through the wringer. I know it's all rhetorical nonsense in a garbage era like this, but it still holds more than just symbolic importance.


Not much for history eh, anon?


Yang is anything he needs to be for China. All Chinese people only care about China and nothing else. The racism in that fact is what gives them quite an edge, don't you think?



>All Chinese people only care about China and nothing else

Lmao, what? As an ethnic Nepali I'll subvert the U.S people, even though I have no relations outside of skin color.



I love history, but I hate morons



>Chinese people only care about China and nothing else

As a U.S white you only further the 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧isle🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧



>Yang is anything he needs to be for China.

I'd ask for proof, but I'm sure its just "feels".



i'm mexican and not jewy at all but i do want a cute jewish gf, i want to raceplay with her, i want her to call me a dirty spic and i call her a kike, i'm getting rockhard just thinking about it



(me) adding to this i would help her to make her beautiful jewish ethnostate as long as i'm the jew king, the most powerful being in the universe and capable of retracting my nose at will



I'm sure you would. However there are few of you compared to Chinese Nationalists pretending to be students.


Good, then we understand each other.


As is my blood I must defend her despite things going terribly as of late. Hold out until death is really the only choice is it not? There are always a few inklings that can even turn the tide here and there.


After interviewing and listening to many Chinese people in a certain place, I realized after getting a feel for their tonality that they all have the same goal in mind - Subvert, Steal, and Destroy. There is no other reason for them to be in The West other than to steal and ruin. Anybody can see it, but all the pathetic weaklings wont admit the truth.


What, you want to be like all the Mexican Jews I know? Rude and obnoxious. Hurrah for thee.



i just think jewish girls are qt, also stop spreading your stupid bullshit already, jewish boogeyman is not real, we have actual discussion here (compared to /pol/), stop shilling that chink






File: 653db95fbf85637⋯.png (169.82 KB, 678x634, 339:317, Screen Shot 2019-03-13 at ….png)


If America became Communist their would be bigger issues for the new government to deal with. >>2837530

>Yang is anything he needs to be for China. All Chinese people only care about China and nothing else. The racism in that fact is what gives them quite an edge, don't you think?

Isn’t Yang from Tiwan?


File: c8fc66a5f0a72b0⋯.gif (4 MB, 400x300, 4:3, giphy.gif)


> I realized after getting a feel

Like I said, "feels".


File: 7ac016dba727420⋯.jpg (26.16 KB, 313x499, 313:499, 5177ePQDNQL._SX311_BO1,204….jpg)


>As is my blood I must defend her despite things going terribly as of late. Hold out until death is really the only choice is it not? There are always a few inklings that can even turn the tide here and there.

Holy shit I can see the real world ignorant neckbeard tendie guzzler in that grammar.

You really think Jews control everything because you saw some shitty fake pie charts exaggerating numbers of an educated group and don't understand the Jewish religion/culture is based on capital as much as paganism or Christianity (read related pic)

>As is my blood

People form cliques, but how the fuck does your shit end up with people separating, and being bored without interacting with other types of people freed of capitals sins?



You aren't an author. Write like a normal person.


If the democrats actually gave a,shit about winning the path forward is pretty simple: make bernie, tulsi, and yang the frontrunners in the primary. Yeah I know yang is a meme but bear with me.

It's been proven with polls that Bernie pulls a significant chunk of right-leaning independents and even out and out republicans. Tulsi also pulls a lot of the pat Buchanan conservatives and probably would pull even more this time around due to Trump failing to live up to his isolationist rhetoric. Which leaves yang, who has pretty much split the halfchan meme machine down the middle, meaning that if he became a "serious" contender whatever remains of /pol/ and the alt rights online clout would eventually dissolve due to even more infighting and paranoia then already exists because of events like Charlottesville and Trump turning into another boomer

If the primary came to debates between bernie, tulsi, and yang, Bernie would have to go further on foreign policy than he currently has and also would probably have to promise some form of ubi. Therefore when tulsi and yang eventually dropped out due to being single issue candidates and not having anywhere near the mass appeal Bernie does, the dems would have a presidential candidate who has a significant amount of votes not only from the resurgent left liberal movements that have been popping up but also a large chunk of the Trump coalition.

If at the same time the Democrat Cops of America/socdems in the House kept to their program of primarying neoliberals with left populists they could probably talk this half of the divided right into voting for dems downballot as well, which would mean not only that more dems would get into Congress but that ones with policies aligned with and to the left of the Democrat Cops of America could break through and help keep the remaining neoliberals in check.

Instead Nancy Pelosi and Dianne Feinstein are going to continue trying (and largely succeeding) in doing this same divide and conquer strategy against the Democrat Cops of America dems by uniting with republicans but it's nice to dream


File: cc9f43f3f2987c6⋯.jpg (89.28 KB, 850x400, 17:8, quote-what-would-happen-if….jpg)

File: 237fa3397de9407⋯.jpg (250.44 KB, 750x790, 75:79, 1552449946166.jpg)

I do not give a fuck who wins in 2020. I'm mildly supportive of Bernie or maybe tulsi I guess since they're "the closest" but they're still both a thousand miles away from Eugene debs. Americans who post here or in places like the Chapo sub absolutely love to pretend that there's a rising leftist tide in the USA. While this isn't entirely inaccurate it's 1) left-liberal and not radical (This includes all the anarkiddies and ☭TANKIE☭s/trots by the way not just the Democrat Cops of America) for the most part 2) is 50 percent or more online 3) is nowhere near as powerful or organized people want to believe. There's also been a bit of a leftist pushback against idpol but it still dominates every debate.

America is right wing, reactionary, and stupid as fuck to the core. Any left wing it had was obliterated into a trillion warring pieces by the 60s. It's already-fascistic tendencies coalesced under Reagan Bush 1, the new democrats and the Republican revolution and from Bush 2 til now under Trump America's #1 mission has been exporting is uniquely retarded neofascism to the rest of the west and raping the middle east, Latin america, africa, and southeast Asia to death to do it. And literally nobody gives a fuck. Anyone who died can now just be tracked down and taken care of before they cause too much trouble. That doesn't even mean killing them either. Not that Assange or wikileaks were ever principled communists or anything, but the vast majority of significant material they've published had way more potential to be weaponized by the left than the right. And what does the American "left" do? Act like it you defend assange you're just a putin still or a nazbol or a rape apologist. 12 years after wikileaks proved beyond a reasonable doubt the criminality of the Iraq ear not only ha nothing like the anti-ww1 or anti-vietnam movement arisen the US antiwar movement is even more dead in the water. The fact that it's been so easily co opted by dishonest right wingers is proof of that.

