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File: 1635be97239d547⋯.png (1.22 MB, 1203x671, 1203:671, Screen Shot 2018-12-06 at ….png)


South Park did a commie episode where they literally quote Marx and set up a worker's revolt plot against Amazon

Did Matt and Trey finally renounce their libertarianism and accept the secret left-wing ideology they've always held? Guess we won't know until next week when the 2-parter concludes.


Their episode on Climate Change recently was pretty good too tbh…



Heh don't you mean MANBEARPIG? XD


They are being contrarian. Also no one likes Bezos except lanyard fucktards and hardcore amerifat partisan liberals.



Oh come on the Restaurant scene with the "Well what can WE do about it Janet" is fucking gold.


I think the closest thing is that one episode where they made fun of walmarts.

Maybe its less about being anti capitlist, more about being anti monoply or something


File: 47f6291d45b9aee⋯.jpg (347.48 KB, 1280x1039, 1280:1039, 47f6291d45b9aeefff209f3ce0….jpg)


Oh yeah, didnt they recently do an anti gentrfication episode where hipsters move into kennys neighborhood and ruin it?

I havent watched in a while



south parks whole thing is "everyone is stupid but me"

They will make fun of rednecks saying "they terk our jerbs"

just as much as they make fun of left wingers crying about safespaces.



>no one likes Bezos

No one hates Bezos except a bunch of crypto-libs who just learned the word "antitrust." We must critically support Amazon against utopian aggression.



they've never gone this leftist before, at least not that i've seen. clearly portraying capitalism as an enemy and showing empathy for the working class is something new from south park. josh the amazon box speaking directly from marx's economic manuscripts in a popular comedy show is exciting. it makes me think they are trying to reach out to their normal viewers and introduce them to marxist critique (which would pull them away from delving into the alt-right) which is pretty awesome.



t. butthurt democrat voting radlib


I don't know.

I kind of expect them to do a heel turn in the second act, and have the commie box be the real villain.



matt and trey are self proclaimed libertierans who "dont like conservatives and fucking hate liberals"

They are also gen x as fuck mentality wise. the whole. lets make fun of everyone thing. Instead of the tribal stupidity of millennials



Went to /r/SouthPark and there are people saying. "I hate marxists but maybe Bezos should give people more money".



>They are also gen x as fuck mentality wise. the whole. lets make fun of everyone thing. Instead of the tribal stupidity of millennials

The irony.



>They are also gen x as fuck mentality wise. the whole. lets make fun of everyone thing.

Yeah, gen x is a victim of pure ideology, if I'm being honest.


File: b574dfc866c6f7c⋯.gif (138.43 KB, 220x196, 55:49, tenor.gif)

I haven't watched SP in years nor do I intend to watch this episode, but I assume it will go on as follows:

>workers almost got their way

>kyle or cartman or whomsever does some shit in the background

>they're doing it because they're the only ones that comprehend its importance

>cat's out of the bad, climax comes

>someone important (Bezos or whoever) does something fucking stupid or reaches a retarded conclusion

>everyone stops caring about what they were doing, tensions fizzle out

>reaction was out of proportions

>the viewer learns that, actually, the other side had a good point as well!!!

>everything back to normal unless it's gonna be used in a later episode




>Yeah, gen x is a victim of pure ideology, if I'm being honest.

I dunno. I think they're miles better than their parents and their children.



screencap this btw, I don't have enough vanity to screencap my own (you)



Yes, but the idea that making fun of everything still isn't informed by some type of ideology is false.



Yeah, pretty much.

Also, I think the Marxist inside the box is going to be used as some vapid analogy about putting yourself in a box politically.

I can already tell.



It'll probably just go over the some of audiences head in a good way, though.

They'll just think "oh shit the box is right I agree with this" and either miss or deliberately ignore the subsequent bullshit about why its actually wrong or incomplete or whatever.



Nah, because there was also that episode where they suggest that the only reason Starbucks could put local cafes out of business was quality of the product.



About man-bear-pig (climate change), I havn't watched the episode myself, but they seem to have come around to accepting that man-bear-pig is actually real and they try to apologize to Al Gore for not believing him.



southpark makes fun of the guy talking marx by literally saying he lives in a box.

as in an ideological box.

theyre making fun of you people



matt and trey are dumb libertarian cunts who would happily throw you in a thresher if it meant less inconvenience for them, fuck em both



>enemy against the state

Which is why mainstream media is clamoring it?



