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File: ed9dd63be910912⋯.jpg (8.88 KB, 200x200, 1:1, Tfw the simpsons are movin….jpg)


Does anyone know any good "de-spook" book? I'm unironically tired of being afraid of Hell and that I'll do wrong and what not. It makes me anxious


File: 7cdf96b15a2a29a⋯.jpeg (26.39 KB, 380x256, 95:64, a02059ca60e47f337393e7f4f….jpeg)

Look for hell in the bible.



Don't treat the 'symptom' treat the disease of obsessive thinking.

You have to tear it out by the root, then you'll finally gain release. There's no quickfire way really, you just have to observe yourself and your reactions and examine your deepest beliefs until you get to the foundation of your thought process.

e.g. Are you afraid of hell because you're actually just scared of eternal pain? Are you sure this isn't just some garden variety anxiety transposed onto some grand narrative?

This is pretty much the advice I'd give from a secular approach.


it sounds like you just have some form of neurosis, unfortunately if you're above the age of 18 there is no cure for that, besides taking xanax or something maybe.



You are literally a dumbass, anon isn't going through some sort of extreme psychosis it's literally something everyone goes through (excess rumination and fear) and be easily remedied.



I said neurosis, which is exactly what you're describing. I didn't call OP a psychotic at all.



You implied some sort of 'fixed' sadbrain state given your comment on

>if you're above the age of 18 there is no cure for that

Having general anxiety or whatever isn't going to irreversibly change you brain, it's very plastic and malleable.



okay, but how are you going to do that without outside help? you can't, unless you do drugs.

sorry, it's the truth.



>you can't, unless you do drugs.

lmao, even simple stuff like breath meditation has been scientifically shown to alter brain structure.

You don't have to be some degenerate druggie to alter your mind. Hell, if it's not deeply rooted to the point of a mental disorder, it can be remedied by literally changing your thought process and going outside or some shit.

Source : literally had OCD, did 0 drugs, meditated daily for a few years and gradually removed the weird rituals and obsessive thought processes.



Ironically, Christian religious literature.

You will find out that hell was literally made up by the shepherds to keep their flock away from sin



i watched porn until i realised nothing bad happened to me, then i found out my preacher was watching porn too


File: e6cb1624b865942⋯.jpg (790.69 KB, 1240x1754, 620:877, 1529332061625.jpg)

Coming from a currently non-practicing Catholic:

Protestantism has, to some extent, ruined the understanding of hell by turning it into a binary or default state which everyone reaches after death unless they make the "right" choices, they turned it into a problem where if you fail to meet "X, Y, or Z" standards then you're going to fall into Hell.

We cannot properly grade the "weight" of our sins, nor determine what is sin enough to damn someone. In Apostolic Christianity there's a strain of thought–of which I subscribe to–that Hell is a choice, you reach Hell when you willingly choose to sever yourself from God. It's more than just jerking off, it's more than–perhaps–even committing murder, it's severing one's connection to God by both willingly doing evil and removing God from your life.

In essence, I don't think the meek, anxiety ridden types, terrified of damnation, have that much to worry about. I believe Hell is reserved for those who walk into it confidently, who don't reflect on their actions, and who sneer at the good things in the world.

But as others have said, it's also highly likely that you have a generalized anxiety that you've added some grand narrative to.


File: 642eac7b4e99cd3⋯.jpg (175.09 KB, 468x602, 234:301, Moses.jpg)


>Does anyone know any good "de-spook" book?

You're asking the wrong question; Stirner's entire point was that you are the source of all value in the world, nothing has value unless you give it value, obviously you value not suffering. If you're asking for a book that will literally disprove religion then you're wasting your time because religion's entire point is that you can't disprove it even though you also can't prove it because this would require negative proof. As Christopher Hitchens assures us: "Anything asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence." This isn't proof but it's a good heuristic. Basing the evidence of something being true as being the inability to disprove it is a logical fallacy we refer to as an 'appeal to ignorance'.

The closest to despooking I can give you is this: https://skepticsannotatedbible.com/ ; This is a Bible study guide examined through a skeptic's perspective. No, this has nothing to do with fedora-tipping, the author even praises what he sees as good morals in certain sections. It helped me a lot when I got out of christianity, maybe it will help you too!

It's been a hell (pun) of a long time since I've read the Bible, but if you're still scared there may 2 escapes for you if you're unable to drop religion completely, from what I remember:

>escape from Hell

Even if god sends you to hell, you don't have to stay there. The Bible states that Satan leaves hell all the time to go influence mortals back here on Earth. Even if you don't have magic demon powers, you could spend the rest of eternity watching people live their lives. Imagine: an (after)lifetime of non-stop voyeurism.


If you ask god, you can request to be annihilated, which is when god destroys your soul. This is basically the same thing as the atheist's conception of death: lack of awareness. It's better than burning for all eternity though, right?

I hope you eventually realize these are all ancient spooks, and live your life right now to be meaningful, and full of love for your fellow human. I Love you, Anon!

I am also kinda high right now but my point still stands.



I was under the impression that Hell was a synonym for The Lake of Fire, but maybe I'm wrong.



read philosophical papers about the contradictions inherent to god's nature



I always thought if the god or gods arn't self intitled assholes who only want to be worshiped they will see that I am a good man and let me in heven, and if the only point of my existence is to worship him then that is a sad life and I wouldn't want to be in heven cause I would be forced to worship him more. This de-spooked me about after life.


File: 4e5a26fc4d194b1⋯.png (433.08 KB, 600x562, 300:281, 0ce.png)

lmao christcucks are hilarious



>Protestantism has, to some extent, ruined the understanding of hell by turning it into a binary or default state which everyone reaches after death unless they make the "right" choices, they turned it into a problem where if you fail to meet "X, Y, or Z" standards then you're going to fall into Hell.

Yeah Catholics totally didn't encourage a 'fuck you for sinning and failing to meet our impossible standards, pay me or go to hell bitch' attitude itself


You were raised Protestant weren't you?



Me or OP? I went to a CofE school so I guess you're right, technically, but I just thought about videogames or whatever during prayers or looked around to see who else didn't have their eyes closed



Just remember that god is hella retarded and if we actually did exist within a christian universe, it would be hella retarded.



>it's literally something everyone goes through (excess rumination and fear)

I was never a faithcuck so I never went through some kind of fear of a hell



I was referring to general anxiety.

People like to worry about a lot of things but the 'outer' problem usually isn't the one needing solving.

For example, I had this weird obsessive loop about being buried alive, and I was scared shitless. The actual 'problem' itself was retarded, I was just being an obsessive-compulsive wreck.

It's just interesting how a person in otherwise comfortable, nice conditions can torture themselves with nothing with their mind.




just learn to accept ur going 2 hell lmao i mean the place sounds pretty damn lit



To see the Hell, you must go to either Russia or Turkey



>Sodomy is cool




If sodomy wasn't cool, why would the prostate orgasm exist?



Checkmate creationists.


Sorry for bumping but still not really sure



>good "de-spook" book?

Obvious answer: The Ego and its Own.

May turn you into an insufferable retard who thinks abolishing the age of consent is good politics though.



Oh yeah or Beyond Good & Evil.






You fucking moron you're supposed to have reported your preacher to the congregation so he gets fired and get started on nofap because porn is addictive.




The banana: The (amazing) atheist's nightmare.

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