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File: 091d946371f8167⋯.jpg (914.44 KB, 2324x3330, 1162:1665, To_new_victories_in_work_a….jpg)


ITT: self-improvement, fitness, body & mind training, life tips, how to organise your life etc.


geez at least post some resources if you're gonna make a general OP


File: 3e83d44b11b8014⋯.jpg (25.55 KB, 442x332, 221:166, Bruce Lee work out.jpg)

File: 5c019b129616220⋯.jpg (107.29 KB, 510x885, 34:59, bruce lee.jpg)

File: 49b343dccb69638⋯.jpg (33.34 KB, 600x978, 100:163, slow trunk twist.jpg)

File: 370359539a542f2⋯.jpg (30.88 KB, 600x1126, 300:563, trunk twists.jpg)

File: 648ae823f9da9b3⋯.gif (29.47 KB, 500x250, 2:1, tuck and twist.gif)


just some work out stuff


Drink water, evrything else is reactionary.

Wear sunscreen, you're only as strong as your last melanoma.



>Time that you leave unplanned will be time you procrastinate in

Procrastination does not come from a lack of planning, it comes from a lack of motivation. The key thing for anyone struggling to commit to productive activity is to put yourself in a situation where there will be painful, short-term consequences if you don't do the thing. You need to be made to feel bad as soon as you start going off track.


File: 5ce80bb34b14e06⋯.png (240.83 KB, 2000x1499, 2000:1499, Graham's_Hierarchy_of_Disa….png)

Argue better. Always shoot for as close to the top of the pyramid as you can.


File: e565b8c2ba8e242⋯.jpg (88.13 KB, 500x667, 500:667, ugly and beautiful.jpg)


File: cc9c8ca3db20c09⋯.jpg (104.93 KB, 870x640, 87:64, dating trick.jpg)


File: 05c3d094e1dffb7⋯.png (3.09 MB, 1530x1142, 765:571, character and destiny.png)


File: ac28b6bb3281750⋯.jpg (178.1 KB, 1124x1080, 281:270, 6d15757bb020bd967f7728c3ed….jpg)


>bruce lee worshiping


What's a more realistic goal for a skinnyfat: ottermode/cut, or strongfat?



>admiring a philosopher and master martial artist is worship

Fuck off Crowder-fag



Strongfat is one of the hardest goals there are, I wouldn't recommend going for that unless you're planning to become a powerlifter


I'm just saying Bruce Lee is not the demigod people make him out to be, and some of the stuff he did has been grossly exaggerated. But he was still a very good performer and inspiring guy.



> Bruce Lee is not the demigod people make him out to be

And where do you see that here? The man may not be a demi-god but he certainly was a person who drove himself to the limits of human ability both mentally and physically and his work is something worth following.






File: 2ab839dd49501ac⋯.png (111.72 KB, 480x360, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

Smile though your heart is aching

Smile even though it's breaking

When there are clouds in the sky, you'll get by

If you smile through your fear and sorrow

Smile and maybe tomorrow

You'll see the sun come shining through for you

Light up your face with gladness

Hide every trace of sadness

Although a tear may be ever so near

That's the time you must keep on trying

Smile, what's the use of crying?

You'll find that life is still worthwhile

If you just smile

That's the time you must keep on trying

Smile, what's the use of crying?

You'll find that life is still worthwhile

If you just smile



I fucking hate how """self-improvement""" is supposed to single-handedly mean working out, but never reading more, learning a new language or learning a skill.



>strawman about how self-improvement is working out and only working out

Have you gone through this thread? Or ever read a self-improvement book.



>Or ever read a self-improvement book

I hope he hasn't, for his sake.



Well I know they're trash, just pointing out that it's a strawman to claim self-improvement is "only" working out.



>And where do you see that here?

Most of the shit in those "Bruce Lee facts" you posted is unproven and/or plain false, like him doing v-sits for 30 minutes and destroying 300 lbs heavy bags


Are you not referring to something akin to bearmode? Because that's incredibly hard to achieve.


File: f66610e3b95de48⋯.jpg (15.64 KB, 473x355, 473:355, black cat.jpg)


Working out is a skill. Go to your local gym on the 1st and watch people try to deadlift. There is literally no downside to exercising, it's good for your brain and its good for your body. You really expect a revolution full of string beans who can't run 100m?


File: 0e2b73896afed3e⋯.png (153.71 KB, 535x317, 535:317, ClipboardImage.png)


>Most of the shit in those "Bruce Lee facts" you posted is unproven and/or plain false, like him doing v-sits for 30 minutes and destroying 300 lbs heavy bags

The V-sits is cited repeatedly, considering his ability to do a Dragon Flag like nothing, it isn't unusual at all.

>destroying 300 lbs heavy bags

Do you have eyes? It says he could kick a 300lb bag to the ceiling and break a 130lb one. There are home videos of his where he's doing this. Unfortunately I don't have it on me at the moment, and youtbe doesnt have the clips I watched before (deleted under copyright or some shit), however:

Bob Wall : "You see Bruce was a world class martial artist and there are a lot of Black Belts walking around thinking there’s no difference between a world class and a black belt. But there is a big difference. Bruce was the real deal."

Joe Lewis: (Trained with Bruce Lee at Bob Wall's suggestion) "it actually in a great way improved my fighting style… He hit extremely hard… He hit as hard as a heavyweight…. I always thought he was the fastest guy who ever stood in front of me."

"If Bruce Lee wasn't the greatest martial artist of all time, then certainly he is the number one candidate."

James Demile: "I wouldn't have put a dime on anyone to beat Bruce Lee in a real confrontation. Bruce Lee was the best street fighter I ever saw, even to this very day, and not just pound for pound — but against anyone in a real fight."

John Benn: "When I was having dinner with Chuck Norris I did ask him: "If you and Bruce would be in a real fight to death, who would win?", and he said without thinking: "Bruce of course. Nobody can beat him.""

Sugar Ray Leonard: "In a dictionary, you say "greatest", you say "Bruce Lee", that´s the way it is. He is second to no one."

Gene Lebell: "People may wonder just how good a martial artist he was. Well, as I said earlier, he was the best of his time. Also, many of his former students are doing very well today. That’s a sign that he was a good martial artist and that he was able to make his students into good martial artists."



What are you defining by bear-mode. I know plenty of people who are big and strong without extreme muscle definition. Is that what you mean?


File: 51db31bac22c154⋯.png (1.32 MB, 2100x2100, 1:1, 1529175016739.png)

File: 48d036646b9acc7⋯.png (3.94 MB, 2100x2400, 7:8, 1532097676005.png)

File: 76b6ac4d0c2c58f⋯.png (3.98 MB, 2100x2400, 7:8, 1532097629908.png)

Some found content

/fit/ charts


sb's huge infographics collection



File: 74cdb329b5b0879⋯.png (56.35 KB, 657x527, 657:527, 9875.png)


rolling on first image


File: d36eeaa5106ef06⋯.png (145.74 KB, 633x758, 633:758, 9856.png)


oh well here i go


We should start producing lefty self-help infographics. Provide a picture of self-help that's truly subversive.



it's impressive how people in this country think 50 pushups is a feat



>There is literally no downside to exercising,

Yes there is, it's called getting injured. I'm all for exercising, but you need to do that shit right. I highly suggest watching the "Athlean X" channel on YouTube. He's not only a personal trainer but a physical therapist as well and will steer you clear of a lot of the bro-science the pervades a lot of weight lifting/ workout advice.


File: a6a0ea4b64d849f⋯.jpg (547.89 KB, 1800x2320, 45:58, pqDqS2TYSfjZeNjWM9ApY090br….jpg)

File: 56b81e9d9065fd6⋯.png (547.62 KB, 775x902, 775:902, 1529230514827.png)

File: 61c262dbc18a9dc⋯.jpg (422.72 KB, 1900x1200, 19:12, Q4ipO.jpg)




I'm talking about how the word is used and how you're perpetuating it. But I suppose patting yourself on the back as the only people who "self-improve" and everybody else is stupid losers is too addicting for you.