11 years after the biggest financial meltdown since the great depression and people shit their pants in fear if you say taxes should be raised 1 percent. 7 years after occupy wall st and the only "socialist" organization with any clout is full of cops, cop apologia, and constantly calls it's own membership Stalinists if they suggest ending the war in syria. The congresswoman who is the face of this organization literally just spent the last month uniting with the most establishment democrats to imply illhan Omar is an anti Semite and then told the left by name to fuck off when there was pushback. And guess what? Everyone still sucks her dick and acts like leftists who suggest electoralism is bad are stupid and reading Marx is bourgeoisie

There's literally no hope for america and I literally want Trump to win again or even better for him to get impeached so Mike pence can win and start,ww3 so iran, china, russia, north korea, syria, and perhaps india and turkey can all gang rape this rotten shit hole nation into oblivion both militarily and economically.

In the meantime I'm going to meme Andrew yang because it's funny and makes /pol/ fight amongst itself.

Not gonna respond to anyone who cries over this post btw. You all know I'm right



the Democratic Party works for the donor class

Their mission is not to elect Democrats at all costs. It is to elect the candidates selected by the donor class, and to groom candidates that are favorable to the donor class.



I know and implied ad much in the last paragraph of my post. I was just speculating as to how they could actually win if they gave a shit



Idk i've heard zoomers are pretty left



"Far left" zoomers are either just socdems who are antiwar or people who found a few Michael parenti lectures and drop redpills about gulag death tolls being exaggerated to freak out their boomer parents. A lot of zoomers are pretty environmentally friendly but that doesn't in itself translate to "far left" and a lot of zoomers are absolutely not going to pick up a gun if a civil war or similar crisis happens after the next economic collapse.

When people here (or on /pol/ even) talk about zoomers saving the planet by being a generation of hardliners who will reverse all the damage boomers wrought it reminds me of the Zizek speech where he talks about how leftists after the first half of the 20th century developed a bad habit of finding a new revolutionary subject and then putting their faith into it only to watch it fail (students in the 60s, the 3rd world throughout then and now, technology, etc) to trigger revolution. Particularly it reminds me of the point zizek made where he said half of the people who do this know it doesn't make any sense but simply choose to do it anyway because it makes them feel bettet about theit own failure to build socialism



The "gen z is conservative" meme is not backed by any data that I am aware of. It's just wishful thinking on the part of American reactionaries.



The youth of a nation are always relatively a bit to the left of their parents that doesn't mean communism is guaranteed. Boomers were some of the most left wing people (relatively) in American history and look what happened to them once material conditions changed and their was no vanguard to lead them through it.

America will just reproduce to failure of the to fundamentally,change the system but it imploded completely. It's like looping a tape too many times-eventuially it just starts burning and ripping apart and then you have to start,over


File: 6fdcdfab1ad3d44⋯.png (140.49 KB, 700x421, 700:421, Screen Shot 2019-03-13 at ….png)



Boomers weren't at all left wing in their youth though. As a whole they've always been fairly reactionary.



>The youth of a nation are always relatively a bit to the left of their parents

Not really.

There's a selection bias against the material conditions of leftwing people, because we tend to die at a younger age due to our socioeconomic status (we tend to be poorer, we tend to be sicker, we tend to be marginalized, ect). It only appears that the youth are to the left of their parents because they haven't been killed by the conditions under capitalism yet. Basically there's a survival of the fittest thing going on, except the "fittest" are people who are best suited to survive under capitalism. It shouldn't be surprising that these people tend to be more rightwing.



Perhaps i should say the "counterculture" rsthercthan boomers but you know what I mean you pedantic fuck.

Even black radicals like eldridge cleaver and Carmichael decided becoming establishment and/or obscurantist in their views to the point of irrelevance wad preferable to being gunned down or drugged into insanity by the intelcommunity. That's all the American left been since the second red scare-a lot of sound and fury that chooses to either give up and conform or tune out completely with idealist nonsensecrather than fight to the death. Angela Davis endorsed hillary,Clinton and spoke at the women's march for Christ sake.


Debate my points or fuck off your thought negating copes where you call me a fascist for being a materialist to the end are boring and stupid



Yet another pedant. Fine they APPEAR to the left :^)

Everything else you said validated my point by the way so fuck you


In Rebuke to Trump, Senate Votes Again to End Aid to Saudi War in Yemen


>The 54-to-46 vote, condemning a nearly four-year conflict in Yemen that has killed thousands of civilians and inflicted a devastating famine, sets the foundation for what could become Mr. Trump’s first presidential veto, with the House expected to overwhelmingly pass the measure, possibly this month. The vote also might be the opening salvo in a week where Senate Republicans have the opportunity to hit back at the president’s aggressive use of executive power. On Thursday, the chamber will vote on a resolution that would overturn Mr. Trump’s declaration of a national emergency to secure funding for his border wall.

>“The United States Congress is going to reassert its constitutional responsibility over issues of war that have been abdicated for presidents, Democrats and Republicans, for too many years,” said Senator Backstabbin' Bernie, independent of Vermont.

Will Trump veto?


File: 801a59c451b43e7⋯.jpg (137.78 KB, 960x720, 4:3, Ho Chi Minh delivering his….jpg)


It's just the Democrat Cops of America/"left" are going to be purged by cappie dems epic style.

Once that happens the IWW can scoop up members that are disillusioned with elections and generally know the org.


>Will Trump veto?

It's a toss up honestly


Sorry leftypol but if you aren't gonna be on board with the Yang Gang then you know like nothing personal but the knives will have to come out. Over the next couple weeks we will mop up the last stormfags and after that the primaries are on baby and you know what it will get pretty brutal out there. We will out democrat the fuck out of you Bernie fags we will play the race card the women card and the rape card ( yes we know about it) so like you have to I suggest you either sit this out or join us while you can.


so this must be /yanggang/ territory, aye? seeing as everyone on halfchan says he is a Chinese communist



he's just a capitalist with a happy face, he pretty much says he's neither left or right.


nigger everyone knows how many little girls yang has ganged



I can't fucking wait for /pol/tards to try and "out democrat" the democrats. It's going to be the funniest shit.





I want the same thing you commies want: a revolution that will allow me to put down as many of you as I can with my bolt action rifle. I don't really care if 100 million Americans are killed, injured, or displaced…so long as I get to put commies/antifa faggot fucks down with one round each. May a bloodbath consume America and kill 130 million people. Deus Vult.



