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File: 7aaeaacee3e7709⋯.jpg (40.74 KB, 620x310, 2:1, gj.jpg)


This time with a French OP. Can we get a cycling thread for as long as the crisis is ongoing?

Also as a Frenchman, I can probably answer any questions you guys might have.



>There's gonna be a leftwing yellow vest protest in London

Will be interesting to see where this ends-up, since most Yellow Vest stuff has been done by nutjob right-wingers so far in the UK.






Based. Just a reminder that neoliberals thought that even the Paris commune was a Liberal revolt initially






File: 4cd453d68acbaa8⋯.png (6.72 KB, 275x183, 275:183, download.png)


>Implying that they didn't exist back then?

The communes what set up the first red scare in the U.S, and created worries of an American commune, but sure.






Oh dear…

Neoliberalism refers to the adherence to the economic thought of the Austrian and Chicago schools. Not to some "Red Scare" during the late 1880s.



There are a pair of anti-austerity yellow vest protests planned in Rural South-West England. They already had one that got like 30 people, let's see if they escalate.


File: 05dac764f964e47⋯.jpg (58.29 KB, 750x750, 1:1, DYR9XjNVwAEQ_JE.jpg)


Neoliberalism was the revival, so you're right, but it was the revival of the political of the economics of the economic of the 1870's, and buissness towns.

Thanks for helping me out comRad.


is it an insurgency yet? does it even need to become an insurgency?




Big step up from Chanology, that's for sure


Meanwhile in Hungary:


Is this cultural marxism?


File: 7f374293abb2639⋯.jpg (279.38 KB, 650x938, 325:469, Makes me thing.jpg)


Imagine sucking off the president of another country and telling the people of that country how many of them actually support the same president

Polish genocide when though?



Heh. I was just about to post about that guy. Poland was a mistake.



All while they're both speaking a second language tbh: it's cringy af.

I've seen worse though: loads of Tommy Robinson fans saw the protests in Hungary and were like "YEHA EURROP IS SICK OF G L O B A L I S M GO HUNGARIAN YELLOW VESTS!!!!" the fucking dolts.



Didn't they realize the protests were against their favorite White Gypsy "Mr. Orban"



They're Robinson fans, they've got 4 brain cells between them.


Anywhere where I can read a comprehensive "the story so far"? I haven't followed updates in a couple weeks. Has the far right element been more or less stomped out?


File: d40f8780808e13d⋯.jpg (9.62 KB, 281x234, 281:234, d40f8780808e13daab268edf0e….jpg)

>French gov't admitted that the protests this saturday were the biggest yet

>protestors used forklifts to break into government compounds and in one case forced the evacuation of Micron's ministers



>a fucking forklift




Nothing more comfy than watching porky’s foot soldiers get bashed. My inner anarkiddie squeals with joy



nothing's happened in the last 2 weeks, except numbers have been going down every week, except for this weekend


>France will clamp down on unauthorized protests after "yellow vest" clashes, the prime minister says



Oh fuck shit about to get real…



>>2779266 (me)

To explain myself this is what turn Euromaidan from some anti-corruption shit into stuff where the central square of Kiev was occupied with a massive fuck-off catapult. When you take away the right to protest, more people show-up.




more details, but no hard ones on what the public order measures being implemented are




Except the whole thing is fully decentralized.

That is the beauty of it.

Far-Left, Far-Right non existent. No leaders (even if State is trying hard to put clowns upfront to better crush it after)

Where I live, no one care anymore about going to Paris, everything is now local.



Which is perfect. Yellow Vests is effectively a strike in the sense of it damages the power of capital by denying it revenue. Also I imagine what >>2779390 says will cause more dissent because again: taking away people's right to protest makes them more angry. I hope you are involved in your local GJ group anon, you need to sow the seeds of class consciousness.


File: c1f6d42b08fdcc3⋯.mp4 (13.4 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Francis Cousin - Trump, th….mp4)



File: 505e58fa04b111d⋯.mp4 (14.47 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Francis Cousin - Trump, th….mp4)


File: daef05f4a4224b1⋯.mp4 (4.3 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Francis Cousin - Trump, th….mp4)



>Not comparing this to the Tsar cracking down on protests, or Maya people getting sick of being systematically wiped out, and kicked out of their land by capitalists.

Using Euro-maiden as an example isn't really appropriate, as it was a liberal/fascist endeavor.



Is the French CNT doing anything? Because if not maybe we could google translate them into oblivion.



Yeah, they're calling for open borders so more cheap slaves for the Capital while the local working class is unemployed for decades.

It's on their website :


With this kind of rhetoric, it is hopeless.


So then, the protests seem unable to gather any more strength in order to reach their goals, yet this still goes on like it's an everyday occurrance. Is this a fixture of life now? LSC youths gathering together to smash shit for sheer lack of affordable entertainment and a vaguely political goal that their liberalism-addled minds can't articulate?



>they're calling for open borders so more cheap slaves for the Capital

Nice job exposing your narrow petty bourgeois nationalist outlook



I am >>2779481 and I'm currently unemployed in central France. What are you trying to imply here ?

This is the sad reality, I met various people on protests, is "local" hurting your feelings ? Do you know there are black, maghrebi protesters as well ?

Do you think these 1st Generation immigrants will benefit open borders ? No, it will add misery on top of the misery.

The silence of left is surprising to say the least as it is the first "jacquerie" from a long time. But you know, people from different horizons knows the Left (and Right obviously serves the Capital) and unfortunately, the CNT is one of them.



Nice job exposing your narrow w*Sternoid-am*Ricanoid idiotic outlook



>you need to sow the seeds of class consciousness

Don't worry about that friend, the people is well aware. There is no need to say anything to be honest, it's beautiful to see. People are realizing they can talk to each other openly, have truthful dialogues. Many parties tried to approach to get the herd back but it doesn't work!



I would favor mindless smashing over the most erudite and articulate reformism


Truly a great post to read thank you



It's reactionary to think that migrants are all just the unwitting tools of the bourgeoisie. You are literally dividing working people on national lines and in doing so, serving the exploiters. I am closer to a poor migrant than I will ever be to some rich bourgeois faggot. Your far-right talking points say a lot about you



Remember the revleft thread by Psy (banned) making the proposal to use forklifts and everybody called him retarded:


>Seriously, this is ridiculous. If you were, IIRC, the guy who was moaning about no leftist video games, then I see how this thread makes sense to you.

-Sam_b (Trotskyist tosser)

>we're not here to think up some wet dream for a revolution.

-Chambered Word



Communism lasted for so long because it was also nationalistic.



>Using Euro-maiden as an example isn't really appropriate, as it was a liberal/fascist endeavor.

it was CIA/soros/USAID/state department endeavor with local work force.


File: c1429cef33b6cc8⋯.jpg (15.8 KB, 488x305, 8:5, achievement unlocked.jpg)


>Communism lasted for so long because it was also nationalistic.



They pay us daily. If you want in you gotta let Tyrone into every Swedish maternity ward.


File: 0e75e69ab71554c⋯.jpg (56.6 KB, 850x400, 17:8, 110115.jpg)


We don't actually care, non-Jewish porkies get the bullet too.



"I only hate the jewish bourgeois" is a card nazis play to bait socialists and not appear as genocidal maniacs. It's always preceded by anti-semitism and a lack of understanding of class relations.

> also, marx was jewish…lenin…trotsky…most of the bolsheviks…should i continue ?

Fuck off with your tsarist propaganda.



Also every Rothschild Nazis got their hands on, six of them, got let go.



Tbf hardly a new idea the Serbs used them in 2006 to get rid of Milošević.



Yeah why compare something to a protest movement in Europe 4 years ago when I can use a 1990s one in Latin America or shiut from over a century ago.



This is a fucking no problem. Just force porky to pay all workers on an equal scale. You can't pay an African 30 % of what you have to pay a Frenchman, jesus god in hell and heaven, it is not fucking rocket science.



I believe this, but I want a source.



>open borders so more cheap slaves for the Capital while the local working class is unemployed for decades.

Late Capitalism relies on 2(two) things: freedom of movement for capital, and restriction of movement for labor.

This allows cheap labor in sweatshop countries, while maintaining demand for plastic baubles in 'rich' countries.

For a more socialist world, we need restriction of capital flows and derestriction of labor movements. By fighting for less migration, you're playing right into Porky's plan.



Google translate mention sea and right to asylum. Is this about the Syrian refugees?


File: cfc643588345e58⋯.jpg (303.47 KB, 2000x1333, 2000:1333, saltbae_salt1_index1a.jpg)


File: 7be40955fa5d3eb⋯.jpg (53.48 KB, 787x315, 787:315, reds rekt.JPG)

File: 0713159a231e538⋯.jpg (51.84 KB, 539x247, 539:247, lolol.JPG)



Smear articles make me want to end it all



Unfortunately because of these vicious smears the protests will wind down any week or month now or maybe next year who knows but it's definitely winding down.



I'm gonna had to that,since they're lying,in the twitter thread (that could be just bullshit btw) they were doing a "quenelle" wich is an anti governement handsign that our media is trying hard to say it's actually antisemitism because of obvious reasons,so they got pissed at the old lady that parroted the governement line (and they were a bit drunk,that helps) and told her to fuck off,so really nothing special,the old lady said "I'm above all this" but actually did a full on interview for the smear campaign of the journal,TOTALLY NOT FAKE.also lmao at this fag wanting to punch random drunkard and thinking everybody that did not do it was because they were afraid,also this fag is saying that calling for the removal of our president is a "disgusting chant".

It piss me off to read this kind of shit so here is a wall of text


>>2781673 (me)

Also the fact that we have an actual pro zionism lobby (supported of course by our governement) that are invited at randoms intervals on our media must not really help with the whole "stop being antisemite"



All lies


File: d33a2d239f52aa0⋯.png (776.62 KB, 800x700, 8:7, 5n0goefbz0921.png)



This isn't even the begging of what France is going to go through lads



>Activists from a French protest movement encouraged supporters Wednesday to set off a bank run by emptying their accounts, while the government urged citizens to express their discontent in a national debate instead of weekly demonstrations disrupting the streets of Paris.

Actually kekked




This probably a shitpost, but tbh, if Macron does something to somehow magically fucking stop this, it'll still serve as an example of modern successful show of action to the French



>a bank run

Holy shit PLEASE do this. Literally impending crash-tier.


