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File: 99d7339e70eb51c⋯.png (690.85 KB, 976x545, 976:545, Consider the following.png)


Daily reminder that both capitalists and communists have a fundamentally materialist view of history and are both anti-human to the core.

Both of you cunts get the rope.


>idealism in 2019

eat a sack of baby dicks


File: 45e5ec61bf5c469⋯.jpg (34.63 KB, 500x374, 250:187, 5c96c26a1247679661a95b65db….jpg)



People don't actually need mysticism in their lives my man


Only capitalists ever say shit like this.



Posting in epic thread before sunk to the bottom of the internet



Capitalist and communist aren't mutually exclusive, and a capitalist does not denote having a certain worldview or advancing certain ideas. It's merely a person in private possession of someone else's means of production and/or financial capital.

As for the rope, I'm not to worried. It's of little consequence of what you think people do or don't deserve.



There's literally nothing special about humanity or what "makes us human." If you're not a communist and also a post-humanist you're doing it wrong.



Posts like these are why sometimes reading too many books can be harmful. You get these weird niche nerds from the west who no one likes.



Read the Economic and Philosophic Manuscripts.


>materialism is when you only care about money n shiet

neck yourself


File: d43f77e7c958ab6⋯.png (461.08 KB, 707x765, 707:765, Mika.png)


>capitalists are materialists

>materialism is anti-human

I admire your joke, but I fear it's revealing your intelligence to severe question. You see, materialism as a philosophical concept is not at all the same as what the word means in casual conversation. Looking the meaning of things up before using new words is a good habit to have, dear.



This is what you get from not reading any shit. Or esoteric sports magazines.

Also to OP, go back to pol and suck more of Spanglers tits.


you forgot to screech "it's the jews behind it both", you're not being sly little nazi


yes what we need is more evolian mumbo jumbo and esoteric hitler voodoo


File: 36d70812db10849⋯.png (52.45 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, emote.png)

Then what the fuck do you suggest instead?


I don’t think you understand what materialism is.


>trying to fix the political economy is anti-human



Since when have capitalist ever been materialist and how is materialism anti human?



>since when

since Adam Smith wrote ‘’An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations”.

but they stopped after Marx wrote “Critique of Political Economy” and turned into an argument about morality.


>Anime Image


>"Anti-human/anti-nature" whining

Reminder that this faggot makes this thread every week



File: 982344c6e399d99⋯.png (149.22 KB, 500x499, 500:499, dialectics-intensifies-whe….png)

Communism is consummated naturalism and as that consummated humanism as Marx and Engels define it (MEW 40, 535). How often do I have to quote that on this board? Communists analyze history by using the materialist paragidm, but their goal is the end of history meaning the end of the individual dependency on material conditions. Thereby, communists want that humans can freely develop themselves and that real individuality is possible. Those who deny that are not communist by definition, but maybe socialists. Capitalism is the society where individuals encounter themselves as enstranged persons since they are organized in classes, but when we abolish these classes there is no material power of one individual over another anymore. How can communists be anti-human then? Read the German Ideology for further information.



this sounds like utopianism tbh

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