>you were promised a bloodbath but the only red on your shirt came from spilled ketchup and gatorade.



see you in the heat of the battle fren C:


File: d0da3f62a95cbf0⋯.jpeg (10.21 KB, 151x225, 151:225, Idealism.jpeg)


>Debate my points or fuck off your thought negating copes where you call me a fascist for being a materialist to the end are boring and stupid

Your points are that America can't be communist because of reactionary ideology. However ideology is irrelevant because it is material conditions, not ideas that drive history.


most of us are indifferent



So you can't refute anything I said?



super based and redpilled post



lol america was made by fucking jews as a tool to create Israel, have you never read the writings of the green schizo?



>when your writings are just as comprehensible as the monkeys you worship



>he's still going


File: 4e329a06bcdd311⋯.jpg (49.81 KB, 413x449, 413:449, 1479091757929.jpg)


>Anprim flag

>supports nation-states



I just did, I proved that your analysis is based on Idealism instead of Materialism. However you haven’t refuted what I have said. Stop deflecting?





*screams in gotha critique



Anticommunist brainlet detected. Saying socialism is impossible in the US is the same as saying socialism is impossible period, this was true even in the mid-19th century (Engels pointed this out in Principles of Communism) and it's even more true now. The US is too intertwined economically with other powers on the world market for it other nations to go socialist without it. Without the US the best we could hope for is some isolated African nation to go Stalinist and create an associated economy through forced collectivization. What a bright future you envision for humanity.

Socialism today would, at the bare minimum, require all of North America, West Asia, East Asia, and Europe. South Asia, South America, and Africa will join this list eventually too. I know you desperately don't want this to be true but economic realities exist independently of your emotions.



What about a world where the US is wiped off the map




The rate of profit is still falling. Capital is still accumulating. The dialectic marches onward.



Some here might disagree but Posadism isn't a viable strategy for socialism imo



I don't mean necessarily making the entire earth glowing to the point that it makes the gommie ayys take interest.



Not sure how else you plan to wipe the US off the map. Nuclear war isn't exactly something that can be contained in a specific area and any asteroid big enough to kill everyone in the US would kill everyone else too.



Triggering Yellowstone?


File: 98e4c1a353a0df5⋯.jpg (12.52 KB, 640x640, 1:1, a63830f94fd7b9193baa548554….jpg)



so does pic related imply after a fascist dictatorship takes place communists start appearing everywhere?




>Under the leadership of Ernst Thälmann, the KPD coined the slogan "After Hitler, our turn!" – strongly believing that united front against Nazis was not needed and that the workers would change their opinion and recognize that Nazism—unlike communism—did not offer a true way out of Germany's difficulties (see also Wilhelm Hoegner and Walter Kolbenhoff.[6]



No it was basically Thälmann's 1940's equivalent of "What are you gonna do, stab me?"



forever a larp



How is this any different from Napoleon I labeling Britain a 'nation of shopkeepers'? Lenin labeling (and implicating the Anglosphere) imperialist countries as having a bought-off working class of sufficient size?



Better Dredd than Red.



lol this nigga want to be killed by dredd the communist cop


File: ea3c634acf8f849⋯.jpg (80.78 KB, 500x355, 100:71, 3_laughing_smug_sluts.jpg)


>implying Judge Dredd is a communist



implying he isn't i don't even need to greentext greentexted ungreentexted it doesn't matter i'm better than you


File: 4eab30fc74e72ec⋯.jpg (175.56 KB, 774x1032, 3:4, east_meg_one_by_pictishsco….jpg)

File: e463355371231e9⋯.png (1.18 MB, 634x692, 317:346, Sov_wars.png)

File: 3114517781f2280⋯.jpg (320.19 KB, 1024x596, 256:149, the_apocalypse_war_01.jpg)

File: 7d3a6d117636b25⋯.jpg (375.81 KB, 1581x951, 527:317, the_apocalypse_war_08.jpg)


That's East Meg


File: 563a7eb01791a99⋯.jpg (264.82 KB, 742x1024, 371:512, hot.jpg)


would rather be protected by this girl tbh


File: a950bef353da471⋯.jpg (84.48 KB, 750x758, 375:379, 983747634875345.jpg)

There needs to be more messaging on "Trump's legacy is the death of the Republican party" and putting more emphasis on Trump's trash presidency being the final nail in the Republican party's coffin.



They already did that with bush


File: 3f367723ba5cb2f⋯.jpg (170.87 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, D1oASTOUYAAVEKe.jpeg-1.jpg)

Daily Reminder that #SECURING THE BAG is in your material interest. All other options are lifestylism, Boomerism, Idealism, Hypsterism and Reformism.



Critically support Yang in his fight against Benzos imperialism.



Except that's not true at all. If anything, Trump's election saved the Republican party from an even earlier death by finding a way to bring the entire rightwing under a single unified front. Now when Trump is gone he's going to refuse to concede, blame the Jews for stealing the election, and transform the Republican party into an open Nazi party.



*assuming Sanders wins, I mean

A Jewish "socialist" becoming president will break these people's brains so badly that they will happily embrace nazism just to cope



Blormpft is too fucking low I.q and lazy to turn anything into anything. I doubt the even knows about WW2 outside saving Private Ryan



Benzos imperialism sounds amazing tbh



Reagan literally had Alzheimer's disease and he formed the basis of the Republican party's identity for 30 years.



The socdems had literally slaughtered communists in Germany like a decade before and would do it again if they were in power. Also a large part of Germany did go communist after the war so that statement wasn't incorrect.


File: fdd27958e33eb31⋯.jpg (180.32 KB, 720x668, 180:167, BO.jpg)


Is that…


File: d5e8b9b2dadf292⋯.jpg (47.43 KB, 800x624, 50:39, boomers67567.jpg)


Disagree. The message should be that the GOP is an illegitimate and/or politically irrelevant party (due to their reliance on boomer votes and voter suppression) that should be literally driven out of all government offices.Whining about muh republicans only reinforces the two party system. Neither party has ever been good and it's important that people accept that.


File: c59314792fef068⋯.png (24.61 KB, 843x122, 843:122, Screen Shot 2019-03-14 at ….png)

Get read for Opioid Crisis 2.0

>Studies strongly suggest that ketamine helps fight treatment-resistant depression, and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) now officially agrees. Late Tuesday, the FDA approved the nasal spray esketamine for treating depression, and as the name implies, the club drug is a primary component.

