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File: 02ee88b6b652877⋯.jpg (189.95 KB, 1187x1200, 1187:1200, DARMKniXoAAsbr9.jpg)


So here we are, days away from the vote on May's deal: it won't pass, but it seems nothing will. If another election happens then what? Labour has to fix this mess? We get a hung parliament with no real outcome? Seems Britain will be forever changed by this, these are the ends of days…


File: cb2030152c98c37⋯.jpg (25.39 KB, 655x430, 131:86, DopEM6UXkAErYq2.jpg)

> shit deal

> or no deal


Recession inbound. Hard Brexit likely if this deal isn't passed. Election or not, there will be carnage soon, and the left had better be ready to direct the coming popular discontent, in stead of flailing as is happening in France.


The true meme timeline:

>Government collapses, calls general election

>Labour runs on supporting the People's Vote

>People's vote is held, Remain wins.. but by less than Leave did initially

>Everyone pissed, but we stay in the EU

>Two months later the EU collapses due to Great Recession 2: Electric Boogaloo



>Labour runs on supporting the People's Vote

Fucking kill yourself



Nah the proper banter heuristic is that the EU rejects a second referendum by not allowing an extension.


How do you know it won't pass though? (excuse me am dumb non-Angloid)


It wont pass and then there will be a hard brexit then comrade corbyn will be elected el presidente for life and abolish the monarchy



Because 92 tory MPs have said they'd vote for it, as has the supporting DUP. It is expected at best 6 Labour MPs will support it: May's kinda fucked.


will there be happenings in bonglands on the scale of gelits jaunes?



bongistanis are rarely politically active about anything.



northern ireland had the biggest happening in western europe since may 68 though



>Northern Ireland




careful about that imperialism lad



Literally no one cares about your Balkan tier autistic screeching about muh appropriate names



We don't talk about Northern Ireland.



Nah, that's not how we work. Things are too tribal in this country.



It's not about 'appropriate names' you tard. NI is not part of Britain and it has very little in common with it.



to europeans you are just a bunch of english-speaking wankers who go to the pub and complain about the weather



It is not a part of Great Britain, but it is a part of Britain (nobody talks about the island when they say just Britain).



what is the difference between GB, britain and british isles?



British isles=geographical description of all the islands in the region

Britain= main land, Scotland, England and Wales I think

Great Britain= all of the UK including Northern Ireland



so are ireland and the faroe islands part of the british islands?



British Empire is a more accurate description.



Assuming this isn't a meme:

Great Britain is an island, containing England, Wales, and Scotland barring smaller neighbouring islands.

The British Isles are Great Britain, Ireland, and all their surrounding island.

Britain originally meant just Wales and England (see: Roman Province of Britannia) but means more colloquially the country of the UK. Like if you say someone is British they could be from Norn (unless they start singing come out ye black and tans then they'd be Irish).


Sorry lad, but you're wrong.


So how do we deal with a snap election, Com-lads?

Im kind of worried that if Labour win a snap election, that means they're going to get the blame when Brexit inevitably goes poorly.

What do we think?



Ireland yes, I think the Faroes are considering their own thing because even Shetland is out there and it has never been a part of any British state.


Is corbyn pro- or anti-eu? newb here






? what is that supposed to mean

i thought he was a politician



he was against joining the EU, but his current position is a but ambiguous tbh



I think they should try and force won and win it to get a brexit through. As Lenin said you can't sit on your arse and wait for perfect conditions to come around because they never will: you have to make the best of what you can.


OG anti-EU (he's a Benninite, he voted out in 1975 which puts him in a small minority), however he has to be practical with his party being so pro-EU. He is currently pushing that we should leave, but opposed May's deal. His precise brexit policy is v vague.



historically he's been publicly anti, he's almost certainly still privately anti but publicly he's walking a fine line where he has to insist he was pro-eu during the referendum, which he was, and now is both pro-brexit and pro-eu in order to assuage the remainers in the party.



what did I get wrong?



so what? whether or not Britain is in the EU has nothing to do with his agenda.



Great Britain is the island with Scotland, Wales, and NI, Britain is used as a collective for stuff in the UK



*England, Wales, and Scotland FUCK.



We can't nationalise the trains in the EU and fuck me if rail nationalisation is not the entire thing that makes him popular.



Before purging them, right?



Anti, but he keeps an ambiguous facade to try and lead liberals by the nose. Not sure how much good it does.


What do we think of the EU?



Regardless, Britain should not be a part of it: a continental system cannot work with the UK in it.


Reminder this is how the 2019 election will play out but with Brexit:




Membership: Will Jeremy answer a direct question?

Seumas Milne: If it's about the EU, I strongly advise you not to ask a direct question.

Membership: Why?

Seumas Milne: It might provoke a direct answer

Andrew Neil: When you campaign in the 2016 election, are you going to support my view that we should leave the EU or not, or not? Yes or no? Straight answer.

Jeremy Corbyn: Well, if you ask me for a straight answer, then I shall say that, as far as we can see, looking at it by and large, taking one thing with another in terms of the average of my opinions, then in the final analysis it is probably true to say, that at the end of the day, in general terms, you would probably find that, not to put too fine a point on it, there probably wasn't very much in it one way or the other. As far as one can see, at this stage.



Burger here, so I don't know shit, but it seems like leaving the EU would make it far easier for Corbyn to push anti-austerity measures



quality reference


Also man I rewatched A Very British Coup today: fuck me its good.



Nope, the EU is against nationalisation of industries and requires strict fiscal rules of its members.



>reading comprehension



It's late mate give me a rest.


How likely is a hared Brexit?



May's deal is a pretty hard brexit tbh, I assume you mean a no deal?


File: e2d3c024c66dd73⋯.jpg (92.17 KB, 756x599, 756:599, a8fdfb35b39ef98afc942a5605….jpg)







Just call for a Border Poll already, you Imperialist cunts



>The British Isles are Great Britain, Ireland, and all their surrounding island.

Eat shit bitch



>Ireland yes,



File: 187c63b53951915⋯.jpg (12 KB, 250x250, 1:1, .jpg)


>British isles=geographical description of all the islands in the region



I want NI reunited with Irealnd so idk what your talking about



To be destroyed.



>May's deal is a pretty hard brexit tbh

Wtf are you talking about. Mays deal keeps EU rules that prevent large scale nationalization.



It’s just as much of an agent of capital as the nation states that preceded it.



What would centre labour do if he came out like that?



Most people don't want it though

Swim fein has the right to call it anytime but then don't cuz it's not probable at this time


File: 744473c35456e69⋯.jpeg (59.6 KB, 600x512, 75:64, joe mccann.jpeg)


>Most people don't want it though


>Swim fein has the right to call it anytime


I've heard enough outta you, Imperialist.



Don't the republicans have the right to call a referendum under good Friday?


File: 0dd80de5c304def⋯.jpg (189.08 KB, 1000x667, 1000:667, strabane mural.JPG)


Only the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland has the power to call for a Border Poll



Oh sorry my mistake famalam



>due to Spain being butthurt about Gibraltar


Based Seumas.


Brief to the media and threaten to split for a few months before ultimately doing nothing.


The COCKshott linked this interestin piece

"The Left must connect with the dynamic energies created by movements of popular sovereignty, radical democracy, and class politics. It must recognise that constrained democracy is historically redundant or conceptually oxymoronic; democracy means the continual and restless striving for collective self-determination. It must recognise not only that the European Union is no friend of democracy, socialism or internationalism, or of labour against capital, but that it is not even serving the purpose of keeping the Right at bay. On the contrary, the Right, having little need of rupture from the European Union to pursue its nationalist political agenda – whether in Hungary or Poland, or Italy – remains inside the state of the Union, largely unperturbed by its bureaucratic apparatus and yet reaping the electoral rewards of Euroscepticism, capitalising on the discontent with neoliberalism. This scenario could well be repeated in the United Kingdom should there be a reversal of the Brexit referendum result."




it's literally not a part of 'Britain' you fucking knob, Britain is a fucking island, which NI isn't on. Geography is not this difficult.


So there are reports that 20-30 Labour MPs might abstain on the deal which MIGHT allow it to pass…



>Trying to organise a border poll with no Stormont

HAHAHA good joke.


File: 1b964b64f7dc004⋯.png (1020.52 KB, 1080x1471, 1080:1471, ClipboardImage.png)

About time someone stood up for the moped gang community tbqh



A Pro-Corbyn, Momentum backed candidate just won the Welsh Leadership race.




With that and a claim that 20-30 Lab MPs may abstain on the vote: it is possible the deal may actually pass…



Somebody reset the "days without Lib Dems betraying their voters" sign.


File: 0726ee1fd05b932⋯.png (71.52 KB, 654x396, 109:66, ClipboardImage.png)

There is an event unfolding.



Mopeds can't handle Tactical Contact™.



Interesting thing is that this policy is actually really popular: has like 70% support. Voicing some opposition to it is reasonable, but honestly fuck the cunts.



Also I had to explain to my foreign GF what Hillsborough was and why there were "Don't buy the sun" stickers everywhere. It was actually quite difficult having not grown up with the context of what Hillsborough was…


File: efb00c4a7984e96⋯.jpg (268.01 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, Dtvu7BIXQAAojGa.jpg)

He was a punk, she did ballet, what more can I say?



>20-30 MPs

>Enough to make a difference in May's humiliating landslide defeat


So when we going to war with Spain lads?

Looking at my Burn Europe clock the Germans are nearly 40 years behind on physically ruining Europe, the French haven't done it in nearly 200 years, surely its our turn to have a go?


File: 90f9d28da02dff1⋯.jpg (83.75 KB, 721x949, 721:949, Dso9-rNWkAARa1Q.jpg)



Let's let Spain block extending A50. We can let them have a bash at destroying Europe/EU.



Can you post that on somewhere because that girl is hot as hell



I agree, what a stunning and brave woman!



do we /revolutionarydefeatism/ now?


So is the deal going to get blocked or will the eternal Blairite fuck everyone in the ass one last time



I'd say it's pretty likely it will fail, pretty sure the numbers don't stack up in May's favour at all. Best just waiting for this sort of thing though since there's not much you can do to impact it and politics is a bit of a wildcard nowadays.


anyone have the pic with lenin hidden behind a curtain or a big piece of cloth on which is a corbyn motto (or a momentum one)?



