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File: 6c6de5a000a90e9⋯.jpg (59.43 KB, 736x552, 4:3, mfw.jpg)

File: 21080ca8c083c19⋯.jpg (568.54 KB, 3000x2253, 1000:751, bannon.jpg)

File: 8514a9265d717cc⋯.gif (2.88 MB, 640x360, 16:9, ameriga.gif)


Mandatory containment for: discussing your dogshit election campaigns and candidates.

Voluntary containment: discussing burger-specific things nobody cares about.

Allowed outside this thread: real political developments pertaining to the USA (IE, laws being passed, strikes, wars, etc)

original OP:

The last thread died, long live the new thread.

Midterms rapidly approaching gomrades. With impeachment proceedings likely on the horizon, the next congress will surely be a historic one.

What do you all think will happen? Let's discuss the spectacle of bourgeois liberal democracy in the era of Gronald Grumph.



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File: 872be749eb29486⋯.jpg (95.43 KB, 900x672, 75:56, Bombing-Of-The-Wall-Street.jpg)


Frankly bombing Wall St. is truly American.



Didn't he work with Trump? Sounds like he made his bed.



You're trash you little 16 year old bitch.



Oh wow. It's really happening. All the personal injury lawyer TV ads are starting up:


'Everyone who worked or lived in Manhattan from 9-11-2001 to 5-21-2002 is elligible.

Going to be a lot of sick and dieing bankers real soon.



>9/11 wasn't an attack on America.

It was, and this can be proven due to how much it changed the american psyche. It made Burgers “rally around the flag” and except a militaristic psuedo-fascit police state. If 9/11 didn’t happen their would be no support for the PATRIOT ACT or the Invasion of Iraq. 9/11 allowed Porky to do this because of how much of a mental effect it had on Americans.


File: 5e039ef2bd44311⋯.jpg (162.12 KB, 1281x800, 1281:800, 2084466_News_British_troop….jpg)

File: 5b1e4378c66ddf1⋯.jpg (126.74 KB, 569x800, 569:800, flat,800x800,070,f.jpg)

File: ef97347a0222855⋯.jpg (304.6 KB, 1500x1000, 3:2, armylondon.jpg)

File: 001c8357875aab7⋯.png (168.52 KB, 640x480, 4:3, police-and-soldier.png)


> It made Burgers “rally around the flag” and except a militaristic psuedo-fascit police state.

So what's yall faggots excuse?



I agree, but also would argue America became a police state during abolition with alcohol laws creating prison and police labor demands, this was exacerbated under Nixon with harsher drug laws to suppress hippy leftist movements. Then to make everything worse Reagan began creating a drug court work force. These actions rippled across the West creating a labor whose livlihood depended on laws which criminalized half of their populations (I don't kbow too many people who haven't experimented with illegal substances). The Clintons threw a diesal truck onto the fire exploding the American prison population past capacity, and creating a massive police economy based solely on drug culture. They've been trying to dial back the laws some since it's untenable to support the criminal justice economic bubble on 13th amendment slave labor, fines and taxes that porky needs for public funds investments "to create jobs". Though some including Trump have considered execution as a method to continue the tradition at cost. Anarchist bombings led to the creation of the FBI.

BUT… 9/11 marked the beginning of open and overt American neo-fascism. We see the advent of a massive network of mainstream and profitable fascist propaganda which makes Der Angriff look like toilet paper. Porky was able to take full advantage of fairness doctrine repeal.


File: e898e4442d5b42c⋯.png (76.08 KB, 720x424, 90:53, 20190413_223406.png)

Honestly, Mike Gravel is the only one who called it.

The entirety NY Post, Trump 9/11 tweets and ghast Republican establishment targeting Ilhan Omar is fully funded by the Jews. Action America (a Jew lobbyist) promised to dump 14 million into destroying Omar for her anti-Israel comments 2 weeks ago. Google it. Pelosi is getting that jew money, Zion Don is getting that jew money… I mean it's hard to pretend like Nazis are getting their concerns about Jews running America out of nowhere (even though porkies come in all shapes, colors and sizes).



Fuck off /pol/.



What 9/11 did allow for was a massive expansion to the intelligence bucracy. Through the PRISIM program the American state was able to spy on every single citizen as well as any foreigner they pleased. In addition the post-9/11 fear created the Department of Homeland Security and ICE.


>How would you bring back jobs and industry that have been lost due to trade deals that do not favor the American worker?

Is this at all a good question to ask Bernie at the town hall or does anyone else have a better idea



ask him about Eugene Debs



Ask him this:

>Nicolas Maduro is a democratic socialist just like Salvador Allende. Yet you call him an evil dictator. If you can't even support Democratic Socialists in other countries, why should we trust you?


File: 42a6cf0b1b5cb53⋯.jpg (52.64 KB, 404x605, 404:605, pretending.jpg)


"Have you ever considered that there is work to be done here in America, meanwhile companies tell us that jobs simply do not exist for the average American?"


File: 40c7627c924a2aa⋯.jpg (186.14 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)


>OKINOWA, Japan — A US Navy sailor and a Japanese woman were found dead — both stabbed — on Saturday in a bloody apartment bedroom on the Japanese island of Okinawa, police there said.

>Police did not immediately comment on a perpetrator or release any names, but Japanese Deputy Foreign Minister Takeo Akiba said the incident appeared to be a homicide-suicide, with the sailor having killed the woman.

>A minor was found unharmed in the apartment and is being taken care of by authorities, Okinawa police said.

>The sailor was attached to the US 3rd Marine Division, which has a base in Okinawa. US Marine Corps leaders said they were aware of the deaths and will support the ongoing investigation.

If you are in the US Military or you have family or friends who are please start trying to organize a mutiny soon. If not just fucking kill yourself.

This is one reason I'm glad tulsi made it to the debate stage tbh. I doubt she'll go full "close the bases" like Jill Stein did but literally any amount of antiwar rhetoric is good. I'm still holding out for Gravel though.


File: 22680dd12eaaea8⋯.jpg (22.4 KB, 750x560, 75:56, 22680dd12eaaea8c6459da83d6….jpg)


>Senator Backstabbin' Bernie, in a rare and forceful rebuke by a presidential candidate of an influential party ally, has accused a liberal think tank of undermining Democrats’ chances of taking back the White House in 2020 by “using its resources to smear” him and other contenders pushing progressive policies.

>Mr. Sanders’s criticism of the Center for American Progress, delivered on Saturday in a letter obtained by The New York Times, reflects a simmering ideological battle within the Democratic Party and threatens to reopen wounds from the 2016 primary between him and Hillary Clinton’s allies. The letter airs criticisms shared among his supporters: That the think tank, which has close ties to Mrs. Clinton and the Democratic Party establishment, is beholden to corporate donors and has worked to quash a leftward shift in the party led partly by Mr. Sanders.

>“This counterproductive negative campaigning needs to stop,” Mr. Sanders wrote to the boards of the Center for American Progress and its sister group, the Center for American Progress Action Fund. “The Democratic primary must be a campaign of ideas, not of bad-faith smears. Please help play a constructive role in the effort to defeat Donald Trump.”

>The Center for American Progress, which is known as CAP, was founded in 2003 by John D. Podesta, a close ally of the Clintons, and is based in Washington. It has played an important role in Democratic politics, even as it is legally required to be independent from the party. It has been funded by major Democratic donors, like the financier George Soros, as well as entities with interests that do not always align with progressive politics, including health insurance companies, Walmart, big banks, defense contractors and foreign governments.

>The group hosts forums featuring Democratic officials and candidates, including Mr. Sanders, while its action fund wages political advocacy campaigns targeting Republicans. It has also served as a Democratic administration-in-waiting, building teams and developing policies that President Barack Obama drew upon after his 2008 election. The group was expected to fill the same role for Mrs. Clinton had she won the White House in 2016.

>Both Mr. Podesta, who was the chairman of Mrs. Clinton’s 2016 campaign, and Ms. Tanden, who advised it, were mentioned as candidates for White House chief of staff had Mrs. Clinton won. Ms. Tanden has privately disparaged some of Mr. Sanders’s supporters and advisers during the 2016 campaign. Among them was Faiz Shakir, who advised Mr. Sanders’ 2016 campaign and is his 2020 campaign manager. He worked at CAP for years, helping to launch and run ThinkProgress.

>Since Mr. Trump’s victory, Ms. Tanden has recast herself and her organization as leaders of the anti-Trump “resistance,” and has sought to harness the energy of liberal activists who backed Mr. Sanders in 2016, even as she has continued complaining about his supporters.

Here we fucking go again lads




What he said. Focus on whether he intend to follow Debs electoral strategy



Reminder that the only worthwhile thing for burgers to do in the upcoming electoral cycle is make sure that Mike Gravel makes it into the debates so he can have a national platform to challenge US imperialism. Just donate like $1 to his campaign so that he can get to 60,000 donations. That's it. It seems like minor shit but this is a tiny effort to make to ensure some incredible dialectical spectacle.



But wasn't Allende just a socdem?



Allende was a serious socialist. If he was "just a socdem" he wouldn't have been overthrown.



I'll drop him a 20 when I get paid. Will he debate in Dem primary? I want to see him tear up the establishment dems.

On a separate note who do you think DNC will push through primaries. To me it looks like they're going for a moderate atm.


>r/the_donald went from being the 2nd most ranked board to the 91st.

I have no idea how to interpret this.


File: dba738f0b6c0a79⋯.png (811.39 KB, 598x598, 1:1, gravel.png)


>look up Mike Gravel

>this picture is the first thing I see

>it's from his own instagram account

Well you've convinced me. Small donation to that is easy.



Well for better or for worse his team is managed by CTH types. It is interesting that they are actively trying to mimic Yang's electoral strategy but with a higher allegiance to a cause.


We should totally make more memes out of him



>If he was "just a socdem" he wouldn't have been overthrown.

I think you're overestimating american tolerance about anything left related, especially when it's happening in the US's backyard.


File: bac6ed4b1d9338f⋯.jpg (64.88 KB, 640x551, 640:551, l85fs3frqbs21.jpg)



That would be amazing if true!


File: b693f9a97a39b4c⋯.png (63.64 KB, 763x425, 763:425, D4NMMmgW0AIax4r.png)






File: 8c49f9b16ac5174⋯.jpg (62.37 KB, 550x547, 550:547, tulsi.jpg)

"Trump has been acting as al-Qaeda's big brother and protector and turned America into the prostitute of the Saudis" - Tulsi Gabbard


(of course she's leaving out Israel intentionally, but it's a start)


File: 3f3de8599557e7e⋯.jpg (55.71 KB, 639x960, 213:320, 11737890_10153462646244814….jpg)


Tulsi's compromised.



can't wait to see how they will screw Bernie over this time



Are there any heart-attack ray guns out there yet?



The Nazis hate Muslims too though.


Sanders fox townhall going on now


bretty good so far


I genuinely resent Bernie because if he really wanted to he could be the American Tito and he knows it. But instead he chose to be the American Tsipras



Thanks for the heads up. This crowd is based. Way better than the CNN townhall in DC with the plants.



>Gillibrand at 0%




I can't believe biden is so high. Fucking boomers voting for the establishment guy insteadof the new guy.


File: 361336ec1043d28⋯.jpg (45.87 KB, 500x374, 250:187, 1553735645650.jpg)


>Biden at 24%




Everyone who cries about "muh intergenerational warfare" when people make fun of boomers is a useful idiot liberal. Boomers are guilty until proven innocent at this point. They were literally cultivated by the ruling class to be the most anticommunist generation in history it's fucking stupid when people act like it's unfair to make them prove themselves




I got to ask Bernard Sanders a question AMA



Did you ask him how he felt about companies telling people there are no jobs meanwhile there is still work to be done?



No I failed /leftypol/ I'm sorry



class consciousness is rising



We /pol/acks conclude that Q is a Trump regime psy-op to pacify his White base in spite of his lack to fulfill promises.



Throwing billionaire Kikes in jail, based.



Ask him when he's going to transfer the means of production to the working class.



It's funny.

I was watching the Fox stream, and it's hillarious to see boomer go nuts calling this guy a communist for milquetoast sucdem social policies.


Let's say I have an opportunity to organize an event at my campus for Backstabbin' Bernie.

Do you think this would be a decent opportunity to push socialism, or am I just funneling people into reformist sucdem complacency?



the latter



Depends on how you go about it.



It's too late man

I know because I just came up with a brilliant question too



There's no real marxist-leninist group that isn't completely poisoned by identity politics in America. So why the fuck not? It'll move things left if nothing else.


File: 4539c5e01c194ec⋯.jpg (55.46 KB, 700x300, 7:3, morpheus zion.jpg)


What are you talking about anon? It's just a christain-jewish coalition to protect us from the machines. They have my full support.



Depends what you would classify a "luxury".

But that shit is literally known as a "luxury tax" and has been used by succdems to fund public housing projects fairly successfully afaik. So it's not that bad I suppose.




Biden polling high is keeping the Young Bidens from polling even higher. You know the ones. It's in our interest to make this a binary Bernie/Biden choice, if only to keep this an actual campaign on the issues and not an idpol shitfest.


File: 823289363ea16e7⋯.jpg (39.64 KB, 800x450, 16:9, DrWdPVmWsAAWm3B.jpg)

join the IWW


>Bill Weld is challenging Trump for the GOP nomination

Kek, fucking madman.


File: 45d5d7ce4a1b6ef⋯.jpeg (64.76 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 78ed1482af5c7310d4e6aa375….jpeg)

>Trump Vetoes Bipartisan Resolution to End U.S. Involvement of US-Saudi War in Yemen

Trump is such an imperialistic shill it's ridiculous. Non interventionists who want this guy to win are feeble minded dupes who are fucking delusional. I don't trust this guy not to start a ground war during his second term. I think he wants to be able to brag that he's going down in history as a great war President. Plus he wants those presidential wartime powers. I bet Israel talks him into conquering Iran for them.




Your trust is irrelevant. The rest of the potentials definitely will. Trump is a wild card.


File: f7bd306e3a30637⋯.jpg (100.03 KB, 866x900, 433:450, 5aabafda8d8a6227c961b5743f….jpg)


He's not a fucking wildcard, and we've all seen him amp up drone strikes, give military support to Yemen, lob rockets at Syria, try to coup Venezuela and work to rally support for boots on ground. Claiming Bernie or Yang are more likely to start a war than Trump is so beyond feeble minded it's psychopathic. I struggle to believe people who claim this aren't secretly working the KAG campaign by LARPing as non interventionist, because I can't imagine anyone being delusional enough to think Trump isn't already an imperialist shill.