File: 2aaa66c12faf11b⋯.jpg (182.01 KB, 792x830, 396:415, routine.jpg)

File: d9c5e6494c8fc5a⋯.jpg (386.99 KB, 2120x2814, 1060:1407, xIlVyGR.jpg)

File: 3790a855195bbc8⋯.jpg (913.04 KB, 1218x2643, 406:881, 1411403442000.jpg)


File: 4e7d03de360bcbb⋯.png (436.74 KB, 1351x1054, 1351:1054, 4e7d03de360bcbba564a4a550c….png)


File: fbc0e5c7f7b8ca8⋯.png (26.24 KB, 671x454, 671:454, 1487274504362.png)



>shaving pubes



File: 8b51800c1c9f0a1⋯.jpg (30.25 KB, 480x480, 1:1, its over bitch!!!.jpg)

I've been practicing tai chi and kung fu daily for the past few months and I honestly can't wait to open up a can of whoop ass on some slovenly nazi


File: 23281aada7d0289⋯.gif (942.12 KB, 129x215, 3:5, horse sniff.gif)


>that first leddit "lifehacks" thread

I'm paging through it and some of the shit on it is genuinely awful. Who the fuck thought it was a good idea to mix alcohol and coffee? Or to host a tutorial for building shotguns and a tutorial for cooking crack cocaine on Reddit?

Still worth looking at, but Jesus Christ man.



rolling for first two



That's pretty cool, anon. Anyone else into martial arts here? Judo yellow belt here






rolling rolling






Do you go to a club/dojo every day or do you have some routine to practice them at home?


File: d34b30f9dab27df⋯.jpg (122.24 KB, 448x800, 14:25, egmzfi6b.jpg)

1. Hit the gym every day after library

2. Learn all the math books

3. Go to more university parties

4. Try to get pussy from tinder

These are my goals for the spring.



>mix alcohol and coffee

Done right, it's a good drink, but it's definitely not healthy



>50 pushups is a feat

LOL too true



I wanna be this smooth. Every time I think I'm tired of longsword I watch someone swing it good and get fired up again.


Someone should shoop Stefan onto the top row.


Not burger but I only do 30. pls no bulli.



Another tip:

Counter-argument is generally more easy to achieve so aim for that if you do not have as much time. Do not go below contradiction



Does this really work? I don't eat out much, so I'm crap at suggesting places to try.



Waiting for more on the tai chi


File: 5f14bd46b79d316⋯.png (1.5 MB, 880x860, 44:43, 5f14bd46b79d316bf82979ec04….png)


Are there any charts for healthy nutrition that take into account that you are poor?

Fast food is just way cheaper and if I gotta leave the house at 5am I got time to cut vegetables and when I come back I aint got much time either.



Where the fuck do you live when fastfood is cheaper



Probably the U.S. Only heard about that phenomenon from burgers




Im not talking about restaurant fast food but what you get at supermarkets


I plan on getting dedicated again to learning languages. Working on Spanish and Japanese. Not necessarily lefty related, but it is self-improvement.



Consider using anki for vocabulary. It's a program that lets you make flashcards and then based on how well you say you know a word determines different times to wait before it quizzes you on that word again. It's free so just google it to find the download. I use it for arabic and like it pretty well.



Tai Chi is less fighting and more a way of keeping your body flexible and usable. Source: I do it in the morning.


Yeah this generally works, but always try and research some good places to go to, in case the girl says she wants to know anywhere YOU like, or if she's new to the city/town you live in.



Do know that anon but I was wondering how one gets into it. Should you join a club or is there good enough literature for self-learning?


File: 69e27f39c788e20⋯.png (189.36 KB, 788x450, 394:225, 1537004416854.png)

So, I've been eating like a porky pig this week, as my parents have been feeding me sweets and stuff. Now that the season is over, I will try to restore my mind and body to what they were a week or two ago, and then go beyond that. Hence, I am here asking for advice.

The diet I have in mind consists of the following items:

>long brown rice


>fried eggs






>pepper (not the spice but the veggie/fruit)


>wok veggies

>occasionally fish fingers



>cottage cheese


>at least 5 hours of walking every week

>push ups

>sit ups


>swimming and dumbbell stuff if i get as far as buying the necessary equipment

Mental side:

>2 or more hours of mathematics every day

>reading classics and good-to-read books (both factual and fictional)

>trying to have a blog to train myself in writing

All this I would be doing as I would also be trying to get a PhD position somewhere and/or a job. I would try to have a reasonable bed time and wake up in the morning, I would avoid alcohol and eating unnecessary shit like candy and pizza etc. This should take maybe 5-8 hours a day, and the rest would be free to be used however I wish (ie. shitposting and stuff). Any ideas how to make this plan better?


File: 6b01398916695c6⋯.jpg (272.33 KB, 750x1050, 5:7, stir fry.jpg)


>Fast food is just way cheaper

Looking at cost of individual meals it may appear so ($2 burger vs $5 worth of chicken), but you can easily get 3-4 meals out of the food you get from a grocery store. Cooking healthy and cheap isn't hard, it's literally just veggies and meat thrown together with whatever spices you like.

>I aint got much time either

1. Invest in a crockpot. Buy meat, 4-5 veggies (carrots, potato, onion, celery, etc.), and put enough water or stock in to fill up pot about half way with everything else already in. Set in on low, go to work, come home and you have a hot meal. You can put left overs in tupperware or if the pot itself is removable from the heating element you can just put that straight in the fridge.

2. Food processor. Get meat you don't have to cut like ground beef or ground turkey. Put meat in pan to brown, while doing that put your veggies in processor. After meat is browned throw the veggies in, throw spices in, and cook til you feel the veggies are the hard/softness that you like.

3. You can cook carbs along side meal. In the US you can get a whole box of pasta for a dollar. Put in water and it usually only takes 8-10 min depending on what shape it is, you can refrigerate and microwave later like you would anything else. Rice is a bit more finicky and I usually don't bother, the microwaveable rice is very expensive so don't even think about it. If you want something a bit different Couscous is fantastic and just as easy to cook as normal pasta. If you want a no cook carb then you can put your meat and veggies in fajita wrappers or regular bread and just make sandwich.

4. Spices: just buy the cheapest dried spices you can find, and there's nothing wrong with pre-mixed spices (italian, mexican, bbq etc.) if you don't know flavor profiles yet. You can't go wrong with a bit of salt and pepper. Don't buy stupid meme shit like Himalayan salt or seat salt, they don't taste any different. In the end your paying more money for NaCl without iodine in it.

5. READ THE INGREDIENTS LABELS ON PREPACKAGED FOOD. Seriously, don't fucking buy BBQ sauce that's main ingredient is high fructose corn syrup and a teaspoon is 200 calories. Don't eat breakfast cereal that's 99% corn and sugar dust.

6. Go meatless once in a while. Your lunch can be as simple as a peanut butter sandwich (all natural, no sugar filled Peter Pan crap), some carrot sticks, an apple, and a banana. Eggs and milk are cheap sources of protein. If you have a day off just boil up a dozen eggs and you can eat 2 a day for the rest of the week.

The main problem I've noticed (mostly males) have with cooking is they think there are complex to follow as if they were baking. Just put shit together that you like, there's no need to make "indian" or "mexican" food. If you'll eat it then fucking cook it. It's not rocket science.



Consider the labor cost of cooking. With all the prep, cleaning, etc, cooking even simple meals can easily take 20 to 30 minutes of labor. Say you make $10 an hour and are exploited at a rate of 1.5, meaning the value of an hour of work for you is $15. That means your home cooked meal was equivalent to $5-$7.5 on top of cost of ingredients.