File: 645abea191ba1da⋯.png (38.46 KB, 582x291, 2:1, ClipboardImage.png)


>second article

What a bunch of cucks.


except more or less 60% of the population(and not a single porky) dies if a crash happens since we have absolutely no way of feeding ourselves after the destruction of our agricultural industries.

Either that or we get fucking ran over by germany since our governement is trying to transfer ALL the instances of power to germany since macron shat the bed by actually having a near civil war while trying to pass all of the eu laws



Can't wait for Soviet France



Threaten to nuke Germany if they don't send packed lunches.



>I would favor mindless smashing over the most erudite and articulate reformism

But what would this end up with tho? I mean, if this had been organized by the left, the demand would have been clear, and the whole episode over by now. If anything, this low-level, unfocused revolt saps class conscousness.


File: 0f3f69db9b10fbd⋯.jpg (70.65 KB, 834x1283, 834:1283, Sartre__Jean-Paul.jpg)


>mfw banks open up as if it were a normal day, and then surround the buildings with armed mercs to keep clients from getting in



>French protesters want to set off bank run with withdrawals

This won't work, France has a central bank, and central banks are specifically set up to keep bank runs from happening.




Any nazi could just said "W-well they stole most of his stuff!" and shit. I consider it weak evidence of Hitler being a porky stooge in comparison to him being appointed as chanceller and then getting a lot of funding from various businesses.


File: ecd5aac56e0cd80⋯.jpg (72.65 KB, 710x781, 10:11, 1456606700572.jpg)


>all propaganda whining about international bankers

>make a propaganda movie The Rothschilds

>get a Rothschild banker in their hands

>Himmler personally orders him to be moved to a hotel

>then he's released


File: e9b2d41eaac9f6c⋯.png (37.58 KB, 612x436, 153:109, ClipboardImage.png)


>Among those supporting the fundraiser was radical leftwing former presidential candidate Jean-Luc Mélenchon.

>"It is forbidden to pay fines through collections but Christophe Dettinger has not been convicted and the aim of the collection is to help the family," he tweeted.

>"The goal of those who want to ban this collection is to destroy the family too. Shame on them."

Based Mél, but wasn't the local consensus that he's not that radical? I didn't follow the elections back then in that detail.



>doing public stunts by liking what the governement does not is now radical

WTF I love the FN now


File: 961f9f989ff8672⋯.png (510.73 KB, 1200x661, 1200:661, ClipboardImage.png)

>One of the most popular politicians in France is a fucking trot

Are they about to actually do it?



Wow, debates? I swear the French government is *almost* dumber than Burgerland’s



Trots don't govern well at all over liberal democracy, that's part of Venezuela's problems



I cant get my head around the fact that there are people who unironically vote LePen



Why? France were bigger Nazi collaborators than resisters.



"dey're the only one we've never tried"

"immigration immigration immigration globalism globalism globalism"



The reason they voted for her was because she was gonna bring back the SuccDem policies that the Neoliberals got rid of. She was literally Bernie Sanders tier



>except more or less 60% of the population(and not a single porky) dies if a crash happens since we have absolutely no way of feeding ourselves after the destruction of our agricultural industries.

Good. The more desperate people are the better they fight.



Because none of the guys on the left has managed to make the necessary shift on immigration. Melenchon is on hesitating and if he goes back to the pre-70s policies of the French left on immigration he would turn things over in his favor.



she wasn't and she won't. she's to this day opposed to raising the minimum wage. go fuck yourself. http://www.revolutionpermanente.fr/Ce-lundi-Marine-le-Pen-se-reaffirme-contre-la-hausse-du-SMIC-une-des-principales-revendications-des



FN/Le pen is center right,not leftist,both economically and socially,it's just conservatist policy with an EU paint on it.

>>2782862 This is a much better explanation on why they voted for her on the EUROPEANS elections

Anyway we probably have like 40% of abstention.


Saying not raising the minimum wage to help companies is retarded,but thinking it's gonna have any impact on purchasing power is fucking stupid,they're just gonna raise prices to balance it up


/pol/ here, I really hope we can work together to get rid of these bankers. We may have different "why"s but we have a very similar idea of what needs to be done, and then different end goals. I acknowledge we will probably not agree when this is over, but for the time being can we please work together against the globalist oligarchs killing this world? You may view Lenin the way I view Hitler, you may think private property is bad while I believe it is good, you may believe in equality while I believe in the harshness of evolution, but none of that really matters. We can academically debate these ideals and what it means to be human ad nauseam, or we can work together against the forces who may be radicalizing and promoting hatred among us in the first place. Right now, we have a chance to say fuck you to the global financial system plaguing the world with subjugating debt. To me that is a far greater threat to humanity than my local baker having communist sympathies or my mechanic being a nazi. I would stand with both of them against this existential threat to the human spirit, though we may disagree as to what that means.



As you might now we are planning to spread the news of a bank run, if you help us we might get enough steam so that it actually happens

The plan is to get the banks to panic so as to freeze withdrawals and have the normies wake up and cause chaos like in 1929


File: c5a13523404fef2⋯.jpg (155.7 KB, 913x1200, 913:1200, pd wb 1.jpg)

File: 3f49cd669487b61⋯.jpg (459.76 KB, 700x989, 700:989, for-the-workers-bomb.jpg)



Force de frappe activate! Suck on this Workers Bomb, you Huns!


Do you think that of this somehow resulted in Melenchon getting elected the Right-Wing's view on this protest would flip overnight and it would suddenly become "(( ( Soros ) ) ) funded LibTard color Revolution!!!!!"?




Fuck off, fascist.



Honestly I have no idea why /pol/acks still support this. Far-right elements keep getting pushed out while the left has more or less free reign. But then again they've always been delusional.



Dump burgers are projecting what they want to see on the GJs, as usual



stop following and stop being dense, this is a golden opportunity for all of you fellows, dont miss it just because we are on board with it too



I bet if a bunch of fascists went to a GJ protest they'd be beat to the curb by protesters. You're scum, you don't build societies, you degenerate them into genocidal, inhuman porky regimes. Kill yourself



Because we want Macron and the banks out, we dont care who does it so long as its done



listen here, Im not going to debate wether "muh fascism bad" Im here to tell you that if we work together and do everything we can to make this into a reality then we will win our first victory against the bankers you hate



>if we work together and do everything we can to make this into a reality then we will win our first victory against the bankers you hate

No, "we" won't. You're irrelevant.



> Im here to tell you that if we work together

Stopping LARPing, buddy. We're just retards in an Internet thread, there's no working together to do at all. The GJs are opposed to everything you faggots stand for. Follow your precious Fuhrer and blow your brains out



so you refuse to try and take down the bankers with another board just because "Swasztika man bad"

follow Stalin and drink cyanide



most of the guys in this thread are burger who are more concerned with having a pure revolution than having anything happens and every week they forgot that everybody regardless of their political positions has gone to those protests (a monarchist got banned for example multiple times and only once it was for a good reason)

on a more serious matter I still don't know how the bank run can work out and I don't think you have a special plan to make it work,especially on a slow thread on a slow board,and I don't think pol is more revelant in the yellow vests movement tbh,meme magic ain't real my guy.



>so you refuse to try and take down the bankers with another board just because "Swasztika man bad"




the plan is too (hopefully) make the planned bank run happen or even make it more serious, the banks will have to stop withdrawals and it will add fire to the flames



also have you donated to Cristopher Dettinger's lawsuit, that man needs to be freed he fought for a good cause


File: 291c120fb15366b⋯.jpg (101 KB, 781x1023, 71:93, t7SnAnV.jpg)


You are just using the word "banker" to mean Jew. You do not actually hate bankers, you just hate Jews. Or, as Zizek puts it:

>Anti-Semitism “reifies” (embodies in a particular group) the inherent social antagonism: it treats Jewishness as the Thing which, from outside, intrudes into the social body and disturbs its balance. What happens in the passage from the position of strict class struggle to fascist anti-Semitism is not just a simple replacement of one figure of the enemy (the bourgeoisie, the ruling class) with another (the Jews); the logic of the struggle is totally different. In the class struggle, the classes themselves are caught up in the antagonism which is inherent to the social structure, while in anti-Semitism the Jew is conceived as a foreign intruder that causes the social antagonism, so that all we need to do in order to restore social harmony is annihilate the Jews.

We operate on an entirely different level than you. There can be absolutely no collaboration. Now, follow the man you love so much into hell.



I thought the site shut it down after the media/government debacle


Go say that to people around you and maybe more on social media then,leftypol and pol aren't secret cabals,this is a thread for dicussing,not planning for the movement or stupid shit like that.you can encourage it if you want still here,do what you want.


File: 6b9a684c3221d57⋯.png (14.91 KB, 529x573, 529:573, fd03b0caa7903ff2ebfcee9988….png)


>Nazis: We hate bankers!

>Nazis: Also let's put a banker in charge of the economy


fuck it I give up, there is literally no reasoning with you guys even when there is common ground, you have the opportunity to hurt what you hate and yet you refuse it because your enemy wants to stop fighting for the moment.


follow Tovarish Trotsky and get an icepick on your head


sorry but your comrades are the most unreasonable people I have met


Oy vey we swear no soviet leader got filthy rich after the revolution




>claim to be anti-banker

>actually get your hands on a Rothschild banker

>release him


File: 425caeb514d3d26⋯.png (413.15 KB, 647x643, 647:643, ClipboardImage.png)



File: daecf4f6cbbba21⋯.png (6.13 MB, 2000x1331, 2000:1331, ClipboardImage.png)

Two articles by CrimethInk, one by Zizek on Gilet Jaunes.

>How the Yellow Vest Movement Survived into 2019


>Between the Reaction and the Referendum: Nationalism and Direct Democracy in the Yellow Vest Movement


>Why Secondary Contradictions Matter: A Maoist View by Slavoj Zizek



File: 83e1e09062e14fe⋯.png (80.78 KB, 1325x1080, 265:216, 770f6d790227a89a1c3f7ed9a6….png)


>/pol/ here, I really hope we can work together to get rid of these bankers

>not the entire capitalist system



It was a german banker so it doesnt count.