Yes, because the same two jokes about RDR2 and school shootings over and over again are hilarious. Notice how old South Park had a variety of jokes in each episode.


That was another thing they kept doing that was totally predictable; someone talks about how ManBearPig and how he doesn't exist and then ManBearPig suddenly shows up and kills said person. It was funny the first time but after the 4th or 5th time it was stale.


File: 6913f545a128aac⋯.png (133.67 KB, 900x800, 9:8, 1481228161671.png)

They're still American libertarians at their core, but they've become progressively more anti-neoliberal and more consistently classical liberal as time goes on. I doubt they'd ever move to an actual left position, but it's still not the worst thing they could be doing.

Show still hasn't been too great in over a decade.





Nice to see that /pol/ is right.



Point out the Marxism.



>South Park did a commie episode where they literally quote Marx and set up a worker's revolt plot against Amazon


>Ignoring PC babies are making fun of leftypol and everything they believe.

Got selective vision now do we?



This except stalin comes out of the grave and dead zombie stalin anally rims satan or some pointlessly edgy garbage to make people laugh.




I haven't watched the episode but I can almost guarantee you whatever they'll spout will be unchallenging select bits of marxism to make it sound like utopian bullshit and unscientific garbage.


File: fc5d4fe58833d13⋯.webm (741.65 KB, 320x240, 4:3, fc5d4fe58833d137cc0b8205e….webm)


Family Guy quoted Marx as well, but the writer is still clearly a succdem.



nope, the marxist box says (about the amazon worker's strike) "something like this was bound to happen. there's those at the top who control the means of production, and then there's the working class that enables those means by selling their labor power for wages. when there's conflict, the ruling class tries to blame the working class… I believe the working class needs to revolt against capitalism and bring about socio- economic emancipation."

then at the end he does a speech that seems to take directly from marx:

"the history of the world is the history of class struggles. alienated from the products of their labor, from their fellow laborers, and from their very essence. the oppressed worker will eventually strike back at those capitalists who control the means of production. we have nothing to lose but our chains. we will unite in revolution!"

they actually present some of the ideas of what class struggle looks like. perhaps they want to remind us what the prole can really do. they really don't make fun of marx's ideas (just yet… perhaps they will change tune next week). of course the person speaking these words has been machine fucked into a box, and the thinking inside a box interpretation has some merit, so who knows what they think, really. but i hope they've grown up a little and finally picked a side.



Well then there will be a party figure that ruins it for everyone/some kind of nonsensical plot device to defuse it.



Amazon starts selling their own workers in a box.



Amazon solves the problem by making perfect self replicating android, the singularity happens and the marxists were dumbasses who didn't pray enough for technological advancement.



>if you're asking me to change my behavior you suck

this is true though


File: f5088cd72f11049⋯.jpg (47.72 KB, 600x450, 4:3, crusher 2.0.jpg)

I'm gonna guess most of you guys who think "OMG SOUTH PARK IS MARXIST NOW" just started reading Marx a year or less ago. You're a bunch of rosy eyed faggots who're just seeing the world in a new way, and now everyone either looks like a Marxist or a tool of imperialism. Stop being stupid. It's not that hard to find someone who thinks Marx had some interesting things to say but he'd never succeed in practice or something like that. I will find each of you individually and suck your dick if this ends any other way but with leftists getting shit on.



>cat scratches all over him



Let me guess more RADcenter "Both sides R dumb dumb" shit?


File: 22041ab34521c0d⋯.jpg (46.39 KB, 305x303, 305:303, 578b29c1ac6bff2a4de8e7f838….jpg)


Vital Remains is pretty cool.



I'll take the bet. I want my dick sucked.


The joke will be they get everything they want, everyone is praising the box, then the box will say "see communism is great" and they will freak out and put tbings back the way they were.


They're probably just setting it up to knock the Marxists down next episode tbh.


>Southpark did an edgy thing

>This surprises /cuckpol/

(cuck xd)



I doubt they would go that far


inb4 the next episode where they discover that actually protesting is counterproductive and being exploited is a good thing because you're still getting paid something.


