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File: 7aaeaacee3e7709⋯.jpg (40.74 KB, 620x310, 2:1, gj.jpg)


This time with a French OP. Can we get a cycling thread for as long as the crisis is ongoing?

Also as a Frenchman, I can probably answer any questions you guys might have.



>Beaucoup de gilets jaunes n'ont pas d'étiquette ouvertement marxiste

Alors qu’il devraient. Il s’agit aussi de faire changer les mentalités.



Déplorer le monde réel, c'est complètement idéaliste et stérile comme méthode. On n'existe pas dans le vide, il y a tout un passé historique & un travail idéologique qui est fait, en faire abstraction pour se réfugier dans "ce qui devrait être" est pour moi une grave erreur.



Je crois qu'on a juste pas la même chose en tête, dommage.



>Déplorer le monde réel, c'est complètement idéaliste

Ce n’est pas ce que j’ai fait, j’ai simplement indiqué que ce devrait aussi être le rôle des communistes que de faire changer les mentalités lors des débats.

>Je crois qu'on a juste pas la même chose en tête

Alors explicite.




What do you think of Tiqqun? t. Amerilard.



Anarchist idealism, it's fine for what it is and it's well written, but then again, it won't really be useful within the current context.



Pointless romantism that preaches to the choir. I frankly dislike them.



IMAO an emancipatory basic democratic grassroots revolution can emerge here but there are few problems:

-organizations try to appropriate the movement like CGT

-there is a tendency to go the institutionalized route as electoral lists for EU parliament show

-outsiders get disappointed by illegitimate non-emancipatory violence and condemn the whole movement and legit emancipatory counter-violence used by some companions

-sympathy for proto-fascists movements and parties increase thanks to lack of organization and disinformed people and fascists subvert more and more GJ

-Radical Revolutionaries™ get imprisoned and receive not attention by mainstream media

The Cortège de Tête is the only hope GJ inhere!

BTW how to join GJ as a non-French EU citizen?



Better use https://www.deepl.com/translator



Eh far right elements of the GJ have mostly been beaten back: partially due to "mainstream" hard right figures disavowing the movement, and partially because the french far right his hilariously split (Legitimiste, Vichist, Orleanist, Action Francaise etc.).

As for the CGT, they have been keeping at arm's length, not trying to appropriate it. Most of their stuff has been parallel to the GJ: supportive but not taking up its mantle.

As for violence, the French have a pretty high tolerance of it.

And imprisonment has actually been a big thing: the arrest of that boxer generated a massive gofundme that raised enough money to get him a great quality lawyer and you see signs with "free him" on.


>"mainstream" hard right figures disavowing the movement



File: 0440f8a32c71303⋯.png (338.18 KB, 540x960, 9:16, gj et extreme droite.png)

File: 72f41b307f42d10⋯.mp4 (5.68 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, zemmour le reac.mp4)




Mild figures like MLP or Zemmour arn't the "hard right".



>conveniently ignoring conversano


>Legitimiste, Vichist, Orleanist, Action Francaise etc

Does anyone care about these?

When I think far right, Idk, Soral comes to mind, Lesquen, mon petit poney… not royalists.



>Does anyone cares about theses?

Action Française ended up delegitimized by collaborating with the Vichy regime and shunned after the end of WW2. But even then, almost no-one is identifying as a "royalist" anymore. Check-out the new (crypto)fash fads at their own board >>>/dempart/


Hardly a radical.


JVC meme.

>mon petit poney



File: 472e8a678b641c0⋯.jpg (52.17 KB, 409x537, 409:537, 1vyabdfij.JPG)

File: b7a0cb443a71d67⋯.jpg (102.29 KB, 543x733, 543:733, 8bfuiozo_0.JPG)

File: 7645650a8ef7c67⋯.jpg (57.2 KB, 541x564, 541:564, 17efvuhzv.JPG)

File: a73425ac812234d⋯.jpg (57.21 KB, 551x608, 29:32, 20bejzf.JPG)

Hmmm… really makes you think.







>39% of French think there should be a revolution, 50% are reformist and only 3% don't want any change

>81% think that in the short term the opposition between the "people" and the "elites" will be strong (really strong for 40%).


Wait, there are still Orleanists? I thought that royal family's descendants died in some colonial war


That's a fucking incredible number to have as a minority, more than enough to actually storm the palaces


Fucking hell people are gonna get shot this weekend, aren't they?




I know you French lot are atheists but god save the whole lot of you: you're gonna need it.


File: 8464344eace120a⋯.png (25.93 KB, 112x112, 1:1, chaton_triste.png)


I wished it would never come to this but it's inevitable at this point. My only relief is the pictures will instantly spread around the world.




Where can I put my money on that?


File: dc9ba2d4bc82b9f⋯.pdf (310.28 KB, article_798225.pdf)



File: 944be8c5bdab4eb⋯.pdf (763.35 KB, article_798250.pdf)



You're revolutionary pop is shit, suck on some of this:




We don't need God to further our politics. That's why we separated the church and state.





If you can, tend to the wounded anon, maybe bring some 90% abv booze with you.



My bad, didn't see the the pdf.




Oh man minecraft parodies, when the internet was purer.




Cimer Albert.



>Le socialiste Jules Moch



Social-fascists, all of them. Only the PCF and the CGT were based back then.



>Le socialiste Jules Moch

I couldn't figure out that that was an ironic Le since this is a French thread for a second, lmao.



SFIO were social traitors, yes.


File: 700e4a1eea532e1⋯.jpg (13.24 KB, 195x258, 65:86, download.jpg)



Bad move from the executive, protesters are going to react badly to this and barbarism will ensue.




Are the protests really that bad still? I thought they had mostly subsided, but no?



The protesters are going to lose when the army comes out without party guidance and leadership



It hasn't escalated this much yet. We're at the beginning of either a French civil war or the resignation of Macron.



See this video of last saturday: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q__YvMi9R5U

It should answer you question.



>Civil war

This isn't the Middle East, Africa or early 20th century Russia or China, this is a first-world country and subject to mass consumerism for almost 60 years. The overwhelming majority of GJs are still calling for "peaceful" actions.



fuck this gay world



39% of the French population is in favor of a revolution according to this recent poll


Take that as you will.



>shitty idealism




genuinely concerned about tomorrow. are any anons here gonna show up?




>Bourgeois-owned polls

They have an history of tweaking the results to fit their narrative, here to justify repression. I was in the Paris protests (which is supposed to be the "radical" part of the movement as a whole) and most people were still calling for "new elections", a "new republic", a "new president" or some other sort of reformism.



You're assuming they can get those reforms in a country beholden to a neoliberal world economy, they can't, which means revolution. Reminder 1789 started because of tax issues and sovereign debt.



I was in the protest all day long and at three different times, the people were literally chanting "Révolution".

Not that it means that there'll be a bolshevik revolution next Saturday or that every protesters is a revolutionary marxist, I am not that naive but I think we should avoid caricatural post like >>2846834 which is mostly posturing and virtue signaling and have enough humility to say that we don't really know what will happen in France in 2019 and that people in France are getting more and more radical by the day, not that this means, once again, that there will be a proletarian revolution in France of course.



Except in the past months they've already seen eyes lost, limbs blown off, people fighting riot police with bare fists, women getting dragged by their hair through the ground and kids getting lined up and put on their knees by armed government thugs.

This stuff gradually hardens people, and feeds their rage. Of course they want a peaceful solution of some kind, who wouldn't? But that's not a mark of consumerism but having become uncustomed to peace. But they've already become accustomed to a level of violence. If Macron decides to escalate things, all bets are off. If violence could solve this, these people would already be home.



There's two princes if I'm not mistaken.



Anyone know what the mood is like in the army now? Would they actually open fire if ordered?



The army is no fan of Macron. The issue is uncertain.


File: 05bd6a04973d7d8⋯.jpg (113.81 KB, 470x314, 235:157, 1261191.jpg)


I don't know but I really think next Saturday will be relatively calm.

However May 1st, the traditional protest for International Workers' Day celebration in Paris will be quite something.

The picture is from last year May Day protest in Paris.



Is the army reactionary? I assume Petain's faction was purged and replaced by De Gaulle-istas but are they even relevant anymore?


File: 9f6c055dc03a276⋯.png (35.18 KB, 507x526, 507:526, never trust socdems.png)


File: 1264b3b77f3b3bf⋯.jpg (50.83 KB, 636x636, 1:1, IMG_20190106_115124.jpg)


That's gonna be a yikes from me


File: 2d7f61079d4289a⋯.png (19.68 KB, 319x266, 319:266, yikes.png)


File: 176e65d70eac915⋯.jpg (56.31 KB, 600x340, 30:17, 65496874964.jpg)

File: d19a896e2a854a8⋯.png (759.85 KB, 910x710, 91:71, Screenshot_2019-03-22 Macr….png)

Ok, frogs.

Are you prepared for Caracazo 2.0?

Seriously tho, what do you think will happen if in the next act the military fires into the crowd?


File: 441898fc633949b⋯.jpg (41.38 KB, 208x206, 104:103, 1499056769416.jpg)

They just removed "Work and the Unconscious" -(i.e Marx) from the philosophical course of senior years and replaced it with "The idea of God(ness)" and "Metaphysics"


Please don't die today frogs. My spirit is with you



That's some spooky shit there.



You can follow the shootings live from there:





>not liveleak

You're an optimistic one



And follow the siege live from there:



They're usually slow to take things down



Are those road blockages done by police or GJ?



By the military, to defend important buildings like the Élysée Palace or the National Assembly.




I don't read dead languages, what is it about


File: f96d9d75357d15f⋯.jpeg (288.41 KB, 750x698, 375:349, 6AB06302-54CC-458B-B414-4….jpeg)

Bumping with a bootlicking piece of shit.



>Porky traps himself in his own little failed Paris commune to own the workers



Fucking idiot, fills me with rage




Hope he gets fucked by planned obsolscense in the future.


Anyone knows what they are shouting when they do some kinda gutural gorilla like screams? (Could be something like Débout?)



Theyre singing the internationale and I'm actually fucking crying



Macron resign! but with more hatred towards the system



Time stamp?



Should we go there? Is there any way we could actually help? I feel like I've been waiting for something like this for so long. All YV are my bros, as well as all of you


File: 906929e5d07015d⋯.jpg (119.93 KB, 356x500, 89:125, vivalaqth__96702.146781444….jpg)


Posting on mobile so it's hard to do anything right now


Forming International groups to cross the channel and crowd funding sounds kino tbh



French anons should tell us what they need. People, money, specific supplies?


File: 760e971abc3550c⋯.jpg (112.32 KB, 975x649, 975:649, lallement.jpg)

Since today, we got a new Paris Prefect of Police: Didier "Lallement" (lit. the German)



Watch it somehow be filled with Vichy worshippers


Anyone know which song is the "on est là" they are chanting?




>the internationale


>the internationale



File: a4c8262235e5f87⋯.jpg (158.6 KB, 1024x708, 256:177, D2XCqVXX4AA2DXs.jpg:large.jpg)

Macron the Butcher must go!

(Happened today, she has a fractured skull).


File: e9658b6bbf61193⋯.jpg (69.59 KB, 539x960, 539:960, 1553365655-55546973-612606….jpg)







Yo is she dead?


File: 31260cc8826ae05⋯.jpg (40.89 KB, 561x265, 561:265, this is fine.jpg)



No, but she is hospitalized and has a fractured skull.


File: e10c6639288029d⋯.jpg (28.65 KB, 600x502, 300:251, images_(2).jpg)


Imagine being a Metal Gear villian



>giving people cancer because they dared to protest

thankle happy merchant meem the west is not as bad as china and russia tho XD



Holy fuck. You frogs gotta guilliotine Macron ASAP. This is only gonna get worse. You can't loos, show us it can be done.