File: dd5a08bd060bb4a⋯.jpg (36.98 KB, 480x360, 4:3, dipshit.jpg)

you know why there are nationalists in this worker protests, because you fucks abandoned the working class (or atleast you dont support it anymore)

I will let you know a little secret, the workers dont actually believe your myths about equality and internationalism, only middle to high class intellectuals, the workers are highly nationalistic and rooted in tradition and when they take power they will adopt social positions you see as fascist, as an example I will use your God and Savior the USSR

The USSR implemented policies of free love under Lenin were women were """""liberated"""" and men could be manwhores, Stalin (a Georgian peasant with a bloodthirst that surpassed anyone) ditched that reform and later emphasized the traditional russian family values, something that is against marx's philosophy, he also banned homosexuality and trannies were considered social abnormalities.

Why did that happened if everyone believed everyone to be equal? Because the workers are highly nationalistic, traditional and care about their land, their families and their soil, not some dumb red book some spoilt fuck wrote while not having touched a hammer in his life and living off his friends commpassion (yes im talking to you Garl Marx you lazy parasitic NEET)



That is what happens when effete, marxist bobos ignore the real working class and obsess over frivolous trivialities like marxism. Real men are loyal to their families, their traditions, and their nation. Not your dumb book.




exquisite bait my friend, made me reply



He's actually that retarded, he's 14 or somewhere around there.



read Stalin the Enduring Legacy you dumb nigger



what you think a normal worker from Spain would ditch his family and belive he is equal to some tribal Tuareg because "muh workers struggle"


Or that he will ditch his wife because "muh free love and families are spoooooook"



>try to btfo Marxism

>write the world's most compelling argument for real Marxism (i.e. NAZBOL)






you don't know what you're talking about, please read a fucking book



Oh, tell me why I am wrong and were am I wrong, if you cant tell me then you lose which is bad, or you dont know what you are talking about, which is worse



another retard






Holy shit fuck off you insufferably stupid fucking nigger.



Because as far as I can tell, marx was

a) an anti nationalist which alianates some workers

b) anti family which alienates most of them

c) later on his works he says that it was only a theory

b) hated by most other socialist philosophers including Proudhon and Bakunin who called him a kike



Oh please, dont compliment me, you will make me blush




Stop shitting up this thread you useless little faggot, literally all you've done for two days is shit and fart.



fuck you, you would do the same on a /pol/ or /fascist/ thread, you dont like it when someone else does it do you?



I made the DB locations map. You're a useless spamming teenage fag.

You've contributed fuck all but hours of butthurt. Kill yourself.



>if you cant tell me then you lose which is bad

Oh no, I will "lose" an argument with some irrelevant nazi on a Laotian interpretive dancing board, oh the horror. You fucking back off to that fetid shithole you call a board would be a win for all of us.



fine then

mods you can ban me again, i have had my fill

(as you wish)


File: 225a63b11d044a1⋯.png (348.16 KB, 647x643, 647:643, ClipboardImage.png)

Two articles by CrimethInk, one by Zizek on Gilet Jaunes.

>How the Yellow Vest Movement Survived into 2019


>Between the Reaction and the Referendum: Nationalism and Direct Democracy in the Yellow Vest Movement


>Why Secondary Contradictions Matter: A Maoist View by Slavoj Zizek



>you commies are too dumb, I give up

>writes a 100 more posts of the same variety


Macron in a public speech said "some people should learn to make an effort" lmfao what a crazy man!



Mad lad. It's like he wants the protests to continue.



Mein gott his plan is to be the liberal Jesus, on the cross to die for the sins of the global bourgeoisie, the proletariat playing the Jews



it was in the speech "wishes to 2019" that most presidents do,he litterally said he understood the anger about the government not reforming enough,and not as fast as possible,basically saying he is going to fuck us dry even more for some reason (WTF) and actually vaguely shat on the protest for 2 minutes

Truly he is too clever for us,he absolutely perfectly analyzed the situation,BASED JVPITER


File: 689424394b421f1⋯.png (87.33 KB, 339x234, 113:78, 1424197730382.png)


File: 8fb2a4ea43c48ae⋯.png (489.94 KB, 1035x381, 345:127, Cuckgnotte.PNG)

Also because I want to complain about the cucks here,after the cagnotte for the CRS boxing madman got shut down a guy from our right wing party made this shit for "muh based injured policeman",this happening when even fucking amnesty international made a full paper about how harsh the police repression was in the propest,relayed by absolutely nobody,and the fact that there absolutely 0 death in the police camp made me 100% mad

(for people to bored to do the math,it's something like 25 euros by person who donated on average,so it's probably mostly petit bourg faggots)



Actually revealed to be a hoax by the far-right and mostly fed by bots



I actually though about it,but sauce pls ? I could totally need that.


File: 8eb35d3dc701f65⋯.jpg (140.2 KB, 664x442, 332:221, muh fraud.jpg)




Not even that but in academia, it's mainstream nowadays to acknowledge some points Marx made while taking your distances with general marxist theory.


File: d98c976b5b7ae4b⋯.jpg (141.39 KB, 1024x681, 1024:681, Yellow-Vest-Celtic-Cross-2.jpg)


>I bet if a bunch of fascists went to a GJ protest they'd be beat to the curb by protesters


>The GJs are opposed to everything you faggots stand for

Umm, sweetie..



Funny how you only saw them week one.


File: 399990797aa112d⋯.png (329.67 KB, 565x430, 113:86, shut_it_down2.png)

File: f5d86fe8bf9d854⋯.jpg (37.21 KB, 540x405, 4:3, Yellow_vest.jpg)

File: 0f6ec07729a90f2⋯.jpg (83.25 KB, 895x743, 895:743, DvHqkcvW0AA7o9l.jpg)


Whatever you say, dear.




Pretty much anyone can put on a yellow vest and start proselytizing for their particular ideology.



Unironically saying sweetie.

You have the biggest of gays mr cia.

does anyone have that vid of black bloc vests beating down fashy vests



This as well



Don't let the fash take it away from the workers you absolute brainlet.





Aww, dry your eyes, honey. You'll just have to get used to the big bad Nazi men, I'm afraid.



No, we don't, and not yet you aren't.



Didn't some far right people got beaten up in the GJ protest?



unngng swedddyyy


File: 2f9f9b8a6b040ff⋯.jpg (140.96 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 1504276896773.jpg)





>/leftypol/ respond again to obvious bait,2019,colorized


>Litteral No True Scotsman



>No True Scotsman

we're saying that we shouldn't allow them to be apart of the yellow vest, not that their not yellow vest.


So what's the story in Balamory?



Since you will inevitably come back and claim your ban was somehow proof of your superior LOGIC and FACTS, let me just clarify right now that you're touting the exact same shit we have debunked time anad again ever since setting foot on the internet. Patience may not be a commodity, but it is finite.


Does anyone got any news or updates about the situation on the ground?

Also what do the signs say?




I see your fashie signalling and raise you an Internationale




"Who protects us from the police?"


Do You follow this in any tw acc or something in particular



>the French Maoist Party

MDR tout le monde s'en bat les couilles du parti Maoïste français pélo



File: cedf1e572e1a469⋯.jpeg (27.83 KB, 474x294, 79:49, zbeul-durgence.jpeg)


Merde j'ai dû aller sur le site du Nouvel Obs pour comprendre la référence, je deviens trop vieux pour être à la page sur ces conneries du 15-18

Mais sérieusement, personne n'en a quoique ce soit à foutre du fait que le parti Maotiste soutienne les gilets jaunes.

Cet anon aurait pu parler de Mélenchon ou Poutou à la place en plus, mais dans tous les cas, on s'en fout car ce qui compte c'est que tous les samedis depuis bientôt 3 mois, les gens vont dans la rue, ils ont la conscience qu'on les enculent à sec (autrement dit, une conscience de classe) de plus en plus grande, le mouvement ne faiblit pas et Macron ne sait tellement plus quoi faire qu'il se casse constamment à droite à gauche en voyage autour du globe pour éviter le problème.

Vous et Zizek (que j'apprécie d'habitude), vous voulez un leader de "l'avant-garde prolétarienne" pour nous rejouer la fable pseudo-léniniste du 20ème siècle qui ne pourra nous amener au final qu'à des concessions réformistes tièdes.

Moi je dis merde, vive le zbeul et enterrons Lénine une bonne fois pour toute. Je veux voir du zbeul tout les weekends, voir Macron démissionner, et que les Français soit toujours mécontents après qu'un autre clampin de la haute Parsienne soit élu à la tête de l'état.

Je veux boire des cannettes avec des gens aléatoires dans la rue le samedi, sans prétention d'être une avant-garde radicale et disciplinée, comme le font les Jeunes Communistes qui ne font rien d'autre que de faire pitié avec leur tracts. Debord avait raison, la révolution est une fête avant tout (même si on en est loin présentement).

Bref je rage sur un post qui date d'un mois, c'est ridicule, mais j'en ai marre des MLs sectaires de merde qui osent penser que les Léninistes ont une quelconque importance dans ce mouvement. Nadine et Michel du PMU ils se sentent plus proche du Comité Invisible que du PCF à ce point là, faut arrêter de se voiler la face.



Je suis pas celui à qui tu réponds.

Les ML/Mao/appelos de mes deux peuvent aller se faire voir. Moi aussi j'ai envie de voir le zbeul (et il arrive t'inquiète pas pour ça) mais on a quand même besoin de cohérence au niveau théorie et idéologie, le romantisme c'est sympa mais il y a des opportunistes qui attendent de pouvoir sauter sur l'occasion.



je pense que je suis vieux et con en même temps dans ce cas,vu que je l'utilisais pour donner mon ressenti en lisant le message,je me sens complétement con d'un coup,totalement d'accord avec les 3/4 de ce que t'as écris en plus donc vraiment no problem,j'écris ici depuis un moment et les réactions a la con dès que le moindre mec de pol débarque ou qu'un mec de droite est montré ou ça spam les mêmes meme utilisé tout le temps me révolte,la scission idéologique de ces mecs me rend fou par moment.

totalement vrai que y'a pas de vanguarde de toute façon et ils ont beau dire qu'ils faut virer les mecs de droite et trouver une figure de gauche,ça reste des conneries opportunistes qui de toute façon ont pas un mec important pour faire ça,même pas lu ce que zizek a dit pour le coup.


>>2785979 (me)

en plus je suis un connard associal dans un endroit ou rien ne se passe donc je suis le dernier qui va l'ouvrir sur ce genre de problématique,j'accepte de maniére volontiére un bon foutage de merde.


Sorry to ruin your fun based French bois but…





Sorry about reddit btw



Good article from the thread:


It's about the difference in philosophies between French police and the police of other EU countries.