File: 534bbbe0d9d0467⋯.jpg (51.61 KB, 581x593, 581:593, 1306723735001.jpg)


>(cuck xd)




these guys get it



what fucking planet do you live. do you even know what marxism is?



Got a single example?


File: 8a4cdf21d4ff5b3⋯.jpg (31.8 KB, 640x640, 1:1, die.jpg)


>I'm gonna guess most of you guys who think "OMG SOUTH PARK IS MARXIST NOW"

literally nobody said that you fucking trot


File: 4477c8f4b2e4662⋯.gif (358.9 KB, 153x135, 17:15, abe_simpson_3.gif)

A friend of mine saw it and said it's straight up class struggle

Not really sure what to think of this situation guys


Like quoting Marx and shit

They're going to make Team America 2 at this point but Kim Jong Un is gonna be the good guy



Reminder Team Ameri a is anti imperialist agitprop.


File: 401e95e622cb825⋯.jpg (21.77 KB, 520x294, 260:147, Naruto-Shippuden-Episode-4….jpg)


It's not class struggle, it's alienation

You could say that's a form of class struggle, but the issue with first world labor isn't the direct physical exploitation and oppression

Look at the episode step by step

>People work shit jobs they don't want to be in because "hey it's better than nothing"

>The contradictory values of family and work life make it to where it's hard to unionize and mass resist because you have family to provide for

>People without these attachments are even more torn because all they have is their stuff and stuff is meaningless without purpose and is only fit to numb your void. So when the stuff stops coming in…

>Workers have no dignity or autonomy, but the bourgeois will be damned if it blames itself when something goes wrong

>The aggravation of daily monotonous living is soul crushing but people fear even more alienation being homeless or something. As seen by the ghoulish mall employees because your entire identity is tied to what you're doing or what you're consuming

In a third world country working ten hours a day in a field or having to sell your kids into trafficking is class struggle

In a first world country having nowhere to go BUT work wasting ten hours staring at the ceiling because your friends are NPCs and all the women are just terrible terrible whores is alienation.


As long as its not jews, everyone is attacked there.


File: 1b031cf3abf920f⋯.mp4 (4.06 MB, 480x360, 4:3, E2691DF6-DE85-4FD7-A98A-91….mp4)


File: b918e31c3b33860⋯.jpeg (213.79 KB, 1284x1600, 321:400, 1A480CDC-3A12-4777-9D15-D….jpeg)

File: d0a458d894a4ea3⋯.png (13.72 KB, 640x480, 4:3, F0AF21E2-2A33-40A1-85CC-FF….png)


And I bet you think that’s a good thing.



t. Repost pictures of young Stalin next to his banal anticapitalist quotes with dumb remarks about how the USSR wasn't literally hell on earth


IDK, Matt Stone references Marx in his blurb for Vernon Chatman's book lol



>As long as its not jews

Have you watched a single episode of South Park?




>“Extremely high in comedy density. A stunning tour through Marx’s alienation of labor. Very funny, totally insane and weirdly poignant.”



Now I'm even more confused



Both of those are bad though




>just as much as they make fun of left wingers crying about safespaces.

yeah wait. who let the redditors in?



"Left wingers" lmfao



Came here and ctrl+f'd for this. Was surprised.


But he's also there because of his material conditions. Like, consider that being brutalized by his company is literally the reason he's there, and he only acknowledges socialism after he becomes a box-person. Over all, it's a way more nuanced representation than I'd have expected from Trey & Matt - in past times I'd have just taken them for the types who'd do the "starving in China"/big government type attack. They may be setting up for a better attack here, but I've never heard "alienated from our labor" used in another mainstream cartoon.



The nice thing about Marx is, you don't need to be a "Marxist" or even believe him for him to be right.


A) Simpsons did it

B) I'm expecting some nihilist shit tonight. They'll form a union but nothing will change and Marx box will be elected to congress and start saying Tony Blair quotes.



>South Park makes a seething critique of bourgeois parliamentary democracy

Don't get my hopes up


Well our faith has been restored. Good on them for not pussying out.



File: 60fa0dc8163962a⋯.jpg (59.4 KB, 1892x155, 1892:155, cuckchanco.jpg)

So the madmen actually did it?


shame they didn't have bernie kill the marxist



I guess so.

Jeff Bezos straight up kills the Marxist box, then uses Alexa to kill Kenny after he becomes class conscious.