File: 1b3065aa79a5969⋯.gif (25.43 KB, 673x700, 673:700, Guillotinediagram.gif)


This. Post easy-to-understand guillotine schematics ITT.


File: 58fc670f3a92ec4⋯.jpg (20.94 KB, 480x472, 60:59, IMG_20181129_004552.jpg)


what the absolute fuck


is there any actual footage of the French military getting deployed, or did the government shy away after the backlash?




It was in mutualist flags stream but idk if its still workin and it was played during a march with Catalan flags in the camera veiw near the latter part



this plus theresa's comments about people voting for pain has convinced me that deus ex was a precognition made game


File: 95fdb19d891c8ab⋯.jpg (88.19 KB, 466x960, 233:480, 1553383006-55604892-185712….jpg)

Those are anti-riot policemen in Metz covered in shit from shitbombs (cacatov, a play on words from caca, shit in french, and Molotov cocktails) that had been thrown at them by protestors, they are being more and more widely used each passing Saturdays.



when do the actual molotovs come out



They were already used plenty of times, however french anti-riot police-force have fireproof uniforms so it's not that effective.



Potato canons it is then



I think the shitbombs are actually pretty fucking smart. People could get really sick from that. It wouldn't kill the police, but it would force them to stop policing while they stay in bed for a while recuperating from some horrible illness from being covered in septic waste. Peaceful solution to cops being able to be cops.



any footage?


Is the Gj gaining or losing momentum?



Definitely gaining. Everything is starting to come apart and they're a very serious threat against Macron.




Also keep in mind the rioting in the street is just the tip of the iceberg. There's a definite symbolic power struggle on TV and in mainstream media that is completely acquired to Macron but people are moving to YouTube for politics and some leftist stuff is picking up fast.


File: a5d6769c266f6b4⋯.jpg (65.46 KB, 960x612, 80:51, IMG_20190217_155613.jpg)

Have the soldiers fired on GJs yet?


File: bfdc8068efdb4f5⋯.jpg (64.32 KB, 640x472, 80:59, IMG_20190324_224136.jpg)




Many cops have already defected but others are still stuck there. These conditions could give them some time to reflect so, when the time comes, the wrong people don't get hurt.


Fascists are all like "50 innocent people in New Zealand are dead that means the Nazi masturbation fantasy is happening around the world! Our ideology is coming back! Our time will come!" but here we are in reality… one of the world's biggest economy's is having widespread violent anti-capitalist protests and is escalating rapidly.



God I hope so, the worst outcome would be some shitty Socialist Party guy rising and passing more reforms to placate the French populace.


Why do so many boomers think the yellow vests are reactionaries?



Macron is a Globalist…DUH!



Oh my, this picture is gonna be remembered




That pic is so… inspirational. I want to see more high quality photos from the protests. There are tons of cameramen there and I wonder where all the footage and pics are ending up at…


File: 141737c333f3161⋯.png (497.55 KB, 706x694, 353:347, 14A24EF0-B079-4214-99A3-DD….png)


>DNA tracing nanoparticles

>Made in Israel

Of fucking course.



File: 785cfbfd68815b9⋯.jpg (172.98 KB, 1400x958, 700:479, 1e3c96548c06d57617c1419e73….jpg)

File: 4fd1c5b8bbaa418⋯.jpg (42.29 KB, 624x351, 16:9, 76356166_30d7cfb1-cf96-42c….jpg)


literally everything inhumane made after 1945 is israeli


I wonder how trustworthy this blog article is. I don't doubt the current governement is capable of some crazy shit, but I haven't seen this story out anywhere else. I'm sure whatever mediapart or some other medium (press, party) who have been vehemently criticizing the governement would be all about that shit.

I say that because it's queer, but also because I'd rather not had been sprayed some weird shit on.



That's why the West props up Israel. It's basically a cruelty factory that produces and concentrates more psychopaths per capita than any other country.



I hope you realize how actually horrifyingly mundane this is. All you'd need is specific purely-synthetic chemicals that you could adapt very modern, basic hair-follicle drug-tests for.

I know there's other drugs, but let's just say you took some THC and gave it a specific reactive group. A year later, you check their hair follicles for THC and also check for that specific reaction group on the THC molecule and you can confirm that that person was hit by the marker drug.



I think Hitler got the last laugh when he created Israel.



t.Jean Paul "The nazi creates the Jew" Sartre


Are there any argentinian anons here? How close do you think you are to pull something GJ-tier?



I know the other trot is argentinian




Please elaborate. I'm semi-genuinely curious.

Unless, of course, you do not have anything more than empty rhetoric and memes.



Actually, I'm not curious at all. Honestly I just want to hear your lame explanations and see the usual nonsensical mental gymnastics.


File: 5f61b7d15dec66b⋯.jpg (1.31 MB, 2000x1642, 1000:821, Знамя Победы над рейхстаго….jpg)



File: 9f181c1ab542221⋯.jpg (86 KB, 634x571, 634:571, 9f181c1ab542221566802efea3….jpg)


Christ, Wehraboos and Neo-Nazis are so fucking cringy. I really want you to try again so we can see you fail miserably... twice.





More and more tensions, like every week.


File: 0f94eab7926f7a4⋯.jpeg (10.9 KB, 283x300, 283:300, 4949412.jpeg)


Is anything happening now?

How are the protests going?

Has Macron done, or said, something stupid again?

What's happening?



>Has Macron done, or said, something stupid again?

He does that every other day. Few events are actually discussed ITT. Macron says dumb shit all the time.

Protests start around 2PM (it's 11 AM)


can we finally get around to getting the footage of the "military" ?




Seems like old revolutionary folk.



File: 1ddca2b11195534⋯.png (1.81 MB, 1335x671, 1335:671, Che flags.png)

2 Che flags. Noice.


Already 300+ gilets jaunes arrested and the day isn't even over.

The repression is getting tougher and tougher.


Fucking gunshots







Post above at 1:58 hours in



It's just a firecracker.



Better, but I just hope nobody lost a hand



J'ai fait ça (en fr) si ça intéresse des gens ici



File: ad640225f666eac⋯.pdf (2.16 MB, ri_475.pdf)



So no more violence in protest?, I se the environment very quiet.



The next two big dates are:

-20th of April : the next call for all the yellow vests to converge to Paris like they did the 16th of March.

-May the 1st, Labour Day, traditionally a day of big protests for all leftists in Paris during social movements in France, but this one particularly will be special in two ways; we are of course in the middle of the yellow vests movement, so they obviously will join this one, moreover, it's incidentally the first anniversary of the 1st May 2018, which is the beginning of the Benalla affair (see https://www.rt.com/news/433715-macron-aide-proteters-assault/ and https://www.rt.com/news/434164-macron-violent-aide-responsibility/ ,the origin of a popular yellow vest chant "Macron we are coming to get you") .

Therefore we can expect next Labour day in Paris to be an anti-Macron day and lots of thing will happen between those two dates which will affect the future of both the yellow vests and Emmanuel Macron, and of course with him, the Vth Republic.



Fuck me Mayday is gonna be a mess.



>Ni Guaido ni Maduro

Where did you find that imperialist enabling garbage?

Into the trash it goes.



>Ni Guaido ni Maduro

Radical Centrism in action



I can't tell, are they calling Yellow Vests opportunists or something stupid like that?



The revolutionary Venezuelan people voted for Maduro, he's even endorsed by the communist party of Venezuela



>He needs to go.

That's not for the U.S.A. nor any imperialist powers to decide.

When you are saying that you are enabling the imperialist discourse and propaganda on Venezuela and justifying an intervention.

First and foremost, Capitalism needs to go, American imperialism needs to go, not any so called "dictators".



>Maduro needs to be kicked the fuck out by its own people, I'd love to see that happening

This will never happen as long as America is a global and dominant imperialist power.

Saying today, "The USA must stay out of Venezuela but Maduro must go", in the geopolitical context we are in, is like saying in 2004 "The USA must stay out of Irak but Saddam Hussein must go" or in 2011 "NATO must stay out of Lybia but Mouammar Kadhafi must go"; that is, enabling imperialist regime change wars with the dire consequences, for those countries, we all know (i.e. 200,000+ deads in Irak, the emergence of ISIS, slave trade in Lybia etc…)

That's why the criticism of American imperialism and the propaganda supporting it must be unwavering (e.g. No "I don't want the USA to invade but…").

That's not to say you should support Nicolas Maduro or Kim Jung-Un and their respective political project, but you should, unequivocally and however you can, stand with the North Koreans and Venezuelans and do away with the "X must go" which is at best completely useless and meaningless and at worst gives fuel to the war enabling propaganda.




>revolution by stressing out the bourgois leaders

Now this is praxis.


Has the GJ translated to any gains for the Left like FI or PCF?



leftcoms are fucken retarded



Is it too much tax or is it not enough tax? Is it too much government or not enough government? Is it too much diversity or not enough diversity? Is it too French or not French enough?



Nah, but it never was going to: most GJ supporters are apolitical in the sense they don't believe that the political system itself can generate change. This is why one of the main demands is citizen referendums: since they believe that will allow them to impact the political system.


Initially it was about the wrong kind of taxes: Macron eliminating a wealth tax but putting taxes that hit the rural proletariat and artisans. It has moved towards an attempt to radically overhaul the functions of the French state towards a more democratic form, a radical reformation that would lead to a VIth republic. If you could categorise it best, it is anti-elitist and radically reformist.



>Ni Guaido, ni Maduro

stop reading zizek



Well I hope FI and PCF will at least incorporate GJ’s demands into their manifesto



>primitive quantitative thinking

It's too much tax on the poor and not enough on the right

It's government stepping out of healthcare, education and ecology and going overboard on police repression

It's poorer immigrants being parked in ghettos with no future prospects while the rich have their villas and private schools



>on the right

meant the rich



Parties are out of the game comrade. People who go in the streets want a revolution, like writing the constitution, doing participative democracy and the other stuff.

(Also FI had the RIC in their program but it's not like they were ever gonna implement it if elected and the PCF is socdem)



Have you even read my post? At no point I said the Venezuelan proletariat should unconditionally support Maduro, my post was addressed to leftists living in NATO aligned countries and who mindlessly regurgitate imperialist propaganda (e.g. Maduro must go).

>I will not defend someone who slaughters his own people, ever.

Okay, you really didn't read my post, reread slowly the sentence you quoted.

Besides have you any proof that Nicolas Maduro or Kim Jung-Un slaughtered or executed in mass their people?

If you are so concerned about the well-being of North Koreans and Venezuelans, which is admirable, why do you turn a bling eye to the greatest cause of their suffering, American and international sanctions?


File: f4be4b55be97617⋯.jpg (14.63 KB, 329x406, 47:58, Dqm8iV7UwAEvrFu.jpg)


>on 48% voter turnout

oh no, I decided not to vote in a non bourgeois election, yet I'm somehow not being represented!!1!



you seem to be lacking reading comprehension, and if you think maduro 'slaughters his own people', you should fucking educate yourself from other source than us propaganda before coming here saying retarded shit




Yea but a good barometer of public support/opinion is how the parties are shifting to try and fit the GJ demands



>on 48% voter turnout

The right wing opposition boycotted the election so that they can claim Maduro is not a legitimate president. Stop falling for this bullshit.

>not supporting American Intreventism

Then you should stop repeating state department talking points.

>but just the enemy of my enemy is not my friend.

