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File: 8a5656ef5652204⋯.png (8.33 MB, 2436x1125, 812:375, C86E38A1-445B-4F63-B400-DF….png)


The absolute state of the far left in America. This is just incredibly embarrassing and kind of sad in a way.



File: be33724cc3621f6⋯.jpg (54.18 KB, 553x468, 553:468, rattattat.jpg)

Heejeebeejee to you too liberals

Beats having them shitting up the internet.



>tfw when no big tiddie skimask on my face


File: 168b451a25b3189⋯.png (29.03 KB, 313x376, 313:376, 1511680404043.png)

>Demand Utopia




>Beats having them shitting up the internet.

they do both, though


File: 6f1ae6b50a9720f⋯.jpg (20.17 KB, 387x398, 387:398, americans.jpg)


/leftpol/ irl


almost as bad as the nude dancing unicorn man


Reminder that these are the people who constantly cry on /leftpol/.


the neon ski masks are a stroke of genius, totally wouldn't make them an easy target or anything


File: 94fcbbec8106829⋯.jpg (138.69 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, mpv-shot0071.jpg)

>I work with the democratic socialists of *inhales for 2 seconds* America


File: 01aa66d84c3314e⋯.mp4 (10.32 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, savetweetvid_jMjpr3uBFHRH9….mp4)

Full vid btw


I mean, I like Rójava as much as all socialists should but holy fuck. Couldn't watch past the 15 second mark.



dude's got the cop face



Eeeyughhh. Man, I can appreciate that they want a better world, I can even believe they want to eliminate class society and wage labour, hell, I can just about forgive them for probably not knowing anything substantial in the way of Marx's critique of capitalism or having a grounding in modern materialism, but god damn! Can't they at least try to project a semblance of strength and militancy? Fuck me, it really does make "leftists" look like limp wristed children.



Yeah that was my thought as well. Like maybe the pause is some kind of tell for undercover guys.


File: 6388aa6fdc55150⋯.jpeg (37.69 KB, 600x396, 50:33, 3F9AF6DB-1A03-416B-A814-C….jpeg)


Why can’t they not look like washed up losers? Fuck this video makes me want to start lifting. You don’t have to be an “ubermensch” but they look fucking weak. They should look more militant and serious, these are like 99% degenerate bourgeois kids




leaving aside fitness, their body language, clothing, and speech is awful too.


File: 8eee514fce15b52⋯.png (84.91 KB, 266x282, 133:141, Screenshot from 2019-01-10….png)


national posadism is a good idea



holy fuck kirsten is on meth



>speech is awful too.

This is the worst part, imo. While they would ideally be more fit, they don’t sound motivated in their positions at all. If you truly support them, sound like it at least. Damn if I supported one big US military base in Syria enough to be in a video like this I’d be fired up in my support. Half of them sound like some sleepy high-school kids


File: 749cbda8a7aea8c⋯.png (862.74 KB, 1039x828, 1039:828, a.png)



Well, they've got at least one handsome lad.



It's all so sad.


they're in a fucking yurt too lmao


File: a606f80d10587ac⋯.jpeg (71.22 KB, 618x410, 309:205, 8EF7118E-E69F-44F8-8CC6-E….jpeg)

File: bf13b3ef8d26d30⋯.jpeg (259.12 KB, 1242x682, 621:341, 791A586B-B48C-4572-A6E4-B….jpeg)

File: ffb31a866268d3b⋯.jpeg (160.08 KB, 650x488, 325:244, 2AE2E545-503F-4DC6-9F16-A….jpeg)

File: 64f7885c6c02a30⋯.jpeg (191.43 KB, 940x772, 235:193, 367C6E29-18DD-43A9-A1FA-3….jpeg)

File: c6b2a2f623079b7⋯.jpeg (116.26 KB, 700x495, 140:99, 322B1C0F-9B2E-4A8E-9780-3….jpeg)

Let’s compare:


File: 85737c57cfba7a3⋯.png (259.16 KB, 327x316, 327:316, 7634.png)


>the fucking Hello Kitty mask



I would unironically rather everyone I know, from my parents to my boss, understand that I am a militant communist than a "leftist", a "socialist", or anything that could be perceived as a pathetic rad lib.



