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File: 1d0cb8426104fee⋯.png (2.77 MB, 3508x2480, 877:620, Constitutional Monarchy of….png)


The date is the 29th December 2018, and public unrest is high after the government pushed through several unpopular reforms over the Christmas season when nobody was paying attention, like a cut to the minimum wage and the removal of limits on how many hours workers can be asked to work per week. The neoliberal government say they have been forced into this position due to adverse financial conditions and the need to remain competitive with the more technologically advanced nation of Reddit.

How it works will be quite simple; you present your proposal for an action against NPCs or other players and the DM (me) ranks how likely that is to work from 1 to 10 and then rolls a virtual die against that number out of ten. You will have better luck if you propose smaller actions like, our sect seizes control of the TV station, rather than, my movement immediately grabs control of regions around and including the capital.

Factions can have as many posters as they want, for the sake of convenience I will accept posters other than the originator of the movement to make overall decisions if the original poster doesn't post that day.

I hope this sounds fun, let's try it. Remember to only propose the action and I will determine the results as DM.


Several socialist movements and local religions that attach specific value to insects in the tiny rural villages of autist islands begin to attempt a revolution, inspired by recent studies on the social lives of ants. Armed with home-made guns and various guns stolen from passing trade boats, a gang of several hundred militia storm through rural villages, occupying them. Emphasizing [italics]"The way of the ants"[/italics], a strange fusion of various ultra collectivist ideologies emphasizing group unity, Underground architecture and co-operation.



Basically the ant gang but more realistic




Okay, I like that phrasing of it a lot better, I'll give that, let's say a 7.

You rolled an 8.

Neglected for centuries by the mainland government, the Autist Isles have long been a refuge for oddballs and misfits, and they have more freedom than most of Aurelia purely because the government doesn't care that much what the hillbillies get up to.

Rural authorities are taken totally off guard by your sweep through the countryside and the few police or officials that resist are swiftly captured without much violence. Your movement will have to decide what to do with them, and also on a name.

The local people are somewhat supportive of your strange philosophy due to their religious and cultural beliefs and dissatisfaction with the government. You tap into a latent nationalistic impulse along your fellow autists.

While your march across the countryside is successful, by the time your militia reach the vicinity of Autism Quay, the regional capital located on the shore of the East island, local forces are dug in and fire warning shots from makeshift barricades. The Quay is more developed and connected to the mainland (being the primary port on the islands) so the population is also less supportive of you. Police forces and other resisters who see you as a bunch of crazed lunatics are clearly planning to hold the town until reinforcements arrive from central government.

Your strength:

350 militia members, 50 of them armed with light weapons they are not that well trained to use, the others with clubs, pitchforks, et cetera.

Their strength:

Roughly 50 armed police officers who have moderate training with their light weapons, which are pistols and some shotguns.

Around a dozen members of the armed forces that were stationed at the barracks, they are well trained with their semi-automatic rifles.

100-200 others who have answered the call to resist, they are armed with household objects or spare police batons.

Autism Quay is a small town and the government has all the main roads in their sight, with most of them blocked by cars, dumpsters, et cetera. They would be easy to scale but would give their marksmen an easy time picking off your forces. A creative approach might work better?

Your forces have successfully seized control of Weston-Chandler, which serves as a port on the western island, it is really only a village but houses a few assorted small fishing and tour boats as well as a medium sized ferry.



Taking inspiration from ants, nearby farmers are recruited to dig tunnels underneath the enemy and place bombs underneath their fortifications, while the militia who are armed with guns begin to create makeshift camouflage suits out of reeds as well as creating scopes for their guns out of wire, in order to snipe at the enemy from behind trees and bushes

In the meantime, a central hive is created in Weston-Chandler, which is a collection of underground tunnels containing storage rooms and housing for the people living there.

The few intellectuals on the island (Mostly library staff) are instructed with finding ways to organize this new society, and a council is set up to organize society, mostly made out of local entymologists and religious figures.



The boats are used for fishing, to supply for the village. To help the citizen population, education initiatives are pursued (mostly just volunteer teachers in small wooden schoolrooms), and farmers begin to start expanding downwards and experimenting with mushroom farms.



With hints of civil unrest in the air, the president of Aurelia requests aid from their northern neighbor, Reddit.

Reddit responds by sending a battalion of soldiers commanded by Colonel Elephant across the border to Stalintown a, ostensibly as part of a training exercise, to occupy the city and surrounding area.


more details about the People's Hive (nation name):

- Economic policy is central planning influenced by massive public debates

- Social egalitarianism, although culture leans towards matriarchy (due to the insect worship)

- Favors co-operation with other left-wing groups, apart from egoism, which it despises

- Not anti-intellectual, although has a slight aversion to theoretical physics. Scientific academia is mostly focused on biology and engineering

- Living conditions are cramped, but as much amneties as possible are provided.

- State takes inspiration from local religion but is not a theocracy.

- Insectoid aesthetics, designs look somewhat biological.


File: 951db0d333e88bb⋯.gif (535.07 KB, 500x222, 250:111, Patton.gif)

photo of colonel elephant


I have no clue wtf is going on anymore. Ancom sect here.



old DM is awol. hard reset it seems



Autist islands are controlled by based Ant gang and stalintown is occupied by reddit.


File: f7cd69a08089256⋯.png (1 MB, 579x753, 193:251, 8DC1B677-FB83-4E27-8138-FA….png)

The Posadist Gang organizes workers in the town of Posadasium and from the other two islands.

We also seek an alliance with the Ant Gang.




Okay, rolling for Posadas gang to nuke Reddit.



We’re not ’’that’’ far yet


File: bd98a3a457e5859⋯.jpg (99.43 KB, 813x600, 271:200, chairman yang.jpg)


I'm interpreting this to mean more that you're getting ready to attack than actually attacking so I won't roll for a full battle.

Your plan seems sensible, but the time needed to dig tunnels is going to give the enemy more time to confer with Ulyanovsk and request reinforcements. There are no major deployments of troops near the Autist Isles, however, so a deployment of forces will take some time.

Your plan seems pretty sensible, so I'll give it a 6 out of 10. Just to clarify, the way dice rolls work, a higher number is better, since dice below your number count as successes (the lower the number the greater the success) and above as failures, the higher the number the greater the failure.

You rolled a 7 this time.

Your forces manage to scrounge up large quantities of fertiliser based explosive from nearby farms, and supportive farmers and the unarmed members of your militia begin digging from behind a hill out of sight of the Quay. With only basic tools however, this will take quite some time, and it will likely be nightfall by the time it is complete - one of your men has access to a high-powered ham radio, and manages to listen in on the enemy's panicked calls for help, so you know that the first of the government forces are likely to arrive sometime late tonight or early in the morning, which would leave you little time to prepare. You may choose to employ a few large diggers from the few larger more mechanised farms on the island, but this is likely to attract the attention of the townsfolk.

As a distraction and to attempt to pick off enemy forces, your militiamen try to camouflage themselves from the plant matter in the area. Unfortunately, in the rough conditions and without much time to prepare, they are unable to create proper ghillie suits, but your snipers cover themselves with mud and moss to provide some cover from the enemy.

You manage to create some makeshift scopes out of wire and some from scavenged binoculars and similar equipment in the surrounding area, and your best marksmen start to take potshots at the enemy in order to stop them from wondering why you've stopped advancing.

Your men take the first blood of the battle, with their first volley killing several police officers who were lacking in caution at their posts behind the barricades, and a couple of the ragtag group of civilians opposing you.

The police forces quickly dig in and take cover, but the civilian group is surprised that your group has actually attacked, it seems that many of them were expecting you to back down in the face of the police and military. The morale of about half of the group is broken, and 50 or so of the unarmed fighters flee immediately, allowing your men to take shots at a few more officers in the chaos, and even kill one of the regular troops who was in an upstairs window. The other civilians dig in and scurry down behind cover, and the police forces open fire. Your men are quite well hidden, and they have no sights, so the men armed with pistols simply pepper the surrounding countryside - however, they do manage to kill a handful of your militiamen by pure chance, once their commander directs them to aim at the likely hiding spots.

Your men dig in and take better cover, some of them beginning to crawl to new positions under the plant cover.

However, your men are taken off guard when the local garrison open fire with their rifles from a number of vantage points, such as attic windows, the upper floor of the town hall, the church spire, and so on. Their shots are much more accurate and precise, and they manage to kill a dozen of your troops, before they adjust to get out of the troopers' sightlines. Many of the casualties were among your snipers, and while you have plenty of men willing to take up their weapons, you have lost some of your better trained men.



Your troops and theirs enter a standoff for the next few hours (as you pursue other actions), with occasional shots from both sides, neither accomplishing much. However, your men take careful note of the positions of the enemy, and use walkie talkies from a local dairy to radio back to your field camp, where a more complete battleplan is drawn up, taking into account the enemy sightlines. In addition, many of the police and civilian forces fall back to better covered positions, with the primary gathering points appearing to be; the local police headquarters, the small military barracks and armoury, the town hall, and the church.

Over on the West island, you start to lay the first planks of your new society, and radio contact is set up between the village and your field encampment. Your reforms are successful in their first steps, with most of the population happy to abide by the advice of their religious leaders. The more educated people are happy that they are being given a position of leadership, and are cautiously optimistic about the movement. They start trying to come up with some new ideas, with a makeshift lab set up in the library.


Sounds cool man. Looking forward to seeing how it turns out haha.



I'm glad to have a player for the reactionaries, should liven things up a bit, it's a little early for you to go charging in to combat but I'm happy for you to deploy like you say - by this point the government is worried by an armed opposition to their rule, however small, and they happily accept help from the Reddit Republic.

I'll roll just to see how long it takes to deploy and how many troops/armour you can expect at this point.

You also rolled a 7.

Your forces are happily met at the border by their liaison from the government, who briefs you on the current situation and the worries of the generals. Your own government has granted you a full battalion of regular infantrymen as you asked for, but was somewhat reluctant to allow you access to heavy weapons due to political concerns and the current low intensity of the conflict. As such, your battalion consists of three rifle companies, A, B, and C (rename if you like), who are made up of 150 men each, including two lightly armed APCs, a few armoured cars and jeeps, and one light scout helicopter per company. The rest of your men are carried in regular troop trucks. You of course are situated in the headquarters company, which consists of another 150 men, including a few command trucks, a stockpile of fuel and ammunition supplies, and the tip of your spear - after much wheeling and dealing you've managed to secure 6 medium weight tanks in case of heavy resistance, as well as 6 fire support TOW vehicles. At the heart of the battalion of course is your personal command vehicle (up to you to decide, within reason).