I know exactly what image you mean (It is a Corbyn for Leader) one, but I don't have it. I know an anon does here.


File: 5d39f7c03d52f41⋯.jpg (41.51 KB, 720x540, 4:3, corbyn lenin portrait.jpg)





das it mane



Excellent Adam Curtis interview.

Mr Curtis: They may have been conned about some of the reasons to vote for Brexit, but that vote was still an expression of what they feel, which is a sort of anger. One of the most cowardly things I think is all these nice middle-class people I know who are going to become German citizens. You fucking cowards. If you really think this is wrong, why don’t you stay here and fight for what you think is good? Fuck off. You want to go and live in Germany? It’s a retreat. But they’re somehow so proud of it. It’s part of the pessimistic mood and nobody has managed to explain to me why the middle classes are so pessimistic. It was when someone showed me “The Handmaid’s Tale”…have you seen The Handmaid’s Tale”?

The Economist: I’m afraid not.

Mr Curtis: It’s gruesome. It’s absolute shit. You’ll probably love it because it gives you a dystopia. Somebody told me it’s peak dystopia. You can’t go further than this. It’s torture porn for the baby-boomer generation. Sorry, I’m off the point.



>The Economist: You’ve also made lots of films about people who have tried to make the world a better place and who ended up making it worse by accident.

>Mr Curtis: That’s no reason to stop.

Christ, Curtis is so consistently based



I think Curtis is right when he says he's a journalist and not a politician (or a theorist for that matter). He makes a lot of great observations and some… unique takes, but it's all very surface level, and that's kind of what I get from his films as well. I think the comparison with Jordan Peterson is very apt. They both talk about these issues that are very real and evoke feelings that resonate with a lot of people, but because they don't have a coherent theory behind these issues their conclusions are either banal or just off. Not to hate on him or anything, I like his films, but he's not the genius that some people think he is.

Also, slightly off topic

>One element, which I think is under-discussed, is the one described by David Graeber, the anthropologist who exposed the idea that 40% of us believe our jobs either make no difference to the world or make it slightly worse.

This guy has made his entire career by basically copying Marx and writing his own shittier version. This is basically just Marx's theory of alienation, except Marx's theory is way more than just "my job is meaningless". Same thing with the debt book. I was reading the Origin of the Family, long time ago, and there is a passage where he talks about debt in the ancient world, makes a lot of the same points as Graeber, but he actually ties it together with the development of the family, the state, property, class, just a broader materialist analysis that's way more lucid and enlightening than Graeber's own shitty takes. You would think that after over a century of accumulated knowledge someone like Graeber would be able to come up with something better than Engel's talk about Polynesians and consanguinity, but no, our knowledge progresses and our takes keep getting worse.


Lamo, reports the People's Vote lot are trying to kill attempts to take Britain into the EEA. The counterrevolution devours its parents…



Remind me again why we make fun of yanks for being thin-skinned about 9/11 when scousers are *still* salty about less than 100 people dying almost 30 years ago?



Because porky, the bill, and the press barons didn't try to say 9/11 was the victims' faults.

Also fuck Maggie innit.



The scousers didn't deserve it


File: 4f36f12e4a20e17⋯.pdf (199.36 KB, morris1.pdf)

File: 315a9659b13618b⋯.pdf (414.39 KB, morris2.pdf)

File: c270c6ae4876384⋯.pdf (255.7 KB, morris3.pdf)

File: 3516deb644b1780⋯.pdf (124.04 KB, morris4.pdf)


in addition to the reasons already given, few would be making fun of it if it was only new yorkers complaining. few people are insensitive to local people caring about local tragedies. the ridiculous thing is some guy in Alaska who hasn't so much as met anyone from New York going on about 9/11 when it's a more distant tragedy than the 1938 yellow river flood.

now for some post-9/11 kino, read these PDFs. (actually do it they're not the kind of literal novels normally posted, you'll be done in 10 minutes and you'll be thankful you did it.)

29th: Shock scientific survey proves that America really did have it coming. The results of a new study show that at the time of the 11 September attacks, America was unequivocally asking for it. American researchers at the highly respected Massachusetts Institute of Technology who collated the DNA profiles, conversational attitudes and facial disposition of more than 8,000 Americans are said to be 'devastated' by the results. Test supervisor Bill Porman said: 'I'm sorry to say but spend any time with these people and you start to think, sure, I'd do it, they're absolutely fucking insufferable.' Security Chief John Ashcroft is said to be demanding that, from now on, objective scientific research be classified as an act of terrorism.



>Armando Iannucci

I already know this is going to be fucking quality.



viscerally unsettled to have found out this is a thing


File: 00f8d9ba6273a2a⋯.jpeg (455.39 KB, 1368x1088, 171:136, 652E0256-A2E1-468A-9622-3….jpeg)

Can’t wait for Corbyn to become PM and abolish sp*urs.






>A secret UK Government-funded infowars unit based in Scotland sent out social media posts attacking Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party

Im not even surprised


File: d52918b8629c52b⋯.jpg (260.13 KB, 570x558, 95:93, 1541494481092.jpg)


Do you have more proof?



Daily Record is pretty reliable and is the largest paper in Scotland.




Tbh this is the kind of thing you launch an inquiry into to fucking decimate a load of careers.




please, can he, that would be amazing.



Honestly, the funding exodus of UKIP from its MEPs is gonna cause some kekery. Like the SDP and Libertarian parties now get european funding since they have MEPs…


Also tbh lads: https://twitter.com/ElectionMapsUK/status/1071718228202790917

Might as well add your thoguhts in there.


File: f1412fbf2b907c8⋯.jpg (44.55 KB, 1096x616, 137:77, daddycorbyn.jpg)

Corbyn is my daddy and I wish him luck in his noble struggle against right-wingers!

Does he have a chance at becoming PM or will he be Palme'd?



Irony is that I doubt he would serve a full term as PM because him gaining power, and handing the leadership to someone else while McDonnell keeps the Gosplan ticking would ensure long term survival of the project.

But honestly, he could be PM by wednesday.




They're not even denying it, just saying it's because of "MUH RUSSIAN HAX".




What a waste of taxpayer's money. Half the country does that for free.




Considering Guardian journos are already shilling the counter-line to this you're not wrong.



Where? I can't see any mention of it on the Guardian's site (which is telling enough given how big a deal this potentially is).




To be fair it does seem like there was no party-political bias to the Russophobic hysteria they were churning out:



File: 6b12286e1741a7d⋯.mp4 (14.39 MB, 640x360, 16:9, goodbye to the crown.mp4)

Can't wait till Corbyn gets in and gets coup'd by army elements and CIA-niggers so we can have English Revolution 2: electric boogaloo and fight for the people's parliament



I honestly wouldn't know what to do in a coup situation, it doesn't bare thinking about…



Copy the French and trash the infrastructure.



Civil resistance. Refuse to follow the curfew, block soldier paths, put t-shirts to tank exhausts(worked here), spread the word by any means, if possible organise a small militia to block a street or harass the soldiers with sproadic fire(only do it if you have at least 25-30 people with coordination and understanding of guerilla tactics), try to convince soldiers to defect/disobey(privates are usually not that committed in a General's coup, if it is the junior officer doing it, it will be harder); if the situation is not stabilised within a day, start to put up barricades and organising marches to the government buildings, try to protect the Queen(if the plotters get her, she can legitimise the coup under duress, try to get the churches to call for resistance. A blatant coup is unlikely, but these are good methods to resist it. Remember, the longer a coup lasts, the more likely it will fail and either cause a civil war or just collapse.



To continue my autistic guide for situations that will never happen, if there is a AVBC style coup, the appropriate action is mass protests and a call for leadership elections. Try to secretly contact the deposed leader and record the denouncement of the coup(make sure he terms it as a coup to rile up the masses), try to pressure the Queen to declare the new leadership illegal or at least delay the appointment of the government, try to expose the intelligence services. Soft coups are harder to resist due to the veneer of legitimacy but it is possible.


So i was just killing my brain with some Anglo/pol/ vids and wtf?

Why do they all hate Nigel Farage now?

wasnt he like their le meme man?



Brit/pol/ posters have always been the most brokebrained of all people. The only one intelligent or funny is Brew.



Yeah true. but i meant all these E-Celebs they listen to

Like every Video ive seen over the last few days is them calling him a "JEW COMMIE LIBTARD CUCK CUCK CUCK"

Its apparently because after he left UKIP formally on his Live show he basically admitted all his fans were hicks and called the guy UKIP replaced him with a skinhead or some shit

Ehh but what does it matter

no point arguing about the fate of a near defunct party



>all these E-Celebs

Like who? Fat retard Carl?



well there was that Tommy Robinson shithead who was the guy that replaced him

he posted some video of some UKIP rally he was at and the comments were nothing "Huh sure showed that C U C K Farage"



right winger voted for a cuck? imagine



Cus he and a bunch of others left UKIP over its 'literally who' leader inviting the EDL guy in as an advisor.

So now all the /pol/yps who spent the last few years talking about how BASED farage is and 'muh can't barrage' have now immediately turned around to call him a cuck. Its a 'we've always been at war with eurasia' situation.


Brexit is cancelled lads



>sticking t shirts in exhausts

That's pretty fucking clever lad, what country?



My very basic understanding of it is that Farage left UKIP because they were being too obviously aligned with the types of the EDL when he was trying to keep it more palatable for more mainstream success.



Turkey. We also climbed on top of tanks and drunkenly swore at the soldiers.




Just double checked the tshirt thing and it may be a government lie as the exhaust would be too hot and pressurised to stick it in. The Leopard company which produces the tanks also stated it wouldnt work. Try at you own risk.



There's an EU law that dicatates that no industry can be solely state owned, every state owned industry has to have private competition. Nationalisation is essentially illegal in any meaningful form for any country inside the EU. So I think it's neo-liberal trash that keeps up a PR of 'leftynes' by keeping up with the usual idpol and 'feelies' shit that young voters think makes them progressive.



Well there's always potatoes.


>She's delayed the vote

Fuck me



>She's increasing planning for a no deal

Brexit:Last days of United Kingdom



I see the situation has improved from the end of the universe.


Also the EU is adding fuel to the fire with the ability to unilaterally revoke article 50.



The Dialectic moves in mysterious ways conrad



The EU has forever BTFO the critics that call it undemocratic with such a genius move.