Now overall it could be worth it, and staple foods like rice, beans, potatoes, etc can be really cheap. You might rather spend 30 min cooking at home than wageslaving at work. But the time cost does matter.



So you dont work? Because i would really only have that much time if i was unemployed.



He's an anime poster.



Thanks for that in-depth answer. I just borrowed a crockpot from my mom and actually gonna try this shit tomorrow



I've been unemployed since mid November. I wish I had a job, but I have a master's degree from a STEM field, so people don't want to hire me for "shitty" jobs because I'm too educated, but I have no skills in anything useful nor do I want to serve a capigtalist bank. Also, I may be getting a position in some doctoral school, so I can't take any job (for example, I was gonna accept a job that would have trained me to program, but I heard I'd have to work for 3 years or pay 20k € after the training).



I finally hit 100 kg on bench for two. Almost got the third one but then lost focus about a third way up. my 3x5 is up to 92.5 kg so I think I can start getting fives for 100 in like 2-3 weeks. Doing 150 kg deadlift tomorrow, my goal is 180 kg within the first 10 weeks of next year. Still haven't been able to squat for the last month 'cause my quadricep tendons have been fucky.

Full body workouts 3 times a week. Best program I've ever done. haven't gotten this strong this quickly ever before. Sucks that I can't squat though.

Hot tip for musicians, get a good ear training app for your phone. There are some pretty good free ones out there. Can't believe I haven't thought of that before. I've managed to clock in like 45 min of ear training a day for the last two weeks just from playing with that silly app like two minutes at a time during downtime.

Readings gone down the shitter thanks to school, but we're doing a pretty cool project which finally makes me feel like I actually know some stuff. I guess I can cool it with the engineering school imposter syndrome. Were using a particle filter to do position tracking of video game characters from gameplay footage. It's pretty fun.

My post relationship monk mode has been paying off but I think I'm done with my self imposed celibacy. Gonna get tinder and get some pussy after new years.

/Blog post over.



Strongfat easily


This is going to be a TL;DR post, I don't expect anybody to read it entirely, but this is what my daily /SIG/ routine looks like. It's super fucking autistic, but I don't care, because I'm trying to fix my life after years of being a total fuck-up: a drug addict, college dropout, socially isolated retard, spending most of my free time on online board and playing videogames, having no motivation to do anything. A few months ago I decided to change by taking baby steps in several different directions, and doing these things (and the usual memes like nofap and cold showers) is how I've been slowly getting my shit together:


I felt like I wasting too much time going to the gym and doing complex workouts, so I bought a bar and some plates and decided to perform the basics: squat, deadlift, bent row, overhead press, push-ups and pull-ups. I don't really have a routine, I'll just perform 3 or 4 hard sets (stopping 2 or 3 reps short of failure) of the main lifts whenever I feel recovered from the previous workout, and do push-ups and pull-ups throughout the day, Greasing the Groove style. I'm done trying to look like a model, I just want the health and cognitive benefits of lifting, and to feel strong.

I made a diet with a caloric intake slightly above my TDEE, 40% carbs, 35% protein and 25% fats. I decided to just eat the same shit everyday, fuck it, it will probably get boring but I think I'll get used to it. I don't want to waste time cooking anymore, so I'll just meal prep on the weekends because I'm trying to be as time-efficient as possible.

I'm practicing Muay Thai twice a week, and it's not enough to turn me into a deadly weapon but it's enough to 1. help keep me in shape and improve my cardio and mobility 2. give me some sense of self-confidence, which I desperately need after years of bullying and social isolation. Because of it, this it the first time in my life where I'm not 100% terrified of other people, and I think it shows when I interact with them. Anything that helps the old damaged self-esteem.

>mind gains

To stop my ADD from sabotaging my reading habits, I'm no longer reading 5 books at once because I always abandon them when I do that. I decided to read one fiction and one non-fiction (usually Theory or History) book at a time and finish them regardless of how bored I get. No matter what, I'm forcing myself to read 30 pages of the Fiction and 20 pages of the Non-fiction everyday, and once that becomes a habit I'll increase the number of pages. I'm also trying to force myself to focus more, so I'm reading in 15 minutes blocs where I'll try to avoid any distraction and not allow my mind to wander. Again, once they become habit I'll increase the duration of each reading session. It's autistic, but it's the only way I've found to help my ADD without meds, which I can't afford because I'm poor.

I'm doing Anki flashcards everyday, and it's great. I started low (like 15 cards/day) and have been gradually increasing the amount since. Forcing yourself to do flashcards everyday is really good for the memory, and I definitely need the help because I tend to forget everything I read within a few days. I use three decks: one for geography, one for vocabulary, and one for historical and economic data that I read.




I can say safely that since I became a Socialist, I didn't persuade a single person to see things through my new point of view, and that's because I'm really not an eloquent person and I tend to get lost during my own arguments. To fix this, I decided to write more in order to force myself to organize my thoughts and get better at articulating them. So what I have now is basically a diary, but I also include my thoughts on social and political issues there, and try to elaborate on them as if I were talking to someone else. I also downloaded a bunch of debates and speeches to learn a few rhetorical tricks.

I'm trying to meditate but I found it difficult when I first tried, so again I'm taking baby steps: 5 minutes a day, aiming at gradually increasing to 30 minutes. I read a book on the neurological benefits of meditation and I'm definitely sold on it.

On top of all that, I'm trying to learn German. Nothing major because I'm short on time, but I do some vocabulary training on Anki every day and I watch some grammar videos on the weekends.

>social gains

Probably the most difficult for me, because of how little opportunities I have. I have 0 irl friends since my last few friends ditched me, and I've always been awkward to talk to so it's hard for me to meet new people. The one thing I'm trying to do is keeping myself more informed about things like sports, cinema, music, technology, things that people like to talk about in general, so I'll have something to talk about other than politics. Being well-informed is a good way to make up for bad social skills in general, because at least you'll have something to say.

I'm also trying to add some diversity to my hobbies. Been fucking around with a guitar, looking into starting cooking lessons and I want to travel more, even if by myself since I have no friends.

In general, life is now less shitty than it was 4 months ago and I'm sensing some progress for the first time in 27 years. I still feel like an useless fucking loser all the time but maybe if I keep this up for another year things will be different.


File: 5bebebe78e1d3ad⋯.jpg (160.16 KB, 571x800, 571:800, 0d89a6f82aedc588c4b2725f35….jpg)


I'd be your friend comrade. Keep up the good work. I believe in you


File: 99945fa02eb639e⋯.jpg (217.3 KB, 621x853, 621:853, Franklin.jpg)



>Wake at 5, sleep at 10




But then again if I wake up without an alarm after 5 or 6 hours of sleep I feel better than when I wake up with an alarm after 7 hours



The alarm interrupts your sleep. Waking up naturally means you have slept sufficiently much already.


File: 85fd6c98d9bae96⋯.png (79.27 KB, 1000x1002, 500:501, 1539876933787.png)


>Sucks that I can't squat though

I know that feel, I literally can't squat at all, gives me horrible back pain so I just stick to leg press, dead lifts, and lunges. My legs look fine and balanced, but sucks having a squat 100lbs less than what I should be able to do.



Yeah that's why I usually wake up at least 4 to 5 times a night to beat my alarm or just not go back to sleep if I am like an hour from waking up.



I can't deadlift, I made a visit to snap city years ago and I gave up on it.


At best, this thread is off-topic trash.

At worst, this thread is a fairly transparent attempt to blame individuals for their social problems by trying to divert them from actual social analysis and work in order to focus on the atomic individual "self-improvement."

It's Petersonian "actually everything is fine bro just clean your room and ignore those hands groping your pocketbook."