This is what happens when people don't learn foreign languages. They forget all the new ideas around them and stay cooped up in their own dogma. That and a centralized police system causes stupidity like theirs.

Or this exchange:

>Can someone from the police explain why they do this? It seems so counterproductive.

>To post on reddit you need to know how to write.

>That's why cops patrols in groups of three: one who can read, the other who can write, and one to keep an eye on the two intellectuals.

Whistleblower cop explaining the situation:


He gives so many details about his life, any bureaucrat with a database can find out who he is… I hope he is alright.

tldr: "Police, be with us" is a stronger slogan against the police than "CRS=SS", and police are often underpaid and overworked. They will not work if it's not worth their money and time, if it's for a cause they do not believe in.

"there are no bad dogs, only bad masters"



I just read Serotonin, and maybe that's unironically Houellebecq's plan.

Guillotine against ennui.



>"there are no bad dogs, only bad masters"

the difference is dogs don't choose to be dogs.


I don't think there is any group I hate more than the police. What utter scum.




Do dogs choose to serve? It is the only reality they understand, and making them understand is a whole other type of game.


File: b362a50aae81a4e⋯.jpg (68.97 KB, 753x384, 251:128, Guilluy.JPG)




Right, but still shit tier source.



Oh c'mon, anon. Its just a lame attempt of a psyop, by pollocks or the government.


Is it true that theyre planning to use live ammo on the gilets jaunes??


Do you think this will turn into an insurgency? A full civil war?



It would have to get massively worse to reach even a 1905 Russia level happening, which required hundreds of innocents being gunned down on a single day. If the economy tanks or there is some sort of incident like that (not even necessarily that large) I think the GJs would get even more energized but in view of what we have now, I can't see that developing.



'antifascists' attacked GJ protestors and then bragged about it on twitter, they've basically joined the side of macron and his pigs at this point because they think yellow vests are 'crypto-fascist'.

I could care less if there are edgelords among them, this is a revolt from all sides which have been wronged by the self righteous neolib capitalist government of macron. I'm not going to obsess over whether /pol/ also happens to support them

(GJ is full of anti-fascists, anarchists and communists, stop trying to co-opt it)



Anarchists always serve reaction, I'm not talking about Antifa, I'm talking about everyday people.



take a look at these police tactics, it's like they're trying to get encircled…


They are carrying the rifles for it, but they couldn't possibly pull that off without SERIOUS repercussions.

They are


I suspect some falseflaggers/useful idiots need to be thoroughly excommunicated by every serious person among the GJ. They probably had too many internet, and looked at what the GJ outside of France became. That or they're cryptofascist themselves.


Anarchists aren't enough of an unified thing to be able to do that friend… They serve the reaction just as much as the edgy GJ members would.



I mean they're also protesting Macron's migration policies which probably sets off the "EVIL FASCIST!" alarm in the simple minds of twitter 'leftists' but GJ isn't being steered by any specific political movement.

I really don't see any problem with there being mild nationalist elements in the protest but it is and will continue to be 80% economically oriented.



Right wing publication like to jerk off to the GJ but not one of them asked what is to replace/fix the Republic.



The antideutsche are profoundly retarded faggots, that's why there's so many of them with so little benefit to leftism. It's the European mainland equivalent of the American left.



It's interesting how one of the growing demands of the GJ has become ballot initiatives, abgrigation, and amendment. Seems like a legit demand that has sprung organically out of the movement that deals with one of the perceived issues (lack of rural representation in the legislative process).



This. It's even weirder as it started in Germany



The police would never join in the USA. Absolutely delusional.


File: 4003fa9a670c94d⋯.jpg (11.47 KB, 276x182, 138:91, download.jpg)


Tomostache is German, so idk if he knows the fuckery in the u.s cops pull



Some would inevitably join tho



Can a frog explain why Melenchon doesnt coalition with Besancenot?



Mélenchon is a standard socdem, despite having some of the most radical platform for its level of success since decades (because the "Socialist Party", like all throughout Europe, has simply become a center-right party). Besancenot is a Trot, explicitely communist, and considers elections at most on par with other actions in terms of importance. Ironically (or not?) he's more idpoled than Mélenchon.

Also this is about "do you like that guy?", not voting intentions, and Besancenot is pretty liked.


ded thred RIP Gilets


CGT calling for a general strike on the 5th.


So did that protestor die who got shot in the back of the head? Last I heard he was brain-dead. If so R.I.P.



I heard David Dufresne said that he woke up


Any frechanon can provide an update on what is happening lately on the ground?



Banks = Jews

Credit Union's = Aryan

Made by the Proudhon gang


File: 6b8777c787061f5⋯.jpg (86.12 KB, 640x853, 640:853, I have a propsition for yo….jpg)

I'm here to talk to you about the Avengers initiative.





It's amazing how the yellow vests have effectively their medical corps now, that's some fucking mutual aid right there.



Has the CNT put boots on the ground yet?


>Guianese flag




Protests are continuing but GJ are looking for other ways to pressure to govt. They might start blocking Amazon warehouses, organize a bank run and call for a Frexit.



First of all, fuck yes.

What's happening with the guy who got bopped in the head by the way?




It's widely seen as a complete sham. Macron asks french people which public services they want to cull lmfao french people want reliable hospital, education etc. not less public services



Btw when are the drafting cards for conscription meant to be rolling out?

IMO if the GJ keep on until that, Macron is done for: anti-draft protests tend to be big enough but with a protest movement like GJ it will being fucking spectacular.



CNT had boots on the ground even before the leadership endorsed it



Fairly sure the draft is voluntary for 3 years then mandatory.



I hadn't heard that.




now that I think about it, is this a way to disguise the like +50% youth unemployment among european (specially french) youth? Hitler ironically used conscription to disguise unemployment numbers (though to be fair it is a kind of employment but a very shitty kind)



Oh no it's directly attempting to deal with youth unemployment by making-sure they aren't in the labour force. The issue is that doing it for 1 month is meaningless.


So the French Interior stated there were 27K protestors today. What was the actual number lads?


>Hungarian Unions hold mass rallies against Viktor Orban and Labor law changes threaten first general strike since fall of communism


It's fucking bizarre to see the amount of online shilling and memory holing the right went through to make people forget about this



>General Strike in Hungary

Oh man that's going to fuck-up German car production bigtime.



>Electoralist Yellow Vests

Wah, waahhhhhh




>ousted a president on a technicality

Didn't he have like 7 different corruption charges on him related to the biggest embezzlement scandal in Brazil's history and one conviction that sent him to prison?



100% the French secret service



>Far-right elements keep getting pushed out while the left has more or less free reign.

Not really convinced tbh, seems to be a lot of both in this with Drouet et al getting a shitton of views and anti-immigration seem to be a close second point of contention next to anti-neoliberalism for a lot of supporters. It's obviously leaning more towards SocDem economics but i'm not overly convinced it's actually leftwing aside from that.

But I guess we'll see if that was a bubble perspective or not in the long run.




If there's a chance for the left to take control of this aimless rebellion, this is it.


I was meaning to ask what had come out of this. The Eastern European right are its own flavor of awful, but this guy was raising the work week from 40 to 48, just like that. It's fucking medieval, and the demonstrations I heard of only reached participation in the 5 digits. I can only hope this works, which would have the added bonus of further isolating Bolsonaro. We currently have a proposal going through the inner workings of Congress which would raise the work week from 44 to fucking 50 hours.


The ousted one was his successor and heir. She wasn't even a defendant on a single trial at the time, but the media and politicians repeated beat the drums of "corruption" and "mismanagement" nonstop, until people were convinced the country would collapse unless she was ousted. So the official reason, which I literally never read nor heard the mainstream media state, was actually her simply following the letter of a badly-written law, which all her predecessors, and her veep while serving as acting-president, had done routinely. To be honest, this narrative stuck so well because she indeed was incompetent, and the sheer amount of charges against the higher-ups at PT mean she most likely is getting some on the side, altho it's probably small beans. Regardless, her traitorous veep was picked because PT had to rent the centrist block, which every damn government here simply has to do, and they arguably worse than the pre-Bolsonaro right. Cronyists and corrupt to the core, tthey graft to live, and live to graft. So her successor was not only much more corrupt, but proved to be more incompetent and passed a lot of porky-friendly laws. He had, at one point, no less than 14 judiciary lawsuits calling for him to be relieved from office. None worked, of course. The Congress actually had an impeachment process against him soon after he took charge, and they too let him get away. Let me tell you, it was quite something to see scumbag after scumbag, who had just weeks before climb the pulpit to vote "yes for impeachment in order to bring stability and fight corruption", now do the same thing to say "no for impeachment in order to bring stability and fight corruption".

As for the embezzlement case, there's a lot to unpack, because it's actually a shitload of separate crimes against a number of public companies and property, and I'm quite sure this convoluted remit was deliberate, in order to make all people accused look guilty even of cases they were completely unrelated to. The core case (or at least, its narrative as it stands stated for now) is that the State oil company was defrauded to the tune of 40b huebux by the pseudo-leftist PT government and allies, in the form of simple embezzlement, bribes for Congress votes and corporate kickbacks. As to quite who got away with how much of that pile of dosh, frankly, I'm not sure anyone knows. It's a mind-boggling sum, yet the accusations against PT are peanuts compared to it.




It's very important to mention the methods used by the operation leader and his underlings, which were coercitive yet plausibly deniably so. He used some legal device that allowed certtain defendants to be arrested even before being called for a hearing and not having any noticeable intention to flee. This fed the media frenzy of convoluted charges, and helped coax the desired accusations from the putatively guilty parties as part of plea bargains. Now, plea bargains are very rare here, it's more of a custom law thing, which only really exists in America, and which places more trust in testimonies than many other kinds of evidence. Here, that's a wild deviation from the norm, yet these coaxed testimonies were the lifeblood of Car Wash, and plea bargains rained down on cooperative defendants, mostly the corrupt corporate suits and old cronyist politicians. Two simple facts show how lopsided and arbitrary the process was. One, Car Wash has had more plea bargains than convictions so far; two, about 2/3 of those convictions already were either free or on light punishment like house arrest by the end of 2018, and these were, by far, corporate suits and old, non-PT crooks. Seriously, with 40b stolen in the main case and God knows how much more in other ancillary ones, 66% were already pretty much scot-free, 4 years after the operation started. Anyone well-informed about this can see it's clearly a targeted purge, but they disguise by pointing out they're investigating non-PT members too, which is enough to fool Joe Blow, who will never be informed enough to know that PT people make up a disproportionate number among defendants, and even more so among convicts.