Upon your arrival, your forces are greeted by another light rifle company from the Aurelian Army, which has also been seconded under your command. They are similar to one of your rifle companies but somewhat less well equipped and trained. You get familiar with your counterparts and the new deployment just on the Aurelian side of the border at a small military base which has been put at your command too.

ABOUT PLAYING ON THE GOVERNMENT SIDE: While I will let the revolutionaries basically decide what they want to do (since they represent the head of their movement), I will include in your rolls the likelihood of being granted the permission to do whatever it is you want to do. For example you are not likely to be allowed to ride into Ulyanovsk and take command there. As the situation breaks down, this may become less and less important, but for now you're theoretically under the command of the Aurelian government, although your personal battalion is under your actual command if you at some point decide to, for example, break your ties with the government and attempt to annex territory for Reddit instead. But, overall, have fun!

What are you orders, colonel?



Buoyed by the success of the seccsionist movement on the Autist Isles, the workers on Posadasium begin to conspire among themselves. They have long been dissatisfied with the government holding so much control over their small citystate, which was has a somewhat greater amount of freedoms compared to the mainland because it is classified as a free economic zone, and has become a haven for high tech investment from home and abroad. Some workers and even local politicians are considering the current situation may be their best moment to try to seize independence - but unlike the Autist Isles, Posadasium is well guarded and garrisoned with troops, especially considering the nuclear materials on the island, and several weapons development labs. You will have to take a much more strategic and perhaps diplomatic approach (to local bourg politicians) in order to avoid your movement being wiped out instantly. Good luck! You may now submit a plan of action. You have a few dozen dedicated comrades at your command still working as normal and lying low for now.



Taking note from the stalemate that occurred in the limited conflict and the possibility of attack by more advanced forces, several sheds and unused buildings are turned into workshops to make makeshift guns, akin to blunderbusses. The snipers collect the guns dropped from their fallen comrades, and hand them out to the militia only armed with melee weapons.

In preparation from a possible invasion from the mainland, several rowboats armed with handmade cannons begin to patrol the area, watching out for enemy boats. These rowboats are instructed to shoot several rounds at the enemy, then quickly retreat. Farmers, organized by the militia, begin to start making traps along roads in order to catch invaders, while the central hive is expanded with more living space, a basic hospital and mushroom farms.



At the front, the People's Hive Militia temporarily withdraw behind nearby hills in order to improve their strategies, while the diggers continue their plan. A militia member with a hobby for studying various battles of history and basic military strategy is elected to take command of the division and improve the tactical flexibility of the militia. The militia makes various improved weapons out of the farming tools and nearby trees, such as crossbows and small catapults, in order to provide increased ranged damage, and the militia gathers some tractors in order to reinforce and turn into makeshift tanks



The People's Hive establishes communications with the Posadist gang through HAM radios, and declares its support for the Posadists, but cannot provide any aid due to the early stages of development that the Autist Isles is in, and the ongoing conflicts.


i take my antarctic army of penguins and leopard seals and kill everyone


After several years of rising unemployment, inflation, stagnant wages, and an uresponsive government, the people of Fort Pinochet have taken to the streets in a General Strike. Protests erupt around the town hall and the local financial centers. Most of the workers have organized themselves around the Titoists, a group hailing from a local vodka distillery. They uphold the tenants of Market Socialism. They demand the workers own their workplace, the abolishment of private property, the collectivization of the banks, and sweeping democratic reforms including a new voting system. They are willing to use force if necessary. They are hoping for fruitful talks with the military, given the current governments neglect of military benefits



The People's Hive sends greetings to the Titoists and suggests a cordial relationship against the government, although disapproves of your system of markets



The Titoists agree to this recognition of mutual respect with the People's Hive and pledge to support all leftist revolutions against the occupying government.



The Titoists begin their struggle by occupying government buildings and taking weaponry from the cities military depot. They attempt to enter talks with local forces hoping to convert them over to their position. If talks fail, the Titoists are ready to rely on their existent party enforcers.


File: 610cb2e85100051⋯.png (79.69 KB, 1816x1112, 227:139, map.png)

Made this map of autism island.

The total population is ten thousand, three thousand live in autism Quay, two thousand in Weston-Chandler, and a thousand live in Sperg town. The remaining four thousand live in nearby farms.

Also could I become the DM when OP is offline? I'll only reply to others posts so I don't give myself a bias. I'll try and make the responses as realistic and detailed as possible.


File: 471063a8e56dc6f⋯.png (344.67 KB, 570x570, 1:1, IWA Poster.png)

File: 55b89e6e4442100⋯.png (239.71 KB, 637x637, 1:1, The Ego is entitled to all.png)


The increasingly militant trade unions including the notorious Industrial Workers of Aurelia have begun calling for a general strike across the country. One of the branches in Stirner City has also gathered up arms for a militant uprising inside the city center and the nearby areas. Ahead of this uprising and general strike, thousands of leaflets are distributed across various towns, cities and villages as a call to action for the working masses.

Just to be clear I'm rolling whether the uprisings actually lead anywhere and which cities end up affected is up to the DM


Dice rollRolled 7 (1d10)


Since OP is offline, I will be DM for this (Although the actual OP can overturn this if he wants)

Seems like there is a high chance that you'll take some territory, so I'll give you an 8/10 chance

rolling to determine the outcome


We begin negotiations with the government. I roll for crumbs.

I can't remember how to roll.



Inspired by a rapid propaganda strike from the IWA, tens of thousands of urban workers strike all across the country, from Stalintown to Englesburg. The strikes are from all types of workers, although industrial workers tend to make up the majority of the strikers. In Stirner City, these strikes turn into violent conflict with the police, and Stirner City soon turns into chaos

These strikes cause massive damage to the economy of the country, and Stirner city is soon overwhelmed by the riots and the IWA takes direct control. Fortifications are set up using destroyed cars, rubble, bins and various other debris, and the loose militia manages to repel a poorly organized counterattack consisting of several hundred MP's. More adventurous members of the militia successfully overtake checkpoint Alpha through a combination of tactics and brute force, although many die in the assault.

Unfortunately for the IWA, the strikes in other areas are brutally crushed by the police, who then proceed to outlaw unions. While several villages are temporarily gained, they are all recaptured with the exception of several villages near Stirner City.

The population is generally supportive and overwhelmingly leftist, although moderate unionists make up a large percentage of the population

The government is unable to launch a second counterattack as they do not want to risk loosing men to your militia, but Stirner City is blockaded and all the roots out of the country are cut. Reddit officially condemns your revolution as an act of "Unnecessary force", and denies access to their territory.



Are you moderates? Do you advocate for peaceful or violent revolution


Dice rollRolled 4 (1d10)


I'll assume you're moderates as you are trying to negotiate with the government. The IWA just launched a huge strike, but the government has banned unions. You could potentially get a town under your control, so I'll give you a 5/10 chance



We begin a sympathy strike.


File: a3bafad3ae92b57⋯.jpg (159.46 KB, 468x312, 3:2, RIAN_00183459.HR_kalash3.JPG)


The unions ask for volunteers from among the population as they begin distributing captured arms from the old government's armories to fill in the gaps in equipment and after the new government is formed it begins the process of converting civilian industrial plants that produce commodities unnecessary for the coming war effort into munitions factories to produce small arms, ammunition and support equipment for the troops. People are also encouraged to start producing their own weapons as part of the local cottage industry with a campaign of "A weapon in every home, will ensure the King's fate as that of Ceasar of Rome."



Do you want to directly control territory or not? I wrote a response if you do

(Basically your strike is crushed but a few hundred people escape and make a small tent city)



The guns produced are of poor quality, but they still work. Your militia is greatly expanded through the redistribution of arms, although they lack training and central leadership.

This is really tiring. Its around one AM for me so I'll have to go to sleep soon


I'm really tired RN and any response I make in this condition will be trash. You'll probably have to wait till based OP comes back on for replies



In order to seize independence, we take an assessment of everyone. What we want to know are:

Who among us has a military background?

Who are the most ‘left’ politicians?

Are there any well-paid tech workers sympathetic to our cause?

Who among us are already gun-owners?

Can we distract the garrisoned troops?

For certain, our plan to drum up support involves workplace agitation and unions. Channeling workers’ dissatisfaction into revolutionary fervor is our primary goal before we carry out the insurrection.


File: 7c7ae83bc90cf82⋯.png (511.49 KB, 1055x843, 1055:843, 1d0cb8426104feeda4f7b7fe1a….png)


I'd like to deploy my troops like this specifically

>August to Stalintown

>Commodus, Basilicus, Diocletian occupy bridges that allow access to the Northwest corner of Aurelia

I assume that Area Severu was the military base you mentioned, I am leaving myself, my command company, and most of our vehicles/supplies there.

this is my command vehicle


If I have enough action points left after this, I'd like to contact the police forces in Stalintown and make arrangements for cooperation with them



Do all inhabitants of the Autism Islands have autism? If so, why aren't there any railway connections?


File: 8cb7c71216c7a4b⋯.jpg (65.57 KB, 450x380, 45:38, aurelia armoured tractor.jpg)




These sound like sensible and reasonable actions in general so I'll give you a 7/10.

You roll a 1, which gives you an UNQUALIFIED SUCCESS!!!!!! Your forces are energised by your new commander, and your 'scientific' staff aid in the design of your new improvised weapons. You send half of your militiamen back to your workshops to help with development, and more sophisticated explosive compounds are created from the nearby stores of agricultural chemicals. Surprisingly, you manage to discover a quite powerful blend by random chance (and several fiery accidents), which requires a lot of manual effort in filtering, distilling, and so on, but has about 2/3rds the strength of conventional gunpower, and can be produced without a practical limit on your small scale from the stores on the island. Your science team names the material Myrmica after the European fire ant, hoping it will give a sting to your enemies. It is the perfect material to use in your blunderbusses, and your mechanics manage to create 50 rough models in the 4-5 hours of work. They are loaded by use of a giant roughly machined cartridge stuffed with Myrmica, which ejects at a high speed, some breaking into flechettes and some carrying straight on as a solid slug, and most doing a bit of both. For obvious reasons, these weapons have appalling accuracy and will likely cease to function after one or two shots (with only two cartridges produced thus far per weapon anyway), but are able to practically tear a pig in half at a range of about 15 feet.