This board isn't a replacement for friends, and it isn't /fit/.

Fuck this thread, and fuck you.



We've had this conversation before, Bolsheviks started a tradition of communists being very into self-improvement that was essential for the success of Communist movements everywhere. Lenin for example would give his colleguages advice in matters going from health and physical well-being to memorization and study techniques, Che and Fidel would try to instill reading habits in fellow guerrilla soldiers, George Jackson would organize black prisoners with study and martial arts practice sessions, etc. Which of course makes sense, because mass movements are made up of individual and individual skills. Matters of who knows what and who can do what aren't to be put aside as if the masses in "mass politics" are some metaphysical abstraction. What we can do as individuals greatly influences what we can do as a movement, and if people here happen to have self-improvement concerns that transcend immediate political concerns, it doesn't matter, because what you do to thrive in the system that surrounds you is also political. As Lenin said, Marxism is the ideology of the proletariat trained by capitalism, and it's the discipline and skills that we develop under it that enable us to produce a higher social organization of labor. And besides that, anyone who has ever been active in irl movements instead of just LARPing on online boards know how personal problems going from mental health to struggles with personal finances and time management are absolutely detrimental to those organizations, and if we don't cultivate a culture where those are addressed by self-improvement and mutual support we're lost. Because actual movements are made of actual people with actual problems, as difficult as it is to imagine that.


>get fit

>study economics

This will get you far in the 1st world.



Self-improvement is masturbation.

If you want things to improve, your every action should be towards collective, social improvement. You won't do anything for anyone besides yourself by spending half your week on starting strength and on the treadmill.

You aren't a guerilla. You aren't actually training a group of armed fighters. Instead of blaming the crisis of individual well-being on the failure of social institutions, where it properly belongs, you shift it back onto the individual as if social mobility were a function of personal worth or as if people actually got what they deserve.

It is only from a place of privilege where you can drop everything and pretend your exploitation is fine long enough to worry about your insta.

Fitness culture is bourgeois revisionism, off-topic, and it has no place here.

The larper is you, who seems more concerned with looking like a Soviet propaganda poster than with actually changing the material conditions we're in.



>Fitness culture is bourgeois revisionism

kys fatty



Nice argument, seething reactionary

Want me to post my century ride so I can show you how much of a micropenis you have?


And nearly everyone does make that effort. The idea that it's our own fault as individuals that we aren't effecting change is counterrevolutionary. Individual worth is liberal and pre-liberal mythologizing. Even personal, mental, and educational malady within the individual is symptomatic of social disease, and to focus on treating the individual as such is to focus on treating the symptom rather than the cause.


Anybody have resolutions for the new year?


File: 0c987f5ccff10b9⋯.jpg (4.14 MB, 2000x3008, 125:188, 0c987f5ccff10b9b8a03887f78….jpg)



>one hour of study each day, any subject

>gym four days a week

>try to read at least one book every two months

>find a job, maybe

>get decent grades on university and try to move forward in my career



Very good comrade, I wish you luck. My goals for the next year:

>try to read at least 50 pages a day. May be amended if it turns out this is more cumbersome than I think for the more dense books.

>keep up with to-dos so I don’t feel swamped with avoided responsibilities

>re-engage with local leftist groups. My ability to commit fell apart last year because of work and maintaining personal relationships. Try to at least attend a meeting once a month.

>follow my three day exercise schedule for at least 90% of scheduled days over the year.

>learn German and Japanese to modest conversational level




the only one seething is the guy writing walls of text about the evils of exercise



>every living moment should be spent preparing for a revolution that has no sign of happening any time soon

ok, fatty



>evils of exercise

Yeah, just like I wrote walls of text about the evils of masturbation.

Exercise isn't evil, but it's off-topic. Your implication that it isn't reveals your reactionary worldview.


>everyone who disagrees with me doesn't exercise

Okay brainlet




File: a63865ee2ac3194⋯.png (44.79 KB, 876x773, 876:773, 6.png)

If you lads are in a rural or even suburban area it's worth researching what plants that grow around you in the wild are edible, just saying.

For example, did you know that dandelions are edible? The entirety of it, including the leaves, stems, flowers, and roots, is edible and nutritious. After being prepared of course.

I looked into it and found out that a surprising amount of plants I pass by frequently are able to be eaten, many of which I thought of as nothing more than pesky weeds. Foraging seems like a very useful skill to me.


File: d58c4c948bd7fa6⋯.jpg (80.75 KB, 585x364, 45:28, plantman.jpg)


>plants I pass by frequently are able to be eaten

Remember that because the species is edible doesn't mean each individual plant is. I wouldn't eat plants growing by the side of the highway or pesticide filled lawn.


Whats new Anonrades? Just lifted 3 plate for the first time on the hex bar. Don't really know anyone who cares :^)


But society is made of individuals, Anon. I don't mean to be dense but what does collective social improvement look like? Get 3 friends to join me at the gym? Get some weights and let neighbors have access? (I do like the idea of communization) You are definitely accusing us of something we don't do, which is 'blame individuals' for social ills. I can't 'improve' you Anon and no one else can.


he said fitness 'culture' which means a host of commodified objects and practices which has gotten really fucking obnoxious. Go to a real gym, do your compound lifts, etc.


Seduce and slay your sister


it definitely is even though its pretty /anticiv/ and people will feel sorry for you for being a wook


File: c1fcd37d890e155⋯.gif (636.4 KB, 375x500, 3:4, ezgif.com-gif-maker.gif)


Congrats bro



I care, comrade. I care. I'm proud of you.



Where’s the smug anime girl? Wtf did they change it?



How do you stop doing being a dumb fucking hedonist?

I'm acutely aware that death can come at any moment, that human existence is short and full of trouble and there's very few things worth putting your limited time towards realising.

Alas, I am still a fat, lazy degenerate and I spend my days online. What the fuck is the magic trick to actually doing things? I literally feel like I'm an observer to my own life as it passes before me.


Is it easier to sig once you have moved out? I am 18 and live with my annoying boomer mom and I have to go to school every weekday which eats up my time and will to do anything challenging.



I've heard baby-steps helps. Setting yourself way too ambitious goals too soon will just set you up for failure and make you unmotivated. If you're a fat lazy fuck, you're not gonna achieve an athlete's exercising regimen or willpower right off the bat.

However, if you start off with small (even tiny) changes, such as just exercising for 20 minutes a week or something, you'll gradually ease into a healthier life, motivated onwards by a stream of small but steady accomplishments.

You need to stay focused on the overall goal of your transformation though. You need to want to stop being a lazy fat fuck, or it's gonna be that much harder to change.



Improving the world starts by improving yourself.



>Varg worship



>Up at 5

>Sleep at 10

The fuck

>2 hours lunchbreak

>No groceries, laundry, other shit, overwork, communting

Idealised nonsense


Self-improvement is for faggots who like to admire each others gains.

Learn to fight condition yourself to do so.







The prime reason we're helping ourselves is so that we can better improve the society we're a part of. Capitalism can only be overthrown from within, this means we must learn how to function within it. Ideally we'll learn to function in it in new, subversive ways.



>trying to learn how to fight on your own without proper training and without sparring

join a dojo for fucks sake



I already am in one.

This shit is for everyone else, because knowing some skills is better than none.




T-thanks Anons. It really means a lot.


In my opinion (older but live with boomer parents), school days are easy mode and you should have plenty left for physical stuff. I find it to be a lot harder after a day of work, and can only imagine it would be harder still if you work and have to work a lot to pay bills. But it must vary with wage and shit.


Don't forget he lived in a dense urban center and maybe counted some of those other things than commuting as work.



noice. what are you practicing?