Now, as to the "trophy" himself, Lula, president from 2002-2010, old union leader who threw all his ideals away for money, and yet whose underwhelming regime was possibly the most prosperous this sad country has had. He has been a defendant in 8 cases, all opened in the previous 2.5 years, 4 of which involving the oil company and the remainder are from completley separate cases, all involving money laundering and/or influence peddling and/or corporate kickbacks, all of which happened between 2002-2010 yet only came up now (which helps the reliance on testimony instead of physical or digital evidence). He was absolved in one, convicted in another, and the other 6 are pretty much forgotten, because he'll most likely not live through his one sentence, so mission accomplished, I guess. It's important to note that this case started in 2016, and was concluded rather abruptly in 2018, when he was, by far, the most likely winner of the elections which took place 6 months afterwards. In the "internal affairs" investigation over the conviction, the chief more or less said "I didn't have evidence conclusive enough for a guilty verdict, but it was important not to let him go free, so I took my chances". And that was that. Later on, the Supreme Court judge overseeing Car Wash let slip that the conviction had used "heterodox methods". Namely, it involved circumstantial but real evidence glued together with suspiciously convvenient testimonies (another defendant was convicted on literally nothing but testimonies). Anyone with a minimum knowledge of history knows this is an old coup-like tactic, altho the would-be winner is usually shot instead of arrested. Not to mention, again, that the amounts involved in Lula's case are in the few millions, way below 1% of the 40b supposedly stolen.

Anyway, Bozo won, made the Car Wash chief justice minister, will likely make the operation's second-in-command a Supreme Court justice, and the entire rest of the world exchanged uneasy glances amongst themselves at this travesty which the Brazilian populace believed. The minister, once hailed as the upright man who would finally curb our epidemic of corrption, has been wholly silent on Bozo's ties to death squads, flagrant payola scheme shameless nepotism and celebration at a political enemy having to flee the country as political refugee, among much more. He also wants to bring the plea bargain system, one of the main factors which enabled America's absurd prison-happy legal system, to Brazil.

Sorry for rambling on, but this really clonkers my bonkers.


File: 400365087c473aa⋯.jpg (3.39 MB, 5312x2988, 16:9, 20190126_153735.jpg)

Is this Acte X? Just spotted some GJs in a tiny Alpe town called Huez.


File: 919fe968d571825⋯.jpg (3.35 MB, 5312x2988, 16:9, 20190126_153751.jpg)


Good on the French people, not giving up.



are there any reliable stats on the current numbers of GJ


File: 618ee1ac2977a80⋯.gif (431.67 KB, 348x512, 87:128, 8finity mad.gif)


WTF are the "red scarves"…there's a live link in my youtube feed of these red scarves marching through Paris this morning denouncing the yellow vests' violence?!? JFC



Looks like they are literal liberals. Any frechanons can add to this?



I just got recommended this too. They're against GJ, so it's possible they're controlled opposition? Can anyone provide further details?



What's hilarious but also infuriating is that they don't really even mention Macro or the state of shit going down in France.

All they care about and protest about IS the yellow vests.

It's like skinheads calling themselves anti-antifa





They're right-wing liberals/centrists supporting the govt and asking for the protests to stop.


File: 3c84658f59a4d25⋯.gif (2.42 MB, 480x360, 4:3, no.gif)



Based. Also what is the commentator saying?


I can sort of understand if they were well meaning liberal that is anti-Macron too but this is just sad,


File: b380960f2420090⋯.png (26.45 KB, 450x958, 225:479, fucking liberals complete.png)


Liberals get the bullet too first!



Boils down to "emmanuel macron, we're coming for you, at your home"

Refers to Macron who taunted the french people saying "let them come for me if they're unhappy" a while ago




From a quick look through their march they look on average a lot older than the average GJ



When I looked into my country's news for the yellow vests protest on saturday they had an article about these. Doesn't seem like a big movement yet, though media is trying to make it into, or paint it as one.

Interestingly, someone who they interviewed was said to be working as senior staff in paris and is supporting Macron. They also say the initiator of the movement is "close to" Macron's en Marche.

Not too hard to figure out what kind of people they are.



Thanks for the info anon



Another "Yellow Vest Party" was started: this is actually the death of the movement isn't it?



It's just idiots purging themselves from the movement, tbh


File: 11afc4fac96377f⋯.jpg (105.8 KB, 838x848, 419:424, DyBj9SLX0AAtRnF.jpg)




Basé lordon.



god dammit you're supposed to be against the status quo in western countries aljazeera.


File: 90974ab3c37c583⋯.jpg (31.33 KB, 396x445, 396:445, 1469109759320.jpg)

Holy shit i don't know if someone already posted this but our national assembly just passed a law that make it illegal to hide your face during demonstrations with a sentence of one year and a €15.000 fine if you disobey.



Yellow vests should then kick out everone WITHOUT a mask/refuse to wear one



Tbh c'est juste juste pour la foule.

La police anti-émeute n'a pour objectif que de repousser ceux qui ont déjà le courage de se battre.

Simplement optique.

Commence la merde s'ils repoussent, base français.

Ils n'ont aucun pouvoir si vous ne leur donnez pas trop

.t burger utilisant google traduction



Yeah i hope it's only to scare people from coming to demonstrations a one year sentence for wearing a mask is fucking crazy.

bonus:the literal translation of tbh is pêh



if anybody does get apprehended, it'll blow up as an example government overstepping, right?

It won't have much affect anyways, power comes from groups, and they can't catch everybody.

Great video on the subject, is English link related.

This cop format seems to be universal




This. Victory to the Imaginary Party!



They are organized and do police themselves. Others can bring extra things to hide your face with. Yes they aren't explicitly political, but following that law would be the first step of ending their movement from becoming something more.


File: 95c171f46405130⋯.jpeg (202.65 KB, 750x1119, 250:373, Macron.jpeg)

A funny bit of information that might not have made it to international news - turns out the French Central Office for Crimes linked to Information and Technology (basically the cyber police) has asked Google to remove a certain phoshopped image of Macron, where he and his Prime Minister are made to look like Pinochet, the Chilean dictator.

The tweets showing this image have been restricted and can’t be seen from France anymore, but when asked by the media, the Cyber Police had no comments.

Keep in mind that the only reasons images can be suppressed under French law is if they contain pedo pornography, terrorism apology, or lack of respect for victims (like the images of the dead after the 2015 terror attacks). Now tell me if the images of Macron fit any of these?

Here’s the photoshopped image of Macron and his PM




Its almost like Stalin's regime censoring pictures cause it made him feel bad



Another lib owned!!!1!



This is Dr. Stanley.



>if anybody does get apprehended, it'll blow up as an example government overstepping, right?

I wish but with all the shit they've been pulling with near total impunity i seriously doubt anything will happen.





File: e10b67003e188db⋯.png (149.22 KB, 240x320, 3:4, dégueulasse.png)




Comme l’a révélé le site d’information spécialisé Next Inpact, l’Office central de lutte contre la criminalité liée aux technologies de l’information (OCLCTIC) a bien demandé le retrait de ce contenu le 14 janvier 2019.



Wow, watching the stream there appears to be people going around policing the marchers I eternal,y, breaking up fights, and getting gutter journeys out of the way. Really quite impressive.


File: e37aa3b91977418⋯.jpg (56.53 KB, 960x536, 120:67, antigiletjaune.jpg)


File: ec7a1fdd3470842⋯.jpg (618.75 KB, 900x600, 3:2, 080_hl_sguillemin_697550_h….jpg)




Translate plz



>Solidarity tax on wealth : -4 billions

>Tax credit for employment and competitiveness -40

>Tax fraud: -100

>minimum wage: +100e





*accounting department manager

*pay enough taxes as it is

*consider that the problem in France is that we're too generous

* "bunch of slackers"


*Gérard's son

*Very respected in scout camps

*Was profoundly shocked by the violent scenes at the Champs-Elysées; that he witnessed from his balcony

* "Total support to our law enforcement"


*Europe Ecologie supporter

*Consider that violence solves nothing

*Thinks that people should take the metro instead of complaining about gas prices

*"The Yellow Vest who we do not talk about are the garbage men that have to cleanup after the protests #Respect"


*Studies finance in Sydney

*Doesn't understand that the Yellow Vests gather this much attention while our planet is burning

*Has traveled around the world but eats bio(don't know how to translate that) to compensate


I tried my best


File: 41002e67b098206⋯.png (124.86 KB, 960x600, 8:5, anti gj english.png)



>tfw a meme I cut out of old Russian propaganda 4 years ago is now on protestors' signs

fucking surreal man



socialist meme magic is real



You did not start the porky meme.



I don't know what it means to "start" a meme, but I posted the original transparent pngs of it. It was in a thread where someone was dumping old Soviet propaganda.


File: 2ef737815f2736f⋯.png (302.09 KB, 500x375, 4:3, wolff shiggy diggy.png)


It's an OG /leftypol/ meme so i don't see why you'd doubt an anon here unless you're saying you know because you did it.


Everyone is saying "antifa" is attacking the yellow vests, but it sounds like right wing bullshit because they're going on about Soros.



Yellow vests are shifting towards a more left-wing stance, which is why the mainstream media is demonizing them. Anyone who says antifa are attacking them is completely wrong.

t. actuel frenchman






i don't think i've ever heard the term antifa in french news but i don't watch mainstream news that much




My high school is literally decomposing due to mold damage. This, and the L.A strike is getting shit started where i live.





Thanks fam. They should make the groups of people who are pro-GJ



There was already an impressive 'choose your class' collage from early on





The convergence is now, old man.



Wait a second, are French teachers un-unionised?


File: 079862d2076b624⋯.png (12.03 MB, 1744x6528, 109:408, ClipboardImage.png)



Yea but I meant like to describe different people with different backgrounds with different grievances to showcase the convergence.



It's kind of what the meme translated does in a negative way. GJs are pretty much everyone but these out-of-touch petit bourgeois profiles



They are but unions are in a terrible state in France even though they've been slowly getting back on their feet (11% of the workforce is unionized today against 7% in 2016).


Police search at Mediapart


>« La grève générale illimitée, c’est la seule façon de gagner dans l’Histoire »

>« Il y a beaucoup de manifestants qui, aujourd’hui, tendent à une fermeté d’action et de propos, alors qu’à la base, ce n’était pas le cas »




It's a good bet that union membership is going to increase with the GJ movement




it's also because what unions win applies to everybody, without needing to be in the union.