Britain's going to go up in fucking flames…



You misunderstood, they said that the UK can unilaterally revoke article 50, thereby giving the UK an exit route.



I know. And people will be really pissed off if the government try to use it.



The EU didn't do that: the EU did not want that. The ECJ has kinda fucked the EU here, since it allows a country to trigger article 50 and withdrawal when they like.



Eh, the Tories said that they won't, though given their track record, meh. But the peoples vote guys and FBPE will get a second wind from this, especially with the delayed vote.


Holy shit Bercow is shitting on the government.



Wait what, is there a stream?





>>2748077 (me)

Oh btw he basically told the government "Have a vote on ending this debate you twats is common fucking courtesy".



She is like the sensei of talking without saying anything.



>Sir Vince Cable, the Lib Dem leader, says the government has lost all authority. He says his party will back Labour if it calls a no confidence vote.




I saw an interesting point the other day talking about how oxbridge basically trains you in the art of saying nothing but pretending you know a lot. You get so much stuff to do and you're monitored in small groups you pretty much have to learn how to pick up on the very basics and then talk about them a lot so it looks like you know what you're on about. But when you actually think about what they said or delve deeper it's a very shallow understanding. I have no idea the validity of this point but it does make a lot of sense. They basically get taught how to bullshit.



It all hinges on what the DUP do. Atm they are saying they won't sink the government.



I bet the DUP get another bung by the end of this.




warning: theres a bot that will dick you if you talk in all caps and the chat is in slowmode



We haven't been able to spend most of the last one they got because Civil Servants are running NI at the minute and the high court has advised they probably aren't allowed to make major budget changes, so we're still limping along

I hope the last thing May does before this all finally comes crashing down on her is fucking burn the DUP, they can't even take a fucking bribe properly



Well the last poll showed Northern Irish seats basically being reset to 2015 so the DUP would lose a lot of its influence.



Aren't there any MP's in the Tories who will break ranks? They must understand May is a sinking ship.



Not if it would see Prime Minister Corbyn.



Have to remember some backbenchers would be perfectly happy in opposition.



Would they vote for it as a "let's put it to a vote and campaign against Corbyn for a new Tory PM" type thing?



Nah, they wouldn't be able to organise that in time.


Those people also want a topaz no deal brexit which they think Corbyn will not fulfill.


File: 4f04bad6e1c55cc⋯.jpg (56.63 KB, 915x490, 183:98, Capture 8.JPG)

Remainers positively quaking in their boots.



>Normality returns

These people are fucking deluded.



>Internal Cold War with almost no clear lines splitting society down the middle for the foreseeable future




with each passing day I see this sort of shit and it makes me realise why we need gulags



Gooners out



>Corbyn won't become leader of the Labour Party!

>Corbyn won't become Prime Minister!

>Corbyn most likely won't become Prime Minister.

>In the best case scenario for us, Corbyn might not become Prime Minister.


It's disgusting that May still hasn't been gunned down in the street



Gunned in her vagina.


Goddamn these People's Vote MP are obnoxious.


Jeremy Hunt is now saying the vote will be after Christmas…



Maybe form your own opinion? I support it because of internationalism. Socialist EU would change the game unlike some small irrelevant country going full communism.



He probably doesn't want to form such a terrible opinion as that one.


File: 50f938bd92a0764⋯.jpg (306.24 KB, 1200x508, 300:127, 50f938bd92a07648a0294f92d0….jpg)


>implying the EUs sole purpose isn't to stop socialism

How did the left ever let people believe an organisation run by bankers and hedge fund mangers is somehow left wing . I blame Blairites


File: ba773bfb088f121⋯.gif (170.14 KB, 360x346, 180:173, bb.gif)

Tbh it's hilarious how irresponsible May is being. She's wasting even more of the Article 50 period purely so she can stay in office a few more weeks. And the EU has already made clear it won't even give her token concessions so the deal will still get trashed when Parliament eventually gets to vote on it.



it seems to me that the tories have completely shafted themselves




This is a result of decades if not generations of division in the Torys over the EU. Which on the most part they have been ingoing. It was going to fuck them at some point


You know what the funniest thing is? If she hadn't called a snap election she could have gotten a far better deal that at the very least most of her own party would have supported, if she hadn't been reliant on the DUP for C&S she could have done the obvious thing of keeping NI in the single market and taking GB out with regulatory checks down the sea

This massive cluster fuck is literally almost entirely of her own making, its delicious, she'll go down as one of the worst PM's in history if she doesn't go down as the last PM with any foothold on Ireland



>she'll go down as one of the worst PM's in history

To be fair she inherited an almost impossible situation. Cameron was far more inept in my opinion.



>if there is a AVBC style coup

Speaking of which, anywhere I can watch it?


>We also climbed on top of tanks and drunkenly swore at the soldiers.

Kek, I can imagine some fellow bongs doing this XD




>In the absolute best case scenario, General Secretary Corbyn might not execute us and declare the UoB



File: 9e753754fc6c695⋯.jpg (31.73 KB, 800x623, 800:623, 1486362160256.jpg)


Unironically based and I'm not even a bong



How is marxism anything but identity politics?

You all hate the rich as much as /pol/ hates the jew, why is your hatred okay and theirs not?

(>class is an identity)


File: 82b158f952352cd⋯.png (100.65 KB, 269x269, 1:1, 1346200091909.png)


>a person's relationship with the means of production is an identity



the far right: Jews, niggers, spics must be eradicated.

the far left: Bankers, hedge fund managers, oligarchs must be eradicated.

Every ideology has it's bogeyman, why do ☭TANKIE☭s get a free pass on their hate?



Class is not an identity based on narcissism of small differences. It's a material reality and it's based on wealth and how people's interests are aligned in regards to production. Simply put, those who work and those who own with a professional/managerial class in between who most often function as managers of the system and shock absorbers for the owning class.



>the far left: Bankers, hedge fund managers, oligarchs must be eradicated.

The term is "bourgeoisie."



Because you choose to be a banker and in doing so you exploit other people. You can always stop being a banker. We do not judge people by their inherent characteristics but what they've become.



It's not so much that the bourgeoisie must be eradicated, but that we must change the way are society functions so there's no longer need for them. It just so happens that any attempt to do so is *always* met with brutal suppression by the bourgeoisie including but not limited to fascist coups and mass murder, so eradicating them almost always becomes a necessity for surviving or even gaining power in the first place.



>the far left: Bankers, hedge fund managers, oligarchs must be eradicated.

Fundamentally we don't care one way or the other about what happens to them. We just want to break their hold on the means of production. Whether that means physically eliminating them or not is simply a question of practical necessity


File: d58fbc0733f5e0e⋯.png (17.57 KB, 497x417, 497:417, 1539601052644.png)



You know that Bankers, hedge fund managers, oligarchs and bourgeoisie can stop being those things by quitting their jobs or giving up their wealth/assets right?



You can watch it on 4oD.



File: 5976f14f047d758⋯.jpeg (65.7 KB, 585x699, 195:233, sadrat.jpeg)

Why is the labour party full of wreckers, anons?

When will these cunty middle class students and careerist neolibs be purged?

When will these so called leftists and 'anarchists' stop being pro-EU or at least get better reasons for being so than being so cucked by the right that they'll take any position that is opposed to them?

Will Comrade Corbyn ever reveal his power level and turn out not to be an inept Milquetoast liberal?

All i wanted was a brexit so we could be free from and land a boot in the teeth of the EU.. feels bad.. :(


Heres a fairly recent one from the anarchist world:




Don't worry anon, Brexit is still going to happen but every day of doubt about it just serve to discredit the tories further in everyone' eyes.

As for the state of the Labour party, its all up to whether enough marxist elements end up working within the party and forcing out the liberal elements so that the party is turned for good.



tbh the rabid pro-EU twitter people have been really good at turning young people anti-EU. Ive spoken to quite a lot of middle class students who many voted remain who are now more pro-leave than many older lefties. The main reason I think that the student/young left didn't push for Brexit was because all they saw was UKIP is brexit and ukip is bad. But yeah Corbyn's biggest mistake is not kicking out the Blairites after the second leadership bid and I wont forgive him if he waters down shit to please them. Ive got a feeling though that what they might do when they are in power is change the law so if you are kicked out of the party you were in when you were elected you have to stand in a by-election. Thus making it very difficult for Blairites to do much once Labour are in power since they care more about their job/money than their "principles" .



I hope he will tell Blairites to fuck off once he is in PM. How many of them are MPs anyway? In rough terms of coz.




Thx anons for making me feel a little better.

>UKIP is brexit and ukip is bad

This is exactly my problem with this country, this is exactly how many around us form there opinions to everything. people here are thick as shit, it's both dire and embarrassing.



>How many of them are MPs anyway

I think quite a few have left since 2015 there's about 15-20 die hards and then about another 50-100 who will keep there head down but are pretty right wing. I know some of the more die hard ones have had no-confidence motions passed in there local CLP so they could be either forced to not stand next election or just wouldn't want to without much support from local labour party members.


Yeah tbh if there is a pretty solid rise in anti-EU rhetoric on the left, I wouldn't be surprised if leave won again with an even bigger margin if there was another referendum.



I wouldn't be surprised if leave won again regardless of the left, though i wouldn't bet on it.

The problem is that labour will loose so many traditional voters and possibly even some of there heartlands because actual normal people who voted leave don't feel represented by there party in this.

If there was another referendum the labour party leadership would stop having to pander to it's seemingly middle class student membership and it sadly doesn't look like that will happen.



Neat, cheers m8



File: 2c88c4e5058bf52⋯.jpg (38.45 KB, 474x497, 474:497, 1541694639867.jpg)


>Giving it back immediately after taking it

Educate a brainlet but wtf is going on?



Basically if someone moves the mace then they cant do anything until it either gets put back or the Queen has to come. I think it symbolises that the Queen is present or something.



As i understand it was given to the house by the royalty to represent giving her power to them to use.


It was just symbolic, it's been a thing since like cromwell. Also, the security goons have swords on there hips and his weak arms weren't going to bash them in with the mace!



The most interesting thing about this for me is that the bbc broke convention by sharing the footage of a parliamentary protest.