I can stomach almost the whole video but come on, didn't they think they could have, I dunno, reshoot that? Would've taken them like three more seconds.



I unironically want to know why the American Left is like this. My only guess is that the people in the pic from the video aren’t really into politics beyond some sort of social club / hobbyist-mentality while the serious leftists in the other pic were ready to fight and die for what they believed in. We need more groups with that mentality, one needs created that isn’t filled with these utter weaklings.



Looks like a move actor from inglorious bastards.



>My only guess is that the people in the pic from the video aren’t really into politics beyond some sort of social club / hobbyist-mentality while the serious leftists in the other pic were ready to fight and die for what they believed in.

I think this is probably right. Serious leftists in America get killed. America is a crypto-fascist police state. I would not be surprised if one or two of those people in that video were cops. I think the problem really is the lack of union involvement. The labor aristocracy is still extremely strong, but that is changing as things get more dire.


File: 767571f1e4a826e⋯.jpg (60.18 KB, 799x489, 799:489, Bundesarchiv_Bild_183-Z012….jpg)


Why did paramilitary stop being a thing? Going door to door spreading ideas of Marx,Kropotkin, Engles etc etc? I mean they used have their own little pubs and cafes. Why did people stop doing it? Not to mention fighting in the streets, In Spain party's will have literal patrols going though the streets beating up rivals. Or is there a better way? Cause while I'm typing this, it's starting to get a but larpy



I want to die



>I think the problem really is the lack of union involvement.

This, and related to it, the lack of contact with real working people in general. I can almost guarantee that the people in that video don’t do anything more than intellectually masturbate themselves in meetings, show up at demostrations to protest peacefully and just impotent bitching at Trump. If I ran a group I’d be a lot more militant, put a lot more emphasis on community involvement and actually helping people in shitty living conditions. This hobbyist-pseudo politics disgusts me and eventually I’m probably going to be driven to try to remedy it in my area at least. Like you said I’ll probably get killed if that happens though



>My only guess is that the people in the pic from the video aren’t really into politics beyond some sort of social club / hobbyist-mentality while the serious leftists in the other pic were ready to fight and die for what they believed in.

I mean you can have both in a certain way, see >>2783350

though I get what you mean.



>Why did paramilitary stop being a thing? Going door to door spreading ideas of Marx,Kropotkin, Engles etc etc?

I ask myself and others the same thing. If I were to make a group, and I’ve discussed this casually with somewhat sympathetic friends too, it would be a paramilitary group and we would spent more of our time going door-to-door and engaging in community service than intellectually masturbating ourselves in isolation disconnected from reality. If there is one thing I hope to do in my life it would be building something that isn’t completely shit. I’m sure I’d be shot up eventually if I ever tried though



>I'll be shot

Nah fam, this ain't 30s Spain


File: f990b0a0a687eaa⋯.png (180.87 KB, 850x400, 17:8, b.png)

File: 54979cd0fc50994⋯.png (161.92 KB, 850x400, 17:8, d.png)



Well, the BPP understood this well enough. If you aren't a target of some sort, you're doing it wrong.



If anyone got serious enough in America and began getting even a little support the US government would not hesitate to kill you, especially if you’re adopting a militant posture


File: baa17fab4d0154e⋯.jpeg (46.07 KB, 250x377, 250:377, 8408D3BC-F47F-4AEB-857F-4….jpeg)





Both the far right and the far left in America is made up of cringey larping retards.