Honestly kind of surprised me.


so what happened?



The Marxist box became a martyr after Bezos tricks some kids into opening him by lying and saying their amazon fulfillment order is inside. The whole episode is critical of consumerism. Also, Kenny becomes a socialist and Bezos kills him too. There's a side story about Randy and his weed business named Tegridy, which is basically just an excuse for the punchline that "the elites have no Tegridy". The whole town gets high and kicks Jeff Bezos out and celebrate with a bike parade.



Better get them lips ready bitchboi. I'm this >>2742847 fag over here.


File: 3de9cb3d19e9794⋯.png (191.64 KB, 866x426, 433:213, cancelsouthpark.png)

The reviews from halfchan are in



wtf I love South Park now


>mainstream American show

>makes fun of "left" idpol with the PC Principal storyline

>makes an episode sympathetic to socialism, clearly separating the two

Who knew SP was so based? Maybe this'll redpill some enlightened centrists who haven't converted to polite nazism yet.



Gonna be interesting to see whether they use Kenny as a bludgeon to whack radlibs with.

I hope they never fully resolve the arc and there's constant reminders of it like a Stalin portrait in Kenny's room.



Fucking kek.


File: 36359cca0e8479c⋯.png (47.01 KB, 681x407, 681:407, clip (2016-04-16 at 06.03.….png)

>Did Matt and Trey finally renounce their libertarianism and accept the secret left-wing ideology they've always held?

From personal experience there exist two kinds of libertarians. The first kind just uses libertarianism as a form of American exceptionalism and extreme NIMBYism. These don't have any real principles, they'd gladly have an authoritarian fascist state as long as it lets them shoot niggers with guns and pay less taxes. The other kind of libertarian actually has their hearts in the right place and values freedom and self-ownership, they've just been spooked by muh 50 gorillions into being skeptical of socialism and seeking their answers elsewhere. Libertarianism in America has seen better days (haven't heard anything about the LP in years and they're kind of an embarrassment) so rats are escaping the sinking ship. The first camp has unsurprisingly been tripping over themselves to start sieg heiling and wanking to right-wing dictators, but there's a minority in the second camp that's been waking up to socialism. With majority of lolberts becoming indistinguishable from nazis, the anti-idpol left might be slowly taking their place as the "third political force" for the younger generations. Hope Matt and Trey are part of this trend and will be dropping more redpills soon.




You can not own yourself. You are yourself. Pure bourgeois ideology.




"Yourself" is a constantly changing series of desires and shitty recollections, you aren't it. Pure Enlightenment ideology.


File: 0e956e9d42bd9fc⋯.png (98.52 KB, 628x459, 628:459, 2nu.png)

sooooo guys, is the answer that we have all been looking for is to get everyone high when the general strike happens?


Not sure I understand what the payoff of the joke was for the Marxism stuff was. The writing has really gotten bad.



On fucking Cocaine maybe.



Randy realised that amazon only hurt his bussiness and was able to supply the people of South park suffering in the strike the edge they needed to complete it. Has less to do with getting high and more to do with the fact that the town controlling their own labour makes them happier. The weed can just be replaced with the ability to survive a revolution, it could just as well be food, shelter, or even guns. The weed is just analogous to the fact that strike or reform along won't solve the problems, even if the strike was successful capitalism would still be a thigh. Not to downplay striking, but to say that to truly change society, you need something more than complacency



The capitalist will sell us the hemp rope to hang him with.



dumbass /pol/cucks quote marx all the time without knowing what his meaning or intended purpose was. that doesn't make them marxists, minimind.


File: 822ee30db1af8b0⋯.jpg (58.9 KB, 731x745, 731:745, girl.JPG)

<show has a Marxist characters (killed by children who expose him to his world outside his box but nevermind that)

<At no point does a character stare directly at the viewer and give a 4 hour lecture about how Marx personally killed 17 trillion Ukrainian children with his bare hands

>Fucking BASED dude!!!!!!!!!!! Tray and Mat are /ourguys/ confirmed fucking BASED!

Shit was sprinkled with nostalgia for small businesses all over. Reactionary as fuck.



That was like an arc for an entire season. They started doing continuity a while ago. It was the same season they made fun of gluten free shit and Yelp encouraging "I WANT TO SPEAK TO THE MANAGER" behavior.

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