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File: 637ad6114134228⋯.jpg (1.35 MB, 2256x1532, 564:383, Barricade_Voltaire_Lenoir_….jpg)


Why didn't they march on Versailles and initiated reign of terror 2.0?, thiers literally had no army


It got crushed by the army though?



that was after bismark released the prisoners to be used against the commune, before that they didn't have any, and were just faffing about with elections, and peace processes and shit, read the civil war in france


They didn't have enough theory


Retarded lolberts.


Paris commune literally were tearing themselves apart over what side to wear a sash on, there was never a chance you were going to get a bunch of bickering Blanquists and Proudhonian mutualists to come together as a disciplined military force capable of taking on the French bourgeoisie let alone Germany under Bismarck. It was the great socialist stillbirth.



It is important to note that had the French army not crushed them, they probably would have been crushed by the Germans. I doubt they would have been able to survive.



>It is important to note that had the French army not crushed them, they probably would have been crushed by the Germans.

It would have been much better for the future in that case though.



Hot take


File: e044b54bd2a031a⋯.jpg (8.23 KB, 247x204, 247:204, pup.jpg)




Valuing self determination over taking over the whole country in the name of socialism is about as lolbert as you can get.



>not M-L = no step on snek ameriburger closet fash

sasuga tanky



>lolbertarianism = The Libertarian Corporation™



They did assault versailles but thebattack was uncoordinated. Plus couldnt the government just retreat? The whole country was against paris for the most part. And the other half of the country bordering paris was prussian occupied and would have immediately crushed the commune if there was ANY chance it would succeed



He means libertarian in the original, leftist sense.


Their failure doesn't discredit libertarianism. As a matter of fact, it's something to learn from.

Marxism is a science. In science there are many failed attempts, there are more failures in science than successes. It's just that in our narrative in history we often tend to focus on the successes, because we want to know what worked.


literally the only good thing the paris commune did was get a bunch of (in modern terms) progressive liberals murdered



the way the commune went has nothing to do with abstract principles of self-determination, you fucking idealist

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