>being embarrassed at young leftists believing in something

A little bit of combat goes a long way comrade. Don't let their current pudginess fool you. I see tremendous potential in every single man and woman in that group photo. I'm somewhat of a recruiter, and I can tell I'd have good quality material to work with in these youth. Thanks for sharing. Gives me hope.



at least four activists in ferguson have been assassinated lately



lolno, combat would trigger them



I hope that you don't actually believe this. Sure, there are many larpers, but that's only because you pay too much attention to the forgetful things.


File: a40f42f2f29d3d1⋯.jpg (61.27 KB, 968x681, 968:681, american victim.jpg)

File: 4280835f3b49640⋯.jpg (38.09 KB, 750x563, 750:563, cop simon says champion.jpg)


The America government kills children and adults every day. Do you think they give a shit about killing some leftist upstart at home?




Yes, combat is "triggering" you fucking idiot. That's what it does to the uninitiated. And that's why I see their potential. What do you think humans are descendants of?



>being embarrassed at young leftists believing in something

The problem is that the "something" they believe in is yet another anarchist experiment that requires foreign state support in order to survive and will eventually collapse or become ossified when things settle down. They are basically LARPing as le brave one big US military base in Syria/YPJ fighters from the safety of their yurt. That's the cringe.






Show me an actual group of Americans either on the far right or left who aren’t autistic blobs or bourgeoisie larpers


File: 63180db3561c515⋯.png (47.4 KB, 106x152, 53:76, Screenshot_2019-01-11 lef….png)

File: 3499d3b3549d40d⋯.png (78.09 KB, 123x224, 123:224, Screenshot_2019-01-11 lef….png)

A fucking Rose, lol, they are pathetic.



lmao shut the fuck up retard


They make be kind of Cringy but at the very least they still support genuine socialist causes instead of Imperialism and Liberal's



the cops are far right


File: 355f9d415d6ce9c⋯.jpg (75.7 KB, 645x485, 129:97, paul-ryan-time.jpg)



The DNC. Now that they've merged forces with Soros, John Podesta, Antifa, CNN, the Bilderberg Group, CPUSA and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, they're planning to impeach Trump and confiscate all guns from proud patriotic Americans. Then the United Nations will take over, from their posts stationed in Canada, and the whole country will be ruled by New World Order marxists. The revolution is finally here comrade.



lib meme. the kurds are under a sultanistic system.

>The Kurdistan region of Iraq is at times described by the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) and outside observers as the “Other Iraq,” that is, a place that enjoys relative stability, security, economic development, political pluralism, and a margin of freedom for civil society. This may be true, but this assessment fails to recognize key parts of the story. The region is dominated by two main parties, the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) led by current president of the region Masoud Barzani and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) led by former president of Iraq Jalal Talabani. It is also dominated by the two ruling families, the Barzanis and Talabanis, that have established what is known as a sultanistic system and have tried over several decades to consolidate their rule.




I'd find it easier to forgive your extreme ignorance if you were less confident about it. The KRG in IRAQ is not the same as the DeFNS in SYRIA.


File: 91dc4f303b6930a⋯.jpg (213.31 KB, 1280x844, 320:211, 4-format13.jpg)

File: 83928788fd7f37a⋯.jpg (70.65 KB, 960x591, 320:197, c0b50cac343fd0a95723596edd….jpg)

File: 3dadf11160ca921⋯.jpg (296.63 KB, 873x504, 97:56, 3dadf11160ca921760f9477b44….jpg)

File: a78e31d5914df1a⋯.jpg (201.82 KB, 960x638, 480:319, d5891f7e4af509384d1f0cdb36….jpg)


>makes leftists seem weak

Join German youth maoism





I think the reason why the American Left seems so pathetic and LARPy is because it's mostly composed of well-off bleeding heart idealists instead of average workers fighting for a better life. These people might genuinely want socialism and are working somewhat towards it, but it's more of a hobby than it is a strategy towards a better life. They see their lives as already mostly decent and so they see revolution as something for others and not themselves, and I think this predisposes them to not actually being serious about it beyond a hobby and that's what it looks like to others. Tbh, I think that only thing that separates us from them is that we generally don't take ourselves seriously and don't believe we're revolutionaries.

