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File: c313992e9829710⋯.png (93.65 KB, 1000x238, 500:119, Captura de 2018-10-03 12-1….png)



Did the mod really not see the satire in the OP

what in the hell


no post history, probably a falseflagger

if he cared at all he would appeal it anyways

we have dozens of retards who drop by to make one thread and then forget this board exists, like 90% of bans aren't appealed and I almost always unban if there's even the slightest honesty in it

absolutely nothing of value was lost


whats up with that red overlay? nightmodus? why? it sucks


not worth its own thread to complain but i dont really see the point in banning sarcasm


moderation general, i guess. I haven't been banned for like… 5 months or so, though my drunkposting sometimes I think would deserve some warnings



ignore flag



>ironic posting about corporations raising wages

Get banned.

>unironic posting about socdems raising wages

Nothing happen.



>no context to OP

>vol reports that nobody made an appeal



>no context to OP

What does this even mean?

>vol reports that nobody made an appeal

If I got banned for a post like that I would be too angry to fall on my knees and beg to be unbanned.


>Nazis can raid all day long and make the same threads over and over

>sarcasm insta-banned

the absolute state



>Nazis can raid all day long and make the same threads over and over

That's just not true though.



>If I got banned for a post like that I would be too angry to fall on my knees and beg to be unbanned.


report to self-crit session


>sarcasm is banned on /leftypol/

I love watching what this place has become. Especially all the bootlicking ML's and Stalinists begging BO to fuck them in the ass all day.



>begging BO to fuck them in the ass all day

Nice fetish loser



Da, tovarisch.



1. BO did nothing wrong.

2. well look who was first replying to the Vol and didn't get banned

ur a fegit


sry forgot to sage, kinda thought its already bumplocked



>leftypol mods are retards

what else is new? Why is anybody still here anyway, go to >>>/leftpol/ if you want an actual leftwing community. This Subreddit is run by liberal SJWs.


>he didn't post here before so I banned him

>nobody is allowed to make new posts, if you aren't already a subscriber to our subreddit I will ban you



why is it unpragmatic to just move to an actual left-wing community instead of this subreddit run by SJWs?



>liberal SJWs

This coming from a board that calls Lenin and Stalin "red" "fascists" and capitalists



Am I banned for being a white male yet, or did the mods just give me a warning for that?

We wouldn't want anybody getting the impression that there are more important issues than hating white males that the left should be focusing on.


File: e94b477701ca133⋯.jpg (11.12 KB, 441x93, 147:31, the autism these levels it….jpg)



so much salt from hypocrites




coming from a board of reddit-spacing maroons, that's a laugh.


>sarcasm is banned on /leftypol/

Sure it is, meanwhile leftpol bans you for saying anything in Stalin's defense in their repeated circle-jerk "stalin's crimes" threads.


>fall to your knees to beg

Who's telling you to do that you defensive shit? A calm appeal is easy without having to denigrate yourself you extremist. Not to mention, sarcasm isn't always obvious to all people and /letfypol/ has repeatedly gotten unironic posts like these in the past 3 months by /polyps/, on a nigh daily basis.


> just not true though

It fucking is, Sailor Moon thread? 20 posts in, we have 3 seperate /pol/acks shitting the bed over 3 different things. Etc. etc. This is a daily shitstorm. Just because you don't lurk enough to see it doesn't mean its not there.


File: cea1883e2b2e0b1⋯.png (1.06 MB, 1360x1360, 1:1, he he he anime.png)


>anti BO comlaint thread

>hasn't been anchored or deleted

literally disproving your anti /leftypol/ shit point



And there I was reading a thread why the right wins the cultural battle on the internet. Why their memes are superior.

And then I see this thread. Two puzzles that fit perfectly.


File: b618a89dfe158f0⋯.png (194.83 KB, 355x611, 355:611, thi95.PNG)


coming from the reddit spacing say nothing

funny to see the whining over nothing here and the inept same old leftpol crybabies failing to reply whenever exposed




you apparently don't know what that word means.

>SJWs? Where?

on this subreddit. This is a subreddit for defending feminists and hating those misogynistic Bernie Bros who think the left should focus more on economic issues and less on misandry.


<heh, our moderators are litereally reddit SJWs who treat this place the same as their subreddits, but at least we don't use paragraphs!

this is just sad.



it's funny because all the idpol liberals crying about berniebros fucked off to /leftpol/ along with imperialist apologetics and "lenin was a fascist" anarkiddies



Reminder that this poster is the /leftpol/ shill I exposed earlier.