Muay Thai right now. It's brutal though, and I'm nearly thirty. I don't know if I can keep hard sparring with the younger guys there for much longer. I kind of expected it to be like boxing, but it's a completely different world. Plus, I need to keep some brain cells intact since I'm working on my masters. It's actually kind of hard to find a decent gym where I live, so I lucked out. The one I went to before people were getting into fights on the mat all the time and the instructor was kicking the shit out of students if he was having a bad day. If you're looking for a dojo, my advice is to shop around first. Some of these places are a rip off, and even the ones that can teach you something can make the process a lot harder than it has to be.


Lmao striving to become a better person? What are you a chud?



Chapocels please go



That's pretty cool. I've been doing judo for a year and I love it but I'd like to learn some striking in the future. Muay Thai is basically thai kickboxing, right? What's the hardest thing about it?



If you guys are looking for a simple, effective gym routine check this out. Pro MMA friend of mine got me into weightlifting through this, really excellent starting point.



Since when lol. Basically any constructive pursuit is self improvement



I have a suggestion for anyone thinking about going into lifting. Stronglifts is good but personally I've gotten much stronger by simply doing full body workouts every time 3 days a week. I feel like doing 3 sets of 5 on all of your compound movements 3 days a week works better than the stronglift method. doing everything except squats only 1.5 times a week is too low frequency in my opinion.



Aren't the first 2 sets of SL's 5x5 supposed to be warmup sets, which just makes it 3x5? I haven't lifted for a while now so excuse me if I got it wrong.





What a coincidence. I started this workout at the new year. It seems to be working well for me.



Unsure. It's been a very long time since I ran Stronglifts. My main point is that the best results I have had is when I've ran program where every day is the same, instead of rotating exercises. Pull ups, bench, military press, squats and deadlifts. That's all I do and I do those every workout. Sometimes varying so I don't go heavy on all of them every time. But with that many compound movements I feel like you get way to tired if you try to get in more than 3 working sets


File: 9bb4580bfa441f6⋯.jpeg (262.04 KB, 2048x1155, 2048:1155, Dv70MltV4AAq5Pj.jpeg)


>self improvement


KEK. You all soy boys look like this pic



nice projection you have there faggot

why don't you go back to crying about not being white



>current year

>KEK, soyboy

14 years old or shitpost?



I am not even projecting, estrogen beast.

All the videos of antifa and commies in general show that all of you are low testosterone, weak and soy boys like this pic.

You guys talking about self improvement is pathetic, you don't have a greater purpose that motivates you, that's why there isn't a single one of you who isn't weak and pathetic


File: 6e519751d5f7c7f⋯.png (584.2 KB, 475x637, 475:637, 6e519751d5f7c7fde180d3a099….png)


forgot pic



I love the weird double speak fascists have in regard to antifa and other groups.

Antifa are simultaneously weak and strong, weak because they're beta lefitist cucks, but strong so you can justify violence/legal action against. Weak, but consistently successfully beat the shit out of fascists at protests.



>N..no I-it's not projection…

Keep telling that to yourself faggot, also crying about video games and black people on TV does not count as a higher purpose you mongoloid


File: 8b59f1882de6cce⋯.jpg (160.83 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 64c54ba075ac3ca1e3cf5d9f94….jpg)


epicly owned dem libs lol! XD




You really need to get some new material man. This is getting old and boring. Besides, don't you have some commercial to get triggered over or something?


File: 237872970b01c2c⋯.jpg (54.79 KB, 600x449, 600:449, 177553f18069e526525ccf2a18….jpg)


As Umberto Eco said in his essay about fascism, the problem with these people is that they believe so hard in their own propaganda about their strength, and about the weakness of the communists and others, that they constantly underestimate their enemies, so they always lose.



how u guys doing. struggling to learn for upcoming exams, send motivation


File: a106b6c241b85f4⋯.gif (990.94 KB, 500x529, 500:529, weights zoro.gif)

Here, a free bump


I hope this isnt too late, but can anyone please recommend a good starting and beginner routine for building strength (and maybe decent aesthetics on the side. Just a bonus that would be nice)?

I seriously dont trust halfchans /fit/. But I think I can trust leftists. Ive heard the Soviets had a good body building program after all.



Try Starting Strength or StrongLifts 5x5, they are both great and very popular programs for starters. Beginners should only stick to compound exercises, don't do a split


in short, i'm a depressed fatfag with myriad health issues, and the only drip of dopamine I get is from food.


File: f275dacfa66c4f9⋯.png (15.6 KB, 706x257, 706:257, epic report.png)

File: 5008c8de1f82280⋯.jpg (64.01 KB, 800x699, 800:699, deadass.jpg)

just dropping this here


File: 1711d056238bb5d⋯.jpg (47.96 KB, 604x488, 151:122, German long sword play.jpg)

File: 2303b5959831304⋯.jpg (120.05 KB, 1200x843, 400:281, small shield fencing 2.jpg)

File: 4c0644169db3dca⋯.jpg (128.42 KB, 1200x843, 400:281, small shield fencing.jpg)

File: 5df829171153a2d⋯.jpg (174.46 KB, 848x1200, 53:75, twohanded broadsword wildi….jpg)

sword stuff since Zoro got posted might as well do that



Arent trumptards and hillaryfgs the same? Why not post both?


File: 0ff2e01bc8a48f0⋯.jpg (171.55 KB, 1200x844, 300:211, DP-SZ6JVAAAfWOE.jpg)

File: 70074304501e26d⋯.jpg (160.64 KB, 1200x844, 300:211, DQ6MgS4X0AEqLUj.jpg)

File: 3b48b2377a9543b⋯.jpg (103.7 KB, 800x563, 800:563, cover_01.jpg)



Ayy. Is there anyone translating korean weeb hema stuff? I don't imagine the japanese will get interested in european historical fencing anytime soon.



I havent heard good stuff about SS though, and i heard that Greyskull LP was better.



Rolling on number two



While you read Keynes, I studied the blade.

As you poured over reasearch by the Mises Institute, I studied the blade.

That night you fapped to Alunya (i know you did it, fucking degenerate), I studied the blade.

While you fought useless, lumpen, trailer park Nazis, I studied the godamn, mother fucking, blade

Chuckle now.

When the Japanese Communist party accepts me into the forgein brigades as a shield (lmao, waifu Zero chan sama won't let me out of the tendie cave, so ill just absorb bullets due to the fat.)

Fear me.

I am strong.

I, as Kamala Harris would say,



I quit doing drugs

I quit drinking a lot

Try to not watch porn, it’s hard

Too poor right now to keep my gym membership going I always lose it cause my bank account is empty when it draws

I just got a job making almost 10 dollars more and hour (and it’s union)

Hopefully I can pay my debt off

(Tv, credit cards, fine for insurance lapsing)

Then I can get my gym membership

It sucks cause I used to be kind of thin and a little sculpted from muscle, 20 lbs later lost all that. Quitting soda as well. Fuck that shit.


File: cade43d6aa82087⋯.jpg (77.88 KB, 728x546, 4:3, 1325858988532.jpg)


What bad stuff did you hear about SS? The T-Rex meme?


File: 49c808e9fba5b54⋯.png (213.33 KB, 870x842, 435:421, zoro BTFO sanji.png)

File: 039501b92546969⋯.png (1.27 MB, 1178x970, 589:485, ClipboardImage.png)


the two real versions


File: 2ba39e9932e4dc3⋯.png (532.51 KB, 799x450, 799:450, henry.png)

>tfw lifting became fun



>Is there anyone translating korean weeb hema stuff

Not to my knowledge but i wish they did.



rawling hard mode



T rex and "zero aesthetics" as far as i know. They said the book is good but the routine is retarded. Thats all I remember.


Figured this could use a bump

Finally found the time to go mountain climbing again.