I think the only way to fix this is for Leftist organizations to stop trying to recruit idealistic college-students or other members of the middle-class and instead focus on regular workers and appeal to their self-interest instead of their sense of guilt. But honestly, I'm probably just repeating the same shit hundreds have said here before and the American Left doesn't seem to be changing any.



The fundamental problem is that they're unserious. The reason they're unserious is that they have no theory. They have no theory because they're petty booj dems going through a phase.



Nah its French so its Wahey L'Mao.



They have lots of theory. Go look at their twitter and their website. What they lack is resolve and willingness to organize the working class. Theory in and of itself is worthless. It's not magic. /lit/ types are the bane of activism.



Theory has nothing to do with it. They're unserious because politics is a hobby for them and not a strategy towards a better life. Them having shitty theory is a symptom of that.



Bullshit, these idiots have never read anything past the manifesto, if even that.


File: 286cccd0a06258b⋯.png (2.11 MB, 1875x577, 1875:577, leftpol1.png)


Their twitter page features Bookchin (of course), Debord and Hegel (?) among others.



Yes, they have pics of the funny meme men they've never read.





Read. A. Book.

Fucking Wikipedia would do



Does his hat say "a car"? Why does his hat say "a car"? Why does he have a pornstache under that neon sock? What is this?



"All Cops Are Bastards"

Slogan you put on shorts and banners at smashathons


File: 1b93a14fcf238dc⋯.png (726.75 KB, 686x915, 686:915, history_s_executioner_by_p….png)


Checks out. Pretentious garbage for pretentious losers.


File: 136f070e896962e⋯.jpeg (9.66 KB, 300x168, 25:14, images (2).jpeg)

File: 77bb799ca1d251d⋯.jpg (135.3 KB, 448x299, 448:299, bög.JPG)

File: 77304ece51104cb⋯.jpeg (9.99 KB, 299x168, 299:168, images (1).jpeg)



Well there you go. Pics are of BÖG, and other Marxist-Leninists groups in Rojavâ, typically from Turkey and Europe. What's strange is that /leftypol/, along with a few burger ☭TANKIE☭s on twitter, is the only place I can find that objects to the revolution on grounds of imperialism. Unless there's another problem y'all have with the D.F.N.S. that I'm unaware of, it would seem that most ML's support it globally.



Upper right looks like sam hyde



Always had a soft spot for BÖG. Mainly because it directly translates to fag in all caps in swedish. Always good for a chuckle.




Holy shit, I think I know this guy.






why do these all look like asthmatic middle class people that had to get a job at fast food restaurants?


File: 3cd77f47d8c8327⋯.jpg (153.71 KB, 571x656, 571:656, samerbun.jpg)

==BE LIKE US!!!=



Political uniforms are banned in most of Europe. This has been brought up before.



I like how they all decided to be 'libertarian socialists' cause it doesn't sound as 'bad' as 'anarcho-communists'. I wonder if the Democrat Cops of America would accept an 'ancom' caucus.


File: c890ea60f6c2750⋯.png (36.6 KB, 603x295, 603:295, k.PNG)


thats just sad, but i like the replies


i like this anon here

he's a good person


and again with this retarded strawman

>hurr hurr i dont understand why people shit on one big US military base in Syria supporters so much hurr

>they're basically ML, muh lend lease, it's the same really!