I get this attitude in the case of Syria for example, which certainly is an authoritarian government and no allies of the left, but it baffles me in the case of Venezuela. Maduro is not a dictator, the Venezuelan government is not "slaughtering it's own people". The fact that people who meet with american politicians and call for foreign intervention and military coup against the government are still walking around freely in Venezuela and are still allowed to organize protests and stuff is enough evidence that it's not an authoritarian government.

If parliamentary/reformist, social democratic chavismo is too authoritarian for you guys there will never be a revolution worth supporting.


People often get banned for silly things on here but you probably deserved it.



>trot defending imperialism

who couldve seen this coming


File: cfe0c7ca28e9caa⋯.jpg (101.01 KB, 960x750, 32:25, ur14owe43wxy.jpg)


Hey, they can do anti imperialism



>I got banned yesterday for saying this

If you're the mutualistflag anon I'm thinking of, I'm pretty sure you keep getting banned because you're an orange ancap who has been consistently dropping shitty US-propaganda-tier anticommunist takes ever since you came here. Might want to think about that tbh



And this is great, I think. It should of course be pushed to the Left as much as possible, but more power to the masses will be good for the Left.



I mean it is common to hear the GJ chant "Anti, anti, anti-capitaliste" so I doubt they are hardly become austrian libertarians.

Electorally though, I think what will happen is that Melenchon won't stand next time and someone like Ruffin (a leftist who has been close to the GJ) or Boulu (a GJ with left-wing sensibilities) will run on a left-populist platform. Regardless, the leftwing concept of the VIth republic is really taking off.



this is quite simply the logical conclusion of "support local fascists against invading foreign imperialists"


File: efc7e73ca659aa7⋯.jpg (355.73 KB, 1861x635, 1861:635, italian ml anti-imperialis….JPG)


There's always some microcult party that does this shit



Not arguing that's not what's going on, just pointing out that if you strictly apply the tactic then taken to the extreme level they're right, meaning that perhaps we should be rather careful in the use of this strategy; I don't think it'd really be a good idea to support groups that "fight imperialists" by burning the towns and salting the earth.


File: 21a7e26210ead24⋯.jpg (233.51 KB, 1386x1312, 693:656, government scale.jpg)



>Melenchon won't stand next time

tbh he should just not be leader coz he is too boisterous for it. He needs to be a bad cop to the leader's good cop.



>nouvelle vidéo de Lib Tropiques

>un truc dont j'ai jamais entendu parler

>la vidéo dure 2 heures




> leftists living in NATO aligned countries and who mindlessly regurgitate imperialist propaganda (e.g. Maduro must go).

Precisely, all of you should shut the fuck up about what happens here in south america. I've read your post right my friend.

If we, latinamericans, feel that someone in our subcontinent is being oppressed we are gonna speak up about it, you can fucking bet. If gringos try to invade then we will fight back them too, we don't fear them at all. I hope when it happens you would support venezuelans boycotting your murderous gov.

>Besides have you any proof that Nicolas Maduro or Kim Jung-Un slaughtered or executed in mass their people?

I never mentioned Kim Jung-Un, you did. I do have evidence of Maduro slaughtering venezuelans, yes. Close friends of mine are from there and I've heard their stories. They have no reason to lie to me whatsoever. I'm talking fucking death squads and shit like that. It's real easy for you to support that from your comfy 1st world, you are welcome to come see for yourself whenever you like.

>why do you turn a bling eye to the greatest cause of their suffering, American and international sanctions?

Careful not to poke an eye out with that huge ass straw-man. American sanctions are cancer, I'm devoting my life to see them neutralized, to see capitalist power neutralized, specially in the third world. Of course they are to blame the worst and I do, vividly. But I won't ever, ever, tolerate some asshole slaughter my people, it is simplistic to draw an equivalence from the former to the latter.


All I've been doing is posting live links to GJ Acts and related info. This faggot started talking about Maduro so I responded. Hardly a reason for banning someone. I'm not even anti-communist; I differ, but my stance is that we all need each other if we dream of ever taking down the porkies.

> orange anacap

top kek what is mutualism


So you said I shouldn't trust my own personal friends' horrible stories? That's what you are saying? Who should I trust then for the truth, if not my own close venezuelan friends?

You are an idiot first-worlder who thinks the only way to stop capitalist narrative is feed my people to the wolfs. If you wanna help from there you should convince your people to stand against the fact of NATO intervening in SA and Africa, and let ourselves deal with our own shit.

Also if my current ban allows for it this will be my last say on the subject, not to risk another ban. I came to this thread to discuss GJ revolution, not to have some first world dudes so filled with themselves they think they know what's best for my people. Why ban tho? If you can't debate me, wait till you have to debate a fascist or someone right wing faggot. Learn how to debate, ease on the bans.



>If we, latinamericans, feel that someone in our subcontinent is being oppressed we are gonna speak up about it, you can fucking bet.

Its just slightly weird that theres like a handful of crazy right-wing dictators at any given moment doing way more heinous shit than Maduro ever has, yet you"liberals" have no problem turning blind eye to those. Its really not violence or oppression you are opposed to, you only care about property rights.


File: b01f4025ef761fd⋯.png (508.53 KB, 960x520, 24:13, 2xk7ljpiygo21.png)




I hope you dont think saying on an anonymous imageboard "I have friends from there that say its true" has any value ? bring something other to suggest it at least, not just your word that your friend word is legit. not mentionning you provided no details or context

your problem is not invasion (although youd be thourougly fucked), its internal instability. what would you actually advocate ?

on the gj, im pretty sure the end result will be ruffin running for ptesident, allied with bronco and Mélenchon



>that absolute madlad waving a Cuban and a Sacré Cœur flag

Reminder to support the anti-imperialist struggle of the Vendéens against the bourgeois Republic.





Anyone got any kino pics of the recent Actes? I feel like it would be good meme material.



Again with the strawman! Why is it that you say that i'm turning blind eye? You think I don't talk shit about Bolsonaro also? Or Macri? None of them are dictators in the strict sense of the word, but they certainly oppress their people and fuck them all. This is ridiculous honestly.

> you only care about property rights.

No you fucking dipshit I care about my friend's famliy not dying. I don't care about oppression? What in the fucking hell? ALL I care about is oppression, I don't want my people oppressed (like, you know, getting murdered by their own state and so). Go back to talking revolution at the local Starbucks in your first world shithole, you know nothing about what goes on here.


Well, it is what it is. My friend's brother was in one of those death squads, so most of my stories are from him. I have no reason to lie, you may choose what to believe. But let me tell you, I trust you guys more than the news. Just sayin.

I think they should call for elections again and have outside observants. As for the sanctions leading to instability, there are ways you can build yourself up to stand them. Venezuela did under Chavez and they were doing fine, Argentina did it too with mild success, not to mention Cuba. Maduro is an inoperant son of a bitch. Invasion would be worst possible scenario, USA has been cancer to SA for too long.

>ruffin running for ptesident, allied with bronco and Mélenchon

So you think nothing is gonna happen on the RIC area? What's your opinion on Ruffin?



Last word regarding the subject, actually what I'd like the most is for venezuelan people to rise up and fuck him, I'd certainly help. Sadly a strong civil army-like resistance would have to take place to palliate the coming gringo invasion. I'd be there to help as well, but I hope it doesn't come to that.

Given that this is no gonna happen, then non-rigged elections are my second best options I guess.


File: 6bcd70b6bba8ed8⋯.png (819.32 KB, 720x933, 240:311, ClipboardImage.png)

Holy shit this picture is supposedly the ferry taking Macron to Corse if that doesnt scream i'm scared i don't know what does


You think having the cops out with all that overtime pay will eventually trigger a financial crisis? Having cops out every Saturday has got to be at least a little painful



Doubt it honestly sometimes they just don't pay all the ot and when they do it's still pebbles compared to tax evasion and major scale stuff like that



A financial crisis, no lol. But the state budget has gone out of control.


Macron's "Great National Debate" is as expected a resounding failure.


>79% of French people think it will not solve the ongoing social crisis.

>68% think the government will not take the point of views expressed during the debate into account.

>Only 6% of French see it as a success.

>The "Great Debate" will have cost 12 millions €, trice its initial budget declared by the government which was 4 millions €.



fucking coward, fight us irl JVPITER


>Depuis trois siècles, il n’existe qu’un seul foyer authentiquement révolutionnaire sur la Planète : le monde anglo-saxon. Et qu’un seul contrepoids véritable à sa frénésie disruptive : la Russie, dont la prudence, inévitablement, irrite.



File: d01172b85a41173⋯.png (595.35 KB, 1000x485, 200:97, cortege de tete.png)

Since for the past four months it is the anonymous Gilets Jaunes that have been carrying the social struggle and have paid a lot of money for it at a high price. Therefore, all Europeans who really want to fight the political, economic and financial power, let's join them and participate in the Parisian procession, wearing a yellow vest.

Let us show our commitment and prudence to the government of the rich. And let us show that we can stand in solidarity with all the social forces that are really determined to fight.

May 1st, 2019 : Yellow head and black anger.



Honestly the 1st of May is going to be a glorious showing of proletarian power I feel for you frenchies.



File: a36e3c7f2104e35⋯.mp4 (9.52 MB, 320x240, 4:3, Le Chant des Partisans.mp4)

>Someone is singing le Chant de Partisans



I can' wait until "Frenching" involves imprisoning capitalists


File: efde54bf2b79052⋯.jpg (48.82 KB, 503x335, 503:335, China-Cultural_Revolution-….jpg)


If By imprisoning you mean a People's trial and a flogging then yeah


So are there any recent development in the GJ? Any general strike, pivot to other expressions etc etc?



whats going on here? decoys?



How did this cost €12m? Wasn't it just a glorified survey? What are your overheads!?



consultants don't come cheap


my prediction is that this'll pick up big time come may 1st


I have some important news for you all, /leftypol/, regarding the Gilets Jaunes.

Key dates to come for the Yellow Vests :

Saturday 13/04/19; Yellow Vests from all over France are to converge to Toulouse to protest against State repression of the movement and Police Brutality.

Saturday 20/04/19; Yellow Vests from all over France are to converge to Paris in order to repudiate the results of Macron's "Great National Debate".

Wednesday 01/05/19; Yellow Vests from all over France are to converge to Paris, to join Labour Day protests, in order to defend workers rights and interests.

From 01/05/19 to 08/05/19, the Yellows Vests are calling for a "Yellow week" of actions.

Today (Sunday 07/04/19) is also the last day of the "Assembly of all Yellow Vests assemblies" that begun last Friday (05/04/19), in which, elected representative of the several Yellow Vests assemblies from all over the country, debated, wrote, voted and agreed on a manifesto and an agenda of a significant numbers of actions (some already mentioned above). This general assembly was streamed live on Youtube and I watched part of it, especially the cloture.

In the manifesto, which will be finalised tonight and published online next Monday, they stated, among other things, that one of their main goal is to systemically change the economic system and exit from Capitalism.

The Yellow Vests movement is from now on officially and explicitly Anti-Capitalist.


File: fd4d9b44d87e3c4⋯.jpg (14.37 KB, 338x292, 169:146, 84x7ys5zdtq21.jpg)


>They're fucking seizing the means of production

Fly me to the moon, let me sing among the stars, my erection reaches Jvpiter and Mars


File: 96f3ebc4d40f863⋯.jpg (10.48 KB, 268x188, 67:47, index.jpg)


Make us proud. For the love of all that is holy tear the whole thing down.



Sweet Jesus Man.

You're gonna need the support of some troops for that.


File: 2daab62008e715c⋯.png (636.72 KB, 686x915, 686:915, history is the judge.png)


I can't wait for JVPITER's head to end up on a pike



could you give a link to the general assembly vod?