Not that I didn't have time before, because I work as one of those autistic online english teachers, but managed to force myself at it again. Costs me 2eur to get to the village closest to the mountain and back.

Since I never really tried understanding all the different lifting related shit, I just lift a pair of dumbbells I have for an hour in different ways and do sit ups after.

Honestly I'm happy to say that I managed to do that for the last 7months almost every day (sometimes with a day pause because I wasn't at home all day)



SS does what it promises, build strength. You should worry about getting strong first. Unless your legs are already big for some reason, it's not going to make you look like a T-Rex. Do you think a guy who can deadlift 400 lbs is gonna have tiny forearms?



I can deadlift 420 (190 kg, fucking burger units) and my arms really aren't that big at all. Not string bean levels, but if I wear a t-shirt with wide arms i don't even look like i lift. i guess that might have to do with being on the tall side, so it's harder to fill out.


File: d1f50611b2ea290⋯.jpg (34.64 KB, 544x400, 34:25, spiderman jail shrug.jpg)


No, I'm short and still have this problem. It has to do with clothes being made to fit as many consumers as possible so they're always on the baggy side. Nothing you find at a regular store will ever really "fit".


I've never understood the need for so many programs out there. Like, just do the main compound lifts 2-3 times a week and add in accessories at the end, it's ain't hard it just takes time.


How to be less boring and get better at conversations?

do you

1. practice body language/tone/diction

2. think about subjects to talk about beforehand

3. do new stuff all the time to have something worth talking about

4. converse with people as often as possible

5. observe how other people talk and note to yourself how they explore a given subject

6. keep in mind how the other person feels and what he is interested in to try to make the conversation less about you and more interesting to him

I really try


File: 0a8a0d58ff9ea50⋯.jpg (73.6 KB, 833x469, 119:67, 1811b3752f3e868588d76960e4….jpg)

Okay so maybe one of you guys can help me…? I've been going to the gym with a friend. He's tried to show me the basic lifts like dead lift, bench and squat. But I'm just a bot and cannot seem to get the form right at all. For the dead lift for instance I cannot execute the maneuver of sending your hips back while keeping your back and knees straight well. I tend to fuck it up by bending them and my friend doesn't really know what to say to help me. On the bench press I also kind of suck and had to keep moving the weight down each set. He was telling me to compress my shoulder blades and keep it tight but I feel like I'm just too weak to feel any sort of compression so its difficult to engage the muscles consistently. Idk maybe I'm just suck big time. Has anyone else gone through this or helped someone through and could offer me some advice?



I tried really hard to get better at conversations a few years ago when I got back to college and had to overcome the damage made by years of social anxiety and self-imposed isolation.

The obvious advice is: the more you practice the easier it gets. Besides that, listening to conversational podcasts helped me a lot, because as I listened to them I subconsciously learned about how to keep conversations going, tell stories, and things like that. Having nothing in common with normies to talk about was a huge problem for me, and I started making a conscious effort to learn a little bit about everything. Just watching a few youtube videos about subjects you couldn't possibly care less about, but that people seem to enjoy, can go a long way. You don't have to be an expert on things, just know enough to know what questions to ask. As for everything else, I remember having to force myself to relax and make good eye contact as the anxiety of talking to people was killing me, but most of the other things you talk about are spontaneous. It becomes automatic as you practice.



Idk you might consider just practicing alone in front of a mirror until you get it right. You'll probably get some cowards mentally roasting you and maybe a couple patronizing idiots will try and 'help' but you will almost certainly get it down after a couple hours. Worth it IMO everyone has to start somewhere.



First off are you practicing with the barbell alone? You're not supposed to be using weight at all if you're new to lifting.


File: 04a33deff58849a⋯.jpg (76.9 KB, 750x972, 125:162, 1550232957847.jpg)


behind the neck shoulder shoulder presses are a fucking meme that will get you injured.



>Didn't deadlift for my first 2 years of lifting

>Have a squat 200lbs heavier than my deadlift

What the fuck



The body is weird, man. Different muscle groups do things better than others. Like for example, you can have biceps like an oak barrel, but be absolutely fucked if you do any sort of training that requires tricep strength. You can deadlift 280 because of core and hip strength and proper form and technique, but still have arms like spaghetti.



Didn't Soviet fitness programs follow a routine similar to SS?


File: fb26b73d5b2f65e⋯.png (2.72 MB, 1116x964, 279:241, 1550024262194.png)

As a /pol i approve of this thread. Maybe in the midst of lifting heavy weights you will pump enought testosterone in those weak minded heads of your to comprenhend how cringeworthy you all are.

Now get your ass to gym and bash the fash or something. Let's improve ourselves you degenerate faggots.



Also why the fuck would you do them squatting?




roll on the first image



I'm thinking of taking muay thai classes at a gym near me. Am I retarded? What are some other self defense options?



Go to the gun range and start learning how to shoot a gun. Then buy one.



I plan on getting a gun as well but I don't consider it viable to carry a gun with me everywhere. Therefore I want to learn how to defend myself unarmed as well.



source for the bottom image?



Most traditional martial arts are proven and effective for self defense, just make sure you don't join one of those bullshit McDojos that just want your money.


Hello /sig/rades, I have come because I want to make social gains on an industrial scale. I don't have any problems dealing with people at the moment, I'm well-liked generally, and I have a few friends that I see often. However, my ambitions are larger than that. To support my other goals in life, I have come to realize that I will need to be more than 'normal' and 'generally well-liked'. I can't just be a social butterfly, I need to be a social Mothra.

Having thought about the problem a bit, my main problem is speed. I can make friends with practically anybody eventually, but the rate at which I warm up to people (and vice versa) is painfully slow. I usually have to see people regularly for weeks before I really begin to get along with them. The problem is of course compounded with women, since making your intentions clear and acting on them as soon as possible is literally the only real 'trick' there is, in my experience.

My goal is to be able to go into any new social situation and rapidly start making friends, creating quick rapport, networking, and, to a lesser extent, bedding women (noporn's saved me a ton of time and made me more productive, but a man can't nut to his own imagination forever).

This year I've branched out and signed up for a bunch of different activities/hobbies, but making social gains in such situations is a little slow and indirect for my taste. Is there a way to regularly and rapidly practice meeting lots of new people? I realize the obvious answer is a bar/club - is it weird to go there alone? Also, does anyone have any tips for breaking down the broad category of 'social skills' into discrete component skills? Rapid skill acquisition is much easier if you can undertake deliberate practice of component skills. I'd really like a workout program for social gains, but I realize that's probably an autistic request.



Shit, just realised I could have said "At some point a man's gotta stop nutting to thoughts and start nutting in thots"


File: 9d0a8ac52a60a5e⋯.png (440.59 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, indignant arcee.png)


If you're a retard who can't do lifting right then yeah you'd get injured.



For all your /k/ and related needs


File: 0369f52e1183860⋯.png (38.54 KB, 348x145, 12:5, ClipboardImage.png)


meditation: just a cringe placebo meme, or is it based?



Little bit of both tbh. Depends on weather or not you think it's going to open your third eye and activate your spiritual almonds or not. Based if you just want a bit more clarity, focus and calm.


Can anyone recommend self improvement tips to a comrade who suffers from chronic pain, and relies on codeine to get through the day?


File: 935bbc72817dcf9⋯.jpg (180.16 KB, 846x457, 846:457, meditation 1.jpg)

File: b184d0a9247a00b⋯.jpg (89.02 KB, 795x314, 795:314, meditation 3.jpg)


If you want to become 'le enlightened person' You can go all the way, though frankly its a waste of time IMO. However pics related (basic meditation) are actually useful in calming and focusing the mind. They helped me.



Use herbal ointments and try to minimize codeine use by waiting until the pain becomes unbearable. Your body needs time to adjust and using drugs to treat the symptom makes your body weaker in the long run.