>m-muh western ☭TANKIE☭s lol!

just fucking look at yourself with your pentagon propaganda bullshit you moron



why do they all talk like they're suffering from serotonin syndrome


also isn't there a one big US military base in Syria thread up this could've been posted in?



while i mostly mock those threads as the problem isnt if those people are fit but if those retards vote for us

But what the fuck are they doing, some of them are completely weird like that large girl

Anyway when you sent your support you either do it in a background with guns ,flags and a bunch of masked guys sending a bunch of random buzzwords

Or do it in the start of the party meeting with an old guy giving a speech

You are in America for fuck sake put an ak on the wall



>Still no arguments


File: d7672742e5a14aa⋯.jpg (40.46 KB, 700x505, 140:101, bog.jpg)



Spot the cop



the cia/mossad doesn't even hire competent actors any more for their shilling campaigns


File: 841ea120da03ef2⋯.png (130.01 KB, 1539x493, 1539:493, idpol code.png)


I mean take a look at these guys:


Do you see uniforms? No, but you can observe they probably have a dress code in use at times. First pic, shorts and tshirt (seems to be like two or three exceptions). Second pic, white top and black pants.

I prefer uniforms to dress code, but both work toward the same purpose. The bans in Europe on political uniforms can be worked around in this way.



A fucking fanny pack.



I made the first reply to that thread and it said "Political uniforms are banned in Europe" lol



They look like the kind of dudes that engage in the gangstalking of people


File: ecf2f91ffbe3b11⋯.png (31.77 KB, 609x273, 29:13, democratic-socialists-sf1.png)


That's the official logo of the Democrat Cops of America.



>8 seconds in to nine seconds in



>democratic “”””socialism”””””

That’s why it is pathetic



lmao somebody saved that autist's shitpost



>tankies are LARPers

How dare you Anarkiddies say that one more time after this video. Show me a ML party that does this with North Korea. Show me ONE.



If your ratio is one, well-adjusted guy in a group of 20 your org has a problem.



Do you have a real criticism of his points? I pretty much just have one, that making an effort to look uptight and boring is not going to be a good thing, and one of the repliers to the OP of that thread was correct in saying it doesn't appeal to anyone to try and basically emulate the corporate workplace hell people are forced to attend so often already and can't wait to get away from.



The cop seemed pretty well adjusted.


I've met people affliated with the group and they were nice enough, pretty serious about organizing but held back by the plague of lifestylism that has affected the PNW since forever. There supposedly is a soviet inspired group in Portland but I haven't heard much from them.

People in general here are relearning how to organize and are working through ideological differences. There is a lot of idpol to get through to actually do something worthwhile.

Leftism still is a pretty fringe thing, especially to meetup in public about it. You are going to see mostly weirdos for a long while until there is vigorous structure. It's really rough to compare these groups to European ones because leftist groups mostly have been dead in the states since the '20s.


They should have just shouted SOLIDARITY WITH one big US military base in SyriaAAAA and shot their guns into the air for the rest of the video.






jeez anyone notice white women whose only redeeming quality is that they have a large rack use it to be so abrasive and obnoxious these days



are we sure they aren't being held hostage by mossad agents? this all sounds very recited.



>I pretty much just have one, that making an effort to look uptight and boring is not going to be a good thing

this is it

it's one thing to say "take out your nose rings when knocking on doors" it's another to require formal fucking wear



Not a fan of technicolor?



If I was making a party and we were doing in-public activities I think it would be a good idea to demand for that day that comrades adopt a uniform style of dress. I don't mean that in terms of elaborate LARPy uniforms but maybe have everyone where red or black t-shirts. A big block of people dress in identical colors is very visually distinct and you want to attract attention.


File: fc118537783897a⋯.png (160.13 KB, 533x410, 13:10, fc118537783897a4258281f8e5….png)


>the people in the second pic are the ones who call the other ones LARPers



>If your ratio is one, well-adjusted guy in a group of 20 your org has a problem.

Folks, this is the halo-effect in action.


Is there any reason not to be an Anarcho-nihilist in America?



God wills against it.