File: 725663440096967⋯.png (1.12 MB, 1366x767, 1366:767, Dapperton_Has_Had_Enough.png)


lol ok fag


File: 107369416df7d1b⋯.png (76.63 KB, 500x430, 50:43, serveimage.png)





The manifesto was written by the assembly and amended by many workings groups divided thematically; on social rights, on direct democracy, on the Financial System etc…

The one working on Ecology tabled an amendment in order to include in the final manifesto their conclusion, if I remember well it was voted into the final draft, but I'm not 100% sure, and it went something like that :

"We should avoid false solutions like the carbon tax, which only makes the poor pay and is ineffective. The real responsible of this ecological catastrophe are mega corporations and in order to effectively fight against global warming, we should control the economic production."

When I heard that, I was reminded of the following Margaret Thatcher quote: "Global Warming Provides A Marvelous Excuse For Global Socialism."

She was indeed right, because the yellow Vests finally understood you can't fight Global Warming as long as capitalism is the hegemonic mode of production and therefore they came to socialist ideas through political ecology.



If you want to hear the manifesto, watch the last video and begin at 4h52mins.





woops forgot my trip


File: 707d44874665f67⋯.jpg (5.96 KB, 184x184, 1:1, 456179646.jpg)

File: 04b73fcc4ad3808⋯.jpg (49.64 KB, 500x375, 4:3, 89679646.jpg)



>The Yellow Vests movement is from now on officially and explicitly Anti-Capitalist.


File: 9a3f66ebb79a516⋯.png (120.39 KB, 500x496, 125:124, high-impact-sex-violence-b….png)


God I wish I was french rn.


File: 501fbdf44205a30⋯.jpg (33.16 KB, 283x263, 283:263, 18 - NRbFU9E.jpg)




File: 47ee3037d59f8de⋯.jpg (23.08 KB, 400x529, 400:529, Stalin_in_exile_1915.jpg)


Holy shit mate. You can't imagine the smile reading this post brought to my face, comrade anon. I can't remember the last time I laughed out of pure joy like this. Solidarity from a Finnish prole. Show us the light, based Frenchies, and together we'll set Europe a blaze. And one day we'll meet in Berlin for our victory parade.



Dude, go there.



File: 799fe7cb485df92⋯.gif (71.63 KB, 205x255, 41:51, 1471394639288.gif)




What do french subreddits think of the yellow vests? i can't speak french but i can tell from the political cartoons they post that they think they are annoying and should get over it


File: 35447faba746b27⋯.jpg (84.65 KB, 1001x1001, 1:1, flashlight mace.jpg)

File: 119452a72136c36⋯.jpg (22.89 KB, 425x425, 1:1, brassknucklegloves.jpg)

File: 1b3065aa79a5969⋯.gif (25.43 KB, 673x700, 673:700, Guillotinediagram.gif)

File: 7523cb35c57db29⋯.jpg (282.14 KB, 600x1772, 150:443, pepestolengold.jpg)

File: ce8e32d8661dc1b⋯.png (14.6 KB, 900x600, 3:2, japanesecommunistflag.png)


>they think they are annoying and should get over it

That's the only way rightists think of us nowadays. Their only real political weapon is ridicule because they have all the power and any other form of debate is not useful for those with institutional power.



I fantasize about it. But I'd have to quit my job, and from a strategic point of view I think the best thing would be to spread it to other countries. I've been trying to agitate for a sister movement in Finland with anyone from the Communist parties to radical SucDems from the very beginning. I think a significant development needs to happen in France before it spreads to other countries. People don't think revolutionary change is possible.

God I wish I was French.



So you like the Yellow Vest movement for no reason. Because clearly you want the status quo.

I got it, you can be guillotined alongside IVPITER as a reward.


File: 2fcdbfd39bfd49c⋯.jpg (66.12 KB, 800x574, 400:287, 0e5a91968395434291ac46926b….jpg)

File: 62a251096d348a1⋯.png (644.69 KB, 938x938, 1:1, revolutionaryfashion.png)


Finland is a /doomer/ country. Your brand of Socialism will likely incorporate permanent struggle into it. Finland philosophy is one reason USSR could not manage to overtake you. It would be a patriotic form of Socialism. I'm also inclined to believe that if a Finnish Socialist movement ever became popular it would also most likely incorporate Finnish religion as well, to some degree. Your best bet at revolution is formulating Finnish Socialism and bringing others into alignment with yourself.


>another rightist confirms that being right-wing is a form of misanthropy

Imagine still believing you're on the "right side of history".






Schizo Posting™


File: b61f4f8f33cd374⋯.mp4 (9.69 MB, 640x360, 16:9, L'internationale Jean Luc ….mp4)





What's /ourguy/ up to these days anyways?


File: cde798c66cf0e82⋯.jpg (309.14 KB, 1096x493, 1096:493, Macron.jpg)

Made this a while ago. Guess I can still post it.


LFI has my critical support (call it realpolitik, whatever…),

but Mélenchon singing L'international was, uh…




Is this happening? Is this real life?

Remember when people (here and on /leftpol/) were totally shitting on the yellow vests and writing them off because they weren't an explicitly communist movement, of their preferred flavour, right out of the gate? Also we shouldn't support them because some of them might be racists and it could be a fascist movement.


File: 35e696c23b658a0⋯.jpg (60 KB, 478x702, 239:351, 2adfaa96.jpg)

File: 8395eb006d28c30⋯.jpeg (134.69 KB, 855x556, 855:556, aecfa1958d081f2d0618c14ed….jpeg)


Surprisingly good analysis from a foreigner.

Two objections: We're not /doomers/ but maniacs. Pentti Linkola is a cult figure not because we believe in his ideas, but precisely because his ideas are so beyond the pale that people love to just hear him ranting. Before Linkola, we had a Nazi as the national Village Idiot (pic related). Throughout his life he got maybe 20 supporters but after his death there was a movement to have a beer named after him. We're not doomers, we just have a soft spot for lunatics, because we still think of ourselves as barely civilized barbarians. The toga wearing clown.

Finnish socialism will certainly be patriotic, but there won't be a hint of religion. The Protestant Church left its mark on the Finnish psyche, but you'll be hard pressed to find a more atheist country.

I think of all the Scandinavian countries, Finland is the most underrated in terms of revolutionary potential. We already came near to a revolution in 1918 (the other pic related), and while the SucDem reforms have made the people content, they haven't forgotten the class nature of those reforms. Take those SucDems benefits away, and you'll see smoke on the horizen sooner than you'd believe.


Talking to yellow friends on the streets gave me the impression that many if most of leftist GJs are Inssoumis who may or may not be confounding keynesian economics with definitively leaving capitalism (a confusion that seems to be carefully maintained by Mélenchon).

The slow leftward shift amongst GJs is quite obvious, but I somehow find it dificult to imagine those people I talked to some weeks ago got radicalised much further. I may be wrong. I'm definitely not following this as closely as I could.


File: f7dc6c9b9df05b7⋯.jpg (22.55 KB, 900x500, 9:5, chakana.jpg)


I love Finland. Anyways, Whoever said doomers can't be maniacs as well? There is nothing crazier than a nightwalk and nothing more maniacal than the average ideology of anyone browsing /doomer/.

Anyways, i don't know about you but i for one would love to see a Finnish revolutionary shouting "Perkele" while gunning down reactionaries. It would be the pinnacle of Socialist heroism, at least in my opinion.


File: b65ec489daa853d⋯.png (258.42 KB, 960x391, 960:391, 59m03vbtuff21.png)


Educating and propagating seems important when you're trying to shit on SuccDems and DemCucks.



I know a Finn or two that would put a round through your faggot skull from 500 yards away with ironsights. If you were to be around in the pub, they would definitely smash a glass on your head and kick your ribs into jelly. Murder all leftists.



Murder The Yellow Vests if they fall to leftism and offer bitcoin to have their families murdered. Fuck all of you scum.


File: f2298b38a77f7f1⋯.jpg (37.39 KB, 650x650, 1:1, dharmawheel.jpg)


>I know a Finn or two that would put a round through your faggot skull from 500 yards away with ironsights.

Good, i was born to be a martyr :^)



I'll google translate this into French and make it suitable so French anons cans pass them out with a price of candy on the back or something else enticing



I think your skepticism comes from the fact that the people who comes to protests on Saturdays are not the ones who are the most radical, not even the smashies who destroy banks or burn luxury restaurants in Paris.

No, the true radicals in the movement are the ones, who, weeks after weeks meet in roundabouts all around France and organise blockades and other types of actions. Those are the one composing the 300 delegations who met this weekend at Saint-Nazaire in Brittany for the "Assembly of all Yellow Vests assemblies" and wrote the manifesto, those are the true radicals. But you can only meet them if you go to those roundabouts.

I don't know if this movement will itself achieve anything but I know it has changed dramatically and irrevocably the (class?) consciousness of many French people and even if it fails at some point it might spark something bigger in Western Europe in the next decade.

My hope is that the movement stay strong and continue to expend and organise until the next global recession and financial crisis which is due 18 months from now maximum (see https://8ch.net/leftypol/res/2380778.html ) and then get even further radicalised by the extremely deteriorated economical and institutional conditions; then a genuine socialist revolution might even be possible.


File: 694fc9071643d74⋯.jpg (181.37 KB, 640x430, 64:43, nosto_Ässärykmentti.jpg)


>Finnish revolutionary shouting "Perkele" while gunning down reactionaries.

Working on it.


And I know a dozen or two Finns who'd beat your retarded buddies to death before they got their guns out. Your maties can cook up any fantasy they want, but believe you me, the "tough people" are on our side in this country. Just because we didn't take kindly to the idea of another century of (tsarist) Russian rule doesn't mean we don't like serving the porky.


>>2858717 (me)

*doesn't mean we like serving porky



> doesn't mean we don't like serving the porky.

insane finns serving up Porky on a literal platter when



>doesn't mean we don't like serving the porky.

schizo is a slave to the pork who would've thought ring the bells slap your knees together


File: 1a930ddd3cacb9a⋯.png (219.1 KB, 1024x684, 256:171, Flag_of_the_commune_of_fra….png)






Are you fucking retards not able to read the follow-up post, or do you just enjoy looking retarded?




I don't think any of you should fetichise or idealise the yellow vest movement, in my humble opinion, you should support it however you can but more importantly, whatever the outcome is, you should learn from our mistakes and our methods of organisation and agitate and organise the best you can in your own country and in your own community.

And for the French-speaking anons here, I think the best we can do in terms of propaganda and popular education on the French internet world is to shill hard for Paul Cockshott and cyber-socialism, he is criminally unknown in France, so if someone here has a French YouTube channel with a modicum of followers, you should make videos about him. Even if Yellow Vests are now openly anti-capitalists, then don't have yet any fleshed out alternatives.

Those are my two cents on the matter anyway.



>not catching that i was hoping for roast Finnish Porky with an apple in his mouth



i saw what you wrote fino you wrote you don't mind having porky slapping your knees together



Confederal communalism of Bookchin & Öcalan fits the emancipatory basic democratic needs of the GJs better than Cockshott's tyrannic centralist technocracy.


File: ff1dcef0b3c659f⋯.jpg (28.46 KB, 288x337, 288:337, cockshott.jpg)


>shill hard for Paul Cockshott and cyber-socialism

I'm not from France but i attempted to make a poster for him.



>Confederal communalism of Bookchin & Öcalan





Nothing wrong with that.


Read: efficient.


Awesome, let's go.



Ever since based Crypto-Stalinist President Jacques Chirac (??) introduced the Quinquennat, france is now ready for a "Plan Quinquennal".



You know ML isn't supposed to be anti-democratic, right? Love it when leftists embrace the strawman version of themselves invented by the right.



I used google translate but i was hoping it would say "five year plans from a laptop computer" because Cockshott literally did this.