>Approving the medical use of Special K naturally comes with lots of conditions, including supervision during and after a patient receives a dose, and the packaging carries a high-risk black box warning. Nevertheless, the medication demonstrated efficacy in treating depression in patients who do not respond to Prozac and other common therapeutic options. Moreover, the nasal spray starts to work within hours, while standard oral medications may take weeks or months to work, if at all.






File: 4739256e6c93d68⋯.gif (388.97 KB, 240x138, 40:23, dancinggoat.gif)


>opioid crisis 2.0

You dumb nig, psychedelics treat and cure depression, opioids numb it. This will be pandora's box to psychedelic liberation on a massive scale, provided big pharma doesn't patent psychedelic drugs.


So this whole thing about Trump calling out Antifa and threatening to use biker gangs doesn't have anyone else here a bit worried?



I fucking wish. What’ll happen is doctors will sell this shit to random people who are “sad”telling them they have depression. Then they’ll get them hooked on the shit. The Psychedelics will just numb people to be oblivious to the problems of reality.



Overuse of psychedelics turns you into a retarded burnout. This is Soma my dude




While a teenager, O’Rourke acknowledged in an exclusive interview, he belonged to the oldest group of computer hackers in U.S. history.

Members of the hugely influential Cult of the Dead Cow, jokingly named after an abandoned Texas slaughterhouse, have protected his secret for decades, reluctant to compromise his political viability.

Now, in a series of interviews, CDC members have acknowledged O’Rourke as one of their own. In all, more than a dozen members of the group agreed to be named for the first time in a book about the hacking group by this reporter that is scheduled to be published in June by Public Affairs. O’Rourke was interviewed early in his run for the Senate.

O’Rourke’s membership in the group – notorious for releasing tools that allowed ordinary people to hack computers running Microsoft’s Windows, and also known for inventing the word “hacktivism” to describe human-rights-driven security work – could explain his approach to politics better than anything on his resume. His background in hacking circles has repeatedly informed his strategy as he explored and subverted established procedures in technology, the media and government.

“There’s just this profound value in being able to be apart from the system and look at it critically and have fun while you’re doing it,” O’Rourke said. “I think of the Cult of the Dead Cow as a great example of that.”



>beto was a punk

>beto was a sk8r

>beto was a hacker

fuck off beto is not cool and was never cool


File: 0fe3465fef49d9c⋯.jpeg (375.1 KB, 1121x1608, 1121:1608, IMG_0249.jpeg)

US bars entry of International Criminal Court investigators

>he United States will revoke or deny visas to International Criminal Court personnel who try to investigate or prosecute alleged abuses committed by U.S. forces in Afghanistan or elsewhere, and may do the same with those who seeking action against Israel, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Friday.

>The Hague-based court, the first global tribunal for war crimes, said it would continue to operate “undeterred” by the U.S. action.




beto is cooler than you and in about twenty years we're gonna have an 8chan edgelord president. Writing is on the wall with literal hackers running


File: 5b5b53dd484f0b4⋯.png (234.96 KB, 500x380, 25:19, ClipboardImage.png)


>“We are determined to protect the American and allied military and civilian personnel from living in fear of unjust prosecution for actions taken to defend our great nation,” Pompeo said.



I love watching the US spurn the international order it created to promote and maintain American hegemony. Trump and his ilk unironically believe that America is on top because it has some inherent quality that makes it superior and not because they inherited the position from the old world during the cold war.



lol holy shit if you think beto has even one thing in common with you



Beto didn't publish anything hacking related. He did interview a neo-nazi with a bunch of muh freeze peach disclaimers at the end tho.



Watching paid Twitter influencers arguing about whether Chelsea Clinton was the cause of the NZ 8chan /pol/ inspired terrorist attack with faceless Twitter socks for hours on end all night has been both the kekkiest thing I've seen in weeks, and one of the most depressing things to come out of this hellscape made for TV nightmare dystopias we call American politics. Liberals and Backstabbin' Bernie Democratic Socialists… What's the fucking difference?! They all pretend this is a giant soap opera, and they got to defend their favorite characters on Twitter. Then they literally argue for hours and hours and hours with faceless Twitter accounts about Chelsea Clinton's role in a tragic New Zealand terrorist attack. Don't they know they are all to blame?


File: 67d4473d974074b⋯.jpg (41.75 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 67d4473d974074b11974c5e526….jpg)






I absolutely despise liberals on some days and on a good day I'm just disappointed with them. Bernie, Beto, Pelosi, Omar, AOC… They are all liberals. Anyone who thinks otherwise needs to read more Lenin.



AOC is objectively useful for us. While anyone who thinks that her et al will lead to revolution is an idiot, she can at least marginally improve Americans' working conditions, which we need.


File: 3aa850cb5d25b58⋯.jpg (81.42 KB, 613x407, 613:407, snake.jpg)


*Gets bit by liberal*

"Crikey liberal BIT ME! In her natural environment.. AOC IS A MONSTER!!! She devours the Trump supporters, and is an intellectual beast! The Shapiro's know to run when she starts tweeting! She is searching for tax dollars to feed her baby snakes with extra good capitalist conditions right now! So we better let this blimey snake go." - In Steve Irwin voice



Her undeliverable positions, which themselves are milquetoast, can't by nature get passed at all, and raises the awareness that in fact these goals can't be done through traditional neoliberal politics at all. This at least is the impression I get from her fanbase.


So what is the status of the far right at the moment anyway? Especially given the whole NZ situation. It seemed like a lot of it had been losing steam as a mass-movement, another poster compared it to the fizzing out of the New Left in the 70s into small militant extremist cells (although, this time around there won't be a massive gov push to find and jail all of them immediately).



At the moment they aren't taking much heat. As someone mentioned above the number one trend in America is a debate on what part Chelsea Clinton played in inciting the terrorist attack. For some reason Democrats are arguing amongst themselves (Justice Dems versus Clinton Dems) about Chelsea's prior islamophobic statements and how these might or might not have contributed to the climate which inspired the attacks. They are also debating ongoing ableism and how it makes people with Crohn's disease feel.



I think the far right have been emboldened by the attack, and we'll likely see more people supporting them because they view the right as taking care of the Muslim problem.



This debate will be over in a week or so though. I'm surprised the Climate Strike protests aren't picking up more airtime, they were organized in large part by Extinction Rebellion, who are increasingly looking like the link between socdems and actual radicalism.



Certainly the schizo population on /pol/ and militant fascist forums support it. But we've also seen some serious backlash from within that community, particularly the moment when he killed the child and begging woman.