File: 2f971d1b701ce2b⋯.jpg (73.37 KB, 800x272, 50:17, meditation 7.jpg)

File: a0019b2df790d42⋯.jpg (112.38 KB, 799x360, 799:360, meditation 2.jpg)

File: dd616e240c5c338⋯.jpg (152.62 KB, 795x420, 53:28, meditation 4.jpg)

File: eba61919f9255f2⋯.jpg (99.13 KB, 798x315, 38:15, meditation 5.jpg)

File: b79c44cd997a66a⋯.jpg (71.86 KB, 798x281, 798:281, meditation 6.jpg)



If anyone wants the rubbish rest of the Meditation guide here:


File: 18491865b0b1b93⋯.jpg (56.85 KB, 774x233, 774:233, meditation 8.jpg)

File: 0497cb996ed0032⋯.png (1.43 MB, 3645x1395, 81:31, meditation 9.png)

File: 8ae8d4534c21649⋯.jpg (72.73 KB, 788x277, 788:277, meditation 10.jpg)

File: 28b36929aeb78ff⋯.jpg (123.6 KB, 795x355, 159:71, meditation 11.jpg)

File: d03af81305cf0c1⋯.jpg (82.59 KB, 794x292, 397:146, meditation 12.jpg)


File: 9052ae59635bd78⋯.jpg (86.23 KB, 779x291, 779:291, meditation 16.jpg)

File: f7501ada6367142⋯.jpg (101.14 KB, 796x304, 199:76, meditation 13.jpg)

File: c359fe34b474226⋯.jpg (87.12 KB, 791x307, 791:307, meditation 14.jpg)

File: 9fdac7d5d974c50⋯.jpg (90.78 KB, 796x305, 796:305, meditation 15.jpg)


File: 60644f510b726f4⋯.jpg (104.11 KB, 788x359, 788:359, meditation 20.jpg)

File: bd477a07a893085⋯.jpg (62.82 KB, 788x271, 788:271, meditation 17.jpg)

File: 0109049d29e3dfd⋯.jpg (80.55 KB, 788x312, 197:78, meditation 18.jpg)

File: 1d286ad2d412f99⋯.jpg (65.92 KB, 787x227, 787:227, meditation 19.jpg)


File: 8e8703dcba527b7⋯.jpg (116.33 KB, 802x351, 802:351, meditation 21.jpg)

File: fd889687a1039f8⋯.jpg (76.58 KB, 801x261, 89:29, meditation 22.jpg)

File: 0f3d35b7b598261⋯.jpg (65.4 KB, 799x271, 799:271, meditation 23.jpg)

File: 0ab7ef02db2bf87⋯.jpg (93.94 KB, 795x352, 795:352, meditation 24.jpg)



This isn't real.



like I said I don;t do this stuff, I just have it because /x/ is a fun place to browse.

I even had a caveat in the very post you link

>If anyone wants the rubbish rest of the Meditation guide



Yeah I noticed it after I made the post.



A little help here?



You may just dislike shallow socializing, i feel like i could go out there and make tons of friends but i know at this point it would be useless and harmful to them, i just don't enjoy to be friends with people i don't 100% enjoy talking to.



Oh no, I absolutely dislike shallow socializing. That's why I haven't done it my whole life. Thing is, I've got other goals in life that necessitate that I swallow my pride and learn how to do it anyway.

> i feel like i could go out there and make tons of friends but i know at this point it would be useless and harmful to them

Yeah, I'm really too old to give much of a shit how it would be to/for them. This is necessary for my goals, so they're just going to have to deal with having a superfluous friend or lover. I just want to know the most efficient way to practice shallow socializing and making tons of friends, starting from scratch.



Lmao, what faggy Pilates are these. God, you guys are retarded.



There's a difference between being protected by the establishment and being physically strong. The police you so hate are your strength, not your little noodle arms and faux vagina.



Former Marine here and total neo-reactionary. AMA about anything leftyfags. If you're serious about your physical health then get a road bike/10 speed. Ride it as much as you can. Lift weights regularly and eat a ton of calories. Speaking of, I see a bunch of homos on this board posting pictures of their cute little 1000 calorie bread diets. Why don't you eat like fucking men? Or are you just preparing your little bellies for the famine promised by your shit utopia? A bunch a faggots you all are, and you'll die in the final war. No use preparing.



If the police are my strength, why do they keep raping and murdering us?



> AMA about anything leftyfags.

Y r u so angry, anon?



A compound lifting program like Starting Strength combined with a low body fat will raise your free testosterone, which will in turn raise your confidence and baseline mood. It's a good foundation, but obviously it doesn't end there.


File: 34c7e9d31114c8a⋯.png (312.46 KB, 1785x2537, 1785:2537, bruh.png)



Those are largely meme MA's. Anything that's legit will be well represented in open competition through MMA. Look into wrestling, boxing, muy thai, BJJ, or a legit MMA school itself.



Don't bother with Tinder unless you're chad or chad-lite meaning an objective 7+ minimum. Otherwise all you'll get are fatties and uggos. If you're white you could get some kind of ethnic woman though, since asians latinos blacks and indians see white genetics as an upgrade.



Don't listen to this anon he's scared that you'll become right wing if you heighten your testosterone or something. Also he's clearly weak, and probably wouldn't even argue with you on that point. Picture a thin or skinnyfat anon lecturing you with such a post and you'll see how goofy he is being.



File: 9f2d2631d8f8bb1⋯.jpg (54.52 KB, 500x304, 125:76, 1471324616365-2.jpg)


You have to start a powerlifting routine to build a foundation, anon. Use the numbers on the bar increasing as a carrot on the stick to keep driving you forward. Then lose weight to increase your free test. It will literally give you more motivation at a chemical level. If you don't believe me look at the mental effects of a woman on her period, or a guy on steroids, or a trans. Give yourself a fighting chance and commit to this one goal.


File: 83b505c51b99c8c⋯.jpg (98.76 KB, 720x960, 3:4, 69186391931eb683188a139286….jpg)


It's all the same shit my man. Compound lifts with 3x5 or 5x5 only differs in volume. Something like Greyskull will just have more accessories. If you are doing the following and increasing the weight on the bar each time you'll get great gains.


Deadlift (alternate these two between sessions)


Overhead press (alternate these two between sessions)

Pullups every day afterwards

Then other accessories to taste like working on the machines, or doing curls, face pulls etc.

Once you do these for a while you'll start to develop your own sense of how to navigate weight programming and through natural curiosity will investigate intermediate/advanced routines.


File: a169eac4656e514⋯.jpg (105.1 KB, 720x960, 3:4, ancaps are protected by st….jpg)

File: 4986a84a318bb27⋯.png (120.91 KB, 605x527, 605:527, ClipboardImage.png)


<what faggy Pilates are these


>Bruce Lee work out

>demonstration of a tuck and twist

Are you sober?


What the fuck are you even talking about?

>protected by the establishment

>the police are your strength

<By actively supporting the alt-right

<unironic muh antifa weakling meme

Are you sure you didn't mean to go to >>>/leftpol/ ?


>preparing your little bellies for the famine promised by your shit utopia

The average daily caloric consumption per capita of the soviet union in 1975 is usually estimated at 3,500 kcal. This calorie data comes from a book called Farm to Factory: A Reinterpretation of the Soviet Industrial Revolution. The author used the UN's methodology of calculating calorie availability, (which isn't necessarily the same thing as calorie consumption), from 1885 to 1989. He did his own calculations however and factored in the works of Wheatcroft and Jasny both of whom had done many analyses of the USSR’s economy. While one can argue that there were some health issues with this, such as obesity, (although back in the era people seemed far more active and probably burned through a lot more than a modern couch potato watching Netflix and playing video-games), that level of calorie production combined with Soviet price policy made it so that starving and hunger were eliminated in the USSR after WW-2 which is far more important an achievement. The only exception to this was the brief famine around 1947 around Moldova and Southwest Ukraine, which is to be expected considering that these were among the most heavily damaged regions during WW 2. Also see pic 2

>get a road bike/10 speed. Ride it as much as you can. Lift weights regularly and eat a ton of calories.