50 more of your men are quickly handed these weapons and shown their basic operation, though each carries a decent melee weapon as backup.

Another team works to quickly scavenge the most powerful and reliable tractors and heavy vehicles in the area, and while many farms on the Autists are barely mechanised, they come up with 10 useful models on the West Island in time to deliver them to the front. Once there, they are plated with layers of thick sheet metal around the cockpit, engine, and tires, with smaller ride-on models providing scant protection to the driver, but four larger enclosed models have the driver seat completely encased in metal and operated by a combination of basic periscope and a remote radio spotter ('turn left, slow down').


Dice rollRolled 2, 2, 6 + 4 = 14 (3d6)

why not use dice?



Your farmers begin to construct IEDs fueled by your new explosive compound, and successfully install some small devices around the 'main roads' (such as they are) into and out of the larger settlements. They have enough power to cripple an unarmoured vehicle and wound the inhabitants, but little more. Larger devices are put into production, with lots of holes still needing to be built and limited hands to do it.

Five rowboats with mounted 'cannons' are produced, but this really only means a larger version of the infantry blunderbuss. The weapons are covered by a tarp to attempt to take the enemy by surprise, since the boats would be obliterated by even a lightly armed patrol boat long before it was into range. However, the loud bang and impressive smoke display might be enough to scare off unprepared invaders.

Construction efforts at the central hive go quite slowly considering the limited time, but the contents of the local clinic are moved underground, and some dormitories are created. Your most devoted followers are happy to start to live underground, but it will take more time and effort to convince the general population. Your biologists spend most of their time working on preparations for the mushroom farm, researching what will be the best way to proceed. They make a small start on selecting the best varieties and setting up the right growing conditions, but it will take a long time before any decent amount of food will be produced this way.


Some of your people brainstorm more improvised weapons that can be created, and a handful of crossbows are produced, enough for twenty people, and while they have a lot less power than your new blunderbusses, they can wound enemies from a much longer range, with better accuracy.

Your digging team stays low key to retain the element of surprise, and they soon report that they have dug clean through to the small municipal sewer system, which will allow your forces underground much of the town. You are alerted of this an hour or so after nightfall, which allows you to plan your next move. However, with the defenders on high alert, it is likely that someone will notice once you move into the sewers, so you should consider your next move the opening salvo of your main attack. Once you are discovered, the defenders will likely attempt to occupy your tunnels or destroy them, which will obviously be an unacceptable setback.

Your forces:

50 men armed with light weapons (mostly single shot rifles and pump shotguns)

50 men armed with your new blunderbusses

20 men armed with improvised crossbows that may wound but are unlikely to kill

200 men armed with melee weapons ready to attack if you choose (but expect their casualties to be high - they will take up the weapons of fallen comrades/enemies, however)


Your men are emboldened through hearing of another island revolt, and the two groups prepare to share ideas if not material help at this stage.


I guess I can do that, though it will require more posts, what's the command?



Never mind, I'm being lazy, I just looked it up.



I think you're getting a little ahead of yourself there! You probably should have talked to the military before trying to put your plan into action and seizing weapons, I'm giving you a 5/10, room for the plan to go either way.



Well that didn't work. Maybe this? If not I won't spam, pls assist.



No railway connections because its a poor rural island with very little infrastructure, although there is some dirt roads

(Also I don't think they all have autism)


File: 42a746784e4ff81⋯.jpg (282.03 KB, 1280x1394, 640:697, 27th_Independent_Sevastopo….jpg)

File: 788b0bf02e4b6be⋯.jpg (414.43 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)

With every available volunteer recruited, former members of the military and police are put in charge of training them on small unit tactics and how to use their basic equipment in and out of combat, after combat training special emphasis is put on maintenance of gear to keep everything functioning since the armament industry is still only taking its baby-steps and it will likely be quite a while before it can ramp up the production to optimal levels. Since the city lacks heavy industry to produce heavier artillery pieces one of the current plants needs add an assembly line for parts of light infantry mortars to supplement the militia's arsenal.

Public bomb shelters should also be built for the civilians in the likely case that there will be an attack either from the old government's forces or a foreign power seeking to take advantage of the chaos.




Oh yeah and we'll also filter out people with special skills and training such as former managers or logistical workers and put the most qualified of them into general staff and the rest into support units like the engineers.



The militia decides that it must attack soon, or else face invasion and a likely defeat. In order to make the invasion as likely to succeed as possible, the nearby farmers who have formed a labor army to help the militia begin to create a few structures and weapons to help the invasion go on, such as some more makeshift ghilli suits and higher quality melee weapons. The snipers and the crossbowmen find several nearby clumps of trees, and begin to dig in hidden barricades in order to duck behind, and prepare to open fire on the enemy when the attack begins, while the blunderbuss-armed soldiers and the melee-armed ones prepare for a pincer-formation rush. The tractor tanks will attack first to absorb small arms fire, 5 on each flank, while the blunderbuss militia will rush behind, soon followed by half of the unarmed militia (the remaining half stay behind and guard against a flank). At this moment, the diggers will rush into the sewers and place bombs in various locations, then quickly leave and detonate the bombs while the soldiers above are distracted by the sudden assault. The 5 fishing boats begin to circle autism quay, and are prepared to launch at any government boat that comes into sight.

Back at the central hive, the hospital chamber is somewhat expanded to accommodate for a few beds for the sick and is improved by coating the room in concrete to prevent moisture coming into the room. The living conditions in the hive are also improved by bringing in various pieces of furniture and by creating small openings to let in natural light and air, although these can easily be sealed in case of an emergency

The HAM radio operators attempt to hijack Autism Quay's radio using more moderate rhetoric (to appeal to the less religious urbanites) in order to spread propaganda and attempt to start a strike or a riot, which will distract enough of the enemy police to improve the invasion chances.

We've prepared for attack long enough, it's time to rush them with all we've got!



The People's Hive requests propaganda aid in the invasion of Autism Quay, for example attempting to hijack their radio to spread pro-rioting and pro-striking propaganda.



The diggers attack first so they don't cause damage to my own troops. Once the bombs are detonated, the attack begins


File: 02d60263606506f⋯.jpg (10.13 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 02d.jpg)


We cannot provide material aid but we can send advisors from our propaganda department to help in designing and distribution of your propaganda. In return we ask that you send workers to toil in our mines and factories or on the fields depending on what kind of people you have available.



We can send a few farmers (around 20) in a foreign aid group, but that's it. Our nation only has 7,000 people.


File: 5cb5897a5f34ffb⋯.png (373.41 KB, 723x827, 723:827, 5cb5897a5f34ffb6e2e3fadd95….png)


Well that is certainly a big enough group to form a farming collective, well send two teams with five people in each, the first one consists of former editors and journalists and the second one of various technical specialists.



Policy proposal: We ship all autistic people to the Autist Islands to live happily among themselves, without having to fear being misunderstood by judgmental neurotypicals. They are given a fair portion of our national resources to get this colony off its feet, and receive guidance to help them through any challenges they run into.



What faction are you?

Also, supplying for that many autists would require special education schools, large compounds, mental hospitals and all for relatively unproductive people who would probably just laugh at dumb shit all day. This is impossible in wartime.



Okay. Then I propose to start a new faction. The Front for Neurodivergent Liberation.

Revolutionary fervor has long been spreading through the many autism support groups of Aurelia and its surrounding nations. A popular scientific theory among them says that all autists descend from an ancient race that lived on the Autist Islands. There they maintained a technologically advanced civilization ruled though mathematical logic and predictable daily rituals, which it was illegal to ever disturb. While many in their ranks doubt the historical and ethnological basis of this, they generally agree about the need of an autistic homeland as a means to prevent further stigmatization of their people, and see the Autist Islands is the only viable place for it.

The recent revolutionary activity on the archipelago has confused many autistic people and made them inconsolably angry. It doesn't please them that ant-fanatics have taken over their island. Strategically minded autists (who read disturbing amounts of military history) see the upset as an excellent chance to realize their plans.

Some things they particularly dislike about the People's Hive:

- The People's Hive does not enjoy theoretical physics, which the FNL greatly enjoys.

- Any inspiration from religious tradition is illogical and cannot be tolerated.

- Biological looking designs confuse and disturb them. Aesthetically they much prefer pragmatic, orderly and symmetrical architecture, and perverted digital drawings of video game / children's cartoons characters.

- Social amenities scare them and they much prefer to be able to do everything themselves.

- The aversion to egoism. The FNL has trouble understanding other people's feelings. Egoism makes a lot of sense to them.

- Matriarchy makes some of them feel weird because girls.

- It doesn't conform to their expectations.

What they do like:

- Centrally planned economics.

- Social egalitarianism. They've suffered from enough social exclusion to see the benefit of it, although a bunch of them have weird superiority complexes.

- Cramped living conditions. Big spaces make them confused.

- They love ant farms.

- Matriarchy isn't much of a problem (for some) since they've already been living their entire lives with their mums.

Rolling to establish presence on Autist Islands.


Oh gawd there's too much to respond to. Tell you what I'll get to it tomorrow morning, for now if someone wants to tell me how to do dice rolls on here that would be sweet. Obviously you're free to confer amongst yourselves (however movement of goods will still take in-game time). If anyone else wants to start a splinter movement somewhere that would be all good too.

Oh and this update was cool


So I'll consider that canon, if Ant Gang wants to do more DMing on other people that's okay too. But yeah no obligation, be back to it tomorrow.



>Front for Neurodivergent Liberation.

>it's not a D S A parody


I would like to contact the Auerlian military command for orders



please respond



The People's Hive declares the FNL to be anti-collectivist and sectarian and exiles the 200 or so (Most of the autistic population) them to a small island nearby, and provides them with tents and seeds to set up a commune. We cannot deal with a counter-revolutionary movement while a battle is raging.



A shipment of fidget spinners and various other consumer goods designed for autists is given to the FNL to persuade them to leave.



It's in post options and limits


As OP is offline, I will DM a few suggestions that aren't that important

(As always, OP can overturn my actions)


Dice rollRolled 10 (1d10)


I'll roll for this.

I doubt there would be many non-autistic people sympathetic to your cause, but a lot (lets say nearly all of them) of the autistic population would sympathize. Since the average rate of autistic people is 1/100, there would be around 70 autists in PH territory. Since the island obviously has a history of autism, let's double that to 140, and add another 60 sympathizers who join your struggle.