>give military support to yemen

Except he's not doing that, and yemen is the anti-imperialist choice against saudi imperialism.





I'm not talking about people who will never be POTUS.

US imperialism cannot be stopped, but it can be derailed. Trump is an idiot who will actually have to work for his war support. Still no no-fly zone over Syria, btw.


File: 9744853ae553e75⋯.png (45.09 KB, 763x425, 763:425, demprimarypoll.png)


File: 5008c8de1f82280⋯.jpg (64.01 KB, 800x699, 800:699, 5008c8de1f822806acf252f417….jpg)


Bernie lost by 3.7 million votes. Do you think getting rid of superdelegates will save him?



I meant he's giving military aid to horrific war crimes committed by Saudi Arabia in Yemen.. Plus the motherfucker was playing defense for Israel when they were taking headshots on babies in the Gaza strip last year. He has a long record of using U.S. power to aid and abet war criminal tier imperialism.


But Trump wants a fucking war. He's had generals complain that the guy couldn't understand why he shouldn't put boots on the ground in Venezuela and Iran without a reason. Besides, Trump isn't derailing U.S. imperialism at all. Bernie and Yang probably wouldn't have tried to coup Venezuela, and certainly wouldn't be declaring Iran's military terrorists so they could justify torture when the time came. Also, Trump really hasn't had to work very much to do shit like lob rockets into Syria. That Trump would have to work harder is not true than Bernie and Yang (who would be up against their own base and a conservative news juggernaut intent on undermining them).



How many votes did all the other candidates get last time?



>Trump isn't derailing U.S. imperialism at all

>He's had generals complain that the guy couldn't understand why he shouldn't put boots on the ground in Venezuela and Iran without a reason

Read these two sentences over and over until you understand how they contradict each other.



Trump certainly wants war, but he's literally too stupid to execute one.

Venezuela was in the works since before Trump was even elected, but once he got his hands on the ball everything went to shit. He's too eager to skip all the boring stuff and get to the part where things are blowing up (remember when he insisted on the MOAB being used for no other reason than because it would be cool?), and he doesn't have any idea what he's doing nor is he even interested in learning. He isn't derailing US imperialism intentionally, he's just a terrible wielder of imperial power.


Town Hall



Pretty cool how the ENTIRE crowd cheered when Bernie mentioned the military-industrial complex and when the Syrian guy spoke against war. They even clapped when he said that Trump claimed to oppose endless war.


Is it bad praxis to write a letter to your congressman?



better vote for trump again, goy.



Damn in spite of myself im impressed


there is literally nothing wrong with being an accelerationist


File: 788466cc80790ca⋯.jpg (68.93 KB, 950x534, 475:267, pete buttigieg.jpg)

Is the purpose of the Dems propping up "Pete Buttigieg" to siphon as many delegates away from Bernie with the help of idpol single-issue LGBT useful-idiot voters in the first round of the Democrat primaries to force a second round so the superdelegates choose Joe Biden as the presidential nominee?



Nah, Biden will never win and even in a brokered convention he won't win.



I would wager that lgbt single issue voters won’t be a thing post Obergerfell v Hodges decision

People may vote for him because of idpol though


File: 2706b14ef75433b⋯.jpg (226.77 KB, 1500x2000, 3:4, Donald_Trump.jpg)

>cucked out on the Muslim ban (which was written under obama)

>cucked out on Syria and Iraq

>cucked out on the Wall

>cucked out on NAFTA

>cucked out on TPP

>cucked out on the obamacare repeal (because it would have hurt the health insurance industry and opened the space for socdems to actually do something useful and push for m4a)

>did more tax cuts for the rich

>did wall st deregulation

>did sanctions on Russia and Iran

>re-imprisoned Chelsea Manning

>is gunning for wikileaks and Julian assange

>gave the military even more money to fight on behalf of Israel and Saudi arabia

>has given Israel and the entire Zionist wing literally everything they have ever wanted

>wants Pelosi to remain house speaker

>blew the Venezuela coup

>is allowing DPRK and South Korea to reunify

>surrounded himself with the very neocons /pol/ claimed they were breaking with

>oversaw the furthest left shift in the democrats since the 30s and probably will oversee another one (which isn't saying much but relative to where they were even five years ago it's significant)

>/pol/ infiltrated with literal neocon boomers now

>"alt right" split in a billion different directions and half of their "leaders" are just Zionist crypto neocons themselves

>Alex Jones on suicide watch

>half of the /pol/ coalition now supporting a literal neoliberal Silicon Valley Democrat cuz muh gibs

Y'all sick of winning yet?



I would argue he's designed as Biden 2.0 more than Bernie lite, fused together with an Obama like hope and change rhetoric. he's basically the establishments backup in case Biden chokes or doesn't run.

also there is no such thing as a single issue lgbt voter post gay marriage ruling. you of course have people who vote based on culture war liberalism but thats slightly different



>tfw you fear that the gulags will never come


If ww1 was somehow prevented I think we could have had communism



>is allowing DPRK and South Korea to reunify

This is worth it.


File: a4bef2292097e7c⋯.png (1.31 MB, 666x1032, 111:172, ClipboardImage.png)



The Yang Gang is going to be some actually successful astroturf isn't it?



he has a ceiling of sixth place in the iowa caucus and zero pledged delegates.





File: 9e937558bc36c42⋯.gif (3.86 MB, 240x266, 120:133, 1546537854174.gif)


>being objectively wrong



No. I mean on the online right autism fest.



I love how /pol/ fell for Controlled opposition. This is 100% similar to the 60's.

You have Rodger Stone breaking apart the Dems with Bernie, you have Tulsi filling the role for the Summer of Love for anti-war, the whole /pol/ movement was basically an online version of the Hippie movement but right-wing, you had the Hate Bus with Rockwell happening, you have James Mason, there's actually a Nazi version of the Jim Jones Jonestown so they might kill themselves, Hyde is basically the STEAL THIS BOOK, the yare doing the same sort of shit like Weather Underground did that led to the death of the New Left in the 60's, and so on.


File: 6cdc83d7b66fc10⋯.jpg (25.55 KB, 399x401, 399:401, 6cdc83d7b66fc10cf483ba1ec3….jpg)


hot take bro, but have you ever heard of this one obscure socialist experiment in russia that lasted 70 years?



There was no way in hell that it could've won in shitholes, Marx literally said it had to take place in UK, France, and USA.


File: fb6628d5f364f53⋯.jpg (13.97 KB, 480x360, 4:3, Pizzachev.jpg)




I was not trying to say that the USSR gave us communism. What I was trying to say is that if it was wasn't for the deterioration of the Russian Empire caused by war the Bolshevik revolution would have never been successful, therefore we would have never had one of the most long-lived socialist nations.

I can imagine a scenario where a communist revolution and it's internationalization could be facilitated by the imperialist rivalry between the prominent bourgeois powers, as this would reduce the chances of an alliance against the revolution, but I would assume the national proletarian movements would quickly be supressed by the armies conscripted during the tensions in the pre-war years.

I might be wrong on this as I still have a very basic grasp of the October Revolution and my focus is on theory, but from what I know a combat weary-army played a vital part in overthring the provisional government.



We'd have communism if the revolutions in Italy and Germany had not failed


File: bdac6db3d208349⋯.png (122.2 KB, 900x588, 75:49, world rate of profit.png)


The main reason I bring this up is that ww1 clearly rescued the rate of profit by obliterating massive amounts of capital. This stabilized capitalism by ameliorating its contradictions and improved thus improved position of the bourgoise for a time.

> What I was trying to say is that if it was wasn't for the deterioration of the Russian Empire caused by war the Bolshevik revolution would have never been successful, therefore we would have never had one of the most long-lived socialist nations.

The Bolshevik revolution was not the revolution Marx envisioned. The revolution wasn't meant to happen on the outskirts of capitalism in a mostly feudal backwater.

it was meant to happen in the industrial/imperial core (germany, the UK, etc), where the contradictions of capitalism were the most mature.



Expropriate the personal property of Porky (Gold jewearly, art and shit) and sell this on the world market for machinery and Industry. Than via five year plans fully reindustralize America. Also relocation of people living in Costal megacities towards smaller midwest cities like Detroit and Columbus would help.


What did the chinks think was gonna happen after they bombed pearl harbor?


Electoralism is dead. Only a toppling of the gov can save the working class.


Communism was extremely popular in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Famed economists were hailing it the next great step forward. It took fascism and a major porky propaganda war to turn communist into the dirty word it is today.

Interesting Fact: Proles weren't interested in antisemitism initially either. The peasants were mostly upset with aristocratic class. It took the Church decades of antisemitic propaganda to distract peasants from their legitimate concerns with monarchies and to mob the heretics instead.



>The Bolshevik revolution was not the revolution Marx envisioned.

Toward the end of his life Marx started to express the opposite as his correspondence with Russians deepened






idk how but someone found the report already



File: 6726fba3fe2d2b1⋯.jpg (40.16 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 57451418_272043513674976_9….jpg)


This could just be a fake, right?


File: cd7b840613c0408⋯.jpeg (256.26 KB, 1242x1616, 621:808, 016125A9-B33B-4BAE-AE61-E….jpeg)

File: c7666dafee7801c⋯.jpeg (359 KB, 1242x1542, 207:257, E836BC39-2E66-4801-9AB7-D….jpeg)

File: bc0da8ca9443ff5⋯.jpeg (263.22 KB, 1242x1522, 621:761, C6F61913-4589-4CCB-BBAA-0….jpeg)

File: 58934c50ac6a643⋯.jpeg (306.26 KB, 700x2060, 35:103, 83783428-3CE7-4EB7-A816-A….jpeg)

File: 64384ef93ebd3d0⋯.jpeg (286.52 KB, 668x2067, 668:2067, 0A437345-4B15-41E6-A262-8….jpeg)




Maggie Haberman of the NYT linked to it in her twitter: https://twitter.com/maggieNYT/status/1118892584229855232



Putin is truly the greatest mastermind the World has ever known.

He did what Stalin couldn't do, coup the USA.




this is America


File: fccf9ce8a30598b⋯.jpg (47.67 KB, 387x420, 129:140, 1555269328714.jpg)


>That first page

Holy fucking kek


File: 59d6d6965c04bed⋯.jpg (155.73 KB, 843x795, 281:265, LZR6P3jh.jpg)


File: 5333f334a47113e⋯.jpg (114.1 KB, 1300x866, 650:433, 96395788-brutalized-mad-ca….jpg)


This is just a modern SCP report, it can't be the memo.



I wonder how much of that is actual guilt or paraphrasing due to the section that says "or words to that effect"? I could picture it happening, but I mean, it's not a recording, just notes from Hunt, right?


File: aaa20c5cbd000ed⋯.png (573.1 KB, 1185x470, 237:94, D4ckGyUWkAILdo7.png)


Piss tape is also real.



Late Marx and the Russian Road. Though i didnt read that book Figes book on the Russian revolution talked about Marx’s relation iirc


File: ca8ecf0d24241e5⋯.png (188.64 KB, 999x410, 999:410, Screenshot_2019-04-18 repo….png)

Here's the tl;dr


File: 9a6696f26e66aa3⋯.jpg (97.36 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, D4cL-2GXsAAIini.jpg)

Game Over: Trump tweets after attorney general says Mueller report found ‘no collusion’ with Russia

Game Over: Trump tweets after attorney general says Mueller report found ‘no collusion’ with Russia




>"Radical Left"

>Sides with Trump on every single policy he's put through.



Oh no! Neoliberal Femocrats with no real economic platform cannot claim that Trump won because Russia rigged the election! How will actual leftists ever recover? :^(


The fun thing is that Q Anon is dead.



I can't wait until the piss tape is leaked one day. In the notes Comey took about his discussions with Trump it was really clear the he was way too worried about the piss tape and anyone even thinking it existed. It would be the funniest thing of the century.



The DNC makes the worst choices I've ever seen a political party do, all the better for us though. I hope this will push left-leaning democrats more left. I've heard so many stories of people going left after the DNC-Sanders fiasco.



What a shitshow. Who relays messages that Piss tapes are safe in Russia to a Presidential candidates fixer, and then fucking forgets to mention they are fake knowing full well the Fixer thinks they are real. The Piss tapes sound real as fuck to me now, and I had doubted they existed. DJT just needs to be like "So what I like goldenshowers so sue me."

I could give a fuck less. Rich dudes like goldenshowers. We had this one guy in Ann Arbor that would offer street kids a couple hundred dollars and a pizza to piss on him. The problem is that the Christians want to believe Trump is king David 2.0, but that's too high of a bar to live up to.


File: 4aae7fb2d5c27fd⋯.png (1003.77 KB, 2390x2408, 1195:1204, politiscales.png)

File: b68d9900268f8b1⋯.png (241.27 KB, 800x1200, 2:3, politiscales3.png)




I… what?


I wonder how much Imperialism Al Gore would have gotten up to if he had won in 2000



Doubt he would have broke Dick Cheney's record. Probably Afghanistan.



that's what I was thinking, Afghanistan but no Iraq

the CIA probably would have backed fuckery in Venezuela and Haiti as well



They thought Muller was secretly working for Trump and the Muller Report was going to be all about Hillary and Satanic pizzas.



I don't see why this changes anything.

They can just believe that the redacted portions of the report are all about Hillary and Satanic pizzas. Or they can believe that there is another, secret report that we don't know about. Or they can believe that the report is written in code so the deep state doesn't find Q. Or they can believe Mueller was replaced by a hologram by the deep state.

The qult is unkillable. Give them a month, they'll have a new thing they're obsessed over.



Wait, why would Muller be investigating Hillary's emails themselves?



because that's what schizo boomers convinced themselves was happening



bullshit, it's literally just what one guy said


Pls, burger bros, help me understand, why Democrats and other liberals that support democrats are so obsessed with Russia and stuff?



its outside the scope of the sort of open, routine, legalized corruption that goes on in Washington

point to it allows democrats to sieze the moral high ground without having to actually accomplish anything themselves


File: c4be702701776bb⋯.png (754.23 KB, 1006x1522, 503:761, 1491444425348.png)


Because Syria, and because Russia is #1 oil producer now that Saudi Arabia oil production is taking a shit, and America fucking with petro-states or challengers to its hegemony is already a given.