MPs aren't meant to touch it because it represents the power of the crown. Picking it up is a protest that gets you immediately ejected. The MP planned to take it out but then thought "sod it I'll give it back here instead".



cant wait for the coup to Corybn's government to fail and a bunch of drunk lads steal the mace and take it out on a a 3 night bender across the country in the celebrations.


The media hasn't touched it but how likely do you lads think it is that May will get no-confidence'd by her party and replaced as leader?

If Y who do we see as next leader of the labour party? Do you think it'll make a no confidence motion by labour more likely to succeed? (maybe it'll fuel enough resentment within the party for some abstentions)

I see it as fairly likely, assuming that at least half of the 48 are already in the bag from the push last month.



Honestly if she was gonna get couped by her party it would have happened by now.


File: fcd020dbd3ad667⋯.jpg (198.35 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, education1.jpg)


>/leftypol/ wants to change the protocols by which society operates

>/pol/ wants to gas the niggers and go back to business as usual

>these are the same thing



There's absolutely no chance that May gets replaced until after this shit show. Whoever replaces her will be just as fucked politically, and power hungry tories will want nothing to do with the brexit bomb. I think they're going to hold onto her until a GE and then kick May and her successor will run on a policy of blaming her for everything with a little bit of sexism thrown in to get the UKIP vote.

As for Labour there's no chance that Corbyn gets ousted because of how many Labour members would cancel their membership and vote green.



>Labour members would cancel their membership and vote green

reading this made me shudder



s/labour party/conservative party



Why? The Greens are leftist across the board and seem to be the only party that would be prepared to invest in our future



The Greens are incredibly incompetent at literally everything they try to do, they're a bin fire of a party that basically exists for upper middle class people with too many teeth that want to piss daddy off by voting something semi leftist but don't want cut out of the will

They can't even manage waste collection in the one council they run, no way they could run the country



>green party are leftist

They arent lefty, quite a few of them are ex-Torys. There membership just tends to be that "middle class hippy" types. They are completely useless and are just an edgier version of the lib-dems now


File: 6176a3600d39cd1⋯.png (141.89 KB, 641x481, 641:481, 1522244751976.png)

Why do I keep hearing Corbyn might be the PM in 5 seconds? I don't understan British politics.

Also, why would you want this? He's gonna be fucked with the mess Tories are creating. Wouldn't the ideal situation be that Brexit goes through, Tories stay in power long enough for people to see how theor lives are turning to shit → Happenings -→ Comandante Corbyn



Best scenario : By an act of God, May stays in power long enough to lead the UK to a No-deal brexit.

Once the UK has crashed out of the EU with no survivors, a general election is called and Corbyn wins.



They want to abolish the Health and Social Care Act, tax the 1%, tax banks, build more social housing, use empty houses for housing, cap rent, they want to phase out fossil fuel and nuclear, provide free university and nationalise transport

They're the most left wing political group we have.



So basically if there is a vote in no confidence and the government losses there is a 14 day grace period where another government has to form and if no one can win a confidence vote in this time then there is a new general election. So there is a possibility that labour defeat the Government and manage to win a confidence vote (with all other parties including DUP and maybe some Torys abstaining) and thus will be asked by the Queen to form a government. It will be a minority government and wouldn't last long. The questions is Labour probably wouldn't try and do this but rather just let the 14 days count down and go to a general election. I dont think they actually want the government to fall but rather force the government into a no-deal brexit or general election scenario. The government might play along, we crash out of the EU, 25% of Torys pissed off and let the government fall, labour win a general election



Then the tories run the next GE on blaming Corbyn for not taking steps to rejoin the EU and threatening that his "marxist policies" will make rejoining impossible if we don't act now. Then the tories will win again and I'll kill myself



>phasing out nuclear power is left wing

They dont actually want to nationalise anything they want to do what EU countries do which isn't real nationalisation

Every good thing they have Labour does better, also Labour actually still has roots to the working class via unions while greens are just middle class wankers.


File: 0fb884ce341a884⋯.jpg (131.62 KB, 526x711, 526:711, 1af0d1fa4245cb6acd2f3e54d3….jpg)


>implying people will want to rejoin the EU



Unless Corbyns first policy isn't cleaning up tabloid newspapers then we're almost certainly going back in



While i do think the tories should stay in power till we're out of the eu and hopefully till the economic crash, its ludicrous to say 'Tories stay in power long enough for people to see how theor lives are turning to shit '

we've already had 8 years of this shit and everyone can see how things have been going to shit under the tories. Any 'waiting' is so as to not have labour be immediately beset by crisis to be blamed on them but rather for labour to come in at the moment of crisis to save the country with a radical program.



yeah, that's putting it better



why do you think this, even after remain has spent millions campaigning against brexit most polling still puts them even. Even leaving the EU on WTO terms wont actually be that terrible for the economy for the average person. People are poor now people are going to still be poor if the economy grows by 8% less



I swear I read on here someone explaining why the housing market will crash next spring. So hopefully that will happen again. It will probably be the only way I could ever buy a house




>try to protect the Queen

Fuck that shit, kill the hag. Britain needs neo-Cromwellism.


The EU is inherently Capitalist, it can’t be reformed.

>Muh internationalism

The EU is as internationalist as multi-national corporations.


>class is an identy



>The problem is that labour will loose so many traditional voters and possibly even some of there heartlands because actual normal people who voted leave don't feel represented by there party in this.

Hopefully a second referendum happens under a Tory-Lib-Dem coalition and a hard Brexit wins.


>MPs aren't meant to touch it because it represents the power of the crown.

Why are Anglos so spooked. Just declare yourselves a Republic already.


>The media hasn't touched it but how likely do you lads think it is that May will get no-confidence'd by her party and replaced as leader?

inb4 Boris Johnson becomes MP


>phase out nuclear

So increase Britain’s dependence on oil. Nuclear is nessicary to end fossil fuel usage.


Actually polling shows that once we leave people will not want to rejoin: mostly because we'd likely have to accept the euro and shit.

Also ironically while the Green membership are all hippies, the leadership economically is pretty leftwing (they've been calling for shit like a 4 hour working week). And Sian Berry last London Mayoral election was running on basically a Corbynite platform vs Khan's blairism.



Phase out doesn't mean stop using without having renewable sources in place.

Nuclear is only "necessary" because we refuse to invest in renewables



Khan isnt a blairite but more of a "soft left" ie people who were pissed of with Blair but not that pissed.


nuclear might not be necessary but its cheap efficient, doesn't produce CO2 and the technology is already there. Nuclear will be necessary since most renewable will be to dependant on non controllable factors ie weather. There is nothing bad at all with nuclear power you just need to deal with the waste properly.

Their leadership arent as leftwing as Labours which for years was pretty much the only reason most people voted for them. They are having the same problem the SNP and PC have. You cant out left Corbyn and stay in mainstream politics so their all having a bit of an identity crisis. Greens response to this is to support the Lib-dems in "people vote" shit and basically becoming the libdems for people who are more left wing.



This, the Greens can have their soft-liberal lefty europhile wank but once we're out they have basically no excuse not to merge into labour, but they'll probably not do that and default to increasingly centrist liberal positions where the light environmentalism is just for maintaining the facade that is 'green' politics.



Khan literally hired several Blairites that left the HoC because Corbyn became PM. He is constantly shat on by the more radical Town Hall.




>>2750036 (me)

(This likely means her party has sent the letters of no confidence in)



I really like the CPGB(ML)'s stances but they seem disappointingly sectarian and uninterested in appealing to a wider audience. Stuff like praising Stalin is fine in moderation but placing so much emphasis on it is just going to put people off.



At least give us a source nibba




>you just need to deal with the waste properly.

And pray tell how do we deal with the waste properly? It looks like we haven't figured it out yet so maybe until then we should look to using a power sources that don't yeild radioactive materials that we can't get rid of.



>And pray tell how do we deal with the waste properly?

By burying it? There are also plenty of newer reactor designs that can actually use all that waste or breed it into isotopes that are useable. The problem is that we're still running on old, outdated reactors from the cold war.


File: a51baa9f7e06874⋯.png (72.41 KB, 849x598, 849:598, NuclearIsTheSafestFormOfEn….png)


>so maybe until then we should look to using a power sources that don't yeild radioactive materials that we can't get rid of.

The “Radioactive Waste” is still safer than CO2.





It turns out it looks not so unlikely this evening. exiting times ahead!


Other usually level headed (on this) people are hearing from sources that letter senders are pretty confident.



The sources are that Graham Brady has been to No.10: he has no reason to do that part from to inform the PM that's she fucked.

Also yeah, the PM comes home from Brussels, faces the commons, has to deal with a confidence vote, then has to head off to Dublin. Poor sod.



Boris has gone on a diet. Leadership challenge confirmed.




Still, the absolute banter timeline is that May wins this confidence vote: then nobody knows what the fuck to do..



Just had a thought. The PM wasn't in no. 10 tonight. she's begging up over europe.



You're right. The only reason we haven't heard is because she is abroad.


So bets on who'll take over the Tory party if May does get the sack?

My money's on Johnston, no one else wants to touch it for fear of their career being destroyed but his is pretty much thrashed already, he can take it, fuck up brexit, rig it so he gets plenty of money out of this clusterfuck and get a cushy job on the speaking circuit as the only orang-outang to ever have held high office



First of all I'm going to put money on that she won't get the sack.

But for next leaders, Hunt vs Javid.



Jeremy Cunt because he can appeal to the incel crowd with his asian wife



Javid has no chance. The tory party will want its UKIP voters back and Javid is too dark and his name sounds too foreign


So What would a Corbyn Brexit deal look like? (Assuming this one does not pass)


They did it, those mad bastards!! Leadership contest.


File: 5038595c7385092⋯.png (91.05 KB, 1117x417, 1117:417, ClipboardImage.png)


I think, strategically, we'd want someone from the ERG to win.



My personal hope. I'm thinking that they'll push for a hard brexit but also get massacred in a GE.



No deal hard Brexit, paid for with Polaris missiles delivered at the highest possible speed to Brussels.



Yeah, I think they'd just sit on their ass for a few months until we crash out and then call a GE and resign if they win this skirmish.

FBPE would be so fucking furious it would be amazing.




Reasons i will never use twitter.



I never use multiple platforms and I still become painfully aware of the cunty factions on each of them.


>May loses VONC

>runs in leadership election anyway

>wins by default again

I'm going all in on memes.