File: cb7478661591a49⋯.jpg (195.8 KB, 2048x1625, 2048:1625, 4f1ef45cc3530c97cea7a38879….jpg)


Tbh google Bookchin.



It's fine



Just cause the GJ aren't outright communist dosent mean the movement isn't on its way to making a socialist France. In pre-revoulutionary Russia most people coudn't even read yet the Bolshiviks where still able to win the masses over to Marxism by asking what there demands were, and trying to meet them. The fact that the leadership is made of radicals is extermly promising considering that the peoples faith in Capitlism is at the lowest it's ever been since the Paris commune. If the leadership is made of comptent people who understand what the French people want, and how they can effectivly rile up the people to be anti-capitlist then we might see something great (If the military dosen't fuck shit up).



Moreover, France has historically since the French revolution been firmly attached to democracy, at least conceptually, and egalitarianism. Therefore promoting political ideologies hostile to democracy would be inaudible, not only to Yellow Vests as a whole but also to a good majority of the French population.

One of the most strongly promoted demands of the yellows vests is the R.I.C. (référendum d'initiative citoyenne or Citizens' initiative referendum in english, see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Citizens%27_initiative_referendum_(France) ) and to transform the French Republic into a direct democracy. Guess who is also promoting direct democracy and referendums, a certain phallic pistolero from Scotland, Paul Cockshott.



that's a good point, where does the military stand on all this?



>In pre-revoulutionary Russia most people coudn't even read yet the Bolshiviks where still able to win the masses over to Marxism by asking what there demands were, and trying to meet them.

This is a very important point I feel few people understand. You get people on your side by being the one to meet their needs and demands, not by making everyone read Marx until they understand that it's the best ideology. Most people will never be ideological like that, and they shouldn't have to be. There's a reason the slogan was "peace, land, bread!" and not "collective ownership of the means of production and abolish the law of value!".



>may or may not be confounding keynesian economics with definitively leaving capitalism

Maybe it is best to leave capitalism with a keynesian economy?



let's start with things that are actually possible, first.



It's difficult to gade, but there were reports that rural police were refusing to crack-down on Gillet Jaunes in the towns and there are various hints that the rank-and-file are pro-GJ. The beautiful thing about the GJ is because they are their own "brand", they can't just be labelled as "evil commies", they are beyond that now.



>tyrannic centralist technocracy.

Why does everybody with this teenager flag force me to scream internally and want weak ass AFL type "centralization"?


File: 565f59c795aa3ad⋯.gif (64.78 KB, 128x128, 1:1, 1545844690242.gif)

[muffled Internationale in the distance]


> This general assembly was streamed live on Youtube and I watched part of it, especially the cloture.

Is there a link to this





I guess we'll know for sure if it gets more serious



Well, after the humiliation that was act XVIII for the State, IVPITER announced that he would mobilise military personnel from the anti-terrorist Operation Sentinelle troops to protect State buildings from the Yellow Vests.

Then a couple of soldiers came out anonymously to the press to say they would disobey the orders if they were in a situation where they had to shoot a protester because this protester could be a family member or a friend and moreover they actually were sympathetic to many of the yellow vests' ideas. However we don't know if those views were representative of the majority of the French army.




File: 8093b9232ff98e5⋯.jpg (33.6 KB, 527x960, 527:960, 56806657_119964682513793_5….jpg)

File: 2ebb4964af60602⋯.jpg (35.44 KB, 302x960, 151:480, 56681307_119964732513788_7….jpg)

File: 8b5215735ff19cd⋯.jpg (43.86 KB, 622x960, 311:480, 56551680_119964665847128_9….jpg)

Some people are already prepared for Labour Day…



i'm very seriously considering learning French so I can throw my hat in. worth doing?



Well, I mean learning any foreign language is a fantastic intellectual and cultural experience especially if you are monolingual and you're motivated. Moreover there's a ton of great French leftist/communist/anarchist books many of which were never even translated in English, so I say go for it, if you have the motivation and the right method.



>In the manifesto, which will be finalised tonight and published online next Monday,

Is this out yet? Where can I read it?



Oh, this reminded me: What ever happened to that Based Boxer who seemingly just fell down from Heaven and proceeded to single-handedly push back a whole troop of terrified riot cops with a flurry of power jabs and right crosses? Not since the Klitchko-Joshua fight have I seen an exhibition of pugilism so glorious.



He's in jail for 6 months I think.



I think it'll be published on their site: http://giletjaune44.livehost.fr/ and Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/assembleedesassemblees/ but as far as I know, it is not yet available.



Ah, 6 months ain't that bad. Besides, I'm sure he'll simply punch his way through the wall if the revolution has further need for him.



smells like butterflyposter tbh



police uses tear gas in a carnival

with rides operating with kids in them


File: 2cc2e25b05182cb⋯.png (43.01 KB, 621x310, 621:310, ClipboardImage.png)


What a disgusting little cuck this man is



Who is this piece of shit?



No idea, just someone replying to the tweet in >>2859111


File: 8c3a9cba5d7b92d⋯.jpg (79.26 KB, 850x400, 17:8, quote-we-can-forgive-the-a….jpg)


That is the exact same excuse that Israel gives when they shoot Palestinian children. Right wingers are fucking monsters.


Here you go:

Nous, Gilets Jaunes, constitué.e.s en assemblées de nos Assemblées locales, réunis à Saint-Nazaire les 5, 6 et 7 avril 2019, nous adressons au peuple dans son ensemble.

A la suite de la 1ère assemblée de Commercy, environ 200 délégations présentes poursuivent leurs combats contre les politiques d'extrémisme libéral pour la Liberté, l'Egalité et la Fraternité !

Malgré l'escalade répressive du gouvernement, l'accumulation de lois qui aggravent pour tous les conditions de vie, qui détruisent les droits et libertés ; la mobilisation s'enracine pour changer le système incarné par Macron !

Pour seule réponse aux aspirations convergentes des gilets jaunes et autres mouvements de luttes, le gouvernement panique et oppose une dérive autoritaire.

Depuis 5 mois, partout en France, sur les ronds-points, les parkings, les places, les péages, dans les manifestations, au sein de nos assemblées : nous continuons à débattre, à nous battre contre toutes les formes d'inégalités, d'injustice, de discriminations, et pour la solidarité et la dignité.

Dimanche 07/04/2019, Saint-Nazaire.

Nous revendiquons :

– l'augmentation générale des salaires, des retraites et des minimas sociaux ;

– des services publics pour toutes et tous.

Notre solidarité et nos luttes vont tout particulièrement aux 9 millions de personnes qui vivent sous le seuil de pauvreté.

Conscients de l'urgence environnementale, nous affirmons « Fin du monde, fin du mois, même logique, même combat ! »

Face à la mascarade du grand débat, face à un gouvernement non représentatif et au service d'une minorité privilégiée, nous mettons en place les nouvelles formes d'une démocratie directe.

Concrètement, nous reconnaissons que l'Assemblée des assemblées peut recevoir des propositions issues des assemblées locales et émettre des orientations (comme l'appel de la première Assemblée des Assemblées de Commercy). Ces orientations sont ensuite systématiquement soumises aux groupes locaux.

L'Assemblée des assemblées réaffirme son indépendance à l'égard des partis politiques, des organisations syndicales, et ne reconnaît aucun leader auto-proclamé.

Pendant 3 jours, en assemblée plénière et par groupes thématiques, nous avons toutes et tous débattu et élaboré des propositions sur nos revendications, actions, moyens de communication et de coordination.

Nous nous inscrivons dans la durée et décidons d'organiser une prochaine assemblée des assemblées en juin.

Afin de renforcer le rapport de force, de mettre l'ensemble des citoyennes et citoyens en ordre de bataille contre ce système, l'Assemblée des assemblées appelle à des actions dont le calendrier sera prochainement diffusé par le biais d'une plate-forme numérique dédiée et sécurisée.

L'Assemblée des assemblées appelle à élargir et renforcer les assemblées locales souveraines et à en créer de nouvelles.

Nous appelons l'ensemble des Gilets Jaunes à diffuser cet appel et les conclusions de notre Assemblée.

Les résultats des travaux réalisés en plénière sont mis à disposition des assemblées locales pour alimenter les actions et les réflexions des assemblées.

Nous lançons plusieurs appels : sur les Européennes, les assemblées citoyennes et populaires locales, contre la répression et pour l'annulation des peines des prisonniers et condamnés du mouvement.

Il nous semble nécessaire de prendre un temps de 3 semaines pour mobiliser l'ensemble des Gilets Jaunes et convaincre celles et ceux qui ne le sont pas encore !

Nous appelons à une semaine Jaune d'actions à partir du 1er Mai.

Nous invitons toutes les personnes voulant mettre fin à l'accaparement du Vivant à assumer une conflictualité avec le système actuel, pour créer ensemble, par tous les moyens nécessaires un nouveau mouvement social écologique populaire.

La multiplication des luttes actuelles nous appelle à rechercher l'unité d'action.

Nous appelons à tous les échelons du territoire à combattre collectivement pour obtenir la satisfaction de nos revendications sociales, fiscales, écologiques et démocratiques.

Conscients que nous avons à combattre un système global, nous considérons qu'il faudra sortir du capitalisme.

Ainsi nous construirons collectivement ce fameux « toutes et tous ensemble » que nous scandons et qui rend tout possible : nous construisons toutes et tous ensemble, à tous les niveaux du territoire.

Le pouvoir du Peuple, par le Peuple, pour le Peuple. Ne nous regardez pas, rejoignez-nous !

L'assemblée des Assemblées des Gilets Jaunes.




>Aware of the environmental emergency, we say "End of the world, end of the month, same logic, same fight! "

Not sure what they mean by this, but seems based and redpilled to me.

>Aware that we have to fight against a global system, we consider that it will be necessary to leave capitalism.




I don't speak French so idk how accurate it is, but I figured I'd drop a machine translation just in case anyone is unable to do so themselves for whatever reason:

>We, Yellow Vests, formed in assemblies of our Local Assemblies, gathered at Saint-Nazaire on April 5th, 6th and 7th, 2019, address the people as a whole.

>Following the 1st assembly of Commercy, about 200 delegations present continue their fight against liberal extremism policies for Freedom, Equality and Fraternity!

>Despite the repressive escalation of the government, the accumulation of laws that aggravate for all living conditions, which destroy rights and freedoms; the mobilization is rooted to change the system embodied by Macron!

>As the only answer to the converging aspirations of yellow vests and other struggles, the government panics and opposes an authoritarian drift.

>For 5 months, everywhere in France, on the roundabouts, car parks, squares, tolls, in the demonstrations, in our assemblies: we continue to debate, to fight against all the forms of inequalities, injustice, discrimination, and for solidarity and dignity.

>Sunday 07/04/2019, Saint-Nazaire.

>We claim:

>- the general increase in wages, pensions and social minima;

>- public services for all.

>Our solidarity and our struggles are especially for the 9 million people living below the poverty line.

>Aware of the environmental emergency, we say "End of the world, end of the month, same logic, same fight! "

>In the face of the charade of the great debate, in the face of an unrepresentative government and the service of a privileged minority, we are setting up new forms of direct democracy.

>In concrete terms, we recognize that the Assembly of Assemblies can receive proposals from local assemblies and issue guidelines (such as the call of the first Assembly of the Assemblies of Commercy). These guidelines are then systematically submitted to local groups.

>The Assembly of Assemblies reaffirms its independence from political parties and trade unions, and does not recognize any self-proclaimed leader.

>During 3 days, in plenary assembly and by thematic groups, we all debated and elaborated proposals on our demands, actions, means of communication and coordination.

>We are in the long term and decide to organize a next assembly meeting in June.