Your forces: 140 High-functioning autists, 60 neurotypical sympathizers. Mostly unarmed although several of them have farming tools such as pitchforks and spades, which could be used as weapons.

I'll give you a 3/10 chance that your movement poses an actual threat to the PH. If the roll fails, you are exiled to a nearby island.



Unfortunately for you, your movement completely fails.

Several autists manage to leave their parents houses and begin to attempt to fight the PH Militia, however they decide to turn back after a short while because their moms made them their chicken tendies. A group of PH militia then proceed to detain all of the attempted insurgents, as well as their sympathizers with little damage.

The PH sees no use for you, so they collect a bunch of tents, fidget spinners, seeds and various other items and ship you off to an uninhabited island to the west of Weston-Chandler (Look on the map, it's the small island with the lake on it)

These are your resources and manpower:

- thirty easy-to-set-up tents

- A large supply of camping gear

- Several crates of seeds

- ten farming tools

- 40 low-functioning autists (useless)

- 100 high-functioning autists (Able to do most physical tasks, slight advantage to research due to a lot of them being nerds)

- 60 non-autists, mostly parents of other autists (Able to do all tasks)

- Various body pillows, fidget spinners and other consumer goods

You are in a bad situation, you'll have to build up your society from scratch.



Your party conducts a door-to-door census of the population, and finds out a great deal of information. However, this action arouses the government forces, who start to look into this new movement.

This is what you have found out:

- The population of Posadasium is somewhere near 30 thousand individuals, most of them skilled workers

- Approximately five thousand individuals are members of the capitalist class, although four thousand of them are mere small business owners. They are mostly hostile to your movement, although a few express sympathy.

- Three thousand people are middle-class scientists. They are sympathetic to your cause although they lean more towards social democracy and are somewhat pacifist

- Twenty thousand are middle-class skilled workers who have a large amount of technical knowledge. They are mostly supportive of your cause

- Three thousand are adults unable to work, mostly the elderly and unemployed. The unemployed are sympathetic, while the elderly are more conservative and are either opposed or indifferent with your cause

- Five thousand are poorer urban workers. They do not approve of some of your more strange views but are very supportive of socialism and support your cause

- Three thousand are students and children. They are sympathetic towards your movement and the children support you because they think that aliens are cool.

- One thousand are agricultural workers. They support the more socialist elements of your ideology, but oppose the more esoteric elements. Overall, they sympathize with you.

- Another thousand are in the military, police or are security guards. Most of them are extremely hostile to your movement but a few are sympathetic

Overall, the general attitude towards you is one of general sympathy. Most would not want to risk their lives in a violent revolution, but would join a protest led by your party.

The prevailing ideology is left-leaning social democracy



Most of the population does not own guns, with the total individual gun owners totaling up to around five hundred people, mostly farmers. The gun owners are neutral to sympathetic about your cause, but only around fifty declare they wish to fight for you



There are several politicians residing on the island.

<Hugo cortez. Social party

32% support him

Social-democrat, views the posadists as "misguided idealists" . Opposed to crushing your movement

<Inspiration: Bernie sanders

<Donald smith. Posadasium Worker's party

18% support him

Socialist. Sympathizes with you, views you as "Good ideas, good people, but a bit crazy"

<Inspiration: Menchelon

<Alice stevens. Freedom party

40% support her

neo-liberal. Views you as crazy people, and wants you to be controlled

<Inspiration: Hillary clinton

<Albert booth. Posadasium National Front

10% support him

Far-right nationalist. Views you as insane terrorists and wishes you dead

<Inspiration: Bolsanaro



The social party and Posadasium Worker's party are in a coalition against the Freedom party. The Posadasium National Front is unpopular, but is backed by the military and is very well armed, and controls a Blackshirt-style militia of around 1000 people. Hugo Cortez is the current mayor, and is relatively popular, and has introduced various social welfare policies that are supported by the population, but there is a likely chance that the government will coup him and replace him with booth if shit hits the fan.



We organize the setup of a few websites for sympathizers. Vetting our organization to keep out the cops and feds is now important.

The very few small business owners who sympathize with us can donate a fraction of their profits to our cause.

The more pacifistic scientists and tech workers can donate money and use their intelligence to design networks and systems for cybernetic planning.

To cater to the urban workers and the agricultural workers, we will focus more on the general socialist aspects when talking with them. Although, we will have the agricultural workers let us know if any crop circles arise.

Our few sympathizers in the military and related fields can give tactical knowledge and underground training for our movement. They can also do more of the dirty work when it comes time.

For students and children, we can go full meme and drum up support for science and space exploration.

Overall, the current goal involves gaining popular support, having sympathizers becoming more intense with their support, and developing a network of organization.


As donations accumulate, firearms and ammunition will be bought as needed. Some of our supporters may have to lay low on their positions if they are to purchase the weapons, as gun stores can lean right.



We support the Social Party and the Worker’s Party coalition.

We consider the National Front to be a potential danger should be avoided for now.


Dice rollRolled 3 + 1 (1d10)


I'll roll to determine the outcome of your propaganda. If it gets above 5, you gain more than expected, if it gets below, your propaganda efforts are less effective and less than 2, you actually lose support. I'll add 1 because your plans seem nice.



Your Propaganda efforts partially work out, although it fails in some areas.

An initiative by the government to increase fearmongering amongst small business owners decreases your income from them to near-nill, and you lose a small amount of support from them.

The scientists, interested by your plans for cybernetic socialism, move to the left and a few computer programmers design models for a planned economy

The urban workers support grows a small amount, while Rural workers, although interested in your appeal to less esoteric and technical elements of your ideology, view your request on crop circles to be ridiculous and thus you neither gain nor lose popularity among them.

Your few military sympathizers either defect to you or are caught by the government, further raising suspicion. The ones that successfully defect however, provide useful information.

Students are very sympathetic to your movement and your appeal to meme culture improves this even more. The student base moves left. Your party sets up some education initiatives to teach children about space travel and astrobiology, which is somewhat successful, and gains the approval of some parents.

You set up various donation schemes, and many supporters across and outside of the country begin to donate. You get a large income, allowing you to purchase more tools for your movement.

The Social Party changes their position on you from "Misguided Idealists" to "They have a bunch of good ideas, but they are still a bit crazy". The Worker's party does not change its opinion on you.

The National Front attacks several members of your party in isolated incidents, but currently violence is not very widespread.

I will use a scale of 1 to 10 to determine how much pressure you are facing from the National Front and the Government. Due to the social-democratic city government, you are not under threat from the local government, although the national government attempts to subdue your movement with a light degree of COINTELPRO.

Currently you are 3/10 on the pressure scale, meaning that you mostly have political freedom, but some subversive activities against you are occurring, which slows down your progress a small amount.



This is your current approval ratings:

- Strongly opposed (willing to use violence against you): 15%

- Opposed: 20%

- Neutral: 15%

- Supportive: 45%

- Strongly Supportive (Willing to fight for you): 5%

While a majority of the population views you as a force for good, if somewhat strange, they will not vote for you as they prefer either the Social party or the Worker's party.



If you ran for elections, you would most likely get 15% of the vote, with a possible variation of 10% depending on a dice roll.



I suppose I meant that I we would only resort to force if talks broke down, what we're really banking on here is that local troops will see eye to eye with the cause. We want to entice them by highlighting the governments incompetence, and promises of greater autonomy and military benefits. Of we would also try and convince them of our ideology.





I'll make a list now for the sake of my own records;

The Forces of Colonel Elephant;


150 riflemen with the usual anti-tank, engineer, medic etc elements mixed in

2 APCs armed with light autocannons

3 armoured cars armed with HEAT cannons

2 jeeps armed with grenade launchers

2 jeeps armed with HMG

2 engineering/ammunition jeeps

4 ambulance trucks

1 light scout helicopter

15 trucks for troops and ammo

+the relevant ammo/fuel/etc supplies


150 riflemen with the usual anti-tank, engineer, medic etc elements mixed in

2 APCs armed with light autocannons

3 armoured cars armed with HEAT cannons

2 jeeps armed with grenade launchers

2 jeeps armed with HMG

2 engineering/ammunition jeeps

4 ambulance trucks

1 light scout helicopter

15 trucks for troops and ammo

+the relevant ammo/fuel/etc supplies


150 riflemen with the usual anti-tank, engineer, medic etc elements mixed in

2 APCs armed with light autocannons

3 armoured cars armed with HEAT cannons

2 jeeps armed with grenade launchers

2 jeeps armed with HMG

2 engineering/ammunition jeeps

4 ambulance trucks

1 light scout helicopter

15 trucks for troops and ammo

+the relevant ammo/fuel/etc supplies


150 riflemen with the usual anti-tank, engineer, medic etc elements mixed in

3 command trucks

3 Strykers

1 command Stryker

6 medium tanks (pick your model if you like)

6 TOW vehicles

4 ambulance trucks

1 light scout helicopter

15 trucks for troops and ammo

+the relevant ammo/fuel/etc supplies

Liason company:

150 riflemen with the usual anti-tank, engineer, medic etc elements mixed in

2 APCs armed with light autocannons

3 armoured cars armed with light autocannons

4 jeeps armed with HMG

2 engineering/ammunition jeeps

4 ambulance trucks

15 trucks for troops and ammo

+the relevant ammo/fuel/etc supplies

If there's anything reasonable that you need then just say so in your post and if it's something I've forgotten that you would reasonably expect to have then you had it all along.

"Elephant, this is command, your element is being designated as [you pick], your deployment-plan is received and accepted, we're glad to have some help around here. Hopefully your services won't be needed, but I bet you can whip our boys into shape anyway - they've gotten a little too comfortable lately. Your request to occupy Severu is granted, we'll roll out the red carpet. Your primary objectives are to assist us in holding order - there's some kind of hillbilly rebellion off the coast but our priority is our cities on the mainland. We've got some word about trouble maybe kicking off in Stirner province, will advise if your services are needed. Obviously, your purpose for being here is to use your own tactical knowledge and broaden our strategy a bit, so feel free to continue to submit your own plans of action - on the small scale your deployment is also totally down to you. Command out!".



Thank you for your service haha. It feels good to let your creativity come out a bit though right?

You successfully produce some small arms, but supplies of military resources are quickly running out. Without access to the outside world, the city will quickly fall into chaos unless creative solutions are found. At this time, the Aurelian forces have allowed water services to continue, but they have cut off access to the electrical grid, severely hampering industrial activity. It seems that their goal is simply to let your little revolution burn itself out as the city grows more and more desperate. Despite the situation, the people are still well fed and optimistic at this moment, and morale is: HIGH.