Did any of you ever watch this? if so, was it worth it?




Thx mate.


File: bae519386c885fe⋯.png (11.12 KB, 940x319, 940:319, ClipboardImage.png)

Who've you got you labour vouchers on then lads?


File: fe5ac03457d8683⋯.png (10.88 KB, 620x457, 620:457, 675.png)


This is what Tory membership are saying.



It's good, not A Very British Coup great but still.


If she loses she can't stand again.


Why is Corbyn so bad at PMQ's? every week… It's so dire.


Which politician do you think is most likely to dab for votes?



Boris if he hasn't already.


File: ac420a9a5b67562⋯.png (407.72 KB, 624x351, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


Look at this pitiful attempt at a dab. Disgraceful.


File: f11fd9861940339⋯.png (2.16 MB, 1280x799, 1280:799, ClipboardImage.png)

Okay, now this is epic



Peak bourgeoisie hand-eye coordination

This is why we'll win



Anna Soubry and Amber Rudd 100%.


Btw we'll know the result at 9pm tonight.


I heard this Putin fella's in league with the Russians now and all. Is anyone not on their payroll?



Beeb got a special on from 7:30. Shame i aint buying a TV License. Q.Q



What are they going to talk about for an hour and a half?



There’s rape gangs in every town and Labor shut it down, bongs only riot over football


Is there some good british news magazine for spicy Leftist hot takes, angloanons?



70 minutes of straight tory propoganda and 20 minutes spent questioning "members of the public", 80% of who will vote tory, 15% will be blairites, and 5% Corbyners.



>Tory propaganda

Like people’s vote?



Indeed, don't want the Ministry of Wizards and their magic TV vans catching you out.


There'll be a rape gang in your room tonight if you carry on like that.



Already has been, I lived in Blackburn



New Statesman is pretty fucking good with its analysis and interviews. There are a few specific journals like Labour List, Left Foot Forward, Labour Hub, Tribune, ect. but they are less general news than Op-Eds & pieces of specific occurrences.






Ironically the BBC & other news orgs have been fighting hard remainder protesters because they keep on shitting up their live pieces to camera by shouting "BOLLOCKS TO BREXIT" every five fucking seconds.



They don’t want filth mucking up their role of telling people to do what the establishment wants.



Ya fuckin gally boy.



>New Statesman is pretty fucking good

That's gonna be a yowzers from me Scoob





JRM is the biggest cuck going, doesn’t have the balls to gut May, I’ve never seen a weaker era of British political leadership, in all parties. No credible challenger to the PM, when she has shit all over herself and is parading her soiled underpants around like she knows nobody will do a thing out of weakness



>I’ve never seen a weaker era of British political leadership

its great isn't it



Thing is Mogg could have everything he wanted by running for leader and sitting on his hands until we crash out. Instead he chooses to delegate to a bunch of opportunists and cowards.



Tbh just means the BNP will be back



I think a part of this is that the era of Presidential Prime Ministers (started by Thatcher) is over. What we instead if a resurgence of backbencher and cabinet power. The problem with this is that so much power now rests in the executive that a weak person in the role kind fucks things up. We are entering a period of rapid political restructuring: it's actually one of the reasons Labour did well in 2017. Corbyn may personally not be that well liked by the public, but his vision, his party, and his policies are. People voted for that (which ofc without him would never exist). As such when he is PM, he will take a back role compared to his ministers (Thornberry, McDonnell, Starmer). A Corbyn Labour government will be a lot like 1945 in that sense: it will be held together by an uncharismatic centre man with the policy giants in their roles taking centre stage. There's a reason you can name more members of Attlee's cabinet than you can of Thatcher's or Blair (Despite their successors). What we are seeing is cabinet & parliament take back control, what a time…



Nah the BNP is dead as a duck: most of them are inserted with Robinson's lot anyways. UKIP could become BNP 2.0 though.



I honestly worry if Mogg got the PM role: every edgester up and down the country would vote for him…



I think a large portion of the PLP will be getting shown the door if the opportunity arises.



lmao, in what timeline?

the edl-types entryism in ukip is more likely to 'succeed' than the bnp or some national action successor group coming to any prominence.



I don't quite clock what you mean mate.



Luckily retarded /pol/ Brits on imageboards are more fringe than Marxists by a multitude. Mogg would alienate the metropolitan liberal types which would be far more impactful.

If Mogg really wanted his hard Brexit he would simply have to take leadership, wait for the crash out, call a GE, and resign with his fat sterling short paycheque.



This, I mean heck Generation Identity is embedding itself with UKIP now…



The tories have already lost the metro lib types: the semi-rural gammon I'm worried about.



It's just stacking all their votes in the Shires though, doesn't make for a good FPTP electoral strategy.



The space is moving too fast for UKIPism to fill the void, they can’t capitalise. Tbh the state gutted so many of the elder statesmen of left and right wing movements that structure is the problem



Mogg is loved by the elites and liberals in media, they know he’s just a faggy Tory



Yea, it's been annoying me. If i could afford a train ticket to london i'd be going t deck some cunt i think.. Have also been fantasizing about burning those fucking flags this morning, actually.

Anyone from here from around SW ways? curious.



He's an oddity now, he would be the subject of intense ridicule and criticism if he took up a central role.



Not in Labour Targets like Exeter, Plymouth, Canterbury, Hastings, coastal Cumbria ect.



That might give him more support though: remember Trump.

I'm not concern trolling btw: I am legitimately worried JRM could give the tories enough of a boost to fuck everything up.



I think the Tories would be damaged quite seriously credibility wise if their stalwart against socialism was the sort of guy you could imagine owning a workhouse.



He’s smarter than most of the BBC who interview him tbh, it’s glaringly obvious, not that they are retards but just bubble elititits who have no clue how they come of to the working class. A toff like Mogg can use that to his advantage



The tories aren't internally democratic enough for Mogg to take the leadership. Even if he had enough support among the grassroots there's no way he'd end up on the ballot. The tories are a blairite party and will go for hip,'cool' moderate candidates rather than some poncy catholic gentleman archetype.


He’s also not lazy like every other Tory who think it’s fine to slag off socialism and retire to their chamber with the rest of the globalists. He’s a coward though so irrelevant atm



>He’s a coward though so irrelevant atm

Boris and Gove are defined by their cowardice and are faves to win.



Gove has the electoral appeal of a date rapist and can’t say he wanted to stop May as he supports this treasonous deal. Boris is far more popular among Tory MP’s but not the base



Before 2016 you'd be right about the blue blairism thing, but now they are trying to go full gammon: best evidenced by how they suddenly forgot Indian exist as a voting group since the referendum while Goldsmith was shilling to them constantly throughout the 2016 mayoral race.



Also every single teacher in the nation wants to wring his neck.


File: 95f3355b730711a⋯.jpg (4.28 KB, 195x258, 65:86, tonyben4.jpg)

Do we really think it'll get to a leadership contest? I personally think this vote will be closer than the media and politicos are making out atm but it'll likely come out with May on top. Having said that her credibility will be shot and i'd make a serious bet that the condition for many mp's supporting her is that she names a departure date or at least agrees to resign after brexit.

What we really need in politics rn is another pic related. Died at the worst time..



Benn's are not born, they are forged in the fire. I think there are several low key people that may become his tier (Pidcock if she only got more time, Long-Bailey is she had some power, David Lammy if he finally got around to reading fucking Imperialism: the highest stage of capitalism), but we will see. In the meantime we have a second coming of Nye Bevan with Angela Rayner (swap out the NHS for education), and McDonnell who honestly unparalleled in post war history in terms of his ability to make fucking City Bankers agree with a marxist programme…



Fucking disgusting no left wing voice to sell Brexit, i’ve never seen such cowardice all round. Still amazed the vote even won in such a climate






English m8, live in Leamington, born Blackburn.



I wouldn't be surprised if she makes it through the vote solely because no one else actually wants to pick up her cross. It might just end up another excruciating humiliation may has to go through as part of her self-induced martyrdom. She'll come out even more crippled, pathetic and all-round discredited and so will the tories as a whole. In fact her winning this would be a decent outcome.



Which is why you called them "Labor"?



iPhone did. Now let’s get back to the CENTER of the debate



If you do any research into what Mogg actually does as a porky you'll quickly realise that most of his opinions are basically just Bluster and that he's just as opportunist as the rest of them, wouldn't ever risk rocking the boat.



She’s actually winning via pity. Time was any weakness and it was.a feeding frenzy all round, even if the media like you as in Blair, this is fucking laughable spectacle



The front bench is really strong but if Labour do get into power the press will be after all of them the same way they went after Corbyn and 'Red Ed'. Girlfriends and boyfriends will be brought up or scrupulous family members, they will try it all. Rayner can never be PM because of her accent and the classism in Britain.



That’s why all the shrieking about him being hitla by liberals won’t be a factor he’s a big standard Tory, just the Tory party is moved Blair



*bog standard



Mogg isn't some genuine high tory pre-thatcher remnant though, when it comes down to it he's as much a blairite as the rest of them.



You are totally right. Most uneducated people are extremely impressed by anyone with a classical education. You only have to look at people like Stephen Fry, say a few long words and mention a load of old wars and you are considered a genius. Don't forget elocution darling, the gammons do love it so. Depressing.



Fair enough lad, I'll trust you on that one this time. Tbh you won't find any sympathy for Islam on here, Communists have historically eradicated it and the backwardsness it instilled in Fuedal populations (Look up Enver Hoxha for example) wherever they came into contact with it. I just find it funny that the ones who go on about Rape Gangs the most are people like the EDL who are fucking full of sex offenders. We want to destroy all organized crime.



Do you want to take this outside you fucking cunt?


>Red Ed

Oh those were the days. Still you can try to smear a front bench as much as you like it won't change that much.

You're right about the risk of personal stuff: but that doesn't really stick. Like if someone fucks up as a minister because of UC or Windrush them going makes sense but if it is over personal shit you and weather that easily. For example Kate Osamor will be back in 6 months I bet you.

As for Rayner: her accent could be a benefit to win back the Northern working class. I mean the Labour party wouldn't turn her away based on that. Regardless I don't think she would run for Labour Leader purely because she has a clear educational plan that she wants to implement. Nye didn't even try until the NHS was implemented.



Given his careless comments at times I fear that Mcdonnell will steer us to a peoples vote, given half the chance.