Holy shit this is unironically syndicalist praxs.



File: 14ca3b3582294bb⋯.jpg (23.27 KB, 220x306, 110:153, de leon.jpg)





I always fucking laugh at that picture, it's just too good.


gj needs to nut up and get explicitly political if they are not gonna fizzle out.



They are also talking of building a mass wildcat strike off of the organised general strike tomorrow. Unironically this is when May 68 went revolutionary.


Nah they need to not do that. Formation of a political movement or parties would kill the movement. GJ needs to be decentralised and disorganised working on conjunction with other organised vanguards. Otherwise it will just go full cuck like M5S.



c-could it be happening?



I wouldn't be too sure: there have been general strikes before this during the GJ movement and nothing apart from a few good videos of Yellow and Red vests meeting came of it. Still, it will give the GJ another boost, ensuring the longevity of the protests.


File: 1a930ddd3cacb9a⋯.png (219.1 KB, 1024x684, 256:171, Flag_of_the_commune_of_fra….png)



Kaiserreich isn't set in 1936 but 2036




wish I was a bong so I could cross the channel like that


Could someone give me a quick rundown on why the 68 protest never escalated?


grève aujourd'hui. vous allez faire quoi?



>Call for a general strike on the 5th.

So, is it happening?



Lack of engagement by the rural proletariat and urban immigrant proletariat, the police& army were on De Gaulle's side, and De Gaulle used his big dick energy to launch a counter rally of 700k the day after he called for an election. Gotta hand it to the bloke, he defused the entire situation by his own might.



Wait, the French unions are planning a weekly strike every tuesday: now that's a clever move: it puts the pressure on the gov long term but allows for an extended period of action.



no it's not, having a protest a week or every two weeks is what killed them during Hollande. they were huge but nothing happened. it's fucking garbage. you need general strike and nothing else.



A mass, continuous general strike is a bold move that if fails within a week to achieve anything will just kill resistance. What GJ has done is escalate resistance through prolonged action, all while achieving the same aim of a strike: to show the power of labour vs capital.



The two days during weekend are already hitting the economy hard though.



Livestream of the Greve Generale.



I think it's fair to say there is a fair share of white supremacism shared by the ones protesting. A minority can't protest because of fear of deportation or repercussion while white people get a free ticket from the police due to their inherit white privilege. Also many poor refugees who are stranded in France stand to lose governmental aid if the yellow vests get their way. They're white supremacists advocating for social policies only benefiting them but not for minorities at all. Minorities are better off with Macron in charge, and so I think it's the preferential position to side with Macron against the yellow vests who have all the tendencies of imperialism which wrought havoc upon minorities. Just read about some of the things Leopold 2 of Belgium did, it's exactly what the kind of mentality of the yellow vests will lead towards.



File: df2c0d915eab9fc⋯.jpg (204.54 KB, 1016x908, 254:227, 1367235833935.jpg)


is this an actually serious attempt? I can't tell.






WTF is wrong with french tovarishes? They work quietly for porky during the week and then they protest during the weekend, barely making a dent to porky's profit. Why aren't they just stopping work all day every day?



>why don't people just stop having money



Oh. So they need to slave for porky and then they need to have meaningless protests that achieve nothing. Good.

Why didn't anyone tell that to the people in any general strike ever.




t. burger who has never gone on strike in his life



Now this is some real shit: development of a new "second-state" from the yellow vests.


Haven't been here in a month. It's not dead yet?



Not at all. The government is heading into accelerated paranoia, spreads fake news of russian involvement, passed a law to ban protests from happening (authoritarian measures that haven't been seen for like 40 years) and the crisis is intensifying. A general strike has been called for (the date was yesterday). If anything, it's been radicalizing towards a more left-wing stance ever since, which is why most mainstream media don't talk about it.


File: 0440f8a32c71303⋯.png (338.18 KB, 540x960, 9:16, gj et extreme droite.png)



>Just read about some of the things Leopold 2 of Belgium did

Starting to think he had the right idea with the whole hand thing when I read American posts.


Spat over Yellow Vests: France recalls ambassador from Italy



File: 8d1b507e9f44e77⋯.jpg (1.09 MB, 1488x1891, 48:61, fichage GJ.jpg)


>leaderless movement

I can't help but feel that if the protests don't have a real uniting voice outside their hatred of Macron and the French bourgeoisie, we will have a repeat of Iran.



As of right now, it's fine for the GJ not to have leaders. They have spokepersons like Mr. Boulo that articulate properly revendications and the more articulated they are, the more left-wing their demands are. A charismatic leader will emerge in due time, don't worry about it. The pressure is rising and it's in favour of the gilets jaunes, now we just need the market to crash hard and macron will be utterly destroyed.



You better pray the charismatic leader isn't the Catholic Ayatollah



Catholic cunts don't give a shit about poor people, they think they're a bourgeoisie of divine right


Have you guys seen this anti-riot law? It’s crazy. Voted on 387 to 92, passing in the National Assembly. It still has to be approved by the upper house and constitutional council, which it doubtless will. As soon as the interests of the captalist class are threatened the mask falls and the fascist monster beneath shows its true face

>government officials would be able to ban people suspected of being hooligans from taking part in demonstrations – without oversight from a judge.

>the new law calls for a six-month prison sentence and a €7,500 ($8,500) fine for violators.

>The legislation, if passed by the upper house and approved by the constitutional council, would also allow fines of €15,000 ($17,000) and a one-year prison term for demonstrators covering or masking their faces to escape identification.

>It would also hand French police greater powers to search would-be demonstrators for weapons.





Holy fuck, that is scary.



fucking porkies I hope frenchanons stay strong




Holy shit they actually went full Yanukovych the fucking morons.



This is just going to invite further outrage



inb4 the inevitable Blood Sunday-esque police massacre




sanglante dimanche, calling it now.



The French call the 1905 massacre Dimanche Rouge.



isn't that how you call it in english too ?



same basic principle, really.


bloody sunday refers to 2 events. 1 in 1920 when croke park was shot up by the black and tans, and in the 70s when the paras lost their shit at an IRA backed rally.



Nah we call them both bloody sunday, along with Selma Alabama (I mean there's a whole load but those are the three people will know).



>and in the 70s when the paras lost their shit at an IRA backed rally.

It wasn't an IRA backed rally, it was the NICRC that held the rally.



"One fourth of frenchmen think that the government wants to replace the french population with immigrants"



File: 869b248070bc616⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.7 MB, 2048x1152, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

Warning the pic is very graphic

Another dude got his hand blown off apparently.



This poll is shitty and incredibly biased and the methodology is garbage, read : https://www.les-crises.fr/analyse-du-sondage-etes-vous-un-con-de-conspiracy-watch/



here's link, another case of grenade hitting his hand then going off




Niggers should come out with shields, so they dont get their hands turned into sirloin steak


Watching a livestream and I think I saw a guy out of uniform, no armour except a helmet, but in with the cops and aiming a weapon (rubber bullets? Gas grenade launcher? idk) at the protesters. What's up with that?


I think it has to do with trying to pick up and return gas grenades to the cops, so shields wouldn't help much. Maybe they could use slings or something, so they don't get their fucking hands mangled.



They're cops in civilian clothes called Brigade anti-criminalité (BAC).



Yes the thread linked is already archived


Man, the Paris demonstration looks fuckhueg. Any word on how it compares to previous weeks?




you get only burned if you pickup a gas nade without gloves (and a sling doesnt help because its way too light), the thing is these faggots pigs also use defense grenade that blow up hard and throw rubber balls all around. If you pick one of these, ur fucked.



Ah, thanks for clearing that up. Limited/non-lethal my fucking arse, these pigs.


They set a Porsche on fire. BASED!




Are twitter's videos just fucked or is it a problem with my browser? Half of them have no video movement or the sound cuts out in the middle third for me.



Works on my machine(TM)

If you guys wonder, they're chanting "everyone hates fascists"






Badass, more like this fam.


>leave.eu reposting videos with people flying Guevara flags

lol, it's the most conservative and Thatcherite of all the leave sites.


File: e8527bcf1abe193⋯.jpg (82.21 KB, 792x960, 33:40, Dy-jil8XgAcyNgy.jpg:large.jpg)


Another picture.

His right eye seems to be injured too.


File: 8a2564df614799c⋯.png (173.82 KB, 378x262, 189:131, ClipboardImage.png)


>Niggers should come out with shields

They find their own ready-made shields.


File: 2ef79161ea173ec⋯.jpg (401.1 KB, 2000x1000, 2:1, praxis.jpg)

I'm still praying this grows more and more radical and spreads to the US. I want in




I think the French are exceptional tbh, given their revolutionary history. Maybe it could spread to Russia.

It doesn't spread to places where the street movements are profoundly stupid, like the UK (or America). They saw the GJ overrunning the capital and thought unga bunga me go to the capital and make knee bend! But it's the occupying of key infrastructure while being in the capital that makes the GJ powerful. It's funny because Brits have successfully occupied infrastructure and made the government break into cold sweats before, but the EDL, FLA, DFLA are comprised of dumbass football hooligans that have taken one too many kebab shop punches to the head.


File: 817d80232c31542⋯.jpg (245.03 KB, 876x1200, 73:100, JoeHillPoster.jpg)

File: 227a8290b0eab0d⋯.jpg (38.34 KB, 388x220, 97:55, TUC-388x220.jpg)


>America, and the U.K are is having stupid


File: b5562741b88cd96⋯.png (103.55 KB, 500x500, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


>NewsCompact link

>another hand blown off




Americans can get a good march or riot going whenever they actually decide to get to get off their ass for once

t. American



>a poster

>unite rally in london

Again: It's not about how many people you get into the capital, it's about making sure enough of those people are blocking key infrastructure while you do it.



My point was more that the unions, antifa, the fascists etc never actually do much more than go to a big public space and make a lot of noise, often with government approval. The GJ actually went and blocked a large portion of the country via intersections and toll booths.

The UK is basically run out of two refineries, which were blocked once and caused Tony Blair to threaten them with going full Judge Dredd on their asses. Those few days had a bigger impact than what, a decade of Unite turning out in London?



Burgers, and Anglos are generally opposed to blocking roads, as they see it as fucking with their schedules, and a small minority imposing their will, with no popular backing



Alright you've caught me out, the population are the real morons. When I was calling the movements stupid I was largely referring to the football activists in yellow vests trying to LARP the GJ into existence in Britain, but most movements have been ineffective since the miners' strike (and people still cuck for Thatcher to this day).