>In order to strengthen the balance of power, to put all citizens in order of battle against this system, the Assembly of assemblies calls for actions whose schedule will be released soon via a digital platform dedicated and secure.

>The Assembly of Assemblies calls for expanding and strengthening sovereign local assemblies and creating new ones.

>We call on all Yellow Vests to spread this call and the conclusions of our Assembly.

>The results of the plenary work are made available to the local assemblies to feed the actions and reflections of the assemblies.

>We make several calls: on the Europeans, the citizens' and local popular assemblies, against the repression and for the cancellation of the sentences of the prisoners and condemned of the movement.

>It seems necessary to take a time of 3 weeks to mobilize all the yellow vests and convince those who are not yet!

>We are calling for a Yellow Action Week starting May 1st.

>We invite all those who want to end the grabbing of the Living to assume a conflictuality with the current system, to create together, by all means necessary a new social movement popular ecological.

>The multiplication of current struggles calls us to seek unity of action.

>We call on all levels of the territory to fight collectively to achieve the satisfaction of our social, fiscal, ecological and democratic demands.

>Aware that we have to fight against a global system, we consider that it will be necessary to leave capitalism.

>Thus we will collectively build this famous "all and all together" that we are chanting and that makes everything possible: we build all and all together, at all levels of the territory.

>The power of the people, by the people, for the people. Do not look at us, join us!

>The Assembly of Assemblies of Yellow Vests.

Sounds like pretty good stuff on the whole. Feels more and more like things might be edging towards a "1905 moment" for France. That part about the Assembly of Assemblies being able to issue guidelines and releasing a schedule of actions - does that mean the movement is centralising somewhat?



Depends on how much legitimacy the Assembly of Assemblies (what a glorious name, Lenin himself would be proud) enjoys among the GJ. If they're seen as legitimate and respected, the answer is yes. From what I understand, this assembly was large and had voted representatives from every Yellow Vest assembly all over the country, which would suggest they're seen as legit representation.

The biggest thing for me though is the line about leaving capitalism. It was rumored here, but to see it written right there is fucking unreal to me. If you'd told me last year that we would see a mass insurgency explicitly against capitalism in a Western country, I'd have laughed in your face. And to think it all was sparked by a fucking fool tax. Give 'em hell, based frogs!


File: ad35b76fe92b447⋯.jpg (12.55 KB, 239x250, 239:250, alunya_by_maurofonseca_dbs….jpg)


>We, Yellow Vests, formed in assemblies of our Local Assemblies, gathered at Saint-Nazaire on April 5th, 6th and 7th, 2019, address the people as a whole.




>From what I understand, this assembly was large and had voted representatives from every Yellow Vest assembly all over the country, which would suggest they're seen as legit representation.

About what I've gathered, too. It's a good trend imo, for what the opinion of a random internet shitter is worth.

>The biggest thing for me though is the line about leaving capitalism. It was rumored here, but to see it written right there is fucking unreal to me

I'd be lying if I said that didn't make me tear up a little bit when I read it.


I wonder if "All Power to the Assemblies" could work as a slogan.





>"All Power to the Assemblies"

Would be a beautiful fucking slogan.



In France, "fin du mois" can mean the financial struggle many poor people have at the end of the month to pay for food or other expenditures because their salary isn't high enough to last the whole month.

When a French says:" J'ai des fins de mois difficiles", it means they struggle financially to get by at the end of the month before the next pay. I think anglophones have equivalent the expression "Living paycheck to paycheck".


File: afad175ddb49b32⋯.png (11.49 KB, 603x519, 201:173, DwcCr9sVsAEfDRg ukrainian ….png)

i wonder how many people they represent, they say about 200 assemblies assembled, does about 10-50 people per assembly sound like a good guess? meaning about anywhere from 2000-10000 people they directly represent does sound like a good chunk for this initial meeting. they seem to be planning on having many more assemblies to join by the time of their next meeting they mention in june to talk about more deeper questions of methods and planning.




Therefore "Fin du monde, fin du mois, même logique, même combat !" means "End of the world, living paycheck to paycheck, same struggle" which root political ecology in a social struggle.



>"End of the world, living paycheck to paycheck, same struggle" which root political ecology in a social struggle.

This shit just gets better and better. Eco-Stalinism, here we come! If you're a frenchie, can you give us your reading on how much legitimacy these assmeblies enjoy in the field?



Today is a very happy day. May the class struggle spread far and wide, may France yet again be the cradle from which revolutionary spirit springs forth and ushers in a new epoch and a more equal society.


>not marc ogret




time to start learning French, boys. You never know when la brigade internationale will start hiring :^)


File: b603e6171e98870⋯.jpg (28.86 KB, 352x338, 176:169, 99643.jpg)



Honestly this is some anarchist style organisation: is this really all the Invisible Committee's work?





Well, as I said here >>2858716 I think the Yellow vests who organise and make those assemblies are the core of the movement and therein you can find the most radical elements in my opinion.

Those assemblies enjoy quite a bit of legitimacy as without them the movement would have been dead long ago, the yellow vests who held those assemblies in the roundabouts in the dead of winter were the ones who safeguarded the movement together during the end of December and in the beginning of January when the protests were the smallest in number and intensity and all the mainstream medias were claiming the yellow vests were dead as a social movement.

The question now is whether the explicit anti capitalist tone of the manifesto will be accepted by the local assemblies or will create a rift in the movement.

There's a good chance it will be accepted by most of them as the "Assembly of assemblies" were quite representative of the local one (more than 200 delegations were present).

Now, if the revolutionary anti-capitalist force inside the movement becomes a majority inside the Yellow Vests, if "traditional" leftists join, en masse, the Yellow Vests for April 20th in Paris and Labour Day and those protests are a success, if by the end of the year there's a global economic crisis that hits the world and especially the Eurozone and if some alternative economic and political systems to capitalism and bourgeois representative democracy, like Cockshott's Cyber-socialism mixed direct democracy or "Google him"'s Communalism (funny thing is R.ojava was mentioned during the assembly) etc… gain traction in France then really all bets are off and we would truly be in a "Russia 1905" type of situation.



Tbh Francanons, if I were you and involved with the GJ: I would be attempting to found GJ-adjacent trade and tennant unions. It is clear the GJ do not trust the union establishment, as such you should be founding parallel structures that service the movement in-order to build class unity IMO.



>this is some anarchist style organisation

The existence of a central body with the capability of issuing guidelines and action plans doesn't sound all that anarchist to me, tbh



Eh it reminds me of platformism, especially as it is creating a union of assemblies without even a basic leadership team rather than a leader or spokespeople.


File: 59f8cd853173079⋯.jpg (105.64 KB, 980x450, 98:45, arton15674.jpg)

File: 692a37c35c31040⋯.jpg (94.63 KB, 2048x2048, 1:1, GLI-F4.jpg)


As would do that, but unfortunately I live In Paris that means that the only GJ I can have access to are either Socdems reformist at best or French-COINTELPRO plants.

There's no way to occupy anything in Paris in order to organise assemblies, since Nuit Debout, without getting blown the fuck out by the police and I mean literally blown by grenades containing 30g of TNT like the GLI-F4 and sent to jail.

Remember this movement originates from Provincial France.

The only time I meet genuine GJ is when I go to the Saturday's protests, that's where I gained my knowledge of the movement by speaking to 100+ GJ from all over France, many of them took part in those local assemblies.

The building you see in this picture is where they held their assembly.


File: 7f33f46d844ac71⋯.png (1.18 MB, 1172x879, 4:3, Screenshot_20190409_013650.png)



Picture from the draft.



The funny thing, as you can see in that picture, is that initially "exit from capitalism" was initially barred in the draft but ultimately put in the final version.



Translation from the right sheet (I can't read the left one)


-Capping high wages

-Ending the privileges of High-graded civil servants, elected officials and member of the government.

*Change the system

-Citizen's initiated Referendum in all maters

-Anti-concentration law in regard to media ownership

-Socialisation of banks

-Exit from capitalism (this was added in the final version though)



Last thing, it's interesting to see that it shares some similarities with Labour's manifesto albeit ultimately the Yellow Vests' one is more radical, especially considering the final version is explicitly anti-capitalist.



This is pretty fucking based.



Thank you based anon. I've also talked to some non-anon GJs but they've been Parisian and pretty out of the loop as far as what's going on in the rest of the country is considered.

>I've been trying to spread consciousness of the GJ and agitate for support rallies and similar movements both IRL and online since November, but it's fucking incredible how self described Marxists and Leninists just repeat the mainstream line about "fascists and people who hate environment just throwing a hissy fit". It's fucking vital to get some actual info on this shit.





Yeah I thought the exact same thing tbh.




Oh I forgot to translate the bottom part:

Method of validation:


-Validation by the local assemblies with the number of votes

-These demands are far from being exhaustive



>April 13th is begins a commemoration of the Paris commune



It'd be interesting if this was an ideological debate or a debate on the "optics" ie. "is this too radical" vs "will this be seen as too radical".


As a burgerstani working in a factory, one of my co-workers told me she supports the Yellow Vests. You guys are being heard by normal people here too, despite the American media blackout of the event. Keep it up friends.



What happens if they can sustain it till May Day..


File: 6bd5e83b6c19241⋯.png (1.19 MB, 1060x824, 265:206, 5f1e9684983419cf32f2c5b451….png)

Oc this blessed day



If what you wanted to say is "No Capitalism, No Macron" you should have said "Ni Capitalisme, Ni Macron"



What's he got carabiner'd to him?



It's for rope climbing.

The man pictured is one of the legendary Antifa super-soldier, his mission on Labour Day will be to climb the Eiffel Tower, once climbed, he will install at the top of it the Commy Ray 1871.2 which once activated will instantly vaporise all bourgeois in a 150km radius.


What's the relationship between the GJ and the French left? Now that the GJ movement seems to be explicitly anti-capitalist, do they have support from any socialist/communist parties? Are the GJ skeptical of political organizations who try to push them in a certain direction, or appoint themselves the leaders/vanguard of the movement?


File: 833bf0ce7f6a49e⋯.png (319.79 KB, 497x302, 497:302, 833bf0ce7f6a49ed2f1c44cd91….png)



Is the Revolution coming comrades?



This is probably more 1905 than 1917 tbh






I'm making a video right now about this.




how so?



GJ rn is mostly people figuring out what it is they want to replace Macron, a lot like 1905, in a few years the yellow vests will have a vanguard theoretically advanced enough to capitalize on the next crisis. What we have rn is good but it probably won't topple the state.



the more I look at it, history does indeed seem to be repeating itself, hopefully GJ becomes more explicitly anti-capitalist which leads to a proper vanguard forming.




>Anarchist supporting vanguardism

I mean I'm cool with it but wtf



Radically decentralised confederate council vanguard party.



If you look closely at it both the CNT FAI and the EssDeeEff basically acted like vanguards do, guiding the masses and such



left unity, fam. I'm not going to shit on a potentially successful anti-capitalist movement because they don't align perfectly with my views.


How is public reception to GJ? Twitter is still being overrun by anglos to determine what the French are thinking



It's an extremely polarising subject



What’s your channel? Also where can I confirm this info of it being explicitly anti capitalist?



>Also where can I confirm this info of it being explicitly anti capitalist?

It's written at the end of their manifesto here >>2859216

"Aware that we have to fight against a global system, we consider that it will be necessary to leave capitalism."

you can find the original version here : https://blogs.mediapart.fr/maison-du-peuple-de-saint-nazaire/blog/080419/appel-des-gilets-jaunes-de-saint-nazaire-assemblee-des-assemblees



Depending on the poll and the question asked, 50% to 80% of the French population supports/are sympathetic to the Yellow vests movement.