I have faith in McDonnell to know what the fuck he is doing honestly…



Yeah he’s pretty much a faggy classical liberal. When asked on QT about the ISIS Brits in Syrian he was hammering on about how they shouldn’t be killed over there. Get them home for a trial.

I wish someone brought up the point that we were there illegally already ffs



That's a really weird stance tbh: like people have attacked Thornberry for being harder than that…



I used to before his recent string of comments that have seemed very peoples vote orientated. He at one point said a peoples vote was 'inevitable'.

Anyone else laughing that all the media is reporting that 160 mp's are going to vote for may in the no-confidence vote tonight but that we must take it with a pinch of salt because they usually lie?!

We live in such a fucking shithole.. I swear down, the only thing that makes this country seem reasonable is having burgerland across the pond.


Why can’t Labour spin a massive spending boost on no deal offering incentives and blah blah blah, exciting new era blah blah blah. How have these people convinced so many the EU is virtuous as a starting point. Is it because the dirty oils wanted out and they are so much smarter?



*dirty oiks



Its weird because he is probably the most pro-leave out of the "pretending to be remain but kind of want to leave" group. I think he knows that a second ref is not possible so he can say whatever he wants



what if he thinks leave would win again and it would give them the opportunity to make a case and get a mandate for Lexit?



Galloway keeps also saying that they're leavers pretending to be remainers. It just gets harder to believe every day.

What do you lads think of George Galloway, anyways?


I tend to believe that we will loose another referendum but i live in a big liberal SW city so my views on this are very bias.



The amount of citizens we’re accepting is more than the gap plus new younger woke voters who hate Farage etc. My question would be you want a second, then best out of three is the only far way to go, make it a farce



yeah leave will probably win. The peoples vote thing have spent millions campaigning since 2016 and polls put leave on about 47/48 and remain 52/53. Which is pretty shit for remain since this is about what the polls said on the night before the result.


Weirdly lefty students are becoming more pro-leave now. Which makes sense logically

libdems support remain -> dont trust lib-dems -> maybe the EU isnt so good after all



>What do you lads think of George Galloway, anyways?

10/10 when he was being a cat on tv



I think socialists shouting at faggot libs on reddit and facebook who are lying through their back teeth about lexit has a cumulative effect over time too.



let’s have a real people’s vote not like those fake people who voted the first time



They were all gammons and probably Russians too :DDDD



It may also be a part of a strat that once Labour gets in power that it offers a brexit deal vs remain in a referendum: one that he thinks he can win.

Regardless, I know McDonnell knows what the EU properly is so he isn't going to risk the platform by staying in it.




Also since Momentum has shifted towards brexitism it has moved things.

Honestly though, if there was a referendum on May's Deal vs Remain I'd vote for May's deal: and I was a europhile in 2016.


Anyone see that woman who ran the cafe in London on that Alistar Campbell Mogg thing on C4. She said before the vote she’d get people walking through asking about jobs now nobody wants a job there, as if that’s the fucking non existent Brexit not the waste of time wages she pays to commute from Glasgow for the job.

Also this bloke said his wife left him because he voted Brexit and was dead serious



May deal or no Brexit is the only fair one, that would be fucking juicy and tempting



*May deal or no deal



That's good to hear. I really do think anons need to set up some social media propaganda apparatus.


>May has told the 22 she won’t fight the next election. Ministers crying in the room



>What do you lads think of George Galloway, anyways?

He's like Gorbachjov if he had actually followed Khomeini's advice.



She’s not lost her mind altogether then



Wouldn't happen in a million years: but it would show how fucking suicidal this country is right now.



I'd vote for remain if it came down to that. May's deal is the little cuck deal.



>Also this bloke said his wife left him because he voted Brexit and was dead serious

lol I've heard of swivel eyed nutters doing this. I read about one woman that almost left her remain voting husband because he wasn't having an obsessive breakdown over losing like she was.




where's the shoot myself option?

anyway anon corrected himself, he meant may deal or no deal >>2751020



Why do our elites love humiliations via the Euros? Why are we such chucks, is it the avoid nationalism taboo at all costs unless football? Germans take no prisoners economically ffs, we’re run by cucks who fap to baguette porn



lol, they're just bankers and board execs who drink champagne with the same bankers and board execs in europe.




More like The Chad German banker vs the virgin Bank of England



You can get 6/1 on May losing tonight. Worth a bet I reckon.


How many Labour MP’s voted against Jez for his no confidence vote?




She will hang on like a limpet if they don't get rid of her now. She was repeatedly talking about the '2022 election' in her speech.



They didn’t put the effort in to finish her though, compared to John Major vote. You have to go all out war mode, Mogg is too procedural and respects the Tory party shite system



> and a no-confidence vote was supported by 172 MPs in the Parliamentary Labour Party, against 40 supporting Corbyn.

Tbf PLP no confidence votes mean fuckall in Labour terms as opposed to the tories.


So burger here, if May gets ousted will there be a snap election or what?



No, a leadership one same as after Call me Dave Daved his way out of office.



Na, I believe there will be an internal Tory vote for them to decide their new leader.




Less than a quarter supported him, while the members did overwhelmingly.

Two thirds of Tory member base want May gone, the Mp’s Will save her imo



It is still in our interests as it destroys what little legitimacy she has left and inches us towards a no-deal brexit, either way.



If any of her cabinet snakes go up for leadership these Tory cunts will vote for them, just like they voted for May. They really hate Brexit.


File: b0e869eb0963734⋯.jpeg (86 KB, 1054x647, 1054:647, brexitbacon.jpeg)

Are there any leaflets that any org's have produced that makes a good lexit case? Something i can hand to my friends and random mongs.


9.00 for result. Tory’s don’t fuck us up for once.


File: b83a7b79c69400c⋯.jpg (247.38 KB, 604x759, 604:759, jezza bout to do it.jpg)



Prosocialism made one for his org back during the referendum, let me find it.



My wife left me because of feminism


15 minutes to go.


File: 6a8e78b0e9fe1f6⋯.jpg (345.57 KB, 1000x1278, 500:639, BritishEurvsUs.jpg)


>Eurosceptics already thinking about the 'nuclear option' - a non-binding motion of no confidence against their own PM, removing her with backing of Labour, SNP & Lib Dems.



She won it.


Theresa May has won a confidence vote in her leadership of the Tory party.

"Theresa May has won a confidence vote in her leadership of the Tory party.

A majority of Conservative MPs backed her in a secret ballot after the prime minister signalled she would step down before the 2022 election."




>mfw I've been trapped at work all day hearing this unfold on the radio with no means of shitposting available

She has to go, I fucking need it, my cock is harder than tungsten

She goes, some hard brexit cunt gets in, Tories crash us out and then are irrelevant for the next 15 years



I'm sorry, mate…



For fuck sake, why can't I ever have anything


kill me




Based the nightmare continues

Imminent Tory implosion becomes greater and greater by the day


Mommy May!





117 voted against. that is very high. It will only get harder for her!



Don't be sad anons, this was always on the cards. We now know she wont stand for next election and will probably stand down after brexit.


Journalists (including /ourguy/ aditya chakrabortty) are saying that this is putting Labour in a perfect place to pull a no-confidence against the Tory gov. Is it happening, lads?


Expected tbh, but watch the DUP.


Fucking joke, Brexit all but over


Best thing about the day for me has been that every newscaster in the land has been casually telling us all what a bunch of liars conservatives MP's are and what they said isn't necessarily what they voted.



>aditya chakrabortty is our guy

Honestly never heard of this bloke.


File: 4ef9374f3cb9413⋯.jpg (83.44 KB, 977x551, 977:551, DuPsvypWsAYzciC.jpg)


what is with this new british obsession with trade deals lol?



Guardian journalist, wrote a great piece awhile ago, "Labour’s just declared class war. Has anybody noticed?"



We havn't even got to the trade deals part yet… lol.



wOulD yOu lIkE tAh mAkE a TrAdE aGrEeMeNt wItH eNgLaNd?!



Yeah, as if the class war ever stopped…



Is it influenced by 'President Deals'?


File: 8550db17c20eda4⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 5.46 KB, 500x356, 125:89, irish-flag.jpg)


>Burgers see British as upper class

Wrong, pic related is what Burgers see Brits as.



Because the media said you have to give the EU everything they asked for to even be allowed ask for trade negotiations.



Strings of I thou to thee my country start playing



Begorrah and begob,

I can whisper I’ve a weekly wage of 19 bob.






>Is it influenced by 'President Deals'?

I have no idea what that is, sorry. I don't speak burger.




Richard Bergen needs to be told to fuck up with his shite



He is of the right stripe but aye: he isn't cabinet material.


File: a5370cb035bbca8⋯.png (446.9 KB, 800x450, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

Debate me, Juncker. You're not afraid of a friendly youtube debate on trade deals, are you?

What's the matter, can't defend your IDEAS in the PUBLIC SPHERE?


What do you all think of JRM's argument that if we assume that the ones on her payroll all voted for her it shows that most most of the backbench is actually against her?

Seems plausable to me, but maybe i'm just gullible.



If it’s a requirement then it’s a massacre against her


The EU will overplay this probably as usual


File: 6b34d3eb21ef98f⋯.jpg (6.74 KB, 225x225, 1:1, burn.jpg)


>"I think we have a choice: Either she behaves like Margaret Thatcher … or she behaves like John Major"





File: efb786ac7c82438⋯.png (377.66 KB, 737x496, 737:496, wigan bolton.png)


Is the only issue the Northern Ireland thing?

Why don't you people just let it go ffs.



Because the DUP are currently the only reason the government has a majority.



Not exactly. The issue isn't NI itself, but the EU's response to it. So to stop there being a hard border in NI the EU is demanding that NI remains in at-least the customs union if no trade deal is reached with the UK, the UK counted with "We'll only accept that if it is the whole UK", the EU said yes: but now the tories are triggered that the backstop can't be unilaterally withdrawn from (which defeats the fucking point of a backstop). So yeah it is kinda a norn issue, but at the same time it isn't.



Britain has clung onto it during outright Conservative and Liberal majorities so its not only that.