It's the same in France, you know. We have petit-bourgeois dumbfuck saying stupid shit like "i pay my taxes, get the fuck out of the city" etc



You don't have as many people to convert tho. That's the key difference, you can mobilize hundreds who already know it's fair (road blockages), while we have to be extremely careful when it comes to optics



>never actually do much more than go to a big public space and make a lot of noise

Yea coz the public will whine and bitch about it. This time it is the public themselves doing this shit with the unions, antifa, the fascists etc joining in or providing support


/pol/ got fucking BTFO'd

How will they ever recover?




/pol/ hasn't been on a winning streak for almost 2 years now.


Sweet, a Chinese lion dance



All these /pol/yp ECelebs were shilling for GJ at the start because they were fighting DA JOOish Librulz and EU or some shit

Then the second it became obvious they weren't and the second protests began against people they liked in Hungary etc they memory holed it



File: b6074a01f515188⋯.jpg (41.8 KB, 730x450, 73:45, Do8e0soWwAIGH0T.jpg)


>leftists once again destroy a movement by being sectarian.

Bunch of cunts, you guys would be more than happy to get woke capital on your side then to actually defend the proles.




There is nothing wrong with beating up a minority of faggots



Woke capital isn't even present outside of America you fucking crybaby.




You are talking about France, do you think it is some marxist paradise when you had the 1934 crisis? Or the french revolution if we want to stretch that far.

The population is heavily split, far right isn't a "minority" there.


Capital is global you utter faggot



>far right isn't a "minority" there

But they seem to be a minority among the yellow vests you absolute retard

Is this when you denounce the movement and start worshiping Macron?



A minority among the yellow vests? How the hell do you judge that? By the amount of chinese-made flags of dead ML states that are flown or something?

No, you have parties ranging from the Action Française to squadristas that don't start paintign their yellow vests with quotes because they are actually smart and don't want to be targetted by the Gov.

I am not denouncing shit, I have been with this since the start and it won't be a bunch of anarchists acting like anarchists that will stop me from supporting a popular movement, the only thing that I am saying however is that if you guys want to try and turn this into another Paris Commune then you are going to doom Europe into another decade of neo-liberal rule.



>swapping out woke capital and capital interchangeably to get more traction

Pathetic, cowardly and as predictable as always.



What are you on mate, I am saying that after the fall of the USSR it is useless to talk about capital on a national level.



No you aren't, you're being a weaselly shit and it's apparent to everyone.



The problem is that we can't cooperate with fascists on a existiental level.

We win when the fascists give up, go home or convert. After that, we have no more gripes with fascists.

The same cannot be said for them. Because their ideology inherently considers us a threat because of our skin-colour, class, race or ethnicity (ie. things we do not choose or cannot relinquish) failure is simply not an option for us. We can't cooperate or tolerate fascism per definition, as their political goal is our elimination and destruction as individuals and communities.



Whatever makes you more happy, be it dreaming about some Kurdish state or a 2nd Paris Commune that gets stomped out by the EGF in 2 weeks.



>he thinks he's talking to a leftist and not the 14 year old kiddo that shits this thread up every week



File: b80bd4ef34c7ba1⋯.png (2.03 MB, 1200x800, 3:2, Larp too far.png)


You had communists in the 1934 crisis on the side of the "right-wing". The other problem is that your image has been taken over by the New Left that seems to continue spreading some hatred towards your common white guy that works on some shitty-end job with the dreams of having a family.

I am not calling for some united "brown-red" alliance, what I am saying is that for now the focus should be in overthrowing liberalism, afterwards we can enter a civil war and decide the outcome.

Hell just go and see what happened in the Spanish Civil War, do you think you are better off fighting some sectarian war when you could actually have a decent force? The Chinese War against Japanese Imperialism is a great example of this.



So? Thank God the 1934 crisis failed, or it would have unleashed horrors even worse than liberal capitalism.

There's a big difference between being open to white working class people and cooperating with fascists; the first is something we ought do, the second is existentially impossible. It is better to have no revolution at all than to facilitate one with fascists.


What the fuck do fascists have to offer us anyways? School shootings? Yeah no thanks.



You would have had a chance to actually revolt and build a civil war right before Spain got one for example, it could have been another 1918 but you thought that keeping a corrupt popular front would be better and that is why you ended up getting people like Jacques Doriot.

You would prefer to have no revolution then to actually have a chance at one where you would actually be able to succeed? No wonder you are a leftcom.



I'm not actually leftcom

>You would prefer to have no revolution then to actually have a chance at one where you would actually be able to succeed? No wonder you are a leftcom.

Facism is an exsistential threat to any kind of leftism. We cannot coexist or cooperate. Liberalism, and it's inherent contradictions, is the political system in which we grow and thrive. Thus the much smarter idea is to join with the liberals and exterminate all facist ideologies where they appear, grow larger under liberalism, and then revolt once we need no fascists at all.



You have coexisted and cooperated before. Liberalism won in the Cold-War yet you still believe that you can defeat it alone? You do not have a huge bloc ready to support you like the IRA had with Libya or the African States had with Cuba. Soc-Dems betrayed you once and they will do it again but you still believe that you are able to win against Liberalism?

I will await for your revolution in the alienated hellhole that you have helped create. All under the excuse of "we are preparing for it".



>Liberalism won in the Cold-War yet you still believe that you can defeat it alone?

Whether it is possible or not doesn't matter. It is the only way, possible or not - cooperation with fascists in not an option at an existential level. Communism has never built itself in fascist countries - it has in liberal ones. There is no philsophical, socialogical, moral or practical reasons to sully oneself by cooperating with fascists. Alienation beats nonexistence every time.


File: 7add5c7c0479092⋯.png (332.08 KB, 556x378, 278:189, Soldado.png)


If communism didn't build under Fascism the DDR wouldn't have lasted that long neither would China have turned into into what it was. There is a possibility and that is to fight a civil war.

Liberalism will be more than happy to sacrifice itself to overthrow any communist movement be it with "appeasement" with soc-dem policies or extrajudicial killing. You are allying with an enemy that you refuse to see under the thought that you are stronger than him.

You have cooperated with fascists before against bigger threats, alienation is torture nonexistence is but a lie has communists will forever be communists no matter how many sacrificies they made to achieve their goals.

I have to go work now, it was a nice conversation, good luck with your life and I wish for the best of all of you.



S&M outfits and fuckboi haircuts




There's your problem. These people need not to be converted. They'll be bystanders at best, enemies at worst. You don't need to convert these people, just to organize between leftists and articulate a political proposition good enough to federate likeminded fellows.



>kicking fascists out of protests is being "sectarian"

good meme



> Liberalism won in the Cold-War yet you still believe that you can defeat it alone?

Imagine being so confused about the history of power relations in the 20th/21st century.



>when you show up next week despite being clearly unwanted

Fascists have very poor manners





If kicking fascists to the curb is sectarian, being sectarian is good




Excellent article.



The communist movement in Germany only grew as strong as it did under the Weimar Republic, not the Third Reich. China was basically a failed state, with the government not being in control of huge swathes of the country. It was hardly an effective and viable fascist state.


File: 93cf077d524c590⋯.jpg (1.22 MB, 4501x2992, 4501:2992, acte_13_33_.jpg)

File: f33d9a92bc9320b⋯.jpg (1001.93 KB, 3247x2159, 191:127, acte_13_19_.jpg)

File: 726341ba04d26ee⋯.jpg (1.56 MB, 4233x2814, 1411:938, acte_13_15_.jpg)

File: 75f53e4c3c512ab⋯.jpg (2.69 MB, 5076x3374, 2538:1687, acte_13_11_.jpg)

File: a1b72bde96c71d6⋯.jpg (1.45 MB, 4084x2715, 4084:2715, acte_13_8_.jpg)

A little recap' of act XIII in Paris:

-The numbers of gilets jaunes is stable and even increasing compared to last week. Never had we seen such a strong, resilient and numerous social movement in winter in France during the Vth Republic.

-The Gilets Jaunes are clearly getting more radicalized each Saturdays, we can see more and more red flags and overt communist symbols. Most of the gilets jaunes now cheer when a Bank or a luxury store is being attacked and will sing as well anti-capitalist chants as the Marseillaise.

-Fascists didn't even try to show up this time after being forcefully chased off the protest last two saturday. They even have been chased away in Lyon even though that city has been in recent history the home-town of fascist groups in France. Several prominent far right figures are now saying that the gilets jaunes movement has been completely "subverted" by the" ultra left and unions" and is no longer concerned by "real issues" (i.e. brown men bad).

-Social concerns and anti-police brutality slogans were at the forefronts of the gilets jaunes slogans, clearly overshadowing demands for the RIC (Citizens' initiative referendum), at least in Paris and of course without counting the "Macron Démission" which are ubiquitous and naturally coming first.

-The strategy consisting of diverting from the declared path and transforming the protest into a wild one is really effective at throwing off and confusing the police.

- It's as if material conditions is what really maters to Gilets Jaunes and what drives them to protest and radicalize them, not some idealistic "human vs orc" Nazi masturbation fantasy, and that class struggle underlies most political conflicts.

Really makes one think, doesn't it?


File: 4e81d5acec1b35c⋯.jpg (43.78 KB, 630x420, 3:2, François Boulo.jpg)

File: 2949b4205fec2c1⋯.jpg (47.34 KB, 1080x432, 5:2, Éric Drouet.jpg)

File: 2d2a23a12cecbb5⋯.jpg (801.37 KB, 3264x1836, 16:9, steet.jpg)

File: 2d9be9f29d2bc6f⋯.jpg (222.6 KB, 1500x500, 3:1, An fash.jpg)


Oh yeah, I forgot to add that several prominent gilets jaunes voices like Éric Drouet (truck driver) and François Boulo (lawyer) are calling for a general strike along with the CGT.


je viens juste de découvrir ça http://le-vrai-debat.fr/

un intérêt ou non à votre avis?



Could Drouet or Boulo be good presidential candidates? Honestly I can see JLM not running in-favour of a left-wing GJ guy as long as he gets his 6th Republic.


Also have the French unions planned any further industrial action? What's going on with the Red Pencils?