Stop larping


File: a75acfc807b8cc0⋯.jpg (92.68 KB, 750x736, 375:368, peepeethedog.jpg)



>reading gay prepared statements

>re-using individuals between shots of raising limp fists and uttering monotone and vacuous affirmations in unison

>no content to any individual shot, literally them saying who they work with big fucking deal

>hello kitty scarf on a 40 year old man with a wrist brace

>all wearing masks like dirty criminals are likely all graduate students who have never done anything approaching even a misdemeanor crime


>fucked up teeth

>PACIFIC NORTHWEST SOCIAL ECOLOGY RETREAT lmao they probably paid money to be at this

>gravelly voiced short haird dyke, hoarse from raising her weak voice above a whisper in drawn out speeches about nothing

>absurd spectacle of middle class American whites being so desperate for an identity as to affect """solidarity""" with Syrians dealing with civilizational subversion and collapse


10 million gallons of puke in my mouth


Tbh I'm from the U.S. and oppose the Kurds. In favor of t u r k e y at this point. Ofc I've been that way for awhile



For me yes, would prefer socialist theocracy above else


File: 16fd516cc2a04b0⋯.jpg (28.62 KB, 607x607, 1:1, 26181957_1652204874826945_….jpg)

Lets be real here guys. Do you think any of us cool channer leftists are any different? Can only imagine what that scene would look like if we all gathered in one location.



I could dress like not that.



I'm skinny but otherwise dress normal and speak well, plus I fucking read.



>Poeple coming together about things theyre passionate anout and being mad at them for not looking the way you want them to look.



Not gonna lie, I think most of us would try to take it quite a bit more seriously and it would be . Some would go overboard and LARP it up, a few would embrace the memes too hard, we'd also get a handful of /pol/ submissions. Some autistic /pol/ack would edit them in to an unoffical /pol/ version because they want us to be seen the same as pathetic libs.

Our cut, however, would vary in quality from one clip to the next, and would still look rough and a bit silly.



Why do you hate socialists so much and why do you want to see them fail?


File: 9aae62ed8559bf9⋯.jpeg (262.83 KB, 1169x826, 167:118, democratic confederalism ….jpeg)


No genuinely curious, why isn't that revolution valid? 2/3 of all farms are communes, direct democracy down to the neighborhood/village level, industrial points in cities are collectives, women have equal political rights (social not so much), it's secular, it's ethnically plural. Capitalistism as it is in the West doesn't exist. So why not support it? It's leaps and bounds more than what Damascus has accomplished with less to work with.



Looks are everything and that party will never become anything more than a glorified social-club with retards like that



What can be done to make them useful? Has anyone tried convincing them that what they are doing is not really leftist?



How many hours of gym time do I have to put in to get the ideal leftist body?



>What can be done to make them useful?

Nothing. These aren't the people you want, they're privileged and pampered retards. Real working people, the masses, is all that matters and all that really matters. You'd literally be doing more for the movement if you went out and talked to one blue collar wage-worker a day over a whole room of these people.



any true channer knows to avoid irl meetups after the chanology shitshow.


you can hear the lack of enthusiasm in their first world, middle class voices. My god is this embarrassing.

How is it you can tell someone is a redlib just by their voice and looks? Reminder these fucks wouldn’t last a day in revolutionary war. There is more hope in conservatives than these trust fund fucks




lmao demandutopia detected



> implying appearance in no way signals reality, we are all eternally isolated minds whose choices in no way reflect our personal value

>ignoring literally every other one of my substantive criticisms and running to the cheeky ad-hominems like a fly to shit

bite harder faggot



Yeah but where's the contradiction?

Mao and the Soviets literally allowed not just lend lease to their nations but for literal US air bases to be built in their nations during do or die conflicts against greater threats

Ho Chi Minh briefly attempted to outright ally with the US in the aftermath of the Republic of Vietnams declaration (The Vietnamese constitution was explicitly modelled off the US)

Also where did he even mention lend lease in his post for that Matter? He's talking about the widespread global Marxist support for the project



So just asking what someone's criticism of a socialist project even is makes you part of this group?


File: 390a34d44c5126f⋯.jpg (60.04 KB, 960x960, 1:1, 17103454_10211560489709221….jpg)


I'm really not sure what you think the problem is OP, other than your perceived smugness. What we were doing is giving a statement of solidarity to the revolutionary movement in one big US military base in Syria, and sending it to comrades THERE. They received it and reposted it by the way. Beyond that, this was a mere moment in a larger weekend-long gathering for social ecologists. If you're not doing the basic minimum of building community around your tendency, then you shouldn't even bother calling yourself a revolutionary.