Hillary was supposed to escalate in Syria with a no fly zone and attack Russia, but Trump getting elected fucked it up. The media still banged the drum for it, and praised Trump every time he even took a small step towards it, but no cigar.



Because the USA ruling class wants to enslave Russia.



But don't they see/know that that is impossible?



Nice one, commrade. Does a similar one exist for Yemen?



Honestly, the majority of people I know in real life who hate Trump aren't terribly obsessed with Russia right now. When it comes up they just think Trump's full of shit, because he's constantly getting caught lying about his various run ins with Russia. I think it exacerbates shit when people try to convince them this whole fiasco isn't suspicious. Only someone real far down a rabbithole would look at all the shit that came out, and not be suspicious. But, I don't know anyone obsessed about it outside of Twitter.



To add to this, most the people I know are obsessed with Trump's bad domestic policies. He comes across as overtly for the rich. Despite them believing there is some connection between with Russia.. I honestly don't know a single soul who wants to like go to war or escalate or anything. I know a lot of liberals too. They all just think he's a corrupt dipshit.



But Mueller showed that there were no illegal run-ins with Russia(ns). Did you read Gleen Grinwald's piece in the Intercept?



And this is another question. Why the hell are liberals so warmongering




No, I just read parts of the Mueller report itself. I'm not big on commentary. From what I've read it was a total shitshow. I'm not sure how commentators are dressing it up, but I can only imagine.



I honestly don't know any warmongering liberals in real life. They all like to think of themselves as pacifists. TBH I can't think of the last liberal I've met calling for war. Now, the conservatives I know like most my family would drop nukes on Puerto Rico if a Republican said they had WMDs. I've had this conservative pastor I do homeless outreach with ask with fear what I think should be done with Iran and Venezuela. The guy just got done reading Bible verses once, and was wondering if I thought we should nuke North Korea before they nuked us. Most liberals I've met in real life, not faceless liberal socks on Twitter, think war is stupid and a rich man's game. So my experience has been very different from the consensus on /leftypol/.



Scratch a Liberal and a Fascist bleeds.



Ask them about Syria or Libya and watch the "peace & love" turn into exceptions.



>Most liberals I've met in real life, not faceless liberal socks on Twitter, think war is stupid and a rich man's game.

This is kind of my experience, but the older liberals I've noticed are really gullible. I was able to convince them otherwise, but my aunt actually thought Venezuela was some socialist dictatorship for a while.


File: 92c2004856eb686⋯.jpg (83.01 KB, 474x500, 237:250, 1447361900497.jpg)


Now we know who the DNC is going to rig the election for.



Too many old obama ppl are falling in line with Buttigieg now, they'll split the DNC vote



And Beto, and Harris, and Brooker, and Klobacahar, ect

It's just a repeat of what happened in the last Republican primary.


File: be173a7769f6e68⋯.jpg (248.71 KB, 1239x946, 1239:946, 1.JPG)

Which of these sectors have the most radical potential? I've only ever worked as a chef so I honestly can't speak for any other profession and I'm curious.



Been thinking about the consequences of the service economy again. I was starting to think the days of workers battling cops on the streets were over, and getting people to vote every four years was best we could hope for people in the services. I still think that's true for some of them. But strikes and riots still exist today, even in the world's most expensive cities. So I think their relative infrequency is more of a problem of lacking organization rather than the fact that these jobs just don't produce proper communists.


File: 9a19cb68d2d1017⋯.mp4 (552.49 KB, 854x424, 427:212, Mike Pompeo ex-CIA directo….mp4)

""""the intelligence community""""



>everybody laughs

clown world


File: cd2594fc9a214e2⋯.png (223.07 KB, 548x368, 137:92, ClipboardImage.png)

>Who doesn't want to pay more money for gas, and bring the world closer to a bloodbath?

Donald Trump is a religion of peace




They don't need to support war. Not opposing it and spreading propaganda is enough.



We have to vote for him. If Bernie wins he will die in the white house. I know it's a bitter pill to swallow, but what choice do we have? Biden is younger than Bernie by one year



>America acting like t’s still the 90s where they have a monopoly on Geopolitical power

This is stupid.



Well to be fair it does when it comes to cucking countries thanks to its utter dominance of the financial system.

I'd also say to be fair that thanks to the oil and gas boom the economy can whether it better than the 70s, but yeah a bit ironic Trump screeches at Powell for slowing the economy and then does this, also the sort of price rise every consumer will point to and bitch about


File: 337d1e8b5239e57⋯.png (112.96 KB, 720x726, 120:121, 20190422_142027.png)

File: 7550a7ca37dba7f⋯.png (160.32 KB, 719x1035, 719:1035, 20190422_141955.png)

File: da50d4582c2481c⋯.png (153.9 KB, 720x983, 720:983, 20190422_141921.png)


I love all the faceless Twitter socks replying to these tweets with shit like:

"Me Iranian! Me thank you for destroying the economy of my country! They use me economy to fund Al Qaeda and bur Notre Dame!"

"Trump is the best President of my 66 years on this planet! He's making the world great again."

"Thank you Mr. President for stepping up to the evil terrorists in Iran and Venezuela!"

All the astroturfing they're pumping out these days is making that propaganda tactic almost as worthless as calling politicians fascist. At this point I doubt Trump will win a 2nd term; as it is now. But, he's a nitwit if he thinks his approval rating will stay above 10% when gas prices excel 4$/gallon. He won't be able to sell the price shift as a step in fighting terrorism or preventing WMDs even if he starts a war.



Trump has given Gaddafi's general the go-ahead to assault the Capital.



>also the sort of price rise every consumer will point to and bitch about

Oh I see now. This isn’t about geopolitics. It’s just about making gas more expensive to increase the profit’s of Oil Porkies.


File: f79987e80b81c92⋯.png (3.27 MB, 1000x7852, 250:1963, yemen history.PNG)




Probably people who interact the most with shitty customers or with the boss. Longer-term, you should be looking at the people who are going to lose to automation.




>unironically supporting open borders

One of the few times I agree with Bernie



Someone should shop porky's face on his.



its both actually

will both fuck with Iran and benefit the other oil producing nations because of higher prices. though i think in the US it would still be outweighed by the negatives especially for most people


File: 16c7042f18d2c1f⋯.png (482.1 KB, 680x551, 680:551, ClipboardImage.png)


> though i think in the US it would still be outweighed by the negatives especially for most people

Ya I don't get it. It's not a very good move to pull when you're a year away from elections. Maybe the Republicans are thinking that the influx of oil corp donations will help them pay for an army of social media propagandists and reporters that will give them an edge. The more anti-majoritarian that party becomes the more crazy shit they do to scrape up a constituency or to fund their propaganda system. I guarantee gas hikes that are directly traceable to these sanctions won't be popular. The Nuclear Pact with Iran was pretty popular, and everybody thinks these Iran sanctions are bullshit instigated by Netanyahu and MBS.


File: d820c75911700ad⋯.png (31.69 KB, 687x263, 687:263, Screen Shot 2019-04-22 at ….png)


>though i think in the US it would still be outweighed by the negatives especially for most people

Oh it’ll make life hell for working people, but Porky will do anything to increase the rate of profit. America is now an oil exporting nation the effects of this are huge.


Anyone watching CNN townhall with Backstabbin' Bernie?

The people asking questions are somehow more class cucked than the audience on the Fox townhall



Every time CNN does townhalls they pack the audience with lanyard fucktards and well to do suburbanites.


File: fb459741673ae9b⋯.jpg (46.98 KB, 750x500, 3:2, 57a1f107dd08957b3d8b4a26-7….jpg)


File: de1ba5f6d2472e1⋯.png (295.89 KB, 500x437, 500:437, ClipboardImage.png)

"But if – and this is an if – if for the next year, year-and-a-half, going right into the heart of the election, all that the Congress is talking about is impeaching Trump and Trump, Trump, Trump, and Mueller, Mueller, Mueller, and we're not talking about health care, we're not talking about raising the minimum wage to a living wage, we're not talking about combating climate change, we're not talking about sexism and racism and homophobia, and all of the issues that concern ordinary Americans, what I worry about is that works to Trump's advantage." - Backstabbin' Bernie



and the right calls us postmodernists



>Becoming literal clowns to trigger the libs

This clown world meme has gotten meta




Seriously though, we should pretend to be outraged by something just to see if the right will do it.


File: f488ee18cb3e4af⋯.jpg (25.92 KB, 542x320, 271:160, 1555949164979.jpg)


This is the absolute state of white nationalists


File: 01a4d2718cf0d63⋯.gif (511.29 KB, 607x609, 607:609, clownpie.gif)



Not even gonna lie, that's pretty based. Dressing as clowns to make fun of drag queens is pretty funny - it got a honk out of me tbh





>there was actually a time when /pol/ was even more anti-zionist and antiwar than the left

It's kind of incredible how fast they shifted their views on,Israel and neocon foreign policy just to defend daddy


Yeah dude it was so based how they got asked to leave then left then didn't even shut down or significantly interrupt the reading at all and instead just danced around on the other side of the street haha,they sure owned the libs I upvoted



I haven't been over there in a while, but I'm fairly certain they are disenchanted with the whole trump meme now



Every /ptg/ still gets tons of activity. Maybe it's all bots, but it seems they're still on the trump train



They literally still have a daily president Trump general on halfchan /pol/ that hits Grover furr levels of denial and hero worship. I know that khashoggi was a faggot but when he died the general reaction on 4chan wasn't just to point out the hypocrisy in liberals caring about this one guy dying but to actually call Saudi Arabia based and start finding other elements of Saudi society that they thought were cool and triggered the libs. They capitulated on Israel almost immediately when they realized it's the perfect real life model for their ethnostate autism and were cool with the very same neocons they used to shit on for blowing up Syria and Libya attempting to do the same in Venezuela

Idk about 8ch /pol/ but for a long time they banned anyone who criticized Trump at all and started recently trying to doxx anyone who jumped ship to yang because they both were "cia psyops" and shit like that


File: fe7af33b3cc2494⋯.png (86.17 KB, 315x431, 315:431, Screen Shot 2019-04-23 at ….png)



Tanks will blow them



Nazis used to say the same shit 50 fucking years ago you stupid trot faggot

In the USA the only leftists right now who are against installing fascists everywhere around the worls are ☭TANKIE☭s or ☭TANKIE☭ adjacent so you should probably shut the fuck up



They plan on going to a place near me dressed like this, and I'm real tempted to go to one of these events and throw pies at them. It's like they are asking for it.



Do it and post results




yeah but everyone else thinks /ptg/ are a bunch of dumb boomers, they are a minority. they don't speak for the board.


You tell from the way Democrats have responded to Trump for the last 3 years that everyone in the richest chunk of it was assured Hillary would be president and all of them-from late night comedy to think tank pigs-set up a whole infrastructure for how to further instirutionalize "West Wing Liberalism" from it then had to suddenly change course when Trump won and Bernie's coalition didn't dissolve



Cuckchan /pol/ hates /ptg/. They think it’s a Reddit colony


File: 99e1341acde21ac⋯.png (825.26 KB, 967x978, 967:978, iEZWyt0.png)



Good for them I guess but they're still insufferable and incapable of actual criticism thought for the most part. See how quickly half of them jumped to supporting Yang, who is literally a silicon valley neoliberals Democrat who stand for multiculturalism and globalization. A year ago someone like yang would have disgusted both /pols/ but now he's agreeable because the majority of them never had any principles to start with. The other half are even further divided between neocon boomers and those aligned with them and hyper esoteric mystics and other weird shit that has no actual impact eithervon reality or the internet.

There might be 2 percent of /pol/ who actually have any kind of conviction and have remained true to themselves and despite,completely disagreeing with them I at least admire that about them. But it's really very difficult to overstate how hypocritical they've become after Trump won.



Aren't they admitting that the concept of gender is a joke though?



I'm just trying to figure out how they thought it would be cool to go full "GAMERS-RISE-UP".



Wow, tnx.




>the right

>thinking about anything for more than 2 seconds

They're mostly just impulsive idiots why do you think so many of them are addicted to things or are former addicts and constantly need attention?


File: 9a28c826e5c4bec⋯.png (93.45 KB, 750x1060, 75:106, ClipboardImage.png)




This is like the fourth rebrand these guys are on in five years.

American turd position → American Freedom Party → Identity Evropa → American Identity Movement



Their stances on anything dont matter because it's a retarded online larp group. Nazis take non interventionist stances because they are broadly popular in society that's why they shill leftist economic policies because they know its popular. The pro or con intervention stance by whatever American meme group is irrelevant because all your trotcuck plans for US world domination will be foiled anyway by China and Russia who will provide aid with weapons and AA systems to whatever regime or country trotcucks have a beef with and eventually your shitty empire will degrade into a clown show continue to lose influence and get annexed by Mexico as it should be


File: 0526f8133adc507⋯.png (259.44 KB, 608x505, 608:505, ClipboardImage.png)


like clockwork




>tfw Americans chose a few decades of cheep Chinese consumer products of centuries of being the next Rome

such a great opportunity for internationalism was missed. Such an opportunity will likely not come for a long time. A multipolar world won’t be some glorious shit. It’ll be like WW1, but with more powerful weapons.

Why live?


File: 7982b8cb1776b19⋯.jpeg (302.94 KB, 1052x1236, 263:309, d0e39b824c4787b9f77a1f88c….jpeg)


>implying China won't be the next Rome

Nigga do you even read the shit people post in the PRC general? China probably isn't gonna create global communism but if you think they aren't going to take over the USA's mantle as a superpower with ease and probably 5x the global influence you're just not paying attention.



> 3D hyperspace backgammon American NWO empire into world revolution and Communism

You are literally insane. You should stop posting and go outside nerd .



>China probably isn't gonna create global communism but if you think they aren't going to take over the USA's mantle as a superpower with ease and probably 5x the global influence you're just not paying attention.

China’s economy was built off of exporting cheep goods to the rest of the world. However as they develop this becomes harder and harder, hence the slowdown. Also China is surrounded by enemies on all sides. India, Vietnam, and Japan. Their only friendly neabour is Russia. It pretty guaranteed that they will surpass America. But they won’t achieve a the status of a sole superpower.


