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File: 911c0968932739f⋯.png (323.71 KB, 658x466, 329:233, Screenshot 2019-01-12 at 9….png)



What does /leftypol/ think of this?


Eceleb preaching to the choir as usual.


I learned that he used to be a literal AnCrap but stopped being retarded and became AnCom instead

His vids were about 50/50 5/10 tier videos and RedLib Level shit

But his last few vids are quite good actually guess he read some Marx



He became a marxist some time ago, he's no longer an ancom and is now somewhat sympathetic to all forms of socialism



Badmouse seems flexible, open to critique. I don't follow him, but last I saw he had opened up to supporting the soviet union whereas before he was a rudimentary "USSR wasn't real socialism, Stalin was satan, praise Catalonia" type. However, he doesn't seem totally developed yet. An eager internet socialist that started a youtube channel and stuck with it. Do all these people share the same viewers? Seems like everybody gets about 10k views.



>Do all these people share the same viewers? Seems like everybody gets about 10k views.

It seems pretty likely, there are probably not more than 30-50k Marxist YT viewers. But on the other hand, much of the aut-right's popularity is likely manipulated and viewbotted so it's not all bad. And if you count socdems and others with weak theory who watch Hbomber and so on the number is a lot higher.









I honestly don't think it's a problem changing words, only because it seems to work with conservatives.

The problem is this type of thing isn't focus grouped and there's no amount of rigor in their development.

It needs to be contextually based, otherwise it comes off as an obvious ploy.


I want Badmouse to fuck me in the boypussy.


File: 3f2bb9ecb32a7b7⋯.png (152.41 KB, 1070x445, 214:89, autism.png)


No wonder autists are drawn together.



>anyone actually trying to spread class-consciousness in the environment young people spend the most time should be shunned

weird praxis but ok



>it's all about spreading the message

So a blow-up doll is a ok? Got it. Maybe a pedo might also be "tolerable" for you.



take your meds



Resorting to insults now? ok then, I don't take, but I think you forgot for your hormone therapy.



Pretty good imo. Im very happy with Badmouse maturing ideologically, sceptically optimistic about the future of his channel.


File: 386b556a50cf890⋯.jpg (268.03 KB, 1321x871, 1321:871, badrat.JPG)


badmouse gets like 50k on average with some passing 100 000

he is probably the biggest



what the actual fuck does this even mean? Are you responding to the wrong person? What is this?


I don't like how he labels Stalin's actions as mistakes. Does everyone forget that time the leaders of the NKVD were executed for their crimes?



Peter Coffin


File: f863b12a10a2fcc⋯.png (16.7 KB, 474x354, 79:59, downloadfile-4.png)


>Whose next? [to go from dictator stautus to allround top bloke]

What did he mean by this?



There is a difference between BadMouse and Peter Coffin. BadMouse maturing ideologically and making one or two mistakes along the way is acceptable, being a professional grifter is not okay.



I've never watched Peter but what makes him a grifter?



look up his ED page for a quick rundown


File: 41334201a674956⋯.jpg (16.69 KB, 239x210, 239:210, wd.jpg)


Peter Coffin a liberal piece of shit, but you can't really compare him to badmouse, in my opinion. Badmouse is very clearly anti-capitalist, and he's also a lot (and I mean A FUCKING LOT) more well read than pretty much any other leftist youtuber (maybe not Contrapoints, but as I've seen she's a lot more into sochiology than actual socialist theory).



Its amazing people like this are the ones participating in call out culture and other non sense like I swear its all just a fucking circle jerk for assholes to declare there moral supriority to people who said faggot once when they themselvs are the most fucked up amoral attention whoring shitheads in the fucking world



oh you meant that thing that didn't really happen, and brought paedophilia up for some reason, that explains things.



Did anyone here ever read Coffin's book? I cant imagine its very good but I haven't read it and don't plan too there's so much important Marxist literature to read I don't plan on wasting time with his



It's the cliffnotes version of society and the spectacle. Not bad, just not necessarily needed.

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