In this in light of the recent announcement?


File: 4ecf06e9155a4e7⋯.jpg (212.24 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, -Suicide-Squad-Meet-The-Te….jpg)



No, I believe the last poll was from March.


File: 90af8b87bfd7857⋯.jpg (383.95 KB, 956x920, 239:230, france-decoupage-956x920.jpg)

File: 72ffdb5e3b87eef⋯.gif (15.89 KB, 495x540, 11:12, France-provincesAR.gif)

File: 22d3f7a870ff660⋯.jpg (62.97 KB, 645x542, 645:542, light_europe.jpg)

File: 0a0b49d8f2b97c4⋯.png (1.48 MB, 1410x1878, 235:313, Population_density_based_o….png)


>Moreover, France has historically since the French revolution been firmly attached to democracy, at least conceptually, and egalitarianism.

This is a nice myth that completely glosses over the historical legacy the GJ emerged from. The reason this movement is so special is precisely because it's provincial and opposes the structure of the French Republic(s) which have been resolutely committed to centralisation based on Paris.

In the ancien regime, the various provinces of France enjoyed great autonomy. Local languages enjoyed equal status with "court" French, courts and laws were ran regionally instead of answering to Paris and the economy was much more decentralized. The cities enjoyed even greater privileges, where the citizens were represented through their industries in city councils. These councils were typically made up of representatives from the different guilds inside the city as well the local church. Instead of the later republican assemblies, based on representative "democracy" aka the rule of moneyed privilege, these assemblies were much more local and technocratic. A citizen could not be represented at the highest levels of power, reserved to the King, but was able to have a lot more impact locally. There are tons of examples here, for example new eminent domain laws, which after the Revolution and until the late 19th century gave the Republic the right to bulldoze whatever the heck they wanted, but I think one example here stands up and above.

Before the revolution, France had little to no centralized police force, instead city guards were ran, funded and operated by the city council. In Paris, these city guards had the duty of policing food markets and the sale of wheat specifically. If a seller was found to be price gouging his wheat, the guards were there to arrest them. However after the revolution, police forces were centralized into one Republic-wide command and received new orders. As newly appointed protectors of "Life and Property" they were now in charge of breaking up people protesting against price gouging, the opposite of what their mission was before.

It's a long winded example, but I think it does the situation justice.

After the 31 May 1793 coup, where the sans-cullotes took over the assemblies, the Girondins, representatives of provincial interests and a federalized state, were sidelined. The Jacobins considered the "province" to be dirty unwashed catholic peasants and started the rapid and unabashed concentration of power, population and economic activity on Paris. Throughout the 1st, 3rd, 4th and 5th Republic, this mentality has perpetuated itself. France became increasingly centralized, under Napoleon local prefets and other departmental leaders complained that the only power they had left was the ability to wear their tricoloured ribbon. The liberal 3rd Republic with Jules Ferry at its head made it their mission to eradicate the local languages and cultures of France with a passion that would make modern fascists drool. During world war 1, fuckups of the French army were regularly blamed on southern "provincial" regiments and royalist officers that supposedly lacked the strong Republican convictions and couldn't handle taking 20 German bullets to the torso like real Citoyens would.



File: b5694707542449c⋯.png (436.27 KB, 526x396, 263:198, Chirac_cosplay.png)

File: 60472b6c1739f06⋯.pdf (5.11 MB, Histoire de la maréchaussé….pdf)

File: 21e7d1e0ea878e9⋯.jpg (117.08 KB, 1000x625, 8:5, jean-lassalle-et-antoine-d….jpg)


This long process has had 3 big consequences for France:

>1. The nation has been lagging behind economically and demographically behind it's eastern neighbours partly because of the Republican/Liberal/Parisian obsession with the concentration of power in Paris. This has lead to capital and population choking the city, while leaving the rest of the country barren. Only under Mitterand and later Chirac, did serious attempts at regionalisation happen for the first time.

>2. Because of said concentration, the ENA and all other relevant organisations forming France's elite essentially live in their own Parisian bubble, leading them to consider the provincials as barely human, and stalling any hopes for internal reform. See McRon referring to the GJ as a "Jacquerie" aka medieval peasant uprising. Really tells it all about how these people see their country.

>3. Parisian capital controlling the country. If I was in a cheeky mood, I think a genuine Maoist argument to critically support politicians like Jean Lassalle which represent the proletariat and the petite bourgeoisie of his impoverished agrarian department could be made. Indeed such a gulf between the CAC 40 companies based out of Ile-de-France and the farmers of the Pyrenees exists, that you might as well consider them revolutionary-useful National Bourgeoisie.

All of this bring us back to the GJ. The roots of the movement are provincial by nature and they represent, in my opinion, a violent explosion of a Girondin consciousness, that has long been fermenting in France. A lot of presidents knew how to keep it under control, most notably Jacques Chirac who was both genuinely interested in equalizing economic growth over France as well as being adept at cosplaying as a rural farmer.

McRon however is openly spiteful of the provincials. His "start up nation" program basically being an open declaration of war on the countryside. It's no wonder this rural consciousness, repressed for hundreds of years would explode under him.

Semi-regulalry I see people here confused/angry at royalists "appropriating" the GJ. While the GJ are a resolutely modern movement, with many socialist tendencies, their roots are in the local democracies and federalism of the ancien regime rather than the centralised bourgeois democracy of the Jacobin revolution.

In conclusion, read my upcoming book where I synthesize the doctrines of Maurras and Mao


Is La France Insoumise comparable to the SFIO fucks? Just checking so I don't fuck up on the scale of the shitty vaporwave I made.



Nah, LFI are Corbynite tier.



Is there a local term for a class cuck btw?



Social-traître :^)



so the ancien regime was integralist? do you think integralism can still work today?



How the shit did you get that from that? He was endorsing a Chad non sectarian socialism in a thing resembling the IWW.


File: b43fd354977ab59⋯.jpg (51.38 KB, 410x602, 205:301, Affiche_de_promotion_du_qu….jpg)


>so the ancien regime was integralist?

This is putting the cart before the oxen, so to speak. The Ancien regime didn't really have a concrete ideology beyond the absolute power of the monarch in state matters and a mercantilist foreign policy. Integralism as formulated by Charles Maurras was essentially an effort in creating a coherent doctrine out of royalist thought at the time. Would the Kingdom of France under the Bourbons naturally drift towards Integralism like Prussia did towards Bismarckian Social Democracy or would we see the repeat of the UK model where aristocracy and capital joined forces and worked towards the Enclosures? We really can't predict that, but it was definitely possible.

>do you think integralism can still work today?

I think so. Modern communications aka the Internet make local decentralized democracies very viable as the GJ AdA is proving right now. Industrial/Professional democracy/identity is also making a comeback. There has recently been talk in France about creating a Corporation (in the Integralist sense) of programmers to better represent them in social negotiations as well as forming an independent body to certify CS schools/programs as legit, think like a Doctors or Bar association. Sadly I fear that an unironic/untainted return to Catholic social values is now impossible in France, outside of a few rural regions. IMHO an alliance with the moderate Muslim community will probably become increasingly likely if current migration trends continue.


See this is the problem with mods being too ban happy, the last few times I went in detail about the deeply catholic and conservative tenets of Integralism I got unceremoniously banned for 1 month. And without that it just looks like I'm some kind of weird deleonist.





>Ancien Regime Appoligia

The Ancien was a shity oppressive dictatorship, where nobles ruled over everyone else. Using it as inspiration for a modern political project is retardtion.



Also I mean it doesn't exactly have the best track record for survival now does it?



>The SU was a shity oppressive dictatorship, where nomenklatura ruled over everyone else. Using it as inspiration for a modern political project is retardation.

This is the level of strawmanning you're on. The ancien regime was most certainly not a full democracy, nor did it try to be, but what the fuck are you stuttering about? Oppressive dictatorship? Laws were not particularly harsher than under the Republic and Empire and less people were killed by state repression in the entire reign of Louis XVI and XV than in the short years of the Terror. Nobles definitely did not rule over everyone, there were a few well publicized cases of petty local nobles being absolute cunts to their serfs, but they were a very small minority. If you actually read about how provinces were ruled you'll stumble on a complicated web of cities, nobles, courts, clergy and guilds with checks and balances not some Orwellian dictatorship. By the way social promotion via the judiciary and clergy was definitely present and not some pseudo caste society like some would have you believe. Absolutism didn't mean the king had the right to come to your home and steal your wages, it's a political ideology meant to neuter the power of the French great nobility to ensure the cohesion of the kingdom in the face of its many external enemies (perfidious Albion in particular).


File: 881359dcf7b6645⋯.jpg (377.92 KB, 900x1100, 9:11, Sans.full.1974800.jpg)


>Ancien Regime Appoligia

I guess leftists never took anything from feudal socialism, did they.


File: 342a8607facb2b0⋯.jpg (78.66 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 34983107_459982534454717_1….jpg)



Still, don't associate with reactionaries


File: 80af9f4052093af⋯.jpg (7.57 KB, 224x224, 1:1, download (1).jpg)



Unironically great posts. The provincial v. centralist conflict in France really is something that we should keep in mind when looking at this. I know it from history, but didn't realize it was still so present today. But isn't it also the case that the paisans have also been more left leaning in the old fashioned, working class kind of sense? Also, while the bulk of the #GJ movement consists of paisans, more radical democracy indeed has been one of their main demands, in addition to better living conditions. This sort of reminds me of the (failed) revolution in Finland which, while started by urban workers, drew the bulk of its ranks from landless peasants and workers in rural and small town areas.

I'd also like to add that Robespierre did nothing wrong.


File: 1872a054b84f837⋯.jpg (33 KB, 353x347, 353:347, 1872a054b84f8377edfe32c3a5….jpg)


>I'd also like to add that Robespierre did nothing wrong.

preaching to the choir here my guy



That's one rare Robespierre right there. I'll save it.





I am somewhat confused. Are you saying that the GJ is attempting to create a left wing style of intergalism or just decentralization and federalism?

>Girondin consciousness

Whats that?



Their was a rigid class system where your class determined your legal rights. In addition their was a regressive taxation system where the nobility payed jack shit in taxes.


>feudal socialism



pick one


File: cf8f8652fb056c5⋯.png (47.96 KB, 400x350, 8:7, tumblr_p3wuxaYJWr1wpgj0ao1….png)


>feudal socialism



<pick one

Have you even read the communist manifesto




International Brigades vs French Foreign Legion would be a fun gunfight



what does AF stand for? ass… fuck?



He's a Nazbol Action Francaise shithead



>calling anyone a gay nigger while advocating monarchy

>a system where your head of state has gay little tea parties and gay sex to sign agreements



So what's on the menu for today boys?






>mounting monuments, accompanied by colored gas and pirate flags, all with an enormous crowd



So any tasty happenings today?




They were playing/singing bella Ciao 5 minutes ago,I welled up not gonna lie8. Now it looks like the cops might be getting ready to kettle folks…



Yeah, the crowd on the ruptly stream were just chanting "A-Anti-Anti-Capitaliste"



That live chat is fucking cancerous I tell ya what


It always is…le sigh




File: a4e35b969a1c904⋯.png (131.46 KB, 960x391, 960:391, 59m03vbtuff21.png)


File: 891680a20dcb4e3⋯.png (130.78 KB, 960x391, 960:391, 59m03vbtuff21.png)


fixed that thing I failed to erase pass them out at a rally French anons? idc





Did you take part today, and did you get a chance to talk to others about the manifesto.


File: 1b9f7eb871d4312⋯.jpg (220.38 KB, 1020x888, 85:74, fbf.jpg)


Nah man, I'm just a burger that's trying to help radicalize


How is the public reacting to the Assembly of Assemblies' statement? And the far right and far left?