It's pretty hilarious how the NeoFash in Europe and the US spent the last 3 years cultivating this Asserite / Naz"Bol" image of being the "True defenders of the White Working class"

But now when push has come to shove in France and Hungary they immediately cucked out slipped off the mask and called any Pro-Prole economic demands/actions "Muh JOO Gommie Mudsline shitskin Subversion of the TRUE White Working class"

It was pretty surreal to watch those vids of the Hungary Strikes / protests and see all these students workers and pensioners marching together in solidarity then to go to the comments and for the first one I see being some American bleeting about "Huh so have these LibTard Soros students got their checks yet? XD"




Here's a crazy idea! How about forming a party instead?



Begone police nationale

But seriously

Dozens of "Literally who's?" Literal cops (Telling everyone to go home) And oppurtunists have already come out of the woodwork preaching everything you could think of and ALL of them have attempted to claim to be the "leader" of the GJ And all have been rejected and told to piss off

A Marxist should support the actual workers and unions seeking to change the present state of things not just some "Literally who?" Who self proclaims themselves leader of a vague movement



Founding a Party would kill the movement just like it did with the foundation of M5S. What the GJ should do politically is form a broad Alliance of elements with the aims of establishing a VIth Republic and other direct political demands while continuing the ground-game. I mean with how Melenchon's grouping in the AN works anyways (with insular parties like Debout for Ruffin in Picardie) it could genuinely work. What would be the best idea is getting a non-partisan GJ that parties can rally behind as president, with Melenchon ending-up as PM has they transform France into a VIth Republic.



I can't dream of a better way to get the movement recuperated by impotent reformists and opportunists.


The representative of the second biggest police union just said(on tv) something among the line of "fuck him" mixed with "serves him right" about the dude who lost his hand previously this week



Act XIV confirmed bigger

acceleration gang




Boulo definitely is good. Drouet isn't intellectually good enough.


You're clueless.


File: 9ee6155080fcb5d⋯.jpg (234.25 KB, 744x1200, 31:50, Dy-FK5SWkAAe_jd.jpg)

If you take an item using your left hand, you shall lose that hand

-Hammurabi, and Macron, or whatever



Protest against police violence.



This is a tier beyond based


File: 057f3c53374eb84⋯.jpg (38.63 KB, 421x500, 421:500, 200 scared _7df42c575c22cd….jpg)


What are they singing?


Who's the person with the megaphone?



Were they just chanting about Bourse du Travail??? man my french is shit



Based if so.

French Anons are probably in the march itself



Blood has been spilled now. There is no coming back.



Think of a rap show, he's obviously the hype man.


File: 58e5e1ef0c57353⋯.jpg (143.71 KB, 600x829, 600:829, 38e7bc66-c404-432a-939e-d3….jpg)


There's people with signs solidarizing with the guy.


don't know if this was already posted but they just established a law that forces schools to have a French flag and an European flag in every single classroom burgerclaps style lmao



This is mostly symbolic, >90% of public buildings in France already fly both flags.



Inside every single classroom ? No that's not a thing sorry.



t. vanguardist shill



trying to get right-wing voters.



Don't let your dreams be dreams.



right wing voters are so pathetic


File: 4bc08934cdd84f0⋯.jpg (1.12 MB, 1305x1237, 1305:1237, 98674979.jpg)


When is the next act gonna happen?



File: ce362ad517fbda5⋯.jpeg (46.83 KB, 500x500, 1:1, desperate-wojak-59edb22c6….jpeg)




Where are the Frenchsnobs? out in the street? What's new for act 14?




Wouldn't you be out on the streets if there was something like that going on in your country? and yes act 14


File: 438ff45fd5ffe85⋯.jpg (85.89 KB, 933x933, 1:1, 438ff45fd5ffe851894fa2012b….jpg)


>the chat


File: f0027294e2de9e1⋯.jpg (37.33 KB, 403x448, 403:448, 88057.jpg)



>Censoring alt/far-right


File: d47046ecff68850⋯.jpg (5.86 KB, 275x183, 275:183, images.jpg)


Did the niggers just cut my link stream out as soon as shit got loud? wtf is this blackout?



I meant why they aren't here updating us so what's new in france?


File: 508af6ec8313597⋯.jpg (109.48 KB, 619x1000, 619:1000, 508af6ec83135970da8d96e7c7….jpg)

So… How many GJ there were in this Act?

By the looks of the livestreams they were pretty based and even more radicalized than last week.



I was there in Paris and I would say there was more people on the street than last week.

The government said there was only 5000 protestors in Paris, this number is ridiculous to anyone who has seen live videos or been there.



Straight up fascism. This could honestly lead to terrorism.


>riots in France and Haiti

I pray this is the 1790's all over again



















File: f815746135d5649⋯.png (356.95 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, quiacl62wxr01.png)


1 like 1 prayer



Unfortunately if you form a political party you get power dynamics. Some people grab the power and transfer power to those who they have good connections with (or gain more money / power from) so it get subverted very early on. And then you just see a continuation of the same dance where you have a bunch of different candidates and they're all subverted by the same idiots.


Fascism has the problem it relies on one ruler, and some sort of elite that gets formed on 'meritocracy'. Except these kind of systems no matter how clever they're thought of usually get implemented by those at the top with the intention of allowing certain degrees of corruption. So you end up with a different kind of bourgeoise. The end result of fascism would be that it either implodes due to inept leadership at the top or some shitty neo feudalism. We might already live in the later though which might explain why fascists come across as rather stupid since they try to solve their current problem by trying to re-introduce things that caused the problem to begin with.


File: 9ddc3600f987eff⋯.jpeg (241.08 KB, 1240x827, 1240:827, 5A537910-465B-4DD3-86E2-9….jpeg)

Apparently twenty eyes and five hands have been lost at the hands of the French police since these protests have begun. Macron needs a good flash-ball shot down his throat tbh.



i'd prefer a good old fashioned guillotine, but a flashball to the nads beforehand would be cool too


>Convoy of Canadian "Yellow vests" escorted by the RCMP (Royal Canadian mountain police) travelled to Ottawa to support the construction of a pipeline in the area

>They faced off against native land rights protesters and "Anti-Fascist" demonstrators


Ang*oids ruin quite literally everything they touch


Italian media is going crazy about the insults thrown at Finkielkraut, saying they were antisemitic.

Some comrades are saying the yellow vests were actually calling him a zionist.

I don't speak French, what did they say?



From what I've heard while watching the video of the incident, they called him a "hateful and racist zionist" and one of them told him to go back to Tel Aviv.



according to Le Monde, which would be the first piece of trash to report it if it happened, there wasn't a reference to jewishness, only zionism.




Thanks, as usual the liberal rags of my country are making shit up to make the yellow vests look bad.



William Walter Kay would approve of them.



Finkielkraut was a hardcore leftist (maoist) when he was young like all the boomer jews but now like all the former nazi hunters suddenly began so some sort of semi-far right conservative trashing Islam all day everyday and being few words away to call for voting Le Pen.



All of them were Zionists to begin with but when they found out that Muslims hate Israel far more than any Far-Right group (who just likes to bitch about Jews) they started supporting them and even literal Nazis, even former Nazi hunters because they wanted Europe to support Israel.


File: ce1e37b41d7dd4f⋯.png (1.46 MB, 1898x791, 1898:791, screenshot-www.youtube.com….png)

File: df0ec8fc5edd59a⋯.png (88.49 KB, 408x669, 136:223, screenshot-www.youtube.com….png)


Updates French anons?


This is probably bullshit, but my gut tells me that the only way out of this contradictionb m between a world economy and French government that demands austerity and a proletariat that refuses austerity is civil war, even at a low scale like the Italian years of lead


File: d4fc98547b1d7a5⋯.jpg (104.78 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, i_would_prefer_not_to_by_h….jpg)


>civil war, even at a low scale like the Italian years of lead

Yellow Vests haven't been beaten, and killed enough for that to be justified, in the public eye



The only way out of this contradiction is to end capitalism. Whether that is even a possibility and by what tactics that would take would depend completely on the consciousness of the masses. Armed struggle is probably antithetical to most people at the moment, and would require an extreme escalation (e.g. police massacres) to be seen as palatable and effective. I'm not French so I don't know what Marxists in France have been up to, but right now it is important to instill class-consciousness in the GJs and for them to learn through the experience of these protests. A



This shows no signs of ending or calming down though, the longer it goes on the more hands are going to be blown off by gas grenades, and if it gets real bad (it will with the coming market crash), gas grenades might get replaced with real grenades.


Burger here, how bad were the Years of Lead?



It was a clusterfuck of Italian and NATO intelligence infiltrated groups on both the neo-fascist side and the commie side terrorizing civilians and Italian politicians alike. Turned the general mood in Italy from one of optimism in the 60s into cynicism throughout the 70s qnd 80s



You know how fucked up Italy has been for the last 2 decades? The Years of Lead did almost all of that.



Italian here. Pretty awful.

Reactionaries are getting traction here now that there's no one to stop them. Gotta thank the demonization of communism after the years of lead.



The twin heads of adventurism and Eurocommunism really fucked Italy over didn't it?



It's kinda hard to believe we had the biggest communist party of the west.



adventurism? You mean autonomia and the events of the 70s? I thought that the fuck up was the clandestine 'professional' revolutionary segment not the autonomes.



Brigate Rosse weren't the only fuck up.


A wild BB appears! https://www.francetvinfo.fr/economie/transports/gilets-jaunes/brigitte-bardot-dit-soutenir-les-gilets-jaunes-parce-quils-ont-des-couilles_3194973.html

Brigitte Bardot says she supports "yellow vests" "because they have balls"

"Do not let go!" Brigitte Bardot has already shown her support for "yellow vests", as early as November. She hit the nail on Sunday, February 17, during a debate organized by protesters in Fréjus (Var), reports Var-Matin.

"It's just that it makes them happy"

After an applause in the reception room of the Saint-Aygulf motel, where the debate was taking place, Brigitte Bardot spoke briefly. "I support 'yellow vests' because they have balls" and "because they have a lot of courage," reported Var-Matin and L'Obs.

To the question, "it's important for you to be here today?", She said "no, it's just that it makes them happy". A few words slipped to a handful of journalists, during a few minutes, between two selfies and two hugs.



More like BASED Bardot.


File: 0dec694f09bd3a4⋯.mp4 (7.1 MB, 640x352, 20:11, 651849649.mp4)



What's going on there? Is that a police van?



A police van is trying to get into the anti-riot side meanwhile the GJ attacks them.




doesn't she have connections with the far right?

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