Why are the Tories so triggered? Worst case scenario there's a customs border between the islands. I can see the DUP being triggered because it could mean Irish unification in 5-10 years instead of 10-20. Would Tory voters even give a shit? They could even spin it in a good way "We just saved 10 billion pounds by dropping that dead weight on the bog-trotters"



No that isn't even the scenario: the worst case scenario is that the whole of the UK is in a customs union with the EU until a FTA is signed with the EU. This is it, this is why 117 are triggered.

As for Norn, you have to remember that the tories still think that their anglocentrist british unionism is a thing in the wider population and hasn't been replaced with either local nationalisms (PC, SNP ect.), pluralist british unionism (UK Federalism), or UDF-UKIP "Fuck the cunts BRITUSH BULLDOG" style shit. Mogg et al are living in a world that is dead.



>Would Tory voters even give a shit?

Don’t underestimate the power of Spooks.



A big factor of myself personally voting to leave was that it could hasten the disintegration of the Union. As an example, remember that the only reason the scots voted to remain in the UK was because of scaremongering about them not getting EU benefits if they left.



>Tell Sinn Fein that you'll set the 6 counties free if they join the government

>Drop DUP

>Sinn Fein walks into parliament for the first time, does the voting needed to form a gov't and set Ireland free, and leave

>17 less seats in parliament, Con majority by half a MP

Would this work?



Eh not really on the Scottish thing: one of the main things was that the SNP wanted to create a fucking petroeconomy.



Labour said that but I don't think anyone actually cared.

It was mostly the "What will happen to your pension!?!?!" scare tactics.



Nah. The SNP wont be taking there seats.


File: fb8ffe1a70871f2⋯.jpg (105.85 KB, 1130x600, 113:60, fig3_1130x600.jpg)


Hasn’t North Sea oil production been declining?



Speaking from half my family that is the vibe I got (and they're life-long SNP voters).


Yeah, also the indy ref was in 2014: a month later the great oil crash would happen.



Its kind of an NI issue, kind of a maths issue

The basic problem is that the Good Friday agreement that underpins the NI peace process is built on their being a totally transparent border between NI and the ROI, and it more or less requires it to function

This previously was absolutely no problem to maintain because the UK and Ireland were both in the EU and had free movement of goods and services based on that, so no problem there

With the UK wanting to leave however it has a problem, if the UK and EU economies are going to be out of regulatory alignment (i.e. the UK is not in the single market) there has to be a customs border somewhere between Ireland and the UK

There are a few ways to deal with this,

1) is to keep NI in the single market so the Island of ireland is one contiguous economic space, basically as it is now, and have a customs border at the ports (commonly referred to as a border down the Irish sea) this is a quite sensible option as it minimises disruption on the Island itself and it makes geographical and logistical sense, as goods from the republic bound for NI consumption and vice versa don't have to worry about customs checks and there are already ID checks, but not customs checks at NI and ROI ports when travelling to GB, which means that although its slightly more cumbersome for business it isn't that bad and importantly keeps the border "invisible" by making sure its no more noticeable to the average person than it was before, NI citizens travelling on british passports are already used to this system, as are Irish citizens travelling on Irish passports (Ireland and the UK guaranteed free access for each other's citizens long before the GFA was a thing, but there was a border, which is the part the GFA essentially got rid of)

Option 1 would essentially make NI a different economic zone than the rest of the UK, sort of similar to Hong Kong is to China

2) Is the current option we're going for, this is a "backstop" arrangement, wherein the whole of the UK is a single economic zone as it is now, the UK would only leave the single market once it has secured a good enough free trade deal with the EU to make a hard border between NI and ROI pointless, thus meaning there wouldn't be one, thus maintaining the peace process, the big problem with this one is that getting a good enough trade deal to allow that to happen is a nightmare clusterfuck of a process that will take at least most of a decade, effectively meaning the Uk will be stuck partway into the EU for many years, this deal isn't really as good of an idea, because it completely fucks up the point of brexit, but it has a couple of good points, one being that it fucks up the SNP, as option 1 is essentially what they want for Scotland, it would be the simplest and in all reality fairest deal once the torturous process of working out the trade deal was completed (assuming the deal can be reached), the last good point we'll address below





3) Is the neoliberal dream, crash out with no deal and tell the Irish to go fuck themselves, return to a hard border, work a deal out from the outside. This is attractive to the various mongs in the ERG because its what will personally make them the most money, is the quickest and dirtiest, and is the easiest to sell to the hard leave voters. side effects may include NI exploding or very rapidly moving to rejoin the republic

4) is the non option that Davis et all were waving about to cover up the fact that they didn't know what the fuck they were doing. This option is basically any one of the touted "technological solutions" to the border problem, none of which would work for reasons that range from incredibly obvious to incredibly difficult to wrap your head around if you don't have a local knowledge of NI

The smartest one for may to go for is obviously option 1, because it keeps the peace in Ireland, gives her base what they want (the average middle class English Tory voter hadn't heard of NI for 20 years before brexit, and have never given a shit about it) and makes things fairly simple, relatively small logistical output to manage transit between Ireland and the UK, small compared to the infrastructure already in place to handle trade with the continent, infinitesimal compared to what we would need to set up to trade at the current rate with the continent once we're outside the single market

There's a small problem though, the DUP and certain idiots in her own party have said no to option 1 because of it destroying muh precious union by making Ni different regulatory than GB, an argument that doesn't actually make sense when thought of for more than 2 minutes, as fucking with the border and thus encouraging destabilising the GFA and encouraging Irish re-unification is far more harmful to it, but the DUP aren't the most sensible people. So may has to go with 2 as her majority is wafer thin, and the DUP were initially happy with May pursuing option 2, until it turned out that working out this kind of deal is very hard, and complicated, and takes lots of time, and now they're not happy, but the compromises made to get the deal that the DUP and the idiots in her own party onside (the ones that didn't do that) have also pissed everyone else off

Basically brexit was never going to satisfy the people that actually voted for it based on the pitch given by the leave campaign, the only people it will satisfy are people that voted for it for far more longterm reasons





Thanks for clearing that up, I thought the "backstop" was the Irish Sea border.


File: cc3cdaa216f9c78⋯.jpg (53.98 KB, 850x400, 17:8, EvrethingUnderHeavenIsChao….jpg)



So option three it is.



The DUP isn't being crazy here, having to show your papers to get into Britain while being able to go back and forth to the Republic is bound to lead to unification, and they hate the GFA. They were the only party that didn't support it. Destabilizing it would be great for them, they want their holy war back, and the war will be even more holy now that the Papists support abortion and gay marriage.

Plus they are staring down the barrel to a nationalist majority, getting rid of the GFA is their people's only hope. If unification happens, the Republic will use genocidal tactics like bilingual signs against them. They are literally Jews watching Hitler get elected right now.



The British and Irish have had both free trade and movement of people since 1938. That law still exists. If that law is obsolete because the ECJ says then the Giid Friday agreement is obselete



While I can detect the sarcasm in your post fellow sausage roll bap boy, you already have to show papers to go to Britain from NI, as you physically cannot get there without boarding some form of transport that requires ID to board


They have had free movement of people and limited free movement of goods, but not regulatory alignment and there was a physical border with physical checks


Also the Irish have acted like utter Mongs in this. What is the Irish interest? The best deal possible for the UK. There is zero point in the Irish PM spending time in Brussels looking for assurances, unless it was doing Downing streets bidding for special case for NI border due to the arrangements that existed before the EU was even fucking a coal and steel union.



You didn’t need a passport, you need one for EU travel lad


File: 794ca53f83b86ee⋯.jpg (81.07 KB, 1011x833, 1011:833, DtrhPoVVYAARo-K.jpg)

If there is a revolution in France, how do you lot think it's going to effect Britain?

Pic unrelated, it's just for attention.



You need to show a ferry from Norn to Britain?



Doubtful it would change much: Britain isn't like France where there is a cross-country consensus things needs to get fixed, we have an issue where people agree that but we have tribalistic groups that you can't form a consensus out of that. Now while that is negative, it also does allow the left to organise in a proper way since there is infrastructure behind us now. It's give and take, but unironically atm the only proper Road to Socialism in the UK is electoralism I'm afraid.

I wish the Froganons well though.



No, I didn’t show anything last time, it’s actually ridiculous how lax it is on Ferry



Heh, I mean you do heading to France but honestly you do it while you're waiting for the ferry so it isn't that hard.

Also tbh, we should let a border down the Irish sea be a possibility and in exchange give Ulster a tunnel.



Maybe they don't want the MI5 to blow them up for not apologizing about Republicanism enough again.



Fuck I forgot about the Morning Star.



MI5 are remainiacs tbf lad




MI5 are remainiacs lad



This isn't widely known in Britain but part of Ireland is independent (the Republic of Ireland), and part is still in the UK (Northern Ireland). If you look at your passport, it actually says "United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland", if you were ever curious about where the last part comes from, this is it!

This makes many people very upset and led to a lot of violence in Northern Ireland. The worst of it occurred between 1969 and 1998, a time period known as "The Troubles", and some of the violence even spilled over into the independent part of Ireland, and into Britain.

To help stop this violence, people from both parts of Ireland and Britain got together and made an agreement, this agreement was called the Good Friday Agreement, thanks to this agreement there is now very little violence.

People are very happy about this agreement, but they also know that it is very shaky. People do not want to return to the Troubles, so they take many steps to ensure its survival. This is why the Taoiseach (what Irish people call their equivalent to the Prime Minister, pronounced TEE-shuck, an Irish language word for leader, yes there is an Irish language!) is trying to ensure that there is no border in Ireland because it could lead to the violence to start up again.

I hope this clears it up for you!



>This isn't widely known in Britain

Bro. Can i borrow some rope?



We need a people’s vote on the GFA.



If anyone gives a shit about the troubles the cure to deal is ridiculous, for all parties. It was dead in the water and shits all over the GFA


File: 121f919c25639f9⋯.jpg (41.86 KB, 720x563, 720:563, GerryAdamsNoCellPhons.jpg)


Forgot pic



Northern Ireland and the Republic got to vote on it, but did anyone ask how the English felt?



The cut Scotland loose, Conservatives will rule England forever! You can keep Wales to make it feel like you are still a big strong empire.



I'm May of Albion, and welcome to This Week in Labour where I nitpick about Corbyn scratching his ear in the Commons. If you like the videos please support me in the General Elections, link is in the description. Without your support, I couldn't be where I am because nobody likes me except you wankers.