The most nebulous SIG I have ever heard

"Just lift weights and ride your bike" It's not like regimens are required to be optimal.

>1000 calorie bread diets




first rolling


Hi guys!

Passing through from /pol/. Nice to see you queers are improving yourselves.



fuck you i will stop working out to spite you



HOW? I stuck to a schedule, 3 times a week for like 2 months I lifted, I improved a good deal. But I still hate doing it.





nice meme




lol nazi man was capitalist what are you speaking of


File: dc4396453ea67f7⋯.png (581.6 KB, 1583x5995, 1583:5995, National_Socialism.png)


Read the economics part



fucking nazi


File: 04f39d147a030fd⋯.png (8.09 MB, 3256x2808, 407:351, Nazi_capitalism_2.0.png)



>capitalism with restrictions isn't capitalism



Pretty late, but I got "How to read a book", the same edition depicted on the picture, and it's kind of badly redacted at times?

Am I a dumbass and wrong, or is there a better version out there?



If there's private property it is capitalism.


Life is a wonderful struggle.


File: 5fb86f191e67dc4⋯.png (172.38 KB, 400x488, 50:61, 14-57-35-5fb86f191e67dc421….png)

File: 7607a2f2111f7b6⋯.jpg (1.06 MB, 1800x1162, 900:581, 1554645892833(1).jpg)

File: 0c5d87746dc46a2⋯.png (221.54 KB, 1700x2200, 17:22, 1553805829604.png)


File: 4a25b5156615ba8⋯.jpg (1.1 MB, 719x2445, 719:2445, 1553793873284.jpg)

File: 7c42bc9aaee5cc9⋯.png (1.2 MB, 880x6531, 880:6531, 1553793803871.png)

File: 947d67183fd1a32⋯.png (348.45 KB, 1332x1949, 1332:1949, 1554121179137.png)




File: 5f296c1fa94b093⋯.png (650.7 KB, 454x762, 227:381, ClipboardImage.png)

Exercise you fucking faggots, you have no excuses.


File: 99759b798f324e2⋯.png (2.6 MB, 1079x1919, 1079:1919, ClipboardImage.png)



why are you such a whiny fucking pussy, you are supposed to do both, you are just fishing for affirmation. I lift weights 5 days a week and read every day, stop COPEing for being an out of shape retard with reading, as if it is something special.



I'm thinking a little bit about getting into minimalism. Seems like a good way of reeducating yourself out of consumerism. Here's a video by a spunky minimalist chick that makes me feel all warm inside.



>>2780892 tuning in

For a while I was at the gym 4x a week doing push-pull ABXABXX, now doing SL5x5. Hadn't been doing legs for months so getting squats and deads back up to speed.


You are supposed to do 5x5 at the same weight, and take a couple sets to ramp up to that weight.



Thanks guise, need to practice and reinforce this. Part of me just wants to be a solipsist recluse but I have a job where I work with people and want to have a more 'normal' life. The girl I'd been keen on was doing wall-sits right next to me when I was on the mat doing crunches. I make some dumb remark about wall-sits, kind of awkward. Can pretty clearly tell she is not about me. Some guy comes up and strikes out with her saying all this dumb crap I could have said. Was somehow therapeutic watching it happen since I could project myself. But it also gave me the impulse to remark about it or just say SOMETHING (but not what I had planned on saying) in the same way like a lemming following lemmings. Was awkward but worth it to bring things from fantasy-possibility into reality with baby steps.


Personally I'm trying to get on that Don Juan (Castaneda) shit but I'm not sure either.



fuck it


File: a17b59fdcf11736⋯.gif (62.54 KB, 750x525, 10:7, a17 (1).gif)

File: 0edc69ab887a1d2⋯.png (169.51 KB, 1033x883, 1033:883, 1478182328545.png)

Man exercisan' sure is hard business


Any tips for getting off soda? I wanna cut out because I KNOW it's making me worse



What I do is get into a habit of drinking water instead, which displaces the desire to eat/drink much else. When you feel the urge for soda just have some water; if it's too bad and you just have to have some soda then dilute it.



Fam those are meme Martial Arts not to say you shouldn't do them because they are legitametly good for your fitness and exercise but if you actually wanna fight someone and not get destroyed you should look into Muay Thai, Tae kwon do. Or Jujitsu to supplement.



I heard drinking seltzer helps too



>Who the fuck thought it was a good idea to mix alcohol and coffee?

It's not good for you but putting some Jameson in a coffee is 👌


Anybody got a guide to at home workouts?

I can't afford a gym right now and like to start doing SOMETHING



Mostly drink water. It sure took me a long time to get off soda, & the first thing I did was start drinking a lot more water. You'll probably get some urges to drink soda, but eventually you can persevere.

Basically all I drink now is one cup of coffee in the morning, & the rest of the day i'll just drink water. I usually drink pineapple juice from concentrate as well. Stuff's really good.



Every time you feel like eating icecream or a a candy bar or drink a soda, fill a glass of cold water and drink it down. Still feel like having that sweet poison? Drink another and another until you're full as fuck. After a while you just get used to drinking a glass, then going on with your day. Also if you really want something sweet, take some bread, butter and Bashkir honey and eat that.



Soda disgusts me now anyway, i drink a lot of water, not particularly cold but i drink it a lot.



Sweet tea isn't much better, but it doesn't have the corn syrup. I live in the subtropics so when I can, I kill my want for sweet with coconut water but it seems kind of expensive to buy. I think the best sweet is honey personally plus it's actually sort of good for you in the right amounts. I cut soda from one or two cans a day to just about nil and I hardly drink sweet tea or coconut water. My craving for soda just isn't there after a long time off it.


I don't have a home workout per se but you should do pushups and get an iron gym and a mat. Do ab work on the floor. It all comes down to how much you're gonna push yourself even if I made up an ab circuit and told you what it consisted of. Do lunges. Single leg bodyweight deadlifts. Calf raises on one leg. Pistol squats (I don't do these, they make me want to die). If this is tldr I think exrx net is a good site. goodluck


File: a6a140d9529f3f6⋯.jpg (406.98 KB, 836x1442, 418:721, bodyweight.jpg)



jewish lies, they want me to join the kosher gym



These past 3 months, I became fatter and I'm trying to take control of my weight before it gets out of hand. As they describe in the pic, I just go to the gym 3 times a week for one hour (and go easy on the beer and the garbage food) and the rest of the time, I'm pretty much sedentarian. I don't think it can work (especially for visceral fat). any advices?




true , but some people need to lose fat first , and this can be done in home conitions.

look up for some cardio/calisthenics training if you are fat - if not and want to build up muscle then join gym and mix these too up for endurance



I know nobody who goes to a gym and isn't homo. They would be banned under socialism.


File: fceba94cfdbd9cb⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 278.66 KB, 2000x2000, 1:1, 1550348809241.jpg)



rollin rollin rollin rollin



Tbh if you just want to lose fat, do cardio. Learn how to jump the rope, you can do it at home and you're gonna lose weight like crazy.



When I go to the gym, I spend half the time on running machines (the outside air in not always good in the place I'm staying). I've been doing it 2-3 times a week on average for maybe 2 years and I haven't seen any change yet, I just stayed in the slightly fat zone (75-80 kg for 1.82 m, it's nothing catastrophic, but I know if I let it go, I'll get fat super fast).

Anyway, I think I'll follow your advice and use my jumping rope every day since I brought it with me.

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