I was shitposting in tha post, however one should note that Americans waisted a perfectly good opportunity to deteritoralize and reterritoalize the world.



America will get Thanos snapped the second when enough countries like Russia, China India Brazil Turkey, Iran Argentina, agree on using their own currencies in billateral or common trade. America has no industry left except the MIC Boeing Lokheed etc GE is dead all the car plants are abroad all the tech companies like Apple produce assemble abroad usually in a complex supply chain while Huawei and 5G is all over the place it's in Canada it's in Europe and Murica is chimping out about it. All it has is Wall Street bubbles banks Hollywood and the dollar. Trump and the people who control him were a last ditch effort too little to late now. Trump and his team are clownish retarded and incompetent while half the elite wants him removed because their own interests and profits were threatened and because Trump thereated to end the literal tax evasion in the case of Google Facebook Amazon and Apple who pay almost no taxes to the US. They have one way out of this is to get Russia to the US side which won't happen because fucking clown incompetence reigns in the West Russia really doesn't want to be left one on one with China as the sole superpower and dealing with them alone in Central Asia Africa the Middle East China will jsut take all the shit. Russia and the US both still have a military advantage over China but this will last for like 5 more years they are gonna be releasing nuclear drone submarines and hypersonic space shit


File: 4d245eb63dba14d⋯.png (30.44 KB, 690x392, 345:196, manufacturing-output-by-co….png)



>America has no industry left except the MIC Boeing Lokheed etc




America has a trade giant defecit with everyone Canada the EU Japan South Korea mexico China Brazil etc IT buys far too much shit and spends too many resources to justify it's status which is only propped up by their finacial dominance and the dollar and those things can change overnight.



>which is only propped up by their finacial dominance and the dollar and those things can change overnight.

Not entirely. The American economy is heavily finacialized. But that’s not why America is strong. America is strong because of it’s military strength, and strong service economy. Obviously if the world suddenly decided to stop exporting stuff to America things there would go downhill. However such a change wouldn’t happen overnight. Exporting goods to America is profitable. In fact, the biggest break on the American trade deficient is Trump hiking up tariffs. Not countries embargoing America.



File: d12454d2df6a499⋯.jpg (22.33 KB, 550x309, 550:309, 39907.jpg)


I hope this goes like the Republican primaries with the single-digit candidates kamikazing themselves to take out rivals to Bernie. Warren detonates Joe. Then Beto does a really punk rock move and takes out Kamala.


File: 11fafd430a4884d⋯.jpg (343.83 KB, 1024x640, 8:5, 9b5eba979f32b34c1d30539f1c….jpg)


>Uncle Joe is back



Wait, so how is the Democratic Party supposed to screw over Bernie?



Bernie's base is locked in and won't budge, and he has more than enough money to campaign as long as he wants, so the party has to consolidate the rest and marginalize the Bernie Bros. But there are too many candidates so they eat each other as Bernie stays "above the fray" as it were.



>it's status which is only propped up by their finacial dominance and the dollar and those things can change overnight.

That's literally what imperialism is, and no, it can't just change overnight.



The service economy is a result of heavy financialization stocks grow in price because of Central Bank QE and interest rate fuckery and the proceeds all go to the rich and upper middle class not because pricea reflect what those companies are worth. US military dominance is slipping its navy and carrier focused which are obsolete and its wasteful and inefficient the f-35 program alone cost over a trillion dollars for a plane that's pretty shit. Its profitable to export to America so long as those countries need US dollars so long as the dollar remains the predominant international trade currency once America is forced to buy shit not for dollars but for something else its fucked. Also the tarrifs did nothing except tax wallmart shoppers and the deficit with every country increased



America is the biggest food exporter, the biggest oil producer, has the second biggest industry, very rich in natural resources, and has the world’s biggest tech sector. America will fall behind China, and probably India as well. However if you think America will cease to be a great power, your being dishonest.



The share of US agricultural exports is declining every year when it comes to oil the US became top producer due to shale and fracking the average shale oil well lasts three years and is much more expensive to extract than regular wells this business model is viable for now only because the US fed encourages banks to loan those companies massive amounts of money at low interst but it wont be viable in ten years and it is not viable to be exported because the price of shale is not competitive. America relies on importing everything in terms of natural resources it imports rare earths aluminium and it killed off it's own steel industry the US tech sector is not based in America but in Asia where the manufacturing and plants are property of the peoples Republic of China which they simply lease to those companies it is impossible to move the entire supply chain back onto the US Drumpf wanted to do it but he can't even shit like Boeing is now in decline due to their latest fuck ups and with Chins releasing their own civilian planes


File: 4d245eb63dba14d⋯.png (30.44 KB, 690x392, 345:196, 4d245eb63dba14d593118431b4….png)

File: 1f002e968a88a35⋯.png (238.54 KB, 2343x1474, 213:134, US-Official-Gold-Reserves.png)


>America relies on importing everything in terms of natural resources it imports rare earths aluminium

Yes but it has the resources to mine those minerals domestically if America wished to do so. It’s just cheeper to Import. It wouldn’t take long to start extracting on mass those resources in America.


>killed off it's own steel industry

No it didn’t. It just stopped expanding it’s steel industry.


>the US tech sector is not based in America but in Asia where the manufacturing

All the technological innovation occurs in America.


>plants are property of the peoples Republic of China

No, their property of Foxcon, a Taiwanese Corporation.


>it is impossible to move the entire supply chain back onto the US

It is though. The US has the gold reserves to pay for it.



No you dont have shit look up reserves for bauxite and rare earths and who has them. Foxconn btw is a multinational company not a US company that operates in China using Chinese labor and machinery they are there because they want to be there and because the Chinese state allows them to be there. When it comes to steel the US used to be first place in the world now its fourth with 75 million metric tons vs Chinas 800 million metric tons and no it's not possible trotcuck gold is a shiny gay metal that's used in some electronics you have to violate your entire system of international trade rules which btw Drumpf is trying to do and failing laughably it would be possible if the US could just make countries do what it want but it no longer can because it's a declining empire with a fucking insane clown administration



>No you dont have shit look up reserves for bauxite and rare earths and who has them.




>When it comes to steel the US used to be first place in the world now its fourth with 75 million metric tons vs Chinas 800 million

The US has enough steel production to undergo a rapid Industrial expansion if the political class desired to do so.


File: 82cf55263495f7f⋯.jpg (30.79 KB, 600x314, 300:157, UWrsjWhv.jpg)

Court rules Texas anti-boycott law is unconstitutional, protects First Amendment right to boycott

A defeat for the Israel lobby as court rules Texas anti-BDS law is unconstitutional, protects first amendment right to boycott. Texas is now effectively blocked from placing anti-BDS clause in state contracts.



File: beb84325a01744d⋯.jpg (87.38 KB, 606x891, 202:297, e827kjx58uu21.jpg)

oh god oh fugg


America has one of the world’s shitiest political systems. The constitution was literally written in the eighteenth century. In it, only first pas the post election system is allowed. Meaning their are only two parties. The two parties are the Democrats and Republicans, which have been around forever. The Democrats are basically everything that’s shit about centrist parties in Europe cranked up to eleven. They don’t really have a ideology, they just defend the status quo with vague talking points. While they do have a socdem faction, the party leadership constantly rigs internal elections against them. So now that you have a picture of what the Democrats are, the Republicans are basically the same thing with some Christian Fundamentalism and Nationalism through in. So these are the two political parties in America. And they aren’t going anywhere thanks to first past the post. This is why the American government is so right wing. Most Americans support general socdem reforms, but thanks to the burger political system that will never happen.


File: 956769f5c3e2a59⋯.jpg (10.51 KB, 400x188, 100:47, b75989d3-a5e9-4c86-a9b0-6f….jpg)


>Implying HRC won’t be personally be counting the votes.


File: b42cf6a8599b879⋯.png (85.35 KB, 631x457, 631:457, ClipboardImage.png)


I hope he can at least make it to the debates, but I doubt the traditional aristocracy will abide BOTH Bernie and Gravel embarrassing their favored milquetoast liberal personalities.



He's the best candidate imo. He would decimate the other democratic contenders at the debates. Any idea what's left in getting him there??



Well those zoomers are quoting Michael Parenti so they're far better than your average (must save the european race by killing 8 year olds) /pol/yp zoomer faire. He's just the best dem candidate imo. Who do you think their best option is?



It's not about winning elections. The goal is to send a message I think.



How did the Democrats cheat?



last I read, he needs ~40k more unique donors



Which time? In 2016 the Democratic party cheated Bernie by

>many states only allowing registered democrats to vote in the primary

>purging registered democrats in demographics likely to support him

>organizing with the mainstream media to cover Trump per HRC's "pied piper" strategy to Bernie's detriment

>counting superdelegates in the early delegate counts, misrepresenting how much support Bernie actually had to discourage people from voting

>closing down or understaffing polling locations

>according to some reports, altering people's votes directly or having the machines "malfunction" and count votes for the wrong candidate

>coincidentally calling every single coin-flip tiebreaker for Hillary

I'm probably missing a lot here.



I am regularly going to Dallas County retail outlets like Home Depot and Walmart to purchase materials and supplies when I cannot wait for online bulk ordering, and since about January, I notice that they have hired either armed private security to keep watch inside their store, or they have hired Dallas Police Department to station a cruiser outside and/or police officer inside. The hired police presence is pretty steep, it's like 200 to 400 a day depending on if you want the cruiser or something like that, but they'll eat the cost because with private security, they are afraid of litigation if someone gets shot. But if cops shoot someone, it's all good.



Aren't there a bunch of US Military in Democrat Cops of America?



You're always so filled with positivity. I actually work in theoretical probabilities, and I assure you that the US military installing a communist party is far less probable than the GOP or DNC shifting left. I'm sure one of those parties will eventually shift left depending on the need and desire for power.


No one thinks the Dems or GOP are communists in here. It's perfectly fine to make a judgement call on political groups in power without reverting to self-conscientious binary thinking i.e.

Question: "What's your favorite dinosaur?"

Evangelical's Inner Voice: *If I consider evolution could have happened Jesus will send me to hell.*

Evangelical's Answer: Evolution is a tool of Lucifer you evil satanist!

The same goes for thinking Mike Gravel would be my favorite to see debate the traditional aristocracy at the DNC.


Not surprising. The GOP, Libertarian, DNC and Green are all rigged parties. Though the environment is definitely rigged GOP wins with gerrymandering and what not, which is why if I voted in a primary it would be for a Republican candidate. LOL, I was thinking of running as a communist Republican and claiming myself to be a Jacobin Republican.


Rome survived for a 1000 years with an absolutely corrupt kekistocracy ran by dolts, oligarchs and 17 year olds. They experienced famine and poverty which made the industrial revolution seem fun. What kept them going was infrastructure, military force and a rigged system. Believing if you could just make America more unbearable that it would destroy their hegemony and lead to their fall is wishful thinking. At best it will take another 700 years to destroy the American empire through accelerationism. In fact, America will accelerate whether you want it to or not. You're wasting your energy.


File: aeae8f6e85c308c⋯.jpg (109.94 KB, 1088x618, 544:309, Joe-Biden-1131077194.jpg)

Nu 2020 CNN poll, Biden leading



Biden 39%

Sanders 15%

Warren 8%

Buttigieg 7%

O’Rourke 6%

Harris 5%

Booker 2%

Gabbard 2%

Klobuchar 2%

Castro 1%

Gillibrand 1%

Inslee 1%

Swalwell 1%

Williamson 1%

Yang 1%



Looks like Biden is vampirizing all the neoliberal votes and like 5% of Bernies?

Also nice soyface there Donkeyflag.



I want to take this opportunity to tell everyone who said I was ridiculous for saying Handsy Joe would be the front-runner: I told you so, and suck my ass!

Have you niggas noticed that CNN has really started to push Biden this last week? CONSENT™®: MANUFACTURED ✅



hahahahah the demographics in those polls are nuts. black women with highest percentage of support for this racist child molesting piece of shit.

Is it just ignorance (Biden getting brand recognition from Obama) or are these people well and truly mindfucked?



Stop pretending that acceleration is just meme tier"make people sad," it's pure idealism. Reggie

Refute actual material acceleration bitch.



These are the same people that predicted that Hillary Clinton would win in 2016.


File: 53747aa0330ea76⋯.png (104.33 KB, 845x678, 845:678, Screen Shot 2019-04-30 at ….png)

Why are polls so rigged?



I'd hardly call it rigged

though Biden getting the normal announcement bump and the entire media acting like this is some massive surprise and huge news is


Teacher strikes in the Virginias on Mayday




File: df54e81ffeb8dd9⋯.png (31.96 KB, 522x357, 174:119, Screen Shot 2019-04-30 at ….png)



How is everyone's favorite Tulsi behind Castro, Yang, and Klobuchar. Is female POC status no longer strong enough to counterbalance wokeness on the Syrian Question



>another neoncon president

fuck my asshole


File: b04cf780b51337f⋯.png (388.21 KB, 500x500, 1:1, b04cf780b51337fb512c58972d….png)

I really doubt that biden will win against bernie.

Here's the deal; there are a few things that he and hillary don't have in common.

1. He's a white male. It's a choice between him, a white male, or bernie, a jew. Demoshit voters prefer the minority because idpol.

2. Hillary hardly won against bernie in 2016, only because of having a vagina.

3. Voters are disenfranchised with the establishment. They're less likely to vote for neocon biden.

4. Biden has sexual assault allegations against him. God forbid democrats vote for a rapist.

5. Polls are rigged anyways, especially this early in the game. It's a demoralization tactic - bernie voters will feel less confident in winning, thus will be less likely to take to activism than biden voters.

6. Neocon boomers are dying off. The new voters want free healthcare and ciollege, meanwhile old welfare neolibs are losing strength in the voting bloc.

This, of course, is just my opinion.



That's kind of off-base. Liberal id-pol is based on bad faith and those who are true to the democrat's cause will ignore how white, male or hetero their preferred man is.

That being said even though Biden's sexual harassment case kind of flopped, I don't think the weird shit that he has done will resurface yet again down in the future. I'm sure Trump's pussy grabbing fiasco was something people in the know, knew about for a long while until MSM decided to blow that up.


Does anyone remember when the Democrats used to make fun of the GOP for having ten primary candidates in 2016?



On the other hand, Trump proves that Americans love voting for racist child molesters.