No you wouldn't..it's illegal.. you're mentally sick and need reeducation.

America needs Republicans so maybe after you physically see your daughters get raped you wake the fuck up



>the anon shilling for >>>/leftpol/ is a leftpol shill

OMG wow such detective work!


File: 4fbfb40f09e342b⋯.png (504.13 KB, 640x480, 4:3, smug angel listening.png)


> don't know what that word means

We do, Your 'points' - if they could be called that - are hypocritical, you fags at leftpol do the same shit.

>defending feminists

nigga where? most of the anti-idpol posts come from here, meanwhile leftpol still masturbates to succdems like Chomsky and unironically call the USSR capitalists.

We deride Bernie because he's a fucking social democrat, not a socialist, to say otherwise is to be ignorant of what socialism is. I.E. words socialism isn't a 95% income tax…

>that red-text

strawman argument

>just sad

so are you





reddit spacing does not = paragraphs. You need to learn what a paragraph is you high-school reject.



>no post history, probably a falseflagger

Do you not know what a dynamic IP is?

(8chan gave me a captcha, so this IP probably doesn't have a post history either)


File: df1a861fc8f8f98⋯.jpg (262.63 KB, 2048x2048, 1:1, nani police officer sama.jpg)


>Do you not know what a dynamic IP is

Don't be a faggot, Dynamic IPs do not change that quickly.


lol a ban for that…I've been at leftpol and wandered here for a look, but I didn't realise things had got this bad



>Why their memes are superior.

They really aren't.


File: 6d41b723e8bbfeb⋯.jpg (175.98 KB, 1000x646, 500:323, arguments on the internet.jpg)


>why the right wins the cultural battle on the internet

See pic

>their memes are better

In what way?


Is being forced to pay your employees slightly more by the courts praiseworthy these days?

Call me when they do something really remarkable…



>Don't be a faggot, Dynamic IPs do not change that quickly.

What makes you think that it didn't change right before he posted? Or that he didn't change his IP because his previous one had 200ms ping to Google and the one he got afterwards had 60ms



had 60ms ping?

In a country with shit ISPs, this can be the only way to get decent ping.


File: 12e860b68570757⋯.jpg (55.76 KB, 718x748, 359:374, Fuck Unicorn.jpg)


You're still ignoring 90% of the points being made here you salty bitch.



I really doubt that is the hegemonic opinion

maybe one person said that one time



Actually this subreddit is pathetically trying to fit in with a retarded anonymous far right incel subculture that any discussion of social and political relations within a racial, gendered or postcolonial frame of reference is immediately met with derision by a horde of autistic Americlap gamers



File: 5008c8de1f82280⋯.jpg (64.01 KB, 800x699, 800:699, deadass.jpg)




someone show this man the door


File: 63751322b82ffe4⋯.jpg (327.79 KB, 1500x1125, 4:3, northern-ireland-belfast-t….jpg)


this poster was right and people get banned for this shit all the time on this forum.

this board is filled to the brim with chauvinists who started off as /pol/ idiots, then read a wikipedia article about marx, and ended up here.

reminder: chauvinism stands in direct contrast with socialism. the mods of this board should realize it.



You are the cancer that will destroy this board


File: e48b6faf93c9325⋯.jpg (30.37 KB, 326x284, 163:142, Hey a letter came for you ….jpg)



>muh /pol/

>muh repression

Literally make up your minds, either we're ex-/pol/ chauvinists or SJWs



you, personally, are a chauvinist. i don't know who or what you are beyond what you've demonstrated in this post.

i dont know what 'sjw' means beyond how internet fascists and centrist libs use it to justify their settler mindset.

in the real world, i've never heard an actual communist use the term.


File: abe41487c3e36d4⋯.png (91.11 KB, 500x397, 500:397, idpol pity politics.png)

File: 8385c1c20d31e28⋯.png (158.05 KB, 1265x440, 23:8, idpol is bourgiousie.png)

File: 7b8d70d5f7239a7⋯.png (833.13 KB, 765x1006, 765:1006, toxic feminism.png)


>you, personally, are a chauvinist

How have i shown chauvinism? You don't know me cunt, you literally admit it;

>i don't know who or what you are beyond what you've demonstrated in this post.

>i dont know what 'sjw' means

yet you spam it

>beyond how internet fascists and centrist libs use it to justify their settler mindset

Centrist libs literally ARE SJWs you dipshit, it's fucking idpol, lurk moar.