You have enough food in easy access for the population for 5 days of consumption at current levels.

Water supplies are running as usual.

The electrical network has been shut off.

Industrial supplies are at a moderate level, as is fuel.

You may attempt to scavenge for more of these resources, but it will take manpower and time.

The current population is 237,000, with;

15,000 able and willing men and women to carry out combat or other duties.

The remainder of the population consists of;

36,000 retirees,

46,000 children under 16,

12,000 students,

30,000 workers whose jobs are considered essential to the running of the city (water, transport, resource distribution, etc)

60,000 workers who are still continuing their lives mostly as usual, not really sure what to do.

38,000 people, consisting of some workers, some petit bourg, academics, et cetera, who are hostile to your movement and desire a return to the established order. These people are not all open about this, and appear mostly as part of the former group.

The IWA has taken effective control of the city, with any open resistance inside the city quelled, so you are free to direct the running of affairs as you see fit. More radical proposals will face more opposition, but may be needed to secure the revolution. Most people in the city have been taken totally off guard by the events of the past day, and are waiting to see which way events will fall. They neither support or oppose you, and while the chaos of recent events has shocked them, the IWA's long positive reputation and role in the city has helped to reduce panic.

You are opposed on all sides by many companies of the Aurelian Army, too many to possibly fight at present, but they are holding positions to continue the siege, neither entering your firing range or using their own heavy weapons. The army is shocked by the situation, but are doing their duty for now. They see your movement as somewhat dangerous but mostly just misguided. A negotiator from the government has delivered a secure phone to whoever is in charge, connected to a professional team of crisis managers from the administration. Their current tactic seems to be to talk softly but severely about the consequences if this situation continues, and they urge the ringleaders to surrender so that they can move in to restore order.

Your supply of weapons is small, consisting of 500 rifles and other light arms, 500 sidearms, 30 rocket launchers, 40 pieces of various explosives, and 50 grenades of various types. The 200 weapons you produced are of decent quality due to the abundance of industrial facilities in the city, but took much effort and supplies, and now that the power is cut, it will be difficult to keep going.

What do the people decide?


File: d7935205e9272ff⋯.png (6.21 MB, 3827x2103, 3827:2103, fritz stock 2.png)

Dice rollRolled 6 (1d10)


Your plan seems sensible, and has a decent chance of success, especially since you have kept the element of surprise.

I give its chances of success a 7/10 once again, we shall see what the dice determine (thanks for telling me how they work BTW, lol.)

Will write it up shortly.



With the less than stellar results of the crop circle joke, we carry on with a more almost anarcho-syndicalist message, focusing on control over your job and industrial democracy.

Our military supporters start a recruitment initiative primarily directed towards industrial workers for self-defense training. Weapon purchases will be the responsibility of several individuals who can disguise themselves to be more right-leaning if they have to, and will be carried out on a gradual basis. Milling out 80% lowers and/or manufacturing homemade guns is also a possibility.

Setting up a militia of our own will be a good idea for when we do a popular support rally.

Students and children are fine as-is. We will continue those programs.

Generally, we want to continue to increase the magnitude of support for our cause, so we can counter the fascists.

For the next meeting, we carry out an education course on countering COINTELPRO. We distribute the course on our networks.

Concerning elections, we seek to edge the Social/Worker’s coalition closer to our own, with the intention to absorb them. We begin running our own into positions of power in both parties.

For general public support for Posadism, our ads will focus on our appreciation for scientific and technological innovation, our support for the environment, and our support for direct democracy. Our attack ads will have a focus on the neoliberal party’s lack of long-term thought.


File: a3837221e2eaa75⋯.jpg (10.42 KB, 394x90, 197:45, 1468139299421.jpg)



The goddess of fate smiles on you, but perhaps only because she is a cruel mistress.

Your battle theme is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zlp4TQt-yog

Your diggers go barefoot and wear only soft fabrics to try to reduce noise in the echoey sewers. They wheel with them a few barrows full of Myrmica, and pack it roughly around the enemy positions. Your troops are enthused by being underground, and they carry out the mission with gusto. A line of detonation cord is laid back through to the tunnel entrance and the lead digger prepares to do the honors as your militia gets into position.

Your forces are arrayed as planned just out of eyesight when he pulls on detonation trigger, and even expecting it, everyone is momentarily stunned by the huge sound and flash as the Quay's main street is obliterated, followed shortly after by the ancilliary detonations around the side streets. By the time the sky returns to darkness, the sky is full of thick, acrid smoke, and dozens of police and resisters are are dead, with dozens more screaming for help. Your men cry out in triumph as they charge forward, the tractors being outpaced and trailing as your eager warriors face little returning fire. The flames quickly beginning to emerge give little illumination of the dark approach roads, and the riflemen of the Quay Company only manage to kill a handful of men before your forces charge into the fray at the remainder of the barricades. Lit by the flickering flames, the scene is reminicent of Dante's hell itself, and your men blow away swathes of the walking wounded at close range. In the chaos there is little room for mercy or compassion. By this point, the civilians are utterly routed, but the remaining police forces charge from their hiding places in the surrounding cafes, tackle shops, and tourist information centres, briefly taking your men by surprise in the smoke and confusion. They inflict a heavy toll in blood, now fighting like cornered animals, but your militia are just as ferocious, and the booming retort of your blunderbusses tear right through flimsy stab vests and riot helmets, launching men back into street furniture and windows. The commander of the local police, notable only by the yellow highlights on his jacket, ducks in and out of a travel agent with his shotgun crying out, slaying five of your men before he is decapitated by a cartridge which blows right through the desk he was crouching behind.

Your men cry out in triumph, but the more seasoned remind them to focus as they storm down the street towards the enemy buildings. A few designated teams meanwhile charge up stairways to blow away the enemy riflemen at close range, losing a few men themselves but eventually overpowering the better trained soldiers and splattering the walls with gore.

(to be cont.)




I would rather not waste my two shot guns on some poor guy limping across the street with an army blown off, but it would make sense for bad things to happen



Additionally, with agricultural workers, we can sell them on self-sufficiency and autarky, as well as set up networks for channeling any perfectly good food that’s set to be disposed due to blemishes or whatever, into food drives for the poor, homeless, and unemployed in order to build dual power.


File: a22f4301b71e1a5⋯.jpeg (381.21 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, thats what you get for ta….jpeg)


That makes sense, but I was envisioning a kind of hellscape where you can't tell who is holding a gun and who isn't (especially considering it's the night). The explosives under the street was exactly what I would have said too and it put me in the mood for some chaos. Anyways.


As the fighting dies down around the smoking craters that once made up the pedestrian thoroughfare, your men fire back at a few sporadic muzzle flashes from the church, before a trooper runs in and presses his damaged blunderbuss against the heavy iron lock, blowing both the lock and his weapon apart into scything metal shrapnel, leaving him wailing as he's dragged away, with his comrades storming into the Church, which is lit only by ceremonial torches. The rifleman from above fires down from the belltower, striking several men before a crossbowman manages to strike a lucky shot, piercing his eye and causing him to stumble over the balcony, falling 5 stories onto the worn stonework.

Your militia are about to burst into the back rooms, when a local cleric among them steps forward and shouts out the local religious rites of safe harbour, promising the people inside a noble surrender, as in the battles that raged across the land centuries ago. Slowly, the heavy oak door swings open, and a bishop of your religion leads out the frightened flock, which includes some of the senior community leaders and wounded police officers as well as civilians. Your medics tend to those still in their beds as matters are discussed.

Outside, the team assigned to the police station cuts down the scattered reinforcements that were off duty or in cover when the bombs went off, before storming the building and slowly clearing the corridors, with the powerful rounds cutting right through the plasterboard and causing more damage.

Your most experienced and well equipped team, relatively speaking, rushes into the army barracks, but by this time it is almost empty, with everyone on duty. They are caught off guard by a grizzled old major who cuts down several with his old service revolver before one of the few men carrying automatic weapons sprays his office with lead.

At the town hall, you face little resistance, with the government workers inside smart enough to surrender before your men blast their way inside. However, as they clear the building, they hear an analog buzzing from the richly appointed mayor's office, slowly pushing open the door to see a powerful military radio still receiving thanks to its battery pack.

"Quay garrison, please respond! This is command, we need a sitrep, now! Our naval company will reach the bay in three hours to support you, are you there?"

Autism Quay is under your control!

34 police officers have been killed.

8 Aurelian infantry have been killed.

47 hostile militiamen or civilians (difficult to tell in the carnage) have been killed.

31 wounded men have been taken prisoner, along with 45 who surrendered.

You have secured 27 intact pistols and shotguns, and 6 infantry rifles.

29 of your militiamen have been killed, and 35 have been wounded too badly to fight, while your forces expended 432 rounds of ammunition, leaving you in short supply, thankfully somewhat aided by the remaining government supplies. In addition, 24 of your blunderbusses have been destroyed or are too unsafe to use.

The town has been heavily damaged, with much of the main high street destroyed. Your men are hard at work putting out fires and tending to the wounded, but you must prepare a defence for the incoming marines. The local population is hiding in their homes, praying for the nightmare to be over.

What is our next move, leader?



I move Commodus company to checkpoint Alpha to assist in the siege of Stirner City and make contact with the Aurelian forces there.


File: 88c0a71ad090983⋯.jpg (53.86 KB, 1100x618, 550:309, AntBattle.jpg)


One of the government workers who surrendered is given the order to use the radio to broadcast a false message to the mainland to instruct them that the People's Hive movement suffered an internal rebellion while the Militia was invading Autism Quay and that reinforcements are no longer needed, as the garrison drove out the invaders.

However, since this is unlikely to succeed measures are taken to prepare for defense. Enemy soldiers who were wounded in the battle too much to perform hard labor are sent to nearby farmsteads to perform light tasks for the families living there, while the ones who are either lightly wounded or simply surrendered before they were hurt are put to work building reinforcements, under close guard from Militiamen. Weapons are given to those skilled enough to use them, and sympathetic civilians in the area are drafted to replace the people lost in the battle

To prepare for an imminent naval invasion, the fisheries, docks and jetties around the area are turned into sniper posts to shoot people on board attacking boats, while several fishing boats are loaded with Myrmica (With a detonation fuse) and are equipped with powerful motors taken from speedboats at the Quay, and will be activated and sent at enemy boats (Unmanned, of course) in order to destroy them. Soldiers take up garrison in buildings facing the port in order to shoot at oncoming marines, and a regular patrol is established, consisting of blunderbuss armed militiamen. Production of blunderbusses is resumed, and scrap metal from the battle is salvaged to allow construction of more weapons.