Democrats want to win the white Trump vote so bad. It's going to fuck them harder than Ron Jeremy when they run a moderate white guy for the next couple elections. Demographics are moving away from a white majority. POC will remember this wine soccer mom bullshit Biden move. (sorry about the idpol but that's literally American politics.. idpol, healthcare and immigration compromises 80% of MSM American political dialogue)



exactly. they could stab em in the back on the minority esp. latino vote b/c of the GOP rn but no. neolib trash


Most of the American public is not paying any attention to politics at all right now, and while Biden has fairly wide appeal, it's shallow appeal. There's not actually that many Democrats who are against the idea of of candidate Biden. So when asked they'll say, yeah, Biden. Especially at this point in time when they're desperate for anyone to beat Donny.

Nobody wakes up and gets out of bed thinking, "We gotta elect Biden." before searching out ways to work towards that end. This is in contrast to all the other candidates with a chance who actually do inspire that in at least a portion of the electorate. Hillary actually did have people passionate about getting her elected, Biden just doesn't.

Joe Biden is the candidate of the bare minimum. He's the guy about who most people are pretty sure can win, so they say they'll take that when they aren't looking right at other options. He's the shitty, tolerable, beer that no one goes out to get, but if someone offers it to them they'll drink. People know that their friend has it in his house, and they're fine with that when they go over, but once they open the door and see their friend has good beer too, they're going to pick one of the other options.



>idpol, healthcare and immigration compromises 80% of MSM American political dialogue

you're forgetting transgender bathrooms and gun control



Transgender bathrooms is galactic level idpol. Gun control is a big topic. I'm going to be a conspiracy theorist for a second. I've always suspected liberals taking on the anti-gun platform was a method to prevent a strong leftward drift. The parties seem to take on policies that prevent either one from becoming overly popular (like 80% approval rate will never happen because each party takes on unpopular policies).



I think the gun issue is primarily just an urban vs. rural one. The Republicans didn't become explicitly for "gun rights" until 1988 but that was because it was well on its way to becoming the rural + suburban party – back in the 60s and 70s the Republicans often did well among urban business types. Generalizing a bit though.

But I agree on your broader point. The two-party system ends up creating a lot of self-fulfilling prophecies, especially how they play demographic politics, where they expand and contract their voting base in equal measure, ensuring they get to 51/49% but no more and they flip back and forth between them. It is better to think of the U.S. as a one-party state.



You have no idea how spooked boomers are by "socilaism" and taxes. A lot of boomers only dislike Trump because of aesthetics not because they disagree with actual policy.


What was /leftypol/ like when Hillary stole the candidacy from Bernie?



2015/early 2016 leftypol was a magical place

it was full of all sorts of dumb illiterate leftists, instead of just illiterate MLs



the problem for Bernie right now is that his core base of support (the liberals of the party) are now split between at least 3 different candidates (him, warren, and buttigieg) majorly, to say nothing of the smaller siphons. I suspect much of the meme candidates votes would go to him since they're nearly all in the same lefty lane, but he needs to get some of them to drop out to have a fighting chance at Biden who is monopolizing the "centrist" pseudo lefty lane



They also think you can not tax people into prosperity. I mean the most basic scenario is someone who makes like $25000-$30000 a year is going to suddenly not live paycheck to paycheck of they aren't taxed at all (and I mean all taxes not just income)



>I really doubt that biden will win against bernie.

He doesn't have to. The first round of voting at the DNC leaves out superdelegates, but if no clear winner emerges, they do a second round with superdelegates. Bernie doesn't have to beat Biden. He has to beat the entire rest of the field to keep them from siphoning off and splitting the vote. And there's nothing to stop the DNC from changing the rules again if it looks like he can do that.



It's worth noting that in preferring Trump to Bernie, the democrats are willing to make themselves look retarded to drive people toward Trump, doing shit like

<Bernie can't be for the people; he's too old, white, and male!

<support biden



>Democrats want to win the white Trump vote so bad.

No they don’t. They have made no real policy concessions or even token concessions towards the “white working class.” The Democrats seem to be supporting free trade. The shit that made the Midwest flip from Dem to GOP.


Not true, a lot of Boomers I know keep complaining about how tariffs are making their consumer shit more expensive.


File: 83a6c7cba83ff87⋯.jpg (69.92 KB, 375x543, 125:181, 4x0nrlxmucl21.jpg)

Who /hillary/ here? We need a society based on queens inspired by divinity. And who better than her Majesty, Hillary Rodham Cliton of Illinois.




>muh old white male

idiots aren't the same ones who vote for biden

they're the harris/warren/buttigieg voters



Biden is siphoning the conservative vote. He's a conservative in liberal clothing. If he gets the nom it's almost certain he'll win, because Dems will vote D and conservatives will vote Biden. The Republicans and neoconservatives will almost certainly sabotage Trump if Biden wins the nom, and then look to him to reassert world hegemony, punish adversaries and shift attention away from the oligarchy. Trump's obvious corporate and Israeli shilling just shits all over the Republicans who want people to think of them as for the working class. It's pushed away his anti-globalist constitiency, and has reignited interest in communism. Trump will probably lose no matter if Dems ran Katt Williams, but a Biden run spells disaster for all those people who banked on Trump to destroy American hegemony and incite a communist revolution. I wish /leftypol/ had taken advantage of his unpopularity when they had the chance, but too many anons were preferring Trump as opposed to a noninterventionist DemSoc as they thought Trump would cause social unrest. Now it's too late, and /leftypol/ threw away it's momentum by banking on accelerationism. Biden will win the nomination, reassert masked intervention, punish adversaries and decapitate interest in socialism. (Anyone with 3 brain cells could have told you a Trump presidency would push America back into the loving embrace of statists and the traditional aristocracy.. what shit long term planning)


File: 916efe585a66147⋯.png (9.75 KB, 414x193, 414:193, 1378172780321.png)



>Not true, a lot of Boomers I know keep complaining about how tariffs are making their consumer shit more expensive.

A lot of boomer "small business owners" as well which make stuff – the cost of everything is going up for them. But he's keeping the stock market inflated with loads and loads of cheap liqiudity so their nest eggs are still intact.


>Now it's too late, and /leftypol/ threw away it's momentum by banking on accelerationism.

I don't think /leftypol/ ever had anything close to momentum. Hell, most of the people posting here aren't even American.


Trump would be better for a monarchy, I think, like one of those largely-powerless waxwork monarchies still around. Just have him tweet all day, and cut ribbons at Walmart opening ceremonies. Clintons would be acceptable, too, of course.



oh how i miss the old rage comic days. better than this peepee weewee shit.



A 10% chance of America going Communist is worth a million times more than a 70% chance of America going sucdem. If America goes sucdem in a decade or two all the reforms will be reversed. Where if America went Communist, it’s Permeant Revolution time.



whats this



It's not either/or. Socialism is an active struggle all the time coming up directly from below in the workplaces. You have a Trot flag


File: 38d784f2ca438fc⋯.png (481.19 KB, 774x406, 387:203, ClipboardImage.png)


wtf is up with this?


File: 5a04c302577bda0⋯.jpg (261.91 KB, 1504x1000, 188:125, IMG_20190501_212107.jpg)



He is a natural personality. He's polling at 40%, and I bet a million dollars that half of that is moderates and conservative swing voters. With the checks and balances in America eroded… Bernie, Yang or Gravel would be a wise choice for the improvement of the working classes material conditions and political power. I think newspapers are also overstating his support in a bid to win him the nomination (i.e. Dems go this is a winning ticket and will do anything to supplant Trump). The one wisdom in choosing Biden rests in military support if Trump declares the election illegitimate. The military would turn on Yang, Bernie and Gravel. They would prefer Biden to Trump though.


The Daily Caller is spreading a thing about Bernie speculating in the 1970s that the government was behind false-flag domestic bombings, which is actually true and was part of the "strategy of tension." Once again, Bernie is right



So does this mean he stopped using Pizza parlors as his rape dungeons and moved it all to ice cream shops?






just thought it was interesting and a little late stage capitalisty. i do stuff like this.



Yeah, it would be for the best if someone shot him tbh.


File: fe0932de7c931a6⋯.mp4 (497.53 KB, 1152x720, 8:5, Joe Biden I actually like ….mp4)

Joe Biden: "I actually like Dick Cheney… I get on with him. I think he's a decent man."

>He adds that Cheney was "extremely helpful" about the "legal parameters" of the VP office. Without irony.

>Mondale then says his view of Cheney is "a little bit different." The crowd laughs





I support Tulsi Gabbard and Patrick Little.



Can’t wait for this fucker to get #MeTooed


File: fb9a3c78369e64e⋯.gif (878 KB, 217x199, 217:199, ezgif-2-3b4a52226e.gif)



>Only choice is DICK CHENEY IS MY FRIEND or Trump who will go full on Fascist



I hope the military seizes control tbh like Qaddafi did or something similar.


File: a7c26e9cb8c94ad⋯.png (248.79 KB, 406x403, 406:403, 1443804219274.png)


>military support if Trump declares the election illegitimate.

As someone with a lot of family in the military, I assure you outside of a few alt-right marines no one would lift a finger to actually support Trump in some sort of coup. The military's job is to secure and stabilize american bourg interests, which do not lie in turning Trump into Erdogan. What would be most likely is someone would finally call in all that dirt they've pulled up on him and he'd spend the rest of his life in a NY prison for tax dodging.



You're implying he won't go Turner Diaries


Fuck the Democrats. THis Muller shit is fucking useless, it’s a non-issue. It’s a distraction from the real like high rent, deindustralization, Opioids, and the war that is still happing. Literally any other issue is more important than Russiagate, but the Democrats are unable to talk about literally anything else.


File: 407f5b1ad99fd23⋯.jpg (15.29 KB, 321x307, 321:307, 1c32e8620848345dd6c3a385f4….jpg)


#MeToo is for the dancing monkeys in Hollywood not the actual power elite.



>THis Muller shit is fucking useless, it’s a non-issue. It’s a distraction from the real like high rent, deindustralization, Opioids, and the war that is still happing. Literally any other issue is more important than Russiagate, but the Democrats are unable to talk about literally anything else.

It's not really a distraction it's more of a substitution to reality, to make it conform with idealogical biases, and it certainly isn't useless, it functions very well as mental crutch to avoid having to deal with the realities of having lost to trump, of having to deal with the consequences of "pragmatic politics" where "the deplorables" can be sacrificed, for the "better people."

Russia-gate isn't really about Russia, it's a placeholder for a indirect political discourse, Putin is almost a mythological character at this point. You know there are other indirect political discourses for example the stuff about Aliens, Lizard-people,… The tragedy here is, less the loss reality, but more the actual political tension, that result from this because from the outside it's not entirely clear where the line is between internal political fights and war-preparation-propaganda.

If you wish to focus the debate on the issues that matter, you have to understand how the internals of this "derangement", works. The obvious observation here is that you need to anthropomorphise the issues, they need to have an embodiment, or else you can forget about reaching anybody. But that isn't enough you need to figure out the exact formula what the character-features of the embodiment need to be.



>Russia-gate isn't really about Russia, it's a placeholder for a indirect political discourse, Putin is almost a mythological character at this point.

>Putin is almost a mythological character at this point

This is so true, it’s not even funny.



Biden winning in 2020 may still allow for some acceleration, as he's a conservative idiot anyways.

Think what happens when Biden inevitably as president ends up being a doddering idiot despite all the experience talk who fails to get shit done. Might mean some GOP fascist in 2024, but the GOP is just as likely to elect another fucking moron (Or they have Trump run in 2024 because their base only wants Trump and he wins the EC again). Acceleration works best when the right have idiot leaders.

Bernie winning and that happening would be worse.



Yeah, like how Macron stopped acceleration.




>Bernie winning and that happening would be worse.

How Bernie’s sucdem reforms will make healthcare and collage free. This would make my life much easier.


What do you guys think this Barr stuff will lead to? I think maybe Barr will be charged himself but they probably won't bring up impeachment against Trump. Unless Trump wins in 2020 then maybe they would open impeachment proceedings. To be honest I don't even know if impeachment proceedings can be done across terms.



before and after



>What do you guys think this Barr stuff will lead to?

It’s a non-issue that has no effect on the American worker.



How will that happen though? I mean suppose he manages to win the nomination and the DNC lets it happen, what support will he have in congress for any of his reforms? Suppose he gets enough support, even from the Blue Dogs, to get it through the House, what of the Senate? Or the Supreme Court for that matter.



I wonder, if a socialist or communist government took power through the standard channels, how much of the military would actually fight it, or would they just follow the orders of whoever holds the position of CinC?



Probably spend a few years not doing much unless the judicial system fails to some hypothetical communist administration in check. Not to mention the general assumption that the opposition will make some headway's during the next mid term and put a hamper on that communist administration's policies.



The sense I get from most soldiers is that it's more a career to them than an ideology. As long as the payroll keeps coming in on time and they get most reasonable equipment requests accepted, they won't care too much about who has power in Washington. If there's any concern, we could pitch to them no more overseas deployments and comprehensive VA reform.


Once the boomer generation die out is it possible that a Asserite/NazBol party take power in US having united the left and right against Israel and Jews?



What is it with you and the Jews man.

Did the Jews also change your test scores?

Did the Jews siphon gas from your car?

Did the Jews move your house keys?


2020: Joe Biden wins

2023: A right wing Nazi vs Socialist Green vs Joe Biden

2024: A right wing Nazi wins

Joe Biden is a trap



Disagree 100% anon fam. It makes the majority of Americans feel powerless. This whole situation with Trump cockblocking the investigation, stonewalling Congress, hiring in groveling syncophants and having Fox News blast ignorant propaganda to psychopathic followers makes Americans feel powerless and scared about their families future. It's a dirty mix my friend, and now you got democrats openly embracing Dick Cheney. In all my 40 years following politics I've never seen people this freaked out. You would think they would be more upset about healthcare, wages, material conditions or any number of things. I guess this lack of control falls under the erosion of their social conditions or the illusion of social conditions they thought they had. I see Joe Biden becoming President, because of it tbh. They're fucking feeling desperate. Joe Biden being President could be real bad if Republicans double down in 2024 with fullblown fascism, and progressives jump ship.



I'm probably biased, but Beto upping the punx is probably the most disgusting thing about this whole primary to me.



>Racial Privilege

>Social Justice

You understand we want to remove all the bourgeoisie, right?