Apparently tied to renovation work, but I figured it'd be nice to bump the thread, these next fews weeks leading up to May 1st are going to be pivotal.



Place your bets overloarded workers or budget cuts like the Grenfell.

(it's both)


File: 3c93744218882b5⋯.jpg (130.16 KB, 2048x1365, 2048:1365, NotreDame.jpg)


Ok, lets talk about this now. What are the implications of something like this on the yellow vests? Is this the Reichstag all over again or did one of the yellow vests actually do this? Either way I feel like it will be pinned on them.



Well french firefighters have been very vocal about budget cuts, and these kinds of things tend to get people angry at the establishment for corruption.

But no-one will blame the GJ for this.



>no-one will blame the GJ for this.

Macron cancelled a press conference about dealing with the GJ. It all seems all too timely. If they didnt do it, I still think they'll get blamed for it.

I'm not French but I have a bad feeling about how this may be portrayed given the climate there right now.



the right will definitely try to make this into their 9/11 (and they already are with hysterical proclamations that THE WEST HAS FALLEN), but honestly if no one dies this will be out of the news in a week



This it'll just get rebuilt and nobody's going to remember or care about an accidental fire decades later.


Notre Dame is a distraction from or false flag against Gilets Jaunes and Julian Assange



fucking nothing




Muslims did it



Oh noes, it will have a charred roof and will require some additional reconstruction works, whatever shall we do?



good, Gothic architecture sucks and anyone who likes it deserves cultural revolution style public shaming



At least according to my countrys media, this isn't even suspected to be an intentional fire. It's sad, but I don't think this is a false flag.



You did it.




Meh I doubt anything political will come out of it. Anyone that tries to politicizes it will get rekt


What IVPITER was supposed to announce yesterday if not for the fire at Notre Dame:

>Macron will ask french people to work more, either by reducing the number of public holiday, augment the legal standard working hours in a week or augment the Retirement age.


The literal MADLAD!



Wait, is he going through with this? I'm starting to think he's a secret accelerationist, willing to stand up and take a bullet for us all




Forget who did the Notre Dame fire, the better question is who is writing Macron's policies?



Idiots who haven't watched the Alpha Wolff.



>Macron standing on a podium

>looks around, tears in his eyes

>armed guards place his head into the guillotine

>before the blade falls he whisper-sings "debout, les damnés de la terre. debout, les forçats de la faim."

>his head rolls into a basket, a gentle smile on its face



File: 026fdc0b162d478⋯.gif (1.08 MB, 220x169, 220:169, 026fdc0b162d478d3bb5c214d0….gif)



Post yfw you realized Macron was part of the Gilets Jaunes Gang all along


File: 9d7a607cce81cc7⋯.gif (756.59 KB, 305x720, 61:144, 1379071161258.gif)


>Rothschild investment banker was a communist all along



he sacrificed himself on the altar of communism

will you deny him thrice before the rooster crows



>Louis the XVI was a Jacobin all along

Really makes you think


File: db05e99f35c37ab⋯.png (297.72 KB, 2271x2380, 2271:2380, mOnvOJG.png)


*Russian Eastern Orthodox church terror and Spanish Red Terror intensify*



Read the more recent tweets by that guy. The #GJ was actually worker helping the fire department to get to places.


Y a-t-il des parisiens ou des personnes prévoyant de monter sur Paris pour l'acte 23 qui seraient partantes pour se rejoindre quelque part et y participer ensemble, ce samedi, entre gens de /leftypol/ ?



J'peux pas, je bosserai à l'autre bout de la France à ce moment là ;_;


File: 0fcff70f80f7566⋯.jpg (2.09 MB, 3120x4160, 3:4, IMG_20190419_193126.jpg)

I'm ready!


File: ab827f989c87517⋯.png (1.02 MB, 960x682, 480:341, 57377388_847846755569995_1….png)

File: e7981257436032b⋯.jpg (302.32 KB, 1200x848, 75:53, ob_1de2d5_carte-trajet-man….jpg)


The 3 rendezvous points for act 23 at 10 a.m. with the objective to converge to the Champs Élysées.

The other picture is the map of the restricted areas in Paris by the police.


File: 2f75337f3656b07⋯.png (234.71 KB, 680x680, 1:1, 5ea.png)



Enjoy yourself anon



Thanks, tomorrow's act will be a big one like act 18 was, be sure, if you can, to follow the livestreams. I'll try to post pictures if I manage to get there.

>Saturday 20/04/19; Yellow Vests from all over France are to converge to Paris in order to repudiate the results of Macron's "Great National Debate".


im in paris this weekend, where can see the protests?




There's also a rendezvous point in Place de la Madeleine at 12:00 in order to converge to the Champs Élysées, organised by Éric Drouet.



What do you mean "see" them? Join them!



Do you have the The Poverty of Philosophy? It was originally written in French, so I imagine it is an easier read than translated works.



No for the simple reason that I haven't read any Proudhon yet and I want to read at least one of his book before reading The Poverty of Philosophy.



You don't really need to worry too much about that, since Marx usually quotes the relevant passages from Proudhon before debunking them. Though I definitely respect the desire to hear things from the other side first.



I know I could but I want learn about Proudhon through his own works and merits and not only by reading Marx debunking, I think he his important enough for me to read at least one of his books, especially since I'm French and he is still quite influential there. Not that I think that Marx criticism of his work isn't important or valid but that will come later for me.



Je serai à la gare Saint-Lazare dans 10 minutes, si tu es toujours intéressé.



Ça m'intéresse mais je pourrais être a Saint laz que dans 30min



What are the little ampoules?



A saline solution to clear the tear gas from your eyes.



Thought as much. Hope you don't need them, and good luck, anon.



Je suis dans le coin si t'es toujours vers saint laz


So how are things in Paris?




Sending the gas back towards the police on stream



Seems fairly calm. Has there been any happenings of note today?



Plutôt intéressé pour le premier mai perso.


This act was less violent than March 16?



>In an interview this Sunday, Aurore Bergé (a deputy from Macron's party LREM) gave use Macron's answer for the social crisis :

-Less public holidays

-Increase the retirement age

-Augment the legal standard working hours







Now will you people believe that Macron is an undercover agent? This is Marie Antoinette-tier dumbassery



Marie Antoinette wasn't a Jacobin, she was just the result of a ruling Aristocracy that had been growing more and more decadent and out of touch for decades. Same with Macron, my man legit thinks he's going to be the next syncretic leader to lead France from ruin like Napoleon or De Gaulle.



>Marie Antoinette wasn't a Jacobin

Well I meant that he isn't Marie Antoinette per se, but that he is saying dumb shit like her to fuel resistance.


File: 49231537956f399⋯.jpg (256.19 KB, 911x1000, 911:1000, headlesslouis.jpg)


>tfw you realize Marie Antoinette was Jacobin accelerationist gang



Historically the FFL was choke full of former members of the international brigades that fled Spain. It was also full of former SS soldiers after WWII and both groups then fought side-by-side in the FFL.


So Frenchies, how did yesterday go in you view?


File: 11538feda27c6f7⋯.png (3.09 MB, 2828x2244, 707:561, oeuef.png)


Is dual power starting to take form in France right now?


File: 83752523d29f79a⋯.jpg (11.2 KB, 220x317, 220:317, IMG_20190421_114524.jpg)







I gotta give it to him, this is the most creative suicide method I've ever seen



He's doing it the absolute madman. He's really a 1 admin skill ruler in europa universalis.



The tension is building up. The president has failed to address or even simply acknowledge the crisis at hand. The country feels like sliding further into instability and there's no telling how this will play out.





File: 66e2944d7b0f65a⋯.jpg (57.07 KB, 800x450, 16:9, before_and_after_revolutio….jpg)


Honestly, I believe that Macron's actions here are a sign of the impotence of neoliberal ideology today. Think about it. Why from the 80s till now, has the ruling class been able to get away with mass privatization, the cutting of social security, increase in working hours, decreasing wages, etc? It is because of the lack of working class mass movements. Because of the destruction of working class power in the 80s and 90s, the neoliberals were able to screw over working people without any opposition. However, in France now, we have seen an explosive return of a mass movement. In the past few decades "the great mass of the French nation was formed by the simple addition of homonymous magnitudes, much as potatoes in a sack form a sack of potatoes". In other words, the isolated individual could not do anything as the neoliberal establishment fucked him over. But now that the individual has become part of a mass movement, NOW he can genuinely challenge French society. Macron, somehow, STILL has not realized this. He still things he is dealing with the powerless, isolated individual, who he can manipulate and screw over as he pleases. He, along with the entire neoliberal world order, is about to get a rude awakening.


File: d1024be14887661⋯.jpg (168.11 KB, 900x473, 900:473, NAZBOLDAME.jpg)


File: 55edff6f2cd54a1⋯.png (41.61 KB, 386x51, 386:51, 56459649.PNG)


File: 7e8ef06352c750e⋯.jpg (75.23 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 9e60c957999b0a36d2f8aa80c9….jpg)


Tu veux b'tir des cites ideales

Detruis d'abord les monstruosites:

Gouvernements, casernes, cathedrales

Qui sont pour nous autant d'absurdites!

Des aujourd'hui vivons le communisme

Ne nous groupons que par affinites

Notre bonheur naitra de l'altruisme

Que nos desirs soient des realites

Debout! Debout! Compagnons de misere

L'heure est venue, il faut nous revolter

Que le sang coule et rougisse la terre

Mais que ce soit pour notre liberte!

C'est reculer que d'etre stationnaire

On le devient de trop philosopher

Debout! Debout! Vieux revolutionnaire

Et l'Anarchie enfin va triompher!

Debout! Debout! Vieux revolutionnaire

Et l'Anarchie enfin va triompher


i dont know if its that i dont pay attention but i never hear a peep about this movement on news stations in the us.


As long as people still have food on the table there will be no revolution. >Change my mind



> not 0 admin



There's some truth to this, in that the common catalyst throughout every civil war and revolution has been a rise in food prices



>inb4 Macron raises food prices




wat dat


File: 953cbe230d112e0⋯.jpg (128.36 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, SonicAccelerationism.jpg)




Some people are already broke on the 17th of the month, I've heard a story about an older lady who couldn't buy her prescription drugs at the local chemist


File: 076f847825ee3f8⋯.jpg (79.96 KB, 694x960, 347:480, IMG_20190423_071311.jpg)



Yes because the global south as the right climate to produce towering oak trees you fucking dolt.

Tbh they're probs gonna come from Canada.



good grief they're going to use special exotic ingredients, why don't they make a few minor design alterations to make French trees fit.



They can't use other wood?



Oak trees are sacred to Slavic pagans and they will use this fire as an excuse to defile sacred Slavic forests.



Because they are literally not thicc enough. You need big massive fuck-off trees that were either natural ones that had stood for 100s of years, or were grown in specific forests for the purposes of large architecture and later ship building. The reason they don't exist anymore is that the need for them in architecture faded in the renaissance (as architecture moved towards geometrical support as opposed to pure mechanical support) and ship-making was moved to the Americas (the forrests beyond the King George line were in-part kept Native American because they wanted to stop settled farming the land because the wood was used for ship masts).


Oak is one of the strongest woods known to man, they might use redwood but that would still come from NA. So yeah, the trees are likely to come from North America, if it was Quebec it would be pretty fitting tbh.



b-but it's the protestors who are violent!



>"I'm tired of this," a clothing shop owner in the Marais

lol fucking die



tl dt: In protests this week, you had people saying stuff along the lines of: "cops don't kill yourselves, join us!" and then a few said "cops kill yourselves!"

Guess which one of the slogan the MSM reported on?

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