Destroyed cars are re-positioned as fortification, and gasoline bombs are positioned under the sand of the beach, with detonation cords reaching many meters to detonators hiding in shrubs, ready to set the fuses then run back to safety.

These are my current assets:


- 77 light arms (Pistols, shotguns and hunting rifles)

- 6 assault rifles

- 26 blunderbusses

- 20 crossbows

- Several hundred pitchforks, machetes, long knives and various other melee weapons


- 290 Militia, most of them somewhat skilled due to combat experience, and have basic training for light arms.

Amount of assets to be produced:


- enough blunderbusses to replace the deficit of 24 (Ones that are usable but unsafe are repurposed into bombs to be used in defense. Ones that are completely broken are scrapped to be used to make new blunderbusses)

- Makeshift ranged weapons, such as launchers made to use fireworks initially planned for new years and various forms of miniature catapults and crossbows.


- Civilians who are physically strong and willing to fight will be drafted into the front (Goal is to recruit 100 new militia members), while those who are still sympathetic but not as strong will be formed into a labor army to build fortifications. This labor army, as well as the rest of the civilians (As well as their domestic animals), will be evacuated behind nearby hills to minimize civilian casualties.

In other villages, farmers dig their own hives and begin to plan the long project of an underground highway connecting the islands, however their main focus is to draft local militia to act as guards while the main militia is defending autism Quay. 2% of village inhabitants are drafted into local militias, and are currently armed with farming tools, although they begin to work on blunderbuss workshops.

Researchers are tasked with improving the militias weapons and potentially creating a template for pistols, Gatling guns and long-range rifles. The scientists and intellectuals of the island expand their small lab with a large outdoor ranch for weapons testing.

Civilians in Autism Quay are given various easy-to-make bread and circuses in order to keep them content, and the Militia distribute propaganda in the town with the aid of the IWA propagandists


Several mid ranking officer in Ulyanovsk, dissatisfied with the Neoliberal reforms and alarmed by the revolts, decide to overthrow the monarchy. They start talking with other officers, stocking up weapons and distributing propaganda amongst soldiers. While a diverse coalition only united against neoliberalism, most of the officers are between Socdem and demsoc.


do we have a situation map? might join in



How are the connections between our networks?


File: 4848380a474b0e0⋯.jpg (13.07 KB, 448x205, 448:205, patton-1970-george-c-scott….jpg)



File: b3f542dba6176a7⋯.png (2.26 MB, 1585x1792, 1585:1792, Doc IWA With the Daily Dos….png)


The transitionary vanguard consisting of the city's union bosses and other representatives have refused negotiations of surrender on the basis that the current government in power in Aurelia has failed in its duty in serving the interests of the city's people and that the unions of Stirner City will prove they can do a better job at it.

The city's current administration have begun drafting a list of solutions to deal with the current crisis through various efforts.

Current issues on the table as being discussed by the council:


>Water and food


>Building of dual power economically and politically

>Upkeep of moral through the coming weeks and months while the aforementioned issues are being solved.

Firstly it is decided that energy issue is to be solved with utmost haste since it is most pressing. The solution decided upon ends up being self-sufficiency rather than through the conquest of energy infrastructre due to the lack of of offensive capabilities. The task of designing and building of new solar panels and wind turbines based on the prototypes on display at the academy of applied sciences as a source of renewable energy is given to whatever engineers and engineering students are available and willing to help work on the project.

Building of new wells as a source of fresh water is to be started with the help of whatever methods are available in case the old government decides to stop the supply of water at some point once they realize the city is not surrendering. While the water from the network is still running it is to be stockpiled in large quantities until the wells are built. The government alongside redistributing food found in supermarkets and warehouses to those who need it also begins the process of setting up new rooftop greenhouses and other forms of urban agriculture to aid in the campaign of food self-sufficiency and pre-emptively combat the future possibility of starvation. Rationing is discussed but it is decided that a gradual introduction is the best course of action for now. At first all essentials according to basic nutritional stardards are to be provided for everyone but anything beyond that is to be rationed according to need.

Big-to-medium-sized private businesses are ordered to be seized by members of the militia and they are to be converted to worker co-operatives under the guidance of the city's economic planning committee. The old owners are given the option to either continue working in the business as an equal among their former employees or to be given a fixed monetary compensation from the city's treasury to work with until they find new employment. Income tax is to be adjusted so the burden falls more on those with a larger concentration of wealth or financial assets while the low income citizens are to be given a tax break. Local committees are set up all across the city by union representatives as a form of outreach to the citizens to voice concerns about any issues plaguing their communities that they wish to be solved.

The government will also try its best to keep providing the public services such as healthcare and public transportation as long as it is able to do so. Police duties are taken over by the members of union militias alongside volunteer members of local communities in the form a neighborhood watch.

Since the electricity is still out which means no TV or computers to keep people distracted, some members of the union militias decide to arrange public performances at various locations around the city as a form of entertainment, and as a way to boost morale. Performances take the forms of comedy shows and theatrical plays among others. The whole event is free for everyone to attend and is planned to become recurring depending on how succesful it is.



sorry, will get back to it tomorrow hopefully, writing those replies is just a bit exhausting and I wasn't in the mood really today.


File: 39193ddec38af1d⋯.png (2.72 MB, 3508x2480, 877:620, map.png)


I'll make one


Dice rollRolled 2 (1d10)


Left-leaning officers in the capital begin to plot a revolution, and attempt to gain support with their allies. Since this is the capital city, this revolution will take a while and require a lot of complex strategies and planning, and it will be unlikely that you will gain control in one go.

I'll do a starting roll to determine how successful your initial attempts to gain support among the military.

Your plan seems reasonable but somewhat far-fetched so I'll give you a 5/10 for your attempts at gaining followers.


Dice rollRolled 10 (1d10)


You rolled a 2, which means that your attempts at gaining support not only succeed, but go beyond your predictions. The population of Ulyanovsk is five hundred thousand, with a military garrison of ten thousand soldiers and five thousand police officers, as well as three hundred officers.

You have 10 mid-ranking officers in your conspiracy, who collectively control one thousand soldiers. You can assign actions to these soldiers, although if you do anything suspicious, the government will take actions against you.

The population is social-democrat leaning, with a large democratic socialist movement. The prevailing attitude in the military is war hawk liberalism, although many officers are somewhat left-leaning.

The officers under your control begin to covertly seize weapons and hide them in a few hidden storehouses around the country, and form a small group of soldiers who are in on your conspiracy. You conduct a survey of your current assets

Currently, you have:

50 Combat rifles

200 Light arms (Mainly pistols)

10 RPG's

10 Military jeeps

2 tanks

The government suspects nothing, and blames the missing weapons on the local mafia, which has grown in recent times due to the economic instability.



Ignore the dice on that


The unions in Koprotkinville, in opposition to the labour laws which would diminish their influence declare a general strike, mobilising their membership consisting largely of factory and shop workers. To keep organisation, they organise a worker's council and declare the free city of Koprotkinville.


File: 1a7cfb2a452f95d⋯.jpg (61.28 KB, 640x944, 40:59, 7857bfee91544f12344b4764f8….jpg)


Fug I only just noticed I sent the post to the wrong address, meant to go to OP at >>2772526


File: 2a6650c0db3545b⋯.png (8.16 KB, 687x450, 229:150, spurdo_ilme.png)


Didn't the unions already get banned across the country after the IWA's call for a general strike?




bumping my unanswered responses



Now that a foundation has been built, the coalition moves on to securing that the coup will go smoothly. The officers talk to more dissident party leaders and ambitious government officials, trying to convince them to support the coup or at least stay neutral. The ambitious officials are promised promotions while the party leaders are told that this is the only way to preserve the country and that there are no plans to destroy democracy. The soldiers are told to covertly stockpile rifles and pistols, and to map out where the military garrisons are. The officers prefer a bloodless transition, but are ready to shed blood if it is necessary to preserve the nation.



could just pull a CNT and exist underground.



Currently, I have a HAM radio operator operating in a small bunker to manage connections with other revolutionaries.


Dice rollRolled 7 (1d10)

Rolling for all of the responses


Your plan seems reasonable so I'll give you a 7/10 chance that you gain support


Dice rollRolled 6 (1d10)


I'll roll to see how well your plans work out, and to see how suspicious the government is getting about you. Currently, they suspect nothing.



bumping this unfulfilled order



Shit, forgot to add that you have a 6/10 chance to succeed. Anyway, since you got a 6 this means that your plans work out okay.

The officers under your control conduct secret talks with other revolutionary groups as well as corrupt government officials in order to gain support, and the soldiers under your control are sent to stockpile on weapons.

Several government officials, after sufficient bribing, declare their loyalty to your movement and begin to start to siphon small amounts of funding and information towards you, and several sympathetic officers are successfully convinced to join your side, increasing the number of officers under your command to 15. Other Revolutionary movements decide to declare their support towards you, and say they will fight on your side once the revolution begins.

However, some of the government officials were less corruptible then you thought, and report on your activities to their superiors. The government launches an official investigation and busts one of your officers, who is interrogated in secret, revealing an unknown amount of information about your plans. The government realizes the possibility of a military coup and begins to start purging a few disloyal soldiers, busting around fifty of your men. The government believes it has crushed a coup attempt for now, but is much more suspicious then before, and a small investigative team is established to find out about potential coup attempts.

You successfully manage to steal several crates of weapons as well as a military jeep from the military, and the disappearance goes unnoticed. The crates are successfully transferred to your storehouses.

+ 4 Officers under your control

+ 50 light arms

+ 1 Military Jeep

+ 350 Soldiers

+ 10 Combat rifles

+ Government suspicion

The government is suspicious and wary, and knows that they are potentially in danger


This doesn't seem like it needs a roll so I'll answer it without one

Commodus company is moved nearby Checkpoint Alpha, and sets up a small camp nearby, just out of range of the IWA snipers positioned at the fort. The IWA garrison in the fort is relatively weak and is made up of a few hundred militia armed with light weapons and a few sniper rifles. Checkpoint Alpha is controlled by the IWA



I'll answer this later. I feel pretty tired so I won't be on till tommorow


oh wait, ignore my immediately previous post. Mods Please delete



Don't ignore pls


Final bump


File: ed73076ad89ea24⋯.png (59.08 KB, 400x388, 100:97, 1316975199002.png)

Is the thread dead? Did OP quit?