>in the real world, i've never heard an actual communist use the term

Because in the real world communists are busy solving more important issues. Not to mention an individual anecdote is meaningless.



you just don't fuckin get it, chauvinist.

a socialist complaining about "identity politics" is like complaining that native americans are wary white people.

the thing about beyonce is a fuckin dog whistle. if you can't understand how racism and sexism is used to divide the proletariat, or that black workers or female workers are even worse off than white proles, you're a god damn fool and stuck in the past.


File: 3f6d4d5963fe51b⋯.jpg (45.25 KB, 462x700, 33:50, get out.jpg)


>you just don't fuckin get it


> socialist complaining about "identity politics" is like complaining that native americans are wary white people.

that makes no sense

> thing about beyonce is a fuckin dog whistle

It's not, the Cops would never touch Beyonce, but they would go after those workers. Color is irrelevant.

>you can't understand how racism and sexism is used to divide the proletariat

That's precisely the argument you dipshit

>black workers or female workers are even worse off than white proles

That's just horse-shit based on liberal pity-politic studies that manipulate data.



see, that's exactly it. you don't get it. fucking chauvinist hasn't eliminated his alienating pseudo-fash beliefs. don't call yourself socialist anymore please.



Either a really retarded redlib or some dirty tricks from MI6.


File: 76bd162e29b0bfd⋯.jpg (67.08 KB, 640x439, 640:439, hide bait.jpg)


>that's exactly it

You're a troll, begone.



I think you're mistaken, and most of 'identity politics' is alienated proles teaching themselves to embrace the divisions that bourgeois society imposed on them.


File: aae6b9afb89877a⋯.png (688.09 KB, 1200x2182, 600:1091, a0fb832c8d8043213b85bc89fe….png)

Man, this board has gone to shit.


swear y'all are one step away from: white french settlers in haiti were natural allies of the slaves!


read here. this is the platform of every single amerikan communist party. white proles have been scapegoating blacks, latinos, women since the dawn of fucking time. even fucking engels said it, that in his own house, the man is the bourgeoisie and the woman is the proletariat.

you guys are god damn idiots. social fascists.


File: 2f5ffd91ed6bb34⋯.png (120.02 KB, 1277x333, 1277:333, bookchin on idpol.png)


Idpol faggots out



You are just chock full of bourgeois spooks my dude.












And written about by Marx and Engels. Your type is neauvau colonist with a red flag. It’s counterrevolutionary. At least fascists don’t masquerade as socialists. You’re a piece of shit.



your essentialism already excludes you from being a communist, find another ideology to cloak your anti-universalism behind



what is your justification for your un-marxist beliefs? your beliefs are not materialist in the slightest, they show a complete lack of understanding of history and dialectics.

which is why: my thinking is status quo leftist. it is backed by evidence, is anti-imperialist.

"The struggle against national oppression is a struggle against imperialism because it was imperialism that conquered the Native Americans, Native Hawai’ians and Alaskan Natives, committed genocide against the indigenous peoples and seized their land. It was imperialism that brought Africans, Mexicans and Asians to work as slaves, braceros and contract laborers. It is imperialism that still dominates the countries of the Third World, forcing more immigrants to come to the United States to escape poverty and repression."

step up your theory game, wikpedia reader.


"In the great majority of cases today, at least in the possessing classes, the husband is obliged to earn a living and support his family, and that in itself gives him a position of supremacy, without any need for special legal titles and privileges. Within the family he is the bourgeois and the wife represents the proletariat. In the industrial world, the specific character of the economic oppression burdening the proletariat is visible in all its sharpness only when all special legal privileges of the capitalist class have been abolished and complete legal equality of both classes established. The democratic republic does not do away with the opposition of the two classes; on the contrary, it provides the clear field on which the fight can be fought out. And in the same way, the peculiar character of the supremacy of the husband over the wife in the modern family, the necessity of creating real social equality between them, and the way to do it, will only be seen in the clear light of day when both possess legally complete equality of rights."


please leave, fascist.



>they come and make one post and I ban them and unsurprisingly they never come back

wow brilliant


File: 013b0f114c80839⋯.jpg (42.57 KB, 500x333, 500:333, there's the door get out.jpg)


> I ban them and unsurprisingly they never come back

Except that there is the following

VPNs, Tor, or literally restarting your computer and going to a different wi-fi location. All 3 methods are guaranteed to over-ride bans. I was perma-banned once from /pol/ because of an IP mistake… it didn't stick. Literally NOTHING prevented OP from posting again. Not to mention there were no ban appeals, sarcastic or otherwise.


badly cited quotes are not an argument especially as this is

A) Appeal to Authority Fallacy

and B) your point does not coincide. This is like right-wingers saying Nazis are socialist because they have socialist in the name, except here you're trying to play up some sort of superiority over a point that no-one was talking about. You literally don't understand half the shit you're spouting.