I mean, I don't doubt there will be copycats and "awakened" nutjobs who they're committing revolutionary suicide, but, knowing the right, how long will it take (and in what form) for any militant organization to fall apart and descend into self-harm? Like that Attomwaffen guy, or the Traditionalist Worker's Party, or, increasingly, the Proud Boys and their thoroughly incompetent leadership.

It'll also be interesting to see (not that I have any means) what the younger gen-z crowd thinks of it all, given their heavy involvement in Climate Strike and March For Our Lives and what not; it'll only be a couple more years until most of the are eligible to vote and properly organize.



Faggot was a kiddie scripter



It's definitely one upsmanship for primaries. I wish they would have either continued discussing class related discussions or pointed at imperialist capitalist exploitation creating refugees and right wing reactions or took the initiative and blamed right wing ideology… Those discussions are useful for class conciousness and Hegelian dialectics not to mention siphoning people away from the new right. At any rate, hopefully we do see more people acting against climate extinction. Another thing I heard today is Bernie is unionizing his campaign. Attention to worker organization is usually good. ATM it seems like liberals will stretch themselves thin trying to pick up nonexistent constituencies may push the next generation into bootlicking right wingers (ableism, sex workers and intersectional nonbinary identities are poisonous topics that turn off proles and younger generations). I hate to see it, because I would like to witness historical advancement instead of the Hegelian 3rd path of regression in my lifetime. Plus it reminds me of a scary Adam Curtis documentary.

I would say there is a chance that right wingers are strengthened by this.




Right, I totally forgot that presidential season is just beginning. We ought to start forecasting how the right might react or organize should a dem win the whitehouse and start, even just marginally, beginning white supremacist crackdowns like the Obama administration began to do.



Definitely, some level of damage control is needed. The Dems are trying to steal some of the left's thunder… Which the sense that it interests people into socialism is good, but bad in that they can associate themselves with it. Also, bad is the complacency of the masses when they have charismatic politicians claiming to fix capitalism. Anything they fix is temporary, and let's face it.. They will do the minimum in improving the working class lot when it conflicts with bourgeoisie profit. This will only lead to outright fascist state terror when they realize they've been bamboozled for electoral politics. Then, if that wasn't enough to be concerned about.. We'll have to worry about how the right wing reactionary machine responds to Trump losing (if he does), we'll have to worry about if he wins and tries to rig the system to keep his family and right wing loyalists in power. For Trump, this is a fight for his life, livelihood and his families future. For most everybody else this is a conflict about political differences. Getting Trump, his people and the right wing out of power does not sound like a simple matter of voting to me. It sounds more akin to pulling out an abscessed tooth with a pair of pliers.



It'd be in our interest to divide the far right and conservatives over trump, though god knows how that'd happen, as there are clearly no forerunners in the republican party that'd actually challenge him. In any case, it'd be infinitely better for us if, should Trump even lose (which is by no means guaranteed of course), the right blame the republican establishment rather than the liberal establishment. The right is awful at sustaining itself when in factions, despite all appearances. They rally together and so on, but when actual organization needs to occur it inevitably just crashes


File: 40a04d4e9bcd039⋯.jpg (26.51 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 1366790894298.jpg)

Can anyone cheer me up a bit? This shooting and the reaction from the right is really getting to me.



Read up on radical first world left wing groups in the 70s. There was a lot of militancy and even some attacks/bombings. It did nothing to stop the right wing This surge of desperation is a sign that they are losing hard and are lashing out in a pointless attempt at reasserting themselves.



>divide the far right and conservatives

I've tried. It's a massive undertaking, and thankless work. It's efficacy is questionable, and ultimately what truly unites the right is hatred of modern liberals and SJWs. I think peeling off some of their Christians and their people looking for something more substantial to believe in is more reasonable. Ultimately, they are better funded and better armed with fulltime paid propagandists. The leftists best weapon is inspiring people, organizing people and being there for the people.



Oh absolutely. I don't think we should favor division over organization. All I'm saying is at the moment the Western left is incredibly lucky that proper fascist organization doesn't exist, and that by dividing them and intensifying their factional contradictions we can slow their ability to even get the chance.



I find this analysis appealing and comforting, but what happens if the right starts to organize en masse?



An operation like that needs to be organized, and requires more than 2-3 people. There's also a strong chance of a lot of hard work leading to failure. I would love to divide and conquer the right wing though.


File: 02cd4cd27fd5d4c⋯.jpg (16.59 KB, 230x154, 115:77, AYA0068008.JPG)



>I think the far right have been emboldened by the attack, and we'll likely see more people supporting them because they view the right as taking care of the Muslim problem.

The attack might embolden parts of the far-right, but it reduces their appeal to normies.


>March For Our Lives

A complete asfroturf org


>I've tried. It's a massive undertaking, and thankless work. It's efficacy is questionable, and ultimately what truly unites the right is hatred of modern liberals and SJWs. I think peeling off some of their Christians and their people looking for something more substantial to believe in is more reasonable. Ultimately, they are better funded and better armed with fulltime paid propagandists. The leftists best weapon is inspiring people, organizing people and being there for the people.

The best solution is getting socialist concepts and “camouflaging” it as a right-wing idea.


File: 2ecbd098166ce8e⋯.jpg (352.3 KB, 2084x1491, 2084:1491, ilhanomar.jpg)

Ilhan Omar: "The people of Syria revolted against Assad's repressive dictatorship 8 years ago today, demanding a more just and free government."




Look at the difference between Unite the Right 1 and 2. Nobody fucking showed up for the second one after they realized people oppose them.


File: 8bb367b38a90c16⋯.webm (1.83 MB, 400x224, 25:14, 1548814905731.webm)



lmao, neocons are the only item on the menu here


Let's try to organize some socialist playwrights and artists. I would like to see cinema and art that represents what socialism can mean for us today as opposed to 1000 years in the future. Visual arts is a powerful way to message.


File: 306b1e7eeaa2b40⋯.jpg (10.14 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)


Caleb Maupin describes you in this video. You are part of the mainstream left.




i dont want to watch some retard squawk at a camera, what's he say?

also fucking lol if you think being pro-assad is mainstream.



you have poor reading comprehension christcuck, it is a response to the anti-assad trotskyite



christcuck? lol wut?

Also yeah i guess i misread their comment. How the fuck is that a "mainstream" take, though? If anything it's a lunatic schizo take where they're pro-Assad and anti-Assad at the same time. How the fuck is that mainstream? Most leftists are just retard anarkiddies and succdems that say "Assad bad, support dah Kurds :DD" and believe in literally all imperialist propaganda about Syria.