This map should be use for some faster game, this requires too much time


File: b0fa8f4e640e654⋯.jpg (51.07 KB, 512x586, 256:293, russian roulette.jpg)


Writing those big replies was hard. Sorry I'm not in the best place to be creative. I'll try to get to it though, maybe tonight I dunno. Sorry everyone for now.


File: 6d5aa0bf30d7812⋯.jpg (24.42 KB, 800x450, 16:9, feelsbadman.jpg)


5 days later and I don't get to hear the end of the story of the people's hive



I had a family funeral yesterday so I've been a bit busy/down (not ragging on you just saying), I will get round to this



There's not enough antagonist action going on here and playing the bad guys is always a blast, so I'll play as Iron Guard Kekistan. Der Fuhrer of Kekistan sees the communist uprisings in Aurelia and orders a partial mobilization. However, no antagonistic action will be taken as of yet. In the propaganda department, fear mongering ads are ran against the people's hive and posadists.



Sorry to hear that anon, hope you have a better weekend.


>playing the bad guys is always a blast

Yeah I tried playing as a sell out union in one of these threads and the temporary DM banned unions in the post after mine >:^(



Union sellouts will always be welcome in Kekistan. We propose that you act as saboteurs and quietly distribute nationalist propaganda in exchange for a Wehrmacht lieutenants salary.


We secretly send funds to the Posadium national front and provide 5 military advisors under the cover of ambassadors to help raise a far-right militia within the city and to further radicalize the city's guard detachment. In addition to anti-communist propaganda, the propaganda department also begins printing and distributing leaflets by airplane to the people of POL, reminding them of how good things were when they were still part of the Iron Guard.


File: d7671943cfa336b⋯.png (2.7 MB, 3508x2480, 877:620, federal republic reddit.png)


Final action for turn 1. Department of defense begins drawing up plans for border forts to be placed along the red line and spaced by 2 miles. The goal for the design is to be quick to build and cheap, while still able to hold a small-medium size garrison and several well-defended artillery pieces.



I'm sorry for your loss



We send a message to the People’s Hive to see if they can spare some troops.

We send messages on our networks for industrial workers and farmers to gradually steal from their workplaces, in order to do mutual aid and dual power.

How are we on our safehouses and other physical networks?

One crazy plan we have is for some scientists to get a hold of a tranq gun and poison darts to assassinate enemies.



the temporary dm hasn't even answered your previous action yet



It seems possible that we could trade through boats, considering that our islands are close, although expect attacks from tard town pirates and government blockades. The People's Hive central council will supply you with weapons and soldiers if Autist Islands is defended from the upcoming invasion, as long as you give me 50% of the weapons desired first in order to boost the chances of defence. We can't spare any weapons at the moment, as invasion is nearly inevitable.



its been almost a week should I just stop watching the thread



I'm sorry :(

I'll try crank out some updates now. I'm just a person who doesn't tend to finish what they start when it comes to creative pursuits.


File: aa6d729d1eefb8a⋯.jpg (45.71 KB, 500x383, 500:383, 1453515309898.jpg)

Dice rollRolled 9 (1d10)


I'm going to keep it simple by just responding to posts in order (if they don't have a response) so you're first.

Your plan seems alright once more so I'll rule success at, I don't know, 6? I'll give you a chance to respond also.




rest in peace peoples hive


File: 1217223509ec354⋯.jpg (88.71 KB, 679x657, 679:657, 1426110745643.jpg)

Dice rollRolled 5 (1d10)


Bad luck! It's not a good roll unfortunately, but let's see how it goes.

You force a man claiming to be the radio operator to transmit the message, and the voice on the other end responds affirmatively, agreeing to call off the assault. However, they hurriedly shut off the line afterwards, so your leaders think it is only responsible to assume the worst, and that the original timetable is still in place.

You start to ship out the wounded in the remaining working cars in the town, and the enemy POWs are rounded up. It is announced that they will be set to work on building up fortifications, but they react with an unruly outcry and refuse to carry out the work since there are so many damaged and destroyed buildings that have not been cleared for survivors. Your commander is about to make a show of force when a sizeable number of your troops also speak up and show that their resolve has wavered, saying that combat is one thing but they can't stomach leaving people to die like that.

The situation is getting dangerous, so your captains quickly relent and partially agree to the demands, ordering that some of the POWs will carry out rescue work with the help of able-bodied civilians, while the remaining half will work on fortifications. The plan thus arranged, the two groups set off, while your senior officers attempt to round up volunteers from the civilians (or volun-tolds, if necessary).

As a silver lining, the effort being taken to pull away wreckage creates a large amount of rubble and masonry that needed to be moved anyway, so your construction crew begins work immediately, dumping the largest pieces into the water below the slipways via trucks to catch out hostile boats, and assembling the smaller pieces in and around the shops and homes facing directly onto the shoreline to create an impenetrable (hopefully) defensive line in the tradition of the D-Day landings. At the same time, they move cars and street furniture out of the area to create a wide killing floor without any cover for the enemy - the plan will mean that the only area of town accessible by boat will be surrounded by a wall of stone and brick pieces that would be impossible to pass, peppered with many firing holes and upper windows to shoot through.

The rescue crew work tirelessly and without complaint, the effort having distracted them for now, and within two hours, they have excavated the worst hit buildings and the collapsed areas of sewers well enough to search for immediate signs of life, finding 30 (or so, it was difficult to tell exactly) corpses (some of whom were included in the killcount for last battle, for clarity) and 17 wounded people, mostly men seeming to be fighters but some civilians. Several die immediately or shortly after being rescued, but the rest are rushed to the already badly overloaded emergency clinic. 6 people were also recovered essentially unharmed, except for the shellshock, simply trapped in back rooms, and are put to work.

Your rescue crew agree reluctantly to assist with the construction team, and no more cries for help are heard, though it is likely there are still some bodies and valuable supplies that have yet to be recovered. The sniper posts you asked for have been created, with ammo supplies and optics, and start to be rigged with explosives so they can't be used to land on - but one of the charges goes off unexpectedly, blowing away the jetty, some of your best marksmen, their rifles, and some of the construction crew. One man tries to run, but is shot by a militiaman, causing anger and panic among the rest - as well as among the townsfolk, who believe briefly that the attack has come early. It can't be determined whether the blast was accident or sabotage, since the POWs should not have had access to the explosives, but progress slows in all areas as your men respond, and with more attentive guards needed, actual construction work stalls somewhat.


File: 294c1fc7815965c⋯.jpg (84.74 KB, 639x652, 639:652, multi wave drifting.jpg)

Dice rollRolled 3 (1d10)




Elsewhere - your auxiliary staff attempt to recruit new militiamen, but with only a few hours to spare, they manage to convince only a few holdouts from the religious community - nonetheless, ten men report for duty at the Quay. You begin to install your people in informal positions of leadership over the villages of the isles as a stopgap until a proper government is formed. Again there is little time to spare, but by simply taking over existing hierarchies (ie. the workers of small businesses and farms) you begin organising your labour force. They have no time to contribute anything, but they are shown the basic plans of action for their villages. Your local militias mostly draw from remaining village constables and the like, along with local hardmen.

Your researchers begin work on new designs, but also aren't able to come up with much with a few short hours. However, one man manages to convince the rest that they should download and archive the useful contents of the internet in case of network disruptions - with only limited technology and some infrastructure destroyed in the Quay, it's slow going though.

Some of your men attempt to propagandise in the Quay, but it's largely unproductive - the civilians are largely too shellshocked to be of any use, and are appalled by the destruction of the town. However, you manage to paper over some of the cracks to prevent open revolt or attempts to flee (mostly since they are informed that all the island is under your people's control anyway). However, shortly after the blast, one of your propaganda squads is set upon by a civilian man with a gun, attempting to aid the imagined assault, who kills three with surprise before being seized himself and beaten before being thrown in a cellar.

Overall, the construction work is still partly complete when the tiny speck of a chopper is sighted in the sky towards the mainland. The jetties are housing snipers, and a few simple bombs are buried under the sand of the small beach aside the slipway. There is no time to try to convert boats, so the few boats that look the fastest are loaded with explosives and one mechanic devises a simple system to lock the steering in place before the pilot jumps out. The team that was working on blunderbusses does produce 20 more, and the ammunition for all the remaining guns, but also decides they need to design some kind of portable bomb, since the incoming formation is unknown. They prepare 10 satchel-sized devices from the damaged weapons stuffed into bags that are activated and thrown on a short timer, and are able to take out a civilian car. It is unknown how effective they will be at anything bigger. They are unable to create any more weapons at short notice and with most of the men working in town, but they direct efforts to mount the town's firework launcher under a tarp in one of the remaining buildings at the shoreside - it still fires only fireworks, but could be useful as a distraction or as a terror weapon.

Speaking of which - your remaining tractor tanks are quickly moved behind the cover of the portside buildings, and the heaviest cars possible are moved roughly into place in the gaps in the unfinished stone wall.

Your spotters on the jetty report that some large military-looking boats are incoming, an hour or so ahead of schedule but in force. Your men scramble into position in the coastal businesses as the enemy draws closer, and weapons are passed out to your men as the POWs are brought to various locations around town where they can be safely locked in and contained.


File: c078f0bac9f69e4⋯.jpg (222.52 KB, 800x485, 160:97, k.jpg)

Dice rollRolled 5 (1d10)


Your armed militiamen take position in the windows facing the slipways (obviously), while many of those with only melee weapons lie in wait at the detonators of various explosives. Others serve as medics or ammo carriers, or sit at the ready in the cabs of your tractors, while the rest of your troops wait in reserve across the road behind. The call comes out that the ships are close enough to be somewhat visible, and you have only minutes to prepare before they are at your door.

Your report on the attacking vessels:

"3 choppers above! Two little scout ones and one bigger one, they're waiting for the boats right now!"

"Out front there's 4 angry looking patrol boats… They've got some mounted guns, I can't tell if they're machine guns or something bigger."

"4 large troop carrier boats, carrying… 15-20 men each?"

"2 big hovercraft things… they have APCs on them! Two each! We better be ready! Plus, two trucks each behind!"