File: 36371eaf372efef⋯.jpg (20.47 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 41235124512.jpg)


>Implying Joe Biden beats Trump 2020



The most pro-worker local politician where I live is Jewish. The rest are mostly old right-wing Baptist landlords and real-estate developers who don't give a fuck.



>This whole situation with Trump cockblocking the investigation, stonewalling Congress, hiring in groveling syncophants and having Fox News blast ignorant propaganda to psychopathic followers

But what effect does this have on people? None, it dosn’t matter how much of a loon the prez is or not. what matters is the economy which was no better u>>2883061

nder Obama than now.

>You would think they would be more upset about healthcare, wages, material conditions or any number of things.

This is what the people actually care about, however the media isn’t reporting on it so it seems like they don’t care. Just look at Bernie’s Fox News Town Hall where he asked people if they want single payer, and everyone said yes.


>I see Joe Biden becoming President, because of it tbh.

He’s a weak centrist that no one cares about. If the Dems nominate him Trump will win in 2020.



If you just stop paying attention to it, it doesn't exist outside of Twitter and Reddit. People are embarrassed to talk about it IRL as they subconsciously know its a conspiracy on the level of flat earthers with core elements destroyed by Mueller himself.


File: 2a363100dfa748e⋯.jpg (156.73 KB, 784x1024, 49:64, 1556838603056.jpg)


>they subconsciously know its a conspiracy on the level of flat earthers

This is definitely not true. Everyone I know talks about it irl. My family, my coworkers and my friends. Not even my conservative family believes it's a conspiracy, and they might just vote for Trump regardless because they like his policies. The people who think it's a conspiracy are a tiny minority.

>People are embarrassed to talk about it IRL

Trump is a toxic discussion even for an intimate dinner among beloved lifelong friends.

>core elements destroyed by Mueller himself

Mueller didn't destroy any core elements. I will never understand the people running victory laps here. The Mueller Report paints a scathing picture of a conniving campaign thickly compromised by foreign intelligence with evidence being destroyed, perjury, money crimes, influence operations, obstruction and many other forms of corruption. It far from clears him despite Trump's A.G. pick Barr writing a 4 page memo minimizing it (even Barr couldn't write it clears him, and he refused to testify before the house after getting destroyed about his memo). The people running victory laps are literally getting their information secondhand (perhaps /ptg/). I will never understand why people think acknowledging evidence of Trump working hand in hand with Mossad, Saudi Arabia and yes Russia for help with the election is somehow a commitment to war with Russia (they always forget Israel and Saudi Arabia). The scaremongering insisting we pretend doesn't exist bothers me. It's not a commitment to war anymore than noticing AIPAC and Chinese meddling is. Superpowers interfere with other superpower's elections. What ia increasing hostilities more than anything is the poorly executed coverup. Trump is a sick fuck who has raped 13 year olds on Epstein's property. It's not one bit surprising to me that countries like Israel or Russia may have dirt on him, and might want him to be President more than Killary.


File: 15cdccf2348339d⋯.jpg (31.85 KB, 604x275, 604:275, 1556863762404.jpg)


Katt Williams could beat Trump. The amount of political mileage you can get out of a wall is real limited here 1000 miles away from it in Churchville USA. All the Mossad agents trolling for him on Facebook and Twitter can't really mask how deeply unpopular he is on the ground.



My history teacher just spent the entire class talking about Muller.



I had a professor from the English/theater department for a English literature in the 1600s class who brought up Mueller/Trump daily, but he has been the only one in 4 years of college who has honestly.

maybe it's my campus but I almost never see political stuff on campus of any variety.


File: 618d274b5daaa74⋯.png (375.84 KB, 720x905, 144:181, 20190506_151504.png)

Trump admin sending unmistakable message to Iran in response to… because they.. they did… stuff??



They "sent clear indications of threatening US forces in the region" or something. The question is whether they intend for this action to be deterring or provocatory. Knowing Bolton, he's probably aching to regime-change Iran before they take the NK path and acquire nukes. If he knows anything about international relations at all, he'll recognize that the US has been inadvertently signalling for years that the only way to keep your regime safe from US intervention is to acquire nukes and that they have a limited time window before Iran is lost forever. This might just be the start of the next great American shitshow.

Inb4 IRL repeat of this:




Adding to this, I think the neocon burgers in command (probably excluding the brainlet in chief) must have realized a couple of things:

- The Revolutionary Guards are too embedded and powerful for the regime to be toppled through more indirect means, as the US have tried to do through economic sanctions.

- Simply deterring Iran a bit through deploying a carrier group won't do anything to address the larger strategic problem of vast portions of Middle Eastern energy resources being under the control of Iran and other non-allied regimes (meaning they'll be readily accessible by China, which is the main issue).

- They exhausted their diplomatic options by voiding the nuclear agreement and humiliating the relatively 'moderate' and conciliatory regime of Rouhani to the benefit of Iranian hardliners.

Following these assumptions, and assuming that the overall US objective regarding Iran is to prevent it becoming a reliable supplier of energy resources to China (and secondly to safeguard the Strait of Hormuz to validate the US' status as policeman of the shipping lanes), what the US is left with is the military option. They either relinquish any plans of a US-friendly regime in Iran, or they assert their dominion militarily. They really don't have many options left t this point, which is a bit foreboding tbh.



>Inb4 IRL repeat of this:


Holy fucking kek burgerville would get btfo by any competent commanders.



>Holy fucking kek burgerville would get btfo by any competent commanders.

Large parts of Iran would still be rubble

>>2884105's They either relinquish any plans of a US-friendly regime in Iran, or they assert their dominion militarily

Can't they try to use bribes to get their way, that must be cheaper given how much of a money pit wars are, and the opportunity cost, of you know if they topple one more country, there's going to be sovereignty-insurance-nuclear-proliferation.



I think sinking an aircraft carrier and a few destroyers/cruisers will be a huge blow to the burger military's ego.


File: 24196039e6e8aea⋯.png (349.41 KB, 431x639, 431:639, 20190507_102548.png)


>Be America and simulate war with Iran in the Millennium Challenge

>American forces lose 40,000 personnel in the first day of your own simulated war against Iran

>U.S. military commanders are so embarrassed they halt the exercise, nerf Iran in their simulation and want a redo

>Superlative laughter

There is no meme that expresses the correct number of keks



>I think sinking an aircraft carrier and a few destroyers/cruisers will be a huge blow to the burger military's ego.

Probably, but then they are going to conclude they need "new capabilities"



Maybe Paul is just a very good general.



...and then Trump wins again



yeah, anyone coming up with complicated mental gymnastics to explain terrorism and mass shooters when ULTRA/GLADIO exists is a smooth brain shitlib.



the CIA has had frozen shellfish toxin dart guns to cause heart attacks since the 70s. Bernie is 100% controlled and will have a nasty heart attack if he is anything more than a sheepdog for neolibs.



nah, Nazis love Muslims as they're perceived as more warrior-like than Christians and they were pretty into Jew removal even back in the 40s




I think that the millennium challenge is overhyped, but the US was nearly at their prime when they ran that, now look at the US. They would have to reinstate the draft in order to achieve anything with Iran, and Israel will probably get fucking nuked if the Iranians got real fucked.


I don't understand how Biden is still in the race when there's literal videos of him groping extremely uncomfortable looking little girls

I'm assuming that all Sanders or Trump has to do to defeat him is release an ad showing him doing this. Or are people so dumb that they will vote for him regardless?


File: 71e4e6156aa4f4f⋯.jpg (158.47 KB, 838x838, 1:1, mfw.jpg)


They're pushing him hard because of the Mueller Report and the fact that they can't literally think around the box. They basically think YOU'RE EITHER FOR TRUMP OR AMERICA without thinking that there is a third way or that maybe the reason for all this is because of well you know…Capitalism.

If Biden does win they will triumph it as a victory over Racism, push some basic shit reforms and go Cold War on Overdrive. Assange's arrest means that anyone who publishes anything that is leaked gets put in the slammer.


File: 0a9282dd295f638⋯.jpg (140.12 KB, 1080x957, 360:319, D6BEtrMXsAA4TGy.jpg)

Holy shiiiiit

Why isn't he like this anymore ?

It's like old age has lobotomized the part of his brain that was half-way left of social democrat.


File: 620c0672c653c4e⋯.png (574.69 KB, 746x504, 373:252, ClipboardImage.png)


Wtf he looks like a bootleg Christian Bale. Also lol he is CPUSA.



I remember in the discussion about it on halfchan /k/ it was brought up that Riper fired many times more cruise missiles at the Blue force than Iran had in their entire known stockpile, but on the other hand that this sort of unexpected surprise is exactly the sort of thing that has changed wars.



We live in a World where the House and the CIA is against the President of the USA who was put in via the KGB.


File: aef48dbe9a31482⋯.png (653.64 KB, 1439x1265, 1439:1265, ClipboardImage.png)


If Biden wins there's a very real possibility there will be an even more hardcore right winger victory in 2024 when the election becomes dems vs greens vs republican and progressive vote green party. Many progressives will vote for a centrist, because Trump is this generations version of WMDs in Iraq (especially to progressives who Trump targets incessantly), but when Trump is out of the picture long enough…

However, if Trump loses to Biden then Republicans will face a major backlash. Biden will open up, and televise in Congress investigations that Trump is currently blocking. Plus as the allure of Trump dissipates, and the Republicans no longer gain political currency for defending him. Their current behavior will come back to haunt them. They've been doing mental acrobatics to defend his idiocy and attacks on various American demographics. Trumps tactic of being a purist only playing to his base is not a good political move when that base is completely wacko. Republicans will suffer in the long term.

That also brings to mind why you see hostility towards Russia. The American masses that Trump insults, defames, threatens and sometimes tweets outright blood libel against hold Russia accountable for it. Some history here… Russia was actually acting in response to Hillary's meddling in their elections, and her hostility towards them. This isn't some one sided story where Russia suddenly got involved and said I'm going to send support for this Trump guy. There is a history. Also Russia is not the only country to interfere in American elections… Israel is the worst offender for that. However, whatever Russian involvement may have been.. Trump's ego cause him to lie and hide ties that were later revealed. He did a terrible job of denying any contacts with them. Then he started using his Twitter account to horrify 2/3rds of America's population. So now there are masses of people who lay blame for a man being in power that terrifies them on Russia. I cannot imagine them having a change of heart anytime soon either. I think a lot of these people are going to hate Russia for the rest of their lives. It's counterproductive, and something that peace activists might want to address. Except when they address it they need to not go about it by calling them paranoid schizophrenics. None of these people are listening to Glenn Greenwald. He is not effective.

At any rate… Long post, but I've been thinking about this a lot. It's strange times for a socialist, and porky has been maneuvering towards Biden. I've seen a lot more socially liberal economically right wing propaganda lately, and I think it's to target people who are scared of Trump.



They aren't gonna hate Russia, they are gonna kill them. Because of Ukraine the US Air Force literally separated Russian DNA.



Oh man this nutjob conspiracy theory.



>Moon of Alabama story is conspiracy theory.



>Moon of Alabama story

The fuck is that? Regardless, you realise it is effectively impossible to actually genetically isolate a population lie the Russians considering their inputs from other groups: Romani, Jews, Tartars, Balts, Ukrainians, Caucasians, Belorussians, Finns et.c ?




Did you read the rest of my post?



>not realizing the democratic party is 100% compromised by the CIA



They are literally electing CIA now. The House is CIA.


File: 3a702e26f82d6fd⋯.jpg (14.45 KB, 220x301, 220:301, 220px-78yo_Andrew_Jackson.jpg)

File: 2e1fd8b21a217d3⋯.jpg (41.11 KB, 368x459, 368:459, 1494248292244.jpg)

File: c45fe388cc8b6d7⋯.jpg (53.99 KB, 1350x1005, 90:67, 1501085237566.jpg)

Was Andrew Jackson some sort of proto-Nazbol?

>It is to be regretted that the rich and powerful too often bend the acts of government to their selfish purposes.

>Many of our rich men have not been content with equal protection and equal benefits, but have besought us to make them richer by act of Congress.

>we can at least take a stand… against any prostitution of our Government to the advancement of the few at the expense of the many



The US being the sole protector of the international shipping lanes is very important. It's what gave us economic power and prevented countless conflicts from happening or being inflamed.

Prior to the Bretton Woods Agreement shipping by sea lead to a ton of skirmishes and wars. The trade routes were very unsafe and by having the US act as law enforcement over these routes gave us a ton of leverage and financial weight to throw around. It's the reason why the west recovered from world war 2 so quickly since supplies could go all around the world safely.



Do you have that SL propaganda poster with Guzman's face as the sun? Saw it posted here but forget to save it.



TIL: Support Iran in literally destroying the system that has been in place since World War 2



>They aren't gonna hate Russia, they are gonna kill them. Because of Ukraine the US Air Force literally separated Russian DNA.

ethnically targeted bio weapons are not likely because the risk of mutations that allow for spreading to unintended other ethnicities are extremely high, Russia's nuclear arsenal is on a deadman's switch, A country with a vast territory and low population density makes quarantine measures easier than the actual deployment. All bio-weapons are open-source, if you use it you armed everybody with it.

The Airforce DNA snatching is probably a part of some other bio-tech project, maybe a researcher with loose morals is funding his research by telling some gullible general that one can "brew a super soldier" by mixing together the "warrior essences" of all the people's of the world. Besides it came out, if we get to know about it, the Russian Secrete service is likely able to track the project in detail. Maybe it was a PR stunt to provoke a wild goose chaise, and bait them into wasting "spy-resources"



Shit I didn't know there were photographs of Andrew Jackson.

He was more of a proto Asserist.


File: 7c2409b0c8c3d4e⋯.jpg (33.49 KB, 573x573, 1:1, FB_IMG_1557443797329.jpg)

Oh man……. Care bears are officially becoming socialist propaganda weapons in America…..




Sorry my bad

>They can totally be cribbed for socialism though


File: 7c1f1f49b611915⋯.jpg (81.16 KB, 711x900, 79:100, IMG_20190509_194921.jpg)

Delta Airlines discourages employees from unionizing by suggesting they buy video games instead.



Video games should be banned.



Porky is adapting



This is good. Its shows the bugiousie is getting scared enough to actively discourage unionism. Capitalism is about to fall and they know it.