File: b1f87798a63cf22⋯.jpg (28.27 KB, 720x412, 180:103, yang.jpg)



If class consciousness can be defeated by a tech billionaire throwing money around, we're pretty much screwed already.



Well fuck make it 1000 dollars a month and I'll forget all about the highly principled movement I dedicated myself too.



The history of America is the history of American religious struggles. Columbus, the Puritans, the Abolitionists, the Prohibitionists, the Constitution, the Deists, feminization of the Church during the Industrial age, the New Deal, etc and so on. Trump, by and large, was a religious reaction against American liberalization of sexual identity, abortion and the so called war against Christianity. During the Industrial revolution the Church makeup was mostly leftist. This is for several reasons such as it was primarily run by females, bad economic conditions and the conservatives struggled to develop influence with what is clearly a doctrine of social Darwinian competition. It was at this time we see strong Christian Socialist organizations developing lead by figures like W.D.P. Bliss, Henry James Sr., Rev. Jesse Jones, etc and so on. The rise of Christian Socialism was not isolated to America, and in fact was weakest in strength and numbers in America. Germany, Italy, Britain and France had extremely strong and vibrant Christian Socialist communities.. We also see that in this time period the world came very close to having a global socialist revolution. I guess that's why we also witness the advent of WW1, WW2 and rise of genocidal Fascism. After the death and destruction of these events, liberal compromises were made… Much more liberal than what is proposed today. The right wing, with a sense of victim-hood to drive them, realized the need for and began working towards developing a religious presence. By 1980 the religious community had drifted right in response to the sexually loose 1970s and feminist movements. The well funded right wing efforts to associate themselves with being the Christian political ideology paid off. By 2016 the religious community had been pushed into right wing fascism through the wit of the right wing media machine. Figures like Roger Ailes and Rupert Murdoch were successfully able to identify their news networks with Christianity through targeted campaigning (i.e. the war on X-mas, gay marriage, abortion, transgender rights, prayer in school).



File: 6af26c7f9a05862⋯.jpg (573.03 KB, 1651x2200, 1651:2200, jesus.jpg)


This ultimately has had the effect of moving the American Overton window of political possibility the farthest right it's ever been. The efforts of big billionaire families such as the Koch Brothers and their well funded right wing think takes had a dramatic effect on the landscape of American religion (perhaps even global religion as well). When class consciousness once again becomes a subject of American religion, then I assure you that a tech billionaire will not be able to defeat it by throwing money around. In fact, if the left wing finally claws religion away from the control of right wing Plutocrats and billionaires we will likely begin to see a dramatic advancement of history.

Let no man seek his own, but each his neighbor's good. - St. Paul

Whosoever would be chief among you, let him be servant of all.

Bear ye one anothers burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.

We turn above all else to Him who has been called the first Christian Socialist, the Carpenter of Nazareth, and then to the those whom lived and died in the belief, in a better country, a Realm of Love, a Kingdom of Heaven upon this earth. the Fatherhood of God, and the Brotherhood of Man.



File: d0da3f62a95cbf0⋯.jpeg (10.21 KB, 151x225, 151:225, Idealism.jpeg)



Christianity is a religion for boomer moralfags, not revolutionaries. Christianity in Burgerland will be dead by 2050, let us all rejoice, for the opioate of the people was crushed at last.


File: 97a0df64ea76068⋯.png (29.89 KB, 560x412, 140:103, christianity-graphic-03.png)


The only thing boomers (as well as many millions more of Americans) are scared of more than all the right wing spooks that drive them to the polls is death. The only thing they're scared of more than death is hell. Religion isn't going anywhere in our lifetimes. There are 2.2 billion self identified Christians worldwide. Christianity being dead by 2050 in Burgerland is not even within the realms of possibility.



i guess we might have to reconsider christian communism as a viable tool


File: ce8d1bc84a05500⋯.jpg (127.36 KB, 1125x1123, 1125:1123, sneedo o'rourke.jpg)

Beto O'Rourke outraises Backstabbin' Bernie: $6.1m in first 24 hours, smashing Backstabbin' Bernie' record

Previously Sen. Kamala Harris and VP Joe Biden were thought to be the chosen ones, but it appears Beto will be the one to face President Trump in the upcoming dog and pony show known as the 2020 U.S. general election.







Calling it right now he will be the Jeb democratic primaries.



What made bernie's record interesting was how much of it came from small donations. Getting a gigantic lump of money from corporatist lobbies isn't really that interesting.






Beto is the suburban wine mom candidate. His supporters can afford to drop thousands per donation so he doesn't need as many. No word yet as to how much of that was PAC cash though so really it's just speculation.



Would Beto win in an election against Trump? I mean.. Wasn't Obama thought of as much more leftist than Beto when he was elected? Seems like Beto is John Kerry on a skateboard.



the odds are against it, unless there's some major economic decline or massive legal scandal between now and the election, Trump is likely to win re-election


File: 45bef55a6224fe0⋯.webm (3.99 MB, 1152x648, 16:9, 1551753928493.webm)



>precent christian


It was 95% twenty years ago. God is dead. All his followers are boomers. Most Zoomers and millennials are atheists, even the right wingers. Demographics are the future.


Good lecture by Wolff.

The one thing I'm interested in: do Americans really have so little knowledge of how the state and taxes and all this works or is he just making a point by talking like that? Because he talks like he'd be explaining those things to high schoolers (from around 40 mins onwards).




He couldn't beat fucking Ted Cruz. How's he gonna beat Trump?


The libs really love shitty candidates like Beto that can't win. Remember John Ossof?


File: 548048d13aaedeb⋯.jpg (137.59 KB, 450x310, 45:31, 2158705-bigthumbnail.jpg)



Pretty shady stats

>Most of millenials and zoomers and the right wingers are athiests

sounds like:

As someone who is "X", I suspect that most people are also going to be "X".

>Everybody is just gong to go atheist in 30 years

Uhm… no.

>Demographics represent reality and how plans should be made

Nice box

Right now over three quarters of this country identify as Christian. Are you just going to wait until that number get's down to 5% and start building a socialist movement? A lot of these young athiests are going to convert for girlfriends, to kick drug habits, when beloved ones die or when they are facing a serious illness. Maybe they'll convert due to age. Christianity and Religion aren't going anywhere in our lifetimes.


>Christianity is a religion for boomer moralfags, not revolutionaries.

