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File: 0f937f0a235c45c⋯.png (59.29 KB, 500x300, 5:3, 9-the-end-is-near-this-wil….png)


Why do so many leftists feel the need to believe that there is a quasi-apocalyptic event coming?

Whether it's the breakdown of capitalism, a major crisis, a world war, a shortage, an environmental disaster, whatever. I've been a Socialist for a decade now and I've always seen retards who don't read books promising that things are coming to an end, that capitalism is on its famous "last leg", that all we need is the notorious "spark", etc.

The faith in this apocalyptic event is so pathetic that even Trump was deemed to be the sign of the end of the times at one point. Even here we had people talking about their great "accelerationist" plan of voting for him as if we'd be in the middle of a revolution by now.

IMO, this is because a lot of Socialists are lazy. This probably includes most of you. They don't want to learn how the system really works and how to create change, so they retreat into fantasies that soon some big disaster will make the system more malleable. Get into your heads: this is never going to happen. Even if we have some type of shit about to hit the fan, the system will persist as strongly as ever. It's not going away by any deterministic force, we have to make it go away.



It seems like more of the left fear disaster than desire it.


Voting for Trump has made the neoliberal order have a heart attack and empty its bowels though.


things are gonna go to shit when we reach peak PoC but nothing will ever truly collapse, even shitholes like Venezuela or south Africa or Rio do Janeiro do not truthfully collapse quality of life simply goes into the toilet


>Why do so many leftists feel the need to believe that there is a quasi-apocalyptic event coming?

Personally, I see such an event as an inevitable result of capitalism fucking shit up. In other words, I already see the capitalist system as a continuous cycle of tragedies and subsequent profit and at some point it will all come crashing down.

I think it's a coping mechanism. When faced with a seemingly hopeless struggle some people need a crutch.


contradictions of leftist fukuyamism imploding on itself.


They're probably right in a broad vague sense - even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

But they have no solutions to the coming economic and environmental collapses.

Socialism will drag us back into the dark ages, and we don't have the resources to extend a first world capitalist lifestyle to everybody, because capitalism is an international pyramid scheme.

Best hope is to clamp down the boot on the neck of the third world and keep raping them for resources 'til we can make a vehicle which can preserve human life in the journey to another world.


This is not a socialist thing, this is a human thing.


Global warming?



every country on the planet is fighting global warming besides America. even Assad.

if America keeps going down the path it is currently the rest of the planet will happily nuke Washington D.C. in the spirit of global cooperation against a common threat.



>Tons of very sensible reasons to be worried about the future

>Why are people worried

hmm we may never know


File: ca5a849709d4cf6⋯.jpg (382.27 KB, 1177x1200, 1177:1200, ca5a849709d4cf61f2daceb60f….jpg)


It's a hard thing to gather stats on, but from anecdotal observation most of the people I've seen who fear apocalyptic SHTF-type events have trended more towards far-to-center-right or are just of very religious persuasions. The amount of what we might call late-stage capitalist accelerationist left-leaning positions regarding end-timesy events and sudden workers revolutions are not positions I see too often, but again, anecdotal.

That being said, I think this is starting to change a bit. Lefties of all kinds can see the way that capital is degrading human life (as it always has, though this too seems to be accelerating - more slaves than ever, people born with tens of thousands of dollars of debt due to hospital bills, effectively starting life with a negative monetary value, the hopelessness of broken political systems that shackled themselves to business, education as a luxury, etc.), but also the way that our planet's ecology has changed since industrialization really took off. I wouldn't suspect that either of these forces will have a 'great event' that sparks all of civilization crumbling (though a few decent years of significant crop failures could have this result, even that would be a lot slower decline than what I think some people imagine), and I don't think that's the scenario that anyone who's really thought about these issues arrives at.

What we will more likely see is a continuation of what we might call 'a long emergency' - a prolonged stretch of time where everything just gets slowly worse and worse for basically everyone. Towns ravaged by record breaking floods or fires will be rebuilt more slowly or eventually not at all, but people will move. Everything gets more expensive. The Arctic has its first ice-free summer and only a few years later is without ice year round, but nobody really notices or cares, they've got more immediate concerns, more people live on the streets, trade relations break down between nations struggling with internal strife and uncertain futures, resources become harder to come by for everyone, etc.

Finding people to bond with and create support-networks with going into these long emergencies is, I think, a valuable tool towards whatever revolutionary effort one might hope to form as a result of any kind of global or regional economic or ecological crisis.



I see a few reasons.

-It's a coping mechanism as >>2776271 said.

-Doomsaying is not a socialist thing, it is a human thing. >>2776311

-Other people saying the revolution is near makes other people believe it.

-Politics are becoming more important in people's daily lives. Collective anxiety about absolutely everything is through the roof. Global warming, rouge states, terrorism, market crash, wars, immigrants, opioid crisis, a killer loose in their neighborhood, Kony 2012+7, the Russians, etc. Probably a big part of it is that people are exposed to "news" much more than they were before.

-Social networks have democratized narrative, when before mostly big media outlets had the power. This has made people more prone to organization, like the arab spring or your local MAGA protest of 5 edgelords.

-When you begin to understand that capitalism sucks, it seems very obvious. You don't realize that it took you a while to get there yourself and you expect other people to immediately understand.

All of this makes it feel that any day now, people will realize that capitalism is fatally retarded and organize, like an internet meme spreading through social networks. And it might just go down like that.

>It's not going away by any deterministic force, we have to make it go away.

Partly disagree. People are profoundly class-cucked and it's easier to de-class-cuck them if their employer just fucked them over, which happens more frequently when the economy suddenly goes to the shitter.




>Socialism will drag us back into the dark ages

What board do you think we're on?

Socialism will drive you back to the dark ages where you belong.


millions of people starve to death every year


because it is our only hope, there is no other hope, if the current world stays the same without some grand cosmic even and robo stalin superhuman returns to save us then all is lost

like einstein once said:

all ist lost


Repeat after me:




because of the long run tendency for the rate of profit to fall


File: 968bbb9db53dd20⋯.png (98.25 KB, 1462x784, 731:392, FRoP.png)


File: fe09d417d6e4819⋯.jpg (49.81 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, Posadas.jpg)

File: d7b8249427339fd⋯.jpg (299.3 KB, 1363x846, 29:18, Licorne Cloud Evolution.jpg)

File: b091e2b2f20eca0⋯.pdf (984.09 KB, what the fuck.pdf)

I sort of have this feeling myself, but in a more of a fatalist way than a hopeful way. It came from reading some of Juan Posadas' theory, originally as a meme but then semi-seriously. Posadas put it into words but I get the feeling this sentiment was fairly widespread among western leftists during the cold war, even if they didn't want to admit it. Basically:

* True socialism is impossible without taking power in the "core" of capitalism, the imperialist "great powers"

* Nearly all popular revolutions in history were enabled by a complete breakdown in the power of the state, either economic crisis, or the result of war (Paris Commune, Germany, Russia, China, Yugoslavia, the list goes on)

* However, capitalism has fixed its tendency towards economic crisis through the use of Keynesian monetary and fiscal demand management (not as convincing today but had relevance at the time), and…

* Capitalism has "fixed" its tendency toward large scale war through the proliferation of nuclear weapons. The contradictions that lead to war are still there, but this time, if war breaks out, it will be a nuclear war which leads to the deaths of hundreds of millions.

Hence, Posadas' prophecy that revolution will only happen in the ashes of a nuclear holocaust. The world can only be won when there's not much of a world left to win. I don't want to believe this theory, but I can't shake the nagging feeling that maybe Posadas was right.

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