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File: cd02153677f9137⋯.png (332.22 KB, 635x524, 635:524, hoholian warrior 2.PNG)


was generalplan ost real or just a prank? back when krautchan still existed I used to ask the gnatsees there for their opinion on this and they all claimed it was fabricated by the soviets.


it was real.

shit thread


real enough


File: f2214498d497455⋯.png (7.75 MB, 3544x2677, 3544:2677, ClipboardImage.png)


It's real. It's part of a number of measures against the USSR, like the Hunger Plan.

The Hunger Plan is described in Adam Tooze’s excellent book The Wages of Destruction.

From the book:

“Eine Zerstörung der russischen Verarbeitungsindustrie in der Waldzone [des Nordens] ist auch für die fernere Friedenszukunft Deutschlands eine unbedingte Notwendigkeit. […] Aus all dem folgt, daß die deutsche Verwaltung in diesem Gebiet wohl bestrebt sein kann, die Folgen der zweifellos eintretenden Hungersnot zu mildern und den Naturalisieringsprozess zu beschleunigen. Man kann bestrebt sein, diese Gebiete intensiver zu bewirtschaften im Sinne einer Ausdehnung der Kartoffelanbaufläche und anderer für den Konsum wichtiger, hohe Erträge gebender Früchte. Die Hungersnot ist dadurch nicht zu bannen. Viele 10 Millionen von Menschen werden in diesem Gebiet überflüssig werden und werden sterben oder nach Sibirien auswandern müssen.”

Source of quote: Ernst Klee / Willi Dreßen, “Gott mit uns”: Der Deutsche Vernichtungskrieg im Osten 1941-1945, Frankfurt 1989, page 23. Reference: Bericht Wirtschaftsstab Ost, Gruppe Landwirtschaft vom 23.5.1941, Nuremberg Document 126-EC, IMT, Vol. XXXVI.

“A destruction of the Russian manufacturing industry in the forest zone [of the North] is an absolute necessity also for the far-away peacetime future of Germany […] From all this there follows that the German administration in this area may well attempt to diminish the effects of the famine that will doubtlessly occur. It can be attempted to manage these areas more intensively in the sense of an extension of the area for cultivating potatoes and other high-output agricultural products important for consumption. The famine cannot thereby be controlled. Many tens of millions of people will become superfluous in this area and will die or have to emigrate to Siberia.”

An additional quote

“Lächerliche hundert Millionen Slawen”, so Hitler am 6.8.1942, “werden wir absorbieren oder verdrängen. Wenn hier einer von Betreuen spricht, dem muss man gleich ins KZ stecken” (Speer, 1981, 422).

Source of quote: Speer, A., Der Sklavenstaat. Meine Auseinandersetzung mit der SS, Stuttgart 1981, as quoted in Gunnar Heinsohn, Lexikon der Völkermorde, Hamburg 1998, page 305.

Translation (Heinsohn):

“A ridiculous 100 million Slavs”, said Hitler on 6.8.1942, “we will absorb or displace. Whoever speaks of taking care of these people should be put in a concentration camp right away” (Speer, 1981, 422).




Bump for discussion


>fabricated by the soviets

Yeah man, Hitler called others subhuman, coincidentally conquered their countries and resources, and created Germanification programs just for funsies.



sort of, but also not really if you want to try and actually nail it down. There was obviously some imperialist dreaming to this effect, but if you want to talk about details plans or official policy, it never made it to that level, at least based on the documents we still have. The Ost theory seems to be cobbled together from comments in six low-level exploratory documents.

So this is why mainstream historians like Richard Overy will write:

>"recent research has suggested that there were almost no plans for what to do with a conquered Poland and that the vision of a new German empire in central and eastern Europe had to be improvised almost from scratch."

if you read German this MA thesis has a lot of detail:


sorry. There's plenty of other stuff to nail the Nazis on though.


File: 77e094b13a44bac⋯.jpg (361.31 KB, 946x1360, 473:680, 99848a3f4af98ab665c66c3f73….jpg)


Nah it was just a prank bro. Hitler was just joking about lebensraum in his book.

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