How do you think socialism is going to be achieved in America? I personally don't think it's going to be some Che foco insurgency, and I know that a left-wing Turner diaries isn't going to inspire the proles.



>Right now over three quarters of this country identify as Christian. Are you just going to wait until that number get's down to 5% and start building a socialist movement? A lot of these young athiests are going to convert for girlfriends, to kick drug habits, when beloved ones die or when they are facing a serious illness. Maybe they'll convert due to age. Christianity and Religion aren't going anywhere in our lifetimes.

Even if they “convert” in old age they still don’t believe in Christian doctrine, they just “identify” as Christian. No one outside of Cornbelt boomers takes god seriously.


>How do you think socialism is going to be achieved in America?

When the alphabet soup agencies realize that capitalism is causing America’s position in the world to decline so they pull off some sorta nazbol psy op coup.



Are you under the impression the odds are against a major economic decline or massive legal scandal? Because both of those things have been brewing for a long time (especially the economic crash) and are probably going to hit before the end of this year.


File: 65f741e7c33719c⋯.png (222.5 KB, 588x572, 147:143, ClipboardImage.png)

Glenn Beck says if Trump loses America is going to become socialist, and the country will be destroyed as we know it. Is this accurate? Why would he say this?


File: d3740c4aaeed000⋯.jpg (85.51 KB, 914x610, 457:305, D1kscxMWkAYSoqq.jpg)

File: 8d035d6ac2332b3⋯.jpg (108.37 KB, 1035x600, 69:40, D1AryZtXQAAC0Tg.jpg)

File: c729a1ed145ee7f⋯.jpg (81.49 KB, 737x611, 737:611, D0dTczNXgAEFh_x.jpg)


wrong again desu



>Trying to meme a retarded neolib centrist into a juche supporting Marxist

But why?



it's a big funny hohoho hahaha



Glory to Chairman Beto! His rise will bring pain and despair to the imperialist pigs and reactionaries everywhere. We all must use and study Beto's glorious philosophical thought.



>Is this accurate?

No, but hopefully yes even though his and even the american leftists' concoption of 'socialism' is actually just succdem with progressive characteristics


File: 193046e99fd720e⋯.jpg (348.56 KB, 809x1392, 809:1392, Screenshot_20190319-183254….jpg)

File: 57d095e39f29514⋯.jpg (99.12 KB, 1072x1068, 268:267, IMG_20190319_183403.jpg)



This is like obamania but even whiter and more suburban.






>But why?

Beto is Jeb 2.0 in every single way



Except for the way that matters. Jeb was part of a political dynasty, whereas Beto is a nobody who tripped over his balls into national prominence. He's honestly more like Marco Rubio.

Biden is Jeb.


File: cbc2777c353e4d8⋯.jpg (285.69 KB, 465x576, 155:192, IMG_20190319_220001.jpg)

Based Sirota joining Bernie campaign. Sirota calls out the liberals and neocons almost as much as Dore (although Jimmy would have been a better pick than Sirota).



libs are EXTREMELY mad about this and you just know they're terrified of this campaign


File: bbb6ccd76894dc2⋯.jpg (32.03 KB, 512x512, 1:1, IMG_20190319_223735.jpg)


IKR I found this out watching the Hillary supporters freaking the fuck out on Twitter. They're basically running liberal litmus tests now. If you're not a soccer and wine mom or Brian Krassenstein type liberal than you're a racist sexist traitor helping Trump win. The Dems are really getting into cannibalism these days. Between picking shitty candidates, vicious cannibalism of progressives and their milquetoast arrogance they are proving that the Republicans have a galaxy level I.Q. next to them. I don't understand why Democrats think they're so smart. They haven't learned a thing in 50 years.



>America is going to become socialist, and the country will be destroyed as we know it.

Man I hope so, these student loans of mine are never getting repaid.


File: b022e2a584a1a97⋯.jpg (20.87 KB, 320x250, 32:25, 7PRKRZXTMNA2NO66KZSEHODZ3I.jpg)



The dumbass boomer had to take it down because he or someone on his staff realize that his own state was on the blue side. Christ why won't these people die already?



modern medicine


File: a2debca3cc33b77⋯.png (135.76 KB, 626x689, 626:689, ClipboardImage.png)

Mike Gravel announces his potential running in the 2020 election


File: da36def670f7155⋯.png (126.78 KB, 635x791, 635:791, ClipboardImage.png)


I don't know which one of his grandkids is running his campaign/twitter but I'm liking it so far.




How come I've never heard of this madlad before?


not american but gravel finally seems like a candidate worth endorsing




Damn, this guy is good. Going by videos his thing in 2008 was to go on the debates and drop truth bombs on all those cowards.

I would really like if he could put Sanders to the test, see if he still has any anti-imperialism left in him.


Anyone notice how Americans have taken to brushing right wing terrorists attacks under the rug as quickly as possible. Shit this last one in NZ was only in the news for 3 days before the wine and soccer moms got bored and started debating about whether Chelsea Clinton should be a future President.


We need someone to eradicate gerrymandering and the electoral college as well as the aristocracy I mean Senate and Supreme Court. Mike seems like the guy for that job.




Based 88 year old man


File: e4d7af8b1f64ffc⋯.png (698.05 KB, 500x595, 100:119, ClipboardImage.png)


If this is legit, and it seems like it might be, then the guy is an absolute genius for handing his campaign/social media presence to some extremely online teenage leftists. Truly a move to dab on der ewige boomer and win the presidency.

GravelGang appears to be exactly what we're looking for tbh.


File: 0e2d2fbbe3ef895⋯.png (1.22 MB, 1600x1184, 50:37, 1553023320572.png)




Gravel/Yang Gang/Gang 2020



Nah, Yang is a red herring trying to preserve the Dems by giving the slightest concessions that will make no real change to the political system or people's livelihoods.

The Gravalanche will BURY the centrist dem faggots.

Still Gravel isn't running to win atleast for now, just to shift the overton window and dab on imperialists. Ideally Bernie wins the nomination after Gravel concedes and then makes Gravel his VP pick.


File: 25f07f911051f53⋯.png (155.86 KB, 720x1013, 720:1013, 20190320_111654.png)

Ari Fleischer defends Iraq war

>The Iraq war began sixteen years ago tomorrow.

>There is a myth about the war that I have been meaning to set straight for years.

>After no WMDs were found, the left claimed 'Bush lied. People died.' This accusation itself is a lie. It's time to put it to rest.