Nixon was Nazbol

>Implemented price controls

>Destroyed Bretton Woods and the gold standard


>Did realploitick

>attempted to end liberal democracy by rigging elections


So with Gabbard, Sanders and Yang all hitting the debate stage, how are tools like Klobachur, Buttigieg and Biden even be able to keep up?



>how are tools like Klobachur, Buttigieg and Biden even be able to keep up

Biden has people who will actually vote for him because Evil Putin stole the Election by convincing 40 year olds in the Midwest that Hillary and Soros are bad and it rained in Detroit (cue weather machine conspiracy theories).



>how are tools like Klobachur, Buttigieg and Biden even be able to keep up?

You underestimate the appeal of centrism and the continued dominance of MSM platforms that plump up "literal whos?" like Buttbandit.


>Sixty-eight chapters of the College Democrats are urging voters not to donate to the party’s congressional-campaign arm after it instituted a new policy to protect incumbents from primary challenges.

dumbest party in america, by far



>Drone Disorientations


Why does “woke” Imperialism have to be a thing?



Jesus christ this shit. Like, if a man wants to fuck another man, sure, whatever. But anybody unironically using the phrase "queer phenomenology" is a faggot that needs to be gulaged.


File: f85ae62d6a1c2a0⋯.jpg (99.11 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)


I dunno it seems pretty interesting. Like the whole gritty masculine ethos that most people are familiar with came out of the emerging Victorian era. A kind of masculinity was constructed for the purposes of imperialism and warmaking. Before that, men walked around wearing tights while powdering their faces. But today we're reaching a stage of warfare in which you're just sitting at a computer in an air-conditioned trailer outside of Las Vegas. It's a fun little anecdote that the big info dump to WikiLeaks which had that video of the reporters and civilians get murked by an Apache gunship was leaked by a transgender woman who had a military computer job.



Nick Land is right, the future is trans.



You're forgetting the best thing he did.




>was leaked by a transgender woman

At the time of the leak she(he)? identified as a man.


File: f1920ebfafb09c9⋯.png (284.38 KB, 499x559, 499:559, 1473304023203.png)


>Politician's last name is Castro

>is a neoliberal and not a revolutionary



look at flag


File: 9e6e56a70f63a73⋯.jpg (252.52 KB, 1200x1920, 5:8, D6I7O_QUYAAOIG_.jpg)

Sanders & AOC staff based on a recent livestream are blocking all pro-Assange comments



Their staff wouldn't be doing this without their approval, which suggests these "democratic socialists" appear to have no interest in challenging the US military-industrial complex and the imprisonment of whistleblowers and journalists.




we had to read this article for our Trends in Terrorism and Counterterrorism class at Expensive Liberal Arts College and it was pretty roundly savaged by the students iirc


File: 84379184c595459⋯.jpeg (45.68 KB, 622x342, 311:171, ilhan gravel.jpeg)

Hello, Epic Department speaking?



I'm going to file this under:




Bernie's stuft is full of neoliberal idiots this time, much more than in 2016. One of the guys who runs his campaign was part of the Podesta leaks, where he talked about how Libya "should pay us back with oil".

Of course they are gonna block Assange comments. I don't even blame Sanders himself, it's probably his stuff that makes him complicit in this shit, maybe they thought that he lost last time because he was too radical and not centrist enough, but I don't think it will work.






The problem with Gravel is that he's so goddamm old. I'd rather have the Chapotards that run his accounts to appear on the debate stage instead of Gravel himself.


File: b33c526c723ef4e⋯.jpg (568.81 KB, 3000x2253, 1000:751, 21080ca8c083c19c38dcdc6326….jpg)


File: 6043c18cd380ab2⋯.png (6.02 KB, 1201x628, 1201:628, the_intercept.png)

Jamarl Thomas suggests The Intercept may be compromised

>Another Whistleblower For The Intercept Captured | What Are They Doing?


Reality Leigh Winner, Terry James Albury, and now Daniel Everette Hale have been imprisoned and are being charged under the Espionage Act for leaking classified documents to The Intercept.


The Intercept's owner Pierre Omidyar, the billionaire who founded eBay and is close friends with far-right billionaire Richard Branson, and Mehdi Hasan, a journalist employed by The Intercept who is a staunch Russiagater and anti-Assad, are at least two actors who are seen as suspect.


File: 9035c0af4d78868⋯.jpg (107.44 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, D6PirDbXkAYv2Mn.jpg)


John Kiriakou attacks The Intercept for revealing whistleblowers' identity to the US government



Wikileaks reveals The Intercept's owner Pierre Omidyar's anti-whistleblower bias


Shady cop shit going down in San Fransisco.


Looks like there's a big chance the death of Jeff Adachi, the head Public Defender in SF, was anything but natural. The cops hated his guts and had every reason to kill him.

Any bay area peeps here have a perspective on this?


File: a2505c2b9cb9866⋯.mp4 (5.01 MB, 640x360, 16:9, There will be some sacrifi….mp4)

>Sen. Tom Cotton says sacrifice of Americans paying tariffs is 'minimal' compared to those serving overseas

"There will be some sacrifice on the part of Americans, I grant you that. But also that sacrifice is pretty minimal compared to the sacrifices that our soldiers make overseas that are fallen heroes or laid to rest," Sen. Tom Cotton (R) on trade war with China





But China will pay for everything


File: 188ff51113c71bf⋯.mp4 (999.25 KB, 480x360, 4:3, People who accept bribes a….mp4)

Biden argues there's nothing wrong with lobbyists and taking bribes. This is who Democrats wish to elect.


File: 25edb644c85c2fd⋯.png (301.97 KB, 720x1029, 240:343, 20190514_014655.png)

Zion Don "The Neocon" is about to bump those oil stocks up.



It would be funny if they defect because of how popular the Iran Deal was and how obvious it is that all of this is Trump trying to hide his election shit.



I remember Redditors saying that he'll get elected in 2024. He doesn't seem like a smart guy to me.




Trump fucking up the Iran deal seems to have really been a serious blow against US diplomacy power. I strongly suspect there won't be a lot of support from other countries if the US tries to go any further than saber rattling.


File: 708285497d37978⋯.gif (2.19 MB, 300x169, 300:169, ezgif-1-1fb3b4ff43.gif)

>"I know he's a tough man but he's a respected man," Trump said during a friendly photo-op at the start of the talks on Monday. "Probably, like me, a little bit controversial, but that's OK. That's OK."

>Steve Bannon, once Trump's senior adviser, once deemed Orbán "Trump before Trump."

>"We are proud to stand together with the United States on fighting against illegal immigration, on terrorism and to protect and help the Christian communities around the world," Orban said in short remarks from the Oval Office.

>A bipartisan group of senators wrote Trump on Friday to "express concern about Hungary's downward democratic trajectory and the implications for US interests in Central Europe," imploring him to raise the issues during his meeting.

>Yet when they sit for talks in the Oval Office on Monday afternoon, officials said the President was expected to focus on arms sales and energy independence — and not the concerning practices that have earned Orbán his strongman reputation.




Holy shit, this is gonna be the American "Suez".



What's leftypol's take on this? If Bernie wins the election and he tries to get M4A implemented, should he "spend more on market-driven innovation forces in the health care system that don’t necessarily come with market-driven economics"?



Apparently, some socdems are beginning to understand who really is, the marketing scheme known as AOC.


File: 3986e573874e19c⋯.jpg (31.81 KB, 750x538, 375:269, IMG_20190514_142943.jpg)

File: 7d677fa0a233820⋯.jpg (88.75 KB, 600x546, 100:91, IMG_20190514_143236.jpg)

File: 9f23bd143beda22⋯.jpg (75.78 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, IMG_20190514_143302.jpg)

File: 5cd651ef39a6b2d⋯.png (271.12 KB, 645x527, 645:527, 20190514_143535.png)

File: 02bf7f55893c90b⋯.png (478.85 KB, 649x544, 649:544, 20190514_143621.png)

Awww. The familiar sound of a beating war drum. On a scale of 1 to 10 where would you put the odds of the world believing American propaganda about this?



> "spend more on market-driven innovation forces in the health care system that don’t necessarily come with market-driven economics"?

What the fuck does that even mean?

Like a way I can kinda interpret that is decentralise elements of healthcare which can be done in a socialistic manner; for example healthcare coopers, but that sounds like some lowkey blairite shit.



What's truly heartwarming about America starting a war with Iran is:

1.) They are significantly tougher and more advanced than Iraq

2.) America went into the Iraq war with Bill Clinton's surplus budget cushion. Trump will start a war with 20 trillion in debt, and a 300 billion dollar a month budget deficit (which goes to corporate welfare).

3.) China stopped buying American debt, and is in a protracted trade war with America.

4.) Traditional American allies will not help in this war.

It's more than just a mess up, mistake or a mishap.. It's a catastrophe for America, and we will all suffer horribly between the trade war, Iran war and Trump tax cuts. It's EXACTLY what we all deserve too. That's why it's heartwarming.


File: a3391357a293b12⋯.png (263.09 KB, 489x593, 489:593, 1453378902185-1.png)


How is she an American hero? She's been critical of lobbyists and worn a hijab on the floor of Congress. AFAIK that's about it.

Sure it sucks how she's been attacked and it reveals how racist all these "liberals" really are, but that doesn't make her a hero.



>market-driven innovation

This is a meme. Innovation happens because people figure out a better way to do things. Markets don't make that happen faster. In fact, they often stifle innovation (see all the dumb shit built into smartphones like non-removable batteries). If you don't have a bunch of competing companies you can devote all your resources centrally without trade secrets and all the chemists and biologists working together. It's a moot point with M4A anyway because it's not going to get rid of pharmaceutical companies, just have the government pay for medical services. Those companies won't go away, just their insane profit margins.


File: bbee4a740223269⋯.png (197.93 KB, 348x393, 116:131, ClipboardImage.png)


>we will build a wall and the Mexicans will pay for it

>we will renegotiate trade and the Chinese will pay for it

>we will build a space force and the Martians will pay for it


File: a97a7fb8ea0a188⋯.jpg (24.55 KB, 388x312, 97:78, 18s15ppsngjkvjpg.jpg)


who actually is an american hero and why?


File: dd60e30884c3bb2⋯.gif (29.06 KB, 482x800, 241:400, dd60e30884c3bb2bd2097f9b66….gif)


File: 95c6a40087cf7a9⋯.jpg (41.48 KB, 732x490, 366:245, 1553744799033.jpg)


America pays for wall, construction companies profit

America pays for trade war, no one profits

America pays for space force, defense corp profits

>We're going to war with Iran and Iran will pay for it




She exposed US imperialism in the US senate over Guatemala.



It's not really about whether she's an actual hero, Gravel's group is just establishing themselves. They're paying attention to who's interested in Ilhan and trying to direct them to him.


File: 37c0c744ab22fd2⋯.png (22.87 KB, 588x115, 588:115, Screenshot_20190514_221604.png)

Indeed, /pol/ made the right choice in going all in behind Trump's 2016 candidacy.


File: 126aa7619efa9c0⋯.png (333.79 KB, 768x442, 384:221, received_404784056735014.png)


So far the Muslims in America's Congress are the only ones calling out the Jews. /pol/ thinks jews are based now, because Mossad supports Trump. If you remember Trump tasked Jared Kushner with setting up a Middle East peace plan (which is basically be mercenaries for Saudi Arabia and Israel)? The only Congress people calling out this plan is Ilhan and Talib. So I certainly support their decision to call out the chicken hawks.


File: 9557ba43a311274⋯.jpg (24.38 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)

Tulsi Gabbard: I'd Drop Charges Against Julian Assange and Edward Snowden as POTUS




>This video is unavailable

Did us Burgers just get harmonized?



Why is pretty much everything online that the GOP is a Fascist party basically wants FDR back who was really close to being Fascist with his whole "Lets have Workers and Owners work together".


File: 59c0c7326db9621⋯.png (115.71 KB, 244x250, 122:125, americans clapping at flag.png)


People, especially in America, have no fucking idea what fascism was. The guys want to ban gay marriage - kaching fascism.

Trumf won't give up his tax reports - kaching fascism.

Man, Ameritards fucking infuriate me so much.


How much longer will it be untill the American Flag get’s changed?



To be fair, while calling the GOP fascist is wrong, "lets have workers and owners work together" is the standard bourgeois plea. It all goes back to the belief that there is an identity of interests between labor and capital, and that one cannot exist and prosper without the other.

In this respect FDR was no different than his predecessors or successors. What *did* make FDR different was his denunciations of "economic royalists" who thwarted the aspirations of small businessmen and deprived workers of "a fair day's wage for a fair day's work."

That, plus his efforts to conciliate labor, drew the ire of many capitalists despite the fact that FDR's policies were designed to maintain capitalism.

When fascists prattle about workers and capitalists working together, that isn't some unique idea, it's just evidence of fascism being a bourgeois ideology. *How* fascists envision the two classes "working together" is where fascism shows itself distinct from other bourgeois ideologies.


File: 4f4b9de1c537515⋯.png (43.4 KB, 576x282, 96:47, alabama-abortion.png)


everyone who has sex should be punished with children





So now Alabama will become a utopia and crime will drop to 0.

or something.



How is the Amazing Atheist these days? Is he still an alt-lite enlightened centrist shithead or did he got better now?



He’s a Russiagater pusher now.




He made a pro-Russiagate video sometime ago, didn’t know he changed his opion.

>go back to /pol/

>being anti-Russiagate makes you /pol/

fuck off


File: df49ff98cc87c50⋯.png (97.57 KB, 797x637, 797:637, Screen Shot 2019-05-15 at ….png)

How does Mr.McSniff have a twenty point lead?



Have they even done any real campaigning yet?

Also, I think some part of the socdems who supported Bernie last time became marxists and hate him now, meaning they won't vote. I won't.

Also, the polls rn are probably rigged as fuck.



like rn Biden is literally just polling on name recognition. the dude is a segregationist piece of shit. I can't tell the difference between him and Trump. I can't see black voters supporting this guy…


File: 4b838f762f3174d⋯.jpg (77.02 KB, 1050x550, 21:11, duke-kkk.jpg)



fuck off /pol/. nazis lie constantly about everything. he doesn't believe any of that shit, he's just trying to recruit people.


File: ac088f54ee302ac⋯.png (622.28 KB, 1051x379, 1051:379, Screen Shot 2019-05-15 at ….png)


Reminder David Duke is the kind of person who thinks that the CIA is communist.