Less than an hour, three times a week



Is starting strength the best?



how could they be tone deaf enough to post such an unflattering video





Is one big US military base in Syria still around? I thought it was destroyed a while back.



R0jav@ not “that one big military base”. Not sure why it’s wordf1ltered



Didn't they also uploaded that video with the dancing gay unicorn-man? I think this should explain enough…


File: f08101e93cc3a7e⋯.jpg (31.02 KB, 800x514, 400:257, lsd-happy-face.jpg)

Holy shit, I've just visited their website



Still no arguments as to why it's not valid



I like strong lifts but this isn't the best place to ask, starting strength might be okay but I haven't done it. Theres a big focus on squats, maybe too much. Keep your routines simple as you work up your base strength.

I have lifted on and off since high school and the best advice I can give you is that no matter the program, always get the core lifts in: bench, overhead press, squat, deadlift, rows (i don't do this one). Add pullups on the side.



damn is that you noam chomsky



are you actually serious with that dumbass comparison?

so the US illegally send troops into the Soviet Union based by the local interests of another faction withint he SU with the declared goal to topple the Moscow regime?

how in the fuck can you suggest thats the same fucking shit you dense motherfucker?



>socialism is when you decentralize capitalism with US bootlicking characteristics

the fun part is nobody says anything against those guys fighting ISIS and working with Damascus, actual kurds fighting for their liberation

it's you western pampered delusional dumbass anarkiddy faggots being just utter fucking retards we are arguing against you strawmanning dipshits



*puts on poorly cut, oddly colored mask*

>I'm really not sure what *INHAAAALE* you think the problem is OP, other than your perceived *small inhale* smugness. What we were doing is giving a statement of solidarity to the REVOLUTION IN ROHAVA FROM THE LIBERTARIAN SOCIALIST CAWCUSS OF DEE ESS AYY (woo!), and sending it to comrades THERE. They received it and reposted it by the way. Beyond that, this was a mere *takes a shot from asthma inhaler* moment in a larger weekend-long gathering for social ecologists. If you're not doing the basic minimum of building community around your *cough* tendency, then you shouldn't even bother calling yourself a revolutionary. BEE JEE BEE JEE


File: b68e17c08b66488⋯.png (147.97 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 15665522_647774898727469_5….png)


ok retard





File: 088e4b2eb380684⋯.png (175.21 KB, 300x306, 50:51, ddr dr.png)


just a little banter don't get huffed up

you friends with someone in the vid?


File: 8b25bd23c0213c4⋯.png (528.29 KB, 884x1080, 221:270, laughin delinquent zombie.png)



demandutopia status:




>so the US illegally send troops into the Soviet Union

I would think a Communist would know better than to use legality as an argument.

>with the declared goal to topple the Moscow regime?

Except the declared goal of the DeFNS is not to topple the Regime, they're not even seeking independence.


>the fun part is nobody says anything against those guys fighting ISIS and working with Damascus, actual kurds fighting for their liberation

You do realize that the Syrian government has a long history of oppressing and ethnically cleansing Kurds?

>it's you western pampered delusional dumbass anarkiddy faggots being just utter fucking retards we are arguing against you strawmanning dipshits

Calm down and try to use logic more than vitriol.



So how do you organize?



with normal people



>Decentralized capitalism

>Actual Kurds

What on Earth are you rambling about


File: b95f87c891bc7a4⋯.jpg (67.81 KB, 675x368, 675:368, black-panthers-in-north-ko….jpg)

File: 6ad1f6eb949803c⋯.png (1.01 MB, 1080x1244, 270:311, huey newton on anarchists.png)


>Huey Newton in the middle wearing their mask

what did they mean by this

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