>The fact is that President Bush (and I as press secretary) faithfully and accurately reported to the public what the intelligence community concluded.

>The CIA, along with the intelligence services of Egypt, France, Israel and others concluded that Saddam had WMD. We all turned out to be wrong. >That is very different from lying.

>After the war, a bipartisan group was created to determine what went wrong, particularly why the intelligence community's conclusions about Iraq were so different from what was found on the ground after the war.

>The group of experts was named the Robb-Silberman commission.

>It's report was issued in March 2005.

>It can be found in full here: https://t.co/peonYwvTZ1

>Its key finding was that that a "major intelligence failure" took place.

>It also stated that no intelligence service was pressured by the Bush Administration to conclude that Saddam had WMDs.

>Here are the key quotes from their report:

>Overall Commission Finding:

>The Intelligence Community's performance in assessing Iraq's pre-war weapons of mass destruction programs was a major intelligence failure.

>Nuclear Weapons Summary Finding: >The Intelligence Community seriously misjudged the status of Iraq's alleged nuclear weapons program in the 2002 NIE and other pre-Iraq war intelligence products.

>This misjudgment stemmed chiefly from the Community's failure to analyze correctly Iraq's reasons for attempting to procure high-strength aluminum tubes.


Sounds like it was all an innocent misunderstanding over aluminum tubes



Amerifats won't care until a white woman gets killed. It was the same with Charlottesville. The media kept platforming white nationalists until a white girl with a nice professional job got killed by a radicalized /v/irgin.


File: 029f097f89a570a⋯.png (212.67 KB, 500x595, 100:119, ClipboardImage.png)





goddamn right. american journalists are fucking scum too. they’ve done nothing but profile and give platforms to these fucking filth.



The GravelGang needs to coopt the 'Lock Her Up' chant but make it 'Lock Them Up' in reference to Hillary, Obama, Bush, Cheney and pretty much the entire war criminal establishment.

Gravel will lock them all up.



American media have been really pushing Jordan Peterson and Ben Shapiro as intellectual giants. That tells you nearly everything you need to know about our MSM here.



Also: NEED a garrison style cartoon where Gravel is surfing the wave of the Gravalanche as it buries painstakingly annotated war criminals.


Gravel has been a huge supporter of the national initiative in the past. Getting this would be a huge gain for the left, if used properly.


Sanders would exhibit some big dick energy to make Gravel, a man 10 years older than him, his VP.


File: 512e10cce67398b⋯.png (318.48 KB, 1855x1033, 1855:1033, WOFLDude.png)


We need a meme magick counter opponent to Pepe that helps Gravel win the presidency. Maybe like WOFL Dude (since wolves eat frogs). We just need to be sure it visually presents the same sort of cute and ironic weapons that Pepe memes have.


File: e2f4e6e6286482b⋯.png (308.83 KB, 600x300, 2:1, ClipboardImage.png)


Our hope lies entirely with geriatric statesmen leading us. Its the Brezhnev Bros all over again



Considering how that turned out…



Note that the mistake they made was letting someone younger (Gorbachev) in. Keep the Gorbachev's and Yeltsin's out, keep faith in the Gerontocracy. Bernie/GravelGang 2020.



File: cd9eb3016e45aeb⋯.png (157.1 KB, 380x250, 38:25, ClipboardImage.png)


Awful idea. No need for a mascot. Just slogans and imagery. Pepe is stale anyway though a GravelGang Pepe or two won't hurt.

Take a lesson from the Yang Gang, the Gravalanche and LOCK THEM UP is all we need.




Finally a Boomer that can meme and isn't insufferable


File: c843979c3d9b37a⋯.png (515.67 KB, 787x560, 787:560, ClipboardImage.png)


Anything that can be done with that?


It's 100% their kids.

Also he isn't a boomer, he's silent generation child.



The only people constantly talking about a civil war is them


The Democrats will be the death of the Constitution and Liberty. Socialism will destroy the Republic. You are all evil





Good, you Americans deserve it.



So no downsides?



If only. God damn America



They don't want to lose power, and Trump is worried about going to jail for all his financial crimes if an opponent wins the presidency (plus he makes great money by helping billionaires and industrialists). They are basically power sick, and Fox News has deranged their base.


File: aeb1b204351a48a⋯.png (94.99 KB, 720x595, 144:119, 20190320_154756.png)

File: 6479620fb751299⋯.png (63.15 KB, 720x477, 80:53, 20190320_155459.png)

File: dee4635445b51e2⋯.png (78.63 KB, 720x524, 180:131, 20190320_155525.png)

According to CNN the best thing to happen to our economy in 20 years is letting the ultra rich pork like Trump raid public funds via various tax funded corporate incentives and increasing their wealth with the Trump tax cuts for the rich. I guess when public funds are filled on the backs of the working class, and used as a personal slush fund for rich people it benefits everyone. That's just economics, and they don't got to explain shit.

SIDE NOTE: If the Krassenstein brothers are considered people of influence in the Democratic party then Dems need to Kurt Cobain themselves. The only difference between them and Paul Ryan is that wine moms find them less repulsive.


File: 8442082e60ee927⋯.jpg (17.85 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)


Yes, death!


File: 5655dc7c6165ea0⋯.png (964.05 KB, 1180x620, 59:31, ClipboardImage.png)


Jesus.. That's like:

*CNN poll says most people believe the Krassenstein brothers are fags*

Trump: "CNN says the Krassenstein brothers are fags. I guess CNN are becoming Beliebers"

Krassenstein Brothers: "See CNN is real news. Trump BTFO! It's Mueller time!"


File: 33bf49734456447⋯.jpg (75.66 KB, 564x782, 282:391, Dy40NQUWoAAZpgD.jpg)




File: dd60e30884c3bb2⋯.gif (29.06 KB, 482x800, 241:400, 7a5.gif)


File: 76d61a14f7b971b⋯.jpg (593.29 KB, 1079x1661, 1079:1661, Screenshot_20190320-202018….jpg)


and they said the commies were coming for thier hamberders


File: 5d94e6c36150aae⋯.gif (934.05 KB, 250x167, 250:167, IBS HABBEDING.gif)







Wasn't he supporting Chavez and Maduro?

Because thats kind of ballsy for a twitter check mark



I live about half an hour away from portland and I'm unemployed. Should I look to get a job at Burgerville and join the union?



It's nothing new. Not even close to new.




Seems like the recent antics are backfiring on AIPAC



Tbh there is a right-wing Israeli party running on a platform of stopping funding AIPAC and to reject American aid money.

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