"a half dozen little hovercraft… they have some little jeeps and things, looks like, and some supplies and men."

"there are, I don't know, a dozen little boats, orange dinghies, they're splitting off from the main force and going North and South - there's about 6 men each boat I think - I don't know where they're going."

Overall, they're much bigger than you were expecting! But we're in this thing now. What are your orders, commander?


Go for it! It's not like it can get more crowded :P





Ooops I forgot to turn the dice off, ignore those, but not this one! This is your roll.


I will respond later today or tomorrow (that post was a bit tiring).

Your plan also seems fairly good, but there's a whole city to manage and a lot to go wrong potentially. On the otherhand, things could go quite well - so, I'll rate your chance of success at 5/10, but since you made some cool art I'll give you a +1 ART BONUS! since we all know the power of propaganda. Let's see how it goes.


File: cf376e98bc231e5⋯.jpg (184.04 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, d fens.jpg)

Dice rollRolled 10 (1d10)


Oh NOW it turns off? FFS.

With the +1 bonus your goal is 6/10 or lower.




damn with all this bad luck for the workers it looks like I'm going to have to create my own excuse to go to war


File: 15351ecb64e852d⋯.png (24.52 KB, 2000x1333, 2000:1333, 594B06CD-C52F-45AD-8D56-AA….png)

Following the economic problems and the fellow revolutions Of autism island and such, workers organized by the charismatic Nikolayev Stanislav, the workers of formed Soviets around the countryside of Stalin Island. They call themselves the “United Workers Revolutionary Front”



Looks like I'm fucked. Guess I'll have to recapture the quay or make concessions.



Well, it wasn't a good roll, but the challenge is surmountable (unless you roll bad again). Just think about what resources you have to hand, and remember that they have to attack your defended position in clear view. It might work best if say you made clear how you're going to fight each enemy asset, and then I'll put that together in what order they actually come. Hint: You still have something/s you made for the last battle that you didn't use!


File: 43d7d495eb7a100⋯.jpg (311.56 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, Antvsspider.jpg)


I'll try to delay the enemy, rather than attempt to crush them in direct battle.

The snipers are instructed to aim at the dinghys going to the other areas of the island and attempt to pop them and the heads of those on them in order to prevent an islandwide attack. As the enemy boats get within firing range, the snipers are instructed to run back to the safety of the buildings and fire from there and the explosives onboard the jetties are detonated as boats come close to the port. The explosions from the jetties, the boat-torpedo hybrids and the debris creating a reef-like barrier around the port will delay the attackers (and most likely sink their transports) enough to allow the building mounted soldiers to take potshots at the men onboard from the high ground. The bomb detonators will wait from inside nearby buildings and activate the bombs as soon as the first supply crates come onto the shores, in order to create more explosions and destroy the enemies supplies. When the enemy inevitably get past the shore, the People's hive soldiers then begin to retreat, firing occasionally to delay the enemy. They will retreat back to the camp set up in the hills behind Autism Quay (Were the civilians were evacuated), and re-use the fortifications built in the initial capture of the town.

Before the attack starts, the labor army gets to work placing traps and getting supplies and hiding civilians out into the camp in the distance. The labor army then breaks the power lines and leaves back to the camp, although a few stay to aid the army in their attempt to delay the enemies invasion.

The small farmer-milita groups created in the villages to defend against invasion in areas other than Autism Quay are alerted to the situation and begin to prepare. They grab a few blunderbusses. hunting rifles and pitchforks, set up some small barricades at the coast and begin to prepare, looking out for boats with binoculars. They are instructed to return observations over the HAM radio to the central hive.

Back at the central hive, the people's council decides to draft a plan for the modernization and eusocialization of Autism isles. While bullets are raining in Autism Quay, the people's council will plan out the construction of arms workshops, schools, hospitals and barracks, most of which will be underground or at least semi-underground. As the guards of Weston chandler walk to their posts and prepare to shoot at helicopters in the distance, the People's council closes the heavy iron door leading down into the tunnels, opens up a few cans of preserved soup and begins their plans.

The details of the plan are:

- Constructing arms workshops in order to create light arms at a steady rate

- Constructing bunkers along the coast to act as sniper perches and refuges

- Creating efficient electrical and internet networks to aid the development of the nation

- The improving of the lifespan and HDI of the island through a series of schools and hospitals

- Creating a network of underground towns and colonies

- Engaging in a cultural revolution to bring about a eusocial culture through education, religion, control of entertainment industries and propoganda

This plan will be acted upon bit by bit in the order they were written, in order to develop the country.

Meanwhile, boats are seen closing in on the ports. Final prayers are made, the soldiers aim their guns and bombers hold their hands steady on the triggers. Only the distant roaring of the engines can be heard as the boats slowly close in. A sniper aims at a small rubber dinghy and pulls the trigger, firing the first shot



A few more things that I should add:

- The explosive satchels that were made are given to the bombers, who will throw them at the beach just after the smoke from the previous bombs they detonated clears in order to stun and kill many more attacking soldiers.

- The tractors will shoot at the enemy using the machine guns mounted on them from behind fences before retreating

- The crossbows are given to the farmer miltias around the island and are instructed to use them to shoot at the dinghy's, popping them

The tunnels leading into the sewers are noted and will quite possibly be re-used. The fishing boats with cannons on them are used as planned, although will target the dinghy's as they could one-shot them and the dinghys pose little threat.


File: c3f2705a7cfe2ae⋯.jpg (33.18 KB, 480x454, 240:227, 1419370037526.jpg)


Wait so who is this roll for? Me or Ant gang?

I hope its not me because all that effort spent thinking and writing that shit would be for naught otherwise.



It's for you.


Dice rollRolled 2 (1d10)

Banned to a rock off the shores of the Autism Islands, the Front for Neurodivergent Liberation set up a small camp to house their remaining revolutionaries. At risk of disbanding because of the lack of internet access (very important to keep up morale), quick action had to be taken to seize some facility with communication equipment. This would also enable them to spread new propaganda and gather additional troops. One of the autists notes that there is an oil platform nearby that is usually operated by the state. Because of the recent chaos around the country, it is likely that it has been abandoned, and can be taken as a base of operations for the Autistic Insurgency.

The FNL strives to take the following steps:

- Seize the Namore Oil Platform.

– Get it back into operation.

– Investigate possible options to sell this oil.

- Spread more aggressive propaganda via the internet.

– Create Sonic the Hedgehog / My Little Pony crossover fanfiction with autistic OCs struggling to establish a similar homeland.

- Broaden the scope of the FNL.

– Try instigate revolutionary activity among the retards of Tard Town. Offer them intellectual aid in establishing their own nation.

– Reach out to other mentally divergent communities.


What about me? Roll for revolution support in Baza


Dice rollRolled 4, 10, 2 = 16 (3d10)


Fuck, that's not very good. So, I'd say the Namore Oil Platform is now in control of the Front for Neurodivergent Liberation, but nothing much happens in addition to that.

- For the time being we simply don't have the knowledge or resources to operate an oil platform.

- The propaganda doesn't make much of an impact. There is a small group of people who show some genuine interest, but most attention consists of trolls milking the FNL as their personal Lolcows.

– Some trolls offer to join the FNL, likely to make fun of the autists involved in the project. It isn't clear whether this offer should be taken seriously. That being said, if they do show up, they may have valuable skills.

– The question of whether we should take them up on their offer has caused a split. One group is strong in their opposition, envisioning the autistic homeland to be a place free of any teasing by neurotypicals. The second group has different ambitions, seeing the establishment of a homeland for the autistic to be of value in its own right, and believing the teasing by neurotypicals to be an inevitable fact of life. Next to this, they argue that by opening ourselves up for the trolls, we show that we are able to take the joke, and thereby will be able to gain their respect and alliance in the longer term.

– A vote is held to determine our openness to trolls. The first die will determine our policy on this matter. The number indicates the size of the pro-troll faction.

- The retards are unresponsive. Until we can show them the virtues of a society of the neurodivergent, they will prefer living with their normie relatives.

- We manage to cause some talk of joining the revolution in forums dedicated to other mental disorders, but no immediate action is taken

There's another split in the community, regarding the position we should take towards the People's Hive. They clearly outnumber us, so maybe we should rethink our opposition of them, and instead try to establish friendly relations. Maybe they'll be of help in getting the oil rig going. Second die determines our position. The higher the number, the friendlier we are towards the People's Hive.

Third die determines success of further efforts:

- Investigate skills needed to operate oil platform.

- Creation of a webcomic involving furry OCs starting their own autistic colony.

- Establishing a temporary supply line with the mainland for food and other basic goods.

- Investigate fishing as a viable food source.

- Focus on the OCD community for radicalization.


Okay, I'll interpret that the following way:

- Trolls are only allowed in on the condition that they refrain from any trolling.

- We are completely open to the People's Hive and offer to join them under a one country, two systems model, with them as the dominant partner.

- None of the further efforts are immediately successful, but none of them are absolutely disastrous either. The oil rig houses some supply of food for the time being.



you can't be your own DM



he's going in order. First he has to write a response for the IWA and for Kekistan


K I understand now



You're doing it wrong. You're supposed to say that you have an x/10 chance, then roll. If you get below that, you win and above it, you lose. Wait for someone to answer you



or better yet not respond to your own post because of bias. That's the rule, after all.





I'm just trying to get a basic foothold somewhere. Don't shoot me please.



well just propose your ideas and let the DM respond in time



Are you going to get around to the IWA today?


(Been waiting for this to pick up again)

Saddened by the loss of one of their comrades, the conspirators know that the government is now investigating for a coup and thus they accelerate their timetable. The government still isn't unstable enough to overthrow, so the group looks at ways to turn the city against them. Plainclothes soldiers are to tell the stories of the revolutionaries and embellish the government's cruelty and incompetence. The group's radical contacts are instructed to intensify their actions, they are also given 30 pistols to cause mayhem against the government. Allies within the government are asked to manufacture a scandal, or if that is not possible, to distrupt the government doing anything. While the soldiers are inciting dissent, the officers secretly attempt to meet the more moderate liberals within the officer corps to negotiate support for the coup in exchange for the moderation of planned reforms. The group also promises them that the integrity of Aurelia will be maintained and that no one will be allowed to secede.



lets hope it stays picked up. OP hasn't written another response for like two days


File: cc4401cabedb4c5⋯.jpg (41.49 KB, 704x728, 88:91, do something.jpg)

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