An united Irish Republic NOW. Irish idiots, why don't you do everything in your power to accelerate the unification. You can make it before 2022. But no, you want to keep the ststys quo and leave a part of the Irish soil to the DUP nutjobs.



The Taoiseach is in Brussels now doing just that. Orangemen will be hanging from the lampposts in no time.



>Calling a border poll while Stormont is in recess

Good job mate,



Nobody wants it, facts. There have been no calls for a referendum in Ireland all the while the Jocks can’t stop asking for one



SF has been calling for it continuously since the Brexit referendum.



lol a recess is a month you take off for Christmas and New Years. Stormont has been empty for like 2 years. The DUP really doesn't want a referendum at this time. A poll showed a nationalist majority (they mentioned Brexit in the question) so one could be called.



No major Irish Party wants it, and Sinn Fein will never be in Governmrnt in Ireland in a million years


Can we just give up N. Ireland. Why does anyone even at this point want the one big council estate in Ireland?



SF is the largest party in the NI Assembly (or would be if it existed lol)

Every party in the Republic has called for a United Ireland from its inception. There's no chance in hell the Republic turns down unification if NI votes for it.



But you must protect the union!



SF tied with the DUP actually

The SDLP has been calling for it too though.



So where the referendum lad, not a fucking peep from an Irish party that jsn’t Explicitly Sinn Fein. No fucking Irish person wants the tax burden, and Irish nationalism is a dead duck, Labour in Ireland Lib Demmed and SF took the protest vote.



A small but powerful public school cadre wants to pretend that they still have an empire.



Nah it’s because actual Brit’s still live there and whatever you think about them, their fears are justified. The British government treats them like pawns



Can we just mustard gas eaton and oxbridge? seems like we'd all save ourselves a lot of trouble.



There's no referendum because there's no government in Northern Ireland. The SDLP has been clamoring for it too.

Are you asking why there hasn't been one in the Republic yet? Why would they ever have one without NI voting first?



lol, the only thing worse than the people you colonize are the people you send to colonize them. The Brits care about them as much as they care for Americans and White South Africans.

And no their fears aren't justified, they're afraid of their kids giving up their religion, marrying Catholics (maybe even of the same sex!), and getting abortions. Their fears are as justified as white people in 1960 Mississippi.



Because the Irish are the ones who have to initiate the procedure before the SOS would even consuder burning down NI with the poll. That’s why it won’t happen nobody in Young enough to forget how insane even the 90’s were


I am slightly worried about Irish reunification. Do we have to take the loyalists back if it happens? I would rather we leave them in Ireland.


File: 913599b6f5ac697⋯.jpeg (460.67 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, ZyclonB.jpeg)



The British civil service have hated their people abroad for most of the last century, but the Unionists have never been abroad in a colony. Fact is there will be violence if Unionists are ignored, if the ref fails, imperialism is dead and both there communities are relics to globalism. The British and Irish gov would love nothing more for them to be subsumed by a different race or creed and be done with it.



They came from Scotland, they should go back to Scotland.

Shit most of Scotland is desolate since the Highlandgenocide, just give them a little reservation to hang their flags and paint their kerbs.



I think we could all agree to a compromise and put them in the North Sea.



Maybe we can put them on one of those little islands and we'll tell them it's Ireland Two.


They all just move here anyway for cheaper heroin, Protestant and Catholic.



Put them in the Hebrides so we don't have to deal with all the Gaelic nonsense anymore.







There will be violence if there's a border. NI has a very fragile peace, even if the GFA survives Brexit who knows what will happen the next zany adventure the UK decides to go on.

Plus the Unionists community is old as fuck, and half of the young ones don't care about it anymore, the Orange Order is in its death throes, their marches look like a retirement home field trip. Worst they'll get is a group of grandpas throwing fireworks at politicians homes. The dissident Republicans would disappear so there'd probably be less violence all in all.



The EU will impose the border, the UK doesn’t want it. That is why the Irish have ducked themselves by playing the it will never happen game and saying Art 50 should be revoked. They should have agreed upon a strategy with the UK and lobby for that, you get no leverage with the EU when you have no choice but to follow.



Section 1. Status of Northern Ireland.

It is hereby declared that Northern Ireland in its entirety remains part of the United Kingdom and shall not cease to be so without the consent of a majority of the people of Northern Ireland voting in a poll held for the purposes of this section in accordance with Schedule 1.

But if the wish expressed by a majority in such a poll is that Northern Ireland should cease to be part of the United Kingdom and form part of a united Ireland, the Secretary of State shall lay before Parliament such proposals to give effect to that wish as may be agreed between Her Majesty’s Government in the United Kingdom and the Government of Ireland.


Schedule 1

The Secretary of State may by order direct the holding of a poll for the purposes of section 1 on a date specified in the order.

Subject to paragraph 3, the Secretary of State shall exercise the power under paragraph 1 if at any time it appears likely to him that a majority of those voting would express a wish that Northern Ireland should cease to be part of the United Kingdom and form part of a united Ireland.

The Secretary of State shall not make an order under paragraph 1 earlier than seven years after the holding of a previous poll under this Schedule.

There's nothing about the Republic needing to have a referendum before NI does. Granted it would be dumb if they did it when a majority of people in the Republic didn't want it (an idea so insane that no one thought to write down what would happen, it would be quite a spectacle though). The only limit is that the SOS has to think that there may be a majority, which is why SF and SDLP started calling for it when nationalists outnumbered unionists in the assembly and a few polls popped up saying that there would be a nationalist majority.



They did agree on a strategy with the UK, they spent a year negotiating in Brussels over the issue. The strategy was the backstop. She's just a fucking idiot with no control over her party so it won't pass.



>both there communities are relics to globalism

lol look at whats going on in the world. Globalism enhances nationalism.



They should've negotiated a backup to the backup to the backup.

Honestly the only solution that will work for everyone is for Ireland to leave the EU and join the UK. Did they even think about that?



Not the Irish, they are left wing nationalists but like so many have been sucked into the EU good, pro mass immigration to spite the DUP, ‘look we run a Nigerian candidate love us’. There hadn’t Been right wing nationalism in Ireland since the Blueshirts



An Irish UK trade bloc should really have been considered but the Irish are cucked to Merkel



Nationalism isn't racism. That Nigerian speaks Irish so he's more Irish than 90% of Ireland. The Irish language actually looks like its not gonna die now thanks to Irish people having more money and being insecure because their neighbor is a Pole.

Ireland used to be very right wing, but it was a Catholic right wing so without the racism because we're all God's children. Then the Catholic church enslaved women, killed a bunch of babies and diddled kids so thankfully that's over with.



Ireland was in a trade bloc with the UK, the Brits decided to leave.

It is helplessly cucked by the EU, hopefully that will change next crisis, but it's better than being cucked by May.



The only way a referendum would be agreed to by the SOS would be at the behest of the Irish Government. That will never happen under the main two parties



There is no point in Irish nationalism if the ethnic Irish don’t exist as a majority, who gives a fuck then?



It's not up to them, its up to whoever devoted enough time to whatever party wins Westminster to earn that sinecure. And there is no chance in hell that FF or FG will put a stop to a referendum in NI when it looks like it will pass even if they could.. That would cause riots in the North and South. They used to be a bunch of West Brits but that's changed a lot since joining the EU, and even more so because of Brexit, but even when Ireland was at its most post-colonial they wouldn't pull a stupid move like that.



Yeah those dead kids caused such an uproar they couldn’t wait to get the abortion laws on the books



>Burying babies alive is the equivalent of aborting a 6 week fetus

So many /pol/yps in this thread.



Lol they didn’t bury babies alive



Ireland has an interesting history, beautiful language that might be bouncing back, wonderful music, great literature in both English and Irish, and a generally enjoyable rich culture.

People who don't have those things only have their ancestry.com results to be proud of. That's not the case for Ireland.


They buried them in unmarked graves, that was the scandal, and didn’t tell the woman. I don’t think even old cunt nuns were killing babies, they were getting money for sending them to America



They weren't buried alive, they were allowed to die naturally without medical treatment and then thrown into a septic tank. Huge difference.



I know i’m a genetic taig born in England, who was sent to fuckin Connemara in the summers



>burying babies alive

You what mate?!



You could only get money for the healthy ones.



Half price signs and two for one jobs were considered



Had a grandparent that grew up in an irish orpanage ran by nuns. Wouldn't put it past the nasty old cunts, tbh..



The RA fucked it all up tbh. There were Soviets and red revolutions hoopening but they sided with the capital


Time for a new thread soon lads



I enjoy that there are a lot of brits here, it makes having to interact with the burgers less painful. Thanks lads.


Do any of you lads actually live in London? If so how the fuck do you afford it?



Also if so how much would i need to pay you lads to go deck a tosser shouting about brexit on ever news feed?

Not joking



Too late, the bollocks to brexit bus is in Brussels now. (wish I was joking)



I dont live in London but please someone needs to do something about that wanker



In all seriousness, if i can crowd-source a train ticket.



The Irish don't wanna live in Republic of Ireland??



Britain doesn't really have a concrete meaning, great britain is just the big boi, England, Scotland and Wales, that's why it's the united kingdom of great britain and northern island



Do nothing no risk, take on the North’s bennies and start up sectarianism, is not worth taking when the only thing that would change in the South is the tax rate



Is the blonde tart there?


have we reached bump limit lads?



Northern Ireland isn't bound to be a shit hole forever. It's the way it is now because Westminster hates them even more than they hate their own people and refuses to do anything to fix the horrible economic situation (watch any video of Parliament when someone is talking about NI, the house empties out). Belfast is the 2nd biggest city in Ireland, the idea that they would treat it as badly as London has is ridiculous. Ireland is now one of the wealthiest countries in the world, they'd have no problem redirecting some FDI into the North. Belfast will turn into an overpriced shithole that pays more than its fair share in taxes just like Dublin in no time. There is already sectarianism, it would go done if anything once unification happens because the Catholics cause most of the commotion. If unification doesn't happen there's bound to be much worse strife in the future.

Look at any poll about unification from the Republic, the majority support it. Yes its a dumb spook but Irish people fall for it hard. Unification day will be a blast.



Yeah I live in North London but I'm in a Housing Association place with my family so rent isn't a pisstake


File: 7b51a2120a92150⋯.png (125.37 KB, 498x523, 498:523, antisemitism.PNG)

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