Go to >>>/leftpol/ with your contradictory irrelevant faggotry


File: 08b20cfb8e9a5f9⋯.jpg (37.18 KB, 324x499, 324:499, sankara.jpg)


>appeal to authority

uh you mean…quote well-established theory from actually existing communist parties?

you're a typical 4channer, you know nothing of marxist theory. you have yet to make a single point in this thread. i think any reasonable leftist reading this will realize that. you've displayed blatant chauvinism in every post, you've undermined anti-imperialist struggle…so what the fuck are you? your posts are the type of shit that would get you expelled from any left party. if you ever got off the internet and did anything besides LARP at socialism, you would realize that.


File: 1e5a92878297681⋯.gif (27.09 KB, 200x200, 1:1, liberals get out dragon.gif)


>quote well-established theory

Ecept you're not using it to you argument, you're just spam posting a quote vaguely relevant to the subject and sayig it supports your argument, it really doesn't. You're just trying to justify your "repent white people" mentality, and thus promoting the retarded idpol that both Sankara and MLK the former of whom you posted, were opposed to.

>typical 4channer

This is 8chan, sorry tard, try again.

>you have yet to make a single poin

That's you m8, I've made plenty of points that you outright ignored.

>displayed blatant chauvinism

You keep using that word, I don't think you know what it means.

Chavanism: excessive or prejudiced loyalty or support for one's own cause, group, or gender

Where has this been displayed?

YOU are the one here crowing about "muh imperialists" as if this were a /pol/ thread about South Africa. Idpol is idpol, be it left-wing or right-wing.

>undermined anti-imperialist struggle

In what way? By saying that idpol is a capitalist farce?

>what the fuck are you

I am a socialist, you are a tard.

>get you expelled from any left party

I'm sorry but I don't associate with any liberal parties

>got off the internet

Says the guy literal posting every 5 minutes

>anything besides LARP

Do you know what LARP even means you moron? posting on image-boards is the opposite of a LARP, because a LARP requires you to be outside and LARPing, like antifa anarchists do.

Fuck off FBI



you've called me a "tard" a "faggot" and a "cunt"

go use that language around real life socialists, see what happens, chauvinist.



>every amerikan communist party

there is no american communist party, just a bunch of fbi field offices



you're thinking of cpusa.

there are several functional communist parties. PSL, PCUSA, FRSO are worthwhile ones.

interesting that none of you have made any sort of materialist argument yet. actually, not that interesting, because you're petit bourg western whites. you have no place in international socialism except to be subservient.


File: 74117592e6e3699⋯.jpg (43.57 KB, 642x487, 642:487, shreksnapsneck.jpg)


>go use that language around real life socialists, see what happens, chauvinist.

At worst, they might try to slap me with limp wrists. At best they would look at their feet and shulk away.



>go use that language around real life socialists, see what happens, chauvinist

If they get triggered by mere words I wouldn't find them worthy of associating with in the first place. I can't image Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin or any other revolutionary of actual note flipping his shit because you called some retard a "faggot". Suck it up and be a man, fag


File: 5c38e99505f845e⋯.png (159 KB, 1484x442, 742:221, ClipboardImage.png)


>use that language around real life socialists

I have, sorry mr.I'm-TOTALLY-A-Real-Socialist, but not everyone grows up in a prissy middle-class neighborhood.


Misusing language should be a crime.


> thinking of cpusa.

Ooooh, not-real-socialism fallacy added to the list of fallacies you've used, alongside strawmen and appeal to authority.

>none of you have made any sort of materialist argument

Neither have you, quoting a random and incited quote is not an argument, especially when your claims are not even supported by said quote.

>petit bourg western whites

Waaa we brown people have it worse, let's be sectarians and divide the working class by race, going against the philosophies of every black socialist ever. You have no idea how bad it can be for "Western Whites". Ghettos aren't only populated by black people you know.

> you have no place in international socialism except to be subservient

And there it is, you admit to your fascism. Leave third-worldist. You are not only hateful and horrid, but ignorant as well.

Real socialists you say? You're not a real socialist, you're a pig using the mantle of socialism to justify your hatred.



Where is this from?

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