>CNN, MSNBC, Huffington Post and the Democratic Party.

Probably because those are liberals?



This is false, he does believe almost everything he says in his warped Jews-are-the-cause-of-all-ills worldview. If Chavez or Maduro said he was pro-Israel he would support overthrowing the Venezuelan government.



At least he is more consistent than most right wingers



Seeing Biden's polling drop gives hope.

I'll tolerate even a Warren presidency if sanders doesn't work out. Biden is no go. Joe "grope Commies till they cry for mommies" Biden is no friend of the left and thinks neocons are good people. Only reason he has the bumps is due to the average democratic voter belonging in a retirement home and black voters who forgot how bad he was voting wise. Obama cleansed him of his sins, appearantly. However unlike Christianity Obama is a one time deal, if Biden squanders that good will he's tucked.



david duke looks like a bad leather bag youd buy at the boot barn on discount nowadays. he used to look like a gay porn actor. he looks positively HIV infected. he's the racist trucker who got rejected from the village people. he looks like what happens when you have too many strokes thinking hard about wu tang lyrics, not because they are deep but because black people's enigmatic ways vexate your white spirit so. it is honestly sad that the most accurate part of that spike lee movie is that fag topher grace really looks a lot like david duke did. david duke only endorses ideas because he knows hes fucking poison to them. that's how american society functions: i wouldn't doubt for a minute that he would call himself a communist if it meant fucking up potential socialist change in this country. so not only do i jokingly think he looks like an AIDS patient, he is metaphorically a bug chasing AIDS-spreader for ideas.


he is a lot like lyndon larouche, you're right. he obfuscates his stupider ideas in a cloud of vaguely good sounding, currently in vogue ideas to recruit morons.


Any good articles on the history of NATO comrades? Especially the fact that it was never meant to be an American dominated organization ,…


Biden Says He’s More Progressive Than Bernie!




>it was never meant to be an American dominated organization




Why do you think De Gaulle went so autistic and left?


File: f63f17adab7a7c3⋯.png (745.53 KB, 1281x679, 183:97, firefox_KY1KpTidWd.png)



Do I even want to know?


File: 3622b7e238d8cf0⋯.png (164.42 KB, 412x465, 412:465, 3.png)

File: ad51d94f6cead49⋯.png (14.15 KB, 715x121, 65:11, 2.png)

File: 02177cd01139ce2⋯.png (15.46 KB, 699x125, 699:125, 1.png)


So… how many books she's read on socialism, you reckon?



It's likely that she's never read an actual book on socialism or is an awful speaker. Probably both.

I felt bad for Wolff.



>Fox Business Network

Did you expect anything better?


What does /uspg/ think about the tariffs? Personally I support them because they might reduce the trend of deindustrialization which has annihilated Unions.



Utopian; this won't happen.


File: f06e922a6ae4440⋯.webm (3.76 MB, 720x576, 5:4, comrade kirk.webm)



he's a bernie bro these days i think. i saw a rant a month or so ago saying biden sucks, trump sucks. we have huge problems and need big fundamental changes. he's clearly not a centrist by US standards.



Won't happen, it'll just make things more expensive for the people already fucked by the 2008 crash.




How? The US has a massive trade deficient. At this point it can’t really get worse.



Tariffs won't stop jobs from going overseas, prices will simply be increased on goods paid for by the working class. The only way we're going to get a union movement going again is through actually joining unions.



In a post-industrial economy, most prols are working jobs that simply put, the bourgeois don’t really need. If McDonalds Stores go on strike, the stalk of McDonalds goes down, but the rest of the economy isn’t shut down. This isn’t true for Industry. If steel mills go on strike, nothing can be built. This is why unionization of service is so hard.





Lol. I think it's funny how redditors are cool with living off others serfdom as long as they can get their cheap swag. I tried browsing r politics for a few minutes and I started feeling ill .

[–]CHA53R 205 points 11 hours ago

>We will just make everything ourselves then! Then it costs less and we get our jobs back.

>/s because it’s 2019…

[–]thweet_jethuth 152 points 11 hours ago

>We will just make everything ourselves then!

>We don't have people who can afford to live on those low wage manufacturing jobs though. Except for our immigrants… oh, wait.

Being cool with serfs living on slave wages to make your cheap 10 inch dildo in a country that at least has cheaper housing and food is one thing but being cool with people living on slave labor in the same country as you paying the same prices for necessities is a whole 'not her kind of evil.



>being cool with people living on slave labor

On slave wages*



he said he hates communists



If America reindustralizes the price of consumer shit will become sky high, but that’s a good thing, not a bad thing. Americans need to consume less cheep plastic shit, and stop being so consumerist.



Maybe back in the days? Who wouldn't hate a yankee radlib though.


File: a441d97cdaa332b⋯.jpg (90.22 KB, 780x468, 5:3, 2518.jpg)

Alabama abortion ban: governor signs bill into law

>New law is the most restrictive in the nation, making it a crime to perform the procedure at any stage of pregnancy





good fuck the feminists



This is great if you're gay because in highly religious places they buttsex.



I'm generally against the ban as I do think women have the right to choose. On a personal level I don't like abortion and I am kind of glad since I live in Alabama. It will get destroyed in court though so it doesn't really matter.



Just more conservative garbage



it's more surprised me how little they're even trying to hide that this is purely just bait for the Supreme Court. any other time they're at pains to have exemptions for rape and incest but in all of these they seem to have just went "lol fuck it".



How does anyone on this board actually think that we are better off putting in the effort and spending the resources and lives it'll take trying to capture the US rather than scrapping the entire country and rebuilding?


File: d826a2545b1e139⋯.jpg (19.48 KB, 330x309, 110:103, bob the builder.jpg)


>oh shit, are more states legalizing weed?

>fuck, how are we going to keep this prison labor going?



>This is why unionization of service is so hard.

I think the greater problem is that service work is so transitory. Sure, you can envisage working in a factory or a mine for maybe the rest of your life, but who the hell wants to work at McDonalds or Walmart at 50?



Revolution will eventually come to this country, my fear is that by the time that happens this country will be deindustralized beyond belief and become just a more well educated version of the third world.



It'll come eventually, no doubt, but what does it cost the rest of the world, many parts of which have active socialist revolutionary parties being suppressed by the US, and still more inevitable imperialist bloodshed to come on even non-socialist groups attempting to develop their own places?



America as a nation is in the final stage of Imperialism, decline. The rules that guide American society are no longer securing it’s existence, but eroding it. The decline will continue until the political and economic system as it exists can no longer function, at which point a new American society, a socialist society will have to be built. However this project is sure to be bloody. At a basic fundamental level, the project for socialism in America is a project for national rebirth. Because of this reform is impossible, you aren’t going to get some rose collard social democracy in America, you are going to get Socialism or Barbarism.



if thats how you want to sugarcoat it


I don't like Yang, but I'll give him this: he's probably the greatest leftist troll in years without knowing it. He's very effectively rustled the jimmies of the Very Serious People on the alt right (you know, the people who really think posting poo poo pee pee frog memes will revive fascism and make them charles martel, or grifters who pretend to think that for neetbux).

I could've told you years ago 4chan doesn't believe in anything but lulz and would dump Trump once he became too mainstream and the next epic meme came along. But these grifters don't know that and it's fun seeing their bubbles popped.



I have no doubts about that. America's crumbling economy is on the verge of what looks like almost total collapse. I just ask how much is the US going to dig its claws into and drag into the void with it if it's allowed to die any slower than absolutely necessary?



Is Yang even that popular on /pol/? I think 4chan has truly became stagnant and reactionary at this point. There's no new fucking memes coming out from there after all. Just the same reiterations that is mostly expanded upon on reddit.



it's extremely simple why biden has a twenty point lead:

1. it's fucking may

2. no volunteers are knocking doors

3. no volunteers are calling phones

4. nobody has boots on the ground in the primary states

5. biden is obama's best friend

6. outside of like five people nobody knows who the other candidates are

7. no debates yet

8. biden is hiding from media and not taking questions from ordinary people

9. biden's campaign is being heavily covered by the cable news media, he hired a lot of his press team directly from cable news which is unusual

10. biden is the physical manifestation of pre-trump washington



It's rigged.

Also if you know the Dem base, they're pretty vile. They respond to messages that appeal to their basic greed more than Bernie's message that there's enough to give everyone free gibs. This especially works good on all those geriatric Democrats who want their Medicare and Social Security and insist that they're not welfare, that they "earned" it somehow. The typical Democrat voter is my racist grandma who needs to be told exactly what to think and hasn't had an original thought in decades. That's why the Democratic Party has been so fucking stupid, because that's what their base is, fucking idiots. Bernie's not going to get much support with his message because a lot of these people aren't thinking of gibs for everyone, but their narrow self-interest. (It doesn't help that Bernie and his faction themselves have their own narrow self-interests, for example Bernie's education policy is obviously a money-making scheme that makes sense when you think about what his wife does/did for a job.)

It's hard to say how this will go down exactly, and where the support for the rest of the field is going to go. The only thing that's certain is that Trump or some other Republican is winning the 2020 presidency, probably by a 5 point plus margin. No Democrat can offer an alternative to the kind of shit Trump and the Republicans are doing that is at all palatable to any interest group, and we know Bernie isn't winning shit (and I don't even think Bernie is representative of the bulk of the Democratic Party for the reason I said above; at best Bernie could win a majority of the Dem primary vote just from the horribleness of other options, and then the centrists and your racist grandma will vote Trump).


This sanders NYT interview is amazing


>Q. In the top of our story, we talk about the rally you attended in Managua and a wire report at the time said that there were anti-American chants from the crowd.

<The United States at that time — I don’t know how much you know about this — was actively supporting the Contras to overthrow the government. So that there’s anti-American sentiment? I remember that, I remember that event very clearly.

>You do recall hearing those chants? I think the wire report has them saying, “Here, there, everywhere, the Yankee will die.”

<They were fighting against American —— Huh huh —— yes, what is your point?

>I wanted to ——

<Are you shocked to learn that there was anti-American sentiment?

>My point was I wanted to know if you had heard that.

<I don’t remember, no. Of course there was anti-American sentiment there. This was a war being funded by the United States against the people of Nicaragua. People were being killed in that war.

>Do you think if you had heard that directly, you would have stayed at the rally?

<I think Sydney, with all due respect, you don’t understand a word that I’m saying.



Funny. The original article he’s responding to had a redbait title. In the comments section all of the comments were positive on it. 3 hours later the article was removed from the frontpage and moved to the politics section, after which it soon disappeared and could only be found in the archive. They changed the title of the article to something more neutral by this time too. NYT are Biden shills


File: 30fd80bf6cff46e⋯.png (956.15 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, Beto.png)

Beto O'Rourke livestreams his haircut, pokes fun at 'nasty' ear hair



>Beto O’Rourke isn’t just struggling in the polls. He's also battling with the well-known middle-aged man's plague of ear hair.

>Back home in El Paso after several days on the campaign trail, O’Rourke said he was badly in need of a haircut. Naturally, he decided to livestream it on Facebook and use his time in the chair to hold an “impromptu townhall.”

>When his barber at Chema’s barbershop began maneuvering the clippers around O’Rourke left ear, the Democratic presidential hopeful decided to offer a truth that many men of his generation and older can to attest to: Ear hair is troublesome.

>“We’re cutting out some of this ear hair that you get when you get older,” O’Rourke, 46, said. “It grows out of your ears, and if you don’t get it cut, it can be nasty.”

>O’Rourke has frequently used livestreaming to try to connect with voters, using livestream platforms to talk to his social media followers directly during his unsuccessful bid to beat Texas Sen. Ted Cruz last year.

Beta O'Dork is getting desperate to claim the vice presidency ticket against Pete Bootyjizz and Copmala Harris


File: 9510db1a3dc3c2e⋯.jpg (163.44 KB, 1024x763, 1024:763, merlin_148152864_c8b3b160-….jpg)

Trump Shows Signs He Will Pardon Servicemen Accused or Convicted of War Crimes

>Trump has requested the immediate preparation of paperwork needed to pardon several American military members accused or convicted of war crimes — including high-profile cases of murder, attempted murder and desecration of a corpse, NYT reports.




>tfw no o'rourke twitch thot bf



Its a risky game. I guess they see democrats as to limp wristed to even attempt a court packing again so they think blatantly partisan courts have no chance of backfire.

Hopefully they're wrong on that count, but seeing they are pushing Joe Biden for 2020 I am not confident in their ability to try anything with teeth.



>Its a risky game. I guess they see democrats as to limp wristed to even attempt a court packing again so they think blatantly partisan courts have no chance of backfire.

Even if they win the Presidency in 2020, they might not win the Senate back, so it’s not like they will have a choice.




More liberal red-baiting bullshit



Did they pick Albania because some letters are the same?



Alabama is communist



File: 55a45a7ca8fe162⋯.png (1.35 MB, 1400x1080, 35:27, ClipboardImage.png)

how do we know if Sam Hyde is being ironic?



He isn't



>triggers the liberals

>bunkers everywhere

>AK-47's for everyone

Is Hoxhaism the way to convince Burgers of socialism?






File: ee1b412ecc1ecfb⋯.jpg (416.91 KB, 1500x844, 375:211, candidate-support-trump-mi….jpg)

Not sure how accurate this is, but it appears Sanders now has a better record in military budget votes than Gabbard



This is if they vote for the general budget. Which includes the military, but also welfare, infrastructure, and research money.



US Military is mad because it hurts their image.



Having people be pardoned for war crimes as bad for image?

Just making sure I get what you're saying. Cause that does look bad.



i could easily trounce him in a gunfight.


So Assange has now been indicted under the Espionage Act. Is that not a violation of the extradition treaty with the UK, which states that the US can't add any more charges after making the original extradition request?



Nobody in the US gives a shit about war crimes at all. Why does the military even give a shit? Think of the most cynical view point that you could ever have of the American people and it would fall short of just how degenerate and apathetic they are.


File: e27ef91f80e1e3e⋯.jpg (604.94 KB, 1090x1090, 1:1, 20190320_200236.jpg)

File: 4e786274462095f⋯.jpg (63.7 KB, 640x258, 320:129, 20190319_123650.jpg)


I got some low effort phone edit yang memes i posted to r/yanggang a few months ago

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